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Joy Reid is in for Chris Hayes tonight!

BUSTED: Trump campaign scripted questions for black church interview — and his answers

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A Private Moment to Just Breathe. I feel like posting this in GD: 2016

BREAKING: Four Star Army Generals DEFIANTLY Make First Presidential Endorsement Of Their Careers

Luckovich Toon - Trump Deportations

On "All In with Chris Hayes," head of Latinos For Trump is defending Trump.

Joy Reid

Here are all the times Donald Trump has been accused of rape or attempted rape

Latino Trump surrogate just now on MSNBC just now. Whoa.

I see Trump hired David Bossie today.

Bob Costas!

Tell your Senators: Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (So far, only Sen. Sanders publicly opposed)

Woody Guthrie's "Deportees"

One more time: BLESS Joy Reid for calling out bigotry!

Joy! Joy! Joy! eom

Trump's gain in polls is totally due to the media.

While Trump flounders Clinton campaign raises more that 140 million...

Check-In: Extremely Unimportant Updates

Advice for the First Year Teacher: How to Calm First Day of School Nerves

To the Pre-game San Diego Football "radio commentators" on 1360

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Good Behavior! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

We had to let our cat go tonight...

Joy will be on Live toinight at 11:00!

Eugene Robinson: Trump can’t ‘soften’ bigotry

ChiTrib: Column: The Trump pivot is dead, in its place was a hate speech

we need a new national anthem so post suggestions

Marco Gutierrez: Taco trucks on every corner

Kornacki in for Maddow tonite

#NoDAPL #NoBAKKEN Singing and Praying in Iowa

Pastor of the Black church Trump going to says he wasn't invited to the event

Does anyone do canning this time of year?

Watermelon Survives 45m Drop Test!!

A Truck Carrying Ramen Noodles Crashes...

Venezuela: Hundreds of thousands take part in rival marches

My friend from Florida, a Wisconsin born woman, always goes to the MN state fair, and found a button

How Common is Sexual Assault in the United States? The Answer Depends On Who You Ask

How Common is Sexual Assault in the United States? The Answer Depends On Who You Ask

Penn State plan to honor Joe Paterno prompts furious backlash

How Common is Sexual Assault in the United States? The Answer Depends On Who You Ask

Penn State plan to honor Joe Paterno prompts furious backlash

Jared Fogle plans to sue parents of young girl he was convicted of abusing

U.S. imposes sanctions on 'Putin's bridge' to Crimea

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 1, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Preston Sturges

Anderson Copper earlier had a segment on with a focus group of 8 Latinos

Kaepernick takes a knee!

The State Department will now produce records of Hillary Clinton's meetings as secretary of state in

Absolute kudos to The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell tonight

At last a definition

White man runs red light, causes accident, shoots and kills black woman with her hands up

so are you guys still thinking of a like button for replies?

I was on board with Kaepernick until....

Trumpkins Seriously Think Their Hero Will Return From Mexico With A Check For His Wall

Virginia senator proposes limit on voting rights restoration

are republicans confusing immigration with the zombie apocalypse?

Don the Con secretly filmed interviewing potential new surrogates while in AZ yesterday...

Happy Birthday ~ Ann Richards

'My friends died,' heckler shouts. 'So did my son,' Joe Biden shoots back

Quite the chyron

Wal-Mart to Cut 7,000 Back-Office Store Jobs

Arizona GOP Targets John McCain’s Re-Election Challenger With ‘Wanted’ Poster

Giants blew it by not landing Andrew Miller

OPB This Land Is Our Land - #BundyTeaParty 41-day armed occupation of the Malheur NWR

The Latest: Officials ID victim, suspect in outlet shooting

Supergirl creator developing a Black Lightning TV series

Thursday Night Wine-Buzz. (I'm on call tomorrow night...)

