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Just heard on MSNBC re. unionized voters

George Will on why Trump won't release tax returns: maybe he has mob ties.

Greek lawyer unknowingly qualifies for Rio Olympics

I understand why jury alerters are not identified.

Sec. Kerry to lead the US delegation to the Olympics

Clint Eastwood: Khizr Khan is "some poor slob"

11-year-old asks whether Pence's job is 'softening up' Trump's words

I Think I Know Why Trump Refuses To Change His Election Strategy

George Zimmerman punched in the face for bragging at Florida restaurant about killing Trayvon Martin

Veterans call on McCain to dump Trump

You can now bet on whether Trump will drop out by end of Aug

We had the "Daisy" ad, but Trump has "Ms Pacman"!

Why Donald Trump is going to explode!

Does anyone know if Paul Ryan has a Democratic opponent?

Animal Kingdom

Liberal Alternative to AARP?

Russia accuses U.S. of backing Syrian rebels who use poison gas on civilians

If Trump Quits

Russia to Send 3D Bio-Printer to Space Station

Trump keeps defending attacks on the Khan family, this was their son's grave yesterday

Eric Trump faults women for sexual harassment.

Trump's Bid To Become Born Again Fails As Jesus Turns Down Friend Request

UPDATE: small engine/riding mower is being donated to Habitat. I want grass cut, not me/mechanic

About damn time.

Press should start asking Trump when he plans

Trump to visit Seattle for fundraiser, rally

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Intervention, Bob Kincaid is Live & Uncensored &

David Huddleston, Actor on 'Blazing Saddles' and 'The Big Lebowski,' Dies at 85

Just in case you missed Obama's Press Conference today

Head of Isis in Egypt killed by security forces

Clint Eastwood says dumb things but people should get over it

Isis tries to impose new leader on Boko Haram in Nigeria

Seen on Facebook re: rumor of Trump quitting...

George Zimmerman got punched in the face. Dylann Roof Got his ass kicked in lockup. So what?!?

South Africans deliver stinging rebuke to ANC

Oh, Do Come Along, Rachel!

Second round of 'Ruidazo' protests in Argentina against Macri's 300-1000% utility rate hikes.

Rio 2016: Russian diplomat shoots dead robber who tried to mug him

Second round of 'Ruidazo' protests in Argentina against Macri's utility rate hikes.

Texas professors ask U.S. court to ban guns in their classrooms

What has been your favorite national poll this week?

So obviously.

Obama warns Trump not to spread details of security briefings

I heard of millenialls who don't know what a tortilla is.

Rachel Maddow is enjoying this too much

Steady as a rock and jumpy, erratic man

Obama, Senate Democrats urge Zika funding vote as reserves run low

Obama, Senate Democrats urge Zika funding vote as reserves run low

'I'm Lunatic Jill Stein and I'm trying to elect Donald Trump.'

Clint Eastwood Says Grieving Military Family Was Exploited At DNC

J.R. Martinez to Donald Trump: Stop Disrespecting Military Veterans and Fallen Soldiers

Gay Syrian refugee found beheaded and mutilated in Istanbul

LOL, Trump's Iran Video Was From Swiss Hostage Footage

Remember the people who were saying we should be nice to Jill Stein?

My first ever video share! A newly hatched loggerhead turtle making its 1st journey to the ocean

'That smile still gets me every single day'

I slammed the door on someone

donald the perv talking about his daughters

Hillary and This Old House

Trump Supporters Stomping Crap Out Of Protester (Again) Really Love USA, Senseless Violence

Anyone with shop skills to morph the Trump comb-over onto a Donald Duck tantrum.

86-year-old Collin County man sentenced to life in prison for fatally shooting son, grandson

A neuroscientist explains what may be wrong with Trump supporters’ brains

Harris County Sued over Disabled Voting Access

Prediction: by Labor Day, Republicans will concede the election to Hillary and pivot to congress

NC voting anti-law struck down, VRA upheld.

U.S. says evaluating new Turkish documents on alleged coup leader

The Latest: Man accused of slaying teens faces more charges

No Ruling in Campus Carry Court Challenge

House Speaker Ryan: No point in lame duck vote on TPP deal (They don't have the votes.)

House Speaker Ryan: No point in lame duck vote on TPP deal (They don't have the votes.)

Sharp Disagreements at Fetal Remains Hearing

for all the "Trump will quit" wishers

Hillary won't run attack ads against her opponent Jill Stein. Hillary must use all her resources

Argentina's Macri Orders Arrest of Iconic 90-Year-Old Activist

Happy World Breastfeeding Week

May 1, 2011

Suggestions for an affordable telephoto zoom lens for Nikon D3300

When ‘White Fragility’ Affects Rappers

Does Pence not get the irony of leaving this tweet up?

