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Archives: August 6, 2016

It Looks Like Biden Doesn’t Let His Staff Miss Family Obligations to Work

GOP forced to carry Trump campaign to full term.

So that's what they're calling it these days

Paul O'Niel Police shooting (seriously awful-warning)

Three f**king emails classified

Charles Pierce: For The Good Of the Nation, The Republican Party has to die.

Friday Talking Points (402) -- A Warning For Complacent Democrats

f*ck tRump......he's in my birth state.....

Trump to deliver one of biggest tax cuts since Reagan, aide says

Vet Raises Money To Help Donald Trump Earn His Own Purple Heart

McCain sticks by Trump despite myriad reasons not to

Trump Lobs Insults At Clinton, Calling Her 'Unhinged' And A 'Liar'

Trump in Green Bay...Same Bullshit

Senate Republicans play the age card in mean birthday wish for Ted Strickland

wtf are you talking about dimdon??

Rump is just reading from a script. He's so pathetic.

Now Trump has got the Republicans cheering Russia

Rump just said he NEEDS a Republican senate and Congress to "do what needs to be done"

You have to be a fool to not know Trumps endorsement is scripted.

Rio Olympic Games kick off under cloud of insecurity.

Akron attorney who represented Tamir Rice's family requests $264,000 from boy's estate

Dear Hillary,

Since Pele is out, which great Brazilian sports champ will light the flame?

Rio Olympic Games kick off under cloud of insecurity.

Bernie Supporters~In Unity.

University of Cincinnati sheds light on $120M business school plan

Planned Parenthood Will Start Registering Voters At Its Clinics

Trump endorses Paul Ryan

Jaws Drop As Poll Reveals Donald Trump Is Losing To Hillary Clinton In The South

Would someone please remind Hillary of something Bernie told her a while back

I got out my Grampa's Colt .45 1911 today

Ain't nuthin' like a good old fashioned Peter Fonda biker flick

Help...looking for recent thread about "universal basic income"... Thought I bookmarked but didn't

Reading the remarks, The Con attempts 3 rotation back flip this morning...

Wow, How Can Hillary Ever Recover From Trumps Epic Takedown?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Friday, Best of Malloy! Live & Uncensored &

Well, I'm done watching the opening ceremony of the olympics......UGH....

Anyone watching Olympic Opening Ceremony - entire portion on climate change !!!

Why won't my poodle eat?

Penn Jillette Is Against Clinton and Trump—and Dying While His Kids Are Young

Denis Douglin is on PBC tonight!

Gail Ann Dorsey sings "Ziggy Stardust" by David Bowie

Christoph Waltz does this cool Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ad

Games have religious roots

Just a bit past done

How can Trump get away with calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas?

Cross Post. Bernie Supporters ~In Unity.

Will the mainstream media ever focus?

Bucks County has the most competitive congressional district in PA. says Cook Report

Mayor of rich D.C. suburb charged in 'meth-for-sex' scheme

Damn.. NBC is just destroying the Olympics Opening Ceremony experience with all those damned ads...


Lol, Trump Goes FULL Politically Correct...

I find it difficult to understand what the rush is to kick Trump off the ticket.

2NE1 ~ happy

SISTAR- Give It To Me (HD Music Video)

Police union's 'Black Labs Matter' dog photo is called insulting to Black Lives Matter cause

Police union's 'Black Labs Matter' dog photo is called insulting to Black Lives Matter cause

The more that Crazy Donnie calls Hillary crazy, the crazier HE looks.

HYUNA – 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video)

miss A “Good-bye Baby” M/V

I Didn't Save Her, She Saved Me by Rosmaria Menna-Eichhorn Babylon, NY

Oh divides us as well....

Miss A - Step Up [FULL AUDIO] [HQ]

Rouen bar fire: Early morning fire kills patrons

Cat versus dog.


Gary Johnson for President!

Man's wife, girlfriend place dueling obituaries in same newspaper

Trump or Jesus? Who said it?

Watching Bill Maher doing a rather interesting interview of


Olympics. I am pissed NBC cut to commercial...

Trump says U.S. might abandon allies attacked by Russia or North Korea

Trying to make a playlist of great songs for a memorial

8:15am 6 August 1945

Steve Leser discusses Syrian Refugees with Liz Claman and Cathy Lynn Taylor

I miss Bartcop. He'd really be in his element now.

Short film-What cats go thru to save humans

So I’ll ask the question outright.