Live video of Hurricane Hermine. Cedar Key, FL

Man Threatens Orlando Style Massacre in Wilton Manors

Philadelphia Zoo will name baby gorilla - but Harambe is off the list

Man Threatens Orlando Style Massacre in Wilton Manors

Latinos for Trump founder warns of ‘taco trucks on every corner’

I couldn't sleep last night

Judge won't immediately stop pipeline construction

Hillsborough deputy fatally shoots unarmed man while serving warrant at Clair-Mel home

Poll shows Donald Trump widening lead in Missouri

So Donald Trump Can Criticize America, But Colin Kaepernick Can’t?

Brazil's Michel Temer inherits presidency on shaky ground

Brazil's Michel Temer inherits presidency on shaky ground

Petition to remove Ptah as host of the Montana Group.

Human bones found near former Nazi research site in Berlin

just imagine if Hillary and Bill refused to release their taxes.

Judge reprimanded after she ‘berated and belittled’ domestic-violence victim

Judge reprimanded after she ‘berated and belittled’ domestic-violence victim

Don the Con totally annihilates another of his original hate-base platform planks

WP: An innocent black man was punched, Tasered. arrested by police officers. A jury awarded him $18

Trump Is Inciting Racial Violence.

Cuba reports remarkable success in containing Zika virus

Cuba reports remarkable success in containing Zika virus

Dakota Access Pipeline Tribal Liaison Formerly Worked For Agency Issuing Permit

Mexico’s Disappeared Who Won’t Disappear

Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff, a Woman of Honor, Confronts Senate of Scoundrels

Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff, a Woman of Honor, Confronts Senate of Scoundrels

Senior official executed after falling asleep during meeting presided by Kim Jong-Un

Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against Dakota Access Pipeline

Scaling Walls With Words | Amalia Ortiz | TEDxMcAllen

Cuba Condemns 'Coup D'Etat' Against Dilma Rousseff in Brazil

Anthony Weiner Confirms Child Welfare Agency Is Investigating Him

Man Charged in Killing of Queens Imam and Aide Pleads Not Guilty

Melania Trump hits Daily Mail with $150M lawsuit for story claiming the ex-model was a prostitute

Radio signal detected by Russia not really from aliens

Uruguay's Jose Mujica Says 'Coup' in Brazil Was Premeditated

Creating Your Own Label | Arturo Castañeda | TEDxMcAllen

Raccoons on the cam eating cracked corn.

Peru Sentences Ex-Soldiers to Prison for Killing Villagers in 1985

Peru Sentences Ex-Soldiers to Prison for Killing Villagers in 1985

Judge rejects Rolling Stone’s bid to kill UVA frat’s $25M lawsuit over fake rape story

Colbert: Colin Kaepernick's Bold Stance is Technically a Bold Sit.

Where are the "Hardcore" Democratic Party surrogates for Hillary on TV?

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman: What Makes a Terrorist?

Chadbourne & Parke law firm fired female lawyer after she brought up gender pay complaint, $100M ...

Florida man, woman beat grandmother because she refused to drive them to a home where they could hav

Fossil of 170 mln-yr-old flying pterosaur found

Another Big Apple supermarket chain can’t pay the bills

Fossil of 170 mln-yr-old flying pterosaur found

Hermine hits Florida coast as 1st hurricane in a decade

Dissociated Press Release: Trump campaign explains what happened in Mexico-"Depends"

No 6-Month Stopgap for Democrats, Reid Insists

Justin Bieber portion of New York State Fair sand sculpture damaged

AG, comptroller: Man stole dead brother’s pension benefits

Cuban Religious Criticizes Decision against Pastors for Peace

Samsung to recall Galaxy Note 7 after reports of smartphones catching fire

Muslim woman stabbed to death in Jamaica Hills

Westchester NY Natives' Cat Catches Cult Following Online

On high court’s docket: Mediciad; billy clubs; CBS strip club raid report

Joy Reid said today

Hanjin ships, cargo and sailors stranded at sea

Where has Kellyanne Conway been?

