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Latin American banana workers’ claims over pesticide are revived in U.S.

Alcohol-fueled Ohio Amish party raided, 73 arrested

Report: PA President Mahmoud Abbas worked as KGB agent in Damascus during 80's

Vandals Rip Down Pride Flag, Leave ‘Fags Get AIDS’ Note at UT-Knoxville


OMG....all about emails and first military question is why Hillary isn't in jail

First cruise ship navigating the Northwest Passage—The climate is warming up. There is no question.


Commander-in-Chief Forum, HRC is first by coin toss. Matt Lauer goes straight to . . . .

Seriously Matt? The emails?

Good Lord, total ambush

NC Gov. Pat McCrory Again Uses Transphobia to Fear Monger for Votes

They better be as tough on Trump

Top Intel Official Says US Should 'Not Bother' Labeling Some Info Classified

Log Cabin Republicans Cry Foul Over Ad Attacking Gay Congressional Candidate Paul Babeu

Damn she's impressive.

WTF Matt.


Hillary was a boss!

First Lauer question to Trump should be, "you have failed so many times in business,

Matt Lauer had better go after Trump for the entire 30 minutes

LOL - Lauer told Trump to keep attacks to a minimum.

No Trump yard signs in my neighborhood. What about yours?

Trump looks like shit

Like Elfago Baca, HRC avoided all the potshots Lauer threw at her.

Former US pastor gets 60 years in prison in child sex case

Hey MOrpheus

"If you look at what I did in Mexico...."

Most powerful woman in GOP politics. Bekah Mercer - to the right of the Kochs.

(The Hill) Trump: "Under Clinton and Obama, the generals have been reduced to rubble."

She has not been there 30 years, Drumpf!

Matt Lauer sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New UO (University of Oregon) researcher finds surprise growth in Tibetan forest

"When I do come up with a plan"?????

He doesn't have a f***ing plan!

Status of Forces Agreement, anyone?

He doesn't know anything

Take the oil?

Why won't anyone ask Trump any follow-ups about "taking the oil?"

Trump is a goddamned idiot.

Tesla’s Dream of Battery Domination Has Major Competition

Trump just made a startling charge...that in his briefings the military has told him

Atheist Group Asks Kasich to Meet With Non-Theists After Calling Radcliffe 'Weird' for Being Atheist

Rachel Maddow: good pool news


Trump RE: Putin.

Trump hasn't been interrupted with a time limit once. nt

Whenever I hear Trump talk about "having a plan", I can't help but think....

Wouldn't taking a country's oil after a war, be a war crime? Looting and pillaging

Trump has ZERO idea that his own congress will NOT pay for anything he wants

What a fucking weasel.

He speaks but says nothing.

Is Trump wearing an earpiece?

Schlockwork orange is self destructing. nt

B’Tselem activist avoids calling Hamas a terror group

How a Group of Catholic Pacifists Took on the Nuclear State

Melania in front row at forum!

Many hats?

Is it just my tv or does Trumpy have a negative- space Hilter mustache?

Hey Drumpf! Ask Osama Bin Laden if our military is prepared or not!

I take back everything bad I said about how INCREDIBLY STUPID Sarah Palin is.

"Something has to be happened."

Lousy umping, Lauer.

Hillary has a happy trigger.

softballs to the maggot.

Its over and Lauer is dusting off the knees of his pants

Peace through strength?

Can't wait for Lawrence O'Donnell.

I want the last half hour of my life back!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in! Live and Uncensored

Trump on sexual assault in the military

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Donald J. Trump, the Grand Poobah of Shallow Thinking.

"Hard to believe, even"

The Commander in Condense Forum


Color me (orange) shallow...but WTF is wrong w/Don the Cons hair??

Matt, the check is in the mail, Don.

Sexism was on display tonight at this "forum"

48 Million Cycle of Life Fossil

Malheur, Part I: Sovereign Feelings - #BundyTeaParty

I do have to wonder, just how would be take Iraq's oil

Are you panicking about the "collapse" of the Clinton campaign based on national polls?

Trump said a lot of shit and got away with it.

Lets see what Rachel has to say. She has a debate watch-group on

Were We going to talk about the Q & A or the manner of Tone, Meter or possible bad lighting ?

I just got home from a Marine Corps League meeting................

Vandals Destroy Popular Oregon Rock Formation

Do these comments could as threats? Incitement to assassination?

My assessment of todays townhall

Trump was wrong about ISIS getting all their money

Vote that Hillary came out better in the forum tonight here please:


Is anyone else really disappointed with MSNBCs reaction so far?

13th century Maya codex, long shrouded in controversy, proves genuine

13th century Maya codex, long shrouded in controversy, proves genuine

So Trump wants to set up colonialism in Iraq to get the oil?

What will be the big story going forward with Trump at the forum?

Feds Accuse Texas of Misleading On Relaxed Voter ID Requirements.

Scorecard wannabe

Penn Jillette's Trump Card Trick.

These generals are just ripping Trump to shreds.

