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Tecate Will Ambush Tonight's Debate With This Trump-Mocking Ad About Building a 'Beer Wall'

Tecate Will Ambush Tonight's Debate With This Trump-Mocking Ad About Building a 'Beer Wall'

Will and Grace Election Episode

Wanda Group In Talks To Add Dick Clark Productions To Global Media Armada

Alright, here's what's going to happen and this is why there's no need to freak out.

'Aquatic Cocaine' Driving Tiny Porpoise To Extinction

“KKK” And “Leave N****rs” Spray-Painted On Eastern Michigan University Building

Why do they apparently require the Candidates to stand?

What should Hillary say if Trump pretends to be "Presidential"?

You may wish to watch the debate on Bloomberg TV. They will fact check in real time.

'Aquatic Cocaine' Driving Tiny Porpoise To Extinction

cnn: 'debate viewership expected to rival that of superbowl'

Debate Mega Thread

Heads up. Frontline:. "The Choice" airs tomorrow night on PBS.

Senate Is Forcing Trump To Do Something He’s Been Avoiding For His Entire Campaign, He's Furious Now

My favorite debate zingers

 After Years of Stoking Colombia’s Civil War, Washington Is Now Trying to Hijack the Peace Deal

Anyone providing an accurate transcript of drumphs word salads?

After Years of Stoking Colombia’s Civil War, Washington Is Now Trying to Hijack the Peace Deal

Dumb lie on right wing websites

Former TN Legislator Jeremy Durham Kicked Out of Univ. of Tenn. Game for Hitting

Jesus God, I just flipped to DWTS and Rick Perry has a matador outfit on

Why Hillary Is In Serious Danger of Losing to Trump....

The Trump-Wins-First-Debate Narrative Has Already Been Written

BlueCross will drop Obamacare in Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville

Is this a good idea?

It will be sad if Trump goes full cuck tonight after acting like a big tough guy all campaign.

The One thing Trump is, is Arrogant...

Put aside partisanship for a moment and give me your honest opinion

Mary J Blige commercial w/Hillary...

Democracy Now and Free Speech TV will have expanded live coverage of the debate

Haight-Ashbury to be designated as SF landmark district

Seriously, why do we have to hear endless recaps of ancient debate performances?

I am watching on Cspan

Trump invited a convicted killer to the debate.

After today's shootings in Houston.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is on in 30 Minutes

Clown sightings spread to more states

Don't drink during the debate - play "Trump Lies Debate BINGO" instead!

HRC's best retort?

Not sure I can go through with this: Split screen: Maybe more face time than I can stand....

Red Pantsuit

Van Jones is killing it right now

Frank Luntz--focus group of undecided Penn. voters will be scoring the candidates' responses.

Hillary and BIll have arrived

I know you don't want to hear it, but...

***** LIVE 2016 Presidential FIRST Debate *****

Melania has surfaced.

The That's a fucking Don the Con LIE thread

10 minutes to go and "on with the show!"

Calling out DT's lies?

Former Cowboy Greg Hardy arrested in Richardson on cocaine charge

Reporter at the presidential debate yells “Thanks a lot bitch” at another woman chasing an interview

Congress Calls Out DEA For Unilateral Move To Expand The War On Drugs

Talk about being unfair! Debate tix misspell Hillary's name:

The pitcher if long island iced tea is made


What's your go-to nervous-eating debate food?

tonight, i'm watching on MSNBC and Bloomberg. WHERE R U WATCHING??

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Let The Games Begin! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

Is there already a live debate thread? N/T

Holy shit...did Mathews actually read our tweets? When he asked Pence

*******Unofficial Debate thread #1****************

Take him to the wood shed.

Hey guys, what's going on? Nothing much here, right?

Early Voting Launches This Week In Illinois

The FBI just released the murder stats for 2015.

He's scowling already

Trump's hair is already having a bad night.

First debate thread: She's off to a great start. Positive and specific.

the con blows the first question

so ask him why his ties are made in china

If countries like China and Mexico are stealing our jobs

KABOOM - Trumped up trickle down

The Donald's son is begging money for his daddy tonight.

"Trumped up"!

Hillarys second message was great

our jobs are fleeing the country .... D Trump


donald is SNIFFING..... a huge, annoying loud sniff

Sniffing like a coke addict


Donnie, they not taking our jobs, CEOs are giving them away.

Is someone fact-checking Trump's lies real-time?

Is the Donald aware he is snorting

What's that odd sniffing noise coming from Trump?

Trump couldn’t be bothered to find manufacturers in America, so Hillary did it for him

Already got under his skin with the daddy gave him money

What's Up with the Sniffling?!?!

My god. He's incapable of answering a question.

Lester asking a follow up, and he keeps on him for an answer.


Holy shit he's already in trouble

Any questions?

Himmler Jr. is already claiming he did not deny climate change!

He's already off with the bully shit interrupting Mrs. Clinton, the Brilliant!

So far she is killing it

The FBI just released the murder stats for 2015.

HE IS BREAKING INTO HER REMARKS. he is interrupting her. LOOKS bad Mr. Rump

She is killing him!

Okay, twice now he interrupted her.

Trump is going to melt down before this over

****Unofficial Debate Thread #2*************

Trump lied about not calling Global Warming a chinese hoax

"I am a great believer in all forms of energy."

Dear MSM: Do you know the symptoms of cocaine abuse?

***** LIVE 2016 Presidential Debate II *****

The orange pimple is going to blow, before the 90 minute mark!

15 minutes into the first debate...

"I think my husband did a good job!"

Old faithful.

Now he is yelling....good sign

Just watch trump when Hillary talks...

Hillary's doing a good job. Completely unflappable so far. n/t

He's losing

"I know you live in your own reality."

He's lost it

Moderator, get that cheeto to stop interrupting!

Did Lester Holt leave the room???

You bully son of a bitch, she's not falling for it.

He's just interrupting now, the meltdown isn't far off.

Ok, Hillary!!!! She's got the right approach!

Trump is Raging Bullshit!

OMG! He's yelling at her!

I feel like I'm watching a murder

Is there even a moderator? Trump is a total bully.

So GORE "sighed" & Hillary "coughed" yet nobody talks about DRUMPF's *SNORTING*?!1

Of course the Trumpers are laughing in the audience. It makes me sick


"Bigly?" n/t

Already St. Ronnie is invoked.

Bigly isn't a word!

Hillary is handling this brilliantly

He is going Ape $hit

Bigly? Bigly?

Was he saying "Bigley"??

She mentioned the fact checker!

he is fucked up... ISIS wowowowowowow

Trump interrupting constantly and talking over Hillary looks appalling. But stupid audience

Holt is losing this!


He's blowing it that fucking bully. Lester do your fucking job!

She is THROTTLING his CRAZY ass. He looks like a RAGING NUTBAG!

Even my spouse says "This guy needs to be shut up".

where are bloomberg's fact checkers?

Donald if flailing wildly he's all over the damn place.. nothing but statements- unsubstantiated

Lester Holt didn't lose control of this debate. He never had it from the start.

no regulations---read The Jungle

Is there real time fact checking?

Ok - who is taking a drink every time he says "tremendous?"

He thinks he's doing a GREAT job.. delusional

Trump is in consent and jumping all over!

My 86 year old mother, 16 minutes into the debate.........

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink because Trump

Jobs /Tax Cuts /web sites /ISIS /Gen MacArthur D Trump

She's baiting him and he's falling for it.

Holy shit he's interrupting non-stop

Switch off his friggin' mic

He better stop drinking so much water

Hillary is standing tall to the bully!

Hillary's doing a great job baiting Trump;

Trumped up trickle down.

That's it, spouse is hitting the mute!

OMG, Trump just made Lester his bitch--and again!

He Is Pretty Much Just Catcalling Over Her When She Speaks...

Trump's missing tax returns!

Is Trump on meth?

Attacking Obama not a good idea

I thought ref bumps only happened in pro wrestling!

She's been supporting ISIS her entire life?

A routine audit does not prevent you from releasing your tax returns!

I can't look. How's the debate going?

He Is Referring to His Campaign Disclosure Statement?

Love this pic

$694 Million!!!1. oh dear.

An hour and a half of a man yelling?

Tax question, and Trump instead BRAGS about making $600,000,000 last year.

LOL, he just ignored everything Holt said. n/m

I'm watching Bloomberg and there is no fact checking.

He changed the subject when Trump was asked about his taxes!

"I get audited routinely" . . . . Yeah, because you're a crook.

I cannot wait for the reviews of what happened

He's UNHINGED. His supporters have broken the rules and applauded, cheered

Taxes. Now we're back to the audit lie. Where's the letter? LIAR!

He's hysterical

Answer a question you stupid, belicous, bald

Pro-Trump audience members are blatantly violating the audience rules. Applauding Trump.

Hillary is cleaning his clock



If they nailed Al Gore for sighing, then Trump's smirks should nail his hide.

That is two for Hillary!

Just started - I am watching with the sound turned down. It appears Trump is doing all

HRC says Trump pays no taxes means no money for government. Thank Goodness she said that.

What is he hiding? Thank you Hillary!

hes bragging that 650 million is not a lot of money????

He's lost in taxes and underleverage word salad.

She's got him blabbering about his finances. LOL

Oh, Donnie, if any of those emails are classified, they cannot be released.

What's trChump going to run out of first?

Even Marco Rubio can't drink like that buffoon.

I asked my 11-year old daughter to watch the debate with me

Trump bragging about his income and his buildings when average family makes 50k a year.

"I have a tremendous income"...what a narcissistic

Jesus Feck, man, quit talking about your money. It is not what you have done for you.

Trump is talking to the uneducated

Stein escorted off Hofstra University campus

Nothing, not one fucking good thing to say about America.

Clinton to Netanyahu: I’ll oppose any outside solution to conflict

when is his time up???

I have great companies, I don't say it in a braggadocios way

Who knew we lived in a third world country. Hey Donald, your party started that mess in the Middle

Trump says we are a debtor nation. But he pays no taxes. Huh?

Did he watch "The Producers" for inspiration to launch his campaign?

Douglas MacArthur wouldn't approve?

She fuKin kicking his ass

She's met the people who he's STIFFED!

I'm under leveraged .... the man is a loon

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't

Paying zero in taxes doesn't make you "smart". It makes you a tax evader.

She is on a roll now!

Hillary is killing this man, he is going to get a heart attack very soon.

