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U.S. judge questions government on Trump's latest travel ban

Robert Reich was live.

Mon. Evening Cat pix - Well, that's your opinion and screw you

From: The Sisterhood Of Were Tired Of This Shit

A double standard that should not be over looked!

Why has it taken so long for the guy in the white house to respond to our KIA in Niger?

Educating Future Voters in the Age of Social Media

Trump says he and McConnell are closer than ever before

Kasie Hunt Interviews Senator Al Franken on President Trump

Roger Mudd, substitute anchor for Cronkite, is still kicking

Trailer Park Boys actor John Dunsworth has died at the age of 71

Here ya go Ladies

History repeats itself, first as tragedy then as farce

I heard this rumor on the Internet...

Hundreds Walk Boy Home from School after Bullies Shout Racial Slurs

Stupidest CNN Discussion ever on Bannon recruiting real Crazies to run against incumbent Republicans

McCain just nailed Trump and Bannon. Can't find the video yet. Called

A tale of quid pro quo sexual harassment

Rick Scott is declaring a state of emergency because a white supremacist is going to speak.

Tanker Raises Anchor, Finds Torpedo Off England

John Dunsworth dead at 71.

Supreme Court backs push to remove Ten Commandments monument

Desmond Dekker----007

We could lose to trump for being to liberal

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Friday the 13th! Live Uncensored &

This is the President

Red sun phenomenon 'caused by Hurricane Ophelia'

Deep in Trump Country, a Big Stake in Health Care (NYT)

Are there quick keys to bring up the project screen option?

Bullied young man kills a fellow student in NYC. His side of the story.

The great thaw of Americas north is coming


How, and How NOT - to communicate Climate Science

Ernesto Guevara: How my father inspired my Cuban motorcycle tours

Trump suggests Obama didn't call families of fallen soldiers

Halloween Is Coming #61

Halloween Is Coming #62

Halloween Is Coming #63


Uh-oh, Rachel just had a coughing fit, HRC broke her toe: Wingnuts go *WILD* with *SALVATION*!1

Halloween Is Coming #64

Halloween Is Coming #65

McCain slams "spurious nationalism" in speech aimed at Trump

The Memo: Trump keeps beating 2016 drum

Donald Trump was correct, most American Presidents did not call families of fallen service personnel

Dana Milbank: Trump's Cabinet is the absolute best of all time. Ever.

Dump continues to blame Puerto Rico

Poll: Trump approval on hurricane response down 20 points since Maria

McCain Rails Against 'Half-Baked, Spurious Nationalism' in Liberty Medal Ceremony Speech

Ryan Lizza - "He (Trump) makes shit up."

2-year-old denied kidney transplant because father violated probation

We see where tRump's loyalty lies

Trump reportedly joked that Vice President Pence hates gays enough to "hang them all".

Remember what the RW did to Jimmy Carter?

Our turn now to be the

Facebook appears to be earning its reputation as evil

Donnie is on the take from the federal government.

Democratic governor candidates debate at Aurora University on Tuesday

Hillary Clinton to headline U.Va. women's leadership conference

Trump White House fed up with the Senate

Audit report finds more than $315,000 missing in Zeigler after former treasurer indicted on charges

Chris Murphy Slams Trumps 12 Days Of Silence After Four U.S. Soldiers Were Killed In Africa

Election 2017: Can some answer a couple questions about the Westchester County, NY election

John McCain Delivers Blistering Takedown Of Trumps Half-Baked And Unpatriotic Worldview

Russian trolls watched 'House of Cards' to learn about US politics

The Russians are jumping into the Alabama Senate race.

Cause of deadly Honolulu high-rise fire can't be determined

Ex-Guatemalan president says he's innocent in graft case

Reasons you should abandon Facebook

They're not going to scare us: Saluki cheerleaders who knelt during national anthem subject of ...

Goat-Herding Dog Refused To Abandon Flock Amid Firestorm, Miraculously Survived

Who recommended Tom Marino to Trump?

Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Official Trailer (VIDEO)

White House completely blew off Oversight Committee request for private email use by Kushner

Andy Borowitz -- Just now on Facebook:

Scientists witness huge cosmic crash, find origins of gold

Mike Pence was installed as Vice President by the Koch brothers...

Here is McCain tonight on Trump/Bannon philosophy. Go McCain!!

