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Calling all ORANGE TABBY lovers! Youngish ("teenage") male needs loving home.

Former president Obama

Record Numbers Expected for First Debate

Calling all ORANGE TABBY lovers! Youngish ("teenage") male needs loving home.

Hillary did very well in debates against the great Barack Obama,

Calling all ORANGE TABBY lovers! Youngish ("teenage") male needs loving home.

Clinton Aide Plays Trump In Mock Debates

Calling all ORANGE TABBY lovers! Youngish ("teenage") male needs loving home.

Calling all ORANGE TABBY lovers! Youngish ("teenage") male needs loving home.

Argentina's Chubut Province first to approve cannabis oil for medicinal use.

Republicans No Longer the Party of Free Trade

Missing Melania spotted with Putin!

Shooter at Washington mall who killed five people is labeled "Hispanic" based on photo

Hillary's Trump stand-in Philippe Reines

Maureen Dowd On The Con and Hillary

Be afraid, be very afraid: Trump is trying to cow journalists out of doing their work

Mark Cuban is a legitimate celebrity and campaign surrogate. Gennifer Flowers isn't.

Nothing left but the dog whistle: Trump, “real America” and the death of the conservative movement

Gennifer Flowers Says She Will Attend First Presidential Debate As Trump’s Guest

Lawmakers Vow to Override Obama's Veto of 9/11 Bill

South Bend today:

NYC 'Trump Tombstone' on Display After Police Confiscate It

So Donald thinks its okay to taunt Hillary with Flowers? She has NOTHING to be ashamed of, but...

Argentina's Chubut Province first to approve cannabis oil for medicinal use.

Stop-and-Frisk and Donald Trump’s Promise of a Police State for Black People

If Gennifer Flowers comes to the debate and Trump mentions her

Argentina's Chubut Province first to approve cannabis oil for medicinal use.

7:45 p.m. Donald Trump is trying to make the case that he'll do more to help women if he's elected

I actually liked Oregon's uniforms today.

Looking for a good online source for something; Please advise:

Flowers and Cuban ... the height of false equivalency!

Today was NC (Durham) Pride

More debate prep

The presence of Gennifer Flowers at the debate only matters if Hillary lets it matter

For those of you who think Hillary's best path is to be Hillary, let me remind you what the media

Lest we forget, I have one vote and it will be for Hillary.

Hillary should use the deaf sign for false when the donald tells a whopper. Here's a link to it

Hillary Clinton Piles Up Research in Bid to Needle Donald Trump at First Debate

Global Citizen concert in Central Park

retro video games you can play online

I'm so angry that the press is reporting on Flowers going to the debate. I wish they would report on

Oh ya Donald? Well Hillary's got THIS !!

So what the h*ll does this mean??? Hillary is now down AGAIN on the 538 site......

The media needs to point a few things out re: Gennifer Flowers...

Body cam and dash cam videos of the Scott shooting in NC. It was a BAD shoot!

Clinton leads Trump by 4 points ahead of first presidential debate: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Suspect in WA shooting has been arrested

Why Trump Won’t Save the Rust Belt

Person of interest in Burlington, Wash., mall shooting taken into custody near Oak Harbor

30 million plus absentee ballots are out .. and election “day” has begun

hillary needs a good tweet.

Trump has caused me to dig up an old epithet: male chauvinist.

Famed Target Cashier Gets A Big Reward For His Viral Act Of Kindness

Washington Nationals clinch division

UNC fans, band, protest during National Anthem

Today in Charlotte


You should NOT drill a hole in your iPhone 7 to make a headphone jack

The Washington Nationals clinched the National East Division title Saturday,

Luke Cage Review: Netflix's Latest Marvel Show Is Every Bit As Awesome And Exciting As We Wanted

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has a plan to get people to vote

Henceforth the Republican candidate will be know as D'ump.

Go ahead, Google "American Inventors."

Cats sailed with Vikings to conquer the world, genetic study reveals

Police Accidentally Record Themselves Conspiring to Fabricate Criminal Charges Against Protester

Nats clinch NL East.

So Jimmy Kimmel is a republican??

Kennedy Meets Nixon before first televised fall Presidential debate

Obama: once out of office, I’m gonna stop being polite and start getting real (like an activist)

I wonder how many newspapers

What quip should Hillary say about Gennifer Flowers to Trump? Put your quotes here:

Protest against Ireland's abortion laws

For the ages.

