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Dear network and cable news, and major news papers:

Dakota Access Pipeline - Life in Sacred Stone Camp

Perhaps Hillary Clinton should assemble a group

Joy is on for Chris Hayes. n/t

City Won’t Remove Graffiti Of ‘Racist’ Maine Gov. LePage Wearing KKK Hood

PBA: Joy Reid hosting All In, actual factual reporting!

The Real Trumpettes of Bel Air

Last chance to enter the Summer Seasonal Photo Contest!

Last chance to enter the Summer Seasonal Photo Contest!

House panel asks prosecutor to probe deleted Clinton emails

Last chance to enter the Summer Seasonal Photo Contest!

Trump's secret weapon - Give Hillary heartburn

The media is finally calling the Bondi donation a bribe and not just pay-to-play! Yes!!!

The smartest presidents

Am severely confused about this election- and recent polling

Embattled New Haven police chief resigns after outbursts

Sri Lanka Is Declared Malaria Free by World Health Organization

EPA shuts down 17 wells in Osage Nation after Oklahoma quake


Lolol, projection! Gingrich has a coughing fit after hyping Hillary's cough

A Poll is a Poll

"The Palmer Raids" (1948 pamphlet on the subject, PDF)

Nation's top ranked HS basketball player DeAndre Ayton commits to Arizona

Dakota Pipeline going through Iowa - Iowans now getting arrested - in solidarity with Standing Rock

UNICEF says 28 million children uprooted by global conflict

Boston's police commissioner, union spar over body cameras

'Guac The Vote' - "taco trucks on every corner"

Can Gretchen Carlson sue Ailes?

Fox Paid Roger Ailes Twice As Much As The Woman He Allegedly Harassed

Cuban nails it: "Trump Has Set The Media's Agenda By Giving Them "Headline Porn" Instead Of Details"

The Media's 5 Unspoken Rules of Covering Hillary

Hillary Clinton says husband Bill should stay on at foundation until election

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Phillis! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

Syrian government 'drops chlorine gas' on rebel-held part of Aleppo

Move the federal government out of Washington

The Cowardice of Donald Trump

Ferguson BLM activist Darren Seals dies at 29 - killer is at large

'Flagrant disregard': UN condemns North Korean missile launches

Just re-lived 9/11. There was a program about the attack on the Pentagon

Keep in mind, 538 rates all pollsters after an election happens.

Armed anarchists rally at Brock Turner's home: 'Try this again, we'll shoot you'

Salon: Years of smears have created a fictional version of Clinton.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce wants to use #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner to REGISTER voters

Luckovich Toon - Sickly (Hillary)

Florida resident calls Tea Party Gov. Rick Scott a ‘motherf*cker’ while giving him the finger

In U.S., Slim Majority Again Sees Unions as Helping Economy

Explain This To Me Like I'm a 3rd Grader - Clinton's Emails

827 Floridians joined NY's case against Trump U because Pam Bondi, FL attorney general,

Alas, Babylon

There is supposed to be some kind of forum tomorrow ....

“Taco trucks on every corner” Latinos for Trump founder, wife filed for bankruptcy 14 times.

Moody's economic model finds Clinton pulling away from Trump

I'm done with Chris Matthews of MSNBC.

Trump is trumpeting his endorsement by 88 retired military leaders. Romney got 500.

has anyone on DU gone on the

What a tiny, insignificant dictator.

Someone painted a mural along a city trail depicting LePage as a Klansman

Setting the email record straight

Niger bans the export of donkeys after Asian demand


Move over, Fellas!

Who's Banking on the Dakota Access Pipeline? - powerful financial & corporate interests on Wall St

I Just Finished My First Demo, I'd Appreciate If Someone Listned

Gary Johnson Is Dangerous – Libertarianism Is Not A Viable Alternative

Isn't it remarkable that Donald Trump's surrogates never want to talk about Donald Trump?

Yes, You Are A Racist If You Support Donald Trump

The Price of Solar Is Declining to Unprecedented Lows

Why is there not a Federal RICO investigation of Trump "University"?

How big is that Cyber?