'Johnny Appleseed' trees to mark Illinois bicentennial

The first thing that comes to mind: I wonder what Chinese writing tats in this country really mean

Typhoon Lan expected to reach Cat 4 or 5 wind speeds as it approaches Japan

Whales and dolphins have rich 'human-like' cultures and societies

Texans hit hard by Hurricane Harvey rethink climate change

Dotard Trump Predicts Two Women On The Supreme Court Will Die

Google maps out moons and planets across the Solar System

Richard Pryor: Gun Shop

Rachel Maddow - Full Show 10/16/17

Newt Gingrich has gone to la la land!!....

This asshole had twelve days to say something about these four men, and he said nothing

Feds tell European Space Agency it's unhappy with plan to drop rocket in Arctic waters

SpaceX Eyes Mars While Trump Wants To Make The Moon American Again

DuPage County judge removed from bench after reckless conduct arrest

Donald Trump is the Harvey Weinstein of Washington - The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

YELLO - Kiss the Cloud feat. Fifi Rong - live @ IFA Sommergarten 31.08.2017 HD

Lawrence O'Donnell - Full Show 10/16/17

A little bit of Doc Watson, for what might ail you...

Will new tax credits keep more Catholic schools from closing?

Longtime Republican lawmaker Pihos faces retail theft charge

Harvey Weinstein was the butt of Hollywood jokes for decades. Now nobody's laughing.

This Ancient Reptile Evolved a Weird, Bird-Like Head 100 Million Years Before Birds Did

Kangaroos With Fangs: Why This Prehistoric Animal Went Extinct


Photojournalist launches online campaign against Ed Gillespie over stolen image

Top Trump Official JOHN KELLY Ordered ICE To Portray Immigrants As Criminals To Justify Raids

Gov race funds top $100 million due to Rauner, Pritzker deep pockets

Ukraine Honors Nationalist Leader Blamed For Pogroms

Labor leader apologizes, says 'no sexist intent' in Kennedy aide rap

Record Rainfall in Chicago, October 14. Most any day in October..from the National Weather Service

Naperville couple investigated for alleged fraud to fund horse stables

Flowers waiting for the inevitable frost.

Trump repeats conspiracy theory about Obama when pressed on contacting families of fallen soldiers

Secret Sex Kinks of Pence and Nunes!

The Daily Show - Chicago: Syria, But with Different Pizza

It's gone global ... Hertha Berlin 'takes a knee' in show of solidarity with NFL players

I Have Found the Path to God

CHUNG AND THE GANG ! End of William Tell..

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes proposal to codify federal regulations on campus sexual harassmen

Venezuela faces more isolation, sanctions after contested vote

Don Lemon on Trump's Obama obsession: "You can't buy class, the president is jealous"

Why The Unknown Motive In The Las Vegas Massacre Is So Unsettling

Tax Cuts Don't Equal Tax Reform!

Alex Walker - Baby Driver

The Danger of President Pence: From The New Yorker

The Grobe (White Pepper demo)

House Dems choose a 2018 villain, and it's not Trump

Rest time at last!

UW merger plan aims to expand programs at 2-year colleges

I agree...he is confused

Dean Ween - Guitar Moves - Episode 6

If you inhale second hand pot smoke will it cause you to flunk a drug test?

Iowas Swing to Republicans Is a Matter of (Lacking a) Degree

Information cannot be silenced: 40 journalists sign open letter against Macri for press reprisals

Information cannot be silenced: 40 journalists sign open letter against Macri for press reprisals

Just wondering

Scott Walker to NFL players: Stop 'divisive' anthem protests, stand against domestic violence

Who should run against Trump in 2020?

NASA's New Ion Thruster Breaks Records, Could Take Humans to Mars In Just 40 Days

Congressional candidate from Florida (of course) says she was abducted by aliens.

One and only direction...

He'd make a great President. Maybe the best ever. And he'd get lots of support from

Reverse rotation

High School Dance Team's "Wizard Of Oz" Routine Praised As Greatest Pep Rally Ever!

People in Puerto Rico forced to use sewage contaminated water due to damaged treatment plants

Jared Kushner's Family is Screwed, And It's All Boy Wonder's Fault

VA releases plans for sweeping health care overhaul

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett vows to veto any 'raids into pension reserve'

Government Contractor Pays $2.6M to Settle False Claims Act Suit

Paul Ryan doesn't want to restore Obamacare subsidies

Wife of Former Mexican Official Convicted in Bank Fraud Conspiracy

Investment Advisor Sentenced To Federal Prison for Investment Fraud Scheme

Business lobby: Remove 'America's Dairyland' from Wisconsin license plates

Trump is simply an old man who no longer gives a fuck about anything. Yet another example:

I normally stay out of any abortion issues, but I think this one nails it

Former Democratic Party leader could face homicide charge

How to put ideas back in place ?