Is Mark Cuban At The Debate?....


Let's face it. She is fucking kicking his ass.

Running a business, is not running the government. Nailed him.

She's killing him!!!

Look how beautifully Presidential she looks next to that face making monkey.

If you're explaining you're losing.

"I take advantage" New meme alert!

"Unbelievable" company! He stiffed people - but legally!

"I abuse the tax code" "That's what I do"

As they say, if you're explaining, you're losing.

Any guesses as to whether or not there will be a second debate??

He is Bragging About His DC Hotel in a Post Office?" Conflict of Interest...

Wish I was on PCP

Even the Freepers can't spin this into Trump doing well

He's plugging his DC hotel-that's what it's all about, or

lol - Y'all catch the commercial for his new hotel?. .

That was a brutal beat-down from Hillary. OUCH!

He is struggling with his words! More snorting! It sounds terrble over the radio!

No one, absolutely no one, can say Hillary didn't mop the floor up with him.

he will never show up for the reamaining debates. He is NUTS.

"My name is Holt, and I ain't steering this boat."

HaaaHaaa! OMG he really is a Walking Aneurysm!


a friend said Rump is snorting like a coke addict.

Trump is using the debate to sell his new hotel.

Any attempt to spin this in his favor will be laughed out of town!

So far tRump is for ransoming his taxes for HRC's emails, boosting his hotel near the White House,

Sounds Like He's Having Shortness Of Breath....

She is kicking the SHIT out of this raging lunatic.

Trump is coming across as a rude, condescending, interrupting, mansplaining asshole.

Thank you Hillary for Mentioning Climate Change Early On!

The reason the government pays too much for highways, airports, military materials and vehicles has done 3 fact chcks: 2 FALSE for Donnie and 1 MOSTLY TRUE for Hilliary.

Trump's family donated to politicians associated with his D.C. hotel before it opened

Does Donald Trump love your city if he doesn't have an investment there?

"Charlotte. A city I love. A city where I have investments"

Seeing that most police organizations have endorsed Trump,

Hey don, please blow your nose, or maybe that's the problem "blow"

Donnie, law and order is code for keeping colored people in line, in submission.

Question is about race and Trump is talking about his police endorsements

"Everyone should be respected by the law. Everyone should respect the law...

African americans and Latinos are living in hell... Is this how you descibe america?

Law and Order call by tRump. Nixon returns from the dead.

We can absolutely guarantee that Donald Trump is not wearing an earpiece

Illegal immigrant gangs! Law and Order! Police are afraid to do anything!

So when is he going

Trump is such a fucking clown

Now he attacks the judge who ruled 'stop and frisk' unconstitutional

OMG . When Holt told him "stop & frisk" was unconstitutional Drumpt CORRECTED HIM

He didn't deny 1 gram of the crook shit, now arguing constitutionality of stop and frisk even though

HRC found Trump's tweet about China and global warming!

Trump has an ear piece

Second guessing judges again. Saying judge was anti-police.

Oh noessss. tRump just said "take guns away." The NRA just woke up.

Why is Holt letting Trump talk INCESSANTLY?! He drones on and on and on. And the sniffling!!

He's arguing that we have to take away the guns

He just said that they need to take the guns away from bad people!

OMG. Trump - Heal the Racial Divide Through Stop and Frisk and Cracking Down...

double snif

Trump hasn't scored one single point on Hillary.

Holt fact checks Trump on stop and frisk!

I'm sorrry, but what an asshole.

"A very against police judge"????

He mentioned that he owns property in Chicago

"A very against police judge." Trump is an eloquent guy.

Stop & Frisk...

His eyes are so bloodshot. Is something wrong with him? nt

Bad things are happening!

Trump rude to Holt -- telling him that he is WRONG about stop and frisk

NPR is doing real timefact checking on social media

tRump proposes stop and frisk. I'm for it for Wall Street Traders.

Her silence is deafening.

So Obama took one day off golfing and built a city called Chicago and gave everyone guns

What is wrong with Lester Holt?

How long does a coke high last?

I'll lay odds that he won't do another debate after this one.

Five stupid words, snort, five more, snort, etc. snort....

Third Mexican priest found dead

I hope she mentions that he's making things abroad

I knew my choice of a good strong Stout for tasty inebriation while enjoying the destruction

***** LIVE 2016 Presidential Debate III *****

Trump's face is clearly showing his disgust,

I'm Thinking Before This Debate Is Over Trump Is Going To Say....

He sounds like he's going to have a heart attack or stroke.

She should stifle a yawn.

Come on Hillary - Cenrtal Park five

"The NRA is protecting the people"....he really said that

How does she get Putin and Russia into this? His debts to russian mobsters?

OMG. I want Hillary as POTUS.


Trump says Hillary said a terrible thing!

"Stop and Drumpt." Means everyone gets frisked whose net worth is under 7 figures.

Trump's Best Moment Was When He Agreed With Hillary...

Tweet from Frank Luntz

Hillary is handling Trump masterfully

Hillary was correct about murders being down in NYC

"They talk good." D Trump


OK! Hitting him on the birther business..



Ha hahahaha Lester is going there

Hillary just handed him his ass

wow Hillary just kicked his ass so bad,,, I was preparing to be president...he is sniffing

Here we go, the Birther LIES

He is just so inarticulate. Babbles on and says nothing. Holt gives him too much leeway.

"I prepared to be president." That was a good SLAM!

... and you know what else, "I prepared to be President!"

I always thought Lester was a good egg.

I hate the "Superpredator" deal....

She can barely stifle a smile. n/t

Will there being anymore debates?

Oh noes... now he goes full out Birther. He's dead.

sitting, just me & my cat, clapping

Wow, Hillary Slammed Him. "You Just Criticized Me For Being Prepared...

Dithering on the birth certificate issue. What an idiot.

Trump is sounding very shrill

Holy cow the birth certificate thing just rattled Trump BIG TIME

"I say nothing, but let me just tell you... "

Trump is really bombing on birth certificate issue.

Why is he sniffing so much?

sniff sniff

I say nothing!!

OMG! Hillary is SOOOO telling it like it Is!

"I've developed really good relationships with AAs over the last...little bit." WTF?

"Just listen to what he says"! OOOOOUUUUCCCHHHHH!

Will Donnie's do another debate??

Haven't watched one minute tonight.

Maybe Trumps sniffles are a sign of a grave illness?

Get him Mrs. Clinton.

Bringing up the lawsuits of discrimination in his housing.. tada

We've Made It Through The First Hour - How Many Times Has He Said The Word....

Just listen to what you just heard.

HRC's Campaign Staff fact checking real time is awesome!

Oooo! She is wiping the floor with his flabby, white ass.

Now Donnie wants to give Obama respect???

She is kicking his fucking ass.

George W. Bush was Abe Lincoln compared to this

Trump lives in a terrible world


BREAKING PHOTOS: Trump debate prep...

Emergency rooms across the US are standing by to deal with cases of alcohol poisoning.....

Is someone keeping count of Trump's sniffs?

tRump trying defend not renting to people of color. Good luck with that

Discriminating against African-American renters? "Just one of those things."

SNL is going to be brutal on Trump's snorts

Here comes a dig about Trump’s bromance with Putin

Is Trump going to back out of any further debates?

Here a snort, there a snort, everywhere snort!

Now Drumpf is trying to use his hiring of slave labor

NPR live fact check link

Jesus, who would have thought the top drinking game cue would be...

CNN Launches Manhunt After Lester Holt Vanishes from Debate

HRC about to go after tRumpt's running mate--Putin.

I opened a club in Palm Beach and I let blacks and MOOOO-slims in.

I just said a prayer that she asks him if he needs a kleenex

I don't think Trump is well *snnnniiiffffff*

****Unofficial Debate Thread #3************

Trump looks like a stupid fucking IDIOT. He just burped "wrong" into his mic. What a goofball.

Has Trump smiled?

Very obvious tonight why so many Repubs cannot support this buffoon.

Trump endorsed by military officials like Captain Crunch and General Mills.

Call the Whambulance.

She's calling the buffoon "Donald." Every time.

ICE endorsed Trump???????

Did Trump do a couple rails before the debate?

DUers - please check in and let us know you are safe and alive....

Does anybody else get annoyed when Trump keeps shitting on America?

I am having a hard time

DUers are there 200 Admirals and Generals? n/t

The loud sniffling is so annoyingly! "No admission of guilt" for settling a lawsuit. Of course not.

"ISIS is beating us with the internet at our own game"

We need a cyber plan, but don't ask for any taxes to build it.

The new ISIS Internet is huge and great

Trump son is going to protect our cybersecurity now? Is that what he meant?

Oh for joy...Trump just quipped an obesity joke


You can't fact-check drool.

Huh? ICE endorsed Trump?

Russia, China, Or A 400 Lb Guy Sitting On His Bed?

Now he's insulting obese people.

Just checked on Twitter, #MrSnifflepants appears to be trending, lol.

Trump is drinking a lot if water. He is Rubioesque.

Trump just claimed a 400 pound hacker "sitting on his bed" is responsible for the DNC hacks.

Where are the "sigh police" tonight?


I have one thing to say to Hillary now:

Holt may not be controlling well but the topics are brutal for Trump

Did he just call out 400+lb people?!? For shame!

I'd be interested in how many unique words each of the candidates use tonight.

How's everybody's cyber?

This debate is going by quick!

Oil all over the place!!!!

When this debate is over, even the tRump will be voting for Hillary.

tRump foreign policy--invade and take the oil.

if Trump has a earpiece it is not working

He's talking about war crimes again.

We should have taken the oil? Geneva Conventions, Donnie?

Clinton winning so far: focus group

All here know who won

Now he was "against" the Iraq war. LIAR

Hillary just said details, a bunch of names and places in the Middle East, that Donald Trump

New Frank Luntz tweet--HRC is winning the focus group!!

Trump sniffles are the same as Nixon's sweat in 60'.

She just said NATO. Trigger word.

I was asked on a "major show". Is he allergic to specifics?

Notice that Trump doesn't know key names or events

The Debate

Well Done Hillary!!!!!

Trump's Sniff now has it's own twitter account

You poor, bastard fact-checkers. nt

tRumps has binders full of support for NATO.

The lying SOB

TWEET of the Day goes to Mr David Ehrlich

Trump says NATO not paying their fare share when he pays no taxes?

