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Trump's new flipflop: according to NBC, he's going to adopt OBAMA'S policy on illegal immigration.

"And your name was?"


Bumper sticker critique

I assume that Mitch McConnell will hand Hillary a list of possible judges

Children's home denies donation from atheist group; group starts GoFundMe to raise additional funds

I just donated $10 to Hillary

How Donald Trump divided and conquered the religious right

Luckovich Toon - Faux News, Fair and Balanced

**UPDATE** TWEET from Austin: Trump pivots hard on immigration. Audience says "Huh?"

Trump Has A Catholic Problem

O'Reilly says he's "not safe. Who's safe?! Nobody!1" - because of us spreading garbage on internet

Why smart grids are the mobile phones of the electricity world

Has anyone here ever had a 'Public Records' request filed on them?

Trump will follow through on immigration policy providing' it doesn't hurt anybody'.

coherent Trump "not a racist" strategy:police crackdown on streets, bash Clinton for 1994 crime bill

Black Indianapolis man shot by cops after calling police to report robbery

Bogota mayor’s crime offensive backfires as human rights violation claims could cost him his job

3 bombs go off simultaneously at health offices in Colombia’s capital Bogota

Donald Trump’s $100,000 “donation” to Louisiana flood victims went to a local anti-gay hate group

Philippines' war on drugs leaves 1,900 dead in less than two months

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! A Sex-fueled Playboy Mansion-like Cult! Live, Uncensored

Colombia’s Choco: From a tropical paradise to a jungle hell

Space is a busy place for "amateur radio operators"

O’Reilly slams Trump’s call to allow police to get ‘tougher’ with suspects: ‘You can’t beat ’em up!’

Convention indicates Democrats appear ready to step up push for gun-law reform

Apparently huffington post front page is now Donald Trump advertisement.

No appeal in Indiana woman's overturned feticide conviction

Hundreds of Americans wash up illegally in Canada after river party

CNN: How healthy is Trump, really?

Rachel just announced S. Carolina tied up!

Russian cat adopts abandoned baby squirrel monkey from zoo

Experts: Mexico storms led to deaths of millions of monarchs

Speak's the most common language

OAS rights' commission asks protection for Guatemala judge

Nate Silver hilariously takes poll truthers to task

Peru offers free morning-after pill to avoid unwanted pregnancies

Peru offers free morning-after pill to avoid unwanted pregnancies

U.S. judge denies Texas professors who sought gun ban in their classrooms

Hillary Clinton in California today. Hosts a tele-townhall for small business

The "Lungs of the Planet" are rapidly collapsing

Cat does not give one f--- about your yoga video

Sorry, we ran out of money for the 3rd one

Indigenous Activists Detain Panama's President for 2 Hours

Tim Canova is disappointed with Bernie

Seal jumps on boat to evade hungry orcas

In Colorado, Kaine Holds Small Business Leaders Roundtable

Residency where marijuana is legal no reason for police search: U.S. court

Residency where marijuana is legal no reason for police search: U.S. court

Honduras boy watches father murdered

More than 50% of people outside of gov't who met with HRC as SOS gave $$ to the Clinton Foundation

Pole vaulter stops mid run when national anthem is played

Costa Rica runs 100% renewable for 113 days in a row

N.Y. police regularly violated rules on probing Muslim groups: watchdog

Nobody believes Trump worked his TV series for fun, he's broke.

This is why we need term limits

Ex-Aide Suggests Black Communities Not 'Safe Environment' For Trump Rallies

When you lie on your resume but still get the job

Senator Al Franken on Conan O'Brien

Murder charge for Okla. man in slaying of Lebanese neighbor

The one in the middle is doomed to a lonely life.

