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Trump Photoshop request

How terrorism starts

Ex-CIA Director: 'No Doubt' Putin Views Trump as 'Unwitting Agent'

Poor field conditions force cancellation of Hall of Fame Game

Donald Trump Could Be Reshaping The Electoral Map — But Not In The Way He Wants

Maine has the *best* sweetcorn in the nation - bar none

‘My letters are the greatest’: Tampa man channels Trump in hilarious viral letter to the editor

Bill McKibben in the NYT: Embarrassing Photos of Me, Thanks to My Right-Wing Stalkers

Ailes Used Fox Budget to Run Campaigns Against Enemies

USA/Muslim Fencer: "I don’t have another home to go to. My family was born here. I was born here."

Think Tanks Blur Lines Around Corporate Influence

Separated at birth, Mike Pence and Red Grant


I know you are but what am I? That seems to be Trump's

i'm still around, still shooting

Trump’s economic advisers are also his biggest donors

Andy Borowitz doesn't mean to bring everyone down

MARK CUBAN: Donald Trump is proving he'd be a 'puppet president'

I may be in a small minority here, but I'm sorry as hell about Wikileaks.

gratuitous kitteh pic - let's not talk about how long it's been

New NBC poll. 50% Hillary vs. 42 Trump.

Ok, ok, ok, I love the American athletes..... They all have a story, a heritage and

Time for the "Guess the Movie From The ScreenShot" Game.

Should we start an Olympic thread???

Does anyone know who's moderating the Presidental Debates? I tried googling

Thank you, Autumn

Next Fraud Suit Coming?: Donald Trump's Campaign Website Won't Let Some Cancel Recurring Donations

Hurricane Earl death toll in Mexico rises to 38

Rio 2016: top American Olympic shooter Kim Rhode attacks gun control laws

What a lovely day in baseball...

My mother was responsible for the declassification of Nazi Propaganda at the OWI

Billy Ocean ~ Suddenly

Uber driver kidnapped, carjacked overnight in Detroit

Check out electoral vote count: 306 to 198: HRC. 34 ties

If ________ were an Olympic event, I'd win gold!

Republican Ana Navarro Is Going To Town On Trump

Who's been impersonating Melania Trump's plagiarist, Meredith McIver?

Found my people... thanks DU

Hillary's Ads On The Olympic B'casts Are Great

The Irvings' invasion of Maine

Trump Exposes Trump

Dicki-o-vic down for the count

Paul Ryan: ‘The Comments Donald Trump Will Make Over The Next Few Months Are Regrettable’

Local girl does good. (Olympic spoiler alert for the west coast.)

Residents come out in force to protest against Sino-French nuclear project

George P. Bush knows Trump is "a bitter pill to swallow," but he'd like you to swallow anyway.

This Group Wants to Help Lower NYC Rents by Buying Real Estate as a Collective

This Group Wants to Help Lower NYC Rents by Buying Real Estate as a Collective (xpost from GD)

The backstroke.

Internet comments and artificial intelligence.

The Christian Right is on the ropes

Tectonic Plate Shifts Create Problems for GPS in Australia

Church Leaders Condemn Vice President Joe Biden for Officiating Gay Wedding

China holds first nuclear security emergency drill

NFL tight end Benjamin Watson: Planned Parenthood "founded to exterminate blacks"

Nest Watch

A California Meet-Up!

Doe and Turkey.

Republican Senator Says Trump Could Lose Arizona

Boy, 12, dies on Verrückt slide at Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City

TWEET..Hmmm...Let's see...which Presidential candidate has released taxes?

Kintner won't resign from Legislature, says ‘I think I’m where I should be’ after being fined for

Report: Big 12, Oklahoma, Texas At Odds On Which Teams To Add To League

I still think there's a 50/50 chance Trump is intentially trying to throw the election or

The Fact The Hillary Is Not Ahead by 15 Points Confirms Stupidity Of Electorate.

