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Eugene Robinson: Dear Democrats, Stop Freaking Out

"y'all remember the pirates?" obama just now

Joy Reid is in for Chris Hayes tonight!

In new interview, Trump refuses to say Obama born in the US, takes a swipe at H. Reid

Joy Reid

For those who upgraded to iOS 10:

My commuter car circa 1990: The Mercury Mexican Mazda

Damn Obama looks fine at the Hispanic caucus gala

John Oliver covers Dr. Oz and the FDA! An Oldie, But Goodie!

Edward Snowden hits out at critical report into his activities

What if -

Joy Reid filling in for Chris Hayes NOW; Hillary to speak live soon!

Four questioned in Italy after woman's suicide over sex video

Teflon Don...nothing sticks.

How to prevent Trump from taking over debate.

Hello everybody,

FYI Joy Reid is hosting All In this evening. nt

Bluto for president?

AFL-CIO Presendent speaks in Flint MI & Donald Trump GO HOME reads the banners...

GOP Rep. Steve King: Colin Kaepernick's activism 'sympathetic to ISIS'


Presidential hopefuls pander to religion

If you only like good news - DO NOT READ THIS!!!

Hillary is speaking now on MSNBC. She looks good!

Hillary at Hispanic forum: "A taco truck on every corner sounds absolutely delicious"

"...Or whether you've lived here since before the United States existed!"

How Will NBC's 'The Good Place' Tackle Religion?

Live feed to Hillary's speech

So I think the election boils down to 2 questions..

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Back in the Saddle Again?? Live,


Changing canon law, pope brings Latin and Eastern practices closer

Don the Con is back with his birtherism

Photos: Bernie Sanders at Working Families Party Gala - Sept 15 - NYC

Beginner's questions

Realclear politics just moved Colorado from "leans Clinton" to "toss up"

OK ... this is petty (but I love it) a clip from the Tonight Show

Trump says he doesn't want Anderson Cooper to moderate debate

It wouldn't be "a taco truck on every corner"...

So now the orange Cheeto is going after Anderson Cooper

Child of the Corn decides that decaf is out of the question

Question for the group

"Improv Everywhere" pranks people with surprise press conference

Mother's letter to store concerning gender-nonconforming teen goes viral

Is there anything more deplorable than those who cannot embrace the DH Rule as baseball perfected?

Hold on to your proverbial hats, Birtherism is back !!!

"Check Browser Compatibility" - error message from online banking.

Trump defiant as poll numbers rise, won’t say Obama was born in United States

Bill on the Daily Show.

San Diego County average rent hits $1,743 a month

San Diego County average rent hits $1,743 a month

Voters’ View of a Donald Trump Presidency: Big Risks and Rewards

Hi...I'm Rppper, and this is my story...

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Respond to Leak of Personally Scathing Colin Powell Emails

The thing about Trump's 'letter from his doctor' is, Trump and his doctor have zero credibility

Trump manipulates the media.

Tonight on The Late Night Show with sethmeyers on nbc shailenewoodley & BernieSanders (NoDAPL)

More worried in 12 or 16?

Trump defiant as poll numbers rise, won’t say Obama was born in United States

Trump and Rev. Faith Green Timmons............3 strikes by Trump...

For those worried, concerned, and all the rest, please calm down and find the SPINE.

Dr Oz asked Donald Trump ...

"Birtherism Reborn" (See CNN Link)

Should Hillary recruit more Republicans to help her in her battle against Trump?

On CNN now: Trump campaign releases statement admitting Obama was born in the U.S.

Howard Dean: "Trump is a crook..."

With today's DRUMPF gas chamber & Birtherism, a minor acknowlegement: Best surrogate Xavier BECERRA

Colombia accepts role in 1980s killings of leftist politicians

Colombia accepts role in 1980s killings of leftist politicians

My son just entered politics.

Prince Harry Continues HIs Mother's HIV Work

President Obama and Secretary Kerry speaking of environmental issues at the Oceans summit

TEXAS BATTLEGROUND ALERT: Clinton leads Trump by 4 among registered voters in head-to-head matchup

Prince Harry Continues HIs Mother's HIV Work

By 2024 we will need to drop the natural born citizen and allow those with 21yr residence

Nearly 7,000 people died in custody in Texas in past decade

Worst surprise ever.

Hillary had a GREAT day today. Trump looked like SHIT.

Here's an older ad that needs to be resurrected about Donald Trump

69-year-old woman punched in the face by man leaving Donald Trump rally

Spain’s First Gay Football Ref Returns to Game, is Threatened: ‘Not Long Left to Live, Faggot"

Team discovers Neptune-like planet forming in giant dust disk

Great white shark leaps from water at Ocean Beach in SF

Lawrence O'D live now.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich to join President Barack Obama in bipartisan push to promote TPP deal

Rep. Steve King: Only ‘natural families’ should get a child care tax credit — not LGBT families

Lawsuit Backed by Ken Paxton Could Spell Trouble for 21 Texas School Districts

Texas Budget Writers Hear Concerns Over Medicaid Therapy Cuts

Venezuela: MUD's "Massive Mobilization," a Massive Failure. For the Maduro Government, a Resounding

Sharing an uplifting narrative on Daily Kos -- I'd like to engage in similar dialogue

Trump thought the birth certificate was fake

Whoooowee look at all the cyberwar Snowden and the Russians control!

Abbott Expresses Caution on High-Speed Rail

Where is Hillary (and team) speaking tomorrow and throughout the weekend?

Donald Trump revises his economic plan but leaves many questions unanswered

Romney Remarks Bash Trump in Signs for LDS Community

Does the media know that we are on to them? Do they care?

