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Hungary should be kicked out of the EU, says Luxembourg minister

The Contenders 16 for '16 on PBS

Oxford Economics: Trump presidency could cost US economy $1 trillion

Just drove 1100 miles in the last 24 hours...ask me anything

I saw Hell or High Water

Breaking NY AG opens Inquiry into Don the Con's Foundation

Good God in Butter is Roger Ailes a dirt bag / New York Magazine

To all the folks trying to reassure Hillary has this is in the bag.

Laugh of the day: Mega surge in online searches for definition of "deplorable".

On MSNBC it was just reported that Trump used his

The Deplorable: They can't Deplort me, I was born here...

Does anyone else here wish they didn't know and/or they didn't care?

Edward Snowden makes 'moral' case for presidential pardon

My father had a rich friend like donald Trump (not as rich). He held two huge cocktail

Syrian regime is blocking aid from entering eastern Aleppo, claims UN

It's obvious that Trump is clinically obese.

Donald Trump hasn’t donated to his own foundation since 2008, investigation finds

US pledges record $38bn military aid to Israel over next 10 years

Another crap decision on PBC just now.

NY attorney general launches Trump Foundation inquiry

Put the deplorables in the basket

Decline of unions has cost everyone else $3K in pay

Please wish Dr. Strange well tomorrow. He will be giving...

Bundy brothers accused of ‘dangerous’ invasion as Oregon standoff trial begins

115 years ago tomorrow. Theodore Roosevelt sworn in as 26th POTUS upon death of Pres McKinley

Pro-gun group sues Katie Couric for defamation in Under the Gun film

Tim Kaine Makes Minn. Campaign Stop

Pope endorsement softens stance on divorced Catholics

6-Year-Old Girl Says It Was 'Exciting' Meeting Hillary Clinton After 9/11 Memori

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Sicko! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike! Live, Uncensored & a

This race is getting too damned close.

Sen. Al Franken and his wife have their

Bombshell on Don the Con coming in Newsweek tomorrow

Newsweek tomorrow????

Yes, far too many of Trump supporters are DEPLORABLE. Yesterday they punched an elderly woman

Chelsea Manning ends hunger strike, Army agrees to treatment: ACLU

Coulter: 'I would die' for Trump

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway agrees with Hillary that his supporters are deplorable!

Clowns sightings in Macon, parents concerned

Democratic Party says it was hacked again, blames Russians

So either someone from DU thinks I am a fraud

Super Typhoon Meranti Is Headed Towards China And Taiwan

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway agrees with Hillary that his supporters are deplorable!

Supreme Court leaves Ohio voting restrictions in place

Casey Pfeiffer (S.E.-Structural Engineer) - 9/11 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out (AE911TRUTH

Super Typhoon Meranti Is Headed Towards China And Taiwan

Politifact rates President Obama's assertion re. Trump Foundation TRUE

Is Reddit right-wing or left-wing

One week from today, we'll know exactly how Hillary's health episode has been received

Man arrested at Las Vegas Trump rally pleads guilty

How To Argue With Climate Change Deniers

Impeachment showdown begins as House conservatives take aim at IRS commissioner

Les Young (High-rise Architect) - "9/11 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out" (AE911TRUTH)

The second largest meteorite ever recorded on Earth is uncovered

Clinton to return to campaign trail Thursday

Zooming on the star cluster Terzan

Appeals Court Won't Toss Charges Against NJ Sen. Menendez

Obama and Clinton plot a final-stretch blitz

Did you see the reaction to a Democratic President here in Philly today?

Son and Brother of Guatemala's President in Corruption Case

Newsweek reporting Trump scandal!!!

Edward Snowden makes 'moral' case for presidential pardon

'US, Israel agree to record military aid deal worth at least $38 billion'

Donald and Ivana Trump fight unsealing of divorce records

Venezuela Launches $7 Billion Bond Swap to Ease Debt Burden

Hillary will outperform her poll numbers on election Day and here is why.

Canada in 1984...we had a chance to swing for the fences.

Robot Gets Loose at New York Fashion Week, Runs Into People

Newsweek tomorrow: Trump company involved with foreign leaders and criminals

Syria truce: UN hails 'significant drop' in violence

Higher probability of mega-quakes seen during moon-sun high-tide alignment

Former Montana lawmaker settles dark money allegations

Bundy Bunch trial: And...we're off!


Montana officials say ballot delay could harm election

Real butter:

Camden Catholic school under fire for not accommodating transgender teen

2016 Al Smith Dinner

Children's rights defender in Honduras beaten, detained

Children's rights defender in Honduras beaten, detained

Kellyanne Conway calls for less ‘medical reporting’ on Trump: ‘We all have a right to privacy’

Trump announces he is going to Flint

London Group a 'Safe Space' for Black Atheists

I predict Trump's visit to Flint will be a complete debacle

Russian Hackers Leak Simone Biles And Serena Williams Medical Records...

