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One Third of Voters Say Debates Will Help Them Decide

Let's play a really difficult mind game -- imagine (if possible) that you were a Trump supporter

Gov. Mike Pence Whines Mark Cuban Is The Host Of A Reality Show

What was Hillary playing on that Game Boy of hers?

So how does she defend herself without being defensive?

Watching Hardball and Chris Matthews is giddy

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders to campaign at UNH on Wednesday

Russia accused of war crimes in Syria at UN security council session

FL GOP'er waits an hour before using Marlins pitcher death to bash 'activist athletes'

Arnold Palmer has died.

Since you think I am a Lush.... Help on a drinking word???

Where is the best place to stream the debate tomorrow?

Join us, in creating a 24 hour surge of support for Hillary. #9.26 By teioh (Daily Kos)

Michael Steele says if Hillary is too knowledgeable, she'll come off as a bully

President Obama SCHOOLS The Donald On Black History, And It’s Freaking Awesome! (VIDEO)

Trump campaign police advocate fired from airline job after criminal charge

If the Labour right KEEPS trying to remove Corbyn after this, they'll do nothing but damage.

Pence refuses to answer questions on political 'puppetry' and big donations

Trump Supporter Gets LAUGHED AT When Caught Lying About The Donald’s Economic Plan (VIDEO)

3-year-old girl sings the lantern song from

The future is NOW!

Both sides will claim victory

Gut says someone drops a national poll late tonight

Trip down memory lane for Donald Trump on this eve of the debate. You'll be humiliated again Donald

#TrumpCheck #TrumpLies #TrumpSoftballs

Art has come a long way

Trump tells Netanyahu he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital

You just have to love Joe.

White supremacy and Trump fever: The toxic combo that’s killing people — white people

Cbs evening news actually covered Putin and Russia rooting for Cheeto

Arnold Palmer, golf legend, dies at 87

Hillary dropped the truth bomb on Trump ahead of the debate tomorrow

Suck it, conservatives: By any objective measure, California is the most business-friendly state

What I want to know is which of trumps policies align with Mrs. Jenner

Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President

Raised-fist Olympians punished in 1968 will be received at White House

Serious conundrum about watching the debate on Monday

Please don't hate me. I just can't watch the debate.


Trump is immune from gaffes. (CBC News) That means it will be harder for

Was Hugh Hewitt on every show on MSNBC today?

Trump Trails Romney's 2012 Numbers With White Voters

POLL: Economist/YouGov National

How to turn some Trump voters!!

FL Republican gets blasted online for using Jose Fernandez’ death to smear national anthem protester

Hillary's opening statement should start

YouGov and NBC polls have Johnson at 5%. Does that turn back Lichtman's 3rd Party key?

Don't show your butt in Victoria, Australia: mooning, streaking illegal

Arnold Palmer passes away at 87

"Trump has been going around the country doing a minstrel show in orange face."

Sign of the anti-Trump

I thought you might like to see my fair cake this year. This is the 6th. year in a row I've won.

Don't Tell Me

Did Trump have an Affair with Mark Cuban....

Hillary will TAKE TRUMP TO SCHOOL tomorrow night! (WATCH THIS)

I'd like to bring attention to this thread!

Modern campaigning meets modern technology...

What's your favorite position, you know, in bed? Mine is

FINALLY: An Indigenous Peoples' History Of The United States

I didn't know Carter v. Reagan held the record for viewers. Kinda fascinating

Janet Brown head of the debate commision who says no mod fact check was a staffer for John Danforth

Fall of an Empire

The New Yorker: A Season Of Terror & Donald Trump

Donald Trump links Mexico border wall plan to Israel's 'successful' separation barrier

OMG: "he doesn't know what he doesn't know":

A recent facebook post from Michael Moore....did anyone else get this?

I *FULLY* expect Donald Trump to WIN the Debate Tomorrow night and handily

Is there going to be a live fact-checking thread we can see tomorrow during

Mall shooting suspect: ‘Creepy,’ multiple arrests, disputes

Mall shooting suspect: ‘Creepy,’ multiple arrests, disputes

Trump destroyed USFL ( United States Football League)

If my little city is any indication

IMHO - A Vital Key is Wrong in Allan Lichtman's 13 Keys

If You Want To Help The Sioux: Military Check Points on North Dakota's Route 1806

It doesn’t jive’: Ex-LAPD sergeant slams Charlotte police’s story about killing Keith Scott

Where are the Kennedys?

