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I'll bet Chris Mathews vetoed having Joy Reid fill in for him.

Benefits of Union Membership Narrow Racial Wage Inequality for Black Workers

Florida Early Voting results:

i really hope hillary gets in a dig

Murphy wins Fla. Senate primary, setting up showdown with Rubio

any news yet as to who....

US taxpayers could end up covering Apple's back taxes in Ireland

Chris Hayes coming up Trumps Model Management

Chris Brown Arrested For Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Chris Hayes on msnbc doing segment on Trump Modeling using undocumented.....

description of trump models is exactly the same as recent sting on strip clubs

At a pain doctor's office. It is filled with anti-marijuana bullshit!

U.S. Colin Powell’s foundation and Hillary Clinton’s are treated very differently by the media

The Zen of Making School Lunches

Just got back from the anti-LePage rally in Augusta, Maine

Rep Al Baldasaro: Once again, I received "A" grade on 2nd Amendment issues from NRA.

Flash Mobs Pitch Trump in Metro Detroit, MI

One of the stupidest arguments from the far-left idiots.

In this year's election, what issue matters most to your cat?

Serena just played her 90th match at Ashe - Spoiler

Debbie Wasserman Schultz defeats Tim Canova in CD 23, wins another term

Animal Activist Who Gave Water to Slaughter-Bound Pigs is Now on Trial

Animal Activist Who Gave Water to Slaughter-Bound Pigs is Now on Trial

Ever heard of Bass Reeves? He was the real Lone Ranger

Trump considers last-minute meeting in Mexico with the country’s president

Florida Gives Green Light To Solar Amendment

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Good Behavior! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

WTH is wrong with Don Trump jr (CNN right now)? He can barely speak, is sweating profusely, looks

Memo to Tim Canova: If you're running for the *Democratic* nomination....

LePage stifles resignation rumors as Democrats keep pushing

Rep. Corrine Brown loses primary

Debbie Wasserman Schultz wins primary

PA - McGinty-D is now ahead of Toomey-R in RCP average.

Patrick Murphy beats Alan Grayson to face Marco Rubio for Senate

Hundreds rally in effort to convince LePage to resign

Dakota Access Pipeline Rally: Testimonies

God's promise to Noah...

Gene Wilder’s most Jewish moments

The Trump campaign has a ground-game problem

so my laptop's harddrive went kaput...

Atheist Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Says He'll 'Never Forget' Meeting Pope Francis

CNN breaking news: Trump may be going to Mexico on Wednesday ahead of his immigration speech.

Angela Corey is out in Florida

Pakistan appoints a Catholic to increase interfaith harmony

Great article on debate strategy

Debbie Wasserman Schultz WINS!!!!!!

cosmic capitol

Advice to Anderson Cooper: why don't you just quit? just turn in your journo mask and quit.

Can anyone figure out a basis to block his re-entry?

Chicago police move to fire officers in Laquan McDonald shooting

Is John McCain's primary today? n/t

The truth about Clinton’s health

Donald Trump Jr. then and now.

Donald Trump to show up, but not speak out at Detroit church

Video presenting people with their DNA results forces us to confront our biases against others.

National Labor Relations Board decides charter schools are private corporations, not public schools

National Labor Relations Board decides charter schools are private corporations, not public schools

National Labor Relations Board decides charter schools are private corporations, not public schools

Florida Voters Pass Amendment 4; Tax Breaks For Solar Energy

The difficulty of taking a lab route for usefully fixing CO2 to an industrial level.

Trump Campaign CEO: Women's Liberation Movement is, "Bunch Of Dykes” from “Seven Sisters Schools"

New Jersey cat killer raises concerns in Delaware

Nate Silver: Polls could underestimate Clinton support.

Did Trump Used to Act More Normal?

Kellyanne Conway's voice makes me absolutely stabby

Hillary Clinton is currently attending a fundraiser at Jimmy Buffett's home.

seriously msnbc. Whenever you put that puke face on your station I change mine

President of Mexico is crazy

Hopeless: Video Captures Solo Reaction As She Learns of Soccer Suspension

Anybody see Trump on MSNBC right now and the couple of older guys behind him

Venezuela accuses US, opposition of planning coup

Facebook in privacy fail as psychiatrist's patients are recommended to become friends with each othe

BART offering riders perks to ease overcrowding on trains

Haiti's Ousted Leader Makes Rare Appearance to Back Candidate

Venezuela to expel Al Jazeera journalists

Rats, it looks like Tan Corolla lost.