Donald Trump's lead widens in USC/L.A. Times tracking poll

Lawyer: $1.9 million settlement in Sandra Bland lawsuit

Lawyer: $1.9 million settlement in Sandra Bland lawsuit

Hillary Clinton Returns to the Campaign Trail, Vowing New Approach

Bloomberg: Breitbart writer Milo makes money from gay “sugar daddies”

Trump Wins: A Cautionary Tale

Trump Jr. interview cut off after charity questions

Suit: Galveston officer broke Harris County woman's leg

Florida man shot in Wyoming home invasion attempt

Argentine ruling party embroiled in law school exam cheating scandal.

Trump Questioned Obama Birth Certificate In 2014, Despite Campaign Statement

Beckley attorney pleads to drug, embezzlement charges


Today marked the return of "classic" Trump. The question now becomes...

Copperhead snake bit worker on West Virginia Capitol campus

Hello self-driving cars, goodbye 4.1 million jobs?

Ohio amusement park might toss out 1.7 million board feet of wood

Bill on the Daily Show Clip

Is anyone under 50 a regular cable news viewer?

Lockout to end for Dominion union employees in West Virginia

Lockout Over: Dominion Hope and Dominion Transmission, Employees Reach Deal

Lord, Jimmy Fallon is such a tool

The Anti-Pipeline Movement Gathers Steam

Portsmouth to pay $1 million to family of unarmed man killed by police officer, sources say

Portsmouth to pay $1 million to family of unarmed man killed by police officer, sources say

Man who filed $95M lawsuit in Chesterfield taser shooting guilty of eluding police, driving drunk

Trump Wants A Marshmallow Toss During The Debates...

Democrat Jason Kander joins Missouri politicians who are clinging to their guns

Virginia Board of Health postpones vote on controversial abortion facility regulations

Virginia Supreme Court clears senators held in contempt over redistricting records

Lawmakers continue to question UVa fund

US-Led Economic War, Not Socialism, Is Tearing Venezuela Apart

Bernie coming up on Seth Meyers next, NBC east coast.

US-Led Economic War, Not Socialism, Is Tearing Venezuela Apart

Plans unveiled for major expansion of UVa medical facilities

At Fox News, Election Year’s Big Ratings Mask Many Wrinkles

Clinton on HB2: ‘This is where bigotry leads and we can’t afford it’

McCrory blames politics for HB2 fallout that cost the state big NCAA and ACC games

Blue Cross fined $3.6M by NC for billing, enrollment problems

July 9th 2015 CNN Donald Trump interview: I really don't know where Obama was born

Sen. Richard Burr paid family $200,000 for office space, services

Bart the Zombie Cat is adopted! Yes!

Old houses

Bundy Bunch trial update: Clothes make the man

Organized religion in U.S. worth more than Google, Apple and Amazon combined

Wells Fargo Dammit! Seth Meyers

Passions flare at senate gun forum in Greenville

OAS Head Luis Almagro's 'Dear Friend' Leopoldo Lopez

CEO scammed South Carolina of $1.2 million in economic development funds, feds allege

State approves $35 million for flooded farmers

Go Cubs Go! On To They Play Offs!

Chester County judge, wife of sheriff, reprimanded by South Carolina Supreme Court

2016 China's Millionaire Migration

China’s Millionaire Migration

Real-estate investments a massive drag on Rhode Island pension fund

Governor signs bill to help brewers

Ivanka Trump admits her father's family leave plan does not include gay dads

There appear to be a lot of Trump supporters posting in the past few days.

Clinton Shares Story of 'Dreamer' Killed Serving in Iraq

Anyone see Fallon Tonight?

Kim McGuire, Hatchet-Face of John Water's Cry-Baby has passed away.

3 Connecticut Troopers Sued Over Arrest Of Man Protesting West Hartford DUI Checkpoint

Obama puts part of North Atlantic off limits to drilling, fishing

State To Appeal Controversial Education Overhaul Decision

BBC: The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs

The Human Rights of the Settler

Trump signed improper charity check supporting Florida attorney general

State Employee Unions Hammer Malloy In Ads

Testoserone levels are often measured in men who are having ED...

Ummm, the birtherism story is not over, just saying...

Ancient Chinese Proverb

Auditors Find UConn Repeating Past Spending Mistakes

Commissioner would recuse self from Cigna merger

Trump has given us a gift by resurrecting the birtherism calumny.

$1 Million Of Frugal Librarian's Bequest To N.H. School Goes To Football Scoreboard

Daily Holidays September 16

What’s next for John Kerry?

Jimmy Fallon Interview with Trump

In the race for party chief, whither the Berniecrats?

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Prescriptions

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Elizabeth Warren turns the tables on FBI over investigation notes

Fox News: "Donald Trump Is A Young 70, And Mrs. Clinton Is A Relatively Old 68, 69"

US to pay €1m to family of Italian aid worker killed in drone strike

It’s Not Just About the Tacos

Bill Clinton Destroys Trump in One Sentence on Daily Show

Increasing Greenhouse Gas Levels Could Cause The California Drought To Last For Centuries

Totally dishonest headline on ABC news website.


Drugs, guns, and $400,000 missing from Braintree police

Zephyr Teachout 9/15/16 (post-debate)

Why the U.N.’s Israel obsession should worry even people who don’t care about Israel

Hingham woman gets 2 years in prison for mortgage fraud

My Life As a ‘None’ and Other Tales from the Ranks of the Unaffiliated and the Agnostic

ok Media.. You want a Trump blow-out?? REALLY?