The internet's blowing up over Lauer's treatment of Hillary.

Ryan Lochte will be suspended 10 months, source says

Taken from, 'Is Ivanka for real'

A Bus-Size Asteroid Just Gave Earth a Close Shave

Fun on Twitter about the NBC forum

A Child Should Be A Fish.

US Open - Spoiler

He Castigated Bernie and that was OK .

Just to start with, the seat height...

About Matt Lauer-Met a friend of his online in 2004

It's time for the media to stop treating Trump

Supaman has arrived at Standing Rock

John Fugelsang, just now posted this, about Trump, on FaceBook

Maryland balks at push for deeper cuts to power-plant carbon emissions.


Beware of the warmongers.

god bless america

Trump Bombs And Delivers Historically Terrible Performance At Commander In Chief Forum

NBC fact checked Trump's remark on his support of the Iraq War and called it false.

I'd rather chew aluminum foil and rub my head with a cheese grater

Question for you, Mr. Trump

if you want to send an email to NBC about...

One thing tonight proves to me....

"Take the oil".

LOOK what Hillary camp just tweeted --a donny tweet. about men and women together....

If you liked dubya, you'll love trump.

Trump says that veterans are killing themselves cause they cant get a doctor...WRONG!!!

god bless free speech

Luckovich Toon - Trump At Odds (with himself)

Commander in Chief forum: Trump told some whoppers

Will Trump debate after his poor reviews at IAVA forum?

No, I don't need Hillary to smile.

Salon - Desperately slamming Krugman: Columnist unfairly targeted for anti-Trump, pro-Hillary take

Zero creedance that DRUMPF has *ever* given a thought to vets, much less vets' suicides,

Grand Juryin Atlanta finds agsinst the officer!

UK to build 'big new wall' in Calais to stop migrants

Missed opportunities to stop OPM cyber breach spelled out

How Roger Ailes is shaping Donald Trump's debate prep

Spending my last day in Costa Rica today

Wow, Tweety is on the flight deck of the Intrepid, not the same one as the Mission Accomplished?!1

Georgia Trump supporter threatened Clinton voter during Facebook argument, police say

Donald Trump Bizarrely Heaps Even More Praise On Vladimir Putin

Holy Colin, Batman. How to avoid the State Dept email system.

Why didn't Lauer ask this?

Untouched 1970s House Preserved as Psychedelic Time Capsule Now For Sale

There's nothing more boring...

It happened one night….

Busted my 128 gig thumb drive yesterday.

Trump Blasts Military Generals, Says They Are ‘Embarrassing To Our Country’

the world without guns

Trump Lays Out His Master Plan To 'Take The Oil' From Iraq

Benedict Donald attacks America's generals and praises America's adversaries...

Great factcheck on Trump he wanted full withdrawl in 2007

Dems sound alarm on Senate majority

Trumps Secret Plan revealed

Trump: " the victors go the spoils"

Trump Stands by Controversial Tweet About Military Sex Assaults

Researchers find mysterious 9,000 year old structures in Western Australia

LAUER has always been a weasel

Questions on a curve: Matt Lauer may as well have asked Trump about his summer vacation

Post your favorite pet video.

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump’s Refusal To Own His Iraq War Support Is ‘A Judgment Issu

Trump Reasserts That Putting Men And Women In The Military Leads To Rape

On CNN and MSNBC: most discussion is on how Trump was awful.

I hope anyone who was afraid Trump could do well in a debate is feeling better now.

1500 years old basilica to be converted to underwater museum

MSNBC poll needs DUing. Tweeters only though

Ritual sacrifice, ancient insults and sacred fire: 2 million years of history – in pictures

Trump never has a good thing to say about the United States ... ever

What a fucking buffoon!

Cummings Releases Full Powell Email Advising Clinton on Personal Email Use

Camerawoman who 'tripped refugees' in Hungary faces charges

Matt Lauer Lets Donald Trump Get Away With Iraq War Lie

A Degüello - Slit Throat. See you on Taco Tuesday, Trump.

BS "Forum" - Lawrence O'Donnell already moving on....

If you do Twitter go to #NBCNewsForum

Bombshell: Powell Advised Clinton to Avoid State Dept Servers (Wall Street Journal)

What do you suppose the conversaion is in the Trumpster bunker tonight?

Paul McCartney takes a selfie, in 1963

He bashes the USA

Media turn on Lauer for not fact-checking Trump

Christie announces 3 state agencies to get new buildings

These Three Disastrous Statements By Trump Tonight Should DOMINATE The News Cycle!

House arrest for judge in case-fixing scandal

Gee- none of the MSNBC talking heads mentioned Lauer's miserable performance.

Repenting of Systemic Racism: What Josiah can teach us

Pennsylvania auditor general blames state for backlog on rape kits

Dominion locks out nearly 1,000 transmission pipeline workers

Trump insists he can win New York

Kathleen Kane seeks immediate $1 million in divorce case to cover legal bills prior to sentencing

Trump without a teleprompter sounds like Oswald Bates

Mainstream pundit tweets about the forum, in case anyone cares

Mexican heritage textbook for Texas schools full of 'offensive stereotypes'

This is unreal.

