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Archives: October 20, 2017

Las Vegas judge tells felons theyll be able to vote for Trump if they follow probation terms

The data is in - Voter Suppression is THE reason Trump won the election.

The war widow and the ambulatory sputum

Amazon: Landing page featured Trumpian items today....

Two-Thirds Of Voters Demand Tougher Gun Laws After GOP Pretends Vegas Shooting Never Happened

Lock Her Up !!!!!! (Luckovich 'toon)

Every party I ever went to ended up like this at 4 AM.

Republican senate candidate Roy Moore accepted donation from Nazi group: report

Trump judicial nominee: I discriminate against gay people, and trans kids are part of Satans plan

Andy Borowitz: The End of Trump The New Yorker

Detroit, No water...

This is old but it relates to Chris Matthews

Obama: My distant cousin Jefferson Davis is 'spinning in his grave'

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio loses bid to have his criminal record wiped clean

Fox News host compares ACA & subsidies to heroin addiction

Republicans Ready to Move on a Tax Plan Few Have Seen

Catch the frisbee boy! Catch it!

Boeing weighs urgent plans to double 767 production in Everett for a big buyer

Has anyone heard any reporters on TV or radio...

FEMA just called me.

Chuck D: Why Donald Trump Is a White Supremacist


Alex Jones has the ultimate ragegasm over kids story time with drag queens and throws a chair

Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy

Trump personally interviewed US attorney candidates in New York: report

24 senators co-sponsor bipartisan ObamaCare deal

Your Dog Doesn't Want Just Your Food He Wants Your Attention

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Oxymoron! Live Uncensored &

Maddow doing segment on Niger right now & CHAD -and why Trump put it on the ban list.

Turn on Rachel right fugging now

John Kelly Is Sad Women Are No Longer Sacred. Women Are Not That Sad.

The American idea: equality and a fair shake for all. Since 1857. And 1787.

These wealthy institutions are quietly financing white nationalism

Check the John Kelly trending feed. The only person supporting his actions today is Ann Coulter. En

Rachel explains the story behind the soldiers being killed in Niger.

Trump Jr. And Kellyanne Conway Were Personally Involved In Spreading Russian Propaganda During Elect

Niger: Contractors. This is six days old

Moisture Swing Absoprtion/Desorption of CO2 Using Polymeric Ionic Liquids.

Putin Says Americans Should Not 'Disrespect' Trump, Because He's the President and...

There's a full moon out tonight...

White House says rollback of Obamacare must be part of short-term fix

White House says rollback of Obamacare must be part of short-term fix


Senate approves budget in crucial step forward for Republican tax cuts ByElise Viebeck

Open Letter to John Kelly

Senate approves budget in crucial step forward for Republican tax cuts

With FEMA Overwhelmed, Its Up to Nurses Left to Feed Starving Puerto Ricans

Trump administration weighs tighter vetting for women, children refugees: sources

Way to go Rachel!

Former Dean Foods chairman gets two years for insider trading scheme

Deputy has panic attack -shoots at unarmed man. Then the man is arrested for causing the attack

Fuck You, America

Venezuela opposition governors refuse to be sworn in

Did the math-Cat has to go - Demands a recheck

Take flight little one - Soar on to the angels

Venezuela swears in governors amid opposition boycott

Pelosi: Trump needs an 'intervention'

Eric Holder will be interviewed by Rachel Maddow on her Monday show!

Don Lemon good tonight

I'm dying to hear President Obama smack down Trump.


Wow, Lawrence O'Donnell is taking Kelly apart.

A political cartoon that will make your blood boil.

Looking to come back to MS soon

Way to go Lawrence!

Gaining the upper hand.

Judge Pushes Back Against Trump Administrations View of Emoluments Clause

VA-GOV: I am sick and tired of this shit.

Senate votes down effort to block drilling in Alaska refuge

Another crooked politician in San Diego gets busted

San Diego: Hep A and crooked politicians

Trump Has Never Held A Political Office Before, But...

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 22- Monster of the Month: Dracula

Dodgers 2 innings away from the NL

TCM Schedule for Monday October 23 - Trailblazing Women

Weather forecasting stone

Paul Ryan: I scroll Twitter to see which Trump tweets I will have to pretend that I didn't see later

Jacinda Ardern, 37, Will Be New Zealand's Youngest Prime Minister

Superdelegates: What's the argument for/against?

Once again, "zero tolerance," zero brains.

Painter: "Republicans since '64 tolerated low life racists to win elections. We now pay the price."

Pro Publica Documents Racist Group.....