Senator Bernie Sanders Makes a Case for His Supporters to Rally Behind Hillary Clinton | Seth Myers

Gary Johnson goofs on religious freedom

Senator Bernie Sanders Makes a Case for His Supporters to Rally Behind Hillary Clinton | Seth Myers

Leaked Documents Show Case Against Walker

New Bedford landlord to pay $100,000 for asbestos violations

Shailene Woodley Fights for Native Americans Against North Dakota Pipeline | Seth Myers

Shailene Woodley Fights for Native Americans Against North Dakota Pipeline | Seth Myers

Here's how Hillary should use Donnie's economic plan against him

Hillary can fix the system!

Anderson Cooper -- don't take the bait!!

Trump toughens anti-abortion stance

American Men Who Died Fighting Islamic State Come Home

A Tale of Two Foundations - One candidate has a sketchy family foundation but it's not Hillary...

Cardinal beatifies Polish priest who was sent to gulag

How Hillary Can Rally Millennials

Whatever it takes

Embarrassing To Be An American. We Are Looking Like Fools To The World.

Another Trump staffer acknowledges the truth of Obama’s birthplace — layering it...

The day tanks changed war forever

Dear Democrats: Stop freaking out - By Eugene Robinson

Obama rallies Latino Congress members to reject ‘bluster and falsehoods’ of Trump

Almost Every Word of Donald Trump's Birther Statement is a Lie What planet is this?

Anti-Israel ‘Double Standard’ at the UN: Why No Condemnation of Other Occupations and Settlements?

The mind of an undecided political reporter is a very alarming place

Our Revolution Announces Next Round of Endorsements September 13, 2016

Shumlin optimistic of federal deal for health payment overhaul

Privately Run Mississippi Prison, Called a Scene of Horror, Is Shut Down

‘When will he stop this ugliness?’: Clinton blasts Trump’s refusal to say Obama was born in U.S.

Republicans — and some Democrats — fight Snowden clemency campaign

Jimmy Carter urges faith leaders to combat 'resurgence of racism'

African Americans worry Trump has awoken a resentment that won’t go away

Woman loses job for getting sexually harassed and for getting shot by a gunman.

=*=LIVE Stream @ NOW : Bernie Sanders Rally for Hillary Clinton in AKRON, Ohio (9/17/2016) =*=

Suicide bomber hits mosque in Pakistan, killing at least 16

FAKE: Urgent Firefox Update malware

Auditor targets Department for Children and Families’ response to benefits fraud

WHOOPS: Trump Gets Caught Lying Again, This Time About His Colonoscopy

Hillary Clinton, Everywoman - by Connie Schultz

=*=LIVE Stream @ NOW : Bernie Sanders Rally for Hillary Clinton in AKRON, Ohio (9/17/2016) =*=

Sanders was just on CNN and later Morning Joe!

=*= UPDATED Stream (Video #3) Bernie Sanders Rally for Hillary Clinton in Kent, Ohio (9/17/2016)=*=

=*= UPDATED Stream (Video #3) Bernie Sanders Rally for Hillary Clinton in Kent, Ohio (9/17/2016)=*=

Swedish court upholds Assange warrant, clears way for questioning in October

=*= LIVE Stream EVENT CANCELED Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton in CANTON, Ohio (9/17/2016) =*=

=*= LIVE Stream EVENT CANCELED Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton in CANTON, Ohio (9/17/2016) =*=

The orange toddler is a child, he expects the media to beg him like a spoiled two year old

Finally !

Clinton vs Trump. Virtual debate via Washington Post.

Bill Clinton interview, The Daily Show

Trump camp gives him credit for 2011 debunking of his own birther lie, says he ended his own slander

The one in the front is my Mom...

Dead Intern Joe trying to confuse the birtherism issue

Leahy eyes provision that would give defrauded Jay Peak EB-5 investors a break

How many excuses has dipshit donnie used for not releasing his tax returns

Photos: Mayor Bill de Blasio and Bernie Sanders ('Working Families Party' - Gala Event) Sept 16 NYC

The internet scorches Jimmy Fallon: ‘F*ck him for trying to make Trump likable’


Interesting isn't it?? here are the topics on CNN's web page, 4 out of 10 topics are about tRump

87 Year old man in Atlanta needs help voting

The Effects of False Equivalency - Steaming pile of s**t vs carrot cake

Don't go to Princeton Election Consortium this morning.

Bernie Sanders to court Ohio millennials for Hillary Clinton

2011: Trump hints he has evidence Obama's bc is fake. When will he release his evidence???

#BirtherWhitewash hashtag

Burlington board votes to impose teachers contract

Trump on Birther Issue: Have to keep the suspense going..and media plays along.

Honest/Trustworthy should not be together

Trump and his team are good

If David Duke all of a sudden admitted the Holocaust happened would all be forgiven?

Let them eat e coli. Trump's war on food safety regulations.

Can you spot all the characters in this Netflix version of a 'Where's Waldo' comic?

BCBS seeks $6.2 million back from state

What every reporter believes but will not say publically.

Deutsche Bank to fight $14 billion demand from U.S. authorities

Trump's kids are terrible, too.

Underground campaign against Johnson

here is video from the chavista rally September 1 showing what a disaster it was

Worried about the Polls?

Black Lives Matter's Anti-Semitic Bedfellows

Venezuela Blocked From Assuming Presidency of Mercosur

Bernie gives Hillary some good advice.