Last winter Jill Stein and Michael Flynn, Trump's general, had dinner with Putin in Russia,

Am I The Only One Here That Is Addicted To CBS's Braindead?.....

Turkey Coup: Erdogan Backs Return Of Death Penalty At Vast Istanbul Rally

Re'eased this past week in 1973

Nine injured in Sturgis Motorcycle Rally crashes

After marijuana charges, questions on sovereignty emerge

Ryan Harvey - Old Man Trump (ft. Ani DiFranco & Tom Morello)

Son of Kansas lawmaker dies on Verrückt slide at Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kan. Read

Nervous Nellie/Debbie Downer Poll: Hillary Should Be Ahead By ??

Former worker says lake at risk of oil leak, pipeline contractor defends workmanship

Criminal case against DHS employees 'unraveling'

Some people are saying Trump gave money to NAMBLA

The most beautiful thing I've ever read on love. Full stop.

A little treat for DU--behind the scenes at the DNC:

Video: Behind the scenes at the DNC!

Cool Video: Behind the scenes at the DNC (X-posted from GD; GD: 2016)--

Ok, I think its official, the criticism at the DNC convention made Trumps head explode

"NBC sportscaster defends giving credit to Olympic gold medalist’s husband ‘the guy responsible’ ":

"NBC sportscaster defends giving credit to Olympic gold medalist’s husband ‘the guy responsible’ ":

N.D. legislative leaders to propose reforms to avoid future shortfalls

Bill Maher: Trans equality must wait until after presidential election

Anti-social media: Online chats foil Singapore rocket attack plan

Man indicted in Bakken area housing scheme

Fareed Zakaria has a Technical Term for the republican candidate

Business Insider: "It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans"

Wyoming Democrats form caucus to boost engagement

While police tackle Arab inciters, are Jews given a free pass?

Brexit, Russia Today (RT) and Comrade Jill Stein, willing tool of a fascist autocrat.

Technician shortage in China 'threatens nuclear plant safety'

Pakistan: dozens dead as bomb hits mourners at Quetta hospital

Remote wildfire grows to 900 acres in Yellowstone

Daily Holidays August 8

EPA to pay $1.2M more in costs from Colorado mine spill

UW might have 400 fewer employees because of budget woes

Japanese Emperor Akihito's address in full ((excerpts))

Dingbat Jill Stein's US-bashing selfie speech at Kremlin RT propaganda stunt; parties w/Putin later

Judge says state owes nearly $15M to liquor store owners

Delta System Outage Triggers Delays Worldwide

Bullock campaign reimburses state for airplane use

I do not get it? This is the Real Mr. Donald Trump, unorganized, incompetent, liar

Off to surgery this morning.

Gay couple’s dream of adopting ends in bias charge against Montana

I just want to save this video of Cummings/Comey - the three emails were NOT classified

The waste site that time forgot: Phosphorus plant's fate uncertain

Idaho state government eyes 10 percent increase in health care costs next year

Faith healers: Change to Idaho law won’t change our beliefs

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Journalism

Idaho readies for second area code

"Scottish Busker Eric Gudmunsen Roasts Donald Trump As Only A Scotsman Can"

"Scottish Busker Eric Gudmunsen Roasts Donald Trump As Only A Scotsman Can"

John Cassidy, The New Yorker: Can Donald Trump Rebound?

Utah library bans Pokemon Go

You know what I haven't heard Trump say lately? "We're gonna win so much,

"Please Stop"

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Freedom Fighter Joe

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Mark The Dumbass

"Never forget your kids in the car again". We were just talking about this a couple weeks ago,

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Drew The Libertarian

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Teabagger Ed

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Malloy Vs. Social Security Hater

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: The Insulting & Hanging Moron

Oregon State Senator Alan Bates dies at age 71

6 Rebuttals To The GOP War Cry Of ‘Hillary Clinton Is A Criminal’

Oregon attorney general proposes fixes to state open records law

The best remedy for mosquito bites (that works for me)

EJ Dionne: elitism won't defeat trumpism

Kate Brown announces support for controversial corporate tax measure on November ballot

Morning Joe says independent with major Republican funding to launch today

Caught a few minutes of Governor Voldemort this morning

State hospital patients upset over data breach

Randy Budd, husband of rock-throwing victim, dies

Vacant Houses the Danger Next Door

Historically black Charlotte church backs Donald Trump

Is Jill Stein surging in the polls?

