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Sun over Earth’s equator at equinox

Trump family aide says Trump Foundation $ is Donald's own $

This tweet by Sam Stein is a must-read.

European Union asks Obama to stop 9/11 Saudi bill

Trump's remarks about the Tulsa officer were about her being a woman.

House Panel Holds Fetal Tissue Firm in Contempt, Dems Walk

When was the last time the armed forces fought for our

Navajos Ask Federal Judge to Restore Polling Places in Utah

Navajos Ask Federal Judge to Restore Polling Places in Utah

Mystery of cosmic 'blob' solved

Betty Shelby: Here’s Her Revealing Work History…Why Are We Not Surprised?

Sun over Earth’s equator at equinox

Macri falsely touts agreement with Theresa May over future Falklands sovereignty talks.

Don King using the n-word--cnn's Rye said, “.. this trivializes your candidate’s black outreach.”

Macri falsely touts agreement with Theresa May over future Falklands sovereignty talks.

Skittles Responds Perfectly to Trump’s Meme…

Luckovich Toon - Trump Painted Into A Corner

Seeking commentary on David Farenthold's

Putin is planning to reincarnate the KGB

A giant weta. (Face for scale)

Weiner Faces Sexting Claim From Girl, but He Calls It a Hoax

Trump University lawsuits present potential impeachment case

If aliens ever visit earth, Americans will be at a distinct advantage over countries

Donnie's naked statue to be auctioned off

Re:The debates

Harry Reid Is Doing Everything He Can To Get Under Donald Trump’s Skin

Very strange day at work

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! What Next?! Live, Uncensored & a new kittehs gif

Harry Reid called Trump a "Welfare King"

August 21, 2017 there will be an eclipse across the US Midwest.

Makes You Wonder(meme)

Election Model Update

If Ivanka Weren't My Daughter

Riddle me this? Is there a form a music known as "jigaboo rap"? I think I know that there is not.


21 september--international day of peace

Joy Reid - The key right here:

1 fatally shot during uptown protests over officer-involved shooting (Charlotte)

Women Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Women Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Women Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Ever notice how Hitler seemed to always be screaming at the populace? Reminds me of someone else...

Peace of the Ladies (Paix des Dames) When Women Made the Peace

Peace of the Ladies (Paix des Dames) When Women Made the Peace

Peace of the Ladies (Paix des Dames) When Women Made the Peace

Trump is pushing for a police state. Trump a dictator at heart!

Now we know why he refuses to apologize for his birtherism-He didn't really mean to take it back a

Reading comments under the WAPO article

Kaepernick calls out his critics: “There’s a lot of racism in this country disguised as patriotism”

Rival blames Joe Arpaio for costs in racial profiling case

sandra day o'connor (FWOTSC) confirmed to SCOTUS, 21 sept 1981.

Clinton Has Gained 2.7 Points Nationally Since Last Week

Trump is out of control! Can anyone tame this monster?

Bundy Trial: Ammon was carrying over $8000 when he was arrested

Official testifies he was told closing bridge lanes was 'important to Trenton'

Zephyr Teachout - "Hudson River"

can you imagine if bush v. gore happened with a 4-4 court?

Gloucester County official facing prostitution allegations dies

Informant's Tip Leads To Malheur Arrests - #BundyTeaParty

You New Yorkers are VERY lucky:

biff update.

Similarities of Drumpf & Stumpf

the whole world is watching

The GOP is protecting Trump and his corruption

Typical Trump supporter blames Obama for not doing enough to prevent 9/11

the google doodle for the first day of fall has just shown up

Bernie Sanders working on young adult book

If Trump is elected the first thing he will do is

This Is What The Audience Looks Like At A Trump Event On African-American ‘Concerns’

One person killed during violent Charlotte protest; officer hurt

Nat. Dems TV Ads Link MN Lewis, Paulsen To Trump Campaign-directed at women....

Trump’s self-dealing scam to raid the U.S. Treasury

So was Adam Lanza a radioactive Skittle or was he a different type of candy altogether?

Remember "Educational crusader" Michell Rhee? whatever happened to her:

Inmate exonerated after 25 years in prison sues Philadelphia and the Police Department

"bananas vomit" wrote Daniel Kahneman in his book, "Thinking, Fast and Slow." Trumpian? you bet!