Who is tougher Hillary or the Donald? I think we know the answer

Trump: The U.S. should be the world's Mafia and be in the protection racket.

Are absentee votes counted?

Olympics: If your cable tv company is participating, you can watch live streams of the events online

It's gonna be funny as hell next time The Con says something Ryan, McCain and/or Ayotte...

Cuddle 500 Kitties At This Heavenly Cat Sanctuary In Hawaii

"Hey ISIS, You Suck!!!"

Clinton's lead over Trump narrows to less than three points: Reuters/Ipsos

Trump Endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain at Wisconsin Rally

Hillary's message of understanding vsDonald Trump's message of anger

Need advice: 'Obama Care' and an almost homeless freind.

Rick Derringer has a birthday today.

Released on this date in 1966

Questions raised about Melania's marriage history (Univision)

Missouri GOP Candidate’s Entire Campaign Ad Consists of Shooting a Machine Gun in Slow-Mo


Bankrupt Peabody Energy wants to pay execs up to $12 million in bonuses

How is the GOP ever going to top this?

Melania Says Donald Was Her First Husband-Bombshell: She May Have Married For A Green Card in 01

Trump Goes Totally Insane And Promises Terrorist Attacks If Clinton Wins The Election

Trump trap: Donors have no way to cancel recurring payments, remove credit card from campaign site

Help, Lounge! I need guidance!

Can everyone do me a little favor this year?

Bizarre CNN panel discussion RE Clint Eastwood's comments supporting Trump

Woman arrested for pouring boiling water on sleeping boyfriend because he cheated on her

Let's look at some squee

How to know what is "real" with the state of the race and what is not? Look to...


Real Time with Bill Maher, New Rule: Priority Fail

A Frigthening Comparison

The Dagga Couple

I propose the following Trump meme: Bad Bromance

The Amish may be farming the cure for asthma in barnyard animals!

The Dangers of Low Expectations

Funny stand-up from Larry Miller (The Secret of Skiing)

Scott Baio's albums are on Spotify

Trump/GOP Mission To Create Panic, Hysteria, & Chaos In Electorate To Win.

From Mad TV...

Oh, NBC, you could have enlighten us in geography

Poll Shows Democrats Gain After Convention, While Republican Position Weakens

Political Cartoons - Hope vs Hate Edition

THE most amazing sunset photo of the summer

Detroit charter school fined $144,000 by state

Kaine: Pick ‘you’re hired’ not ‘you’re fired’ president

Poll: Snyder approval rating sinks to new low

How does the economic justice movement need to change, to gain the trust and support of POC?

Pride Uganda raided by police as LGBT activists arrested

World Con

Collecting for charities on road illegal, Michigan AG says, halting fundraiser

Meet the record number of out LGBT Olympians competing in the 2016 Rio games

A new poll has Trump in fourth — behind Gary Johnson AND Jill Stein — with young people

Tibetan Festival is Banned After Villagers Refuse to Fly Chinese Flag

This out gay Olympian wants you to check out his butt… for LGBT visibility

Hillary Clinton heading to Michigan on Wednesday

This speaks for itself:

Jesus is Watching Over the Olympics

BP Whiting Refinery discharges waste into Lake Michigan

Cuba to bolster industrial sector with foreign financing

Daily Holidays August 6

Japan remembers Hiroshima, urges world to follow Obama and visit

BMV wants Hoosiers to pick state's new license plate design

Bernie Sanders- The LA Times:

Two recent assaults have paramedics concerned

Honeywell union waiting on unemployment decision

Honeywell union waiting on unemployment decision

Somebody must have drilled into Trump's skull and found some part of his brain

Prosecutor: No charges against Ball State in investment scandal that cost it millions

City worker fired over Facebook posts files grievance

3 Berks County Republican committeemen resign, say they can't back Trump

State rejects Corsicana's bid to house unaccompanied minors in the U.S. illegally

TBI: 41 arrested in connection with human trafficking

Waller County officials sue gun rights activist following complaint

CPS lays off more than 500 teachers, another 500 school-based workers

Pennsylvania Absentee Voting

Rauner signs bill that requires teaching teens how to handle being stopped by police

Muslim couple removed from Delta flight: 'It was humiliating'

Anti-abortion centers, doctor sue Rauner over ‘conscience’ law

Krugman warns against the temptation for Dems to 'Go Right'

ISIS wants a President Trump. Perhaps this is part of the reason:

Rauner nixes debt collectors going after delinquent taxes

George Zimmerman reports being punched after talking about Trayvon Martin case at restaurant

Kittens getting meelk? Grown kitteh says me too. (Video)

Shocker: It's backhanded and wordy to the point of absurdity, but Chomsky just endorsed HRC

New Zealand: Instead of money, this ATM wants to know how you feel

A feel-good animal story for a break from the news - Canadian hospital allows pets to visit patients

Advocate Health Care Network pays $5.55 million to settle data breach case

All you ever need to know about Trump is contained in this quote:

Trump throws out baby, now says "Such a lie. And they know it's a lie! And spread the word!"

