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Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day (aka Free Krispy Kreme Day)

America's Team beat the Potatoes with a drive at the end of the game

Volunteer!! Make phone calls!!

So - is there anything that Trump could say or do to alienate his supporters?

Toxic algae is in more than 40 California lakes, waterways

The Latest: Australia Expresses Regret for Syria Airstrike

GW Bush was worse than we thought he'd be

Trump's main surrogate is SUCH an excellent judge of character (lest we forget)

Drugmakers fought state opioid limits amid crisis

Interesting New Florida Poll Out Tomorrow Morning

Pence Says Cheney Is His Role Model

SF Chinatown Power Broker Rose Pak Dead At 68

Gary Johnson: ‘Just grateful nobody got hurt’

Macri administration orders 60,000 new bassinets for poor infants destroyed in Argentina.

RNC chair warns 2016 GOP candidates over Trump support

From NBC news! Trump calls former Defense Sec. Gates, a clown!

"I Survived the Zombie Apocalpse"

Uh Oh, Pence says he views Cheney as a role model for being VP

Washington’s family tree is biracial

Rebel monument is appropriately irrelevant (TX)

Kasich chief strategist takes Reince Priebus to task for his threat to penalize Kasich for no

Jeb Bush, Please Clap

Macri administration orders 60,000 new bassinets for poor infants destroyed in Argentina.

North Dakota fossils could be new species of ancient marine reptile

Anyone else have their iPhone suddenly go ape-shit crazy?


AP Exclusive: Deep-sea volcano a hotspot for mysterious life

I'm a little late to this party, but is anyone else a "Ghost" fan ?

Someone was busy last night

Anyone who cares about the future of this nation MUST vote for Hillary. No silly vote-wasting.

Sources: Police looking to talk to man seen on surveillance in both Chelsea explosion locations

President Obama isn't freaking out about the outcome of the Presidential Election...

What is Donald Trump Hiding?

Courtney B. Vance, in his Emmy acceptance speech...

Hillary is the only 2016 presidential candidate who isn't a clown

A few things to keep in mind about HRC

20th anniversary of Utah monument stirs strong emotions

"And Your Bird Can Sing"

Bird's Nest Mushroom

Donald Trump Is the Symptom of Our PTSD

Trump admitted the President was born in the US so they could blame Hillary

Rice Marching Owl Band Mocked Ken Starr (Sweet Revenge)

On the question "Who will defend the mentally ill from discrimination?" I WILL DEFEND US!

Something to wrap up a Sunday Night - 15k dominoes triple spiral

Kindred Spirits - The Choctaw-Irish Bond Lives On

I knew the Donald Trump photo with Little Miss Flint had a familiar vibe. Check it...

A stark reminder of priorities

If you're thinking of voting third party this fall, please reconsider.

As Trump rises in battleground states, Clinton moves to block his path to 270

Reince Priebus Falsely Claims Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Was ‘Definitely Involved’ In Birtherism

I don't like Chuck Todd!

In pics: Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica

In pics: Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica

Is the Hillary Campaign trying to win back OH and ensure Florida goes blue?

Attempts by Honduran authorities to silence outspoken journalists

Video shows same man near both Chelsea incident sites: Law enforcement sources

Clinton campaign registers voters at taco trucks

Police: Toddler shot dead at apartment complex in Tampa

Charmian Carr, Sound of Music's Liesl, Has Died

I'm on team Hillary, I've made no bones about that.

Congress Increasingly Concerned About Russian Election Meddling

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy, for her role in Veep, a few days after losing her father.

This sums up the Birtherism story

I was in a restaurant when an Amber Alert warning went out to everyone's cell phone...

Donald Trump Scorns TV Networks. For Once, They Return the Favor.

CNN Anchors Have Finally Had It With Donald Trump’s Lies - great video - CNN feels played

France bans plastic cups, plates and cutlery

If a cell phone is bad for men's "swimmers," how's it ok for ...