Sixteen People Charged in $175,000,000 Insurance Fraud (compounded meds)

Montana: About 20 arson fires in Billings since March; police ask for help

Daily Holidays September 2

Montana: Man dies, son injured in Glacier Park fall

Montana: Gianforte, Bullock spend heavily on ads as governor's campaign heats up

Colbert interviews Larry Wilmore: "All The Best Racial Stuff Happens Now That I've Lost My Show"

Governor hopefuls Justice, Cole vie for West Virginia business, corporate support

NTSB puts Axiall chlorine leak size at 17,000 gallons

West Virginia ethics panel exempts 6 Tomblin officials for post-government jobs

Mine rescue temporarily suspended

Kentucky attorney general sues dialysis company over product

Melania Trump sues the Daily Mail for $150m over 'lies' about her past

More allegations of improper inmate care at Hampton Roads Regional Jail as Gov. McAuliffe calls for

Hashtags #Imwithtaco, #taco trucks on every corner

Clinton campaign chair Podesta statement on David Bossie hire, whom he calls "craven & maniaca"

Uzbek President Karimov has died - diplomatic sources

Norment proposes path to voting rights for nonviolent felons; McAuliffe calls it 'step backward'

Republicans file contempt motion against McAuliffe over felon rights restoration

Redesign of Virginia's waiver program for people with disabilities takes effect

Concealed carry advocates protest McAuliffe's gun ban in state buildings

Trump Taps Citizens United President As Deputy Campaign Manager

Trump’s Immigration Speech Backfires With Latinos

Bombs kill at least 12, wound dozens at Pakistan court

Tim Kaine had to scrap plans to campaign in Florida due to weather......

Hey Trump, forget about Mexico and look at the Russian Mob.

GMO eggplant reduce use of insecticides by 80% and decreases loss due to pests.

Citizen group drops lawsuit over North Carolina LGBT law

Obama makes climate change personal with call for action in home state Hawaii

Trump to stump in Philly on Friday for African American votes

N.C. trooper’s 180-mile daily commute cost taxpayers thousands

AFL-CIO hopes to push out NC GOP lawmakers over House Bill 2

Seahawks’ Jeremy Lane sits during national anthem in support of Colin Kaepernick (MORE: Eric Reid)

Trump Hires the Original Hillary Hunter

=*= 2 LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Lebanon, New Hampshire - September 5, 2016 =*=

=*= 2 LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Lebanon, New Hampshire - September 5, 2016 =*=

US Sen. Richard Burr to get $8.1M ad boost from PAC

Duke drops claim on late donor’s estate

Guess what the GOP is going to do for the next nine weeks?

North Carolina plans $94 million ag lab in Raleigh

The hotdog delusion: Sausage Party and the rise of Hollywood atheism

Daily Mail retracts Melania Trump escort agency story

Cost of high school football stadium rises to $70 million

Supaman- Somewhere

Maybe Trump Should Pray About His Problem With Religious Voters?

Migrant labor dries up, threatening apple harvest

NE SC It's raining and supposed to get worse.

Never Thought Would Have A Candidate Who Would Make Bush Look Good.

Trump to build a wall around all teleprompters and then make them pay for it

A Catholic-Labor Revival?

Leaders question tax-exempt status of Greenville Health System properties

Senator Promoting Dakota Access Pipeline Invests In Bakken Oil Wells Named After Indian Tribe

WaPo Editorial: Trump doubles down on his illogical, un-American immigration plans

Can you please fix the problem

New Pennsylvania poll (PPP): Clinton 48 (+3) Trump 43 (+1)

Lawmakers can’t use campaign cash for their dry cleaning, House panel says

Clinton to Propose Penalties for ‘Unjustified’ Drug Price Hikes

Man charged with shooting corncobs at neighbor's home...

John McCain throws Trump under the bus; goes with the "blank check" argument.

Want to dial for Donald Trump? First, sign this legal form

France vows to dismantle 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Waiting for the nightmare

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Chicago set a record for homicides in Aug, but Chi murder rate was beaten by Milw

Republicans starting to go all Jesuitical

Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon to launch new drive for second referendum

Overreach? Clinton campaign says conservative group’s latest email release actually deals with ...

