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Archives: August 30, 2016

O'Malley in Iowa: Donald Trump's a racist.

I meant to mention this before

When did the US National Anthem become solely associated........

Local news now reporting Don the Con and Pence will be in Phoenix Wednesday...

Whenever you get pissed off at the cable news TV media, remember this:

Trump Is Racist & Bigoted. And So Are Republicans Period.

Hillary for America Response to Trump’s Latest Misleading Ad

Love hearing the MSM whine about no press conferences

HRC to campaign in Cleveland on Labor Day

Number of Arab teachers in Jewish schools rises by 40%

Remembering the Beatles' Final Concert, 50 Years Ago Today

Undocumented Dream | Rossy Evelin Lima | TEDxMcAllen

Jackie Robinson had strong feelings about the National Anthem as well.

Evangelical leaders supporting trump are hurting chri$tinsanity

TWEET: Meg Whitman in Denver Tomorrow For HRC!

Where are Sec. Clinton's surrogates?

Where does Donald Trump stand on the issues?

Darrell Issa (R asshole) in trouble.....

Really harmonious groups from the 60s

Grumpy Cat Wants $600k From ‘Pirating’ Coffee Maker

Not just the dentist and tRump's it's a 12 year old female killing

Boston Herald: Maura Healey shoots Dems in foot with gun grab

Dr. Bornstein's (Trump doctor of "letters") YELP reviews....

Anybody want a quarterback?

Heh! Elway Supremo's best favourite fan of the Texas Rangers is at the game tonite...

A FFV not for the faint of heart: 309 cu in, 1341 hp, on E85; 0-60: 2.5 sec, top speed: 273 mph

Today In Breitbart "News": how "women's liberation" ruined the lives of women.

Who the heck does the San Francisco police think they are to demand an apology

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Disasters Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

Huma Abedin is absolutely beautiful.

Greenwald ** Democracy Now ** Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff

I miss No Drama Obama

TYT 2012: Trump helping Romney back then

Early voting in Milwaukee to include remote sites

Appeals court refuses to reconsider Wisconsin voter ID cases

LePage must GO. Period! Here is what you can do right now. (Spread the word.)

Don the Con makes clear that he and his followers should leave the United States

Feingold calls Clinton 'trustworthy'

Why methane gas has "exploded" onto the climate change scene.

Trump should heed his own advice?

I just want to vent

Trump surrogate apologizes (sort of) for tweeting cartoon of Clinton in blackface

Trump surrogate apologizes (sort of) for tweeting cartoon of Clinton in blackface

Neglecting Wisconsin’s vets: Residents suffer at King home while state reallocates surplus money

Brazil's president proclaims innocence at impeachment trial

Poll: Clinton still leads Trump nationally, but gap is narrowing

Deathstroke Will Be Main Villain in Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space

As Hillary Clinton Does Exhaustive Debate Research, Donald Trump Scorns It

Trump blames the first woman he can think of for Weiner's sexting.

Feingold tells unions he will oppose 'unfair labor deals'

Donald Trump Losing by a Landslide Would Heal the Nation

52 Year War Officially Ends in Columbia.. Peace.. BBC:

University of Wisconsin-Madison is top party school in US

Donald Trump On Colin Kaepernick: "Maybe He Should Find A Country That Works Better For Him"

New PPP poll: Clinton: 48; Trump 43

Maybe a classroom project? Do you like ORIGAMI? Do you like elephants?

Maybe a project for homeschoolers? Do you like ORIGAMI? Do you like elephants?

Origami, anyone? For a good cause (elephants)?

How to Keep a Zibaldone, the 13th Century's Answer to Tumblr

Martin Selig just jumps off the Trump train

Gabby Douglas Hospitalized, Misses VMA Appearance With Final Five

I bet Trump was sitting across from his doctor while that letter was written.

Minnesota lawmaker doesn’t live in district, should be removed from ballot, judge rules

And then there was only Teri and Cloris

How long into the 1st debate (if it happens) will Don the Con say "Crooked Hillary"....

Owner of seized payloader files suit against North Dakota crime bureau agent

Lt. Gov. Wrigley answers questions on 'unlawful' pipeline protest

Thousands of migrants rescued off Libya

Judge in pipeline case stresses importance of law

So, how'd that work out for you, Mizzou?

