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BYU grad launches last-minute campaign for president

Luckovich - Trump: The race is rigged

What Is Cupping and Why Is it Leaving Some Olympians With Spots?

I'm writing a James Bond fanfic story about...USAPS !

Ex-Louisiana police officer convicted for lying to FBI in civil rights case

State auditors criticize lax regulations of payday lending

North and South Korean gymnasts took an Olympic selfie

Two Benghazi Parents Sue Hillary Clinton for Wrongful Death, Defamation

Trump:"Iranians killed the scientist who helped the U.S. because of Hillary Clinton's hacked emails"

Proof of an African-American vote for Trump?

Panel Sends Alabama Chief Justice's Ethics Case to Trial

Monday, car show day!

Olimpica- Orquesta Internacional (Nat Shilkret) 1925 Ricardo Ordorica

President Obama to headline 2016 Lake Tahoe Summit at South Shore

Feds Say How Sect Leaders Broke Terms of Release From Jail

I am sorry for this, but I LMAO!

I done the Vets in our local VA center a favor today

Pregnant woman fired by Chipotle gets $550K

Fact-Checking Donald Trump’s Economic Speech

Folks, the polling trendline is getting close to a bandwagon trend.

Trump reads from a TelePrompTer

Look! Up in the hair!

The teleprompter has become the one thing that has exposed

Philly elections official goes off on Sean Hannity about ‘rigged’ national elections

47% comment now rehashed.

another sinking music post for the lounge

Even white people?

Why do you watch the Olympics?

The Green Party deserves every last bit of the "bashing" that they are getting here.

Philly elections official goes off on Sean Hannity about ‘rigged’ national elections

The events that will finish Trump off, once and for all The Debates

Have any good recipes

"Urgent pivot?"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Manic Monday! Mike's Back! Live & Uncensored &

LBJ was so very wrong.

Hillary needs to run an ad highlighting how much money Trump and his

Never mind the Olympics; I'm watching the Judy Garland Show.

Nestless and Rescued: Firefighter Uses Coffee Cup To Save Baby Bird From Smoky Soberanes Fire

Trump is not unstable.

Huge oil rig runs aground in Scotland.

US, HSBC in Deal Over Service Members' Car Repossessions

You know what phrase we aren't hearing much of in this election cycle?

Venezuela’s death spiral is getting worse (Wonkblog/ WP)

BREAKING: Sen. Susan Collins Not Backing Trump

Breaking on MSNBC: Susan Collins Will Not Support Trump

The Donald: "Many people are saying....."

GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump

Republican Senator Susan Collins Makes Easy Decision To Not Support National Loser In Blue State!

An underwhelmed question, Senator COLLINS, why are you even a Repuke anyway?!1

GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump

Here's what I'd suggest as an alternative approach to those who say they can't back HRC

What gives with all the green party shit?

Republican Senator Susan Collins Makes Easy Decision To Not Support Democratic Nominee!

The happiest place on the Internet

Susan Collins said she will not vote for Trump

Well shit! Who do I root for?

3 Quick and Savory Recipes for Peak-of-the-Season Tomatoes

Michelle Obama as DNC chair?

so, marco, where is the legislation to help the families of those children that you insist be born?

Here's a clue: prominent republicans making public announcements that they are not voting for their

'Straddling bus' locked up, all testing stopped after allegations surface that it's just a big scam

Does Senator COLLINS think her Repuke cohorts *CARE* what she thinks?!1

Susan Collins is not brave.

CNN FINALLY reporting on today's GOP spoiler pres. candidate. Evan McMullen.

Twitter suspends acct of Melania speechwriter Meredith McIver, isn’t a real pe

State high court set to expand

The Orange Sludge: Ripping people off and illegal money laundering

In toughest campaign yet, Phoenix sheriff raises nearly $10M

Steve Kornacki Outlines Current Electoral Map On MSNBC: 390 Hillary - 148 Orange Con Man

Hey Ladies! This Weird Pastor Dude Wants To Arm Wrestle You To Prove His Inherent Superiority

Logan's Roadhouse files for bankruptcy

Hey Ladies! This Weird Pastor Dude Wants To Arm Wrestle You To Prove His Inherent Superiority

Sen. Susan Collins says she will not vote for Trump, joining growing list of Republicans

CBS News Drops Donald Trump Tax Fraud Bombshell, Trump Stunned

A losing battle in Israel’s High Court of Justice

Fox in 8-figure settlement talks with Carlson amid evidence of taped conversations with Ailes

Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros Says She Was Taken Off the Air After Making Sexual-Harassment Claims

does anyone know how to get justice in this case?