Dog sobs when she sees rescuer coming to save her

Netanyahu Slams UN's Mideast Envoy: 'His Remarks Distort History, Push Peace Further Away'

Tribune Media inks deal to sell Tribune Tower to developer

Oh, so NOW we're worried about having a paper trail for voting ballots, since

The Dumbed-Down New York Times

a Doe at the feeder, beat the Racoons there.

In Don the Con's PRIVATE meeting with Mexico President Peña Nieto tomorrow I certainly hope that

CNN Has Been Showing Trump Uninterrupted ...

My tribute to Gene Wilder this evening

Any word on Grayson primary?

Did McCain win his primary?..n/t

The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised--Maduro Boots Out Al Jazeera

McCain survives primary challenge


Anyone know if McCain survived his primary?

Grappling with the close election, I turned on Faux "news". The problem is, these guys lie all day.

Rudy Giuliani, Jeff Sessions and perhaps Sheriff Joe Arpaio to accompany Trump to Mexico..

Top House Dems Seek FBI Investigation of Possible Trump Connections to Cyber Attacks

Venezuela arrests opposition activists ahead of anti-government rally

Listened to about a minute of Trump's speech in Everett WA tonight

Reuters: Trump and Clinton Are Tied

Despite misgivings, judge allows two Oregon standoff defendants to represent themselves

Half a dozen Native American tribes from across the nation gather with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to

Clinton Campaign Issues Statement on Trump’s Trip to Mexico

Oregon standoff: David Fry suffers from schizotypal personality disorder, mental health expert to...

Israel Quietly Legalizes Pirate Outposts in the West Bank

US Triples Special Ops Training Budget for Latin America

US Triples Special Ops Training Budget for Latin America

Naked robber steals Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Naked robber steals Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Did Don the Con watch "What About Bob?" last night or something?

Miami-Dade mayor race heading for November runoff

Phoenix Sheriff Arpaio wins easily in primary

Hillary camp statement on Trump Mexico visit:

Seriously, Trump is polling at zero among African Americans and Reuters has it even?

Nate Silver has "doubts" about Trump's Mexico visit

Panic grips Iceland after volcano hit by biggest earthquake tremors in 40 years

Gee, Freepers are taking McCain's overwhelming primary victory well

McCain scores decisive primary win

Who Profited From the $440 Billion Greek Bailout? Not Greeks

How's everyone voting on the legislator pay amendment?

Trump's Mexico trip requires Rudy and Sessions to babysit. What sort of

Posting images

NPR Host Demands Assange Do Something Its Own Reporters Are Told Never to Do

Portland mayor now pushing for 1-year extension to 'housing emergency'

Here Are 4 Terrifying Examples of a Post-Coup Brazil Future

Here Are 4 Terrifying Examples of a Post-Coup Brazil Future

Clinton leads by 5 as voters label Trump "inconsistent" on immigration

Dog becomes legendary for daily walks to town


Family of Portland woman killed by ex-boyfriend file a $30M lawsuit against county and halfway house

Elected officials reject a proposed plan from residents sseking local control over federal lands

Oregon's road usage charge program gets grant to expand

I hope she shreds tRump in the debates

This week in history: International Day of the Disappeared

Feeling sick about this country

This week in history: International Day of the Disappeared

Rare meeting between Beavers and Gophers

11 freshmen victims in alleged Philomath hazing, coach charged

Vladimir Putin nabbed in Florida

The Sinister Undertones Of Samsung’s National Anthems Advert

Donald Trump to Visit Mexico After More Than a Year of Mocking It

Ohio is falling off the Senate map. That’s trouble for Democrats nationally.

55 Years After Agent Orange Was Used In Vietnam, One Of Its Creators Is Thriving Here

cat watching a horror movie....

Stunning!! @numakura_manami

In Latin America, Environmentalists Are Being Murdered by the Hundreds

"Black Man Shot Dead For Not Holding Door Open For Woman At McDonalds"

In Latin America, Environmentalists Are Being Murdered by the Hundreds

A 600-Year-Old Money Pit in the Scottish Highlands

Amnesty law nullified in El Salvador: knowing the truth and taking the victims into account

United employee charged in $129,000 Denver International Airport jewel heist

ColoradoCare would operate in the black for at least 9 years, supporters argue in new analysis

Republican Meg Whitman makes campaign debut for Hillary Clinton in Colorado

Brazil Senate braces for Rousseff impeachment vote

Brazil Senate braces for Rousseff impeachment vote

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper to fracking critics: I hear you

Please tell me the "Dem" that said he was ok with getting rid of Social Security lost.