Put. The candle. Back.

A Little Past Rough dog rescue by Chealsy Memphis, TN

FBI offers $50,000 reward for capture of escaped polygamous sect leader

Road Rage: Trump style..

California lawmakers pass rape bill inspired by Stanford case

Shut up and play ball: Why America can’t handle black athletes who talk about race

North Dakota gubernatorial candidates building on political foundations

Best quote so far about Kaepernick situation and not sure who it is from.

Donald Trump On Colin Kaepernick: "Maybe He Should Find A Country That Works Better For Him"

So about the debates,

tRump wants to revive this laughably pathetic TV pilot about himself

Scott Brown Too Sexy To Have Sex-Harassed Anyone, According To Scott Brown

Flashback Friday: May 1984 – Raid on the University of PA Head Injury Lab

"Anthony Weiner is proof that the Clintons don't actually have people murdered."

Tom the cat has 'sixth sense' in comforting ailing veterans

Maddow just now: Trump's latest Fav/Unfav rating among African Americans

Donald Trump Floats Conspiracy Theory That Huma Abedin Has Terrorist Ties

#PervyDonald has no right commenting on the Anthony Weiner incident!

Westworld trailer (new HBO series)

Trump slams Colin Kaepernick: ‘Maybe he should find a country that works better for him’

Health care giants promise another push for Medicaid expansion in 2017

Koch brothers-backed group says ballot measure could invite lawsuits

Ethanol producer Poet top SD contributor in 2016 election

Charlie Wilson: "These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world...


Tax, fee increases boost funding for state, local roads and bridges

Almost a third of Cuba is forest thanks to program

Lawrence County residents to vote on controversial quarry

Almost a third of Cuba is forest thanks to program

This Jewish-Arab Israeli duo owns Berlin’s hippest hummus joint

‘Kakeru’ and ‘kakaru’: two very useful Japanese verbs worth hanging on to

White Fragility Workplace Training Video

Does anybody know what a mink looks like?

Board wants Kintner to resign by Friday due to his cybersex scandal using a state computer

"More NFL Players Say They Will Now Sit During The National Anthem As Well"

Long-term-care insurance policyholders face sharp premium hikes

Rick Perry to join Dancing with the Stars

Trump disavows robo-call from David Duke

Catholic Charities of Omaha looks for providers to take over some services after $1M in losses

Budget veto stands in Lincoln; Republicans fail to get fifth vote for override

Woman gets jail time in 'driving while black' case

Woman gets jail time in 'driving while black' case

My best Donald Trump tshirt yet

Daniels Produce to pay $250K in back wages to workers

Daniels Produce to pay $250K in back wages to workers

Freshman Rep. Cresent Hardy (R-Nev.), was hospitalized Monday after suffering a minor heart attack

Blast at Chinese embassy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

K-State cuts library hours, staff and subscriptions


Kansas motel owner gets probation for trying to kill wife

9 Texas colleges rank among the 'absolute worst' for LGBT students, gay rights group says

Wild Raven Talks With Old Man

A decade on, vaccine has halved cervical cancer rate

two more images from Trinidad....

Game interrupted on account of sheep

$600 designer sneakers feature dirt, tears and duct tape

If Trump Was Competing On His Own Program - Celebrity Apprentice....

New Yorker claims he was gay-bashed while nearby police did nothing

Houston school employee accused of scamming $34,450 from students

Texas AG sues owner of South Side San Antonio dump site with 1 million tires

Clinton Studies How Best to Ruffle Trump Face to Face

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood: 'Vaccinations can and do cause autism'

Air ambulance companies claim Wyoming owes them $2 million as state fights to cap fees


Daily Holidays August 30

Wyoming's tourism industry unlikely to offset energy losses

Increase in fines in Wyoming stirs workplace safety debate

Man skips court, says law doesn’t apply to him

Central Bankers Spurn Call for Radical Approach at Jackson Hole

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Face to Face (VIDEO)

Laramie marked as best Wyoming hippie city

Free to good home...

