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There's a Venomoth in my Kitchen

I desperately need someone to explain to me how to donate on ActBlue.

New bat species wings its way into Minnesota (normally found in southern US)

Shout out to 1StrongBlackMan

Blake Farenthold is a major douchebag. Telling Chris Hayes that the media is

Anyone catching the idiot congressman from....

What sort of D-bag eats fried chicken with a knife and fork?

Reach in and touch objects in videos with 'Interactive Dynamic Video'

A group of women athletes new to the Olympics

To EVERY Republican who has endorsed Trump, WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!!

Did anybody hear Rick Wilson say that Trump was a virus eating his host from the inside out?

LOL, #KatrinaPiersonHistory Trending On Twitter

Steward signs three-year contract with union workers

Now Drumpf is trying to crash the stock market.

Steward signs three-year contract with union workers

Steward signs three-year contract with union workers

Trump Claims America Should Never Have Given Canada Its Independence

On the outside, it appears as if DT is throwing his own race for the presidency...

Do any of you think any major American newspaper will endorse Trump?

Garth Hudson of the Band

Footage of the GOP giving birth to Donald Trump


FALSE-per Snopes->Hillary Clinton Cancels Cleveland Rally, Sparking Low Attendance Rumors by the RW

A new book is coming out Trump!!!!

Top Maine Republicans not attending Trump rally

Khan on Anderson Cooper is amazing

Khizr Khan for US Supreme Court!

U.S. Sent Cash to Iran as Americans Were Freed

Crying baby from Trump rally issues statement

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Gone Viral! Mike's Back!

"Boys Of '36" on PBS now..n/t

The Repugs Missed Their Opportunity To Dump Trump.....

Forget Australia’s Gun Laws. American Reform Advocates Have Their Own Island to Study.

Obama will

3 a.m. | The SIMPSONS

Report: Chicago agency had no records on 6 police shootings

Dominion Power might be trying to work in its image.

Sheriff: Depressed veteran arrested for attempted murder

Trump University Lawsuit Advances As Judge Curiel Deals Blow To Donald

Anybody else noticing that Trump supporters have become very quiet on Facebook?

White Power Trump Supporter Guys Almost As Scared Of Women As Donald Trump Is

White Power Trump Supporter Guys Almost As Scared Of Women As Donald Trump Is

Trump loses bid for pretrial win in Trump University lawsuit

U.S. Donald Trump's Many Business Failures, Explained

She Walked Into My Husband's Lap - And Our Hearts (kitty rescue by Danyal Dover, OH)

There Are 84 Active Hate Groups In Texas, The Most Of Any State

LOL! Dana Bash says Trump campaign, including Manafort, are very frustrated

Katrina Pierson crashes in epic flameout by blaming Obama for Capt. Khan’s 2004 death

Bank Determined Trump Wasn’t a Billionaire

Chiyonofuji (the Wolf) dead of pancreatic cancer at 61.

At the rate he is going, how can he possibly make it to November 8?

Huelskamp (Wingnut-Kansas) losing!

Can we talk about Twitter?

Police sergeant fired for Confederate flag

Man Who Dreamed of Restarting Aryan Army Charged with Hate Crime

Marco Rubio To Headline Radical Anti-LGBT Event. In Orlando.

Ryan Bundy Declares Himself Not Subject To US Courts

With 30% of the votes tallied, John Conyers is leading Janice Winfrey 60% to 40%

AG: No Misconduct by Waupaca Co. DA following disappearing OWI Charges

I think we should also blame Obama for Captain Kangaroo's death

Snapping up cheap spy tools, nations 'monitoring everyone'

Snapping up cheap spy tools, nations 'monitoring everyone'

Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez ‘at peace’ with possibility of release

Welp, O'Donnell is finally getting into the diagnoses with Trump.

Don the Con just lost a very strong supporter!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!

Trump's lawsuits

Third assassination of mayor in Mexico in two weeks

Third assassination of mayor in Mexico in two weeks

Is lying a sickness or for Trump a way of life?

To the Go-Along Republicans - WSJ op-ed

Cartoon on Islamaphobia from facebook:

Peru probes alleged executions by police

Peru probes alleged executions by police

It looks like Tim Huelskamp (R-Scumbag)

LePage speaks about Trump's comments on the Khan family

Israeli Border Police Officer Suspended After Throwing Palestinian Girl's Bike Into Bushes

Tim Huelskamp (R-KS 1) trailing challenger Roger Marshall early in Kansas congressional race

Tuesday Night Wine-Buzz because fuck it; I saw twenty-four goddamned patients today...

Meg Whitman just announced she's voting for Clinton!

Meg Whitman, voting for Clinton!

INCREDIBLE Diary on DailyKos with quotes from those who served with Capt. Humayun Khan

My rescues. Wally (the black cat) and Cassie the splotched tabby

Hillary Clinton Raised $63 Million in July

I'm thinking that 'superdelegates' are going to figure large in the next GOP Presidential primary.

Dogs Left In Running Car Shift It Into Drive, Plow Into A Walmart

Trump spokesperson called the President a half-breed in January.

Meg Whitman, Calling Donald Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ Will Support Hillary Clinton for President

Please explain to me what can be found in Donnie's tax returns

Judge rules against release of Trump U videos

Malheur Wildife Refuge occupier sentenced in separate case #BundyTeaParty

I've got to believe various law enforcement organizations are gaming out . . . .

Malheur defendant O'Shaughnessy pleads guilty to conspiracy #BundyTeaParty

Manafort not challenging Trump any more:

Trump is to Bush as Joffrey was to Ramsey

Ammon Bundy again seeking delay in trial #BundyTeaParty

Oregon Prosecutors Outline Refuge Case In Memo #BundyTeaParty

Political Party Rules for $1200: What happens when Trump folds or else is found guilty?

Which will happen first....

The smearing of the Khans by the rightwing is underway

Ally of Trump staffer Paul Manafort: The staff is suicidal, he's mailing it in - CNCB

Could the Trump ship taking on water?