Obama video worth seeing!

3 years ago this week I put up several posts about my crossing the Atlantic on the SS United States

Family Dollar sued after Down Syndrome group ordered to leave store

A million drones to keep the driverless cars company.

'Fault in Our Stars' couple: Dalton Prager dies

Federal agents arrest 'several' people near Verrazano Bridge in possible connection to Chelsea bombi

Tell the F'ing Media to do their F'ing job!

Ex-Airman Gets 18 Months’ Probation In Toddler’s Death

Ex-Airman Gets 18 Months’ Probation In Toddler’s Death

Off Duty Cop in St. Cloud Mall stabbings, also a concealed carry instructor

The Only Thing Neoliberalism Brought to Brazil Was Economic and Social Inequality

Dear DU: In order to thwart my stalkers, I am changing my fundraiser.

I have seen Russ signs, Ron Johnson signs,

Anyone out there who knows one of those millennials who has one of those 'laissez faire' attitudes

When Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor..

Holocaust Survivors’ Needs Grow, and Aid Is Slow to Catch Up.

Why we must win: Her America vs His America

Little Miss Flint with Trump... Little Miss Flint with Obama

Reince Priebus to GOP jump in the deplorable basket NOW!

Ms Pacman for the Atari 7800 is a pretty great port

well done John Oliver

W.P. Kinsella rejected religion, academics and afterlife

Lawsuit accuses Arizona charter schools of teaching history with religious slant

Peru: Maxima Acuña and Partner Attacked by Mining Firm's Guards

Peru: Maxima Acuña and Partner Attacked by Mining Firm's Guards

Trump took the bait: Meeting Egyptian President who will be not allowed in US if he wins (0%)

Trump took the bait: Meeting Egyptian President who will be not allowed in US if he wins (0%)

Philippine bishops' head issues strong 'no' on restoring death penalty

A couple more

RIP C. Martin Croker. There'd be no Adult Swim without you.

Study: beer makes you sociable

5 arrested in connection with chelsea bombing

Entire Seattle HS Football Team Kneels During National Anthem

Device Detonated in New Jersey, 5 People Questioned in New York Bombing Investigation

Now that's funny!

Driverless taxis' human problem

Clinton Maintains Lead Over Trump Despite Health Scare

Tunisian remains found by British researchers prove 100,000-year human presence

If you ask me, Trump is going senile, if not already there. /nt

How Boys Suffer: The Boy Code and Toxic Masculinity

Under 18? No Watchy!

It is not ‘time to move on’ over Brexit: it’s time to fight

Tea party

Let's clean up the Lounge - no telling what we'll find

Martha Stewart scorches Donald Trump: He’s ‘totally unprepared’ to be president

On Solidarity with Standing Rock, Executive Clemency and the International Indigenous Struggle

Elections in Russia: Putin's party wins big while russian media reports massive election-fraud.

White Supremacist America: Trump and the “Return” of Right-Wing Hate Culture

Why I'm Proudly Voting FOR Hillary Clinton, Not Just AGAINST Donald Trump

Trump takes a hiding at the Emmys

Monsanto and Bayer: Why Food and Agriculture Just Took a Turn For The Worse

Sanitizing the 21st Century’s Worst War Crime

An absolutely ridiculous and depressing tale how Erdogan's Turkey deals with critics.

Shifting Cuban voters could be the difference in Florida

Shifting Cuban voters could be the difference in Florida

Kasich camp bashes Priebus, warns of national GOP 'wipeout'

Trump Actually Considers His White Supporters To Be "White Trash" On The Same Level As Minorities.

Daily Holidays September 19

Teacher Docks Pupil's Grade for Protesting Pledge of Allegiance

Groundhog Day Looms in Argentina as the IMF Returns

If you like Pentatonix, this is really good--they sing "Jolene" with Dolly herself:

Mark Cuban on Trump: "His ignorance on the issues scared the shit out of me."