How to Survive a Trump Presidency -

Four-Pinocchios--> Donald Trump’s ridiculous claim that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement

I Wonder If There Is Anyone So Racist To Refuse Life Saving Blood Transfusion From Non White

NRA to spend $15m on ads to defeat Hillary Clinton in key states

Legislators: Welfare-to-work initiative a no-go this year

Sam Wang, Data scientist, neuroscientist interesting

Assad regime told to allow aid into Aleppo, Moscow says

So Derrick Rose doesn't know what CONSENT means

Former Manchester United steward guilty of murdering imam

Swedish appeals court upholds arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Assange

Whether we like it or not Hillary is our General Grant or Eisenhower

Great one liner by Hillary

Dateline: WASHINGTON, DC April 12, 2017.


Bath Iron Works loses $10 billion Coast Guard contract

I found a story on military personnel, who never receive "Thanks for your Service."

Funny, recommended: A Closer Look: The Trump Foundation

If Julius Streicher apologized for fomenting hatred against Jews would he have avoided judgment ...

Happy 229th Birthday, U.S. Constitution (minus one day)

“This Parrot is no More”: The 2016 Presidential Election did not Take Place By Juan Cole

What the likely voter models are missing: Obama's -- now Hillary's -- ground game.

Maybe think twice about inviting Patrick Dempsey out to dinner

This is Donald Trump's plan for replacing Obamacare.

An observation about Trump

UCLA's Gyo Shojima

I am sorry for cursing but who the fuck is Trump that he gets to say who is an American

Even if trump admits that the president was born in the U.S.

Now on CNN--> DC Black Women’s Agenda Annual Symposium Workshop & Awards Lunch

Don the Con is a Chronic Habitual

FairPoint faces $500,000 fine for missing service mark in Maine

Dear Hillary: there is great value in REST.

Trump announces 'pro-life coalition,' supports making Hyde Amendment permanent

This is Hillary Clinton.

These fishermen say Obama’s new ocean preserve will leave them high and dry

Hillary Clinton: "My pneumonia finally got some Republicans interested in women's health"

MSM: Pardon our ignorance, please educate your viewers on Journalism's view of 'FALSE EQUIVALENCY'

25 Little Known Facts About US Elections That Will Probably Surprise You

Anchors and commentators (CNN/MSNBC) seem angry about the "birther" announcement.

*** PSA ***

MSNBC giving free advertising to Trump

The History of Japanese Beauty

Donald J. Trump at High Point University in High Point, North Carolina on Tuesday, September 20

Why does my cable modem/router keep switching channels?

Little Girl Blows Up the Death Star (Trench Run)

In Case Anyone has No Idea What Hillary Stands For:

Anti-government group will get justice (Editorial: Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

We Are A Nation In Decline/ Have Been Since Reagan. GOP Control Will Seal It.

I just saw The Brainwashing of My Dad

Ammon Bundy dresses down for trial's 3rd day - #BundyTeaParty

Pic Of The Moment: Another Day, Another Basket Of Deplorable Lies

On September 16, the Harvest Moon

On September 16, the Harvest Moon

Refuge Manager Testifies - #BundyTeaParty

Hillary: "My pneumonia finally got some Republicans interested in women's health

Kissing Butts: Climate Denier joins Tobaco Board

BB King was born on this date.

Hillary "My pneumonia finally got some Republicans interested in women's health"

Late ‘Father of 747’ urged caution about globalization

Charlie Byrd was born on this date.

President's birth certificate up on the white house website. n/t

Defendant Medenbach: ‘God going to destroy US’ - #BundyTeaParty

And the Clown Show Begins...Again!! Drumpf takes the stage to promote his latest very, very

Success! It’s Now a Felony to Abuse Companion Animals in Ohio!

Ammon Bundy's lawyers file motion for a mistrial - #BundyTeaParty

Whoa! Luke Russert just went off on Twitter

Pentatonix & Dolly Parton - Jolene

God damn the media to hell....

Jury hears from the accidental occupier - #BundyTeaParty

Ok, so this Trumpathon press confrence (msnbc) (cnn) about birtherism

Senate Dysfunction Blocks Bipartisan Criminal Justice Overhaul.

For the Record: Donald Trump, GOP nominee, still won't admit Obama was born the in U.S.


Trump is charging rent for this event, what a crook

Trump is a racist conspiracy theorist. Don’t let him lie his way out

Colbert: The Trump Foundation Needs Your Help

Why Glenn Greenwald relentlessly attacks Hillary Clinton — even if it helps Donald Trump

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.--Samuel Johnson

Puerto Rican Men Jailed For Smuggling Cash, Illegal Immigrants, Into US Virgin Islands

Obama Pre-empts Trump: 'I Was Pretty Confident About Where I Was Born'

This event Trump is staging proves he is not serious about disavowing Birtherism.

Virgin Islands Gov. Stands By Comment re Alleged Cocaine Use And Death of security officer

So basically Trump suckered the media into covering a bunch of Medal of Honor

So did CNN and MSNBC just turn into CSPAN or wtf!

Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Voters Drifting Toward Third Party.

Former Virgin Islands Senator Wayne James to remain in federal custody

Donald Trump’s birther speech is a commercial for his new hotel

In case you missed this creepy tRump moment 07/22/16

I'm a veteran, too...

THIS...THIS right here MUST disqualify him:

sooner or later...

MSNBC cutting away.

I hope the media gets pissed

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. You lying, racist piece of shit.


Breaking News: Donald Trump tells the truth.

John King on CNN: We got played.

A horse's ASS speaking!

September 16, 2016

Puerto Rico beauty queen Kristhielee Caride loses court case

Mornin Joe ,,,,,

Donald Trump once again urinates on the cable nets...

Clearly there is something interesting happening this morning

Hey media....are you pissed that you were unwittingly duped into airing a Trump hotel infomercial?