The GMO Debate: One Student’s Experience of Pro-GMO Propaganda at Cornell University

Trump's Chumps. His economic plan doesn't help them- it fucks them.

MJ: There's a new Independent (anti-Trump) candidate getting in...

GOP. Sen. Still Won't Back Trump After Meeting Pence

Will Trump quit when the GOP announces their new candidate today. It will give him a

POLL: Meme of the Week – August 8th

My mother was an early feminist and would undoubtedly be excited by HRC's campaign.

"She took a risk on me" said Tammy Baldwin WI “How Hillary Clinton Helped Make Queer History 1998

Study into national character of Australia's active atheists

Township Saw a Zoning Issue. The Justice Dept. Saw Religious Discrimination.

Question about US-elections and photo-ID

whale protects seal against sharks

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

Knights’ leader right on abortion, wrong on Catholic voting duties

"Silence like a cancer grows"

Morning joke and mika over and over demanding that Hillary say to the public that she

Unbelievable. Infuriating.

The maggot throws a fit about "Trump Tree"

Court fines total $36M in McCleary school-funding case. But will they ever be paid?

**Breaking: Evan McMullin for President***

Anti-Trump Republican Launching Independent Presidential Bid

Republican former Michigan governor endorses Clinton

University of Washington has $1 billion backlog in building repairs

"Goldfish got nothing on me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Speed Trap

Hospital Bombing in Pakistani City of Quetta Kills at Least 54 (suicide bomber)

I can no longer justify calling myself a Trump supporter - By Andrea Peyser

Can't even imagine what Trump's gonna say, can you?

After state suspends doctor, pain patients scramble for help

Media, enough with the obsession with Clinton's damn emails!

I can no longer justify calling myself a Trumpkin. I’m done with The Donald.

"Unusual" accounting: Inside a Trump business audit

Trooper stops car going wrong way on I40 with his cruiser.

So JebusEnoughfuggingBush's son is urging ReTHUGs to

Oh horseshit. There is no conservative movement in America.

Today's Google Doodle: Swimming game (cute!)

RCC housed paedophile Christian Brothers on same inner-city property it rents out as function centre

Every Time The Democrats Fix it.....

George W. Bush administration official announces support for Clinton over Trump

Don Jr just tweeted about McMullin

Jeb Bush’s Son Endorses Dad’s Tormentor for President

Animals are people too.

We don't WIN Anymore?

Last week it was Southwest that had computer problems. Today it's Delta.

Is It Time To Rethink The Electoral College?

Life imitates Art

Reports: Anti-Trump Republican Evan McMullin to launch independent bid for presidency

The emails are history

Clinton, Trump plan dueling economic speeches from Detroit in coming days

Trump's ready to pivot. It's going to be a good pivot. A very, very good pivot. The best pivot.

Why doesn't Hillary just come out and grovel...?

Clinton building tech edge on Trump

George P. Bush announces he will primary Ted Cruz in 2018.

Adviser: Trump economic plan will get campaign back on track

Sarah Palin, are you out there? Relax. We know what happened.

Looks like draft dodging runs in the family.

Harry Reid's final fight

Angels In The Cold 2 dogs rescued need home Orange, CA (can relocate)

Court decisions show new approach to voting rights cases

Jill Stein in Moscow criticized US human rights, said nothing about Russian human rights

The Media Is Saying And Doing A Bunch Of Sexist Stuff During The Olympics

Busy day for Hillary in Florida--events and times schedule Aug 8

So what's this I hear about an Egg McMuffin running for president?

