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Archives: September 23, 2016

Ig Nobel win for Alpine 'goat man'

Mike Pence calls for end to talk of "institutional racism" by police ... "Mistakes Are Made"

Volume of Hillary ad on CNN...

Dalai Lama impersonate Donald Trump

Today in TV history: West Wing premiered!

Joni Ernst does MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" Police shootings

Starling (the feral cat) is on weatherchannel with kittens NOW

Trump, meanwhile, is playing worse here than any Republican contender in Cuyahoga county (Ohio)

A Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk to Police

Many here heard my story of the crooked dentist that ripped me off. Well I have news.

Trump wants to stop and frisk and confiscate guns

Texans @ Patriots

Quotes From a Sioux Indian Chief

Robert Pittenger Should Resign

Pathetic: He said "run them down." he meant kill them, with a car. this isn't ambiguous.

Why Many 'Nones' Won't Show Up on Election Day

Trump received $1.6 million from Secret Service

In Cameroon, a Catholic movement fueled women’s lib

How to troll.

Tulsa Protesters Voice Displeasure With Manslaughter Charges

Mutilated rabbit left in place of my friend's Hillary sign: GRAPHIC WARNING

Trump's @mitchellreports Is An Old Psychotic GOP Train Wreck ..

Stopped by the Frederick County, MD Democratic 2016 Campaign office today.

If you take a picture of your $&@: and send it to a teen

Nervous Trump tells Fox he doesn’t want debate moderators to fact check

taking submissions for Sept. Photo Contest

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!

Black residents of the North Carolina city "hate white people because white people are successful"

Here's a new Keith Olberman The Closer. He's on fire tonight!

Luckovich Toon - Driving While Black

Secret Service (fed tax $) has paid Trump $1.6 mil to ride on his plane (so far)

Longmire Season 5 starts streaming Sept 23!

Rep. John Lewis: We need to vote like we've never voted before

Joy Reid on The Rachel Maddow Show right now.

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 22/09/16

Just the existence of guns in modern society kills African-Americans

State: Proposed fetus disposal rule will not burden medical facilities

Activists whose protest was prelude to Dallas ambush will march again tonight, calling for police to

The Republicans need to do a better job of picking candidates.

question on reincarnation

Trump is +13 with white men, but Romney was +27 with white men.

Steve Harvey Shares Sobering Instructions For Interacting With Cops

Dozens of Indigenous Absolved in Peru's 2009 'Baguazo' Massacre

Brad Pitt was at Minnesota airport during 'out-of-control' incident before divorce filing

What do you think of Twitter?

That ReTHUG idiot who said there was no racism until Obama was elected

Macri and de la Rúa families among the Argentines found offshoring in recent Bahamas Leaks.

End U.S. Support for the Thugs of Honduras

End U.S. Support for the Thugs of Honduras

Another pronouncement from the orange man...

HuffPo - The Inside Story Of Clinton’s Progressive Policy Agenda

We Could Power The Entire World By Harnessing Solar Energy From 1% Of The Sahara

DISTURBING. RAW. Police bodycam shows police pepper-spraying 15yo girl following a bicycle accident

Project Runway - Episode 2 - Dressing the every woman wear.

Lawrence O'Donnell guest Mark Thompson

Teams that play the Patriots, specifically Belichick

Secret meeting between Joe Scarborough and Trump?

A marriage made in sunlight: Invention merges solar with liquid battery

Kurt Eischenwald twitters! He's just not mincing words!

'Why I Get So Angry When You Insult Hillary Clinton'

World Rhino Day: A global effort to prevent extinction

WATCH: Inside the Night President Obama Took On Donald Trump

Judge threatens Ammon Bundy's attorney with contempt - #BundyTeaParty

What big bombs do you think Hillary is waiting to drop on DT in the last month before the election?