Indonesian Anti-Drug Czar Plans to Imitate Brutal Philippine Shoot-to-Kill Policy

Matt Lauer’s Pathetic Interview of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Is the Scariest Thing I’ve Seen

Expanded U.S. habitat protection ordered for rare Lynx

RNC chief critique: Clinton didn't smile during national security forum

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 8, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Treasures from the Disney Vault

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 9, 2016 -- Star of the Month - Gene Hackman

U.S. judge halts fracking plan for federal lands in California

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 10, 2016 -- The Essentials - Inside Hollywood

Trump surrogates on CNN saying we should kill civilians and not worry when fighting ISIS.

More than half of sexual assault victims in military are male.

Forum Offers Preview of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Presidential Debate

Good that criticism of Lauer is hitting the MSM

I always get the creeps when a man tells a woman to smile

Walk at sunset tonight. Even have a few bird pictures

Critics blast Lauer's 'Commander-in-Chief Forum' performance - CNN MONEY

Hillary's "ear piece"

Mike Pence Acknowledges Reality, Throws Trump Under the Bus

New genus of bacteria found living inside hydraulic fracturing wells

At Commander-in-Chief Forum, Clinton Was A President And Trump Was An Empty Suit

U.S. Cracking Down on “Brain Training” Games

New York-based Rabbi Mendel Kessin is arguing that Trump is “a messiah.”

Trump lifts media ban...

A Raven & Nature's Way of telling you something's wrong with the first parody poem I posted @ DU

An insightful assessment of what becomes of so many conversations about race....

Critics blast Lauer's 'Commander-in-Chief Forum' performance

Brother accused in killings of 5 sentenced to life

NBC committed journalistic malpractice at their joke of a CIC forum.

What are RW's mad at

What does Reince Priebus have in common with a Marvel villain?

"Trump cites resignation of Mexican official as proof his Mexico visit was successful "

NYtimes: Matt Lauer Fields Storm of Criticism Over Clinton-Trump Forum

The dumbest thing out of Trump's mouth tonight.

U.S. Job Openings Hit All-Time High as Layoffs Drop to 3-Year Low

Why didn't Lauer ONCE tell Trump: "stop insulting your opponent, we're here to talk about YOU"?

Bar Stools ... like OMG!!

Moscow Talks Called Off as Israel Says Peace 'Isn't Priority'

This massive billboard was just set up across the street from The NY Times

Trump's Performance Proves He Is Absolutely Positively Batshit Crazy.

Donald Trump and Libya

When this is over, history will not look kindly on Trump's supporters

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today (VIDEO)

Trump's "take the oil"

Russian Greens blast Jill Stein’s silence on Putin’s human rights abuses

Groove Armada feat. Richie Havens - Hands of time (VIDEO)

W. Bush mouthpiece Nicole Wallace on the new Brian Williams show

The space engine that could defy physics is going into orbit

Bolivia's transsexuals identified with new national identity cards

Bolivia's transsexuals identified with new national identity cards

A kidnapped US woman was found dead after phoning family from car trunk

Florida man steals patrol car, says 'This is a felony?,' police say

Matt Lauer gave the debate win to Trump

Florida Man apologizes after trying to abduct 2-year-old, police say

Kansas man to be sentenced for aiding plot to bomb Army post

Abbott will weigh whether Hawk's top assistant should be new Dallas DA even after voting Democratic

Need an the essence of Hill vs Trump re:email.

Any snap polls out on the "town halls"?

According to Russia, a Boeing can outmaneuver the best russian fighter-jet there is.

NYT Indicts Itself & The Media With This

Football returns to Texas Wesleyan after 75 years

Cornyn Won't Endorse Cruz in 2018 Primary

Olympia PD investigating possible hate crime against same-sex couple on Sept. 4th

Utada Hikaru - simple and clean

San Antonio lawyers win $120 million settlement in Stanford Ponzi scheme


I've been hearing a lot about how debate moderators and interviewers should slam Trump...

Ethics agency ends lawsuit seeking 'dark money' subpoenas against conservative powerbroker

Texas High Court Judge Wants to Deny Houston Gay Couples Marriage Benefits

Fox News ignoring Lauer's partisan and unprepared performance

State revenues take $1 billion hit due to oil and gas industry

Daily Holidays September 8

Ex-New Mexico high court justice, MALDEF co-founder Dan Sosa Jr. dies

Neighbors, town officials cry foul over 'WTF' sign on lawn

Children, above age six, should have the right to vote.

