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Israel Clears Soldiers Involved In Checkpoint Killing Of U.S. Teen

One of California's best-known Republicans is backing Democrat Loretta Sanchez for Senate.Here's why

This is fantastic - Taco Trucks for Hillary

At the beginning of her campaign.....#ImWithHer #TrumpInDetroit

For you cat people out there: are your felines finicky eaters? If so, what would you recommend??

Sangria Law

German Teachers' Union Urges Total Boycott Of Israel

Trump "Diversity" Advisers Push Conspiracy Theories and Fringe Ideas About Minorities: Mother Jones

'Finding Oscar' documents 1982 Guatemala massacre, fallout

'Finding Oscar' documents 1982 Guatemala massacre, fallout

Oddly creative ways.

Another email from the NRA loving right, see the crap they're sending the weak

Shout out to struggle4progress for keeping everyone updated...

Argentina's richest man, Carlos Bulgheroni, dead at 71

What Keeps the Rich and Powerful up at Night

Iguanas....yes....mnhtnbb, they are very green here

Did you hear about the scene in China today? Now picture it with Trump instead of Obama.

Mika goes Nuts - finally admits her show talks about nothing - video

There's a Doe at the salt lick.

Did I miss it, or did CNN say nothing about mostly empty church?

Where is our stuff? It's on ships that can't dock

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Del Mar Debutante

Let's call Roger Ailes what he is...

Yeah, sure

Lena Dunham finally apologizes to Odell Beckham Jr after cringeworthy interview

I keep reading and hearing the talking heads barfing about Hillary Clinton needing to dissolve

Palestinian Who Filmed Hebron Shooting Faces Threats To His Life

Voting while living abroad

Trump’s VP Pick Caught In Bigoted Tirade, Demands NO Gay Journalists

RNC Hires Staff To Supplement Trump's Lacking Ground Game In Critical States

So, did Trump make an ass out of himself?

Anyone ever try DMT?

Standing Rock #nodapl

WaPo - "Here’s a tale of two scandals. Guess which one will get more play?" Re Media Bias

Mother Teresa's Canonization: Controversy Mars Nun's Work

Trump attempts outreach at Detroit's Great Faith Ministries

French uproar creates opportunity for Israeli burkini makers

BREAKING: Trump Loses Lawsuit For Ripping Off Small Business, His Punishment Will Make You Smile

Don't get your flu shot high on your arm

AZDemParty @HillaryforAZ Voter Registration drive today = awesome Taco Truck

Palestinians Clash With Own Security Forces as Elections Stir Deep Unease

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

Attorney General Reacts to Hubbard Loyalist’s Plans for Ethics Reform

House Judiciary Denies Bentley’s Request To Suspend Impeachment

Alabama Is In Leadership Limbo, And There Doesn’t Seem To Be A Way Out

Tensions Deepen Between Donald Trump and R.N.C.

Judge denies Mike Hubbard request for sheriff's investigation of jurors

Trump’s liar-in-chief: Since joining his staff, Kellyanne Conway has been living in a world of ...

Forrest Gump does it again

Federal Judge Says Corporate Donors Will Have To Reveal Themselves


Ben Jealous: "David Sparks is a good leader and worthy of our support"

Man posed as woman on Facebook to lure teen boys for sex, police say


Just saw Southside with You..

I am convinced none these political pundits know

Bentley will appeal dismissal of refugee lawsuit

Having read through the Mother Jones Excerpts from the FBI's Report on Hillary's email,

Christopher Hitchens - Mother Teresa: Hell's Angel

Daikin to pay $5M settlement to West Morgan-East Lawrence water authority

Trump's Goon Squads

Wonderful quote to pass around. I would love it if this went viral.

Behind the Bolivia Miner Cooperatives’ Protests and the killing of the Bolivian Vice-Minister

Behind the Bolivia Miner Cooperatives’ Protests and the killing of the Bolivian Vice-Minister

Is China on the verge of Cultural Revolution 2.0? IMO, yes.