Guatemala denounces corruption at U.N. while scandal brews at home

Aliens Inside Jupiter's Moon Europa? NASA's Secret Announcement! 9/22/16

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Trump is so scared that he wants us to dismantle the Constitution

UW's Nigel Hayes: 'Racism towards black people isn't getting 'worse,' it's getting filmed'

@maddow: dem +8 in early NC voting,GOP in suppression mode..

Somebody oughta do somethin' 'bout dem damn hippies.

Colombia’s Paramilitaries: Eye on the U. S. Government

Colombia’s Paramilitaries: Eye on the U. S. Government

Protests in Uptown Charlotte 9/21/16

Omarosa Manigault: ‘Every Critic, Every Detractor, Will Have To Bow Down To President Trump’


Peru Amazon leaders acquitted of killing police during clash

Watch Gretna, LA police officer kick handcuffed suspect; officer fired, arrested

My first phone bank experience. DNC is working on turning NC blue.

Protesters out in Charlotte for 3rd night but stay peaceful

Trump in PA: "Be vigilant. You have to make sure it is on the up-and-up"

In the Shadow of the Games, Black Expats Share Their View of Brazil

Charlotte protesters ‘hate white people because white people are successful,’ congressman claims

Trump's bizarre ad strategy

prayers for the Queen city

I am excited about the African American museum opening. ..

Today's Bundy Update: $1000 fine for mentioning LaVoy

The Burning House Analogy

Taking on Corporate Media’s Well Paid Hillary-Bashers

Behind the Making of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Between Two Ferns’

Kirk Douglas draws on his Jewish roots in comparing Trump with Hitler

How do "they" know my cell phone number?

60 Reasons to vote FOR Hillary Clinton

Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine

Omarosa Manigault: ‘Every Critic, Every Detractor, Will Have To Bow Down To President Trump’

Clinton leads in just 1 of 4 swing states in latest Quinnipiac poll

President Obama Urges a 'Peaceful' Approach to Police Reforms After North Carolina Protests

Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine

Omarosa Manigault: ‘Every Critic, Every Detractor, Will Have To Bow Down To President Trump’

I shouldn't have to say this, but I will...I am NOT part of JPR

Did Donald Trump Plagiarize Hitler's Theory on the Big Lie?

Why Republicans Are Falling In Behind Trump - They Think They Can Control Him

Was the Media more Critical of Sarah Palin because she is a Woman ?

Reverend William Barber: Trump’s proposals are wrong (Interview on Hardball)


538 Update.. IT’s nice

Mark Cuban will sit in front row at Monday's debate

3 dead in plant shooting in East Tennessee

New Clinton Ad: "He's 70 years old, and he's still a bully." —Karen on

California college students vandalize dorms with swastikas

Phoenix chief: 3 officers resign after man forced to eat pot

Hillary Clinton just borrowed a billionaire tax hike from Bernie Sanders

For the people volunteering on Hillary's campaign...

Does anyone watch the Great British Bake Off?

Lawmaker Unveils Vision for Austin State Hospital

Tulsa Police Officer Turns Herself In On Manslaughter Charge

Cats sailed with Vikings to conquer the world, genetic study reveals

Here's a question about the Trump Foundation

Drones just revealed a hidden settlement near an ancient cult site in Italy

The Future of America Is Being Written In This Tiny Office

Texas threatens to 'exit' the federal refugee program over terrorist concerns

How Assange and Wikileaks serve Russia’s interests

Film tries too hard to make Snowden a hero

A Non-Exhaustive List of Things Ted Cruz Has Done That May Cost Him His Seat

Ex-Owner of Jreck Subs Pleads Guilty of Bilking Investors of $9.5M, Tax Evasion

I just read Ram Dass's "Be Love Now."

Breaking Taboo, Swedish Scientist Seeks To Edit DNA Of Healthy Human Embryos

Half the debate moderators should be women.

Here’s What Happens When Two Black Holes Collide

North Carolina congressman says Charlotte protesters 'hate white people because white people are ...