Melania's total absence from the campaign is very, very odd. Spouses have campaigned

"My father started with almost nothing"!

Miracle on K Street

8~( .... Golfing great Arnold Palmer dead at 87

So he doesn't want moderators who fact check

Science Editor: Fox News Told Me Not To Talk About Climate Change

how HRC loses or wins

Alleged WA shooter's mother told judge in late 2014 that their guns had been "removed."

Here is something I love about Hillary that I've never read about.

NY Times - A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump

"Washington 's Highest ( and Lowest ) Speaking fees "

I suppose we are not allowed to mention this...

I wonder if Hillary will debate him directly the way a debate is supposed to be?

Just in case you think I've stopped doing art here is an Original Work by me

L.S.U. Fires Les Miles Despite Envied Record

Clintons in Florida this week

I think we all need something uplifting, inspiring, and all too rare- J Reid

NSFW: Statue-tory mischief

For those who are truly interested in Hillary's campaign

For those who are truly interested in Hillary's campaign -

"He Has My Vote"

One of the biggest items in the German press this morning about tonight's debate

Federal Court Rules Ohio's Voter Purge Unconstitutional


The MEDIA Created Candidate Has Roosted.

Emails with 3 little "c's in the body...

Question??? What is this.."Between Two Furns" ?? I don't know??

MUST watch slo-mo video of aftermath of shooting of Lamont Scott

Wife's video of Lamont Scott murder played in slo mo apparently shows cops planting gun

Daily Holidays September 26

hotties over 60.....

WaPo is going to have another investigative article about trump foundation midday today!!

The weekend America's major newspapers called Donald Trump a liar

Over 70 American Intellectuals Call for 'Targeted Boycott' of Israeli Settlements

What if Laura Bush were running for President

Three Reasons To Ignore Debate-Related Punditry

So shocked and grateful and proud this small part of their lives could be acknowledged by the POTUS

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 26/09/16

easily provoked is the key to beating him

How Theresa torpedoed Cameron and Boris Johnson said Leave would LOSE

Scandals: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Morning Joe reporting Colorado tied

Cruz profited off Trump well before endorsing him

Actress Sally Field stumps for Hillary

Hillary Clinton debates Forrest Trump.

***Breaking CNN/ORC State Polls - CO: Trump 42, Clinton 41; PA: Clinton 45, Trump 44***

***National Bloomberg Poll: Trump 43, Clinton 41***

US-policing vs British policing:

Grrrr! Matt Lauer has the nerve to do intervirews this morning about what should

Mike Ditka to Colin Kaepernick: 'Get the hell out' if you don't like America

Hahahaha. Joe Scarborough about Ted Cruz...

Donna Brazile - on Morning Joe right now. I love her!

Another Legal Insurrection victory: Ct orders video released of anti-Israel 3rd Grade event

So, According to CNN, There Are No Minorities in Colorado

LIVE Stream @ 3pm: Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders Rally in Durham, New Hampshire 9/28/2016

Atheist club gives warm welcome to students of all religious backgrounds

LIVE Stream @ 3pm: Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders Rally in Durham, New Hampshire 9/28/2016

Queer religious groups extend outreach to LGBTQ students in wake of homophobic protest on Green

The debate winner will be the candidate who address driveless cars and their

These polls--the good and the not so good--are meaningless until after tonight

Sponge Bob Cast Dubs The Classics:

Catholic church needs better way to select bishops

WaPo is right: "It’s BEYOND debate that Donald Trump is UNFIT to be president"

"How to Lose an Election" will be written. with Trump's mug on the front cover.

Serious question about polls - do you pick up your phone if you don't recognize the caller?

POLL: Meme of the Month – September 2016

It’s beyond debate that Donald Trump is unfit to be president

Why did Scott have to die?

Debate Bar So Low For Donald Trump That If He Doesn’t Vomit, He’s Exceeded Expectations

Hey fellow lurkers on Facebook.....I'm on, just haven't responded to ANY friend requests......

Trump is between a rock and a hard place. Please his base or persuade moderate voters.