The President's essay on Feminism

New Law: Presidential Candidates must disclose their tax returns

From GD by request. The President's essay on Feminism

Mike Malloy - Obama Is Right about Trump

This is why we MUST

Rio 2016 Olympics: Russians 'have cleanest team' as 271 athletes cleared to compete

Mike Malloy - People Will Not Resist A Trump Presidency

Rio 2016 Olympics: Russians 'have cleanest team' as 271 athletes cleared to compete

A Trump Acrostic

CALIFORNIA: GOP Mayor Arrested For Recording Teens Playing Strip Poker In His Bedroom [VIDEO]

Madame Precedent

Reports of sex abuse allegations rock USA Gymnastics; accused of covering up abuse

"Why ain't there more people defending Trump"

Negma Coy writes a poetic story to "relearn" the Maya culture

Olympics: IOC adds five new sports to Games for Tokyo 2020

What do you think the race would look like right now if it wasn't Trump?

Protesters with pocket Constitutions removed from Trump rally

Trump Says Freedom of the Press Must Go Because He’s ‘Not Like Other People’

would the democrats do better or worse if

'Trump Is Cratering': New Polls Signal Deep Trouble for Republican Nominee

Donald Trump Never Saw 'Top Secret' Iran Video: Campaign

Has Roger Ailes taken over the Trump campaign? Trump says he respects him.

Trump suggests moving some car production from Michigan

Say Donald Trump does call it quits.

Donald Trump Adviser Rudy Giuliani Says It's Time to Start Electronically Tagging Muslims

The problem with any "intervention"...

Looks like Donald found the keys to his Twitter account.

Houston Police Believe More Than 100 Cars Stolen by High-Tech Thieves

Houston Police Believe More Than 100 Cars Stolen by High-Tech Thieves

Mike Pence Endorses John McCain and Kelly Ayotte

New World Bank Policies Imperil Environment and Land Defenders

New World Bank Policies Imperil Environment and Land Defenders

Do you think the dipshit donnie supporters

The Difference in Police Treatment of Black Women and White Women

California Wardens Retire Amid Prison Abuse, Suicide Claims

Black Lives Matter activist sues Baton Rouge over arrest during Alton Sterling protest

Authorities: Burned Remains Those of Neglected Chicago Boy

Republican strategist Liz Mair on Trump: "His message is being a loud-mouthed dick, basically..."

Multiple buildings collapse in Treme and 7th Ward during tornado, at least two injured

California to establish lane-splitting rules for motorcyclists

Protesters with pocket Constitutions removed from Trump rally

With all the weird political news, I thought that animal lovers could use a break:

Australian Prime Minister Explains Why He Vetoed UN Bidder

GOP Kenner mayoral candidate comes under fire after joke mentioning fried chicken and Democrats

Has anyone seen Trump's disgusting new ad where he claims Hillary announced a middle class

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 7 - Summer Under the Stars: Jean Harlow

TCM Schedule for Monday August 8 - Summer Under the Stars: Esther Williams

Former VA nursing home administrator arrested in statewide probe, accused of stealing from resident

Questions about Assange

Sean Hannity is calling Bret Stephens an "asshole" and a "dumbass" right now on Twitter

New poll shows governor is holding his own

The Rude Pundit: How My Friends Piss Me Off About the Election

We have never seen a day of news quite like this - TRMS

what i wouldn't give to talk politics with my grandmother right now

Remember When We Were Told That Hillary Couldn't Beat Trump?

'I was the campus anti-Semite,' says reformed Muslim Zionist

A Chicago Congressman exposes how "easy" Indiana Gun Shows are

Woman uses Craigslist ‘rape fantasy’ ads to set up her ex’s wife for attacks, authorities say

Lafayette man faces largest-ever state ethics fine

CNN shuts down conversation and ignores the fact that Hillary was truthful

Democrats are losing to Republicans at the state level, and badly. Here's why.

So what would a sensor cost that checks body heat in the back seat, and if

Judge declines to raise bond for state Sen. Troy Brown following second arrest

Everyone's Future.

SF crime boss 'Shrimp Boy' Chow gets life, insists he's innocent

Board restores medical license of Arkansas doctor accused of rape

Accusations fly in House District 9; GOP hopeful says ex-mother-in-law behind skulduggery

The Daily Trail: Donald Trump's Love Affair With Polls Is Definitely Over

Syria Analysis: Russia’s Propaganda Over “Rebel Chemical Attack” in Aleppo

Thousands of Arkansas voters flagged for removal

Did Paul Ryan Just Predict That Clinton Will Win In A Landslide?