Trump's new hotel offers everything he claims to hate (WaPo)

Six Myths About Climate Change that Liberals Rarely Question

why are Tucker Carlson & Cokie Roberts on NPR

***UPSHOT/Siena FL Poll Clinton 41, Trump 40 (4-way)***

Senators Introduce Resolution Calling for Health Care Public Option

Pence Wrote An Article Urging Employers Not to Hire Gay People

An Open Letter To Donald Trump From Moms In America

John Oliver is more of a Journalist than those backstage

As Polls Tighten, Clinton's Senate Allies Push Bernie's Public Option

‘Just grateful nobody got hurt’: Gary Johnson clueless 29 people were injured in NYC explosion

Wanted: Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28 year old male, is being sought in connection with the Chelsea bombing

Or, as Trump calls it, back when America was great

sometimes I am ashamed and embarrassed to be a human being

Thank me for my military service by voting for Hillary Clinton

Martha Stewart will not vote for fellow business mogul Trump-Instead, she will be voting for Clinton

CNN Breaking: Trump says there will be more terrorist attacks

Jan Brewer shamed for looking the other way while Trump promoted birther lies

POLL: Meme of the Week – September 19th

Brilliant & Spot On:

It's not every day you have the opportunity to tell a friend that "POTUS says hello"...

VP candidate Kaine stumping in Ames Monday

What If Donald Trump Were Covered Like Hillary Clinton?

CEOs Can Now Be Prosecuted Like War Criminals at the Hague

The Normalization of Evil in American Politics

Ford Motor CEO Says Trump Is Lying AGAIN! Company Is NOT Moving U.S. Operations To Mexico

At least 15 protesters arrested at Iowa pipeline work site

The difference between the two candidates!

White Voters Keep Trump’s Hopes Alive in Must-Win Florida

Trump: Racial profiling may be necessary

Juan Williams: Clinton spoke the truth on 'deplorables'

Juan Williams: Clinton spoke the truth on 'deplorables'

The truth about email at the State Department

Foreign-policy experts grow more hostile to Trump as N. Korea tests missiles

Birtherism was why so many Republicans liked Trump in the first place

The effect of Trump’s trade policies? Trade wars with China, Mexico that could cost US 4 million...

Obama says sexism could lead voters to back Trump over Clinton

What is the difference between Gen Disc. and Gen Disc. 2016? Thank you. nt

New Missouri gun law changes the rules, but some restrictions remain

Warren: Trump has incited his voters to kill people

Lawmakers enact tax breaks; Nixon slashes spending on schools, roads

Missouri voters will now get a say in voter ID, but law could still be challenged in court

Among Democrats, deep concern about Clinton’s Hispanic strategy

Sure, Trump has the momentum. But his prospects for 270 electoral votes are dim. - By Chris Cillizza

Spiro Agnew’s ghost lives on in the 2016 campaign - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Stein attacks Sanders

Joplin businessman faces $44.3 million in lawsuits

Jill Stein insists Trump is less dangerous than Clinton –and attacks Bernie Sanders as a DC insider

Jill Stein, age 66, claims Bernie, age 74, is in a different generation.

Alt-Right Seizes on Purported Manifesto to Blame Chelsea Bombing on ‘Crazed Leftist’

Monday Toon Roundup

Good! Joe Scarborough got holy hell this a.m. from EVERYBODY on his panel when he seemed to

Bellevue candidates set to face off again (A great D running for NE Senate needs some help)

Today's front page: Wisconsin voters resist both Trump, Clinton; Feds .Milw Journal Sentinel...

Roaches, expired veal stock and deadly mousse: Trump restaurants are infamous for ‘dirty dining’

ANIME NEWS: First Godzilla anime film gets green light for release in 2017

Either Edward Snowden Is Lying—or His Former Boss Is

Kasich issues f*ck you to GOP chair: Trump and Priebus responsible for ‘potential national wipeout’

For the record: Why did CPD Select 15 Percent as the Polling Threshold for Inclusion in the Debates?