Elizabeth Warren Was Not Pleased With Donald Trump’s Economic Policy Speech

Let's start talking about possible Clinton policies

Wet dream fiction for conservatives

How much is POTUS enjoying the fRump backlash?

anti-Trump Republicans declare war on Sean "Lumpy" Hannity

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: The Bush Fan

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: The Limbaugh Fan

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Punishing Confused Mary Lynn

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: The Cabin In The Woods

No Dennis Rodman thread? The Lounge just ain't what it used to be.

Vals Dios Nunca Muere - Cuarteto Sonus

Faced With Eviction, London’s Feminist Library Continues to Fight the Patriarchy

Faced With Eviction, London’s Feminist Library Continues to Fight the Patriarchy

Faced With Eviction, London’s Feminist Library Continues to Fight the Patriarchy

California Peggy & DFW meetup--part 2

lol - idiot trumpsters are making up fake clinton medical records, and other morons are buying it

How long does it take for an add to one's "ignore list" to kick in?


Clinton Responds to Trump's Economic Speech

Susan Collins is using Trump to pretend that she is not a member of the racist 1%er party.

Saudi Judo Competitor Forfeits Match To 'Avoid Israel' In Next Round: Reports

it's the tinfoil.

86 year old family member, life long Republican ..

Clinton ahead by 7 in Georgia

Colombia and UN make final preparations for FARC demobilization

Colombia and UN make final preparations for FARC demobilization

So Hillary is ahead by 76%...

"Hedge Fund guys, billionaire guys, six guys named Steve" (Trump's Economic Team)

New Missouri Poll: Trump leads by 2 (44-42)

Quora session with Hillary and Tim Kaine

Ahead of Trump Visit, More Than Fifty New Hampshire Veterans Contrast Hillary Clinton and Donald Tru

Larry Klayman, the lawyer suing Hillary over Benghazi, is worse than you think.

never seen headlines like this in any election....

Pictures appear to show British special forces on Syrian front line

To my DU family.

More State Polls, Please…

Stein is a pain in the ass, but lets be honest, she is not a threat.

In response to Jill Stein, I would recommend using a homeopathic remedy

Mike Pence Should Get Donald Trump to Withdraw

Phyllis Schlafly loses trademark dispute with nephew's craft brewery

I’m a Republican and I don't like Hillary Clinton — but I’m voting for her

one of my favorite videos from the 80's, Dear God by XTC, the lyrics are awesome

Twelve Reasons NOT to Vote for Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka

How do you campaign in Georgia now?

perhaps any desires that trump will be replaced are not so good after all...

Giants Brandon Crawford has 7 hits in 14 inning win vs Florida

Brazil’s newest sports hero makes unlikely rise from favela to top of podium

Brazil’s newest sports hero makes unlikely rise from favela to top of podium

UNT Dallas Law School in danger of not getting accredited

Here's Why Texas Students Wait Weeks for Basic Mental Health Services

I didn't think this would ever happen during any election but...

Former DPD Chief of Police Ralph Lloyd Godbee Jr. Talking about ‪#‎KorrynGaines‬ ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter

is anyone other than surrogates defending trump? even mr corker has gone silent

Pilot fire in San Bernardino County spreads to nearly 6,300 acres, triggering evacuations

California high court says legislators' votes are protected by free speech rights

Orange slug supporter Meltdown!


Southern California grocery workers avoid strike, approve contract

Southern California grocery workers avoid strike, approve contract

US News & World Report: Trump's Economic Hustle

Police Violence: Peace Isn’t The Priority

Trashing Nicaragua’s Success

Trashing Nicaragua’s Success

County leader to D-backs: 'Take your stupid baseball team and get out'

Aide to California tax board member resigns over anti-Clinton hangman tweet

Aide to California tax board member resigns over anti-Clinton hangman tweet

Cause to celebrate: Australia's Indigenous population is on the rise

12,300-year-old fire pit found on military testing rage in Utah

Earlier tonight I was listening to NPR trashing Trumponomics...

Police: 3 people fall from Ferris wheel in Tennessee

The Green Party Takes Itself Very Seriously, But No One Else Should

Colorado anti-fracking initiatives hit signature target

Former DPD Chief of Police Ralph Lloyd Godbee Jr. Talking about ‪#‎KorrynGaines‬ ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter

Edible-THC gummies suspected of sickening 19 at quinceañera party

(Czech Republic) Communist-era secret police members facing charges

Clinton agrees to debate schedule

50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation’s Security ‘at Risk’

One drug is 'new hope' for three killer infections

GOP Senator Won’t Back Donald Trump Because He’s ‘Unworthy Of Being Our President’

LGBT groups: Admitting BYU would be 'inconsistent' with Big 12 values

If Jill Stein was so independent from the GOP why doesn't she run ads against the GOP?

