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Archives: September 20, 2016

North Korea's Kim guides new rocket engine test, calls for satellite launch

Dan Patrick Warns Ted Cruz Will Be Left Behind for Not Endorsing Trump

And the bidding will start at $10,000

Norm Ornstein (AEI) Takes On The Media’s Election Coverage Failures

An interesting take on Trump's apparent split personality

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Charlotte not budging on ordinance that spurred North Carolina bathroom law

Just three percent of adults own half of America’s guns

Japanese Chahan (Fried Rice) Mixes: Super-easy and Yummy!

Japanese Chahan (Fried Rice) Mixes: Super-easy and Yummy!

Thousands flee blaze at Greek migrant camp on Lesbos

Hardware hack defeats iPhone passcode security

Vandalism at the Iconic Racetrack in Death Valley National Park

Voter affidavits will be an option at election, North Dakota agency says

Where is all the love for Colorado from San Francisco?

Narcos. We are currently binge watching this.

"Sounding more like a sitting President than a candidate for the office,"

Coming up on Hayes -ReTHUGs including Don the Con, Christie lying about

North Dakota courts face budget cuts

Gov. McAuliffe poses with Willie Nelson -- and his weed

ND universities could shed almost 500 jobs; NDSU may cut university studies program

50-foot-tall statue of woman lends 'Dignity' to South Dakota's skyline

What, ex-govner Goodhair killed it on DWT"S"?!1

Spokane sheriff criticizes Shea for allegations (WA)

North Carolina poll coming tomorrow morning.

"I never knew anything"!

Anticipating debate, Trump says he thinks system rigged - The Washington Post

Talking Points: Terrorism

Dell Rapids firefighter terminated after racist Facebook comment

4 Charged With Illegally Killing Walrus, Causing Stampedes

Congress Struggles to Finish Zika Aid, Prevent Shutdown

Joe Scarborough, Donald Trump look to repair relations

I asked Skinner to add great white snark's name to the memorial page.

Clinton campaign registers voters at taco trucks ---The Detroit News

Trudeau Will Boldly Move To Protect Climate - By Adopting Harper's Emissions Targets

Montana High Court: Rape Case Records Get Extra Protection

Trump's lie that there was an increase in terror attacks in US under Clinton as secretary of state

Snyder officials inoculate state from Flint water suits

90% Of PNG Island Population Has Left In 10 Yrs, Thanks In Large Part To Rising Seas

Appeals court says employees don’t have a right to wear dreadlocks

JMA Calls La Nina For Central Pacific, US And Australia Reserving Judgement

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! What Next?! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton wants to 'abolish' the border, another falsehood by the GOP nomine

If Trump declared Antonin Scalia was not dead...

YIKE$$$$. Fiscal Conservatives Heads Should Explode

How many of these 5 people with neckties, who actually worked this job, have endorsed Trump?

I hope McConnell and his cronies don't screw this up...

Multiple S. China Sea Fish Populations Down 90%; System Verging On Collapse

This may be one of the more personal speeches we've heard @HillaryClinton in this campaign

The Biggest Emmys Loser? Donald Trump.

Wait, what? Two different bombs, two entirely different chemicals?

star trek Story From BBC

Macri's accountant ties president to more Panama Papers firms

Latino group hopes to troll Trump with taco trucks on Election Day

Rachel Maddow knows a lot about bomb making!!!

Sheldry Topp turned 72 this month

Major Stratospheric Current, Tracked For Decades, Switches Direction Without Warning

Macri's accountant ties president to more Panama Papers firms

This woman's life revolves around feeding the homeless.

The Incredible Cloud Forests of Mexico

An open letter to future President Clinton and

Lake circuit clerk says he won't appeal ruling on union

So that's why he popped in to the RNC

Lake circuit clerk says he won't appeal ruling on union

The Incredible Cloud Forests of Mexico

Lake circuit clerk says he won't appeal ruling on union

HP Sabotages Printers To Reject 3ed Party Cartridges

Two kidnapped priests found dead in Mexico

Rachel just announced Gannett bought NJ paper

Jimmy Fallon Greets Hillary Tonight In A Surgical Mask And Constantly Uses Hand Sanitizer...

Democrats edge ahead in number of voters registered in Douglas County

"Skittles" is currently the #1 Topic on Twitter thanks to Trump's idiot son

just because I have a nasty, cynical and suspicious mind, my first thought about the incidents on

Kansas union alleges state hospital workers unfairly denied 'exceptional' ratings

Sanders just might be the most popular politician in America

News: Rare Dumbo Octopus

American recruited by ISIS waiting for orders on how to hurt the US

Carson Wentz is gonna die.