Sociologist identifies science-oriented religious group in US politics

Flight Simulator? if so, very cool.

Son and brother of Guatemala's president in corruption case

‘Smart’ Dildo Company Sued For Tracking Users’ Habits

Mercosur may suspend Venezuela in sign of ideological split

"DEPLORABLE" as documented by NYT - Unfiltered Voices - should be used in attack ad


Cheeto brings out the worst in his supporters


CNN "The small business owners Trump never paid in full"

A question I would like the news media to ask Donald Trump:

2 Stray Cat Moms Surprise Woman with 8 Babies on Her Patio After She Helped Them

Got my gene test back that tells me if chemo will help or not.

NY attorney general is investigating Trump Foundation practices

*Coming up on Lawrence show,

Does anyone know what the ruling was on the motion to unseal Trump's divorce proceeding,

Tropical Storn Julia in Florida

LGBT Rights Group Appeals Denial of Transgender Name Change (xpost from LGBT)

Colin Powell email says roadkill "is an international pariah and a national disgrace. And birther

Chelsea Manning Told She Can Have Gender Reassignment Surgery, Lawyer Says.


Colin Powell calls out Trump!

***Lawrence O'D live now.

i hope hillary does more phone ins.

Lots of crap hitting Trump's fan today and tomorrow...

Is Ann Coulter a meth or coke addict?

Bali tourism rocked as Islamic law banning alcohol to be introduced

Florida man fatally shot while testing out bulletproof vest

If you haven't already...

Newsweek Cover for tomorrow...

Roadkill tweeting re Mr. President.

Trump 50 percent.

Heather McGhee was just on with Brian Williams

Colin Powell Called Benghazi A “Stupid Witch Hunt” — And Condi Rice Agreed

Colombia: 5th Afro-Rural Leader Killed Since Cease-Fire Began

Security Firm Guarding Dakota Access Pipeline Also Used Psychological Warfare Tactics for BP

Michelle Obama to campaign for Hillary Clinton

Security Firm Guarding Dakota Access Pipeline Also Used Psychological Warfare Tactics for BP

Colorado depth chart against Michigan

Japan to offer medical equipment to Cuba

56 days and counting! Pound that bastard!

Trump leads by only 6 points in Texas

Chavez and Cuba's Role in Colombian Peace Process Recognized

Panama Reduces Number of Illiteracy People with Cuban Method

Real-time Election Day projections to buck tradition

Trump must have locked himself in the can, Tweeting up a storm..

What will MSM do tomorrow?

Exclusive: Bayer nears acquisition of Monsanto - for more than $66 BILLION

Hey Trump, just keep bashing Obama. He's at 58% national approval, so FUCK YOU!

Chief organizer of Macri's "mini Davos" is among those listed in the Panama Papers offshore scandal

Here's the COVER of Newsweek for tomorrow

CREW Files Criminal Bribery Complaint Against Donald Trump & Pam Bondi

David Duke outpolls Trump among black voters

Odds & Ends

Study: 1 in 5 CEOs are psychopaths; same rate as among prisoners

With the coming revelations on Trump, the odds of him participating in the debates...

Dakota Access CEO: Company committed to finishing project

Police: Death of black teen run down in Oregon hate crime

You Fucking Want Deplorable? I’ll Give ya Deplorable!

No, A. J. Delgado, Clinton supporters did not start birtherism.

Camden (NJ) Diocese: Student Athletes Who Don’t Stand for the Anthem Will Be Suspended… or Worse

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick criticizes NCAA decision to pull events out of North Carolina because of

CNN tag team Hillary trashing

White House asks Congress for $2.6 billion to help Louisiana

Amos Oz: Denying Israel's existence 'anti-Semitic'

Key Texas Lawmakers Show Little Appetite for Medicaid Expansion

Haines City, FL: high school music room plagued by bats

69 year old attacked at Trump rally

Lawmaker to seek state bill to crack down on homeless camps

State lawmakers, governor, others get pay raises

Does Gov. Jay Inslee support a state income tax? No, he does not

Why does Trump not want his medical records released

Tentative deal for 30,000 state workers includes raises, $12 minimum wage

Team Hillary is Effing Brilliant

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

If trends hold, Idaho could have sizable budget surplus

Logging error saddles elderly Idaho man with legal bills; ‘It is a tragedy,’ justice says

When you're vegan AF!

I'm not from here.

Corrupt cops send key witness to drug-rehab 2000 miles away. She mysteriously ends up in a jail.

to "but she was wrong to call half of us deplorable"

Daily Holidays September 14

I'm frustrated.

*Yawn* Even more instances where Trump lied about 9/11. But who cares anymore.