No ice cream for you, then

Lawrence O'D live now.

4 Convicted in $16 Million Drug Money Laundering Scheme in North Texas

Wal-Mart must face U.S. class action over alleged Mexican bribery

Philadelphia Parking Authority boss ticketed after sexual harassment investigation

Wal-Mart must face U.S. class action over alleged Mexican bribery

You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake Fliers like these showing up on lawns across the US

Save the Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

Is Chromium VI in your water?

Charlotte - State.of emergency declared

It’s been a while since we had a “Help Me Choose” thread….I’ve been whistling, and stumped

What is the most important principle of progressives?

Seahawks' Cornerback Richard Sherman talks police shootings at game presser

Towing contractor pleads in predatory business fraud case

'West Wing' cast to campaign for Clinton

AP: North Carolina governor declares state of emergency in Charlotte, sends National Guard as

Several Latin American delegations walkout in protest as Temer debuts at UN

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 22, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Countdown

State of emergency declared in Charlotte and national guard deployed

Peruvian penguin gets lost in family home

Trump: I reversed birther stance 'to get on with' campaign

Just watched "Designated survivor"

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen West Wing

The Assassination of Orlando Letelier and the Politics of Silence

The Assassination of Orlando Letelier and the Politics of Silence

Trump Like A 7 Headed Hydra. Each Day Reveals A More Horrible Side.


Can you really open carry IF you're black? :: from Randi Rhodes ::

Trump: I said Obama was born in US to "get on with the campaign"

What Will It Take To Scared The Shit Out Of The People With Trump.

State of emergency in Charlotte.

Anti-Semitism in the current race for president (THIS IS THE JEWISH GROUP!)

Duterte to EU: "Fuck you." Flips the bird.

Senators Struggle With Geography To Support Saudi Arabia's Yemen Intervention

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 23, 2016 -- Star of the Month - Gene Hackman

Richard Sherman Wants To Talk About Police Shootings, Not The Game

I Guess Anyone Not Supporting Trump Is A Tool Of Satan.

Howard Stern & Hillary.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 24, 2016 -- The Essentials - Van Heflin

Brazil Is Real Mad That Costa Rica Boycotted Temer's UN Speech

I knew it: Don the Con wobbles back to birther. And it only took 5 days.

State ordered to free inmate from solitary confinement of 36 years

Pennsylvania officials say they will help fight hunger

Israel’s showdown with the UN over immunity for Gazan engineer

Pennsylvania university system and union negotiations fall apart, set Oct. 30 strike deadline

Pennsylvania university system and union negotiations fall apart, set Oct. 30 strike deadline

EPA has 'significant concerns' over PennEast project

Tim Kaine to court youth vote in Reno Thursday morning 09/22

Pennsylvania bill would give NRA, others right to sue over gun laws

Dearborn Heights family killed, allegedly by man who served time for previous murder

Famous Anthropologist Says Trump Behaves Like a Male Chimpanzee

Homo floresiensis v Homo Sapiens: Humans believed to have killed off hobbit cousins

Kentucky family judge: Gay marriage, like 'jumbo shrimp,' illogical

West Sumatra: matrilineal life

Poll says the NFL’s most disliked player is Colin Kaepernick

Show your support, buy HRC/Kaine wear.

Archaeologists Discover 3,000-Year-Old Cooking Fail

Blue Bell again recalls ice cream over Listeria concerns

Why Australia is home to one of the largest language families in the world

Police Superintendent: Chicago Will Add 970 Cops

Death of popular former French President Jacques Chirac denied by family

Police union: Cops have a right to presumption of innocence when shooting somebody.

Cops slam black, 15yo car-accident victim face-first into wall and pepper-spray her.

Clinton Ad - Still Hiding (his taxes)

Emerson WI Poll and CMU CO Poll results

What should be the penalty for "looting"?

Daily Holidays September 22

It is somewhat encouraging that Donald Trump cannot get above 45% in the polls.

Puerto Rico: Huge blackout after power plant fire

BAND-MAID: alone

Band-maid ~ Alone

Five Indicted For Massive Fraud Perpetrated Against Starkey Laboratories

The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper: Conspiracy Theories Thrive at a Trump Rally (YouTube)

Just how stupid are Trump supporters?

good morning deplorables

Any Devil Dog fans out there?