Quote From Nate Silver From Today

LOL. The Republican on Last Word referred to Ann Coulter as representing the

1,100-Year-Old Human Remains Discovered in Bolivia

Rachel was great tonight ! Follow the money

1,100-Year-Old Human Remains Discovered in Bolivia

I have to get rid of Comcast before I do something I regret. Any opinions on the best internet

One more mushroom

Titicaca Lake to Be Restocked with Native Species

Titicaca Lake to Be Restocked with Native Species

High in the Bolivian Andes, a tour of Aymara sacred sites

We lost another long time member.... hedgehog

Utah man describes 'nightmare' conditions in Venezuela jail

Wife of jailed Venezuela opposition leader condemns death threat

Who caused the Benghazi Attack (pie graph illustration)

OAS chief says no democracy, rule of law in Venezuela

The Next Big Energy Appliance

Pre-Columbian Fish Farm

Pre-Columbian Fish Farm

Venezuela interior minister lashes out at U.S. over cocaine charges

Assange supporters fear assassination attempt after Ecuadorian embassy broken-into

Assange supporters fear assassination attempt after Ecuadorian embassy broken-into

HuffPost: Voters now trust Hillary more than what's-his-name on EVERY major issue.

Trump wavers on pledge to deport 11 million immigrants in U.S. illegally

Peru investigates 'police death squad' after killings

George HW Bush's IRS chief calls for Trump to release returns -- and endorses Hillary.

Peru investigates 'police death squad' after killings

Trump's "NEW" Wall Is Starting To Take Shape..

People Warn Against Underestimating Trump. Do You Think the Opposite Is Actually True?

Earthquake strikes central Italy

Ryan Lochte: Speedo and Ralph Lauren among four to end sponsorship

Ryan Lochte: Speedo and Ralph Lauren among four to end sponsorship

Oh this should be good. Just seen on FR:

Pharma CEO gave herself an $18 million raise after hiking EpiPen prices

THIS right here:

Italy earthquake: Death toll rises to at least 159

Unemployment in Argentina rises from 5.9% to 9.3% - the highest in nearly a decade.

Unemployment in Argentina rises from 5.9% to 9.3% - the highest in nearly a decade.

If you see a Trump Banner do you click it? Pay per click!!!

What about when, let's say a House Speaker, or a Senate Majority Leader . . . . .

Holy Sheep! Tornado in Concord. MA last night!

Who remembers this bit of musical weirdness?

Jill Stein picks awful day to defend Wikileaks.

U.S. Invades Syria And Warns Russia...

New South Carolina poll

President Obama Should Thank Trump for Sudden Endorsement of Immigration Status Quo...

Brain Scans of Brazilian Babies Show Array of Zika Effects

Moderate 3.9 earthquake hits southern Colorado (near Trinidad)

Abu Zubaydah, Tortured Guantánamo Detainee, Makes Case for Release

GOP Chairman kicked out of Trump rally for protesting, calling Trump a "child rapist"

Bandits nabbed in Dyker Heights, charged with theft of $1 million in frozen eels

Ask not what you have to lose, ask what DONALD has to lose.

State fines Educational Testing Service $21 million over STAAR problems

What World Do the Freepers Live In?

Historic gathering of tribes in the face of aggressive state repression and media manipulation.

Governor declares emergency in 20 Washington counties hit by wildfires

Futurama voice actor Billy West reads Trump quotes in the voice of "Zapp Brannigan"

Cher was great on Lawrence O'Donnell

Hillary's Favorables Will Be Over 50% Soon

Cher in P-town -

"They Are Both Flawed Candidates..." - Corporate Media Cop Out

Syria Jarablus: Turkish tanks roll into northern Syria

Pioneer Fire more than 100,000 acres; Cherry Road Fire tops 31,000

Montana man to serve as 'volunteer paralegal' for Ryan Bundy - #BundyTeaParty

Idaho radio host gets epic beatdown from Neil deGrasse Tyson

Oregon refuge defendant pleads guilty - #BundyTeaParty

Idaho radio host gets epic beatdown from Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ammon Bundy jury pool shrinks - #BundyTeaParty

Jackson City Council says no to Confederate Flag on 75-foot pole (FL)

VA to ban large-scale display of Confederate flag in cemeteries

Portland Man Accused of Murdering Black Teenager Connected to White Supremacist Gang

Trump donated $100,000 to church run by anti-LGBT white supremacist

Seems appropriate.

New Idaho plan replaces No Child Left Behind

Elizabeth Smart says porn made kidnapping ordeal even worse

Trump campaign says will win by "undercover supporters"

Ann Coulter's New Book: 'In Trump We Trust' - Dem's Say Never, Never, Ever Trust Trump!