2015: largest one year increase in median income in US history

KEMURI Hot Japanese skaa punk music

Trump cracking jokes as he sees supporters beating up counter-protesters (including 69yo woman).

Bookkeeper charged with embezzling $745,000 from Richland doctor

Pro-Trump LA Times Tracking Poll Shows Clinton Drop After 9/11

NHC on Tropical Storm Julia (near Jacksonville FL

****SUMMER Photo Contest WINNERS****

****SUMMER Photo Contest WINNERS**** thread is posted in GD

Heads up: Trump leads Ohio poll

Two contrasting portraits of refuge occupation emerge during opening statements

White couple now charged with hunting down, killing black teen because of race

White couple now charged with hunting down, killing black teen because of race

Rep. Kotek pushes for statewide cap on rent hikes, end to 'no-cause' evictions


Gov. Kate Brown nets $250,000 contribution from Michael Bloomberg

Climate and Security Advisory Group: Briefing Book for a New Administration

Byron Lima Oliva, Bishop’s Killer, Dies in Attack at Guatemala Prison

Trump Has 5-Point Lead in Bloomberg Poll of Battleground Ohio

How the Trump Organization's Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security

Donald Trump sensing momentum as Colorado polls appear to narrow

Rental car warning: you may want to avoid using the USB port

Denver’s Kyle Wester nears 90 mph to set world speed record for downhill skateboarding

Widow of fallen Lakewood police officer settles federal lawsuit for $3.5 million

Colorado pot shops post record-breaking sales figures topping $122 million in July

Cinemark Theater ends request that Aurora shooting victims pay legal fees

The devastating Newsweek article against Trump

Social Security, Iran deal prominent as Colorado's first Senate debate gets heated

Clinton to Enlist Obama In Swing State Blitz

Occidental Petroleum tax lawsuit headed to Colorado high court

For University of Northern Colorado president, bad reviews, large raises a common occurrence

Saturated fat causes heart disease, eh? I wonder who told us that?

Newsweek Teases Trump Cover Story It Says Could Change Election (Huffpost)

Utah increases cougar hunt quota despite criticism

Gov. Herbert in Canada for weeklong trade mission

What other polls are coming out this week?

Trump effect? Fewer U.S. Mormons say they’re Republicans, study shows

Utah man accused of $28 million Ponzi scheme declines to plead guilty

California congressman calls for hearing after visiting pipeline protesters in North Dakota

Photo: "Bernie Sanders Brigade" arrives with supplies at Standing Rock

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, Board of Examiners question education testing contract

Garrison Keillor on Hillary powering through illness

House Democrats unveil new ads tying Republican lawmakers to Trump

From prostitutes to politics: Brothel owner's assembly bid questioned

Turning settlers into victims

Okay - anybody on Morning Joe going to talk about the Newsweek article?

Will Trump release his tax returns? Billionaire pledges up to $5M for veterans if so

Bill Clinton to take Hillary’s place at Wednesday appearance in North Las Vegas

Sustaining One's Atheism, Skepticism, and Freethought

UNLV announces Fertitta family will donate $10M toward football facility

'I Got My Babies Off That Bus': Hero School Bus Driver Speaks After Fire

Israel Will Fund Matchmakers in Religious High Schools

Gary Johnson takes out full-page ad to get into first debate

Protester With Oxygen Tank Allegedly ‘Cold-Cocked’ By Trump Supporter At N.C. Rally

Trump and paid Maternity leave

Three candidates #BernieEndorsed WON today! Sept 13

Pope confirms: Amoris Laetitia allows divorced/remarried to receive Communion in some cases

Vehicle plows into Phoenix officers standing outside QuikTrip convenience store

Phoenix cancer charity worker who stole nearly $200K gets 2 years in prison

Deplorable? 69-year-old woman punched in face by Trump supporter outside NC rally

Old man in funny hat blindly unaware of his own church's history

Vehicle plows into Phoenix officers standing outside QuikTrip convenience store

The small business owners Trump never paid in full

This is unambiguously the best Income, Poverty & Health Insurance report ever.

The ‘five-second rule’ for eating food? Scientists just demonstrated how gross it is.

The secrets of David Fahrenthold's reporting on the Trump Foundation

Leaked documents reveal secretive influence of corporate cash on politics

Trump calls Saudi Prince Dopey. Hillary is right he can be baited by a tweet

MPs deliver damning verdict on David Cameron's Libya intervention

Big story re Walker and campaign $$ in the Guardian, from leaked documents

tweet your best anti trump one liners

Did "Don the Con" think this through?

Climate change 'significant and direct' threat to U.S. military: reports

Climate change 'significant and direct' threat to U.S. military: reports

maggot once asked Obama for help in a trade dispute with China

Deceased man wins Republican primary for New York state assembly

Breaking News....

I have just about had it with Act Blue, no matter how much good they may do

Bull In A China Shop

Putin has Trump by the balls...

