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Can somebody explain the difference between a Populist and a Progressive?

15 states are refusing to hand over voter data to Trump's panned election commission here's how ev

Gay marriage key distinction in attorney general debate

If you want your newspaper delivered, you're officially old.

Right-wingers got duped by phony Facebook post in which grieving widow attacked Rep. Wilson

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gives update on Puerto Rico

If the electoral college is supposed to protect us from madmen like Trump, then why did it fail

Ironically, If You Take Maddow's Musings About Chad, Tillerson, And The Niger Attack...

Abused Dog Is Terrified Of Everyone Except This Baby, And Their Pics Are The Sweetest Thing Ever

Subtlety ...

The Real Reason White People Say All Lives Matter

Montana Insurance Rates Rise After Trump Pulls Health Care Subsidies

Bill Browder US Visa revoked same day as Russia issues 5th interpol warrant for him.

Sasquatch Hunters to Build Bigfoot Museum, Hotel in East Glacier Park

OK, this is a bad idea...

Why do the Red hats hates children

What is the moron-in-chief's Achilles' heel?

Moon Valley High School football player dies after collapsing during game

Self-Driving Cars May Now Let You Choose Who To Save In A Crash

Cub Scout kicked out of group after grilling Colorado Republican on guns


Schools closed due to hot, dry and windy weather

"Nasty Woman"

John McCain takes a dig at Trump for draft dodging.

I have one of those wonderful "invisible" lizards trapped in the house.

Trump voting commission criticized for lack of transparency

Trumpocracy: Tracking the Creeping Authoritarianism of the 45th President

"The most important thing you learn is that we can never say another mean thing about Don Jr again."

NAACP Elects New President, Will Assume More Political Non-Profit Tax Status

How about a Southwest Asia or East Asia forums

Bob Rae named Canada's Special Envoy on Myanmar. The man just does

Mark Cuban I'll Take On Trump as a Republican If I Run for Prez in 2020

Seriously, this happened. Colliding waves of corruption.

Sanders Says He'll Run Again: As Independent for Senate

Neil A. was the first person to step on the Moon

Wowzers !! Didn't see that coming !!

VT-SEN: Sanders to run as an independent in 2018

Watched Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown Pittsburg tonight. At one point

President Macri's coalition 'ahead' in crucial Argentina mid-term election

Report: Jerry Jones was only voice of opposition at anthem meetings

A Presidential Bellwether Is Still Waiting to Start Winning Under Trump

Exclusive: Rep. Wilson Spokesperson Says Threats Against Congresswoman Intensifying

My school usd is having contract fights. They couldn't agree so they went to mediation


TRUMP's TAX PLAN - Simplified.

I just had the absolute PLEASURE

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 24: Classic Horror

Cuomo signs bill providing cancer benefits for volunteer firefighters

Huffington Post really is going out of their way to impugn Maddow's journalistic integrity

Gold Star Mother Candie Glisson's open letter to Trump.

Still Waiting for FEMA in Texas and Florida After Hurricanes

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 25: Red October

Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode 9.4: "Running With The Bulls"

Oregon city council sorry after member says hell spit on gay mans grave when he dies from AIDS

Putin's Revenge Frontline

Dylan - Learning to Fly

How Harvey Weinstein Used His Fashion Business As A Pipeline To Models

FBI intercepted and arrested a Russian spy as she closed in on Hillary Clinton in 2010; report

Schumer: Bipartisan health care bill 'has a majority'

John McCain Slams Wealthy Draft Dodgers In Apparent Swipe At Trump

McCain nails Trump for Vietnam bone spur deferment (VIDEO)

Fox News on my iPhone. I want it off, with prejudice

Settlements for rape and sexual abuse should be either

Meet Bob Fritakis. He's been fighting corrupt election for decades.

Are America's voting machines owned by criminals and controlled by GOP?

What about jesus? Is jesus hijacking America's electronic voting machines?