So if Trump lays an egg at the debate, but the media fawns all over him anyway

Romney won whites by 15% in PA and 10% in CO.

Morning Jo(k)e is getting snippy.

Active shooter in West University. (City inside the city limits of Houston Tx.

Said Goodbye to our most good-natured cat ever

Monday Toon Roundup

I feel like I am hearing the same pundit arguments as in 2012,

Remember the 2004 debates? Kerry crushed W.


CNN is covering the debate like a football game.

Dealing with obvious troll: Jury or MIRT?

Clinton is preparing for the debate. Trump isn't. That matters.

the media should be ashamed of itself the way they are pimping this debate

what's with the GE (General Electric) ads on TV?, (woman engineer, new male employee explaining his

Today's Google Doodle: Register to Vote!

The best way for Hillary to counter Trump, and upset him, will be to laugh in his face

Listen hacks Don the Con is a candidate like we have never seen because he is

READ how Trump Jr and Sr screwed a small town in SC with all their usual family business tactics. Ug

Our enemies read this board

Hillary Clinton's biggest mistake in my opinion

I would not, and will not, give Hillary Clinton any debate advice.

Today's Google Doodle: Register to vote!

Hey malaise....DUCK!!!!!!!

Nate Silver is trying to kill me. A statistical dead heat...

Sam Brownback kills report that would show how his Tea Party policies destroyed the Kansas economy

The NH Democratic Party retires the "Jefferson-Jackson Dinner"

Trump picks top skeptic to lead EPA transition

DAMN: Nate Silver's 538 site: Chances of winning: Clinton 51.5% - Trump 48.5%

Poll: Half of voters relying on presidential debates to help decide their vote

All The Terrible Things Kellyanne Conway has said about Trump before he hired her

Brother-in-Law of Keith Lamont Scott Calls for Release of Full Police Video

Caspian Terns Nest 1,000 Miles N Of Known Breeding Grounds - "Incredible" Migratory Shift To AK

Clinton camp also invited four women tonight who "embody" some of HRC's career-long causes, per aide

World's largest radio telescope starts operating in China

BTRTN Snapshot: GOP Improves Position in Senate and House Races

Poachers target rare bird's 'ivory' beak in Southeast Asia

Not Enough Discrediting of Trump's Biz Success. Pounce on OPM, Failure & Cons

Latest Crime Statistics Released

Sam Wang (Princeton Election Consortium) is on the radio if you're interested

Clinton Has 6 Point Lead in Virginia

This is the kind of crapcrap that makes me sick....

Early voting this year is ESSENTIAL for anyone who can.

Southern California police agencies missing more than 300 weapons

I'm sorry, but I do not feel good about this debate.

Oops! Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Rate 8% Faster Than Thought - Ohio State Study

Take a breath and realize a few things

That Feeling When You’re Debating Donald Trump


Tonight's Debate: MSNBC Style

My fellow democrats stop panicking read this

The thought of the Obamas having to greet the Trumps

World's Greatest Drag Race 6!

Is Florida KEY election night? Is that the state to watch?

Sam Wang, Princeton neuroscience professor, just said this is the most stable race in sixty years

Trump supporters flying the Nazi flag (Bloomsburg, PA)

Famous quote

Nixons endorses Trump.

POLL: North Carolina HighPoint University: Clinton +1 with leaners, +2 w/o

I'm awake and not at work. How wonderful...

It appears that Exploting Trump's racism, sexism, etc. doesn't matter. For one

Trump's campaign manager says Trump didn't lie about Lester Holt because he didn't know the facts

I can think of no rational reason people are deciding to vote for Trump

Cartoon: The unpersuadable (how Trump could win the election)

***High Point University North Carolina Poll: Clinton 43, Trump 42, Johnson 10***

State Rep. Dawnna Dukes to Retire Due to Health Concerns

A Game of Chicken Between Texas, Its Biggest School District

Trump spends more money on TV ads, and the TV media reports show his poll numbers are improving

It's without saying tonight we'll see the most unqualifed candidate to ever stand on a debate stage.

Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton

Airlines consider limits on what is considered a support animal

Trudeau: what we found in Canada was that people are better than divisive politicians think they are

Gore sighed,

The Atlantic calls Trump out for what he is: CRUEL.