Abe to meet Hillary Clinton in New York

Catholic Church's Top Exorcist Dies at 91; Priest Claimed to Send 160,000 Demons Back to Hell

Typhoon Malakas feared to directly hit Kyushu

Christie Crime Digest-Volume IV

Need a break from the election coverage but still crave a little politics?

At least 13 killed in Thai boat accident

What's going on with Amazon?

"Stand for our National Anthem . . . OR ELSE"??

When even Hong Kong’s super wealthy opt to rent, something is not right

"This American Life" did a great episode this last week about CURRENT school segregation:

Jill Stein: Trump may have 'memory problem'

Black Men For Bernie’ Leader Now Backs Trump

Heads up! Drones catch 30 drivers breaking the law on first day on the job


‘Sword lion’ mailboxes become tourist attraction

They love him because he's a jerk

The progressive case for Clinton? Overwhelming.

Don't ever shake hands with Sen Tillis!!! eee-yuuuu!!!

The One Word That Could Take Down Trump (DKos)

FOX "News" Poll:

FYI Hillary is on TV talking about the attacks nt

It's Not Just Birtherism: The Long List Of Trump's Dark Conspiracy-Mongering

Trump now in favor of poisoning puppies.

The Death of 'He Said, She Said' Journalism

NLRB to take testimony Monday in Greenbrier County

Just back from overseas.. and let me tell you.. there is some scary stuff out there

NLRB to take testimony Monday in Greenbrier County

NLRB to take testimony Monday in Greenbrier County

West Point on Lockdown Monday Morning

Gary Johnson Wants to Be President Because Fighting Terrorism is ‘Interesting and Challenging’

Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Break out the puffy shirt and arghh!

Clinton Presser right now on MSNBC ...

$12 hr joke by bush. Stein admires Putin. Our Country is lost.

Trump: "knock the hell out of them"

Trump Voters Don't Care. It Is About Revenge For 8 Years Of Obama.

Is the first of the debates scheduled for this week?

Concise advice for Hillary's campaign from a Bernie supporter.

Gary Johnson


Hoo boy! Here's a conspiracy theory for you - Hillary rallies are FAKE/green screen/ *shadows*

Geez, can't MSNBC find somebody better than Bernie Kerik to interview?

REMEMBER ME MATIES, IT BE "Talk like a Pirate" Day

Trump Suggests Arresting Magazine Publishers

On the radio so sharing here, Tchaikovsky by Cliburn

Most Voters Need to Broaden Their Focus on Issues

Hillary needs some surrogates with military/defense creds on the tv

Police, Military - Was Your Oath Sincere?

Who Was Otto Wels?

Saudi Arabia appears to be using U.S.-supplied white phosphorus in its war in Yemen

Why is the National Anthem played at sporting events anyway?

Clinton Losing Millennial Support Nationally and in Key States

Rahami's family had filed an unsuccessful lawsuit because their restaurant had received

Obama To Deliver Statement From New York at 11:30 A.M. ET

Is anyone investigating the Bondi payoff?

The Other Slavery - Indian Slavery in the Americas

NY, NJ Bombing Suspect Rahami in Custody After Shootout

Rahami (NY bombing suspect) now in custody

Per Twitter: Suspect in NY/NJ bombings captured

President Obama delivers statement on NY/NJ

Russia Vitaly Churkin response on Obama actions in Syria

Man learned photo craft in prison

Two common notions I find with military and former military

from Robert Reich

The Trump camp just falsely accused Clinton of accusing Trump of treason

Don't read if you plan on sleeping between now and November: Trump's First Term-

Springfield teen sent home from Kroger for wearing Kaepernick jersey

Hashtag Proposal: #HowDidHeKnow

Russian President Vladimir Putin Reportedly Planning Reforms to Effectively Resurrect KGB

I sincerely believe that if Trump wins, these terror/bombing attacks will increase

Captain Poopypants once again shows his 'courage..."