Hillary Clinton breaks toe falling down stairs, misses BBC interview

Memo to Fake pResident Trump

Callista Gingrich Confirmed As Ambassador To The Vatican

Pair of bills aim to encourage, require food stamp recipients buy healthy food

Wi-Fi security flaw leaves passwords exposed, say experts

The economist who helped wreck Kansas economy is Trumps new budget cheerleader

"Dictator for Dummies" By D. Trump, French edition, translation coming soon...

State lawmaker: No thanks to highway maps

Facebook rant lands dad in jail on charges he threatened Ozaukee County judge

Dallas megachurch pastor blasts Jerry Jones for 'plantation politics' after anthem ultimatum

Ronna Romney McDaniel, RNC Chair

Trump and Weinstein side by side, Wow!

Dallas GOP Rep. Jason Villalba calls conservative blogger fat, stupid in Twitter rant

Georgia Governor Candidate Giving Away Bump Stock

Lauren Holly Describes Harvey Weinstein Harassment: I Wanted to Flee

Regarding Presidential behavior.

Scott Rosenberg on Harvey Weinstein allegations: 'Everybody f***ing knew'

No Cuomo - that lie about Obama not calling the troops is FUGGING HUGE

Trump Blames 'Generals' For Telling Him Obama Didn't Call Family Members

Candidate for Georgia Governor is Giving Away Bump Stock Like One Used in Las Vegas Shooting

Danziger toon Nails Lyin Ryan (warning extremely disgusting image)

Franchisees of Irving's 7-Eleven file suit complaining that company rules are 'chipping away' at

In Syria's Raqqa, IS Makes Last Stand at City's Stadium

Oh, Snap!

BBC's Andrew Neil brands left-wing antisemitism a 'dangerous trend' in HET speech

Mommy and Daddy are just wrestling! (toon)

Adding organic matter to soil has a limited effect on water holding capacity

GOP lawmaker to file free-speech lawsuit against Texas Southern University over canceled speech

Corker: Trump criticism had been 'building for some time'

Tropical thunderstorms are set to grow stronger as the world warms

Sunlight stimulates microbial respiration of organic carbon October 17, 2017

Waves in Lakes Make Waves in the Earth

Today's google doodle Selena's Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Who says America has lost it's creative edge?

When my brother was killed, Bush listened while I screamed at him & then held, you fat f-ing liar

Trump nominates Russia bank lawyer for DOJ Post that oversees investigation

CNN poll: Trump approval steady, but more say he's leading in the wrong direction

Proposed NM State Science Education Standards Will Omit Global Warming, Evolution, Earth's Age

Flesh-eating bacteria, cancer-causing chemicals, and mold: Harvey and Irma's lingering health threat

Priorities - Luckovich 'toon

A Hole The Size Of Tasmania Opens In Antarctic Sea Ice; No Comparable Event Since 1970s

A man obsessed

Resistance to Trump fuels new generation of California liberals

Vistra Energy Announces Closure Of Three TX Coal Plants By First Half Of 2018

Trump said to want bipartisan Senate Obamacare deal

Post-Tropical Ophelia May Have Set Records For Strongest Irish Winds, Strongest NE Cyclone

Bill Kristol said it isn't worth it.

Climate Clowns Angry That Snott Pruitt's "Red Team" Plan May Not Happen; Pressure Grows

John Kerry got a first annual lifetime achievement from the Edward Kennedy Institute of the Senate

The religious right carries its golden calf into Steve Bannon's battles

California still under the throes of wildfire woes October 17, 2017

This ingenious approach not only binds CO2, but also improves the soil

Under Mr. Trump, America Surrenders - The NYT Editorial Board

Early global greenhouse event gave rise to fire-adapted trees

I support Kurdish Independence, where does DU stand?

"I don't have to blame myself for anything"?

He'll double down today on his comments about President Obama

John McCain Kicks Some Ass - "We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil."

Save the Phony Weinstein Outrage, Republicans - by Michelle Goldberg

I quit

Donald Trump is already running campaign ads....why aren't Democrats responding in kind?

Remember Alfa Bank and the Trump server? Deja Vu.

Morning Joe Shreds Trump's False Obama Claims: 'It's Just Gross' and 'Rock Bottom'

The "Worst Deal"

"When I call 'em, I call 'em!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Manchin: Marino will be drug czar 'over my dead body'

Trump could remake judiciary for '40 years' - with controversial picks

Luckovich: Trump Priorities.