Trump just brought up that some NATO countries are not paying their fare share

Thank God I'm allergic to alcohol

Believe me!!!! I am stupid - Trump

Lester Holt called Donnie on his support or the Iraq War.

Howard Stern just got mentioned in a presidential debate

"I Did An Interview With Howard Stern" And she Kept a Straight Face. nt

Now he lying about being against the war! LIAR

tRump says ask Sean Hannity about his views on Iraq.

Trump: Countries should pay their fair share in NATO....

Trump is filibustering

Holt just called Trump out!

I'm with her.

There's only one "crazy old man" who gets to yell "WRONG!" into

His Iraq lie falling apart in front

I hope no one is taking a drink when he says Sean Hannity.

Hannity is his fact checker.

I love it when Hillary looks straight into the camera while he is yammering.

Bwahhh. He is debating Lester.

I have a much better temperment - people laughing

"I have a much better temperament than Hillary." Audience laughs!

This is a thing of beauty

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of how long he spoke, compared to Hillary

Call Sean Hannity! RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

tRump just set himself on fire using Sean Hannity as kindling.

"I have a better temperment than she does" cue audience laughter.

Only a fool would declare this debate for Trump!

OK. Who wants to call Hannity to fact check...

Now the BS is coming out!

He's losing it.

It's OVA Donald. Buy a clue.

Audience gasped when he said he had a better temperament.

OK that motherfucker has broke down now.

How many lies can one tell in 90mins?

She's having fun with this

Haaha Now he's debating Lester Holt!

And the audience laughs as Trump says he has better temperament Than HRC

Is tRump going to go Rubio and reach for an extra glass of water.

I love that little smile on her face.

His strong suit is his temperament?

OMFG. "Let's talk about something important that was *briefly* mentioned by Donald."

Call Sean Hannity right now!!!!


Looks like Donald should have spent more time on prep...

Babe Ruth just went down swinging.

Damn, it's going to be over in 5 minutes.

Is the interrupting working in our favor?

What is with all the water trump is drinking

Hillary is the adult in the room.

Lester Holt is the worse moderator in Presidential history.WTF.

"OH Kaayyy"!

I just got home...

Why does he keep sniffing? Did he snort something before all this began? n/t

This is seriously like an adult (Hillary Clinton) debating a toddler

He's on the defensive -- it's over

ha ha. Frank Luntz is having a sad about donny....

He's so fucking childish.

"A Man Provoked By a Tweet Should Not Be Near Nuclear Codes. " nt

this was a near-perfect dismantling.

She Kicked His Ass

This is the funniest goddamn thing I have ever seen

Tonight's debate summed up in one hilarious image

***** LIVE 2016 Presidential Debate IV *****

Now we have to listen to Kelly Anne and Boris spin..spin..spin

Ah, The Trump Protection Money Policy...

Hillary has Donnie on the defense on his own turf.


Anybody else smell smoked turkey?

Donnie's agreed with Hillary a lot

How about a standing ovation for the debate winner: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary just saved Mexico a billion dollars. They will not have to pay for any wall.


He has agreed with her on at least 4 things, wasn't that Nixon's problem

Trump's whole platform is based on magical thinking.

Can you imagine this dumb ass with access to the button.

He's using words like "cyber" and "nuclear" like they're nouns.

What camel is refilling tHumps water glass?

I see that Lester Holt turned over his "moderator" job to Trump

I still think Trump is on METH

Santa Cruz Mountains: Large fire near Loma Prieta burns hundreds of acres, forces evacuations

Now, it has come down to where Hillary has to address our allies-saying the US will stand by our

Best strategy Hillary played tonight was to just let Donald keep talking

After 32 Days Rescuers Find Cat Alive Under Rubble

To Make It Totally Devastating For You Donald.....

Hillary knocks it out of the fucking park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She went there: "Stand up to bullies"

I don't know what new color this red-orange is that Trump has turned but Crayola should hop

Breaking news! Donald Trump is voting for Hillary!

Standing up to bullies

So far: Hannity for Secretary of State, no guns for people of color, no taxes for the rich,

"Madam President" that sounds better & better

Sniff... sniff... sniff

No manners, no class, no substance

Trump's body language is really giving him away.

Sum up tonight's debate in one picture or video

Incoherent, Irrational Buffoon


Ok, what is a Presidential look for a woman President...a bimbo?

Lester holt just torpedo trump with first women question

Surgeon General warns.......

"Stop bullying abroad and at home"

OK Mr. Stamina, you can't hold a candle to her.

"All you have to do is talk to them"? That's his answer to dealing with other countries.

This man is so stupid. doesn't he know we have bases in Japan, Germany, S Korea, etc, to protect us?

I play WoW (World of Warcraft) and

That was the craziest fucking thing I have ever seen

Stam IN naa



Stamina comment by HRC left tRumpt stammering.

Hillary on stamina

Trump is a fucking blowhard. That is ALL. n/t

Does Trump have the right temperment to be president?

Hundreds of millions of ads?

"It's not nice, and I don't deserve that."

Trump suggests the USA run a protection racket

The moderator needs to be able to cut the mic when time is up.

He's up there whining. Like a baby. nt

Many of Hillary's ads are untrue, so even Donnie admits she has him nailed


It's over

She slayed it! Hunty!!!

Does tRump debate again?

Debate is one word. What's yours?

This is like watching someone sticking their dick in a blender multiple

Thank you very much as she going to, and you better you orange asshat.

Brian Williams "we witnessed two separate conversations" LOL

She did well.

I thought Lester Holt got run over by Trump tonight

When did Lester have his nuts cut out?

She looked Presidential. n/t

He actually invoked Rosie O'Donnell! OMG

there should be mandatory drug testing for the candidates. I honestly believe he was jacked on coke.

Was Mark Cuban even there?

Pbs showing the stage post debate stark difference

She won, it was not close. Don't even know who she was debating

Hillary WON, even trump children were consoling him

He walks off

Trumps got out of there fast!

PBS: Trump made it about himself. Clinton helped him. Both failed.

WOW! The first and oklny reasonable thing on said. "I will totallu support the winner of this

Congratulations, Madam Secretary on an excellent debate performance.

Oh I don't know who won that debate?


Chris Matthews: "It was a shut-out for Hillary.."

Nixon's bad makeup job and 5:00 shadow are spinning in their graves

Tweety 5-0

Judge orders girls' bathroom access for transgender student

Hill, Bill, Chelsea are bonding with the people.

Tweety 100% Hillary.

ok, that settles it, voting for Joe Biden

TWEETY: "She Cleaned His Clock!"

Loved how Bill

Trump @ tonight's debate


Even Tweety thinks HRC clobberd him...

Who won?

One great performance deserves another

PBS commentator--Can't get anybody from the Trump campaign to stop and talk

Steve Schmidt Gives It To Hillary; Donald Ran Out Of Gas, Poor Performance, Lack of Preparation!


How about a little fund raiser for Hillary tonight! She made us proud!

Bill's wondering where the balloons are


Steve Schmidt is saying trump looked exhausted at 45 minutes,

You KNOW Hillary won by a landslide when DAVID Brooks gives the debate to her.

Hillary rocked!

She reduced him at the end to a whiny little bit€h

Tweety: It was a shutout

Britt Hume just said Hillary's face was "not attractive" to television viewers


Can anyone explain the disappearance of all the cocaine around Hofstra before the debate?

She floated like a butterfly, stung like a nest of tracker jackers nt

I was wrong about Lester Holt.

Trump: I'll produce my tax returns when Hillary produces her 33,000 deleted emails.

CNN commentators also giving it to Hillary!!!!!!

Steve Schimdt thinks this could be the last hope for Trump!

The Cheetin' Cheeto was just handed his ass on a silver platter by Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Could Have Done Better

Excuse me...time to bring this back with a little edit?!!!!

Does anyone know why Trump sounded like Frank Booth hitting on a tank of nitrous oxide tonight?

Oct 4 :)

#TrumpTrainWreck is trending on twitter. nt

will any news site dare to put up a poll asking who won? lol nt

Argentina's Macri counters falling approval with staged photo-ops using working-class extras.

Who won the debate?

McClatchy just sounds funny, lol

Do not celebrate so soon. Lets not be biased or complacent.

MSNBC's recap is not favorable to Trump.

DU This Poll: Who do you believe won Monday night’s presidential debate?

tRump--You're fired.

OMG--Michele Wallace on msnbc --"we held Hillary to higher standards and she exceeded them" whow!!

Until tomorrow!

Donnie might show up for the Fox debate

He's still yammering to reporters.

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC just summed up djt hilariously!

Heading back from the debate...

Trump needs to keep the training wheels on

Rosie O'Donnell?

Polling - Appears Hiilary won

Could someone look at FAUX news with me please?

Here we go. CNN's chasing the birther accusation.

Is their a link to online polls

Trump has returned to the debate stage

How can Trump be so clueless about so many subjects? it's actually mind blowing

CNN just Interviewed Trumpy backstage

Donald Trump wants a freakin' medal for getting Obama to prove...

Tweety just asked Podesta if Trump will show for the next debate...

There's gonna be a lot more sniffing at Trump central tonight....

OMG. He has a winning temperament? Pouting twit!

Will Drumpf do the other two debates after tonight's disaster?

A staffer on the Republican side of Capital Hill that I know just texted me, "It's over"

The DU Lester Holt thread

Hillary Got Under His Skin Right From The Start....

On CNN Kellyann is pissed

MarketWatch: Trump on rooting for housing crisis: "That's called business."

Trump did great...on his first answer, all downhill from there

This was almost better than the freaking Rumble In The Jungle

OMG. Watching post-mortem on MSNBC.

OK, time for ice cream and

He literally said that!

Bar none, the best screen capture from tonight's debate

Howard Stern and Sean Hannity's names will forever

CNN is interviewing Trump now, and he's a sweaty mess!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Trump did a line beforehand

Wonkette pic of the night

Vote Now: Who Won the First Clinton-Trump Debate?

I just donated to HRC...

Russia is not hacking us, and NATO sucks

Absolutely No One - Not Anyone - Can Say He Looked....

He just congratulated himself for not

Down Goes Donald! Down Goes Donald! Down Goes Donald!

This Kayleigh McEnany on CNN is absolutely rabid carrying water for Trump

So how long until Trump hits the Twitter machine?


Will Trump attend the second debate October 9?