House Republicans disguise attacks on Democrats in digital 'voter guide'

MSNBC: Walmart Voters

I think this ought to be played on a loop whenever Trump finishes his response tonight.

UNC fans, band protest during national anthem

Hillary's opening statement should set an aggressive tone

I truly don't understand the outrage about the emails. What has happened as a result?

Our Governor Delivered.

Alone in the Wilderness, Dick Proenneke

RIP Arnold Palmer (my story)

CBS News on Trump/Putin connection


Manhunt in Louisiana for gunman who killed driver in carjacking, shot at vehicles in Cedar Hill, TX / Boomark this one!

DO we know yet who won the coin toss

The value of a college degree in today's economy

New Clinton campaign ad: "Investigation" / Boomark this one!

This is real.

Obama guru (David Plouffe) Don't fret about the polls

French maid outfit

Holocaust survivor, 100, takes the oath in order to vote for Hillary

If the media is "rigged"

Uber is researching a new vertical-takeoff ride offering that flies you around

Vox - "Donald Trump lies. All the time."

Mel Brooks Pretends to Pants Obama

There are five living U.S. presidents.

9 wounded in Houston shooting; suspect dead, was a lawyer

There you go again Jimmy

Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos has a birthday today.

She's been mixing with outstanding people & leaders for 30 years - she's do *fine* against this 2bit

My only unskewing of the month...


Kerrville council member found dead in murder-suicide was suspect in indecency case

Debate Drinking Game - Every Question About E-mails...

***Florida Chamber of Commerce Poll Clinton 43, Trump 41***

Nazi Flag seen hanging with Trump Flag at Bloomsburg, PA Fair yesterday.

***NEW VIRGINIA POLL by Christopher Newport University***

Galaxy Note 7 battery issues hit MORE devices as replacements phones affected

OKAY Please explain too me what i'm supposed to do when stopped by the cops, look at the video pleas

"Are you a 5-star rider?" Uber steps up and attempts to educate passengers

Obama to address 560 Native American leaders amid high tensions over oil pipeline on Sioux land

88 quotes about Trump from comedians and celebrities

So If They Don't Want Fact Checking For Lies - How About....

Rolling Stone names "dipshit sitcom" Duck Dynasty as worst TV show of all time

Where is JOHN NICHOLS and Nation on Scott Walker scandal?

LED Streetlights Are Getting a Dark Reception

I'm sure the media will fellate Trump after debates and into tomorrow

New NC poll: Clinton: 43% Trump: 42%

HRC has admirably debated President Obama

Fair question

Panicking about the polls? GOTV!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Have Become Top Carbon Polluters

This Berniecrat is a hankering for the bold exposure of a manchild tonight.

Shooting in Houston shopping center

David Plouffe: Most Public Polls are garbage

Follow the Leader(s)

Debate debacle?

Loris University Poll of Iowa: HRC and Trump deadlocked

Georgia voter predicts civil war if Clinton wins: ‘Patriots are going to overthrow the government’

Prosecution In Standoff Trial Turns Its Case To Guns - #BundyTeaParty

More Americans Expected to Self-Medicate Than for Any Other Debate in History predicts Borowitz

***Florida Chamber of Commerce Poll: HRC: 43% Trump: 41% (Senate race close)***

First Ladies Matter -- or first mates matter!

Here are the excuses Trump may give tonight when asked why he won't release his tax returns

Dozens attend dinner fundraiser for Bundys amid trial (NV) - #BundyTeaParty

Donald Trump For Class President

Is it possible?

After 3-week delay telling public of sinkhole, Gov. Scott changes the rules to speed up notice

Houston shooting investigation: Who is Nathan DeSai?

Are there any updates on Hillary's health and her recovery from pneumonia?

Polls Tightening....Frightening.

for a good day, Itzhak Perlman Beethoven Violin Concerto

What are some good non-poll metrics for measuring the state of the race?

Squee time

President Obama Celebrates Tribal Nations


At 3:40pm ET - President Obama Delivers Remarks at the 2016 White House Tribal Nations Conference

New poll finds Colorado in dead heat between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s brazen dishonesty starts to catch up with him

Two teenage girls arrested in France over planned terror attack

Raw Story. They will be here after HRC wins. Bundy types everywhere

'Traffic problems' email was no joke, key witness in Bridgegate trial says

Why, why, why? Black Lives Matter

Pollsters using 2004 demographics...

