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Archives: September 5, 2016

What the Blue State Democrats do for the Red State Democrats!

Mike Pence Doesn’t Really Want To Talk About The Accused Sexual Harassers Working For The Campaign

I can't decide which is shinier, Charlie Strong's head or the ND helmets.

Rachel Maddow's incredible take down of Drumpf's Phoenix speech.

US Diplomat Admits Meeting with Bolivian Opponents

Blairites struggling to think of a Corbynista insult which will win over the Corbynistas

Why ISIS Is Rooting for Trump

Chief Inspector Murphy on patrol

I think my downstairs neighbor is gossiping about my sex life and my vacuuming habits


Longtime Republican consultant: if black people voted Republican, voter ID laws wouldn't happen

Ousting the Dixiecrats: Realigning the Democratic Party in the 20th Century The Majority Report with

Armed protesters are now surrounding Brock Turner’s home

The Far Atolls:Twenty-five days in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

El Salvador's Bolas de Fuego festival gets underway video

Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown

Welcome Bevo XV!

Need some help refuting some crap posted by a "friend"

Study: Trump likely driving white nationalist gains on Twitter

Soldiers of Odin, dubbed 'extreme anti-refugee group,' patrol Edmonton streets

Bolivian Agents Seized Haul of Cocaine Worth One Million Dollars

Great video from the campaign -

Trump advisers and allies struggle with deportation specifics

I was looking forward to seeing the Texas cheerleaders with my new HD TV and new lens implant, but..

How my loathing of Mother Teresa turned to admiration

Chuck Todd: ‘It bothers me as an American' that FBI didn’t record Clinton interview

Pence says he, Trump will release tax returns

Reading the FBI Report on Clinton’s Email

Judicial Watch's Pursuit of Clinton Goes Too Far

Most of the voters up for grabs are uncommitted former Sanders supporters.

I wonder if they can do it standing on one leg.

US Court Upholds Ban on Gun Sales to Marijuana Card Holders

Paul Krugman tweet:

The Miss USA hopeful sued by Trump: 'There are ways to stand your ground'

The anthem protest is the most effective tactic Colin Kaepernick could use.

dRump's lawyer tweets image of Hillary as a suicide bomber

Protesters, Including Kids, Mauled As Private Mercenaries Attack Native American Pipeline Protests

The more the smears pour on...

Big questions about Melania Trump's immigration status linger

Notre Dame tied it returning Texas's blocked XP try

Where in the Touchdown Jesus' name is Joeybee???

"The Moron’s Case For Hillary Clinton…because some of you really are that stupid"

One of Gary Trudeau's favorite books isn't a book.

On AM Joy on Sunday Paris Dennard brought up Jessie Jackson and what Trump

Chris Wallace Won’t Call Candidates On Their Lies During Last Presidential Debate

Brazilian police clash with protesters rejecting new leader

Brazilian police clash with protesters rejecting new leader

Light Trick Reveals A Horrifying Number Of Spiders In This Guy's Backyard

Baby raccoons rescued post-Hermine

Berkeley Law Dean returns to campus after resigning over sexual harassment.

All is right again!

Cat Cropped

how many of us are working on labor day?

New Yorker - "Trump and the Truth"

"Are You Sure This Is Real?"

London not really on fire, just a replica

A George Carlin Special Too Raw After Sept. 11 Resurfaces Now

In Brooklyn, Stifling Higher Learning Among Hasidic Women

In Brooklyn, Stifling Higher Learning Among Hasidic Women

I'm seeing Aerows' account status as still flagged, though her last post was July 5

Your avocado toast may be killing the Monarch butterfly

Broadcast - Come On Let's Go (VIDEO)

Chris Wallace to Moderate Final debate

Your avocado toast may be killing the Monarch butterfly

Health Issues: Trump Could Die Any Day Now!

So I'm back to hosting and I just realized the pinned thread in GD is MIA

Clarín editor Julio Blanck: "We waged journalistic war" against Cristina Kirchner.

He Denied Blacks Citizenship. Now a City Is Deciding His Statue’s Fate.

Richmond Times-Dispatch endorses Gary Johnson for president

North Korea fires three ballistic missiles: South Korea

Don't look -- there's no story here about Trump's Pay to Play

Flying 6,000 miles to vote: Hong Kong sees record turnout for key election

Um, how much hydrogen could the $2.2 billion Ivanpah solar thermal plant produce?

Is marriage outdated in Iceland?

Why has this not been reported on more?