Can Trump spokesthing AJ Delgado be even more annoying than Kellyanne Conway?

Defendants (including Governor's secretary & Suny Polytechnic Institute prez) Charged

Daily Holidays September 23

I'm losing my Jack,

Russian journalist gives reason why he refuses to investigate Trump's russian business-deals.

Russian jailed, tortured to death and put on trial (in that order) for uncovering massive corruption

Thank you, Mark Cuban, you have been a valuable asset. You seem like a down to earth guy, too...

USA Today Columnist Urges Motorists To ‘Run Down’ Protesters On North Carolina Highway

U. T. law professor Reynolds urged motorists to drive over protesters

Philly Police Group Speaks Out Against FOP Trump Endorsement

Amarillo High apologizes to Caprock for context of pep rally

NYT/Siena College NC poll: 10 % of democratic voters would vote for Trump - cRaZy shit

Filmmaker says bright lights, economic boom coming to Brenham

Texas Wesleyan University preps for legal action over female volleyball players with rhabdomyolysis

Clinton campaign statement on Trump's Russian business interests (after ABC report), "Alarming"

El Paso lawyer convicted of fraud tied to $121 million contract

Morning Joe - Scarborough's son seriously injured in fall downstairs

King Con said the debate moderator should not fact check

Amarillo chips in $15M for Texas Tech’s planned veterinary school

Hillary must do three things at the first debate:

Appeals panel weighs Arkansas Planned Parenthood case

Butterball to expand turkey production in Arkansas

A must read: Disaggregating Clinton’s Support Among Minority Voters -exploring racial differences

GOP congressman: North Carolina protesters ‘hate white people’

How the Maker of the Epipen Made Government its Ally

Mirrors... Newest HRC ad.

Why is Trump not spending any money on TV advertising? Rallies are going to be his thing.

Fight over Dakota Access Pipeline rages on

Need help!!!

Hubby and I just realized that the debate can be summed up with clips from "A Few Good Men."

Harvard Humanist Hub Reads Harry Potter Like the Bible

>-Sacred Burial Ground in North Dakota sold to Dakota Access Pipeline-->

Lin-Manuel Miranda Sings Donald Trump Tweets

At the beginning of the debate....

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Police and Protest

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Trump Soup

In Tibet, religious freedom with Chinese characteristics

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest



Catholic and Orthodox theologians ‘reach landmark agreement’

Russian ex-foreign minister on Trump's autocratic ways

The Most Deplorable Thing Trump Has Done Yet | The Closer with Keith Olbermann

In America, gun rights are for whites only - By Eugene Robinson

Fraternal Order of Police

First Nations across North America sign treaty alliance against the oilsands

My Thoughts on the Racist, Kathy Miller

Why is it always about culture?

‘Fat ugly face’ and other Trump talk about women spotlighted in new Clinton ad

Natalie Tran - Asians in Media Talk

YouTube puts $1M behind Creators for Change

What's with this police policy of letting shooting victims just bleed out?

Trump tests new message on college affordability, a key issue for Clinton

Trump campaign calls on Clinton to return donations from Anthony Weiner

In case Bernie supporters are tempted to vote libertarian

Advantage Hillary: Clinton widens lead as first debate looms


Bernie Sanders’ brother running for UK parliament seat

Newest absentee, registration numbers promising for Clinton

Senators Ask Labor Dept. to Investigate Wells Fargo's Potential Violations of Fair Labor Standards

Senators Ask Labor Dept. to Investigate Wells Fargo's Potential Violations of Fair Labor Standards

Elizabeth Warren to canvass for HRC at three stops on Saturday in New Hampshire

Legal advice needed (paid for item never received)

BREAKING: Hillary Gets Most Important Endorsement Of 2016 Election, Polls Soar In Seconds

Rogue trader to learn if he's to pay back $5.5B on his own

Congressman Kildee speaks out in frustration about Flint crisis, on the floor of the House

Very sad news: Python Terry Jones diagnosed w/ Dementia

Key NJ Legislators Looking at Christie Impeachment

Here are 12 ways Gary Johnson is a hardcore right-wing radical

Anybody know any Repubs that will vote for Hillary?

