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Ex-Illinois lawmaker was bilked by Philippine extortion ring: police

May we please stop with the implied eight dimensional chess Donald Trump references.

U.S. removes defunct Saudi-linked American charity from blacklist

U.S. removes defunct Saudi-linked American charity from blacklist


Trump: We should take guns away from Clinton's bodyguards and 'see what happens to her'

Nigeria's Buhari admits to plagiarizing line from Obama speech

The "disarm" comment is a standard RW talking point and FB meme

Calculate here how much you will save under Hillary's college plan:

Newsweek Editor Claims ‘Zionist Cry Babies’ Have No Ties to Israel in Twitter Rant

The worst part of the birther controversy was that a huge swath of americans did not get

Listen to the Chihuahuas face the Dodgers for what may be the PCL championship:

Obama enlists Republican Kasich to push for TPP trade deal

This is the 2nd time, Trump has mentioned guns and Hillary in the same content!

...because he's a straight talker.....

Acclaimed playwright Edward Albee dies at 88

A New Map for Relationships: Creating True Love at Home and Peace on the Planet

Pipeline leak in Alabama causes pump pain across Southeast

Augusta driver's bureau employee accused of fraud and bribery

Ain't it the truth.....

Bernie is on Chris Hayes right now

CNN Anchors Have Finally Had It With Donald Trump’s Lies

Navajo Artist Creates 'Make America Native Again' Hats to Critique Donald Trump's Campaign Slogan

This Guy Hunts Down Pedophiles and Beats Them With a Hammer

THIS is quite possibly the most horrifying meme that I have ever seen posted on social media...

did you know they've been holding email hearings this week?


Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Bentley’s Luxury Hotel and Conference Center

Trump In Chaos As His Own Campaign Just Proved Clinton Didn’t Start Birther Conspiracy

Who can come up with the best slogan for Trump's new hotel?

RIP Edawrd Albee

University of Alabama student held on $1.5 million bond for Fentanyl trafficking

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Back in the Saddle Again! Live, Uncensored &

You complete me.

Mike Hubbard's motion for new trial denied; Baxley turns to appeals court

Mark Cuban offers Donald Trump $10 million to talk policy for four hours

Don Lemon on an hour early tonight, talking about the GUNS!

Alabama Medicaid Agency to contest $96 million in federal audit findings

"Some/One", by Do-Ho Suh

What Happens In A Libertarian World? (w/Guest: Austin Peterson)

Alabama state employees to see no increase in insurance costs next year

Florida man found guilty of attempting to murder George Zimmerman: report

Trump simply lies about everything. When will the media stop letting him get away with it?

Advancing Lithium-air Batteries with Development of Novel Catalyst

In fairness, a basket for his commendables (non-deplorables):

I am so tired of Satan's candidate. Let's hear some good stuff about our candidate, Hillary Clinton!

A debate response about Birtherism

Trump Vows to Undo Eased Cuba Relations Unless His Demands Met

It is Friday afterall and the NRA just shored up $15 mill ad money. Trump's new anti-abortion team

'Turf war' pits Tennessee doctors against nurse practitioners

Rachel is doing a great job of putting things into perspective

Deer at the feeder.

Memphis Planned Parenthood Plans to Build New Health Center

Leave It To Trump To Split A Catholic-Evangelical Bloc That's Generations Old

Cable News Silent as Two States Declare Emergency After Pipeline Spill

Five miles high sunset

Hotel policies and amenities available at the new Trump Washington DC hotel.

Just purchased two Hillary coffee mugs.

Murfreesboro man charged in assassination plot against two members of Congress

Breaking News: Donald Trump admits that Hawaii is part of the United States.

How to Fight Extremism with Atheism

Mississippi hospice owner ordered to pay $5M restitution

If instead of Gabby Giffords...

Trump would undo Obama's Cuba moves unless religious freedom allowed

Attorney seeks to revive lawsuit against Mississippi flag

Can't wait to hear what Lawrence says about today's trainwreck; TLW is starting soon!

Suspicious package at federal courthouse in Hattiesburg under investigation

T-rump and Pepe

Fun Lightening Round With Model Kaila Yu

Somebody sat on Roadkill.