Researchers crack open unusually advanced malware that hid for 5 years

3,000-year-old sun altar ruins discovered in Xinjiang

Daily Holidays August 9

Boom. Sen. Susan Collins, in a WaPo oped finally comes out against Trump- and slams him

Amnesty International calls for halt to Site C, dam threatens indigenous rights

50 Former National Security Officials Say Trump 'Not Qualified to Be President'

They hate him. They really, really hate him.

Please forgive me for the right wing link, but this is... delicious.

Nissan unveils world’s first solid-oxide hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle

Should GD 2016 be renamed to more accurately reflect the discussion topic,

"And that's how it feels when..." (comic)

Donald Trump "wealth to come pouring down into titties like right here in Detroit."

Orlando Shooter's father turns up at a Hillary Rally yesterday

To kill or not to kill? California voters to decide who should die for their crimes

Clinton accepts three debate invitations

Hillary Clinton Accepts the Democratic Nomination

Rio 2016: bullet fired into equestrian media centre was shot from favela

Hillary Clinton's Amazing Biography

Standing Their Ground

Was Steve Cortes drunk on Hardball last night ?

Confederate battle flag tattoo helps identify man

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Mel The Little Liar

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: David & Ben

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Jeff & Mark

Hillary visits popular craft brewery, 3 Daughters, --nice write-up from Tampa Bay Times

Our Fight Song

Deadly Suicide Bombing Strikes Hospital In Quetta, Pakistan

***NBC/Survey Monkey Poll: Clinton 51, Trump 41***

The most Politically Significant Name is Tom Ridge

Fivethirtyeight has put South Carolina into the 'leans Clinton' category for their 'nowcast'

"Lucifer in the Flesh" encouraged Republicans to "vote their conscience," was booed, and...

Ex-EPA heads under Republicans back Clinton

******BREAKING***** Clinton Opens Up Double-Digit Lead Over Trump

Watched Hoarders yesterday. Purging canned goods today.

Roundup Cancer Attorney Discusses Roundup Lawsuits

Donald Trump will cut taxes for the Rich and pass deregulation of business laws

I Agree With Trump On The Economy.....

Study links global warming to rise in waterborne illnesses

Evan Almighty?

Stu Rothenburg: Donald Trump needs a miracle to win

HISTORIANS Can’t Remember A Leader Who Lied More

Suicide Squad: I find the 41 metacritic score inexplicable and undeserved.

A lawmaker in the Philippines has proposed banning Trump from the country:

FOX News black ops section / How to destroy your competition

David Brock must be bored right now.

Trump's Economic "Penny Plan"

The sheister lawyer who is suing over Roundup, has an ad posted.

Ukraine police foil three terror attacks on Lviv railway (photos)

Hey Republicans, Having A TV Doesn't Mean Someone Isn't Poor!

Trump's Economy - Brought To You By The Steves...

Using nanotechnology to give fuel cells more oomph

Really!? Insiders concerned Trump will skip the debates

So when does this McMullin guy name a running mate?

The Palestinian Olympic-Swimming-Pool-Sized Lie

Donald Trump got a Purple Heart the same way he got his money...

TYT: Trump is really confused about Ukraine. Bet he watches RT

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Trexit

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Bernie Sanders - What Patriotism!

Lloyd Blankfein is the Face of Class Warfare | Bernie Sanders

Thank you Trump!

So many idiots, so little time

Today's Google Doodle: Fruit Golf :)

Donald Trump’s Billionaires-First Tax Plan:

Scott Harbach: Democratic Party has become an atheist party

AL Chief Justice Roy Moore Will Face Ethics Trial for Telling Judges to Deny Gay Marriage Licenses

Not me, but many people are saying it.

Jill Stein on Wi-Fi radiation and vaccines

Jill Stein's VP pick: Ajamu Baraka

"There are two NY liberal Democrats running for President..."

Most churchgoers are hearing politics from the pulpit: report

Larry Wilmore ridicules Trump’s doomed surrogates: ‘It’s like having to defend Jeffrey Dahmer’

Productivity declines 0.5% in 2nd quarter 2016 (annual rate); unit labor costs rise 2.0%

Bet this Indiana car wash is LIT tonight.