One volunteer wrote more disabled parking tickets than Denver police last year

Fatal dog attack in Conifer leaves a mother dead, her son injured

Black Woman Shot and Killed By Man who Drives through red light causing Accident

A "proper" black protest

Boulder council favors permanent day shelter for homeless, upped enforcement of camping ban

Murphy, DWS, Soto...Florida Dems just voted to stop disagreeing with Republicans on anything.

Cocaine or Sugar? Brazil Debates Senator's Bag of White Powder

In Russia, LDS Church defends 6 deported former missionaries

Feds say FLDS construction company broke child labor laws

FLDS leaders to make religious defense argument in fraud case

Church launches 'Racists Anonymous' meetings as well as 12-step program to help 'race addicts'

Democrats, Clinton sending anti-Trump mailers to Utah voters; Lee still not backing GOP candidate

Models at Trump's agency worked in U.S. illegally: report

Reid gives political papers to University of Nevada-Reno special collections

Trump, Clinton concentrate efforts on crucial Nevada

I'd like to give a special shout out to Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Daily Holidays August 31

Faults along Nevada-California border capable of causing major earthquakes, study finds

Governor Pence's willful ignorance and deliberate misrepresentation of evolution.

'Error': Arizona's new elections site struggles in debut

Sheriff Joe Arpaio breezes to primary win

Phoenix Grand Canal plan moves forward with revisions, delays

I was right! Trump's doctor is...

Christie vetoes $15 an hour minimum wage bill pushed by N.J. Democrats

Arizona Supreme Court lets minimum wage initiative stay on ballot

Arizona Supreme Court lets minimum wage initiative stay on ballot

Bloomberg: China Drug Sales to the U.S. Grow Despite Safety Concerns at Home

Supporters of marijuana legalization want new ballot description

State elections department to increase computer security

My congratulations to all the Democrats who won their primaries here in Florida.

SWIFT discloses more cyber thefts, pressures banks on security

SWIFT discloses more cyber thefts, pressures banks on security

Aurora massacre survivors sued. How did 4 end up owing the theater $700,000?

Lockdown lifted at Tucson Medical Center after woman shot

..."with liberty and justice for all." Is that unclear in any way? Why are the wingers clutching

FAIL: Maine House Republicans stand by LePage, deciding to take no action (UPDATED)

Michele Bachmann: God picked Trump to be the GOP nominee

NY Senate Candidate Wants To Remove Images of Gay People from School Textbooks

Thanks Aron Ra for showing how much Mike Pence knows (video).

Trump calls Democrats 'party of slavery' in minority outreach effort

Senators press Mylan on 'exorbitantly expensive' EpiPen

Senators press Mylan on 'exorbitantly expensive' EpiPen

Just how many failed businesses has dipshit had?

Of all people, Mika is first to tell the truth about Trump.

First U.S.-Cuba scheduled flight in decades set to depart

In Your Hands ...

First U.S.-Cuba scheduled flight in decades set to depart

Florida Supreme Court Scolds Judge Who Jailed Abuse Victim

Storms remind us of the rise in sea level and danger of surge...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: America's Greatest Threat

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: Farewell, Gene

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

The Fact That Trump Is NOT Down In The 20"s Proves How Sick The US Is.

A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election

Shannon Airport emergency landing: 16 in hospital

More parents believe vaccines are ‘unnecessary,’ while a mumps outbreak grows

Our Revolution Announces Formation of Board

Earth baking at unprecedented rate

Joe Sutter, ‘Father Of The 747,’ Dies At 95

Democratic Candidate Crashes Press Conference While He's Being Smeared

Surviving and thriving: Chancellor Lee Adams turns 16

Could Be A Trap - Mexico

Maine House Republicans stand by LePage, deciding to take no action

Strawberry grower fined $2.4 million, demanded kickbacks from Mexican workers

FAA threatens to take legal action against Santa Monica for its effort to shut down the city airport