Real time with Bill Maher viewing thread

NY Magazine Explains Why “Donald Trump’s New Anti-Abortion Letter Should Terrify You”

I think Donald Trump should get off all media.

Bill Moyers re: LBJ

Laughing With Hitler

What Trump's birther comments really meant

CL: Lifted

Naruto Shippuuden NC OP 03

Suggestion for the news media

Same bullying fuck you attitude, we will get out....2nd time..

What does Trump's Immigration Policy Actually Look Like?

What was Hillary doing today while the Don got all the attention?

Tarleton State is #1

September Photo Contest

Texas high-speed rail project faces fight over eminent domain

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 18 - Two Tammies

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-13-16

Student's grades lowered for sitting during Pledge of Allegiance

Here is why people are frightened and unhinged about Trump's thinly veiled threats

Florida Schools Are Forcing Students To Stand During National Anthem

TCM Schedule for Monday September 19 - Featuring the Gettysburg Address

HELL, why can't Joy Reid moderate ALL the debates?

AOA (ACE OF ANGELS) good luck Japan

The Media Finally Cracks Down on Trump

I sure get tired of people saying that Americans want a "change" candidate -- about this!

We will win!

Omaha group looks to intervene in Nebraska's suit over federal transgender directive

World War 3

this good reason

Waianae man charged with threatening to kill Hawaii members of Congress

Hi dere!

In a tense election year, Laura Bush picks an interesting ally: Michelle Obama

This hurts

A Few Deep Breaths

No, MSM, Clinton Supporters did NOT start birtherism, it was started by GOPer Andy Martin.

Help! Desparate for Unlocking an Ipad when I forgot my password

Apparently Dr Oz edited out the commentary about Trump saying he kissed Ivanka as much as possible

Why is the media so upset? They created "it"

trump wears a stupid hat and i bet it is made in China

Republican Andy Martin started birtherism, not Hillary or her supporters.

Lawrence O'Donnell has been on fire lately - Trump dumps birtherism

Argentina marks 40th anniversary of 'Night of the Pencils' disappearance of eleven high schoolers.

Latest on Trump Rape Case

Latest on Trump Rape Case

Michelle Obama's Full Campaign Rally for Hillary Clinton (George Mason University)

How Pepe the Frog Became a Nazi Trump Supporter and Alt-Right Symbol *A MUST READ* IMO

Despite relentless Obama criticism, settlements grew as much in his years as in Bush’s

Donald Trump Jr. says media would be ‘warming up the gas chamber’ if Trump lied like Clinton

Bundy Trial: Ammon Bundy's Facebook feed has convicted him

The Media Owes An Apology To The Electorate - Today!

White Nationalist: Trump's online support has been crucial in mainstreaming hate.

Stop watching idiots like jimmy fallon - unforgiveable not asking trump about


Yesterday Somebody Here On DU Called The Trump Campaign A Circus.....

The After-Scam

Reuters 50 state poll: They predict, with a high degree of confidence, Trump wins... Vermont

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Gregory Meeks: this is the most consequential Presidential election

NEW RULE: Maher - Bring Civility Back to Politics | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Chinese man blames Tesla autopilot function for son's crash

The media should ask Donald when he became convinced Obama was born in the USA

Charles Blow said that Trump should apologize for his birther

"Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?"

What is Trump's criminal exposure for giving Scott Walker a check for Wisconsin Club for Growth?

Uploading photos and other images in Facebook private messages

The Birther issue is here to stay for the duration.

Where the hell is Susan Sarandon?

Right winger James Woods thinks Kaepernick does not have

So...have the "birthers" started turning against Drumpf yet?

Two Former Executives of Foreign Defense Contractor Charged in Expanding Fraud and Corruption Probe

Government Damages Trail of Tears

Dismissal of Trump Rape Case

Legislators to Attorney General Jeff Landry and Gov. John Bel Edwards: 'Do your job'

Louisiana will borrow up to $400M in short-term loans to shore up budget

This Motown Singer Turned His Wild Mustang Ranch Into a Summer Camp for Baltimore Kids

I am ready to make nice.

