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Archives: August 27, 2016

Mom who died saving son kept him above water until rescue

Sen. Elizabeth Warren reacts to idea of a challenge from former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling

Latest attack by Liz Warren hits Donald Trump, Jill Stein

OK AG changes med marijuana title to keep it off Nov ballot

Boston police union files injunction to stop body camera pilot program

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah this Packer woman is ignorance on steroids

Wait a minute. Ted Cruz was a pro wrestler?

Washington Post (9/29/14): Our infant mortality rate is a national embarrassment

Chief Inspector Murphy presents key evidence

Trump's Doctor Photo - Something Here Is VERY Wrong

You say tomato, I say duckling . . . .

I do NOT want this man's vote.

Federal agencies won't seek to block removal of Liberty Place monument (LA)


Nuclear’s Glacial Pace—There’s a reason it takes so long to approve a new reactor design.

Is it legal to wear a Confederate flag shirt for jury duty in South Carolina?

Here are the leading Republicans who rushed to defend Donald Trump on race: ______

Judge sidesteps request to stop HISD from renaming 8 schools (TX)

MIT accidentally discovered a cleaner smelting process

Trump Doctor Wrote Health Letter in Just 5 Minutes as Limo Waited

WV AG Spokeswoman Fired After Appearing in ‘Stop White Genocide’ Video

White Man Calls In to C-SPAN to Ask How He Can Stop Being Prejudiced

Bolivian miners lift roadblock after deputy minister beaten to death

Whoa Trump's Doctor is batshit crazy

ECU lineman Darius Commissiong dismissed after being charged with animal cruelty

The Central Park Five Ad Told Us Who Donald Trump Really Is!

Cris Hayes had great show tonight and

How much did Bornstein get paid to sign the letter Rump wrote?

Back by popular demand.I'm proud to stand with the Teamsters in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

What Donald Trump Knew About Undocumented Workers at His Signature Tower

New Mutants Movie: Characters & Writers Revealed

"What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?" Hey, Donald, the Central Park Five have an answer!

George W. Bush was a mush-mouthed moron as a POTUS candidate.

Amtrak threatens to cut Boston rail service

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Disasters Live, Uncensored & a new Duckling gif

‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Will Be Closer To The Comics

More butter?

John Fugelsang

Friday Talking Points (405) -- End Of The Silly Season

Lawyers: Prep school alumni paid for defense of student accused in sex assault

53 homeless after fire scorches Lawrence neighborhood

Paul LePage story?

Oregon fair generates buzz with 1st legal pot display in US

Trump Camp Hires Ex-Christie Aide Caught Up In

LePage effectively endorses racial profiling in Maine’s battle against drug addiction

The Emails

Anti-Semitic Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon not a big fan of ‘whiny brat’ Jews, ex-wife says

Trump APP seems counter productive.

Donald Trump's doctor was great in Independence Day...

One Year On From Pioneering Face Transplant, Patient Says Surgery Has "Given Me Back My Life"

Joy Reid is on with a live late show! n/t

Trump's doctor just violated HIPAA on national television

"Like it had been drunkenly faxed from a clinic on an alien planet"

I registered 5 people to vote tonight!

Trump Campaign Staff Recruiting Video

Press Release: Sanders Welcomes McConnell Decision to Block TPP

I've got a question

Trump campaign CEO once charged in domestic violence case

Maine’s LePage comes unglued after racial controversy

Alabama Republican Loses Election & GOES INSANE: ‘I Lost. The N***er Won’

Any central repository of all of Hillary's attack ads?

Take a break from trump and watch the Raccoons.

IPSOS state-by-state tracking polls

alt-right=online trolls.

Pastor Who Said Pulse Victims Weren't Victims,Got 'What They Deserve' Arrested for Child Molestation

Yuval Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will

Man who murdered 3 year old daughter gets beaten to death in prison

Never mind about the guns, who made the door?

Gun-Control Groups Reignite Debate by Crossing the Aisle in Senate Races

Justice Department will probe Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Many people want your car to kill you instead of them.

Free Speech Is the Basis of a True Education

WikiLeaks is a disgusting, bigoted right-wing organization that no progressive can justify backing

Trump, shifting back, now says no legal status for all 11 million illegal immigrants

The New York Times is now giving Hillary a 90% chance of winning the Presidency. (All time high)

Savage Weiner: Donald Trump Is The Last Great Savior Of White People And Western Civilization

You Should Never Ask For a Slice Of Lemon In Your Drink

Still Standing

U.S. Senators Move To Investigate Mylan Pharmaceuticals Over EpiPen Price Gouging

Me, my new water pump, thermostat and serpentine belt are HOME!