Funny how media discussing the lawsuit

On eve of Ferguson, Bishop Braxton says Catholic church needs more connection to black struggles

Has Susan Collins started a snowball rolling downhill ?

This is getting crazy. Another breach.

m$nbc just reported on this bullshit....

No more CNN for me.

August 9, 1974

Marco Rubio not being endorsed by South FL Sun Sentinel

Trump:"I don't think it is appropriate to start changing all of a sudden when you have been winning"

Anyone getting calls from A&P?

"In for a dime, in for a billion bucks." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Think about it: This election has become a referendum on Trump.

Settler leader intervenes as Palestinian loses job for saving terror victims

U.S. Male Gymnasts Want to Be Objectified

Trump's exit strategy? I think I know.

Gotta watch this one. Trump light.

In Louisiana, What a difference a Democrat makes..Boston Globe

Rio staffer proposes to her girlfriend on the rugby field

It's primary day here in MN

D-bag and D-bag on ESPN 2 are all giggly about Timmeh turning to baseball

15 things I wish I knew before I hopped in this UberPOOL

I'm going to miss Gawker: "Susan Collins Is an Asshole". Hulk ought to invest back into Gawker.

#ManyPeopleAreSaying - Trumps "sources" are himself

Caernarfon Segontium Roman fort 'restored' using CGI

OUCH! Newsweek exposes Trump as the business fraud he is.

Wholely BATCRAP - Georgia is Blue

Stuart Rothenberg WaPo piece: Donald Trump needs a miracle to win


anybody else hear of the new guy McMullen being referred to as McMuffin?

Johnson is surging!

China installed 20 GW of solar power in first-half (2016); triple from a year ago

New images suggest China has built reinforced hangars on disputed islands: think tank

Just ignoring it, is an effective response to Trumpettes' absurd attacks

Delta Meltdown

We should focus on Congressional battles in AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, MO, NV, NH, NC, OH, PA & WI

So you really want another dose of,,,,,,,,,,,

Iraq's Mosul residents feel relief, anxiety as 'liberation' nears

Aw. Media Haz A Sad As "This is a change election" Meme Dies

Americans of both major parties say infrastructure has worsened; want more spending: poll

Boy is this piece interesting: Donald Trump's Gaddafi problem

No Pivot Here: Trump Asks, Why Would I Tone It Down When I'm 'Winning?'

Killer whale born a year before ill-fated Titanic struck an iceberg

"He can sound mildly sane ONLY when he is not saying what he really thinks"

Trump pushback against the 50: "But we have two former VP's endorsing us"

2017 POTUS: Ohio up for grabs, va, ga, fla, az and Utah all blue

The Libertarian Window

Don't look now, but PredictWise has Clinton at 79% to win

My letters are so great.

Adblock Plus, accepts payment from more than 70 companies in exchange for letting their ads through

A Huge Hypothetical:

According to Trump, those 50 Republicans "would have loved to have been involved with the campaign.”

Down with Obscurantism! Down with Trump!

An amygdala walks into a bar,

Deep Red Missouri Poll: Trump up by just 2 over Clinton

Forget a fair fight in 2016.

American Gun Life

I know what will "break the fever in Washington"

Hillary Clinton-- Mastermind!

Unlearning My Sexist Hatred of Hillary Clinton (Huffpo)

Accounting for Ozone—Study first to quantify impact of oil and gas emissions on Denver’s ozone prob…

The SS Trumptanic is headed for the looming icebergs and it's too late to change course

Polls are great, but elections are won on voter turnout

Back from the polling place.

Lake Tanganyika Fisheries Declining From Global Warming

So! Who is worst GOP political figure of the past

Liberace Trump

How large of a monetary deal will Trump get to quit, millions or

Designer of deadly waterslide called slide "an erotic piece of art"

NAMBLA Becomes Donald Trump’s Birther Moment

Hillary is being sued by two Benghazi families

Has a single DUer heard anyone on cable, network, radio, newpaper,

Donald Trump is the modern day General George Custer, and he's heading off for his last stand.

China to UK: 'golden' ties at crucial juncture over nuclear delay

The Hidden Costs of Concealed Arms, In Dollars and Deaths

Siberian Child Dies After Climate Change Thaws an Anthrax-Infected Reindeer

Trevor Noah begins where he has to begin


I don't get it. On CBS this morning I thought that Trump said he would tax the rich

SWIMMING BEEF is becoming the best story in Rio

Americans lead in Brazilian exhibition sport "Summer Curling", go USA!

Michael Phelps "death stare" at opponent's taunting, goes viral

Assange is a Trump stooge.