Sept 13 Repost: JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump Poll Of JEWISH Voters Released, Results Are UNPRECEDENTE

Promising Start to MSNBC's Live coverage today

Three police officers attacked.

My suggestion for Trump supporters to make finding each other, in a crowd, much easier

Spread The Word: Hillary's Paid Leave is Better Than Trump's

Muslim Marine Is Called A Terrorist & Ordered Into Industrial Clothes Dryer By Drill Instructor

Trump will tape his interview with Dr. Oz at an ABC Studio in NYC today at 10 am. but it won't be on

What a surprise - Dr. Oz will NOT review/discuss results of Rump's physical.

Bloomberg Ohio poll

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah expect no medical report on Dr Oz

Almost President: What it's like to lose

Ivanka Trump is about to hit the various media outlets this morning LYING about Hillary...

Colin Powell Called Benghazi ‘Stupid Witch Hunt’ In Email To Condi Rice

For what they are worth, the details (so far) of Trump's visit to Flint. I predict it will be a bust

What I find very troubling, more than Trump, are the people that support him. FFS,

Current Act That Gives Families Unpaid Leave Was Passed Under Clinton


Colin Powell Called Benghazi A “Stupid Witch Hunt” — And Condi Rice Agreed

Bayer clinches Monsanto with improved $66 billion bid

Venezuela: The most expensive Nutella in the world?

Kremlin: Obama's Trump criticism anti-Russian, won't foster better ties

There is a very rational reason why Trump choose to run as a Republican

Study: Over 15 Percent of Venezuelans Eat from the Trash

Lawsuit: Georgia Voter Registration Process Violates the Law

Lawsuit: Georgia Voter Registration Process Violates the Law

Donald Trump backs out of Dr. Oz stunt at last minute and will not disclose results of his physical

UPDATED: Trump Won't Release Medical Records In Interview With Dr. Oz After All

This is in part from an e-mail I received from a middle aged woman who NEVER talks about politics...

BREAKING... Trump NOT releasing medical report on Dr. Oz

Nurses Thank Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Support for Striking Minnesota RNs

Is Newsweek leading the way

Has anybody found a picture of Deplorable Don's 6 ft. picture of himself,

Killing the horses - 45,000 wild horses

Is Trump okay?

Bernie Sanders is the most popular US Senator, by a YUGE margin!

Where are the millennials?

Hillary’s Billing Records: The Facts Omitted From Your Morning Infotainment -- Joe Conason

New Hillary Ad: Trump-Bondi Bribery Scandal

New Hillary Ad: Trump-Bondi Bribery Scandal

Where's the info on the T rump rally puncher?


TWO New Hillary Ads: Trump-Bondi Bribery Scandal

I have a confession to make

Melania Trump Releases Letter From Atty Saying She Came To US '100%' Legally

A look into AJ Delgado's Twitter history shows her hypocrisy...

When Dr. Oz opens the report....

There is an Ohio poll released by Bloomberg to day which shows trump ahead 5 points. It MUST be

Harvard Study Finally Admits Drug Prices Are High Because Govt Grants Big Pharma A Monopoly

“the boys in the band were brain dead.”

OH Polls YouGov HRC +7; Bloomberg Trump +5. Which is right? It's up to you...

Leaked John Doe (Walker) documents links and article in today's Guardian

Breaking News: Trump Afraid To Debate Hillary, Goes To Oz Seeking Courage

Trump Parody - “Send in the Clowns” sung by Barbara Streisand

CNN’s Corey Lewandowski lashes out at Newsweek for exposing Trump’s sketchy foreign entanglements

Olbermann destroys Don the Con - MUST SEE

Not so Breaking News. Newsweek's report on Trump.

What is this about good fats and bad fats?? What is the difference?

Harry Reid body shames Donald Trump: 'He's not slim and trim'

Trump won't release medical records on Dr. Oz show

Dems to DOJ: Investigate Trump bribery claims


The Truth About Donald Trump

Hillary Email "Scandal": George W. Bush Lost 22 MILLION Emails, No One Cared

SOME PEOPLE SAY that Trump decided not to release the results of his last physical exam...

POLL: Clinton/Trump tied in 4 way, Clinton +1 in 2-way among LV (Reuters/Ipsos)

Taco Truck guy has opened his mouth and inserted foot into it again

I Simply Could Not "Pledge Allegiance" Or Stand For Anthem Under Trump.

Complaint to CNN

Snowden LIVE now on Facebook:

Lawsuit: Arizona illegally withholding driver's licenses from some migrants

"It’s called nuclear warming. OK?” - So much Trump BS, so little time to point and laugh

The Untold Truth Of South Park

Ted Deutch and Lois Frankel call for investigations into Donald Trump-Pam Bondi matter

Rescuers Reach Russian Meteorologists Trapped by Polar Bears

AG rules town may have violated state law by charging pot grower $800K

Ruling: Cities can pay public employees for doing union business

We can count on Obama to come up with the right language.