Driller may have struck big in Texas

Head of South Texas school district arrested on drug charge

****SUMMER Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 1****

****SUMMER Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 2****

****SUMMER Photo Contest Preliminaries are posted in GD****

Woman sues Baylor after tumble into Brazos River outside McLane Stadium

Count ... Vote 2016

Curious why they didn't pick a vet or overseas correspondent

The Commander-in-Chief Forum tonight sets standard for debates, our press should be embarassed

Department Of Justice Complaint Filed Against Trump And Pam Bondi In Bribery Scandal

Fuck you Halperin

Living in a Hydrogen World with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

50 years ago tonight: Star Trek premieres on NBC

New York Can’t Block Late-Term Abortion in Certain Cases, Schneiderman Says

Trump's view of the US military: Rape and Pillage

Imagine tRump last night if he got a little electrical shock each time

The Jewish Left Needs To Call Out Real Anti-Semites Like Christopher Bollyn

Judge, Citing Inequality, Orders Connecticut to Overhaul Its School System

Millions More Dead Honey Bees - The CDC and EPA approved and recommended aerial spraying...

Say it with me, people, Human Trafficking

What was the best "bonehead" answer from Trump, from last night?

This man was nothing less than a founder of modern society: Pierre Bayle

China to ban religious profiteering

Evangelicals and conservative Catholics, who have voted together for decades, are splitting apart

Josh Marshall: My Take on the Nat Sec Forum

Search Google News for "Matt Lauer"... the news media is crucifying him. *UPDATED*

Are We Living in The Twilight Zone

Lauer to Trump: "Nobody would expect you" to have researched deeply into foreign policy issues

EMAIL RELEASE! Colin Powell email to Hillary on *HIS* USE OF PERSONAL COMPUTER

Tom the Dancing Bug: The View from Trump Tower

The Rape Question Was What Got Me And....

Joe Scar: It was a tie.

NYT: Donald Trump Is Lying in Plain Sight

"Keepin' it 1600" with Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer

Obama on Climate Change: The Trends Are ‘Terrifying’

Happy birthday to Sen. Bernie Sanders

Here comes crazy Gary on Msnbc

Nicholas Kristof: The Black Eyes in Donald Trump’s Life

Love it! Obama response to Trump's answer!

Libertarian Gary Johnson (on Morning Joe): "What is Aleppo"?

Increasingly Likely That We Are Now Permanently Beyond Monthly Avg Of 400 ppm Atmospheric Carbon

New York Times: Matt Lauer Fields Storm of Criticism Over Clinton-Trump Forum

CEO of Virginia security firm busted trying to board plane at Kennedy Airport with loaded gun

"I'll take "Things that should end my presidential run" for $2000" Alex...

Nice answer, Gary Johnson!

Black California family shocked by arson attempt, spray-painted swastikas and racial slurs

Black California family shocked by arson attempt, spray-painted swastikas and racial slurs

3% of Idaho leader fined for workers’ comp violations (ID)

Not only does Trump uses songs without permissions, now he uses businesses without permission

"What is Aleppo?"

Pence declines to go full birther, but refuses to disavow his race-baiting partner

Now that Matt Lauer has looked like an amatuer as a debate moderator, he is

Affluenza Poster Boys Ryan and Ammon Bundy Still Having Trouble with Authority

Here's a list via @ddale8 of things Donald Trump said tonight at his self-proclaimed "great" present

Could Weld now lead the Lib ticket?

Is Gary Johnson this year's version of Michelle Bachmann?

It is clearly apparant that Trump is going to use the national security briefings for political gain

how do you beat a candidate who lies and is not challenged?

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- The World of Trump


Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - outFoxxed

Eliot Spitzer withdraws lawsuit against alleged Russian hooker

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

My theory - It is possible that Matt Lauer is morphing into Jeff Gannon

Lauer now riffing with Dana Carvey

I do not watch ABC news much

Harvard cafeteria workers announce plans to strike in ten days

Matt Lauer’s Pathetic Interview of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Is the Scariest Thing I’ve Seen

CBS News segment about how Trump makes money on campaign

msnbc calling it a "PRESS CONFERENCE" LIVE*** !!! Clinton will talk to reporters this morning.

Coexisting--dedicated to alfredo and Solly Mack

Trump’s best example of political corruption is himself

Obama rips Trump’s ‘outrageous behavior,’ warns that it is becoming normalized

Fed Up Congressman Brings Mosquitoes To Congress

Since Johnson just committed harakiri on live TV, where do his voters go?

Obama: "The outrageous becomes normalized-People start thinking we should grade on a curve"

Whoa GOP State Senate candidates all use the same kids in ads

So, is Gary Johnson's epic fail a double edged sword?

"What could generals possibly know anyway?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

The Capitol is back to its former glory. But Congress is as useless as ever.

Matt Lauer, are you out there? Do you know what The Google is ??

Gary Johnson: What is Aleppo?

Trump wrongly corrects veteran on suicide number

If Lsuer was not good ,is Holt any better?

Andrew Kreisberg Reveals How SUPERGIRL Obtained Permission To Use SUPERMAN

SNOWDEN - movie premiere Friday in Toronto

Andrew Kreisberg Reveals How SUPERGIRL Obtained Permission To Use SUPERMAN

UK prime minister promises that post-Brexit the UK will be the 'global leader in free trade'.

Trump bragged that his money bought off politicians. Just not this time.