Jimmy Fallon on Trump Episode Criticism: I’m Never Mean to Guests

Wisconsin newspaper rips into Governor Walker after document leaks expose corruption

There are so many lies. Nothing but lies.

Trump can't win without the Latino vote.

Best of Jimmy Kimmel's Opening Monologue at The 2016 Emmys

14 Questions We Would Like to See Trump Attempt to Answer in the First Debate

Don't let Ivanka Trump fool u! Sec HC has led on childcare her whole career!

Tim Kaine & Anne Holton in Ames? Iowa State Univ. Sept 19 ..some pics....

So Trump just now (single handed) captured suspect

Pic Of The Moment: Mike Pence Reveals His VP Role Model

The race to regular folks..

Chris Christie Knew About Bridge Lane Closings as They Happened, Prosecutors Say

TRUMP is a COWARD..HE is afraid to release his INCOME TAXES..

Black holes belch fire after eating cosmic spaghetti, studies show.

'More guns in fewer hands': US study charts rise of hardcore super owners

Super PAC Save America from its Governments says "vote for Trump."


Trump’s moral tapeworm: Far beyond “deplorable”

At home with Donald and Melania Trump - Jus' reg'lar folk (Image Heavy)

Andrea Mitchell shows 5 seconds of Hillary's speech here in Philly...

Koch's targeting House race in ADAMS County, CO.

Carla Hayden Becomes First Woman and First African American Librarian of Congress

Carla Hayden Becomes First Woman and First African American Librarian of Congress

Trump is just the latest incarnation...

Carla Hayden Becomes First Woman and First African American Librarian of Congress

50 days to go. Don't miss Hillary live from @TempleUniv:

To any lurking Trump Trolls even after this terrorist arrest

So I turn MSNBC on for the first time in ages...

MSNBC would rather let us hear desk jockey and 'reporter' at Clinton speech, rather than Clinton.

Oh, how ever will we deal with this existential threat?

What are your plans if Trump wins?

Donald Trump’s Neocon Foreign Policy Adviso

WATCH: Fox News Host Gleefully Wishes For Terrorist Attack to Help Trump

Watch "Hillary Clinton press conference on NYC, NJ bombings" on YouTube

Lemony Snicket explains how Trump gets away with all his lies

Andrea Mitchell must have incredibility low ratings

Trump in a nutshell.

Who is the Wet Prince of Bel Air? Here are the likely culprits

We can lose this election because of the millennial generation

Hillary could wrap this election up by doing

Does anyone know why my pumpkin vines are dying?

After court threat, state of Michigan removed Flint's power to sue

Right-to-work amendment will be on ballot in Virginia this November

Georgia Monmouth Trump 45 Hillary 42, this can turn blue.

Omaha man sentenced to 90 to 100 years in prison for rapes

If I said half of the country were sniveling cowards, would you think I was talking about you?

Should Introductory History courses start at 50 years ago?

The Donald Bombings?

Patrick Murray of Monmouth University's polling unit drops some pro HRC hints

Hillary Clinton warns voters not to get 'distracted' by Trump's 'irresponsible, reckless rhetoric'

American Prospect:Campaign has descended into Madness

An Open Letter to Lester Holt, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper

Photo: Chairman Archambault ll arrived at the United Nation Organization, Geneva

E action: Punish “Cat-Hating” Teen Accused of Slamming Defenseless Animal Against Wall

E action: Punish “Cat-Hating” Teen Accused of Slamming Defenseless Animal Against Wall

E action: Punish “Cat-Hating” Teen Accused of Slamming Defenseless Animal Against Wall

If we're going to do this thing, let's go all the way

FULL SPEECH: Hillary Clinton Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (9/19/16)

Why some voters like Trump

Anyone remember this day

Near Canaan, Maine please look for a full size pickup either tan or gold with body damage.