Corey Lewandowski to receive Secret Service Access at request of Trump Campaign,...

Cameron ultimately responsible for Libya collapse and the rise of ISIS, Commons report concludes

Trump's foundation: Corrupt Politics - HRC ad

Johnson Weld 2016 Ticket Achieves Ballot Access in all 50 States, plus the District of Columbia

Newsweek reporter tweets, deletes belief that Trump in mental hospital in 1990

The debates is where she will have a chance to separate unless the

Dolphins may have a spoken language, new research suggests

Colin Powell Shows Lack Of Courage By Not Coming Full Out For Hillary & Against Trump/GOP.

Tim Kaine's Bishop responds to gay marriage comments

The Clinton Foundation You’ve Never Heard Of

Ivanka Trump lies, says Clinton has no childcare or maternity leave proposals

Inventor of California Roll receiving an award from Japan

So Melania's Immigration lawyer saw the documents but you peons will just

Pic Of The Moment: There's Over-The-Top, And Then There's This...

Trump Has a Long History of Seeking Political Favors. Here's How It Began

Rising star lawmaker took steep fall after sex allegations

Vin Scully’s final game will be in SF: ‘That really brings it full circle’

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Baskets

Trump, Dr. Oz, taxes, law suits, Pam Bondi payoffs and on and on ...

Clinton trouncing Trump with Latinos in several key states

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Pence Finds GOP Leaders Reluctant to Defend Donnie's Deplorables

Ex-Assemblyman Tom Calderon is sentenced to a year in federal custody in bribery case

Is Climate Change a Democratic priority?

Pot question bans some Canadians from U.S. for life

September 16 full moon a supermoon?

To the people of Flint, Michigan

Wells Fargo Exec Who Headed Phony Accounts Unit Collected $125 Million

the trump foundation donations that charitys say never arrived, I bet they went to politicians

Donald Trump’s surprisingly shady charitable foundation, explained

Do we take advice from celebrities on politics?

Arrest warrant issued in assault of 69-year-old female protester at N.C. Trump rally

One-stop partial treasury of today's dizzying, ironic, ruefully funny, at bottom horrifying news:

Because Scott Walker Asked

Glenn Beck Settles Lawsuit With Boston Bombing Victim He Named As Suspect

Add religion, anti-vaxx, and sheer stupidity...

Openings set in major Chicago gang trial focused on killings

Huh. Some guy on CNN is talking about how Clinton withheld...

12 West Wing Quotes To Motivate You On A Lazy Day

Who wouldn't know this?

West Wing quotes (to make our day)

Trump gave Oz a new one page report on a physical by Dr. Bornstien

Pope Francis: Killing 'in the Name of God is Satanic'

If you contest a post of yours that was flagged

Since they can't really defend Trump,

News of Trump’s 5 Point Lead Today in Ohio..

UPDATE: Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper to call for Bevin impeachment over bloodshed comments

Kellyanne Conway, Trump's Liar-in-Chief.

Per MSNBC Bernstein did Trump's exam last week. Swell.

In retrospect, why on earth would anyone want to donate to the Trump Foundation?

oh no! panic! hillary's odds of winning plummet! ... to the middle of the range since mid-march!

Wow, even Andrea is on our side today..

Fox breaking that Trump will release full physical report and go through tests w/Oz

Holy Shit Andrea Mitchell is demanding that Marsha 'the idiot' Blackburn

So Colin Powel "is a very private person" and "he must feel violated,"

Eichenwald: Donald Trump makes money by aiding people whose interests don't coincide with America's

Scott Walker Put Wisconsin Up For Sale

Bayer Secures Monsanto Takeover With $56 Billion Bid

Southern California Gas to pay $4-million settlement over massive Porter Ranch gas leak

SpaceX says rocket launches could resume as soon as November

Law and Disorder: New Legal Thriller Does What The Corporate Media Refuses To Do

Hillary Clinton's Road Warriors

Photo: Congressman Jim McGovern stands with Standing Rock

The Hell with Turning Off Cable Shows!

Quick Rundown of Donald Trump’s Medical Exam Is Offered on ‘Dr. Oz’

Clinton Has Huge Swing State Lead with Latinos

The TRUMP name doesn't mean he owns it

Attn geniuses: If you self-ID as #deplorable, you're self-identifying as racist

Yougov poll over weekend does not show pronounced "bad weekend effect"

"HEIL TRUMP" ad from Citizen PAC- EXACT QUOTES from Trump and Hitler juxtaposed

Flint residents construct a wall made of water bottles, in advance of Trump's visit

Georgia's voter-registration process violates the law, lawsuit charges

Republican GODS say No Voting on Sunday in North Carolina Counties!

