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Fox News Turns On Trump And Tells Him To Release His Tax Returns

Brazil's Temer asked corrupt tycoon for financial aid: report

Nailing a Manga Karoake -- Two very hip nerds-in-waiting show they have the right stuff.

Is there anything worse than water showing up where it's not supposed to be?

Brazil's Temer asked corrupt tycoon for financial aid: report

My GOTV pitch

2016 Horse Racing - Maiden watch for race 6 at Saratoga tomorrow....

Some Nitwit Quotes that came from Dingbat Donald

I'm OK with the strategy of just not spending time on...

Trump got the most GOP votes ever — both for and against him — and other fun facts

Olympic coverage: Does

55 Reasons Obama Will Go Down As One Of Our Best Presidents

Trump hires Minnesota campaign director

Am I the Only One to Get it About Trump's Endorsements?

Phone banked for Hillary today

Jill Stein: 'No question' Julian Assange is a hero

American Nazi Party Sees Hope In Trump

The Pope had best avoid small planes.

Donald Trump Is Proposing The Biggest Tax Cuts Since Ronald Reagan's Presidency

What's this??? 4 Americans lose their tennis matches in the first round????

Only 9% of America Chose Trump and Clinton as the Nominees/NYT

Board-Certified Psychiatrist BRUTALLY Diagnoses Donald Trump

A friend of mine died today.

Stiglitz resigns from Panama Papers commission

Stiglitz resigns from Panama Papers commission

Yankees announce Sunday news conference with Alex Rodriguez

Poll: Stricter gun controls favored by most young adults across racial, ethnic groups 35 years.

Poll: Stricter gun controls favored by most young adults across racial, ethnic groups

USC/Dornsife Daybreak Poll: 8/6/16 HRC 44.6 Trump 44.2 (7 day tracking avg post convention )

Canvassing for Hillary-->#WeekendofAction---PICS>.

Election Model Update

Joe Scarborough On Why Trump Is Going To Lose (8/2/16)

Rubio: No abortions for Zika-infected women

Woman who was arrested at a Bernie rally for going topless has filed a lawsuit against LAPD

BabyGate Mom: "I was never kicked out of the rally."

Can SpaceX really land on Mars? Absolutely, says an engineer who would know

Have a question for those who already have singer payer

College students and millennials strongly reject Trump. Not a good thing for the GOP future.

Don't look at a single poll. Look at a bunch at once. Like this bunch, with a 6.9% average spread.

Trump's vist to Columbus, OH last monday

What would happen to the non-Trump Pukes if Trump were to win?

pretty sure Olympic swimmer Katinka Hosszu is doping

The orange poop stain on humanity sure does love to project.

I Predict This Election Will Play Out In 2 Ways

BBC detector vans are back to spy on your home Wi-Fi – if you can believe it

Time mag: Meet the men who want to make Melania Trump the First Lady

American Nazi Party Sees Hope In Trump

Thailand referendum gets under way as military seeks to cement power

What the hell is Pokeman?

Melania Trump granted green card ‘based on marriage’ in 2001 — four years before she and The Donald


Republicans can "handle" trump or hide him, they cannot change the fact

I fully expect, before this thing is over, that Benedict Donald will

Racine mayor, aldermen discuss $800K loan write-off in closed session

Trumper's wisdom

Does Trump HAS to have access to national security papers?

"The Gilmore Girls?" I don't get it.

Did a recent SCOTUS ruling really "Gut the 4th Amendment"?? Has anyone else seen this? If so, what

Trump Quotes make more sense...

DNR buys Chippewa shoreline, site of once-planned nuclear plant, for $2M

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights Reverend Bill

The Olympics: I'm glad they exist

Janesville pharmacist arrested for Medicaid and Medicare fraud of $1M

and there's Brett going into the hall of fame........

Clinton drawing record cash from Silicon Valley despite techies' cool embrace

Another powerful ad from The Briefing: "What is Trump's connection to Putin?"