A white police chief rants on Facebook, and a Louisiana town hears echoes of its racist past

Louisiana’s cost to respond to flooding could reach $81M

Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's long history of lies

Hi from the UK

Daily Holidays September 17

On Sept 17, 2008

Arkansas governor: Use tobacco settlement funds for disabled programs

an interesting vid

Panel endorses Arkansas insurance marketplace fee plan

Rat smell lingers in Arkansas governor's mansion

Grizzlies observed in open country west of Dutton

Public Service Announcement. Wednesday I found a post on FB about a long-time dear friend

Benefit cuts never mentioned in Oklahoma workers' comp arguments

Weekly Address: It’s Time for Republicans in Congress To Do Their Jobs

How dumb is the US media? They keep falling for the Trump con game.

OMFG! I awakened thinking that I long for the days

Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine to make Oklahoma stop for fundraiser

Trump-Biased LA Times poll shows Clinton gaining, Trump falling

Trump tweets "Donald Trump’s birther event is the greatest trick he’s ever pulled"

Can an election, as our Presidential election, ever be declared null and void?

Matt Taibbi: Stop Whining About 'False Balance'

Donald Trump’s Latest Birther Lie - By The Editorial Board of the New York Times

Mayors’ meeting illuminates New Mexico’s financial struggles

What's Next for John Kerry?

Recording in UNM rape case released

A white police chief rants on Facebook, and a Louisiana town hears echoes of its racist past

Oklahoma’s first new abortion clinic in 40 years opens doors

John Lewis spent 15 years fighting for the museum — now the dream is realized

CNN host Don Lemon says LA Times poll not up to the network's standards. MSNBC should follow suit!

Sweet story told by Aleatha Williams about writing Hillary at eight; and a promise remembered/kept

Report finds 7 more unqualified school administrators received state licenses

Either Edward Snowden Is Lying—or His Former Boss Is

Huff Po's 20 Funniest tweets from Women This Week

APNewsBreak: Docs detail government damage of Trail of Tears

APNewsBreak: Docs detail government damage of Trail of Tears

Polls are lagging indicators. Better to follow the betting markets.

Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly call for Trump to apologize over his gun comment regarding Clinton:

Charles Blow: Trump ‘became the grand wizard of birtherism — that is simply a fact’

After key donations, GOP tried to keep poisoned kids from suing lead makers

Bernie Sanders stumps for Katie McGinty | WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

Trump is the hypocrite, I know no big surprise... but

Trump lays the groundwork to back out of the debates: “I don’t think Anderson Cooper should be a...

Democracy Now - The Latest on Scott Walker & John Doe 2

Bernie Sanders stumps for Katie McGinty | WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

WSJ: 5 Years of Trump's Birther Statements

Quick hint to see how your candidate is doing.

A party run by a stupid, narcissistic, violent clown who fantasizes about his rival's assassination

I'm a little confused by Trump's 30 minute hotel infomercial yesterday

Can you tell when the LA Times panel selected the pro-Trump black voter portions of their panel

Republicans are practicing "willful ignorance"..

My potential dinner with Trump.

Just a reminder to say "Valerie Plame" each and EVERY

If you picked Wednesday, Sept 14 in the Texas Campus Carry betting pool, you're a winner!

The Fall Out

HA ! Trump promised to donate $5mm if assured Obama born here ! Time to pay up !!

Hillary Clinton Gets Stuff Done the Midwestern Way

NC governor has reached the bargaining stage.

Seven Reasons The Media Shouldn’t Let Trump Move On From Birtherism

When is Paul Ryan going to renounce Trump? House and Senate should censure Trump.

Trump can't remember his own lies, or more likely he is sociopathic:

If you haven’t heard already, Donald Glover’s 'Atlanta' is the best new show this Fall.

Cartoon: Comparing Medals

how many people are losing sleep over the thought of Trump winning?

CHRIS HAYES 9/16/16 One-on-one with Bernie Sanders

Dan Rather on the importance of the press getting a spine

I hope Lester Holt asks Drumpf about his calls to his deplorable minions to physcally harm Hillary.

