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HuffPo - "Shut Down The Trump Organization. Now." Said No One in MSM

US banks wary of being Trump's immigration enforcer

SOS! Hillary signs 'n swag needed in Blue States

MSNBC Life ofObama on now

Reposting: The white man in the Carlos/Smith photo

Shut Down The Trump Organization. Now.

Joe Biden’s fiery attack: ‘So many like Trump look at us like we’re not their equal, I’m sick of it’

They finally got their damn press conference. Maybe now they'll shut the fuck up!

Sanders on the Dakota Access Pipeline, Standing Rock

Hillary Clinton not concerned with ‘conspiracy theories’ — claims ‘I’ve lost track of them’

Hilarious story by my maple walnut friend, Al Howard

Every time I see Obama, I smile

Eugene Robinson: The ugliest, most appalling spectacle in American politics

Pics from the Clinton/Kaine Rallys today.

I'm paying $24.99 every time I turn around now. Latest is season 4 of Bates motel

Dear Lounge,

#NODAPL: Native Ceremony Honors Protector Against Pipeline - Happy American Horse

Fully Autonomous Cars Are Unlikely, Says America’s Top Transportation Safety Official

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Labor Day! Best of Malloy! Live, Uncensored & a new

Violett Beane Spotted On Set Of ‘The Flash’ In Jesse Quick Speedster Suit

Top Safety Official Doesn’t Trust Automakers to Teach Ethics to Self-Driving Cars

Surya Gayatri wanted to say hello.

Forest Trump


Name that kitten!

$2700 or $100,000

Got the results of my Myers Brigg test

Why It’s Absurd for a Pastor To Give Donald Trump a Jewish Prayer Shawl

Crooked Hillary?

How To Beat Donald Trump In A Debate

U.N. Human Rights Chief Blasts ‘Demagogues’ of Western Nations

CNN special on HRC just about finished.

Kevin Mcarthy's bengahzi statement about Hillary needs to be at least a web ad

Pay Attention! Tesla’s Autopilot Will Lock Out Lackadaisical Drivers

The Latest: Trump praises ‘patriot’ Phyllis Schlafly

More Colin Kaepernick merchandise sold in last week than previous 8 months combined

Trump lost a vote in Missouri today

Russia is squeezing NASA for more than $3.3 billion — and there's little anyone can do about it

Prepare to be Underwhelmed by 2021’s Autonomous Cars

What happens when 4-star Air Force general is accused of sexual assault?

Trump dismisses questions about improper gift to Florida attorney general (WP headline)

Trump Surrogate Admits To Joy Reid: Trump Did 'Pay-For-Play'

Joe Biden & Tim Kaine Devastate Donald Trump In Fiery Labor Day Speech

7 dead, at least 5 injured in separate shootings across Chicago

Will Kasich endorse?

I've been watching the Rob Lowe roast on Comedy Central and Ann Coulter

Did we forget - ComCen Roast of Rob LOWE (actually COULTERgeist) starts again at 12ET

ComCen Roast of Rob LOWE (actually, of COULTERgeist) starts again at 12ET

Clinton Says Trump Created 'Diplomatic Incident' With Mexico Trip

RIP Phyllis Schlafly

There are deer at the salt lick.

US OPEN..... an 18 year old just knocked off one of my favorites, Radwanska

Women for Hillary and Lawyers for Hillary evening with Senator Elizabeth Warren

Corporate profits in Argentina down 32% in 2nd quarter, and by 52% in real terms.

Corporate profits in Argentina down 32% in 2nd quarter, and by 52% in real terms.

