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Archives: September 9, 2016

Here's Why Trump's Florida Attorney General Scandal Is a Really Big Deal

Um, Donnie - maybe the security briefers' body language

Trump Beats Clinton Among Least-Educated Whites

The 12 Questions Every Climate Activist Hears and What to Say

Bernie Sanders plans to speak at NoDAPL protest in front of White House on Tues, Sept 13

Hillary Clinton Calls Out RNC Chairman For Telling Her To Smile

In defense of Gary Johnson's "Aleppo" question?

Fox Lands Black Superhero Drama From Greg Berlanti, Salim and Mara Brock Akil

Univision forecast: Latino vote will sink Trump in Florida

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe - For Immediate Release - Sept 8, 2016

Football is back!

Ska legend Prince Buster dead at 78

Luckovich Toon - Matt Lauer: Edward R MurrowLite

Just imagine what the R's would be saying about Hillary,

Former intelligence officers alarmed by Trump's briefing readout

Did kirsten powers get fired from FOX, she is on CNN bashing Hillary

Kim Jong-un has 100% approval rating.

If the Green Party wasn't marginalized enough, Jill Stein has an arrest warrant...

Couple photos from my walk tonight - my stay in Paradise will end soon :(

Honduras Privatizes Electricity, Makes People's Lives Harder (must pre pay for electricity)

Seattle Seahawks Are Planning Some Sort Of National Anthem Protest

Will Pence release tax returns tomorrow, or will he eat those words?

Colombia’s inspector general sacked; conservatives take hit, leftists relieved

North Korea claims success in fifth nuclear test

Colombia’s inspector general sacked; conservatives take hit, leftists relieved

What Really Happened at Donald Trump's Intelligence Briefing

Canadian Civil Engineering Researchers Disprove Official Explanation of WTC 7’s Destruction

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! A Leppo! Live, Uncensored &

Questions the media should be asking Trump

What native English speakers instinctively know.

Too bad tRump wasn't asked about Aleppo

''If he says great things about me, I'm going to say great things about him:''

Trump may have had help last night

Mexico senator proposes taking back land from the US if Donald Trump becomes president

NBC details facts behind Trump's claim he read "body language" of intel officials at the briefing

Rachel doing a good job on the insanity...

On the lighter side: Jury selection in the Bundy Bunch trial has begun

Hillary's Press Conference This Morning:

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: World's Largest Reforestation Program Overlooks Wildlife

I cannot believe the GOP is going to try and elected a Russian mole/troll.

North Korea endorses Trump for President of the United States

Climate change increased chances of record rains in Louisiana by at least 40 percent

How to use Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEignt website to gain current info on the election

dRump's Isis strategy lie: "When I do get a plan" to Lauer on the TV

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

Potholepalooza in D.C.

Pravda: Trump or Clinton: Who is the lesser between two evils?

Bob Costas needs to work on his enunciation a little.

Tremor Points to a Nuclear Test in North Korea.

Putin said dipshit was "bright" not brilliant

Modern Farmer: Meet the Woman Who Runs NYC’s First Commercial Farm in a Residential Development

Anybody buying this?

Hillary Speech in Charlotte NC

Seasonality of bird migration responds to environmental cues, scientists show

we KNOW that if HRC had smiled during last night's--whatever the hell it was--rinse penis would

Throwback Thursday: 1992 Bill Clinton TV Spot

The upcoming debates

Status of the Republican campaign

It had been a long time since I had visited with Ram Dass's "Be Here Now."

"Thank you all for the birthday wishes. But more than that, ...

I'm trying to decide exactly what shade of spray paint Trump was wearing on his face, today

The White Helmets

Voting restrictions echo Jim Crow laws, Hillary Clinton say

Election Complaint Filed With DOJ Against Florida AG for 2013 Trump Foundation Contribution

WaPo - "The Hillary Clinton email story is out of control"

Hillary Speech 9/8/16. Kansas City, Missouri- National Baptist Convention

Officials: Suspended Mississippi police chief shoots himself

Investigative journalist Russ Bakers starts making a list of 9/11's Known Knowns.

Republican bigots are triggered! Broncos player Brandon Marshall kneeled during the national anthem!