Wait what? Trump held a fundraiser for Bondi

Experts say that sex robots will be better in bed than any human being

Washington Post poll puts Texas and Mississippi as tossups

LePage says he’ll speak only to talk radio, not news media

Here's the problem with the Trump/Bondi connection

Those darn polls

we can get rid of darell issa

Julian Assange (Wikileaks) Was Campaigning on the Hannity Show Tonight

Missouri poll shows leads for Trump, Blunt; Koster leads Greitens in race for governor

So Hillary coughed ...

trump: from now on, i will only bribe ag's who have gone through extreme vetting. extreme. vetting.

GOP polling outfit: Missouri poll shows leads for Trump

Good choice

Trump Held Fundraiser For Pam Bondi At Mar-a-Lago After She Dropped Investigation

It's all personal with DRUMPF: Failed business deals in Mexico got him to his wall

Assange: Clinton leaks could come as early as next week

OMG, Miller time!!

King County paramedics develop EpiPen alternative - for a fraction of the cost

Funny story

Donald Trump had a fundraiser for Pam Bondi

You Can't Stop the Beat

Greg Abbott and Trumps pay to play

Movement underway to add MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid

Boston Globe: Clinton, Trump, and why the media are failing us

Question. I live in Alabama which is a right to work state. I requested part time hours...

Is the CNN poll for real?

Sexual Orientation, Controversy, and Science

Ha ha -->STUPID Trump Mocks Clinton Classification Mistake, Makes Mistake Himself

Surprise update on DRUMPF's "taco truck" dude: A serial scam artist. Well, not a surprise.

Ms. Marvel's On-Screen Future Teased By Joe Quesada

Study: Banks pump billions into deforestation-linked firms in Southeast Asia

Guam Power Authority Loses Four Baseload Generators; Residents to See 2 Hour Load Shedding Intervals

Guam Governor Using Next Year's Cash For This Year's Tax Refund Expenses

Trump won’t talk about being a birther — or many other controversial comments

Donald Trump appears to contradict Mexican president on not paying for wall: ‘He didn’t say that’

Lawsuit accuses Golden State Warriors of spying on fans thru team app

Magnitude-4.0 earthquake beneath Mauna Loa

Media mentions of candidate foundations Sept 1 - 4 (tweet - WaPo)

Foreign hacking concerns hang over election.

Forrest Trump

Joe Miller to run as Libertarian in hopes of unseating US Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Nome wants to turn these Cold War-era antennae into a tourist destination

It might be good to bring back the LONG list of Republican sex offenders.

Anchorage Senate candidate says she played no part in $1.5M tax settlement made by husband’s company

Alaska lawmakers shut down regional offices on Friday afternoons to save money

UN: Without ‘occupation’ Palestinian economy could double

University of Alaska: Hacker breached data system

Wow check out Marc Cuban on Fox.

Clinton Still in Electoral College Command But Map is Less Favorable; And Is Texas Truly In Play?

Paralympics begin today

D.C. Fire Department Lacks Available Reserve Fire Trucks

Hogan invited to testify in support of Northrop Grumman deal

Federal judge dismisses fraud case against pharmacy chain, blasts prosecutors' actions

Delaware mental health services get more oversight

Ferguson Protest Leader Darren Seals Found Dead in Vehicle

Freedom of the press in Turkey: german interview confiscated because they didn't like the questions

RANDY RAINBOW Interviews LATINOS FOR TRUMP #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner

Murder of Mother and Daughter in Missouri Under Investigation as Anti-LGBT Hate Crime

Will Troy Aikman Beat Up New Co-Worker Skip Bayless for Calling Him Gay?

Revealed: Conway, Bannon Members of Secretive Group, Council for National Policy

Daily Holidays September 7

Dallas Morning News: We recommend Hillary Clinton for U.S. president

Dallas Morning News: We recommend Hillary Clinton for U.S. president

In 2 cases, Texans admit preparing false tax returns, costing U.S. $1.6M in all

Saudi Mufti: Iran leaders not Muslim, Iran decries Saudi 'extremism'

Lipton Workers Vote to Unionize: “Everyone just got tired of it”

Suspect: Devil told him to shoot two 13-year-old girls over frustration with being single

Claudia’s Law Aimed At Ending Inhumane Workloads, Harassment Of Long Beach Hotel Workers

True grit: Alice Lord demanded respect for working women — and won

Trump Supporters Open Campaign Office in West Bank, Declaring Him Good for the Settlers

2:29 am and eating Spicy, Spicy Chow Mein.