Bryant: Sexual discrimination will not be tolerated

Jackson begins layoffs to balance budget

Legislators look for waste in highway spending

Baptist hospital groups in Mississippi and Memphis may merge

'Sickening' Killing of Wolf Pack Proceeds Despite Research Debunking Program

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

We're going to build a chicken coop

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

2nd challenge filed to Arkansas medical marijuana proposal

Oral arguments set on Arkansas medical lawsuit limits

Proposal for three state casinos makes ballot

Last suspect in clubbing death of Rev. James Reeb has died. No one ever convicted.

Over 4,000 cases erroneously listed felonies affecting voting rights and background checks

Freepers all over Trumps AA outreach visit to 'Bishop' Wayne Jackson, pastor of the Detroit

Attack dogs being used against native american protesters - Dakota Pipeline

Republican legislator tied to fatal bus crash; hires undocumented aliens for Louisiana flood relief

Oil pipeline protest turns violent in southern North Dakota

Stephen Colbert found Trump's Chicago top cop who will clean up the city:

Police: Mississippi man claimed to be immune from arrest

Many Central homes dropped from 'high risk' zones, allowed to drop insurance weeks before flood

Nearly $9 billion in damage after catastrophic Louisiana flooding, Gov. John Bel Edwards tells ...

Police: Sovereign citizen attempts to reach for gun while resisting arrest in Slidell

South Carolina clown sightings could be part of film marketing stunt

Louisiana borrows $187M for state-financed construction work

Hundreds at New York mosque mourn woman murdered in 'hate crime'

Fallin had no choice but to spike her teacher pay proposal

Obama: U.S. to help Turkey ensure coup plotters brought to justice

Quake insurance available in Oklahoma, but market under scrutiny

Tulsa Public School officials scrutinize security policies in wake of shooting at McLain football...

 Footage of the Largest Gang Raid in NYPD History Reveals the Agency’s Military-Style Tactics

Political knives being sharpened even before special session is set

Legislator’s disclosure lacking, Dems’ complaint says

Democrat denies Republican’s claim in secretary of state race

Europe ‘close to limits’ on refugee influx: Tusk

"Voters Don't Split Tickets Anymore"

Daily Holidays September 4

Inmates, cats tend to garden at Boulder County Jail

New Mexico colleges, universities prepare for budget cuts

Contentious Trump billboard latest move in sign war in Silver City

Keith Vaz

The Weavers-All The 1951 "videos"(In Memoriam, Fred Hellerman)

Hong Kong election highlights rising anti-China mood

What are the candidates' positions on

This coming election is a litmus test for America...

Seems legit...

"I believe I can fly..."

What It's Like to Be an Atheist in Prison When Only God Forgives

Assistant attorney general gets reprimand for talking to journalist

How the evangelical left became the religious right

Stumbo: State, feds should investigate Bevin

Obituary: Anne Patrick, Catholic feminist theologian, supported ordination of women

House Democrats meet on pensions, Medicaid

University of Kentucky wrongly withheld documents from Herald-Leader, attorney general rules

The media is destroying Hillary and the Democratic Party acts like nothing is wrong.

Student newspaper seeks $15,000 for legal battle with University of Kentucky

Minnesota authorities: Remains found are that of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling

64 Days Till the Election...

Ohio Democratic Party asks Justice Elena Kagan for help preserving Golden Week

Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine to speak at Cleveland's 11th District Labor Day parade and festival

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cat Science Edition

Caption time.

Feds Spend $499,571 to ‘Combat Online Trolling’

National Democrats pull more money out of Ohio's U.S. Senate race

Trump staff dislikes having lie pointed out

Democracy Now! On the Scene Coverage of DAPL Dogs/PepperSpray Attack

Right seeks to kill the lame duck

CNN Victor Blackwell got me to thinking this morning about dipshit's taxes

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will release his tax returns ‘in the next week’

Fear the Walking Dead 2.10 "Do Not Disturb" (spoiler alert)

Anytime they ask *ANYTHING* of HRC, demand those 1040's.

Where did Donald Trump get his racialized rhetoric? From libertarians.

He's never held office. Ever. Not a mayor or governor, not a lawyer or a trustee.