12 Things To Put In Your Miso Soup


DAM. Russia and US fail to come to agreement on peace in Syria

First Lady Michelle Obama – Superstar!

Butterfly McQueen

Giant panda no longer 'endangered' but iconic species still at risk

Giant panda no longer 'endangered' but iconic species still at risk

Giant panda no longer 'endangered' but iconic species still at risk

Races for U.S. Senate, governor keep Indiana near center of political universe

Congressional candidate Trey Hollingsworth won't release tax returns

Full Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest.

I once had a sheep that wasn't wasn't right-handed or left-handed

Tokyo NPO founder shows foreign residents how to survive disasters

Marvel Giant Stan Lee Approves Of Doctor Strange Movie

Abe orders quick response after North Korean missile launch

Did China Snub Obama on Arrival? President Plays Down Confrontation

Kyushu Electric rejects governor's call to suspend nuclear reactors

First suspect arrested in connection with tourist-town bombs

Thais to Facilitate Blocked Maize Exports

"A Smart Crook"

Daily Holidays September 5

‘Flash mob’ calls for dropping ‘Chinese Taipei’ name

Malaysia: Langkawi's eagle statue is 'not un-Islamic'

three northern California beach photos....

Get your fill of Singapore's food faves with Makan Bus

Johnson-Feingold: The Long Senate race

Indonesia environment team threatened with death investigating haze

Conflicts thwart reforms in state water policy

Look at this map

Where will Wisconsin find enough workers?


Maybe Hillary should start attacking the media?

Enbridge pulls plug on pipeline

States weigh tax credits for ramps, grab bars to help seniors stay at home

Fiorina, Rubio, Walker address AFP ‘Dream’ summit


Nurses set to strike over insurance at 5 Minnesota hospitals : Exploiting a broken system

Western Media Propaganda Threatens Peace and Prolongs the Deadly Conflict in Eastern Ukraine

Same-day voter registration at issue in Illinois lawsuit

Minnesota lawmakers split on next steps to address health care hikes

POTUS wrote an open letter to working men and women

French prosecutor requests criminal trial for Sarkozy

Health insurers ask to raise Minnesota premiums by average of above 50 percent

Pastors for Peace Close to Losing Tax Exempt Status Courtesy of IRS Assault

Pastors for Peace Close to Losing Tax Exempt Status Courtesy of IRS Assault

N. Korea fires three ballistic missiles into East Sea: Seoul's defense ministry

CNN And Fox News Keep Mum About Trump Pay-to-Play Story. Why?

Soledad O’Brien eviscerates CNN: ‘You have normalized’ white supremacy"

Gov. Chris Christie Declares State of Emergency for New Jersey

Rauner moves to dump 29 political hires from Blagojevich, Quinn eras

The panda population is perking up

Young Cryovolcano on Ceres

The panda population is perking up

Trump's massive unpopularity with educated white women is killing him

Baffling powerful signal in space

Illinois' pile of unpaid bills could hit record of $14 billion next summer

Judge tosses social services lawsuit that included Diana Rauner's organization

Rauner rejects National Guard as way to quell Chicago violence

NASA Approves 2018 Mission to Mars - IGN News

Scientists Find Massive Deep Reef Behind Great Barrier Reef

Fireball blazes across Portland Oregon night sky

Instagram Leads To $30 Million Cocaine Bust

Lol, Trump Supporters March in the Wrong Parade

Hillary Clinton Gets Gored

Pictures of Hillary's Plane-PIC of Hillary boarding her new campaign plane--next stop OHIO...

President Obama Holds a Press Conference Hangzhou, China 6:30 AM ET, 9/5/16

The Miss USA hopeful sued by Trump: 'There are ways to stand your ground'

French farmers, truckers block roads in 'Jungle' demo

Soccer player Megan Rapinoe takes a knee in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick

Trump camp: We don't need Pennsylvania to win

WaPo Editorial Board: Donald Trump’s bet: We are all chumps

A Texas assistant principal blamed girls’ ‘tight clothing’ for the bad grades of male students

Cornyn: Clinton duped Congress during confirmation

Monday Toon Roundup

🐦 Sept 5, 2016 Warner, NH - Labor Day Political Revolution Party w/Bernie Sanders - 12pm - 2pm

GOP senior statesmen continue to hold their fire on Trump

University of Illinois increasing salaries to avoid overtime

President Obama's live news conference from China on now

Watching President Obama fielding questions right now...