Trump Very Upset Nobody Watched His Hate Hillary Fest Tonight In NH

and Brett Favre is in the NFL Hall of fame, 2016......eom

State Office Building flood repair to cost $1.5 million

ABC NEWS/WASHINGTON POST POLL: The 2016 Election 8/7/16 HRC 50 DJT 42

Clinton up by 8. Hits 50%. Clinton Gains with Women, Democrats As Trump Struggles on Temperament

Not political but in case you ever wondered abt Dali and Disney getting together.

Source: Trump kept asking about Area 51 during classified briefing

Rubio - No Abortion For Zika Infected Babies And No Government Help For Disabled Child Either.

Even though I was a Bernie Supporter


Do you know Jack?

From Here To Eternity

McDonald's rolling out new chicken nugget recipe

Why can't you support my goals?

Cult of Personality- appropriate Saturday night music video

CA GOP official tweets shocking image of EXECUTIONER "ready for Hillary."

NYTimes: moving story of the Khan family's American life -- and the convention aftermath.

Mankato woman accused of $400K Medicaid fraud

Donald Trump: "If we have Nuclear Weapons; why can't we use them?"

Here's a group I'd encourage Bernie folks to join and support:

U.S. Chamber backs Flower Mound man facing billions in fines for storing wood

Brazillian fans chant anti-gay slurs towards US women's soccer team

This is an extremely rude gesture in some countries.

Some inconvienent statistics for MA rifle ban supporters:

Trumps Dumb Vapid anti Clinton ad

Trump: If My Polls Fall, I'll Get Out of the Race.

What would be the "drop-dead date(s)" for the 'thugs to replace Trump as nominee...

Platte County official accused of paying for his beer garden and rum with county credit card

2 years later, Ferguson protests have produced some change

Health insurers seek rate increases as Missouri readies for regulatory authority

Harvard Republican Club Publicly Refuses to Endorse Donald Trump

JUST IN: America Stunned After Polls Conclusively Show CONGRESS Going Blue In 2016

Olympics investigating report of kayak capsizing after hitting submerged sofa

Mid-Missourians for Bernie delves into local politics with campaign finance hiccup

Farm Bureau PAC endorses Democrat Koster for governor

Psychiatric hospitals filling up with time travellers sent back to kill Donald Trump

Daily Holidays August 7

Syria’s rebels unite to break Assad’s siege of Aleppo

The new WaPo/abc poll has good news all around for HRC and some interesting info about the Khan

I Was An Attorney For Trump. Trust Me, You Don't Want Him As President.

Northern Mariana Islands House Speaker Demapan still sees positive side of poor financial rating

Guam Regional Medical City reopens pediatric unit

Of all the thousands of stupid things Trump has done, pissing off people like Bezos

August 6: "Trump Launches Fundraising Blitz"- NPR article says he still has high rollers' support

Isle Dems face big fine linked to 2012 election

The Trump sons go hunting again. Will more trophy photos follow?

Honolulu mayor-hopeful Djou raised 3 times as much as his main opponents in July

9th Circuit Dismisses Challenge to Hawaii Gay Marriage Law

NYT Chastises Hillary for Putting Her Hand on Her Heart — What’s Next, Breathing?

Trump reveals his economic plan: Slash taxes, remove regulations to make the U.S.

*****BREAKING*****Clinton Opens 23-Point Lead Among Women, Gains With Democrats as Trump Struggles

Oh. My. God.

Why did Netanyahu appoint a settler as top NY diplomat?

Here’s the $10 billion reason for the high cost of Alaska LNG

I remember...

Donald Trump Offers $5 Million For Obama’s College Transcripts, Passport But Won’t Show His: Report

WSJ: The Coach of Nigeria’s Basketball Team Is From...Vermont

Donald Trump lies about Hillary to get votes

Eight years ago, Russia started the invasion of Georgia

Georgians In Ukrainian Army Fight 'Common Enemy'

Medical board rejects offer from pill doctor, reaffirms suspension

How the Russo-Georgian War of 2008 Started Eight Years Ago this Month

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Whatta Croc Edition

Sky News on Russian Invasion of Georgia Eight Years Ago

For your thought...

A scientist, a Native voice, and a former public radio chief compete for Alaska's Democratic chance

Pitcairn PA - Hate Crime Investigation Underway

Country (and world) over party: why I want Trump to drop out.