Dodgers win the World Series!!!

Republicans will insist the voting machine problem is the Democrat's fault. Don't buy it!

Abundant Georgia election fraud evidence.

Screenplay Plot Points

Sunday night: Music you might not have heard but you should!

It's time to withdraw some money from the ATM like a boss...

Can I get one already furnished?

Trump Digital Director's Turn to Talk

Russias Election Hackers Use D.C. Cyber Warfare Conference as Bait

Trump sees Republican political win in his over his call to soldier's widow.

Gillibrand, Tonko seek more cleanup of PCBs in the Hudson

Comptroller DiNapoli report: Busted pipes lead to leaking municipal revenues

Dear Men, It's Time for #YouToo to Take a Stand

What de Blasio's 'Paying the Homeless to Leave Town' Program Is Really About

More acidic oceans 'will affect all sea life'

SUNY Geneseo responds to professor's alleged transphobic comments

Don't ask GPs for antibiotics, new health campaign urges

Linguist Says Trump's Speaking Skills Are Primitive Even By Standards Of Illiterate Indigenous Tribe

Cuomo bans use of elephants in circus and entertainment acts across state

USS John S. McCain Developed Hull Crack in Transit: Ship Routed to Philippines for Inspection

John McCain is wrong on the general question of the draft.**

Early numbers show the Armys new fitness test is reducing injuries in basic training

Cuomo reaches out to Green Party as he shores up liberal credentials

Gotti mobster fails to get 1992 conviction overturned by smearing judge

Our twelve year old son is in a committed relationship

Monday Toon Roundup

Gov. Cuomo to sign bill outlawing e-cigarettes in most restaurants, bars and workplaces

The tax extension deadline came & went. Trump didnt share his return. MSM forgot 2 ask

It is really pathetic that the U.S. media is hardly covering what is happening in Spain. The only

Argentinas Leader, Mauricio Macri, Bolstered by Election Results

Mueller Now Investigating Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta

New Jersey's Murphy echoes Sanders in Democratic bid for governor

Four sexual assault victims say Cy Vance spared pervy Columbia doctor jail time due to campaign...

Democrats early money haul stuns GOP

'Tyrant' Laura Ingraham Already Terrifying Fox News Staffers--and Her Show Hasn't Even Aired Yet

John McCain prefers septuagenarians who didnt dodge the Vietnam draft.

ABC's Good Morning America just interviewed Mrs. Myeshia Johnson

'It made me cry': Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson breaks silence over Trump's condolence call

Sanders brings message on health care, education, taxes to hundreds in Rollinsford

Bill O'Reilly Rages at Reporters, Plays the Victim: 'This Is Bullsh*t!'

donnie is still upset about a game...

Democrats' early money haul stuns GOP

Five ex-presidents call for unity and donations at hurricane benefit concert

Why Trump toned down his Russia tweets

Trump hits NFL over continued protests: 'No leadership'

CBC women: John Kelly must apologize to Rep. Wilson

Twitter Link: Happy Monday. Welcome to @somervillecity Mr. Senator, sir.

Senators Stunned to Discover We Have 1,000 Troops in Niger

Myeshia Johnson: Trump "couldn't remember my husband's name... That's what hurt me the most"

Trump promises: 'NO change to your 401(k)'

R.I.P. George Young, member of Easybeats, brother of AC/DC's Angus & Malcolm

The 11th Commandment

States may roll back children's health coverage without money from Congress

58 dead in Las Vega and no debate on wins again

It's time to submit your nominees for the 11th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Time to submit your nominations for this year's Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Trump: "I had a very respectful conversation with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, and..."

Sgt. Johnson's widow: "Whatever Rep. Wilson said was not fabricated. What she said was 100% correct"

Poll: More voters cite gun control as factor in selecting candidates

Two Down - One To Go

Trump Rules For Black Athletes

Twitter Photo: 'Bernard talking to a reporter about a number of issues facing this great country'

Trump is such an ASSHOLE! He just attacked Mrs. Johnson.