Austin Poised to Become First "Sanctuary City" In Texas

Texas sues to enforce right to carry guns in county courthouse

DangeRUSS Situation, Cougars & Parcell's Disciples from DU fantast FB- ✓ in please

Giuliani Says He's Doing A Public Service By Stoking Clinton Health Conspiracy

Mexico might be a bit more open to building that wall today *

‘I was checkmated’: Conservative columnist quits after being embarrassed by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Susan Estrich

Latino influx is upending GOP politics in the battleground of Florida

Facebook fires trending team, and algorithm without humans goes crazy

Norman man objects to hijab-wearing woman's image on Pioneer Library vehicle

Half of Texas Child Protective Services' 10 regional directors are fired or retire

Legislation would restrict H-1B visas

How The Catholic Church Documented Mother Teresa's 2 Miracles

State attorneys reach tentative deal for 14 percent pay bump over two years

San Diego County settles jail meth death for $2.3 million

With a little help from her friends! Hillary hits the Hamptons for $25,000-a-ticket fundraiser .....

Al Gore: The Clean Energy Revolution Is ‘A Dramatic New Reality’

Trump Debate Prep: One Picture is Worth A Thousand Words... (Trigger warning !)

Rob Reiner: Clearly we're not sending our best to Mexico.

Someone Made a Sign for Religious People Outside a Memorial Service

Tell you one thing, if I see Pennywise hanging around my apartment complex, I'll get the hell out.

Trump <----> Pena Nieto: who wins today?

Bill to eliminate time limits on rape and molestation charges goes to Gov. Brown

Josh Marshall: Can Trump Be This Stupid? (Not a Trick Question)

Are you patriotic? A cartoon from the archives:

Men in suits

Well said, Stephen King! Kudos (or is it Cujos) to SK.

querido Presidente Peña Nieto

Michele Bachmann: God picked Trump to be the GOP nominee

"What bats in the attic? They're squirrels." . . . Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!

CBS This Morning

538 on These New Fangled Online Panel Polls

Atheist group notifies IRS about yet another church politicking from the pulpit

N. Korea: Top official executed, two others to be ‘re-educated’, says S. Korea

Michele Bachmann: God picked Trump to be the GOP nominee

Trump announces fix of East Chicago's lead problem

So only 52% of Trump supporters oppose building an Atlantic Coast wall to keep out Muslims

The Latest: Trump says immigrants taking minorities' jobs

JetBlue to launch historic U.S.-Cuba flight from Fort Lauderdale today

I bet there were some days you might wish for this, I do...

Maine "SOS: Save Our State (From LePage)" rally 8/30/16

Fresh material in WaPo Trump files: How Trumps kept black tenants out of their apts

Obama Pays Mexico Five Billion Dollars to Keep Donald Trump

Lyft passenger insulted by the cultural appropriation and insensitivity of her driver

Weather alert! PERFECT WEATHER predicted for SE WI today.

have you heard? trump is giving a MAJOR speech. it's MAJOR.

I demand that Trump resign from his executive positions and establish a blind trust

Trump: "Hey Nieto, fix that lawsuit for me.. or I will

Study finds African elephant population significantly lower than previously thought

Old, fat and ugly Rump is living in his own delusional bubble.

I trust President President Nieto will not allow Donald Trump to cuck him!

My own Gene Wilder story. Sort of.

€50 million of coke found in Coke factory in France

When the U.S. sends its people, it's not sending its best.

Trump Foundation

From Hillary camp: A big, beautiful list of literally every tweet Donald Trump has sent about Mexico

Mussolini's Buried Message to Trump: "I did it all first"

Murphy Announces Support for First Gun Control Candidates

Former Mexican First Lady not thrilled

So much penis envy in one photo

Donald Trump's HILARIOUS Debate Prep "Strategy" Exposed

University of Chicago Against Safe Spaces & "Trigger Warnings"

Florida men sad.

If Tesla Model 3 Delivers, “Gas Vehicles Are History”: Gas & Auto Services Dealers Of America Exec

Senate approves Bruce Beemer as new Atty General:

Shocker: Republican-Led States Are The REAL Welfare Queens

Nothing Has Really Changed Massive Segregation Still Exists Getting Worse.

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump arrives at South of the Border, South Carolina for Mexican summit.

