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Archives: September 29, 2016

Bill Weld, sitting next to Gary Johnson, just dinged Trump for "not studying up in foreign policy"

Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence now says that there’s “no question” humans are impacting clim

Trump's idea of an unhinged Hillary

Wyoming's 1st major coal mine in decades clears council


Father of Texas 'clock boy' Ahmed Mohamed sues Glenn Beck, Fox for defamation

Chris Hayes - people in Trump's own orbit saying he lacks the interest or attention span

Poll: Who do you think will win, regardless of who you're voting for - Ipsos/Reuters

A reminder: Joe Biden's "Law and Order: SVU" cameo is tonight.

Refugee could be expelled from Denmark over Facebook post 'praising Charlie Hebdo attacks'

Proof that Hillary Clinton is "The Office's" Jim Halpert in this election.

Cool! I'm helping to pick some of the questions for the next debate

It's Donnie. Run!!!!

TWEET: Breaking: FBI finds attempted hacks of voter registration sites in >dozen states,

Are you righteous?

About the Alfred Olango murder in El Cajon. Let's back it up a little, okay.

Oklahoma woman awarded $6.5 million in lawsuit against Harmon County sheriff

Braggadocious: Randy Rainbow Moderates Debate #1

MSNBC Delivers Biggest Dayside Audience in Network History

Rev. Al Sharpton rallies with hundreds for Terence Crutcher in downtown Tulsa

Rachel Maddow tweet teases a new poll & a "bombshell" report hitting

WTF does Axelroad have against Hillary? he has almost nothing good to say

Miss Universe Alicia Machado: Donald Trump a ‘Nazi Rat

Even Fox News Slammed Sean Hannity For Using Bullsh*t Polls To Claim Trump Won Debate

Breaking: NBC News Poll reveals massive 31 point debate win for HRC

Trump Is Trying To Divert The Media From His Disastrous Debate, And CNN Just Admitted It’s Working

FBI Says It Has Detected More Attempts to Hack Voter Registration Systems

Sad ...Agnes Nixon has died, really the Queen of Daytime Soaps..

"I'm finally speaking out: My White Feelings are Hurt-PLEASE watch the whole thing before commenting

Those fake polls seam to be helping Hillary. Trump is believing them will do the same debate.

Silence? Even if you honestly suspected a potential POTUS of cocaine abuse?

OK,'s how you handle it.

For millenials, a very good FRontline doc on Hillary Clinton and the Donald .. their histories

iPhone 6/6+ users: do you know what "Touch Disease" is? Apple does ... but won't discuss it.

Here's the newest Maralix Post (Marvel & Neelix)

Candidate for Legislature named in lawsuit by parents of sexually abused boy

A Voice Cuts Through, and Adds to, the Intrigue of Russia’s Cyberattacks

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

New poll from @MorningConsult brings it to 4 post-debate polls, all of which show Clinton winning. A

ELOTES Mexican Corn on the Cob - You Made What?!

1st time since 1965 Voting Rights Act not in effect

Commission OKs rate increase for PNM

PPPolls: Because we love you-tomorrow we're going to have not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 post-de

Breaking - New Story in Newsweek tomorrow on King Con

Former female inmate sues over alleged sexual abuse at Santa Fe County jail

Is Rachel Maddow reporting a bombshell tonight?

New Scoop from Rachel just now to officially break tomorrow

Federal judge holds Human Services Secretary Earnest in contempt

Trump Mocks Clinton for Her 9/11 Memorial ‘Medical Episode’

When class president & class clown debated. (Lawrence O'Donnell on fire last night.)

where can i watch Obama if I dont have CNN?

Iraq did not have weapons of mass destructions, nor did it have anything to do with 9/11

Military-Style Raid Ends Native Prayer Against Dakota Pipeline

Donald Trump Conducted Business With Communist Cuba During U.S. Embargo

OK, just what does a defective mike have to do with what came out of the Cons mouth?

LOL. Jill Stein is polling behind Evan McMullin in new PPP poll reported on Rachel.

Obama Town Hall

Please don't forget the congressional contests.

So we finally know how big the basket of #Deplorables is: 35%. h/t @maddow and @ppppolls


"You say vote..."

Melania Trump on slathering her son Barron with fish eggs "from head to toe" every night.

Another Rachel story tonight - Pence loses his pilot

Evan McMullin, the non-racist Republican

HuffPo: This May Be The Most Horrible Thing That Donald Trump Believes (eugenics)

Montgomery County School Will Crown A Gender-Neutral Homecoming Court.

'Loose lips sink ships,

Gary Johnson is Jeff Spicoli

Oops, another "Aleppo" moment for Gary Johnson

'Blood and Fire and Slaughter': Critics Remember Dark Legacy of Shimon Peres

I hadn't realized we had a Trump smilie

Breaking news!!! MSNBC

I Think the Dam Has Finally Broken.