Call. It. Out. Again, and again, and again, invariably and unwearyingly. CALL IT OUT!

How many people know that U.S. banks won't lend Trump a dime?

another babbling idiot parrots nonsense about drumph.

Fancy Bears Releases More...Nadal and Mo Farah in this batch...

Just three percent of adults own half of America’s guns

Bernie Sanders Brigade - California Volunteers Drop Off Emergency Supplies To Standing Rock

Conservative WaPo Columnist Mourns Death of Republican Party

Are there any inspirational Hillary ads on TV

Get on the media.

A Safe Space for Unsafe Spaces

Andrea Mitchell: “Hurray Donald: Screw Hillary”

Get on the media

Polls are lagging indicators (REDUX)

Please pin an info about how to contact the media

Testimony enters 4th day in Malheur occupation trial - #BundyTeaParty

PBS: Mike Papantonio Discusses ‘Law and Disorder’ and What Inspired the Legal Thriller

Nailed It:

Photo: Miigwech Rep. Raul Grijalva for being a steady champion of Native American peoples!

Hardware hack defeats iPhone passcode security

Browns reportedly will start rookie Cody Kessler at QB, Josh McCown out

Democrats Need To Start Telling People What They're Going To Do To Fix America!

At What Point Can We Blame Bush & Trump For This Violence?

TRUMP 2014:"Riots will make America great again"

Hillary Clinton addresses national security in Philadelphia

Great summary of Trump voters..

"Birtherism was never really about where Obama came from. It was about where he was allowed to go."

Enjoy the gifted and very oluolu Weldon Kekauoha at the Hawaii Theater! Over an hour of nahenahe

Mayor Of London To Deplorable Don:

Time to get tough or go home?

Dakota Pipeline - winter buildings being built, schools - now semi-permanent gathering -donate

"Conservatives will restrain Hitler's radicalism"

This is the oldest melody in existence – and it’s utterly enchanting

The Hill: Morning Joe

Clinton has a 1 point lead, 41-40, in the first NYT Upshot/Siena College poll of Florida

REVEALED: Joe Scarborough recently met with Trump to ‘rekindle’ their bromance

Scarborough and Mika visited Trump last week in the hopes of repairing their relationship

Monmouth U Poll: Georgia continues to be a toss-up

HP printers start rejecting budget ink cartridges

Michigan stops Flint from sueing Snyder

Der Spiegal Cover with Trump and the word WAHNSINN meaning "MADNESS"

So the latest bombing lunatic is a member of a family from Afghanistan

who are the real "elitists"?

Poll: Katie McGinty 43, Pat Toomey 38 in Pa. Senate race

Could this be a early October Surprise?

Meet Aleatha, Hillary's pen pal.

Man’s Faith Completely Undone Due to Flying Spaghetti Monster Argument

Corporate Media Is Dangerously Skewed In Favor Of Trump

St. Cloud, Minnesota Police Chief reminds Trump/Fox News of true American values

Any Tropico 5 fans here

Robert Reich's Excellent Adventure With Trump Supporter:

Americans are not scared out of their wits to the point that they will elect

Message to Millennials


Antibiotic resistance in people and animals may push millions into poverty: World Bank

Quiz: How much do you know about women’s rights in America?

Pence says Clinton has had "private" security for decades. She's had same Secret Service that protec

Online ‘sextortion’ against children growing, feds urge back-to-school awareness

D.I. is like a PACK OF WOLVES!

A 'graveyard' of refugees' lifejackets has been placed outside the Houses of Parliament

Where in the world is Meredith McIver? Have you seen this woman?

