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So how did America's Team do?

"MSNBC ... This is who we are."

North Korea ready for another nuclear test: Yonhap

Pneumonia is better than a stroke

Bizarre ant colony discovered in an abandoned Polish nuclear weapons bunker

Second season of Indian summers is starting tonight on PBS

The Road to a Thriving Second-Life EV Battery Market

I couldn't help noticing the remarkable likeness of Drumpf to the Wicker Man, so...

If Trump Was Smart He'd Wish Hillary A....

Car lobby defeats Tesla's bid to sell vehicles outside an independent dealership

Every September 11th, I remember Khephra

Pneumonia is curable. Allergies treatable. Ego is very resistant. Stupidity is incurable.

Let us praise the epic courage of Hillary Clinton

What a surprise - 'We can't replace nature:' Oilsands wetland reclamation a mixed success

Pneumonia is treatable.

A very interesting interview about Donald on cspan

Hillary has pneumonia? Could be worse. She could have vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister

Hillary, with pneumonia, soldiered through that Commander in Chief Forum.

Jennifer Granholm on Hillary's recent illness

Infectious disease expert: a Presidential candidate is at high risk for pneumonia.

Hillary catches pneumonia,...

Benin landfill explosion toll rises to eight: mayor

Secret Service under scrutiny for handling of 'overheated' Clinton: report

WTF David Shuster...? "Expect emergency DNC meeting to CONSIDER replacement..."

HRC Pneumonia curable/Trumps Cowardice incurable

Oh Miss Texas!! Miss America is on the TV.

Cat Gotcha Tongue?

Photo: Rep. Raul Grijalva in Standing Rock, N.D. today

The last time Republicans were concerned about a woman's health

Trump expands House battleground map

Welcome to Australia's 45th Parliament

Airbrushed From History: 200+ Americans Who Jumped From WTC 1 and 2

El Paso Chihuahuas in PCL championship!

I saw Hari Kondabolu live last night in DC

FDR would have never been elected in todays time.

Religions that practice shunning

Attack over women’s ‘shorts’ in southern France

How to cure hearing loss.

"The only time the Republican Party wants to talk about women's health

'No pension, no Peeps:' Strike threatens holiday candy supplies

'No pension, no Peeps:' Strike threatens holiday candy supplies

I got to see Hari Kondabolu live last night. That was amazing.

A Trial of Biblical Proportions

Now that Hillary's been told to get some rest,

NBC News: Does Hillary have a classic case of walking pneumonia?

Mothers Power Through Everyday

David Shuster,

So Hillary is cancelling 2 day trip.

Health Inquiries. How about shrub nearly choking on a pretzel.

CA get busy raising that dough without her. Where do we send dough?

Why does everyone on DU seem to panic

Because of the 9/11 attacks

I don't know what to make out of this, but..

Trump an unwitting Russian agent (AM Joy)

Fucking sexism is what it is!

*Newton Minow: An American Story

A *real* campaign response: *SURROGATES* need to step up. Our candidate needs recovery time.

Legal Marijuana Prices Are Plunging in Colorado, but Not for the Reason You'd Expect

Gay pride t-shirt may have led to the stabbing of San Diego man

Conservation advocates press candidates on public lands

Controversy over Confederate flag at West Jordan event (UT)

DU seems to have CTP

An appeal for a monument to the 1811 Louisiana slave revolt

Toronto film festival spotlights diversity

You want us snuffed out.

The Advocate's special cover story “Remembering Sept. 11: Our Heroes"

George Carlin - "I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die" unreleased footage

Barbra Streisand’s ‘Send In The Clowns’ Trump Parody

*Newton Minow: An American Story

Muslim Purdue professor attacked, told to 'go home'

Alberta appeal court rules judges can overturn ‘unfair’ church edicts

Oddly enough, Hillary may now have a real opportunity to appear more "like us"

Alabama prep football announcer: You should be shot for not standing for national anthem

High school athletes' silent protest during national anthem

CNN notices Melania has not been seen on the campaign trail for 2 months.