The Official DU Pre-Debate Poll

The Economist: Britain’s one-party state

I knew that the shooter in Washington wasn't Hispanic

6 harmless objects police have mistaken for guns

Helping a friend start a non-profit - any advice on The Foundation Group or other

Helping a friend start a non-profit - any advice on The Foundation Group or other

The MEDIA is 100% responsible for setting the low bar for Trump in the debate

Is the fact that Arcan Cetin, a legal resident who was born in Turkey.

Hillary and the Millennial voters

Is It True That North Carolina Is An Open Carry State?.....

Hillary Clinton Drops A Debate Bomb On Trump By Releasing 19 Pages Of His Fact Checked Lies

Is it a mistake to raise expectations too high with this debate?

I posted this exact post on my kids Facebook page this morning. I have 3 children all of whom

Taunting a woman because her husband cheated on her

DU This Poll: Which candidate for president is the most truthful?

Gov. Brown signs bill allowing people to break into cars to rescue animals from heat

Gun control becomes a litmus test in Democratic primaries

Arcan Cetin, WA state alleged killer of 5: stole guns from his pro-NRA, pro-Trump stepfather,

Study: Gas pumps have 11,000 times more germs than toilet seats

Washington Post Poll

All of the videos and photos put together make it clear the cops are telling the truth about the gun

Has Romney endorsed Trump?

I converted a dem turmp voter today...

Wouldn't it be funny if Trump saw Gennifer Flowers hitting on Mark Cuban?

Kadhja Bonet - Nobody Other

Another view of Keith Scotts shooting

Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero

Here's me back again singing and playing guitar

Here I am again playing guitar and singing

Two types of gun laws: one for blacks and one for whites.

My Artwork

When white wingers use MLK as wedge against BLM, they should just shut the fuck up...

Daily Holidays September 25

Wapo/Politifact: Hillary mostly truthful, Trump mostly lying

How the Jim Crow internet is pushing back against Black Lives Matter

A 32-year-old disabled vet thought ITT Tech was his ticket out of poverty

Interesting to compare these two guns; the gun claimed to be from Mr Scott. This was not a glock...

Why did Clinton announce Mark Cuban's coming?

Dr. Richard Carrier Has Sued Several Atheists and Their Blogging Networks on Charges of Defamation

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwtumnal Squeequinox Edition

CNN morning anchor just mentioned that Chuck Todd is helping Lester Holt with his debate

This Group Celebrates Kenya’s Religious Diversity by Painting Religious Centers Yellow

German Catholic Church raises 80 million euros in migrant aid in first half of 2016

Fear the Walking Dead 2.13 "Kill or Be Killed" (spoiler alert)

A site you may find interesting

Place your bets. What will be Trump's, "What is Aleppo?", moment?

9 Products that last forever, and one that does not, (thankfully)

America's war: The killing of Jaiden Dixon and Tyler Dunn

Bill Maher on Charlotte


Police killed vs Police killing

Growing numbers of 'unreligious' may threaten GOP, but for now don't vote

Ted Cruz Calls His Decision To Back Trump 'Agonizing'

Trump camp backs away from adviser suspected of Kremlin ties

I hope there will be a debate-question about doors.

A Week of Trump’s Lies

Stop and frisk

Another Trump supporter...

Sunday's Non Sequitur

Former Trump executive had a penchant for theft

Jennifer Flowers?

Morning DUers - live one here

A strong Putin has meant a weak Russia. Trump’s America would be no different.

NYTimes: A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump

Jordanian writer shot dead outside his trial for insulting Islam

Poll: Donald Trump makes big gains in Pennsylvania

Being this fabulous takes work

Who needs Tinder?


Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 25/09/16

"Mustang .380 Single Action"

BTRTN: Our 120-Second Anti-Trump Rant for Hillary To Use in Monday's Debate

Shooting reported at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus

8 people shot in retaliation in Baltimore: police

It was the incompetence of the police-officers that killed Keith Scott: a timeline.

Scope of Trump's falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate

OMG!! Jose Fernandez of the Marlins killed in boating accident.

Marijuana legalization is facing a major challenge from the alcohol industry

m$nbc has a countdown clock to debate...35 hours from now

***BREAKING NEWS*** Hillary Clinton is not the Crook !

What are the most important questions to ask Donald Trump at debate?