Obama 'Not Confident' Russia Can Help End Syrian War

Ukrainians React To Trump's BS about Crimea: "He has no right to define Crimea as owned by Russia"

Trump quitting is just GOP wishful thinking.

Five attorneys reprimanded, including Arkansas Supreme Court justice's husband

Air strikes thought to be Russian hit displaced camps in Syria - monitor

Trump is skimming. He is hitting his saturation point. Things are no longer novel

Beebe alderman pleads guilty to violating election law by voting twice

Two children killed as Russia bombs IDP refugee camp in Syria

Oklahoma DHS to eliminate 91 jobs

About Trump dropping out ...

First step of Oklahoma Capitol exterior repairs: Hundreds of windows

Compensation deal agreed for Roma victims of holocaust

The August Photo Contest theme is "Keeping It Cool"

State ends Marriage Initiative as part of budget cuts

Be On the Lookout for Swiftboating on this issue "We ARE/AREN'T going to raise taxes"

Brenham police officer fired after investigation into use of excessive force

Daily Holidays August 5

Study shows exercise won’t cause you to forget things

2016 DUffers fantasy football league

Ex-Mora superintendent arrested, charged with fraud

George Osborne tops ex-PM's honours list

Governor repeats no-tax-increase pledge

Deputy: Drunken 13-year-old driving inebriated grandma

One of the laws struck down is the ban on weekend voting 2 weeks B/4 Elections!! GREAT....

46 Leaders, Members, And Associates Of La Cosa Nostra With Wide-Ranging Racketeering Charges

UK interest rates cut to 0.25%

Rocks tell story of China's great flood

Turkey: gay Syrian refugee found beheaded

Colorado town takes a breather a year after huge mine spill

"goat-fucker", "Aladdin", "terrorist-sympathizer", "If you say Allahu Akbar, I'm gonna kill you" ...

Deal to bring electricity to over 1,000 on Navajo Nation

The McClatchy poll is absolutely brutal to Trump

Melting ice sheet could release frozen Cold War-era waste

Nissan unveils world’s first solid-oxide fuel cell vehicle

Puerto Rico is a Colony, No Matter How Else You Dress it Up

Puerto Rico is a Colony, No Matter How Else You Dress it Up

"A binder of more women"?

Trump's CRAZY. finds half of US presidents upto 1974 were symptomatic

I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.

University of Louisville board cancels meeting; not enough trustees

Parkas may have helped early humans survive Ice Age

Human-Neanderthal gene variance is involved in autism

What month did they swiftboat John Kerry?

Mysterious shackled skeletons found in ancient Greek mass grave

Kentucky schools must stop using Aikido on students

On the Lack of Democratic Outreach to Atheists

Divers Recover Hong Kong’s Oldest Maritime Artifact

Supreme Court Halts Order Allowing Transgender Student To Use Restroom Of His Gender Identity

Longtime Bernie Sanders supporter Tulsi Gabbard, endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Trump "vomit inducing" -- French President

Drip, Drip, Drip

Muslim Woman Kicked Out of Dollar Store for Religious Garments (Video)

Who owns the media you consume?

A Catholic Time Warp Election

Trump is now tweeting he never claimed to see the plane carrying cash to Iran

Voices From Donald Trump’s Rallies, Uncensored

U.S. Senate candidates talk coal issues

In response of....

GOP Prepared To Stop Government Indefinitely Even If Hillary Wins.

Gov. Matt Bevin approves contract to probe Beshear administration

New OP-ED by Bernie Sanders: I support Hillary Clinton. So should everyone who voted for me.

So let me get this straight

Insiders to Trump: Drop out

***"Katy, bar the door!"*** AJC poll: Hillary Clinton has slim lead over Donald Trump in Georgia !!!

What will The Donald do next ...

Donald's thoughts about his phenomenal convention.

‘No Doubt’ President Obama is a Muslim, Donald Trump’s New York Campaign Chair Says

Is there money to run ads against Stein?

A majority of Americans now want Democrats to lead congress.

Now it's delusional dim don

This is so much fun to read:

ISIS leader killed in Sinai, Egypt says

Editorial: Thwart Walker and Co. by voting Aug. 9

Trump is toast.

Garrison Keillor: Down with individualism

Sielski: Bryan Scott's story should terrify everyone who loves football

Mika arguing with Tom Cole (R-OK) on morning Joe about

Mike Pence is spewing lie after lie on the "Today Show."