Today I celebrate our candidate, a good woman who will be a great president

Oakland University officials refute study calling state colleges ‘dropout factories’

NYtimes: Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

Detroit’s mayor blasts Trump as phony candidate without solutions

Energy, auto no-fault, FOIA top priorities as lawmakers return to Lansing

Mother Teresa Was No Saint Says Study

Let's Undo Don the Con's bullshit

The Wash. Post's View Clinton understands America’s place in the world. Trump does not.

'Troubled individual:' Mother Teresa no saint to her critics

Where's the Love?

Frank Luntz is a turd

WaPo Editorial: Clinton understands America’s place in the world. Trump does not.

Coptic Catholic spokesman welcomes new Egyptian law on building churches

Amy Goodman's video on Dog and Pepperspray at Dakota Access Pipeline

The difference

Rudy Giuliani: ‘Democrats should apologize’ for calling Trump’s birtherism racist

Pro-EU protesters join March for Europe: demos around UK

Children of the Born

New nickname....

Plans to deny surgery to obese people and smokers put on hold

Maybe Taco Trucks Will Replace The Taco Bells That Are On Every Corner

Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs & Pepper Spray


Mother Theresa's sainthood

Gonzaga hires professor fired after viral U. of Missouri video

Are hackers targeting Michigan’s election system?


Trump Protester Squares Off With Supporter Who Says, "Jesus Christ Would Vote For Trump"

Taco truck on the corner at Trump event in Detroit MLive MLive

Major Trump Ally wants to ban women & poor people from voting (Audio)

Pope Francis Declares Mother Teresa a Saint

Flood-hit town tells residents to evacuate as new typhoon nears

He is not a joke. Anyone who supports Trump is supporting monstrous evil.

Mr. Softee

Lest we forget ...

The Miss USA hopeful sued by Don the Con - what Trump’s shock-and-awe legal tactics could mean

Call for donations to build bronze statue of late iconic elephant

Republican controlled states purging voters

Gunma bear driven away by karate punches after picking fight with wrong person

Only 10% of population returns to Fukushima town

Oklahoma Shuts Down Energy Companies' Disposal Wells In Area Of Strong Quake

CIA spook recalls Thailand's role in secret war

Woman Given Seven Years for Trafficking

GOP Secret War Against Voters Millions being purged, Kansas Republican Scheme!

Show her the money: report claims 60% of Chinese women control family finances

Making Cat Cake - Just poured the batter

7 straight minutes of Hillary Clinton connecting

Taipei cafe to help struggling youth get back on track

Helicopter search suspended for missing US climbers in Pakistan

Can DU members show concern about Hillary's narrowing poll lead without being called a troll?

Verify Your Registration Status and Find Your Polling Place

What an increase in American visitors could mean for Cuba

WATCH: ABC host scolds Trump campaign manager for ducking questions on mass deportations

“That said, this-FBI-report is pretty much an almost complete exoneration of Hillary Clinton.”

Dixie Quicks co-owner René Orduña battles kidney cancer (Diners, drive-ins, and dives fame)

Great Article on How and Why Wikileaks Has Become a Tool for Russia

Jill Stein's coming to town ! Jill Stein's coming to town !

Real Email Scandal Exposed: Tim Kaine Busts Donald Trump for Asking Russia to Hack Clinton

Do any Dem PACs run ads in Red states about governors refused free medicaid $$$?

So ... can we call him "alligator arms" Donald ?

Of taco trucks, Aztec sacrifices & faddish creative writing:A cautionary Alert. Paging Xipe Totec!1

This Cat Guided A Lost Man Down A Mountain In Switzerland

Constructive Criticism: Why has Hillary decided to be a shadow candidate?

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders On NBC's "Meet The Press" | September 4, 2016

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders On NBC's "Meet The Press" | September 4, 2016

Dear Blue Collar, Trump voters. Please, please read this.

This sounds like a great idea: a college for building trades.

San Francisco has 80,000 more dogs than children.....

I have just made my 1000th call for Hillary!!!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 6: Ouch! A Salute to Slapstick.

Reading the FBI Report on Clinton’s Email

The Long and Twisted Ties of Giuliani and Trump

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 7: Ouch! A Salute to Slapstick.

Mr. "Taco Trucks On Every Corner" Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez is a Real Estate Scammer

Jerry Brown’s time with Mother Teresa in the slums of Calcutta

Concerning Hillary's Campaign.