Should we really be worried about Trump?

Will Americans be scaremongered into blindly supporting Republicans again?

Trump has the media "over-the-barrel" as is his M. O.

Montana lawmaker aims to take dark money case to state supreme court

Montana GOP enters fray over governor’s emails

Samantha Bee is tearing it up

President Trump’s First Term

I've got bronchitis and for several days, I felt like fainting

You can now buy a real D-Day tank

Gubernatorial candidates clash on course of Montana economy

Montana walks out of consent-decree negotiations, cites ARCO refusal to allow waste dump

Someone tell Donald Jr. THIS:

Mother Jones Asked Chelsea Residents: Who Will Make You Safer, Clinton or Trump?

Ape-ricot said a lot of people won't bother to vote for HRC

KKK 'neighborhood watch' leaflets left at homes in Pa. town

Wal-Mart completes acquisition of

Ideas for helping?

People at work are always naming food

I just trashed the keyword "Tr*mp"

Lawrence O'D live now.

The real reason the US is reluctant to make the switch to the metric system.

Two missing Catholic priests found murdered in Mexico

The First-Ever Plastic Bottle Village Is In-Development

The First-Ever Plastic Bottle Village Is In-Development

Wyoming considers changes in investment strategy

Paul Ryan's proposed tax plan: 1%-ers would receive 99.6% of the phased cuts by 2025

Alcohol sales could come to University of Wyoming games

Surprising article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today!

So, fed up with TV news, I thought I'd turn on a mindless game show...

Exclusive: George H.W. Bush to vote for Hillary

The West Wing pilot

"He's Trying To Lose"

The West Wing pilot

Maduro revels in support from Zimbabwe, Iran as critics decry failed summit

Venezuela state declares food emergency at schools

Maduro extends Venezuela emergency for fourth time

Galaxy 5 and linux

Trump saying late tonight that new jersey/new york bomber probably

the "black men for Bernie" founder is supporting Donald Trump now

George H.W. Bush to vote for Hillary Clinton (per MSNBC/politico)

Mayors Are Up for Election in Brazil. It's a White Game

Trump to do town hall at black church to discuss Black Issues with Hannity as moderator..

Are Trump fans 100% sure about what their getting?

Painkiller industry is big part of Idaho medicine and politics

Sick fuck Donald Trump, Jr. tweets another outrage, Twitter explodes (good)

Inconsistencies Surface in Accusations Against Brazil's Lula

Donald Trump On New York Bombing: ‘I Called It Before The News’

Trump Lies about His Birther Past: A Closer Look - Seth Meyers

Uruguay Objects to Sanction Venezuela in MERCOSUR

Once little know, Colombia's peacemaker gets hero's welcome

Tulsa police say man had no gun; video shows he had hands up

Deep Blue Illinois now over 2,052,443 FOID Cards

Seattle weighs new rules for businesses with hourly workers

Folks in Wisconsin Rapids headed to the polls today; first in the nation to cast vote for Hillary..

US Blockade Of Cuba Limits Its Access To Food Market

US Blockade Of Cuba Limits Its Access To Food Market

Breitbart News Uses Picture of Harambe in a Story About Obama Birtherism

US Bill Seeks First Native American Land Grab in 100 Years

"A Kenosha political operative"????

Black Students Harassed With Bananas On Campus

The current poll trajectories put Trump as the favorite by the beginning of Oct!

Fond du Lac, early voting starts tomorrow! Feb 20.............Meet at Veterans Park at 12pm to cast

Bill Maher Spars with Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway

Restaurant sign draws protests in Lonsdale (Muslims Get Out)

Skeleton uncovered at ancient Antikythera shipwreck

Humpback whale washes up on New Jersey beach

Black hole birth

Most Americans Don’t Think Being Prejudiced Makes Someone A Bad Person

Old Man Bush voting for Clinton

British Activist Found Guilty of Defamation After Reporting Alleged Labor Abuses in Thailand

Giants bullpen blows 28th save of the year ...

Samantha Bee: A Match Made in Hell (Ailes & Trump); Chief Executive Fear Mongerer

If this Skittle could kick your ass for being stupid, would you vote for Trump?

Seattle council approves worker-scheduling law

Police make up charges, record themselves unwittingly

Operating-room machines test positive for Legionella at UW Medicine

Hanford whistleblowers awarded $216,000 in back pay, compensation

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge fish biologist finds office 'completely trashed,' she testifies

What the hay?