Major 50-state poll (WaPo/Survey Monkey) shows leads for Clinton in key states

More of Trump's lobbying history.

Iran vessel 'harasses,' sails close to U.S. Navy ship in Gulf: U.S. officials

North Texas Hospitals Face $27 Million Penalty in Medicaid Dispute

After insult, U.S. and Clinton call for Duterte to show respect

Christie: Does NJEA want me to 'short' pension payment?

Fed's Williams sees 'unsustainable tension' on pot-related banking

Peas in a pod: The long and twisted relationship between Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani

U.S. personnel management hack preventable, congressional probe finds

Ohio coroner links elephant tranquilizer to series of overdose deaths

Trump Held Fundraiser For Pam Bondi At Mar-a-Lago After She Dropped Investigation

In Bridgegate trial, politics as usual under Christie will be judged

Armed, retired cops in N.J. schools? Not yet, says Christie

Morning Joe safe to watch today

NJ Democrats begin Christie end-run on minimum wage

Millions of dollars returned to N.J. doctors, hospitals for cost-saving care

Donald Trump Stumbles and Lies His Way Through Vets Town Hall

Donald Trump Stumbles and Lies His Way Through Vets Town Hall

Retired general calls Trump's 30-day ISIS order 'sophomoric'

S. Jersey GOP candidate blames hacking for rape comments [Graphic language]

Trump-Supporting Black Pastor Called Out for Multiple Lies, Walks Out of Interview

Lunatic Trump Supporter Warns of "Taco Trucks on Every Corner"

Meet the little-known, highly paid statistician masterminding the democratic candidate’s campaign st

After 45 years, Rendells to divorce

Pennsylvania Turnpike's finances headed south, audit finds

Corruption! Bribery! Put Them under oath!

Hillary Clinton Tells Philippine President Duterte to Show Some 'Respect'

Los Angeles Airport Shooter Pleads Guilty, Faces Life Term

NY AG's office: "We do not take advice on who to investigate from Donald Trump"

Koch brothers Hispanic group airs TV ads for Rubio

Trump Surrogate Admits To Joy Reid: Trump Did 'Pay-For-Play'

"'C' is for CORRUPTION"

Moody's: Negative outlook for Philadelphia

Mayor charged with stealing $8K from social club resigns

Trump, Being Presidential just like our forefathers, he wears a wig.

Trump Held Fundraiser For Bondi At Mar-a-Lago After She Dropped Investigation

The 10 religious sites every atheist should see

Dallas Morning News endorses Clinton for president

Did Dakota Access Pipeline Company Deliberately Destroy Sacred Sioux Burial Sites?

The Pam Bondi story has legs

Wage-theft victory aims to encourage fight against rights’ abuse

Wage-theft victory aims to encourage fight against rights’ abuse

CNN Admits They Serve As Parrots For The RNC

A row over roads highlights the growing sway of Israel’s religious hardliners

There are eight Epipens alternatives in Europe. Our FDA will not approve them here

Trump lays out plan how to defeat ISIS "quickly", "effectively" and with "total victory".


Poll: Arizona a toss-up between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

9/5/16 LANCE/MODIS Imagery Shows Shredded Icepack Stretching 100s Of Miles From North Pole

72% Of Americans Hold Catholic Sisters In High Regard, Yet Have Limited Understanding Of Their Work

Hungarian Camerawoman Indicted for 2015 Assault on Migrants

25/30 Companies That Signed Climate Pledge In 2015 Fund 130 Denier Campaigns - Inhofe, Grassley, etc

17-Year Study Providing High CO2 Levels, Heat To Mixed Plant Communities Ends; Does Not End Well

He said she doesn't look presidential. Her camp responds...

“When I call, they kiss my ass."

Navajo Code Talker Joe Kellwood dies at 95

Rick Scott and Pam Bondi are for sale...and always have been...

JPR: "Duterte must be good because he bashes Obama!"

I can only assume Dicki-o-vic is practicing black magic

That's about it.

Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Doesn’t Measure Up on Foreign Policy

Rally for Standing Rock - Washington Square Park, NYC - September 9 at 5pm

Is it possible that the Clinton Camp is saving up the juiciest Trump scandals for the homestretch?