Weekend Toon Roundup

Unlike Trump, Sheriff Arpaio not ready to conclude Obama born in U.S.

Dead Bird in Republicans new DC hotel spells doom.

What did they expect?

Missouri: The Shoot-Me State

AM Joy just starting

Trump: "We wouldn't want nothing shouldn't happen to Hillary, believe me."

Joy Reid AM...

Fox's Shep Smith Excoriates Trump’s Past And Present Birther Lies

Was yesterday the first time ever that Don the Con called Obama

Trump has reliable tells for when he's lying.

Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Donald Trump for President

"Merger would create the largest fertilizer producer in the world". "I thought Trump was"

If I had a helicopter

An honest question about the polls since Trumplestiltskin went off the rails yesterday

Rhetorical and informational question...

Fall of an Empire

Hank Williams was born on this date.

Maggot Jr, just lke good ole maggot sr.

Brother Jack McDuff was born on this date.

Trump vowed to release his taxes, if he ran for office, back in 2014

Say it ain't so Nate....538 Poll

who is going or went to fighting bob today

Birtherism explained:

Doyle's new record is worth a listen

MSM is really starting to bring me down

Hillary Clinton riffs on Republicans telling her to smile more

NEVER MET HER---"The sequel will be even more offensive"--*Trigger Warning*

And they say the wheel was man's greatest invention!

Hillary Clinton's Pneumonia Seems to Have Helped Her

Confirming Big Pharma Fears, Study Suggests Medical Marijuana Laws Decrease Opioid Use

I love it

Kudos to NYT for calling Trump a liar on front page

Wacko Anti-Vaxxers Blame Microcephaly on Vaccines,

Hillary Clinton: ‘Black Girl Magic Is Real’


East Coast faces gas shortages, Six states declare state of Emergency

A nuclear threat to heart patients? U-M experts show impact from shortage of radioactive stress tes…

Woman overdosing on drugs crashes with 2-year-old in car

Elizabeth Warren Demands Answers About DOJ’s Lack of Wall Street Prosecutions

Furious Trump lashes out at his critics on CNN: They’re ‘mostly losers in life!’

Just checking in here to see if I'm panicking enough

Samantha Bee on the media's failures (NSFW language)

Go Temple!

Trump Insinuating Assassination: Will The Third Time Be The Charm ... or The Harm?

The Insane fascist, racist world of Donald Trump and the Republican party

Next week, debate moderator needs to confront Deplorable Don on his assassinate Hillary comments.

Which Nashville-Area Gas Stations Are Out of Fuel?

New alt-right lie? The Wells Fargo fraud caused by Hillary

Is anybody planning to go see the film Snowden?

Survey Reveals Projections for Lower Wind Energy Costs

Seattle's Garfield HS football team kneels during national anthem

Term Limits

Jungle Book poll no. 1. The voice of Kaa -- Who did it best?

Not advocating this. But just keeping thinking

Jungle Book poll #2 - Baghera's voice - Who did it best?

Here's the thing: As long as trump focuses on Obama, he's not staying on the message

ashamed that I hadn't picked up on this before Joy

The Jungle Book poll no. 3 -- Baloo's voice - Who did it best?

How do you like me now.

My new word: TrumpCo.Con

The Jungle Book Poll No. 4 - King Louie's voice - who did it best?

France: Three Algerian men arrested after they gang rape a woman near the Eiffel Tower

Jungle Book poll - the last - Voice of Shere Khan- Who did it best?

Too fabulous for you!

Snippy Ivanka Trump Bolts From Hard Hitting Cosmo Interview To Be Anywhere Else At All

Snippy Ivanka Trump Bolts From Hard Hitting Cosmo Interview To Be Anywhere Else At All

IMO, Obama should run for the Senate in 2018 or for DC House seat. .

Bannon site - Nope, no racism here

Anthropologist Jane Goodall: Trump’s debate style reminds me of ‘dominance rituals’ of chimps

Rooting against Tom Brady today.

Mayor of Atlanta, Ga. explains why he supports TPP, 9/16/16 White House presser /with questions.