CIA director rebuked for false claim on Kremlin's election meddling

CIA director rebuked for false claim on Kremlin's election meddling

Where can I post tweets

General Kelly and Marine Values

Racist, Violent, Unpunished: A White Hate Group's Campaign of Menace

Trump just attacked Wilson again on Twitter

In attack on Frederica Wilson over Trumps call to widow, John Kelly gets facts wrong


Whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan?

woohoo. i love dem officials here. i just got an email from il treasurer

The liar-in-chief is shittweeting past bedtime:

how do you sort out

Man covered in swastikas gets punched in the face outside Richard Spencer rally

Her . Husband . Is . Dead . Her . Children . Lost . Their . Father .

Accused rapist goes free but BYU student still violated the honor code by being raped

11 year old expelled by Boy Scouts for questioning Senator

Kelly is now no better than The Mooch. Just less bombastic.

They Cheat...

"He knew what he signed up for"

TPM. Marshall on Kelly. "He Didn't Even Have His Facts Right"

It IS Obama's fault.

Sgt. Johnson may have been alive when he was left behind.

Found NO contemporaneous articles supporting what Kelly claimed Wilson said at FBI bldg dedication,

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's next Prime Minister!! This is huge! Labour Party & Greens.

U.S. envoy Haley: Russia interference in elections is 'warfare'

This is what I think this is

FBI says BLM is a security threat.

Trumka talks unions' agenda as AFL-CIO convenes in St. Louis

Two questions for military veterans re. "training missions".

Finally, a good Thursday night NFL game

I just exited a DU jury service because I didn't have a clue.

The Daily Show (in Chicago): Trump Feuds with Gold Star Families

At my mother in law's house

F**K General Kelly.....

A U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Was Sent to Puerto Rico - Its Barely Been Used

Warning to recruits - Sack Cartoon

Learnin' To Love

France grants extradition for Argentine Dirty War suspect Mario Sandoval

OMG Rachel.. Incredible!

Ding dang a dong bong bing bong

Cream of the Crop Arizona Dairy Milks Sustainability Opportunity

Frederica Wilson was in the car because she was a friend of the Johnson family.

Thrus evening Trump is back tweeting vile LIES about Rep. Wilson and name-calling.


Weinstein Threatened World-Famous AIDS Charity amfAR Board Over Sex Life

Trump sent private contractors to do the military's job when 4 US troops died in Niger

'I Wish I Had Taken Responsibility': Quentin Tarantino Knew About Harvey Weinstein's Inappropriate

Pro-Trump War Hero Featured on Fox News Never Actually Served

Merkel: EU To Cut Aid To Turkey Over Democratic Backsliding

Trump personally interviewed US attorney candidates in New York: report

What about that HUGE OIL SPILL in the Gulf of Mexico??? Not a single follow up in

John Kelly called a Hispanic Member of Congress an Empty Barrel Also

Lawrence: 'Stunned' by John Kelly's attack on Rep. Wilson

Let's face it, Pablo don't give a BLEEP!!!

Obama's back!

Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio, but the court just refused to erase his crimes from the record

If the Pro Trump boneheads think Russia and Putin are so wonderful...

Jury orders payout to Kansas City black firefighter for denying him promotion because of race

Twitter: What Happened in Niger (a theory)

Let's see. The soldiers murdered in Niger had guns. The diplomat

Democrats fail to block Arctic reserve oil drilling

Arkansas governor opposes tapping general revenue for roads


Oklahoma board considers reducing legislator pay, benefits

With both Presidents Obama and Bush giving lessons in civility today . . . .

BROWN: No electricity, little water -- plenty of despair in Puerto Rico

Judge sets $17.6 million damages in deaths from botched 911 call

Arkansas Supreme Court orders gender neutral treatment of parents on birth certificates

Grieg (just aired on local university radio station)

At union rally, a glimpse of an organized New Orleans hospitality industry

LSU President reinstates alcohol ban on Greeks, says they did not take it seriously

Louisiana borrowing picture improves after debt refinancing

Driving naked with stolen poultry

Why do we care a Canadian sold US Uranium mines to Russians?

New Orleans Mayor Landrieu slammed as 'unprofessional' by U.S. Sen. John Kennedy in D.C. hearing

Caddo Parish Commission votes to remove Confederate monument

Why do we trust Mueller?

Police officer rescues kitten and raccoon found cuddled inside dumpster

Spam heists in Hawaii prompt retailers to put 'mystery meat' in locked cases

New Orleans hires attorney who has helped cities crack down on strip clubs

"Does Kelly wash his hands after shaking hands with his boss?"

St. Charles Parish councilman says parish president needs drug rehab

Residents oppose radioactive cleaning facility in Gibson

Tony the Louisiana truck-stop tiger dies, age 17

They need to buy General Kelly a bigger shovel.