Challenging Sexist Language: an open letter to the NYT


Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- drumph

Nancy Pelosi Urges Paul Ryan to Ban Republicans From Using Hacked Documents

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz endorses Hillary Clinton

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest


"Lock him up!"

Hello September!!!

Dallas Morning News endorses Democrat for President for first time in 75 years

4,500 people were shot and killed while Congress went on vacation: report

Here's trump looking "presidential":

Religion decline helps the Democratic Party

Ahead of ‘commander-in-chief forum,’ Clinton mocks Trump’s fitness for the job

Ugh..Trump win the coin toss and will go last

Democrats are crushing in presidential and senatorial race in Maryland

So after Attorney General Bondi decided not to investigate Trump he thew her a party-SMH

Only 1 email that isn't a duplicate of what was already turned over-& it is a letter of congratulati

Wil Wheaton calls the media out for ignoring Trump Foundation scandal

Call me crazy...didn't Trump insinuate at the beginning of his campaign he engaged in pay for play?

New trove of Clinton Benghazi emails proves thin Read more:


Empathy for Black Lives Matter - By Glenn Beck (NYT Op-ed)

Pay to Play, Mr. Trump? By the Editorial Board of the NYT

Dallas Morning News endorses Hillary Clinton, backing first Democrat in 76 years

Stein to be Charged with Vandalism

Dems paint Trump as Russia’s pawn

Female genital mutilation needed because Egyptian men are ‘sexually weak,’ lawmaker says

New PPP polls: Clinton +5 PA, +5 NH, +2 IA plus Senate numbers

All Eyes on Christie as Bridgegate Trial Begins

A new legal assault on firearm makers: Some guns may be dangerous

Mar Largo?

Brazil Coup Govt Unleashes Wave of Repression on 100,000 Protesters

Trump and Ms. Bondi are looking kind of cozy here.....

Harry Enten (538): {The Race} is not particularly "close"

Does Boris Epshteyn get paid by the word?

Stay cool

Today's Google Doodle: The Paralympics begin in Rio.

How the Far Right Media Took Over the GOP

Emails and Karma

Rousseff leaves Brazil presidential palace for last time

"Why I Think the GOP Will Have Control in 2017"

Trump and Bondi - Down memory lane with our own L. Coyote

Trump ending media ‘blacklist’

VIDEO: Lawrence O'Donnell Explains The "Ugly" Details Of The Trump's Illegal Donation To Bondi

Wow! I just saw a picture of Obama & Trumputin!


Senator Calls For Homeland Security To Investigate Trump's Model Agency

September 1 protest Caracas

Did prominent Detroit officer ask hitman to kill 'White Boy' Rick?

Experts at Fox News, who study Clinton enough, make an amazing discovery...

The Winner for Best Labor Day Barbecue

greatest page not loading today.

"O’Reilly to Trump: Has Birtherism Hurt You With Black Voters?"

Guns and the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Dallas Morning News endorses 1st Dem presidential nominee since before WW II, 75yrs/20 elections

Stop watching cable news - especially right wing cronies like anderson cooper - they don't

Trump's Plan to End Isis and Cut Military Budget at the Same Time

i tried watching cnn last night - gave up after 30 seconds when i noticed the pro trump

So, who will investigate Pam Bondi? When will that start?

gloria borger is a stupid right wing shrill. i change the station as soon as she comes on.

Black Physicist PHD pioneers groundbreaking cancer treatment using laser

So, Who is this Boris Epshteyn - Trump Shill?

I am so proud of my President and his trip to Laos

Battle of Little Big Horn - Interactive Tapestry

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Foreign Policy Masterclass

Am I the only person

College athlete gets 15 years for rape of unconscious woman

Election 2016 – Too Close for Comfort

Trump probably reminds Ed Cox of his late father-in-law

Trump Could Be More Incoherent The Palin & Still Get A Lot Of Supporters.

Venezuela Pets Go Hungry as Economic Crisis Deepens

"Happily married?"

The Boll Weevil Song

Liberal watchdog group to ask IRS to investigate Trump Foundation’s political gift

1982 LS Powered DeLorean DMC-12: Regular Car Reviews

Alice Barker, Dancer - a short and sweet film.