Remember how W. Bush blew off the August 6, 2001 CIA memo -- "Osama determined to strike in the

I don't care how big, how loud, or how vulgar you are....

Reminder: on 9/11, Donald Trump talked about what really mattered...

“Calling Dr. Frist …

Trump Adviser, Son Post Image of Trump's 'Deplorables' Featuring White Nationalist Symbol

Robert Baer

Conservative wet dreams - Hillary too sick to continue. Dems meet to replace her.

Yes, Netanyahu, Let's Talk About Ethnic Cleansing

On the plus side, this will up awareness of walking pneumonia....

Obviously, Hillary needs to tell people

Last Days of Summer at Stinson Beach

"Hillary could have got a lot of people sick!!!"

FDR and Hillary remind us we have to stop killing our presidential candidates.

One of Trump's Deplorables assaults Muslim women in NY.

Prior to Collapse!?

Fine. Let's talk about Trump's STD rumors.

At what point do we hold people responsible for stupidity?

Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields crowned new Miss America

State's 4 disagree on legal-fee caps for environmental claims

Horse, dog tracks back effort to block Arkansas casinos

Somewhere....Kellyann Conway has Trump tied up, gagged and without Internet access.

Some hope virtual colonoscopies lead to more cancer screening

Arkansas city denies claims in lawsuit over hot check court

Now all the other Mockingbirds will want snowshoes too.

Oklahoma City worker falls 14 stories to death

In reducing staff to cut budget, DHS paid millions to departing employees

Oklahomans to face tightened ID requirements at federal installations

ACLU requests hearing over license plates

State tax for teacher pay raises draws key support

Quote for today: Those who stir the shit pot should be forced to lick the spoon!

Deplorable's total lack of self-awareness (never seen this pic before this weekend, so I captioned)

Pastor Allen Joyner says people who don't stand for national anthem should be shot

Hillary Clinton's California trip cancelled

Daily Holidays September 12

Neat but scary e. coli experiment

In election year, New Mexico voter registration accelerates

2016 - Make The Day ...

Mpls Star Tribune Editorial Trump crossed a line with donation to Florida AG

Family to sue Silver City, Grant county in murder-suicide

Governor: ‘More items’ may be added to special session

Eddie Antar founder of "Crazy Eddie" electronics stores dead at 68

Senate-passed bills protect drug users seeking medical help

Protesters play dead outside Michigan Capitol to spur gun law discussion

Trump wants Hillary to be PC

Morning Joe

Per halperin on Morning Joe drumpf camp has been told to focus on

Putin’s View Of Trump: A Pushover, A Weaker Version Of Neville Chamberlain

The GOP Stranglehold on State Houses Will Continue in 2016

Will Trump bring up " We came, We saw, We killed " remark as a Deplorable casuistry?

As serious as Hillary's illness may be, it should put to rest questions about her 'stamina'

Lawyers: No recourse for Detroit Medical Center dirty instrument patients

Clinton Surrogates

25 years ago, Nirvana released "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Michigan’s farm labor shortage hits immigration politics

More sentencing hearings this week for Detroit Public Schools kickbacks

Toyota constructs zero emissions building at Honsha Plant using pure H2 Fuel Cell Technology

Dan Gilbert, Stephen Ross each donate $5 million to Wayne State Law

As Flint water improves, details scarce about how crisis can end

By golly. These fellows sure do seem "deplorable".

Andrea Mitchell doing a long hit job on Hillary

It’s the Only Dating Site That Would Never Ask for Your Astrological Sign

State House candidate Steve Marino (R) retracts claims from secret recordings

Lawmakers return after long summer break, introduce nearly 100 bills

National "Propaganda" Radio is at it again.

Donald Trump wants to set the religious right loose on you

Barbara Streisand's ode to Trump: Rewrite of “Send In The Clowns”

Pope Francis: No sinner is ever beyond the love of God

I'd be ok with both candidates releasing everything.