Wikileaks said they only want to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party

Rio’s stench is not rare – the Olympic call to ordure is a familiar ritual

Is there a more inappropriate place for trump to reveal details of his economic plan than DETROIT?

In Fight over Surprise Medical Bills, Some Lawmakers Target Insurance Regulators

So, Donald Trump ... coattails

Katrina Pierson is an idiot

The people, they LOVE IT

Endless hours of amusement await you with Little Green Footballs' "Trump Bumper Sticker Generator"

anyne seen the google doodle to day

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Arnold´s Dream Call

Is Trump undermining US democracy?

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Freedumb David

Dear reporters - Your (sic) fired.

Sanders warns against being inactive: 'the most immediate task we face is to defeat Donald Trump'

Trump campaign (inspired by Al Sharpton guest)

Trump as a giant Yam to me is the best image yet

Assault-Rifle Camp for Kids, Courtesy of the American Military

Rev Al has a section coming up on voting rights laws and rrigged elections debunked

Stray dog wins hearts and new home — after following man through 155-mile ultramarathon

Republican Strategist: Since I know his loss is coming-I pray to God that it is total-You should too

the question remains how are the Republicans going to top this one in 2020?

The Rev has an Iraq War widow on, who was ALSO scammed by Trump U...

Poll finds Clinton has widened lead ahead of Trump to 8 points

*****BREAKING*****Clinton Opens Nine Point Lead in Morning Consult Poll

This. May. Make. You. Throw. Up.

The Brazilian Boys

Unofficial, unscientific, random yard sign poll

Tough to reach brakes w small hands?

In Grand Rapids, Kaine tries to connect with voters.........

New Morning Consult Poll: HRC: 46% (+6) Trump: 37% (-7)

"Thank you, Yahweh!" . . . Please come CAPTION Marco Rubio!!!

Group creative project writing help sought for animated video

A blind eye to sex abuse: How USA Gymnastics failed to report cases

McConnell: "one of my proudest moments" was when I told Obama "you will not fill this Supreme Court"

French Gymnast breaks leg upon dismount WARNING: GRAPHIC!!!

John McCain : Country First

In your opinion, who will lead the Republican Party after the election?

Poll finds Clinton has widened lead ahead of Trump to 8 points

American Nazi Chair: Trump Win Would Be “A Real Opportunity” For White Nationalists

I'm trying to make myself worry, I really am,

In suburban Virginia, women are torn about whom to vote for this fall

Sunday's Doonesbury: Tweeting at Fox

Donald Trump is wrong. Rigging an election is almost impossible.

Watchdog files lawsuit alleging gerrymandering in NC

Charting a road to 270, Clinton sets out most efficient battleground path

A hillbilly’s plea to the white working class

Obama allies: GOP will cave in Supreme Court fight

Shouldn't it be a crime for Russia/Wikileaks to use altered documents to influence

How to increase election day turnout of millennials:

As Obama Takes On Trump, The President’s Popularity Rises

Trump boys off to kill more stuff - Just because they can

Roger Ailes Used Fox News Budget to Finance ‘Black Room’ Campaigns Against His Enemies

Roger Ailes funneled millions in Fox News funds for shady firms to harass his victims: report

Roger Ailes Used Fox News Budget to Finance ‘Black Room’ Campaigns Against His Enemies

Toon: When Clint Grew Up

The trend is our friend!

If you are interested in taking away control of digital communication from the isp's...

CNN’s Angela Rye laughs in Rudy Giuliani’s face for claim Trump has no ‘substantial’ ties to Russia

Cease all Trump sanctimony: Republicans want to disavow a monster they created because...

Clinton’s ‘Moscow Spring’ ended as Putin returned to power

Austria threatens to block acceleration of Turkish EU talks

Listen to the Science - Bernie Sanders

Joy Reid is absolutely demolishing this winger on TV right now

Three Out Of Four Candidates Hold Or Have Held Anti-Vaxxer Views

Did anyone catch Rick Santorum on Bill Maher....

Dixie Chicks come home to Texas for a sold-out show

Cokie & pals: "bad*terrible*horrible*" candidate. Think you know who they're talking about?

