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Huge Storms Somewhere Almost All The Time New Norm. Too Late On Climate Warming?

Trumps twit-whining again

Uber Pets...

The Trump Flip Flop Reminds Me of a Local Election I was Involved In.

State of the Union Political Panel - Full part 1

Not black culture English lady

Small donors boost Clinton's July fundraising

this PAC is making good anti-Trump ads

Paraglider killed after crashing into roof of Mormon church

"Noino On"

Ignore the LA Times Poll that Has Trump up 45-43

He called Hillary a killer in the rally this week and everybody acts like he's been a angel this wee

"Found your mouse."

Free money is not so funny anymore: Confessions of a (former) skeptic of basic income

Choose one

"SELF-FUNDING TRUMP"...$36.7 million in July. $2 million from Trump. The rest? "OTHER DONORS."

Edible, Biodegradable Food Packaging - Headline Science

The worst part is that why have no utterly concept of why it's so wrong...

Favorite foreign Olympic athlete (besides Usain Bolt)?

White Lives Matter group protests outside NAACP in Houston's Third Ward

Poll: Clinton extends lead in Ohio

Poll: Clinton extends lead in Ohio

Trump claims his golf courses are worth tens of millions. Until the tax bill arrives

Thread for anyone to explain why Labour would do better under Owen Smith's leadership.

Trump plans rally in Austin next week, but some Texan Republicans wonder why

"Guide To Trump Campaign Staff Changes"

Giant snake skin found near river in Westbrook (Maine)

I think I was wrong. I argued once that if HRC had won in 2008 the Teabaggers wouldn't have existed.

1992: Christmas Gift Ideas from a Savvy Investor: Lien on Donald Trump is an original gift idea

This 100 Tweet Storm by @johnastoehr exposting the double standard Hillary Clinton faces is amazing.

FYI per Nate Silver: As a warning, there's been an increase in fake polls this year.

Donald Trump: America's one-night stand

Trump Campaign Funnels $7.7 Million to His Family and Companies

Organic farmers to grow and harvest the manure of the future

Dancing in the rain ---

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, angling for Trump Cabinet, "Secretary of Kissing Trump's Ass"

A few favorites from my driving in Florida

The Arab-Israeli conflict in 10 points

The road to (libertarian) heaven...

Trump: "I don't know if she goes home -- she goes home and goes to sleep. I think she sleeps."

If The GOP Ever Wants To Win Again, They Need To Be Ready To Purge People Like This From The Party

Why is no one replying to this thread?

Thank you Syndergaard!

For Mike Pence, It's Bible-Thumping Ideology First, Science Nowhere When it Comes To Public Health

Maduro’s costly serenade for Castro’s birthday

Sean Hannity now advising Trump

Venezuela’s military has been getting stronger since the days of Hugo Chavez

First Ladies Study

*On C-Span Q & A now,

Arctic Sea Ice Melt Since 1979 "Enormously Outside The Bounds Of Natural Variability"

Jon Oliver has a segment on Charter schools

Amazon Dramatically Improves 'The Tick' In Streamable Pilot

Belgium Called In The NSA To Help Catch Paris Attacker

Trump Spends Entire Classified National Security Briefing Asking About ​Egyptian ​Mummies

Rauner approves repeal of sales tax on tampons

Madigan, Democrats try to tie Trump to Rauner

Looks like YouTube has been compromised

Report: Trump discussed continuing ‘Apprentice’ from White House

Study Confirms World’s Coastal Cities Unsavable If We Don’t Slash Carbon Pollution

My parents are elderly and they don't eat properly.

Mike Trout for Congress!

Trump effect spills into Pennsylvania Senate race

Osborne Macharia

LA Times Editorial: A tainted settlement on San Onofre closing costs

Warren Would Be 'Driving Force' Behind Senate Majority, Obama Says

Chileans protest against Pinochet-era private pension scheme

Chileans protest against Pinochet-era private pension scheme

NC Gov McCrory continues criticism of state scientists over coal ash contamination warnings

Hidden codex may reveal secrets of life in Mexico before Spanish conquest (Codex Selden)

Michelle Obama Announces Possible Senate Run – The GOP Immediately FREAKS Out (DETAILS)

Following dinosaur footsteps in Bolivia's fossil mecca

Judge removed after allegedly allowing lawyer to hear cases, wear robe

What is "the wrong thing" that Donnie regrets saying?