ICYMI: Aired 7/14/16 on KPBS, Investors In Donald Trump's Failed Mexico Resort Speak Out, Baja,

The Atlantic: Addicted to Making Campaign Contributions?

New Spanish-language TV ad in Arizona designed to boost Hispanic voter registration

Food Price Deflation Cheers Consumers, Hurts Farmers, Grocers and Restaurants

"America's not great"

Louisiana Refuses To Take Action To Prevent KKK Members From Running For Office


This is where the media is in this country.

Hitler reacts to being compared to Donald Trump

Anyone know anything about pocket watches?

State Dept warns against Trump's short-notice visit to Mexico

Anti road rage

Debbie Wasserman Schultz will easily hold her

A dog poisoned because her owner openly supported Hillary Clinton.

Mexico City Trump protests planned

Clinton's campaign will stop campaigning & airing ads on September 11, 2016 in honor of the 15th ann

Rob Reiner Tweets: We're sending liars to Mexico

Trump's reason for visiting Mexico.

DRUMPF's "presidential decision" (stunt visit to Mexico) is con-job on parade

Pro-trade Democrats call Labor’s bluff

The Red Cross was ranked as an "A-" to the Clinton Foundation's "A" by CharityWatch, but the larger


OOOps,,,,,, another 14,000 Hillary Emails found

I fear the first debate reaction.

Trump's approval rating in Mexico, according to a June poll, was 2 percent.....

Can’t stand (Luckovich)

Grassley hints at Supreme Court confirmation hearing in lame duck

Hey, I warned you. Don't put kitteh on the leash. I warned you.

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Travelling To Mexico Today

Standing Rock, DN! Interviews

Thank You: "You made this momma exceedingly happy, and have made us fans for life!"

More on debating a chimp on stage with a machine gun

Pentagon officials allowed government spending at strip clubs and casinos

Well I'm 0-6 getting chosen for a jury, my latest was yesterday

Cassette? What cassette?

President Obama/VP Biden to Begin Rallying for Hillary in 2 Dozen Battleground States

I just had possibly the best idea ever.

Opposition To The $15.00 Wage/Minimum Wage Is Fundamentally Racist.

Plz,,, I need a recount,,,,,

Hillary used "chemicals" on her email!

Please offer me a seat.

“Not welcome”: Massive protests planned for Trump’s trip to Mexico

It's good that Hillary is prepping for debates, and taking them seriously.

If we are to start telling people what to wear, maybe we should ban suits.

White Lives Matter is a hate group. No, for real.

Costa Rica sets record - 113 days of 100% renewable energy

Name a movie title that has either Mister, Mrs. or Miss in the title... I'll start..

Mexico Trip Already A Disaster As Former Mexican President Busts A Big Trump Lie

The Mexicans love me!

The rundown: Here’s who won and lost the AZ primary races

Hannity: Glenn Beck Is On "A Holy War" Against Me For Supporting Trump

Trump's Trip To Mexico ... So What Changed His Mind?

Have you seen Tim Canova's concession quote? The man is an asshole

New Jersey Governor Christie vetoes minimum wage hike to $15/hr

Walk ten feet in my shoes.

anderson cooper needs to go - everyone should stop watching his show. He is a right wing shrill

Rape Wouldn’t Be an Issue If Women Were As Strong As Men, According to Donald Trump’s Campaign Mana

Rape Wouldn’t Be an Issue If Women Were As Strong As Men, According to Donald Trump’s Campaign Mana

Quick - let's build a wall so trump can't get back from Mexico - and his kids will pay for it.

Rape Wouldn’t Be an Issue If Women Were As Strong As Men, According to Donald Trump’s Campaign Mana

Vicente Fox: ‘I really apologize for Trump’s Mexico visit-Trump Using Mexico to push sinking polls'

ABC/WAPO POLL: Hillary’s Popularity Soars Among Democrats, Minorities

Does anyone know exactly when Trump is supposed

Polish envoy voices concerns about Brexit xenophobia after Harlow killing

Hillary About to Speak - live feed

Trump's trip is example of his dangerous impulsive behavior.