A bar's best friend: Britain's pub dogs in pictures

When Kelly said there's no perfect way to make a phone call

President Trump releases petition requesting support on standing during the national anthem

130-acre medical marijuana development to provide 1,000 new Michigan jobs

CodeSmart Holdings CEO and Attorney Plead Guilty to Participating in a $86 Million Market Manipulati

130-acre medical marijuana development to provide 1,000 new Michigan jobs

Judge dismisses former president's claims against Louisiana College

Sen. Al Franken: Sessions Isn't Telling Truth About Russian Contacts - The Last Word - MSNBC

First Evidence That Offshore Wind Farms Are Changing the Oceans

From "empty barrel" to "that woman"

10 Members Of Bronx Drug Trafficking Organization Charged With Distributing- Worth Over $22 Million

Brazilian National Pleads Guilty to Scheme to Launder $20 M in Proceeds from the Telexfree Fraud

Trump Supporter Trails Gay Couple in Orange County, Tells Them Theyre Unnatural and Going to Hell

Everything with this administration seems to be a message (sacred women).

Jacob Bronowski on "Knowledge or Certainty"

Of course Kelly will get emotional whenever speaking of his son

THIS is a politician

Was George Bush's speech the "real" voice of the Republican Party?

Watching George Bush yesterday...

The latest from CalFire (Oct 20)

When * and his republican Congress enacted the last round of tax cuts,

Andrew Sullivan: The Danger Of Donald Trump's 'Unhinged Fantasies' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Alabama executes Montgomery cop-killer Torrey Twane McNabb

Stephen Colbert Found Trump's IQ Test Results

Kirkuk province: Iraqi and Kurdish forces in fierce fight

Estimated death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria rises to 450

Pollution linked to one in six deaths

Frederica Wilson vs. Trump and Now John Kelly? Easy--Go With Wilson - By Joy-Ann Reid

To the shithead who calls himself the President...

Voter Suppression Gave Wisconsin to Trump

Trump calls to 'keep America safe' citing rising UK crime rate

SHOCK: Dem Tied with Republican in ALABAMA

Survey: US uninsured up 3.5M this year; expected to rise

Lawrence: 'Stunned' By John Kelly's Attack On Rep. Frederica Wilson The Last Word MSNBC

Found in the Trump's mailbox...

'Our democracy is at stake,' Obama says on Virginia campaign trail

To get Harvey relief funds, residents of Dickinson must vow not to boycott Israel

Rate of U.S. adults with health insurance makes U-turn, major survey shows

Maddow: Inexplicable Donald Trump Travel Ban Decision Preceded US Niger Exposure

California city using fake coyotes to scare sea lions away from harbor

On Women's Health, Trump Is Even Dumber Than We Thought

Repubs want Mueller to end investigation before 2018 - the real reason

What would happen if Amazon brought 50,000 workers to your city? Ask Seattle

CIA director distorts intelligence communitys findings on Russian interference

Trump pick for top environmental post called belief in global warming a 'kind of paganism'

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - What Trumpers Signed up for

Twitter Video: This is the most unfair budget in the history of our country.

Retired Navy SEAL praising Trump on Fox News was a fake

GOP to Trump: Stop flip-flopping on Obamacare deal

Friday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Trump blindsides advisers with promised opioid plan

Wonkette: Does Dressing Modestly Keep Sexual Predators Away? Ooh, A Tough One!

🎃Hattie wasnt evil, she just wanted to be left alone!

How To Make A Useless US Presence At Climate Talks More Insulting? Send Scott Pruitt!

CIA corrects director's Russian election meddling claim

Global Temperatures In 2017 Tracking For Third-Hottest Year On Reocrd

What are you listening to right now?

PUTIN: Americans Should Not 'Disrespect' Trump-Because He's President & 'Doesn't Need Any Advice'

CO2 "The Gas Of Life" To Shitstain's Nominee For Now-Rudderless Council On Environmental Quality

Pompeo proves that the CIA is now a partisan political agency.

This, from CNN, is a damning description of Trump's response to the Niger raid

Is Trumps Chaos Tornado a Move From the Kremlins Playbook?

Global pollution kills 9m a year and threatens 'survival of human societies'

The Typical Member Of The 1 Percent Is An Old White Man

New U.S. Budget is a 'Hoax', Says Republican Senator Bob Corker ***$473 Billion cut in Medicare***

There's a rising global tide of crackdowns on LGBT communities

WOW! Paul Ryan makes Trump jokes at charity dinner. WITTY! SCATHING! MERCILESS!

Pillow found in John Kelly's office today:

British Airways apologises for bed bug infestation

"While four US Soldiers died in Niger --- Hillary was on a book tour!"

Video of full speech Obama gave in Richmond on 10/19

At Richard Spencers Florida Rally, Protesters Drive Out the Alt-Right, One by One

Will this be a Freaky Friday or a Fabulous Friday?