Ashland woman didn't want life prolonged, but state says she must be spoon-fed

France burkini ban: Australian woman forced off Riviera beach

Yep. That's it in a nutshell.

Israeli justice minister: BDS is the ‘new face of terrorism’

Hillary must gain control of the news media messaging.

Daily Holidays September 20

Angela Merkel Accepts Responsibility for Party’s Losses in Berlin Election

Trump Wins First Debate (sarcasm)

Couple who found victims at Portland, Texas park testify in murder trial

Texas ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Billboards to Come Down Following Pressure From Locals

Our Terrorists in Colombia: Death Squads as “Freedom Fighters”

Our Terrorists in Colombia: Death Squads as “Freedom Fighters”

Pet cat in Evergreen tests positive for plague

Britain tests ‘name blind’ university applications to tackle discrimination

Syria conflict: UN suspends all aid after convoy hit

John Lewis honored with the Liberty Medal

Time to Mandate a Return to Paper Ballots Nationwide

Loss of Planet Reflectivity an Impending Catastrophe

21-year-old jailed after allegedly threatening Colorado state senator using Facebook

Nine cannabis clubs ordered to 'cease and desist'

Lawsuit planned against Colorado Springs Utilities over scrubbing technology

The women tweeting for their freedom in Saudi Arabia

ACLU sues Colorado Medicaid over access to hepatitis C drugs

The real life "How To Get Away With Murder" cast...


We Talked to New Yorkers on the Block That Was Bombed About Who Will Make America Safe Again

Fuel tank problem grounds 10 of Hill Air Force Base's combat ready F-35s

China embarked on wind power frenzy, says IEA

Suspect in custody after bomb threat at Eagle Valley Elementary

The Success of the Voter Fraud Myth | You might want to bookmark this one...

One Gets Old Because One Quits ...

FEC filing due date today

Ipredict markets

Food stamp fraud case is latest where polygamous sect claims religious freedom

Gawd, I hate Western Michigan

White working class Americans

The Gaslamp Killer - "Residual Tingles"

National money and local action may be crucial in Missouri's hot U.S. Senate contest

Show your support for the Standing Rock protectors! I

Hillary Clinton Now Gives Press Conferences While Donald Trump Avoids Them

Hillary Clinton Writes Open Letter to Wells Fargo Customers


‘Science Mike’ McHargue: ‘Christians aren’t stupid, and atheists aren’t evil’

Trump Terror Timeline (Monday)

*****BREAKING***** Hillary Clinton Regains Momentum Against Donald Trump: Poll

Where Hillary Clinton stands on education

What if the presidential debates were a job-interview?

Former pastor wants to start an atheist organisation

Bullet casings found on campus with anti-campus carry sign defaced

Jaga Jazzist - 'Prungen'

Hillary Clinton has a massive fundraising advantage. She's using it to leave no vote to chance.

The 'spiritual battle' over the Dakota Access pipeline

Police arrest suspect in connection with shooting at McCarran International Airport

First Woman President

IGT officials say Maryland lottery inflated $262 million contract

Sanders Leads Effort to Stop Dramatic Test Price Increase

Syria Is Now Everyone’s War

Hillary can't fight terrorism like Trump can.

New study examines where and how climate change is altering species

Campaign ad targets Heck’s votes to defund Planned Parenthood

The VonTrump Children

Suburban Women May Be Hillary Clinton’s Lifeline

Sea otter survey encouraging, but comes up short of the 'perfect story'

Taiwan's famous 'Big Mushroom' dive site toppled by typhoon

Mars, Inc. to Donald Trump Jr.: "Skittles are candy"

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – Agnostic

There’s No Debate - BY BILL MOYERS

This needs sound.

Should the captured terrorist be sent to Guantanamo?

Democratic VP hopeful Kaine to campaign at University of Nevada - Reno on Thursday

Is La Niña Here? Depends Who You Ask

NASA Flies to Africa to Study Climate Effects of Smoke on Clouds

Nevada needs 5 new lawmakers with special session possible

President Trump’s First Term

Brand New Congress - National Livestream Event - September 20, 2016 at 6pm PST / 9pm ET.

Donny Trump Jr. Shall Henceforth Be Known As "Little D"

Arizona lawmaker reaches plea agreement in food stamp case

Migration Is Our History, Reality, And Future

Freedumb! Watch A Law Professor Tell A Physicist That Greenland Melt Won't Raise Sea Level

Mesa charter school sued, accused of teaching religious doctrine

Judge allows state to intervene in ADA cases

The American Academy of Religion (AAR) is deeply concerned about Campus Carry

Arpaio plans to appeal 1st punishments in contempt case

Gary Johnson: I will get rid of Homeland Security

You had better let go of that Eggo

So Trump is pretty much calling for a lynch mob...