Andrew Kreisberg Reveals How SUPERGIRL Obtained Permission To Use SUPERMAN

Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition

Aleppo is libertarianese for "The party is over"

Media turn on Lauer for not fact-checking Trump

@EricBoehlert The media coverage of emails is reaching bullying levels now.

War has become the acceptable and the norm.

Suppose a group has declared a "safe space" on public property or a place of public accommodation

'Embarrassing to our country': Trump suggests he’ll fire top generals

Judge tosses suits over IBM sale to GlobalFoundries

Hillary is about to hold a press conference

Hillary Press Conf on NOW..MSNBC

Yes Hillary! Have a press conference and answer the questions that were not asked by Lauer. I

Donald Trump just lied about opposing the Iraq War before it started. Here’s proof.

Apparently Hillary thinks that facts, knowledge and details "Trump" blustering nonsense

Trump Held Fundraiser for Attorney General After She Dropped Trump University Investigation

Pic Of The Moment: NBC's Commander-In-Chief Forum: Recap For Those Who Missed It

Drivers of inequality: Trade shocks versus top marginal tax rates


Press conference was a brilliant move by Hillary!

Did MSNBC and CNN just cut away from HRC's presser?

Does anyone know what Andrea Mitchelll asked her

Grace and Power

Mets still seeking miracle; sign Tebow.

How was the press conference?

4 held, 2 women sought over gas cylinders in Paris car

Hillary Clinton leading by +4 in Rasmussen

There's one thing that's undeniable about Hillary.

Apparently Gary Johnson doesn't know who Harriet Tubman is either

“I love this country. I will serve it with my entire heart, mind, and soul.” —Hillary on the tarmac

Link to today's full press conference.

Hillary's Press Conference was masterful

Fact checkers: Trump lies more than he tells the truth

68,000 Workers In St. Paul Just Won The Right To A Paid Day Off When They Get Sick

Donald Trump accidentally declares himself ineligible for the presidency

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Asks ‘What Is Aleppo?’ in TV Interview

Top Trump adviser: Bill Clinton’s embrace of gays in the military paved the way for 9/11

Koterba toon: The upcoming debates

Post Labor Day Hillary.

"Space: The Final Frontier"

Wind turbine rotates to face a storm (timelapse with sound)

Matt, you Lauered the bar. Even lightweight People magazine thinks you were weak.

UO (University of Oregon) team finds antibiotic resistance genes in indoor dust

Self-proclaimed “genius” reaches new highs in stupidity: Trump puts his incompetence on full display

The Onion Reviews 'Sully'

Hawaiian seafood caught by foreign crews confined on boats

What is your plan to defeat ISIS?

What are the chances that anyone who NEEDs to see...

I like the USC/LA Times tracking poll again!

The first debate on the 26th

Active shooter at high school in Alpine, Texas

Gary Johnson is an ignorant fool. Who cares?

To be a fly on the wall at Trump's next intel briefing...

Okay I am calling it now. Hillary will win with 400+ EVs.

Catfished by a Catfish - "Waiter, this Grouper tastes funny"

Paul Ryan: Clinton Should Apologize For Saying Terrorists Are 'Rooting' For Trump

My iPad 2 is unbearably slow

Mother, daughter arrested after alleged incestuous marriage

Cher on little Donald....

Mother, daughter arrested after alleged incestuous marriage

Induced climate change ‘tug of war’ keeps scientists guessing on storm tracks

Recognition finally arriving for Millicent Young, other women pilots in WWII WASP program

Recognition finally arriving for Millicent Young, other women pilots in WWII WASP program

Recognition finally arriving for Millicent Young, other women pilots in WWII WASP program

Did Gary Johnson actually ask "What is Aleppo?"

Politifact on CNN: 71% of Trump's statements were false while 72% of Hillary's were TRUE..

I can't speak for all men here, but every day when I arrive at my co-ed workplace...

Why ISIS Supports Donald Trump - Time Magazine

My 92-year-old mother has some memory issues.

a wonderful website for those interested in learning more about the WASP's

a wonderful website for those interested in learning more about the WASP's

Here's my "body language" when I hear Trump talk about body language...

Couldn't stand to watch Trump last night but I hear he ravealed information

Is it Weather, or Climate Change?

To all those furious at the corporate media, here's what you can do to fight back:

Star Trek’s 50th Star Date Anniversary

National Democrats to Start Opening Offices in Texas

TYT: MILLIONS of Workers Go on Strike

Preeti Rathi murder: Death for India acid attack convict

HEY--google doodle--what is wrong with you?? Star Trek 50th anniversary, and NO doodle??? really??

Are you serious? Spray on tan, bloated, and a hair piece held on w/a bobby pin.

What Trump's success says about America

Matt Lauer is just a diversion...

Still on a roll about guns and suicide . . . This is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

In most campaigns, a top staffer would get fired for retweeting a racist nut. Suppose it's difficult

As I watched last night's debate I noticed that Trump did not smile.

Who remembers Trump's fake "town hall" the other day?

Today, we're two months from the election.