Montana man with controversial past to serve as 'volunteer paralegal' for Ryan Bundy

Hedge fund CEO backs Donald Trump and also Oregon urine stockpile

Citizen panel votes to endorse $3 billion corporate tax measure

Attorney files lawsuit over Portland's proposed homeless shelter

Microplastics should be banned in cosmetics to save oceans, MPs say

Turkey requests extradition of Fethullah Gülen but not for coup attempt, says US

40 votes separate candidates in Democratic primary runoff

Flint's tainted water may have led to rashes and hair loss, investigation finds

Flint's tainted water may have led to rashes and hair loss, investigation finds

Lawyers for victims say state committed fraud

Earthquake leaves at least 13 dead in central Italy

'It's about freedom': Ban boosts burkini sales 'by 200%'

We Know About The Lies Over Iraq But What About Syria?

Top General Scheduled to Testify at Bergdahl Hearing

Kansas Man Faces Sentencing for Role in Foiled Bomb Plot

Political operative gets probation for role in Chaka Fattah's corruption case

Koch Brothers-Tied Ad Mentions Hillary Clinton for First Time

Seattle’s rental law and unintended consequences

3 Olympic Weightlifting Gold Medalists Fail Doping Retests

More Washington cases of deadly birth defect, but rate may be lower

Fucking Sirota...

Homeless camps swept from Portland park

Massachusetts judge under fire for sentence in sex assault case

Massachusetts judge under fire for sentence in sex assault case

MD-80, the workhorse of the skies, being put out to pasture

Recruit decommits after Michigan thanks him for attending an event he didn't attend

A death foretold: watch as Priti Patel trashes our proud record on aid

Local roads to see improvements from new bond issue

Class action filed in hepatitis A outbreak caused by contaminated scallops

Rangers, geologists urge safety at lava flow; 8 acres of new land created in past three weeks

Daily Holidays August 24

♫ Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran ♫

The Mike Pence haircut on Maddow

Maybe a "Bee's Knees" while we sit?

California bill to repeal 'tampon tax' heads to governor

Trump claims "undercover voters" but I believe Hillary has more of those

Juneau Assembly passes equal rights ordinance

State pink salmon record broken twice in one day

Hemp proposed as construction, oil spill material

Sanjay Gupta: Trump's health-statement contains language no doctor would use

Fake Denver doctor charged with sexual assault, criminal impersonation

Suggest a new theme song for Trump's campaign

Assistant city attorney breaks silence after reaching $660,000 settlement with Denver

Kaine demands Trump reveal business dealings

Trumps background crowds try to look browner

State auditor sues Great Outdoors Colorado to force audit of grant program

Campaign kicks off to remove “slavery” from the Colorado constitution

Trump thinks the Clinton Foundation is so crooked, he donated at least $100,000 to it

Colorado secretary of state to reach out to homeless voters

Hefty hike in Colorado tobacco taxes qualifies for November ballot

BBC and World Media Ignore Rocket Attacks on Israel, but Report on IDF Responses

Clinton Calls for Public Health Rapid-Response Fund

Robby Mook coming up on msnbc

God I Love Randy Newman (Just heard this 2012 song)

Question about my appeal

Kansas cops can't stop drivers just because they have Colorado plates, court says

Kansas cops can't stop drivers just because they have Colorado plates, court says

Lawsuit: Fort Collins police discriminated on basis of race

Box of WW2 grenades dropped off at Breckenridge fire station sparks evacuation

5 Things Theists Don’t Understand About Outspoken Atheists

Utah’s Facebook data center deal is off

Judgment Day Is Coming For Those Who Stay Silent on Donald Trump"

Oh my GOD she gave those African kids AIDS medication!!! Lock her up

Texas and four other states file ‘religious freedom’ suit against healthcare for trans patients

A friend of mine was killed in a horrific car accident this week

Hillary Lunch w/ Timberlake

NYT: Bernie Sanders’s New Political Group Is Met by Staff Revolt

Tax Cuts...

Cardinal Burke: 'I Will Never Be Part of a Schism' Within Catholic Church

=*= 2 LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders 'Our Revolution' Speech (August 24, 2016) =*=

=*= 2 LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders 'Our Revolution' Speech (August 24, 2016) =*=

No-iron t-shirt.