Boston area under siege ----- by turkeys

Venezuela is blaming US for missed debt payments

Trump drug czar nominee withdraws

UPDATED: Trump says Rep. Tom Marino withdraws from consideration as drug czar in wake of...

Each of us have experienced hardship and tragedy

No need to pretend any further - we are at war with the fascists and the Republican Party.

U.S.-backed forces claim victory over ISIS in Raqqa, ending the groups grip on its de-facto capital

How Donald Trump is negotiating like a hostage-taker

He's looking worse every day.

Holder fires back...'Stop the damn lying'

Puerto Rico to Trump: 'We Are American Citizens'

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - POS

"Joe, why do you think they invited you for dinner?"

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Tommy Boy, we hardly knew ye.

We Could Send $1,000 a Year to Every Worker in America for the Cost of Trumps Corporate Tax Cut

President Obama joins a wounded warrior family in a yoga class at Walter Reed Hospital.

Rude Pundit writes a classic: Trump and the ACA: The Slumlord-in-Chief

There is No Bottom for Trump and his Ilk - They Always Find Ways to Sink Lower

Thief in a suitcase robs bus baggage

Former Republican congressman challenging U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro in 2018

Ranch Town, Artist Refuge, Tourist Destination: What is Marfa?

Today Show Editor Fired Over Lawrence ODonnell Tirade Leak

Some Sexual Abusers Do Jail Time

Expert predicts O'Rourke's PAC campaign promise, donation numbers make win impossible

Venezuelas Economic Crisis Has Forced Some Doctors, Other Professionals to Become Prostitutes

Tucker's Thoughts on Calling Military Families - Faux News

The White House just released a report saying that slashing the corporate tax rate would boost $4000

Giggling Utah cheerleaders scream f*ck n*ggers in widely shared Instagram video

"Whenever abortion comes up, I have a question I've been asking for ten years now"...

Mudslide hits Puerto Rico neighborhood that Trump visited

Pope Francis Should Reject Callista Gingrich

Her name is Mary Ann MacLeod

IMO, In order to break the hold on the House or Senate we will need to discuss UBI.

I just saw a clip of McTurtle standing next Trump.......

How the Russians pretended to be Texans and Texans believed them

Trump's Army pick has lavished Congress with campaign cash

Trump Sits & Talks Through Military Flag-Lowering Ceremony

Free Speech? Republican Wants to Require Journalism "Licenses"

Urban wildlife encounter!

He is craven, ignorant, greedy and narcissistic. He is NOT stupid.

Even after Equifax and Wells Fargo, GOP sides with big financial institutions - by Elizabeth Warren

Let me tell you a story about my wife's 95 year old grandmother...

Why Trump got into his lie about calling famlies of fallen service members:

Wave of Taliban suicide attacks on Afghan forces kills at least 74

What's Trump's "major crisis" while in office? Why, it's THE PRESIDENCY, silly.

The Health 202: Bernie Sanders has a CHIP on his shoulder

Greg Popovich served as an Intelligence Officer in the USAF...

Poll: Dems lead GOP by 14 points in generic 2018 ballot

Greg Popovich served as an Intelligence Officer in the USAF...

Trump and the double standard

Hey ! Nice hat...

Pro-Trump super PAC rolls out endorsements in Arizona, Wisconsin

Bill Press: Trump, a one-man wrecking crew

Conway responds to McCain's 'half-baked' nationalism comment

*** Entries for October contest*** "Doors and Gates" ---are accepted

During Storms, Most Animals Take Shelter. But Some Birds Take Flight.

Appreciation Thread for Peter Alexander For Fact Checking The Lying Don

To The Men on the Other Side of #MeToo

Should be a banner on the internet every day

Do you eat chicken? repukes want to super-speed the so-called "inspections"

Russia Probe: Senate Asks Mike Flynn's Son for Documents, Testimony

All Living Former Presidents Should Repudiate Trump

Rep. Marsha Blackburn co-sponsored bill with Tom Marino.....yes she did.

What does The Dotard have on Mitch?

Kellyanne Conway says Trump is 'winning' against black anthem protesters

Trump's Supreme Court Ghoulishess: Is He Thinking About Genes Again?

Gay Houston judge announces run for Texas Supreme Court

Moron said, "We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values"

Wow. (Twitter)

Moron said, "We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values"

Refusing to do business with bigots

Ladies: "Choose your own sexual harassment adventure"

Five types of gun laws the Founding Fathers loved

The naked truth...


Steve Scalise says mass shootings are the cost of the Second Amendment

Am I hearing things

There may be a kernel of truth to what the MORON said yesterday about service members KIA.