Does anyone remember Trump, in one of his tirades last week, using the word "perform" when

Republican voters are 35 years too late.

maggot jr on ties to Russia

Donald Trump was forced by his "team" to declare Obama born in America (IMO)

Trump gets caught in another lie, this time about a colonoscopy

Russian Boris on Fox claiming Trump donated "hundreds of millions" to charity

ITT Educational Services files for bankruptcy to start liquidation

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Donald Trump, Birther, Election 2016, and the Truth

Device Explodes at Marine Race on Jersey Shore: Police

Is listening to a book ‘cheating?’

Venezuela summit draws few leaders in blow to Maduro

Is listening to a book ‘cheating?’

Venezuela summit draws few leaders in blow to Maduro

Robert Gates: ‘Mr. Trump Is Beyond Repair’

Today - Alabama at Ole Miss, 2:30 Alabama Time, CBS

A $1 Trillion Lie

Israel's Iron Dome shoots down two 'projectiles' fired from Syria: army

Lets push for a new law.

Disturbing implications

Sadly, half of the US population is below average in intelligence.

Looking for videocard for older desktop

It's Pumpkin Time!!! Woo Hoo!!1

Nanjing's Porcelain Tower: Ancient 'world wonder' brought back to life

Pissed off.

Protests in Germany against transatlantic TTIP and CETA trade deals

Dem Senator To Trump: If Someone Kills Clinton The Blood Is 'On Your Hands'

The Republican Party has an empty bench, and couldn't field a POTUS candidate this year.

Small Town Values

Your feel-good 3rd-party vote could cost you the supreme court, for decades

Rose Mofford, first woman to serve as Arizona governor, has died at 94

This is unprecedented. Do ANY of you remember EVER

Rose Mofford (D), first woman to serve as Arizona governor, has died at 94

Paul Krugman: A Lie Too Far?

Meet Andy MARTIN, the originator of Birtherism (dating from 2004)

Rachel Maddow Gives Master Class on Pepe The Frog And Donald Trump's Alt (Racist) Right Support

I wonder what jefferson would say about the media these days, maybe change his mind?

W.P. Kinsella, ‘Shoeless Joe’ novelist who inspired ‘Field of Dreams,’ dies at 81

Trump is going on Twitter rants right now

Trump Plays The Media

Hillary volunteer knocked on my door today

Since I'm not willing to do it...

LA Moves Toward All Renewable Energy

36 years ago,,

My best friend wants to volunteer driving voters to the polls in N.C., he has other volunteers too.

Crossposted from GD2016: My friend wants to give N.C. voters rides to the polls.

The Latest: Syrian Military Says US Struck Its Base

The top 10 shocking problems with clickbait...

NICE: Missouri Democrat Jason Kander’s take on guns By Tim Nudd

All these earnest folks asking for apologies don't understand it is 2016

Are authorities paying ANY attention??

Come on Dump! Tweet NOW that you KNOW who placed the pipe bombs in New Jersey!

Neil Young protests Dakota pipeline with "Indian Givers"

yikes--drumpfy will be polluting my community again tonight.

Next May I want the same outrage at

Did This Missouri Democrat Just Make the Best Campaign Ad of the 2016 Election?

Trump is using a TelePrompTer and it's helping him a whole lot...

What are your predictions for what Trump will do in the debates?

Well I Guess The MSM Wasn't Too Rickrolled By Trump Yesterday To Ignore Him Going Forward....

If you are watching Mango in Houston, tell me he doesn't sound drugged.

Tulalips support Standing Rock Sioux protesting oil pipeline

Even when Don the Con is dead

NY Times: Trump, Grand Wizard of Birtherism

Nytimes: Don the con built his empire with $885 Million Tax breaks

Secretary of State candidate wants county to add ballot boxes

No really -- Penn State honors Joe Paterno's 50th anniversary

Donald Trump unveils plan to make abortion illegal again

Radiohead - "airbag" - Later with Jools Holland

The Difference Between Rationality and Intelligence

Keith Olbermann, Trump and the movies...

Donald Trump is on TV right now, and it looks like he is *ON* something

This Special FX Team Hoaxes Paranormal Activity at Haunted Locations, and Business is Booming

What was your favorite cereal as a kid?