IDOT to lay off 29 employees Rauner says were illegally hired

Father of unarmed vic of police calls for nat conf to examine, and reduce, leo involved shootings.

new HCBD webcomic is out

@DavidMuir interviews Clinton and Kaine together today in Cleveland - World News Tonight ..........

Obama says he's asked staff to see if meeting with Philippine president would still be 'productive'.

Stats on Drug Trafficking, Race Don't Back up Maine Governor

Stats on Drug Trafficking, Race Don't Back up Maine Governor

I have dinner plans on Election Day

"Rev. Wendell Anthony, President, Detroit Branch NAACP, on Trump's visit to Detroit Church."

Fox News’ Presidential Debate Moderator Says He’ll Let Candidates Lie

Ladies and Gentlemen: The "Regressive Left"

The demographics of this election show that...

Trump’s Efforts To Influence Debate Moderator Selection Seem To Have Paid Off

Trump Makes White Nationalist Proposal; Media Doesn’t Notice

Bill Clinton hangin with #Beyonce at the #MadeInAmerica Festival. & Registering voters-PICS>..

Clint Eastwood, Bard of Competence

Interesting article on Trump and the Saudis.

Religion Enters Outer Space Realm; Cosmonauts And Religious Beliefs

This week I'll get my flu shot. For my nephew and others who have no immune system.

Chris Fucking Wallace!! Part 2

Today's Google Doodle: Happy Labor Day!

Gov Snyder Hit with Rico Lawsuit for Flint Water Disaster

Dodger Stadium hosts first Catholic Night, where Valley bishop throws first pitch

Never forget,,,,,

Documents with a letter C. Why isn't the media making this connection?

"I'd love to go one-one-one, but . . . " . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

On the trail, Hillary Clinton finds her comfort zone

AnyCabalNoozreader: "Hillary Clinton Is Still Struggling To Explain Her Emails"

"It's amazing out there" photo contest finalists

Photo of All First Ladies--they support Hillary...

No, the internet has not killed the printed book. Most people still prefer them.

Kaepernick Jersey Sales Soar Amid Controversy

Ex-Stanford swimmer Brock Turner spotted at parents’ home in Ohio

2016 Voter Registration Deadlines * Important dates by state.

Hillary Clinton Looks Strong Heading Into Fall

CBS' John Dickerson Lets Christie Deflect Questions About Trump Pay-to-Play

Help wanted: Phony populism doesn’t feed the family

another new member

Has Cheney commented on Trump vs. Hillary?

Trump Trying Again To Kiss A Baby

Intelligence community investigating covert Russian influence operations in the United States

Hillary should NOT attack the media. We should.

Trump takes Labor Day off from campaigning: All you need to know on his attitude toward labor.

Who is left to advocate on behalf of the suffering?

Monday, September 5th. The Labor Day Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Classic albums meet Star Wars

Read President Obama's Open Letter to America's Hardworking Men and Women

Wish that a glitch....

Trump Celebrates Labor Day (from John Fugelsang)

The Real General Election Campaign Begins Today.

ICYMI: June 5, 2016 Former Texas official says he was told to drop Trump University probe

The bloody history of Labor Day

Child prodigies across the globe come together to Heal The World!

Hillary Clinton gets Gored.

The last time a Repug tried to bully Hillary at a debate

Concerned Trolls

Before they pass away - Photos of Indigenous Tribes

Obesity rates swell, with Louisiana topping all other states

Krugman Dismantles the Dangerously Lopsided Coverage of Trump and Clinton

The Obama "I'm looking through you, to the core of your soul" stare is a sight to behold

Another charity watchdog group gives the Clinton Foundation its highest rating.

Face it. We all know the threat to our freedoms

Donald Trump's surrogate on Tamron Hall's show sounds like a complete

William Pepper,King family lawyer's new book charges MLK was murdered in hospital after the shooting

Dying costs more for Blacks/Hispanics - and no one knows why

Hillary Clinton gets a new plane for final stretch of campaigning, and it's big enough for the press

Life-long Clinton attacker hired to be Trump's Clinton attacker

Fugitive busted after using wanted poster as Facebook profile pic

The sixth taste - Carbs

TOM TOMORROW: 21st Century News Cycle

Trump's End Goal, Setup Trump News Network

Vox-splanation: "The media's 5 unspoken rules for covering Hillary"

Can and should the federal government force all 50 states to allow straight ticket voting?

Bill Clinton to speak in Cincinnati Monday

Hey Trumpy--you were a coward--Pres. Obama knows how to do it....