Don't forget, we have a primary election on August 9

Khan to Trump: 'Put that Purple Heart back'

Are there actual legitimate rules/criteria written down to remove a Presidential candidate?

Woman Stabs Husband During Doughnut Dispute

Game this out: what do the Trump diehards do if the RNC replaces Trump?

Mexican mayor and officers arrested in murder of 10 people found burned

Republicans Weigh Abandoning Their Nominee

Mexican mayor and officers arrested in murder of 10 people found burned

Cancer Survivor Reveals How Senator Hillary Clinton helped him

My biggest fear this election season

My Biggest Fear this Election Season

Cancer Survivor Reveals How Senator Hillary Clinton helped him

Every morning, for the rest of his life, this is going to be the first word out of Don's mouth

Iraq war resisters who fled to Canada ask Justin Trudeau to allow them to stay

Child yells profanity directed at Hillary Clinton during Donald Trump rally

22 memorable moments from the Democratic Convention that you probably missed

'We Sent a Man to His Death': How the British Army Betrayed Its Own Informant to a Murderous Junta

'We Sent a Man to His Death': How the British Army Betrayed Its Own Informant to a Murderous Junta

Mr Khan saw something and said something.

The election will be ‘rigged,’ Trump warns

Miss Teen USA says friends, music influenced racist comments

help we got a papitese about a month ago. He got neutered and microchip last week but has a lump

Imagine what Trump would be like in the White House for a moment

And you want to be our President......

2016 Election Turning Into A Chaotic Brawl. RW Media Stoking The Fire.

Sniff N The Tears - Driver's Seat (x3)

Trump Already Has The Election In The Bag In His Mind. Losing Means The Dems Cheated.

Documents Show Trump Officials Agreed to Limit Rally Size, Contradicting the Candidate

The schadenfreude over on Gawker is delicious!

We’re American Jewish Historians. This Is Why We’ve Left Zionism Behind

Rinse Pubis is 'apocalyptic' towards Trump

I am scared that even if we take the Senate back we may lose it before we even get to

this is most likely how obama feels towards trump

Tea-Nut Tim Huelskamp Lost His Congressional Seat in Kansas

Reminder: the GOP has been attacking veterans and their families for years

I think the idea is ludicrous, but for those obsessing about replacing Trump as Republican nominee..

Paxton staffer who raised red flags was fired, paid 'emergency leave' to keep quiet

Nicaragua's Ortega puts wife as VP on re-election ballot

need some advice. Last week we got our papitese neutered and microchipped

Former Venezuelan officials indicted on US drug charges

Physician Marshall ousts US Rep. Huelskamp in Kansas primary

Venezuela denies zoo animals starving, says one happy family

Didja hear Donald has a new TV show?

Words to Remember About Drump's Claims of Election Rigging which Posions the Democratic Process

Tiny Nordheim Sues State Over Drilling Waste Dump

In 2008 I was 100% sure we would win, so I didn't have a big pref between Hillary and Obama.

Tim Kaine Heading to Texas for Hillary Clinton Fundraisers

Eric Holder for Superme Court

Listening to the Beatles via Apple Music.

Sherwin Alumina Co. plans to close Gregory plant

We Could See Mass R Defections From Trump Within The Next Week Or Two

Maine sheriff investigating whether Muslims' rights violated

Rush's message every day: Everything Trump good. Everthing Democratic: bad

NYTimes: Meg Whitman says Trump could mean the end of democracy. She's with Hillary.

Trump Praises His Sister, a Pro-Abortion Extremist Judge.

Roger Marshall unseats Rep. Tim Huelskamp in bitter Republican primary

I wonder what Trump's astrologist is advising him.

Donald Trump is for real

Harlingen law firm employee accused of stealing $134,000

Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 8 points post-convention

Trump: There's something 'phony' about these polls

Donald Trump’s Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia

Media has taken off the gloves, finally.

'Scuse Me, but has *ANYONE* seen Melania Trump's Fairy Speech Writer?

After appealing to Russia and attacking Mr. Khan, even internet

Is Donald Trump a Successful Psychopath?? (Use the Checklist!) The Psychopath Next Door

Fla TV spending: $20 million for Clinton, $300k for Trump

[WA] 7th Congressional District results: Jayapal leads, Walkinshaw, McDermott neck-and-neck

For our Texas friends. Turn TX blue!


Christian’ Store Owner in Arkansas Doesn’t Want Lesbians Holding Hands in Front of the Children

I don't think Trump even wants to be president.

House ethics panel proposes new guidelines for spending campaign money

“People’s Tribunal” Launched in Haiti to Commemorate 101 Years of U.S. Occupation

“People’s Tribunal” Launched in Haiti to Commemorate 101 Years of U.S. Occupation

Duckworth slams Trump: 'Nothing easy' about getting Purple Heart

South Carolina feds allege contractor, associates bilked government of $350 million

Union: State slow to improve workplace safety after killing

North Korea Carries Out Another Missile Launch After Saying U.S. 'Declared War'

Harrisburg rejects Trump's 'war zone' line

Wrongful arrests now to be erased in Rhode Island

The difference between Putin and Trump, the first a sociopath, the second

The Infuriating and Inspiring Story Behind the Opening of a Red-State Abortion Clinic

DOT Survey Seeks To Get More People Onto Buses

Dahr Jamail | Alaskans Witness Collapsing Mountains, Shattered Lives

Macri seeks to boost Argentina tourism

State Sen. Crisco wins $100,000 lottery payout

Federal grand jury subpoenas state Democratic staffers, contractors

Hate crime suspect accidentally shoots self during fight


State to upset dentists: Medicaid proposal won't hurt a bit

Welsh settlers' 'path of friendship' in Patagonia

Many missing after India bridge collapses on key Goa highway

200 million Yahoo account details allegedly for sale online

Baker administration prepares for Israel trade mission

Liz Warren calls on both sides to unite against Trump

New bill would ban sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go

Czechs search for dead 'heroes' who killed SS chief Heydrich

The Copyright Office is trying to redefine libraries, but libraries don’t want it - Who is it for?