Dallas judge awards State Fair of Texas more than $200k in open records lawsuit

Racist, Violent, Unpunished: A White Hate Groups Campaign of Menace

DNC reshuffle has some worrying about a 'purge'

Alabama executes man convicted of killing police officer in 1997

#IBelieveFrederica trending on Twitter. The tweets are pretty awesome--not many

College's bell tower trolled white supremacist with black national anthem

For Trumps EPA, the enemy is within

California Senate leader Kevin de Leon kicks off U.S. Senate campaign in Los Angeles

Kelly has used the term "empty barrel" before..... to describe another member of Congress

Millions of Americans are left out of the stock market boom

Uh oh, 'That woman' is asking questions, Johnny and Donnie

TPM. Marshall. "General Kelly's paean to MAGA" (essential, frightening read)

"Women are sacred"

Putin plays the "Leave Brittany Alone" card. Seriously, stop "disrespecting" Trump. SAD!

Will the U.S. ever recover from Trump and GOP?

Johnny and Donnie send out a man in a hat to criticize how a woman in a hat looks

Cub Scout loses his den for daring to ask his state senator a question:


Hillary Rodham Clinton to receive WMC Wonder Woman Award

🎃 Why, this cats following me!

"Now it's Gold Star families with fake emotions!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald Trump sparks fury from Brits after saying that crime has soared by 13 per cent in UK because

October 20, 2017 - Today in history

On Womens Health, Trump Is Even Dumber Than We Thought

Bush and Obama try something new with implicit rebuke of Trump

MAGA: Make America Go Away

Robt Reich: Trump voters in KY and Tenn...

Seeking YouTube Fame, Man Pulls On A Pikachu Suit And Tries To Jump White House Fence

Charity's promised back pay to Roy Moore was not reported to IRS as income

Pro-Trump "war hero" featured on Fox News never actually served

The Brits are pissed about Moron-In-Chief latest tweet...

Who side is Trump on,Steve Bannon or Mitch McConnell ?

Where are ivanka and jared? They have been as scarce as hen's teeth lately.

Sheriff David Clarke is the worst of our state....and we have Walker Ryan Priebus Johnson etal....

538: Calm Down About Those Virginia Polls, Folks

Why Ed Gillespie is surging in Virginia

In attack on Frederica Wilson over Trumps call to widow, John Kelly gets facts wrong

How Donald Trump is coming for your Social Security!

Senate's first hurdle to trump's budget and tax reform passed. The hits just keep coming

What Kelly meant to say

The U.S. Is Retreating from Religion

The most cynical thing in the world is that spell check wants to change "xxxooo" to

Too SOCIALIST VA TARGETED For Scrap Heap By Trump, GOP & Conservatives.

Forty years ago today, Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane crashed.

TRANSCRIPT showing what Rep. Wilson actually said at FBI bldg dedication in 2015 - KELLY LIED

Dotard who won't release tax returns gives himself a ONE BILLION DOLLAR tax break.

Let the wholesale VZ election fraud begin! (with proof)

Racist, Bigoted, General Kelly Is A Disgrace To His Uniform. He Is Just Plain A Turd.

Cities make last-ditch effort for Amazon's second headquarters

San Juan Mayor: Trump lives in 'alternative reality world'

Attempted homicide suspects at Gainesville protest

Where Are The Democrats Defending Wilson.

Ocoee police: Officer fired for using racial slur

There is a transcript of Trump's controversial call to Sgt. Johnson's widow, Lara Trump reveals

John Kelly is trumps lapdog. No better than SaraSuckabee Sanders.

Pic Of The Moment: So Mr. President, Any Words Of Compassion...?

Confederate flag stickers at NC State Fair

Did you hear about the constipated accountant?

Sun Editorial: What should replace Baltimore's Confederate monuments?

Nice Video about Pittsburgh

When it comes to Trump and lack of empathy, I still can't get over his "words" to Kelly Preston....

Caddo Parish Commission votes to remove Confederate monument (LA)

When a burglar is in your house, pointing a gun at you, you dont argue with your significant other

Obama jokes about distant relative Jefferson Davis

Steyer launches multimillion-dollar campaign to impeach Trump

Customs took his truck without charging him with a crime. Two years later, he's getting it back.

Comey friend: Not sure Trump has a soul

The DNC has voted down a resolution that would have demanded Sanders and King run as Democrats

Lupita Nyong'o: Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein

Slide show of NYC in the '70s

UK agency disputes Trump tweet on rising crime, terrorism

Hilton El Conquistador cancels plans to host upcoming white nationalist VDare conference

Anybody heard whether,,,,

Colorado State University student among three dead in shooting

Hollywood Is Full Of Satanists Who Drink Childrens Blood

Full video of Frederica Wilson's 2015 FBI speech

"If there's a Taiwan Jones at Howard...."