Poor Rudy Giuliani. His mental health and memory are deteriorating.

Trump: I’d Use ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ to End Violence in Black Communities

We've still got PA, VA, FL, MN, WI= 289. ONly 4 up for grabs (Maine)

Uber drivers go to war against self-driving cars

Video of protestor shot at demonstration. Graphic

Yahoo is expected to confirm massive data breach, impacting hundreds of millions of users (update)

Charles Blow: The Folly of the Protest Vote

Clinton Beats Señor Deplorables in big data North Carolina poll by 2 . He needs it. She doesn't!

The biggest winner and the biggest loser in this election is FOX News.

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Uncharitable

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

Conservative USA Today Columnist On Charlotte Protesters: ‘Run Them Down’

Is Life Really Absurd for the Atheist?

"Raise your hands if you disagree"

"I ask that you love and love hard."

NYT/Siena College: Clinton and Trump Tied in NC - 41 % 41 %

In Israel, Modern Orthodoxy embraces the religious LGBTs — partly

GOP-Backed Poll-Watching Measure Sparks Voter Intimidation Fears In Pennsylvania

Janet Yellen Has The Perfect Response To Donald Trump’s Criticism

Americas Potential

Why Are There Any Liberals Supporting Gary Johnson?

World's oldest Catholic bishop dies at 104

USA Today Columnist Urges Motorists To ‘Run Down’ Protesters On North Carolina Highway

Open-source evidence: Russia bombed the Red Crescent aid-convoy near Aleppo

A Trump campaign chair in Ohio says there was 'no racism' before Obama

What every New Yorker knows about Donald Trump - By Garrison Keillor

Republicans’ kangaroo court - By Dana Milbank

Trump’s slimy, shameless approach to philanthropy - By Editorial Board of the Washington Post

Virginia Poll: Clinton leads by 7 in 2-way race & 11 in 4-way race

Trump's child care plan, absent of regulations or common sense- funded by Koch Family Foundations

Congressman Keith Ellison: " Stop by my office. Have a Skittle."

Garrison Keillor mocks Trump with poetry in Iowa:

New Colorado Poll: HRC: 44% Trump: 35%

Don't complicate life.

Please let this all end with Trump being thrown in jail for his many horrific frauds

King Con's fellow deplorables

Donnie Is A Trumpist, Not A Populist - by Jim Hightower

Hillary should debate Trump’s manhood and cowardice

Chan & Zuckerberg give $3B to science & research to cure disease

Before Lewandowski, CNN Said Contributors Getting ‘Paid’ By A Campaign ‘Would Not Be Permitted’

A Trump campaign chair in Ohio says there was 'no racism' before Obama

Clinton to call for workplace improvements for the disabled

Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton

Obama tells Doris Kearns Goodwin-He writes angry rants for therapeutic purposes & crumples them up

Trump: 'I Was Really Referring To Chicago' With Stop And Frisk Proposal

Dick Head Gingrich Advising Trump To Go After Federal Employee Unions If Elected.

Yahoo is expected to confirm massive data breach, impacting hundreds of millions of users

Will good people ever stand up and say enough lies and smears?

MSM pundits, CNN and MSNBC, twisting themselves into pretzels trying to figure out how Rump wins.

Cops: Immigrant hit robber with car in bank parking lot

Today's cute Google Doodle: First Day of Fall

Trump wants to take your guns away!

Vultures in Florida. (Human vultures, that is.)

Good news--I begged Joeybee for more pics of her little lynx point Siamese

Just On Miller Show - Trump Supporter - Obama Did Not Stop 9-11.

Rep. Raul Ruiz Urges Federal Agencies to Meaningfully Consult with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

America does need to be "great again" in some respects

Trump claims issue of Trump Foundation $ use "put to sleep" ...

Dozens of Catholic Priests murdered under Calderon-EPN administration

A Trump campaign chair in Ohio says there was ‘no racism’ before Obama

Egypt migrant boat capsize: Hundreds feared dead

DOJ Civil Rights Chief Links Local Distrust of Police to ‘Unconstitutional’ Tactics

WATCH: The Dalai Lama mocks Trump’s ‘small’ mouth in hilarious impersonation

Venezuela bus strike causes traffic chaos in Caracas


Hillary sits down with Zach Galifianakis for her most memorable interview yet

Boeing receives US license to sell planes to Iran

Trump's economic plans would cost more than Clinton's

Why most people leave religion? They just ‘stop believing’

Firefighter dies, 1 hurt as 1,000 battle California wildfire

Trump's new Cuba position provokes anxiety on the island

Does anyone understand the idea of pressure cooker bombs?