Girl Claims She Will Fail High School If Trans Students Treated With Equality

As Trump Repels Minority Voters, G.O.P. Fears for Future in Western States

Need help sending an email

Couple outraged over Sac area neighborhood’s “whites only” rule

Trump Hires First and Deals With Background Later

A Look Back at the Discrimination Suit Dogging Trump

I disagree

Immigration Wonks Struggle to Decipher Trump's Position

a storm heads up for Hawaii next week, and if you are arriving in the islands then...

I wish I could sing like this guy.

Very Informative! The Difference Between Low Cost Spay/Neuters and Regular Clinics May Surprise you.


Trump finally gives non-Fox interview. It doesn’t go well.

The Scandals of Trump: A Cheat Sheet

Why is Macomb County, Michigan so terrible?

Toronto’s Fake Beard Bandit served his time and was due to be married. Now he’s charged in a triple

Happy birthday 19th Amendment

We are looking so fine.

Wild Asian Water Buffalo herd discovered in east Georgia

Defense attorneys clash with prison over recorded meetings

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Wishing every Lounger a great evening and relaxing weekend...

how many of you

Trump’s Professed Ignorance Of The Alt-Right Fits His Know-Nothing Pattern

Trump campaign CEO didn’t want children ‘going to school with Jews’: court document

Quote of the Day

Question: I'm inbetween jobs right now

Pastor Who Said Pulse Victims “Got What They Deserved” Arrested For Child Molestation

UPI/CVoter poll: Donald Trump maintains slim lead over Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Fine With Supporter Who Called For Hillary Clinton’s Execution

Ex-Wife Says Trump Campaign Boss Used Anti-Semitic Slurs

Trumpism’s ugly side effect: How consumer culture is killing citizenship

Pot Plants On Display At Oregon State Fair In A First

Civil rights icon John Lewis says Donald Trump will motivate black voters -- to vote for Hillary Cli

Louisiana renews private prison contracts, as federal government cuts them

Split on fetal homicide issue hits governor's race in NH

State employees union files labor complaint on behalf of adjunct faculty

NH state employees union files labor complaint on behalf of adjunct faculty

New Hampshire Claims OxyContin Drugmaker Stonewalling

El Salvador frees three ex-military officials linked to 1989 murders

El Salvador frees three ex-military officials linked to 1989 murders

NH trooper pleads guilty to beating driver after chase; receives deferred jail sentence

Shumlin jabs controversial drugmaker but holds off full punch

Second case of babies switched at birth angers Canadian indigenous people

Shumlin takes shot at Scott, endorses Minter and Zuckerman

New Mexico mom charged in death of daughter who was raped and dismembered

Governor sells home for $675K months before leaving office

Plan to merge two Vermont colleges moves forward

State pays to save Burlington College records

Pot plants displayed at Oregon State Fair

Could Colorado become the first single-payer healthcare state?

Gov. Paul LePage calls Khizr Khan a 'con artist' on the radio

Gov. Paul LePage apologizes for obscene language in voicemail

So then. 'Rock The Kasbah' is the best film ever made. A Post In Which I Draw The Line.

Former V. I. Senator Extradited To U.S., Charged With Wire Fraud, Embezzlement Of Legislative Funds

Fitch Downgrades U.S. Virgin Islands Matching Fund And Gross Receipt Tax Bonds To Junk Status

Obama Administration officials push for Medicaid funding, EITC for Puerto Rico

Judge blasts state, local schools in 3rd-grade retention case

Kaine blasts Trump in Tallahassee trip

Bolivian minister beaten to death by miners, government says

Exclusive: FBI raids home of ex-College Board official in probe of SAT leak

Marietta teacher faces disciplinary action for slavery game

Stanford sex case judge accused of leniency toward another athlete

Daily Holidays August 27

All Donated Blood in U.S. Should Be Tested for Zika, F.D.A. Says

UN blames UK politicians for hate crime spike

World's largest marine reserve created off Hawaii

When Poll-Watching Crosses the Line

Justice Department Will Probe Metro Phoenix Sheriff Arpaio

Why the honey badger doesn't care about cobra venom.

The Clinton Foundation

Hillary will take that apology in writing, Chris Matthews

Summer Seasonal Photo Contest--coming soon!

