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Archives: September 3, 2016

Joy Reid is in for Chris Hayes tonight!

Will the debates be streamed live?

When asked for comment about a taco truck on every corner if Trump loses, Hillary said

Philippines president: Explosion that killed 15 was act of terrorism

Just got my Clinton Kaine yard sign!

So, who's going to the next Klan, I mean Trump, rally?

Can We All Agree That Online Polls Are Total Bullshit?

Here's a truck I can get behind...

Hey, where's onager?

Ex-deputy in South Carolina spared charges after throwing student

Sheriff: Father said he was trying to make gun safe when he shot toddler daughters

FBI Played Trick on Clinton During Email Probe, Newly Released Documents Show

Joy Reid teases "Real example of pay for play in the Trump world,"

After huge Venezuela protest march, government says foils coup

Anti-LGBT Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Dines With Family of Transgender Boy

A "Taco Trucks" Clinton Campaign Ad I'd Like to See

El Paso County Challenges GOP Leaders’ Anti-Trans Rhetoric

trumad, we wish you were here!

Trump should put a sign out, "Corruption 'R' Us"

Oil and Gas Smog Projected to Cause 140,000 Asthma Attacks in Kids

Angela Merkel and Marine Le Pen: one of them will shape Europe’s future

This guy got called an idiot. About damn time!

If the election is at all close, Trump is going to claim victory...

Friday Talking Points (406) -- Deportation Clarification

Texas Really Doesn’t Want Any More Syrian Refugees

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Good Behavior! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Rachel!!!! Bringit!

Shin Godzilla Gets a US Release Date

Democrats cry foul over Kirkpatrick "wanted" poster

I think "putting a taco truck on every corner..."

Here's how Hillary Clinton should respond to the email "scandal"

Austin Gay Pride Draws Record Crowd, But Not Everyone’s Happy

I'm offended by Taco Truck on every corner..

Juno reveals that Jupiter's north pole is 'like nothing we have seen or imagined'

The hunt for Planet Nine reveals some strange, far-out objects

Out New Jersey Priest Fired for Second Time in Two Years for Backing Gay Rights

Trump surrogate and pastor: I ‘overstated’ my biography

GQ Inside the Bureau of Way Too Many Guns (crosspost from Good Reads)

Not a fan of Joe Scarboro, but his anti-Trump video is great!

Trump hires Clinton-era hatchet man

Who is Robert Mercer, and what does his name mean for this campaign season?

The Liberal Redneck on Kaepernick and the National Anthem

Green Party Jill stein won't appear on Nevada ballot

Texas AG Ken Paxton's lawyers tell federal judge he broke no SEC rules

Teachers describe the heartbreaking impact Trump’s hateful rhetoric is having on their students

We are defending the land with our blood: Defenders of the land, territory and environment in Hondur

Rachel: Kellyanne Conway lied to my face.

We are defending the land with our blood: Defenders of the land, territory and environment in Hondur

New Books Trace the Holocaust’s Legacy

Dear Brock Turner, How Was Your Summer?

New books

Leaked Tapes Show Michel Temer’s Henchmen Led Dilma Rousseff Coup in Brazil

Leaked Tapes Show Michel Temer’s Henchmen Led Dilma Rousseff Coup in Brazil

Texas braces for budget cuts as economy, Medicaid, spending decisions collide

Three projects could transform North Texas, but DART shrouds them in confusion

There was a discussion earlier about the dangerous precedents by the release of the FBI notes

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 4 - Jeanne Crain

First Baptist bookkeeper rang up $250K in charges on Carrollton church's credit cards, police say

TCM Schedule for Monday September 5 - Happy Anniversary

As Skill Requirements Increase, More Manufacturing Jobs Go Unfilled

Trump catches up to Clinton, latest Reuters/Ipsos poll finds

Luckovich Toon - Hillary Scandals

Nice surprise for me!

Did 2014's gun control law getting overturned have any effect on Chicago?

Donald Trump – Damage Already Done

I visited with 104 patients this week...

Thought of Solly Mack when I took this — so this one’s firstly for her

Donald Trump = we know nothing Hillary Clinton = we know everything

Thank you Icymist

Amazon and Starbucks 'pay less tax than a sausage stand', Austria says

Latam banana workers' claims over pesticide are revived in U.S.

Latam banana workers' claims over pesticide are revived in U.S.

Tacos! On every street-corner truck in Colorado!