Rio officials lose keys to Olympic Stadium

Clinton's third-party headache

Anyone bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

LIAR: Trump backs off false Iran video claim

Donald Trump's Campaign Website Won't Let You Cancel Recurring Donations

The Vic Berger Election Special: The Conventions Part 1


Trump admits he didn't see nonexistent Iran money video

******255 000 New Jobs 4.9% Unemployment-Better Than Expected*****

What remains scary and baffling...

Payroll employment increases by 255,000 in July; unemployment rate unchanged at 4.9%

Got it?

Olympics: By the Rich For the Rich

Breaking News: U.S. economy added 255,000 jobs in July

Fareed Zakaria: The unbearable stench of Trump’s B.S.

Dick McCormack Receives Endorsement from Bernie Sanders

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Trump Chumps

For the sake of all that is rational in the world

The GOP has a Spite Entitlement Complex and it's coming home to roost

When are the FEC filings for July due?

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Your Grandchildren Will Ask What You did to Avert Climate Change | Bernie Sanders

The unbelievable story of why Woody Guthrie hated Donald Trump’s dad

Ryan’s Balancing Act With Trump Risks Damaging Speaker’s Brand

Luckovich - Paul Ryan's Firm Position on Trump

Pence' radio hero is Rushbo!

Breaking! New GA poll: Hillary now leads Trump

This is how brilliant and simple this election has gotten

Poll Finds Grand Total of Donald Trump’s Support with Black Voters: 1%

Meet the New Hillary Clinton

GOP Candidates Hiding Like Cockroaches. They Are All Trump.

New AJC poll sees HRC leading trump by 4 in Georgia

Drip, Drip, Drip. How long can Republican leaders cling to Donald Trump's traveling circus?

Clinton broadens campaign effort to target wary Republicans

Senate GOP on edge over Trump’s falling polls

Former CIA chief: Putin recruited Trump as an 'unwitting agent' of Russia

Did Paul Ryan just predict that Clinton will win in a landslide?

Fairfax City mayor, 2 other men arrested in major meth bust in Virginia, police say

Do you suppose Edvard Munch was channeling GOP 2016 when he painted this?

The Republican Revenge Tour

Bergen County, NJ, now houses 100% of its homeless veterans

The Trump dam may be about to burst...

Questions about Paul Ryan

Black Lives Matter block London's Heathrow Airport

It’s Too Early for Liberals to Gloat About Trump - By Michael Tomasky

Why is the media in the tank for Donald Trump? They cover him ALL DAY LONG!

Election-topics, throughout the years:

I confess: I find Freeperville fascinating. Repulsive, sure, but a glimpse into a large

Austria, called 'racist' by Turkey, tells Ankara to be moderate

What is feminist hero Susan Estrich doing representing Roger Ailes?

Islamic State captures up to 3,000 fleeing Iraqis: UNHCR

Tools of Modern Terror

Do you want to feel old? Revolver was released 50 years ago today.

Hope vs Hate

Obama so cool - zinger on nuclear triad

Revolver was released 50 years ago today.

No inkling, rumor mill mongering, etc of an October Surprise?

Two new polls put Donald Trump further back than Mitt Romney ever was - By Philip Bump

In every poll I've seen, Jill Stein is irrelevant.

For a moment I thought Morell was talking about W

June jobless rates down over the year in 285 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 329

China slams Japan minister for ducking Nanjing massacre questions

In researching news of US/Iraqi plans for retaking Mosul, I came across this sidebar story...

EXIT STRATEGY. . . . Let's help Mr. Trump out!!!!

German minister sees `no basis' for talks with Turkey after failed coup

Dem tensions explode in Hispanic Caucus over Trump

Lying about his security briefings before getting them.

We May Have To Commit Trump Voters To An Insane Asylum

As Trump Rises, ‘Reformocons’ See Chance to Update G.O.P.’s Economic Views

I dare you not to laugh: Donald Trump Is A Frightened Coward And I Bet $100,000 He Won't Fight Me

White Privilege example

Icons of TV Journalism...

World's Biggest Asshole

538 Now Cast Update

Syria: UN considers role in Russia's 'deeply flawed' humanitarian corridors plan

m$nbc in the last half hour....dan senor and larry kudlow

In Maine, Trump links terrorism to Somali refugees. (SEE LINK)

I'm doubling down on Trump!

Donald Trump channels Emily Littela

Poll: Clinton leads Trump in Georgia

Debate Prep: Find ADD ex-jocks that now sell insurance who have no interest in reading

Today's Google Doodle: 2016 Doodle Fruit Games.

How do you KNOW your campaign is losing?