Trump's Latest Obamacare Attack Triggers Rate Hikes, Lawsuits, Confusion

The Daily 202: Hawks worry about the lack of American resolve to confront North Korea

Who's down with RBG!

Trump's net worth drops $600 million on Forbes' rich list, falls 92 spots

Sally Yates needs to be heard more often on Trump's unfitness - By Jennifer Rubin

President Trump Takes a Call:

For Cost of Repealing Estate Tax, Congress Could Buy Everyone in America a Pony

Pole dancing in line to become Olympic sport

Seen on Facebook regarding Richard Spencer's speech at University of Florida:

Trump is more consistent that Harvey Weinstein. He is a pig in public as well as behind closed doors

UPDATED: White House: Americans are 'going to be begging for four more years of President Trump'

Pic Of The Moment: Trumpcare Is Here: Brace Yourselves

Disrespectful lie: Anger grows over Trumps claims about past presidents and fallen troops

I did it.

Gorka Defends Trump: 'McCain Hasn't Seen A War He Didnt Like' In 20 Years

"Non-Political" Ivanka Has Dems For Dinner

Trump's net worth drops $600 million on Forbes' rich list, falls 92 spots

Scaramucci Post Tweets Poll Asking How Many Jews Were Killed In The Holocaust

200 Female Inmates Are Fighting Fires in California

Know what I want to see? To open du in the a.m. and see that Mueller is going to

Who watched the Friends series?

NRA spokeswoman says shes moving due to gun control death threats

Another blunder from another blunder!

Trump makes threatening noises at McCain this morning. MCCAIN: "I've faced far greater challenges."

And Trump should remember that Beau Biden died of brain cancer as a result of his ....

Okay, so Lincoln couldn't phone the families of the fallen he did...

Jesus Campos, Vegas security guard shot before rampage, appears to have vanished

Dude doing the Kitty Wiggle TM

This made me smile. But then it's photo of Michelle Obama, so of COURSE it made me smile!

Trump warns McCain to 'be careful' about criticizing him: 'I fight back -- and it won't be pretty'

ON EDIT: Trump: Ask Gen. Kelly if Obama Called When His Son Died

Actually, Trump is raising health insurance premiums

The end of theism.


McCain to Trump: 'I've faced far greater challenges than this'

For each scene of his presidency, Trump casts a villain (or two, or three )

FCC doesn't have authority to revoke license over content, says chairman

California first state to legally recognize third gender option

YUM! YUM! All our food has the pesticide glyposate (Roundup)

The 'MeToo Movement' Actually Began With Activist Tarana Burke

Dem senator: Trump hasn't been forthcoming enough about attack on US soldiers in Niger

Dead soldiers -- Trump -- hypocrisy --lies,

President Obama at Beau Biden's funeral .... Beau died because of the Iraq War ... brain cancer

Venezuela crisis forces women to sell sex in Colombia, fuels slavery risk

Convicted evangelist warns those making fun of him will face the wrath of God (VIDEO)

John McCains Final Act Is War Against Trump

KO:Trump is the Weinstein of Washington-The disgraced movie mogul was finally forced to flee to the

Morning JoJo came O so close to calling DOTUS the AntiChrist

KO:Trump is the Weinstein of Washington-The disgraced movie mogul was finally forced to flee to the

Trump: I've Called 'Virtually' All Gold Star Families

Private security mercenaries are now moving into Puerto Rico

Top 10 Conservative Idiots (Promo)

Spikes in hate crime came after the Manchester bombing, London attacks and Brexit

Stephen Colbert Puts A Sales Spin On Trump's Border Wall Prototypes

You know, we wonder why Roy Moore keeps getting elected?

today in my insurance company's "health tips" spam email...


Steve Scalise, Constitutional Scholar?

Sky blackened by smoke from fires in Vieira de Leiria, Portugal today, stoked by unseasonal heat.

Another bad quality air day.. alert

The Women's March - Fight Song 21 jan 2017

Storm Ophelia: a(n Irish) county-by-county damage report

General Kelly's son was married. Wouldn't President Obama first offer condolences to the widow?

It would be best for those who regret having voted for Trump...