Choose one word that best describes Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton is going to win this debate.. hands down..

Big investors join list of heavyweights against North Carolina 'bathroom bill'

Could you imagine if Hillary rocked an orange tan?

Why corporate special interests created modern libertarianism

Murders up 10.8% in biggest percentage increase since 1971, FBI data shows

The 538 model dropped 8 points this morning and has regained 4 points this afternoon

Murders up 10.8% in biggest percentage increase since 1971, FBI data shows

I just noticed a phenomenon - Odds followers check in...

US sanctions Chinese company for alleged support of North Korea

What are you doing to prepare for the debate tonight?

OK. TV coverage...Just glancing at the shots of excited students at the university where the

Zach Galifianakis explains why he would NEVER invite Donald Trump to be 'Between Two Ferns' guest

MSNBC expects drumph to be gracious does not challenge drumph surrogate

Okay, post a quote & see if someone knows who said it. I'll go first.......

No, they are NOT the same! John Oliver nails it once again.

If Ford had answered Russia had influence over Eastern Europe and won what would have changed

Lovely Hillary comment and poster to pass around....

Jill Stein is either insane or naive

Nazi flag at Bloomsburg Fair sparks controversy

Stronger gun laws top issue for women voters in 2016

Guidance to me from the Commission on Presidential Debates

How many special invites did the candidates get, for tonight's debate?

Monmouth University Poll. Clinton 46 % - T 42 %. very few expect debate to change their minds


Suddenly the media have turned @HillaryClinton policy knowledge into a negative. It's called "the we

Somewhere, someone is having fun this Halloween...

Clinton To Press Trump To Spell Out Policy Plans In U.S. Presidential Debate

Palm Springs gives thumbs up to gun control measures

Bloomberg to fact-check debate on-screen

Senator seeks SEC probe of Yahoo disclosure on hacking

Guns Are Stolen in America Up to Once Every Minute.

Brazil police arrest ex-finance minister Palocci in graft probe

Hillary's Special Guest List for tonight's debate:

Ask me anything...

If Trump loses the debate tonight, the first words you will hear from his spinners....

Is this going to be like Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs?

Neuroscientist: There is no such thing as a "female brain"

Trump Invites Benghazi Survivor, Gold Star Mom To Attend Monday Debate

Judge orders Kobach to appear for contempt hearing

Saudi women file petition to end male guardianship system

Saudi women file petition to end male guardianship system

Steve King's Debate Watching Guide: Is Clinton 'On Her Meds Or Off Her Meds'?

Debate Parties ideas from DC

Tuft & Needle mattress

The reality is this race is TIED. We NEED to win tonight.

Gun violence becomes a top issue for women.

Will Debate Moderators Bring Accountability To Debates?

SpaceX 'Mars' rocket engine tested

On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…

Back From the Brink At 538

If you don't think Trump supporters are sexists...

Mylan's EpiPen profit was 60% higher than what the CEO told Congress

Mylan's EpiPen profit was 60% higher than what the CEO told Congress

Gary Johnson Wants to Ignore Climate Change Because the Sun Will Destroy the Earth One Day

Geez - we need a Kelly Ann. She is spinning so fast you can't

David Plouffe: 100% Chance of Clinton Victory

Bloomberg TV Will Fact-Check Tonight’s Debate in Real-Time

Will Republican Obstruction Cause Another Government Shutdown? (w/Guest: Rep. Mark Pocan)

The Future of America... It's About The Issues! (w/Guest: Jonathan Cohn)

jpr rejoicing about clinton losing ground...

Hallie Jackson on MSNBC talking about a more gracious Trump

NBC News/SurveyMonkey HRC 45, Don the Con 40

Remember when...

No Fucking Enthusiasm Gap and assorted pictures

John Oliver: Trump's Scandals Are Way Worse Than Hillary's - And Voters Should Be Outraged!

Screw You CBS Radio News

Heading off to Hofstra -- will stay in touch as long as I can.

Pro-Clinton Super PAC Runs Horror Film-esque 'Trump Train' Web Ad

Tonight American Racists' and Bigots' Champion takes the Stage before the World.