Re-make of "Children of the Corn"!1 (O.K. it's the DRUMPF kiddos) - Really, read the Tweets!1

Dilma Rousseff might be gone, but Brazil’s political crisis certainly isn’t

Philippines president: Explosion that killed 14 was act of terrorism

I guess Tat Boy is channeling his inner Angela Davis

Democrats Troll Donald Trump With a Taco Truck in Colorado

Dilma Rousseff might be gone, but Brazil’s political crisis certainly isn’t

"Taco truck" is the Meme of the Day. Or not. n/t

Vote in Love and Kindness In November

Liberal Redneck: Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem

Here’s a tale of two scandals. Guess which one will get more play?

Threat of ‘taco truck on every corner’ backfires as internet cheers

Family of 7 Living Completely Off-Grid in Northern Canada!

Police: Man arrested for making threat at Sandy Hook Elementary School

So Powell told Hillary he didn't use a Blackberry so he could destroy his emails?

Trump's “Good Cop, Bad Cop” Routine

Skank Squared

Hope Solo says she knows the real reason for her U.S. Soccer ouster

"And Justice For All"...

#AmnestyDon, recorded by Joe Scarborough, GOP half of "Morning Joe." ENJOY!!!

One thing about Hillary: she has a deep understanding of the issues. Trump

Best music video you will watch today. And you'll never guess who recorded it:

Ruben Gallego: About to assert my cultural dominance. #TacoTrucks (Twitter)

Do Those Travel Search Results Look Fishy? Here’s Why.

Do Those Travel Search Results Look Fishy? Here’s Why.

Let's get one thing straight about this election (Electoral College).

Deep in the Swamps, Archaeologists Are Finding How Fugitive Slaves Kept Their Freedom

US judge: Government can keep killing salmon-eating birds

Reuters Ipsos Poll uses super weird turnout model

Tensions Deepen Between Donald Trump and R.N.C.


MSNBC is doing a documentary on "Miracle on the Hudson", the incident of the airliner . . .

Johnson taking more voters from Clinton than Trump

Trump’s numbers don’t match Clinton’s electoral map realities

Gary Johnson’s battle to be a contender

Jay Peak receiver says Stenger no longer working for resort

Clinton Holds A Slight Lead Among Virginia Voters

Teachers union throws support behind Minter for governor

University of Vermont reaches contract deal with campus police union

Quiros (one of the Jay Peak developers) associate paid $7.9M for supervisory services at AnC Bio VT

Bryant: Kaepernick critics ignore the message behind his actions

How Trump, Clinton immigration plans would affect the US

Hillary Clinton Has a Quietly Bold Idea to Stop Drug Price Spikes

NYT invents fake scandal about one of Bill Clinton’s greatest successes

Clinton Raised $143 Million In August

University of Nebraska Lincoln introduces new 'non-negotiable respect' policy

The head of Citizen's United joins Trump’s campaign (Trump supports unlimited campaign cash)

Settlement increases mental health care for inmates

We don't have a Taco truck invasion here in Michigan

Daily Holidays September 3

ACLU, senators: Calling police too much means eviction

Insurance Co-op to Exit New Hampshire

Gov. LePage's actions spur call to boycott Maine

Maine GOP, Democrats meet to discuss governor's conduct

Partisan clash on LePage kills special session effort

How the NYT described another racist demagogue in 1922

Researchers have just reconstructed a 2,300-year-old Egyptian mummy's face

Steve Karnacki, you disappoint me

Protests Erupt in San Juan as Obama Forms Unelected Control Board to Run Puerto Rico

Australia’s Ice Age Rock Art

Gang of Kitties Sing Loudly to Man at His Door for Dinner

'Intolerable': Florida judge reprimanded after she 'berated and belittled' domestic-violence victim

Suncoast Cathedral human resources director charged in theft of more than $100,000 from church

Data shows 70 percent of people Orlando police shot at were black


A flawed missile defense system generates $2 billion in bonuses for Boeing

One debate set, possibly more in Florida U.S. Senate race

Feds charge 16 in massive $175M prescription cream fraud based in South Florida

North Miami man convicted of cashing $11 million in tax-refund checks for dead people

Are you concerned about the millennials?

Miami-Dade increases early voting hours for general election

Miami billionaire, a big Bush donor, endorses Clinton

damn damn damn .. meteorologist said the "s" word.. several of them

DNC Expands Footprint in Arizona, Georgia, Utah

The Mexicans loved me!