Trump encourages WWW 3...

California Ends Statute Of Limitations For Rape After Cosby Allegations

Bloomberg July 28, 2016.."Did Donald Trump’s Executives Violate the Cuban Embargo?"

Do you think Glenn Beck will endorse Trump?

Johnson can't name one world leader - I named 5 before he named one

Defense warned to ‘get it together’ in Malheur trial - #BundyTeaParty

Rachel's Bombshell

The (Real) Polls Prove It: Clinton Trounced Trump in the Debate

TRUMP: "Raise your hand if you're NOT a Christian conservative. There's a few...Should we keep them?

cnn: Trump's America: No fat chicks

Friday’s Rare Black Moon: Here’s What It Means.

Members of 3% militia group say leader took money meant for arrested Idahoans - #BundyTeaParty

Lis Smith, just on Lawrence show, is RIGHT,

Conspiracy Theory

Anybody watching Designated Survivor on ABC.

Samsung eyes fix after complaints of 'exploding' washers

Trump is rather portly himself

Donald Trump has turned over tax returns for lawsuits and loans

Seems like wing nut groups posting like crazy in Facebook

The REAL and one true way forward for HRC, definitively!

I can't believe it! Hillary has baited Donald into spending 3 days attacking

Book Review - In ‘Hitler,’ an Ascent From ‘Dunderhead’ to Demagogue - Timely!

Has anyone gone over to the darkside (Freepers)

Joe Biden made a cameo on SVU tonight.

the sheer absurdity of a donald trump

Donald Trump’s weight problem: He can’t stop talking about ‘fat’ people

Military-Style Raid Ends Native Prayer Against Dakota Pipeline.

Donald Trump Rallies Troops: ‘We’re Gonna Get Rid Of That Crooked Woman’

City releases ‘disturbing’ body camera video of Greensboro, North Carolina arrest

Details of the S.C. shooting and the shooter's name.

Fraternity suspended after racial slur incident at Mizzou

"Trump Vouched For Cocaine Trafficker "

Clinton Leads by 4 Nationally; Trump Hurt Himself in Debate

Rahm Emanuel Concerned Gun Violence Could Spread To Parts Of City He Gives Shit About

***breaking new ppp national poll HRC +4***

Women hate Donald Trump, and he's running out of time to fix it

Media Allows Terrible Double Standard For GOP.

Samantha Bee and Full Frontal Rules!

If Trump comes out and promises that he will launch nukes

Just saw Joe Biden's cameo on Law & Order! He's there to help bring attention to

Central Time--Maddow rerun starting How Trump violated the Cuban Embargo. BREAKING...

Trump's tweets about how he believes #climatechange is a HOAX

Donald Drumpf’s company allegedly violated Cuba trade embargo, Newsweek says

Trump and the End of Civilization (MUST SEE!!)

Gary Johnson has ‘Aleppo moment’ when asked to name favorite foreign leader

The Mexican Wall

Trump Goes After Machado Again

If you had a chance would any of you go to a trump

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Hey White People! With Jon Batiste And Friends

Townville Elementary shootings linked to nearby slaying

How Much Damage Did the Debate Do to Donald Trump? - The New Yorker

Yahoo News is the most popular news site on the web, so

Dear musical DUer, please make Trump Sniffles into the next Hillary Shimmy.

Realclearpolitics having a Clinton meltdown, - Pushing 11 anti Clinton storys at the same time

Fraternity suspended after racial slur incident at Mizzou

What if Hillary had been doing the sniffing?

Dearest Donald ...

CNN White House Correspondent.really tweeting bogus Trump tweets

Tennessee man arrested for wearing a gorilla mask to a BLM event, carrying a rope and bananas

Satanic Temple brings after-school club to Portland elementary school

Need a pick-me-up? Listen to Colbert and John Prine sing "That's the Way that the World goes Round"

Oh my god this guy is a fukin idiot

Keith Olberman, The Closer two new shows

Federal lawsuit claims ”Exact Match” process violates Voting Rights Act

Darryl Issa must go!

Trump Campaign Quietly Shouts About Clinton Sex Scandals

Severe weather warning as Scotland faces high winds

The Trump sandwich

Want some more Trump whine with your Trump steak? Now it's Google suppressing bad news

Are Tump Supporters Any More Redeemable Than Trump Himself?

State superintendent of insurance vows to collect late taxes

Spending soars on medication at New Mexico state agencies

Lawsuit over Gov. Martinez’s campaign emails dismissed

Samantha Bee: Fear and Loathing at Hofstra U; Go Ahead, Make Her Day; Debate Watchers

The Americas Are Now Officially 'Measles-Free'

Donald Trump's company violated the US embargo against Cuba

Hillary Clinton is now the only candidate not pandering to the anti-vaccine movement

Trump angry at allies conceding he lost debate

Trump doesn't want to release his taxes for the election because it would hurt his business.