South Carolina pension fund deficit increased by $1.4 billion

Irish Government to appeal Apple ruling

Full-On Collapse In African Elephant Numbers - 30% Decline 2007 - 2014 In 15/18 Countries

'Like it's been nuked': Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes

Ailes on Tape: “I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago, & then..."

Apple tax: Irish cabinet to appeal EU Commission ruling

Payroll employment increases by 151,000 in August; unemployment rate unchanged at 4.9%

Storms Push Arctic Ice Into Race W. 2012 Lows; Polynyas Open w/i 10 Kilometers Of Pole

Mother Teresa's Canonization: Controversy Mars Nun's Work

I have a solution to outrageous RX drug prices

Nebraska Man Gets Probation for Burning Gay Couple’s Pride Flag in Front of Their Home

A Trump supporter and a pizza

Hospitals like Parkland could save 10 percent of unpaid care if Texas expands Medicaid, study finds

4 teen girls killed, 27 injured after van carrying migrants crashes near Texas-Mexico border

"This isn't 'rough' language or 'hard edged' rhetoric. It's hate speech."

Ok, here is my advice to HRC & her campaign team!

Why does Rasmussen reports continue to be treated...

Android forum?

"What the hell have I got to lose?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!


Keith Olbermann Asks: "It's been four hours. How is there not yet polling on this?"

Kansas misses August revenue estimates by about $10 million

First debate mod announced

Senator Tim Kaine to Give Major National Security Speech in Wilmington, North Carolina on Tuesday

Atlanta Botanical Garden's gun ban upheld by judge

CPD Announces 2016 Debate Moderators

Latino Trump Supporter Marco Gutierrez Warns Of Dark Future With ‘Taco Trucks On Every Corner’

RuPaul just gave the most politically pragmatic endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Child entertainers claim Trump campaign broke deal

Hillary Clinton Announces Aggressive New Plan to Respond to Unjustified Price Hikes for EpiPens

Quilted Northern Rustic Weave

You're running Gary Johnson ads

St. George's sex-abuse scandal: Report excoriates school for decades of unchecked abuse

the media this am....m$nbc...Hillary's unfavorables continue to hurt her....

AmeriPath Lab In Shelton Fined $152,000 For Safety Violations

NASA's Dawn Mission Spies Ice Volcanoes on Ceres

Jared Fogle Wants to Sue His Underage Victim's Parents

If you pivot often enough, you'll be spinning.

reposting: Hillary to be in QCA Monday - Hampton, Ill

One secret of Trump's low-cost campaign: Free Labor

reposting: Hillary to be in QCA Monday - Hampton, Ill

Hartford Ordered To Pay $6.25 Million To Displaced Tenants

So, which is it? Do we miss the days when one earner could support a family...

I'm voting for Tacos!

"Spoiled Attention Seeker" Colin Kaepernick Pledges $1 Million to Charity as Anthem Protest Spreads


How long do iPad air's battery last?? It seems like mine is losing it's power faster then before.

Harvard fund-raising drive reaches record $7 billion

Obama cleaned so much Bush crap, no wonder the GOP is mad.

Study shows how 'retreating to a resort' clears your stress and immune pathways

After AG probe, CVS adopts new opioid rules

More on deadbeat don the con

I, for one, welcome all the taco trucks. Immigrants bring us their cuisine.

Tim Kaine tells N.H. voters they have a clear choice

People of color sense danger in LePage’s words

Air Force investing $12B in F-15s

Bernie Sanders to campaign for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Monday

Study: Stoned driving not a crash risk

Advisory Panel Would Relax Rules for Co-Pilot Experience

Florida man arrested for theft of NYS pension benefits

Some new photos of the Siamese lynx point kitten...he's doing really well

2fer, COULTERgeist hated Comedy Central Roast & lied about "not knowing" (got paid to be there)

Willie Nelson - any early picker

Taco Trucks as part of the GOTV campaign

Full Speech: VP Joe Biden Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Parma, Ohio (September 1, 2016)

Katy Tur, on MSNBC, just reported that Trump's visit to the black church

Prince's band The Revolution played the iconic First Avenue last night

I can see an ad coming out this week....