Following dinosaur footsteps in Bolivia's fossil mecca

What is wrong with the White Pages?

Mercedes - Maybach Debuts 19 Foot Long Vehicle Concept

Hot, Humid Weather May Have Helped Shape Human Noses

Rauner makes record bid of $104,000 for steer at state fair

Mayans Made Major Discovery in Math, Astronomy

Is it just me or is the DU more sparsely populated these days. For sure

New Mexico United Way chapter resumes firearms raffles

How does Trump think he can make America great again,

Kirk likens Obama to 'drug dealer in chief' for $400 million Iran payment

Rauner reboots state fair after nearly a year of unpaid bills from last one

Rauner signs bill creating human trafficking task force

Mexican president Pena Nieto plagiarized law thesis, report says

Mexican president Pena Nieto plagiarized law thesis, report says

Illinois latest state to expand domestic workers' rights

Payback Doesn’t Pay Back: U.S.-Cuba Compensation Claims and the Difficulties of Negotiation

Payback Doesn’t Pay Back: U.S.-Cuba Compensation Claims and the Difficulties of Negotiation

Feds in terror case want max term for ex-Illinois guardsman

And just who the hell do you think you're looking at?

Please, Prayers of Thanksgiving for the joy of the Olympic Games in Rio.

Underwater discovery holds key to Britain's past

4 arrested for illegal archaeological dig

Silk Rumored For Spider-Man: Homecoming Played By Tiffany Espensen

"'White Lives Matter' Stages Armed Protest Outside NAACP Headquarters"

Clinton Campaign Halfway to $1 Billion Fundraising Goal

Sarah McLachlan - Drawn to the Rhythm (VIDEO)

Democrat Chris Koster winning Missouri GOP endorsements, but will it move voters?

Federal lawsuit filed over fatal explosion in 2014 at recycling plant in Granite City

Suit claims Franklin County drug court participants forced to work as informers

This couple didn’t tip their Latina server. They left a hateful message instead

Daily Holidays August 22

Well, CFs preseason AP Top 25 is out...Here's the Top 10 (first place votes in parentheses)

DHS waives sanctions at start of Iowa’s new Medicaid system

Weaver highlights minimum wage, debt, Medicare in Soapbox speech (Steve King's opponent)

Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

I am predicting the September surprise.

Vilsack stumps in Iowa for Judge's U.S. Senate campaign

Gay rights setback seen in Illinois Supreme Court ruling

Youth prison staff were taught abusive tactics

Milwaukee sex offender ordinance hasn’t worked as planned, putting public at greater risk

UW-Whitewater dorm limbo could crimp recruitment

Slim Majority of Israelis, Palestinians Still Favor Two-state Peace Settlement, Poll Says

For graduate students at UW-Madison, sexual harassment sometimes comes from faculty

Russ Feingold campaign looks to capitalize on failed infiltration

Hospitals see decline in charity care costs

Your daily dose of Russia Today-propaganda: Clinton tries to kill Assange and Trump is a leader.

Special legislative session won’t happen after leaders unable to reach deal

'He tells it like it is"

Mark Kirk is a Tool

Hillary and Cher in Provincetown

What if Trump won't accept defeat?

How to take some money away from the Trump campaign

FEC filings for dipshit starting to fill in now.

Mayo follows a familiar script in outsourcing food service jobs

Trump spends an awful lot on computer technology in one month. Why?

Pfizer to Buy Medivation for $14 Billion

Oops, Trump attacks Morning Joe.

IN-SEN: Evan Bayh up +16

U.S. clearance for ChemChina deal sends Syngenta stock soaring

John Oliver Asks Donald Trump To Drop Out -- extremely funny!!!!!!!!!