We are here right this moment,please remember this if Trump is elected POTUS

Trump admits Obama born in U.S. but falsely blames Clinton for starting rumors

Funny: search YouTube for MMFA's Eric Boehlert, frequently on TV: roughly zero results

538: Harry Enten and Nate Silver are not having it with this Trump event

All I want Obama to do next year is this...

Sanders Urges Those Considering Third-Party Candidates To Vote For Clinton

and the bully has to surround himself with "heroes"

The Great Fall of Chyna

Maybe now that Trump has taken a dump on the media they will report him for who he is

Can anyone here clue other DUers into what the hell is going on?

Borowitz: An emotional Obama

MSNBC Chyron: "Trump (Falsely) Claims Clnton Started Birther Controversy"

This makes no sense.. Trump lies about

He is great!

Harry Reid is kicking Trump's ass on CNN.

Ttump: I kiss Ivanka as often as I can.

Nitro Engine Powered PENCIL Sharpener!

Trump is currently taking press photographers on a tour of his new hotel

Well there we have it. Clinton started the birther shit and Trump ended it

Donald Trump said dozens* of false things yesterday... Here's a list

Well, it took a hotel of all things, but the media, for now, has turned on Trump

Trump lies again. Fact - Hillary's 2008 Campaign did NOT start the birther movement.

Curry Onsen


Trumps people "physically restrained" editorial producer after "press conference"

A 4th grader is running for president

ASU named sixth most sustainable university in Sierra Club 'cool school' list

Take the quizz: WHO's predicting a Trump victory?

Christmas will never be the same.

Turn swords into plowshares - or Fuel Tanks into boats

Now youve done it Trump, you lied about not starting the Birther movement

Florida pastor among 22 arrested in undercover sex sting


I agree with Bernie Sanders and we need to spread the Word

Pic from the media tour of hotel -

CNN is roasting Trump at the moment.

starling (the feral kitteh) has given birth--watch the babies on livestream:

Bill Gates talks about CryptoCurrency

Now that Trump had To admit the Truth...

We're working, folks! Please post some words about what

Video Link: Zephyr Teachout / Bernie Sanders Rally - Sept 16 plus PHOTOS

The history of Trumps birther tweets:

Collusion in the media? Say it aint so ABC

As the son of a decorated and disabled vet Trump using them as props annoys me

The bar is so low for Trump that even him learning to say "Mommy" is celebrated ...

"I pushed through it. . . . THAT IS WHAT WOMEN DO EVERY DAY!!!!!!" (emphasis mine)

What is wrong at MSNBC??? Don't they have anyone working in their archives????

What upsets me more than anything about this race ...

It's obvious the Republican Party is filled with liars and cowards

Scott blasts Nelson, Obama for not doing more on Zika

Trump's campaign BS'd the media into covering his "MightyJoeMilitary" image makeover.

They get away with it

Today's events reminds me of this - who else remembers?

Nazi Ties & Agent Orange: The Real Bayer-Monsanto Merger Story

Six tweets about birthism......VERY GOOD...

Trump can now pay himself $5mil

Inciting Violence: A White Male Privilege

The @nyTimes' mincing coverage of this campaign has left me turning, more & more to the Post, which

He's a bullshit artist

Third of Saudi air raids on Yemen have hit civilian sites, data shows

Bernie Sanders blasts Trump birther statement: 'This is pathetic'

538 Update..

On CNN just now: All media pool participants just pulled their photographers

U.N. inquiry blames Syrian military for chlorine bomb attacks - source

I don't feel badly at all for the press.

Nancy Pelosi: Donald Trump Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Media execs decide not to post Trump hotel pics

U.S. House committee to hold hearing on Wells Fargo sales practices

Millions of republican voters have lost the battle against propaganda.

Ashleigh Banfield "Present your long-form tax returns, Mr.Trump."

Democratic primary winner in New York state Senate race says she'll join group that supports GOP

The American Obsession With Firearms - Being Held Hostage By Gun Nuts and Fear

Yaaassss! Piss off the media the last 6 weeks of the campaign!

Hillary had a few days in the barrel. Now its Drumpf's turn

Texas mattress store to reopen after 9/11 ad ignites criticism


Project Runway Season 15 - They kept it fresh.

Judge Rules Nick Gordon 'Legally Responsible' in Bobbi Kristina Brown's Death, Lawyer Says

Remember when Trump promised 5 million to charity if Obama birth certificate real?

The question should never have been do you still believe in birtherism

Colbert: The Trump Foundation Needs Your Help

Andrea Mitchell shows her stripes again (birther story)

The Real Frightening Part (Trump's Statement)

Voting Third Party is the Electoral Equivalent of Sending Thoughts and Prayers

WTF? Gen. Tom McInerny, the Original Birther, was front and center at Don the Con's infomercial

Lies Upon Birther Lies - don't let Trump off the hook for it.

Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Voters Drifting Toward Third Party - NYT

Who is this d-bag on MSNBC

Exploding talking heads

Don't know if this is accurate, Trump's plan to hyjack the debates

LOL Marc Cuban just offered Trump via Twitter $10 million for a 4 hour policy interview..

House Republicans Are Trying to Blackball the Climate Investigation into Exxon

House Republicans Are Trying to Blackball the Climate Investigation into Exxon

What's Really Ailing Hillary Clinton

Don the Con is a low class cheap-shot,,who loves to pick on people who can't defend themselves

Here is a message for the unenthusiastic Hillary Clinton voter

Obama: ‘I Was Pretty Confident About Where I Was Born’

Media: ‘We all got Rickrolled’ by Trump

Bernie Sanders | Full Interview Morning Joe (9/16/2016)

All right -- Whose kid was this?

She's below 60% on 538.

(UPDATED) Bernie Sanders | Full Interview Morning Joe (9/16/2016)

Fun with Chemistry: Recovering the rare element gallium from dead solar cells.