Charles Pierce: The Bill of Rights Is Hanging by a Thread

When a politician ends almost every sentence with 'believe me'... don't

I hope someone from the Clinton campaign reads this for a good debate line for Hillary to use:

See it: Georgia woman fatally shoots home invader, sends two accomplices fleeing

Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine

LAT Endorses Clinton: "Donald Trump Would Be A Catastrophe."

You should never trust a boxer

Trump grins, his minions laugh while Don King uses N word introducing him at Cleveland rally.

Key NJ Legislators Looking at Christie Impeachment: Sources

Obama on Trump: 'Even most 8-year-olds' know slavery was a worse time for black people

A question for prospective police officers, not asked by interview boards.

LATimes Editorial: Clinton would be a smart, pragmatic president. Trump would be a catastrophe.

Happy waking nightmares, everybody

Clinton has 7 point lead over Trump in new national McClatchy-Marist Poll

Ex-cop nails CNN’s police apologist: You don’t get to kill somebody just because you say you’re scar

Houston, Texas: Stronger Together Rally with Tim Kaine, Friday Sept 23

How can I be sure that I'm panicking enough?

Tony Blair Says Iraq War Helped Give Rise to ISIS

Chris Christie Protected Culprit in Bridge Lane Closings, Agency Head Testifies

On MSNBC: Reporter from Tulsa newspaper said that they researched use of force incidents in 2014,

We read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah for book club...

"MIRRORS"-Ad everyone is talking about today-If you have a daughter, a sister, a niece, please watch

Obama on Trump: 'Even most 8-year-olds' know slavery was a bad time for black people

Is the Apple OS and Windows similar in this regard?

If you haven't read Drew Magary's Trump rant, do yourself a favor

The economy stinks, but we're just peachy, according to white working class.

Battling Severe Depression - Been Looking for Work Since June

The Daily Show - Terence Crutcher's Police Shooting & Racial Bias in America

Brilliant Move: Mark Cuban gets front-row seat at debate

"America's gun problem is not a race problem"

which is the deadliest round?

Funny how so many people on DU are downplaying the national polls now that Hillary is improving

Capsized Migrant Boat: Egypt Arrests Crew Members

Unwed babies.

Any Phone numbers for DEMS' OFFICE IN WAYNE COUNTY, PA?

Trump's Bullshit Sonata

Lawyer: After School Satan Club must be allowed to proceed

Drumph lies debunked one by one

Let America be America again (Langston Hughes)

How Donald Trump’s Internet policy would benefit Russia

Clinton's Newest Ad Shows Girls Looking in the Mirror While Trump Mocks Women's Appearances

Feds finalize rule to re-establish government-to-government relations with Native Hawaiians

Basic Income News & Developments

Trump Bags 150% Profit Flipping His New House To A Russian Fertilizer Oligarch

J-pop megastar Utada Hikaru previews new song, hikes Japanese Alps

How the Trumpists are trying to game debate expecations

My conversation with a cop about the killing of black men and more (VIDEO)

Bizarro Bullshit

Native Hawaiian Recognition

Pic Of The Moment: The American Version Of Kim Jong-un

The Great Egg Rush of 1849

What to Cook in Your First Apartment

Trump expands his list of potential SCOTUS appointees. Mike Lee unmoved.

Poll: Nearly half of voters think Trump will detonate a nuke

Just how much total bullshit is on the Internet?

Just how much total bullshit is on the Internet?

Samsung Note 2 catches fire inside IndiGo flight, DGCA bans use of this series of phone in aircrafts

Don Jr. Skittles tweet gets a sincere reply and it is magnificent

Mexico: Two years on from student disappearances, Peña Nieto "will stop at nothing" to cover up abus

questions the moderator shouuld ask the maggot & Hillary

Mexico: Two years on from student disappearances, Peña Nieto "will stop at nothing" to cover up abus

My Mother-in-law sent in her absentee ballot yesterday.