Daily Holidays August 3

Mass. governor's veto of long-term coverage for Lyme disease is overridden

Sen. Donnelly undergoes brain surgery

Owner of Boston Cab Charged with Tax and Fraud Offenses

Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Eats KFC With a Fork and Knife

State union presses for more security upgrades

Vice-president of Republicans Overseas calls Donald Trump 'truly psychologically unbalanced'

Rio Olympics: Four Members Of Australian Water Polo Team Fall Ill

HuffPo: Runaway Trump Train Picks Up Speed As Aides Can’t Grab The Controls

Lawmakers mull holding hearing on hospital profits

Khizr Khan on Trump & Purple Heart: You should've "pinned that back to that veteran's chest"

Plane crash-lands at Dubai airport

Judge finds ‘revenge porn’ law unconstitutional

Inspectors find 44 violations at state psychiatric hospital

The purple heart was a copy

Wilful damage to Quran can be considered hate crime – EU expert

Hinsdale, N.H., Post Office, oldest in nation, celebrates 200 years

Joe Scum just said that Don the Con is a Democrat who is throwing the election to

New Hampshire: Court, attorney general spar over mental health records

Top Democrat Who Suggested Using Bernie Sanders’ Alleged Atheism Against Him Resigns from DNC

Ignoring Advice, Donald Trump Presses Attack on Khan Family and G.O.P. Leaders

Joe S said that there was this conspiracy

Hatetalk radio like this made Trump possible: "hatred of white people an epidemic" because Obama

Muslim women ask Trump #Canyouhearusnow?

From Hindu gods to Catholic saints, Indians worship the fair and lovely

Scarborough: Trump may not be the most stable guy in the world...

Email fallout: 3 Democratic National Committee resignations

So, CNN hires a birther and lets him loose

Backlash in Kansas Ousts at Least 11 Conservative Lawmakers

Trump met with a foreign policy expert for one hour

Morning Jerk is a little fun this morning.

Elizabeth Warren does not have to refute Donald Trump because he is doing a good

Hey pugs, better get a load of band-aides, your roadkill is bleeding out.

Backlash in Kansas Ousts at Least 11 Conservative Lawmakers

Do you know why I never trust the police? It's because they lie...

CNN Money: Clinton's Facebook page says 'Sign Up'; Trump's says 'Shop Now'

Trump Tells Hannity The November Election Is 'Going To Be Rigged'

Consolation prize: Roger Ailes hanging out in his PJ's eating comfort food at a NJ diner

The perfect Ryan response to Trump!!!

UN Records Highest Civilian Casualties In Eastern Ukraine In A Year

NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON SCARY: Former CIA Dir. Hayden said he and

Did anyone see the Jill Stein ad on MJ today?

Is Donald Trump Capable of Using a Vulgar Slur in a Debate?

Stein ad this morning on Morning Joe

The Khan fight highlights a huge GOP problem: No one knows how low Trump can go

Khzir Khan gave his speech a week ago tomorrow...

My plan for defeating trump this Fall

Mr. President, thank you

When Bees Fight...

Crying Baby At Trump Rally Issues A Statement

A coworker consistently pronounces "recipient" as "reciprient."

Donald is Done...!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Supporting Trash

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Sacrificed nothing and no one

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

I think Trump has found a clever face-saving way to duck out of the debates.

What are deadlines for placing names on state ballots?

The Green Party is a joke.

Discussed possibility of Trump quitting on Morning Joe

Katrina Peterson is completely losing it right now on CNN!

Trump repeatedly asked foreign-policy expert why he can't use nuclear weapons

Was Russian hack of DNC a psy-op? They left digital fingerprints. (Daily Vertical with transcript)

The Repug Party Leaders Have Been Weakened By Trump....

Donald Trump's Concession Speech (HuffPo)

This is my Fight Song

Top Chris Christie aide says she'll support Hillary Clinton

Republican Meg Whitman endorses Clinton, calls Trump an ‘authoritarian’ threat to nation

Military mom booed by Trump supporters

Tim Kaine

Their dignity window is closing

Trump Knew Event Was Limited to 1,000

PM Lee unveils orchid named after President Obama and his wife at White House state dinner

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 179,000 Jobs in July

Aldershot Garrison: Police investigate reports of attempted abduction of soldier (UK)

Scarborough: Trump Kept Asking During Foreign Policy Briefing Why He Can’t Just Use Nukes

"If we have nuclear weapons, why don't we use them?" --Donald Trump

Pic Of The Moment: Totally Worth It

Trumps stupidity is NOT affecting down ticket poll numbers ENOUGH yet so....

Here's a thought guaranteed to blow GOP minds: Supreme Court Justice Barack Obama.

Is there a date that's a point of no return for trump

tiny, tiny little men.....

Donald Trump Pitches Half-Trillion-Dollar Plan to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

Will Trump Cost the Republicans Control of Congress?

Libertarian Gary Johnson’s comments on religious freedom and Mormons may hurt in Utah

Newsweek drops the hammer on Trump .... link to daily kos

Don the Con: American Hero

While many talk of Trump quitting or being thrown out of the race, I think that is very unlikely

Whitman, Calling Donald Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ Will Support Hillary Clinton for President

I am waiting for Cruz to come out and say, "I told you so"

Has the presidential race become uncoupled from House and Senate races?

Who might be the one to replace Trump, should he be forced out?

Allies fault ‘stubborn’ Clinton on emails

I'm going to start calling Trump Donald Done.

Is it possible to OD on schadenfreude? I know you can drink til you hurl, eat

London: 600 extra cops hit street

Pacific Gas & Electric possible fine for deadly explosion slashed by 99%

Trump rattles industry with fracking position

"And then he ... wait, I'm not done ... you won't believe it ...

Albuquerque D.A. versus Albuquerque Police Department

Albuquerque D.A. versus Albuquerque Police Department

Albuquerque D.A. versus Albuquerque Police Department

"Hot girls eat free!" Aussie pub sparks outrage for sexist advertisement

Khan slams Trump's Purple Heart comments: 'You did not serve'

"So the Republicans are having some Buyer's Remorse are they?"