Dodging Donald is quiet about Hillary's health because he does not

Elon Musk Says Pending Tesla Updates Could Have Prevented Fatal Crash

Poll: Unconscious Clinton More Fit to Be President Than Conscious Trump

Duterte says he wants U.S. special forces out of southern Philippines

MSM has reduced this election to " Rubble " watch anything before the conventions, Flip Floping Us

Kellyanne Motormouth

Tom Brokaw displays mind-boggling, Bill Frist-level, ninja-like medical diagnosis skills

I wish the media

New President Will Inherit The War In Afghanistan

Shelter animals receiving donated beds will melt your heart!

Newsflash:Pneumonia isn't Cancer

Early to say, but melt season may be over

POLL: Meme of the Week – September 12th

Ostriches on a stroll.

DEPLORABLES: Commenters On Fox News Disappointd Clinton Didn't Die At 9/11 Memorial

Mosque that Orlando Pulse shooter attended was set fire last night in apparent arson attack

Birther redux

"Medical problems" - just a Hillary trick?

Proposal would brand abortion as aggravated murder in Ohio

How would the stock market react to a Trump presidency?

Rob Portman has double-digit lead in latest Ohio U.S. Senate poll

The Forgotten Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Send Astronauts to Space

Florida man shoots, kills cousin testing bulletproof vest

Why is Christianity declining?

When did Trump supporters become upset by "political incorrectness" and name calling by candidates?

No Irish Need Apply

I had double pneumonia when I was in my twenties and healthy as a horse...

Trump’s GOP; Old, But No Longer Grand

CHARLES P. PIERCE: The Truth About This Alleged 'Basket of Deplorables'

Any cider lovers here?

42% of Trump Supporters Are Racist

General David Petraeus faints during grilling over US in Afghanistan

FACTS MATTER - Hillary Clinton Overheated. Don’t Hyperventilate. - By Michael Tomasky

On the road again

Trump Aide Stands To Profit From The Dakota Access Pipeline

Alt-Right Leaders: We Aren’t Racist, We Just Hate

Heil Trump: A Warning to America (YouTube)

Dear Media Elites, Here’s How You Have Trump Completely Wrong - by Jim Hightower

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Basket Case

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Trump says he's confident about results of his physical — "Otherwise I wouldn’t be telling you this"

White Nationalists See Trump As A Chance To Break Into The Media Mainstream

People Magazine: Illness that hit Clinton also hit several senior members of her campaign

Morning Joe

Stonekettle Station 9/11 rant

Cincinnati officer acquitted in cover-up case loses job

The Earth Lost 10 Percent of Its Wilderness in Only 2 Decades

Bill Moyers, Money and Power in America

Boy Howdy! Cable TV is in full "pout" today..

Judge says contract breach requires state to give Sawmill wetlands to developer

What good is war? Let me count the ways." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway called his supporters: "downright nasty" & "skeeze"

I'm trying to understand this re: Hillary's health and the election.

I'm very concerned

Sainthood for Mother Teresa exposes the delusion of religion

Trump 'wall' gag at high school football pep rally draws cries of racism

From New York Magazine: The Fireman's Friar

Don't Buy the Hype -- The TPP Won't Secure America

Right Wingers and Others Are Exaggerating, As Usual...

Yesterday, I intentionally missed all of the ceremonies on TV

ANY campaign should know by now: Electrolyte drinks/chews are your BEST friend at events.

Let me see if I understand this correctly ...

I donated today

hillary's health: public; trump's health: secret. yet the media makes her pay. sad!

Trump will be handing out a paper with some very large numbers

let's guess what trump is hiding in his medical history!

Bears,Browns, Jets, Redskins -- How NFL teams got their names

What Line Could Trump Cross That Would Doom Him.

Every Major Florida Newspaper Just Demanded A Criminal Investigation of Trump

Trustees criticize University of Kentucky’s suit against student newspaper

I've been noticing quite a few Drake for Congress signs around

Helpful or harmful? Bevin Medicaid waiver clears hurdle

This is really irritating -

Judge: Ex-pension chair no longer gets a vote

Hillary's First Move - Break Up The MSM And Enforce Anti Trust Act.

Alpha Natural Resources to close last Kentucky mine

If you're going to do something - Do it in style and bravado


Kellyanne Conway calls Trumps supporters Nasty and skeeze

RW Has Infiltrated Liberal Printable Bumper Sticker Sites.