My friend received a veiled threat over her Hillary sign:

Restaurant sign draws protests in Lonsdale, MN (Muslims Get Out)

Earth And Sky: Larsen C Crack Moving Along As Spring Arrives; Delaware-Sized Berg Will Calve

Donald Trump Stands by Chris Christie Despite Revelations in Bridge Closing Trial

Rahami wife left U.S. days before NY area attacks - CNN

NASCAR hit with $500 million racial discrimination lawsuit for keeping black-owned teams out of race

Stephen Colbert Hammers Donald Trump for Birther Lies: ‘We’re Not Crazy!’

Trump on the upcoming debates: she's gotta treat me with respect

Trump Jr’s ‘Skittles’ tweet is based on two different white supremacist memes—and Nazi propaganda

How Lies Live And Grow In The Brain – 2016 edition (Sam Wang)

“Trump spends several hours signing papers—and erases the Obama Presidency,”

How Trump winks at political violence

After 10-year search, FBI finds convicted fraudster had quiet life as consultant in Los Angeles

A Whole County of NC Schools (Duplin) Is Closing Hours Early Today for Trump Visit. Is this normal?

“I’m not calling the birther issue dead until I see its death certificate.”

G.M. and Union Avoid Strike by 3,900 Canadian Workers

My favorite Hillary video: didn't make DNC

UC Berkeley reinstates controversial course on history of Palestine

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Don Bomb

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

G.M. and Union Avoid Strike by 3,900 Canadian Workers

G.M. and Union Avoid Strike by 3,900 Canadian Workers

Uncomfortable feeling that NY/NJ bombings were exploratory. .

I am no foreign intelligence expert, but...

Just heard a Hillary ad on a Classic Rock station here in Pennsylvania.

I donated another 50 today!

Gum tree habitats in decline, study warns

Yelling and threatening, do NOT work in a debate against Hillary.

Water is Life. Oil is death.

KCCI News Iowa does in-depth look at the Bakken oil pipeline

Is Bridgegate Even In The Top 5.....

5/17/12 Twitter wisdom from Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Has 3 Beautiful Options To Dump Paris Climate Deal; They're Amazing, Believe Me!

"Trump Jr’s ‘Skittles’ tweet is based on two different white supremacist memes and Nazi propaganda"

Are there any rumors regarding the team that is helping Hillary

He can’t fake his way through 90 minutes’ says top GOP policy expert about debate

Partial list of the deplorables

In debates: Trump will likely say

The bombing of the Red Crescent aid-convoy near Aleppo was no mistake.

The latest racist tweet by Donald Trump Jr.

Looks like we can tell the truth when it suits us.

White America, It’s Time to Take a Knee

Glyphosate Found in U.S. Honey Supply... (w/Guest: Carey Gillam) - FDA emails show

In the 1930s, they didn't have poisonous skittles but they did have poisonous mushrooms

Today, at some point, Donald Trump will lie to you using the vocabulary of a toddler.

Holy Shite - GHW Bush says he's voting for Hillary Clinton

If Trump is elected - I'd be more worried about a Skittles killing me

Hillary Clinton Burns Jimmy Fallon Over Donald Trump Interview With Gift Of SOFTBALLS!

DCCC poll: Teachout leads Faso by five points in NY-19

I can't believe Politico's turnaround this year.

Global trade deal threatens Paris climate goals, leaked documents show.

Trump will approach the debate as a reality TV entertainment event, not a real debate

Are millennials voting third party old enough to remember George W. Bush?

Hillary Speaks on the Killing of Terence Crutcher

Clothing advice for Nevada desert in mid-October

The Unofficial Trump Won't Show at the Debates Thread

Trump sexual assault victim speaks out

Heads Up -Pres and Mrs Obama arrive at the UN

George HW Bush to vote for HRC says source.

Erasing The Memory Of Obama Will Be GOP's Top Priority Going Forward.

New York Times Editor Vows To Call Out Trump When He Blatantly Lies

Trump Jr.'s Branded Campaign Tweet Compares Refugees To Poisoned Skittles

Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems

Master Media Baiter (Act 1, Part 2) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Why would my news post from the Guardian be flagged? - this is a liberal respected newspaper

Don’t Blame Millennials for This Scarily Close Election. Blame Baby Boomers.

Listening to President Obama's speech to the UN I can only think one thing....