Trump, reversing position, says he will release full medical record

Texas ex-"governor" GOODHAIR on Dancing with the Stars. Definitions of "dancing" & "stars" needed.

Timeline of Bondi Bribe (excerpt from Drum article, Mother Jones)

YukiBomb Travels to Japan

Four minutes of comic relief - Never, ever, dare to ask...

Republicans seek to censure Obama administration on $400 million ‘ransom’ to Iran

Covering Your Tracks - Railroad, that is...

Another group that loses if Trump wins? Animals. (WaPo)

I didn't know Trump paid 0$ taxes for the four years records were released. Wow.

Donald Trump’s immigration hypocrisy - By The WaPo Editorial Board

Bloomberg reported a poll which showed that the military overwhelmingly prefer trump over Hillary,

Remember John Ashcroft?

UPDATED Mexico's finance minister, who played a key role in Trump visit, steps down...

The Mosque Across the Street

When the M$M likes a candidate!

Guy Gets Kicked Off Plane For Trying To Kiss Cabin Crew (VIDEO)


Retired general calls Trump's 30-day ISIS order 'sophomoric'

Just how crazy are the 9-11 "truthers?"

Breaking..CNBC - Way to go Donald Trump! Foreign Policy

2016's Cutest Dogs on Capital Hill

Climate Revolution - Rally, Concert, Film - Rockaway Beach, NYC Sept 8th 5:30 - 10pm

Why the Founder of Standing Rock Sioux Camp Can’t Forget the Whitestone Massacre

Why the Founder of Standing Rock Sioux Camp Can’t Forget the Whitestone Massacre

Why the Founder of Standing Rock Sioux Camp Can’t Forget the Whitestone Massacre

Can this Marriage be saved????


Why the Founder of Standing Rock Sioux Camp Can’t Forget the Whitestone Massacre

Mexico's Finance Minister Videgaray, who helped arrange Trump's visit to Mexico, resigns

The Disgraced and Little-Known Generals Backing Donald Trump

Clinton, Trump, and why the media are failing us in 2016

Will Lester Holt let someone whisper in Trump's ear?

Did Donald Trump’s Tweets Imperil a Marine Jailed in Mexico?

Chrissie Hynde has a birthday today.

WTF?? CLINTONKAINE.COM takes you to drumpfs site??

Trump Admits Audit Has Nothing To Do With Release Of His Tax Returns

TYT: Attack Dogs Used Against Native American Protesters

Buddy Holly was born on this date.

Just got an email from the Texas Republican Party!

Senator Calls For Homeland Security To Investigate Trump's Model Agency

Kayleigh McEnany claims Trump money to Bondi exposes ‘the system’

Zika Funding Fails Again in Congress (tried to eliminate Planned Parenthood and cut the VA)

Resettled Syrians Find Solace With U.S. Christians

A New(?) Turn of Events Re: EpiPen and Mylan.

All three cable networks air Trump’s town hall live while showing Clinton’s rally in a tiny box

I'm glad the race is tightening at this point.

Berman and Bolduan are doing great today calling out Trump for lying about being for Iraq , Libya

Russian Greens blast Jill Stein’s silence on Putin’s human rights abuses

But I thought you know more about ISIS than the Generals!

Farming adaptations to combat climate change impact crop yields in 2050

Watch: King of Norway’s incredible speech on gay rights goes viral

CNN's Corey Lewandowski Flat-Out Lies About Trump's History Of Using Undocumented Workers

Watching Trump painful...

After months behind bars, the face of the armed Oregon occupation goes on trial

Texas wedding venue places ad telling same-sex couples they’re not welcome

A note from the Texas Republican Party to Me in it's entirety!

BUSTED: Ivanka Also Bribed Florida Attorney General To Cover Up Trump U Scandal

Donald Trump will stop blacklisting media outlets

Julian Assange

Some of the maggot's 88 Generals aren't so great

Katrina Pierson vilifies Dallas Morning News as a ‘liberal paper’ for backing first Dem in 75 years

how many ******* generals and admirals do we need? and what are they costing the

Nuclear Don

Koizumi: Abe’s Fukushima ‘under control’ pledge was a lie

Gas tanks and Arabic documents found in unmarked car by Paris' Notre Dame cathedral

PPP: Trump +1 in Florida (4-way), Clinton +1 in 2-way

Desperate Gov. McCrory attacks trans teens in new ad aimed at saving his flailing NC campaign

Ammon Bundy's lawyer argues for his client's right to wear cowboy boots at trial

Trump: Israel will be destroyed unless I’m elected

"See, I didn't know he was gettin' eatin up by bees I thought he was just high."