Good fugging grief Christie in the middle of that trial is on GEM$NBComcast

Hillary Clinton Debate Victory Drives Up Stock Futures

Trump Fell Apart About 45 Seconds Into the Debate

I think Trump lost some women voters

"I saw her amused and smiling at Trumps confused vexations"

In order for Trump to dumb it down any further he would have needed to start making baby noises

K & R for all of the dozens of Hooray posts on DU tonight!

To be honest, Holt improved as a moderator throughout the debate

Bring on the indiscretions Donnie

*sniff* is the new *sigh*

Really - Really - Chris Crispy - Mr. Bridgegate Himself.....

If You Missed the Debate, Just Watch It.

Howard Dean also noticed Donald Trump's sniffle attack at the presidential debate

OMG LOL LOL The DNC hacker is a Trump spokesperson!!

Talk About Spin - Christie

Just now, Christie on MSNBC:

Anybody gone and checked out Jonestown? (Freeperville?) nt

Trevor Noah wins the debate....

Gee. Christy is really working for that AG job IF his CON happens to get elected! nt

Even Fuck Todd seems to think Hillary kicked Trump's Ass

Trump Choked

Jesus Christ! Chris Christie is lodged so far up Trump's ass that he'll never see daylight.

PredictWise can't even keep up with its own raw data from Clinton's smashing performance

Transcript please.

I have a feeling that Trump's staff is experiencing his 'temperament' right about now

What was with the "snorting" thing?

My Favorite Trump Moment From the Debate

Vote on who won debate

Andrea Fuckin Mitchell

Mrs. Greenspan looks subdued tonight

*for information, debate rerunning on C-SPAN @ 11:30 (edt.)

The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated

Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Clinton Lost the Debate

Hillary kicked his ass and, remarkably, also gave Rosie O'Donnell years of comedic material

He lost the 400lb vote

Du, please excuse fNord....he is drunk..

Trumpacolypse Now: What was your favorite Trump moment?

I am a Hillary supporter... I will absolutely vote for Hillary in November

I called it .... HRC Clinton crushing Trump

Best Tweet Yet


Secrets of Soda Bread

With Trump and his constant cocaine sniffles

What should Hillary mention in the next debate?

Best commentary just now...

Trump ties his ties wrong

major debunk on Climate Change

Chris Matthews: she cleaned his clock, a shutout of Donald Trump

Frustrating to watch local news...

This Debate Was Good News For John McCain.

MSNBC Focus Group From Ohio On Now....

Yay! Carville on MSNBC for post.

I've been following the odds on PaddyPower for a while, and they changed tonight.

Trumped up trickle down.

Props to moderator for WA state Governor debate


Trump: "If somebody would call up Sean Hannity...."

Who the fuck are undecided voters?

18-2 in FL focus group of undecideds

"The Call Up". One crazy virtual-reality Sci-Fi Movie

This pic sums up the candidates' relative analytical powers

PETA has lodged a formal complaint with the Clinton campaign

Let's praise HILLARY!! She beat him. She lead him all over the place.

Heard on MSNBC that Trump admitted he didn't do well.

He sure guzzled down a lot of water

Hugh Hewlitt needs to go

Donald lied about: "I never said global warming was a conspiracy theory invented by the Chinese".

So HRC preps all day for the debate, goes 90 minutes without a blink...

I have now decided to call out anyone who is sitting on GE fence.

HRC live on TV now doing a campaign event right now!

Hillary speaking on msnbc

******CNN CLINTON WON THE DEBATE 62-27******

CNN Poll: Hillary won debate 62-27

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Hillary is rubbing it in

Hugh Fucking Hewitt smugly saying Trump won the first 39 minutes of the debate.

Was Gennifer there? Lol

I just pulled out the shirt I'm wearing tomorrow:

OMG Hillary's doing a post-debate rally!!

62-27 for Hillary on CNN poll


Trump Accelerates His War On The Free Press With Desire To End All Fact Checks

Reminder- Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers will both be live shows tonight!

c-span is re-airing the debate-just started. I want to watch it again-or some of it...

PPP: Hillary helped herself with younger voters tonight.

"DEBATE LIE COUNT: Trump 16, Clinton 0"

Here are Donald's two "best" lines of the night (for US):

Internet Debate polls

Doesn't Matter If Trump Slobbered & Drooled The Media Will Try To Give Him The Election

I can't sleep!

Next debate is VP on October 4 from Farmville, VA

Politifact rates Clinton's assertions 82% TRUE/MOSTLY TRUE; 56% of Trump's FALSE/MOSTLY FALSE

Trump: 'My Strongest Asset Maybe By Far Is My Temperament'

I am with her-------------------------------->

MSNBC...Chris Christie said the fact checkers have a political agenda.

Trump lies...

Stephen Colbert is on fire tonight!!!

Trump Wants Credit For Not Bringing Up Bill Clinton's Sex Scandals In Debate

Jerry Springer: Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House

The federal taxes that Trump does or does NOT pay...your thoughts


FOX NEWS, wow!!! "Donald sucked tonight."

Here's the next thing to watch....Tweets

What was your first presidential debate?

Believe me, many people are saying Trump is not healthy enough to be President


Now folks, please get out there. Put up a lawn sign. Volunteer. Donate. Bumper sticker. ANYTHING.

CNN fact checking: Hillary tells the truth. Trump lies.

CNN polling guy killed me

I stopped listening after he started shouting at her, and the moderator did nothing. Help me out:

Time magazine is doing a debate poll...

Even if Trump shows up for the next two debates - it doesn't matter.

I think people who sniffle in public situations...

I keep trying to go to bed, but I can't stop watching the pundit pile-on of Trump

I told you she would kick his ass.

Hillary's best one-liner of the night:

KellyAnne Conway is on CNN now......eom

Wow you should of heard Chris Matthews on MSNBC

Trump's New Hat

Got back from the debate watch party in my town.

The thing that stuck with me the most is him bragging that he pays no taxes

Mexican Peso gains value as Trump loses debate!

YouTube video: A montage of the sniffs.

Stamina: Is Donald sick?

Borowitz - The question is whether he should be free to roam among us.

Donald's newest version of his birtherism doubles down on his racism.

Howard Dean just suggested Trump may have been on cocaine during the debate.

Many people are asking Trump to take a drug test

No one's talking e-mails any longer...they're talking cocaine!

Hillary and her team must now do three things:

Chuck Todd criticized Hillary for being "over-prepared"

Debate Karma: Donald Trump Mocked on Twitter for Excessive Water Drinking

NPR's fact check and analysis of tonight's debate

Some brilliant negotiating Hillary did:

I said he'd never debate her. I was wrong.

PPP: Voters Nationally Say Clinton Won Debate 51/40

CNN poll of debate watchers - who won: Clinton 62% – Trump 27%

CNBC: Trump brags about not paying taxes: 'That makes me smart'

If anyone is an expert on marriage its DJ Trump, hell he's had 3 of them.

The debate in a nutshell: She was competent, he was not.

Lawrence O'Donnell brought up the Ugliness of the Rosie O'Donnell comment

Political Merchandise

Tweetstorm in 5...4...3...2...

Let's be honest with ourselves

Hey, Donnie! How did it feel to get beaten by a GIRL?????

Dear Pearl Clutchers: You can safely return said pearls to your jewelry box

Watching CNN, I can't help but notice that Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord aren't allowed

Donald Trump’s first presidential debate confirmed he has no idea what he’s talking about

Her name is Alicia Machado.

First Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated

Trump exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds tonight

Israel almost entirely halts citizenship approvals for East Jerusalemites

I think when she said, "Trumped-up trickle down." is when she had him. He was screwed from there.


Kellyanne Conway is as despicable a liar as Don the Con. Tweety interviewing her now. Pathetic.

"Trump took to Twitter to criticise Lester Holt"


MSNBC...Trump complains his mic was defected?

FReeperville is in frenzied panic mode

Prosecution Details Evidence FBI Found At Refuge - #BundyTeaParty

Was anyone else as offended by Chris Christie

Trump now claims he had a defective microphone...

Microphone Gate

From Dan Rather:

CNN panel sucks

Trump claims he never said that pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers. Here he is saying it:

Good night DU. Tonight's been like Christmas in September


Expect Trump to demand a halfway commercial break in remaining debates....

Trumps excuse tonight is that his microphone was not working. yes, on msnbc

I wonder who's on the short list to be Trump's next campaign manager

Think Trump will claim the debate was "rigged"


The Lesson of this Election: We Must Be True to Ourselves

This says it all...

"Well, Donald, I know you live in your own reality"

Joe Scarborough will be crying The kissbutt

Betting markets react: Hillary 68.3% (+5.2) Trump 30.5% (-3.8%)

Trump can't function off a TelePrompTer.

Are all the online polls showing

Apparantly Trump is smart for not paying taxes...

LMAO! Jerry Springer just nailed it!

Guess what "they" are saying? Oh, the NEXT debate is the important one...

Trump's trolls have the hamster wheel spinning in overdrive trying to drive up the online polls

The saddest person tonight has to be Chris Christie.

CEO's of New Zealand polled, Hillary or Trump

I hope he's all right. (Debate video)

Best Debate Still

Am I The Only One Who Noticed?

I Have Something that Trump Could Use in the Next Debate

Fox News pundits: "Trump lost"

Please DU this poll. This is a news channel in Red State

What Are the Odds that Trump Drops Out of At Least 1 of the Remaining Debates?

Vox has some good articles/posts on the debate

Fact-checking the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Trump referred to Obama as "Your President" to Clinton

***breaking***Sam Wang has HRC at 87%!

Best Van Jones rant EVER. Pre-debate coverage was "Sexism on steroids." Please watch!

The 400 pound man demands equal time!

BREAKING: CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers - Clinton won: 62%, Trump won: 27%

Trump actally said his lawyers do not want him to releases his tax returns

Will Trump debate Hillary a second time?

The moment Donald Trump lost not only the debate, but the election

How will Donald Trump ever sit again with Hillary's foot firmly planted in his ass?

Tweet of the night

Okay, 'fess up: Who was panicking before the debate?

Twitter is going viral on the 400 pound DNC hacker (acccording to Trump)

Trumps Little Red Hands

Debate transcripts, 1 with annotated fact checking

Link to debate transcripts, 1 with fact checking annotations

what pisses me off is that I make 85,000 a year

Election Model Update

Poor Freeperville - looking for hidden wires to explain away Trump getting schlonged

CNN has been doing post-debate "reality checks" all night; almost everything Clinton said was "true"

What we all saw tonight was a pathological narcissist who has no control

And the winner of the debate is.............wait for it.....