Trump hopes to change the topic to the economy as he seeks to shift course after horrible week

If the Democrats Sweep the election: President, Congress, and ultimately the Supreme Court

Trump unveils all-male economic advisory team

The Daily 202: Lessons from my search for Donald Trump's personal giving to charity

The Micheal Morell Op Ed (former CIA chief) is just now taking off..

Trump can sense when an entity is no longer strong enough or lithe enough to evade predation.

GOP Insiders Want Trump Out

Poll: Voters give Democrats edge to lead Congress

Ex-Rep Todd Akin (R-asshole) thinks Trump is "refreshing"

The Shaggs’ Philosophy of the World Reissue Announced

I have a question. Has this Congress don anything in the last 8 years?

Texas Fetal Burial Proposal Would Add Thousands to the Cost of an Abortion


The word for today is ... Schadenfreude

What we're up against

Man charged with arson for torching home of black Upstate N.Y. firefighter was neighbor

Just like Obama stated,,,,

Obama Writes Feminist Essay in Glamour

Jill Stein’s anti-vax game: How and why the Green Party candidate is pandering to the anti-vax crowd

I just added a video to the pinned Video thread at the top of this forum.

Olympics Schedule - Opening Ceremony starts at 6.00pm ET

"Sprinkles" and remembering the Bundy's at Malheur

Trump gets his wish, he's on tv 24/7. I haven't seen Clinton all week because

Why is Trump complaining about his debate schedule with Clinton? Here are 3 theories.

New rule: If Beyonce is going to attend Obama's birthday party...

This is who Democrats should be worried about, not Stein

5 Finished Films The Public Never Got To See

Cleveland prospect tied for seventh-longest run in Minor League history; best in 62 years

Why do I have to be a nice guy?

Lessons from my search for Donald Trump's personal giving to charity

Political cartoons...for your viewing pleasure. ( don't drink anything)

how many young ones will make the decision to vote 3rd party........and will it make it possible for

538's nowcast at 92.9%! even has hillary winning arizona and georgia!

Unconventional haircut to create that layered look (Facebook subscription may be required)

For GOP Trump Is Like Juggling Viles Of Nitroglycerin.Only A Matter Of Time Before One Is Dropped.

Penn Jillette's new "DONALD TRUMP CARD TRICK"

This is wrong

Some states require names to be placed on the ballot by 8/5 to be in November election

Will Trump Finally Make Us Realize We've Gone Too Far?

LOL: Rove shuts down Greta wondering if polls showing Trump losing are wrong

Obama appears perplexed by Trump's "rigged" election comments.

Trump sacrifice cartoon

State by state ballot access deadlines for the presidential general election vary.

Introducing, The "FREEDOM GROWN-UPS" on Colbert

Dear Networks, except for Fox snooze....Please bring this man back on tv

Anybody else just love how RW'ers seem to have forgotten that they chose Trump?

It's a tuff life - Women's Volleyball coach

Clinton up either by 3 or 4 in the latest Georgia Poll (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Russian interference in US election?...It's not like we haven't done the same thing

I will float this etymological aspect...

Obama bows to Vatican presence at the White House

Hillary Clinton has a lead in Georgia — and it’s not even that surprising

Thom Hartmann: Why Healthcare Prices Are Soaring and Consumers Are In the Dark

HRC: "We don't know why Trump and Putin praise each other so much and share many foreign policies"

Insiders to Trump: Drop out

Question about political ads on CNN

Funniest yet eerily accurate video/song about Trump I've seen

kwelkernbc sits down with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton today at 12pmET, only on M

Has the guy who punched George Zimmerman been arrested?

Republicans Can't Run Away

The True Trump Card in the 2016 Election

Paul Manafort Dodges Question On Trump’s Iran Video About-Face

538 now-cast updated,,,, wow

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) interviews Gary Trudeau. "Yuge"

World's Biggest Asshole

Carl Sagan on Nuclear War

Welcome to the After-School Satan Club!

Trump Sees Video On Fox, Warns Japan Of YUGE Danger

Putnam County tells Rogers Ailes to keep his money and take his name off Seniors center

We AREN'T going to raise taxes

Did Donald Trump really say his first cabinet pick would be Ivanka??

Mitch McConnell’s Trump problem: The nominee undermines SCOTUS obstruction and the GOP majority

Let's see. Donald Trump plummetted in the polls, George Zimmerman got punched in the face....

Disordered thinking...