John Podesta's brother ensnared in Mueller investigation

So now General Kelly and the Divider In Chief have brought a newly widowed war wife into the fray.

Virginia Tech is letting a neo-Nazi teach English composition

Schumer: Bipartisan health care bill 'has a majority'

New CNN ad

Trump's travel ban has already cost the US billions in tourism

Trump essentially just called a recently widowed war wife a liar

Eugene Robinson: Trump's the one who didn't know 'what he was signing up for'

Trump + Christianity equals Satanism

First on CNN: Security costs skyrocket at 'lightning rod' EPA

The World Series is On !

While Media Attention Has Been Focused on the Trump/Kelly Abuse of a Gold Star Family...

Trump disputes Gold Star widow's account of phone call

Trump almost threw away some diplomatic leverage the US had over China. On a whim.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan

Gowdy told Kushner he could leave anytime which he did b4 DEMS had finished questioning him

So how long before the Deplorables attack the recently widowed war wife ?

If I was Mrs. Johnson,

More cared about a smashed burger than a real kid being bullied.

The corrosion of support for First Amendment principles started before Trump. Hes supercharged it.

The DEA Says It Came Under Fire During a Deadly Drug Raid. Its Own Video Suggests Otherwise

Military Families Face Healthcare Cutbacks

"Why did the U.S. just revoke Putin critic Bill Browders visa?" New from HBO's Vice News

Trump obviously doesnt understand that he lacks credibility on everything

This week's New Yorker cover, "October Surprise"

State Department Reportedly Revokes Visa Of Magnitsky Act Campaigner

Cub Scout kicked out of group after grilling Colorado Republican on guns

The Weirdness of Medieval Art

"Who are you going to believe, me or her?" . . . Please come CAPTION President Trump!!!

Trump promises: 'NO change to your 401(k)'

Just a cat chillin' out

Some context for Trump v. Johnson:

Gordon Ramsey - Making Cocaine

National Democrats are jittery about Va. governor's race

The great dealmaker? Lawmakers find Trump to be an untrustworthy negotiator.

Blues brothers Don Jr. and Eric Trump gamble on Mississippi tourism

Elise Jordan choked back tears today on MSNBC (I think it was Morning Joe)

If You Believe #TrumpTrolls R Pure Trash And Unpatriotic Attacking GOLD STAR SPOUSE Myeshia Johnson

State attorneys general have taken off as a partisan force in national politics

US reportedly putting nuclear bombers back on high alert

The deep wounds of deregulation. They can be fatal.

Wow. A quote that explains so much with so few words.

Does anybody else see the irony ?

Homegrown 'fake news' is a bigger problem than Russian propaganda. Here's a way to make falsehoods..

Raining rats and lap dogs - By Ann Telnaes (cartoon)

Facebook LIVE Link: Somerville MA Our Revolution Candidates Rally with Bernie Sanders

I read two books about Obama this weekend.

Behold Today's GOP

Updated my thread from yesterday!

Trump is at risk of blowing it on opioids, a member of his own commission warns

Trump is at risk of blowing it on opioids, a member of his own commission warns

Anyone know anything about Alborellos/albarellos - antique apothecary jars/ catholic heraldry?

A New Day

Chump must have had a rough weekend at Rasmussen (R)

is it manditory to say the pledge of alegience , is it manditory to sing the national anthem,

Does the Pentagon own a soldier's body?

The Health 202: Obamacare may lose 1.1 million people because of advertising cuts

Twitter Photo: Sen Sanders: "What a beautiful parking lot!"

The origin of Super Villains/Heros: Morbius, the Living Vampire

Billie Jean Republicans

What Trump did to Kelly shows how far we have fallen

US citizens without power since Sept 6th..