There are far fewer African elephants than we thought, study shows

Dilma Rousseff impeached by Brazilian senate

Birchbark Books online store

Batgirl 'housework': Target removes 'sexist' T-shirt and apologises

I predict how Trump will pay for the 'wall' and 'deportation force'

Let's make quotes on what Trump will say after his visit to Mexico

Batgirl 'housework': Target removes 'sexist' T-shirt and apologises

Donald Trump’s Incendiary Language

Batgirl 'housework': Target removes 'sexist' T-shirt and apologises

drats--I type in

Radio Host Dr. Joy Browne Dies at 71

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 177,000 Jobs in August

I think the Mexico trip is designed to distract from the Trump Model story.

Any plumbers on DU?

How a sexist T-shirt harms us all

How a sexist T-shirt harms us all

How a sexist T-shirt harms us all

The Trump boys hobby...

Finish the joke... A guy goes to the zoo, and asks the zoo keeper....

Photos: #NODAPL Police taking down warrior who chained himself to machinery

Woooo! Stay woke! Birds are up to some serious shite!

Pasta with salsa cruda

i just saw hillary clinton!

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #40: Zika Virus Apocalypse Edition

CNN: Trumps Appeal to Minority Voters Seems to Have Backfired

North Korea executes vice premier for 'disrespect': Seoul

Can somone ask Obama to let Don Siegelman out of jail and stop this

Court Costs Entrap Nonwhite, Poor Juvenile Offenders.

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – Women in Secularism

Not every part of the gun industry is self centered to the point of promoting violence.


Trump brought two racist with him to Mexico, Jeff Sessions and Rudy Guiliani

Mexico is ready for a YUGE Trump Celebration !!

Musing this morning on the treadmill

How we can build Trump's border wall

International Blasphemy Day (Sept 2016)

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff ousted from office by Senate

RACIST GLASSES: through the eyes of a Trump supporter

Writing Texas textbooks - More God needed

**“Not welcome”: Massive protests planned for Trump’s trip to Mexico**

Trump chilled by cold Election Day reality

YG & Nipsey Hussle "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)"

Clinton to speak at American Legion convention in Cincinnati

Why are Peña Nieto's poll numbers so low?

Loretta Sanchez just told Boris no more Trump pinatas left in her county

How Trump or Clinton could kill Pacific trade deal (if it passes under Obama)

May seem like a bad forest fire year, but it isn't

Trump's Mexican Deal

All 5 stray kittens now have roofs over their heads


Don't be sad

Dropbox hack leads to dumping of 68m user passwords on the internet

Monmouth Poll: WISCONSIN Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A fortune cookie for you today

Who Are The Democrats on Your Ballot in November, 2016?

Is there any live stream coverage of the Mexican protests of Trump.

You know it occurs to me

Native American Resistance Camp Fights Oil Pipeline

Call to Action: Horse Killers Stanley Brothers Son Slits Dogs' Throat with his Pal - for fun

Puzzling path to new UK nuclear power stations

Predictions for Trump's visit with the Mexican president.

South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping files for bankruptcy protection

South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping files for bankruptcy protection

Trump loses latest bid to derail university fraud lawsuit

High hopes new drug could be a ‘game changer’ against long-incurable Alzheimer’s

Trump Moves To Destroy The Free Press By Blocking US Media From Mexico Trip

Nowhere to go: Manassas trailer park residents face eviction

Trump can take his immigration plans and shove them ...

Tim Hortons expanding into England, Scotland, Wales

Health Canada plans to restrict chemicals used to make fentanyl

Stuntman rides unicycle on 840 foot tall chimney...

Addicted to Making Campaign Contributions?

Orangutans face complete extinction within 10 years! Sop buying products w Palm Oil!!

CPS investigating Weiner

Right wing extremists are a bigger threat than ISIS says Newsweek


People enhanced the environment, not degraded it, over past 13,000 years (on two islands)

Cocaine 'worth €50m' discovered at Coca-Cola plant

He has landed - I thought the MSM would cover it.

Fringe Conservatives Declare War On Paul Ryan

What people don't like is black people protesting against racism

***Any moment Trump to speak like in Mexico on CNN***

Joe Scarborough-just-released-a-music-video-about-amnestydon

What Donald Trump Doesn't Know About The 'Rat Park' Experiments.

How to tie tRump to your local/state candidate

Our Media Is Not Serving Our Democracy.

Ontario to test guaranteed-income program amid warnings about costs, effectiveness

High seas fisheries management could recoup losses due to climate change

Mexico Trip Already A Disaster As Former Mexican President Busts A Big Trump Lie

Hurricane Hermine - update

According to MSNBC just now U.S. "officials" don't see the Trump trip as any big deal at all.

