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How Donald Trump and President Obama Put Republicans in a Bind

Top Wisconsin Republicans Will Skip Trump Event

FFS! They want Trump for president, but want an intervention to get him under control. These

My short 3 points on Trump - if you care


Mother cited after child dies in accidental shooting

Arne Carlson endorses Hillary

American Psycho for prez: Donald Trump’s sons epitomize the ’80s-style yuppie villainy of his campai

Do Chris Matthews and MSNBC realize how much they contributed to Trump win

Oh Great Scott!

Trump as Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes cartoons!

my kid has a plan

I realize I’m not the brightest bulb in the bunch around here.

Ever taken a skinful of IV Benadryl?

Jill Stein craziness

I'm confused. Didn't the Stones tell the Trump campaign not to use their music anymore?

Luckovich - Trump Campaign Up In Flames

Well, this is disgusting

Would you vote for this guy?

Post here: any right wing media pundit who's supported tRumpenfuhrer last 24 hrs.

NEWT Turns on TRUMP: “Trump is helping her to win by proving he is more unacceptable than she is"

The lead author of VT's now defunct GMO bill, speaks about the corporate bill passed in Congress

Trump Supporter Beat His Wife For Backing Hillary

What in the world is going on with NY Post. Article about Trump getting nuttier and Melania

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 1

Wizard of Corpus Christi

In Arguing Against Trump with Trump Supporters

Bitcoin Exchange Hacked, Loses $65 Million

"Blue Lives Matter?"

Why Buffett believes a monkey could invest better than Trump

So, tell me where I would be able to vote 10 times?

Montini: Fallen hero read McCain’s 'courage' book. Show it, senator. Dump Trump.

Hmmm, I wonder why...

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 2

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Superfreak, Live & Uncensored & a new

Need computer genius help here!

This is just an example of WHY we have to win. . .

Police tie 9th attack to Phoenix's serial killer case

Look at this Dodgers lineup tonight. None of these guys are very famous.

Light bulb...or DUH...moment

Georgia GOP elector resigns after anti-Trump comments

Dallas DA Susan Hawk, still battling mental illness in Arizona, has worked just 66 days this year

GW Bush has been given a lifetime achievement award for his continued "services to gobbledygook"

Does anyone know the GOP options if Trump were to withdraw from the race?

Fox poll on Trump’s response to the Khans. Holy cross-tabs, Batman:

Friend of mine in the Army today said "Don't worry if Don the Con manages to get elected...

The Law Of Physics Affecting Trump's Rate Of Descent

'Hang the B*tch!' 'F*g!' 'N*gger!': Uncensored Rally Videos Expose Donald Trump's America

Trump proves Clinton’s point about his thin skin with early morning Twitter rampage over DNC

Most hilarious comment about Trump... made my day ... he got to go in insane asylum...

It's ON!

One dead, several hurt in central London knife attack

SAG-AFTRA Mobilizes Against Telemundo Over Non-Union Stance

SAG-AFTRA Mobilizes Against Telemundo Over Non-Union Stance

SAG-AFTRA Mobilizes Against Telemundo Over Non-Union Stance

SAG-AFTRA Mobilizes Against Telemundo Over Non-Union Stance

4 Pinocchio's for #Trump’s claim that Clinton ‘started the talks’ to give $400mil to Iran

Trump: Maybe Mrs. Khan not allowed to speak. (Editorial cartoon)

Mike Malloy - The Rise Of Fascism Has Finally Arrived

Just saw a Jill Stein commercial, running in Michigan

Mike Malloy - If Trump Is President There Will Be A Coup In 90 Days

Hillary Clinton blasts Donald Trump during Colorado visit, promises “millions of jobs”

Hillary Clinton blasts Donald Trump during Colorado visit, promises “millions of jobs”

Kris Kobach Is Tired Of Being 'Lectured About Our Constitution' By 'Aliens'

Hillary Clinton speech in commerce city, colorado, today

Hillart Clinton speech in commerce city, colorado, today

alas, pence is fouling the air in my community right now, just like donnie did on friday.

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 3

Mayo Clinic decision strikes nerve with workers, community

Mayo Clinic decision strikes nerve with workers, community

Mayo Clinic decision strikes nerve with workers, community

New poll shows Trump with commanding lead over Clinton in Tennessee

Question the reality of global warming? Check out the temperature in Flint, MI today

Trump: Florida gov. probably has Zika 'under control'

Trump Slams U.S. Military Arms as He Swoons Over Russian Military

Carson: Khans should apologize to Trump

Right blames Ryan for rebel’s loss

CNN will host a Green Party candidates town hall on Aug. 17 with Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka

The Ultimate Contest - There can be only ONE... Choice.

RNC: Trump will be on ballot

Meat Loaf, Should I Run for President?

Amid GOP distress, Trump gets on message -- briefly

Venezuela promotes general indicted in US on drug charges

Is this the famous "daisy" ad?

Koterba toon: Message from the Pope


Song to express your sentiments toward tRump

Rejoice (with caution) DU

How (the NRA helped) a Secretive Branch of ISIS Build a Global Network of Killers that is

Reminder: With Or Without Trump, Rethugs Suck

Camping next to The Stupid Family, a.k.a. tRumpsterville

The fool who would be king. What will his legacy be?

Why pay more, indeed.

So if Trump is mouthing off about his classified briefings, maybe they should cut them off

Donald Trump Pushes Republican Party to Its Breaking Point - NBC News

Donald Trump’s terrible week just got worse: A new poll has him down by 10

With Trump's campaign circling the drain, Don Jr. and Eric have TAKEN ACTION!

Where is your God now?