Monday Toon Roundup

Evan McMullin's backers - Better For America 'PAC"

Growing up Eastwood

HUFFPOLLSTER: Arizona Might Be The Newest Battleground State

Which is it, Mitch?

Trump Is Giving Dems The Edge In Even Their Tightest Senate Races

ROFLMAO - Everyone needs to watch this- Visiting The Ark Encounter In Northern Kentucky

Susan Collins says Trump's comments on Somalis are 'unhelpful'

This is considered an "on message" event for Trump

*****BREAKING*****Clinton Opens 7 Point Lead Over Trump In Georgia

A 4th party entertaining a run for president, or is it...

Trumps are not going to like this toon

The Philippines considers permanently banning Donald Trump

Labour members barred from leadership ballot win right to vote

Cokie Roberts bashing HRC. The usual garbage on NPR.

Monster vs. Trump?

Trump would freeze new federal regulations, revive Keystone: speech

WSJ Deputy Editor: Right-wing media pushed the GOP to be "increasingly divorced from reality"

When we go high, they go low.....

I just want to thank the group for unblocking me. I look forward to discussions that involve moving

Just found a reference to Trump ancestor McIver

Trump seems to have Single-handedly ended "both sides" campaign coverage -- for now.

Cleetus' Garage Ep. 4 - AIRBORNE In Sketchy Vert!

I'm officially astonished.

I just don't understand why we are supposed to kiss Jill Stein's ass

What If All U.S. Coal Workers Were Retrained to Work in Solar?

PSA: Maru has a blog

Worried about another third-party candidate affecting Clinton's victory?

1991 Ford Festiva: Regular Car Reviews

Top Colombia TV network compromised over paramilitary support claims

Peter Navarro? why is anyone taking this guy seriously? they sure are on cnn and msnbc

Top Colombia TV network compromised over paramilitary support claims

Cameraman in Rio - Remembers Rule #1-Point of Interest

haha: Trump is ‘chagrined' and realizes his campaign is in trouble, Steve Forbes says

Mike Pence used to be critical of anti-Muslim hatred.

Some new maggot photos you might have missed

Who is AARP supporting for President this year?

This week Orange Hitler Will "Reboot" his Campaign

The goal of the Evan McMullin campaign isn't to "win"....

Origin of the long body of snakes discovered

Can anybody remember ,,,,,,,,

Study: Reading May Extend Lifespan (hmm, Trump, by his own admission, doesn't read)

Forbes: Hillary Won the Nomination, But Bernie Won on Health Care

Age of old doll's head?

The U.S. Government Accused a Salvadorian Human Rights Activist of Gang Activity – Now He’s In Jail

The U.S. Government Accused a Salvadorian Human Rights Activist of Gang Activity – Now He’s In Jail

I don't like Jill Stein or support the Green "spoiler strategy" but let's be honest about it.

Mexico landslides leave 40 dead as new storm forms

George P. Bush to Urge Fellow Republicans to Vote for Trump

Mexico landslides leave 40 dead as new storm forms

Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes: Ban abortion for Zika because birth defects are ‘nothing new’

Trump’s economic team is loaded with the same Tea Party cranks who destroyed Kansas’s economy

Trump's love affair with presidency is over

happy 70th birthday, president clinton

Drudge Questions Clinton's Health With Months-Old Pic Of Her Slipping On Stairs

Kochs Budget $750M to Save GOP Senate

THIS MODERN WORLD: Millennial lament

Northwest hotelier, listed as Trump campaign official, doesn't back nominee

Iowa Board of Regents' stunning lack of accountability

'My sentences are the best. Nobody can top my sentences.'

Fatal Distraction: Manhood, Guns, & Violence

The Rump is about to evacuate his economic crap.

Curious about the jury system

Father of man killed in Ashburn silo collapse suing hopper manufacturers

Libertarian Candidate Says Trump Will Be Watching Olympics to See "How High the Mexican Pole Vaulter

Family Affair!