The Secret Origin of the Birthers

Hey DU, we have about 10 days to hold Holt's feet to the fire!...


One of Trump's minions during that press conference

The nerve of these people

Who thinks the debates should hire Pastor Faith?

Playing It Safe: Nate Silver Will Spend The Next Month Making Easy Predictions About Apples

Pete Gallego, running for Congress in TX has a great ad on veterans

National Geographics Kerry interview on the oceans conference

Amazing to see the accolades heaped @ the feet of the MSM for .01% of thruthiness re tRump.

How will the hard-core birthers among the Trump supporters react

I think that President Obama

Hearing set for Mississippi man charged with killing 2 nuns

Congressional black caucus is letting Trump have it MSNBC and CNN

Here's the question....

CBC giving a news conference now. MSNBC airing it.

CBC holding presser about Trumbirther. Live on TV now

Here's another reason for Trump to hate Mexicans.

Trump went after Obama with a vengeance because

Rodney King's daughter stands side by side with LAPD

Father beats his 21 month old daughter to death out of jelousy

Was listening to NPR news at 1:00 pm.............

Trump Campaign Coming Apart

Bookmark this post !!!

Remember when Obama critics were saying that if

A Year of Yes: The Sackler Center Celebrates Ten Years of Feminist Art

Why acetaminophen is the 'most common cause of liver injury' in Canada

A Year of Yes: The Sackler Center Celebrates Ten Years of Feminist Art

A Year of Yes: The Sackler Center Celebrates Ten Years of Feminist Art

The Congressional Black Caucus, en masse, is ripping Trump a jagged new one!

Hillary Tweetstorm Over Trump's Latest Press Ploy: "What Trump just did is a disgrace."

Now that Sanders has confirmed he is again an independent....

Emotional Obama Tearfully Thanks Trump for Granting Him Citizenship--witnessed by Andy Borowitz

This Congressional Black Caucus Press Conference is excellent

Political journalists, Donald Trump has been sent here to destroy you and he's succeeding

Victory for Louisiana Planned Parenthood

Victory for Louisiana Planned Parenthood

Victory for Louisiana Planned Parenthood

Trumps motorcade pulled in behind RNC headquarters in DC. . .

Are we mad enough? Focus your anger on campaign efforts: voluteer, donate, and GOTV!

The Media Loves the Clinton Comeback Narrative

Roland Martin had the best comment on MSNBC after the great charade

Check the History Channel listings for today.

"He's a hater. He's a bigot. And he's a racist."

Trump Just Mocked Harry Reid’s Eye Injury. Reid’s Response Is PERFECT

Trump wins endorsement from Fraternal Order of Police

Trump's Lamborghini is for sale...again

"You know what I mean"

Nation's largest police union endorses Trump

U.S. forces enter Syrian town, then withdraw - rebel source and monitor

The Congressional Black Caucus is shaming the media...

This just in! Breaking! tRump did his own colonoscopy, said " it was a beautiful journey, hugest

March Against Trump

We must take a stand Today, and keep it up until the media gets the message that

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 16, 2016

The History of Police Union endorsements in four paragraphs...

CNN's Brooke Baldwin just said:

Globe And Mail's investigation into tax evasion and fraud in BC's housing market.

Hillary speaks to Black Women’s Agenda Symposium

Note to U.S. TV networks: Time to turn off the TrumpCam

You think the media getting "suckered" will change anything?

Trump Unable To Produce Certificate Proving He's Not A Festering Pile Of Shit

No you don't, Hair Fuhrer...No you DON'T.

God Bless the Congressional Black Caucus

Together 30 years, gay couple weds in VA hospital when told it’s legal now

Don the Con told Dr. Oz that when he looks in the mirror he sees himself at 35.

Networks Erase Footage Of Trump Hotel Tour After Producer Physically Restrained

Photos: NY Governor Cuomo and Bernie Sanders Sept 15, 2016

Bernie Sanders blasts Trump birther statement: 'This is pathetic'

msnbc pulse question Should dipshit apologize to President Obama

Only Hillary & The Donald will participate in the first debate.

Michelle Obama stepping up to the mike now on MSNBC...

Trump’s new hotel offers everything he claims to hate

Bernie Sanders blasts Trump birther statement: 'This is pathetic'!

Mark Cuban offers Trump $10 million for interview

Michelle Obama on CNN now

'This is a Disgusting Day': Congressional Black Caucus Reacts to Trump's Birther Walkback

Why didn't M$Greedia call the entire birther crap a big racist lie

What Happens In A Libertarian World? (w/Guest: Austin Peterson)

Thanks Donald!

Do The Corporate Networks Want Trump To Win The Election?

After key donations, GOP tried to keep poisoned kids from suing lead makers

Michelle Obama laments having to pack when leaving the WH...

De Blasio and Cuomo Both Court Bernie Sanders

Donald J. Trump where is your Official IRS audit letter!

Trump Introduced by Birther Vet at His Anti-Birther Event

De Blasio and Cuomo Both Court Bernie Sanders

"Barack and I will be around working to help for the rest of our lives"

Photos: NY Governor Cuomo and Bernie Sanders Sept 15, 2016

"Hillary has been a lawyer, a professor...

Trump's handlers are about to reap the whirlwind

Well, this Mexican will be building the don of cheeto wall

Name a song that has an American city/state in the title.... Sweet Home Alabama. nt

The reviews are in: Trump’s child care plan benefits wealthy, hurts middle-class families

Because Scott Walker asked: Leaked court documents from "John Doe" investigation in Wisconsin...