Christiania has removed Copenhagen’s Cannabis Supermarket


Ex-NFL star Lawrence Taylor accused of DUI in Florida

Juneau and Zinke Debate Coal, Refugees, And Public Lands In Billings

Ex-Flagler Beach pastor accused in $2M fraud scheme

Some people . . . some people like Tacos exclusively,

My Great Aunt Lena turns 100 next year. Talked politics and such the other day

Pam Bondi breaks her silence over Donald Trump's $25,000 campaign contribution

Paris climate deal: US and China announce ratification

Wounded Warrior cuts workforce by 15 percent in wake of drop in donations

Wounded Warrior cuts workforce by 15 percent in wake of drop in donations

Mother Teresa: Beloved and scorned on the eve of her canonisation

🐦Watch Sen. Sanders on Meet the Press Sunday

A Bangladeshi Atheist Activist Who Left the Country To Avoid Getting Murdered Tells His Story

CNN Takedown of Pastor Burns, Trump Surrogate who lied about his background...and is a Fraud..

What White Catholics Owe Black Americans

O’Reilly’s talking about retirement. Megyn could go to another network. And Hannity will go to...

You may think it's funny but ...

A Reminder: These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

Weekly Address: Building Upon the Legacy of Labor Day

Why Media Lies About Closeness of Presidential Elections. Millions in profits at stake..

March 1, 2016 Bernie Sanders with Kat Wright, Brett Hughes, Dwight & Nicole , and Ben Folds

UGA reveals name of donor who gave $33 million

Hey Trump: "Illegal entries are at their lowest level in more than four decades."

WaPo Editorial Board: America has accepted 10,000 Syrian refugees. That’s still too few.

Trump Foundation's 'Pay-to-Play' Scandal!

Lookit what I found in my flower bed the other day.

Barking dog found alive in rubble 9 days after Italy earthquake.

South Carolina wants audits of board spending at research universities

Michigan seeks to block straight-ticket voting

Oklahoma City area just had a pretty good size eqarthquake.

Immigrants without legal status sue for access to Georgia universities

Chuck Todd: ‘Bothers Me as an American Citizen’ the FBI Didn’t Record Clinton Interview

M5.6 - 14km NW of Pawnee, Oklahoma

#earthquake - shook my house. Pretty intense here in Tulsa

5.6 shaker in OK that we felt here in NE Kansas 0705 am CDT

Pull my finger

Be wary of bad poll trolls *

Arkansas Supreme Court asked to disqualify push to legalize medical marijuana

Haslam calls for special session to addressed jeopardized federal highway funding

Nashville sues state for more education funds

Clinton must get control of the media

Hammered Dulcimer "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" >>Must See<<

Puerto Rico’s Invisible Health Crisis

Tropical storm warnings for Mid-Atlantic coast: ‘Life-threatening’ coastal inundation feared

ACLU: Memphis Marijuana Reform a Matter of 'Racial Justice'

After the taco trucks, Sangria Law.

So he's going to Detroit

180 million public sector workers are currently on strike in India - Why don't we know about it?

Democrats parked a taco truck that also registers voters outside a Trump campaign office

The News and its New Silent Majority: Clinton Supporters - Jeff Jarvis

SF Taiko Dojo @ Nihonmachi Street Fair 2016 Japantown San Francisco California

Mark Cuban & "sez who" trump lawyer in twitter war

House GOP leaders consider rebuking Dems for gun sit-in

New Fake FB troll page "Welcome Home Brock Turner" trolling and triggering

As I travel around the area and see all of the Trump signs in front of conservative neighbors' homes

The new 'Village of the Damned' looks terrifying.

Who says there's no new TV? "Camelot", "Oliver Twist" being developed as...cop shows

Ya'll come to New Haven for our taco truck!

Is it just me that gets frustrated when TV pundits do not pronounce the "T" in ClinTon

Granite State Poll: HRC opens 11-point lead over Trump in NH

Roflmao.. haahaa

It's too late for the wall- the gastropocalypse has started!!

Weekend Toon Roundup

Heads up - AMJoy on now!

Freddie King was born on this date.

Personally, I don't like tacos.

Recipe for a Taco de Trump

"The Mālama of Our Blue Planet"

The New Yorker: Introducing a New Series: Trump and the Truth

Why has Elizabeth Warren suddenly been silent? She usually take Drumpf to task

What are you doing this Labor Day weekend?

Sam Bradford is no longer an Eagle

Can Rump actually remove those bobby pins without his hair coming apart?

Animals Rescued From Shady Roadside Zoo Are About to Start Entirely New Lives - YAAAAAY!