Mike Malloy - Mother Of Service Member Booed At Pence Rally

Mike Malloy - Take That Bitch Down

Thank you all. Here's something for all of us

Mike Malloy - Trump: Getting Purple Heart From Vet Supporter “Much Easier” Than Serving In Military

Fuck the GOP

Does anyone here not believe that if those tax returns were in his favor that The Con

David Kay Johnson Takes Trump & Hillary To Task On Their Taxes

A Purple Heart

Republicans nominate dangerously insane person to lead America....

Reuters Poll: Hillary +8

I see stuff about Conan O'Brien all the time but almost never anything about Jimmy Fallon.

In platform, Black Lives Matter accuses Israel of ‘genocide,’ backs BDS

Trump accuses Ryan and McCain of lying about him

Ever notice that every "Magnolia" film is outstanding?

Tweet about hanging Hillary Clinton posted by Riverside County (CA) GOP

For you musings: Assorted Tweets from HillaryHQ

Clinton leads Trump by 9.4% in Michigan. 61% say Trump unqualified.

Clinton jumps to a big lead over Trump in Michigan poll

"Hillary will imprison people of faith" I was told today. W.T.F?

I really dislike the word evil.

RNC Head Coward Reince Priebus Gives Trump Go Ahead To Skip Debates With Hillary

Too bad DU rules don't apply on Real Time.

What's written in the scars of Hillary Clinton

Eight Times Hillary Was a Badass Feminist

Mass stabbing in central London leaves woman dead and five injured


Sources: Russell Westbrook, OKC in serious talks on 3-year, $85M deal

Trump Campaign Changed Ukraine Platform, Lied About It

Lee statue evokes deep feelings (VA)

Riverside County GOP tweets picture of executioner 'Ready for Hillary'

Confederate flag sparks free speech debate in Durham (NC)

getting a 404 error for rawstory...

DRUMPF's Purple Heart: He's a clod. He owns it as a gift, not as a medal. The vet is misguided.

Malheur Defendants Appear In Advance Of September Trial #BundyTeaParty

One of many great comics lost too young; Dennis Wolfberg and "The Rigid Sigmoidoscopy" Funny stuff.

Electoral Vote Model: Description and initial run. 80.6% probability of Dem Win.

Video of Palestinian father taunting Israeli police to shoot his young son just got worse

'Constitutional sheriffs' movement promotes defiance of federal laws

KAIST Team Develops Semi-transparent Solar Cells with Thermal Mirror Capability

What was the last Republican who articulated a vision for America?

I'd just like to brag on Kentucky, which nominated an openly gay man to run against Rand Paul.

Republican Rep. Kinzinger Says He Won’t Vote for Trump: CNN

Clint Eastwood Praises Trump for Being ‘On To Something’

Does anybody remember another election where a significant number of politicians

The Word That Is Finally Taking Down Trump: "Unqualified"

donald trump makes his most dangerous comments yet

Trump Boasts About Watching ‘Top Secret’ Iran Video

Trump's nose-dive after dissing the Khans

Anthony Weiner vs Donald Trump. No comparison.

Hot Outside?

Landslide doesn't mean what it used to mean.

I took a long lunch today...

Trump Voters/Supporters As Nuts & Out Of Touch With Reality As He Is. They Are An Unruly Mob.

Wish we could wake Nate Silver up...

Recognizing and Overcoming False Growth Mindset

Hopefully Trump Does Enough Damage To GOP They Cannot Win With A Replacement.

A mayor in Mexico has been arrested for allegedly ordering a massacre

A mayor in Mexico has been arrested for allegedly ordering a massacre

Argentine court rejects electricity tariff hikes

"Donald Trump campaign sinks to new low"

At least 33 U.S. troops have contracted Zika

At least 33 U.S. troops have contracted Zika

Amur leopard cubs born at zoo in England

Peru's ‘Wall of Shame’ Divides the Ultra Rich and Extreme Poor

In Platform, Black Lives Matter Accuses Israel Of ‘Genocide,’ Backs BDS

Rob Reiner smokes the media for not making Trump actually answer a question

Trump means fart.

Astronaut kitteh from the Twitters...

A "Glowing Recommendation" by a Republican Operative for the Maniac running for President

Homeland Security Chief- Need to Protect Voting Systems from Cyber Crime

Melania Trump was Illegal Immigrant?

What if all the Trump explosions this week are just a plan to take

Union: Vermont Slow to Improve Workplace Safety

Union: Vermont Slow to Improve Workplace Safety

Rob Reiner smokes the media for not making Trump actually answer a question

Union: Vermont Slow to Improve Workplace Safety

Trump watching TV during Washington Post interview with Philip Rucker

Massachusetts, New Hampshire insurer sues government

Massachusetts, New Hampshire insurer sues government

Clint Eastwood defends Trump's 'racist' remarks: 'Just get over it'

Nearly $1M in funding to help protect fish, wildlife habitat

Is Paul Ryan In Primary Trouble?...

Vermont OKs Sale Of 5 Nursing Homes

When Trump loses in November, my only wish is that no

Trump’s unreleased tax returns are a lot like his hair A facade

LePage can’t help owners of damaged roads

Alan Grayson pushes back on domestic abuse allegations

Libertarian Candidate says Prostitution is not Victimless

Democratic Senate candidates hurl charges, but won't debate before primary

EDIT: correct link to compilation of trump supporter vile language, actions by NYT reporters.

As UCF paper shuts down, alums recall its legacy

Does All Of Trimp's Family Get Secret Service...

Trump Taj Mahal casino shutting down; Icahn says he lost $100 million

.@realDonaldTrump Take a look at what's happened on the Trump campaign in the last 24 hours:

Federal Reserve fines Goldman Sachs $36.3m for alleged disclosure violations

The Mindset of a Trump supporter

How Origami Is Helping Elephants From Going Extinct

Daily Holidays August 4

IOC allocates a record 450,000 condoms to Olympic athletes in Rio

Hillary Clinton Takes The Lead in Trump's Favorite Presidential Tracking Poll (LA Times)

republican convention rule 9

Clinics accused of bilking Miami-Dade schools of $2.7 million

Can we take out a cease and desist order on the Trump presidential run?