"A promise, not a threat." . . . Please come CAPTION Trump's Comrade Roger Stone!!!

Wolf Blitzer

SodaStream boss blames Netanyahu for Palestinian job losses

Fox News - $400 million to Iran in January story - any legs?

We're Going To Sign A Trade Deal With Singapore? Really???

No, Mr. Trump... Success is NOT Sacrifice! (w/Guest: Rep. Ruben Gallego)

Roger Marshall wins Kansas Republican primary against Tea Party incumbent

Trump acolytes campaign to defeat Ryan

Even by Katrina Pierson’s standards, this was a flameout for the ages.

Can Donald Even Last These Final Hundred Days? - By Gene Lyons

Ads - are they playing in your area?

Who will be the next GOPer to denounce/defect from Trump?

Mental exam ordered for accused serial killer of San Diego homeless

Mental exam ordered for accused serial killer of San Diego homeless

Soldier Who Served With Humayun Khan Won’t Vote For Trump After He Criticized Family

U.S. military communications satellite fails to reach intended orbit

Hillary Clinton campaign events for the next 8/3 - 8/10

Trump asks why US can't use nukes: MSNBC

It's good to know that there are those who defend the idea...

We should start and over/under on who will be the next defection from the Republican party on Trump

5-year-old Louisiana boy dead in accidental shooting

FBI took months to warn Democrats of suspected Russian role in hack: sources

Meg Whitman is the headline, but -this- is the news. Hillary is privately working Republicans.

Is this the beginning of the end for Donald Trump? - By Dana Milbank

Report: Senior Republican Officials ‘Clearly Think It’s a Possibility’ Trump Can Be Replaced

Trump Kept Asking During Foreign Policy Briefing Why He Can’t Just Use Nukes

Court reduces Illinois casinos' award in case linked to Blagojevich scandal

Judge rejects media request to release video testimony in Trump University case

Thousands of Yazidis missing, captive, two years after start of 'genocide' - U.N.

Anyone else hearing the new Bengazi theory being floated around ?

Just noticed, an election forecast site, uses the term "Trump-safe" state...

Donald Trump transcript: The Republican nominee in his own words

Yes, this all happened in just the last 24 hours.

Latest North Korea missile launch lands near Japan waters, alarms Tokyo

Trump campaign seeks help from congressional allies to make ‘urgent pivot’ after Khan remarks

Donald Trump makes a mockery of our election system.

Wal-Mart has Parking Lot Problem

Hillary should run a sequel to the Daisy ad

Japan's PM picks hawkish defense minister for new cabinet, vows economic recovery

How Donald Trump Is Already Doing A World Of Damage Abroad

Hillary Clinton up 7 pts in last 7 days

Scary thought for the Trumpkins: Trump's polling collapse doesn't include Khan-related blowback

If the poll numbers go down for Trump, how long before...

Lewandowski raises question of Obama's birthplace.

Any guesses? The only reason Trump will release his tax returns is if the public

Ukip in turmoil as Steven Woolfe excluded from leadership ballot

Judge finds ‘revenge porn’ law unconstitutional

The demise of the Republican Party does not fill me with joy.

Breaking News: Trump gathers top staffers to investigate theft of strawberries

Italy Ready to Allow Strikes on IS in Libya From Its Bases

Report: Senior Republican Officials ‘Clearly Think It’s a Possibility’ Trump Can Be Replaced

GOP, Time to Dump Trump, You Cowards - By Joy-Ann Reid

'Pinky' dancing flamingo dies after attack by Orlando man at Busch Gardens

"molecular hydrogen, the very small particles, not the big ones that can cause,like, explosions "

Mika Mouse & Scabs pumping for DRUMPF to be ditched to save the Repuke party & blaming Dems for him

Payback is a motherf**ker. For 8 years you Republican bastards

Huckabee on Fox touting some dangerous shit right now

Two Great Tweets

Poll: Most would not stop eating meat if asked to by their loved one

Talk me down, please !!!

Donald Trump’s Campaign Might Actually Implode

Donald Trump Jr. poses with Peyton Manning at Mississippi fair where Ronald Reagan made history

Submit your questions now! Quora AMA Session with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine 9am PST today.

Reports: Priebus ‘Apoplectic,’ Trump Aides ‘Suicidal’ After String Of Blunders

Harwood on MSN: Vin Weber says Manafort "won't go down with the ship"

I don't know about you guys I'm sick and tired of progressive

Video: CNN Panel Goes Off the Rails After Lewandowski Goes Birther on Obama: ‘Boy Bye!’

Trump: I'm Concerned About 'Rigged' Election After Voter ID Rulings

DC Metro Transit Cop Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Assist ISIS

does donald trump even know what purple hearts are awarded FOR?

Knights of Columbus head says Catholics cannot vote for abortion advocates

‘Why Can I Never Seem To Say The Right Thing?’ Weeps Trump Into Pillow

Politico: Few Republicans want to campaign with Trump

Trump: 'I Don't Regret Anything' About Khan Family Attacks

Bradley Cooper Doesn’t Get DNC Uproar: Obama Was ‘An Incredible President’

Roundup’s Glyphosate, Found in 100% of California Wines Tested

Maine Rep. Poliquin, fiscal hawk, was often late with taxes

Republicans at the beginning of the 21st century akin to Federalists at the beginning of the 19th

Huggs Tavern in Gloucester City, NJ

Best analysis of Trump-yells-at-baby question I've read yet

Humayun Khan’s grave becomes a shrine in the wake of his father’s speech

Premature Ejection - We need Trump to stay a little longer

Suggestions for Game Change 3? (Something tells me this one's gonna have to be a multi-volume work!

‘Trump is getting nuttier and nuttier’: Campaign operative unloads on his ‘irrational’ candidate

Abe slams N. Korea missile launch as 'grave threat' to security

I'd like to see Trump in a full meltdown ala General Custer at his last stand in Little Big Man.