Investigation: 70,000 Guns Lost or Stolen in California, Many Used in Later Crimes

Bring out the Flip-flops

Just need someone to challenge Trump on a personal level again

Speaker Robin Vos: Welcome to Wisconsin Mr. Trump We are Ryan Republicans not Trump Republicans

Rauner vetoes bill on University of Illinois student trustee criteria

University of Illinois salary freeze adds to flight risk, professors say

A Definitive Guide to the Brexit Negotiations

State of Illinois continuing to pay off debts to city of Springfield

Lebanese Olympians ‘refuse to ride in bus with Israelis’

Dollar General

Stop Living in Denial, Israel Is an Evil State (Gideon Levy)

Have any M$Greedia Cable or Network stations even mentioned Judge Curiel's recent decisions?

1st there was a loud POP followed by darkness.

Florida cleared to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Zika fight

Yikes. Greenland's melting ice and the toxic waste (including nuclear) left by a U.S. military base

Wow- On ABC Nightly News they were pushing the line Trump is an unwitting agent for Vladimir Putin

You Want to Hear Radical? | Bernie Sanders

I keep hearing how Trump is getting support from all these disaffected poor whites

Crowdfunding Effort Pushing Khizr Khan to Run for Office

Noam Chomsky saw the signs of the Trump movement in 2010

Trump Is Not a Scientist. Climate Change is Real | Bernie Sanders

"Conscience is the spine of a fool." . . . Please come CAPTION Megyn Kelly!!!!!

Hillary Clinton widens lead over Donald Trump in new national polls

The Trump Candidacy. Now it's Personal.

Obama Tells Congress To ‘Do Its Job’ On Zika

Police union: Clinton snubbed us

In Trump, some Obama backers see a new champion of hope and change

Ryan Leads By 66 Points

TROLLS FOR TRUMP: How Russia Dominates Your Twitter Feed To Promote Lies (and Trump)

Wikileaks founder will address Green Party convention

Bonus Quote of the Day (from Romney's campaign manager)

Can Trumpism Be Defeated Along with Trump? (excerpt from Peggy Noonan column)

"Robots are people, too." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald the Trump!!!

Trump's economic advisory group clashes with populist image

Clinton vs Trump reacting to a security threat

Trump and Balloon Boy

July 2016 Atmospheric CO2 Content 404.39 ppm; July 2015 401.31; July 2014 399.04

What kind of damage can a megalomaniacal psycho do in public office? See the Philippines...

The sinking fantasy that Trump would defend the Constitution - By George Will

‘She’s my hero’: Grandmother stabbed to death while trying to save children from sex offender

China's air force flies combat patrol over disputed islands

Donald Trump Donor: "Donald Trump...Eats...People of All Races and Religions"...God Bless Him.

Leaving Information Off Resume to Combat Age Discrimination

Trump is a spy for Putin?

Mayor Who Once Gave God a Key to the City Arrested for Allegedly Playing Strip Poker with a Minor

Racist Tweet from disgusting Katrina Pierson shows she is the ideal spokesperson for Trump

I might be getting the homeless clinic back!

Country First: Why John McCain Must Dump Trump - By Joe Conason

Cable News (Except Fox) Increasingly Using On-Air Graphics To Combat Trump’s Lies

Four Piece of Advice for Trump From The Washington Post

Virginia Thrasher wins first gold medal of Rio Olympics

Austrian far-right leader likens Turkish coup to Reichstag fire

Is Trump a Russian Stooge?

How to spot an anti-semite

This is delicious! They're going after Melania Trump!