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 30/8/16

did you watch Rachel Maddow last nite?

Adult coloring books topping bestseller lists

What Did You Do, When The Time Came?

Rick Perry on DWTS

Apple should repay Ireland €13bn, European Commission rules

NBC Survey Monkey this morning

The Protective Wall of Messianic Judaism Destroying Israel

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Sick Con

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Conning the Sick

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Top 10 Demolitions Gone Wrong

Trump backer tweets cartoon of Clinton in blackface

Westbrook teen center cancels LePage’s sudden town hall

Man shot and killed for not holding the door open for woman at a McDonald's

Obama Administration Hits Goal Of Welcoming 10,000 Syrian Refugees One Month Early

North Tower Explodes - Close Up Zoomed/Repeated

@MonmouthPoll BREAKING: National likely voters Aug 29

'Dead or Alive' VR is basically sexual assault, the game

The problem is the Republican Party.

The Top Gun Industry Trade Group Just Pledged to Help to Prevent Nearly 10,000 Suicides

Bernanke says we should just print money and spend it

An October Surprise ?

Team Trump gives Republicans a ‘look inside’ transition for 5K donation

Hillary Clinton Piles Up Research in Bid to Needle Donald Trump at First Debate,

WikiLeaks Plans To Pay For Dirt On Clinton And Trump

Why We’re Not #ReadyToWait: Sabrimala IS a ‘Gender Issue’

Zinke, Juneau reach out to rural voters in first debate

How Trigger Warnings Silence Religious Students

This republican attempt to brand women with the sexual misconduct of their spouse

Is it time for Apple to return to America?

Today's Primary contests

Giuliani Blasts Beyoncé’s VMA Performance: ‘I Saved More Black Lives’ Than She Has

Trump’s popularity with African-American voters polling at zero

Poll: Majority of GOP voters wish they chose another presidential nominee

‘Trump Revealed’: The reporting archive

Meg Whitman to campaign for Clinton on Tuesday

State seeks to discipline Cascade County over fair insurance

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Rick Perry is doing Dancing With The Stars. No, really.

Trump’s deportation waffle highlights campaign weaknesses

Bannon: Progressive women "a bunch of dykes that came from Seven Sister schools"

A Putin-sponsored October surprise? - By Dana Milbank

State's ending fund balance less than expected, memo says

These 2 polls on how Hispanics feel about Trump and Clinton may surprise you

University of Montana College of Education announces $5 million gift

"You don't like what Kaepernick has to say? Then prove him wrong, BE the nation he can respect."

Questions for Trump for debates ?

Trump campaign chief reaches out to former Carter adviser

Governor declares state of emergency for Yellowstone River fish kill

After Learning That Hillary's Average Lead Has Fallen from 7 Points to 6.9 I Just Want To Say

Koch’s $5.6 million to Montana State University part of outreach to campuses

Lawsuits: Trump’s Doctor ‘Overmedicated’ Patients Who Died in His Care

Record $104.1 million donated to Montana State University in last fiscal year

Jimmy Carter's Email for Hillary

For the Love of Gilda: Gene Wilder’s Amazing Cancer Legacy

50 Least Powerful People in the World

Fox News Slams Tantaros As ‘Wannabe’ And ‘Opportunist’ In Response To Suit

The Race is tightening a bit

Which outfit is more disturbing?

Idaho lawmakers’ impasse on Medicaid expansion persists

Harry Reid Cites Evidence of Russian Tampering in U.S. Vote, and Seeks F.B.I. Inquiry

Fatbeam donates $3.2 million in broadband infrastructure to the University of Idaho

Third breakdown in year for $360M US Navy combat ships

Enough of the Gene is with Gilda

Here's a Gene Wilder Movie You May Not Have Seen

Pastor David E. Taylor Court Deposition Exposed Misuse Of Ministry Funds

Has a single Democrat mentioned the name

Hey, @DRUDGE_REPORT, that's not Huma — it's Aung San Suu Kyi

2 kids shot in Philly home playing with gun

Things Black Voters Like More Than Trump: Bedbugs, Bubonic Plague, Mosquitoes, Carnies

Colin Powell’s foundation and Hillary Clinton’s are treated very differently by the media

House Conservatives Plot Coup Against Speaker Paul Ryan

Mr. Blur


Sounds like she’s got this…

George Soros' quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system

Rick Perry is going to be on Dancing with the Stars

Nice Touch: Roger Ailes Came to Trump Debate Prep With a Black Eye

Don't get played again by the right.. they are out in full force..