2011: Trump hints he has proof that Obama's birth-certificate is fake. Won't show evidence.

Fukushima: Reuse of radioactive soil could cut costs by 1.5 trillion yen: ministry estimate

CDC issues historic travel warning over Miami Zika outbreak

BREAKING: The Onion Anounces it will be CLOSING!!!! UPDATED!

Kansas is leading the way toward the end of Tea Party

2 Senate Dems call on Ted Cruz to hold hearing on Donald Trump's support of Russia:

If the pope can retire, why can’t Japan’s elderly Emperor?

Limbaugh Renews His Contract, But At What Price?

Josh Marshall: That Ship Has Sailed

trump baffled at lack of sycophants on campaign trail

1st ‘Pokemon Go’ lawsuit filed in U.S. over trespassing

Republicans think Trump might quit — so they’re scrambling to find a replacement: ABC News

Devil's Island? - Hardly -Prison in Norway

Defamation Bill in Maldives: A serious setback for freedom of speech

If Trump gets kicked from the Repub ticket, could you see it

Hunting with the Golden Eagle in Mongolia

2007 Clinton Office Hostage Taker Accused of Robbing Bank

Phone rings Paul Ryan picks it up "Hahahahahahaha..."

2007 Clinton Office Hostage Taker Accused of Robbing Bank

Purple Heart Veteran Has a Message for Donald Trump

'Blue Lives Matter Law' goes into effect Monday

Chinese Military Ready to Fight

Dear Morning Joe:

Tim Huelskampf throws tantrum after losing...

Our country relies on the losers.... Scary

"Nuke'm" Trump. Does Not Understand Why Can't Just Nuke Things.

Paul Nehlen (Ryan's opponent) on CNN now:

Experts Say Trump's Muslim Ban Would Cripple Immigration System

Veterans plan protest of Donald Trump in Jacksonville

Tiger tears off a car’s bumper in Beijing’s wildlife park

Wow - Will Fisher, Purple Heart recipient schools Donald Trump!

net worth of trump and clinton kids

Just great. Trump and Pence are going to give speeches in Green Bay.

Taichung farmer catches alligator lurking in paddy

Trump Allies Plot Candidate Intervention After Disastrous 48 Hours

‘I would break his f*cking thumbs if I could’: Trump donor explodes in rage at his own candidate

DC Metro Transit cop charged with aiding ISIS

Freepers: Hiroshima & Nagasaki are more beautiful today than before WW2. Modern nukes are "clean"

Volcanic eruptions in Indonesia hit air travel

So, What Kind of Republican IS Donald Trump, Really?

Judge Curiel Hands Trump a Fresh Rebuke

GOP plots Trump intervention, hoping the FAMILY can rein him in.

UN Security Council to meet on North Korea missile launch

Revealed at Madame Tussauds: Donald Trump's Actual Hand Size. How small are Trump's hands?

Take him away, PLEASE

Author who’s seen Trump’s tax returns says documents would expose lies about his wealth

Korryn Gaines was a sovereign citizen douchebag "I'm in the middle of suing the government" LOL

GOP is not for country first.....Look at their track record

Alabama board denies parole for Birmingham church bomber

Louisiana: Gay widower denied Social Security survivor benefits

N Korea fires ballistic missile into sea near Japan's territorial waters

2016 Voting Guide

Stop a Douchebag - Anger Management

Trump campaign reports $80 million raised in July

Alabama board denies parole for Birmingham church bomber

Lewandowski raises question of Obama's birthplace

Inadvertantly hit "dismiss" when notified I had DU mail. How restore/access? nt

Priebus furious at Trump for not endorsing Ryan: report

Tiger tears off a car’s bumper in Beijing’s wildlife park

Pramila Jayapal Just Scored One of the Biggest Progressive Victories of 2016

Megyn Kelly Responds to Eric Trump's Defense of His Father's Sexual Harassment Remarks with a 'Sigh'

Gingrich and Giuliani to headline The Intervention

***Congrats to Tom Kitten, Winner of July Photo Contest!***

Donald Trump raises $80 million in July, has $37 million war chest

We have our July winner!! Congrats Tom Kitten!

Newsflash!!!! You don't reset a 70-year old man who has been his own boss all his life!

Gonna send Trump a "Thank You" card

I admit I was wrong about Trump -- I expected him to move to the political center by now.

As Trump’s mess takes over the news cycle, Republicans try to accuse Obama of bribing Iran

So this A.M. "insanity" and "intervention" are being used discussing a nominee for Prez/psstDRUMPF

Former Congressman And Gingrich Ally Won't Vote For Donald Trump

Georgia Elector Might Withhold Electoral College Vote

Trump says that McCain doesn't do enough for vets

A Gendered Breakdown of the 2016 Democratic Convention Speakers


A Gendered Breakdown of the 2016 Democratic Convention Speakers

Anti-choice deception decoded —

Court: Union restrictions voided teacher retirement benefits

Devastated toddler bursts into tears for Obama leaving office

West Bank home demolitions hit 10-year high

xp—Anti-choice deception decoder

21 Things Trump Supporters Want You To Know (Spoiler: No Intelligent Responses Here)

Court: Union restrictions voided teacher retirement benefits

Court: Union restrictions voided teacher retirement benefits

Where's the media? Where's the press?

Let's revisit the "Cheeto Jesus" Tweet storm in its entirety (from June)

Joe Scarbourough still trying to pass Trump off as a democrat

Trump Tells Virginia Town It’s Failing, Cites the Wrong Place

When It Comes to Gender Equality, Women in Politics Do the Work

When It Comes to Gender Equality, Women in Politics Do the Work

Trump the wife abuser?

When It Comes to Gender Equality, Women in Politics Do the Work

"Southside with you": Trailer for Sundance hit movie about Barack & Michelle

Trump vs Any republican...

Report: Trump Kept Asking During Foreign Policy Briefing Why He Can’t Just Use Nukes

Trailer for "Southside with you" -- new movie about young Barack & Michelle

Meet the Journalist who has taken the Federal DOI/BLM to Federal court several times & won.