The Art Of The Debate

Giuliani: I'd skip next debates if I were Trump

Off To Bed but One Last Thing

Austin Goolsbee: "tRump came in with a low bar and banged his head on it"

Absolute Perfect Summary Of Tonight In One Image!

I guess there wasn't any reason to worry about Roger Ailes' influence

It's nights like this that I really, really miss Jon Stewart

My wife's perspective...

Image of the night

My night just got better

MSN online polling on who won the debate


Trump campaign needs to come clean on Trump's medical problems.

What is the significance of the rubber dog puppet wearing a bow tie with a cigar?

Got a pesky Teflon stain on your shirt?

Everything Worth Seeing From Last Night's Unhinged Presidential Debate

Now blow.

Why has Clinton changed her position on TPP and now opposes it ?No law against currency manipulation

Sexism on Tweety's Panel Right Now

I think this about says it all

Small Town In Oregon Bans Nestle From Bottling Their Water

"Let's start the clock again Lester." Was one of my favorite

Trump is probably going to say or do something

Trump claimed ICE endorsed him, he's too stupid to realize ICE is a government agency

Trump complains that his debate mic was defective.

Question for Trump. Do you think the moon landing was staged

That "Between 2 Ferns" appearance was great practice for Hillary!

Clara Jeffery smacks down sexist comment from MSNBC's Chuck Todd


Hillary Clinton suggested during the debate

Gotta hand it to the Hillary campaign....

Trump vs. Clinton: Her jabs put him on the defensive in first debate

My compliments to Hillary, the matador, in her red power suit.

I love it ! Howard Fineman just said

Ratings? When will the ratings be out?

In the focus groups, of undecided, that they have, how can they have sat

The one bad thing about the Trump meltdown is it took away from Hillary's excellent discussion of

An Ugly Campaign, Condensed Into One Debate

How does being dumb or a sucker feel?

A commentator (think it was Fineman) IIRC

Even Stormfront Thinks Hillary Clinton Won The Debate

So what's this stuff about a mic not being loud enough

Clinton Gains In Online Betting Markets After U.S. Presidential Debate

Dear Republicans:

She Had Him At Hello....

Clinton vs. Trump: The first U.S. presidential debate on CBC News (full)

for 90 minutes america saw the moron that republicans think should be President

Without A Teleprompter Trump Is Lost....

Hillary hit it out of the park, but here is how I seem to hear a lot of the talking heads

Every Donald Trump sniff from the debate

Hillary did a lousy job of addressing Trump when he blamed her for the last 30 years policy

Best zinger, "Donald, I know you live in your own reality, but ..."

HuffPo slaughters Trump with Orange Crush headline (and gobs of sub-headings):

Please help in the online polls its important!

I couldn't watch. How'd she do? How'd he do?

Well, I guess we've finally got our nickname for Trump.

I heard the janitorial staff at Hofstra was not pleased with the outcome of the debate

On msnbc anyone else notice the roger ailes look alike in the back ground when tweety was on?

Trump ... Bully-in-Chief

Business Insider: 5 pieces of evidence Hillary won the debate

Trump is living the nightmare right now ....

You know Clinton won the debate because

Ezra Klein: Reading Trump's answers in text form is a really bizarre experience

Anyone know about

The Media-driven Caricature Of Hillary Got Destroyed Tonight

Zach Galifianakis Doesn’t Want ‘Mentally Challenged’ Donald Trump on ‘Between Two Ferns’

Did you have a favorite moment? Here's mine -

I wonder how much Donald will charge his campaign for the product placement he gave his DC

Would anyone believe what hannity had to say

So who does the don fire by the end of the week?


Trump's Insecurities Really Shone Through....

Jewish WWII 'Avenger' Joseph Harmatz dead at 91

Stephen Colbert: The First Presidential Debate Lives Up To The Hype.

Second Pres Debate (10/9) will be a town hall

My prediction: in the name of looking "even-handed"...

Listen To The Audio Only -Debate

Imperial Beach pulls in its horns Not the Welcoming City it hoped to be The mayor of Imperial Beach

Mylan offers more details on EpiPen’s costs

TRUMP Sniffing Feat. Eric Clapton Cocaine

I'm checking out the local RWNJ radio station right now

Transcript of the First Debate

"maybe because you haven't paid any federal income tax for years" "It would be squandered, too."

Daily Holidays September 27

The science behind last night's debate...

I can't wait to see the look on

NBC News: Presidential Debate: Donald Trump's Remark About Paying Taxes Raises Eyebrows

6:00 am!!!!! Let the spin begin!!!! The fact is that Hillary kicked butt. I have to admit, I was

What percentage of voters rely on next-day talking heads to find out how the debate went?

The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated (WA Post)

INTERNATIONAL: Asian viewers give nod to Clinton after first presidential debate

10 years jail, 2,000 lashes for Saudi man who said he is atheist

Morning Joe : Incredible

Oh frabjous day! Callooh callay!!!

Worst. Job interview. Ever.

Krugman: Trump On Trade

NY Times: By any normal standard, Hillary Clinton crushed Donald Trump in the first presidential deb

So it was a Porche driving lawyer in Houston Texas

If you're watching Morning Joke now...

Kellyanne Conway says Trump did a good job of pivoting!

celebrate the win, but keep on working

ICC sentences Islamic militant to nine years over Timbuktu destruction

NY Times not kind to Donald Trump

The corporate media wants a horse race, and Hillary's performance is scaring the SHIT out of them.


"(W)orst debate performance by a presidential candidate (of) the modern era"

13 Charged in Miami Lakes and California Boiler Rooms Scheme that Defrauded 700+ Investors

Why won't the media accept that Trump was hit by Hillary from the beginning.....

Mika says Trump won! Joe said if it is a tie then Trump wins..

Listening to about 45 minutes of NPR this morning...

You know you're in trouble when Steve Schmidt

Hey Steve Schimdt, you won't get a Christmas card from Trump!

how did Lester do?


Headlines should be SNIFFLES BLOWS IT

A right-winger actually just wrote this (they are losing their minds)

Tie every Republican candidate to Trump

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah on ABC Pence says King Con took command of the stage

To anyone who tells you Trump won that debate - Ask them...

Hats off to NPR.

UFCW Local 655 members overwhelmingly reject Schnucks proposal, approve strike

UFCW Local 655 members overwhelmingly reject Schnucks proposal, approve strike

Trumps new reality show: "The Biggest Loser!"

Did anyone notice that the international business man,

I Fell Asleep With MSNBC On My TV Last Night And Subliminally AM Joe Was On This Morning.....

Most Mainers favor background checks on gun sales, poll shows

Clinton shifts the election in her direction - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

The real loser last night was Trump's coke dealer

According to Polls, Clinton Wins First Debate...and Wins Big

Nate Silver: Clinton Won The Debate, Which Means She’s Likely To Gain In The Polls

AP ANALYSIS: In Debate, Clinton Was Prepared, Trump Was Trump

The Humanist Society: Serving non-religious folk here more actively

Last night's debate reminded me of how King Kong ended

"Ms Universe was a horrible person"!

Clinton rips into Trump for questioning stamina, ‘presidential look’

Trump is very proud of spending the last eight years harassing a Black man to prove he's an American

Ladies and Gents, the new term to throw at them: UNEDUCATED CONSERVATIVES

Who's this Hannity guy?

The media is proving their main focus is making money for investors and share holders

Hillary's post debate follows up with President Obama

Clinton got interrupted how many times? Debate night by the numbers

Religion Versus Unions

Presidential debate fact-check: Trump and Clinton's claims reviewed

Trump vs. Clinton: Her jabs put him on the defensive in first debate

Clinton goes after Trump’s weakness: His famously thin skin

Mika and Joe: 'He wasn't that bad and will come out with a bump in the polls.'

vocabulary lesson for the maggot, he does not know what temperament means

The new Orthodox-Catholic agreement is a landmark – but there’s a long way to go

In typical Trump fashion, he is trashing Ms. Universe all over Fox-PAC

All The Spin In The World Can't Erase What The People Saw And Heard Last Night.....

Preparation H

Don fall down, go "boom." Cue the "Lester Holt rigged the debate" tweets in 5,4,3,2,1...

One thing from last night that raised my eyebrows but people aren't talking about.

Trump was on his game last night

I talked with my mother this morning.

I'm guessing that Trump is in Romney's 47%!

Winners and Losers from the 1st presidential debate - By Chris Cillizza

"That’s called business" (One of Trump's worst debate moments)

Bottom line from the debate: Hillary looked Presidential, Trump was a rambling wreck

Why Hillary Won the Debate.

Day-After Donnie

What does it mean that Donald Trump lost the debate?

Trump supporters: "It's not illegal to not pay taxes!"

According to Polls, Clinton Wins First Debate...and Wins Big

This is the boost she received from winning the debate????'ve got to be kidding.

Trump blames defective mic

It appears Trump is in complete denial about his performance last night, which is great for us

Nichols: Trump came to pick a fight. Clinton came to open a conversation with the American people.

This debate, Trump needed to appear ready to be president. He didn’t. - By Jennifer Rubin

The mic was fine, Trumpster. Because we could hear your NERVOUS SNIFFING THE ENTIRE TIME!. nt

Pence--thinks Donald had a great night.. whow. on cnn now

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Debate

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Post-debate poll: Hillary Clinton takes round one

That was a hell of an ass whuppin.

Pence on CNN right now defending Trump

Initial Viewership of 1st Debate - Need Some Help Here

The Daily 202: Why even Republicans think Clinton won the first debate

I would say Hillary's performance last night is causing a lot of 3rd party voters to come over

If you stay in a Trump Hotel...

Unprepared man repeatedly shouting over highly prepared woman

If you are a progressive/liberal/left and vote for Stein after last night

Rosie O'Donnell responds, calls Trump "an orange anus" on Twitter

Whenever Michael Phelps got in the pool, you just knew he was going to end up with a medal.

Have news organizations stopped doing the online polls after a debate?

Clinton Gains, Trump Falls In Online Betting Markets After First Debate

Greens and BoBs are falling over themselves to try to salvage Trump's performance.