"Choosing Sides"


The Twenty Years’ War

Daily Dose of Russia Today-propaganda: US to blame for what iraqi militias are doing; Vince Foster

Reid says Heck is 'most fraudulent' candidate he's ever seen

Trump spent $55K in campaign money to buy his own book — which is probably illegal

Fotoseptiembre USA SAFOTO

Time, place set for Clinton's Thursday swing through Reno

Time, place set for Clinton's Thursday swing through Reno

Time, place set for Clinton's Thursday swing through Reno

Kellyanne Conway, Dog Trainer

The Rude Pundit on the Clinton Foundation "scandal"

If Israel’s Occupation Is Permanent, Why Isn’t It the Same as Apartheid?

There is diginity in a good job if you appreciate it.

"Outside" state investig. of Milw shooting to be done by former Milw officers

Mormon sensibilities in Nevada bristle at the thought of backing Trump

Let's see here. Trump falsely brags about donations to veterans charities,

It's Wednesday, Y'all. Time for the Hump Day Git Down

Reid: Not enough uneducated, white men for Trump in Nevada

Caesars’ unit argues fresh bankruptcy shield will help bankruptcy case

Airlander 10: Longest aircraft damaged during flight

New Clinton Campaign ad: "Shirts"

Trump Resume

Trump has discovered that running as open racist in national campaign in 2016 can be severe problem

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The unreality show

Great New Yorker article from 1996 by Henry Louis Gates

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Siberia - World's Biggest Sawdust Dump - 800 Olympic Pools' Worth - Will Burn For Years

Man brought to tears over Trump's flood photo op

Classic disaster aid hypocrisy

m$nbc just reported that trump has a 10% lead over Hillary among military families

Cher slams Trump’s ‘disingenuous’ promises to gay fans: ‘My people will not believe him’

An extremely realistic reenactment of the Battle of Pearl Harbor (caution very graphic)

Are Democrats making a mistake running against Trump instead of incumbent Republicans?

Let's Pretend - Where do you stand? - Open carry vs. ???

Everyone have a laugh at this Trump gag gift I made.

New Mexico Poll: HRC: 40% Trump: 31%

Let's dispel with this fiction that Trump is a racist-He is, in fact, A GIGANTIC RACIST!

Beware. Voter Machines Rigged for Drumpt

Florida Poll: Trump: 43% Clinton: 41%

Sympathy for the Devil?

Wikileaks outs gay men in Saudi Arabia and publishes personal info of rape and abuse victims

Myanmar earthquake: One dead and temples damaged

Liberal, Moderate or Conservative? See How Facebook Labels You

To My Redneck American Community: What The Hell Do You Have to Lose

Lawyer: "My client has disappeared from house-arrest? Maybe he was raptured."

What is your opinion of the Clinton Global Initiative?

While MSM Hunts Hillary Trump Getting Off The Hook.

"We're So Sorry Sir. We Thought You Were Black.

Louisiana: "Let's remember the victims here"

The EpiPen, a Case Study in Health Care System Dysfunction

Trump's Sons Are A National Embarrassment.

Trump claimed a top Chicago cop told him crime there could be stopped in a week. He Lied, AGAIN.

New Trump Campaign Poster

Juneau, Alaska, Assembly passes equal rights ordinance

Canada takes guns from & expels Texans who crossed Maine border

Trump "evolving?" He either lied in the primaries or is lying now.

Report: Rio police exaggerated their version of Ryan Lochte events, too

Double Exposure Pixs -

New Rule From Obama Will Punish Contractors Who Cheat Or Endanger Workers

NFL determining what is 'full cooperation' key to PED interviews for players

Howard Johnson's restaurant closing

Hispanic and Black outreach - at Trump Tower (where the best "outreach" happens)

Eric Trump says WE are stupid to understand his father's tax returns

Hillary Clinton / Jimmy Kimmel Monday August 22, 2016 9 clips

The Mormon Press had this little story.