Christians stiff Missouri waiter, leave anti-gay note instead of tip

‘Halt & Catch Fire’ Season 3 Trailer Brings Hackers Into The World Of 1980s Computers..

New Poll indicates that HRC has taken a 7-point lead in GEORGIA

Can We Trust Julian Assange and WikiLeaks?

John Oliver Exposes The Sad State Of Modern Journalism & The End Of Newspapers

"Teleprompter Trump" in Detroit right now

Teleprompter Trump. Sounds so. Awful whenever. He speaks.

Ex-Mich. GOP Gov. Milliken endorses Clinton over Trump

Trump's Detroit speech

Trump just repeated the lie that Hillary said she "is going to raise taxes on the middle class"

Thanks, Admin!

Trump’s economic team is loaded with the same Tea Party cranks who destroyed Kansas’s economy

Republicans warn Trump: Right the ship or lose Senate

Live link to trump's economic speech in Detroit-

Building on Success. Opportunities for the Next Administration - By Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Those S.O.B.'s - Faking a Hillary picture

See Dob run. See Don read

Trump is reading a speech he doesn't understand

Trump endorses Clinton .....

tRump just stated that he would repeal the "death tax"..and the people

Question about Jury Service - when a whole sub-thread should be deleted

Trump's Plan involves titties in Detroit

Trump economic platform : From reinstating Glass-Steagal to moratorium on financial regulations in 3

Donald Trump is an ‘abusive braggart’ unfit to lead our Armed Forces - Gen. Barry McCaffrey

I've been seeing threads about trump reading teleprompters incorrectly. This tells me

Barclays to Pay $100 Million to Resolve States’ Libor Manipulation Claims

5 Good Signs for Democrats

Oh wow. Ivanka is his economic advisor.

Marco Rubio Dreams Of Forcing Zika-Infected Women To Give Birth To Microcephalic Children

Protesters repeatedly interrupt Trump address on economy

When is he gonna break?? When is he going to jump the podium into the crowd, WWE style?

Marco Rubio Dreams Of Forcing Zika-Infected Women To Give Birth To Microcephalic Children

*****BREAKING*****Clinton Opens 12 Point National Lead / 13 In Two Person Race

Marco Rubio Dreams Of Forcing Zika-Infected Women To Give Birth To Microcephalic Children

Trump is talking about putting people back to work!

Donald Trump, the Great Betrayer!

Police, FBI Investigating Threat To Decapitate Members Of Texas Mosque

another bad day for trump; Protesters interrupt economic speech 10 times

AMAZING DUET - Max Pitruzzella and Thomas Blacharz - Swing Maniacs Genova

Yet another poll showing Hillary leading in Georgia !!!!

Arizona DUers:

The GOP’s youth-vote disaster: Donald Trump’s nomination could hurt Republicans for years to come

Green sympathizers

Yes, he said "titties"

What a speech, NOT!

(Canada) Deportation order for Roma mother, daughter cancelled

Georgia poll: Clinton leads by 7 points

Not since Carl Sagan have I heard the phrase Billions and Billions

Congrats, Ichiro Suzuki

JUST RELEASED: New Donald Trump campaign slogan.

dim don made an impression in Scotland & it wasn't good

Trump calls for more "Gentlemen's Clubs" in

Message to the media:

Paul Fanlund: The ‘detestation’ of Hillary Clinton

Jon Ralston just made a funny about the +13 poll and Trump's speech...

Protesters at Trump's Economic Speech yelling "TINY HANDS"!

Fact Checkers after Trumps Economic Speech...

Overheard at my oncologist's office today:

***Monmouth University Poll: Clinton 50, Trump 37***

Really, how did those protestors get into the speech?

No, Jill Stein, WiFi Isn’t Cooking Our Children’s Brainzzzz

ABC27 Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 10 points in Pennsylvania

Bride is walked down the aisle by the man who got her father's heart.