Either the ghost is real, or it's Old Man Johnson in disguise. May the best team win!

Add Stephanie Ruhle to the MSNBC women who do not understand a professional attire

Thinking of taking a cannabis tourist trip this winter. I live where it's still illegal except for

Full video of Frederica Wilson's 2015 speech at new FBI building

Says it all.

Look like the "Sane Progressive" Russian troll finally got kicked off YouTube

For the record..

General Kelly's lies


Here are some pics of tits, hooters and boobies.

TYT drops all remaining pretense, and re-brands as Breitbart-lite

FEMA camomps in Tacoma WA/lockup for being homeless?

These two have no idea, that they have basically confirmed what Frederica Wilson said was true

KO: Why Did Paul Manafort Need to Get to Trump? He ran Trump's campaign. He worked for free. Why?

KO;Why Did Paul Manafort Need to Get to Trump? He ran Trump's campaign. He worked for free. Why?

Just noticed that Kelly was NOT acknowledged by Wilson at FBI dedication, though others were.

Who are the white supremacists assaulting people at rallies in Berkeley, Charlottesville and...

Federal Judge Will Not Void Guilty Ruling On Arpaio, Despite Trump's Pardon

The Trump administration just made its most Orwellian attack on abortion

1972 - George Carlin arrested for saying "those" words

Trumps check to dead soldier's Dad

A former diplomat says Trump officials wouldn't let her talk about Obama's foreign policies

Confederate and Civil War Alternate Histories

Jaws Drop As Trump Tries To Handpick Attorneys In Charge Of Investigating His Administration

The Rude Pundit: Oh, Just Fuck Off, John Kelly

If Youre Boycotting Israel in This Texas Town, Then No Hurricane Relief for You

The right wing can't shut up about Clinton Russia and is the real story.

Pick Your Favorite Dessert and We'll Tell You Where to Go on Vacation!

Confederate rally in Richmond exceeds $500,000 in police spending

Cummings: Trump aides admitted to lawyers they used private email

Democrats reject proposal to force Bernie Sanders to join the party

By the numbers

At this point I hope Kelly's lies about Rep. Wilson re: the FBI building bring him down.

The perfect song for Trump et al today: BACKLASH BLUES (Nina Simone Simms)

Those are not Cheers you hear...

Family of Bethel Marine captain killed in August did not get call or letter from Trump

this will make you smile, and maybe even give you a little

Trump nominees show up for work without waiting for Senate approval

Now in the United Sates the right wing now invokes.......................

Tweets about the full video of Rep. Wilson's speech at the FBI building in 2015:

Remember FDR?

In the first place, Rep. Wilson didn't "listen in" on a private conversation...

October 20, 1973: the Saturday Night Massacre

Full video of Frederica Wilson's 2015 FBI speech shows John Kelly got it wrong

51 GOP Senators Just Voted To Cut $1.5 Trillion from Medicare and Medicaid

Dump is fund raising off of taking a knee

TRUMP: The Sound of Science

How To Profit From The Coming Trump Apocalypse

Did Russia interfere in Brexit vote?

Raleigh activist was duped by Russian Internet operatives

The Best Food in Jail! - The Cellblock Steakhouse in Ely, Nevada, Road Trip Day 7 Episode 15


to john kelly-- you utter, worthless scum.

Federal judge refuses to erase Joe Arpaio's conviction despite Trump pardon

Video appears to show Kelly misrepresented speech of Dem lawmaker he called an 'empty barrel'

After six tests, the mountain hosting North Korea's nuclear blasts may be exhausted

Trump makes himself, John Kelly and everyone around them look rotten yet again

Dont subscribe to EXPERIAN

Would it hurt them to use uppercase T's?

Side by side: Kelly's lies, and Wilson's speech

Virginia Polling Swings Are Normal

Trump Nominees Working Without Being Confirmed

Tickets to See Mike Pence Discounted Because No One Wants Them

Congressional Approval Sinks Further

U.S.-led coalition declares ISIS forces vanquished, battle for Raqqa over

Toure: Trump & Kelly caught in lies meant to demean, embarrass and silence a group of black women

Abusers DO NOT get to determine...

Day 19: Senate too busy on tax cuts for the rich to address children's health insurance expiration

to john kelly--you fucking, misogynistic, racist POS. Women have NEVER been "honoured"

Most Americans don't have much confidence in Trump's legacy

Now Paul Ryan thinks he is a comedian?

He said-she said??