Another scumbag pharma CEO - Gouges Epipen users and salary raised to $18.9 million

The official Mike Pence's black barber haircut photo-op cartoon:

Duke, a dog, wins third term as mayor

Black man shot by police after reporting armed robbery at his home

Duke, a dog, wins third term as mayor

telling rush to SHUT UP

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Unveils New Border Wall Design

NHL hires gambling watchdog ahead of Las Vegas move

Twerking, lowriders shut down Route 66 in New Mexico

Officials Pull Water Supply as Dakota Access Protest Swells in Number and Spirit

22 Hilarious Tweets From Parents Who Are Really Ready For School To Start

July hail storm in Colorado Springs sixth-most damaging in state history

SpaceX erects historic 16-story-tall rocket booster outside its Hawthorne headquarters

Made it :D Hi all

Budget crunch being felt by New Mexico jurors

Something brewing on the horizon?

Pregnant horse brutally stabbed to death near American Falls

The GOP Is A Racist Terrorist White Supremacist Organization.

Court again upholds California's 'gay aversion' therapy ban

It's not fact, it's spin. Media and the Clinton Foundation

Woman wrongfully imprisoned in 1976 murder sues Reno, Washoe County

Obama signs order creating North Woods national monument

What happened to a Hollywood church's stained glass windows? Preservationists want to know

Hundreds of applications pile in for Arizona medical marijuana dispensary licenses

Cuts threaten Arizona parent-child visitations, agencies fear

Trump Floats Obama-Like Deportation Plan, and Fans Don’t Mind

Senate hopeful Kirkpatrick tells Hispanics she backs Dream Act

Little Girl Surprised with DeLorean DMC-12

MSNBC tops CNN for third straight week in August

Blacks question Trump outreach delivered to white audiences

Cheers! First Drink in 81 Years Sold in Former Dry Town

Trump brings mothers of children killed by undocumented immigrants on stage

China unveils designed concept of Mars probe

Havasu Police: Intoxicated man hits woman, releases snake, moons car

"Restore the 'rule of law'"

Fall 2016 Preview TV Show List...

Mr. Belding Impersonates Ben Franklin • Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016

What is Your Favorite Campaign/Political Shirt This Year?

L.A. Unified finds money to expand health benefits despite budget worries

Too late for me, but I have a few thoughts.

Think about how much better off we'd be if

Can anyone guess who this is?

In a major win for teachers unions, California Supreme Court lets teacher tenure ruling stand

More, re: earthquake, Terremoto in Italian:

Vagenda of Manocide!

After jacking up EpiPen prices, pharma CEO boosted her salary to almost $19 million

Effort to roll back daylight saving time defeated in California Senate

A Basic Income Would Upend America’s Work Ethic—and That’s a Good Thing

California’s cap-and-trade carbon program sputters again

Bill forcing drivers’ hands off smartphones awaits Gov. Jerry Brown

A Schwarzenegger-era casino deal will cost state $36.3 million

California lawmakers block police body camera legislation

Loretta Sanchez ducks first U.S. Senate debate with Kamala Harris

I done some dem dare math! Electoral College prediction based off PredictWise odds

"Look who DID come over for dinner!" Justin & Jessica host Clinton fundraiser

California court opens door to changing public employee pensions

California court opens door to changing public employee pensions

Hillary's Tech Provider: No Email Server Security Breaches Found

To The GOP Elections Are Rigged Because They Don't Have All The Seats In Congress.

BOSTON GLOBE: Clinton’s e-mail ‘scandals’ are pure fiction

Tears, hugs follow jurors’ $3.1 million award to whistleblower in teacher credentialing case

for the puke who referenced what he called "the spinster demographic":

Hundreds of people showed up for our @hillaryforMO office opening in St. Louis last night. PICS...

Mom of 'affluenza teen' working at a Honky Tonk Woman Saloon in North Texas

Campus carry protest at UT (Austin) featuring sex toys

Massive Voter Suppression, Intimidation, Dirty Tricks W/Armed Observers Possible.

And....Andrea Mitchel opens with what else?

for stress relief--nerf bricks--because the real things HURT!!

International software firm settles lawsuit, pays Orange County $26 million

the liberal media is hard at work....

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump By 12 Points In New Poll

This message was self-defeated by its author

How do Republicans see themselves?

As Hillary Clinton’s Lead Grows To 12 Points, Media Creates Clinton Foundation Scandal

The AP’s big exposé on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess

Seems appropriate.