20 Fenchurch Street

Jury deliberates first-degree murder charge in William Chapman shooting

Police use teargas on protesters as Olympic flame arrives in Rio

Kosovo's first Olympic team is ready for Rio

To Trump, With Love: Artists fill downtown Jacksonville with tongue-in-cheek compliments to Trump

White House Rejects Charges It Paid Iran Ransom To Free Prisoners

Alabama board denies parole for Birmingham church bomber

Clinton Swamps Trump In Latest F&M PA Poll (11-point margin)

Things that weren't considered racist when Clint Eastwood was growing up

Trump Pauses Washington Post Interview Five Times to Watch TV

Florida quietly launched new probe into troubled school

poor, clueless conservative gets a few things right, while undressing trump for what he is:

Pennsylvania Poll has Clinton Up by 13 Points (RV) and 11 Points (LV)

Three quarters of Ivanka's over 800 online items for sale are made overseas:

Trump couldn’t be bothered to find manufacturers in America, so Hillary did it for him.

Bull's eye!

Mangum seeks $10.5 million in spending cuts at FAMU

Did they take the Don's phone away from him?

Trump won't release his tax returns, but he WILL release classified information.

media have found the next shiny object to replace the Hillary email story.

Trump gets nomination, gets access to classified intel, shares "military tape" info at FL rally.

Pope Francis Claims Schools Are Conspiring to Teach Kids to Be Transgender

Randy Rainbow interviews Donald Trump

Bye Bye New Hampshire ***New WBUR Poll Clinton 47, Trump 32***

Marietta man to pay $1 million for alleged foreign exchange fraud

If you could pick one song to describe a Hillary Presidency what would it be?

WBUR Poll: After Conventions, Clinton Up 15 Points Over Trump In New Hampshire

White evangelical voters

Pentagon not to pay Pakistan $300 million in military reimbursements

Nice. PA +11, MI +9, NH +17(!), and McGinty +1 vs. Toomey

Clinton leads Trump in new 6abc/Franklin and Marshall poll

Donald Trump Can Go to Hell and If You Defend His Statement, So Can You.

Poll: Convention boosts Clinton to 11-point lead over Trump in Pa.

Trump denounced by Republican congressman who served in Iraq

PA: Hillary leads by 11 in new poll McGinty leads Toomey by 8 in Senate Race

Sonya Eddings pleads guilty to stealing $2.3 million in federal court

AP FACT CHECK: Trump off base on Clinton and Iran payment

HRC leads Trump by 9 in Detroit News Poll

Are your Republican friends considering write-in candidates?

Congrats Kansas, one tea partier GONE!

Oh, How I have missed you DU lounge....

GOP Senator Compares Climate Change Activists To Stalin

Bernie Sanders on FDR | Bernie Sanders

Trump met with Gold Star families?

Will Stein/Johnson voters vote Dem down ballot?

Trump is helping drag down Ayotte in NH Senate Race--Hassan leads by 10 in new poll

Bernie Sanders & FDR - Second Bill of Rights

I think we just won the Senate...

trump intervention

Sleepy Ben Carson on Morning Joe right now says


Clint Eastwood on Donald Trump’s Racism: ‘Just F—ing Get Over It’

Trump needs an intervention? No, it's the Republican Party that needs an intervention.

He allegedly drew a gun with 6 cops already piled on him and one hand already handcuffed

the campaign is largely doing, well, nothing- which is exactly the right thing

Two observations about the Jill Stein ad campaign (running on MSNBC)

The "right direction/wrong direction" shibboleth . . .

Donald Trump, Party of 1

Make sure your anti-Trump friends are registered to vote!

Since the DNC, Clinton's chances at the White House have gone from 67% to 77%

Donald Trump - the candidate who will end abortion by dropping nuclear weapons on everybody

Anyone else having the feeling that more and more states will actually go Blue...

What Will They Do When Trump Bans Abortion?

Russia Denies Involvement in Toxic Gas Attack on Women and Children in Syria

From 2013: Dana Milbank: GOP flips the script on President Obama

Acceptance of racism is an act of racism. You are convicted by your complicity.

I think, the GOP is caught in a literally medieval mindset. Literally medieval.

I have never asked the admins before so

N.H. Senate Race Feeling Impact Of Presidential Contest

Republican Congressman Becomes 1st to Defect to Hillary Clinton

Trump Won't Endorse Paul Ryan, John McCain, Other Republicans

This fraudster tried to steal my vote! (Sort of)

Pic Of The Moment: Suicide Squad!

Mika on Morning Joe is ripping Trump a new one.

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Crazy They Call Me

A neuroscientist explains what may be wrong with Trump supporters’ brains

LOL. Okay, guys.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Orangeade is the new Koolaide

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

How is this forum rule good for discourse?

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Clint Eastwood says "If Trump offends you just get fucking over it". Well I say if Trump doesn't

The way we were . . . . as patients

Anyone else think Trump's trying to tank the stock market?

538's "Now Cast" on 8/4/16 shows Hillary at 88.6% and Trump at 11.3%. (Also, scroll down...

Journalists receive ethics award for revealing Adelson as buyer of LV Review Journal in 2015

Yesterday, I listened to trump boasting about how much he's done for disabled persons

Until today the media's meme has been

PAUL MANAFORTE ready to back Ryan for President

The anti-Trump messaging frame that is STICKING: He is "COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED" to be president.

The Olympics start tomorrow. And the water in which many events will be held is horribly polluted

Turkey issues arrest warrant for US-based cleric

Back at you, Trump...

The news went from Hillary crushing Trump, to nothing but Trump in the past four days.

Another day, another billionaire defects to HILLARY

Where can you find out about duplex or quadraplex apartments to rent?

POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Will Trump drop out? Should he?

Union leaders furious over door-to-door tactic targeting their members

Just had to shake my head when an avid Trump supporter

Union leaders furious over door-to-door tactic targeting their members

Union leaders furious over door-to-door tactic targeting their members

Caller: 'Hey Thom, I'm Going To Try Pot For The First Time!'

OBAMA: It’s important that their dad is a feminist, because now that’s what they expect of all men

RCP Average: Hillary +5.9

Megyn Kelly cried, “Must he help them?! Must he help them so generously every day?!”

I'm remembering the Palin Mob videos from 2008

National Institutes of Health launches first clinical trial of Zika vaccine

Here is what Jill Stein says about our nominee:

Trump's sacrifices

Trump Just Flipped Out On Fox And Claimed He Knows More About Foreign Policy Than Obama

Trump has hurt himself with the military, family members say


Before I start on my chores, I have to say it: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT OBAMA!"

Nice little bit of fact-checking in real-time on MSNBC

Tiny Hands Don the Con

Trump denounced by Republican congressman who served in Iraq

Public Defender's Office Assigns Missouri Guv To Case Amid Funding Spat

Contrary to the accepted wisdom, all publicity is not good.

Russian Hackers Could Hit US Electronic Voting Machines Next: They Hacked Ukrainian Machines in 2014

Trump Talking to Lewandowski Again

James Corden Reimagines Denis Leary’s Iconic ‘Asshole’ Song for Donald Trump

One of America's biggest gunmakers spent its earnings call bashing Hillary Clinton...

It’s worth asking again: Is Donald Trump trying to tank his campaign?

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called on to be a public defender

It Would Only Take Minutes.....

John Fugelsang hits another one out of the park.

What Are Clinton’s Chances?

Not cryptic at all: Snowden just soliciting people for his biography

LOL, LA Times poll FINALLY shows a CLinton lead. Just 1 point, but still.

Turn it off, you say?

Just Saw Chuck Toad Giving Trumpt Campaign Advice in the Guise Of News

Summer is the time for cold soups. I'd love some new ideas

I'm listening to THE BLITHEDALE ROMANCE, and I'm about halfway through.

Newt vs Rudy: Giuliani suggests that the "Trump intervention" originated with Gingrich

Clint "Talks to empty chairs" Eastwood supports Drumpf.

Manafort: "Well, the dropping poll numbers were expected"

Obama: family time, not politics, will be my life's 'most precious' memories

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski begs Trump supporters to wake up: ‘This is a scam’

So, about those "10,000 steps"

For those concerned about all the media attention on Der Drumpf...

The Trump-Putin Bromance Is Getting Even Shadier - By Jonathan Chait

Battleground polls: Clinton tops Trump post-convention

Trump's shrinking electoral map

Omahan is trying to get the word out — Black Votes Matter

Omahan is trying to get the word out — Black Votes Matter

Petition for Trump to undergo psychological assessment of his narcissistic personality disorder.

Enraged Trump Toady Reince Priebus Contemplates Lashing Out With Nice Email

Happy Birthday President Obama

Pot proponents see momentum

The Road To Donald Trump Wasn’t Built In A Day

Regular Car Reviews: 1999 Toyota Corolla CE

Angst from a Jill Stein voter (on Tulsi Gabbard's Facebook page)

In slap at Trump, some wealthy Republicans campaign for Clinton

Watch Hillary Clinton Answer Nearly 40 Years Of Sexism

North Carolina man charged with trying to aid Islamic State: Justice Department

Just a few Lighthouse pictures for Thursday Morning wakeup

The GOP Senate Blocked Zika Funding — Now Marco Rubio Wants Obama To Foot The Bill

Can RNC replace trump without trump's permission> YES, but looks undoable

Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 15 in New Hampshire

Trump says 9/11 would not have happened if he'd been President because his immigration policy would

Katrina Pierson cites "tens of thousands of soldiers that have been lost, one million wounded"

OMG The Nation magazine is now running pro-Trump headlines

Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world

538 NowCast: Hillary - 91.6% & Toupéd Fucktrumpet - 8.4%!!!!!!!!!

***Trump Taj Mahal announces it will close**

Woman calls 911, afraid that cop will brutalize her. Then he brutalizes her.

Photographing the Harvest and its people

Trump Isn’t Going To Change And Republicans Know That

How USA Gymnastics protected coaches over kids

Something Very Fishy Is Going on with Trump — And We’re All Missing It

Coca-Cola Apologizes For Sexist Ads In Ireland

Regular Car Reviews: 1976 Chevrolet Chevette "unsafe for highway use" :)

The Atlantic: Kansas republicans rebel against Brownback in primary

I shouldn't give Trump political advice on this site, but here goes

Suppose the RNC DID remove Trump and replace him

Louis "Satchmo" aka Pops Armstrong was born on this date.

Gun Violence

Koterba toon: Trumps rides an endangered species

'The Hubble Cantata' Weds Live Music with VR Views of the Cosmos

Herb Ellis was born on this date.

Mike Pence is Race Bannon from Johnny Quest cartoon

My Gift to Youall - A kitten Generator

Domenico Montanaro needs to be spanked.

Can I get a shout out for environmental justice heroes like Dr. Rudo?

CNN reporting that Paul Ryan

Is Melania Trump An Illegal Immigrant?

38 million raised vs 80 million raised in July

And the Oscar goes to ... climate change

Mike Pence is Trump's Quackser Fortune

Did you like Rev Barber's speech at the DNC?

Trump raised 81 million dollars in July??.Something is rotten in Denmark here

The latest thing right wing trolls are hoping for with baited breath:

I am always going on about Dr. Barber and Moral Mondays....