U.K. takes table tennis gold at Paralympics

Since HRC is sidelined for a few days and can't attend her CA fundraisers, let's help (if you can)!

WaPo: 4 Pinocchio's for Trump’s ‘pay-for-play’ attack on Clinton

Report: Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan cost almost $5 trillion so far

Theresa May revealed as Margaret Thatcher’s final Horcrux

US teens often forced to trade sex work for food, study finds

Newsweek: The George W. Bush White House ‘Lost’ 22 Million Emails

President Obama's approval rating jumps to 58%

"He's afraid that on her worst days she's a million times more able & prepared than he is"

Take a knee and dipshit donnie says they need to leave the country

Indianapolis fertility doctor facing charges

North Korea defied world with nuclear test. Now it seeks aid for flood disaster.

Billings candidate suggests only wealthy should hold office, vote

David Cameron Has Just Announced He’s Resigning As An MP

Trump revealed

Utopia evolved: How Indiana commune survived

Trump spent $20,000 earmarked for charity on a portrait of himself.

What history tells us about the health of presidents and candidates

Pic Of The Moment: The Basket Of Deplorables Haz A Sad

Insurance fight prolongs scrap yard's endless pollution

Tropical Storm Ian forms in the middle of the Atlantic

Anti-Vaccine Doctor, Bob Sears, Faces Disciplinary Action

Why does the press think it's all about them?

CIA Director Challenges Trump’s Claim About Intelligence Briefers’ ‘Body Language’

How can the House impeach the IRS chief?

Joy Reid Presses Donald Trump Advisor On Putin Relationship

I love Propane Jane

' We could have done better yesterday, but it is a fact that public knows more about HRC than any no

If Hillary Had to Drop Out, Here's How a New Democratic Candidate Would be Chosen

What it means to be secular in an age of extremism

Is Trump getting "full" security briefings? i don't know

If you are on FB and want to have some fun, there's a page called 'Trump Wall' filled with the most

Is Donald Trump an existential threat to the U.S. as we know it?

Meet GQ's new election Special Correspondent: Keith Olbermann

Hillary Clinton comes across as authentically religious

The Curiosity Rover Makes Its Way Up A Martian Mountain

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, DNC to open offices in Texas

Caring for creation is central to Pope Francis' papacy

Clinton holds wide lead in California; third-party candidates are strong among younger voters

Top West Point general: ‘Valid concerns’ raised about prayer after Army football game

WOW! 12-Year-Old Mexican Boy Attempts to Block Thousands of Anti-Gay Protesters

Pence's definition of 'Americans' apparently doesn't include non-whites

More ratfuckery from Assange:

9/11 memorial on Los Angeles college campus trashed and vandalized

California’s unfunded pension debts may be larger than acknowledged

Trump brags that Hillary’s illness proves he was right about her health, calls her condition ‘sad’

Catholic Church aware of priest's offences against children: Royal Commission

Trump's slogan infuriates me

HONEST NFL Headlines: Week 1

How Religion Drove George W. Bush's Decisions: An Interview with Biographer Jean Edward Smith

Something I would LOVE to hear: The Deplorables don't think Hillary was talking about them!!!

Here is the biggest lie that was told today

This is what we are facing when Trump loses...

"Roosevelt fought all of WWII crippled, in a wheelchair with polio..."

look what I found on David Dukes Twitter

Keith Olberman is back! He's got a gig w

There actually hasn't been much erosion in HRCs poll numbers

JUST IN: Washington Post Uncovers MASSIVE Corruption At Trump Foundation

Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia, Trump Demands To Be Sworn In Immediately

Italian Grows Forgotten Fruit. What She Preserves Is a Culture.

Clinton aide says, ‘We could have done better,’ amid criticism over health disclosures

Utah cop "disrespects" the Cofederate flag

Digby: "Health Hysteria and Hypocrisy: Here’s a news alert — Republicans have taken ill, too"

Politico article

The deplorables, barbarians and rigged religion.