This Is What A Warrior Looks Like | Dale "Happy" American Horse Jr.

$360 million Navy combat ship becomes an engineering casualty

Gabon poll: Street clashes after Ali Bongo beats Jean Ping

Nothing brings out the crazy, sexist asshole in people like a woman running for president.

Leaked 2015 Memo Told Dems: ‘Don’t Offer Support’ For Black Lives Matter Policy Positions

What people don't like is black people protesting against racism

Wacky YouTube Debbie (the "sane" progressive) Is Being Stupid Again

What the Heck Is Up With California's Recycling Program?

Hey Mr. President of Mexico! Since you have Trump in your country....

We'll first send back all illegal aliens who are criminals says Boris Ephsteyn, for Trump

A) "Why" Trump is going to Mexico- and B) what it'll do to his campaign


I hope some Duers are braver than I am.....

Why is a presidential nominee even ALLOWED to represent our nation internationally?

Rep. Linda Sanchez: ‘You cannot get your hands on a Trump piñata because they are sold out’

Beware of the dog.

Corgi gives birth to bundles of joy (and squee!)

Donald Trump Goes to Mexico! Video

I've been in a meeting all afternoon; are we at war with Mexico?

Trump changed his mind, he won't be speaking to African Americans in Detroit

Oldest fossils on Earth discovered in 3.7bn-year-old Greenland rocks

German nationalist lawmaker lashes out at Jewish activist

Hillary Clinton, Swiping at Donald Trump, Argues U.S. Is Vital World Leader

Sean Hannity Suffers On-Air Meltdown When He Realizes He Has No Influence

All non-white people are doing right now when birther Don the Con and ReTHUGs come calling is

Feds: Company tied to polygamous group used child labor

Donald Trump backs out of speaking at black church in Detroit

'The Star-Spangled Banner' and Slavery

Devastating new ad shows Trump campaign’s open racism makes some school kids’ lives hell

LIVE FEED: Pena/Trump now speaking

This joint speech by Pena Nieto and Trump is going to be interesting to dissect.

Supreme Court will NOT hear North Carolina's appeal in voter ID case

The fucking walking embodiement of splooge....

Dear Lord, did someone slip the Madman a mickey?

Eat your cauliflower - it doesn't just taste good - it's good for yah! Interesting read

Trump has singlehandedly re-invented the wheel. Dyslexics do that all the time.

How many times did Don the Con say "OUR HEMISPHERE" ?

Donald Trump has no more authority than I to negotiate with another country.


Nonna's Fried Potatoes

US high court refuses to reinstate North Carolina voter ID

It all makes sense now

Trump announces Mexican President assured him payment for Trump's border wall is pending

December election beckons as MPs scupper PM Rajoy's bid to form government

A crime prevention company decided Ryan Lochte was a worthy sponsor

Why would Peña seek to legitimize Trump?

The Turkeys are at the feeder.

The Media Is Falling Into A Sexist Trap By Focusing On Hillary Clinton’s Likability

Is Trump ok? He looks like shit

Weak Trump Steamrolled By Mexican President In Bizarre Press Conference

SPLC files federal complaint over discriminatory police practices in Pinellas County, Florida, schoo

Chuck Todd calls it a STUNT.

HE CAVED!!!!!!!!!!

51 Pregnant Women in NYC Have Zika

Why when Trump changes his mind, it's a "shift", but

I'm not a lawyer but:

The Maine Governor recently referred to black people and other POC as the enemy

Thor wants you to stop doing the wave

White Privilege is Fact. Period.

Best quote on Trump's Mexico visit:

Hillary Clinton Hits Trump for 'Dropping In' on Mexico

A New Book Called ‘Cat Wars’ Calls For Killing Free-Ranging Cats

Annaliese Nielsen (verbally) assaults Lyft driver (RAW Footage)

The Mexican people are very pissed off at their President

FYI: Rob Reiner helped to create Stephen Bannon (Breitbart), Trump's Campaign Manager

Dipshit donnie's statement on guns in his visit to Mexico

Breaking: Donald Trump loves mexicans.

European Weather Model On Tropical Storm Hermine

CNN's Calamity Worsens: Lewandowski Reportedly Prepping Trump For Debates - MMFA

Trump looked Presidential today.