Cub Scout Is Exiled After Pressing Legislator on Guns and Race

David Corn: "Jerk at airport just told me Ms. Johnson's account of Trump call is "bullshit."

Has this been covered anywhere on cable or network news?

this story via face book

Trump-backing Amazon worker counting on GOP tax cuts to help him buy 'food and stuff'

Twitter Slams Trump for Disputing Gold Star Widow's Account of Their Call

Loser GOP ex-congressman insists Myeshia Johnson is fair game: We have a right to attack her

Joe Walsh insists Myeshia Johnson is fair game: 'We have a right to attack her'

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Opinion: Is Trump rocking the economy? Not really, it's just average

USAF Rejects Retired Pilot Recall

Body found in search for missing 3-year-old girl near Dallas

Mental gymnastics on display on social media.

Anyone else have this problem?

Experts are suggesting we pay attention to this system

Women: "Can We Have Birth Control"? - Republicans "No"

Morning Joe 10/23/17 Study in contrast: How Bush handled Cindy Sheehan

"I could stand on 5th Ave and piss on a Gold Star Widow

Media Coverage of Stories That May Seem Important to You

Newt Gingrich: Trump Has 'Brought Out Into The Open How Truly Anti-American Much Of The Left Is'

The only protection going on at the EPA is for Pruit

Trump Campaign Digital Director Will Be Interviewed By House Intel Committee

Is the sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood hurting the Democratic Party?

U.S. Army deserter Bergdahl's sentencing hearing delayed until Wednesday

Trumps priority is attacking widows not finding out what happened to those 4 green berets.

Trump Has No Idea What True Patriotism Looks Like

North Korea threat is 'critical, imminent,' Japan tells U.S., South Korea

The Employees Of Alligator Brewing Company Got Death Threats For Richard Spencer Protest

Justin Timberlake to headline Super Bowl halftime show

I cannot believe that I actually say it but: thank you Whiny Donny for the twit

What would your family do w/ a $4,000 raise from the President's tax cut plan?

Massive fire Ames Plant Parkersburg WV (zero national coverage?)

Japan's Abe to push pacifist constitution reform after strong election win

Megyn Kelly Reveals She Complained About Bill OReilly To Fox News Presidents

Steve Bannon asks Bernie Marcus to fund revolt against Mitch McConnell

Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality (A TedTalk)

Trump likely won't visit Korean demilitarized zone during Asia trip, White House says

Trump likely won't visit Korean demilitarized zone during Asia trip, White House says

Organizers hope Omaha teens' trip to civil rights sites will inspire them to lead

A Narcissists Prayer

It dawned on me, this morning, that trump* is what full blown, toxic 'Afluenze' looks like

FCC Asks for More Public Comments on Sinclair-Tribune Merger

The Onion: "I do really enjoy the creeping sadness that exists every day Im around"

D.E.A. Says Hondurans Opened Fire During a Drug Raid. A Video Suggests Otherwise.

D.E.A. Says Hondurans Opened Fire During a Drug Raid. A Video Suggests Otherwise.

When it comes to Kelly's treatment of Rep. Wilson, I can't help but think about Shirley Sherrod.

Jimmy Carter Lusts for a Trump Posting

Just a reminder - Bill O'Reilly has a history of sexually violating women

Unless you are already making $375,000 a year, R economic policies wont help you

Cub Scout Kicked Out After Asking State Senator a Tough Gun Control Question


Cartoonists around the world are having a field day covering Trump #2

🎃Which of the Four Types of Serial Killers Would You Be?🔪⚔️⛓🔨

Here it goes....Melania Trump to address bullying in surprise trip to Michigan

What now comes with membership at Mar-a-Lago.

So..Trump has got to argue with the widow today. How ignorant and insensitive...