10/20/17 Line Up - Real Time with Bill Maher

I'm convinced if a dog started barking at Trump as he exited a limo

Wow. From the New Yorker: John Kelly and the Language of the Military Coup

A pirate walks into a bar.

Hillary Clinton Is Worried About Donald Trumps Tweets

150 Afghan Soldiers Fled After Being Sent Stateside for Training

Truth from Slate - "No Bush, No Trump - Our previous Republican president fails to own up

Why does Trump's Daughter in law have Access to White House Transcripts ?

Donald Trump told the following joke to Vladimir Putin.

more Slate truth "Grief and Grievance. What a botched condolence call reveals about President Trump.

Slate "Three Richard Spencer Supporters Arrested for Attempted Murder of Protesters in Gainesville

Trump personally interviewed U.S. attorney candidates for NY

Are we looking at a possible war in Niger or Chad?

Little Known Black History Fact: Church Hats (re: Rep. Wilson wearing hats to honour grandmother)

it may take us forever but

3 Charged With Attempted Murder After Allegedly Firing On Spencer Protesters

After Video Contradicts John Kelly, White House Doubles Down In Defense

Accidental Googles

Cummings: Trump aides admitted to lawyers they used private email

Racist, Violent, Unpunished: A White Hate Group's Campaign of Menace

Racist, Violent, Unpunished: A White Hate Group's Campaign of Menace

Good news: Some want to push homeless off North Tryon. Why this church decided to spotlight them.


Tom Prices lawmaker wife wants people with HIV quarantined and their partners surveilled

GOP State Lawmaker Suggests Quarantining People With HIV, Says It's 'Almost Frightening' How Many...

Good news: Peace Cross is unconstitutional, court rules

Stepped on a grape today at the grocery store. I felt terrible...

Wasn't John Kelly the disciplinarian supposed to make Trump act like an adult or some shit like that

"SACRED"-- johnny boy, did anybody ever tell you we are a secular, NOT a religious, country?

Suspected Network Of 13,000 Twitter Bots Pumped Out Pro-Brexit Messages In Run-Up To EU Vote

The basis of the problem is a generalized cluelessness...

right. bush wasn't racist, he didn't care equally if white or black soldiers died in his fake wars.

This incredible Burger King hidden camera video of customers will move you to tears

fyi, "Any Movie Any Theater Any Day Only $9.95 per month"

Stepped on a roll of toilet paper today at the grocery store. I felt terrible...

Gallup: Trump Disapproval Hits 60%

Kelly Limerick (Thread)

This Texas town offers hurricane relief if your politics are right

so according to huckleberry pearls, Hope Hicks IS

Sarah is being snarky again!

Placement of Statues Next on Lexington KY Agenda

WH press briefing

Fox News apologizes for featuring a pro-Trump 'war hero' who lied about his military service

In Their Real Heart GOPPERS Want Gays Executed. That Fact IS The Brutal Truth.

Four Soldiers Killed in War

Sarah would not be a very good poker player!

Simon's Cat & Ellen Degeneris - Together!

Was Sarah Huckabee-Sanders in a coma?

Wow! Another Trump lying?

Train severs limbs of woman, 1-year-old son in Georgia

Note to KELLY, over his repeatedly being *STUNNED*!1 by a Black woman congresscritter:

Dear General Kelly,

Defense Secretary Mattis to meet with McCain after subpoena threat over Niger attack

Not Wanting To Be "Like Them" Won't Work In This New Environment. New Tactics Needed.

What sport do you play with a wombat?

What's the best thing about living in Switzerland?

Sarah the Mutant Slug says

Eliminating State & Local Tax Deduction to Pay for Cuts for Wealthy a Bad Deal for Most Americans

Stepped on a box of cereal today at the grocery store. I felt terrible...

What's grey and can't swim?

Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology

something remarkable i noticed about donnie's approval/disapproval ratings:

White House: Unfortunate If Widow Of Fallen Soldier Misunderstood Trump

Scott Pruitt Nervously Picks Up Walking Pace As Hundreds Of Whooping Cranes Begin Silently Perching

Harvey Weinstein Is in Treatment But Defiant Mogul Is 'Not Listening to Anyone,' Says Source

ADAPT is in Chicago

October 20: This Day in Music

Weinstein Company employees want to be released from NDAs

SHS: A debate with the four-star Marine general is "something highly inappropriate."

For Fans, of Ken Burns, the Vietnam War documentary... just got the 2 CD soundtrack...

Out of mouths of babes

Test of police body cameras reveals that they don't magically cure police corruption.

A very unhappy 100th birthday for the charitable deduction

WUNC TV - tomorrow at 11 AM....