Joe Biden, Tim Kaine speak downtown before Labor Day parade

Tim Mentz: Destruction of sacred sites by Dakota Access Pipeline.

Pay-For-Play Illustrated ... Hey, MSM!

American Prospect - Pence Seals Trump’s Anti-Worker Ticket

Ivanka Trump: ‘No Way’ My Father Is Sexist, Because He Hired Me

Andrea Mitchell, on Hillary's plane, complaining about

Contrary to media proclamations, Hillary is not the same as Donald.

Another Bloody Summer in America

Florida: The Punchline State

My First Organic Med Grow

Help. I posted a thread

Donald Trump Does Detroit

Philae Found!

Huff Post: Look for the Union Label for Your Labor Day Picnic or BBQ

A Boots Instantly, High-Res, No Batteries Invention

Clinton, Trump appeal to workers, seek union vote on Labor Day

Bald Eagle doing the breast stroke -

Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan Muse Over a Cookie-Cutter Supreme Court.

Niihau owners looking to preserve 21,000 acres of ag lands on Kauai

Three Major Ways The FBI Report On Clinton Emails Strongly Establishes Her Trustworthiness

For some drug firms, highs and lows of value pricing are evident

So many lies from the Trump Campaign.

Why isn't the Justice Dept. investigating

Hillary Clinton will travel with reporters on her new Boeing 737 campaign plane

The Trailor Murder Mystery by Abraham Lincoln

I'd give real money to not see the Racist Cheetos Colored Con Man every time I turn to MSNBC. nt

If you're a white gun humping government hating American seizing and occupying government land

It's come to this, I agree with Bush supporter..Ron Christie..

Funny all this talk about Hillary and press conferences....

Will Israel Be Put On Trial For War Crimes?

You know that allergic reaction to food - it may NOT be the food

Are ANY of Hillary/Kaine Labor Day speeches being shown on MSM today?

Anybody else see the stare down match between Obama and Putin?

In Israel, Swedish Opposition Head Slams Settlements As ‘Unacceptable’

Philippine President calls Obama a "son of a whore"

Worried About The Crappy Job Cable News Is Doing Covering The Election?

Lol, Drunk Donald Trump

State Ballot Measures in 2016 Reflect Shift to Left

Should I Give Up On Changing Israel from Within — and Take a Stand by Leaving?

Legendary Apple Engineer Gets Rejected For Genius Bar Job. Too old?

Trump made millions from Saudi government: report

Rhode Island primary a battle over Democratic identity

Trump Reaches Out!

What helps you get out of a cooking "slump"?

Hillary Clinton to campaign Tuesday at USF in Tampa

Can Democrats ride an anti-Trump wave to retake the House and Senate?

Pentagon backs proposal to give US fighter jets ‘Make in India’ tag

The deciding issue this year will be pokéstops in cemeteries!

In Pennsylvania and nationally, Trump's problems with suburban voters blunt his ascent

just watched 'mississippi burning'

On CSPAN COMING UP SHORTLY. Cinton/Kaine in Cleveland, Ohio

on demand now. what's good?

Trump lags in every state where he has a golf course

Hillary Clinton flies with the traveling press corps for the first time

Stock Market/Wall Street Predict Clinton Landslide

Tenderized and grilled chicken for 20 dinners to freeze. Breakfast and lunches for the week.

I didn't hear a single word about THIS failure to cover heart during anthem....

Republican plan to steal the '16 election. Cross check.

Labor Day song: Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons

Republican laid out a grim map for Trump on MSNBC (Summary)

'I can't see any borders here': Israelis and Palestinians unite for backgammon

The final resting place of U576: German U-Boat is found 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina

Looks like Hllary-Kaine rally in Cleveland will be on CSPAN 1

The New Yorker: The Teen Killers of the Drug War

Trump: Only natural disasters will keep me from debating Clinton

Harlem preacher will burn “rainbow fag flag," in celebration

A perfect debate-question for Trump: Should Hillary go to jail?

Can you hear the teachers sing?

WTF???? Is TS Newtonheading for Arizona

Kim Davis' hometown celebrates Pride for the first time

Anyone have a link or channel to watch Sanders stumping for Hillary today?

Miami Herald: Donald Trump buys himself an attorney general for $25,000

What's for Dinner, Mon., Labor Day, 9/5/16



Trump fraudulently used 538's logo on some random polls to show he was ahead

No it is not close and no Trump can not steal it.