Hillary and Aleatha Williams.

Petty crime

For Donald Trump speaking for 90 minutes in front of a crowd without cheering and applause

Bloomberg TV Comes Forward As Only Network To Fact-Check Candidates During Debate

On HRC's foreign policy

What would Trump have to do to lose tonight's debate?

Trump supporters believe he is the best debater in the world.


LePage’s drug arrest photo binder undermines 90% black, Hispanic claim

Meet the 26-year-old airline captain and her 19-year-old co-pilot

Politifact will be live tweeting fact checks during the debate

I heard someone trying to spin that Hillary taking several days to prepare was a sign of weakness.

Early in person voting begins in Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin today

You can ask SIX QUESTIONS...

And now even Nate Cohn, Silver's replacement at the NYT, is gently reproaching 538

Clinton campaign launches early voting drive in Latino churches

Nope. Not going to watch the debate. No way.

They hate you. They hate you. They hate you. SMILE.

Early Voting off to a brisk start in Minnesota

Gunman who wounded 9 was wearing Nazi paraphernalia, sources say

Poll: Clinton Leads Trump Among Likely Voters Ahead of First Debate

John Fugelsang compares where the candidates stand

"Well, Donald, just because Limbaugh's been saying that for years doesn't make it true."

What the hell is this? "All News Networks Have Refused To Fact Check Trump Live During The Debate"

Reuter/Ipsos Florida: Clinton 49 % T 45 %,

CNN: Clinton's lead in PA is now down to 1 point; 21% of voters say they could change

What do you want to bet old Lester does NOT ask this question

What is the most important question that won't be asked at debate

Happy Bureflux

Two 70 year olds trying to stand up for 90 minutes without a bathroom break.

"Mr. Trump, what punishment do you think is appropriate for a woman who has had an abortion?"

Debate watch parties in Chicago - near Magnificent Mile

This ain't the Republican primary debates, Donald, and them ain't Cruz and Carson waiting for you.

Debate chatter on the M$M

Trump doppelganger....!

The Minivan vs. the Maserati

Shame kills.

Prepare for the trump by watching the turkeys on camera one.

***breaking***latest Reuters poll has hrc 37 trump 30 (4 way)

US Senate passes short term agreement for cures for children with rare diseases

Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too)

If the debate was a soccer match?

It Just Started Raining in San Antonio

Presidential Debates Have Yielded Iconic Moments. Some of Our Favorites.

The FBI should deliver an ultimatum to Trump.

Ex-Gov. Rowland Reports To Prison

Georgia Walmart refuses to bake officer’s retirement cake

Most Mainers favor legalizing marijuana for recreational use, poll finds

There has to be a psychological or sociological term that explains...

Postcards from Paris

My theory about today's conservatives.

Surgeon General Warns: Drinking every time Trump lies during debate...

Debate Drinking Game Rules...

Jeebus, I Picked The Wrong Week To Quit Drinking.

A Well-Informed Electorate Is a Prerequisite for Democracy.

My daughter had a lesson in climate change at school today-- 8th grade

Second Sailor 'Under Review' for Refusing to Stand for Anthem

Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too) - Dan Savage

I'm going to be on Twitter, with all of the other miscreants, tonight during the debate


A gay rights group’s surprising tacit endorsement of an Atlanta Republican

Can't wait to see Samantha Bee's take on the debate.

This map is really looking ugly fast

Gay Boulder Woman Sues Whole Foods for Discrimination, Says Supervisor Called Her ‘Unf–kable’

If you're watching any debate preview on TV, I recommend CNN

Charlotte officer did not activate body camera until after Keith Scott had been shot

74 Terrible Things Donald Trump Has Done...This Month | The Closer

From Hillary camp Watch this before you watch tonight's debate.-A feel good, happy fans short gif...

Am I the only one NOT watching the debate tonight?

"We don't like that the evidence fails to support our beliefs, so we want you to stop talking about

Ellen just did the biggest puff on O'Reilly. No, am not exiling her, just disappointed.

Becoming Propane Jane

What is with all of these polls?

Aggregators gone crazy- (PEC) Clinton 307 Electoral College Votes Execrable 231 -Bayesian 81

What ARE you going to lose?