Hillary: "You can look on the map and find Aleppo"

Science And The Church Are Finally On The Same Side!

PBS NewsHour Presser today with HRC

Highlights of Hillary Clinton’s News Conference

Team Hillary's Packed Schedule Today:

Matt Lauer

Pope Benedict: My biggest accomplishment was breaking up Vatican ‘gay lobby’

curious why my videos, as this morning, do not show up

Mexico threatens to cancel treaty that ceded Texas and California to US if Trump gets elected

Um...Does anyone think that Trump would have known

CNN on CIC Forum: Clinton more presidential.

God fuckin forbid the oppressed/discriminated against have a fucking space

Hillary Clinton's campaign via Twitter clapped back Reince Priebus...hard

Councilors mull Jefferson Davis Highway change (VA)

Add "generals" and other military & intelligence officers to the list of groups DRUMPF has insulted.

Fox , hate radio, and wingnut pundits have changed the meaning of “reality”

Hillary speaking now--Charlotte NC --msnbc...and LIVE link

Clown Costume Wearers Will Be Arrested, Charged on the Spot Warns North Carolina Police

61 days to 45!

Trumpism is showing us what is wrong with our failing democracy and how to fix it

Palestinian court suspends upcoming elections, throwing campaigns into chaos

Ferguson Protest Leader Darren Seals Found Dead in Vehicle

Cornyn declines to back Cruz ahead of Senate primary

CNN loves Trump but is afraid of commitment !!

Hillary didn't smile enough? Not interested, she said today, in “just making political happy talk”

Sarah Silverman: Anyone bringing up Hillary Clinton’s health is ‘a f--king a--hole’

Read the transcript, watched Lauer's crappy interview, read about his love of Putin

Not Cat!


Trump, now Johnson think the job of POTUS is a learn as you go position

Slimeball Steve King (R) Iowa Also Praises Putin on MSNBC

UN Permanent Forum Rebukes U.S. for Ignoring Standing Rock and Other Tribal Nations

'It Was Terrifying:’ Campus Carry Protester Feels Targeted by Gory YouTube Video

The thing about Presidential candidates is, they're supposed to recieve staff briefings.

If Trump paid his taxes the military would be better!

GOP will not give up! Voter Suppression in North Carolina

RYO FUKUI - Early Summer

Praise for Putin Is Likely to Backfire with Republicans

Oh, Dave. We might have had something so special

Hamas spends $100 million a year on military infrastructure

Most of the staff at Trump's DC policy center quit in August when they stopped getting paid

Only in Delaware - One lane of I-95 NB reopens after truck crash, penny spill in Delaware

Amazing photos of Obama

Janko Nilovic - Drug Song

does the NFL mobile app work for anyone in the DU fantasy league?

Chamonix: 110 people trapped in the gondola of Mont Blanc

I thought it might have been my tv, but are we going to see red drumpf now?

Conan ends up stoned at Popeyes

The mainstream media has finally embarked upon the road to CrapDom !!

Italian fans boo Israeli anthem, give Nazi salute at World Cup qualifier

Chelsea Manning, classified information & the C-n-C Forum

Why Are We So Hard on Hillary?

Why Are We So Hard on Hillary?

Why Are We So Hard on Hillary?

Haven't seen it mentioned, yet, but it can't be mentioned enough HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY BERNIE!!

Where in the world is Matt Lauer?

NBC's Clinton-Trump Forum Seen By 10.8 Million Viewers

Did You Catch... -Trump Intel Briefing

Hillary Rips Donald Trump for Lauding Vladimir Putin-Great photo in front of Hill Force ONE...

Standing Rock is The Center Of The Universe Right Now

Trump lying about Hillary again on msnbc about emails

Oh Jesus, Trump at a school with a teleprompter

Prosecutors will drop case against former Va. governor Robert McDonnell

Trump is doing a speech on his education, but!!!!!!

So, now MSNBC has the WORLD'S GREATEST LIAR being televised to

Trump is in Cleveland and on TV

75% or more of Trumpet's CNC diatribe was attacking Hillary, Obama and America.

Trump looks even worse than usual today -- bright orange, and messy yellow mop

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump admits he has no intelligence.

Trump speaking (lying) on MSNBC and at the bottom of the screen they wrote:

Did Trump's face just get real red?

When LSU football loses, Louisiana judges give harsher sentences, mostly to black juveniles

Please contact your senators to CENSURE Donald Trump

Trump's favorite word.

Donald Trump on Cavuto's Show in 2003

Reince Priebus Just Wants To Know If He Can Get A Smile From A Pretty Lady

Gloria Borger just called Trump out on CNN

Donny JR: In CO today, stopped by Platte River Networks, Company that deleted Clinton emails.

Bottom 10: Rough opening weekend for SEC

Looks like Trump is wearing a wire on MSNBC right now...


#LaueringTheBar is one of the top trends on Twitter right now

Progressive Organizations Call Commander-in-Chief Forum 'A Disgrace'!

I think we ought to ease up a bit on Matt Lauer.