A message from sane Americans to the rest of the world

If You Tell A Lie Long Enough...

just so we have a clear picture of what a trump win would actually mean:

Biden offers words of consolation at memorial for Takai

SPECIAL: US elections and the media: How did we get here?

Krugman: A Lie Too Far?

Great Expectations

Egypt Freezes Assets of Leading Rights Campaigners

IMO This election boils down to one thing.

Dallas Police sergeant files federal lawsuit accusing Black Lives Matter leaders of inciting anti...

Dallas Police sergeant files federal lawsuit accusing Black Lives Matter leaders of inciting anti...

Van Halen -Unreleased- Maybe We Went Too Far - With Patty Smyth

"Meet the trailblazing Native American leading a surge in voter activism"

Elizabeth Warren for Hillary LIVE now in OH. See here:

TTIP protesters take to streets across Germany

"We didn't tackle well today, but we made up for it by not blocking." - Jimbo Fisher

Warrants issued for frat members following death at Texas A&M fraternity

Did anyone see Trump today and do you think he was......

University of Kentucky journalism staff criticizes school president

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Says Trump Is ‘Beyond Repair’

Wyoming lawmaker says women earn less because they're less reliable

Austin IRS facility to close; union says 2,400 jobs at stake

Accreditation debated in University of Louisville lawsuit

When an Inuit Spotted This Polar Bear Struggling for its Life, Locals Rushed to Try and Save it

Bevin's bloodshed remark stirs impeachment call

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 17, 2016

Has anyone seen Tiffany Trump since the Cleveland RNC?

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

I believe that the vast majoity of Americans disagreed with Don the Con's Birther

Wil Wheaton RIPS Media Over Trump: ‘Please Stop F*cking Normalizing This Deplorable Bullsh*t’

Anthem may be the only insurance on government exchange in parts of Kentucky

Kentucky social workers say problems growing dire

Chrissie Hynde The Pretenders - Six Song Medley

Aristide Returns to Campaign Trail After Fainting at Rally

Texas continues its undeclared war on turnout

i am in love

Nazi Ties & Agent Orange: the Real Bayer - Monsanto Merger Story - WILL RAISE FOOD PRICES ACROSS US

Rev. Vosper and the heretics of Scarborough: Salutin

Trump’s plan to destroy science, education, and veterans’ health care

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ends mystery about burns

George Takei does a masterful take down of Trump: (pic)

Trump floats rolling back food safety regulations - OMG -

Trump's Vision: Uniting 'Under One God' Vs. Religious Freedom

Robert Gates: Trump 'beyond repair'

When Ppl in Your Actual Life are Actually Voting for Somebody who's Cool with You Being Set On Fire*

Who are the Gary Johnson voters?

Catholics and Orthodox seek consensus over synodality document

Devo - Girl U Want (Video)

Trump built his empire on $885 million in taxes breaks!

Trump booth at Town Day

Sex reassignment thriller causes waves at Toronto film festival (WTF were they thinking?)

Vice News Reporter Arrested While Seeking Credentials For Trump Event

Devo - Uncontrollable Urge - From Urgh! A Music War HQ

This is one of my all time favorite scenes from a romantic comedy. BOYS' NIGHT OUT (1962)

Rio Paralympics 2016: Iranian Para-cyclist dies following crash

Trumpology: A Master Class

An inconvenient truth for Millennials

BAND-MAID / Thrill(スリル)

Beautiful Chinese Music【31】Traditional【The Red Plum Blossoms】

Beautiful Chinese Music【31】Traditional【The Red Plum Blossoms】

Alleged Russian mobster, wanted by Interpol, got VIP treatment at Trump's Miss Universe contest

Electric Light Orchestra - El Dorado - Full Album

UN Commission Finds Jews to Be “Only Ethnic Group That Doesn’t Really Belong Anywhere”

Can Lunar Lander Reach Escape Velocity?

Is the real reason that the Trump camp is spinning the


U.S.-Led Strike on Syrian Troops Called Mistake After 62 Killed

Donald Trump repeats lie that Clinton would create totally open borders. Not true, folks.