María Grever - Mexican composer

Scott Adams, perpetual dimwit.

POLL: Clinton up 1 in North Carolina (PPP)

Missouri Poll: Trump: 44% HRC: 42%

PPP North Carolina Poll: HRC: 43% Trump: 41%


Trump National GC employee fired after she complained about sexual harassment

Doctor's orders: One hour a day on the Treadmill.

Holy Shite a guest just said that there is speculation that Don the Con

One stunning stat is the X-factor in Hillary Clinton's soaring lead over Donald Trump

Did Chrome just now change from backspace to alt-leftarrow to go back?

What Sort of Major Party Presidential Campaign Doesn't Run Ads?

Is it just me?

Vermont says NO to John King

GOP/Trump supporters asking us to "Imagine polls don't exist"

Hillary's actual record in Congress

Regular Car Reviews: 2014 Chevrolet Malibu LT

Tim Kaine shares letter from republican refusing to support Trump

MEANWHILE, in Iowa...

The Polls Aren’t Skewed: Trump Really Is Losing Badly

Blago Is Trying To Get His Sentence Reduced Today With A Hearing Here In Chicago....

A tale of two campaigns in Ohio

HEADS UP Clinton supporters

Trump/Julian Assange are planning an October Surprise Against HRC

I've discovered the perfect comback when people email me pro-Trump or anti-Clinton stuff

Putin and Erdogan move towards repairing Russia-Turkey ties

consider this: sarah palin is more qualified to be president than donald trump.

Calendar of Hillary Clinton's Upcoming Events

I bet Donald Trump had a big sad when Lily King beat Yulia Efimova

Don just won Olympic Gold

Clinton leads in NC for first time since March

For the oldies here...August 9, 1974...

Paging P.T. Barnum...

Former Broward Republican chair endorses Hillary Clinton

Brazilian priest cited in ‘Spotlight’ hangs himself in jail

That Vibrating ‘Wub Wub Wub’ That Comes From Cracking One Car Window? It’s Not Just You!

Scott Brown Said He Had Sex in His Senate Office

Here’s how to register to vote in every U.S. state

Clintons Average Lead Nationally is Now at 9 Points

Thirty Things Donald Trump’s Advisers Managed to Persuade Him Not to Do Last Month

The inevitable end of the Trump presidential campaign:

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – The Great Agnostic

Whole Foods is advertising THIS...hurry, and save!

The Wheel ~ Jerry Garcia

Mormons’ Distaste for Trump Puts Utah in Play

Hillary Clinton challenges Donald Trump to three scheduled debates

Is this an "E Ticket" ride?

POI Podcast - Ali Rizvi: Islam and Identity for an Atheist Muslim

Storied Alaska wolf pack beloved for decades has vanished, thanks to hunting

Du'ers who post on JPR, are you proud of the many discussions on JPR about Hillary's health?

spoiled brat stomps his feet

4 Poll Questions Show That Trump Has Turned The Republican Party Into A Cult

Sorry guys, tRump didn't actually say "titties" during that speech.

Heads up: We'll be releasing our NBC/WSJ/Marist polls of Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania at 5:00 pm ET

Associate them with communists - a great anti-labor tradition in the US.

H.A. Goodman is back!!!

Saw this great comment. How dumb is Trump?

Years Of Deregulation Have Poisoned Millions Of Americans

Accidental Censorship Of Olympic Divers Makes Them All Look Like Porn Stars

LIVE | Hillary Clinton Speaks Near Zika Zone Live Video

Suspected illegal herbicide use takes toll on Missouri farmers

Haahaa. TWEETS: Quinnipiac Poll

Clinton To Call On Congress For Zika Funding During Miami Stop

The Meaning of Melania’s Photo Shoot

A Little Grateful Dead Magic:

Consider: would today's conservatives support any woman for president?

The Clinton Imperative (Cross Post)

With Roger Stone and Assange in cahoots, Hillary should prepare for an "October surprise"

I'm about to go vote in our primary and I still don't know who I'm voting for for Guv

Donald Trump Says ‘I Want to Debate Very Badly.’ But He Has Conditions

Uh-oh. Trump's in NC and off the teleprompter again. Back to the word salad.

Guys, enough. Donald Trump's not really a member of NAMBLA. That's just a silly joke.

Trump wrong again

4th quarter of his term and David Young is out of bed and on the phones.

Trump is speaking in NC

Trump Could Learn Something From The Way Clinton Responded To The Benghazi Parents Suing Her

Carly Fiorina Plotting Bid to Chair Republican National Committee

Missouri's Roy Blunt blames his lack of popularity in Missouri on stupid Missourians

Hillary has a Petition to Congress to quickly act on funding for Zika virus.......