Creative Creations owner Patricia Urbanovsky will have a hearing to change plea in wire fraud, money

GOP Strategist Calls Donald Trump a 'Loudmouthed Dick' on Live TV


Cool little vid of Bernie & Jane walking back to hotel with supporters on last day of the convention

'What Example Will We Set for Our Kids?'

Donnie T and Voldemort (funny from twitter)

The problem with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is....

***Rasmussen Reports Poll: Clinton 44, Trump 40, Johnson 6, Stein 3***

Fox News Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 10 points, both seen as flawed

Which endangered species should run for the hills this time?

Rasmussen and Quinnipiac polls?

Thank god those new credit card chips are protecting our financial data. Oh wait, this is America,

Another Trump lawsuit coming !!!

A Photo Parade of Trump Supporters (Image Heavy)

U.S. Officials Literally Laughing at Donald Trump’s ‘Top Secret’ Iran Video Claim

Jill Stein is running anti-Hillary TV ads in NY metro area

NY Times: Voices From Donald Trump’s Rallies, Uncensored

Question about polls....

I wonder if the right has ever figured out the people they are mad at

DNC scandal, serious opponent make for hard race for Wasserman Schultz

Combatting Climate Change? That’s “Women’s Work”

Combatting Climate Change? That’s “Women’s Work”

Combatting Climate Change? That’s “Women’s Work”

Republican Congressman Runs Ad Saying He Doesn’t Like Donald Trump

Combatting Climate Change? That’s “Women’s Work”

Make your inflections great again.

Iowa zoo settles lawsuit; lions sent to Colorado sanctuary

Federal Judge Will Rule on Chief Justice Moore’s Motion Without a Hearing

Rep. Mike Coffman Releases "Stand Up To Trump" Video ("I don't care for him that much")

Trump’s shallowness runs deep - By George F. Will

Trump's followers don't get it that he likely considers them losers and he's playing them

CNN schedules Green Party forum for Aug. 17

Hey Paul Ryan!

Walker, Johnson, Ryan skipping Trump event

Paul Ryan says Trump’s campaign is ‘distressing’ but stands by endorsement

Donald - The Manchurian Candidate

***** BREAKING***** Poll Shows Clinton Leading Trump by 6 Points in Florida

Alabama probate judge suspended for sexually explicit, nude messages to former litigant

Saudi Arabia's top cleric urges businessmen to help troops

I'm really thinking Trump will weasel out of debating Hillary!

Clinton Back to All Time Highs at 538

Alabama city battles questions over closing precincts near black voters

Lawrence O'Donnell. The Nuclear Football and the Biscuit (Must Watch)

Mother Jones Asked Trump Supporters About the Khan Controversy. Here's What They Said.

I was Capt. Khan’s commander in Iraq. The Khan family is our family. - By Dana J.H. Pittard

A Masterstroke By Barack Obama

DAMN! Those Texas Fetus Funerals Are Gonna Cost A Non-Fetal Arm And Leg

Conservative Echo Chamber is Making the Right Intellectually Deaf

DAMN! Those Texas Fetus Funerals Are Gonna Cost A Non-Fetal Arm And Leg

Donors losing patience with Trump

DAMN! Those Texas Fetus Funerals Are Gonna Cost A Non-Fetal Arm And Leg

Holding An "Intervention" For Trump Is "Like Having Sexual Harassment Training At Fox News"

Another Awkward Moment: Russia's Medvedev Mocked Over Remarks To Struggling Teachers

Voting Libertarian? I Hope You or Your Kids Never Get Sick.

Melania Trump Denies She Came To U.S. Illegally–But Won't Provide Specifics

Missing gay Syrian refugee found beheaded in Istanbul

Considering all of the people that it helps....shouldn't the annual Tax Free Week End..

Pastor claiming he was fired for inviting black people to church 'flooded with support'

If you ask me, "narcissistic personality disorder" is just another phrase for...

Trump’s path to victory depends on surge of white men

Breitbart caught using crowd photo from NBA Champs Cleveland celebration for Trump.

Yeah, About That 'Mysterious' $400 Million...

Paul Ryan On Trump: My Endorsements Are Not 'Blank Checks'

The idea that Trump needs his children around him to keep him in check

Coup arrests push Turkish penal system to breaking point

Anyone here transition from a coporate employee to consultant work?

Trump: Once I’m president, police officers will no longer be shot on the job

Convicted Attorney Marc Dreier No Interest in Cooperating for Release

What Intervention? Trump's Inner Circle Turns On Itself To Disavow Reports

“Sooner or later, we all sit down to a banquet of consequences.”

The 44th at 55

Death to the chicken tax Five trucks to look out for after Trans-Pacific Partnership takes effect

Some days it feels like it wasn't worth it to chew through the straps. That's all. N/T

Libertarian VP Bill Weld: Donald Trump Has a ‘Screw Loose’

endless repetition of trite, banal bs. that is der drumpfenfuhrer's speaking style, and it

Foreign tourists attacked in western Afghanistan

Melania Trump strongly denies reports she broke immigration laws — but questions remain

Have we heard from CalPeg?

In normal years, a racketeering lawsuit against a major Presidential nominee would be a big deal.

From the Rude Pundit's Blog

Young boy to Pence: Are you Trump's apologist?

Trump is the one who knocks...

Israel accuses World Vision's Gaza director of diverting cash to Hamas

AARP supporting anti-retiree group "ALEC" since 2014!!!

Steve LaTourette, nine-time congressman, dies of cancer aged 62

We cannot get complacent

Watch Hillary Clinton Answer Nearly 40 Years Of Sexism

Super page on HRC's web site. Pass it around! Buy in America!

New Clinton campaign TV ad on her economic policy of taxing top 1% & using it to invest in ...

Big shout out to thom Hartmann big thanks for the Phyllis schlafly interview I always love hearing

Crude-by-rail volumes to the East Coast are declining

Trump Keeps Failing and It Doesn’t Matter - by Olivia Nuzzi

5 Ridiculous Alternate Endings We're Glad Never Happened

GOPPER Pro Trumpers MAD AS HELL GOP Platform Not ALREADY In Force.