Face it right wingers, dipshit donnie is just weak. He isn't strong in anyway.

In honor of that asshole Marco Gutierrez - give a shout out to your favorite Taco Truck!

The story of the only known lynching on a US military base

College student, presumed dead 12 years was kidnapped by North Korea

Ohio law meant to make abortions safer made them more dangerous, study finds

Kaepernick National Anthem Protest Continues As Other Players Join

Trump Taco Trucks...

Woman Who Helped Kill Keystone XL Battling New Pipeline Project

Trump DESTROYED By Mexican Prez, Who Told Him Mexico Won't Pay for Wall

EPIC: Donald Trump Thinks Hillary "Used Chemicals" to Delete Her Emails

Just as the 1st Pres. Clinton was sandwiched between two Bushes...

I just read a comment referring to Trump as the 'Political Kardashian'

Are we calling "Teflon Don" Drumph by his proper name? Here's a great cartoon, with factual support

NPR: 'Alien' Signal Source Reportedly Located (It Wasn't The Vulcans)

Pic Of The Moment: These Generals Have Never Endorsed A Political Candidate -- Until Now

WWII colorized photos

De Oppresso Liber - Letter to Colin Kaepernick from Nate Boyer.

When Hillary Clinton Is President, We Will Get To Eat SO MANY TACOS

BREAKING: 10 killed as blast rocks night market in Davao City

DRUMPF's "taco-truck-every-corner" self-hating Mexican-American Marco GUTIERREZ - a mess of a man

I'm really starting to like Massachusetts AG Maura Healey.

I'm issuing a challenge for someone to develop a Taco Truck/Pedal Pub combo

Breaking News!

VIDEO - Hillary Clinton Campaign Makes Devastating Web Ad From Trump Mexico 'Embarrassment'

Hillary Clinton Campaign Makes Devastating Web Ad From Trump Mexico 'Embarrassment'

America's enemies would love to see a "President Trump."

"Deportation Nation" Sen Kaine Nails Trump to the Wall

"This election is about looking in the mirror"

For the SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVES GROUP members..........

Now Joe Scarborough keeps saying the

Hillary will see endorsements from people we never thought would endorse anyone .

Cannabis reduces short-term motivation to work for money: study

North Florida/South Georgia DU'ers check in brother lost power due to Hermine

In praise of negative partisanship

Nate Boyer writes open letter to Colin Kaepernick

Just saying...

Steve Martin tweet: Things are lovely in Santa Barbara today.

Pronunciation madness

The Rude Pundit: Hillary Clinton Is Running for President, Too


Brock Turner Freed From Jail After Serving Half Of 6-Month Sentence

Did Donald Trump Use "Extreme Vetting" on Melania?

Anyone here done mindfulness-based cognitive therapy?(MBCT)

Obama Campaign's David Plouffe on The State Of The Presidential Race Right Now

I heard there was going to be a taco truck on every corner?

Arizona GOP Releases ‘Wanted’ Poster With Bullet Holes Around Democratic Candidate’s Face

Strongside/Weakside: Dak Prescott

"Washington tribes stand with Standing Rock Sioux against North Dakota oil pipeline"

9 weeks and 4 days and this election will be over. It's really not that long now.

The Revenge of Roger’s Angels

Hillary Clinton's new book underscores Democratic Party's leftward shift since 1992

Amid severe recession, unions and activists stage a Federal March in Argentina.

That's a lotta bull

Schultz and Kissinger to Endorse Clinton?

Florida after the hurricane...

I don't believe for a second that Trump doesn't want to win

Downballot Republicans Already Dumping Trump

BlueCross BlueShield urges Congress to protect ObamaCare insurer fund

Police Seize Two Perfect Privacy VPN Servers

Why Small Rural Counties Send More People to Prison (NY Times)

Photographs of some areas affected by the release of silicon tetrachloride at Chinese plants.