Bill Nye Explains Why He Doesn’t Believe in Ghosts and the Afterlife

Teamsters Choose Hillary

The conflict between religion and media has deep roots

If Dr. Bornstein was my physician I'd be looking for a new one and here's why

Catholic communities nationwide organize activities to battle racism

Seth Meyers: The Conservative/Progressive Perspective

Supaman - Why

While we are fighting over the epi-pen, can someone please bring inhalers up as well

Pence Recaptured After Fleeing Campaign Bus

Weekly Address: Taking Action Against the Zika Virus

The ‘Baghdad Bob’ Republican of the week=Kellyanne Conway-Trumps spokesperson

The NSA Is Hoarding Vulnerabilities

Climate Lies Another Factor In Pushing 35-And-Unders Away From GOP, Probably Permanently

Trumps are seriously demented

Southern Ocean Krill, Already Down 70-80% In 40 Years, Face Additional Climate Threats

Associated Press botches Hillary Clinton report and response

OPEN LETTER TO THE MEDIA: In the Name of Decency, Stop Tipping the Scale for Trump

The Best Way To Be Happy ...

Federal Court Rules N. Carolina’s Anti-Trans “Bathroom Bill” Unconstitutional

Bangladesh police kill 'mastermind' of Dhaka cafe attack

Tell us what you LOVE about @HillaryClinton ! It's a positive things about Hillary day today! I 💖

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 Virus or Dung Beetle?

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

A moment of silence for Ann Coulter, whose new book has received 50% 1-star Amazon ratings.

Trump and advisers remain split on how far to move toward the middle

WaPo Editorial: Joe Arpaio, America’s scofflaw sheriff

The secret Delta Nazis

GOP Fears Its Future in the West

Trump's repellant inner circle - By MICHAEL GERSON

Hummingbird wars this morning at the back deck feeder

Whoa: Maine Governor LePage Calls Minorities the “Enemy,” Suggests They Should Be Shot.

"A script for opiods? Why not?" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump's doctor!!!

Amazon is piloting teams with a 30-hour workweek

Sanders to campaign for Clinton on Labor Day

TRUMP reveals himself: "Nothing Matters"

The "natural" label on your food is baloney

Why is no one asking about Trump being on a statin?

Venus-Jupiter conjunction August 27

Trump: 'People Don't Know How Well We're Doing With Hispanics'

Clinton Receives Her First Security Briefing As The Democratic Nominee

Gun Control has devolved to absolute fabrication

Was that before or after YOU shot it's mother?

Ted Cruz v. Rick Perry: The Trump connection to their potential Texas showdown for Senate

OMG! Dyson!!

I don't like the gruesome ISIS pictures on Huffington Post. Anyone else agree?

Can President Hillary Survive the Media’s Fake Scandals? - By Joy Reid

Trump asks African Americans “what do you have to lose”? Answer: everything. Watch new ad airing o

The thing about Trump's signature issue of immigration that no one mentions

Why you shouldn’t drive slowly in the left lane

I take one prescription...

TRUMP making ISIS great again!

AM Joy is so awesome! I just hope MSNBC doesn't cancel this show,

Dammit, Joy Reid needs her own prime time show!

House arrest, probation for sex with teen girl

Trump tweeted to change conversation

Waterloo chemists develop promising cheap, sustainable battery for grid energy storage

That's got to sting: Bush Advisor Wolfowitz Says He'll Likely Vote for Clinton

Dwyane Wade's cousin is shot in senseless gun violence. Donald Trump is already exploiting it

UNIST to Engineer Next-Generation Smart Separator Membranes (for batteries)

Tiny Whatever: "I'm soft, no I'm hard, no I'm soft," on immigration or whatever.

Kaine, Podesta, and Salazar

Trump After Dwayne Wade's Cousin Is Shot: 'African Americans Will Vote Trump'

I had a clinic visit yesterday that should serve as atonement for my sins.

Holy fucking shit. This is one of the most horrendous Tweets Trump has ever sent

Gov. LePage: The enemy is ‘people of color’

Illegal donation solicitations

"sulfur, rotten eggs, garbage, manure and a skunk's fart"

Republican establishment figures have kidnapped Trump and are attempting to brainbox him

Clinton Win Could Pressure GOP to Heal, Not Repeal, Obamacare

Joy nailed HSU from the Washington post and left him almost spechless

Details indicate we're at Category II-III Trumpocalypse now.