"The Untouchables" - What are you prepared to do?

How Arnold Palmer the man created 'Arnold Palmer,' the drink

Pat Robertson attacks Halloween: "Don't let your babies grow up to be demon-worshippers"

BBC Newsnight host James O'Brien comes clean, calls for UK media bias against Jeremy Corbyn to end

Hey, MSNBC, I thought you were on our side

OMG. Chuck Todd actually showed the "tightened" polls and said

Homeless George Zimmerman Can No Longer Stand His Ground

where can I stream the debate?

Charles Pierce: There Is Probably No Way for Hillary Clinton to Win This Debate

Best interview I ever saw Jennifer Palmieri give now on MSNBC

THere's one thing I hope Hillary gets said: "IF you want another trickle down disaster, vote 4 him..

Trump directed $2.3 million owed to him to his tax-exempt foundation instead

I predict tonites debate will inadvertently be the single best argument for fully legalizing mariju

In the fight over guns and their place in culture, have you seen any T.V. ads...

Donald Trump brand get well cards.

Back in my neck of the woods...

WHOOOHOOOO! We got our mail in ballots today.

"Hillary will be graded on a curve."

Details for all the debates

Air Force colonel charged with rape found dead at home

Soooo close to a perfect football weekend.

Is something wrong in a society when so many people need GoFundMe help

Come see Bernie and Hillary in New Hampshire Wednesday!

in lawsuit after lawsuit, donald trump pays people to keep quiet and things he's done.

MSNBC has gone SEC Game Day and Cirque de Fou.

Missing 13-Year-Old Girl and Infant Son Found in West Virginia as Stepfather Arrested on Kidnapping

Anti-vaccine mom changes stance after kids become severely ill

A plea for sanity — and seriousness — in judging the debate - Ezra Klein

Hospital settles lawsuit with woman raped at facility by nurse's aid

If there was only a way to tell when Don is lying tonight

Johnny Carson Showing How Trump Should Be Evaulated During the Debate-1990

When the NY Attorney General gives immunity to Ebers in exchange for testimony, Trump is going down.

Ohio poll: HRC: 40% Trump: 37%

SEC charges Moon River Studios CEOs with fraud

What's the best channel for watching the debate tonight?

So, are we ready to set the rules for the debate drinking game?

Research Finds Thrilling Cure for Kidney Stones: Roller Coasters

Collier Says Impeachment Investigation is a Joke

Hofstra is evidently all for Clinton.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore faces trial

Remember these wise words:

Why Tulsa and Charlotte reacted so differently to police shootings

De Blasio Taps Bernie Sanders's Fundraising Team For Upcoming Campaign

Bentley Announces Reinstatement of $15M Medicaid Bump to Primary Care Physicians

Bad News: My Idiot Brother Has Decided Not to Vote At All

Since 1992 no debate has effected the outcome of an election

Looks like Chris Hayes has brought a knife to a gun fight with Omorossa. lol

If Hillary's camp is any guide, her performance should be dynamite tonight

Who would you vote for over Trump?

Blind Auditions continue tonight on the Voice...

Auburn asks fans to refrain from rolling damaged oak tree at Toomer's Corner

I'm moving before election day, what do I do??!?

T Rump's pre debate day...

McConnell threatens shutdown to keep corporate political spending secret

NBC Poll - Clinton 5 points ahead!

Hillary's chances of winning on 538 site are improving as new state polls are added.

who on Earth let Dukakis on national TV right before the debate???

I Think I Found the Inspiration for How Nate Silver Comes Up with His Projections

What is the best debate feedback website for tonight?

WOW!!! 168 year old ship found just about perfectly preserved!!!

Live from Hofstra...I fought the traffic and I'm here...

Ozark man charged with threatening Obama can be force medicated for trial

Josh Marshall: This Looks Real Big

3 lower-rung, uneducated women at work told me they're undecided today. I was shocked.

How to know that she's winning or having a bad night?

Breaking News: Fox News just declared Trump the winner of tonight's debate.

Mika only one doing her job as a "journalist" on Morning Joe!!!

Is anyone else's state having a debate right after the Presidential debate?