Trump's new ad-campaign wants to paint Clinton as corrupt and has the motto "follow the money".

I've purchased my ticket

El Cajon police say black man was holding vape smoking device in hand when officers fatally shot him

Neighbors anxious after Florida sinkhole contaminates water

Rachel Maddow Show..Very interesting content for Wednesday

Congress departs for recess until after Election Day

Trump children think the campaign is hurting business

Number of daily newspapers endorsing Trump: ZERO.

Meet Peter Jacob -Sanders Endorsed Candidate In NJ7 - He Needs Our Help

Philippines' Duterte to scrap future war games with US

Does this sound familiar?

Long-lost Inca altar is found beside river in Peru

Long-lost Inca altar is found beside river in Peru

Daily Holidays September 29

Trump the Tax Dodger

Uruguay's Pepe Mujica: 'Inequality Is the Enemy of Democracy'

Republicans in Denial That the Debate Exposed Donald Trump As Unfit for Office

Conspiracy Theories Thrive at a Trump Rally

North Carolina Gun Group Raffles AR-15 Rifle With A Picture Of Hillary Clinton

How The Trump Campaign Is Embracing Dirty Trickster Roger Stone’s Playbook

Shareholders approve massive beer deal: a new era for Anheuser-Busch

St. Louis Area Diaper Bank wants to collect 100,000 diapers to mark its first year

Children bear brunt of alleged chemical weapon attacks in Sudan, says Amnesty

Another Miss Universe Contestant Says She Was Fat-Shamed By Donald Trump

Detroit News endorses Libertarian Johnson for President

"What America's most challenged books say about us"

Late Night 2016 Presidential Debate

Anything interesting going on with Morning Joe? My cable is out on MSNBC only.

No doubt about it... Black Lives Matter.

“Her name is Alicia Machado”: Clinton’s pièce de résistance

Judge rules against Bevin in University of Louisville trustee case

It shouldn't be too much to ask of America, right?

Pakistan fury after India conducts military strikes on Kashmir border

Peter Jacob - Running in NJ 7th Congressional District

Regency Beauty Institute closes all campuses nationwide

Beshear criticizes Bevin for text message calling AG's office an embarrassment

Veteran in new Greitens ad criticized for controversial Facebook posts

House Dems: Bevin withholding $4M from schools

Innocent man beaten and arrested by police after being accused of breaking into his own house.

Singapore jails teen blogger Amos Yee for anti-religion posts

Death threats cited by victim as former UK board chair pleads not guilty in rape case

Was HRC an "enabler"?

US probing possible worker abuse by Wells Fargo


This shouldn't even BE a gawd damned question...


Steve Case endorses a candidate for the first time ever.

Trump Tells Non-Christians


I should point out that this happened at a university in America in 2016....

Another Miss Universe Contestant Says She Was Fat-Shamed By Donald Trump

Why is this even controversial?

Donald Trump is incompetent.

Trump fundraising record not all it appears

Offended at city hall, atheist putting faith in human-rights complaint

Controversial technique results in baby born with DNA from 3 people

Why white people can’t see there is ‘White Reality’ and ‘Everyone Else’s Reality’

Mike Pence's Kinder, Gentler Climate Denialism

Why Religious Leaders Should Not Endorse Candidates

North Carolina Gun Group Raffles AR-15 Rifle With A Picture Of Hillary Clinton

Dams And Reservoirs Emit Nearly 1 Billion Tons CO2E Annually - Study

Were Trump supporters depressed by Donald's performance in first debate?

Employees at Trump's California Golf Course said he wanted to fire women not pretty enough

A new report confirms that Donald Trump was too lazy to seriously practice for the debate

Helpful Critiques of Hillary Clinton’s Mouth Shape From Men Watching the Debate

the sniffling maggot knows he's losing & people are saying he is sick. so

Clinton Leads in Key Battlegrounds; Seen As Big Debate Winner

How to Be a Catholic and a Feminist: Celia Viggo Wexler

Trump's Energy "Policy" A Bucket Of Bullshit, Say Experts, Analysts, Even Coal CEO

Don the Con/aka King Con threatens to skip remaining debates

And some people wonder why black people are wary of the police...

Obama: Congress veto override of 9/11 lawsuits bill 'a mistake'

Look who found a Pokemon!

Thumbs and spaghetti

"I never said that"

Clinton and Trump Get Most of Their Campaign Funds from These 250 Neighborhoods

Debate Lie Count: Trump 34, Hillary 6

After Losing Debate Badly, Trump's Damage Control is Embarrassing

That's because they're fascists...

'Affluenza' teen Ethan Couch appears in court, hoping to have his sentence thrown out

I don't expect that you can get it your way there...

Public to get new $83-billion bill for Fukushima, reactor expenses

Art Lives...