From Greenland To Chile To The Gulf Of Oman, Toxic Algae Blooms Proliferating Rapidly

Why can’t we see that we’re living in a golden age?

Dog Tries Swedish Fermented Herring for the First Time (NSFL*)

Donald Trump Makes Flood Relief Donation to Tony Perkins's Church

New Clinton Ad questioning Trump’s temperament, complete with sound effect of bomb dropping

Willie Brown Warning "Trump team will hit hard to reap rewards of split votes"

POLL: Meme of the Week – August 22nd

Have you ever seriously thought about leaving the country?

Trump's base is NOT poor whites.

NYT: Why Hillary Clinton Might Win Georgia

Horsey-The Plot Unravels...

In regards to Hillary's health -

Governor issues emergency declaration in response to pipeline protests

There are two new books about Trump out- both paint a dire picture of Trump's history and

Larry Cohen: Bernie | Our Revolution | Stop the TPP Mobilization

Looking for the small 410 snake charmer pistol

Judge: Eminent domain claim for diversion project not proper

It's Easy for Me to Understand Trump's Efforts to Appeal to African-Americans

Hampton Creek Under SEC Inquiry for Product Buybacks

Arctic First Nations People Prepare For The Next Big Thing - Extinction Tourism - Guardian

Exxon Spent $19 Million On Olympic TV Ads To Show How Much They Care, Also TECHNOLOGY!

Puppet-Boy lip syncs his notion of a leader. . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Monday Toon Roundup

Radioactivity, Plastics, Melting - Geologists To Define Marker For Official Start Of Anthropocene

So CNN is now MORE UNETHICAL than Fox!!!!!!!!

"Elderly woman careens into Ohio dance floor injuring eight people" MSNBC news crawl this morning.

538: Election Update: National Polls Show The Race Tightening — But State Polls Don’t

Let me get this straight

Donations To Restore Great Barrier Reef Could Dry Up If Land Clearing Continues, Says Donor

The ultimate in Trump branding, courtesy of his own employees

Church Without the Dogma

Trump: "Deportation Force" To Be Announced

Nuclear accident in New Mexico ranks among the costliest in U.S. history

Trump threatens to 'tell the real story' about Morning Joe 'clowns'

This is frightening. Most of these people blast Trump but would

National polls are tightening, but what is the Hillary Campaign doing about it?

"We only tip citizens"

Religious actions convey pro-social intent, finds study

Poor little Donald seems confused.

I believe that Bernie can really help boost support for Hillary with Millennial voters

Gov. Daugaard: State won't fight renaming of Harney Peak (highest mountain in state)

Scientists Confirm Seasonal Glacial Melt Lakes Now Forming In E Antarctica - 8,000 since 2000

Former Trump Supporters DESTROY Him In Focus Group And It’s Brutal (VIDEO)

"Stop lying about my record!"

In search for better care for older citizens, legislators realize more money is necessary

BREAKING - the wrong Trump truck showed up in Louisiana

Rest in Power, Toots

Giuliani says to google Hillary for health information: I say to Rudy: Google Santorum.

"Ailes is a genius when it comes to TV, when it comes to communicating with people, but so is Trump"

12-year-old running Trump campaign office in Colorado

We don't know if Colin Powell sent or received classified info on his AOL email

OK, who has had their car longest?

Federal judge, siding with Texas, blocks Obama rules on bathrooms for transgender students

Current swing states: Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina

Why we need to stand up for the right to insult religion and beliefs

How Are Trump's Most Ardent Supporters Handling His Modifications On....

Voter registration help needed

Try to unsee this comparison.

Texas man serving life sentence innocent of double murder, judge says

Trump threatens to 'tell the real story' about Morning Joe 'clowns'

Trump's campaign is not serious

"Trump can't release his taxes because he is getting social security"

Dakota Access Pipeline Rally | KOLC- TV

If you want a long marriage, get some sleep

Ice sheet’s past reveals warming risk

Hunting Holtzclaw (The Oklahoma City Rapist Cop)

Trump's "Rehabilitation" & Media Double Standards

How cars could meet future emissions standards: Focus on cold starts

Ukrainian Catholic Church in Centralia designated as pilgrimage site

Pence just complimented Trump as "broad shouldered" in a list of leadership qualities. Sexist

Trump is scraping bottom of the barrel - Sean Hannity?