DeVos rescinds 72 guidance documents outlining rights for disabled students

John Besh restaurants fostered culture of sexual harassment, 25 women say

Al Hurricane, 'Godfather of New Mexico music,' dies at 81

Sarah Huckleberry

Analysis McCain hits Trump where it hurts, attacking bone spur deferments in Vietnam

Love him or hate him, James Comey is tweeting as "Reinhold Niebuhr". Confirmed by Benjamin Wittes.

I wonder if Ringo would be up for singing this?

In state capitols, women see rampant sexual harassment

John McCain called out Trump for saying he had a bone spur so he could get out of serving in Vietnam

Indian village run by teenage girls offers hope for a life free from abuse

Rep. Elijah Cummings presses Gowdy on Kushner personal email request

Today's distraction. It's mid-October and my Morning Glories are still living up to their name

Donald Trump Commentary: Happy Monday, Everyone!

Judge to decide Trump's sway in US Army deserter Bergdahl's case

Photo: Sen Sanders with ONCE-Somerville Staff

Media comes out swinging against Trump clan alternative facts (VIDEO)

John McCain mocks Donald Trumps deferment bone spurs

Pic Of The Moment: Explaining The Vast Reality-Based Conspiracy Against Donald Trump

Why is Law and Order:SVU such a terrible show?

Need a good movie for a rainy afternoon.

Does anyone else wonder if they never actually recovered Sergeant La David Johnson's body?

Long Lost Dog Bursts Out In Joy After She Realizes The Man In Front Of Her Is Her Dad

Number One October 23, 1966 🎼📻📺

Dishonorable drug sales US Tops the World

Who's going to these steve bannon rallies???

Requiem for an American Dream

Pundits talking to pundits ain't "NEWS"

Man charged in IED explosion was Colonial Williamsburg employee

Happy and sad discovery.

What with Donnie constantly dividing our country,

Questions for Tuesday's House panel

Donald Trump just hit a new low in the La David Johnson fiasco: CNN

Beethoven violin concerto

National Democrats are jittery about Virginia governor's race

Democratic strategists now admitting 'Bernie is the only national Democrat people are talking about'

Megyn Kelly Reveals She Complained To Fox News Top Brass About O'Reilly

Bone spurghazi

4-star asshole kelly's view of women as "sacred":

How will Trump pay Vladimir Putin the 1.7 billion he owes him?

The National Anthem and Major League Baseball

re not allowing the widow to see the body- mamie till.

The filthy fucking traitor REFUSES to engage the SANCTIONS on his business partner Putin

Billionaire spends $10M to impeach Trump

Get-together for Roy Moore

Wall Prototypes for testing are ready.......$10K/running foot

Sleeping cat on left shoulder

The Separation between News and Opinion Has Never Been So Fuzzy

The Boomtown That Shouldn't Exist

Trump is steaming... He's running right through his speech

So if Trump is tossed into hell, we then have Pence

Protest Banner Lending Library:

Post-hurricane cleanup could kill more workers than storms themselves

Shall I make a Dental appt now?

Well-known Moscow journalist stabbed by attacker; in coma

News Reporters Dancing With the Weather Mummy

The Number One Movie On October 23, 1970 Was Totally Ignored By The Oscars. Sad!

Wrongful conviction no surprise to Kansas black community

I'm she this blind?

This is outrageous! Prominent anti-Putin whistleblower Bill Browder says he has been barred from

Fiat Tenebris! or, [Redacted] and the Simplification of the Inherently Complex

So, "very respectful" is telling a widow the same thing told to a Marine General?

Sessions: MS-13 street gang a 'priority' for law enforcement

This T R E A S O N is all anyone should be talking about

Bowe Bergdahl's Sentencing Delayed Over Trump's Comments

Hell of a pic to wake up to

In Trumps response to Myeshia Johnson, many black women see a pattern

Denver teacher sues Trump

OMG - This Chyron.....

Good news: LGBT-affirming Christians are more emboldened than ever

Why is George Will a regular on MSNBC?

Boy! In Bill O'Reilly's life...

Why do I think I am being set up with this email?