Woohoo, she's back over 61%

Abortion opponent admits to smashing window at Addison Planned Parenthood

Will Bill Weld quit the race and endorse Hillary?

Oilfield services company to pay $140M fine over accounting fraud

PBS: For African-American female entrepreneurs, funding challenges call for creative bootstrapping

538 Now-Cast just added 6.3 pts to HRC....

VETPAW.ORG - Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (Anti-poaching)

Democratic National Committee Expands Presence in Texas


A Huge Election Pet Peeve of Mine

"I think my strongest asset by far is my temperament!!!!!"

Beelzebub weighs in on the election...

Some from Jim Hightower

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to scapegoat immigrants as the Labour right hands votes to UKIP

PPP 9/29/16 - Clinton Leads in Key Battlegrounds; Seen As Big Debate Winner

Gary Johnson

WOW! The New Yorker Cover

South Carolina Poll: Trump leads by only 4 (taken prior to the debate)

Law unfairly gave shale drillers 'special' treatment, Pa. Supreme Court rules

Bombshell new report reveals Donald Trump’s company violated US trade embargo with Castro’s Cuba

Next week's New Yorker cover

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- So Smart!

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Orange Hate

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Concord NH Monitor Newspaper Editorial->The debate is over – Trump just can’t lead

Trump managed to eek out a bounce from the debate...

NJ Transit train crashes into Hoboken station, multiple fatalities reported

AFSCME: Presidential Debate Reaffirms Clinton as Choice for Working Families


Today's Google Doodle: Who invented the ballpoint pen?

President Obama is to blame for 9/11 because he took too many vacations while in office.

Fucking Buzz Aldrin!

Who are Gary Johnson's money men?

Priest to Christians: “You Might Not Have a Church to Go to If You Don’t Vote Right in November”

That Seventh-Grade Bully Is Running for President:

Fmr. Miss America Kristen Haglund-a conservative-slams Trump for comments on Alicia Machado's weight

BREAKING: Terrible train crash into Hoboken terminal - multiple injuries

How Donald Trump Set Off a Civil War Within the Right-Wing Media

North Carolina gun group raffling AR-15, Clinton photo

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-28-16

A Big Ouch from a Trump Advisor:

It distills down to: *THE BATTLE Of THE SEXES*

I want the Trump campaign to be a complete, broken dysfunctional mess by late October.

Clinton/Trump Debate Mixed with Anchorman

Bill Donohue: "Dawkins is to Catholics what the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan is to blacks."

Donald Trump is incapable of complex thinking.

'Marvel's Luke Cage' Drops on Netflix tonight!! (VIDEO)

A Trumpian Candidate on Trump’s Corset

DAMN! Hillary lost the "Dilbert" endorsement.

New Brutal Ad...Posted there by bigtree.."I never said that" (The Briefing)

Fried rosemary!


Attorney: Betty Shelby had ‘temporary loss of hearing’ during Terence Cruthcher shooting

Report: Trump Attended Intelligence Briefing Where Russia Was Linked To DNC Hack

Post debate polls starting to come in - Good News!!!

tecate beer trolls trump

The Changing Face of Agriculture?

Nate Silver now shows Florida as a light blue

Why does Clinton always do worse in the polls-plus 538 forecast...

What do Roooody, Newtie and Don the Con have in common?

#TrumpInCuba hashtag is about to take root. It's going to be an interesting day.

If trump treats women so shabby in the public/business arena, how does he treat his wife

The Greatest Generation’s rebuke of Trump

Republicans to Trump: Keep Lewinsky out of it

Mark Cuban shames Donald Trump

Report on Trump company's Cuba dealings could affect crucial Florida vote

Aleppo Refugee Saves the Day in Canada... (The Guardian)

This is the single most remarkable thing I have read about Donald Trump in a very long time


Donald Trump and the Climate Change Countdown

Booty Call Rudy: When Giuliani Attacks The Clintons, Remember His Scandals

15 mins after @maddow broke news of my #TrumpinCuba story, Trump sicced lawyer on @Newsweek.

Michelle Obama is the perfect Clinton surrogate in the home stretch

‘Mr. Wolf’ Sought to Fix Bridge Scandal, Ex-Christie Ally Testifies

Cat Stevens, Jeep, Politics, Religion all in one ad.

Trump Supporters Rigged Online Polls After First Presidential Debate

New Song from JinnyOops: Overnight

Gary Johnson can't think of ANY foreign leader's name!

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas plans to attend funeral for Shimon Peres in Jerusalem

Cards Against Humanity group put up 90-foot taunt of Donald Trump

Pollster Predicts 3 to 5 Point Debate Bump For Clinton

BREAKING NEWS: Trump to be replaced at next debate by Trump kids just staring creepily silent.

Question: will Donald Trump stiff the Trump companies on their bills to the Trump campaign?