FBI releases Hillary Clinton email investigation documents

U.S. Bans Common Chemicals in Antibacterial Soaps

If the Clinton Foundation Closes, People Will Die

We've become a more divided nation and we must make a difficult decision

Green Party's Jill Stein Flies To Wrong Ohio City For Rally

Non-Violent Direct Action Stops Dakota Access Pipeline Construction

I am looking to buy a campaign t-shirt that says: "Taco Trucks 2016"

Anyone here have any close relatives, that have Alzheimers or dementia?

Media Matters Chief Aware of Fox Phone, Email Hacking Allegations

Colin Kaepernick uproar.

The Mexicans Are Coming, The Mexicans Are Coming!! New Trump/GOP Meme.

Next weekend Trump will attend a Nazi rally...

Trump's Disastrous Campaign is Hillary's Best Asset

FBI Releases Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Documents

Trumpets Should Be Committed To An Insane Asylum.

NEBRASKA Poll: Clinton 45 / Trump 42

Court Says Marijuana Users Too Violent To Own Guns, But Terrorists Still Can

Planned strike by junior doctors, your thoughts please

A response to a law that seems to keep changing every few days.

Rob Ninkovich suspended 4 games for banned substance

I'm bored. Post here some random, obscure fact that I might find interesting

Islam Karimov: Uzbekistan strongman's death confirmed

For any Hardening Lasting More than 4 Hours

Need to post this funny picture about Trump

But tacos have too many carbs!

Jill Stein delays rally after landing in wrong Ohio city

Doing Govt Like A Business Code For RETURN To Patronage & Cronyism.

@ScottAdamsSays Same paper, same day, same article. Different areas = different title

"If African Americans voted overwhelmingly Republican-they would have kept early voting"

Colin Powell emailed Hillary Clinton: “Be very careful. I got around it all by not saying much.”

One secret of Trump's low-cost campaign: free labor

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 2, 2016

Wow. A women in front of me at the pharmacy paid 20% on over $5,000 of prescriptions.

To those who have peddled all the lies...

The EPA Is Allowing Fossil Fuel Companies To Poison Our Drinking Water

Breaking.. FBI has just released it’s Critically Important Notes

Would Trump Threaten War To Get Mexico To Pay For The Wall?

WaPo -- yes there's a vast right-wing conspiracy, but it's Hillary's fault

Gonna grab a fist full of voter registration

At This Texas Theater, the Show Gets Rowdy and the Crowd Gets Messy

Putin's Pet

PEOPLE! Election Day 2016 falls on Taco Tuesday. Coincidence??? I think not!!

So Election Day will be the biggest Taco Tuesday ever!!!

Grown Adults Are Calling Blue Ivy Ugly On The Internet: This Is How Women Develop Self-Esteem Issues

I don't care if Hillary never holds another press conference

Just Once!

I just walked out to the corner and there was no taco truck.

A very tough choice for Republican down-ticket candidates.

more protected waters off coast of hawaii

Young Donald tRump and the Trolley Problem

MORE TACOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

non-disclosure agreements for freakin volunteers?

Surprise! Latinos For Trump Founder Is A Real Estate Scammer

Trump’s Campaign Staff Is Literally Filled With White Supremacists

I am getting so tired of the "Liberal" media

Technology can track an individual bullet back to the purchaser!

Taco trucks on every corner?

Hillary Clinton's Press Conference

The 5 Most Interesting New Allegations About Roger Ailes and Fox News

Donald Trump Meets With African-American Leaders in North Philadelphia

Stein flies to wrong city for

I keep hearing that we're going to get creamed in 2018 because Dems don't vote in midterms. Why?

How to Live a Meaningful Life Without Religion

Hillary likes tacos also........pic --and Robby Mook and Team Brooklyn...

He is such a good man.

(New Yorker) Introducing a New Series: Trump and the Truth

FDA Orders Antibacterials Removed From Consumer Soaps

The Great Fire of London Was Blamed on Religious Terrorism

Fox News Has the Worst Human Resources Standards in Human History (WOW!!!!)