Ipsos poll of Ohio has HRC up +3

One of the saddest parts of this election

The connection to Trayvon Martin, re: Skittles didn't even occur to me.

We're seeing the result of the end of teaching Civics in our schools.

Supermodel pouty lips Donald Trump

NRA Flyer

Trump Used Charity to Settle Lawsuits-IRS Could Require Him To Pay Penalty Taxes Or Reimburse Foun

Let's Start a Petition Calling for the Indictment of Trump before the Election on Tax Evasion Charge

A frightening contemplation

If you can't remember all your lies, you're telling too many

Alabama Gasoline Leak Shows That Pipelines Can Never Be Trusted

How Skittles became a symbol of Trayvon Martin's innocence.

Trump Jr. likens refugees to Skittles

T+1 in North Caroline over Clinton's Hell Week

Obama's last address to the UN..

Who’s the greatest danger to America: Hillary or Trump?

Will GOP penalize former presidential hopefuls who don't endorse Trump?

This is awesome, NYT gave data from its FL poll to 4 diff pollsters to show interpretations change

Botswana deports anti-gay Arizona preacher who celebrated Orlando massacre

Trump Claims He Never Talked About Profiling Muslims

Next Monday. If you're not watching, you don't care.

The pension gap--the costs keep climbing

George Bush Voting for Hillary Clinton, a Kennedy Says

Black-white wage gaps expand with rising wage inequality

Our Immigrants, Our Strength

Trump used his charity to settle lawsuits.

GOP policy expert predicts debate failure for Trump: ‘He can’t fake his way through 90 minutes’

The Success of the Voter Fraud Myth

GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brangelina splitting up!!! Oh, The Huge Manatee!!!!!

US navy band performs selections from "jersey boys"

Where's Waldo - at the Sooner's game

Rose Pak’s death leaves Chinatown wondering who can fill void

Trump Lies about His Birther Past: A Closer Look by Seth Meyers

What is up with Ipsos?

Anticipating debate, Trump says he thinks system rigged

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump unveils new namesake beverage in the vein of Trump Vodka and Trump Wine

Depending on the outcome of the election, Post reporter David Fahrenthold will either end up with...

Pic Of The Moment: I'm Sorry But...

September equinox arrives this Thursday, September 22.

Thank You For Listening | Terry Yellowfat and Dr. Harriett Skye

Why the Media Is Delivering Us All Into the Little Hands Of Trump

Exclusive Photography From Inside the African American History Museum

Arizona now considers changing diapers to be a sex crime.

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co...maker of Skittles...responds to human skidmark Donald Trump Jr's tweet

Glasgow Women’s Library: a treasure trove that shows how far feminism has come

Glasgow Women’s Library: a treasure trove that shows how far feminism has come

Glasgow Women’s Library: a treasure trove that shows how far feminism has come

The DRUMPFs have finally done themselves in: What it took, going after our Skittles!1 n/t

Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Father Told Police in 2014 His Son Was a Terrorist, Officials Say.

“Skittles are candy; refugees are people”: Mars, Inc. perfectly rebukes Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet...

Nyle DiMarco on the importance of voting | Hillary Clinton

On Empty? How far can you go?

Hillary Clinton Writes Open Letter to Wells Fargo Customers

How do you recommend a thread?

Gary Johnson Makes Another Blunder on Live TV

Do you have the feeling that Trump will say he WON the debate

What's your Trump vs. Clinton debate drinking game?

Nyle DiMarco on the importance of voting | Hillary Clinton

She Always | Hillary Clinton

Missouri Senate race unique in complex national cross-currents of 2016

a topic that needs to be seen

for those in glasgow--the glasgow women's library 25th anniversary this friday, the 23rd

for those in glasgow--the glasgow women's library 25th anniversary this friday the 23rd

IMO, Trump will not show up for the debate and then blame the Secret Service or

China to build 60 nuclear power plants in upcoming 10 years

Hey Everybody-Andrea Mitchell is coming on-Switch the Channel!

Trump Won Tax Breaks While Donating Tens Of Thousands To Corrupt Official

Trump campaign drops new Ted Nugent ad: Hillary “will destroy the freedom that is uniquely American”

Here's a clue, MSM. Unlike usual, we got the guy. Alive. He will be grilled by the Feds.

Trump is everything my parents taught me not to be.

Hillary Clinton is about to hold a call with her national security advisers on the recent terrorist

Trump used foundation money to settle lawsuits from his business

Why Democrats think Applegate could unseat Issa

What was it like moving Chelsea into her college dorm? | Quick Question | Hillary Clinton

Check out the katydid!