Typhoon Megi: Search for missing after China landslides

the google doodle today honours the inventor of the ballpoint pen-László József Bíró

Pic Of The Moment: New Battleground Poll Shows Trump Leading In One Important Metric

Proud Adulterer--->@realDonaldTrump --Blames Woman For Not Stopping Husband's Adultery

Enabler or family defender? How Hillary Clinton responded to husband’s accusers

Retort central


Ammon Bundy's lawyers file motion seeking halt to trial while appeals are pending - #BundyTeaParty


EXCLUSIVE: NY Attorney General's Probe Of Trump Foundation Appears To Widen

Investigators may probe Washington mall suspect's citizenship status, voting record

I Shall now refer to him as DONALD DUCK

What does little Marco Rubio do with the Newsweek Trump Cuba Embargo story?

Gold Butte, Nevada, two years after the standoff - #BundyTeaParty

Reid Says GOP 'Treated President Obama With Unprecedented Disrespect'

Christie is live on MSNBC talking to Brian Williams via phone.

As the mother of a millennial and a boomer myself..

Is Clinton holding the Jill Harth card if Trump brings up Bill's infidelities?

Bizzaro Trump

Hoboken train bails out Trump for now

Newspaper Loses Subscribers, Receives Death Threat After Endorsing Hillary Clinton

"Hello, Hillary-supporting community! It’s great to be here with you today.!"

August jobless rates down over the year in 242 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 320

I wonder how the three Mrs. Trumps and the three Mrs. Giulianis feel about the one Mrs. Clinton?

I wonder how the three Mrs. Trumps and the three Mrs. Giulianis feel about the one Mrs. Clinton?

I wonder how the three Mrs. Trumps and the three Mrs. Giulianis feel about the one Mrs. Clinton?

Early voting kicks off in Iowa -- here's when and where you can vote early

After historic gas deal with Jordan, Israel looking to build Cyprus, Greece pipeline

NY Attorney General's Probe Of Trump Foundation Appears To Widen

Rubio considering pulling his Trump endorsement over Cuba embargo violation

Trump thinking about hiring Bagdad Bob as campaign spokesperson.

50 Things Every Man Should Know

The bashing of Alicia Machado has spread to Fox Entertainment News.

Marco Rubio 'Deeply Concerned' About Possible Donald Trump Cuba Business

Well done to this bookshop for a perfect product placement.

Redstate leadership training?

Hillary Clinton Gets A Big Debate Bounce And Takes The Lead In Florida and North Carolina

"fight back"--holly near (re: "women are afraid men will kill them" thread)

U.S. approves sale of Lockheed F-16 fighter jets to Bahrain

HRC close again

Holy Moley! CSPAN IS SHOWING Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf in the hot-seat..

Debate boosts Hillary Clinton's support in Cuyahoga County, Battleground Cuyahoga poll finds

What about the House and Senate?

Marco Rubio throws Trump under the Cuban Embargo bus.

538 moves Florida back into Clinton's hands, NV almost there too

Endorsement: Libertarian Gary Johnson for president

Judge orders strip club to pay $8 million to family of victim in wrong-way I-480 crash

Collection of colored slides highlighting Daily life in the 1930's

FOX: Look guys, Roger's gone. So can we stop with the total idiocy already?

FCC Postpones Vote on TV Set-Top Box Plan

Along with everything else, Trump believes in eugenics.'s CUBAnzi!

That Seventh-Grade Bully Is Running for President

Supreme Court to Hear Trademark Case

Kellyanne doesn't understand trade embargo law; unknowingly confessed that Trump broke it.

Trump is not the GOP candidate, he is the Capitalist candidate

5 Killers Who Should've Never Been Released

Has drumph claimed that he called the train crash yet?

Voters say Trump does not have temperament to be President- 35/61 in CO, 40/53 in FL, 35/57 NC, 38/5

I don't like Donald J. Trump but I don't mean to denigrate those who do.

Reality check: Obama bombed his first debate with Romney back in 2012

Spoken word artist, Prince Ea, makes the case for creating a more modern school system

Spoken word artist, Prince Ea, makes the case for creating a more modern school system

U.S. Economy Expanded at Revised 1.4% Rate in Second Quarter

Debate #2: Hillary Will Be Launching New Attacks While Dopey Don Is Fighting The Last Battle

At Debate, Hillary Clinton Spoke to Black Voters Using Language of a Movement

Smoke From Overheated Samsung Tablet Causes Plane to Make Emergency Landing

Ohio Senate passes bill that could eliminate governor's agencies

I googled "Trump Train Wreck" to see if he had blamed the NJ crash on Sec. Clinton ...