Donald Trump and Mexico's Peña Nieto meet but don't discuss who would pay for a border wall

Pasta Sauces

ThinkProgress: Mexican President Fact Checks Donald Trump To His Face, In Spanish

Decommissioning costs: A blind spot in the nuclear power debate

Trump whimps out in Mexico: "We didn’t discuss payment of the wall. That’ll be for a later date."

Pena obviously gained from this meeting.

Duomo Cake

Trump, in Mexico, insists on America’s right to build a wall Read more:

Joe Scarborough Scorches Trump in Hilarious Music Video. Must See

Life got better for pretty much everyone under Obama, Gallup poll finds

Fred Taylor: NFL doctors never told me about shoulder injuries

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 1 September 2016

My last thought on the LePage situation.

Orange Deer in the Headlights: Trump's Mexico Press Conference

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton to Trump: Extreme rhetoric not welcome here

My definition of boredom.

PRESS RELEASE: Our Revolution Announces Formation of Board - August 29, 2016

The Rude Pundit: Trump Wusses Out in Mexico and You Have No God

Donald Discovers Diplomacy!!! Really. I am getting tired of el non-complexito figuring things out

How mental states can affect the rest of your body (could be TMI for some people).

Mexico's president just said they did talk about the wall and he told Trump Mexico will NOT pay for it.

Want to find out if your doctor is getting money from drug companies? I started looking after a

A record number of Americans now dislike Hillary Clinton - WaPo

Apple's tax bill could top twenty billion dollars, if they fail to overturn E.U. court ruling.

Trump in Mexico?

Trump couldn't get the Mexicans to pay for his wall? His trip was a failure then.


Clinton: Treat cyberattacks 'like any other attack'

Have you guys been keeping an eye on the AA group?

Secy. Clinton blowing by Andrea Mitchell's microphone was a thing of beauty.

Was the meeting of Trump and Peña Nieto negotiated beforehand?

Pena tells trump mexico won't pay for wall

Pic Of The Moment: You'll Be Amazed At This Stunning Photograph Of The Biggest Cave In Mexico

For Native American tribes, rivers ARE sacred. Native rights are ignored: But "think good thoughts"


Trump caught in yet another lie today:

Florida: Cop kills unarmed black man during narcotics raid that yielded a small amount of weed

Mexican President Fact-Checks Trump’s Lies During Painfully Awkward Joint Press Conference

Oh noes! Trump LIED about the wall discussion with President Pena Nieto

Planes that changed the world: The Douglas DC-3/C-47/Gooney Bird/Thuh Goon

How Russia Often Benefits When Julian Assange Reveals the West’s Secrets

Survivors of the Aurora shooting have to pay at least $700,000 to theater chain

You Do Not embarrass your host: first rule of diplomacy according to CNN spokes person. Said Trump


The “Six” Boroughs: A Focus on Queens

Woman sues Albuquerque for seizing car despite ban on civil asset forfeiture

Mexican President Fact Checks Donald Trump To His Face, In Spanish

Governor Signs Emergency Proclamation Ahead of Hurricanes Madeline and Lester

Predictive policing practices labeled as 'flawed' by civil rights coalition

Clinton Retweeted Brett LoGiurato “I will never lie to you.” —Donald Trump, August 18, 2016

Zika-Fighting Rick Scott Fails to Disclose His Wife’s Multi-Million Dollar Stake in Mosquito Control

I feel bad for the MSM

The Latest: Mexican president contradicts Trump on wall

Has Don the Con ever said anything about Russian mobsters in US?


Hopefully no one here expects Trump to clarify his position at his 9PM free

NEW statement from Clinton camp on Trump's Mexico trip: "TRUMP CHOKED & HE LIED"

Women Rising. Yes we are.

A deflated Trump leaves Mexico

NYPD Might Not Say If Officer in Chokehold Death Is Punished

The Real Questions That Need To Be Asked About Trump's Border Wall

Donald Trump and Enrique Peña Nieto’s Full Press Conference Statement

Donald Trump Is a Nincompoop!

Luckovich Toon - Trump Visits Mexico - Wall Nut

Labor Board Orders Volkswagen to Begin Bargaining With UAW

Labor Board Orders Volkswagen to Begin Bargaining With UAW

Alex Jones Says He's Advised Trump

Donald Trump Thinks Clinton Poured Bleach On Her Server. Literally.