Chile Declassification Cooperation and Commemoration of Letelier and Moffitt Assassinations

Chile Declassification Cooperation and Commemoration of Letelier and Moffitt Assassinations

Debunked Q poll caused 3,725% increase in search returns of “Hillary” and “liar”

Brazil’s Big Media Ignores Temer’s Confession – Except Estadão Columnist Who Falsely Claimed Video W

Trump Warns That Clinton Will Rig Debate by Using Facts

Brazil’s Big Media Ignores Temer’s Confession – Except Estadão Columnist Who Falsely Claimed Video W

Guatemala: Prosecutor Who Led Ríos Montt Genocide Trial Arrested

Trump's Broken Promises

A Message from Grandma & Grandpa: We've Seen This Before

'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's interview goes horribly wrong (for him)

72 Years Ago today: "He has not been the same dog since."

"Blood On Their Hands: The Racist History of Modern Police Unions"


Captain Picard Best Speeches

As Nov 8 nears, all of the polls will show Hillary with a commanding lead

Watch a Daring Mission to Rescue Rare Tree Frogs

Charlotte police chief: Suspect arrested in deadly shooting of protester

Watch a Daring Mission to Rescue Rare Tree Frogs

Florida Man uses his Wanted photo for his Facebook profile.

Gary Johnson looking very Presidential in this photo, lol.

Will the Left Survive the Millennials?

Appeals court: Ohio elections chief wrongly purged voters

Fidel Castro Met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Breaking: 6th Circuit Rules Ohio’s voter purges violate the NVRA

Eugene Robinson askis why the NRA won't defend the right of African American men to carry guns

Apple files new patent - for a paper bag

McClatchy/Marist poll - Does the term racist describe.......

Monty Python's Terry Jones diagnosed with dementia

From the Rally in Houston, Sen Tim Kaine heads to Austin!! ENDORSEMENT COMING!!

New campaign ad? Trump as a doctor

Watch: Teen in Chile dances to commemorate his mum at roadside memorial video

Who is throwing a debate party? Want to go?

Making money on the web

Guatemalan rights prosecutor arrested over alleged hit-and-run

Cincinnati Enquirer: 'Trump is a clear and present danger to our country'

Republican US Congressman "Protesters 'hate white people" "US Welfare system to blame"

So I read Trump is selling seats to the debate for 250000 isnt that scalping?

Vandals target Naked Trump statue in downtown Las Vegas

The Latest: Chief: At least 1 body camera video of shooting

Study: 19.7 million would lose healthcare under Trump plan, and costs would increase

Give me a three-four word pithy, catchy but very humiliating phrase to describe DT or

I can remember when they used to give these away at Wal-Mart

Racism has become the official Republican doctrine in the Era of Trump.

EPA Plans to Allow Unlimited Dumping of Fracking Wastewater in the Gulf of Mexico

Cincinnati Enquirer editorial: "It Has To Be Hillary Clinton"

Wife of NC Charlotte man shot releases video, THERE WAS NO FUCKIN GUN IN THE BEGINNING !!!

First debate question should be

Drive through window

Nearly half think Trump would launch a nuclear weapon.

Deputy claims self-defense in 6-year-old's fatal shooting

Mother! Fucker! That looks like a thrown down gun from the Charlotte cops. Video here.

Exclusive NBC footage of Charlotte shooting

Have any newspapers endorsed Trump?

Marriott buys Starwood, becoming world's largest hotel chain

Wells Fargo booted from S.F. program

Not only does Donald Trump not tell the truth,

The Latest: Suspect in factory shooting had gun carry permit

argument for independents: hillary==checks and balances; trump== uncheck, republican government

#Flashback Trump on Christie/Bridgegate in Dec: "he knew about it."