Priest suspended after supporting Paramus Catholic coach fired over same-sex marriage

Man uses police 'most wanted' picture

Has anyone noticed a difference in FOX since Roger Ailes left ?


I would like my star membership to end on its expiration date.

God Will Kill You If You Don't Vote for Trump

Damn straight!

Honest question: how do you keep your cool about the election?

Inside the Eye of Tropical Flip-Flop Donald


Our liberal media ignores Trump's illegal campaign gift to go after the Clinton Foundation

That feeling you get when your Reagan-loving father-in-law says the Dems have to take the House --

Ex-NFL QB Jake Plummer's Pot Crusade

They're Baaacccckkkk!

Video games at work

GQ Inside the Federal Bureau of Way Too Many Guns

Trump/Putin poster

Early-onset spring models may indicate ‘nightmare’ for ag

The clockwork rise of Donald Trump and reorganization of American parties

Can melting of frozen methane explain rapid climate change 56 million years ago?

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 2, 2016 -- Star of the Month -Gene Hackman

Donald Trump is a danger to our freedoms and our country

AZ Democratic Party

Has the Press called Trump out on his lie that they never discussed the fact that Mexico

Taco Trucks? Got a favorite?

Student Claims He Is Way Too Smart For First Grade, And Soon His Teacher Sees Why…

Let's be clear

The national economic implications of a taco truck on every corner

Gallup: Life got better for pretty much everyone under Obama

On 538 why are HRC's odds going down?

Is this really from Trump????

Gary Johnson's Unfair, Expensive National Sales Tax

This Trump surrogate Boris what's his name pisses me off.

BREAKING: Live Action Beavis and Butthead!!!!!!!!

Chuck Toad. Useless waste of space or just incompetent ?

Actor Jon (Big Lebowski "Stay Away From My Lady Friend") Polito dead at 65

Trump's Immigration Ink Blot

Clinton Crushing Trump by 70-19 among Latino voters per Latino Decisions Poll

Talk of special session on LePage fizzles after bipartisan alliance breaks down

Eastern Michigan's field is black

Georgia judge rules no guns in Atlanta's flower garden

Life Lessons -Karma

How do we get rid of this plague of Taco Trucks

Wonkette on the Taco Truck guy: DO NOT THREATEN US WITH A GOOD TIME, SIR.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 3, 2016 -- The Essentials - Berlin Stories

♫ Another Friday Night ♫

Proof that tacos are a secret Muslim socialist conspiracy.

My Family’s Story in Georgetown’s Slave Past

But what if I want burritos

Our neighborhood offered a "First Responders Appreciation Day". Answer was 'unexpected'.

Chris Fucking Wallace!!??

Donald Trump’s “Foundation” is a sham: it has no employees, donates no money, and he steals from it

Wingsuit flying's most deadly summer leads to soul searching

Reuters weekly poll is out:Trump-39%-Clinton 39%

I did not know this: The National Anthem, in the 3rd verse, calls 4 the execution of black slaves

Oh dear, it seems they are unaware of such things as 'revolvers', 'reloading', 'files', or...

Trump and the Central Park Five

A taco truck on every corner!

Presidential & VP Debate Moderators are Named

South Carolina needlessly kills millions of bees by conducting Zika spraying at wrong time

Twitter Trump still feuding with Morning Joe..

US judge: Gov't can keep killing salmon-eating birds on the Columbia River

Tensions Deepen Between Donald Trump and R.N.C.

A Personal Note About Donald Trump’s Candidacy

US, China Expected to Join Climate Deal During Obama Visit

Am I missing something about taco trucks?

Is media bias helping Donald Trump? Coverage of the candidates' charities offers clues

Mark Cuban on Twitter: Read the entire fbi release. No wonder they released Friday of a holiday week

Example of Media Bias - Look at the Media Discussion of the Candidates Unfavorable Ratings

Just on MSNBC: HRC's new ad, catching fRump on his mexican wall lie: Awesome!

Jane Mayer - Roger Ailes, the Clintons, and the Scandals of the Scandalmongers - brilliant

SEC Football is here!