I May Have Been the First Official Atheist in the USAF

We're down to Mattis, I suppose - By Jennifer Rubin

Interesting take

Richard Spencer's supporters sue universities for not allowing speeches

Basic Human Rights

Jason Chaffetz is early front-runner for Utah's 2020 governors race

Exclusive: Pentagon Document Contradicts Trumps Gold Star Claims

Folks, there are very good reasons why a body isn't shown to loved ones.

How badly will Trump screw up the awarding of this Medal of Honor

Trump: A malicious Forrest Gump

I spoke at my younger brother's memorial service

Scots launch Catalan Defence Committee to defend democracy

The font on the teleprompters are HUGGEE!

Looks like it's too late for 45 1/4

Dallas wants public input before acting on monument recommendations

Donald Trump has been doing everything he can to provoke Canada and on Tuesday, he did it.

Republican Investigator Trey Gowdy Stops Pretending, Admits 'This Is Politics' - By Jonathan Chait

Nevadas Contribution to the Civil War

Are We Reaching a Point When Nearly Everyone Will be Sick of Trump?

Isn't it ironic that he is making a speech about the valor of Vietnam Veterans and he got out of it.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 23, 2017

Comey Fesses Up, Claims Ownership Of Suspected Twitter Account

Questions I want reporters to ask

The gas lighting of America continues .... Trump is now giving the medal of honor to Vietnam Vet.

Something stinks in Denmark

Call Congress!

god, god, god, god, god, god, god ........................................

Elon Musk thinks we are most likely living in a Simulated Reality

Development possibility of new App

Thank you Army Cpt Rose..

** Joints Chief's Chairman briefs reporters on Niger** CNN now

Trump may be following Palins trajectory

100 degrees in L.A. near the coast on October 23rd.

Harry Belafonte Issues A Frightening Warning About Americas Future

CNN poll: Two-thirds want to stay in Iran nuclear deal (20 Oct)

Relief groups hit major hurdles getting aid to Puerto Rico

GOP senators hold up disaster aid

EPA plans to repeal emission standards for truck components

White House must name Puerto Rico recovery chief

(Chef) John Besh steps down from restaurant group after sexual harassment allegations

My saga to find a dr. to accept my Obamacare Blue Cross Insurance

Misunderstood cars: The Ford Pinto

We need a Russia Investigation Forum separate from GD Forum. If agree, say yes below

Churches sue FEMA. Tax-exempt, hate government, but want handout (VIDEO)

Boston Marathon Bomber's Aunt Says FBI Set up Nephew

Do you think the term flyover country is offensive?

When someone makes a mistake who is pathologically incapable of admitting they make mistakes...

Trump's wall

Treasury Department sides with Wall Street, against federal consumer watchdog agency on arbitration

This is what Trump sounded like

WCVB-5 Boston - Bernie Sanders stumps for candidates in Mass.

Macron's dog pees on Elysee Palace fireplace as cameras roll

Guy I know was in Vietnam...

The Family That Built an Empire of Pain

Gen. Dunford answered a lot of questions, but....

Uphill Media Live-Stream Oct 29 11AM Sen Sanders - What the U.S. Can Learn from Canadian Healthcare

Racists have small minds - a Portuguese commercial on racism (MUST SEE)

SharkTank Proposal for Liars and Grifters like Trump (who didn't write the letters he claimed).

You Can Now Read the Email Megyn Kelly Sent Fox News Execs About O'Reilly

Trump's 'traitor' rhetoric looms over Bowe Bergdahl's sentencing

What I've Learned as the Daughter of a Father (satire...)

Robert Muellers widening Russia probe is sweeping up Democrats, including lobbyist Tony Podesta

Bottom Line: Federica Wilson Raised over $700K For Sgt. Johnson's Widow. Fuck You, Kelly...

I have no words

Why would the moron call Sgt Johnson's widow when she was on the way to receive the body?