"How do we know what is true?" - from the British Humanist Association

Electoral map expands for Clinton, shrinks for Trump

Donald Trump gets to play with Nuclear Weapons:

Officer Traffic Stop

Black Lives Matter UK shut down Heathrow Airport

Ex-CIA boss Michael Morell says Donald Trump threatens national security

“Why I Hate Hillary” Please read.

A shamed AARP withdraws from right-wing lobbying organization ALEC

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are so bad his supporters are making up new ones

Hillary Clinton answers 40 yrs of sexism in 2 minutes

Hillary Clinton answers 40 years of sexism in 2 minutes

Clinton speaking now MSNBC

Politifact has to resort to scientific evidence to point out the obvious to dumb Trump fans.

Is Paul Ryan going to run for President? interesting gaffe by Manafort

have you all seen the google doodle for today--animated 2016 google doodle fruit games. cute!

The town that reveals how Russia spills two Deepwater Horizons of oil each year

Trump Hits Back at Former CIA Chief Mike Morell: ‘Another Obama-Clinton Pawn’

An apology.

11-Year-Old’s Question Puts Pence on Spot

Why a Meaningful Shift in the Trump-Clinton Race May Be at Hand

How Trump Views Charitable Giving

There's been talk of tRump's mental state. He is congenitally unable to obey

Beyond Narcissism

Va. seller of a 'cure' for cancer is arrested

Washed-up soap actor says his claim that Obama was a Muslim has led to a Hollywood blacklist

I just donated $27 to Hillary Clinton

Hannity Loses It After 'A**hole' WSJ Editor Calls Him 'Dumbest' Fox Anchor

Why when we have hidden posts

MSNBC: Hillary leading Trump 60% to 40% in Philly suburbs

Trump is a robot

Regarding Trump & Manafort talking rigged elections...

Trump amits that he never watched a "top secret" Iran video.

Antonio Sabato Jr says he's been blacklisted in Hollywood

Special Jail Privileges For Refuge Occupiers Remained Secret #BundyTeaParty

Hillary press meeting - live stream - well underway, but she's killing it!

UPDATED: Clinton Tells Minority Journalists: 'I Want You To Hold Me Accountable'

Republican Party Leaders Must Repudiate Donald Trump

If this isn't alarming, I don't know what is: How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes

Barbara Streisand nails Trump at L.A. Concert

Hell just froze over: Fox News now openly mocking Donald Trump

Hillary at her Las Vegas Rally

Which state will turn blue next? I say South Carolina.

Weber on troubled Trump campaign: "I don't believe Paul Manafort will go down with this ship":

Trump properties losing visitors during campaign

Trivia question for the times--NO google, Yahoo or otherwise looking it up!

Is there a place online when one can view a sample ballot?

Random thoughts...

San Jose Apartment Residents Battle Landlord Over Mold, Bedbugs

KING: Second Amendment protections don’t apply equally to African-Americans

Election Update: Trump’s Slump Deepens In The Polls

I hate the nonsense by those who keep saying vote your

The Problem With Viral Videos of Cops Giving Out Ice Cream

I am so glad to see Hillary not backing down on the email question

Mai Asada starring MV public! SPICY CHOCOLATE "much My Love feat. HAN-KUN & TEE" [Spicy Chocolate]

David Brooks: "He {Trump} cannot be contained because he is psychologically off the chain."

Talk to the Republicans you know as we get closer to the election.

Skepticism – Banned by Facebook

'Tear up Texas,' FBI agent told ISIS shooter before attack on school building in Garland

A Man Explains Feminism... AND I APPLAUD! (OK, it's POTUS... still...)

DE UU Church does something pretty awesome with their 'Black Lives Matters' sign being vandalized

Cornell scientists convert carbon dioxide, create electricity

American Airlines hands out double-digit pay raises to 30,000 workers

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 6

No, You Shouldn't Question Everything

Only 1 Percent Of Black Voters Support Donald Trump

Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah Party Claims To Have ‘Killed 11,000 Israelis'

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 7

Manafort's career should now be over for all time.

SPICY CHOCOLATE - met in remains of time. feat. TAK-Z & Shou-kun

I found out what was causing potential trucking employers to turn me down.

Zutto (forever) by Erika Mori (Spicy CHOCOLATE)

Zutto (forever) by Erika Mori (Spicy CHOCOLATE) English ver.

******San Francisco Chronicle Endorses Hillary Clinton For President******

Where is your Oz now?

"That's what you get for never telling me who's a good boy, Marsha."

Does he look worried?

Raging refugee crisis, and this time, it's right on our doorstep

I got your fetch right here...

God forgives, I don't.

I've changed my mind about Trump's wall. Looks like a good design.

New sink install, weird drain.