'Survivor' Season 33 begins - 'Millennials vs. Gen X' *SPOILER*

Encouraging assassination of your opponent loses you support among the rational electorate.

Watch Hillary's new ad, then read her speech yesterday

Trump's response to questions about his scam "charity" foundation is truly WTFworthy.

M$$$M jonesing for next Monday

The Real Reason Cop Union Endorsed Trump - TMFS Sketch Comedy

Right Wing wacko laid off at my work

Family judge: Gay marriage like 'jumbo shrimp'

Why the media blitz on Trump isn't working

Saw my first tRump TV ad last night

US: Bomber Flew Close to North Korean Border Amid Standoff

MacArthur Foundation Announces 2016 ‘Genius’ Grant Winners

Ex-Brazilian Finance Chief Mantega Arrested in Fraud Probe

Today's polls show that the Kerry Wall has held

Banned books - One man's list

What "Message" does a third party vote send?

Dear President Obama: "We Will Give Him a Family"

US Claims Win in Dispute With EU Over Aerospace Subsidies

Election Model Update 9/22/2016

Trump: I reversed birther stance 'to get on with' campaign

Can we finally admit.. that Open Carry of Guns are a threat to the safety of the average citizen

After School Satan Club update.

What the Skittles graphic should really represent:

NY Governor's Ex-Aide, University Head Charged With Bribery

A Six-Year-Old's Letter to the President: "We Will Give Him a Family"

My "WTF?" of the day, Tom DeLay edition...

Chief Putney of Charlotte Police

Marine Corps Jet Crashes Off the Coast of Okinawa, Pilot Rescued

The DOJ Is Worthless In Dealing with Racist Killer Cops

Recalculating the Climate Math

Pediatricians Say Codeine Is Not Safe For Children

Guardian: A Trump campaign chair in Ohio says there was 'no racism' before Obama

Presidential Debates To Be Real-Time Fact Checked...

Italy's Fertility Day Falls Flat Amid Claims of Sexism, Racism

House Oversight orders Reddit to preserve deleted posts in Clinton investigation

NY Times; Fort Lee Officials Recall Chaos and Turmoil as Lanes to Bridge Were Closed

Trump's ceiling seems to be 44% and his floor is around 34%, he

Drmph's family motto?

blessed mabon, happy equinox, happy first day of fall

blessed mabon, happy equinox, happy first day of fall

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Ohio Campaign Chair Says Obama To Blame For Racism

Will it be possible to send a car without a driver from point A to point B?

So is the Trump Campaign's only answer to questions about the Trump Foundation scam....

Nate Silver says I should be nervous about the election. Here’s why I’m not too nervous.

Trump's M.O. -- a basic summary

This just moved to the Top of my Christmas list...So Cool!

The sexist dog whistle in Trump's comments on the officer in Tulsa

some mabon recipes for your celebration

some mabon recipes for your celebration

Editorial: Charlotte is Drowning in Systematic Injustice by WILLIAM J. BARBER, II

Dearborn Hts Michigan man murders his four children because his wife filed for divorce

I don't understand the polls.

Who replaced Donald Trump with a robot

US Military Seeks More Troops For Iraq

How To Take On the Banksters....

Bumble bee is proposed for U.S. endangered species status

36 Hours in Edinburgh

How long does it take for you to displace a sleeping dog?

Five Places to Go in Prague

Just came across this....

NC officials need to release the video.

New Rasmussen Reports poll: Fucking T 44 % - Clinton 39 %

'New York Times' Editor: 'We Owed It To Our Readers' To Call Trump Claims Lie

The Inside Story Of Hillary’s Surprising Policy Agenda

Student expelled after using racial epithet in post attacking Eagles players raised-fist protest

Charlotte Police Chief Refuses to Release Video, Says It Does Not Show Lamont Scott Pointing Gun

Why The Second-Most Important Person Of Hillary's presidency will be Elizabeth Warren

Portugal’s Example: What Happened After It Decriminalized All Drugs, From Weed to Heroin

THE SEVEN PILLARS Of Hillary Clinton's first term.