America's Top Spies and Analysts Warn of Real Threat of a Trump Presidency

New Hillary TV Ad (featuring David Letterman) Slams Trump For Outsourcing His Clothing Line

US-led coalition accused of killing civilians using 'scorched earth policy' in Syria

New Hillary TV Ad (featuring David Letterman) Slams Trump For Outsourcing His Clothing Line

WATCH: Furious Rob Reiner opens up a can of whoop-ass on Rick Santorum for repeating Trump’s lies

Donald Trump now says even legal immigrants are a security threat

"They go low, we go high."

New Orleans jazz clarinet legend Pete Fountain dies Saturday at 86

New Hillary TV Ad (featuring David Letterman) Slams Trump For Outsourcing His Clothing Line

Car Smashes into Arby's

Bill Maher Faced Off With Julian Assange and It Was Amazing

Learn how police union contracts made it near impossible to fire bad cops.

What they're not telling you about Zika -Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).

"Make it Hot"

This election? Trump as a... ?

Maher Warns Liberals: Don’t Get Stuck in the Culture Wars, Trump Could Win!

"How Russian Dominates Your Twitter Feed...."(Dailybeast)

Weekly Address: Representing the Best of America in the Summer Olympics

California County GOP Chair Apologizes for ‘Ready for Hillary’ Executioner Photo

Rebels turn tables on regime as IS loses Syria bastion

Trump Economic Policy Team: Zero Women, Zero Minorities, and Five Men Named Steve

Trump revealed himself as a an All-in Racist and Bigot - Portland Maine speechifying

Over 180,000 Russians Sign Petition Calling For Ouster Of Medvedev

Dear MSM,

I was struck by Trump's lack luster support of Ryan and McCain

A Trump loss is almost as dangerous as a Trump win

Joy Reid knocks it out of the park again!

STOP Climate Change | Bernie Sanders

Carl Paladino

oh boy

When black death goes viral, it can trigger PTSD-like trauma

Federal court ruling: Refusal to bury Hispanic in all-white cemetery was discriminatory

Donald Trump meets the CIA: Xi is a man? (very funny!)

Belgian police attacked with machete in Charleroi

Clinton up by 11 in Michigan. Obama won it by 9.

As if things aren't already stupendously bad enough for Donald Trump

The bicycle may put a spoke in driverless cars. Will bicycles be banned?

How mainstream media fell for Putin's stealth invasion (the euphemism "Russian-backed separatists")

Hillary needs to find the perfect answer for

"Here’s another reason why Trump might win:"

Take a guess, what sort of abominable crime it takes for a cop to get fired.

In Texas Oil Country, Wind Is Straining the Grid

Roger Katz, Republican state senator from Augusta, calls Trump ‘not fit to be president’

Centuries-Old Flea Market In France Canceled This Year Over Terrorism Fears

anniv of voting rights

The Melania story has legs and we need to keep pressing.

Noonan: The Week They Decided Donald Trump Was Crazy

OMG Russia has issued a new coin set showing capitals that used to be "theirs"

Hillary's spending big on Olympics advertising. Trump's sitting out.

Poll shows Clinton leading in Georgia: Is Alabama next?

Renee Zellweger comments about tabloid journalism and the sexism that is rampant in our culture

Here we go again.. Cnn airing old documentary..

tRump's Tax Returns?

The Original Underclass (The Despair of Poor White Americans)

National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2016

Election 2016: Potential Map

These 10 Women Put Cracks in the Political Glass Ceiling, Too

These 10 Women Put Cracks in the Political Glass Ceiling, Too

These 10 Women Put Cracks in the Political Glass Ceiling, Too

The New Yorker: "Trump and Putin: A Love Story"

Subduction zone earthquakes off Oregon, Washington more frequent than previous estimates

GOP tries to link Dem candidates to Obama on Iran 'ransom'

Before the 2016 Games Begin, Look Back on These 10 Olympic Milestones for Women

Olympic Refugee Team: Standing Ovation!

Before the 2016 Games Begin, Look Back on These 10 Olympic Milestones for Women

Before the 2016 Games Begin, Look Back on These 10 Olympic Milestones for Women

Reproductive Health Care Providers Prevail in Spite of Anti-Abortion Protests

Reproductive Health Care Providers Prevail in Spite of Anti-Abortion Protests

So about the idea of those "decent, sane" Republicans

All Russian athletes to be banned from Paralympic Games in Rio

Reproductive Health Care Providers Prevail in Spite of Anti-Abortion Protests

How great is America? What I saw with the US Olympic team last night made me even prouder!!!

Watch for sleepers down the ballot!

USA wins first gold medal of Rio games in shooting

Melania Trump is absolutely fair game!