I knew Trump would cuck out

DOJ request for ADA compliance for MOOC Berkeley courses

IDF official: Gaza underground wall to be done in months

Keith Scott... One Thing I Have Not Heard Emphasized.....

Debate Countdown Clock

Nuclear power increases global warming

I can't totally get my head around this

What does inviting Flowers to the debate tell people about Clinton and Trump?

A Clinton Endorsement:

Postcard we received from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party this weekend:

does nuclear energy contribute to global warming?

Ignore all the polls that have been released or will be released up to today

A Tweet For Trump:

Hillary's goals: Show that Trump is INCOMPETENT, DANGEROUS, and a LIAR. And stay on OFFENSE.

Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez killed in boating crash

NEW ABC News/Washington Post poll: Clinton 46 % - Fuck T 44 %

Doing it ourselves...

Now THAT's Disgusting!

Here's Everything Donald Trump Has Promised to Do on His First Day as President

Chris Martin & Eddie Vedder People Have The Power | Live at Global Citizen Festival 2016

Caption this!

acceptable reasons to kill - conclusions

Marlins ace Jose Fernandez killed in Miami boating accident

Just read there are promising results from dandelion root to kill cancer cells.

Twitter is saying: Cruz just bailed on MTP

Ugh......Jane Pauley is the new talking head for Sunday Morning......

Goodbye Charles Osgood / Hello Jane Pauley!

Bad pun time - Puttin' on the Ritz

Trump build a wall to block press from viewing Netanyahu entrance; Hillary will allow Press in...

Ellen at the Republican Debate ~Plus~ Ellen for President

Is anyone using Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia? Marinol for appetite?

I'm much more worried about the post media debate spin

Why a Pulitzer-winning cartoonist has decided to go ‘Trump-free’

Gennifer Flowers is 66 years old. Two years younger than Hillary Clinton.

DUer running for State Rep

The police obviously removed the ankle holster from Scott.

Any movement in this race over the last three weeks is an illusion

I hope Hillary doesn't make the same mistake as Gore did

Internet Access Already Being Tiered At Hotels & Institutions Based On Wealth.

Musician Buckwheat Zydeco has died at 68

Which one of Trump's wives did Mark Cuban sleep with?

Where are you from, and what are you doing to support Hillary?

Clintons private e-mail server

Trump and the Truth: His Charitable Giving

I don't know if anyone has posted this or not. Three women who have inspired Hillary.

Loki-what do you think of this:

Black protesters chase David Duke from anti-Confederate statue protest

Mike Pence: Donald Trump will “speak the truth” during Monday’s debate

Vintage, rotting vehicles

Full Interview - Bernie Sanders on CBS "Face the Nation" (9/25/2016)

Full Interview - Bernie Sanders on CBS "Face the Nation" (9/25/2016)

More details on Burlington Mall killer

Trump Adviser Carter Page Traveled to Moscow Before RNC Platform was Changed to Favor Putin

Simple Truth Meatless Crumbles

So, you are Hillary and you get to ask Trump one question. Go for it:

History shows that candidate leading in polls prior to debate won the election

Rep. Dave Brat: The Real 'Institutional Racism' Is Taking The Bible Out Of Public Schools

I'm starting to have nightmares

An Easy and Helpful Guide to the Upcoming Presidential Debate

OMG--Pence actually mocked Cuban for being just a TV star and sports team owner

Trump Campaign Backtracks On Inviting Gennifer Flowers To Debate

10 Ways to Catch a Liar:

I approve this message.

How dogs really sit when you're not looking

Henry Rollins: White America Couldn't Handle What Black America Deals With Every Day

4:25 today - football - Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia

My prediction about the trump voters.

You about to get it now tRump. Ass kickin' by a woman!

Trump Debate Requirements

Gentle, motherly concern.. as for a dim child

Substituting my popcorn for Skittles tomorrow night.

Boehner's Replacement on Vets: Get ‘moochers’ out of VA health system

Today, the Los Angeles Times ups the ante with "Scope of Trump's LIES Unmatched":

Hopeful thoughts: This is the darkness right before the dawn

Dismembered Nate Silver Found In Dumpster Behind Gallup Headquarters

New Hillary Ad on Trump's Russian Ties

Debate Advice Based on the Past and Present

Come knocking on my door at Halloween, your getting

In real life..

Do you think the youth (very young) can impact this election?

Very Cheap, Easy and Very Clean Way to get rid of ants...yea the crawling insects.