NC Governor Won’t Release Birth Certificate After Report Says Gender On Birth Certificate Was Blank

Will the next GOP Congress try to reduce the Supreme Court to

Ripley's Believe it or Not Photos -

Wetterling suspect leads officials to unidentified remains

Wetterling suspect leads officials to unidentified remains

14 Excellent Excerpts From the FBI's Report on Hill's Email (an exoneration)

Jacob Wetterling's Remains May Have Been Located in MN

Stephen Colbert Teases Viewers With Spoof Interview Of Donald Trump’s ‘Top Cop’

Row on tarmac an awkward G20 start for U.S., China

Trump sandwich

Office plants help

Borrowed time: US library to enforce jail sentences for overdue books

I've been away on vacation so let me get this straight, I should fear Taco Trucks now?

Did you feel the Oklahoma quake this morning?

OMG...drumpf hoisted that small child in the air

You gotta love Joy Reid

Seattle Workers to Get Up to $10,000 Each in Back Wages

In the continuing saga of the silly Green Party, Stein won't be on the ballot in NV

ABC runs the NCAA Football table today!

Trump on TV pretending to be a normal person

Earthquake: attention to the practice of disposing oil and gas field wastewater deep underground.

Sometimes we just abuse our pets - poor things

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

Burning Kaepernick's jersey!

New England's Preview of the 2016 Halloween Season...

I think the Hillary campaign really launches this week ...

I nominate Joy Reid for debate moderator. Replace that ABC woman!

I'm kinda hungry. Anyone know where I can find a taco truck or do I have to wait until Hillary is

Did they pray over Donald Trump?

Sorry Donald, You Have To Answer For Your Racist Past!!!!!!!

Did anyone watch Trump at the church in Detroit?

Want to see Trump at that Detroit Church?

Daily Kos Elections rundown on the most vulnerable Republican Senate seats

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

Hillary is running a fantastic campaign

Saw a vanity license plate yesterday: OH MY FSM

A taco truck on every corner? The economic implications are huge

When uploading video to YouTube, is AVI or MP4 the better choice?

Liberal Redneck - Black Lives Matter

Parked at a corner near the church Trump will visit

Is it legal to have a campaign speech at church?

Any chance Texas might go blue in November ?

Lol, Philadelphia Inquirer front page

Anyone watching college football?

Trump Addresses Empty Church As African-American Photo-Op Backfires In Detroit

Judge in standoff case rules on evidence -- #BundyTeaParty

Trump Addresses Empty Church As African-American Photo-Op Backfires In Detroit

Bundy's lawyer quotes from "Treasure of the Sierra Madre'' -- #BundyTeaParty

Some blacks agree with Trump on Democrats — but can’t stand the rest of his message

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Colin Kaepernick vs Donald Trump, a double standard

Why did the black church agree to host Trump?

Fresno bar denies service to two black women.

The Bible tells me so

Trump Foundation caught in a "Pay for play" scheme. Media not covering it.

Guy at the bar last night said he wishes he was a sniper

More on that Oklahoma quake:

Hillary Has A HUGE Problem

The Death of FOX "News"

US Guns infest our North American neighbors

Dakota Access Pipeline Rally: Chief Mel Lone Hill

Trump let the Mexicans tell him he couldn’t raise Old Glory. No American Flag!

Detroit Community Out In Force For Trump Visit

Dakota Access Pipeline Rally: Chief Ron LaFrance - St. Regis Mohawk Tribe

Clinton Foundation Gets Top Marks From Watchdog Group..

Want to understand Donald Trump's rise in the GOP? Look to the financial crisis — of 1873

Santa Clara police union may boycott 49ers games over Kaepernick

CNN Playbook for opening day of college football season:

I finally see that Trump is indeed a bullshitter

Learning from the slaughter in Attica

Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites..

Confession and catharsis

Here's a Shocker: He's Stiffing the Staff

CLINTON/KAINE Schedule of Upcoming Events

Sermon in Detroit

CLINTON/KAINE Schedule of Upcoming Events

The Latest: Dozens of wastewater wells directed to shut down (Oklahoma quake)

Attending services at a black church does not wash away your racist past (cross-posted from GD)

Brazil’s Parliamentary Coup and the “Progressive Media”

Trump Adviser Michele Bachmann Warns That ‘This Is The Last Election’

EDF Executive Fears Hinkley (Planned UK) Nuclear Plant Will Never Be Finished

Spaghetti with Lobster Sauce

A Politico reporter confesses that the media have a set of prejudicial rules

Let's talk about the term 'Black Leaders'

The Kaepernick incident reminds us of just how far right our country truly is...

Devo - That's Good (VIDEO)

Meet the the pillars of the white nationalist alt-right movement

Fred Hellerman, last surviving member of the Weavers, dies

Weeks after campaign pledged answers, big questions about Melania Trump’s immigration status linger

The Trump booth at my county fair

Real Bigfoot! Caught on video! On a hilltop!