Trump Campaign Manager: We’re Actually Winning Right Now, Because of ‘Undercover Trump Voters’

Benghazi! Emails! The Foundation! If Only There Were Issues On Which We Could Attack Trump. :(

Kabul attack: Gunfire and blast rock American University

Fourth grader suspended for bringing his 'one ring' to school

Once upon a time . . .

Hillary's being swift-boated because she's advocated for "micro-finance" since 1983 -- the opposite

This is worth a read! Mom's constipation turns into $30 million cult juggernaut

You have to remember that Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan. Probably where

Bush Angle to Reagan Shooting Still Unresolved as Hinckley Walks

A Full List of Donald Trump's Rapidly Changing Policy Positions

Happy Hour with Governor Martin O'Malley

Apple CEO Tim Cook Hosts Clinton Fundraiser On Same Day He Receives $100 Million Dollar Bonus!

Ohio "Gorilla" Busted, Lands Behind Bars

'Minnesota friends: I'm coming to your state this Friday to campaign

Need help with RAM

Finally! An energetic explanation of the good that...

donald trump's amazing tax returns!

Trump as Russian Oligarch -- his business-political model

Donald Trump is a bigot, there's no other way to get around it," Blow said.

Dear Media Wake the Fuck up!!! This is your Country too!!

My best bread yet ...

Real clear politics cherry picks polls

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival time again

Earth-sized planet around nearby star is astronomy dream come true

"I'll give you something to cry about"

Justice department steps in against jailing practices that target poor people

Justice department steps in against jailing practices that target poor people

If Trump wins will government of the masses be proven a failure?

Clinton, Trump in Close Race in North Carolina: Monmouth Poll

Pitchfork’s 200 Top Singles Of The 70s

The Double Standard Ocean We And Hillary Clinton Swim In

Second post in GD on Pooping - Poop like a Samurai

I just cannot see forcing a woman to reveal a part of her body she is not comfortable revealing as

Amtrak Arrives in Microgrid Era Ahead of Schedule

NYT: Bernie Sanders’s New Political Group Is Met by Staff Revolt

Police Defend Chasing Down Innocent 5th Grader With Guns Drawn

Is Trump bussing in his crowd tonight??

PG&E should pay for San Bruno fire!

Largest BSOD in history (probably) in Thailand

Rudy Guiliani is drunk.

'Mr Brexit' meets Mr Brexit: Nigel Farage to stump with Trump

Angler hooks German's todger at nudist lake

Trump's Mississippi visit is story of his campaign: focused on money, not votes

Nigel Farage who led the right-wing Brexit campaign in the UK to appear with Trump in Mississippi.

want to read something too funny?

Black Teen Pushed Down by Iowa Officer Got Money for Secrecy

(updated) Man Gets 40 Years for Pouring Scalding Water on Gay Couple

Dammit - And I liked Figs

Really MSNBC? You've shut down coverage of the earthquake in Italy to show Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert Tests The Validity Of The Clinton E-Mail "Scandal"

What's with these cordless mice? I think I'll go back to corded.

Army General Testifies No One Swayed Him in Bergdahl Case

I'm very sad for our nation, and I blame "conservatives"

Breitbart, explained: the conservative media giant that wants Trump to burn down the GOP

Coal Towns Hit by Layoffs to Get Job Grants From US Gov't

Mars, Saturn and Antares to Line Up in Night Sky This Week: How to See It

Amid Controversy, the American Film Institute Has Canceled a Screening of Nate Parker’s Birth of a..

More antigun hypocrisy: "Pastor who won AR-15 raffle may have violated Oregon law"

Stieglitz Blasts 'Outrageous' TPP as Obama Campaigns for Corporate-Friendly Deal

‘Top’ of the lie: Donald Trump caught embellishing story about meeting with Chicago police brass

Army pulls training slide that named Clinton as 'threat'

Texas Theocrat Says Voting For Trump Is OK Because God Has ‘A Different Standard’

How Many Active Connected Devices Does a Home in North America Average?

"Trump's deal was straight up: He would secure the government programs — Social Security, Medicare —

Complaint: Citing Catholic Rules, Doctor Turns Away Bleeding Woman With Dislodged IUD

Drones: Law Enforcement’s Secret Eye In The Sky

42 awesome neighbors hang Pride flags after vandals hit lesbians’ home

Mississippi Congressional Staffer Faces Tax Charges

Can I ask travel questions here?