Franciscan to remove saints' names from a dozen hospitals

Could a Hillary Clinton presidency spark a preschool evolution? - PBS

Chuck Todd has recently increased the ick factor.

so does trump have a plan to stop isis or is he giving the generals 30 days to come up with a plan?

Will Trump shake Hillary's hand at the debate?

Being Erica on Hulu is a really great series.

N. Korea Carries Out 'Biggest Ever' Nuclear Test: Seoul (10-kiloton blast)

Mike Pence says it’s ‘inarguable’ that Putin is a stronger leader than Obama

Editorial: Feds should investigate Bondi-Trump connection

Montana senator's nephew found brutally slayed at home he shares with 8-year-old daughter

Donald Trump was Osama Bin Ladin's half-brother's landlord! LOL!!!!

Abducted Montana woman found dead after making calls to family from trunk of car

Statins review says benefits 'underestimated'

Oklahoma Mom And Daughter Jailed For Incest After Getting Married

Elizabeth Warren to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia

There was a big sale on ice cream at our local grocery...

Paul Ryan, Other Republicans Take Distance From Donald Trump After Russia Comments

On Russian TV, Trump says it's 'unlikely' Putin trying to sway election

'Ex-gay' billboards have popped up in Waco and people aren't happy about it

Lady Chablis, Transgender 'Midnight' Star, Dies at Age 59

Empower Texans Escalates Battle With Ethics Commission

Shooting at Alpine High School Leaves One Dead, One Injured

Dell Completes $60 Billion Merger with EMC

Lady Chablis, Transgender 'Midnight' Star, Dies at Age 59 (NYT link also incl.)

Just curious ---

Jill Stein Might Be Charged For Spray Painting A Bulldozer

Clinton's lead over Trump shrinks in swing state polls

Trevor Noah was good tonight

Researchers name a new species of reptile from 212 million years ago

West Virginia soliciting donations to feed kids

Donald Trump's super secret plan to defeat ISIS - REVEALED!

Tomblin eyes late September session on West Virginia floods

Bipartisan WV delegation pushes for United Mine Workers pension bill

Bipartisan WV delegation pushes for United Mine Workers pension bill

Clinton campaign ramps up for fall push in West Virginia

Jesse Ventura says he'd beat both Hillary and Trump, but doesnt want the job; praises Russia

Miners rally for bill to protect health, pension

Childhood home of Donald Trump to be sold at auction

Donald Trump’s Big Lies at the Commander-in-Chief Forum - NewYorker

Large File Transfers | FTP Alternative

This is furraud--I need to report a feliney

Exeter University drone to scan for ancient Amazonia

Exeter University drone to scan for ancient Amazonia

trump thugs come out in Ohio

Federal prosecutors will not retry former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife

Richmond Democrats vote to endorse Levar Stoney for mayor

Super slow pulsar, rare white whale and an ice shelf cracking up

Michelle Obama to campaign for Clinton/Kaine in Northern Virginia Sept. 16

Sen. Tim Kaine and wife Anne Holton headline rally at ODU's Rollins Hall on Friday

Virginia Supreme Court reverses $20 million verdict for woman in Bedford County crash

Officials: Ohio Man Received Food Stamps by Hiding $4M

10% of russian voters would sell their vote for $60. 51% believe there will be election-fraud.

New York restricts fees for workers given payroll cards

25 Logical reasons to vote for Donald Trump

40 qualified jurors identified so far in standoff trial - #BundyTeaParty

Oh boy. Evidence mounting that Trump-foundation is probably a bribery slush-fund.

Documentary film will chronicle standoff at wildlife refuge - #BundyTeaParty

Confederate flag issue at high school in Lake Arrowhead quelled (CA)

Confederate flag banned from New Prairie High School, sparks protest (IN)

Judge jabs Confederate emblem but dismisses flag suit (MS)

September 8th, 2016: Wikileaks has officially entered Breitbart-territory.

Defendant refuses to attend hearing (MO)

Suspected white supremacist arrested in Old Orchard Beach after chase (ME)

UO board strips historic KKK-associated name from dormitory (OR)

Portland Case Shows Brutality of White Supremacist Gangs

Detectives kill white supremacist fugitive in exchange of gunfire (FL)

Second wave of KKK fliers escalate hate message against African Americans (MI)

Man accused of mowing down black teen has ties to white supremacist prison gang (OR)

Soledad O’Brien Calls Out Media For ‘Normalizing White Supremacy’

Daily Holidays September 9

McCrory: Cooper shares responsibility for HB2

Soledad O'Brien: Cable News coverage of Trump normalizes white supremacy

Ga. Southern investigates alleged racial attacks against cheerleaders

Gary Johnson seems to be hurting Clinton

Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon to be released from prison Sept. 15

I gotta start knockin doors. Any ideas what works?