Female WWII pilot Elaine Harmon will finally be laid to rest at Arlington

Female WWII pilot Elaine Harmon will finally be laid to rest at Arlington

Female WWII pilot Elaine Harmon will finally be laid to rest at Arlington

Japanese-Indian crowned Miss Japan, drawing mixed reaction

DOJ... come on down... Check this out on Bondi ! People forgot this news from Orlando Sentinel

Real-life Nessie: Ancient Scottish sea monster finally getting its due

First ease tension to start improving bilateral ties between Japan and China

Trump said we will be one nation under one god

Amlo auctions off assets of illegal tour operator

Donald Gave Huge Discount for Florida AG Fundraiser After She Dropped Trump U Case


Finally! A news outlet is calling Bondi-gate a SCANDAL!

Surprise! Beijing police are having a hard time enforcing new electric scooter and segway ban

New book reveals Bill Clinton’s rogue diplomacy against the Iraq War

New perovskite research discoveries may lead to solar cell, LED advances

[PV] Heartsdales - Foxy Lady [Official Video] [HQ]

Hong Kong vote highlights rising anti-China mood

For Florida AG Pam Bondi, 'pay-to-look-away' was about more than Donald Trump

Yes, I am a strong Hillary partisan, and no I am not ashamed of it.

National Data Buoy Center

IMPO: Politifact will be live fact-checking the Commander-in-Chief forum tonight!

'Foul-mouthed' Duterte most popular politician in Philippines

Erdogan: Turkey and US 'ready to invade' Isis capital

USA Freedom Kids Sue Trump

This bizzaro Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have been a destructive force. But she lost in the end.

This bizzaro Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have been a destructive force. But she lost in the end.

This bizzaro Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have been a destructive force. But she lost in the end.

Iceland goose hunt turns up 1,000-year-old sword

Crazy for Japanese Actor Shun Oguri? Here Are 6 of His Finest Roles Yet!

Complaint filed by CREW against Trump with the IRs

Trump's pay for play scandal intensifies

Panama Papers: Denmark to buy leaked data

Protest In London Against Deportation Flight at Jamaican Embassy

Trump says Hillary is "trigger-happy" and "unstable" and temperamentally "unfit" to be President...

Big B Radio #JPOP - The Hot Station for Asian Music (free streaming~ No membership required)

Charges against radio talk show host dismissed on eve of standoff trial - #BundyTeaParty

Desperately slamming Krugman: Columnist unfairly targeted for anti-Trump, pro-Hillary commentary

Lawmakers Looking at Novel Way to Punish Maine Governor

Poetic Invective: Trump's Bondigate #BondiGate

Ted Cruz Blasts Obama for Supporting ‘Rich, Spoiled Athlete’ Colin Kaepernick

FEC To God: Prove You Exist, Or We're Booting You From 2016 Race

Just saw my first Trump commercial, in Michigan

'Bridgegate' co-conspirators can remain secret: U.S. appeals court

Ladonna Brave Bull: Why Do We Have To Fight For Our Own Land?

Thanks Obama! Uninsured Rate Drops Below 9 Percent For First Time In History

Wish me luck (or keep me in your prayers)

U.S. House Republicans to discuss whether to impeach IRS chief

U.S. lawmakers want moratorium on commercial flights to Cuba

Dem Senator Barbara Boxer calls for probe into Trump modeling company

U.S. lawmakers want moratorium on commercial flights to Cuba

I *heart* Chelsea Clinton (live on CNN right now)

Robert Reich is a god

Clinton touts 95 major military endorsements (checkmate)

Republican Investigations of Hillary

Wonder what this world would be like . . . .

Anyone here receive a 'polling' call from, or know about a group called 'Informed Electorate'?

Chinese pop idol bringing sexy back to baseball turns into a GIF

Been on a roll about suicide and guns lately. Now we have more evidence that simple

The 20 Best Ann Coulter Insults at the Rob Lowe Roast

"We will be one people, under one God, saluting one American flag."