270 to win is a really cool site where you can customize the electoral map

Wikileaks denies they’re looking for Trump’s tax returns — Assange claim on Maher was a ‘joke’

Media coverage of the $400 million

Wikileaks denies they’re looking for Trump’s tax returns — Assange claim on Maher was a ‘joke’

States' unconstitutional flag-burning laws persist

Donald Trump receives a Tweet he doesn't like

Into the field...

To heck with Julian Assange and Wikileaks

WikiLeaks walks back Assange claim on hacking Trump tax returns

Another unarmed black man shot dead while running away from police. Video

It figures...

A Big Tent, Without Democrats

From MSNBC, GOP would focus on House and Senate Races, Would not help Trump.

Alabama judge who wouldn’t marry gays suspended over sexual messages

Yes We Khan! A Muslim Immigrant Has Donald Trump Bleating a Hasty Retweet

Wages are Lower in Right to Work States

An American Woman wins first Gold medal..................... 10m air rifle

Mainers defend Somali neighbors against Trump

Another notable Republican supporting Hillary Clinton - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Trump releases attack video with fake Hillary quote

BREAKING: Univision Releases DEVASTATING Melania Trump ‘Green Card’ Bombshell (DETAILS)

When Birther Melania will be off-limits for critics of her husband:

Folks in the Northeastern GOM

Show us your taxes or pay for your own Secret Service protection,,,cartoon also

The Donald spares no female not even his baby daughter

FBI Chief Calls for National Talk Over Encryption vs. Safety

I was just watching the Rio bicycle road race

For Donald Trump, this was more than a terrible week. It was a turning point

How Craft Beer Brewers Brought Bottle Recycling to Montana

Milwaukee firms suspected of federal fraud

Trump technique: Accuse the other person of having your Serious Faults

What happens when black people visit rural China just see this video

I'm going to treat myself to a movie this afternoon..

The Olympic refugee team...

Exclusive Photo from Trump Rally

No matter what tax breaks and deregulation corporate American might hope for from Trump...

British Heysham 2 nuclear reactor sets the world record for continuous operation.

Oh my god, a real Trump Tweet from the last Olympic Games in 2014

Japanese Donald Trump commercial

Hillary's email to Don the Con

Watching One Amerca News: Right wing shill network

Windows update using 50% of CPU-Win7 x64

UPI/CVoter poll: Clinton continues gaining ground at Trump's expense

Full Interview of Julian Assange

A parody of itself...

Trump Campaign Hires the Firm Behind ‘Brexit’

Seriously?? H1-B visas for fashion models?? (from Melania Trump story)

How can we win Michigan??

Check in here to welcome any new pre-election readers. With the GOP imploding, we may have new

Ballet inspired portrait

Just remember. He has nowhere to go but up, and America loves a comeback story

Panning a Great Blue Heron

Congressman Backs Libertarian Presidential Candidate in Campaign First

Donald Trump is expected on Nantucket, Cape Cod today (Obama's on Martha's Vineyard)

Trump's best option right now

Warren says Clinton will stay on progressive path despite outreach to GOP

Michael MORELL: I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton

Local Music. Who and what do you like from your neck of the woods,

Oppose RFRAs support HR 5272 the Do No Harm Bill

#‎PurpleTrumpsOrange‬: Veteran's "Help Trump Get a Purple Heart" GoFundMe campaign

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 8

Third-party candidates in late push for debate stage

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 8, 2016

The highway is packed with RV's.. an improving economy for the middle class and blue collars!

Who would you like to see gone from Sen/House?

Sorry, I'm not jumping on the Melania married for a green card train until

At their final monthly meal together, a salute for the few, the proud of Iwo Jima

US Doctors Call for Universal Healthcare: "Abolish the Insurance Companies"

“How much more miracle-y do you need your miracles to be"?

At their final monthly meal together, a salute for the few, the proud of Iwo Jima

Challenge: Diagram this sentence from Trump without gouging out your eyes

Muslim couple kicked off Delta flight for their attire

Trump tweets nasties about

A tune for Melania and Donald: Until it all ends

Bipartisan Report - video of Trump preparing for speech! Must see!!

Official Microsoft support forums for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

The race could tighten up again

I hereby propose a Presidential Spouse Debate

Short inmate discussion if Don the Con wins...