Exit Polls, and Why the Primary Was Not Stolen From Bernie Sanders


Planned 'burkini pool day' stirs debate in France, bigots freak out & call for ban

Have any of you tried Harry's or Dollar Shave Club?

Barack Obama, Couch Commander

Trump has revealed his economic team. All men, all white, almost all rich as fuck

Rio 2016 - first ever "Refugee Team" features 10 members

HRC Video added to pinned - Top of Page.

Our trip to Seattle: The Space Needle, Ivar's and Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Ketsumeishi matakiminiaeru

MSNBC - Trump to endorse Ryan tonight in Green Bay.

Looking at Maps - basis for confidence in the Don's foreign policy making

James Corden, Denis Leary Dress Up Like Hillary and Bill Clinton, Call Donald Trump an ‘A**hole’

Ketsumeishi "two of you Summer"

Columbus Friends - A Review of a Friend's Restaurant. Momo Ghar.

RIP SLYME - paradise Baby

RIP SLYME - paradise Baby

Good site for political art

A Trump endorsement of Ryan means....

New Geogia poll: Hillary ahead of Trump

New Geogia poll: Hillary ahead of Trump

ORANGE RANGE Shanghai Honey PV

Trump may call for re-instituting Glass Steagall (Breaking up the Banks)

ORANGE RANGE Shanghai Honey PV

Chicago police release body cam video. Unarmed teen suspect Paul O'neal shooting.

Who made James Comey (R) God?!

Trump is so f***ing weird,

Discount Tire goes all in on Joe Arpaio

Revolver - Tomorrow Never Knows - (50 MINUTE VERSION)

Anyone know what happens in this case?

Trump: 'Clinton unhinged, mentally unbalanced'

RIP Slyme - Super Shooter

Two surveys have good news for the Clinton campaign- UP 15 & 9pts!

Former Maine senator says he’s ‘appalled’ by Trump’s remarks

PANTS ON FIRE--> FOR LIAR TRUMP!: Hillary will NOT raise taxes on middle class as Trump claims!!!

With 95 days left until the election........can tRump turn the polls around??

Captain Khan’s Commanding Colonel Denounces Trump: ‘I Am Republican, But Will Vote My Conscience’

The clear front-runner for the presidency now carries the burden of a presumed victory.

'Kintner should resign his office immediately. Period,' Ricketts says after senator used state com..

Clinton leads Trump by FORTY points in Philly burbs

Trump enablers need to take a stand, NY times

Vintage Video for Friday Fun: Sec Clinton and the Streaker

Here's what happened when I wrote a letter to President Obama

AAAAAAAAH!!!! What is with CNN's Jake Tapper?!

Why a Trump loss in November could still be destructive - By Dana Milbank

Addison County Fair bans confederate flag merchandise (VT)

This is a wish (suggestion)

City sued for banning Confederate flag at Christmas parade (LA)

Payrolls Power Wall Street To Record High

I have held on to my 10 -yr old computer for as long as I can-- questions re buying next one.

Conservative Provocateur James O'Keefe Flops In His Biggest Fail Yet

Lockheed Martin may shift F-16 production to India

Icahn Declines To Join Trump Economic Team, Mulls Second Super PAC

Trump's Sept. strategy. Just mark this.

Preventing mass extinctions of big mammals will require immediate action

Trump says refugees are ‘animals’ who pose a hidden threat

Trump is MIA for 2 days !!

Hillary's best ad yet

Commentary: The World's Best Cyber Army Doesn’t Belong To Russia

Hey, All You Trump Assholes, Reagan Traded Arms for Hostages with Iran

Poll: Clinton leads Trump in red state Georgia

Just got out of Suicide Squad

Who's The Sleaziest Family Of Grifter Opportunists?

Argonne discovery yields self-healing diamond-like carbon

Does every panel have to have a Trump surrogate?

Another Michigan poll: HRC leads by 10--11 in four way race

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke says The Con isn't a racist but...

Clinton acknowledges misspeaking about FBI director’s testimony

The maggot took money meant for small businesses after 9/11, even though he did not deserve it!!!

Opening unCeremonious

A photograph by Alfred Steiglitz

Dbl digit raises at AA

Dbl digit raises at AA

Even AZ's dumbest Governor ever (and that IS saying something) says The Con should "tone it down"

Police killing highlights Baltimore's lead poisoning crisis

Update....Clinton leads Trump by FORTY in Four counties surrounding Philly. Here's the link:

Creepy clown with black balloons wandering Wisconsin

Trump has a strategy for combatting Zika! Does Hillary?

Yes, right there, Marsha. Don't stoppppp.."