Johnson plans to issue a statement about the Aleppo recall due to listeria fears

Time to update the Rove frog march....

Trump is doing better with Hispanics than you think

baby kittehs sleeping!! (for those who need a break from politics, even if for just a minute)

Are you planning to watch the debate? I'm not.

New York Times decides to call a lie a lie, and its Trump coverage may never be the same

MN Christians want transgender people to “ask them first” before using the bathroom

Elizabeth Warren Flays Wells Fargo CEO: 'You Should Resign'

Unconstitutional Abuse Of Patent System?

Keep it Simple: Trump Steals from Charity

Kaput five years ago today - "Don't ask, don't tell"

Remember when Trump said ," I love the uneducated."

Donald Trump Jr tweet: 'I'm a refugee' says Skittles photographer

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva

Oh no! Brangelina is over!


Nazi Who Originated Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles Metaphor Was Hanged at Nuremberg

Trumps hair is green again

Trump on another lying rampage.

The Weird, Secret Rivalry Between ‘Game Of Thrones’ And ‘Breaking Bad’

Hillary Links

This allows me 5 "concern" posts, ok guys? :) ***Breaking Monmouth FL Poll: Clinton 46, Trump 41***

New Monmouth Poll of Florida:

North-South divide missing in this election.?

Trump Foundation Involved in Yet More Corruption

American's deeply divided on willingness to pay to stop climate change.

If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You

Nevada residents- can we help keep that senate seat for the Dems?

Monmouth Florida Poll Clinton lead 46-41!

Pam Bondi: Returning Trump’s money would have looked like I got caught taking a bribe

Silence is complicity.

Dr. Nworb's foster kittens snuggle together (very squee!)

Remember Paul Broun?

Watch: Seth Myers destroys the non-serious a-hole pretending to run for President

Limbaugh & his zombie callers continue saying Hillary started the Birther thing

 Bernie Sanders: The ‘Nation’ Interview

Elizabeth Warren Just Eviscerated the Wells Fargo CEO

Trump just Tweeted that Hillary "Needs rest" as she leaves the trail to prep for the debate

U-2 spy plane crashes in Northern California, ejecting 2 pilots

HuffPost: If You Don’t Vote Democrat This November, Then Fuck You

Codias Launches "The Conservative Social Network"

The Dangers of Certitude

Samantha Bee Rips the Media for Getting Suckered into Trump’s Birther Conference

Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Wells Fargo CEO For Unauthorized Accounts "YOU SHOULD RESIGN" 9/20/16

Trump’s Riches and the Real-Estate Tax Racket

Robert Reich is live now. Concluded

tRump supporters disrespect our country

Capital flight from Argentina doubles since Macri took office, adding $37 billion in foreign debt.

Miami Republican donating $2 mil to help Hillary Clinton w Hispanic outreach

I almost threw up at Trump's little warning to business

Capital flight from Argentina doubles since Macri took office, adding $37 billion in foreign debt.

Trump Tax Plan Would Cost Trillions, Boost Incomes For The Rich

Most encouraging data point from Upshot/Siena voter file poll of Florida this week.

Autopsy Finds Black Child Killed By Cops Shot In The Back Three Times

Trump campaign suggests appointing oil executive to protect national parks and public lands

#TotallyHillaryTuesday is trending on Twitter

'Disturbing' Helicopter Footage Shows Tulsa Police Kill Unarmed Man

Editorial: We are ruled by feudal serfs of corporate capital


Pam Bondi breaks silence, defends handling of Trump University issue

The Don of the Trump Crime Family is a flight risk

How Many Wars Is the US Really Fighting?

Reid Knocks Trump Over Tax Returns: They'd Reveal He's Not That Rich!

First Presidential Debate To Focus On Vague Platitudes

Donald Trump, the Unsinkable Candidate

New DU Clinton/Kaine avatars now available

How much benefit is there from an excellent ground game?

Stephen Colbert calls Donald Trump a liar — over and over and over again

Who's Your Daddy ??

George Bush (41): I'm with her

Minnesota restaurant owner takes heat for ‘Muslims Get Out’ sign

IDEA (re: Skittles) Photoshop faces of DJT, Pence & D. Jr on 3 Skittles....

Hawaii receives rating upgrades to general obligation bonds

Democratic vice chair of the Oahu County Committee resigns

State fines Texas-based construction company $767K for misclassifying workers

Our intelligence is a gift from a generous creator

Twitter's new, longer tweets have arrived

Does anyone know anything about the stonetear reddit thing ?