Magellanic penguin mating season begins in Argentina

Magellanic penguin mating season begins in Argentina

Chris Hayes just interviewed Carville as a palate cleanser after Omarosa

I'm going to try to watch the Marlins game tonight

Luckovich Toon - Trump's Fright Night

Harry Reid: Donald Trump is a "racist"

Hillary should adopt "Rhinestone Cowboy" as her campaign theme song.

Abbas to Arab Leaders: Go to Hell!

I feel as if I'm watching a less decorous cross between Entertainment Tonight and promos for . . . .

The Health Care Reform Proposals of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

What will Trump 'invent' tonight? We know his ideas are the best ideas even if they solve

George Takei

Kansas City Star "lays off" reporter who has been exposing Trump advisor, Brownback

Who made "sui generis" the phrase of the day on MSNBC ?

Hillary is going to crush Trump in tonight's debate and then crush him in the election too.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Animals Can't Vote in this Election -- You Can


State law to expand dental services in rural areas still not enacted after three years

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy II

Mysterious, Ring-Shaped Geoglyphs Found in Peru

Mysterious, Ring-Shaped Geoglyphs Found in Peru

Trump Campaign Adviser Steps Down While Disputing Claims Of Russia Ties

It’s time for an octane boost

RIP "Godfather of Gore," director Herschell Gordon Lewis ("Blood Feast," "2000 Maniacs")

Why Not to Vote For Trump, From A to Z

Hillary is Joan of Arc + Hermione Granger + Dorothy.

Police: 'Creepy clowns' spotted in Palm Bay

Presidential resumes.

Planned Parenthood wants summary judgment in Mississippi law challenge

Does not look like Joy Reid will be on tonight except

Does anyone know how secure polling data actually is?

The anxiety felt by Trump's supporters is real, but the solutions Trump offers aren't

I can't believe there are SO MANY people who don't hear any news!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 26, 2016

How to Stream Tonight's Presidential Debate For Free, No Cable Required

$6.4 million judgment upheld in DirecTV case

Trump Health Plan Would Raise Costs, Clinton's Would Insure More

If you are planning on watching the debate tonight I can save you the trouble

Did you see the video of The Con walking up to Hocfstra University where the debate is to be?

MSNBC you are NOT putting Brian Williams on the debate coverage.

Man charged in shooting at popular Chicago tourist spot

Pharmacy Argues There’s A First Amendment Right To Secretly Sell Execution Drugs

Air Force colonel who faced rape charge found dead in home

Tokyo is doomed! Godzilla just breached the electric power transmission lines!

11 Hours...

California trying to make it illegal for websites to display an actor's age

Arkansas lawmaker arrested after filming traffic stop

What are your self-calming techniques? I'm listening to my fave Hawaiian music just now....

Why Clinton Will Keep Her Chill Against Trump’s Sexism In The Debate

Bloomberg tv is on Youtube.

Did Jon Voight have some sort of brain injury? Or is he just nuts?

Feds find rights violation at nation's oldest public school

Lawsuit seeks to overturn Alabama's felon voting rights ban

Drinking games? To heck with that. Here's my plan...

Bernie coming up on MSNBC

Describe trump with one word, two at the most, three words are okay too.

Quick! Before they start the debate. Let's get a pool going on how many lies Trump will tell.

I have an abundance of pop corn and a paucity of fear

Colombia, FARC sign historic peace deal ending long conflict

Colombia, FARC sign historic peace deal ending long conflict

Good Wishes

Bernie's on MSNBC with Rachel!

went to the pueble chile festival yesterday. TWO HRC booths, (one right in front

Where was the Wells Fargo board as hotline complaints poured in?

Finally made it to the Debate Hall


Warning -- please don't make/play drinking game that even involves a SIP...

Did anyone hear Nicole Wallace say that trumpy would

If you are watching predebate stuff on one of the cable channels, switch

I just saw that Bloomberg TV will do real-time fact-checks

Oh look... Melania's alive.

If HRC manages to wipe the floor with Trump...

Why give all BP funds to Coast? Some area legislators say, ‘Not so fast’

West Side Story opened today, 1957!


Let's Remind Everyone Why Hillary!

Pence just said (on CNN) that Trump "has broad shoulders" and will therefore win! Being questioned

Pence: Stop-and-frisk is constitutional

It's time to Remind Everyone