Powerful refugee video "Refugenes"

Dallas police officer arrested after allegedly choking girlfriend at Omni Hotel

Freddie Mercury would have turned 70 today

Dallas police sergeant accused of criminal trespassing in Southlake

Texas stops helping poor families pay their electric bills

Hillary to the Press reTrump:" If you find a turtle on a fence post, it didn’t get there by itself"

Former Aledo great Johnathan Gray hasn’t given up on NFL dream

Texas police officer, 3 others arrested in $150K cattle rustling ring

Police investigating threats to kill Jewish, Muslim students at S.C. high school

Most Israelis support referendum on two states

Johnny Manziel is back to working on his degree at Texas A&M University

The Cowardice of Donald Trump

2016's Strangest Swing State

Trump dismisses questions about improper gift to Florida attorney general

Anybody watch the rob Lowe roast?

State settlements settle back near yearly normal

Clinton Emails: FOIA is not the Federal Records Act

Peace in the Middle East - Federalism not territorial disintegration?

Fewer orange cones? New Missouri law may speed up projects

Responding to college-cost audit, Nixon touts affordability

Missouri woman wins $507K judgment in needle-in-back case

As a chef in NYC, I have officially never seen anyone on so much cocaine.

From remote stronghold, Haiti fugitive seeks political power

From remote stronghold, Haiti fugitive seeks political power

Phyllis Schlafly: a self-loathing human.

Army Corps of Engineers won't oppose tribe's restraining order on pipeline work on what they say ...

Swiss Balk At EU Concept Of Stripping ‘Assault Rifles’ From The People

Dickinson State University housing complex sits empty as neighbors voice concerns about parking

I simply must share this.

Road sales tax won't make November ballot

Pollution particles 'get into brain'

NDSU political scientist finds 'big holes' in ND campaign financing law

Puerto Rico debt fix unlikely to resemble Detroit's

Bayer offers $65bn to win control of Monsanto

100-mph winds damage homes in Springfield

Julee Cruise - The Nightingale (VIDEO)

Drug analyst can't keep up with rise in meth

Judge to consider another settlement in 38 Studios lawsuit

State’s debt-collection agency about two months from full go

Nebraska corrections staff could get raises of up to 11.8% under Ricketts plan

Pokémon Go game frustrates Nebraska cemetery officials

On being a black female math whiz during the space race

Health insurance rate increases may have some Nebraskans in sticker shock

Moment of silence for all the people hurt by Phyliss Schlafly in her lifetime

High stakes in Kansas Supreme Court retention vote

This is what propaganda looks like: RT reporting radically different on russian and US-corruption.

Hillary Clinton to address delegates of National Baptist Convention in KC Thursday

Daily Holidays September 6

Brownback administration input process for school finance contrasts with an earlier project: KanCare


Kansas tax collections $10M short of expectations in August

I just saw an ad for a pot shop on local tv

London Times oped on irrationality in British (and US) politics

Donald J. Trump Presents: The Ultimate Merger

Ranchers, environmental group settle trespass lawsuit

Two faced wall

Wyoming stands to lose $900M if feds keep minerals in the ground

Trump's statement on Schlafly

What issues other than immigration and trade

Death Toll in Tel Aviv Collapse Rises to 3; Palestinian, Israeli Workers Feared Trapped

Will Presidential Debate Moderators Really Not Challenge Lies?

40 years after Knievel, daredevil will try to jump Snake River Canyon

FLASHBACK: Mike Pence: 'It Is A Literal Truth... I Am In Congress Today Because Of Rush Limbaugh'

Get off your high-horse Joe

Idaho AG files suit to recover payments on void broadband contract

***NBC/Survey Monkey Poll: Clinton 48, Trump 42***

Trump's sugar daddy: Mercer

After Obama Cancels Talk, Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines Says He Regrets Slur

Elizabeth Warren slams right-wing health conspiracies: Have they looked at Donald Trump?

BBC Panorama: Sellafield's Nuclear Safety Failings (Video)

What if Zuckerberg were a Nigerian atheist?

Normative Commitments: A Philosophical Vision for the Study of Religion

Gun shows & the ill named loophole

Will private citizens push for bribery charges against Florida or Texas Attorney General offices?