Woman living in tree house refuses to bring to code

Despite it all - David Schuster still talking the "Hillary Replacement" angle

Patton Oswalt

A question: Friend of a friend, apartment in Chelsea,

Colombia FARC releases 13 child soldiers in first phase of peace deal

"Women Can Stop Trump"

Chamber of Commerce: 80% of Venezuelans are in poverty

While we are on the subject of Trump Deplorables?

Good column from Charles M Blow

The reason why Trump hasn't released his health report already

I just came across a website that I like very much


C Voter International?

Jeff Bezos just unveiled his new rocket. And it’s a monster.

Oh, Jesus. Mrs. Greenspan has been obsessing over Hillary for a solid 45 minutes.

OMG. I love this new Trump ad.

Soooooooooooo, telling the M$M would've HELPED Hillary and Campaign staff get better faster!?!?!

Atlanta Teacher’s Photos Go Viral, but Some Think Her Attire Is Inappropriate

Clinton Camp: We’ll Release ‘Additional Medical Information’ In Next Few Days

Expect a CBS poll any day now

'Afraid that on her worse days she's a million time more able and prepared than he is'

pic of Trump as a future Pres: Warning: may be stomach turning

David Axelrod Disses Clinton's 'Unhealthy' Obsession With Privacy

"Why we should have fewer children: to save the planet"

Chinese gay activist challenges homosexuality 'disorder' textbooks

If anyone is bored & would like to vent some frustration

A joke stolen from a FB friend (who may have stolen it herself)

Trump spewing lies (again, of course)

Trump has slandered so many people....

Hillary Clinton just gave us the perfect Facebook response to all those

While Hillary is recovering, Trump is now taking to the National airwaves, villing her

I am pissed

Montana faces a future of help wanted

But, pneumonia...

Ursula Vernon's poem blasts mansplainers, man-babies, & political correctness whiners of the world

Trump saying one people under one god really bothers me

False Promises: Avoid "Miracle" Rice and Just Eat a Carrot

Football Player Arrested for Punching Referee in Head

Maybe I am being paranoid but there does not seem to be Democratic voices on the campaign

I am getting a little sick of the double standard by the media.

Heads up-Brian Fallon coming up on CNN

The real story about Hillary

Shouldn't there be a video of all the GOPs worried that Trump IS appealing to deplorables?

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is spending $2.5 million in N C to defeat Sen Burr

Every now and then something good from the MSM

Question about US college sports.

DAPL is the biggest issue in Public Archaeology right now

LOL: Donald Trump & The Deplorables

Jennifer Granholm just killed it

Cops and soldiers, carpenters and welders!

Should There Be No Moderators at All at Presidential Debates? Trump Thinks So

Spokesman says Schumer diagnosed with pneumonia...several weeks ago.

New Clinton campaign ad: "Agree"

Ohio millionaire on food stamps says he's lunched with Donald Trump

First Lady Poses For ‘InStyle,’ So Conservatives Call Her ‘Tranny’ And ‘Gorilla’

Donald Trump gave an interview this morning that should be shocking — but we’re numb

Pneumonia Bug That Struck Hillary Clinton also Seriously Sickened Several Members of Her Staff

Donald Trump Calls For No Debate Moderators As Pressure Mounts To Fact-Check Him

A Florida man wondered whether his bullet-resistant vest worked. ‘Let’s see,’ his cousin said.

Trump promises we will be "under ONE god."

Take this msnbc pulse poll

Hillary is using a body double to look healthy!

538: Any Trump Momentum Has Now Stalled

"My Party Is Full Of Racists"

Want to Know How Trump’s Doing? Just Look at Mexico’s Peso

Uh-Oh, Someone's Doing Extra Debate Prep This Week

Trump: Clinton must retract ‘deplorables’ remark or end campaign

Trump Toons

Texas Newspaper Endorses Hillary, First Democrat Since 1940’s –

There were five phantom donations in the files of Donald Trump’s foundation. Here’s what we know.