An SNL skit waiting to happen


Turkmenistan unveils bird-shaped airport in Ashgabat

Primitive Technology: Barrel Tiled Shed

Damn even Randi Rhodes is voting for Hillary

Bridget Kirouac (Florida Medical Marijuana Case) found NOT GUILTY

Trump stumbles after surge in polls

Ted Strickland's faltering U.S. Senate campaign slashes TV ad spending

1 Day later: Evaluation of insider info

Photos: Bernie in Akron and Kent, Ohio Sept 17, 2016

To find Hillary Clinton likable, we must learn to view women as complex beings

How can this 'unprecedented' environment be changed?

First child dies by euthanasia in Belgium

Visegrad Group of EU states set to veto any Brexit deal threatening free movement

Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon Live 1976 Stevie Nicks

Combine being an asshole with religion, and you get guys like this.

Birther Orly Taitz Is Okay With Donald Trump Dropping Birtherism To Win The Election

Looks like more lousy weather for Louisiana

Sheena Easton - For Your Eyes Only (HQ)

Misogynistic Clinton joke not a hit at sold-out Fox Theater concert in Oakland

University of Cincinnati board approves contract with professors union

Jan Hammer - El Viejo Mix (Miami Vice)

Dan Rather's Facebook Rant To U.S. Media: Stop Giving Trump A Free Pass & Do Your Damn Job

Scandals of Don the Con : Cheat Sheet

Photos: Bernie in Akron and Kent, Ohio Sept 17, 2016

Fla. child sex sting nets 22 suspects, including Methodist pastor who volunteered in schools

Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton We've Got Tonight

Springfield teen sent home from Kroger for wearing Kaepernick jersey

A Special Announcement From TinyKittens!! Felicity(the snow bengal Momma cat) & her 2 kittens

Janis Joplin- Piece of my heart

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (HQ)

Yard Signs: Driving Around Louisville KY

So Trump and his supporters

Some more episodes of "The Closer" by Keith Olbermann

High and Dry - Radiohead (Live Studio Session)

The Federal Government Just Outlawed LGBTQ Discrimination in Credit

Why Is Obama Recruiting Kasich to Promote TPP?

Rush - Anthem

Rush - Xanadu

White ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Walk Free After Shutting Down London Airport

Charles Blow: "Trump, Grand Wizard of Birtherism"

Lawsuit: Christian Woman Fired For Refusing to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Certificates

JANE GOODALL: 'In many ways Trump reminds me of male chimpanzees & their dominance rituals'

Sheryl Crow - The First Cut Is The Deepest

Everyone needs to share this on their Facebooks and whatnots.

Former FBI Whistleblower calls for new 9/11 investigation

Michigan Man Denied Gun Wins Key Appeal in Federal Court

New Trump tweet. Reads like something from a petulant 14 yr old:

When Trump loses, will he rescind his recent Obama-born-in-the-USA comment?

THE WHO Eminence Front (Toronto 17th dec 1982)

Trump 'cornerstone is bigotry': Sanders and Warren take on Clinton's Ohio

OMG! Just Seen On Facebook...

Trump Tweet: My lawyers want to sue the failing @nytimes so badly for irresponsible intent..

Roland Martin: Donald Trump 'Lied Through His Teeth' & Has Shown A Propensity To Do So

The Who - Who Are You?

Trump Junior calls us moms...."herd of mothers"

Modeling Poses Done Much Better by Cats

Astonishingly underreported: Father of the birther movement is a Republican named Andy Martin

The Press is being Abused! Yet:

The Who - Wont Get Fooled Again

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Woodbine Mile

2 accused in $3 million food assistance fraud

Feds side with Anaheim Police over secret stingray cell phone tracking

10 powerful moments from Hillary Clinton’s address to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

New chief inspector of schools comes from academy group she will 'inspect'

U.S. Senate passes bill with $100 million for Flint

Methinks Louisville may in fact be the real deal.

Someone needs to introduce Pence to his running mate:

Court rules man treated for mental illness can have a gun

The 'self-made' man 1) inherited a real-estate empire and 2) got massive taxpayer support

Strobe Light (The B-52's, 1980) with lyrics