This Time, Harvey Weinstein Could Go to Jail

Quentin Tarantino - 'if I had acted on what I knew, I would have had to stop working with Harvey'

how authoritarian of them! TPM "WH Says Highly Inappropriate For Reporter To Question Marine

Rate of people without health insurance rises for first time since 2014

Rep. Frederica Wilson: Trump's call 'not a good message'

A simple rule for honoring our "heroes" and erecting statues or monuments

The Two Stooges: what?

Putin says Americans don't show Trump enough respect

Where is your mean tweet?

Orionid Meteor Shower 2017 Peaking Now

NRA: Trump is victim of most ruthless attack on a president in history

Texas State president condemns white supremacist fliers found on campus

You want to raise worker pay, you need to RAISE corporate taxes, not lower them

NOW I understand why former Sheriff David All Hat No Cattle Clarke had to plagiarize his term paper.

Billionaire Steyer Launches Ad Campaign Urging Trump Impeachment

Donald Trumps Los Angeles golf course accused of not making claimed charitable donations

OMG the lying! Sanders: Kelly meant Wilson made her comments off-stage but heard by "MANY PEOPLE"

Aviation enthusiasts; Air France plans on flying damaged A380 home on 3 engines

Who does KFC follow on twitter???

DHS Misled on 2016 'Russian Hacking' (So, Will They Get It Right in 2018?): 'BradCast' 10/18/2017

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 20, 2017

Never fails to put a smile on my face...

UMaine students sing Elvis song to anti-gay protester

5 Things Trump Did This Week While You Weren't Looking

Oh goodie! Jr. weighs in. "...anyone with a brain..."

DEPLORABLE!: The Texas Agriculture Commissioner has posted this on his Facebook page

I have seen it all now. Check out this amazing dog:

Presidential Executive Order Amending Executive Order 13223

Ex-Chevron Phillips Chemical employee admits to embezzling nearly $2M

Regarding tax cuts for corporations - and having worked for corporations, not only do they treat

I wonder who won the Fox News office pool on this one ...

Ex-Honolulu police chief, wife indicted in corruption probe

Montel Williams ripping Trump & Kelly to shreds on CNN (video):

An amazingly cool, original celebration of the late Tom Petty's 67th birthday by 300 people in L.A.

Steam Is Full Of Hate Groups

Oklahoma audit says $1.7 million in receipts never deposited

Best Banner!

Fox's Wallace doesnt like colleagues echoing press attacks

Devastation in Raqqa raises questions about cost of victory

Interesting analysis of Trump sons Twitter feeds

Budget deficit hits $666B, an $80B spike for the year

Why does General Kelly hold all women "sacred" but this one ?

Let me get this straight:

What Puerto Rico is doing to get the power back after storm

White House: Questioning a four-star general is highly inappropriate

White nationalist shot at protesters after Richard Spencer speech in Florida, police say

White nationalist shot at protesters after Richard Spencer speech in Florida, police say

Hutto Economic Development Corporation under criminal investigation

An Utterly Strange, Motley Crew of Trumpkins Is Gunning to Defeat Maxine Waters

Get used to the military being

Border crossers granted refugee status amid fears

Trump vs. the IRS

The White House is increasingly - and worryingly - using the military as a shield against criticism

Texas attorney general opens investigation into Harvey debris removal companies

Senator urges review of Ivanka's security clearance

SORRY. NOT SORRY. Donald Trump Feels Zero Remorse Over How The Week Went, Friends and Allies Say

'Imbecile' slammed by MPs for tweet

Bernie Sanders corners Ted Cruz in CNN debate and Cruz knew it (VIDEO)

Launches national anthem petition in swipe at NFL

President Obama all but said the Trump administration is doomed to failure (VIDEO)

Renoir painting a fake: museum

America in trouble, Trumps Chief of Staff John Kelly has become Donald Trump (VIDEO)

This is NOT your father's garage band !!

Low-road presidency

Campaign to Undermine Background Checks

Trump's world: different from what others see

Peruvian Grilled Chicken: A Spicy, Succulent Delight

Curveballs give Congress whiplash

'Military Dictatorships for Dummies': Internet appalled after Huckabee Sanders says generals...

Weather channel today, not pulling punches...Puerto Rico

Accrediting committee recommends no punishment for Baylor over sexual assault scandal

"I read a transcript" - Lara Trump --- "There is no transcript" - Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Conservatives upset about $666B US deficit under Trump

Not to be an alarmist, but

Gitmo Attorneys: Kellys Aggressive Role at Guantnamo Makes Him Unfit

New NRA ad warns Trump opponents "will perish in the political flames of their own fires"

What are YOUR ideas for getting more people to vote for us in 2018 and 2020?

After Video Refutes Kellys Charges, Congresswoman Raises Issue of Race

Tubbs fire (Santa Rosa) fueled fire tornadoes strong enough to toss cars

Why do only female tv anchors wear revealing clothing?