Simple reason why Hillary did not disclose the pneumonia on Friday,

North Dakota v. Amy Goodman: Arrest Warrant Issued After Pipeline Coverage

Who is this horrible host on MSNBC? n/t

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders with Rights & Democracy in NH | Labor Day Sept 5, 2016

Jesus, Ted Strickland, thanks for all the "help"

People on the alt-right are attempting to co-opt the label "Deplorable" as a badge of honor.

Please provide some context with your posts

You can't tell me the media didn't know about the pneumonia outbreak at Team Hillary

Who's Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Goldman Sachs,

How The Sugar Industry Sifted the Blame to Fat: New York Times

JUST IN: Washington Post Uncovers MASSIVE Corruption At Trump Foundation

I just read a funny internet comment that Trump had died last week..

Hey, guess what? Atheists are the real terrorists!

Keith Olbermann will be doing political commentary for GQ

Col. Morris Davis Response to Clintons Pneumonia

Pondering if the terrorist had hit Trump Tower on 9/11

They said this painting was a charitable depiction of Trump. I didn't know they meant it literally.

OMG! Hillary Is So Offensive!

There were five phantom donations in the files of Donald Trump’s foundation. Here’s what we know

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders with Rights & Democracy in NH | Labor Day Sept 5, 2016

What I want to know is who is really making money

No more reporting on "long lines", "rain keeping voters away", "5 hour waits"...

TEAM HILLARY'S Revived Upcoming Campaign Schedule..Outstanding Line-up!!

Germany vs. Switzerland: what to do when refugees aren't?

TEAM HILLARY'S Revived Upcoming Campaign Schedule..Outstanding Line-up!!

Nine dead in South Memphis house fire; deadliest since 1920s

Atheists remain most disliked religious minority in the U.S.

Trump Will Give Presidential Duties To Pence. He Will Do The Ceremonial Part.

So Trump is telling athletes who are protesting

Far East Meets Middle East in Summit for Religious Leaders

Earth's Current Path

Apple Offers Free App to Teach Children Coding (iPads Sold Separately)

Water Protectors at Standing Rock React to Obama's Intervention in Dakota Access Pipeline Battle

Hillary or Trump: Which One Is Tougher?

An Unhealthy Fetish For Tragedy Is Another Legacy of The Bush Administration.

At our yearly cyclocross race. Still no rain or mud. Oh well.

What's Happening In Our Revolution? (w/Guest Shannon Jackson)

Florida man dies after being shot while testing bulletproof vest, police say

Trump said he went to the Doctor last week and got a physical examination...

Trump Voodoo dolls?

Esquire magazine wants trump to stop lying

Trump Says He ‘Helped a Little Bit’ With Ground Zero Clean-Up...

Nate Silver gives GOP donors a closed-door presentation

Ruth Marcus: Trump and Priebus’s sexism show the challenges Clinton will face — even if she wins

Benedict reveals dissatisfaction with Paul VI's 'Humanae Vitae' (the anti-contraception encyclical)

PredictWise, the live market analysis on the race, has a very rosy scenario for Clinton today

Please repost:

20 tons of spagetti and sauce spill on road

My GoFundMe campaign. No pressure. Help if you want to, or not if you don't. <3

Terengganu's sole Catholic priest dies of heart attack

What Donald Trump considers ‘the biggest mistake’ of 2016

Trump, as expected, is overplaying the health thing.

White House Spokesman: Obama Confident That Clinton Is Fit To Be Prez

No Steering, No Problem: Veteran Meneses Wins Gulfstream’s First Without Reins

Who's next Cleveland?

Fatherly advice - I like #41

All of Trump's supporters are not "deplorable"...

Don the Con want's Hillary to retract her Deplorable statement?

James Woolsey, ex-CIA Director under Clinton, joins the Trump campaign..

Why isn't this video showing on the home page?

EDIT: OUR Brian Fallon on WILL NOT BE on Late Show w/James Cordon tonight

If Clinton Hadn't Showed Up & Cited Pneumonia...

So I hear Trump, that P.T. Barnum of American politics, has a new campaign theme song . . .

Potential jury service bug

David Cameron quits as Conservative MP for Witney

What is walking pneumonia?