Tues, Sept 13 There are five articles in NY Times today on Hillary's health, 3 A1 Plus an editorial

An election is the medias olympics, superbowl, world series, they need a horse race.

Good investigative journalism.

CNN reports Ivanka will be on Oz show w/daddy, notes Melania's "strange" disappearance

Don't panic with the polls

The Society for American Archaeology has weighed in on the Dakota Pipeline

Weird Florida: Trump 46, Clinton 42 - Trump: 44 % women, 42 % Hispanic 17 % dem,+ 20 white ind

Dr. Gupta on CNN. Re: Trump

*** NEVADA POLL (Monmouth): Trump 44 Clinton 42 Johnson 8

Attorneys: Teen in police scandal to return to Bay Area after plea deal

If you want to help the Newsweek story about Trump get more attention, here's a fast, easy way:

Jerry Brown vetoes bills that sought to zap diaper, tampon taxes

California governor signs bill banning SeaWorld orca shows

Campaign Hillary needs to get its act together

Trump turns sanctimonious.

MSNBC just asked if recent revelations by Powell will "effect" trump's surge in the polls

Nate Silver 538 and polls in general

Saddleback College removes 9/11 posters upsetting conservative students who put up the memorial

It’s Time To Call Out ‘Nice Racists’ And Their White Fragility

It is September 14th

ridiculous - Dr. OZ (fox agent) will analyze Trump physical by SAME MD who wrote first letter

After two recent fatal crashes, Thornton neighbors want something done.

Possible October Surprise from the Russians (Sorry Worry Committee)

As usual! Trump wobbles around his medical exam, telling Dr Oz very little about his health!

CNN’s Corey Lewandowski lashes out at Newsweek for exposing Trump’s sketchy foreign entanglements

What needs to be investigated for 'pay to play' is the 24/7 cable news networks. There

The Businesses of Mahmoud Abbas and His Sons

Chanos: Trump was my easiest short, like 'ocean liners hitting icebergs'

In his haste to condemn Clinton for “deplorable,” Trump leashed himself to the filth of the nation

pro gun article in college paper.

What are the best hashtags to use to point out media double standards?

World Day of Peace 2017 to Focus on Nonviolent Politics

For Every 10 U.S. Adults, Six Vote and Four Don’t. What Separates Them?

Dakota Access Pipeline Rally: Message From Our Youth

From the far-right (Breitbart): Obama Seeks Ratification of UN Arms Trade Treaty Before Leaving

Someone said it's allowed to make constructive criticism on campaign on DU

Donald Trump and the art of the boomerang insult

Gotta love the people of Flint.

My paternal grandparents homesteaded in 1915, near Conrad. (dial-up warning)

Federal court allows Ohio to throw out ballots with typos and small errors

This is not good!

Why aren't people who use the phrase "Black on Black crime" called out

Richard Wolff - Has the Fed Created a "False Economy?"

So Dr. Oz Is Aiding And Abetting Trump And His Lying, Weasling, Conning Ways.....

Need to get this VIDEO to campaign ASAP - Trump slams 50% of people !

Hillary's pneumonia: the media's lowest moment.

Literary humor featuring Ayn Rand and Karl Marx

Active JPR member posting concern troll threads in GDP

Michelle and Ellen go shopping at CVS -FUNNY STUFF

OK: Is anybody else, other than me, creeped out by those Extra Crispy KFC TV commercials?

Win or lose Trump leaves us with a 100yrs of "DEPLORABLE" candidates.

Hillary Clinton Goes Off And Drills Trump With 20 Must Answer Questions

****SPOILER ALERT****** Anyone else psyched about "The Walking Dead" returning in 39 days ?

Democrats and Company in Ohio. Urgent!

Lisa Vanderpump lobbies Congress to pass Resolution condemning China Dog Meat Festival

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 15 USC 78dd-2

At the U.N., Only Israel Is an ‘Occupying Power’

Call congress now to stop the TPP

The realtor who punched 3 people at a Trump rally has been let go...

Burger King is marketing a new food item!

Hillary Amps Up Kurt Eichenwald's Report On Trump's Dangerous Foreign Ties With 20 Damning Questions

I stand whenever I hear the National Anthem. Furthermore ...

Why Are The Media Objectively Pro-Trump?


***Breaking Quinnipiac National Poll: Clinton 48, Trump 43***

Another piece of good debunking, critical, investigative journalism

Quinnipiac: Clinton leads by 5 among likely voters, 2 in 4-way race

Quinnipiac National Poll: Clinton +5 head to head, +2 four-way

Q-Pac is Clinton +5

Sigh of relief. Am I right?

Trump's proctologist called.

Donald Trump surprises Dr. Oz with results of recent physical

"I wish I could kiss her more. I kiss her every chance I get" -Donald Trump, on his daughter. @Dr.OZ

A clean bill of health!