Homeless advocates, Democrats ask full appellate court to review Ohio voter disenfranchisement case

Saw a new Trump ad on national TV

*******The Times-Picayune/Lucid 2016 Presidential Tracking Poll****** CLINTON 43 LA DEPLORABLE 37

"Pink" (film from india about rape and consent and rape culture)

Ohio Right To Life to press lame-duck lawmakers to ban abortion after 20 weeks

"Pink" (film from india about rape, consent and rape culture)

Psychological Feel-Good. PredictWise now has Clinton at 76% odds, pushing past 75% barrier

Trump's rise draws white supremacists into political mainstream: 'I am winning,' says David Duke

NYMAG: What It’s Like to Be a Female Reporter Covering Donald Trump

I'm getting SO tired of the simplistic "things need to change" crap

Employees at Trump's California golf course say he wanted to fire women who weren't pretty enough

Trump's money

Jon Husted wants feds to keep out of Ohio elections

A Strong Muslim Identity Is the Best Defense Against Extremism

Hillary Clinton returning to Ohio on Monday, Bill Clinton to stump eastern Ohio on Tuesday and Wed.

EXCLUSIVE: NY Attorney General's Probe Of Trump Foundation Appears To Widen

The next debate is a town hall: Trump's worst nightmare-from Daily Kos

Trumps strategy plan & bills 4 effort 2 buy off Jeb Bush, which Trump told GOP never happened.

Richard Pryor and Robin Williams - Racist Court Trail

Can an atheist lead a Protestant church? A battle over religion in Canada.

Is teh LA Times/USC Tracking Poll,,,,,,,,

Pennsylvania mayor asked to resign for racist Facebook posts against Obama

Beautiful? No Experience? You Can Get Hired by Trump by David A. Graham

Pondering the Supreme Court’s Future by Linda Greenhouse

Donald Trump: Eugenics?

Ex-concert promoter faces prison in $200 million fraud


Somethings not right here...

Trump in Cuba (Kurt Kurteichenwald)

DEVOtees...grand article and the original 'art film'+ more ....

BREAKING: America Unexpectedly Becomes Great Again Without Trump Intervention, Mogul Despondent

This message was self-deleted by it's author

There was a link on here to "Watch the Fox News Hosts as Donald Doubles Down on Fat Girl Comments"

What are the two bulges on Trumps face - right beside his nose? I looked up adenoids and I

A criminal cop shot Alfred Olango

North Carolina Gun Group Raffles AR-15 Rifle With A Picture Of Hillary Clinton

Trump broke United State Laws

Hoboken, NJ news conference on train crash LIVE NOW: Officials hold a news conference from the scene

Hoboken, NJ news conference on train crash LIVE NOW: Officials hold a news conference from the scene

Bannon and Conway are in the CNP ! Theocratic Right Now Runs Trump Campaign -


I was wrong.

House GOP leader: ‘I think the Earth is in a cooling trend’

How is it that the media celebrates psychopathic liars by cloaking their lies in a robe of virtue?

Trump Advisors: We Tried to Prepare Him For Debate, But He Got Bored

Any truckers out there?

California ends statute of limitations for rape over Cosby case

From 2012, when Dem congressman berated repugs over Benghazi.

How To Fix The Government In 5 Easy Steps

Christie getting nasty

Trump is a bigger Crook than Nixon

Advice She Didn't Ask For | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

OMFG. Some folks are complete idiots.

Police respond to Kathy Miller's home over death threats after racism remarks

Remembering Life Before Roe

Special-need students hospitalized after being tube-fed bleach at school

Remembering Life Before Roe

Remembering Life Before Roe

David Fahrenthold & Kurt Eichenwald !! 2016 Best Real Investigators!

Has sphincter-mouth called the Jersey train wreck terrorism yet?

Watching PBS' The Decision 2016

GO GO Whoopi...Conway looks a little flustered

Donald J. Trump vs. Charles Foster Kane

When Donald loses, the alt-right will erupt in rage and hate because they

Top Trump Aide Doesn't Deny Report Trump Company Spent Money In Cuba

Does anyone else like exploring abandoned places?

From Washington to Düsseldorf today--the world really cares that we (I, anyway) vote, and for whom

Positive Train Control - the lack of it is a travesty.

Trump Is The GOP's Frankenstein Monster! Senator Harry Reid

New “Thoughts & Prayers” App Will Have You Looking Forward To The Next Mass Shooting

Trump is shockingly careless about the most important thing he's ever done

Where to buy new phone?

Help select the questions for the next debate! It's easy!

Buried in the Trump Doing Business with Communist Cuba Story is More Trump Failure

Black and White

Why Should Each Of Us Think Like A Commoner? (w/Guest: David Bollier)

How Libertarianism Could Lead To More Disastrous Train Crashes...

State-managed retirement plan becomes reality with Brown’s signature

McConnell opens door to changing 9/11 bill

Oh, Steve Cortes is a piece of work. (Bill vs. Cuba)

Chris Christie Has Blood On His Hands....

Trump camp talking points over the illegal dealings with Cuba

How has this happened?

Trump surrogates messing up message on Cuba.