Innocents attacked by the rioters in Charlotte

Pretrial Conference for Donald Trump Rape Lawsuit Delayed

Newsweek's "In The Company Of Trump" print issue is out today

Hillary Clinton Urges Debate Moderators To Fact Check Donald Trump

Celebrating gun culture

***Suffolk University FL Poll Trump 45, Clinton 44***

Is it as simple as this?

Carl Zimmer - 2016 SSE Gould Prize talk

Trump is letting his base know that Lester Holt is one of the Black Skittles in the bag of Skittles

It's foolish to live or die by any one day's polling, but...

Donald Trump Wrote me a Letter!

Good question I saw on facebook.....

Hillary Clinton Hits at Donald Trump in Biting 'Between Two Ferns' with Zach Galifianakis

Gary Johnson Wants to Ignore Climate Change Because the Sun Will Destroy the Earth One Day

'Butcher of Kabul' pardoned in Afghan peace deal

This from Huffington Post: Dems Hijack IRS Impeachment Hearing With Skittles And Trump Taxes

Donald Trump: Mitt Romney A “Fool” For Waiting Until September 21st To Release Tax Returns

Watch this Trump despicable lay it out, if you dare.

Want to have some fun?

HFA stmt on Trump's biz dealings in Russia "alarming financial ties present a possible motive for hi

Three college white women accused of racism and bullying: "Locked the black bitch out"

Update: Chair of Trump's Campaign in Mahoning County Quits After Making Ignorant Remarks

Judge blocks Ahmad Khan Rahami from appearing in court on federal charges

Ohio Trump Campaign Official Resigns After Blaming Obama For Racism

House panel approves contempt resolution against Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano

Trump Labels Violent 'Riots' In Charlotte 'An Attack On The Poor' (VIDEO)

Talia Fuentes for Congress (Democrat for AZ 5th Congressional District)

RIP Hall of Fame songwriter John D. Loudermilk ("Indian Reservation," "Tobacco Road") @ 82

ABC NEWS: From Russia With Trump: A Political Conflict Zone

Roland Martin: Black Communities On Edge 'Because There Is A Belief That There Is No Justice'

Um, Did Donald's Representative Admit He Committed Tax Evasion?

USS Cole victims can get Sudan assets, over U.S. objection: U.S. court

U.S. appeals court to hear arguments on Virginia's voter ID law

U.S. to boost Haitian deportations, but Haiti may not take them

Trump Ohio Campaign Chair claim Obama started racism, Giuliani claims Obama start terrorism

Aleppo hit by worst strikes for months as Putin, Assad ignore U.S. plea

Hillary Clinton on Between Two Ferns

Barbara Streisand's Greatest Hit (against Trump)

‘West Wing’ Cast Reunites To Campaign For Hillary Clinton In Ohio

Mr. President: The Israeli settlements are legal

Do you know why you're not seeing many Hillary yard signs or bumper stickers?

NC Gov. Pat McCrory to speak on Charlotte situation in the next hour

Current Policing and Other Public Policy Issues

Trump Campaign Releases Proof of Trump's Charitable Giving...

Hillary--I really regret doing this.......

How to debunk the anti-hillary articles in news rags near check-out lines.

Help expand the Tweet campaign.

Penn Jillette on Trump. "...that's all completely fake, right?"

Just a name in the big bowl?

The Supreme Court has always been a fundamental issue

Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton

Indigenous Australians most ancient civilization on Earth, DNA study confirms

Low-income families face eviction as building 'rebrands' for Facebook workers (xpost from Economy)

Prediction: Someone is going to plead out in the Bridgegate scandal in exchange

New York kid, 6, invites Syrian boy to live with him prompting emotional response from President Bar

Former RNC Chair: Trump's Birtherism is 'Bullshit Racism'


New York kid, 6, invites Syrian boy to live with him prompting emotional response from President Bar

Oversight Committee holds Clinton IT aide in contempt of Congress

Ohio Police Chief Crosses Blue Line by Voicing Disgust Over Terence Crutcher Shooting Death

Brian Beutler's tweet accurately describes this election...