Very tasty!

Walmart’s Out-of-Control Crime Problem Is Driving Police Crazy

Donald Trump’s Extremely Sick Campaign

You broke my heart.

USA TODAY Sports investigation raises questions about Rio cops, Lochte incident

WND and Chuck Norris go full on chemtrail conspiracy theory.

Pro-nuclear countries making slower progress on climate targets

Another New AD from Priorities USA. "WATCHING" ..when apologies mean nothing

How old are you and at what age did you take an interest in politics?

Can you imagine if Trump had to release multiple tens of thousands of his very own emails? nt

Spokane People: Are you all ok? Fires breaking out all around.

A 12-year-old is running a Trump campaign office in Colorado:

Another repub liar got away with it

Ken Burns or Instructors?

Trump parrots public school corporate take over slogans

A GOP Majority Would Start Impeachment Proceedings Against POTUS Clinton.

The perfect Trump advertisement

The Evolution Of Trump

The Public School Fight Is About Creating Only GOP Think Nationally.

Gawker's last week. Is there an alternative to PayPal/THIEL?

Kimba getting his drink on...

The Debates

Imperium - Daniel Radcliffe movie that involves infiltrating White Supremacist movement

GOP policies on African Americans would not have given us: Ben Carson nor Clarence Thomas

The Rise of Donald Trump is a big flashing neon sign that something is very wrong in this country

Hey Nuke Fans...

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Responds to North Dakota Governor’s Declaration of Emergency

Low-Temp Production Could Mean Cheaper, Flexible Smart Windows

OK, who has had their cat the longest?

Federal Transgender Bathroom Access Guidelines Blocked by Judge

How the first liberal Supreme Court in a generation could reshape America

How the NRA Uses Tragedy to Tell Lies About Gun Control

Infographic: Donald Trump's Inner Circle

Just got an email saying Working Families Party endorses Hillary...

Trump: 'I'm not flip-flopping' on immigration

Trump floats the "real" story of "2 Clowns," Joe and "his very insecure long-time girlfriend Mika"

Have you ever been an "Ugly American" when traveling in another country?

Ohio Poll: Clinton Takes A Six-Point Lead 8-22-2016

Ohio Poll: Clinton Takes A Six-Point Lead 8-22-2016

1975 Volvo C303: Regular Car Reviews

Author disputes Colin Powell's pseudo-denial of his dinner-table email discussion with Hillary

This is awesome...

Speedo Drops Sponsorship Of Ryan Lochte

SMAP singer Kimura says he's 'really sorry' for breakup

I found this toon very interesting...

North Carolina's toxic water scandal

Patrick Murphy's dad dumps $1M into Senate Democrats' super PAC

Typhoon No. 9 wreaks havoc in Kanto, forces evacuations

xp—North Carolina's toxic water scandal

John Oliver asks tRump to "drop out"

LDP sets goal of lifting evacuation orders near Fukushima plant in 5 years

More Than a Third of Voters Would Consider Third-Party Candidate

Uh Oh. Donald Got His Phone Back

Pair of Nevada defendants set to plead guilty in Bundy standoff

Warning - it's time to get out your wallets

Warning - it's time to get out your wallets

Japan looks to protect intellectual property rights for fruits, vegetables abroad

Armed, Confederate flag-waving White Lives Matter protesters rally outside Houston NAACP

I'm glad Trump tweeted about Joe S and Mika that

Woman attacks 3 with machete in Brussels, is shot by police

Vietnam says beaches are now safe

PATTAYA: Two Teens Charged with Murder after Transgender Woman Found Dead Under Couples Hotel Room

The 4 ways Republican lawmakers are warning of a looming GOPocalypse

Battle over Foreigners Begins

Harambe the gorilla: Cincinnati Zoo 'not amused' by memes

Fungi recycle rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Shanghai CHINA: Two women pass out in street following epic 8 hour argument