New Kurt Eichenwald: Congress would need to impeach Trump for perjury

Militia movement

I cannot wait for Monday night, but I need a little advice.

News from the National Kidney Foundation about Medicare coverage: FYI

No Studio Audience

Video shows deadly encounter between police, black man

Save the day - youtube video Orange head is destroyed...

A friend in Charlotte, NC tells me there are riots at two high schools there

Look, Dad - a Skittle.

Preview of Trump's Planned Presidential Wardrobe

Donald Trump committed perjury. How can anyone vote for this LIAR?

Donald Trump’s Properties Were Sued At Least Eight Times For Disabilities Violations

letter I published today in local alderperson said I put the stink right out there

More brilliance from John Fugelsang

Trump Campaign Releases New Version of Official Trump Hat

Can Democratic donors turn Navada around and make its Senate seat blue?

Every Endorses Hillary Clinton


Another conservative slamming intellectuals...

After Hillary Wins

URGENT: New York Times Video Appears to Show what may be a Gun Being Planted.

Colombia rebels unanimously approve peace accord with govt

I have almost lost faith in America.

It's The Boss' Birthday, today. The Boss being Bruce Springsteen

Ruline, Janelle, Aleatha, Karen & Roxie | Hillary Clinton

Ruline, Janelle, Aleatha, Karen & Roxie | Hillary Clinton

The Titanic arrogance of using "Skittles" as a political football.

White People Rioting for No Reason

Just how stupid is Gary Johnson?

Omarosa Predicts That Everyone Will Have To Bow Down To Fuhrer Trump

Seattle Mariners suspend Steve Clevenger without pay following Tweets on Charlotte unrest

Donald Trump promises deregulation of energy production

LOL - Ted Cruz Is Going to Endorse Trump

Seahawks' Doug Baldwin demands state attorneys general review police policies

Chelsea Manning sentenced to solitary confinement after suicide attempt

Gov. McCrory is giving a self congratulatory speech with no mention of family or video.

Why Do We Need Open Source Voting? (w/Guest: Mimi Kennedy)

Thom Responds To A Letter From A Millennial...

California early voting begins on October 10.

Hillary: Release the video

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 23, 2016

The biggest thing a president’s ever done on climate is in the hands of 10 judges

One Hundred Indigenous Nations in US and Canada Join Forces in Opposition of Pipeline Expansion

Blue Cross drops out of Nebraska's Obamacare marketplace

Study shows how Jewish vote could play crucial role in key states

Not sure, but looks to me the cop in red planted the gun

Mystery solved: Melatonin makes these fish sing at night

Richard Dawkins Foundation Launches 'New Atheist' Fight Against Islamic Extremism

My Governor just disgusted me all over again. OUT with Pat McCrory in NC

Key NJ Legislators Looking at Christie Impeachment: Sources

The Prosecution's Star Witness At The Bridgegate Trial.....

What Can Clinton Do About The Inevitable Debate Question About Her Emails?

what is with nate silver an his nasty snarky tweet?

The trial of the cop who killed Walter Scott in South Carolina begins next month

How did two Chinese skeletons find their way into a Roman cemetery in London?

Bruce Springsteen: Trump is a 'moron'

Late Night Viewing..John Oliver on Kimmel

My perception was right. Nevada just turned blue on 538.

Hillary Clinton calls for public release of video nd is heading to Charlotte on Sunday

U.S. Intel probing back-channel ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin (Big Story!)

Omarosa's Long History of Being Fired

U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin

A "Between Two Ferns" Hillary meme to be deployed as needed

Demand justice for Keith Lamont Scott tomorrow in Charlotte.

Ted Cruz Just Another RNC Operative Playing His Designated Role

Religious 'ghosts' haunt coverage of hijab controversy at Georgia State

Bruce Springsteen says Donald Trump is a 'moron'

QUESTION: Why would any of the LEOs take OFF their gloves to touch a bloody body?