I see that it must be time for my annual flu shot.

The Agony of Trying to Unsubscribe

Gov. John Kasich Condemns Actor Daniel Radcliffe’s Atheism: “What the Hell Is Wrong With Him?”

Ben Carson walks off interview to find his luggage

A few more #millenialsfortrump lols:

Clinton Camp Hits Back At Trump's IRS Fine: That's 'Actual Pay-To-Play!'

What are you reading this week of September 4, 2016?

Seems that they didn't tell Trump,,,,,

Got a Good Job,,,,

The Big Lie About Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

Pete's Pond live cam--Relax your mind.

Republican Senator Thinks Hillary Clinton Could Win Arizona

Prediction: You will see a decline in Trump's poll numbers starting the end of the coming week

Is it OK to say “The Negro”?

Is it OK to say “The Negro”?

With Respect To Trump's Courting Of The Black Vote - Have Any Of Hillary's Surrogates Or....

More Polish immigrants are welcome to come to Britain, Boris Johnson says

From Daily Kos: "Hey NPR, let me help you with that Catholics for Clinton detail.

It’s Going to Be a Bad Year for Pistachios

Cyber intruders could pick the next US president

NYC closing all beaches on Labor Day

Clinton understands America’s place in the world. Trump does not.

About concern.

Framed. She was the PTA mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her?

14 Excerpts from the FBI's Report on Hillary Clinton's Email

Mexican lawmaker pushes for expropriation law if Trump wins

Merkel's party beaten by rightwing populists in state election – exit polls

"Lying Hillary Doll"

Daughter of US congressman among those returning Hungarian award

North Dakota pipeline protest turns violent after cultural sites destroyed

Back us so we can block Clinton agenda, say some Republicans

Clinton needs to make an ad with several of the people lying trump failed to pay for their services.

Obama quashes prospect of fast-track Brexit UK-U.S. trade deal

Live NOW: NASA's Juno Spacecraft at Jupiter

Where did Trump get racialized rhetoric? From libertarians

To Iranian eyes, Kurdish unrest spells Saudi incitement

We really want Hillary and Obama to say something about Standing Rock

Defeat of Jesse James last gasp of the civil war

Giuliani: Trump no longer wants mass deportations

Sadistic Religious Fanatic: Mother Teresa Was No Saint -

My nephew died yesterday

Seneca (SC) officer fired year after fatal shooting of Zachary Hammond

Mother Teresa’s orphanages end adoptions because of new liberal rules in India

7 convicted in Fort Worth meth trial (TX)

Religion and Politics Collide, Grounding Israeli Train Line

World Scout Body: Controversial Jerusalem Troop Not a Member

Another thing about the taco trucks.

Is Rudy Giuliani Losing His Mind?

where trump stands on immigration....

Soledad O’Brien eviscerates CNN: ‘You have normalized’ white supremacy with shoddy Trump reporting

Rupert Murdoch accuses Roger Ailes of ‘laying the groundwork’ for Trump campaign: report

Tallahassee - still no power

White nationalist movement growing much faster than Isis on Twitter, study finds

German anti-immigrant party beats Merkel’s party in her home state

Babies know

Study Says Automation May Replace 40% of Canadians in Just 10 to 20 Years

Student Sinks Impossible Shot To Secure Entire Class 100s On Organic Chemistry Quiz

I am really missing my dogs today.

Student creates powerful photo series to protest Brock Turner’s release

Variety Publishing System Targeted by Hackers

Voter Registration Taco Trucks Popping Up Across America To Spite Donald Trump

Hillary has a new Tumblr! you can see letters she receives from Americans all across the country

World's Largest Ape Is Added To Critically Endangered List

I blame Jon Stewart

Disneyland Picks Two Hispanic Cast Members as Park Ambassadors

Where is Hillary?

The return of the flower breathing dragon, pumpkin tress in bloom, cheese festival, and more pix

Eggplant, Tomatoes and Just a Bit of Pasta

Dakota Access Pipeline Rally - Tim Mentz 1 - Speaks of the destruction of sacred site

Very disappointed with ABC News this morning...