Another stepping stone

The late Andrew Breitbart was married to Orson Bean's daughter? I didn't know that. And that Orson's

Early voting starts next week in my state. Can't wait to get that vote in for Hillary

Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon Repeatedly Failed To Disclose Breitbart News’ Financial Ties To...

I am the radical left

Does anyone have an update on conditions in Flint with reference to water for the

Donnie Darko proves you can be utterly foul...

"Donald Trump's doctor" is James Lipton's greatest acting triumph.

See what Trump voters see.

Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World - Herzog Trailer

The pastor who said gays 'Got what they deserved' after the Orlando, is now getting what he deserves

You only fail when you stop trying - Kitty stuff

Leader of Black Men For Bernie moving to Trump campaign?

I heard the local union signed a contract with the schools, raises for everyone and

Trump is getting backlash for a tweet about the fatal shooting of NBA star Dwyane (sp) Wade's cousin

Did Trump's doctor break the law?

New public enemy#1 - NFL QB won't stand for national anthem - oppression of people of color

After she has some time to grieve, I'll look forward to hearing what Gabrielle Union has to say

Dear Mrs. Clinton...

In presidential elections, size doesn't always matter

Trump just lost two more votes = Felons Jerry DeLemus and Blaine Cooper

After all the uproar, Trump clarifies his Tweet...

Sen. Murphy leading effort to raise cash for pro-gun control candidates

What is the Alt-right?

HRC's "vagenda of manocide" (geez, idiot cannot even spell) (and, no, this is NOT the Onion)

Doctor: I wrote Trump's bill of health in 5 minutes

Trump can't ~explain away/justify planting idea that could spur demented follower to kill

‘No Vacancies’ for Blacks: How Donald Trump Got His Start, and Was First Accused of Bias

Can I post polls asking what positions we want Hillary to take on issues without it being locked?

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Let us understand our health care system and force its restructure

Is the Clinton Foundation Respected?

Useful new adjective for Trump discussions.

Teamsters endorse Hillary Clinton

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 27, 2016

It all makes sense now: Why Trump picked Steve Bannon to run his campaign.

Hypocrisy is built into white supremicist argument

John and I did some normal things this week

xp- Hypocrisy is built into white supremicist argument

Republicans already plotting to obstruct Clinton Administration

Donald Trump broke the conservative media

New RW Meme: Hillary would be getting crushed by any R besides Trump

Do most people really even know what trigger warnings are?

Nevada Becomes One of Trump's Big Hopes for Swing State Win

Building Students' Cognitive Flexibility

Reports out of Maine are claiming..

Kaine's wife, Anne Holton, no stranger to political stage

Don Cheadle unleashes Twitter storm on Donald Trump

US accuses China General Nuclear Power Corp of pushing American experts for nuclear secrets

Question about leaving a food out...

Pasta From New York Restaurants Aids in Earthquake Relief.

Herring in aspic versus herring in Gelee

Controversial new Hinkley nuclear power station 'not vital' for Britain's energy future

Des Moines Canvass Kick-Off with Jim Mowrer & Martin O'Malley

Trump's Latest Tweet

Fun with Photoshop ...

Trump started calling HRC a bigot.. more than once and she returned

Suppose the government required you to keep your lawn mowed but

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch goes down in flames defending $16M pay raise and EpiPen price hike

Wolfowitz, A Neocon And Strong Supporter Of Iraq War, Says He'll Vote For Clinton

Funny Awkward Moment On The TV Today...

The Trump campaign in screenshots: 9:24 a.m., 12:26 p.m. and 1:48 p.m.(SAT, Aug 27, 2016)

Colin Kaepernick Refused To Stand For The National Anthem Before A 49ers Preseason Game?

Clinton campaign using Snowden-approved app to foil Putin's hackers

Do you stand when the National Anthem is played at sporting events?

Corp Media's Blatant False Equivalency of the campaigns

The Secret History of China's Female Emperor

The Secret History of China's Female Emperor Starts Petition Asking Enterprise To Cut Ties With A.L.E.C.

Bill George, Harvard Business School professor: "Heather Bresch made a big mistake"

i love this..

Any techies here? I need help!

My apartment has been taken over

It's funny. I have a number of Google Searches set up (this is a gun thread FWIW, opt out now)

Horse, Groomers Test Positive For Methamphetamine At Golden Gate Fields

The Secret History of China's Female Emperor

I just saw Southside With You.