Dylann Roof Reportedly Assaulted in Jail

Maybe Trump plans to keep the campaign money and ditch the GOP

SeaWorld shares sink to record low as attendance keeps falling

MO State Public Defender office just appointed the state's governor Jay Nixon as public defender

First Read: The Clinton Bounce Is Real

Poll: Clinton Holds Large Lead Over Trump In Critical Pennsylvania

Legislative panels looking at taxes, spending begin work

Upstate NY firefighter's home burns down after racist threat

Jackson County cities vote to sue: You spent $159M on county, not us

Sales of Confederate flag banned at Field Days (VT)

Bush National Security Adviser: It's Not As Simple As Just Dump Trump

Confederate flag sales at upcoming Lorain County Fair prompt protest (OH)

Foursquare Data Shows Trump’s Candidacy Is Hurting His Biz Empire

Petition Against Confederate Flags at BBB (AR)

When Sandra Day O’Connor Broke Into the Men’s Club by Linda Greenhouse

The Trump Campaign Has Bogus New Line On Why Trump Snubbed Paul Ryan

We hear all about Trump's disasters and gloat … but conservatives get a different message.

Can We Stop With The "Don't Get Complacent" Threads?

Lawmaker Jailed in Campaign Sign Theft Bailed Out by Victim

ELECTORAL MAP: Hillary Clinton is on track for a blowout win in November

Obama administration grounds aerial hunting, other inhumane predator-killing practices...

Prosecutors: State Lawmaker Planned to Profit From Tax Hike

Life of a Kumari Goddess: The Young Girls Whose Feet Never Touch Ground

Trump’s attempts to win over Latinos all but over after ‘Hispanic outreach’ effort implodes: report

Why are some questions posted here not answered?

WATCH: GOP strategist calls Trump ‘a loudmouthed d*ck’ during live CNN interview

Hey DU Photogs!

NIH Plans To Lift Ban On Research Funds For Part-Human, Part-Animal Embryos

Kurt Vonnegut's 1988 Letter to the Future More Relevant Today Than Ever Before

MUST SEE VIDEOS: "Daisy" Ads 2016

Hi! Anybody like to share ideas or suggestions for August contest?

"Daisy" Ads 2016

One Less Battleground State

U.S. Officials Literally Laughing at Donald Trump’s ‘Top Secret’ Iran Video Claim

Clinton Rules Out Foreign Trip Before Election

Log Cabin continues to mull Trump endorsement

Trump: ‘I don’t know why we’re not leading by a lot’

What my daughter gave me on her wedding day:

Conscripting Jay Nixon to serve as a public defender...done!

The GOP's White Identity Politics Problem Goes Way Beyond Donald Trump

Pulse victim dances for first time after being shot multiple times

Constant publicity on Trump hides hardcore rape news

Russian anthrax outbreak linked to climate change

The Climate Crisis Is Already Here

Missouri GOP Candidate’s Entire Campaign Ad Consists of Shooting a Machine Gun

Stockton mayor arrested; charges include crimes against children

Giuliani rips Scarborough's Trump nuclear accusations as 'Goldwater garbage'

Trump camp: We expected drop in polls

Why is anyone surprised that the RW chickens have come home to roost?

Suffolk University Poll of Florida: Clinton 48 Trump 42

Team Hillary has reserved $98 million in ad buys for fall. Team Trump: less than 1.

"Turn your Key Sir"

The most flawed female president ever (or, so say the pukes and misogynists)

The most flawed female president ever (or so say the pukes and misogynists)

The most flawed female president ever (or so say the pukes and misogynists)

Missouri Governor ordered to serve as apublic defender

The first AA college graduate built this amazing structure; to this day how he did it is a mystery

Deal to bring electricity to over 1,000 on Navajo Nation

Why were Hillary’s comments at the DNC about “systemic racism” met with silence?

Deal to bring electricity to over 1,000 on Navajo Nation

Kerry defends cash payment in wake of Iran deal

Donald Trump may be acting crazy, but it's keeping the news away from the one story he wants to bury

Despite abuse claims, Grayson staying in Florida Senate race

Elena Delle Donne of the WNBA's Chicago Sky told Vogue she was gay and engaged to be married.

Sean Hannity Goes Off On GOPers: I’m ‘Sick And Tired Of All Of You’

Firefighter says he receives racist note, then house burns down

Politico: 55 Photos of Barack Obama on His 55th Birthday

Donald Trump Is Out of Time

Farewell, Roger Ailes. Take Trump with you?

Anyone watching Penny Dreadful?

Are non-socialists allowed here? If only for friendly debate purposes? BTW

New PA poll Hillary up 11

The type of ignorance we're still struggling against

Judge Curiel Rules Trump Must Face Trial for Racketeering in Trump University Suit

With Clinton Destroying Trump in Polls, Fox Finds a Silver Lining

DU behavioral experts - what's with Trump saying everything twice?

Donald's craziness is diverting attention from his ties to Russia.

Get the vote out for Myron Buchholz and defeat Ron Kind and TPP.


Here is what Jill Stein's VP has to say about Bernie Sanders (Not pretty)

Trump Claims to Have Watched Video of Iran Cash Transfer (Which Doesn't Exist)

Bay Area Company Gets OK To Land On Moon

CNN Guest Compares State of Trump Campaign to ‘Chris Farley’s Final 72 Hours’

96 tears...

Paul Ryan's genteel and wimpy response to Trump: "campaign is distressing" but

I had taken a break from DU until after the primaries

EX-GOP Sen of New Hampshire endorses HRC calls Trump a "sociopath"

Conservative Icon Says Get Rid of Ryan & Stand With Trump! (w/Guest: Phyllis Schlafly)

Here's The Proof That Republicans Only Care About The Top 1 Percent!