No Presidential candidate who was ahead in the polls after the first debate...

Zoning settlement: Islamic school can build near Ann Arbor

House votes to expand Michigan FOIA law

I see msnbc is carrying Trump --Hillary bashing speech. Did they carry Hillary's??

What Would Happen If Trump Actually Became President??

highly volatile 538's nowcast now showing hillary at 70%

Trumpster's bloviating live from NH

Tesla exec says Michigan's ban on direct sales will deter investment

Student arrested after wearing gorilla mask, handing out bananas at Black Lives Matter protest

What Republicans Hate, "FACTS" Watch HBO John Oliver for the Hard Truth

Pensions now available to all workers in CA

Tesla Rear-Ends Bus On Germany’s Autobahn, Driver Blames Autopilot

just so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle, remember that trump called taxpayers stupid.

Orlando To Host College Football Championship Yanked From North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT Hate Law

Forbes: Trump's Net Worth Fell by $800 Million This Year

Tax Returns - When to Provide Them

China warns Japan not to 'play with fire' in S. China Sea

Conway says she scolded Trump for offensive comments about women


Wisconsin lawmakers urge investigation of Scott Walker after 'John Doe' papers

It's called "Police Brutality"

Could Gary Johnson Be Even Dumber Than Sarah Palin?

Judge lets Cliven Bundy’s lawyer withdraw from Bunkerville case - #BundyTeaParty

Mystery Zika case in Utah may have been spread via tears or sweat

Clinton team accuses Trump of breaking Cuba embargo (& Kellyanne Conway CONFIRMS Story On-The View)

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 29, 2016

Public land belongs to all

alt right bros may have done a grave disservice to the Trumpster and his campaign.

Oakland University president to step down in 2017, university to begin national search

U.S. House panel lambasts Wells Fargo boss over phantom accounts

U.S. House panel lambasts Wells Fargo boss over phantom accounts

Washington AP History Lesson: Blacks Had A Stronger 'Work Ethic' When They Were Slaves

Pontiac man, 24, set to be charged for threats on circuit judge, Oakland County courthouse

50's cigarette ads:

BREAKING: Trump Lawsuit Leaked Showing Women Fired For Being ‘Unattractive’ (DETAILS)

Confederate Flag Images Removed From National Cathedral

Let's stop looking at debates as "contests" to "win or lose"...what they show about the candidates

"Follow the money"???? That's Trump's new talking point against HRC?

For THIS kind of comment, it was worth going to the dentist!

Confederate Flag Prompts Black Lives Matter Protest at Manatee High (FL)

Burning question

Columbia Chemists Find Key to Manufacturing More Efficient Solar Cells

Farewell Rosetta: Orbiter to set down on comet surface

GOP leaders express reservations a day after 9/11 veto override

‘The Daily Show’ Digs Up Creepy Clip of Trump Defending a Statutory Rape

Students Drive by Newton North Waving Confederate Flag (MA)

IF you want to know WHAT it would be like to have TRUMP AS PRESIDENT

State suspends car dealership licenses in Mason and Jackson

For the townhall debate,

Trump wanted less-attractive women fired, employees say

I just heard a comment sourced as "somebody in Trump's ear."

Clinton’s Hand Gestures During the Debate Are the Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Du Jour

9/11 Law May Have "Unintended Consequences" - McConnell

What I don't get about the Flowers, Lewinsky, etc.

JUST IN: Reuters Releases New National Poll, Numbers Show BIG New Lead +6 for Hillary (DETAILS)

NY Attorney General's Probe Of Trump Foundation Appears To Widen

Imagine if tRump was a woman...Wow

Hillary Clinton Can’t Let Donald Trump Win the Corruption Issue

I don't remember Hillary attacking any of the women Bill was involved with.

Trump Asks Supporters to Tell Him to Attack Hillary More

Two favorites of mine~

The one that got away...

FDA Approves New Drug For DMD Patients Despite Its Ineffectiveness

'Saturday Night Live' casts Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump this season

Trump’s desperate dive into the sewer - By Jennifer Rubin

Help! I DVRed and watched Churchill's Secret until the Masterpiece

Could Cat 5 Hurricane Matthew be the October surprise

Whoopi Goldberg gets very heated about Trump's tax returns: "What's he hiding? What's he hiding?

3 top 10 matchups in one weekend, first time since 2002

TESLA: Firmware 8 Auto Freeway Exit Part 2

Well here's something I didn't expect, AI car demonstration from Nvidia...

GREAT cartoon from my loca peper, The Gainesville Times, Ga.

Emma Watson Made A Stunning Short Film About The ‘Hurdles’ Women Face

Washington Post columnist calls for Christie's impeachment | The Auditor

Seven amazing examples why being #WithHer is more than just being anti-Trump

The best choke for hunting both dove and duck is... improved cylinder.