In toughest campaign yet, Phoenix sheriff raises nearly $10M

This Is How The Media Can Make Trump Look Bad.....

Ok, so, did I just hear DT refer to Detroit as a titty or as a city???

interesting discussion: The Party Of Honest Abe Now Stuck With Dishonest Don

Deregulate Corps; cut taxes on the Rich; and watch,,,,,

Bridge lane defendants seek to put Christie lawyers on stand

Wolf just promised that they are going to factcheck the economic speech after the break.

dim don the greatest student at Wharton

Everyone I personally know who is voting for Jill Stein

The Latest: Jury selection underway for top prosecutor trial

Yes, you wing nut, TP, Trumpers, the election is rigged

I am so tired of them saying "tax cuts "!

Trump said Detroit and Michigan are run at all levels by Democrats. Michigan's Gov is Republican.

We’ve Already Used Up Earth’s Resources For 2016 — And It’s Only August

Italian sailor uses mouth-to-mouth to revive kitten

Harry Enten of 538 is jokingly pivoting from the GE after latest poll numbers

Donald Trump’s New Childcare Plan Would Only Help The Rich

Now-Cast on 538 - We got the West Coast, aaaaannnddd....we got the East Coast (lookin at you, SC!)

Activists rally for and against Alabama's chief justice

Donald Trump’s appeals to Bernie Sanders backers fall flat

"Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shut-down of Polling until we can figure out...

Jim Crow might creep past tough Airbnb policies

Jim Crow might creep past tough Airbnb policies

"I'm not some sheep that's going to vote for Hillary just because..."

Even a world class wingnut/hater Andrea PEYSER (NY Post) is quitting DRUMPF

Campaign coverage just sucks

Anarchists are not Leftists

GOP: Trump has Lost!

Republican Trump-hater, ex CIA Evan McMullin, plans to file for an independent run for President.

Olympic flop of the day... (literally)

Italian coastguard saves drowning kitten by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Happy birthday to Roger Federer, my father (who would have been 97) and TBF...

Irving’s ‘clock boy’ a victim of ‘incredible hate,’ lawsuit claims

Long-studied Alaskan wolf pack may be dead after years of aggressive hunting

That was quick...EVANMCMULLIN.COM is up and running

US to give Argentina declassified papers on America's role in military dictatorship

US Still Paying a Civil War Pension

Fact-Checkers Rebut Trump’s “Pathetic” Economic Lies In Real Time

Lawsuits mounting against Monsanto over alleged cancer-causing ingredients in Roundup

My latest rescue

US to give Argentina declassified papers on America's role in military dictatorship

The Preacher Who Stole The Show At The DNC,

Clinton Takes Double-Digit Lead Over Trump In New Monmouth Poll

Protesters Interrupted Donald Trump’s Speech 14 Times

Trump mixes facts, falsehoods to rip Clinton on the economy

Monsanto's Roundup - Cancer Link Grows

Trump: "Decisions, decisions..."

Donald Trump pledges to replace Constitution with the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

Trump Peddles Slew Of Debunked Economic Claims In Detroit Speech

Donald Trump sent cease and desist letter from The O'Jays

More and more women are now dying in childbirth, but only in America

Richard L. Trumka: No speech can erase a lifetime of getting rich by hurting working people

Today is International Cat Day!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 8, 2016

interesting article about UFO's. are they out there

Putin would eat Trump’s lunch

Does self-proclaimed ultra "patriot Christian" Pat Boone have NO consience whatsoever?

538 Nowcast has Hillary at 95.4%, South Carolina 50.4% - HRC

Error puts Chinese tourist in German migrant hostel

Cherry, A Rescued Michael Vick Pit Bull, Gets His Best Day (EVER!)

Cherry, A Rescued Michael Vick Pit Bull, Gets His Best Day (EVER!)

Cherry, A Rescued Michael Vick Pit Bull, Gets His Best Day (EVER!)