LePage apologizes, says he is considering resignation

Gene Wilder With Robert Osborne, June 13, 2013

Colombian border town becomes an economic lifeline for Venezuelans

Clinton proposes plan to address mental health treatment

U.S. Home Prices Continued Strong Gains in June

Psychiatric hospital Western State no longer part of national accreditation program

Bill to increase farm overtime moves to California governor

Dogs Can Understand Both What We Say and How We Say It

I think this question should be posed to Donald Trump

Meet Phillip Anderson, the Libertarian who could play spoiler in Wisconsin's U.S. Senate race http:/

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Considers Resigning

Vets picket VA hospital in Spokane over cuts to physical therapy program

BREAKING: LePage may step down as Gov. of Maine!

Seattle weighs new rules for businesses with hourly workers

Why do so many people admire Paul.

Former head of Richland home for juvenile felons pleads guilty

Red Handfish. He's gonna build a reef - and make the angler fish pay for it

Craig Melvin: "What happened to Hillary's convention bounce? The race is tightening."

Donald Trump's Doctor Admits Writing "Medical Letter" to Please Trump

Limits on art posted here at DU

CH2M Hill adds 300 employees, takes on more Hanford work

Donald Trump's WORST TWEET EVER About Dwyane Wade's Cousin's Murder?

Roads closed for construction of $82 million state office building

If you need a good chuckle....the door buzzard thread

#CLOWNS - Since Scott Walker &.Ron Johnson took office 11,331 Wisconsin jobs went overseas

The After School Satan Club has requested access to my childs' school.

Which comedian should play Trump in Hillary's debate prep?

Amtrak Provides Details On New Acela Express Service & Fleet Slated For 2021

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Planning To Win Big WIth African-Americans

This is True - Sarah Palin in rock climbing accident

Not too difficult but: How Donald Trump Won Over Europe's Right-Wing Xenophobes

What's the best short story by known author about death of a loved one?

Prosecution of Financial Crisis Fraud Ends With a Whimper

My experience with jurisprudence and the intersection of politics (and gender) UPDATED

Interesting behind the scenes account of "wreath laying"

Triumph Gets Democrats To Sell Out • Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016

Vidéo: Dans une prison américaine

@NBCNews/@SurveyMonkey Weekly Poll: Clinton 41% (+4) Trump 37% Johnson 11% Stein 5%

How the Political Revolution Failed Tim Canova

The New York Times editorial board called on Clinton to cut ties with the Clinton Foundation

& Christie says: "Nothing."

What I learned reading 3,721 pages of Hillary Clinton's schedule

John Lennon's Killer Mark Chapman Denied Parole Again

Please remember to Vote YES on Amendment 4 TODAY. (Removes taxes on home solar systems)

While the country obsessed over Trump/Weiner, Hillary rolled out a mental health plan.


Drudge Report confuses Abedin for Suu Kyi in photo

the clinton foundation scandal is biased and cynical -- and we should embrace it wholeheartedly

French PM suggests naked breasts represent France better than a headscarf

UN under pressure to set up inquiry into Syria aid programme

Is absolute loyalty to Hillary now required here to be in good standing?

Yet another smear against Hillary, this time via Bill...

Cartoon: Why Trump won't reveal his tax info

Owen Labrie’s Accuser Reveals Identity, Wants To Be Voice For Others

MEANWHILE, in West Palm Beach...

The Passive vs. the Active Citizen.