Has Lauer responded

Steve Cortes on MSNBC just now

"Voting for Trump is like...

New Quinnipiac polls show very tight race, Trump +1 in Ohio, tied in Florida

Looks like 'they've' got us just where they want us,

What causes pages to open like this?

Trump’s talking about classified briefing may be most reckless thing he’s done in a while

Inside the collapse of Trump’s D.C. policy shop

Why wasn't Rachel Maddow given the Commander in Chief Forum? Because

The fund raising game, hope this put some of you at ease

'Blue lives matter' law used in arrest of New Orleans man who shouted slurs at police: warrant

Clinton:"none of the emails sent or received by me had such (i.e. Classified) a header" AT LAST!!

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 8, 2016

We are all asked to pay for Republican sins...

Hillary on the Humans of New York FB Page:

Tweety: Lauer would have appeared "too opinionated" if he’d pressed Trump on Libya

Quinnipiac Poll Warning

‘Rather be in jail’: 70-year-old man robs bank to get arrested and away from wife, police say

Trump: I Would've Captured Osama Bin Laden Before 9/11 Attacks

Happy Star Trek Day!

Sept 8th - Star Trek AND Bernie Sanders birthday. Coincidence?

Fuck Russia

Esquire Fires Up The Time Machine To Go Back To 2004 And Fact-Check Trump

"The Frog and the Scorpion"

Trump’s ‘Take the Oil’ Plan Would Violate Geneva Conventions, Experts Say

Unsafe at Any Range: Treat Guns Like the Consumer Products That They Are

Unprecedented atmospheric behavior disrupts one of Earth's most regular climate cycles

Report: NBC News Execs Thought Matt Lauer’s Forum Performance Was a ‘Disaster’

Damn You 2016! The Lady Chablis, Dead at 59.

America under a Trump/Putin Govt.- "Russia’s Daldykan River Turns Bloody Red Color"

Trump: Media ‘Terribly Dishonest’ to Say I Wasn’t Against Iraq War from the Start

Water Protector, Happy American Horse: We Won't "Sit And Watch" Pipeline Horrors

Has anyone seen the movie "Baskin"?

Update- they got him!!UH-Manoa issues alert about possible armed man heading to campus

Lauer and Lester Holt work for the same network

Mastercard faces £14bn card fee claim

Two Artists Are Giving Out “Gentrification Citations” To Local Businesses, Including Uncle Ike's

Petition to include Joy Reid as a moderator

Three things cannot be long hidden:

"Remember When Donald Trump Didn't Know Why There Were 13 Stripes On The American Flag?"

Bloviating, Bragging And Bullying: It Doesn’t Sound Presidential To Me!

Al Gore was 100% correct

Holy Shite - have you seen the Don the Con ad

Nuclear outages jumped 50% this summer

Jim Bakker's dream: Trump "on a white horse, his beautiful, blond hair flowing in the wind"

Departing cruise ship creates tsunami that destroys docks, boats

Simply Staggering - TERRA/MODIS Imagery Of Sea Ice At North Pole 8 September 2016

Colin Powell’s Advice to Hillary Clinton

Inside the Collapse of Trump’s Policy Operation

I am a big supporter of Hillary, but at this moment I just want to shake her and say

Chuck Todd is an asshole. Why do I bother?

What Really Happened at Trump’s Intelligence Briefing

The (Bill) Clinton Team’s Secret Meeting on CEO Compensation

"I communicate classified information of a totally separate system"

Let's Look Into The Abyss Together! TERRA/MODIS Imagery Of Sea Ice At North Pole 8 September 2016

Smiles counted last night!

Warren, Sanders, Lead Senate Inquiry Into Aetna's Obamacare Exit

Mexico Is Threatening to Take Back Texas and California if Donald Trump Is Elected

‘Sad day’ for United Church, says atheist minister Gretta Vosper

You think reality TV has going down the toilet - this Reality Show actually does!

Ex-Head of Argentina Air Force Sentenced in 'Dirty War' Case

Ex-Head of Argentina Air Force Sentenced in 'Dirty War' Case

Was at the Post Office today..........

‘Hillbilly Elegy’: Best-selling author J.D. Vance on faith in Appalachia

Trending: LaueringtheBar

Who Is My Neighbor?

What a HOT Presidential couple - fabulous!

20 Marines Face Discipline for Abuse of Recruits

Brilliant: Kim Jong Un bans sarcasm in North Korea

Matt Lauer, post CIC event ....

Essence Magazine: Grace & Power

LGBT Rights Group Appeals Denial of Transgender Name Change

How will Lester Holt do?

Trump lavishes praise on Putin during Commander-in-Chief forum: “He’s been a leader far more than ou

Streisand's "Woman in Love", it seems, is just perfect.

The Great Ska King Prince Buster is dead

Seahawks players hint that team could protest together during national anthem

The Rude Pundit: Imagine If a Democrat Had Said What Donald Trump Said Last Night...

Cyber Stalking

US Tries Rescue Mission in Afghanistan, Hostages Not Found

The Libertarian Party has a great Star Trek parody TV ad up online.