House speaker: ‘The biggest regret I have on House Bill 2 is messaging’

Sunday voting, additional early voting sites and hours restored in some counties despite GOP ...

[Full HD] Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Commander in Chief Forum 9/7/16 NBC September 7 2016

Galaxy Note 7: Owners advised not to use on planes

Two Men Arrested for Allegedly Hacking Senior U.S. Government Officials

Trump, Pence, and Flynn are Unpatriotic

Giant introduces free fruit program for kids

Yes!! Mika

Starving Child Because of War.... not new.....very sad....

Democratic vounteers at NW Ohio county fair report threats, intimidation by Trump supporters.

Now, they think Trump is lying?

"unprecedented ethical dilemma" except

A leppo.

Beyond tasteless - Mattress store airs ad for 9/11 sale

Colbert: Matt Lauer: A Complete Disgrace to Journalism

Hillary: Humans of New York, Part 2

Eminent Domain? Iowans Sue to Stop Dakota Access PIpeline, Say It Provides No Public Service

2016 - Vote

Nebraska tribes join fight against Dakota Access pipeline with downtown Omaha demonstration

The Hill:How Obama will lift Clinton to victory(barely)

Nebraska tribes join fight against Dakota Access pipeline with downtown Omaha demonstration

I think my head might explode

Facebook cofounder donates historical amount to Democrats

Recommended: Florida Case Shows Need For Donald Trump's Tax Returns | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Wow look at the difference


College Warns of Voter Registration Scam Targeting Black Students

North Korean government bans sarcasm and irony nation-wide out of fear of being mocked. (Not Onion.)

NYT Editorial Board: A Debate Disaster Waiting to Happen

Clinton to convene meeting with Petraeus, other national security experts

PRESS RELEASE: Founding Statement of Our Revolution Board of Directors September 7, 2016

NCGOP leader lobbied counties to offer just one early voting site in ‘confidential’ email

Democrats rally around Clinton and paint Trump as unfit for office

North Korea bans sarcasm

It's time to put them back on their heels...say these two words when they bring up email

Republicans warn that Trump’s critique of Clinton’s ‘look’ fuels accusations of sexism

Saline Co. Atheist Society submits 'wall of separation' monument for state capital grounds

Trump attacks U.S. foreign policy, political press corps on state-owned Russian television network

Clinton says perception she is aloof is born of ‘hard path’ as a professional woman

Civil rights or religious liberty — What’s on top?

US News & World Report: Donald Trump Is Wrong

Rudy Giuliani claims Donald Trump 'confirms' Obama was born in U.S., blames Clinton for suggestin...

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz commits $20M to help beat Trump

Maine’s secretary of state says he can’t oust the governor

Iowa landowner offers details on Bakken pipeline prostitution allegations

Father James Martin wins award from dissenting Catholic group

Tomi Lahren: Lesbian soccer pro should be grateful America doesn’t throw gay people off buildings.

Florida woman arrested for trying to pay hitman $5,000 to kill her ex-husband

Poisoning the Working Class

Republican shakedown Univ of Wisconsin, demand Conservative Speakers in exchange for Funding

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Straight from the Sphincter

After convention stumble, Melania Trump has largely vanished from campaign

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Venanalysis says mainstream media ignores chavista rally Sep 1, publishes old photo from 2012

This is the most frightening spider statistic ever: spiders walk across our faces as we sleep!

Newspaper fury over Facebook 'Napalm girl' censorship

BREAKING NEWS: Following Hillary's lead, Trump to be featured on popular Facebook page.

Stephen Colbert claims that Pam Bondi is the only person in the world who made money from Trump Univ

Trump and Priebus’s sexism show the challenges Clinton will face — even if she wins

Geraldo Rivera Apologizes for Skepticism of Roger Ailes Sex Harassment Claims

Biggest Military in the World

WaPo Editorial: Gary Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe was bad. But Trump’s consistent ignorance is worse.