Trump and the African American community

Amsterdam, Revisited

Continued Bipartisan Support for Expanded Background Checks on Gun Sales

In case you are worried about getting a shot in the proper location

What part of the campaign media coverage bothers you the most?

Both teams prepare for the biggest moment of 2016 – the Sept. 26 debate. Great info on their prep!

Mark Trahant: A Test of U.S. Climate Leadership Will Be How We Treat the Standing Rock Sioux

Jude Law features in the new trailer for The Young Pope

Trump Using Campaign Money To Pay His Kids. It's the GOP donors money, so who cares?

Clinton Foundation receives highest rating from Charity Navigator, a charity watchdog group.

Nurses set to strike over insurance at 5 Minnesota hospitals

Nurses set to strike over insurance at 5 Minnesota hospitals

Nurses set to strike over insurance at 5 Minnesota hospitals

MDA Post-Jerry Lewis Losing Money Every Year, But CEO Gets $550,000

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 4, 2016

I'm getting these crazy, insanely funny (unintentionally) emails from a RW site AND

Five states where Obama could help Clinton

Exclusive KUTV interview with Trump on his "plan" for African Americans. Classic.

"What do you have to lose?"

Using the word witch to describe hillary clinton

"I'm a Republican" (No, not me)

How much power does the Internet have when compared to the television media?

Mother Teresa and Her Critics

Obama the Cool will begin to stump for HRC Sept 13th

Ok, another crazy RW email sent to me,

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Southern Cross (VIDEO)

"Battlegrounds" now includes AZ (Romney +9) and GA (Romney +8)! Clinton still ahead.

Nawtee dog stories

Do you trust trump with your job?

Clinton advisers see multiple paths to a commanding win

Why does CNN put Marc Lamont Hill against Trump surrogates when he's anti Hillary

Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs & Pepper Spray

Alberto Gonzales on NPR

Scotland's First Minister speaks about miscarriage

Giant panda no longer 'endangered' but iconic species still at risk

Jacob Wetterling case, "psychic" fails completely, as always.

Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine campaigning in Cleveland on Labor Day

Trump ally: Border wall's cost was deemed off limits in Mexico meeting

States of Cruelty

Looking for comments before I post this where my Republican friends will see it...

Confessions of a Clinton reporter: The media's 5 unspoken rules for covering Hillary

Clinton camp: Trump trying to 'mislead voters' on mass deportations

Cannabis vs pain med

Why did Soledad O'Brien leave CNN?

We Can't Stop Laughing At This Basic Cookbook A Girl Wrote For Her 'Cave Man' Brother

I'll just leave you this link from HillaryHQ.

Shades of John Kerry and the Swiftboaters.

Soledad O'Brien is very critical of CNN

Relieving the Stress of the 2016 Election. . .

25 African-Americans thrown out of South Carolina restaurant after a white woman complained

Ya gotta wonder....

Trump will win in November! (Unless you stop him)

From ignorant remarks to violence-inciting blunders, this video traces the trajectory of Trump's to

How is Matt Lauer going to work a Sharknado question into the Natioanl Security forum?

1 hour to FF draft

New Pennsylvania poll (CBS/YouGov): Clinton 45 - Trump 37

New North Carolina poll (CBS/YouGov): Clinton 46 - Trump 42

This Is What It Will Take to End Mass Incarceration

Woody Guthrie Wrote of His Contempt for His Landlord, Donald Trump’s Father

The YouGov Polls moved the meta margin to 5.1 and The Bayesian to 95% -HMMM

Martha Raddatz? You looked like a fool this a.m.

With the press being on the plane with Hill the coverage will become more positive.

Ornstein (The Atlantic) & Cohen (NYT) argue over NYT's coverage of Trump & Hillary (Tweet Storm)

KING: Ben Fields not being charged is why Kaepernick protests

The Weather Channel has a solution for the debatable pronunciation of Hurricane Hermine.


Has Trump actually formally accepted to participate in the debates?

By catering to Trump the media has assured the further decline in decency and a lack of

Trudeau criticizes Trump and ‘divisive, fearful rhetoric’ of anti-globalization forces as leaders

Know - Nothing party

Tennis fans - US Open

The maggot hires another sleaze bag