Just had my doggie put to sleep....

video of Trump dancing at church

Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey Sales Have Skyrocketed Since He Began His Protest

うちわ uchiwa

The DEA's Crazy Kratom Ban Dresses Pharmacological Phobia In Scientific Garb

The Weavers, Wasn't that a time.

Inside the Republican creation of the NC voting bill

Tuskegee Airman, Who Marched With MLK From Selma, Dies at 93

Yet another scandal. Why Hillary met with DOW's CEO, a million+ donor to the Clinton Foundation.

The News and its New Silent Majority: Clinton Supporters

Former New York mayor David Dinkins accused of hit-and-run

Hillary's head on a pike? Just another day at a Trump rally.

Venezuela's Maduro jeered, dozens detained: activists

Needed now and next decade: Electricians, roofers, plumbers

Needed now and next decade: Electricians, roofers, plumbers

The End Is Near For Fox News As Network Faces A Bloodbath If Trump Loses

George Washington a God?

Donald Trump is a phony, Will the real Donald Trump please stand up!

Andy Borowitz: Republicans to Pull Money From Trump Ads and Spend It On Alcohol

Mexican senator to propose anti-Trump expropriation law

Mexican senator to propose anti-Trump expropriation law

RCP average on 9/3/12: even; RCP average on 9/3/16: +3.9 Hillary.

It was a dark and stormy night. Then the lights went out and the wind started.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 3, 2016

Miz t. is making gumbo.

you guys.... this is the Trump campaign's outreach to millennials

Hermine's destruction and her dangerous road ahead

Is the reign of the 747 coming to an end?

Extras needed for Trump's Black Outreach Rally in Detroit $50 per day meal included.

Venezuela's Maduro jeered, dozens detained: activists

Check out this video of Bishop Wayne T. Jackson

New Jersey Governor Christie upends old income tax deal with Pennsylvania

Bangladesh hangs Islamist tycoon Mir Quasem Ali

I have been out doing canvassing and it's not a sure thing people

No, Don, the African American community is not a "gift from God" to the American people.

Trump's answer to the question: Who is God to you? Enjoy!

Leaked Script For Trump Black Church Interview

Really glad I didn't plan a trip this weekend. (East coast)

Trump on Whether He’s Still a Birther: ‘I Don’t Talk About It Anymore’

Obama Likes Tacos Too!

Cape Breton store offering free land and a job gets 2,000 applications

A Taco Bell PAC Maxed Out Its Giving To The Trump Campaign

Poland urges UK to keep its citizens safe from xenophobia

Must Read -Facing my fear: when I moved back to America, I felt like a foreigner

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Spinaway Stakes

Why FOX News is poisonous to our discourse?

Mother Jones: "The Trump Files"

A good day for dogs...

Trump Tests Climate Change Denial Against Public Opinion, Real-World Impacts

France's Le Pen vows to hold referendum on EU if elected

Police union: Officers may boycott 49ers over Kaepernick

Turkish tanks roll into Syria, opening new line of attack

Mark Sanchez released by Donkos - signed by Cowpies

I love tacos but.....

Is It Possible to Measure Supernatural or Paranormal Phenomena?

The person who lives upstairs from my apartment vacuums once every few weeks . They also hammer.

WhoaHo! U. of South Alabama BEATS Miss State 21-20.

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Woodward Stakes

Medea Benjamin - Why Is Saudi Arabia A Key US Ally?

Talked to my sister in Tallahassee post-Hermine...

Obama highlights climate change on final presidential trip to Asia

Tacos? Give me Senor Sisig.

Alabama's offensive line averages over 300 lbs.

NoDapl - Security using attack dogs and chemical spray against water protectors

Facebook knew what the voters want

Looks like campaign sign vandalism is going to be big again this year

Had a Trump guy jump out of his pickup and just scream at the Dems

Here's where anyone can check their voter registration status online -- to make sure

Jorge Ramos: Judgment Day Is Coming For Those Who Stay Silent on Donald Trump

Donald Trump showed up at Ben Carson's old neighborhood..that's the extent of his visit

Another reason, among many, to vote Hillary.

Why F*CK is a better SWEAR WORD than SCHEIßE

Serena Williams earns 307th Grand Slam match victory

Voting Restrictions Won't 'Make America Great Again'

Jarring art exhibit confronts the harsh reality of female genital mutilation

Does anyone think the Trump voters will try to intimidate voters at the polls?

Does anyone know of a good op-ed or post that talks about just how monstrous Trump's deportation

Voter registration information

Today is my daughter's birthday. She was born on Labor Day 1971.

How Apple's Tax Games Make Globalization Look Like a Big Scam