Awkward: Trump’s new Catholic liaison said he would bring ‘further degradation to our culture’

Think about the irony of those who defend police, but slam refugees

Response to NYTs Brooks article criticizing Clinton.....

At the UN: Abbas slams inaction, Netanyahu says ‘war against Israel’ over


It's alright Ma, I'm only bleeding...

Slow motion skin underwater.

Priceless - Watch the Dalai Lama impersonate Donald Trump

Arrest warrant issued for Georgia cop who lied about being shot by a black man

Caption this photo.

At top public universities, a mixed record for women in engineering

WAPO: Dear readers: Please stop calling us ‘the media.’ There is no such thing.

At top public universities, a mixed record for women in engineering

Obama Vetoes Bill to Let 9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia

Just in: Hillary Clinton will visit Charlotte, NC on Sunday. This is her only scheduled campaign tra

President Obama about to make remarks

Hillary up 4 in REPUBLICAN poll

Been watching the Senate possible outcomes on 538

On Debate Fact Checking

Trump names Brownback to Catholic advisory group

Prediction: In the next weeks, lots of celebrities, athletes and notables will un-endorse fRump.

Okay, what drinking games have you scheduled for the Monday debate......

Oh my god

Adani unveils world's largest (648 mW) solar power plant in Tamil Nadu, India (Video)

Texas asks Supreme Court to reinstate voter ID law

More Couples Are Asking Friends and Family to Officiate Weddings

There will be no coming back from President Trump.

NatGeo: Building the world's largest solar power plant (India)

How and When to Catch the Northeast’s Fall Foliage This Year

If Clinton loses, blame the email controversy and the media

‘Morning Joe’: Who cares if Terence Crutcher had PCP? I wouldn’t get shot over ‘pounds of coke’

In Houston, Clinton running mate Tim Kaine sees Texas turning blue — eventually

An American dictatorship? Yes, it could happen

Cliches about nations govern our actions

Girl pinned by cop at McKinney pool party sought $2.5 million from city for 'social damage'

Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump

Greenberg poll (D) only has Clinton up ONE pt (!) over Trump w white millennials, 33-32%. Wow.

Drew Sheneman today--a deplorable finds Colin Kaepernick offensive

Sen. Mike Lee shoots down Trump Supreme Court trial balloon

Tanks Drift On Ice In Initial D: Military Stage, Which Is My New Favorite Thing

HRC +9 in PA, +4 in NC (new state polls) -democracycorps

Geeze, DU. I posted a question about a household problem in the Household hints group.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Police: 1 killed in Baltimore area search for bank robbers

Chuck "Not My Job To Fact Check" Toad: "Media not the reason t Rump gets away with lying etc."

Happy birthday, Bruce Springsteen! (Called DT a moron last night!)

Tweet: Just In: Hillary Clinton will visit Charlotte, NC on Sunday.

The voter registration deadline in Michigan is October 11th. Register now →

Sunday Face the Nation: Mike Pence, Tim Kaine, Paul Ryan, and Bernie Sanders

Sunday Face the Nation: Mike Pence, Tim Kaine, Paul Ryan, and Bernie Sanders

I suppose I could Google to find out, but I'd rather talk to you!

In San Francisco, Alarm Over a Leaning Luxury Condo Tower

Trump's hotels lost 70,000 customers credit card numbers to thieves and hid it from those harmed.

Trump Hotels Settle With Attorney General Over Data Breach

The Democrats’ Methodist Moment

Someone Anonymously Slipped $8,000 Into An Animal Shelter’s Donation Box

Hillary Clinton Calls on Charlotte Police to Release Shooting Video

Dave Brat knows where *REAL* racism is to be found...

My investment guru on a Trump presidency. Some interesting inside info.