Let's Play This Trump Intervention Thing Out.....

With all this bluster of Republicans pissed off at Trump, if we redid their primaries tomorrow,..

Was Sexism at Play During the DNC Roll Call?

A Trump “intervention”: With his campaign on the brink of implosion,GOP officials reportedly plot...

Was Sexism at Play During the DNC Roll Call?

Trump insists 'great unity' in campaign

Republicans are stuck between a rock and a hard place...

UK Guardian: Donald Trump’s treatment of a crying baby reveals his total lack of empathy

French president: Trump makes me want to 'retch'

Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump Repeatedly Asked Why We Couldn’t Use Nukes

James Comey's FBI withheld information about DNC Russian hack for months

Remember when.....way, way back when....back when Donald Trump encouraged Russia to hack us?

Its not easy to Scare Bill Bratton; but Trump does

Plop Plop goes the WEASEL!

Trump attacks Clinton over $400 million Iran payment

How did Hillary and Kaine do in PA and Ohio? Presumably...

The "John Wayne" attitude of "Never Apologize, it's a sign of weakness.

Trump is speaking tonight at Jacksonville's Veterans Memorial Arena

Now is the most DANGEROUS Time with our media.

Ben Carson's alternative view of reality

Clinton Library releases Merrick Garland files

So How Will Trump Find A Way To Blame Hillary And Obama For Zika?.....

Tim Kaine in Daytona Fl. Aug 2...Full Speech Video

When you're witnessing a grusome scene of political carnage from a distance

Since Trump has insulted everyone & everything ....

More stupidty from Jill Stein, now "WiFi hurts our childrens' brains..."

Trump changed views on Ukraine after hiring Manafort

OMG Dr Carson just said the Khans should apologize

An error occurred during processing.

Ben Carson wants Khan to apologize to Trump

Former Nuke Weapons Officer Goes Off: Trump Is 'So Damn Dangerous'

EC Map if election held today

Georgia Republican says he might withhold electoral college vote from Donald Trump

Rep YOHO ® says he won't criticize Trump for attacking the Khans

Trump Bestie Gingrich Admits Trump Has Been 'Very Self-Destructive'

ALL ABOARD--The Trump train is about to leave the station

The repubs are getting their just desserts...

A Challenger Appears!

For those looking for some light summer reading, let me recommend...

‘This Is Going to End Badly’: Erick Erickson Posts Sad Twitter Rant on Trump’s Inevitable Defeat

See? I told you wind spills would look awesome!

I just thought of a funny thing?

"YOU Built This."

Trump is wrong again.

Why Can’t Man-Baby Donald Trump Use Nuclear Weapons, WHY WHY WHY??? A Wonksplainer

How Low-Skilled Workers Could Rescue the U.S. Economy

100 days of campaigning to go, the teams are set ...

PTSD, or just plain old Pro Trump Stupidity Derangement? nt

people are acting as if hillary is guaranteed to win in a landslide

If Mark Overholser of S. St Paul has a HS diploma, he should return it

Trump uses Thermo Nuclear Weapons. And then they hit back:

President Obama commutes sentences of 214 people, most issued by president in single day since 1900

Stewart Mills is really a piece of work

538: Is Donald Trump Blowing It?

Traffic Straddling Bus Comes To Life

Trump's sacrifice - Sack cartoon

Cher to Attend Hillary Clinton Fundraiser in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Trump and Mrs Jones, we got a thing going on. We both know that it's wrong

We need Trump to stay in the race for now. Say something nice about him.

Given the f***ing mess that "conservatives" are in....

How do I look at another member's profile?

Is Ed Schultz on vacation?

How to sell anything using sales tricks

The New York Times posted a video of all the racist and vitriolic statements at Trump rallies.

"Brownback’s support in Legislature weakens after moderates’ big gains"

Clinton surrogate skewers the GOP: Trump got picked because you think ‘Duck Dynasty is a think tank’

Daily Beast analyzes RNC's options for removing Trump and replacing him

How One GMO Plant Nearly Took Down the Planet…

Pence just endorsed Paul Ryan

The Funniest Tweets Imagining ‪#‎DonaldTrumpTheMovie‬

short documentary about Hillary's mother and women's movement.....

Hey guys, Trump's rally starts at 3 pm EST today! Can you really resist tuning in this time?

several of my pics from yesterday's Kaine campaign stop at Daytona State College

Officials identify woman who fatally shot herself in Zelienople

Sweeney bombshell: Investigate NJEA, cops union for extortion over pension threat

Another fine scam

Sweeney bombshell: Investigate NJEA, cops union for extortion over pension threat

Sweeney bombshell: Investigate NJEA, cops union for extortion over pension threat

Sanders-endorsed candidate polling well in election match-up

Just saw a pic of Trump's rally in Florida

DPRK News: greasy kleptolagniac Donald Trump proposes to douse the world in nuclear fire.

Is Hillary campaigning today?

Best buddies: Mailman and German Shepherd

Could 2016 end up something like 1964?

"An AIDS-Free Generation is Within Our Reach": Hillary Clinton’

Once the GoPee does their "intervention", we need to just keep saying what Maya Angelou taught us.

So, the Republicans want the American people to have a voice in the pick for Supreme Court...

If at first you don't succeed . . .

If The Media Decides To Rehabilitate Trump

The 60 best pictures of President Obama with children

The new mother sauces


Trump tells America's richest county it's doing 'lousy', apparently mistakes it for somewhere else

Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City to close due to labor unrest

Panic! Panic! Panic! Fear! Fear! Fear!

Diagnose Trump - Petition

100 more days of bliss with Donald Trump tweets people. The comedians are in nirvana.

Mike Pence Splits With Donald Trump on Paul Ryan Endorsement

GOP Senator: It Has Been 'Proven Scientifically' That Globe Is Not Warming

Today was audiology and head and neck. Fun and frivolity.

Alex Jones thinks the crying baby at Donald Trumps' rally was "probably a plant".

Is Donald Trump The Manchurian Candidate?