ABC is trumpeting a tied race this morning

Seattle’s new, overbudget computer system let utility customers see others’ bills

WAPO: A new 50-state poll shows exactly why Clinton holds the advantage over Trump

Catholic university Georgetown is the first U.S. college with a Hindu chaplain

RIP Journalism

Washington Supreme Court to hear school funding debate

Alien theorists cry foul, claim UFO sabotaged SpaceX mission as company measures financial damage

Black Lives Matter Activists Shut Down London City Airport By Occupying Its Runway

Malheur Refuge Headquarters Will Remain Closed During Trial

Trump earns endorsement of 88 retired generals, admirals

French researcher 3-D prints a clitoris - and wow, it's amazing.

The problem with the Corporate Media Manufactured Horse Race is that

A new 50-state poll shows exactly why Clinton holds the advantage over Trump

Has Kellyanne come out of hiding? John Miller? the 1040's?

Clinton 46% - Trump 45% !!! (Washington Post/Survey Monkey poll)

A&E special about JonBenét Ramsey...

Sports Direct to offer some staff guaranteed hours

Does anybody still remember how totally OFF CNN/Orc polls were during the Dem primary?

Poll: Nine weeks out, a near even race

The Trump-Bondi bribery scandal

Modern Family star dies

Democrats’ Hopes For Senate Majority Hang By A Slim Thread

POLL: Meme of the Week – September 6th

Will one bad decision by Hillary doom us all

Michael Bennet, Darryl Glenn to debate for first time at Club 20 event in Grand Junction

5 Things to Know About Tim Kaine

Prediction..In October the MSM will shift very strongly in favor of Hillary...

Tuesday Toon Roundup

As you wish, Ms Schlafly

Montana: Insurance prices putting the squeeze on Univ. of Montana, state, budgets

It's Taco Tuesday

Montana: Indian Health Service care criticized as 'genocidal' despite improvement efforts

Montana: Democrats dominating 2016 campaign spending in Montana

Here are the state by state numbers of that massive ABC News Poll of all 50 states:

private security dogs maul Native Americans, children and horses. OBAMA SEND HELP NOW.

Please riddle me this...

Press Asking Questions to Trump on His Plane

Nate Silver weighs in on the CNN poll specifically. Trumpers are not happy with him

Both CNN and MSNBC are covering the Rump/Bondi scandal, fairly extensively.

Enbridge to buy Spectra Energy in $28 billion deal

any retired pilots out there?

Anjem Choudary jailed for five years and six months for urging support of Isis

BREAKING: Fox News Settles With Gretchen Carlson For $20 Million

Why Clinton’s perceived corruption seems to echo louder than Trump’s actual corruption

ITT Tech (predatory for profit school/chain) to cease operations

I have seasonal allergies, and clear my throat a lot during this time of year.

Mormon church reassigns some missionaries who were headed to Russia due to new law

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Both Sides Do It! Really!!! Edition

No Presidential candidate has ever overcome such a distance in the average of polls in modern times.

did I miss it? Why is there an ignore X when you post

Greta Van Susteren leaving Faux News effective immediately

Corporations are Vicious Sociopaths, made out of paper. "Regulations" are what protect us.

How the email "scandal" validates Hillary

Airwaves become war zone as Nevada Senate race heats up

Ex-Fox News host Gretchen Carlson settles sexual-harassment lawsuit for $20 million

ITT Technical Institute to Close After Government Cuts Off New Funding

Cupcakes! At a Baseball Game?

I hate the media

Folks, about 1 out of every 20 polls taken is going to show Trump leading Clinton

Crum Creek Bridge Replacement (Time Lapse)

Republicans should investigate James Comey and the FBI ...

Nevada Legislature mulls special session on NFL stadium

Greta Van Susteren to leave Fox News

WAPO: White Catholics struggle to get on board the Trump train

Dallas Morning News: Trump 'does not deserve your vote'

New Clinton campaign ad: "Sacrifice"

QUESTION: Which polling technique is more accurate? Registered Voters or Likely Voters?

Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton: 'I don't think she has a presidential look'

Clinton campaign plans over 150 events this week to mobilize female voters

I Wonder If Ann Coulter Still Thinks It Was A Good Idea To "Roast" Rob Lowe To Hawk Her Book

So, They've bickered for more than a month about the need for more press availability from Hillary.

Richmond Times-Dispatch endorses Gary Johnson for president

I know it is hard to not freak out over one poll but this is why you need to look at aggregates

It's really puzzling to see white wingers obsess over their perceived problems with black people

"D*mn Fox all to Hell!" . . . Please come CAPTION Greta Van Susteren!!!!!

How To Protect White People's Feelings In The Workplace (or DU)

National polls are the least thing to worry about

I work in radio

Hillary +1 in Texas & Arizona, tied in Georgia?

Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren top list in surrogate blitz for Clinton

13 people killed in Chicago over Labor Day as homicides climb over 500

Texas edging towards blue

Rapper 'Diddy' urges black people to not get out the vote...

Bondi solicited 'contribution' directly from Trump, but Trump denies speaking to her

Many of us are not into pissing on graves

A Mystery Solved: Where is Scalia Buried?

Pap and Cenk Talk Republican Bigots and The Future Of The Progressive Movement

Malheur trial begins tomorrow - #BundyTeaParty

New UC Davis Center To Research Gun Violence

When it comes to Trump the news organizations never assign any reporters to work on his illegal acts

More MSM stories about press coverage?

Young Blacks Voice Skepticism on Hillary Clinton, Worrying Democrats

Pic Of The Moment: This Texas Newspaper Has Endorsed Every GOP Presidential Candidate Since 1964...

‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Novelty Store Causes a Political Fender Bender

Tampa Bay Times: In Tanzania, Clinton Foundation trades on maize and beans, not its name

The South Is Organizing — and There’s No One to Cover It

New Jersey GOP Candidate to Daily Beast Reporter: 'Hope You Get Raped By a Syrian Refugee'

Why I still think MSNBC is better than CNN...

Journalist charged in Venezuela after anti-Maduro protest

Would anyone like to host the September contest?

The Heart of the Media Narrative: Hillary Is Really, Really Horrible

Trump Living Large On Donors’ Dime

For Profit College Chain with 40,000 Students...

Apparently the Madman thinks somebody coughing should be national news.

The Art of the Steal

Monkees Marathon, September 18.

Performer known as 'Drag King' attacked in Olympia

Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey Is Now The NFL’s Best-Seller

Just imagine if the Trump/Fla Attorney general

10 quotes that define Phyllis Schlafly's life as an anti-feminist (and more)

I Gotta get one of these - Illumibowl

Elizabeth Warren Emerges as Hillary Clinton’s Progressive Nemesis

LIVE Coverage: Hillary Clinton Campaign In Tampa Today

How Elizabeth Holmes' House Of Cards Came Tumbling Down

Arizona attorney general: Guns are allowed at private schools

A union raises your wage — even if you're not a member

how old were you when you forgave your parents?

Ducey speaks out against marijuana legalization

So what do we do if Trump wins?

10 quotes that define Phyllis Schlafly's life as an anti-feminist (and much more)

"I Vow Not to Burn Out"

10 quotes that define Phyllis Schlafly's life as an anti-feminist (and much more)

CNN tells us in advance that the bar will be dropped to floor for Trump

more ugly quotes from phyllis

Mussolini leaves a message for the future

more ugly quotes from phyllis

more ugly quotes from phyllis

My Twitter war, today (please don't hesitate to join in! They NEED to have their asses chewed)!

Poll: Redrawing the electoral map (WaPo)

All Eyes Are on Christie as Trial in Bridge Scandal Starts

Ann Coulter at Rob Lowe Roast

Canine Expert Decries "Egregious" & "Horrific" Dog Attacks on Native Americans Defending Burial Site

Major insurer in Maricopa County defects from ACA exchange

Mother Teresa Was No Saint

mother teresa was no saint

mother teresa was no saint

When does one move from a general practitioner to a geriatric specialist?