Trump: I Don't Want To Push 'Conspiracy Theories' But My Mic Was Bad

Lewandowski On Trump’s Performance: First Debate Isn’t ‘End All, Be All’

Prediction Markets Score the Debate a Rout: Clinton Over Trump

Trump doubles down this morning on comments calling Miss Universe winner "Miss Piggy".

A GOP Facebook friend posted this great piece by DAN RATHER -- and he agrees with it.

Of Course Men Commented On Hillary Clinton’s Looks During The Debate

tRump wiped his ass with his own face when he admitted he pays no taxes, none zip zilch then admired

Those tiny hands can barely grip the water glass. I kept expecting him to drop the glass.

Conway Applauds Trump For Not Bringing Up Bill Clinton's Sex Scandals

Nate Silver predicts a 2% to 4% polling bounce for Clinton after last night

As Krugman explains, Trump's comment about Mexico's VAT was totally ignorant.

Trump: "I haven't given lots of thought to NATO." ** John Dingell Reponds--We've noticed.

'Bridgegate' witness says Christie campaign manager knew of plot

Trump decided to go home, and that's OK

I was going to say some really nasty horrible things, but I didn't.

Trump says he had no cold or allergies. Nothing was wrong with him --


So that philandering, adulterer, and rapist - per his ex wife

Note to tRump fans, he isn't presidential material. He is a glorified real estate agent, and not a

What is the obsession men have w/ the name change?

Feeling like a little shoulder shimmying this morning

Trump wants to beat down America

CNN polls are hyped up BS

BREAKING NEWS: Angry, nonsensical and dishelved looking man wanders onto Presidential debate stage.

Bay Area Right wing Radio is going nuts this morning.

Stephen! ROFLMAO

I think tRump forgot where he put his tube of glue last night. Sniff and snort spectacle.

Trump Praises Self During, After Debate ...

So I was watching the end of Morning Joe

Diehard Trump fans liked him in the debate.

Top Trump Adviser Giuliani: I Wouldn't Do Another Debate

Trump complains of 'hostile questions' during debate

The Trump Doctrine: Our military will protect your country, for a price. Nice country. Wouldn't

Happy Birthday, Google!

US tech firm sued over Asian recruitment discrimination

ANOTHER Study Confirms Immigrants Aren't "Taking American Jobs"

Do NOT Abandon the Constitution, Even for Terrorism

Trump: Lester Holt Asked Me Some 'Unfair' And 'Hostile' Questions


Today is Google's 18th birthday!

Fight Song Video

I had forgotten why the orange anus was so po'ed at Rosie

To any American who supports a man who calls the Housing Bubble 'Just Business'

Rosie O'Donnell goes after trump: it started on 'The View' in 2006

New ad on the former Miss Universe Trump called Miss Piggy

And Dilbert creator Scott Adams continues his downward path by commenting on Clinton's appearance

BTRTN: Clinton Wins Debate as Trump Throws a Temperament Tantrum

Did anyone notice when Donald was asked about paying taxes in the spin room

The Red Pantsuit

Hillary Ruled the Show - By Josh Marshall

Democrats ought to kill the GOP "experience doesn't matter" crap

"Anyone else thirsty for some Kool-Aid?" Local RW radio host after interview with Trump rep

How the FDA Manipulates the Media (Scientific American)

Poker players would love to play against dipshit donnie

DU this poll (right wing radio)

LOL the Doofus Army has #TrumpWon trending on twitter

BOOM! Clinton Campaign Produces Further Proof Of Trump’s Damaging Treatment Of Alicia Machado

WATCH: Donald Trump slinks back to find safe space on Fox & Friends after debate trouncing

One thing that could improve...

Is the Rise of “Nones” Actually the Decline of Catholics?

Kimmel and Kaine Settle Their 'VP Debate' With Harmonicas

the maggot's Iraq timeline from "I guess so" , "Its going well & the stock mkt will go up"

Atheists Celebrating 'Blasphemy Rights Day' Say Criticizing Religion Is 'Human Right'

If she doesn't smile, she's a bitch.

Want to Make Ethical Purchases? Stop Buying Illegal Drugs

Does the GOP expect Trump to be impeached?

Let's break it down! Your favorite moments of 1st debate

An Atheist Is An Agnostic Is An Atheist Is An Agnostic! Why Every Agnostic Should Become An Atheist

Jerry Springer: "Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show."

RW Hacks Polishing The Orange One's Debate Turd

The key religious factor in the election

HRC's best line(IMHO): "Yes, I prepared for this debate."

Bono on Trump

I want to write Hillary's opening statement for the next debate.

Fixed it!

Typical Trump supporter argument: "She has no respect for her marriage."

Boy have we been here before. Trump fans are using online polls to say he won.

Kratom Drug Ban May Cripple Promising Painkiller Research (Scientific American)

Wouldn't be cool if Hillary won Breintbart's on line debate poll?

By any objective standard Hillary won

I wish someone could parse the whole debate

Pierce: Hillary Clinton Won Because Donald Trump Is a Sham

Cleveland clinches A.L. Central, but did they lose their ace?

Explosions in Dresden, police suspect far-right motive

Kratom Drug Ban May Cripple Promising Painkiller Research (Scientific American)

White millennial friends, listen the fuck up, we need to have a Come To Jesus Moment.

The way the media is covering this debate

Manic (Cocaine?) Meltdown: Trump's Night As Interrupter In Chief

Low bar for t'Rump?

Does Michael Moore live on a parallel earth these days?

Kellyanne Conway: Trump was being "very restrained" last night...

The Reviews Are In: Hillary Won The Debate

Hillary actually had to "fix" the dangerous things he said - addressing our allies during the debate

Suspects, victims in California killings were 'furries'

another indicator that trump has no clue -- regarding interest rates and the fed

Pic Of The Moment: Last Night's Debate Summed Up In One Image

Anyone else notice the switch in the last half hour or so of the debate?

Giuliani: If I Were Trump, I’d Skip Future Debates; Holt ‘Should Be Ashamed’ for Stop-and-Frisk...

Matthew Yglesias: Trump’s 1st presidential debate confirmed he has no idea what he’s talking about

How Hillary Clinton killed the Trump brand

Last night we saw something unique in human history...

Leonard Cohen's "You Want it Darker"

The eyes are the window to the soul.

Cast of Will and Grace make a video for Hillary

Can anybody here do a good deed?

Federal funds help police pay for new officers, when they can find them

Hillary's great response to Trump not paying income tax

California man convicted as would-be Islamic State recruit gets 30 years

So What RW "Proof of cheating" Will Be Offered As An Excuse To Blow Off More Debates?

The sniffles were caused by a defective mic. So...

Nate Silver Post-Debate Poll Predictions: Clinton Will Rise

So a man, who brags about not paying taxes, wants a say in how my tax $$ are spent?

Watching Bloomberg, and I suspect other outlets, while there is a consensus that Hillary "won" the

Latest Murder/shooting stats from NYPD. Downward trajectory since 2011 when Stop & Frisk ruled uncon

Last Night HRC had stamina, Drumpt had stammering. n/t

MSNBC - The architect who Trump stiffed is on reading Trump's glowing letter

so much for the rught wing damage control

so much for right wing damage control

so much for the right wing damage control

Trump apparently thinks this morning it is important to insult Alicia Machado

Awful, awful journalism

Court records show Keith Scott's wife filed for restraining order

FBI 'Top 10 Most Wanted' fugitive nabbed after 17 years on the run

U.S. Interstate system viewed as blood arteries

Clinton to reporters on her plane: "Anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good

So if (as King Con admitted last night) smart businessmen avoid

Donald Trump’s first presidential debate confirmed he has no idea what he’s talking about

Gulls in Alaska Found to Carry Antibiotic Resistant E. coli

NY Post: Trump was reduced to a sputtering mess

Chuck Todd: "Clinton seemed over-prepared at times"

Florida Christian Push 2018 Abortion As Murder Initiative. This Goal Is Ultimate Goal.

"What's She Hiding?"

Trumps mic might have been turned down

JABBERTRUMPY (Apologies to Lewis Carroll)

Toles nails the debate

"Giving a cruel man power and expecting that he won’t use it to inflict cruelty is madness"

Hillary clearly won, but she missed some big time openings.

U.S. appeals court blocks Pennsylvania hospital merger

The good news for us: The next debate is only a week and a half away.

Has the format of the debate changed?

Did you notice she said "fingers" instead of "finger?"

Hillary EVISCERATED The Donald During The First Presidential Debate!

Trump can't help it . . .but those who enabled him deserve to have their names attached to every

Eighteen U.S. states asked for help to secure voter systems: secretary

Eighteen U.S. states asked for help to secure voter systems: secretary

I'm trying cannabis right now for the first time in twenty years.

WSJ: Argentines say Mauricio Macri’s policies aren’t the solutions they promised to be

WSJ: Argentines say Mauricio Macri’s policies aren’t the solutions they promised to be

Never bring a Cheeto to a knife fight

Over/under on whether Trump starts talking about skipping the next debate by this evening.

Iran's Ahmadinejad says will not make presidential comeback bid

How many laughs did Hillary get?

CNN Post - Debate Poll: Hillary Clinton was clearly the winner, Trump was clearly the whiner.

Baltimore Sun Reader Poll

What is your favorite Hillary remark?

Geeez Don everybody knows that....

What is your favorite Trump ramble?

I didn't watch any of the Republican debates. Did Trump behave, then, like he did last night?

Pakistan warns of 'water war' with India if decades-old treaty violated

Trump over-reaction figure

so, trump figures he won, but the mic was bad (on purpose) and holt was unfair

Death toll in migrant shipwreck off Egypt rises to 194

Don't miss Frontline tonight!

Incredible! "Trump: No sniffles, the mic was bad"

How to do as well as 538 with only National Poll Averages (or why I'm jealous of Nate Silver).

'I didn't pay taxes because you would have squandered it.'

Syrian government launches Aleppo ground attack

World's Unluckiest Elephant's Journey to Freedom

Pence charter pilot fired, facing assault charges

"Meh" is my reaction.... you know what this debate reminds me of?

apart from the sniffing thing, donnie, what the hell was that bump over your right cheekbone?

Senate sets Wednesday vote on Obama veto of Saudi September 11 bill

Watch the faces of the three Fox News anchors as Trump doubles-down on fat-shaming Miss Universe

Trump just called Miss Universe fat again

Well we are back to the norm, a question if we will elect a female POTUS.