Bread and Roses--a suffrage song

Trumps Net Worth Plummets on Forbes Richest List

Two elderly men who could use some supervision in their daily lives are fighting each other

Melania Trump calls for aid to hurricane victims in new PSA

If you wlaffe or wlisp, others may wlate. So wlench yourself on careful diction

Trump threatens McCain

Gregg Popovich highly critical of President Trump in interview

#National Pasta Day

How Fox News Hijacked Harvey Weinstein And Made It About Clinton

National Pasta Day....blessed noodley goodness to all

(From Twitter) Handicapped parking spaces vis-a-vis social injustices

Thank God white people populated America

CNN's Zeleny: Gen. Kelly & wife at Gold Star breakfast at WH in 2011, Mrs. Obama's table

You can't fool em'!!

He believes that he called everybody that lost a family member, either you did asshole or you didn't

CNN interviewed a brother of soldier killed in Niger

Police Say Active Shooter Reported On Howard University's Campus

WATCH: Livestock on the loose in Brooklyn, New York

Regulator points the finger directly at Trump after approving massive health care rate increase

Borowitz: Obama Begins Calling American People to Console Them About Trump Being President

For a chuckle goto google and type in ' trump insults ' and see the list of

Seth Meyers got told off by Trump after mockery

Trump judicial nominee advised WH on response to Russia probe

Man rescued from Taliban: I thought my captors were kidding when they said Trump was president

Need some quick legal info

Ever wonder why you can't walk your kitty on a leash?

Trump: "At some point I fight back."

If I were General Kelly I'd be livid

ICE is advertising to find PRIVATE jail sites to use in SANCTUARY CITIES

Breitbart: Women are using #MeToo to share their stories of sexual harassment as a "status symbol"

Georgia GOP Candidate Holds 'Bump Stock' Giveaway Contest

Olympic swimming champion Ervin kneels during US anthem

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan kill more than 70 people amid push for peace talks

Where in the tax plan does it say wages must increase?

Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence Share Sexual Assault, Harassment Stories

Mexicans see models of Trump's 'impenetrable' wall, and they're not impressed

Issues pile up as Ryan, GOP seek focus on taxes

RE: John McCain - There are no conservatives in foxholes.

Eugene Robinson: Weinstein and his enablers cant hide behind culture of the 60's

Most early immigrants to the Western hemisphere were NOT white

The beach never fails to deliver something new...(edited to add a migrating Monarch)

Sheesh! I don't like this!

Does anybody know anything about Monmouth polling? They have Gillespie up over Northam.

One Senator, Two Presidents.

How many Facebook friends do you have?

Dark Money and the illusion of democracy

Had to stop watching Trump's humiliation of Greece on live tv.

Hartmann Caller AFRAID To Admit A Dem In Arkansas. Fears For Safety.

Trump: Ask Kelly whether Obama called after his son was killed in action

Fugelsang never disappoints!

An excellent reminder for us all, especially frequent offenders like me:

Trump Care Is Just A New Eugenics Plan To Eliminate The Poor, The Disabled, The Sick & The Old.

low-energy trump is bored shitless.

Reporter tells Trump his claim that U.S. is "the highest taxed nation in the world" is false

Callista Gingrich confirmed as Vatican ambassador

Ever go whale watching?


Based On Behavior Trump Wants Two Front War With Iran & North Korea. Get Ready For Draft.

Russia continues to meddle in our elections

Biden told U of Del. audience of 14 foreign leaders asking him abt Trump, 1 comparing DT to Il Duce

Sen. Sanders: ''Tell your Republican friends in the Senate you'll veto this disastrous budget.''

Sen. Sanders: ''Tell your Republican friends in the Senate you'll veto this disastrous budget.''

did anyone in the media ask about him, Obama and the Gold Star Families?

Breaking: Newly Confirmed Vatican Ambassador to Present Portfolio

Fighting racism: Teaching kids to identify individual black people can reduce racial bias

MargaretHelenYou know whats really dispectful to the American flag? A Confederate flag. #TakeAKnee

Senators Reach Deal to Fund Subsidies to Health Insurers

In the Vietnam war era, were young men who were farmers

This gonna sound cynical, but I will say it!

Alexander and Murray say they've struck bipartisan Obamacare deal

A year later, 'undecided' Ken Bone of Granite City has problems with Trump

Trump wants cage-fight with John McCain

Hugh hmm Hewitt!


Bill Clinton to headline EMILYs List gala

YAY my Senator Patty Murray was just on MSNBC...

Its happening: Health care costs soar in Pennsylvania after Trump cuts Obamacare payments

Its happening: Health care costs soar in Pennsylvania after Trump cuts Obamacare payments

"Beneath the dignity of the White House" - ADJUSTMENT MADE

Kindness. Decency. Fairness, Thrift, RESPECT

Charlottesville Hate Leader Wanted for Arrest After Protester Was Doxed and Swatted

Every-Groundhog-day dealing w/ out of his depth bully in our WH is like a hostage negotiation.