Queen guitarist Brian May protests Taiji dolphin hunts

Trump’s Father Helped GOP Candidate With Numerous Loans

AP-GfK Poll: Majority of Americans Fear Trump Presidency

Donald Trump advisor meetings with Russian officials being investigated

Ted Cruz's endorsement of Trump

King Con Warns That Clinton Will Rig Debate by Using Facts

“Full Markie”

Corey Lewandowski set to collect nearly $500,000 from Trump campaign

Keith Olbermann Calls Out Trump's Most Deplorable Dog-Whistle Yet

Hillary ad: Are you rich and powerful?

Tim Kaine's reaction to Ted Cruz's endorsement of Trump

A whole store saw a weeping girl dragged by her hair, but only one person intervened

Donald Trump pledges to sign anti-LGBT law to permit religious discrimination

Lockheed Martin unveils first F-35 built for Japan

1978 Fred Trump Gave His son Donald...

Houston ISD settles lawsuit with ex-principal for $550,000

The Bright Side of a Trump Victory

Trump Hotels Covered Up A Massive Credit Card Theft. Then They Let It Happen Again.

PoliticusUSA: Chuck Todd Explains Why Democrats Shouldn't Worry About Tightening State Polls

Anger as Churchill's home turned into Hitler HQ for Transformers 5

Concerning Christie’s Possible Impeachment..A poll..

Benicia Art Studios

Officials Investigate Ties Between Trump Aide and Russia

Labour leadership result prediction thread.

Washington Terrace tornado footage

Man Faces Backlash For Hugging Officers In Riot Gear During Charlotte Protests

Caitlyn Jenner is apparently convicing Kim Kardashian to vote for Donald Trump

Allan Lichtman: Trump is headed for a win in Nov. because of the Gary Johnson 3rd party key

So, chancred whore embraces chancred whore.


both @HillaryClinton & @realDonaldTrump will meet with @netanyahu in NY on Sunday

President Obama Interview with Robin Roberts

Trump foreign policy advisor being investigated for ties to Russia

ACLU: We think murder charges would be appropriate in shooting of Terence Crutcher

Video of Omarosa's "bow down to Trump" comments

Texas Supreme Court Allows Medicaid Cuts to Children's Therapy to Proceed

Donald Trump to Return to Texas

How did two Chinese skeletons find their way into a Roman cemetery in London?


Steve Kornacki is on now. MSNBC

Obama: once out of office, I’m gonna stop being polite and start getting real

Breathtaking Photos That Capture The Terrible Beauty Of Big Storms

Trump-Care Would Leave Millions Uninsured While Somehow Costing More

Two EF1 Tornadoes Hit Utah; Homes Damaged in Panguitch and Washington Terrace

Rita Marley, Bob's widow is in hospital in Miami

Ted Cruz, Dignity Wraith, endorses the man who insulted his wife and father in public

Whistle-Blower Suit Accuses Visiting Nurse Service of Fraud

VERY interesting Texas Lycium poll, September 1-11, 2016. HRC LEADS among registered voters.

For Cuomo, Allies’ Graft Charges Are Best Bad Outcome

YES! They just said on MSNBC that there will be NO

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting faster than previously thought

Bronx charter school teacher busted for beating student who kept $4G he gave the teen to buy a pound

Is there LIFE on Europa? NASA calls emergency press conference

Mayer Herskovic found guilty in brutal Brooklyn gang beating of gay black man

Why is my sign on screen on my iPad Air different????

North American bee evaluated for endangered list

Hubble: Galaxies Across Space and Time [Ultra HD, Captioned]

Hillary Clinton's "angry" face

Bridgegate witness David Wildstein says he and Bill Baroni served one man as Port Authority top dogs

"Never seen anything like this in American politics." —Clinton camp statement re: Trump/Kremlin Ties

Middlesboro, Ky., man arrested for causing ‘public alarm’ in clown costume

"Whisper down the lane" in action - alleged firebombing in North Philly

NFLer asks cops to ‘take a s–t,’ gets arrested for DUI, loses job

What stops Trump from bringing notes to the debate?