Hillary better wake up and figure out how to attack

Remember horse race polls are a lagging indicator

It’s time for TV news to stop playing the stooge for Donald Trump, Washington Post

Shepard Smith, Fox News, trashing Trump over birtherism

They need to get Elizabeth Warren back into attack mode against Trump


FLOTUS: One-woman under-30 turnout machine.

Dems Who Backed Hillary Clinton in Primary Now Say Bernie Sanders ‘Changed America’

Blaming Hillary for birtherism is smarter than we realized. Don't fall for it.

I'm stunned (in a good way).

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: GOP operatives discussed ginning up 'voter fraud' reports

What would keep Trump from releasing totally fake tax returns?

Dems Who Backed Hillary Clinton in Primary Now Say Bernie Sanders ‘Changed America’

Today was NOT a good day for Herr Hair. Don't think otherwise

Matt Lauer, typical M$M toady at work, depicting HRC as a singularly immoral monster

Congressional Black Caucus Denounce Trump, Demand Apology

Congressional Black Caucus Denounce Trump, Demand Apology

They are just announcing on CNN that Johnson/Stein will not be on the September debate stage.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: GOP operatives discussed ginning up 'voter fraud' reports

Airstrike Kills ISIS Minister Responsible for Some Execution Videos, Pentagon Says

Those $#%^@ emails: Which organizations are effective, which are scams?

US Special Ops Forces Working With Turks in Syria in Fight Against ISIS

Suckers and Chumps

I emailed my Congressman, John Yarmuth, and demanded a scheduled March against Trump!!!

Gary Johnson Won’t Be on Debate Stage

Trump’s absurd claim that 92 million Americans represent a ‘nation of jobless Americans’

Congrats to the Chicago Cubs and their fans

Liverpool kicking Chelski tail at the bridge tonight


When did Hillary morph into worse than Cheney/Thatcher/Attila the Hun combined to progressives?

I'm not going to buy the new Apple Airpods earbuds.

Name the ReTHUG leaders who trashed the birthers

University to buy $1million football scoreboard with thrifty librarian's bequest, outraging critics.

Video: Bernie Sanders | Zephyr Teachout Rally in New Paltz, NY 9/16/16

World's longest panel cartoon ... I think.

Steve Kornacki is the lamest interviewer on MSNBC. He's letting that colossal POS, Jack Kingston,

"Police: Cyclist attacks Portland kids with pepper spray, yells racial slurs" Oregon

Breitbart isn't hiding their Racism

The cavalry has arrived, and her name is Michelle Obama

10 ways Trump gives Clinton an opening by re-upping the birtherism issue Washington Post

Here is why birtherism hurts...

So Will Trump Follow Through On His $5 Million Birther Charity Promise?

What I've never understood about polls:

FLOTUS Dismisses Birther Hubbub: 'Barack Has Answered Those Questions'

U.S. Air Force grounds F-35 fighters over cooling line problems

When is the President's next campaign speech?

Today Would Be A Good Day To Ask GOP Senators Up For Reelection If They STILL Support Trump

‘A two-bit racial arsonist’: Watch the entire Congressional Black Caucus nuke Trump’s birther remark

As Japan's sodium cooled fast reactor decommissioning nears reality, local politicians lash out

US judge denies request to delay Trump University trial

So how will the intellectually stunted horde that clings to Trump react to the 'birther' update?

Video of US special forces chased out of a Syrian town by our "allies" the FSA

Trump Ally Roger Stone Said (Today) That Obama Birth Certificate Might Be Fake

Would love to know the the percentage of Drumpf lackeys that are also reality tv junkies.

Tapper waits 6 months to quote tweet revealing "right wing crazies" strategy

Palestinian Professor: Normalization with Israel is the Path to Peace

In 2014, Trump said that black people were falsely claiming

Police arrest man carrying rifle outside Portland courthouse - #BundyTeaParty

VIDEO: Michele Obama speech today “So we cannot afford squander this opportunity,”

Facebook Evidence To Be Introduced In Malheur Refuge Trial - #BundyTeaParty

Bernie Sanders Blasts Trump Birther Statement - 'This Is Pathetic'

Who can guess Steve Bannon's strategy in bringing birtherism back into the spotlight?

Trump's 1950s TV Lesson I

Bernie Sanders Blasts Trump Birther Statement - 'This Is Pathetic'

Since I do not listen when Trump speaks.

September 16, Mexican Independence Day

‘It goes beyond Wells Fargo’: Concerns grow over sales tactics in banking industry

Florida Poll Hilary 46 Trump 43

Trump Loves Veterans?

So, some DC insiders are indicating Trump is raging behind the scenes right now

National Poll Reuters Hilary +4 (Thanks Triron for the link)

New Reuters/Ipsos National Poll: HRC: 42% Trump: 38%

The Reuters Poll is pretty noisy but the findings are interesting - Clinton 44 Deplorable 37% *

JSU Research: Confederate Symbols Could Disrupt Heart Rates, Physiology

"SHE's a Liar" And Your Kids Can Hear You

Hillary needs to talk herself up more and less about Trump let her

Baltimore adding interpretive signs to Confederate monuments (MD)

2011 Video of Trump talking about Birther Movement - Trump is toast.

Trump is the "set up" guy

Monuments to the Battle for the New South

Think you know how Luke Russert thinks? Tweets about Trump

No more foot-dragging on Confederate monuments (MD)

Trump surrogate Hugh Hewitt accuses media of censorship for not showing Trump hotel footage

Hillary Clinton Returns To Campaigning, Somehow Doesn’t Topple Over Dead

Donald Trump said “Jump,” and TV news said “How high?” - By Margaret Sullivan

Ruth Marcus (WaPo) just now on MTP Daily

Trump’s ties to an informant and FBI agent reveal his mode of operation

Paper in Nature Climate Change: We will never again see monthly readings less than 400 ppm...