Longtime Milwaukee federal judge Rudolph Randa dies

Reuters and other tracking polls

Everyone check in, please

DAMMIT DOG - Get outta my way

Goldman Sachs Bans Partners From Giving to Certain Campaigns

Troll Slayer: A Cambridge classicist takes on her sexist detractors.

msnbc covering Hillary talking to reporters on the plane about Trump. doing great

Speculating on Hillary's cough...

Clinton Campaign Airs a Small Buy in Georgia

As Clinton answers questions, I wonder if this is what she's thinking...

FYI - I'll be leaving DU forever.

This is so cool! An artist's interactive map of women and the labor movement:

What the Heck Is Inquiry-Based Learning?

Miccosukees - Florida Indian Tribe - lose $1 billion bet with IRS

This is so cool! An artist's interactive map of women and the labor movement:

DAPL Pipeline Interests Try Outrageous Fait Accompli and Destroy Ancient Sites

Fox News appears to be having some staffing issues - Now Van Susteren is leaving

The 'impossible' EM Drive is about to be tested in space

Brexit's broken all its promises - and here's what happens next

"Tamron Hall methodically destroys squirming Trump backer: ‘I realize you’ve come locked and loaded"

These Dachshunds are Great Soccer Players

Did the Dakota Access Pipeline Company Deliberately Destroy Sacred Sioux Burial Sites?

Inspiring songs - starting with David Gray

BREAKING: Phyliss Schlafly still dead

Hillary New Ad..Trump-"I Love War"

The Replacements

Lopsided spending in California initiative races

Hillary's cough? Let's talk about Donald's psychotropic mood swings and tantrums. His medical

George Zimmerman says he’s homeless and suffering from PTSD: report

GOP Voters No Better Than The Scum They Vote For.

Handouts for canvassers.

Democrats Go Nuclear in New Ad Targeting Donald Trump

Still Waiting For Newspaper Editorials Demanding The Trump Foundation Be Shut Down

On Schlafly: Say only good things now

msnbc is covering trump--Q and A.

Nigel Farage: Donald Trump calls himself ‘Mr. Brexit.’ Here’s why he’s right.

Thom Hartmann listeners 'bout "Mark" boasting how smart, rich he was?

People are such fucking assholes to HRC. Five reasons why Glenn Thrush is an asshole.

WTF--MSNBC giving Trump free campaign infommercial??

I could find two dozen negative articles about Hillary's campaign

Did you see it?

Trump fucking giving a fake-ass town hall - something straight out of Fox News

Hillary Clinton concerned about Russia tampering in U.S. elections

Brock Turner's mom blocks cameras as her son signs sex registry

MSNBC, CNN & Fox are all airing Trumps BS...

Cat Wars: Sign a petition

Is the FBI questioning Pam Bondi?

“Britain voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU,” he began. In Brexitworld a 52-48 vote is a total

msnbc now covering Hillary LIVE--Rally in Tampa with Hillary Clinton.-PHOTOS....

Dallas DA Susan Hawk will resign, sources say

This election is not about eMail or taxes or policies. It's about women.

When Hillary invokes her experience as NY Senator on 9/11 and as SecState in the hunt for Bin Laden

"Putin looks at Hillary Clinton and laughs" -- Trump (sexist dog whistle comments)

Will the last person out the door at Fox News HQ today please

We're Witnessing The Corporate Power That Wallace Warned Us About...

Well, There's Finally A Real Scandal In This Election...

Question on attorney generals and donations from dipshit

Team Hillary's End Run Around The Media: Massive Ad Buys

Donald Trump is a Messiah??!!??

Vox: Ivanka Trump's book has some kind of horrifying advice about sexual harassment

Are we sure Donald Trump isn't a 10 Year Old??


NRA endorses Democrat Koster over Republican Greitens for Missouri governor

Anybody have an extra blue Stronger Together bumper sticker they can send me? I'll donate $30.