Italy earthquake leaves at least 120 dead, rescuers racing against time

Mississippi Islamic State Recruit Gets 8 Years in Prison

Case Challenging Md. Congressional Districts Moving Forward

A federal court just ruled that it’s legal for a company to fire a trans employee for coming out

Remains of missing hiker found in Summit County

Trump-supporter promises to assassinate Trump if he reneges on wall-promise as President.

Dem Senator’s Daughter Responsible For EpiPen Price Hike

Anyone driven the highway from Whistler to Vancouver?

Can we stop the Hillary bashing until after the election?

The US is becoming the pariah of the rest of the world over our stupid gun rights movement.

Is 'Local Control' Just A Scam To Keep The Poor Down?

Can you fix a computer or speed it up with your mind?

"Meet the Democrats tacking right while their party shifts left."

My favorite border dispute.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 24, 2016

WHEN Hillary wins the presidency, it will be despite the MSM's best efforts to defeat her.

Trump campaign operative suggests Clinton will die during first year in office

Trump spent $55K in campaign money to buy his own book — which is probably illegal

So if it's unsafe for Trump to be in black neighborhoods when conducting

Bernie Sanders a no-show for Tim Canova

This chart reveals the inhumanity of US drug prices compared to other countries

Ads To counter Trump's new minority "outreach"

There’s Just One Flaw in Donald Trump’s New Plan to Show He’s Not Racist

Richardson Couple: Someone Killed Our Dog Over Clinton Sign

We Are All Pharma-Bro Suckers

Playing into the right’s trap: The media is all too quick to go chasing phony Clinton scandals

Once again Nichole Sandler and her guest are doing their best Fox news impression doing the con's

HRC leads by 2 in NC--Senate race is tight as well

Anyone here ever used a car broker?

They want to destroy Leslie Jones: Harassment targeting “Ghostbusters” star exposes the ugliness dri

Democrats diss atheists, but still count on our votes

Muslim man and his two sisters booted off plane because text on phone was in Arabic

British woman, 21, stabbed to death at hostel in Australia by French national who yelled 'Allahu akb

Virginia Restores Right to Vote to Thousands of Ex-Felons

So, Trump says he won't pivot?

Chris Christie vetoes anti-gun legislation

Israel clears forces in several deadly 2014 Gaza war cases

Uninformed voters, an aiding and abetting media, and a narcissistic, criminal demogogue...

In Israel, women-only beach days allow the religious to relax

New Arizona poll (CNN): Trump 43 - Clinton 38

What happens when Crossroads renovates a Catholic church from 1873? Look inside: PHOTOS

Hoosier DUers, tornado warning in effect right now.

Hackers Publish Nude Pictures on Leslie Jones’s Website

Commerce Secretary Pritzker on Trade and TPP

My heart is broken

Which of These do you See as the Most Corrupt/Untrustworthy Foreign Leader?

Trump just sounds like a loser to me

Hillary is doing something else for America!

"GOP may be stuck with Trump for another decade"

How an IDF general whitewashed the killing of three innocent Palestinians

16 Heart-Melting Letters to Hillary Clinton From Girls

The HRC campaign still needs money!

“Why did no one care that Bob Dole was majority leader and his wife ran the Red Cross?”

An Oklahoma Charity Rejected an Atheist’s Donation, So He’s Raising More Until They Say Yes

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 25 August 2016

Donald Trump's foundation gave $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation in 2009.

Clinton camp seeks correction of AP tweet promoting story on Clinton meetings

Bernie Sanders starts new organization - "Our Revolution"

US arrests Colombia’s fugitive former agriculture minister

The Trump campaign has a secret plan to get out the secret pro-Trump vote. In secret states.

US arrests Colombia’s fugitive former agriculture minister

AP report on the Clinton Foundation is WRONG!

Hillary needs to do a press conference

Joel Benenson on MTP

Colombia government and FARC rebels reach final peace deal: Govt sources

Taylor Swift vs. Trumpy--Philanthropy Division

Colombia government and FARC rebels reach final peace deal: Govt sources

Heads up Everyone..Kellyanne Conway is scheduled on Rachel..