Zika funding bill fails in the Senate

Just heard on thom Hartmann as told by bob ney that the Mexican official who invited trump has been

Please sign this Petition for Media Matters Regarding Trump Coverage

Trump funnies

Take It Apart.

Ulali Project at River People Festival 2014

Science Moms Trailer #1

Can someone tell me where I can watch the presidential forum online?

IAVA forum tonight: Clinton goes first

Take It Apart.

Proof that Emerson polls are crap: Clinton +3 in Rhode Island

Declining Bird Community on Kauai Island Reveals Threat of Changing Environmental Conditions

"As Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Grows, Where Are Obama and Clinton?"

Retired Brass endorsements - 95 to 88, advantage Hillary

Trump-Bondi Scandal Toon

John Urschel fits MIT into the off-season, only gets A's in a math PhD program.

Wait, why would black voters be upset if I insinuated President Obama is not a US citizen?

Township moves to halt gas production, citing anger over royalties

Obama tried to kill Putin?


NY State A.G.'s press release, 2013: "Even if the perpetrator's name is Donald Trump."

University of Buenos Aires ranked best university in Latin America, 85th in the world.

I will be so happy when...

Did Construction Crews Destroy Native American Burial Grounds On Purpose?

Donald Trump v. Patriotic Millionaires

Before Afropunk, There Was Fishbone

University of Buenos Aires ranked best university in Latin America, 85th in the world.

Tweet: Trump plans to "build up" the Air Force

Zika funding stalls due to RW riders. UBC fails due to gun-control riders...

FBI turns up new Benghazi email ... which lavishes praise on Clinton

Justice Department Accuses Texas Of Circulating 'Misleading' Voter ID Info

House Armed Services Committee Chair Won't Say If Trump Is Fit To Be Prez

American Indians have fired up the Iowans to stop the DACL - non violent training this Sat

The Dumbest Election Ever: “Phlegmghazi” Is Now A Thing

Walker, GOP 'austerity' legislators trigger new local road fees

Uh, Y'all May Want To Take A Look At The NSIDC Arctic Sea Ice Concentration Map For 9/5/16

Another massive graft probe opens in Brazil

Looking to move to Baileyville ME...any advise?

In 2013 Trump said the NY lawsuit against Trump U was a shakedown. Suggested Obama behind it.

Another massive graft probe opens in Brazil

Please send good thoughts and prayers my way. . .

Bill Clinton makes clear Trump check to Bondi was a bribe

THAT guy

My NEW Twitter war: I have a new target. RUDE Trump surrogate "Babbling Boris" Epshteyn

Question about the Bondi thing

The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 7, 2016

TONIGHT NBC 'Commander in Chief Forum, LIVE from New York City- Clinton & Trump.

Did Pam Bondi report

Oil pipelines, fracking and the Trump connection

Bollywood legend's advice to granddaughters divides opinion

Donald Trump Describes Females by Their Breast Size

Postal vote

Please, we need a fourth option ...

WaPo: Why isn’t Trump facing a bribery investigation? By Jennifer Rubin September 7 at 12:15 PM

In court disposition Trump "doesn't know the answer to a question 100's of times"

Game of Thrones - No, Angela Lansbury will NOT be in season 7

The WaPo's David Fahrenthold breaks down the controversy over Trump's improper $25,000 donation

Number of Uninsured Hits New Low, Now Let’s Make Healthcare Affordable

Bill Clinton pics & fine write-up from Orlando speech today

People With Disabilities Aren’t Entitled to the Minimum Wage

Texas teachers are uniting to oppose this unbelievably racist textbook about Mexicans

Only one new Benghazi email in 15,000 docs recovered from Clinton server, State Department says

on twitter:

TreyGowdy finally agreed to debate. Blue state DUers please send Fedalei some bucks.

Laura's Harrowing Ordeal: Driving While Black

Hillary and Haiti - What's the Root Cause?

For disabled voters, strength in numbers brings political clout

#BernMachine starting Cannon Ball ND Run to support Standing Rock Sioux protest...ETA 11pm 9/8

Hillary Clinton is bringing an armed forces entourage to NBC’s military forum

Tamron Hall Methodically Destroys Squirming Trump Backer: ‘I Realize You’ve Come Locked and Loaded’

FBI director defends Clinton email probe, document releases

US Open fans

Hillary tops Trump in # of endorsing retired Generals and Admirals: 95 vs. 88.