Should girls be paid the same as boys? (Feingold ad)

Revered biologist fears climate change, nukes and TRUMP most of all!

Putin's official car involved in horror crash – killing leader's 'favourite' driver

BREAKING: Paste consumption skyrockets. But enough about Trump rally lunches. Let's #BackToSchoolThe

Toxic air pollution particles found in human brains

Well, at least Republican Mike Murphy is still saying that the numbers are not good for Trump

What does the MSM gain by a Trump presidency?

Sweden is way ahead of us.... WAY ahead!

I cleared my throat in public ten years ago

Have you ever had a suit filed against you ?

Committee Denounces Proposed Mexican-American Studies Textbook

Schlafly is dead...can the media PLEASE stop calling her group and others like it "PRO-FAMILY"?

"Make America Delicious Again"

So Trump compared his propaganda strategy to Isis

AP NCAA football poll 9/6/16

Obama reveals 'death stare' between him and Putin came during tense, 90-minute-long G20 discussion..

Drunk history with Trump at town hall; like a five year old's understanding of foreign affairs

Danny Heinrich confesses to abducting and killing Jacob Wetterling

"The Truth Comes Out As CNN Admits They Are Going Easy On Donald Trump"

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 6, 2016

I'm a scientist. I am for GMO labeling for the same reason that I am for open-source software.

Chicago hits 500 homicides for 2016 after deadly Labor Day weekend

The phrase for today is "circumcising the mosquito". Can you substitute it in an existing post?

Can one of the hosts pm me?

Didn't Greta Van Sustren say that she would leave Fox

How money corrupts the Catholic church

CNN poll giving Trump a lead is skewed. 32 % Republicans. 28 % Democrats in the poll sample

Fox Settles With Gretchen Carlson For $20m (half as much as they paid Ailes to leave)

Lounge versus GD:2016

New Investigation Names Wall Street Banks Behind $3.8 Billion Dakota Access Pipeline

Sept. 11 Legacy: One Endless War Against Many Radical Enemies

David Ortiz: Trump’s comments about Latinos are a 'slap in the face’

"The Man Who Sold the (Iraq) War"

Good Samaritan stories

If you can help, please consider it (funeral expenses)

Colombia’s most important vote in recent history marred by disinformation

Colombia’s most important vote in recent history marred by disinformation

CNN Poll has 50% of electorate as whites without college degree, while in 2012 it was 33%

I'm not sure if this is happening just in PA. I receive a letter questioning my registration status.

microsoft security scam question

I don' understand this damn "pay for play" accusations against Hillary..........

Expel Livingstone, Jewish leaders urge Labour, as he revives Hitler-Zionist claim

Sen Tim Kaine calmly dismantles Trump. WATCH Sen Kaine's National Security Speech today.

Note to the Clinton campaign Ad Team: Trump denies Biondi donation was pay-for-play

Trump's Charitable Foundation

Update: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe did not receive temporary restraining order to protect Burial Site

Update: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe did not receive temporary restraining order to protect Burial Site

EVERYONE ... Please share this about trump

Tim Kaine: Trump is too ‘emotionally volatile, fact-challenged, self-obsessed’ to be commander in

Costa Rica hasn't burned any fossil fuels for electricity in two months

I want to address one "unskewing" point -- % Dem vs % Rep

Costa Rica hasn't burned any fossil fuels for electricity in two months

McCarthy: We May Take 'Appropriate Measures' To Punish Dems For Sit-In

I was sitting at the bus stop

Trump Ally: No Voting Rights For Women Using Free Birth Control & Welfare Recipients

Why is anyone here

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 7 September 2016

August 2016 Atmospheric CO2 Content - 402.24 ppm; August 2015 - 399.00; August 2014 - 397.21

Hillary today in Tampa

Trump thinks he has a look of a president!

I wish Verizon FiOS had a la carte channels. I'd pull ALL of the news channels to yank royalties.