New Poll: Trump and Clinton deadlocked in North Carolina

Can We Follow The Constitution Without Being "Politically Correct?" (w/Guest: Scottie Nell Hughes)

The Slave Patrols Strike Again... This Is Why Kapernick Won't Stand.

Well isn’t that ironic: Image of a bowl of skittles Trump Jr. used… taken by a refugee.

Hillary Clinton prepares for unpredictable Donald Trump at debate

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 20, 2016

“Not now i’m having a cuppa” : Shop owner confronted by knife-wielding robber calmly told him.......

Methinks politics will go entirely off the screen for a few days

The Idea That Women Use Guns For Self-Defense Against Men Is A Big Lie

RW Christians Embrace Trump Despite Nuclear Threat. Would Bring Rapture Sooner.

Walker administration resurrects plan to borrow for pension shortfall

Charlie Cook: The Race Tightens But the Math Heavily Favors Clinton

Tebow is ruining my town already

any discussion of last week's TIME cover, regarding the ''left wing'' slant of late night talkers?

Clinton camp re: WaPo report on Trump Foundation: "Once again, Trump has proven himself a fraud".

Endorsment of Trump to Play Key Role in Christie Insanity Defense....Andy Borowitz

Article comment sections

Is there an alternative to the Drudge Report

Here's a campaign ad with some whimsy...

"If elected, Donald Trump would be the scammer-in-chief." —Harry Reid on the Senate floor this AM.

Donnie Jr.'s $150,000 high school education

Cognitive bias cheat sheet. - Because thinking is hard.

A sign saying "Muslims get out" at an ice cream shop in Lonsdale, Minn.

Refurbished PC and monitor for $174 (free shipping)

Richard Cohen at The Washington Post compares Trump’s mentality to Hitler’s:

Fairbanks police chief under investigation by city

Rasmussen Poll (R): Trump +3 in Nevada

Stupid Question

What will happen if Trump wins?

Senators file lawsuit over Walker's PFD veto

Come on MSM do your freaking job.

Clinton's dishonesty

A new toy at 538 - senate polling maps..yea!

Trump's hand-picked moderator (Holt) who chose Trump-friendly topics, is a registered Republican

Sadly there are lots of persons who hate paying taxes

Hilary should wear a BS detector at the debate

It’s Official: The Republican Party Is Completely Braindead

Media Template for Responding to Trump’s Lies


Rubio's Lead Narrows In Florida Senate Race Poll

Syria conflict: 'Helicopter dropped bombs on aid convoy'

Pastor who made homophobic comments about the Orlando shooting just got deported from Botswana

68% of Trump supporters are PERSONALLY fearful of a terror attack.

what needed to happen for a rico case against trump?

Trump Won Tax Breaks While Donating Tens Of Thousands To Corrupt Official

Working for Hillary in Tallahassee

Syria conflict: UN suspends all aid after convoy hit

The Good Place.......anyone??

Oly has a new one out soon.

I have not been polled once since April...

In case you missed Obama at the UN General Assembly today

Take the Pledge: I will not watch Andrea Mitchell.

Endorsement of Trump to Play Key Role in Christie’s Insanity Defense

Trump calls for profiling, and so, okay, here’s some - By Tom Toles

Is it a game changer that Bush 41 is supporting HRC?

10 of the Most Beautiful Alternative Towns in Britain

Trump Gives Ukraine Cold Shoulder in New York

“Christ, Democrats beat Hitler and Tojo, what more do we have to do?”

August jobless rates up in 6 states, down in 3; payroll jobs up in 4 states, down in 3

The Giants are collapsing in a way that baseball has never seen

Trump Wins Endorsement From another East European Leader

Trump-Loving Firefighter Canned After Advocating to Make Slavery Legal Again

FDA Approves Drug That Doesn’t Work; BUT Pharma Will Make $2 Billion On It

Trump Won Tax Breaks While Donating Tens Of Thousands To Corrupt Official

CNN is destroying Don the con (Headlines on website along with Papa Bush voting Hillary)

Poem about our great Foreign Secretary!

It was only a matter of time....

Things that are worse under Republicans?

Lester Holt is a Republican

I read 68% of Trump supporters are scared of's what I'm more afraid of:

John Fugelsang on Donald Trump Jr.


Hillary Clinton Regains Momentum Against Donald Trump: NBC/SM Poll (FWIW)

Hi All, I'm looking for someone in Great Falls, Montana. It's urgent and important.

August marks ongoing trend of record-breaking heat for the globe

Today I realized who Trump resembles!