Did you know that Pam Bondi delayed an execution because it conflicted with campaign fundraiser

DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak

So a Russian jet comes within 10 feet of our military.

Update on the college iron skillet...

Adrian Younge and the Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra "Shot Me in the Heart"

Obama on #NoDAPL - President Obama in Laos - Town Hall Question SEPTEMBER 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Burying Donald Trump On TV In Battleground States

Sen. Boxer said Wednesday the Dept of Homeland Security should investigate Trump Model Agency

Why Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox News so suddenly

HuffPo down all day

BOSTON GLOBER: Trump’s Bondi donation is NOT nothing!

Republican ex-defense secretary William Cohen backs Clinton

Trump is ready to put the U.S. into an enormous recession

How the Bloody Hell do,,,,,,

FYI, Hillary campaigner just knocked on my door

I got polled!

Adrian Younge - Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)

How Many More Disasters Before Republicans Take Climate Change Seriously?

It Is Not Easy

Poll: Want a happy life, healthy brain, and be viewed as sexy? Learn a 2nd language

Trump massively rebuilding the military will help people in their stock portfolios. Three years

Well I'm sort of happy. Spoiler

Poll: Arizona a toss-up between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Too bad it couldn't be another 4 years :(

First on CNN: FBI director defends Clinton email probe, document releases

Got another political polling phone call for Florida...and I told them what I really think of Trump

Do we know who is on first in the Commander in Chief forum?

Tonight's forum a tough call for elderly vets in audience. They side with the good old boys.

President Obama Meets Informally With Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte After Insult

AT&T Exploits Massive Loophole to Deny Budget Internet to Some Low-Income Customers

Dakota Access Pipeline Rally: Phil Lane Jr

Vietnam veterans and Iraq veterans have a lot in common.

To be fair, Trump could possibly defeat ISIS

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Voter Purge Rules

Trump Is The Corrupt Candidate With A Charity Problem Not Hillary Clinton

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FBI Director Comey defending release of papers- #nocliffhanger #nocase

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Ammon Bundy's Lawyer Fights For His Right To Dress Like 'Cowboy' At Trial

FBI Director Defends Timing Of Clinton Email Probe Document Dump

A deer at the creek.

I went to the food shelf today..

Donald Trump surrogate fails miserably explaining alleged bribery of Florida AG Pam Bondi

Mexico's finance secretary resigns after Trump visit

Jake Tapper schools Kayleigh McEnany: Democrats aren’t ‘goading’ Trump into releasing taxes

FL limits campaign donations to $1000 per candidate/year. Trump wanted to give $25,000 to Bondi.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 8 September 2016

Apple has become egregious.

49% say they trust Clinton on immigration, 47% trust Trump

25 logical reasons to vote for Donald Trump

Argentine Vice President Gabriela Michetti's right-wing think tank SUMA raided over irregularities.

Trump-Bondi Bribery Scandal Memes

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This is how fascism comes to America

Trump grows America's Military

Trump Announces 88 Top Former Military Officials Backing Him. Romney Had 500.

Oh Puke! Liar Kellyanne is seated next to Matthews to

Dan Savage: Think you can safely vote for Jill Stein? Think Again!

Oscar’s Ageism

there is no double standard, so quit saying that!

I have a favor to ask...

Taking a politics break till the debates, or: Bye (for now) Felicia!

Clinton campaign calls Trump a schoolyard bully- DON'T DO THAT! TRUMP & SUPPORTERS LIKE THAT!

I read the guidelines, but I don't see a "blue Post" button.

Musician Brian Eno Upholds BDS, Refuses To Let Israeli Dance Company Use Music

Why does Trump beat Hillary by 19 points among

Looks like three issues with DT are sticking

Obama Glosses Over DAPL Question

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and Serena better win against this little pipsqueak.....Halep......

"I join with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe..." Sen. Bernie Sanders

Mexico's finance secretary resigns after Trump visit

Official Commander in Chief thread

Latin American banana workers’ claims over pesticide are revived in U.S.