Why Isn't Donald Trump Being Charged With Bribery? (w/Guest: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee)

Where is Bernie Sanders?

What Is Donald Trump Hiding In His Medical Records?

Ford shifting all U.S. small-car production to Mexico

Just a thought

Veto session: Missouri House acts to put in place a photo ID mandate for voters

"CYBER WAR" from Four Corners

Trump Supporter Punches Elderly Woman With Oxygen Tank

Came across this on Twitter:

What gall! Trump got the same quack to validate his good health!

One word movie titles????

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 14, 2016

Brief polling primer: Clinton has been steady at ~+2 in a 4 way for awhile now...

Best face palm ever!

Plea reached for ex-MDHHS employee in Flint water investigation

The Trump Brand

Some are saying that Melania Trump is forbidden to speak in public.

Teen appears in court accused of planning mass-casualty nail bomb attack at Elton John concert

Pierce laments American decadence: "When they decline, democracies get the dictators they deserve."

SUV driver hits house

Anyone see Pam Bondi

Seven follow-ups on 10 reasons for Christian decline

Ivanka Trump went on national TV and lied about Hillary Clinton’s childcare policies

Even the Government’s Smartest Lawyers Can’t Figure Out Religious Liberty

This week Trump supporters punched an elderly woman, slapped a protestor, and hung Hillary in effigy

Council of Cardinals continues discussions on selection of Catholic bishops

Trump is going off script in Flint and attacking Hillary- the moderator is interrupting him!

Trump at a Black Church gets told to stop talking about Hillary...Video added

Trump's Big Health Reveal On Dr. Oz: A 1-Page Summary From Dr. Bornstein

Somebody please get a message to Steve Kornacki that Mr. Trump is ready to have his ass wiped

Colin Powell Offers Uncensored View Of The Clintons In Leaked Emails

Trump asks the audience the question, "do you want me to show Dr. Oz my records"?

How Republicans Are Inciting Right-Wing Violence After Election Day

Donald Trump is playing games with the media again.

What a HUUGGEE crowd that turned out in Flint to see Trump..

CNN Polls: Trump +5 in Ohio, +3 in Florida (LV)

Video: Flint Pastor Interrupts Trump When He Begins Criticizing Hillary

National Guard Begins Arresting Pipeline Protestors At Gunpoint

Chipotle hiring 5000 workers

Trump is 267, eats fast food because he trusts it and and thinks waving his hands is exercise

Naked Trump statues are back, now gazing at motorists near the Holland Tunnel

NYT - Colin Powell, in Hacked Email, Calls Trump ‘National Disgrace’


Trump bashes HRC - Pastor interrupts: "I invited you here to thank us...not give political speech"

Many are saying that Trump is afraid to get a real physical

A winning map for Clinton, no rose colored glasses required.

Are you mad as hell ?

American Horror Story starts TONIGHT!!!!

Sales of Hillary Clinton’s New Book Are Off to a Slow Start

3rd party voters? Are they really this stoopid?

Is Clinton in trouble? The architect of the Obama coalition explains why it’s still hers to lose.

Gary Jonston getting double digits in swing states! Seems to be harming Hillary most.

Trump donor: "We are racists. But we do not regard this as a smear, but as a badge of honor"

CNN/ORC polls: Trump's national gains extend to Florida, Ohio

Plagiarist Gary Johnson uses Houston Chronicle editorial cartoon without permission.

Per an audience member at Dr. Oz taping with Trump, he said he likes fast food because "at least yo

This is going to be a very close election. Much closer than 2012, let alone 2008.


Should HRC Bring Science Into the Debate and the Campaign

Dana Milbank: Trump's idea of a blind trust: for you to trust him, blindly.

How accurate were the state level LV polling models in 2008 and 2012 vs the RV models?

Princeton Election Consortium's poll analysis: Hillary has a 90% chance of winning.

Just reported - Trump spent less than 20 minutes at the Flint Water Plant

Audience member at Dr Oz taping - creepy

Clinton campaign releases additional medical records

I guess the big Newsweek story is a complete non-story?

Hillary Clinton 'healthy and fit', says doctor

Hillary releases more medical info now dumb

Spent the day doing voter registraion for the Clinton/Kaine campaign.

Trump: I kiss Ivanka as often as I can

Wonder how Rump likes being called obese!

ACC moving neutral-site championship games out of North Carolina due to HB2

In my humble opinion, Hillary starts to look better and better every day. :-)

BREAKING: Lockdowns on DAPL as Facebook Censors Livestream

There's a stench coming to my town.

Supreme Court Refuses To Restore Early Voting “Golden Week” In Ohio

Chuck Todd has been covering DT's hiding of records and the Newsweek story...