Just how poor is Patrick Murphy?

Michael Moore warns that Trump could still win.

Leonard Cohen's "You Want it Darker"

Saudis, Iran dash hopes for OPEC oil deal in Algeria

Trump Suggests There Was A Plot To Sabotage His Debate Microphone

Fact-checkers wrong about Hillary and her comments on TPP

Wildstein testifies he told Christie about 'tremendous amount of traffic in Fort Lee'

of course someone had to do it... sniff...

Just two comments about the debate

Panicked Trump campaign trying to change conversation from debate debacle to Clinton’s marriage

Good news from Bernie!

Brutal ‘My temperament’ ad hits Trump hard on his lack of self-control

Don't miss the tiny hands. The Donald and his private thoughts of revenge ('toon)

Donald Trump turned in a catastrophic performance – and Hillary Clinton handled him just right

Help, Going thru DU, looking for the bar graph that compares Clinton vs Trump factual errors.

Hillary Clinton Is Steamrolling Donald Trump At The First Presidential Debate

Am I interpreting this wrong?

My Republican wife told me this morning she is voting for Hillary

Election betting odds jumped up since last night

Watching crash and burn /Watching a wonderful experience

Leading Through Civilian Power - By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Tweeting in Spanish following the debate, Alicia Machado thanked Hillary for respecting women

"By the end of the 95 mins, Trump was reduced to a sputtering mess blathering about Rosie O’Donnell"

Coming up on CNN! BridgeGate. Christy was told as it was happening!

Good morning, Loungers! I'm lounging...

Watch CNN’s Jake Tapper lose it over Trump’s ‘rabid wolf’ debate performance

The Daily 202: Why even Republicans think Clinton won the first debate

Alicia Machado, the woman Trump called Miss Housekeeping, is ready to vote against Donald Trump

VP Joe smacks Dumbo Donald a new one...

OUT OF CONTROL Trump talks about his superior temperament and Hillary being "out of control"

The ten most bizarre moments of 2016 Presidential debate

Pic Of The Moment: Debate Takeaway: Trump Admits Everything

Trevor Noah nails it!! Hillary Clinton did indeed tell the first lie of the debate!

women who identify as feminist

women who identify as feminist

Thats why they're called troll polls..........

Campaign manager: Trump does not believe climate change is man made

United for Coverage Week of Action Leads up to Hyde Anniversary

United for Coverage Week of Action Leads up to Hyde Anniversary

United for Coverage Week of Action Leads up to Hyde Anniversary

Many people are asking if Hillary Clinton was debating Leona Helmsley last night

Watch pedestrians lie about seeing the debate before it happened!

When you have a really, really good night

Trump can't even abide by rules of a debate

Fox News is on the suicide watch list after Hillary Clinton hammered Donald Trump in the first pres

Was it the Mic or Coke that was bad?

Perfect Debate Summary

Bresch low-balled her company’s profit on the EpiPen

It ain't "sniffles" & not recent.It's like horse snorting & we've said it here months ago. &Gov.DEAN

Can't wait for the second debate

Every Trump sniffle from the debate

Van Jones Reminds Donald Trump There’s No Credit ‘For Most Improved Bigot’

57% of viewers say Clinton won the first debate/30% say La Deplorable

The Best Memes From HRC and DT's First Presidential Debate - US Magazine

Calling every single Republican running in my State

"Restrained" - One thing we can deduce from Trump's flubbed attempts at argument

All male moderators, This is wrong. They should have both with 1/2

I call bullshit

Politico Insiders: Hillary won

Christie Laughed as Bridge Plot Unfolded, Star Witness Says

Washington Post: Why even Republicans think Clinton won the first debate

My question to Donald Trump:

Gun deaths continue to surpass motor vehicle deaths in Missouri

Will Trump show up at the next debate?

Words people looked up during debate (I wish this was from the Onion)

Next up: Overcompensation Trump

Press Call with Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado

Remember that scene at the end of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', where the guy's head explodes?

Hilary's Shimmy, how important it is.

Hillary slams Trump on his latest conspiracy theory

I Still Wish There Would Be More Focus From The Hillary Campaign On The Congressional Repugs.....

It's not just Trump. It's HIS VOTERS!

Giuliani: Clinton "To stupid to be president"

Alicia Machado Was Truly The Knock-Out Punch

Why, YES...Trump IS taking a victory lap for "winning" last night's debate.

what is your patronus charm?

For fucks sake ask him to show the IRS letter re tax audits

Last night, The Cards prove that they don't belong

Shamed and Angry: The Beauty Contestant Donald Trump Mocked for Her Weight

I just voted for Hillary Clinton and Russ Feingold in Wisconsin

Pic Of The Moment: Ouch! The (Republican) Reviews Are In

Gimme the Shimmy !

How to fix Baseball....eager to share my idee fixee!

So if Trump supporters are okay with...

Question about account under review.

What worked for Trump in the primaries failed him against Clinton

Prediction Markets Score the Debate a Rout: Clinton Over Trump

Borowitz: Trump Threatens to Skip Remaining Debates If Hillary Is There

Stop Pretending You Don’t Know Why People Hate Hillary Clinton

Caught Rush Limbaugh at lunch today (Warning)

Many of Trump's Supporters Probably Believe a Woman...

Polluted air affects 92% of global population, says WHO

Even Pat Robertson harshed the don this morning

Exclusive: World’s first baby born with new “3 parent” technique

Coke <------> Sniffles

Sharing my photo blog of my trip to France this month: Chateaux/Loire Valley, Brittany,

Devastating video reveals how undecided voters reacted to Trump’s dismal debate performance

U.S. Stocks Rise on Consumer Confidence After Debate; Oil Slumps

Today is National Voter Registration Day

LOL- Drumpf going viral on YouTube vids ROFLMAO

In the end, Hillary surpassed all expectations.

"Hello, Miss Housekeeping"....

The Clinton campaign rolled out an online voter registration tool for Pa. millennials

happy 18th birthday google.

When Trump said that not paying taxes ‘makes me smart,’ undecided voters in N.C. gasped

watch Hillary in Raleigh, NC now on msnbc. Crowd Cheering Hillary, Hillary

Shawna Cox files lawsuit in Harney Co. over land rights - #BundyTeaParty

Trump's new campaign song?

so, donnie has constant sniffles because his mic was tampered with? am I understanding

Doing the WinningShimmy today! Post your fave GIFs from debate!!

FTD: the most common dementia for people under age 60 (FTD Awareness Week)

Grant Co. sheriff invokes the 5th when questioned - #BundyTeaParty

Posted by a friend on Facebook, I've known him since I was 12...........

PredictWise is moving…

When is Bernie joining Hillary

Prosecution may rest in refuge occupation case - #BundyTeaParty

Obese and out of shape himself #DonaldTrump is delusional! Mocking a beautiful woman.

(Cartoon) Trump "tells it like it is":

"Dear Millennials &/or Undecided Voters-If you vote for this man-you're incredible pack of pinheads"

Another MSNBC interview failure

In West, Feds control land — and lots of jobs

You can tell Trump practiced in front of the mirror

Second Amendment activists' comments on Trump's "Stop and Frisk" views.

FDNY Chief, Westchester Resident, Dies as Suspected Marijuana House Blows up

SLS Flight Software Safety Issues at MSFC (Update)

'Bridgegate' witness says Governor Christie backed lane closures

The chipmunks had to hide from the cat for awhile, they're back now though!

"you've been fighting isis your whole life"--ummm, drumpfy, isis has not been around

Mark Cuban slams Donald Trump: Not paying taxes is greedy, not ‘smart’

Carpool lane violator uses Trump head as passenger

Initial TV Ratings for 1st Presidential Debate are in:

Wish Hillary nailed Drumpf when he brought up trickle down tax cuts

"Everybody has to pay taxes. Even BUSINESSMEN that rob and steal and cheat from people every day."

Donald Trump’s Performance Likely Failed to Attract Skeptical Voters, GOP Strategists Say

My Clinton car magnets and bumper stickers finally arrived, just in time for post-debate rallying!

Elon Musk live stream starts in 30 minutes (11:30AM PT)

The Second Presidential Debate Will Try Something New

Some history to remember when voting this year

I don't think "temperament" means what Don the Con thinks it means...

Another winner of the debate: Carolyn Kepcher

The First Presidential Debate Lives Up To the Hype

Limbaugh: "Hillary is a Witch with a capital 'B'"

I no longer watch meet the press because of chuck todd's stupidity

If Trump had mentioned Gennifer Flowers

The Mexican peso says Trump didn't win debate

The fool Tom Brokow - i changed from NBC as soon as i saw him on the panel.

Elon Musk live stream: Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

When does a president blather on about rosie o'donnell - is he seriously deranged?

President Stilson.... or President Donald Trump?

Bexar Co. TX (San Antonio area) Sees Record Number of Voter Registrations.

Rude Pundit: Observations on a Brutal Beatdown at Last Night's Presidential Debate

Portland Taxi dropped by Uber for driver's homophobic rant

My mood today

Two words for debate upgrade:

Portland Taxi dropped by Uber for driver's homophobic rant

this guy is always worth a look

Trump Goes on the Attack, Calling the Debate ‘Unfair.'

FBI Chief Says Immunity for Clinton Aide Limited to Laptop

Tchaikovsky piano concerto +

I knew I've seen Trump's shtick somewhere before

2 Folsom Fair tourists attacked in apparent hate crime

The next time you feel driven to vote in an online poll...remember this:

The Snyder Sensitivity Situation

I'm proud of my friends who have Hillary's back.

US Appeals Court Hears Arguments in Clean Power Plan Case

Clinton CRUSHES Trump in post-debate polls

Cable News Debate Ratings

Trailer Park Jesus

I feel like I was just accosted...

Sen. Tammy Baldwin WI on msnbc talking about debate

Giuliani Says Affair Proves Clinton Is ‘Too Stupid"

That beautiful slow, gradual glow of satisfaction after you realize your candidate has won a debate.

Donald Trump claims debate microphone was ‘defective’

Haaahaa! "Pepe’s post-debate identity crisis: Online alt-right turns on Donald Trump.."

Real Cornbread....

Taxi Driver Allegedly Tells Gay Bar Patrons They’re Going To Hell

Police Lives Matter Too supporters gather ahead of Sharpton event with Crutcher family

We abandon religious beliefs, but we cling to religious logic.