Mr. Khan is a true American Hero

Fly On the Wall Perspective of Drumpt's Flying Circus-An Intervention (beware language)

Voices From Donald Trump’s Rallies, Uncensored

Trump: “When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same,”

Bitch! Beaner! Ni***r!: Trump Rallies Uncensored (VIDEO)

I'm not so sure that Trump isn't trying to force the RNC to get rid of him.

TYT: 1) Fox ex-employee for 20 yrs of Ailes. 2) Trump says harassed women should quit

Watch live stream of Drump rally...

So, this $400 million thing is looking like a thing.

Trump Allies Plot Candidate Intervention After Disastrous 48 Hours

This is the first pro-Trump message I've seen from an individual on FB.

Repub candidates have been pushed continually to the right; angrier, more extreme, more intolerant

The heavens above

New great Peyton Manning ads

Trump's Erratic Behavior: Fatigue

I haven't gotten into playing Pokemon Go. However, I have been playing Donald Trump Go a lot lately.

In order to get Trump to leave, they'll need to pay him off

Italy passes new law to fight food waste

Purple heart giver= Joe the plumber?

Trump's last 24 hours! Amazing!

Victorious groups, including Planned Parenthood, seek $1.8M from state in abortion ruling

I thought that GWB was a low-IQ President.

Why I have changed my mind

Trump has almost no campaign operations in Ohio — which nearly always picks the presidential winner

I feel lucky today.

Sean Hannity looses it fer reals.....

Hillary!!! She's smart and she has a heart!!!

AP FACT CHECK: Trump off base on Clinton and Iran payment

Trump loses job to a MEXICAN ; is destroyed by a MUSLIM; then is defeated by a WOMAN

Scott Walker latest high-profile state Republican to skip Trump rally

How come when we are uptight or anxious we get very impatient?

I have MSNBC on right now.............

"Never been this so united" words of Trump!

Watch Trump now... Are we seeing a meltdown?

Dems turn the tables — demand Cruz convene panel investigation on Trump’s call for ‘cyber attack’

aaaannd Trump just called the USA a "third world nation", cheers from the crowd.

Trump live! "how does the President do that? $400 million in cash. How does he do that?"

Analysis: Paul Ryan's Trump dilemma has gotten much, much worse

Do eco-friendly wines taste better? (Yes, they do.)

Right wing blames Ryan for rebel’s (Tim Huelskamp) loss

AntiVAX panderista, QUACK, & all-around hateful asshole Jill Stein just had a commercial on CNN.

"I can assure you; I have no problems in that area" Trump referring to the size of his penis.

Turnout in King County for the primary yesterday (August 2nd) - 18.8%

Oh, where oh where did my candidate go?

Harvard study: Women more likely to divorce men who don't live up to the breadwinner stereotype

Some paintings I love by an old friend

CWA Reaches Tentative Agreement With AT&T Mobility

CWA Reaches Tentative Agreement With AT&T Mobility

There isn't enough Ritalin in this world...

CWA Reaches Tentative Agreement With AT&T Mobility

It is August, and every August the Democratic Candidate for President disappears from the News

Aug 1: PPP Polling: Hillary leads Trump 45-42 in Pennsylvania

Pro-Trump celebrities

Prosecutors: Oregon standoff defendants broke into safes #BundyTeaParty

MSNBC Pence breaks with Trump ..Endorses Paul Ryan.

Boy, I bet Bill Maher is going to have a really interesting show this week😏!

New Clinton TV Ad Slams Trump For Outsourcing His Clothing Line

Freepers Are Back to Unskewing the Polls

Want to see how people respond to things on a FoxNews report? Makes ya sick.

Trump just said he's going to get rid of the Johnson amendment

If at first you don't succeed . . .

Research Shows Trumps Hands Are Smaller than 85% of Mens Hands

GOP reaches ‘new level of panic’ over Trump’s candidacy

Conservatives trounced as Kansas voters shut down Gov. Brownback’s disastrous Tea Party ‘experiment’

Is it really concievable?

Clinton Back Above 70% At 538

Wasn't today supposed to be intervention/pivot day?

Thom Hartman interviews Mark Manning, the force behind the BP documentary, The Rising.

Trump family makes an effort to curb his disastrous behavior by secretly replacing his phone...

MUST-READ: Amazing Tweetstorm by Jeb Bush's National Security Adviser About Trump

BREAKING: Trump Taj Mahal Set to Close After Labor Day Weekend

St. Louis Zoo nominated as 'best free attraction' in U.S.

Nah...this is NOTHING....

Meg Whitman, Calling Donald Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ Will Support Hillary Clinton for President

Plucking feathers off another bird?

"It's only a scratch"

The Rocky Relationship of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan, a History

It's official. My fingers are all roughly a half inch longer than Donald Trump's.

Do you think Pence is have many 2nd thoughts?

Clintons Odds In the Betting Markets Approach All Time Highs

Funny! Michael Steele Sez Trump Only Needs To "Fix a few things" To Win

Another intervention by the kids for Trump.. what the holy hell will happen "if" he is President

Argentine labor leader Raimundo Ongaro, leading dissident voice after 1966 coup, dies at 92.

Muslim families of fallen U.S. soldiers driven to oppose Trump

Dance, Martial Arts, War, Gravity and Wisdom

Supreme Court issues stay in transgender bathroom case, blocking teen’s use of boys’ bathroom

Hillary event in Colorado -- streaming

Creating bigger, better and more joined-up habitat networks

Trump's rally today was the same old crap, but he did say that Hillary is the founder of ISIS.

Clinton loved watching this woman explain how a photo of her cat became a tie pattern

It is scary when they can defend Trump, but have no answer to

Earlier snowmelt reduces forests’ ability to regulate atmospheric carbon, decreases streamflow vol…

Health Secrets of the Amish

Donald Trump's Tough Week Could Cost Him In Swing States, And He's Running Out Of Time To Recover

Dear Hillary: How very dare you!

Meg Whitman put country and the world before party. She inspires me.

Make America Nuke Again

Made in America guide for Trump.