Five million Somalis now food insecure

CNN Opinion Piece on the Young Trumps

Our Revolution Announces Latest Round of Endorsements September 20, 2016

When does Trump have his anti-Bush 41 Twitter tantrum?

Foreign diplomats wary of Trump

Can you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

Sara Niccoli endorsed by Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution - New York’s 46th State Senate District

Outrage at LSU frat's Kaepernick hate speech

Say what???

Microsoft Plans $40 Billion Stock Buyback and Raises Dividend

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Are there any rules against earpieces in the debate? If so do they actually check for them?

Wells Fargo’s Business Model is Fraud | Bernie Sanders

Trump recites "Vicious Snake" poem to make a point about immigrants

County Commissioner Says Colorado Parks And Wildlife Moved Eagle's Nest Into Phil's World Trail Area

In Julia Child’s Provençal Kitchen

In Julia Child’s Provençal Kitchen

Donald Trump compared Syrian refugees to poisonous snakes

Another group files IRS complaint against Wisconsin Club for Growth

Wolf Blitzer mentioned Trump Foundation legal fees so looks like CNN will discuss it

"I do it all the time in business...There's nothing like doing things with other people's money."

2nd Florida Poll out today gives HRC 5-point lead 42-37


The Letelier Assassination and the Dynamics of US Impunity

The Letelier Assassination and the Dynamics of US Impunity

Loras Poll of Illinois Senate Race Duckworth (D) 41% Kirk (R) 36%

"I do it all the time in business...There's nothing like doing things with other people's money."

Mexican journalist dies from injuries after being shot in Puebla state

France to ban all plastic plates, cups, and utensils

Mexican journalist dies from injuries after being shot in Puebla state

Has anyone noticed a similiarity of Trump and L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology?

Chillax about 538 projections.

Russian Jets Carried Out Airstrike On UN Aid Convoy, U.S. Officials Say


Public school cafeteria worker quits in 'lunch shaming'

Hillary leads by NINE POINTS in PA, and McGinty is 5 points ahead of a sitting GOP Senator!

Top Ron Paul aides avoid prison for 2012 campaign violations

An Inmate Died Of Thirst In A Jail Run By Pro-Trump Sheriff Clarke

Do we have to suffer 4yrs of Trump to rid us of the circle

John Wayne syndrome

Pres Obama re: 6 yr old's letter-saying he wanted refugee Omran to come live with him & his family

Trump’s attack on Black America: Birtherism was always about more than Obama’s birth certificate

Michelle Obama Will Campaign in Philadelphia Next Week

How Clinton Became a Vessel for America's Fury

What are the odds that tRump shows up for the first debate? I say slim and none. He is the very

HoustonPress: George H.W. Bush's non-denial of Hillary support "speaks volumes."

Report: George H. W. Bush to vote for Clinton

Luckovich Toon - Wells Fargo CEO takes responsibility for his criminal actions

See the Difference?

Spirituality and Veganism May Co-Exist But Cannot Be Conflated

Tweet of the week

Here is why 538's odds on Hillary are decreasing while The Upshot is increasing.

I hope Lester Holt asks Don the Con for his views

Pope and world religious leaders vow to oppose terror in God's name

He's ba-a-a-ack!

Poll: who will win the Presidential election?

Star Trek analogy

Michelle Obama on Colbert tonight..

Donald Trump Claims Black Americans Have Never Been Worse Off

Kellyanne Conway to be on Erin Burnet OutFront on CNN next. She's going to be asked about

I'm scratching my head about this Wells Fargo issue

The designing Mind - Datamation 1985. Still relevant today.

Can Donor's To Trump's Charitable Foundation....

Famous novelists protest jailing of Turkish writers

I find it curious that a lot of the "concern" post

I'm Going to Toss Out A Prediction

Magician Penn Jillette had to work with Trump: “However bad you think he is, he’s worse.”

Donald Trump Touts The Support Of Ted Nugent In A New Campaign Ad

Dear MSM peeps,,,,

I'm skeptical, but WAPOs article about the trump fdn is being picked up....

Who the Hell is ,,,,

Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems

Understanding Trump by George Lakoff

Maybe you haven't seen this.

andrew shepherd's speech--"the american president"

We have a GREAT candidate, we are AHEAD nationally, now get out there, celebrate her, and WIN !

Gov. Abbott email warns supporters Texas could go blue in election

MSNBC: Trump Foundation starts to look like a slush fund

Understanding Trump by George Lakoff

what we need to knock Trumpo down for the count is a REAL scandal...