"Hi, I'm a DT Defender..."

Twitter Video: This is precisely why I recently introduced the College for All Act:

Texas AFL-CIO Constitutional Amendment Positions 2017

Twitter Video: ... But Ted, we got it on the damn screen.

Firm behind Trump-Russia dossier fights Republican demand to open its books

Monsanto sues Arkansas board for banning disputed herbicide

Ed Gillespie's lobbying career included work for firms with vast interests in Virginia

Woman charged with stealing $773K from UConn vendor system

Sorry, Sarah...enjoy these archived tweets of your boss CRITICIZING GENERALS.

Hillary Clinton Really Tried To Avoid Going to the Inauguration -- The Graham Norton Show

Koch group launches new million dollar anti-Northam push in Va. governor's race

Many Trump voters who got hurricane relief in Texas aren't sure Puerto Ricans should

When Sara Huckabee Sanders implied that

Appeals court rules teen can't be denied abortion; gives government time to find her a sponsor

A frank and candid exchange between Trump and Obama.

Obama tears into Ed Gillespie's MS-13 ads, calling them 'as cynical as politics gets'

Many Trump voters who got hurricane relief in Texas arent sure Puerto Ricans should

Here's Why Trump Interviewing US Attorney Candidates Is Even Worse Than it Seems

Jake Tapper: "You know who has done a lot of questioning of generals? Trump."

uncharted waters for America

What kind of democracy doesn't allow you to question the generals, but Hillary Clinton...

A budget that includes 1 trillon dollars in cuts to medicare and almost a half billion to medicaid

An Apple Pie That Lasts for Days

Here's a way to lower corporate & personal taxes?

Mad about Trump as President? Well VOTE - Were 300,000 Wisconsin voters turned away?

Winston Churchill's grandson calls Trump a 'daft twerp'

Who in the White House is left that's actually sane??!

Is Donald Trump Turning Liberals Into Radicals?

Inappropriate to debate Kelly because he is a General

Niger Ambush Came After Massive Intelligence Failure, Source Says

Graham Responds To Sanders: 'In America' Debating Generals Appropriate

and he's on IR.....

If it's "highly inappropriate" to argue with a 4 star general, what about one with 3 stars?

Bell County lawyer sentenced to 25 years in federal prison

Missing soldier found nearly a mile from Niger ambush, officials say

Dozens dead in mosque blasts in Kabul and central Afghanistan

2 of 3 charged with attempted homicide after Spencer speech in Florida were at Aug. 12 rally

Barbara Boxer: Trump Puts America At Risk And Disrespects Those Who Serve

Justice Department files notice of appeal to judge's block of Trump's travel ban

Wow...I love these women...

'There's no future for taxis': New York yellow cab drivers drowning in debt

Fox: Why are you afraid to cut taxes on rich people? -Trump: Bob Kraft gave me a Super Bowl ring

This administration will take a flamethrower to anyone's reputation

51 GOP Senators Just Voted To Cut $1.5 Trillion from Medicare and Medicaid To Give Super-Rich and

Trump: 'I don't know' if I'll interview with Mueller

This 23-year-old clip.

8 times Bernie Sanders made a total fool of Ted Cruz during their town hall debate

Discussionist has threads DEDICATED to myself and other members here

Joy Reid: Frederica Wilson, latest woman of color attacked for daring to tell the truth about Trump

This Texas town offers hurricane relief - if your politics are right

Do you want to die while you are doing something that you love?

Study : Trump's health subsidy shutdown could lead to free insurance in CA, FL, IL, MI, PA

Man if this doesnt sound like Benghazi. From the LA Times.

I.R.S. Says It Will Reject Tax Returns that Lack Health Insurance Disclosure

I.R.S. Says It Will Reject Tax Returns that Lack Health Insurance Disclosure

LOL n/t

Feds urge airlines to ban laptops in checked bags, citing fire, explosion risk

Your tax return? Is it?

Growing threat: Cyber and nuclear weapons systems

What real journalism looks: Orlando Sentinel exposes Floridas $1 billion school voucher scam

A U(nderappreciated) F(eline) O(rbiter) - Long overdue recognition

538 researcher's discovery about guns

The Republican controlled senate just screwed the Medicare recipient out of our funds

Hawaii judge extends prohibition on Trump's travel ban

More than 150 Afghan trainees have gone AWOL in the US, report finds

How Italian women used words to fight the Nazis

Spacewalking astronaut copes with frayed tether, bad jetpack (Update)

The Right Is Apoplectic Over This Piece About A Post-Trump "Reckoning"Which Means It's Good.

Kelly's comment on women

Huckabee Sanders is one of the most unpleasant looking people I've ever seen.

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