President Obama arrives Vientiane, Laos (Speaks to the People)

MSNBC has Bernie speaking for Hillary in tiny window, but Trump walking through a crowd?

[Vietsub + Kara] 01 - Jay Chou - Opening + 龙战骑士 | Kỵ Sĩ Rồng | Long Zhan Qi Shi ~Live 2010~

JAY CHOU -Long Zhan Qi Shi (live)

Everytime I think about Trump I get allergic!..

Video of Hillary & Kaine arriving in Cleveland today - and guess what?

Here's How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse

Popular support for gun control?

Sounds like Hillary has a nasty allergy. Cue the tweets in 3...2...1...

Clinton should tie Bannon and the Alt-Right around Trump's neck..

Proud of Hillary right now

We're Witnessing the Corporate Power That Wallace Warned Us About

If Donald Trump had been President throughout history

Standing Ovation for Venus - she breaks back SPOILER

Bill Clinton and Senator Debbie Stabenow at Detroit's Labor Day Parade

Chao Ren Bu Hui Fei Jay Chou - Superman Can't FlyOfficial MV

I'm feeling more and more respect for the Clinton campaign's...

Jerry Yan: Hei Ka Fei Ri Ji

Facebook image: Spoof of Trump's building plans

Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling. So why is Clinton supposedly the corrupt one?

Help us build the "Donnie Decimal System" so we don't forget


Where is the Outrage from FOX News?

Happy Labor Day ... "Wheres the Love" -- BlackEyed Peas

PA officials deny report Abbas willing to meet Netanyahu in Moscow


What's wrong with Hillary? Watching on tv. Seems like she is getting over the same nasty cold as me

HA! Wadda dumbass..Trump's foreign policy on immigration:

WaPo - Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling. So why is Clinton supposedly the corrupt one?

G-Dragon - Korean Dream (Feat. Tae Yang)

Whoa— Kaine hits Trump for comments on Clinton's looks

Jolin Tsai

Just In: @POTUS cancels mtg w Philippines Pres Duterte after leader called him 'son of a whore.'

We got a $700 check Saturday from our power company for saving energy

Ha! The Shocker Spotted On ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Set

[HD] Koda Kumi - Butterfly

KOTOKO Onegai Teacher Opening - Shooting Star

Welcome to Uberville: Uber wants to take over public transit, one small town at a time

Welcome to Uberville: Uber wants to take over public transit, one small town at a time (xpost GD)

Bin Laden’s Brother Lived In Trump Tower, Gave Millions To The Donald

Malheur Refuge Headquarters Will Remain Closed During Trial -- #BundyTeaParty

Justice Department blocked efforts to sign Colombia peace in US: Report


Nylon Pink -- Fluff

Contact you favorite news network and tell them you want this covered in full

More effective outreach needed for young black voters

The Bundys go on trial - #BundyTeaParty

Justice Department blocked efforts to sign Colombia peace in US: Report

Paranoid Void

Endangered species. Does anyone care? Elephants, gorillas, tigers, rhinos ....

A cute cartoon about the History of Religion

Confederate monuments have their day in appeals court Sept. 28 (LA)

Netherlands eye Colombia peace deal over Dutch guerrilla’s future

Why Delta State is the last public university in Mississippi to fly the state flag

Will Millennials save the housing market? 92 million strong and many still living at home and rentin

Tupelo protesters call for change (MS)

"Stop blaming the Candidates for not discussing the issues..TWEET

An elk walks into a veterinarian's backyard - too good :-)

Oh, FFS!

Philippine president calls Barack Obama a 'son of a wh*re'

Hitler hasn't ranted about the Jews for three days now...isn't he "Presidential"?

Bill to shield retired miners divides coal-state Republicans

Wow ... Texas State / Ohio game went into triple overtime

Video shows vandals destroying popular Oregon rock formation

World War Loo: Roll of Nazi toilet paper given to Adolf Hitler's troops goes on sale

Trump speculates that POTUS descended Chinese stairs. Incorrect, stairs are part of AF1, face front

Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter grows among white youth

Finally! Time to upload some images from my new 12-50 Zuiko.

Armed officers placed at jail where shooting occurred

"The Cowardice of Donald Trump" - The Atlantic

Joy Reid. Simply OUTSTANDING.

Go Joy!

Baseball trades - rooting for the logo?