Just saw on CBSN (streaming) that Erin Brockovich is back where she started, at

Donald Trump Suggests ‘Freedom Of Expression’ Is Hurting Fight Against Terrorism

Trump rally in Florida has a sailor with Trump sign standing behind him

My concern

I just bought the ingredients to create a Blue Apron Meal. Here's the tally...

Funny how Trump fans didn't take up "Poorly Educated" as a badge of honor like they did Deplorables.

Islamophobe Disappointed Manhunt Over Before He Even Had Chance To Indiscriminately Vilify All Musli

The Real Ed Snowden Is a Patsy, a Fraud and a Kremlin-Controlled Pawn

Donald Trump Jr. coming to town to discuss issues affecting sportsmen

Tulsa police release footage of officer killing unarmed black man with car trouble

Anyone following the World Cup of Hockey?

A little lower.... lower...

Toxin may raise durum wheat price despite huge North American crop

Looking Back on Liberal, the Midwest's Failed Atheist Utopia

Everything Hillary does hurts her chances

Aaarggghhh! Just needed to vent.

From Prison, Phoenix Goddess Temple Founder Vows to Keep Fighting for Religious Freedom

Ahmad Rahami: Fixture in Family’s Business and, Lately, a ‘Completely Different Person’

Only Fox is carrying Trump live. MSNBC dropped Trump after about 5 minutes. CNN didn't take him at a

New NCR series delves into questions of peace

An Open Letter To Donald Trump From Moms In America

Letter From Former Government Officials (more than 50) Urges Trump to Detail Foreign Dealings

TSA Lines May Return In October Without Better Government Funding

Note: DJT has Secret Service protection too.

Dog raised by cats.

A toddler survived cancer. Then her father beat her to death, burned her and tossed her in a creek.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 19, 2016

Anybody sick and tired of Andrea Mitchell?

Inside Google's Internet Justice League and its AI-Powered War on Trolls

Lester Holt is already rigging the first debate for Trump.

Chance the Rapper, NAACP to Register Voters at Upcoming Shows

Christie comes full circle

Trump Tax Plan May Cost $1.5 Trillion More Than He Says

Interesting! The NY bombing suspect is a US citizen

RNC Chair To GOP: Support Trump Or Feel My Wrath!

Trump and Clinton react very differently to terror incidents. That tells us how they’d act...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Unarmed Black Man Fatally Shot by White Police Officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Police Accidentally Record Themselves Conspiring to Fabricate Criminal Charges Against Protester

Colombia’s peace vote campaign turns violent: 13 assassinated since ceasefire

Just a reminder right wing terrorists can be "domestic" european descent

Loras College Poll of IL: HRC 43% Trump 30%

Death Merchants

Bridgegate Prosecutors: Wildstein To Testify He Told Christie Of Lane Closings

Colombia’s armed conflict for some also a family affair

Colombia’s armed conflict for some also a family affair

Clinton: Trump’s Rhetoric Gives Aid and Comfort to Our Enemies

Donald Trump Has Secret Plan to Destroy ISIS by Using Profanity - By Jonathan Chait

Report: Trump Received $885 Million in Tax Breaks for His New York Empire

Santos travels to US to present Colombia peace deal at UN and meet with Obama

An Inmate Died Of Thirst In Milwaukee County Jail, Run By Loudly Pro-Trump Sheriff David A. Clarke

Report: Trump would name oil billionaire to lead government agency overseeing National Parks

Internet hammers ‘exploitative scumbag’ Donald Trump for capitalizing on New York bombing

More than 800 immigrants mistakenly granted citizenship

Which historical era does the Trump candidacy presage a repeat of ... or is it both?

"Because Facts Matter"

Halperin just said Hillary is underperforming

Mark Halperin just said Clinton should be talking about Climate Change

Donald Trump On New York Bombing: ‘I Called It Before The News’

Trump’s tax plan penalizes single parents

Aster blossoms will draw butterflies

Nana Clinton

WATCH: Minnesota police chief shames Fox News after they try goading him to bash Somali immigrants

Not sure how this one flew under the radar.