Trump: Drugs a"Very, Very Big Factor" in Charlotte Protests

Ex-Russian foreign minister: Trump’s autocratic ways make me panicky

Trumpism Is the Symptom of a Gravely Ill Constitution

Here’s Why HuffPost Is Dropping Polls That Rely Only On Landlines

How to spin a Trump "victory" at the debate into a bad thing for Trump:

Testify! How have anti-cannabis laws impacted your life?

Changing a light bulb on a TV tower:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Shames CEO For Raking In $200 Million While Scamming Customers & Employees!

White People: We Need Your Help To Stop Cops From Killing Black People.

Where is Melania Trump?

POLLS: New Quinnipiac Polls of VA, CO, GA, IA

Vote Democratic

Could India and Pakistan go to war?

Cops Keep Killing People Of Color Because They Always Get Away With It

Atheist Rev. Gretta Vosper to have final hearing, amid 'vitriol'

Prime Example of Obama Derangement Syndrome

If You Vote For Trump, Then Screw You! GQ~

Rep. Levin has sent a letter to the IRS asking for an audit of the Trump Foundation:

US astronaut will vote from orbit if homecoming is delayed

Trump's now calling for "stop and frisk" ONLY in Chicago. Why Chicago? Because he's a racist.

Vegetarian Dishes You Can Cook in Less Than 30 Minutes

Today in TV history: West Wing premiered!

Powerful Poem About Race Gets A Full Page In The New York Times

Indiana dismisses player charged with child molestation

Got a request for photos of Cal, the Siamese Lynx Point

Do you do door knocks on Republicans?

Grandma ran out of basil......

Stop and Frisk: it's gun control - but just for black people

In the debates, all Hillary needs to do is

Edward Snowden is the perfect candidate for a presidential pardon

Blindfolded Hillary Does Debate Prep. Yes, it's The Onion.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 22, 2016

ABC report details 100s of millions of dollars in Russian business for Trump

Satellites help link Texas earthquakes to wastewater injection, scientists say

What We See vs What Trump Sees: Charlotte, NC

So, White ranchers can protest the US govt with semi-auto weapons but a Black QB cannot protest

I'm doing my first phone bank tonight. What should I expect?

Islamic State fired crude chemical weapons on US troops – Pentagon

trump's military experience

Yahoo confirms data breach affecting at least 500 million accounts

The Abnormalization of Hillary Clinton - By Jonathan Chait

Secret Service Investigates Alleged Hack That May Have Compromised First Lady's Passport

Al Jazeera English expands digital access to the US.

Wall Street Is Starting to Get Freaked Out About Donald Trump

An open letter to Hillary Clinton

Oh, Deer! Court: Felon Hunter Didn't Break Florida Gun Laws

Why Anti-Abortion Activists Are Going All in for Trump, a Man Who Not Long Ago Was Pro-Choice

Jaiden Animations: My Insane Experience with Misaki from Samurai Buyer

The Long Forgotten Black Prince of Florence

BREAKING NEWS: Manslaughter charges being brought against Tulsa Cop in shooting


Trump Is Recruiting an Army of Poll Watchers. It's Even Worse Than It Sounds.- Mother Jones

Is it okay if I take a little nap here in the lounge?

Clinton is almost back to 60 at 538

Kathy Miller, Ohio Trump supporter

When he talks to African-Americans, he's really talking to his conservative base.

Trump's debate debale

Jerika Bolen dies two months after her “Last Dance”

Trumpkins’ Supreme Court excuse crumbles

Things my younger brother "knows"

CNN commentator Lewandowski remained on Trump payroll in August

Ex-Russian foreign minister: Trump’s autocratic ways make me panicky

Wonder if any polling will be done right after the debate?

Another reason I don't like open carry

Favorite Podcasts?

Keep an Eye on Him,’ Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Father Says He Told F.B.I.

Syria army announces offensive on rebel-held Aleppo

First-degree manslaughter charge against officer in fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher

Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby charged with first degree manslaughter in Terence Crutcher's death

Michelle Rhee's husband (Sac mayor Kevin Johnson) beats protestor to a bloody pulp (xpost from GD)

Deplorable? Trump more so than Clinton, AP-GfK poll finds (Duh!!)