Gingrich: Republicans Shouldn’t Worry, Trump Has ‘Gotten the Message’

Guam's Diverse Coral Reefs Bleached In 2016 For Fourth Straight Year

NOAA - 2015 Crushed Records In CO2, Global Temps, Ocean Temps, Sea Level Rise, More

Rubio: No abortions for Zika-infected women

Tell me this isn't funny - I dare you

Japan protests over Chinese radar in disputed East China Sea drilling rig

Chris Wallace (FOX) disappoints with his reporting on Hillary emails.

"Losers lose. Simple as that." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Hunt's About-Face Won't Save CSIRO, But At Least He's Not Actively Destroying It


So, Pres. Obama crushed Trump's birther theory...

Crowds gather in Istanbul for massive pro-Erdogan rally

Shirtless Justin Trudeau accidentally photo bombs B.C. beach wedding

Thai referendum: Military-written constitution approved

Reagan, Bush I, Bush II official voting for Hillary

This is the Shit that Trump inspires:

Gary Johnson said “I hear that Donald Trump is watching the Olympics tonight,”

In a democracy, are minority party candidates "bad"? Is Stein-Baraka "bad"? Is Johnson-Weld "bad"?

Amazon Basin Now Net Carbon/Methane Source, Latest Readings Show

Putin, Jill Stein, Trump military advisor at dinner celebrating Russian state media

Trump preparing for his next rally

Family of 5 Die in Apparent Murder-Suicide - Suggested PhRMA Connection

Other Democrats than Grayson and Murphy running in the Senate primary

The story behind 1971 New Haven photos of Bill and Hillary Clinton — and Marylouise Oates

Rubio: No abortions for pregnant women with zika

Google's doing their daily Olympic doodles again.

Russian Paralympic Athletes BANNED

A-Rod tearfully announces retirement from Yankees, effective this Friday

Voting 3rd party is the electoral equivalent of sending thoughts and prayers

The media is so apoplectic about trump plunge in the polls they've dragged out the email story

Where Is the Evidence That Trump Would Defend the Constitution? - George Will

I can't believe I am agreeing with Megyn kelly (pinch me)

What the hell triggered Trump to go after Japan???

Jill Stein in Moscow criticized US human rights, said nothing about Russian human rights

Tom Cotton (A-Hole) AR on Face the Nation this AM

Rethugs will refuse to seat SC judges until 2020

Dr. Jill Stein Is Anti-Science, Bad for the Environment, and Deserves Her Anti-Vax Label

Here's a polling fun fact...

Becerra: 'Immigrant basher' Trump won't explain how wife became citizen

John Kasich pretty much called the Election for Clinton...

Why is Trump watching the Mexico pole vaulting team?

July 31, 2016: Mauna Loa carbon dioxide levels 5.04 ppm higher than one year ago.

‘Ashamed’ of Trump, Harvard Republican Club won’t endorse top GOP nominee for first time since 1888

Cokie Roberts nailed it: "unhinged," "not presidential"

Donald Trump is wrong. Rigging an election is almost impossible. This is how hard it would be to...

What Trump called his greatest deal was another big miss

Rodrigo Duterte links 150 judges and politicians to drugs trade

Ugandan police raid LGBT fashion show

How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers

Cops Accused of Intentionally Mowing Down Groundhog in Golf Cart

Gang Selling AK-47s 'Bound For Western Europe'

CBS News Poll of Virginia (13 EV): HRC: 49% Trump: 37%

Islamic State militants claim capture of U.S. weapons in Afghanistan

Saw This Buried In Another Thread And Thought I'd Elevate It To It's Own Post....

Trump: You people really believed me?

CBS Polls: Close race for president in Arizona and Nevada

FBI finds link between Detroit man, al-Qaida recruiter

With trump increasingly framing Hillary Clinton as "Devil", "Evil", and

Top Nazi leader: Trump will be a ‘real opportunity’ for white nationalists

Israel Seeks to Deport Activists Who Support Boycott

Judge: Prosecutor Has 'Substantial' Stake in Waco Biker Case

Judge: Prosecutor Has 'Substantial' Stake in Waco Biker Case

OKAY...HERE IT IS...TRUMPLESTILTSKIN! In the 1812 version of the Brothers Grimm story,

Love this, Donald flinches, Hillary stays cool

WTF with the so called "fact checkers"....