Borowitz: Trump Economic Plan Calls for Every American to Inherit Millions from Father

Cherry, A Rescued Michael Vick Pit Bull, Gets His Best Day (EVER!)


so how is Bernie doing these days campaigning for Hillary and down ticket dems?

Donald Trump singing to american tourist's in Ireland

50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation’s Security ‘at Risk’

Man Trolls Donald Trump In ‘Greatest Ever Letter’ To A Newspaper Editor

Stop comparing Trump to Hilter!

Trump's anti-poverty agenda to assure Eric, Ivanka, et al inherit Donald’s exaggerated fortune tax f

Union members protest before Trump’s Detroit speech

Apparently one of the neighbors in Staten Island really doesn't like Trump.

Poll - Harry Enten: "Imagine Harambe & Chachi formed a GOP ticket."

50 GOP former nat'l security officials say Trump would be "the most reckless president" in history

Ultra spiritual life: what I love about the Olympics

I almost feel sorry for the Republicans (but not really)

Thank you for letting me back in

Bill Clinton's Oatmeal Cookies will be better than anything Melania bakes

Dangerous Propaganda: Network Close To NATO Military Leader Fueled Ukraine Conflict

Monmouth University Poll: HRC opens up 13-point lead nationally in four person race

This may well have been posted but it's so lovely: Bernie being interviewed by Mark Ruffalo

Police: Virginia wedding caterer killed in fight over chairs

Ivanka Trump's clothing line designer doesn't offer family leave

Shaun Donovan eyes NYC mayoral run

Was Hillary Clinton "extremely careless?"

Free trade losing its luster

Did Trump donate to NAMBLA?

Twelve Reasons NOT to Vote for Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka

Words of wisdom from Hunter Thompson

ColoradoCare could come up billions of dollars short, independent analysis finds

The date for Donald Trump coming to Seattle is reportedly on Tuesday, August 30

Egyptian and German beach volleyball players highlight the massive cultural divide between Western a

Juan Williams: Trump's Russia problem (The Hill)

Gotta lose your mind in Detroit, Rock City...especially if you're Trump reading from a Teleprompter.

Our Lives when Republicans steer the country.

She is an Inspiration

An 'avowed racist' calls The Thom Hartmann Program. Is this a joke?

50 Republican National Security Officials Eviscerate Trump In Open Letter

Alien hunters are fixated on a mysterious star, which refuses to reveal its secrets

Colorado GOP faces challenge: Registrations of active voters down 4 percent since 2012

Where's Hillary's speech?

Anyone up for a meteor watch? The Perseids peak Aug 11 & 12

Josh Marshall: Clinton Polling Lead "No Longer a Bounce"

Boston Globe: 50 GOP security officials warn of Trump's instability

In 3...2...1 Don the Con will blame Obama

Voters may face record level of Colorado school funding measures in November

Psychedelic music is still with us.

50 Repub Security Officials Say Trump Would Be a Disaster

Americans leave 658 million vacation days on the table

Vail Resorts to buy Whistler Blackcomb in $1 billion deal

Rio: German Mens Field Hockey team getting a lot of attention

Clinton on Trump:“He’s got ... hedge fund guys, billionaires guys, six guys named Steve"

by Robert Reich:'Did the white working class


Fort Worth woman who forced two unauthorized immigrants to work w/o pay said she was 'voice of God'

The boys are getting big

13 skydivers in Colorado jump safely when plane catches fire

Oh no you didn't: Trump names Philippines as terrorist nation, implies Filipinos are 'animals'

Why are Augustine’s teachings (especially) relevant today?

Democrats are much more excited about Hillary Clinton than Republicans are about Donald Trump

Trump wants to give his family a one billion dollar tax cut by repealing the estate tax.

BREAKING: 50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation’s Security ‘at Risk

Trump keeps quoting the Economic Policy Institute, BUT...