Terence Crutcher Shooting: Tulsa County District Attorney Charges Officer Shelby With Manslaughter

Charlotte Police: Video Doesn't Show 'Definitive Evidence' Keith Scott Pointed Gun At Police

10-year-old student arrested in Montgomery creepy clown threats

a very prescient article from 2010: Republicans plan McCarthyite persecutions

POLL: Clinton +7 in Colorado (+9 in 2-way)

Donald Trump, a real-life Manchurian candidate - Brent Budowsky, The Hill (really!)

Tulsa Teacher Exposes Impact Of Terence Crutcher’s Death On Students

75 retired senior diplomats sign letter opposing Trump for president

I just had as much fun as I've ever had with my clothes on.

White Lies

Wow! I was blown away The child who I delivered on the roadside 39 years ago called

Trump's Economic Plan Runs Afoul Of Deficit Hawks By Ballooning The Debt

CNN: Reality check: Trump's view of state of black America really, really, really wrong

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 23 September 2016

Your Alma Mater’s Biggest Rival? Stingy State Government

Republican Jesus

Pence Wants To 'Set Aside This Talk' Of Racism After Police Killings

Today's Anniversary: September 22, 1862 - Emancipation Proclamation

Mike Pence, a heartbeat away from the presidency? Now that’s frightening

trumper sticker

Just drove by the hotel in Philly where Trump is staying.

Backlash is swift and hilarious after Tea Party congressman scolds Obama for ‘joking about race’

A Barrack, Michelle get out the vote music video would be great!!!!

Should blacks and POC have the same right to keep and bear arms as white people?

Saudi Arabia Is Committing War Crimes In Yemen, And The US Is Supplying Their Weapons

Take a break from trump and watch the chipmunks on camera one!

First on CNN: US attorney investigating Weiner sexting allegations

Former CIA Chief Morrell: Mr. Trump an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.

Trumps Small Donors...

Trying to wash your car with a German Shepherd around can be ruff

pence in colorado springs

Evo Morales Urges Luis Almagro to Serve Latin America

That awkward moment when conservative biblical experts quote a bible verse that's not in the Bible.

This Is Everything That’s Wrong With Caregiving In America Today

Desert mirage (or hallucination)?

Scores of former ambassadors back Clinton, warning of Trump's 'ineptitude' on world stage

@Chez Miz t. tonight: Sauteed pork medallions with cabbage and apple. Recipe:

The Return of the Great American Jaguar

The Return of the Great American Jaguar

As a data entry volunteer for HRC, I'm feeling really good about this!

The Hype Of Self-Driving Cars

Trump's Outreach To African-Americans: Calls for Nationwide Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Just alerted on this post, but wanted to bring it to your special attention:

Do you remember being a "millennial" ?

Man reportedly shot during violent demonstrations in Charlotte dies

AP/Gfk National Poll: Clinton +6

DISCOVERED - Reason for Trump's behavior - ‘Concentrated Satanic Attack’

Senate splits over bill to avoid government shutdown

Hillary Clinton / Between 2 Ferns

Bruce Schneier Op-Ed on the potential of Russians hacking voting machines still gives me the willies

A rant about men's shirt sizes

The real season begins

Is the Russian connection enough to make the MSM treat...

Trump and Police

Just saw a vulgar NRA anti Clinton ad: basically a woman killed by Clinton.

Tulsa EMSA Crew Confronted Over Terence Crutcher Shooting

Kentucky Supreme Court blocks governor's college funding cuts

Kentucky Supreme Court blocks governor's college funding cuts

TEXAS UPDATE: Big Clinton Lead in Harris Co, Kaine Rally in Houston and New Offices Across the State

Jeopardy regulars

Iran's Rouhani at U.N. calls on rival Saudi to cease 'divisive policies'

Why we ask to see candidates tax returns.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer charged in man's death

Obama to veto September 11 lawsuit bill by Friday: White House

Obama to veto September 11 lawsuit bill by Friday: White House

Trump received $1.6 million from Secret Service

He 'offends me as an African American': Ohio Trump replacement on record bashing him

Colin Kaepernick says if he is killed for protests, it will have 'proved point'

Ballots with insufficient postage will still be counted

This Is Everything That’s Wrong With Caregiving In America Today