Reminder: Sessions to testify b4 Senate Judiciary committee tomorrow morning

regretful RW meme

A nationwide block to enforce the latest travel ban has been

Trump accepts Drug Czar resignation after "FAKE NEWS" 60 Minutes report.

The Miami Heat will move its charity golf tournament away from President Trump's course

This Is How Much Average Americans Will Pay for Trumps Tax Cuts for the 1 Percent

Tax-cutting House Republicans suddenly worry about the deficit when Puerto Rico needs help

Tax-cutting House Republicans suddenly worry about the deficit when Puerto Rico needs help

Huckabee Sanders: "It's shameful the way that Ivanka been treated"

I want everyone to take a snapshot of the sh*tstorm we're living under

Rick Danko, Levon Helm, David Crosby, Neil Young

Federal judge blocks Trumps third travel ban


Trump's no good horrible very bad day

What is your favorite game?

Is Halloween coming early?

How the Russians pretended to be Texans -- and Texans believed them

Trump uses his combination of ignorance, bluster & malice "like a nuclear bomb of misinformation"

Mueller interviewed cybersecurity expert who described being 'recruited to collude with Russians'

Paul Krugman: The G.O.P. Is No Party for Honest Men

My "WTF?" of the day, MAGA division...

Bill Clinton: People who voted for Brexit are not fully aware of what they voted for

Last night I binge watched the first season of Mindhunter on Netflix

Affordable Care Act 2018 Renewal

Key senators reach deal on Obamacare insurer subsidies (Washington Examiner)

A nice day at the NC State fair with my wife..except -surrounded by many wearing confederacy support

John Kelly and his wife sat with Michelle Obama at Gold Star family gathering after son's death:...

Protest tonight in DC - #NotOnePenny in tax cuts for the rich

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 17, 2017

Are different rules of logical discussion in effect in this group?

Does this sound hinky to anyone besides me?

GOP pulls ahead in VA Gov race. Statistically tied 48% - 47%

Tiny Hedgehog Goes Camping, And His Pics Are The Best Thing Youll See Today

Russian troll factory paid US activists to help fund protests during election Investigation


Trump leaning toward former pharma exec Alex Azar for health secretary

Honoring the troops with gestures is not a substitute for real policy actions

The United States is bursting at its seams from division and hatred President Trump presides over

reason we were able to embrace politics and our hippie ways was because we had great public schools

Journalist all but call Trump a liar to his face about the corporate tax (VIDEO)

Will John Kelly allow Trump to politicize his son's death so he can attack Obama? Thoughts please.

DNC to consider resolution calling on Bernie Sanders and Angus King to run as Democrats

You don't even need to google "deranged animal". Just googling "deranged" does the trick.

TRUTHBOMB ON CNN: "He's been a liar his entire life! He's a BS artist!"

"A fine man and a great Congressman!"

Former Seahawk, Green Beret opens up about letter to America following protests

New Wu Tang album is tight!

Sorry no video but Vice News Tonight from Thursday

Clinton: 'I'm not going to run again'

Why Trump Accused Obama of Not Consoling Families of Fallen Soldiers

Exactly how does Dotard think he's going to fight back (and it won't be pretty) against McCain?

How Trump Changed the Topic to Obama's Consolation Calls

Do you remember when Hillary Clinton said

Why were our US Green Berets in Niger?

The origin of Super Villains: Javaman

Emoluments Clause lawsuit against Trump starts tomorrow

More Evidence Of The War On Christmas

So the ONE thing trump takes away from senator McCains speech is the phrase ...half baked

Mueller has interviewed the cybersecurity expert who described being 'recruited to collude with the

General Kelly doesn't give a shit

How did he do that?

Where did the words "pork" and "beef" come from??

Dow Jones grew faster under Obama. #MAGA

Mueller interviews cybersecurity expert who worked with suicided GOP operative

Dan Rather pens the most accurate and powerful indictment of Trump's lack of empathy to date.

He's back! Florida Man Tries, Fails to Jump Canal in Toyota Corolla

I fell this afternoon. I am up & moving slowly.

Trump kisses NBCs ass because they gave him a show

When Nazis rallied in Manhattan, one working-class Jewish man from Brooklyn took them on

What, it only took a few days to find a plan for the healthcare issues?

Either General Kelly is entirely okay with Trump using his dead son as a political prop....

I think they went a little overboard:

President Trump admits he's trying to kill Obamacare. That's illegal.