Was in Zion National Park last week.

Former "Manson" guitarist Scott Putesky/Daisy Berkowitz deceased at 49...

The real reason Groper Don the Con is pissed

An Al Kooper story

Wyoming mine had dozens of violations for safety before miner's death -- but what that indicates is

Bad news: 'It's not a coercive law,' Quebec says amid criticism over face-covering ban

"Could this guy be any more of a fuck*ng Bozo?"

A funny story about a soldier "dying"

There is a dangerous bubble in the fossil-fuel economy

A recent study says REM sleep can affect fear. Another says removing fear can make one more liberal.

Steinle shooting prosecutor: defendant knew what he was doing

Biggest Story? - General Kelly and the First Amendment

Going Against the Republican Herd

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Video: Bernie Sanders speaks at Our Revolution Somerville rally - October 23, 2017

Bernie Sanders speaks at Our Revolution Somerville rally - October 23, 2017

Eric Trump and Don Jr. are planning to open 'plantation-style'

Russian Radio Journalist Is Stabbed, Renewing Fears of Attacks on News Media

Rep. Maxine Waters on MSNBC right now (6:12 pm EST)

Where in the heck are uday and qusay trump?

Trump: Couldn't remember his name

Senate Republicans push Trump to join ObamaCare talks

New Judas Priest album in the works

GMP's specialist sex crime unit - which investigates serious sexual offences including rapes - is to

Tyrant Laura Ingraham Already Terrifying Fox News Staffersand Her Show Hasnt Even Aired Yet

In Case It Wasn't Clear, Donald Trump Doesn't Actually Give a Damn About the Troops

Florida police seek possible serial killer

Trump Email Scandal Explodes As Democrats Close In On Subpoenaing Jared Kushners Emails

I finished this book in just one night. It was fascinating.

Kremlin critic journalist stabbed at offices of Moscow news radio station

I find this page amazing

The Many Pieces of Evidence Suggesting Trump Obstructed Justice

A U.S. drone advisory group has been meeting in secret for months. It hasn't gone well.

A U.S. drone advisory group has been meeting in secret for months. It hasn't gone well.

Angry Vets Are Now Calling Gen. John Kelly A Blue Falcon

Pissed Off Republican To Trump: "Please Go Fuck Yourself At Your Earliest Convenience"


Found: Handwritten notes with Einstein's thoughts on a good life

Found: Handwritten notes with Einstein's thoughts on a good life

Trump Says He Is Only President in History with Courage to Stand Up to War Widows (Borowitz)

Bulldog cannot sleep unless he's on owner's lap

Trump wanted to rename America's biggest mountain

"In the jungle"---Tweety keeps saying that. I thought it was desert.

It is still hard to believe that Donald Trump is the President of the United States

18th CD special election date set for Mar 13, 2018

we all felt the generals and all would keep Moron in line when comes to Russia and N Korea but

When Youre Single AF

'Why Donald Trump Deserves Trust, Respect, and Admiration'

ISIS Group Behind Niger Ambush That Killed Four U.S. Soldiers, Pentagon Says

U.S. sets antidumping duties on Argentine, Indonesian biodiesel

Kazhr Kahn was up on A.C. 360 to talk about gold star families:

Thanks Intech, because calling out the misogyny in sports is of national interest...

"...thank God he stands..."

Eric Bolling: 'Beyond Inappropriate' For O'Reilly To Mention My Son's Death

Danziger toon - From Catch 22

Trump's Tax Overhaul Would Give Billions to Trump & Cabinet While Sparking Global "Tax War"

New CNN ad. Picture of Apple. "Is this a banana?" Yes or No. Click

Updated: I'm up to $26.00 in my "what's his name" fund!

I'm pleased to announce that

McCain is asked if he's afraid of Trump:

He's talking about us!

The Trump Tax Scam requires at LEAST the same FIGHT we waged to defeat TrumpCare