Donald Trump To Endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan

Exclusive: Crimea power project finalizes plan to use turbines from Siemens - sources

Hillary Clinton Isn’t Lying, The Fact-Checkers Are

Cruz talks Trump

Russia is strengthening Crimea's coastal guard with new arms – Ukraine's Border Service

I support Hillary Clinton. So should everyone who voted for me - By Bernie Sanders

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP: "I don't throw babies out."

Politico Poll: 70% of GOP Insiders Want Donald Trump to Drop Out

Voting with their feet: Traffic plummets at Trump casinos and hotels

China Forms Anti-Terror Alliance With Pakistan, Tajikistan And Afghanistan

LOL- Jill Stein is burning money running ads in TN, my home state

Snowden/Assange = govt servers not safe

Response from Jackie Kucinich after I sent her Video of Director Comey and Rep. Cummings

Massive leak exposes Ukrainian journalists' correspondence with Russian-backed authorities in Donbas

States with great public universities and/or colleges tend to go blue over time.

Donald Trump’s Website Won’t Let You Cancel Recurring Donations

I don't think there has been enough recognition of the fact that

Op-Ed Bernie Sanders: Los Angeles Times | August 5, 2016

Trump Asserts That He Did Not Throw 'Beautiful Baby' Out Of His Rally

What do the GOP get out of not doing anything on Zika? Are

Soon Congress will Wear Sponsored Logos | Bernie Sanders

Do you think Trump will really drop out?

Clinton Campaign Devastates Trump With His Ties To Putin

"The beatings will continue..."

Muslim Cleric’s Lawyers Decry Turkey’s Push For Extradition From U.S.

Paul Ryan's primary challenger...

On the prevalence and "normalcy" of indoctrinating children in religion

Report: Citigroup buys credit-default swap portfolio from Credit Suisse

Florida Shudders as Zika Spread Forces Miami Shops to Close

I hate that song...

Anyone here have Olympic fever?

GREAT News - Battleground State Races per John Harwood (CNBC)

People Aren’t Really Appreciating Just How Bad Trump’s Campaign Has Been

GOP to Trump "Please Donald, Can You Just Make Beleive You're not You for 3 Months"

Trump has reached a new record. 250 people, places and things insulted on Twitter-->Putin NOT listed

Alive While Black...

Donald Trump and the Tea Party myth: Why the GOP is now an identity movement, not a political party

Somalis in Maine strike back after Trump’s comments at rally


Why a Meaningful Shift in the Trump-Clinton Race May Be at Hand

Teenage boy executed in Iran for gay sex

Teenage boy executed in Iran for gay sex

Send this to Don the Con

"Here is a truth of life. When you act as if you’re insane, people are liable to think you’re insane

Could even Texas go blue?

The GOP is changing their logo to honor Trump.

Where can I go to buy stock in Byfusion?

Where will this one rank?

Is Donald Trump the Worst Presidential Candidate in American History?

Video shows Trump supporters toss, grab and punch protester

Merkel’s Approval Rating Plunges Following Attacks in Germany

Donald Trump's Campaign Website Won't Let Some Cancel Recurring Donations

Trump May Start Dragging GOP Senate Candidates Down With Him

RELEASE: Response To Grassley Campaign Repeatedly Singling Out Progress Iowa

EXTREME RW hypocisy- remember when pictures of Megyn Kelley like this PROVED she was a BIMBO

Aug 5: Hillary Clinton has an 80% chance of winning the presidency.

Donald Trump's pathology is becoming glaringly obvious with each passing day

I'm a mother f***ing sh***y a**hole. I had to call my mom and say I was sorry.

An 84-year-old vicar is facing jail for taking a stand against poverty

Someone gets it...

Grassley in Harlan, Woodbine and Guthrie Center next week

Donald Trump is the Republican party.

Kitten Olympics on the Hallmark Channel Aug. 5

The online paid GOP trolls are getting so easy to spot

Ohio Democratic Party: Different leadership, same results

God I love a train wreck. I can't quit 4chan POL.

British insurance company accused of preventing payments to Baltimore lead poisoning victims

Archaeological excavations finds 26K artifacts in New Mexico

Japanese Donald trump commercial

Late night humor

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for a great Olympic Opening Ceremony. Spoilers!

"Cheeseheads against Trump" protesters across from #TrumpInGB rally

Breaking: Giant Mosquito lights the Olympic Flame!

How come no reporters give Clinton the benefit of the doubt?

Clinton Spending Big on Olympics Ads With Trump on Sidelines

In case anyone denies the NRA racist.

128 years ago today: Bertha Benz makes the first road trip


Sen. Kaine