Regarding Gary Johnson and Trump's poll numbers...

BREAKING: New Quinnipiac Battleground State polls

Evan McMullin kicks off his campaign by discussing the issues that matter...

Florida U.S. Senate Democratic Candidate Pam Keith

What would you do?

Tebow, MLB player? How it might happen

roger stone- du old-timers

Venezuela president Nicolás Maduro Looks to a Marxist Spaniard for an Economic Miracle

GOP Rats Desert The Sinking Ship They Built Themselves

"Twitter Mocks Trump’s Affinity For Phrase 'Many People Are Saying'"

Will Drumpf get the Amish vote?

Donald Trump quotes make a lot more sense when you imagine Zapp Brannigan saying them


How Irrational Can Religion Get?

Supremely Off-the-Charts Batshit Letters to the Plain Dealer Dept: History Will Be Revised!

The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years to Build the Wealth of a White Family Today

Women's group 'outraged' by Pam Keith's exclusion from U.S. Senate debate

By all measures, today's Trump rant was one of the looniest.

Did Donald Trump just threaten Hillary Clinton's life?

Donald Trump: perhaps someone could shoot Hillary Clinton

All of the Top Republicans Voting for Hillary Clinton Instead of Donald Trump

Don't pop the champagne bottles yet

Mexico Miss World pageant director shot dead in targeted attack

From an unnamed, but potentially trustworthy source:

Fox News Agenda


Trump Suggests Shooting Clinton, Her Supreme Court Picks, Or Both

Obama rightfully stands firm on the Pacific trade deal

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 9, 2016

How is it NOT a display of white privilege to mock the idea of "Safe Spaces"?

Trump Just Told His Supporters That Assassinating Hillary Clinton Is An Option

An Interesting Read About Poor Sanitation in India

If Zika Were Ebola Virus GOP Still Would Pass A Dirty Bill And Dare Dems To Stop It.

The Nanotechnology Miracle: How Nanotechnology saved a contaminated lake in Peru

So, Donald. How's the rebooted campaign goi--Oh, I see you're advocating assasination now.

"I was a Minuteman III nuclear launch officer: We can't let Trump become president" (LA Times op-ed)

Donald Trump Says He Will ‘Absolutely’ Do Three Presidential Debates

Bernie calls people who believe there is widespread voter fraud "political cowards"

After GOP Shenanigans W/Zika Funding & Global Warming Denial Hillary Tied In Florida?

U.S. Postal Service Revenue Rises on Shipping Growth, but Losses Mount

This Should Come from Every Evening News Reader Tonight:

Man used as test subject in CIA torture program to ask for Guantánamo release

holy moly....snl drops taran killam and Jay Pharoah .

The Republicans tried to sink Obama. Instead, the party imploded

Evan McMullin - Neocon Ratfucking Redux

Mexican first lady's Florida home owned by potential government contractor

Kissinger hindered US effort to end mass killings in Argentina, according to files

Kissinger hindered US effort to end mass killings in Argentina, according to files


Statement by Robby Mook on Trump assassination comments

Ratfuckery incoming: Orlando shooter's dad at Hillary rally

Clinton-Trump debate sites plan for a third podium

For those think Stein will not be able to affect this election:

Trump team tries to knock down suggestions he joked about Clinton assassination

@HillaryClinton says @realDonaldTrump's "second amendment people" comment is "dangerous"

Chicago marks deadliest day in 13 years with nine homicides on Monday

How fucked up is Trump?

Trump Suggests Shooting Clinton, Her Supreme Court Picks, Or Both

Bernie Was Right: Billionaires Are Getting Richer, Middle Class Continues To Get Screwed

Squirrel picks up GoPro, shoots POV video running through trees.

Donald Trump Suggests Russia Use Nuclear Bomb Remedies To Deal With The United States.

Trump's fresh start this week

Michelle Obama May Run For Senate, GOP In A Hissy Fit

This Amtrak Flash Sale Is Pretty Awesome

Thom Hartmann DESTROYS Jill Stein Supporter

This Amtrak Flash Sale Is Pretty Awesome

Why Angry White Men Love Calling People “Cucks”

ex-CIA director Hayden on Trump comment

This Boy Might Be the Youngest Ever Olympian—No One Knows Who He Is

Ok, where are the GOP leaders who have endorsed? Trump advocates assassination of HRC

Conserva-splaining of Donald Trump's "second amendment people" comment begins.