Trump wanted to keep Americans critically ill with Ebola out of the U.S.

Five people dead after being pulled from sea at Camber Sands

Extremely brief movie review: Anthropoid


Trump: Not 'very hot' celebrities are Clinton's 'enthusiastic' backers

Unique Ways To Prepare Chicken

Prosecutor wants photos of Michael Brown's body restricted

Did you attend a Bernie Sanders 'Our Revolution' kickoff party, or just listen to the livestream?

OK, I bleeve I got this thing figgered out.

Iran vessels make 'high speed intercept' of U.S. ship: defense official

This is why Finland has the best schools.

New Jersey governor vetoes bill requiring smart guns be sold

Pres. Obama- NatGeo 9.00pm tonight & tomorrow to celebrate the National Park Service Centennial

Seen on Facebook Today (Apologies to Granny)

Surveillance plane was not a secret, Baltimore police say

Going to see "Don't Breath" this weekend... anyone seen it? nt

Lottery scandal prosecutor seeks to subpoena Texas attorneys

Canadian Mounties allow officers to wear hijab

Turn your gun in and have a free pizza

Chuck Todd Panel talks about need for Hillary transparency

My god. The Clintons leverage their fame to do good in the world. They break no laws

Jens Soering says new blood analysis proves his innocence in 31-year-old case

Can Donald Trump really round up and deport 11 million people?

Where's Joe Conason?

The Latest: Deaf driver killed by trooper afraid of police

Trump sounds like one of the "mean girls."

I went to the Joe "What the"Heck site to stop Hillary and for my zip code

It Could Soon Be Much Harder For Police To Seize Defendants’ Assets In California

LINK: Tim Canova on rightwing hate talker Joyce Kaufman's radio show.

Boston VC Firm on Web Site---F*CK TRUMP

my gift to you today

Philippines President Puts U.S. on Blast: Why Are You Killing Black People?

No proof Clinton did wrong - that's why we need to investigate her!

Sorry for your loss, but no one else is responsible.

Out of Luck-Trailer

Have you seen the cover of James Carville's new book?

Ecuador To Sell A Third Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies

Another Lame$tream media coverup: the postwar mania for Yiddish mambo

Horrified by Trump, Democrats getting nostalgic about Romney

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Takes On Hillary Clinton Over Mylan's EpiPen

The comeback of middle-wage jobs

This is so cool - Welcome to the Fourth Grade

Exiled Yemen government risks humanitarian catastrophe to cut off central bank

El Faro captain ordered crew to abandon ship before sinking

Looking Like Openly Supporting Hillary Could Get Dangerous.

Trump adviser's Russia credentials come under scrutiny

Clinton TV Ad Featuring New England Factory Hits Trump For Outsourcing

Argentine GDP fell by 4.3% in June from the same time last year - sharpest decline since 2002 crisis

Argentine GDP fell by 4.3% in June from the same time last year - sharpest decline since 2002 crisis

Trump Dings Clinton For Parade Of 'Not Very Hot' Celeb Supporters

Are Jews who refuse to renounce Israel being excluded from "progressive" groups?

North Korea's Kim declares missile launch from sub 'greatest success'

Washington Post asked readers to submit ideas for an editorial - here's a link if anybody is

The Same

Humanists Respond To Louisiana Flooding

Trump's outreach to Muslims

Stanford removes 'victim-blaming' online material on women and alcohol

Burkini Wars Show What’s Wrong With the Religious Right — and Secular Left

Donald Trump losing means about half as much to me as Eric Trump losing.

Trump's latest addition to his Transition Team: Ed Feulner

Jesus Mary and Joseph

Children are really watching this election

University of Mississippi bans Confederate 'anthem' Dixie

Paul LePage comes out against expanding background checks

Learning to think like a leaf

Attempts to find 'Nazi gold train' in Poland hit the buffers

I watched Hillary on Jimmy Kimmel she always brings up her Granddaughter Charlotte in interviews

BREAKING - the AP story - Hillary visited 112 countries but only talked to 154 people as SoS

. . . . and a small pickle.

Report: Syria and Islamic State Blamed for Chemical Attacks