San Jose Bacon Fest Postponed Due To Lack Of Available Police

Nooscope mystery: The strange device of Putin's new man Anton Vaino

Judge's ruling is a blow to Florida's third-grade testing rules

Tony Romo has fractured vertebra in back, may miss 6-10 weeks

BarbWire:It’s Time For Xtians To Strike Fear Into LGBTs By Putting A $10 Magnetic Fish On Their Cars

Special Report: How Delaware kept America safe for corporate secrecy

Trump Glasses

Trump brings the hate out of me like no one else.

Is Don the Con planning to rescue white males like the one who killed

Is the heroin crisis in America linked to the US occupation

The forgotten history of the "Hitler" salute to the American flag

Trump in Iowa

While Trump Is Trying To Appeal To Black Voters....

Flake advises GOP candidates: 'Distance yourself from Trump'

Karma Strikes Back: Breitbart Poll Has Trump LOSING To Clinton

Teleprompter Trump...

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 King's Bishop Stakes

Trump at Iowa rally: "INCOMPETENT Obama/Clinton administration"

Kittens help groom mother and some playtime

Just made my first ever financial contribution to a campaign.

Judge quashes Bundy’s subpoena of Gov. Brown - #BundyTeaParty

Judge Approves Harney County Video Feed Of Refuge Trial - #BundyTeaParty

New Hillary ad ("Hat, outsourced"). Unlisted video.

We know where Sen. Joni Ernst stands

Utah militia leader's case slowed as lawyer eyes recordings -#BundyTeaParty

Melania's Diary

Confederate flag issue costs Walton County convention business (FL)

Ice Cube sends angry tweet saying he would ‘never endorse a motherf---a like Donald Trump

'I shot dad': US boy who killed neo-Nazi father

'Cause misery loves company!

6 Media Pillars of the ‘Alt-Right’

Cop cruelly blasts 84-year-old black woman in the face with pepper spray — in her own home

Changing distrust to trust, my journey with Hillary

You'll never guess what my SIL and I have been watching when she gets home from school

What have Republicans done To/For Black people?

Sigh...just because I agree with ONE thing a person says doesn't mean I agree with ALL they say

Trouble at Nevada Democratic Party meeting

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Sword Dancer Stakes

Politifact Writer Debunks Lies About Hillary, Then Declares ‘Both Sides’ Are Egregious

To my dear fellow DUers...

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Travers Stakes

Agoraphobic sitting under a covered porch/update

Four Thousand Posts! I just want to send love to my fellow LGBT DU'ers

Some Extremists Fire Guns and Other Extremists Promote Guns

Quote of the Day

Trump’s Repellent Inner Circle

Letter to a neighbor who supports Trump

Do you personally trust Trump supporters??

word of the day--limacene--for der drumpfenfuhrer

Scandal at the Potomac bathing beach---shocking pic from 1920.

What should Hillary do after Labor Day?

Trump's shrinking trade appeal evident in North Carolina

JPR: Obama worse than Bush

Best Cartoons Skewering Donald Trump

16 Heart-Melting Letters From Little Girls to Hillary

Colin Kaepernick should play in another Football league

AMAZING MOVIE: The Sea Of Trees | Official Trailer HD

Citigroup Thinks Donald Trump Could Cause a Global Recession

Venezuela opposition leader Daniel Cabellos seized and imprisoned

Venezuela opposition leader Daniel Cabellos seized and imprisoned

Subscription question.

Justice Department to decide charges against Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio in racial profiling case

The TSA Wants You to Adopt Dogs That Flunked Out of Training

Jupiter's red spot, up close, is a violent storm whole planets could disappear into

Delta Jumps Into Political Fray with a Lofty Patriotic Meditation from the Sky

there's no promise he won't make.....

What States Have You Been To?

Where’s the religion in the presidential campaign?

Appeals Court Refuses to Reconsider Wisconsin Voter ID Cases

What we say and how we say it

“Trump’s aides put together briefing books-not that candidate is devoting much time to reading them"

NYT analysis: Hillary has 1011 paths to win. Trump has 10 paths to win. There are 3 paths to a tie.

Mika to GOP/Trump: How can you support someone who says Hillary should be shot?

Trump..would start the process to round up & deport undocumented "within 1 hr of his inauguration

Wow. The real reason Trump won't release his tax returns:

Michigan may soon allow self-driving cars on the road

What MSM news reports should be saying...

The TSA Wants You to Adopt Dogs That Flunked Out of Training - X-post in GD

Job recruiter says women should hide engagement ring during interviews