What We Know About the Young Boy Decapitated on the World’s Tallest Water Slide

When did people start pre-planning? We used to just plan.

Looks like a fun evening in North Carolina!

Trump 2nd Ammendment Comment proves..beyond doubt..he cannot contain himself..

US approves $1.15 bn tank, weapons sale to Saudi: Pentagon

The World’s Energy Engine Is Slowing

What could the news headlines possibly be?

Veteran Rep. Issa (R-Grand Theft Auto) could face a rough re-election bid

Wow - Headline on MTP - they played the second amendment clip

Marist Poll Results for BG States

Illinois to Teach Comply or Die Classes to High School Students

WTF!! another vile RW Hillary smear job........

Federal regulation of amusement park rides is nonexistant. Thanks St. Ronnie!

The exit will be medical - a stroke? a complete breakdown??

Trump's full comment today was more damning that what is being shown in edited clips

Ex-Cobb Co., GA GOP chairman Dendy indicted on molestation charges

Wow! Trump just can't stop talking!

Polls: Clinton's Lead Over Trump Increases in Three Midwest Battleground States

Veteran Rep. Issa (R-Grand Theft Auto) could face a rough re-election bid (xpost from GD)

There can't possibly be any doubt that Trump suggested killing Hillary Clinton

Before the Spinmeisters arrive in force. Donald Trump's full "Second Amendment people" quote.....

Remember As Bad As Trump Is Rest Of GOP Field Is Just As Bad.

Just saw a bumper sticker -self-reliant American on board

Grassley +10 Portman +5 McGinty +4

Syria’s Peace Prospects in ‘Reverse Gear’ Amid Siege, U.S. Says

This Amtrak Flash Sale Is Pretty Awesome

This Amtrak Flash Sale Is Pretty Awesome

Dog sperm quality decline is blamed on pet food chemicals

Two baby deaths at Md. hospital lead to discovery of potentially fatal bacteria

At the risk of appearing complacent, I submit this awesome analysis.

Zika linked to infant’s death in Texas

Trump definitely made a veiled threat. He is inciting some extreme

YouGov/Economist Poll: August 6-9, 2016

Story about Don the Con threat against Hillary has legs...

Jeff Sessions should fire his briefer.

Rieder of USA Today lies about Hillary's emails - what the hell, everybody else is doing it!

Remember all the McCain/Palin campaign rhetoric.....

Here is the phone number for the US Secret Service....

Athlete From Rio’s Largest Slum Just Won Brazil’s First Gold Medal In Rio

Trump wasn't talking about rallying 2nd amendment votes. He meant assassinating Hillary as President

"It Ain't Over Until It's Over". Trump Could Still Win. And That Possibility Is Most Terrifying.

Activist Group Working to Create Map of Toxic, Roundup Laden Parks and Playgrounds

Will the Democrats start trumpeting Trump endorsements?

This 2nd Amendment comment looks like a big deal

Clinton’s Post-Convention Bump Is Showing No Signs Of Fading - 538

Hey Pence, that is Trump was meaning to say about....

Whoa! Elizabeth Warren tweet re Trump:

Trump Wigs Out And Blames “Dishonest Media” for His Death Threat Against Hillary Clinton

Should the media be broadcasting Trumps utterances, since he's sunk to inciting violent crime?

Trump's 2nd Amendment comment was about...... REVOLUTION

Neck surgery to force end of Fielder's career

I've been around for quite a while and NEVER have I seen a candidate suggest the assassintion of

The Obamas.

16 of Our Most Popular Lemon Desserts

South Dakota Couple Dies Just 20 Minutes Apart After 63 Years of Marriage Together

Salvage experts begin examining stricken Western Isles oil rig

Firestorm As Trump Says Gun-Rights Backers Can Stop Clinton

Judge gives Blagojevich same 14-year prison term despite pleas for mercy

Today's newest Trumpism speaks volumes about his temperament. He is really sick.

Eliz Warren uses the word 'reckless': Your reckless comments sound like a two-bit dictator, @realDon

Faces in the crowd - What do you think THEY thought Trump meant?

Trump's Communications Adviser: "2nd Amendment" remarks were "the power of unification"

Hackers show how they tricked a Tesla into hitting objects in its path

Trump's "Second Amendment People" Advisor and Inspiration

Holy Joe may endorse Trump

Clinton expands battleground state map with push into Arizona, Georgia

Voting without retching: beyond the lesser of two evils.

Mark Halperin scrambling to defend Trump on MSNBC at the moment

An example of what finds its way to my Facebook timeline

Elizabeth Warren on facebook just now:

@GabbyGiffords says all Americans should "unambiguously condemn" Trump's remarks and "the violence t

Californians...please vote this piece of crap Duncan Hunter out of office.