Dear men of DU...

ORNL optimizes formula for cadmium-tellurium solar cells

Trump appreciation thread

Trump Campaign Is Trying To Blame Hillary Clinton for Donald’s Meltdown

I have to study up for a drug test tomorrow.

'It's time': Edward Snowden just issued a cryptic message on Twitter

Pope Francis: "Our war isn't against Islam. It's against evil."

Dear CNN - WHY, for the love of all that is dear did you hire Trump's former manager?

Flotus~ Beautiful

The inevitable collapse of the GOP, fostered by Trump being Trump, makes me speculate.

Roundup’s Glyphosate found in tampons

Secret states?

Deadliest July In Chicago In 10 Years

Stop Indulging Trump.

FOX NEWS POLL Fox News Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 10 points

Whatever Happened to that Reagan Miniseries

Hillary in Colorado

Has anyone heard of using Safron for Macular Degeneration?

Trump: My policies could have prevented 9/11

I know no one will care and I know this will get just REAMED

Clinton Leads Trump by 10 Points------Fox News

The Path to Prosperity Is Blue

The Dead Zone: Did Stephen King Predict the Rise of Trump? (This is eerie)

Not that it's an excuse, and not that I'm a shrink, but I still believe Trump has Alzheimer's

According to beloved former W.H. Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, Trump is lacking in any "bad deeds."

This Month's Top Marijuana Policy Developments —

Trump has not said anything ridiculous

Look Who’s Speaking Out For Marijuana Reform

Fox News Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 10 points

Wash. Post: Sorry, Republicans. You’re stuck with your nominee.

Republican Party = 1. Tax Cuts for Wealthy 2. Maintaining status Quo

Recycling carbon dioxide: U of T researchers efficiently reduce climate-warming CO₂ into … fuels

Colombia’s first legal farmers’ co-operative begins medical marijuana production

Colombia’s first legal farmers’ co-operative begins medical marijuana production

Create Your Own Election 2016 Prediction Map

Global warming, a dead zone and surprising bacteria

Garry Trudeau and dipshit donnie

MH17 inquiry: In times of war, does the law fall silent?

Next Generation Anode to Improve Lithium-ion Batteries

The Fraying Palestinian Political Entity in the West Bank

Folded, Spindled, Mutilated: The Unspooling of Donald Trump

Pope Francis: Capitalism is 'Terrorism Against All of Humanity'

10 Reasons I Am An Atheist

The fitting welcome for Trump on his Portland visit? - Bangor Daily News Editorial

San Jose: Hundreds of court employees go on strike over wages

Corpses in cars new norm in ongoing Medellin gang war

Second military mom comes forward to confront Trump: ‘You ripped the wound back open’

A second front has opened in the GOP civil war.

The Hill: Right Blames Ryan for Rebel's Loss

Unitarian Universalists Sue For Right To Use Solar Panels, Cite Religious Freedom

Deadly Bat Fungus in Washington State Likely Originated in Eastern U.S.

Saudi Economic Woes Leave Indian, Pakistani Workers Stranded

It wasn't KFC chicken, it didn't come in a bucket, it wasn't eaten on a plane...

1934-1939: Nazis in Madison Square Garden

I truly, honestly feel ill to my stomach...

Manafort gonna have some 'splainin' to do!

GOP Officials Considering Options If Trump Quits

This volcano in Nicaragua is going to be connected to the internet

Anyone else sick of the schaudenfreude and feeling a little bad for the Republicans?

Can House Dust Explain Why Amish Protected From Asthma?

This volcano in Nicaragua is going to be connected to the internet

The guy speaking at the Trump rally right now is screaming "Lock Her Up"

Fin whale in Tadoussac, Quebec (HUGE!)

Clint Eastwood is at it again.......and it just keeps getting better and better.....

Tweetstorm from Jeb Bush's national security adviser on Trump/nukes

“It was basically him saying, ‘Do you realize how badly you’re fucking this up?’”

Thank you President Obama!

Why does Trump keep playing You Can't Always Get What You Want?

Mayo Clinic › definition: Narcissistic personality disorder

Segregated railcar, prison tower anchor Smithsonian black history collection

4 More Years: Rush Limbaugh Signs a New Radio Contract (NYT)

There's something starting to bother me this evening

Austrian Chancellor Suggests Ending EU Accession Talks With Turkey

Siberian heat wave unleashes deadly 'zombie anthrax' outbreak

Fourth union joins in no-confidence drive against Southwest Airlines CEO

Fourth union joins in no-confidence drive against Southwest Airlines CEO

Clinton Hits Trump for Profiting off Foreign Labor

Fourth union joins in no-confidence drive against Southwest Airlines CEO

New national poll has HRC up 10

FOX NEWS POLL: Clinton 49% Trump 39%

Republicans think Trump might quit — so they’re scrambling to find a replacement: ABC News

Experts to Lawmakers: Fund Schools Less to See How Creative They Get

Another GOP lawmaker won't vote for Trump

Texas Agrees to Weaken Voter ID Law For November Election

Most IRONIC Gin-up of a Fake Scandal by Fox News EVER

To Fight Zika, Texas Medicaid Will Pay for Mosquito Repellent

New Mexico bear hitches a ride on top of a garbage truck

Trump spills US secrets on spying on Iran payments

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 4 August 2016

Trump attracting only 13% of the Hispanic vote in Florida & Nationally

Potato ‘Tostones’

In a little while folks will tear the name Trump

Scandal-tainted Todd Courser loses bid for new post (Michigan tea party sex scandal participant)

I think I heard this speech before!

Cat1 Hurricane Earl will hit Belize late tonight or early tomorrow

GOP Poll gives Trump only a 4-point lead in North Carolina

Sasha Obama lands summer job at Vineyard seafood joint

The Brownbacklash Is Finally Here: Kansas Primary Voters Send Conservatives Packing

I wondered aloud at work today.... do you think Trump might just quit?


It’s Not Over Yet

Demaryius Thomas asked President Obama to grant his grandmother clemency. @POTUS listened:

Quote of the Day