Wharton must "bigly" rue the day that they had the "indiscrepancy" to allow

Day After Rejecting Veto, Congressional Leaders Concerned About 9/11 Law


Trump 'Stiffed' His Family, GOP Strategist Says

Trump and allies digging into attacks on beauty queen

Trump's casino settles U.S. money laundering claims Corruption!

It's Obama's fault - "Thanks Obama!"

Nate Silver's 538 turned FL blue this morning and NV just went blue too!

Trump may have violated campaign finance law during his trip to Mexico

Chuck Todd with insane Jason Miller...

Just for fun...Dante's 9 circles of hell...

The other side....

Somalia says US air strike killed civilians not al-Shabab

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 30 September 2016

Trump Says He "Never Said That" But The Tape Don't Lie

Video: HRC in Iowa. "Early voting has begun in Iowa and Hillary was there .."

No translation needed: The cover of a Mexican literary magazine this week.

Donald Trump Called a Female Journalist the C Word to Her Editor Over a Story He Never Read

Ohio voter's reaction to presidential debate

Scientists: World likely won't avoid dangerous warming mark September 29, 2016 by Seth Borenstein

I voted and I'm glad all over!

Some call me Pocahontas ...

Donald: "God helped me by giving me a certain brain."

Explaining stupidity: "isms" and Loss Aversion

Indiana voter registration surpasses 2008 number by 200K

I sent in my absentee ballot. Go HRC and my D

Donald Trump’s Been A Proud Fat-Shamer For Decades

Trump’s Basket Of Deplorables Is Overflowing With Bigotry

The Fix Here’s the list of Republican politicians, donors and operatives supporting Hillary Clinton

Hydrogen fuel cell four-seater passenger plane takes to the air

Gosh - Trump is finally proven to make a charitable donation, and look what thanks he gets...

UNHRC: Australian MP Blasts Silence on Syria Massacre & Distorted Focus on Israel

Report: Hannity Gave Trump Post-Orlando Talking Points

Wow just saw a pop up on DU

New Hampshire Poll: Clinton +6 Hassan (D) +3 in Senate Race

The silence of the lambs: Why sheepish GOP leaders have been conspicuously quiet since Donald Trump’

Police shoot a lil kid-a little autistic boy - video released

Christie's Firing of Democrats Spotlighted at Bridge Trial

CBS News: More people seeking/casting early ballots than 2012 in FL/NC--benefits HRC

Clinton camp touts 40 more GOP endorsements


Time: The Election Is in 40 Days. But Hillary Clinton Is Already Working to Bank Votes Now.

So I see a pattern at least since the convention

TPP trade deal is dead until a new president revives it, McConnell says

Well, the TPP is officially dead...

Here's a Keith "The Closer" show you don't want to miss! I'm still Laughing!

******GALLUP POLL******Clinton's Victory on the Larger Side for Modern Debates

CNN Poll of Polls shows its bias

Don't miss Joe on the Tonight Show

Do you think Trump lost any significant support post-him being his unhinged self?

Katy Tur: Miss Universe was never going to be fired for gaining weight.

Why we love Scotland...

Wanna see Donald's tax returns?

One of my siblings and her hubby just told me that when King Con's

Nevada rules funding for school voucher program is unconstitutional

Nevada rules funding for school voucher program is unconstitutional

Trump is dangerous. He is yakking about " follow the money."

Unlikely Kratom ban hero: Orrin Hatch (What!?)

A gathering of fools...

USA Today: Don't Vote for Trump: Our View

Newt Gingrich (!) calls Trump a "gentleman" for not talking about Clinton's affairs during debate

On Tweety - USA Today - which doesn't endorse candidates - said editorial board


Clinton endorsement triggers death threats

the c-word--its origins and meanings

Susan Collins cites 5-year-old who lived in Portland woods in Senate speech on anti-poverty bill

Detroit paper backs Gary Johnson after 143 years of endorsing Republicans

the c-word--its origins and meanings

HOLY SHIT! Even Alabama thinks Hillary won the debate.


As southern Maine’s drought deepens, homeowners with shallow dug wells get desperate



Everybody Knows the GOP is leaking, Everybody Knows the Mic was Busted

JOn Voigt makes an ass of himself again...

Two reasons why I'm looking forward to taking a long break from MSNBC come Nov 9

White House Slams Congress for 'Buyer's Remorse' Over 9/11 Bill

Remember during sniffle's most unhinged diatribe of the debate when

USA TODAY's Editorial Board: Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'

Pennsylvania Mayor Asked to Resign for Racist Facebook Posts

Federal Court Says Ballot Selfie Ban Is Like Burning Down the House to Roast a Pig

Rahm Emanuel Concerned Gun Violence Could Spread To Parts Of City He Gives Shit About

meet the press this evening

Alabama House Panel Issues Subpoenas in Impeachment Probe

MIT Study: Low-emissions vehicles are less expensive overall