Gabby Responds to Attacks on Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

Assange doesn't care if Russia altered some or inserted phony emails in hacked DNC emails

Chicago police may have violated policy in fatal shooting: official

How does one alert on duplicates in LBN? First time I've attempted

US Discloses More Conditions For Lethal Drones Strikes

Hulu versus Netflix ?

Bow-killing veterinarian's motion for new trial denied

I'm pretty sure we're going to see Trump actually accuse Hillary of being brainwashed tonight

Top Republicans are discussing fleeing from Trump and discussing his loss as a given

Did James Comey testify that Hillary was truthful with her statements to the FBI??

WikiLeaks walks back Assange claim on hacking Trump tax returns

Scientists warn world will miss key climate target

Mass Incarceration in the USA

A campaign ad that gives some Republicans a boner

Babies who hate Trump

Koch group back into Wisconsin Senate race with $1M ad buy--for teabagger Sen Johnson

What happened to

Republican office holders eye the Trump exit ramp.............NY Times

Just because: Trump/Ferengi Rules of acquisition?

As the American women just beat France in soccer I wondered if

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

What if this is the end of right vs. left?

Donald Trump joke - The Don is flying over N.Y. City and...

Rio Olympics Today: The First Gold Medal Goes to ..American Shooter Virginia Thrasher

GOP Convention Scared This Veteran More Than Afghanistan

All 16 of Trump’s terrible gaffes in his worse week ever.

Swedish church plans to use drones to drop Bibles into ISIS held territory

Trump Says Clinton Is a ‘Monster’

I'm so fucking tired of racists.

Fun climate fact: Polar tundra climate spotted in New Hampshire

Trump is auditioning for a new reality show. "How Not To Run A Campaign"

How's Donald Trump doing this week? (Hillary Clinton Ad)

I don't spell too good, but I have a new problem...???

California gun group sues to publish lawmakers' addresses

Donald Trump Campaign Hires the Firm Behind ‘Brexit’

Bernie Sanders: I support Hillary Clinton. So should everyone who voted for me

How America Rising Ties the GOP Establishment to the Stalkers Harassing Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Whitney Stakes

Why have all the wikileaks only hurt Democrats?

Tiny Stray Dog Follows Runner for 77 miles in a race..finds a new home..

The first website went up 25 years ago today

The highest paid CEOs are in charge of companies that have the poorest returns

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 9: Summer Under the Stars: Tim Holt

OMG Lewis Black Nailed It 5 Years Ago

NYPD arms cops on the beat to combat rampaging shooters

Hearing will chart course of ethics case against Moore

Does Donald Trump have to appear in court on Sept. 9 for a civil lawsuit alleging rape?

trump is just another politician. he's given in to the washington establishment.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 10: Summer Under the Stars: Hedy Lamarr

"Trump" card trick... Penn Jillette

WVU's Virginia Thrasher wins the first gold for the US

2 Jailers Moved Into Policing Jobs After Bland's Death

I post this with no state pride: Wisconsin named worst state for black Americans

Raw Bodycam Video Shows Knife-Wielding Man Shot By Ohio Policeman

Kim Kardashian West: I Don’t Think I’m a Feminist

There is only one way to fix this country.

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Mimi

Helen Bentley, Former Maryland Congresswoman, Dies at 92

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: David (Mimi´s Husband)

Feds: Highly Likely Nuclear Dump Will Open in December

Helen Delich Bentley, journalist-turned-politician who promoted Baltimore port, dies at 92

Gabby Responds to Attacks on Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

How Paul Ryan Should Handle Trump, According to a Poker Pro

Judge eases restrictions on defendants in armed Oregon occupation

David Plouffe tweeted that Hillary would

Another Trump Joke

Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri 'executed'

Trump Doesn't Understand Why Nuclear Weapons Are Bad

Trump: If The U.S. Is Attacked, Japan ‘Can Sit Home And Watch Sony Television’

Donald Trump: If The U.S. Is Attacked, Japan ‘Can Sit Home And Watch Sony Television’

Donald Trump really does NOT want to be President.

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Mike Nicks A Freeper

South Florida therapist sues officer who shot him even though he was unarmed,

America's Voting Machines Are Scarily Easy Targets

Pokemon Go banned by Iranian authorities over 'security'

Maya 'snake dynasty' tomb uncovered holding body, treasure and hieroglyphs

NY Times Columnist Charles Blow Reacts To Clint Eastwood’s Racist Defense Of Trump

College Students Protest, Alumni’s Fondness Fades and Checks Shrink

Somalia:. Where Hyenas Are Used to Treat Mental Illness