I caught two kids smoking pot outside my office.

Bob Weinstein (brother of Harvey) Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Need some good Karma.

"Sure Weinstein degraded, and sexually abused women, using his power position....

Michael Moore On Hillary Clinton -- A Must-See

Amazon Studios head Roy Price resigns amid harassment allegations, company says

GOP Would Endorse A Serial Killer/Pedophile/Rapist If They Were Running For Office.

A joke - Trump has his fortune told

The Onion Sues Trump Administration for Stealing All Their Ideas

The Founding Fathers designed impeachment for someone exactly like Donald Trump

Mueller talked to Spicer on Monday

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Maryland man indicted for hate crime in student's slaying

Men, its time to stand up or slither away.

How Long Will Republicans Get Away With Lying To The American People?

Big Pharma shill Marsha Blackburn was happy to let opioids flood the market.

There is a couch right over there. We don't have to sleep on top of each other.

Video of teen girls shouting racial slur under investigation

I need some short, funny cat videos

The Special Counsel Closes In On Trump As Sean Spicer Gets Grilled About Comey Firing

Lawfare: Ten Questions for Jeff Sessions

Look Out! Driverless Cars Are Coming to Manhattan in 2018.

45 Jokes about VP Pence wanting to 'hang all the (gays)"

France: 10 held in probe of alleged far-right terror plot

Rachel is on Ari's show tonight

Disrespectful lie: Anger grows over Trumps claims about past presidents and fallen troops

BREAKING: Doug Jones tied with Roy Moore for AL-SEN

Dog enjoying autumn leaves

Harvey Weinstein's brother Bob Weinstein accused of sexual harassment by TV showrunner

Tillerson remains on thin ice in Trump WH, sources say

Anyone watching the Yanks/Astros Game 4?

The RNC trolls the DNC with a fake schedule of its fall meeting including events like 'Where is Mich

Deplorable Trumpster: "Mcain lived in the Hanoi Hilton .. He wasn't a POW!"

Putin Rival Ties Kushner Meeting to Kremlin Bankers

White House won't say if staffers have chartered planes

ACLU People Power pro-refugee rally Wednesday 6:30 pm

Dumb Republicans Compilation

Sean Spicer met with Robert Mueller's investigators handling the Russia investigation

I think I am catching a whiff of panic from this trump* tweet

Gold Star Mom Blasts Trump For Delayed Response To Soldiers Deaths

When Dotard speaks in rose garden, he fertilizes it ... asshole tweeted again!

Fox News Poll: Democrat Jones Tied With GOPer Moore In Alabama Senate Race

Josh Marshall: He's Poison

Trump Issues Warning to McCain

How to compliment a woman (Found on Facebook)

The Age of Trump: Where Even Slavery is Given a Pass

Virginias Governor Race Is Shaping Up To Be A Close One

"Trump or Treat"

Stop the Name-Calling and Get to Work, Says White House That Constantly Name-Calls and Never Works

Bette Midler @ BetteMidler on twitter posted this today....

Woman on airplane declares not drawing attention to herself while making dead soldier political.

Betsy DeVos Is Being Sued By 17 States Over For-Profit College Rules

Virginia Gubernatorial race getting closer. VERY worrisome

"I'm not calling him a skunk, but why does he squirt at people?"

I heard someone on CNN refer to Groper Don the Con as a gentleman

Fox News reporter: Clinton operates as shadow president (WTF?!!!)

Tea Pain for the win:

Trump Keeps Getting Mad When He Finds Out What His Policies Actually Do

Trump took full ownership of TRUMPCARE yesterday, why are Dems partially cleaning up his mess?

I dont like niqabs and burqas but they should be legal

Trump takes credit for ISIS 'giving up'

More than half of Americans. Wednesday, November 9, 2016. 7:00 AM

Crazy Pat Robertson, "Carson is a real black worker, not a lazy mulatto one like Obama."

The Divine Miss M nails it.

Donal Trump is F*cking Crazy The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

no voting machines were ever checked

Looks like @womensmarch finally decided to listen to actual women instead of old white guys as it's

30 fantastic websites to lose yourself in

Democrats are leading by double digits in an early 2018 midterm poll

Whatever happened to Joe The Plumber?

This Bipartisan Healthcare Deal - It Seems Like The Dems Might Come Out On The Short End.....

New health deal falls flat with GOP

Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton on Duty to Warn: Trumps Relation to Reality is Dangerous to Us All

Jeopardy Regulars- Spoiler

Philando Castile fund erases Minnesota school lunch debt