Hello. I'm new to the Group. My dear husband has cancer

Former GOP Sen. Says He May Vote For Clinton Over 'Sociopath' Trump

Beware of calls from 212-465-9832- Phishing scam

Gary Johnson Trolls Trump By Promising Not To Deport Melania

Stop worrying about Trump's latest disaster distracting from his other disasters

The NRA is showing it's true colors...

Union Challenge

Has the disabled reporter that Trump mocked spoken out?

"Daisy" Ads 2016 (The Trump Versions)

City Pages: Ah shit, Donald Trump's coming to Minneapolis

Where's Christie? In Washington for Trump again, sources say

A little cannabis rant

Fact-check this fucker. One lie after another.

Trump reading talking points at his event in Portland, ME (condemning Somali refugees)

Trump will start a third party before election

MSNBC - Trump rally interrupted 3 times

to those out there who say, Hillary caused the wars and killed innocents

Where do you buy your pet food?

How the Republican Party became a cult ?

tRumps oval office...........

WATCH! Pokemon GO Revenge in Basel!

Libertarian ticket could spoil Clinton party

Hillary Clinton just rained hell on Donald Trump: ‘I’ve met people who were destroyed’ by him

Catch Predator Who Hung Kitten With Noose and Tortured Her With Acid (PETITION)

Kornacki on MSNBC Just Showed Latest Polls: Trump Is SO Fucked!

Judge directs Grant County sheriff to not delete emails #BundyTeaParty

Politico: What’s a Class Revolution Without Black People?

Acceptance of atheism promoted in front of Alamo by secular groups from across Texas

President Obama is having a briefing in the Pentagon, and

Judge sues litigant who accused him of conspiring with bank in foreclosure case

"Having Women In Positions Of Political Leadership Is A 'Mark Of Judgment' Upon A Nation"

Clinton pauses ads in Virginia in sign of confidence

After being arrested, man says courts have no power over him (WY)

Anonymous letter threatens attack on Charleston mosque (SC)

‘Why is that lady in a cage?'

New ISIS Music Video Takes Aim at ‘Atheist Kurds’

Lessons from arrest of DC transit cop

Trump is a hack, Newsweek nails him, he is rich because of daddy

Parole denied for Birmingham church bomber

Harvard Republican Club announced it would not support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Military veterans demand Republicans unendorse Trump and his 'ignorance'

Smith & Wesson gives $500,000 to fight Massachusetts assault rifle ban

Behind the scenes at the DNC 2016

All Hail Khan: Protestors at Trump Rally Hold Up Pocket Constitutions!

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson files suit against Baton Rouge

Secret service storms [animal rights]protesters at Clinton rally.

POTUS to give news conference now.

Birthday Boy Press Conference at the Pentagon

Texas Campus Carry

BREITBART: Look at MASSIVE LINE to Trump's Town Hall!

U.S. Chamber Sues So American Firms Can Move Overseas And Dodge Taxes

North Idaho strip mall burns to the ground (story gets very weird)

This guy is running as a P/D for Lt. Guv. He discusses third parties and

***** BREAKING***** Marist Poll- Clinton 48 Trump 33 !!!!!!!!

The media should be asking Republicans these questions - By Jennifer Rubin

What Donald Trump’s Candidacy Has Really Meant For His Business Empire

Obama is tearing RE[bTHUGs in the House a new one

Clinton surges to big lead in McClatchy-Marist poll

I predict the election will be called for Hillary around 8 PM CST.

Elderly lesbian woman abused by retirement home ...

Elderly lesbian woman abused by retirement home ...

Hostile Homes & LGBT Seniors: Marsha's Story

Clinton To Animal Rights Protestors: Trump's Kids 'Killed A Lot Of Animals!' (VIDEO)

Trump Appeals to House And Senate Republicans To Back Him Up On Smearing U.S. Soldier's Family

Happy 55th Birthday President Obama!

Happy 55th Birthday President Obama!

Republicans Stuck With Trump Despite Fears He’ll Destroy Them

Trump supporters want him to be their fist

'White lives matter'

One Madagascar village has planted 80 million trees

Democrats are looking surprisingly unified behind their candidate. Republicans? Not so much.

Cleveland Pride 2016 celebration canceled

Cleveland Pride 2016 celebration canceled

I wonder if anyone has looked into Trump's voting history, as in does he and how often does he vote

See what Obama is doing here is giving sensible people an update on

President Obama going in on Trump..

White officer guilty of manslaughter of unarmed black man

Foreign tourists attacked in western Afghanistan

Republicans switching to Clinton

I am going to miss President Obama so much.

Recipes for High Summer

Trump is wrong: America is not in decline

What a beginning: Rio de Janeiro riot police fire tear gas at protesters as Olympic torch arrives

Grocery union ad campaign will take aim at Walmart — and Kroenke

Grocery union ad campaign will take aim at Walmart — and Kroenke

Grocery union ad campaign will take aim at Walmart — and Kroenke

U.S. Is Letting Putin Win in Syria

Harvard GOP Won't Endorse Party Nominee Trump For First Time In History

Trump supporters boo the Constitution...........

Bloomberg Editorial Board: Reschedule the Debates

Oh, Clint! Where did your beautiful character in "The Bridges of Madison County" go?

GOP Rep. Suggests $400M Payment Shows Obama Is Secret Agent For Iran

Police: Booby traps placed on popular New Jersey park trail

Trump has proven the validity of an old corny joke:

Bank of america

Trump Says Mike Pence Asked For His Permission To Endorse Paul Ryan

Hhh-happy Birth-day-y-y, Mister Pre-si-dent! Happy Birth-day to-o-o you-u-u!