"Dream On" cover -- Postmodern Jukebox

Bright-eyed and bushy haired. . . . Come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Pentagon orders review of unfinished aircraft carrier

Disbarred Duke lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong is back, along with more misconduct allegations

California Governor Brown signs law banning use of bullhooks on elephants

Oklahoma Police Protect Corrupt US Senator Jim Inhofe (R)

A school banned BLM t-shirts but allowed Confederate flag t-shirts...(until now)

New Intel Kaby Lake chip "enforces anti-piracy DRM protections as required by the major studios"

TCM to Remember Legendary Comedic Actor Gene Wilder on Sept. 29

Interesting Short Documentary About the Star Spangled Banner

MarketWatch: The stock market has already picked the next U.S. president

Did they ever release interview notes from Bush and Cheney

Wed. silly video - Wallace and Gromit - The Great Train Escapade

Abdul-Jabbar: Insulting Colin Kaepernick Says More About Our Patriotism Than His

Debate Prep: Bill Maher for Trump Stand-in!

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. --samuel johnson

Trump, do black lives matter more than the NRA?

Japan’s $320 Million Gamble at Fukushima: An Underground Ice Wall

Hat tip to edhopper.

What's Trump spending his Repub bankroll on?? Not his Campaign!

Debating Trump: "Like being on stage with a chimp with a machine gun."

How come the question of Melania's education claims hasn't been pursued fully?

Let me get this right?

Stephen King Horror Movie turns real as clowns try to lure children into South Carolina woods.

Michael Savage proves his true calling...

Trump crony wants to keep women from voting...


One (California) Sheriff Follows the Law, Another Sheriff Does Not


Construction continues, VDOT sues as Ashburn man holds on to his home

France to call for end to TTIP talks between EU and US

Bill to increase farm overtime moves to California governor

'Another Day, Another Death Knell' for TTIP as France Calls for End of Talks

Bill to increase farm overtime moves to California governor

Bill to increase farm overtime moves to California governor

This is what it looks like when society collapses

Former models for Donald Trump's agency say they violated immigration rules and worked illegally

The Morals of Drones

. Melania Knauss wedding dress

Alleged al Qaeda bomber loses pretrial challenge

USDA closes offices in five U.S. states after threats

Mental health advocate stabbed by son, in critical condition

Oklahoma mother charged with using crucifix to kill 'possessed' daughter

Oklahoma mother charged with using crucifix to kill 'possessed' daughter

Sacramento-area faith-based hospital denies transgender man hysterectomy

What to do with an obnxious street preacher...

Sacramento-area faith-based hospital denies transgender man hysterectomy (xpost from GD)

North Korea executes officials with anti-aircraft gun in new purge – report

I'm At The Point Of Retirement And Am Looking To Make Some Extra Money.....

Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

Trump’s trolls: Not long for this world (one dares to hope!!)

New Pennsylvania Poll: Dems lead in both Presidential and Senate race

Why is Hillary asking for $1 donations?

Trump's History Undermines New Outreach to Black Voters

Agriculture Department Closes Offices in 5 States After Threats

Is There A Group Here On DU That Speaks To Repurposing, Recycling, Rewiring Things?.....

Grassley Opens The Door To Lame Duck SCOTUS Confirmation Of Garland

Police seek warrant to search Chris Brown's home after woman alleges he pointed a gun at her

Rubio Not Sure He’ll Stay In Office For Full Senate Term If Re-Elected

Nevada Senate Race: Joe Heck And The Kochtopus

Is There a Trump Effect Downballot?

Valley girl rages on Lyft driver over "politically incorrect" bobble head doll

I'll tell you what is "disrespecting the flag"

Electoral Blowout Doesn’t Look Likely

Pentagon officials allowed government spending at strip clubs and casinos

When I dream about falling, I almost always wake up before I hit the ground. Is this

What just happened to me in Lima, Peru, yesterday...

A decade on, vaccine has halved cervical cancer rate

Black Activists in Missouri Are Fighting to Preserve the Right to Vote

Duke Campaign: Trump Only Disavowed Robocalls At Direction Of Advisers

Republicans have swooned over Putin for years, now he'll steal US election for them.

Sarah Palin’s Head Injury Somehow Made Her Even Crazier

Anti-GMO Group Throws Feces and Rotten Eggs At Plant-Breeding Conference

NC pastor for Trump wants to end joblessness by ‘returning’ blacks to Africa to build roads

Cuckoo Alex - Hillary and Kimmel hit team out to get him

Freedom Caucus Is Public Enemy Number 1. Want To Oust Liberal Ryan.