The Latest: Gingrich: No Candidate's Economic Plan Adds Up

#DiagnoseTrump - He Needs Help!

Trump's campaign is being run like a scam operation, similar to his business operations

Hillary Clinton's Path to Victory

On The Turning Away....

Is the short circuit ad a joke? Elementary School kids could do better.

What are you reading this week of August 7, 2016?

Nate Silver On the Current State of the Race

GOP senator still doesn't support Trump after meeting with Pence

Finally the NY Times tells the truth that Trump is a pathological liar

Trump don't talk so guud English

Just sent of the following letter to the NYT about their criticism of Hillary.

Ten points of agreement, and why we should seek down-ballot support from Greens and Libertarians

Morning Consult Poll: Clinton +9

Will Smith says what we're all thinking about Trump's treatment of women

"So long, Marianne" - Marianne Ihlen died last week.

Sanders and Chomsky agree

Donald Trump, the narcissist.

Murder-suicide eyed in death of Pa. family of five, including tot with new heart

Don't get complacent about Hillary winning

POLL: Complacent or Not Complacent about 2016 election

Can anybody tell me about the Democratic candidates in Florida District 6 and

Grant County's rogue sheriff (OR)

@realDonaldTrump Trumps illusion of himself, as a hero. VS a real American Hero.

Clinton Convention Bounce Holding Steady----538

If You're Really Against Trump, You Have To Be For Hillary: Talking Points Memo

NYT: Downballot Republicans running for the hills

Georgia twins to perform in opening ceremony of Rio Olympics (FEEL GOOD STORY!)...

ive been unbanned!

My 15yo daughter shot a gun for the first time yesterday

Seems like trump has been a bit calmer the past few days

Kasich: Trump Jr. called aide to float offer to be the most powerful vice president in history

The tax the middle class ad should be called out by the media!! and they play it without comment

Democratic Congressman Busts Fox News For Editing Video Of FBI Clinton Email Comments

What a disappointment in the very last seconds of the women's road race

Why is Trump going after Baltimore Mayor?

Tricky Trumps Favorite new Buzzword

Happy Days Are Here Again! Unblocked from the Hillary group! I don't know what to do!

In Unity~

a good boss: Biden's Nov. 2014 letter to his staff


8 Things to Do to Trump to help him lose money

Syrian refugee athlete who saved 20 lives pushing boat, wins swimming heat at Rio

APA releases statement telling members to stop linking Trump to mental illness

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update 8-6-16

help Hawaii get rid of tulsi gabbard...Maui times endorses real progressive dem

Watch Hillary Clinton Endure 40 Years Of Sexism In Under 3 Minutes

Here in Northern Virginia, I've seen 3 Clinton ads on Bravo (during Olympic tennis coverage)

Hillary Clinton Is One of America's Most Honest Politicians

Repub Political Strategist NY Daily News Op-Ed: Beat him like a drum

Before European Christians Forced Gender Roles, Native Americans Acknowledged 5 Genders

Britain launches fraud probe into Airbus: Serious Fraud Office

Catholic leaders slap Biden on the wrist for officiating gay wedding

Turkey targets unlikely suspects in Gulen purge

Newsweek Exposes Trump as the Business Fraud He Is

538: Clinton’s Post-Convention Bump Is Holding Steady

In context: Clinton did not say she ‘short-circuited’ --Don-the small hands guys LIES Again!

Iran executes nuclear scientist for spying for U.S.

Most Germans want to end EU migrant deal with Turkey: poll

Trump Backers’ Anti-Semitic Taunts and Threats

Eric Trump's wife forgets a very famous quote

If dipshit donnie is so rich

This ‘Brutally Refreshing’ Sprite Ad Is Actually Brutally Sexist

Marco Rubio: women with Zika should not be allowed abortions

The story behind the “Stronger Together” braille buttons

Oscar Pistorius treated in hospital with wrist injuries

Fareed Zakaria explains why he says Trump is a "bullshit artist."