Mother who married daughter faces jail for incest… 8 years after she married her son

(Lindsey) Graham says Trump’s Putin stance ‘unnerves me to my core”

SAD- 15 Years of Donald Trump’s 9/11 Lies, Insults, and Slights

Do we need a "group" for Trump (and family) scandals and crimes?

15 Years of Donald Trump’s 9/11 Lies, Insults, and Slights

Ailes and Fox. Is there nothing criminal there?

Donald Trump’s Benghazi Is in Florida - By Joy-Ann Reid

Is The MSM Giving Trump Too Much Credit?.....

I do not believe Hillary ever thought she

Trump attacks U.S. foreign policy, political press corps on state-owned Russian television network

Twump: The Big Bad Larry King Twicked ME into doing RT

MOX plant at Savannah River Site will cost $12 billion more than initially thought

I just don't get it

Media Ignoring That Sadistic Pervert Roger Ailes is Advising Donald Trump

WATCH: Trump Allowed to LIE LIE LIE, Then Praises Vladimir Putin AGAIN

16 Quotes from the NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum Indicating Donald Trump Might Have Brain Damage

It would make me proud to be a Minnesotan

Fired For Speaking Irish In Ireland’s English Only Pub

Trump Camp Claims It Was Tricked By Larry King Into Russian TV Interview

"List 5 things Putin has done that you consider a 'strength'"

The case of the apple seed smoothie

Firefighters in Iowa Revive Cat Rescued from Basement of Burning House

We got our tickets for Shin Godzilla!!

Clinton Debunks Rumors About Health By Telling Audience Exact Day She Will Die

Nailed it

A Whistle-Blower Accuses the Kochs of “Poisoning” an Arkansas Town

Driving me nuts...


Trump's campaign manager seriously ill?

WikiLeaks Helps Fuel Clinton Earpiece Conspiracy Nonsense

Inside the fight to reveal the CIA's torture secrets

LOCK HIM UP! (Trump-Bondi Scandal)

tRump could get booted off the ballot in Minnesota

The Bad Seed - Early Trump

After Clinton Fails to Respond to Lawsuit, Parents of Benghazi Victims Want Judgment Against Her

Tweet: "reminder that he says he never watches cnn" YET Trump complains of Cnn docu

That's a Hellofa Woman

Eugene Robinson: Donald Trump’s raging egomania

Great tweet storm on the sexism against Hillary by Melissa McEwan

Orange County a big, lucrative market for sex trafficking

Trump Robo-calls blanking the South now..I have gotten 3 in less than 24 hours.

Standing Rock Sioux Historian: Dakota Access Co. Attack Comes on Anniversary of Whitestone Massacre

AMAZING - A true art form IMHO

Multilateral Diplomacy in the Modern World: A Conversation/Council on Foreign Relations

Louie Gohmert says Hillary is "mentally impaired..."

Psssssssst! Hotter andd Wetter- Ignore Climate Change and Suffer the Consequences

NRA’s wailing doesn’t drown out facts on background checks

On the horizon- cheap, easy blood test for forecasting cancer

Otis Redding was born on this date.

My dream is that at the end of this campaign not only is Hillary president, and the Dems

NOW they're scared!

This Sunday is the 15th year anniversary of 9-11.

Poem Time ....The Emperor Has No Clothes..(an original by me)

New Clinton campaign ad: "Only Way"

Supreme Court rejects Michigan ban on straight-ticket voting

EXCLUSIVE: Trump and his military experience

The Putin Critics Who Have Been Assassinated but Trump Loves Dictators Power at any Means Necessary!

Pic Of The Moment: "If He Says Great Things About Me..."

Bay Area in the high 80's expected today

Randy Rainbow Interviews Gary Johnson #WhatIsAleppo

House passes Sept. 11 legislation as Obama veto threat looms

Trump charity gave $100,000 to David Bossie’s Citizens United that helped fund lawsuit against mog

Carrying Gluten stuff to the extreme

Why did this video not appear on the front page?

OMG, my mext door neighbor has a Trump/Pence sign up in their yard

Florida papers call for investigation of Trump-Bondi bribery scandal!

Trump: American banks refuse him loans. He's in debt to Russian oligarchs.