George W. Bush administration official announces support for Clinton over Trump

Boy killed in water slide accident was the son of a Kansas GOP state senator

The Minnesota Supreme Court primary may be the most important election nobody's heard of


Delta Air systems outage forces worldwide flight cancellations, delays

Longtime Republican operative backs Clinton: Trump’s ‘a bigot, a bully, and devoid of grace’

Man Charged With Fatal Shooting After 'Hoodlum' Complaint

Texas AG Ken Paxton seeks more time in SEC fraud case

LIVE: Watch @HillaryClinton in St. Pete for a rally on the choice we face on the economy-pics

TPM: Clinton leads Trump by 10 points in PA, her second double-digit lead in four days

The company that manufactures and distributes Ivanka's clothing line offers unpaid maternity leave

As promised, GOP unveils new GOP candidate for president: Might take Utah

Heat Wave: Power Bulls Are Banking on U.S. East Getting Tired of Heat

Greens: Fuck 'em.

American Paradox: It’s Never Been Cheaper for Cities and States to Borrow Money...And They Refuse to

Ethiopia protests: 'Nearly 100 killed' in Oromia and Amhara

Fannie, Freddie Could Need as Much as $126 Billion in Crisis

Believe it or not, Bengal has only 784 atheists

*****BREAKING*****50 top GOP officials: Trump would 'risk our country's national security'

Trump ‘Reboot’ Over, As He Again Backs Putin Over Ally

🐦 August 24th Our Revolution Organizing Kickoff | Bernie LIVE Stream @ 9pm ET

No Quck Ruling in North Carolina Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit

Did Trump actually say that Hillary said 'we are raising taxes

Clintons Favorability Ratings Are On the Mend, Trumps Continue to Nose Dive

TWEET: Hillary dominates poll. White women, a demographic that Romney won in 2012

These Olympians Remain Grounded in Their Catholic Faith

Democrats: Rubio should drop out of 'anti-LGBT rally' in Orlando

GOP VP candidate Mike Pence to meet with family of Sarah Root while in the Bluffs today

I just found out that my buddy who passed away the other day had a Facebook page.

Who would win the presidency today?? Hillary graph..........95.4%!!!!!

Now Four-Star General Barry McCaffrey has come out against Trump

Florida officials go into damage control over Zika

Long-studied Alaskan wolf pack may be dead after years of aggressive hunting

Hot video from the latest Trump rally...

Crystal Pepsi - The ad they don't want you to see

First Non-Travel Related Zika Case Reported In Palm Beach County

One in eight US adults says they smoke marijuana, poll says

The reviews are coming in, and boy, are they scathing.

It has been said that Trump followed the proper script!

Trumps responds: The names on this letter are why the world is such a mess. Calls them disasters in

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Japan Orders Military To Be Ready For North Korea Missile Launch At Any Time

GOP/Trump Economic Plan A Fraud Meant To Bankrupt USA.

Not sure if this belongs here

TRUMPENCE. Isn't that a British monetary denomination....

HILLARY explains Trump's economic plan at St Petersburg rally

To State The Obvious, Women Are Already The Stars Of The Olympics

AFL-CIO Posts Anti-Trump Ad on Facebook

Union members protest before Trump’s Detroit speech

I'd like to see the Trump campaign in a full death spiral by Labor Day.

Union members protest before Trump’s Detroit speech

Trump Critics Urge RNC To Replace Trump In Special Meeting

The 50 signers

The GOP’s youth-vote disaster: Donald Trump’s nomination could hurt Republicans for years to come

The election is three months from today. The post-convention bounce has had time to wear off.

Just got push-polled about Chris Van Hollen

Giants Manager Bruce Bochy hospitalized, expected back Tuesday

Tax plan comparison links

After Saying Clinton Is ‘Owned’ By Wall Street, Trump Proposes A Ban On All Financial Regulation

Warren takes on Trump's economic plan - great tweet storm

Why Michael Phelps Looks As Though He's Been Molested By an Ocotopus

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