This is an old video but Elizabeth warren just rocks this

"The Cyber" Trump reminded me of Ted Stevens and his "series of tubes"

MSNBC giving Gary Johnson more air time

Cable news network and Major broadcast network debate viewers

Judge's Ruling Reduces Election Day Registration in Illinois

Judge's Ruling Reduces Election Day Registration in Illinois

Rump has issues with people he perceives to be overweight.

Hey look kiddies, it's a looming government shutdown...again

How The Heck Did We Go From Thomas Jefferson To Donald Trump?

Sniffles, Issues, & Profit-Sharing... What Did You Think About The First Presidential Debate?

Kellyanne Conway's husband George was secret central figure in Clinton's impeachment

Elizabeth Warren comes out against raising cap on charter schools in Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren comes out against raising cap on charter schools in Massachusetts

TRUMP: "I didn't pay taxes because you would have squandered it."

Donald Trump is a "status quo" candidate - he is not a candidate of "change".

Senate Blocks Stopgap Bill to Prevent Shutdown This Weekend

Senate Blocks Stopgap Bill to Prevent Shutdown This Weekend

Heard Dean, on MSNBC live, discussing Trump and sniffles and coke.

Trumpkins are skewing this online poll - let's DU it

WTF is Howard Dean doing on MSNBC? Kate Snow is griling him about his "Trump on coke?" tweet

Cooper just said moderators should not interfere in debate with interruptions etc.

The Latest: Trump Says He'll Be at Next Presidential Debates

One Thing HRC Should Have Said When Trump Went After Her On Her Negative Ads Is.....

So, Are We Going With SniffleGate or SniffGhazi?

Prop 61 - yes or no?

GOP lawmakers give Trump bad reviews on debate performance

Only in Trump's America

Trump-Clinton debate gets record ratings

Are We Gluttons for Punishment? Online Polls Are Worthless.

I don't think Don the Con has the mental capacity to prep for a debate

New polling points to clear debate win for Clinton

Trump tells Fox and Friends that Hillary earned a "C," and Cruz and Rubio were "tougher" in debates

Generations collide: 87-year-old goalie stands tall in Syracuse lacrosse legends game

Generations collide: 87-year-old goalie stands tall in Syracuse lacrosse legends game

Hugo-nominated dinosaur erotica author Chuck Tingle trolls Trump

What they did when the debate was over said it all for me.

**THIS** is why Trump decided to run for President.

Guys, it's official. Trump won

How Hillary Clinton’s Pitch-perfect Put-downs May Have Changed the Race - By Frank Rich

This pretty much sums up Trump right now...

From Russia With Love?

Please don't go all Hudson over the polls. Thank you.

Just saw a few tweets about Trump rally today in Florida

Lol, The #TrumpWon hashtag started in... St Petersburg, Russia

Funniest Memes Reacting to the First Presidential Debate

'Will & Grace' cast reunite to mock Donald Trump

Here comes Maureen Dowd again on MSNBC (plugging her book)

“Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said. “It was rigged.”

U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel

Ok here is a 'good' poll for N.C.

was the hillary side of the split screen out of sync for anyone else?

When tRump goes on and on...

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton: nerves of steel.

FBI believes cellphones of some Democrats targeted by hackers: sources

Anyone else watching CNN now? (4:20 Tues. afternoon)

Donald's final post-debate retort....

Clinton Knocks Trump For Bragging About Not Paying Taxes During Debate

Hillary campaign strategists, listen up.

Dem to GOP: 'Prove Me Wrong' That Leaving Flint Out Isn't Motivated By Race

Via Twitter: Make Sniffs Great Again!

Gotta love Elizabeth

WATCH: Unpaid architect explains how Trump lied and flattered his way out of paying $100K debt

Trump was easily unnerved. Possibly the worst quality to have in a president.


Chelsea Clinton suggest marijuana kills people

Does Trump treat his wife or his past wives the same as that Miss Universe?

Just curious: Has any polling been done on who Mormons are voting for?

No, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Did Not Endorse Trump

Debate #2: Townhall debate questions

Vice President Joe Biden Just Dropped 40 Seconds Of Hell On Donald Trump

Best comment on the debate:

Baltimore cops previously charged in Freddie Gray’s death celebrated at right-wing gala

Bernie On MTP/Chuck Toad At 5 PM EST/4 PM CST

Interesting to see what happens with Sam Wang's Princeton Election Consortium at the next update

He rooted for the housing bubble to burst

Photos: Russ Feingold, Sen.Tammy Baldwin rally for early voting in Madison, WI....

The divisions of the right.

HEY!!! I just got our absentee ballots in the mail today!

from our gal Lizz Winstead

How Hillary Clinton found her stride on gender

First I lose Mel, then Clint, now Jon - I'm not going to have any old movies left at this rate.

Ford Fights Back Against Trump Debate Claims

IMF study warns free trade seen as benefiting 'only a fortunate few'

Today's Post Debate coverage,,,,

Signs of Cocaine Use -- I'm not being facetious but I think Trump exhibits several of these signs

Latest Headline at Newsmax - Trump Takes Hits From Conservatives on Debate Debacle

Chuck todd going after the bizarre spin control of TRump right now. msnbc

Trump says he won all debate polls except CNN's

anyone here remember when billie jean king clobbered bobby riggs?

My truly scientific method of predicting how cold the winter will be...

Trump's people rigging online polls...

From Romney's campaign manager

Video: Police kill a man because his motorcycle struck a squad car. Graphic aftermath

Clinton's best moment in the debate

Ohio: Hydrogen fuel cell buses joining Stark Area Regional Transit Authority

OK, not only was his mike rigged,

The Fractured Republican Cult

If Trump attacks Hillary for Bill's behavior, THIS is all she needs to say:

Why do they keep saying that Trump had a strong start last night on teevee?

Trump's antics remind me of every schoolyard bully

(Watch FRONTLINE's The Choice tonight at 9/8c)

Bernie coming up in MNSBC. 2:28 PST

Saudi chops wage, benefit bill in delicate pursuit of austerity

For some reason, this exchange brings home the fact that Trump is truly a petulant child.

My idol Lawrence O'Donnell will be superb tonite

Trumped up Trickle Down economics ... alright Hillary... keep reminding people that his 'plans'

Does anyone know why Bill Maher's set

TRUMP WON online poll keeps popping up all over this site

who thinks sports would be better without referees?

Donald Trump's History Of Fat Shaming ...

Supreme Court declines financier's bid to block SEC action

Shimon Peres ‘fighting for his life’ while family gathers at Tel Aviv hospital

Signing off: CBS is getting out of the radio business — is this finally the end of the medium?

When Trump said that not paying taxes ‘makes me smart,’ undecided voters in N.C. gasped

"He Repelled Them": Suburban Women Find Little to Like in Donald Trump’s Debate Performance


Obama nominates career diplomat as US ambassador to Cuba

America is not a business

She denounced trickle down reaganomics last night

If Trump pulls out of the next debate...


"I have a great temperament"

"The Choice 2016"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Trump looks unhinged fighting with a beauty queen

One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet. Hillary was very likable last night. Trump, not so much.

VP Biden Speech at Drexel U Philadelphia

GA Trump Campaign Director slashes tires, resigns

"The Choice 2016"

Trump and rhinitis ?

TRUMP: "I could just see Alicia Machado, the current Miss Universe, sitting there plumply."

The #TrumpWon hashtag originated in Russia.

Homemade 3-Ingredient Brownies Better Than Box Mix

Trump will try to change the convo from his Debate FAIL! Expect Stunts!

Hoosier DUers, how is Mike Pence regarded in Indiana?

Debate: I'd like to personally thank Donald Trump, from the bottom of my heart,

When Trump said that not paying taxes ‘makes me smart,’ undecided voters in N.C. gasped

Bill Maher..he is a comedian, remember !!!

Trump Praises Himself for Not Bringing Up Bill’s Affairs

Does anybody have a gif of Hillary doing the shimmie?

I think we're going to be OK, president-wise.

A new low in Florida -- adversely possessing a dead woman's property - by a commissioner.

PLEASE go to this article, go down into the link, and submit a question for the next debate.

Voter registration at grand central terminal

Dear Rosie O'Donnell, Your Country Needs Your Help

Never in my fugging life have I heard anyone in a debate

Luckovich Toon - Trump's take on women's weight gain

Call to action! Please contact your reps about extending Immunosuppressive Drugs for kidney patients

Second Mystery Donor Leaves Pile of Cash in Donation Box at Pasadena Humane Society

What do Republicans hate more, Hillary or America?

No god, no dead babies, at the debate, for a change.

Adulterer Giuliani supports adulterer Trump, who, as we learn, is also a "feminist."

Trump Sandwich

Katie Tur deserves hazardous duty pay - covering Drumpf for over a year

Dee Gordon's emotional homer last night.

Why Does Donald Trump Lie So Much?

Spotted in NYC

A question about poll demographics.

How did the repugs dominate the online polls??

Get out the Vote- how organized is Hillary?

Delusional moron

ROFL, Rump just said "almost every single poll had me winning bigly."

msnbc. Trump actually brought up the Troll polls and told his rally fans he won so big

Young Girl Tearfully Explains Why Charlotte Feels The Need To Protest

The Vulgarian just said on MSNBC HRC failed the bar exam

Trump Didn’t Just Lose, He Did Lasting Damage

Next debate: 10/9. What is Trump's campaign's way forward to next debate?

Video: Katy Perry "Votes Naked"

Trump Gave Clinton Ammunition for Future Attacks

Trump had a shinning moment during the first debate

If your emotional purity is

Not until the last spark fades

The passing yesterday of film maker Herschel Lewis brought back old memories.

Drumph attacks the media again and again in FL

Major Garrett on Twitter

Trump just said Hillary failed the DC bar exam. And he uses the "fire Marshall" story at EVERY RALLY

some pics of alicia machado

Wells Fargo CEO forfeits stock awards worth $41 million as company launches probe

Fox News’ Brit Hume under fire for saying Clinton 'not necessarily attractive'

If Wildstein is fearing a jail sentence, and krispy knew, then krispy should be jailed, too.

TPM: Trump Could Be in Big Trouble

What did Donny mean by 400 pound hacker sitting in bed? Also what does

Wells Fargo CEO gets $123.6M if he walks

Clinton's most remarkable debate moment got lost in Trump's suckage—but it shouldn't

Team Trump: Debate won’t move needle in race for White House