Scope of Trump's falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate

Latest FB post by Robert Reich

Michelle/George Hug, Reimagined

Palmer Luckey’s politics were hiding in plain sight

I don't think we will ever have another like him in my lifetime...

TRump's African American Outreach Director in action (VIDEO)

Trump Could Cost GOP A Ton Of State Legislatures

538's estimates of probability net us almost ZERO INFORMATION

The Mylan EpiPen pricing controversy is why people hate Washington

Will we see Quaalude or Crystal Meth Drumpf tomorrow tonight?

What are you reading this week of September 25, 2016?

U2 Blast Donald Trump at iHeartRadio Festival

I think that many professional women have been in her chair

Trump campaign says it did not invite Gennifer Flowers to Monday's debate

Trump Campaign Struggles to Explain Gennifer Flowers Invite

Election Model Update 9/25

U2 "Desire" iHeart Las Vegas September 23, 2016 (with a little help from Trump)

Trump admits that he isn't sure if the Trump Foundation broke the law

Clinton campaign: Trump shouldn't be graded on a 'curve' at first debate

Jeopardy contestants held to higher standard than presidential candidates

Gary Johnson says human race will have to eventually live on other planets

Take a break from all the hate and discontent and watch the chipmunks playing!

One Third of Voters Say Debates Will Help Them Decide

Tomorrow's Debate.... How will you watch/listen/cope or are you feeling less stressed than me?

WA shooter: pro-gun 2nd amendment people dismayed to discover his stepdad is a Trump supporter

Jim Bakker: Special forces soldiers who died in War on Terror are now angels protecting Trump

What's the soup du jour?

How many Trump voters actually want him to be president?

The best approach...

Harvesting Grapes in France, With Champagne as Reward

"What bad can Trump do as president? There are checks and balances." Not true:

There not skittles, they're beans....

Hubble's Greatest Hits

Anti-gay Alabama Chief Justice Moore heads to court this week

MTP, Todd again keeping the BS going

Cspan2, book tv, has a very interesting discussion on the book, Trump Revealed. I could not

Bloomberg - Adding Up the Clinton and Trump Health-Reform Proposals

Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected as Leader of Britain’s Labour Party

Trump Revealed

One night stands with Charlie Sheen!

Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected as Leader of Britain’s Labour Party

Well done, North Carolina bigots! And sympathies to the good people of that state.

"The Road Ahead" short essay, Kirk Douglas: Huff Post

Poll: Clinton, Trump in virtual dead heat on eve of first debate

How to make lots of money for nothing, legally?

Politico - "Donald Trump’s Week of Misrepresentations, Exaggerations and Half-Truths"

Philippe Reines playing Trump role in debate prep.

Boycott Nestle, Says Petition After Company Outbids Town For Water

sincere Muslim girl takes on hate and Cheeto

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 25, 2016

This is beautiful, the opening of the National Museum of African-American History and culture.

"Never Trump" conservative Republican columnist Jennifer Rubin of

Black Woman Paints Herself White To Make A Point

trump, the lowest ever common denominator

Debate Advice Based on the Past and Present

Download these Bingo Cards for your Debate 2016 party needs

FBI and DOJ vow to continue using junk science rejected by White House Report

Trump is going to lose this debate. Here's why:

Trump’s ‘Bizarre Fascination’ With Dictators Led To 2009 Bromance With Muammar Gaddafi

The beauty of the Flowers invite

I see a new poll only shows 2 pt lead for HRC

Hello all. I like DU and especially comments

Portland Press Herald: Hillary Clinton is our choice for president

No matter how much you may like or dislike Hillary....

When I was little I wanted Harry Belafonte to be my Dad..I am blonde with green eyes


AP FBS poll 9/25/16

Michelle Obama will be in Pittsburgh Pa Wed,Sep 28.

officer safety vs. public safety

Hillary Clinton's 'Between Two Ferns' Appearance Is a Smash Success

"Traditional Chinese Medicine" takes a big hit.

This was telling:

Trump campaign issues a statement on the New York Times endorsing Clinton

Defending the Sacred | Rally & Press Conference | 5pm Sept. 26 | White House Tribal Leaders Summit

Hunting The Clintons: The True Story Behind Gennifer Flowers’ $500K Payday - by Joe Conason

More Analysis of 538 Results vs. Poll Averages: Is 538 providing added value?