Super Typhoon Meranti heading for Taiwan

Trump Calls On Clinton To Drop Out Because She Told The Truth About His Supporters

Two views - Should troubled nuclear reactors be subsidized?

Prediction: The Health Scare will benefit Hillary in the polls.

9/11 responder with cancer: "They died and we’re dying"

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take the campaign back to late night TV

Steve Kornacki is such a punk.

NY Times Editor Said He'd Risk Jail To Publish Trump's Taxes

Cheat, lie, commit fraud - and get praised for it - Ahh, the business world

Will Trump shake hands with Hillary at the debate?

Hi all, advice needed re: dry cleaning curtains.

Bill Clinton seems to have disappeared of late.

So once the media's done beating Hillary Clinton's Day Off into the ground....

I know it's been diagnosed pneumonia but if I was H., I would have a food taster. I

Yes, Trump Supporters Are “Deplorable"

Hilary mixes with the people

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 12, 2016

Man hangs Clinton in effigy along I-5, says 'Vote Trump'

The American people agree with Clinton: Trump is a bigot. This new poll confirms it.

Pneumonia Virus Terrified After Remembering What Clintons Capable Of

The Hill: Most people trash-talking Hillary would be in a coma after a week of her schedule.

BREAKING: Hillary just tweeted: says she's feeling fine & getting better

The kooks are out in force today...

Bill Clinton set to fill in for Hillary Clinton at two Beverly Hills fundraisers Tuesday

Great portraits of the maggot

Rudy Giuliani Says Everything is Legal During Wartime

WikiLeaks Feeds Conspiracy Theories That Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Or Head Injury Complication

Putin’s View Of Trump: A Pushover, A Weaker Version Of Neville Chamberlain

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton spends day at mall food court with friends.

Pence refused to call David Duke Deplorable

The Time Donald Trump Dismissed Half of America as Losers

What is the name of that movie where retired astronaughts get together and go to space?

Bill Clinton to step in for Hillary at fundraisers

Since Phlegmghazi Failed to Grow Legs, What "Scandal" Will the Media Fixate on Next?

Congressman's wife calls prostitution claims 'false attacks'

National Democratic group to spend $1.5 million on Kander's behalf in Missouri

Trump Suggests No Moderators at Debates

Clinton's illness goes faint as Trump shows new lack of discipline

Help!! Can anyone suggest a good laptop?

Twenty-four years ago today was a terrible, horrible,

HP buying Samsung Electronics' printer business for $1.05B

It's like they are pre-emptively swiftboating Hillary with THEIR negatives

Don’t believe the gripes — booming S.F. hasn’t lost its soul

MSNBC has gone insane

HRC should suggest MORE moderators at debates!

Heilmann just asked a doc how often HRC has to have colonoscopies

Donald Trump has no earthly idea what he is doing

How The Atomic Tests Looked Like From Los Angeles (in the 1950's, Las Vegas too)

Obama to Veto Bill Allowing 9/11 Lawsuits Against Saudi Arabia

Mike Pence declined to call former Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke “deplorable”

Ship found in Arctic 168 years after doomed Northwest Passage attempt

Gov. Jerry Brown signs historic legislation granting expanded overtime pay to farmworkers

Democrats file ethics complaint against Senator Ron Johnson

So now they're saying the Hillary that left Chelsea's apartment was a body double (the deplorables)

The U.S. Spends Millions Funding Central America’s Drug War. A New Report Says It Hasn’t Worked

The U.S. Spends Millions Funding Central America’s Drug War. A New Report Says It Hasn’t Worked

"What is Wrong with America"

Charleston Southern Debacle Shows Futility of NCAA Rules-And National Office Interpretations

Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission violates records law

It's list time! Who are The Deplorables?

If you're on Twitter, start making "David Duke" trend

Parliamentary report set to recommend legalising medicinal cannabis

Lawmakers want answers on millions transferred from veterans home

Conflict of Interest

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 September 2016

We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People: How to save democracy in America

Kanye West shooting the bird at audience = feeling my age, explanation.....

Clinton should downplay her illness.

I have never appreciated Hillary Clinton more than I do today.