Wisconsin will pay Planned Parenthood lawyers $1.6 million after admitting privileges lawsuit

At UW-Madison, Sonia Sotomayor speaks to need for greater equity in justice system

R.I. GOP leader says he was wrong to call Hillary Clinton 'subhuman,' but won't apologize

Sellafield exposed: the nonsense of nuclear fuel reprocessing

Donald Trump, the Kremlin's Candidate! (Must-See Video)

NY1 Online: Replacing Espaillat

Please think good thoughts for Cammie and Clark, getting fixed today.

Lie: "Illegal immigrants are taking good paying American jobs!"

This tiny house could be a game changer for the low-income population in Detroit

Watch this breast cancer survivor talk about meeting Hillary. Priceless.

OH,NO - This is serious stuff

Donald Trump, the Kremlin's Candidate!

"You know he's killed reporters"

Another offensive 9/11 promotion:

Minnesota Dems sue to get Donald Trump off the ballot

The Washington Post Just Declared War on The New York Times

Has anyone seen Kellyanne Conway recently?

What If High School Were More Like Kindergarten?

Old song: "Everything Old Is New Again..."

Edited Favor: can someone shorten this video and post it on YouTube for us?

LOL!! I have participated in YouGov surveys for years. Here is one of today's questions and results:

Russ Feingold needs to make better ads...

food shopping flow chart

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump tricked into marrying Larry King.

L Ron Hubbard locked a four year old in the ships chain locker for 2 days and 2 nights

BREAKING: Phyliss Schlafly still dead

No Rump, the DNC did NOT put out the idea that Putin hacked it's database!

Don't know about Bonoff who is challenging Paulsen for the 3rd


From Reddit: Trump debunking Megathread!

More pay to play !!1!!

Horse shooter enters guilty plea

GOP Rep: HRC is "mentally impaired", "special needs"

Why does Obama want to veto the ill to let 9/11 families to sue the Saudi's?

Trump: the modern day antichrist

Obama’s huge Saudi 9/11 dilemma

GUYS: Vote on MSNBC: Is it time to stop talking about Hillary's emails?

Boris what's his name on MSNBC...

Recipes From the Syrian Kitchen

So Colin Kaepernick endorsed Trump?

Nate Silver's Nowcast on the way back up again...

Some players are steamed that the Mets signed Tim Tebow

Many people are saying that Gary Johnson's ignorance of Aleppo

You know - If you'd had told me a few months ago

Oahe dam and DAPL pipeline

Sun Rising: At 19, local photographer Walter Dorsett is looking to the future.

Sun Rising: At 19, local photographer Walter Dorsett is looking to the future.

Flow of foreign fighters plummets as Islamic State loses its edge

Dear Matt Lauer: Are you a fool or a whore?

Our Revolution Announces New Round of Endorsements September 7, 2016

Does anyone know if there is a Clinton/Democratic headquarters in the Milwaukee area?

I think Ann Coulter ought to give up her law degree. The woman clearly doesn't know evidence rules.

Keep it in the Ground | Bernie Sanders

ISIS possibly planning gas attack in France, suspects arrested

Please Colin..

Trump: "I Love War"

Dr. Bob Sears, critic of vaccine laws, could lose license after exempting toddler

A client and friend of ours died of cancer

What Trump Doesn’t Understand About the Military

The Bush Family Evil Empire has been strangely silent lately.

Marco Rubio gives Trump "the benefit of the doubt" on Putin

25 logical reasons to vote for Trump

Cheers for Hillary!

IMAGE WARNING: Police take shocking photos of two adults overdosing in car with child in back seat

La Niña fizzles, making record warm global temperatures more likely

Just back from seeing the movie, "Sully", with Tom Hanks as the heroic pilot

Donald Trump is the epitome of white male privilege in this country.

Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park

Elizabeth Warren speaking on this YouTube channel in PA

Clafoutis, Any Way You Want Them

Ruiz, Grijalva Call for Greater Oversight (Protect Health, Environment, Safety, Tribal Communities)

TRANSPARENCY(LOL): WikiLeaks HIDES evidence of €2 billion transfer from Syria to Russia(!)