Fahrenthold posts image of the check from Trump's foundation for the portrait of himself

Don the Con wows them in Flint, lol

Pastor Chides Donald Trump For Electioneering At Her Church

Bundy trial: Oregon sheriff says he was threatened with ultimatum by militia

BREAKING: Corey Lewandowski still sucks, still lies, still says "I don't know" when told the truth

A Trump quote which will be in a Clinton ad at some point

Muslim woman set on fire was not target of hate crime, New York police say

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 15 September 2016

Maybe it's time for somebody to start leaking incriminating "hacked" emails from RNC & Trump

W.C. Fields on Donald Trump:

Highly Recommended: A Question Team Trump Finally Faced About Tax Audit

Famous men who have fainted. But no one cared.

Demographic breakdown of CNN polls

Bernie Sanders | Stop the Pacific Trade Deal | Capitol Hill News Conference Sept 13

Bernie Sanders | Stop the Pacific Trade Deal | Capitol Hill News Conference Sept 13

Sanders Joins Day of Action Against Pacific Trade Pact

Opioid Companies Lobby Against Medical Marijuana

Sanders Statement on Monsanto-Bayer Deal Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sanders Statement on Monsanto-Bayer Deal Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Christiane Amanpour On Hillary Clinton's Health

Bloodlines has been cancelled.

Naked Don the Con also shows up in south Florida

Mike Pence Is Rebuffed as He Tries to Rally G.O.P. Leaders Over ‘Deplorables’

The "majority" of the news media are cynical jerks

How is this race "tightening"??

12-year-old stands up to hate in Mexico

12-year-old stands up to hate in Mexico

"Protective pool" reporters howl when Hillary ditches them for 90 min --but OMIT the fact that Trump

Cummings Releases Full Powell Email Advising Clinton on Personal Email Use

Pastor interrupts Trump to stop him from attacking Clinton in church - video


Brazil's ex-president Lula charged with corruption in oil kickback scandal

Brazil's ex-president Lula charged with corruption in oil kickback scandal

Collection of Cartoons: Wednesday

Powell: Trump is 'an international pariah'

Did Trump really go on a reality TV show to present another letter from his doctor?

Be warned: The "Association of American Physicians and Surgeons" is an ultra-conservative

Hillary is keeping busy on Twitter today! 20 Questions for Donald.

Trump somehow managed to flip flop on the very concept of "policy"

UPDATE: Port St. Lucie man arrested in mosque fire

The GOP Is Blaming Democrats For Crises They Caused. Media Helping Them.

CNN: Rep.MCCAUL (R). Falsely claims cyberattack hit republican national committee

Flint Pastor Stops Trump's Clinton-Bashing: This Isn't A 'Political Speech'

Ivanka is as big of LIAR as The Rump is (maternity leave)

Congressman Dan Kildee's statement on the Trump visit to Flint, today

What Colin Powell said about Flynn

Why Does the US Justice Department Refuse to Protect Our Children? - (Long rant like I do...)

The best story on the Internet - No Surrender with the Boss

A big majority says Trump is unqualified for the presidency. How much will it matter?


And NOW Keith Olbermann takes on Giuliani! ROTFL!

Doing What Is Right Requires No Thinking ...

Dakota Access Pipeline will make 200 river crossings

CNN Gives Trump The Lead In Ohio By Polling No One Under 50 Years Old

Colin Powell Blasted Trump’s Chief Military Adviser As “Right-Wing Nutty,” “A Jerk”


Ted Cruz Is Picking A Big Fight Over The Internet, And Top Republicans Are Backing Him

Hacked emails reveal WI GOP ginned up false narrative of voter fraud to sway public opinion.

Hillary's complete medical report---Sept 14 --and Tim Kaines Report...

Colin Powell called Dick Cheney and daughter ‘idiots’ and lambasted their book

TWEETY just said he thinks of Colin Powell as an older brother

If I were Powell I'd endorse HRC immediately

US confidence in media hits fresh low: Gallup

Poll: Michigan Trump 47% Clinton 45%

38 years ago, this happened! (Grateful Dead at the Pyramids)

Suspended sentence for Ottumwa, IA teen accused of assaulting toddler

Why so many Republican Congressmen detest Trump

Texas GOP lawmakers aiming to ban payroll deductions for union dues

Bruce Springsteen Takes Shot at Donald Trump During Pittsburgh Concert

Boy Trump! Do you think you're Superman?

So the Ohio poll used 2004

Fox Falls For Trump Lie: Clinton’s Child Care Plan Has Been Available For More Than A Year​

I just checked the Memoriam Page

Just remember folks...

Family reaches $4.2 million settlement with Waianae Coast health center

Poll: Most Israeli and American Jews want Israel to recognize non-Orthodox marriages, conversions

I haven’t gone fishing with Hillary, but here’s what I know about her

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America