Sam Harris re-blogs his Letter to a christian nation in honor of Mother theresa

The ‘Anti-Establishment’ Candidate Boasts about His History of Bribing Politicians

U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections

Hillary Clinton FBI Notes Didn’t Really Show 39 Times Hillary ‘Couldn’t Remember’

HISTORY: Chinatown gang feud ignited one of SF’s worst mass homicides

Tweet of the election!

HISTORY: Chinatown gang feud ignited one of SF’s worst mass homicides

I think I'm in love with Samantha Bond.

Guess who’s taking aim at Fox News now? Conservatives.

HISTORY: Chinatown gang feud ignited one of SF’s worst mass homicides

Not content to let Hillary steal the spotlight, Trump also unveils new campaign plane

Obama cancels meeting with ‘colorful’ Philippine president

Trump says he would have left G-20 summit in China over Obama staircase flap

Laurie Hernandez' first pitch for the Mets

POLITICS EXCLUSIVE: Glaring Inaccuracies in NBC's Hillary Clinton FBI Reporting

Trump's campaign press bus is forced to pull over and make way for Hillary Clinton's motorcade

JOY just played clip of Chris Wallace saying I won't fact check

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 6 September 2016

"Hacksaw Ridge" review – Mel Gibson finds a conscience in gruesome war story

Too Big to Fail: The Saga of the F-35

President Obama on Colin Kaepernick: ‘He’s Exercising His Constitutional Right’

Joy Reid vs Steve Cortes.

Hillary Clinton's Record of Accomplishments

Arashi ( Music from Jdorama :Hana yori dango)

If you're looking for a "Blair Witch" fix:

Well... How was the Cleveland rally?

Hugh O'Brian, actor who played Wyatt Earp, dies at 91

"Friends don't let friends vote for trump!"

Open bribing of a public official is no longer a crime?

Hillary Clinton has never been about "show" nor optics...7 minutes explains why

Robert Reich vs. Chris Hedges on Tackling the Neoliberal Order

Joy Reid is covering the attack on the Dakota tribes

Donald Trump’s real goal for 2016: Trying to beat Fox News

This is worth viewing.

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Bernard Baruch Handicap

Shut Down The Trump Business Organization. Now.

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Hopeful Stakes

Giants are sinking faster than San Francisco's Millennium Tower

Is anyone else having trouble with site search

Really Bad Puns

Brother Can You Spare a Dime - Dr.John & Odetta

MSN: We need to talk about the child rape lawsuit filed against Donald Trump.

Photo: Yesterday +500 Water Protectors marched to where DAPL bulldozed thru a sacred site

Chris Matthews is back with a Thrill up his leg puff piece on Trump..

Citizen Trump. MSNBC now 18:05 CDT

Where is Safe? Travelers Seek Havens in Wake of Europe Attacks.

Scientists Create Robotic Terminator To Hunt 'Darwin's Nightmare' Fish

I just bought satin blanket binding -- WTF?? Help!

Why the uneven coverage: Trump intimidates with vexatious litigation. Sues anyone close to secrets

Longtime Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Dies at 92

A tweet I saw that is pretty good.

I'm sorry: Trump is advertising on TV in northern Virginia?

Revolution against rich parasites at utopian Burning Man Festival as hooligans attack luxury camp

Video: Bernie in Warner NH Labor Day Sept. 5, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly dead at 92

Three major ways the fbi report on clinton email Establishes Her Trustworthiness

Wherein Marlin Fitzwater puts Presidential campaign press conferences in context:

Army Corps backs restraining order against Dakota Access Pipeline MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2016

US Open Coverage: Oh, Lord, I'm Sick of Hearing Phil Collins' Whiny, Nasal Voice

NREL Supercomputing Model Provides Insights from Higher Wind and Solar Generation in the Eastern P…

Army Corps backs restraining order against Dakota Access Pipeline MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2016

Schlafly sees potential for a fresh ‘conservative revolution’ with Trump - Sunday September 4th 2016

Anyone hear of any new polls since the mexican/baptist church stunts?

Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy causes turmoil in global sea freight

About Hillary's reported "marathon coughing fit" (Headline story on The Daily Mail, of course)

Sanders stumps for Clinton, slams Trump in N.H.

Man charged after Green Bay Juggalos host blood-drinking ritual, cutting off woman’s finger

Phyliss Schlafly was a vile and disgusting human being. Fuck her.

I'm Thrilled Hillary Clinton Is Taking On The Alt-Right & You Should Be, Too

Without conservative Supreme Court majority, voter-law challengers make gains