Two questions I'd like to see the news media ask dipshit donnie

Sex is bad for older men, and even worse when it's good

Bribery Complaint Filed with DOJ against Trump and Bondi

Police-Involved Injuries of Civilians Rise Nearly 50%, Harvard Researchers Say

Ted Strickland finally responds to the rainy day lies in new ad

Please ask Gov. Brown to sign the "diaper bill" for poor families.

Demand Maximum Penalty For Man Who Set Tortoise On Fire To Increase Facebook Views - (PETITION)

Trump is a Pig. That describes him completely.

Trump's Missing Brain-to-Mouth Filter Could Hurt Us All! (w/Guest: Aaron Rupar)

Why Is The Media Grading Trump On A Curve? (w/Guest: Alex Lawson)

Clinton to Trump: My military endorsements are bigger than yours

North Dakota tribe's request to stop work on pipeline Denied By JAMES MacPHERSON Sep. 9, 2016 2:48

Please ask Gov. Brown to sign the "diaper bill" for poor families.

Watched about ten minutes of Lawrence O'Donnell yesterday and counted up how often he said "Trump"

The DEA Is Rushing To Criminalize Another Herb, And Congress Is Silent

Full video of Vets forum in VA Check it outand can someone help edit a shorter clip and post a link?

A House Republican already wants to impeach Hillary Clinton

MICHIGAN Straight-ticket voting ......LIVES! (Supreme Court)

The only way President Obama can show Trump he's as strong a leader as Putin would be

Non GOP Veterans Are Considered Unpatriotic Traitors To Republicans.

Serial Stalking and Internet Threats on DU and Elsewhere

Trump's Dream World

Sacred Stone Camp Founder Remembers Whitestone Massacre

North Korea has carried out a fifth nuclear test

Calling Dr. Bornstein

XPost from LBN: trumps charity spends 100K to go after NY's AG !!!

Dunbar and entire Sioux camp come across a field full of slaughtered buffalo | Dances with Wolves

Cell of French women guided by Isis behind failed Notre Dame attack

Charges Filed For Bay Area Cops Linked To Sex Scandal

Worth watching

So did Donald Trump have Vince Foster killed?

I have good news and don't know how to share it

Return home from work and Trump show

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 9, 2016

Mississippi grand jury indicts ex-police officer in killing of Ricky Ball

I'm the Queen of England

Je suis mangé par les furets

Larry King's Production Company: Trump Was ‘Always Booked’ On Our Talk Show

Judge Allows Pipeline, but Government Pauses Construction.

How old were you when you forgave your children?

Trump Campaign: It’s Clinton’s Fault That North Korea Conducted Nuclear Test!

Report: Wikileaks' Syria Docs Exclude Email On $2B Transfer To Russian Bank

Lakota/Dakota Language and Culture Resources

Obama administration orders ND pipeline construction to stop

Value Voter Conference Attendees that are backing Trump are a bunch of suckers

Trump has faith voters shouting "Lock her up!"

Staying Healthy While Traveling the Globe

Staying Healthy While Traveling the Globe

Isn't this the speech Trump did yesterday?

I hate it when Trumpty Dumpty says "so true..."

What???? David Brooks just said Hillary was "ungracious and unpleasant."

Questions for the Hive. Donald tRump has done two things thought to be impossible

Hillary may be facing the same "tilt" that Bernie faced during the primary.

Electionland: Election monitoring project by ProPublica

What the hell is going on in Austin? (LIVESTREAM)

Intelligence Community 'Quite Upset' Over Donald Trump's Comments About Briefing, Says Retired Col.

Where the hell does the time go? Remember this not-so-classic from the archives?

FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK (2016) Official

So BARNICLE's brush with plagiarism annointed him the Pope of Absolution (JOHNSON, Aleppo fracas)

Enough evidence to link Russia to DNC cyber attacks. CNN

Live feed to Hillary's speech on national security. She on right now



Hallelujah! Hillary's Press conference on National Security is getting security questions!

North Dakota becomes first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police

This has been my week

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

"In lieu of flowers, a donation to the NRA is requested."