He said it himself...."I could shoot someone on the streets of New York and

Michigan: Ann Arbor Raises Tobacco Purchase Age To 21

Hillary congratulates first American athlete to wear hijab at olympics

Before-and-After Pics Reveal What War Has Done to Syria

Former Broward Republican chair endorses Hillary Clinton

I'm betting that by the time Tweety and Hayes and O'Donnell's shows are up they'll toast Donald.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 10 August 2016

EXCLUSIVE: previously unseen Trump son caught giving advice to his Dad...

Please proceed Mister Trump.

McMullen kid sounds very arrogant!

Muslim flight attendant sues ExpressJet over suspension

I'm getting confused about Syria.

What would the MSM's response be

Trending on Facebook: Clinton seeks Kissinger and Rice endorsements

Michael Moore: This election is only about who SHOWS UP to the VOTING BOOTH on November 8

Anybody signed up for GOTV efforts for the August primary?

There's something about this Lilly King swimmer........and she's now the darling of faux noise.

Here’s the statute that could land Trump in prison if officials deemed it a serious threat

Act NOW for your chance to have a private lunch with Eric Trump & tour of campaign HQ at Trump Tower

Kissinger hindered US effort to end mass killings in Argentina, according to files ...Duh!!!

Why Trumpys second amendment bit is dangerous

Justice Department report: Baltimore Police routinely violated civil rights

Philly TV legend 'Captain Noah' dies

Israel Charges UN Worker with Abetting Hamas; Third Gaza Aid Worker Accused This Week

Chris Matthews tearing into Trumps 2nd Amendment comment.

PG&E convicted of obstructing blast probe, breaking safety laws

Whatsis I hear about Warren tweeting "Trump can't handle losing to a girl"?

Gabby Giffords jumps down Trump's throat re

Red Sox pull "racially insensitive" David Ortiz bobblehead

Justice Department report: Baltimore Police routinely violated civil rights

"That's a beautiful family you have there. I'd sure hate it if anything bad were to happen to them."

#WIPrimary polls close at 8 + @russfeingold is kicking off a GOTV canvass in Racine to get every vot

"Governing is 'off script'." Governor Malloy of Connecticut

Ex-CIA official explains how Trump has already done Putin’s bidding

Trump co-chair claims ‘trickle-down economics worked’ — and immediately gets scolded by Ali Velshi

Trump campaign has already changed story re: assassination threat

I hope Joy Reid is a guest on one of

An October Surprise for Hillary Clinton?

After amendments fight, Baltimore City Council moves $15 minimum wage bill

Hillary needs to start her speeches with this 2nd amend. threat, and challenge him

A lot of people are saying Trump won't release tax returns b/c of NAMBLA donations.

Huge shout out to the Hillary Group. Over 750~ Unblocked.

An Alternative Form of Mental Health Care Gains a Foothold

Rio diving pool changes color from blue to green overnight

Kissinger hindered US effort to end mass killings in Argentina, according to files

How the hell does Trump reconcile..."That will be a horrible day."

Lonnnnng overdue

Dear White Working Class, Your Man Trump Is Pretty Establishment After All

Nate Silver Election Update: Polls Show Pennsylvania Back In Clinton’s Firewall

Sen Chris Murphy--> Don't treat this as a political misstep. It's an assassination threat, seriously

Mr. Draft-Dodger Trump, THIS is what a true Purple Heart awardee looks like:

Donald Trump's 2nd Amendment Threat against Hillary

People Walk Out On Donald Trump At Rally After He Threatened Hillary Clinton

Street artist Builds Wall Around Donald Trump Hollywood walk of fame Star

This Very, Very Detailed Chart Shows How All The Energy In The U.S. Is Used

Chris Mathews just said WI was a squeaker

Huh? Carly Fiorina could be the next chairperson.....

Stanford trial judge handed down a four-day sentence in child abuse image case

In 2-3 days the Cheeto comment will blow over and The MSM will be following him like puppy dogs

Clinton-Hating Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against Hillary for Benghazi Deaths

A petition that everyone agrees upon

Donald Trump Praises Adviser Who Said Hillary Should Be Shot By Firing Squad

Colombia ties it against US in the 90th minute

Trump’s Assassination ‘Joke’ Was Thinly Veiled Sedition

Trump a threat to north Asia, says former Australian ambassador to US

Donald Trump Praises Adviser Who Said Hillary Should Be Shot By Firing Squad