White House names retired Air Force general as first cyber security chief

Preventing Alzheimer's is easier than you think

RT has offered right wing racist Nigel Farage his own show.

Owner of land where FARC is set to demobilize assassinated

Jesus, am I the only one who feels dumber after watching that forum last night?

Matter Trump calling Matt Lauer ..... over

Wolff: "Brexit, your position?" Trump: "Huh?"

Not only does the country have a good number of sexist, misogynistic people

Malheur, Part II: “Ours but Not Ours”

Asking a man whose experience is moderating the Macy's Day Parade on Thanksgiving Day seems

Greta Van Susteren Hints at Interest in HLN

Confederate Flags Still Found At New York's Fairs

Trump Shows Contempt for the Military and Everyone Else

Public masturbation not a crime declares Italy’s top court

People Upset That Houston Spent Money To Change Confederate School Names

This Haunting Road Trip Through Arizona Ghost Towns Is One You Won’t Forget

Donald Trump accidentally declares himself ineligible for the presidency

Her "style" at the Commander in Chief forum? Her "demeanor"? WHAT THE HECK

Tribe challenging pipeline has some advantages in courtroom

Paul Ryan's Zika Antics Prove He Deserves Trump

Behind the scenes look at medical education


King Harald of Norway gives a hell of a speech about unity.

City doesn't want to keep paying leave to cop who shot teen

Mary Matalin thinks Rump has a 100% chance of winning! LOLOL

Congratulations Media, Mission Accomplished

Norman Goldman 7 year anniversary on the air.

psst .... Trump is a Big Fat Liar

Media Obviously Conspiring To Hand The Election To Trump.

You’ll Never Unsee This Picture Of Teen Ivanka Grinding On Daddy’s Lap At A Private Concert

Jesus H. Christ. What sort of drugs is Mary Matalin on? MSNBC. Wow.

If Trump Were President We Would Miss George Bush.

NASA to launch Osiris Rex at 7:05pm EST today.

Wishing Bernie a Happy Birthday! In his honor, we’re revealing the cover for Our Revolution.

Paul Ryan's Zika Antics Prove He Deserves Trump

It’s not clear that Donald Trump understands the relationship between the president and the military

DNA reveals that giraffes are four species — not one

"I'm not Barack Obama. I'm not Bill Clinton"

So why does the Libertarian get bashed and Trump get a pass for not knowing shit

Bernie Sanders steps into the forefront says #NoDAPL with congressional legislation

What Could Trump Do That Would Fatally Wound His Presidential Chances.

Bernie Sanders steps into the forefront says #NoDAPL with congressional legislation

The Unconquerable Trump

Just got my first push poll for Trump.

A mile in her shoes...

Lost Tabby Found Alive (and Blissful!) in Store's Catnip Display

N.D. governor to activate National Guard ahead of Friday pipeline ruling

Bernie plans to speak at NoDAPL protest in front of White House on Tues, Sept 13

I forget now-- how reliable is Quinnipiac??

Given how the media has Lauered the Bar, there's only one way Trump loses the debates

Email NBC right now! - RE: Guiliani on Hardball

Giuliani just said "Ronald Reagan" when he mean to say trump!

Chris Matthews is reaming the Ghoul....

Rudy G. is running his mouth again!

To Beat Tesla, China Plans To Boost Electric Vehicle Sales 10-Fold

CIA had to know Trump would betray their confidence from the private briefing

The Truth Behind The Kochs’ New Fossil Fuel PR Campaign

Umpire Jim Joyce's botched call mars Astros' loss to Indians

It looks like Trump is not the only Republican who fantasizes about Putin in aѕѕless leather chaps

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 September 2016

Is this Rudy Giuliani's name at the bottom of this invite ??

HUFFPOST HILL - Trump Somehow Blows Softball Interview

Media disinterested in a real scandal: Trump Foundation payout to Fla AG Bondi - Rieder, USA Today

The Planet Is Going Through A ‘Catastrophic’ Wilderness Loss, Study Says

Putin says he was mistranslated and he never called Trump "brilliant."

Trump literally drops to his knees to worship Putin every opportunity he gets

Fort Worth Symphony musicians strike

The craziest thing GhouLIEani said, IMHO...

and Serena is out of her groove......down 3 - 1 in first set.....

Dealing with a Mooch at Work.

CPTV tonight---expert journalist calls Trump Wizard of Oz, PT Barnum

Trump has been STIFFING his campaign employees. So some of them just quit.

A former San Francisco mayor wants to put the city's homeless on a Navy ship

Wisconsin will pay Planned Parenthood lawyers $1.6 million after admitting privileges lawsuit

Roads are crumbling, yet Wisconsin Taxpayers Just Got Stuck Paying $1.6 Million for Abortion Fight.

Hillary needs a vocal coach

A former San Francisco mayor wants to put the city's homeless on a Navy ship (xpost from CA group)

Trump Does Interview with Kremlin RT

Want to punish media outlets for propping up Trump?