I haven't seen a single Trump yard sign in PA. But apparently, there is a 'Trump Tree'...

Aviation enthusiasts; In light of the retirement of the MD-80, check out this vid

I'm clearing out my Ignore list at midnight tonight

An indictment of Trump for the debates

PublicPolicyPolling: 56% opine that BedBugs are better than Donald Trump--others....

Firearm design


67% of Trump voters think if Clinton wins it will just be bc the election was rigged, 18% bc she got

Daily Cute: Caring Children Rescue Newborn Kittens

ISIS spokesman killed in Syria

Clinton names Warren ally to transition team

I want to substitute an oil for "salad oil" for a chocolate cake recipe.

The Missing Verse of The Star Spangled Banner That May Change Your View Of Our Anthem.

Reagan solicitor general: Donald Trump is a risk we can't take

Ohio abortion pill restriction had no clear safety benefits, study finds

Because self control has it's limits:

Climate change predicted to halve coffee-growing area that supports 120m people

Buyer’s Remorse: Crybaby Republicans Now Sad That Trump Is Their Nominee

Trump rally emcee: Ban women voters who use ‘free contraception’ and we will ‘win every election’ Da

Kaepernick: Protest IS Patriotic! (w/Guest: Carl Higbie)

What is the deal with singer Chris Brown?

Mucc -Sorawasure

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 30, 2016

The Trump campaign has a ground game problem.

My wife and I went to the MN State Fair

Team Of Vatican Geneticists Successfully Clone God

MSM has robbed us of a serious conversation about the management of America .

We also need to start attention to the state houses

Primary day in FL and the weather is horrible, been pouring rain all day

On this day in 1967 Thurgood Marshall became 1st African American confirmed as Supreme Court Justice

Top House Dems Seek FBI Investigation of Possible Trump Connections To Cyber Attacks

Five new state polls (DLCC email)

Clinton silent on Dakota Pipeline

Just what Breitbart's minions were predicting to do is becoming evident in

Montini: Trump says Kaepernick should find another country (Or, should Trump?)

iPad2 users: is there any fix for the constant reloading of web pages?

Many thanks to Elad for helping me with my account!

Why was this Malheur occupier at the state Capitol?

Today was "Military Appreciation Day" at the Minnesota State Fair.

Mississippi State removes state flag with Confederate emblem

Your dog really does know what you’re saying, and a brain scan shows how

Republican Lawmaker: Green Energy Supporters Unfit For Office

Religious Leader Plans Protest Of Trump’s Talk to Detroit African Americans

Settlement Forces US to Decide Whether 9 Species Endangered

Walter Scott Shooting: Judge Sets 2017 Civil Rights Trial for Ex-Officer Who Shot Black Motorist

Steve K is letting Trump spokesperson go on and on and on and on, msnbc

Google Takes on Uber With New Ride-Share Service

Obama Commutes Sentences of 111 Federal Inmates

911 Calls From Pulse Nightclub Shooting Released

Oh Puleeeze!

N.Y. high court broadens definition of parent in landmark ruling

Misread arthuroscopic surgery description from buttonhole sized incision to butthole

Where is fugitive polygamist Lyle Jeffs? Possibly swept away in rapture, lawyer says

Trump 3.0: The Three Faces of Evil

Duke Robocalls Ask Voters to Vote for Him and Trump

What is the Purpose of a Gun?

This Is A Great PR Move By Chris Brown

Coca Cola facing terrorism support charges in Colombia

Coca Cola facing terrorism support charges in Colombia

Summer Seasonal Photo Contest will open for Submissions September 1st

Is the past or present better for people like you? Trump/Clinton supporters differ.

Trump Loses Latest Bid to Derail University Fraud Lawsuit

Deadhead Timothy Tyler, sentenced to life in federal prison in 1994 for LSD has sentence commuted!

Yard Signage

For second straight year, Druze town has top matriculation rate

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Watches Issued for portions of the Florida Gulf Coast - NHC

Perry On DWTS. ICK!! Hope He Goes First Elim. May Pass Watching This Year.