The Trump campaign won’t even call David Duke “deplorable”: Mike Pence says he is “not in the name c

Trump is in trouble now, he has pissed off THIS group:

Cnn headline..Trump's measured response

Hello Fellow Democrats!

Hillary powers through pneumonia — because that’s what women do

David Duke: If Hillary Wins, Black Men Will Rape White Women. Pence REFUSES To Call Him Deplorable!


David Duke: If Hillary Wins, Black Men Will Rape White Women. Pence REFUSES To Call Him Deplorable!

Louisiana Parish Hit by Third Oil Spill in Ten Days

Minnesota Supreme Court: Trump will be on ballots, despite DFL objections

Two US planes threatened by Iran of being shot down if they got into iranian air space. CNN

The Time Donald Trump Dismissed Half of America as Losers

"She couldn't afford to look weak. She's a woman."

Briton accused of trying to shoot Donald Trump 'to admit lesser charges'

I would suggest that the only thing Hillary had wrong was the percentage.

Laquan McDonald: jury will consider if Chicago police lied in fatal shooting

Fire at Fort Pierce Mosque Where Orlando Shooter Prayed Considered Arson, Investigators Say

Say it louder for the racists in the back!

Don Fowler, how not to help

Suit filed on behalf of St. Paul youth injured by Metro Transit Police

Question, why are there horrible comments on Hillary's Twitter account and there

North Dakota arrest warrant for Amy Goodman raises fears for press freedom

Bill Clinton To Take Hillary Clinton's Place At Upcoming Campaign Events

Whatever Hillary does, the media will declare it is wrong.

The Time Donald Trump Dismissed Half of America as Losers He has targeted his own "deplorables."

Pentagon confirms Islamic State leader Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was killed in Aug. 30 air strike

Hardball Tonight: Trump Foundation

Bill Belichick admits the idea of cutting Tom Brady is “exhilarating”

Trump slated to discuss his health on The Dr Oz Show


Deplorables could be a Clinton trap for Trump.

I don't want to say this was staged, but...

Cargo from bankrupt Hanjin ship moving in U.S., new funds pledged

Isn't that very nice of Trump?

How to get Trump's tax returns??

Islamic State-linked cases in U.S. number 110 since 2013: Justice Department

TPM: 'Deplorables' Was Always A Double-Edged Sword

West Virginia man avoids prison in hoax to blow up Statue of Liberty

I Want To Believe

Argentine Security Secretary claims that ISIS has infiltrated country, retracts hours later.

If I had to choose between a basket of Trump supporters and a basket of pit bulls...

TRUMPSTER: ‘I’m no racist. I am who I am. There’s people out there of all colors that are horrible’

Since when has Trump denounced David Duke?

Former CIA chief (James Woolsey) who urged Iraq war signs on as Trump adviser

Former CIA chief (James Woolsey) who urged Iraq war signs on as Trump adviser

Protectors Of The Sacred

U.S. says no official demand from Philippines to pull out special forces

England & Wales Constituency Boundary Proposals are here

Trump is pretty much scandal proof

I just met my FIRST Trump supporter in San Francisco. . . .

The media consensus is that Clinton had a "bad week".

The new breaking story is Hillary doesn't like to drink water

Four Paralympians Just Ran The 1500m Faster Than Anyone At The Rio Olympics Final

Century Link drops Brandon Marshall

65% "Deplorables" said in May that they think President Obama is Muslim

Who was on Hardball Round Table just now? That one guy just spilled the beans

CNN Hosts Doctor Who Hasn't Examined Clinton To Speculate She Could Have Cognitive Impairment From

George Clooney-backed report: South Sudan president profits from civil war

Here's the British Candy Commercial Depicting a Handjob That's Gone Massively Viral

Trump is 2 yrs older than Hillary. Female human life expectancy is considerably higher than male.

"But she didn't notify us ahead of time!"

"Trump Releases Anti-Trump Ad" (See Ad)

These Dangling Niceballs Will Let You Awkwardly Relieve Stress At Work

Edward Snowden: ACLU and Amnesty seek presidential pardon

Edward Snowden: ACLU and Amnesty seek presidential pardon