Broncos' Brandon Marshall loses endorsement with credit union

California Just Doubled Down on Fighting Climate Change

WikiLeaks Hid Documents Showing Syrian Deposits in Russian Bank

Hillary: "I'm not Barack Obama. I'm not Bill Clinton. Both of them carry themselves with a naturalne

Trump to reveal 'personal health regimen' to Dr. Oz

U.S. warns owners of Galaxy Note 7: Power down now

Magnitudes for Oklahoma Earthquakes Shift Upward

For a nice change, MSNBC broke off his regular programming

Trump National Security Adviser on CNN

he Hillary Clinton email story is out of control - WaPo editorial

Report: Donald Trump To Speak At Phyllis Schlafly's Funeral

The right’s war on college: “Starving the Beast” exposes the fight to destroy America’s great public

Clinton On Trump's Russian TV Hit: His Isn't A 'Serious' Prez Campaign

Trumps "Me Time" - Allison Jackson/Vanity Fair


The feds use their new muscle: Consumer protection agency fines Wells Fargo for massive fraud

Mark Cuban.,, bashes Trump on Morning Joe

Robot operates inside eye in world first

After 9/11, Sen. Hillary Clinton was instrumental in getting treatment for Ground Zero rescuers

U.S., Russia reach deal on cease-fire in Syria

PANTS ON FIRE: Trump Says Clinton has "not answered a single question" about her immigration plan

Pence releases tax returns

Local TV: 6 minutes for Trump. One minute for Kaine.

APNewsBreak: Lawmaker says Yosemite addition violates US law

Facebook Promotes Poll of ‘Doctors’ Who Say Hillary Clinton Is a ‘Flaming Sociopath’

53% of americans say economy is doing good (ORC poll). Good for Hillary. CNN

Google's "Deep Mind" talking machines sound like real people and "play" the piano too.

So today I saw this old pickup truck...

The Obama Administration Temporarily Blocks the Dakota Access Pipeline

9/11 tapes reveal raw and emotional Hillary Clinton

Take Heart: When This Is All Over, Hillary Will Be Standing Tall

Such a Good Night - Paul Rothman

Judge dismisses much of lawsuit over suicide in police car

Reliably Red Ohio County Finds Both Trump and Clinton Hard to Stomach.

Lawsuit: Tennessee school officials knew of athlete abuse

Joy Reid is WONDERFUL!!!!

US Open Fans - whose watching this semi

"Values Voter Summit" in DC has a "star." Jon Voigt.

The Rap Contest

OMG Normally Chris Matthew's is a worm

Court Rules Against ConnectiCare In Lawsuit Against State

Volkswagen engineer pleads guilty to conspiracy in emissions scandal

The Best Evidence That Hillary Clinton Has an Edge in Florida Latinos in the key battleground st

Creative Creations owner pleads guilty to 16 counts of wire fraud, could spend 6 years in prison

State Advances At-Grade, Or Partly Below Grade, Option For Replacing I-84 Viaduct In Hartford

I just listened to Sec. Clinton's presser in NYC - DailyKOS

Giuliani at Christian event: Torturing terrorists may be more humane than killing them with drones

Energy Secretary Moniz and Interior Secretary Jewell Announce New National Offshore Wind Strategy …

David Korn

Judges order new trial in Tyler Clementi case after conviction thrown out

Chelsea Manning starts hunger strike, saying she is bullied in prison

"Republican AGs Met With Coal, Electric companies" in pay for play deal.

Clinton: National security experts 'chilled' by Trump

Judge unseals dashcam video of officer-involved shooting

granted, I am in a slightly more progressive area of this very red county, but I have yet to see

Mike Pence releases tax returns, earned $113,026 in 2015..

Trump vows to cherish and defend 'Christian heritage' as president

Vice President Biden Heads to Capitol Hill to Tell Republicans in Congress: Do Your Job

Elizabeth Warren Takes Her Trump Attack to Philadelphia

Seven officers to face charges in Oakland, Calif. police sex scandal

Kerry and Lavrov finally have a deal

I love it some one Hardball (David Corn)

Protesters rename Calhoun College at Yale Saddam Hussein, as university committee on renaming meets

Katy Tur apprecitation thread

Trump: 'This Will Be The Last Election If I Don't Win'

UI has even more rate hikes in the works for Connecticut electric customers

Wisconsin girl in stabbing attack in Slenderman case changes plea

North Carolina man arrested for lying about clown sighting

Bridgeport housing board members resign

Wisconsin appeals overturned conviction in 'Making a Murderer' case

Police seek 2 men linked to woman killed near Manson site