Beyond the 28 Pages - What A Real 9/11 Investigation Would Reveal

California officials offer $10K reward in hunt for sea otter killers

NEWSWEEK: "The GOP's Low Point Is Now"-How Trumps Politics Will Gut The Republican Party For DECADES

Sakuraoto - Samfree

Sakuraoto -Samfree

This election season is giving me a headache

Donald Trump's New Campaign C.E.O. Recorded Using Anti-gay Slur

"I'm in a union. You're welcome." How strong labor unions help EVERYONE.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Christian Woman Sues To Wear Headscarf In Alabama Driver's License Photo

A Brief History of the College Textbook Pricing Racket

Dir en Grey- Itoshisa wa Fuhai ni Tsuki

Dir en Grey- Itoshisa wa Fuhai ni Tsuki

TRUMP: "I am the lone ranger"

Stanford rapist is being released this Friday after serving THREE months of his six month sentence.

Donald Trump Jr. spreads ridiculous "Hillary pays pollster; Trump really leads FL 74-9" meme

Report: Yasiel Puig has been claimed on waivers (team unknown)

Eating beans from a can with garlic-red pepper spice medly. My new go to cheap dinner. What is your

CHARLES PIERCE: NYT tried to make the Weiner story a Clinton story, and the result is embarrassing

Montini: The making of a milquetoast maverick – John McCain

Exclusive: Kochs pull out of Ohio Senate race

White House Asks 'Deception Committee' to Study Russian Hacks

Tim Tebow has decent tryout. Are the Gnats going to sign him?

Jimmy Carter takes interview, while building homes, to discuss controversial issues—because he can

“Asymmetric Politics”: A deep dive into the mysterious puzzle of America’s political divide

Rules for not losing fans if you're an NFL player

FBI to publicly release report recommending NO CHARGES in Hillary Clinton email server investigation

This could sink any chances for Trump in NYC

A story about Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman...So Good.

Kellyanne Conway: ‘Rape would not exist’ if women were strong enough

Teddy Bridgewater seriously injured at Vikings practice

EDIT TO ADD Arizona Link also. FL polls close at 7pm ET.

Donald Trump is so far out of touch reality that Fox News Sunday busted the Republican nominee for

RIVER REST-Kimi no te

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! This is illegal

@HillaryClinton on Undocumented immigrants----> Trump's plan: vs An alternative:.........

Nutty Trump pastor on Hardball

Steve K on msnbc giving that Pastor Burns about 10 minutes of yelling at us. whow.

Donald Trump Has Blown Up Republicans’ Racism Defense

I think our own DemoTex is one of these "freaks on the peaks," yes?


Jesus Mary and Joseph..Trump's batshit black pastor is gonna blow a fuse

African-American DUers -- do you judge other AA Trump voters?

Tony Stewart slams Colin Kaepernick.

US ‘concerned’ over advanced air defense battery at Iran nuke site

Kim Anh: Shadows

Colin Powell’s foundation and Hillary Clinton’s are treated very differently by the media

Kim Anh: Shadows

The FBI Could Be Closing In On Trump As Democrats Demand Investigation Into GOP Nominee

Why is Ohio always a Battleground State?

FBI to release report on investigation into Clinton emails as early as tomorrow. CNN

Obama Commutes Federal Prison Sentences Of 111 People

TCM @ 7 pm CDT: "Young Bess"

White Lives Matter Has Been Declared a Hate Group

Jay Chou - wo luo lei. qing xu ling sui

OPEN LETTER TO THE MEDIA: In the Name of Decency, Stop Tipping the Scale for Trump

Mel Brooks will be on the Late Show tonight..nt

Mel Brooks will be on the Late Show tonight..nt

Rainie Yang - Jue Dui Da Ling / An Absolute Darling

Trump mouthpiece Pastor Mark Burns

Gackt: Ride or Die

"Why Iran is desperate for U.S. passenger planes, but can't have them"

FL Polling Clerk Fired After Telling Voter That Independents Are Not Allowed To Vote

Girls Generation: VIsual Dream (Pop!Pop!)

The Nikola One- a 100% Emission Free All Electric Class 8 Truck

Girls Generation: Visual Dream (pop!Pop!)