Who was that woman on MTP that just said that HRC's problem was she didn't look like the right kind

Trump Uses Jedi Mind Trick On The MSM

Now this is a hug for the ages.

A classic case of projection.

115 years ago today: President McKinley shot by Leon Czolgosz

Human Remains, Belongings Mark Migrants' Treacherous Trails to U.S.

Human Remains, Belongings Mark Migrants' Treacherous Trails to U.S.

Just what we need?

MTP Daily had this

There is a lot of BS being disseminated about single CNN poll

Why are these heroes treated like criminals?

Houston Mayor Condmemns "Mexican American Heritage" Textbook

Trump Camp Walks Back His Claim That He 'Never' Spoke With FL AG Pam Bondi

Why are these heroes treated like criminals?

10 Essential Facts About Guns and Suicide

CNN Admits They Serve As Parrots For The RNC

Where can I read the Clinton/Kaine statement

Why the long face, Ann Coulter?

Detroit schools supplier gets 5 years in prison for fraud

20 Million if your sexually harrassed, 40 million for the Harrasser

Sep 6, 2016 5:20pm EDT Company agrees to halt North Dakota pipeline work until Friday

Is the rise of "safe spaces" bringing back the era of segregation?

The polls are not tied

Ex-Stanford swimmer in rape case registers as sex offender

Poll shows Republicans, Koster doing well

So trump looked into the Mexican President's eyes and wimped out of his founding

Hillary Clinton Defends Not Knowing State Department Classification Markings - ABC News

1.1 Billion dollar bill to combat Zika virus fails in Senate 52 - 46. It needed 60 to advance.

"Putin looks at her and he laughs."

Argiope aurantia

Most humpback whales to be taken off federal endangered species list

‘Letter from a Freedman to His Old Master’

Judge grants partial stop on North Dakota pipeline work

Obama addresses Standing Rock

Taboo Subject

In first, Germany admits PA is likely paying terrorists’ families

Report puts Detroit kids' chronic absenteeism at nearly 58%

Barack Obama Just Nominated A Muslim To Be A Federal Judge. That’s A First

Hey guys.

Media Malpractice.

*Tim Kaine on PBS NewsHour now.

Industry Insiders Estimate EpiPen Costs No More Than $30

For the rest of the campaign, please...NO MORE EVENTS WITH RICH PEOPLE

McCarthy: We May Take 'Appropriate Measures' To Punish Dems For Sit-In

Industry Insiders Estimate EpiPen Costs No More than $30.

Confirmed by Trump insider: 'Trump TV' is Plan B after election

Labor Day Lockout at LIU-Brooklyn

Uh-oh! MSNBC Guests telling the hosts that Trump has no chance

CNN tells us in advance that the bar will be dropped to floor for Trump during debates

Gingrich: No Pensions For Presidents Who Are Black…I mean…Who Have Book Deals

Democrats Go Nuclear on Trump

Trump, Mexico te saluda ...

Newspaper Says Trump Isn’t a True Republican

Most accurate pollsters since 2014 per 538

Yes, Clinton Is Still Ahead

BDS: A threat to the entire Middle East

This is so sad:Woman who received the world's first partial face transplant dies

I know too damn many saying they are voting 3rd party

About As Clear Cut as They Get: M$M Whitewash of Trump Scandal

SF school board head calls for renaming slaveowner branded schools

I have written my first crime novel

Just got a recorded polling phone call...I'm in Florida

CNN quitely switched to Likely Voters

Bullies Throw Deaf Student’s Backpack In A Toilet, Then Mom Pulls Him Out Of School

The media should focus on Trump's growing pay-to-play scandal

Okay to watch MSNBC shows tonight? Or are

BDS is a Settler Colonial Ideology

Russian Greens slam Stein for cozying up to Putin: Your silence on his crimes ‘silences our struggle

Never seen so many smiles at Faux News

Atlanta Braves GM: 'No risk' in potential Tebow signing

Democrats launch new push for Obama US Supreme Court nominee

ISIS just banned burkas — and you won’t believe why