Tampa LTTE channels Trump -*HILARIOUS*

Bloomberg: Is It Time for Republicans to Panic?

Need suggestions/feedback

Reminder: 92% of Candidates Behind At This Point in August Lost the General Election

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 7, 2016

How Would You Teach Intro To Religion?

Trump questioning Hillary's mental capacity?

OK, so the talking heads are still talking about the 3 emails (out of 30,000) that

Ah young love - Mika Mouse and Scabs are just so *giddy*flighty*playful!1

Cherish Every Moment | Landon Moss

Leonard Cohen penned a heartbreaking final letter to dying muse Marianne Ihlen

Olympic kayaker capsizes after hitting a sofa

Virginia: Clinton +12 CBS News/YouGov* Clinton 49, Trump 37, Johnson 7, Stein 2.

Go Fund Me, Help get Trump get a purple heart

Found on Facebook

I Think The Rs Play Now Is To Say Hillary Won't/Doesn't Have A Mandate

Cross-linked to GDP: APA asks it's members to not like Trump to mental illness

Many speak out against Donald Trump's comments about Somali immigrants in Maine

Philippine President Duterte Challenges Donald Trump to a Fist Fight (no joke)

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 9

Local Residents Force Monsanto to Tear down GMO Seed Plant in Argentina

Mexico students create non-invasive technique to detect skin cancer

Local Residents Force Monsanto to Tear down GMO Seed Plant in Argentina

New prop bet: Assuming there is a first debate, will there be...

Mexico students create non-invasive technique to detect skin cancer

Clinton Foundation vs Trump Foundation

Just got stung on the lip by a wasp, was surprised how fast it attacked, update.....................

I absolutely refuse to play footsy with the Green Party

Demand from your Congress person and answer about Trump

Watch: Bill Maher Spend 30 Glorious Minutes Railing Against Donald Trump

I've seen a picture on several rw websites today showing

Since I'm not a member of the DNC, and pledged to be objective, I can say the following:

USA USA USA......Venus and Serena......

75 supremacists convicted, leaving Aryan Brotherhood of Texas in 'absolute chaos,' Feds say

Down goes Trump, Olympics Edition

First bird photo in months...Cooper's Hawk additional photo stalking our song birds

God - Florida Scott - What an asswipe

First bird photo in months...Cooper's Hawk additional photo stalking our song birds

DONNIE SAYS.... I'm the best because I know a lot of words.

HRC: Today we honor and celebrate those who sacrificed in service to our country. #PurpleHeartDay

Do you think having a woman President

Surprise! Ark Encounter Isn’t Providing the Economic Boost Local Communities Were Expecting

Ichiro hits 3000!

Trump's Economic Team


Former Reagan political director Frank Lavin says he'll be voting for Hillary.

A need to see Weekly Address

Donald Trump, the angriest white man

Manatee mission

Weekly Address.

The Party Of Honest Abe Now Stuck With Dishonest Don

Boy, 12, dies on Verrückt slide at Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City

Great photo of Bill and Hillary."The Story about Bill and Hillary Clinton at Yale in 1971."

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 August 2016

Security chief at Buenos Aires Federal Criminal Court, site of numerous headline trials, found dead.

Fresh Southern Peach Cobbler

Kansas City-area counties seek election workers for November

Twitter suspends account of Melania Trump speechwriter Meredith McIver, who probably isn’t a real pe

Get Ready For The Trump Campaign’s Black Outreach Effort

"Are you high, Marsha?"

Where all the misery comes from...

"Where I come from we call that a 'Bad motherfucker.'"

Trans Model Stuns In Dress Made Of Flags From Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

Cleaning 30+ years of gunk off kitchen cabinets???? how?

The World's Greatest Story

as Dildohead plummets; his supporters attempt to blame the Media. (The same one he's been using)

Is Jill Stein plotting a 2018 run against Elizabeth Warren?


Morning Joe: Why The Donald Trump Pivot Is Not Coming (8/2/16)

Orange County is Trending Blue

Try not to jiggle while watching these amazing bladeless wind turbines.

Kansas legislators denounce 4 percent cut, reform plan for disability services

Trans performer: NYC gay bar staff kicked me out for using women’s restroom