Twas the Night before Debate

When my plane takes off, hits a flock of geese and loses both its engines, I want a competent pilot

Joy Reid on MSNBC now on the historical nature of

California Democratic Party Positions on Propositions

the bell rings and he barks

I swear to god, Lester, not one. fracking. question. about. e-mails.

Photos: Tribal Leaders at the White House Tribal Nations Conference Pre-Meeting.

Clinton camp statement on reports of Gennifer Flowers attending Monday's debate:

polls this last weeK

Victims of shooting at mall ranged in age from 16 to 95

Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez died in a boating crash this morning

Easy Recipes That Make You Look Like a Better Cook Than You Are

Schindler's List is on and I can't help but think

sriracha aioli

I am so pissed at my neighbor right now!

What I think Hillary should do with Gennifer Flowers

Police mistakenly describe Cascade Mall shooting suspect as ‘Hispanic’; protests erupt on Twitter

Trump will start whining tomorrow for Johnson and Stein to be on stage.

New Flash: First Debate Question for Hillary by moderator is outed

Virtual media blackout on emerging Trump campaign scandal with Russia

Watch U2 Blast Trump in Vegas

One astonishing picture of Hillary Clinton shows who and what we've become

Civil rights museum in NC denied Trump's request for a visit, claiming his staff was disrespectful

Something wrong with Hillary's website?

OK - what are the Official DU Drinking Games Rules for Debate 1?

I can't get no, DU love. I post and post and rarely get replys.

In Debate Ad, Tecate Turns Trump's Wall Into a Beer Prop

Rob Reiner: Trump’s campaign is ‘the last throes of the Civil War’ fighting for white nationalism

New reality TV show idea: Immediate Fact Check discussion

A close call.

Dem strategist rips low debate bar set for Trump: ‘This isn’t America’s Got Presidential Talent’

"Let Gary Debate!" What a crock coming from "Free Market" enthusiasts

which excuse will he use?

Remember this for Debate Day

I have mad respect for the Republicans who have joined us in trying to stop Trump.

Trump is the New Archie Bunker

LSU at Auburn Day 2 - Les Miles fired and tree burns!

Read this one, they really ARE that stupid

Taxpayers somehow not ballistic over $3 million so Trump can whiz into a gold toilet at 30,000 feet.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 26 September 2016

For the first time, it looks like Maine’s electoral votes will be split

have you folks seen the flooding in Cedar Rapids Iowa?

Fox News host Bill Hemmer gripes: Why can’t men be ‘a little condescending’ to women on TV?



“Marvel’s Luke Cage” is a needed dose of cool at a painful time


Trump likes to play head games?

LOL: Debate Prep

Flooding, sandbagging along Cedar River in Cedar Falls, 2016

Two planes collide in mid-air in North Collins, New York

Strategy? I think Trump will try to turn the debate into an infomercial for all things Trump

Chelsea Clinton campaigns in Grand Rapids

The Moron’s Case For Hillary Clinton…because some of you really are that stupid.

The surprising place we found Trump supporters

The West Wing - Tribute to Leo McGarry (Hallelujah)

Warren Reacts to Potential Trump Presidency: ‘Oh My God, Gag!’

Former Trump official blames Obama for racism

Lester Holt in spotlight as moderator of first debate

Belfast's St Anne's Cathedral: Catholic priest installed for first time

On Chris Hayes, now

NC State’s ‘corpse flower’ begins to bloom

What time period would you like to visit?

China begins operating giant telescope to explore deep space

Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President

WTF I thought Cory was off CNN

Dr. Jack's Prediction for the Debate

Walker plays Kaine in Pence's debate prep because of his "debating skill" LOL!

Rob Reiner: Trump’s campaign is ‘the last throes of the Civil War’ fighting for white nationalism

"The Presidential Trial : The Lawsuit ; Quietly , a Team of Lawyers Kept Paula Jones Case Alive "

Clinton and Trump to face off in first of three debates

Clinton Campaign Concerned About 'Double Standard' Ahead of First Debate

Campaign Schedule Update: Clinton & Sanders together in Durham, NH

This headline from 1990 worth remembering if Trump brings Gennifer Flowers to the debate

New HFA Ad On Trump’s Failure to Release Tax Returns, Hiding His Russian Business Dealings....

A sign for our time...

TYT: Dad Drags Young Daughter Through Walmart By Hair

The West Wing, Best Moments

Mike Pence, cigarette truther