There is no equivalence between the two candidates-Robert Reich

This is why we don't need to let fear overtake us as a nation

Republicans are brainstorming behind closed doors...

Why is it?

It's not just the media giving Trump unnecessary attention...

Huge Audience Expected for First Debate

Sign Petition to Prosecute Teen Who Killed a Cat by Throwing Her Against a Wall

The MSM doesn't know how to cover multiple stories

A quick question to Quebec Canadians about the debate

A quick question to Quebec Canadians about the debate

Trump Campaign Spooked by Charity Probe

Trump disagrees with Maureen Dowd about inciting violence, says it adds excitement at his rallies.

Clashes and Fires on Lesvos as Refugees Demand to Leave Moria

Trump Deletes Tweet Hitting Obama, Clinton Over Weekend Attacks

Google reports Hillary interrupted more than Trump.

Suspect in N.Y., N.J. bombings in custody after shootout; ‘no indication’ of terror cell

Trump is being out organized on the ground in battle ground states even some red states

Some good news - Acidity levels in atmosphere is down

The GOP died this weekend - By Jennifer Rubin

"Looks like one bad dude"

Luckovich Toon - How to Hurt America

Childhood photo of Trump and Pence

from the lounge!

Donald Trump basks in glory of being right about NYC bomb: ‘I should be a newscaster’

Rep. Derek Kilmer speaks on House Floor in Support of Standing Rock Protest

Joe and Mika are back to fluffing Trump.

Cross post

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sarcastic Trump

How desperate is North Carolina's Governor Pat McCrory?

Mayor Rudy coming up on Tweety pacific coast time

Congressman ripped on social media for using NYC bomb arrest to take a shot at Kaepernick

The asshole is so stupid

Why Hillary Will Win

Photographer who took snap of boy standing up to anti-gay protestors has received death threats

Photographer who took snap of boy standing up to anti-gay protestors has received death threats

It pains me that any media outlet still gives Ghooliani any respect.

Trump Bemoans Bombing Suspect Getting Hospital Care, Lawyer

Your honor, with all due respect: if you're going to try my case for me, I wish you wouldn't lose it

KING: Can African-Americans get a little of that Ahmad Khan Rahami treatment?

fear and loathing of Milennials

Trump Claims Terrorists Are 'Hoping And Praying' Clinton Gets Elected

Donate $10 to Hillary Clinton tonight!

New Nationwide poll of Latinos: HRC: 71% Trump: 18%

Missouri Senate race unique in complex national cross-currents of 2016

Procrastinating. I do it well.

How to Revive Your Day by Taking a Bath in Onsen

Paraguay Campesinos March Against Conservative President

Finland, Home of the $103,000 Speeding Ticket

'Kung Fu' Nuns - Bike to oppose human trafficking

1st week of Latino Decision tracking poll and it ain't good for Trump and republicans

Trump Ends Racism

Don't waste time arguing with Trump supporters.

Indian Givers - Neil Young

Should Animals be Doing More for the Animal Rights Movement?

Right-wing blogger loses federal court appeal over harassment of Muslim women

As for one day..

Sanders: Is the Justice Department probing Wells Fargo?

New York Tough

A great article from the Atlantic on debate strategy, very informative.

US airstrike kills at least seven Afghan police officers in Uruzgan

A Facebook First for New York Philharmonic: Streaming Its 175th Anniversary Opener

A Facebook First for New York Philharmonic: Streaming Its 175th Anniversary Opener

Caption this: Bernie and 'Talk like a Pirate Day'

That moron Maureen Dowd saying that Hillary is "reinventing heself" after the pneumonia

11 Ways Trump Would Destroy the America We Know

UC Berkeley reinstates class on Palestine following outcry over its suspension

Sunday News Shows Omit Coverage Of Trump Foundation Investigation, Conflicts Of Interest