Happy Birthday President Obama

Capt. Khan

Arkansas doctor's license is restored amid rape allegations

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 4

Senate GOPers and Albatross Don

Can you even imagine the Orange Idiot doing a presser like this?

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 5

As Zika fears escalate, lawmakers point fingers from afar

Alan Grayson pushes back on domestic abuse allegations

The Traitor to the United States: Donald Trump Investigate This!

Adaptation to climate risks: Political affiliation matters

Republicans are doomed: How the GOP’s cynical election strategy is imploding

Melting ice sheet could expose frozen Cold War-era hazardous waste

Only if Trump is up by 17 points!


One of the great reporter is retiring!

McClatchy/Marist poll: Clinton 48 Trump 33

538/ Now has Hillary's chance of winning at 92%!!!

You know how the Reich Wing is screaming about the $400 million payment to Iran? Well.....

***** BREAKING***** NBC-WSJ Poll Clinton 47 Trump 38

In interview with Press Herald, Trump plays up grassroots support, LePage and world peace

UN bungles response to Africa's yellow fever outbreak

Anybody catch the Animal Rights protest at Hillary's event today?

Jill Stein’s Ideas Are Terrible. She Is Not the Savior the Left Is Looking For.

Cola the dog gets new legs:

How Donald Trump brought Khizr Khan to the DNC stage

Protesters at Donald Trump rally kicked out after flashing their pocket Constitutions

Just look at all of these USDA Socialist / "Commie" Programs that benefit CONSERVATIVE RURAL AREAS!!

Sometimes you just have to play the hand you're dealt and hope for better cards next time.

Overworked And Underfunded, Mo. Public Defender Office Assigns Case — To The Governor

Trump Proves Republican Obama Hate Was Never About Obama’s Ideas

Tools of Modern Terror

Don't worry Donald, Julian Assange self-appointed cyber-Pope & Putin R coming to save your candidacy

Paul LePage the man

RCP Average, Hillary +7

Help Us Diagram This Sentence by Donald Trump!

Paul Ryan’s pro-Trump challenger: It’s time to consider deporting every Muslim — including citizens

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 4, 2016

Arrest of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo leader Hebe de Bonafini, a Macri opponent, thwarted by supporters

Obama: $400M Iran Payment 'Wasn't Some Nefarious Deal'

This just in- The Con pivots!!!

Arrest of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo leader Hebe de Bonafini, a Macri opponent, thwarted by supporters

The religious liberty case for Trump

Mike Pence Declines to Endorse John McCain and Kelly Ayotte

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 August 2016

Pence refuses to endorse McCain and Ayotte--how soon before he's doing Trump's laundry?

Voting One's (Catholic) Conscience

It is mob raid in NYC & Philadephia, PA!

105-year-old whale that predates the Titanic is still splashing through the Pacific

I don't give one hot damn that Trump opposes the TPP. I'm not going to support it

In Maine, Trump finds a new group to bash

Appeals Court Rejects Request to Postpone Voter ID Decision (North Carolina)

Crazy Donald

Why Hillary’s Nomination Belongs to All Women: Past, Present and Future

Obama will bypass Congress, seek U.N. resolution on nuclear testing

Nice numbers coming out! NBC-WSJ polls......

The Kaloogian/Instanbul/Terhan thread is gone!

Happy B-Day from BO's 'Brother' and 'BFF'

If we're going to have another Clinton in the White House then I have some DEMANDS

Cities Need More Public Transit, Not More Uber and Self-Driving Cars

Ancient earthquake and flood may have led to China's earliest empire

Pro Birth

Cities Need More Public Transit, Not More Uber and Self-Driving Cars (xpost from GD)

Pocket door.

Paul Ryan Hillary surrogate!

Officials: George Zimmerman punched in face for allegedly bragging about killing Trayvon Martin

Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is 'Five-Alarm Threat' to Food and Farms

Please read this thread in Latest News..On People in the USA without electricity? thank you

Hillary Clinton is our Dwight Eisenhower, Maxwell Taylor, and Omar Bradley

Trump prediction in 2012: Gasoline is going to hit five dollars, six dollars.

Obama Takes Down Trump's Claim Of Rigged Election: 'That's Ridiculous'

Here's the one joke Donald Trump banned from his Comedy Central Roast

Pope Francis denounces transgender people as ‘annihilation of man’

McClatchy - Marist Poll........Hillary 48 trump 33

NBC-WSJ Poll: HRC 47% Trump 38% (African Americans 91-1 for HRC)

Vancouver might have just burst it's own housing bubble

Trump Repeats His Lie That He Watched A Video Of Money Landing In Iran

ELECTORAL MAP: Hillary Clinton is on track for a blowout win in November

Russian Troop Buildup Along Ukraine Border Raises War Fears

How much of a margin would Clinton have to beat Trump by to change control of The House?

j.d. hayworth....(R)dickhead

Pence won't endorse McCain or Ayotte either

Kenya: husband hacks off wife's hands after he said she could not have children

Eddie Munster won't rescind endorsement of Trump

NYRB: A Stark Nuclear Warning - Jerry Brown

In light of recent poll numbers, we now take you live to Donald Trump campaign headquarters.

Why now?

Trump's next (wrong) move

Not to put too fine a point on it...nice behind-the-scenes at DNC

I’m Not A Sexist, I Just Don’t Like Hillary Clinton for a Bunch of Sexist Reasons

Introducing the Donald Trump-Mike Pence divergence tracker

Funniest Obama Quotes of All Time (in honor of his birthday)

Sad...the mayor of Rock Ridge has died


New Poll Shows Clinton Surging To 15-Point Lead Nationwide

I saw Trump's bad press coming a mile away.

Trump supporters, protesters converge on Portland for afternoon rally

Congressman Proposes Law To Prevent Trump From Being Able To Launch Nukes On His Own

Next up on CNN: Donald Trump's hands.

Mike Pence: "I'm a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican in that order"