Conservative Jason Taylor (Hahn America) endorses Hillary

Putin wants revenge and respect, and hacking the U.S. is his way of getting it

OMG! OMG! OMG! Wolf Blitzer Actually

Poll Shows That Americans Don’t Trust The Media

Fact Checker Trump’s claim ‘one in six’ young men are jobless or in jail because of Obama’s policies

Jimmy Carter: “American politics at an all-time low.”

All of Donald Trump’s Birther Tweets

Now here's something you don't see every day

Some rare responsible journalism from Reuters

I hadn't see this one before from Hillary regarding Trump's taxes. Wait for the end, it's deadly.

Liberal Redneck: Donald Trump supporters are 'huge p---ies'

3 Current Developments That Could Make Hydrogen Big By The End Of 2017

Amy Goodman: Corporate media needs to be "Fourth Estate", not "For-The-State"

Bernie Sanders: ‘This is not the time for a protest vote’

Is this you???????

You Can't Make This Up: Stage Collapses After Trump Birther Trainwreck

The next time Trump announces a "press conference" -- he needs to

Trump and audience cheer at no press? Solution? No more coverage.

Yahoo News: Why Clinton's pitch on the economy is (perceived as) so weak

Chuck Todd said that this week is the first time that he thought Trump could win this thing. Nt

Dude's just not real bright.

Hillary Clinton: My Pneumonia ‘Finally Got Some Republicans Interested In Women’s Health!’


Trump birther event blasted as hotel 'infomercial'

WND wonders why they are in such financial troule?

New email leaks reveal Jack Straw was very grateful for Brexit, and for the most disgusting reason

Douglasville man arrested with $3.7M cash in car

Grandmother files $5M suit after Florida jail puts her in an all-male cell

'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (full episode)

CBS News Lays Into Trump

Nathan Deal appoints his lawyer’s son to state ethics commission

DeKalb hotels targeted for huge unpaid water bills

So the Con is in Florida

Nice Moves Normalizing A Racist, Sociopathic Scumbag, Jimmy Fallon!

The media can't help themselves with the false equivalencies.

Michelle Obama in clear terms explains why Hillary Clinton must be elected President (VIDEO)

Now I'm worried.

Following 9/11, Trump worried about renting out his skyscrapers

The lawyer for "Jane Doe," the woman who's claiming Trump molested her when she was 13,

Trump's Image of Certainty Is a Mirage and Character Matters!!

Newsweek Article-Conflict of Interest

Trump v. the GOP: His economic push is 180 degrees from the party’s long-held platform

Did anyone else notice this morning that within one minute or so after

Solar tuk tuk completes 6200 mile journey to UK

Jimmy Fallon under fire for 'humanizing' Trump

NBC Evening News reporter... first story

Politics is crippling the US economy, Harvard study says

Trump just said Hillary's bodyguards should be

My son wants to have friends over for a drinking game during the debate...

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, expects us to believe he was never briefed on nukes?

Deplorables in Action


Holy Shit! Trump Back To Hinting At ASSASSINATING Hillary! (VIDEO!)

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton's secret service detail should disarm, 'Let's see what happens to her'

The Arithmetic in Donald Trump’s Jobs Plan Doesn’t Really Work

Trump: ''Take her bodyguards' guns away. Let's see what happens to her!"

All Media Reports I've Seen Today Have Been Talking About tRump's Lies

Tel Aviv Diary: Obama Exacts Cold Revenge on Netanyahu

Tweety on the Con's birtherism

Buy or sell- Trump is calling on his deplorable minions to harm Hillary Clinton

Just watched a recording of Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose.

Hillary Clinton Surges Back Into The Lead Over Trump After Pneumonia Scare

The dog-whistle hidden in Trump's fiasco/infomercial/birther thing today.

Way to sway: Ask voter: Are you going to be the LAST person to DUMP Trump?

*PBS NewsHour tonight segment on Ohio

Hillary Clinton Surges Back Into The Lead Over Trump After Pneumonia Scare

So we have a candidate for President encouraging

The media needs to stop with Trump 24/7 and give Hillary equal time

How Trump hoodwinks the media into grading him on a curve

VIDEO: Trump Hints At Assassinating Hillary ... Again

Trump: "Disarm Hillary's bodyguards and let's see what happens to her."

Some conservative idiot just compared the threats HRC receives to the threats a citizen faces!!!

Hilary events are very less, she needs to do more

Chicago officer charged following video of shots fired at two teens in car

Chicago officer charged following video of shots fired at two teens in car

Nigeria ready to 'swap' Boko Haram prisoners for Chibok girls

Former Rikers Island officers sentenced to prison for beating inmate

In passionate rebuke, Michelle Obama rips Trump for years of birtherism

A terrific site for archeology, except for all the things that could kill you

Fertilizer plant leak leads to massive sinkhole in Florida

There's a theory that DJT is changing the topic.

A terrific site for archeology, except for all the things that could kill you

Friday Talking Points (408) -- Media Gets Played By Trump, Again

Pipeline rupture in Alabama threatens fuel shortages across eastern US

Trump Just Attacked Obama, and George Takei’s Response is PRICELESS

Pocket constitutions and upside-down flags -#BundyTeaParty

OK, I was wrong: Trump *is* worse than Cruz

I have an arrangement with a former Marine. Big burly dude.

I hope Trump talks himself into landslide loss. By the way Hillary was right

NOTE: The Birther thing is a big fire for tRump so he does the usual... start a bigger fire to