The Path to Confederate Memorial Hall Goes Through Roger Williams University

TAIWAN: Noisy TSU protest greets Chinese forum delegates

Rally attendees decry Confederate flag sales at fair (OH)

Japanese contest seeks to demystify Buddhist monks, nuns

Japanese contest seeks to demystify Buddhist monks, nuns

Star Grayson, Alan Grayson’s daughter, files to run in Orange County Soil and Water Conservation Dis

DUffers league

Roll Call Ratings Change: 7 States Shift Toward Clinton in Electoral College

Malaysian rapper remanded for 'insulting Islam'

Myanmar man indicted for insulting military under controversial law

What if Trump won't accept defeat?

Jazz harmonica great Toots Thielemans dies at 94 in Belgium.

‘Go f*ck yourself you piece of sh*t!’: Florida GOP candidate angrily melts down at reporter

Jazz harmonica great Toots Thielemans dies at 94 in Belgium.

TOM TOMORROW: Election Phenomena ('The Futility of Satire')

Judge orders expedited release of 15,000 Hillary Clinton documents found by FBI

Wouldn't this be sometin'- American Pronghorn revival

Ratings Change: 7 States Shift Toward Clinton in Electoral College

The Onion: Beauty Industry To Consumers: ‘You Like Short Hair Now’

New Clinton campaign ad: "Just One"

I am wondering about this post which seems to be "Clickbait."

what keeps mankind alive

Melania Trump Stumbles Upon Dozens Of Husband’s Haunting, Macabre Self-Portraits (The Onion)

If Los Angeles gets the 2024 Olympics, will President Clinton have to do something like this?

Dan Bongino has profanity-laced meltdown with reporter

I have no idea what happened with the contest when I posted in GD!

Trump: The Disastrous Connie Chung Interview

Who would be a better President in a Zombie Apocalypse? Walking Dead star say Clinton

America’s First Offshore Wind Farm May Power Up a New Industry

TRUMP STATUE saga continues in SF

Senate: 50 blue, 49 red, one tied:

Clinton Camp Announces New $80 Million Fall TV Ad Buy :)

One thing I believe more than anything...Mainstream Media Wants/Demands Close Race...

Michele Bachmann Now Advising Trump On Foreign Policy

Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group Endorses Two Republican Senators

Costco's credit card nightmare just got even worse

If Trump turned a tape on and turned to the left and turned to the right wouldnt he be better

John Dean, GOP Watergate truth-teller, says GOP leaders are trying to frame Hillary.

TYT Why Tourists Stand Out On Rio Beaches

Don the greatest Con claims his golf courses are worth tens of millions. Until the tax bill arrives.

Turkey withdraws ambassador to Austria amid diplomatic spat

Hillary Clinton will likely have a unique chance to remake the federal judiciary

Hillary Clinton will likely have a unique chance to remake the federal judiciary

You thought Donald Trump makes stupid Tweets?

Whats with the damn State Department and its hate for Hillary?

People I hope are immolated by a Trump defeat, aside from Trump: #1 Rudy Guiliani

Business Economists Say Hillary Clinton Is Best for the Economy In a NABE survey,

A few thoughts about "Play-doh" and Trump's photo op.

Patrick Murphy’s natural gas votes will increase fracking, critics say

Another Breitbart/Trump candidate crashes and burns

Should Hillary's team be generating new BS news?

WSJ: Business Economists Say Hillary Clinton Is Best for the Economy!

22 Million Emails!!!

The Party of Pinocchio

Demands to Rename Donald J. Trump State Park

Street population soars despite San Diego's increased homeless spending

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 25, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Van Johnson

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 26, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Boris Karloff

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 27, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - James Garner

KFC just unveiled an absurd new product

14,900 more emails? What the heck!

Ca teachers keep tenure ca supreme court

Bill Clinton says he will leave Clinton Foundation if Hillary is elected president

WaPo Report: The Trump Campaign Paid The Firm Of CNN's Corey Lewandowski $20,000 In July

Why Walmarts Are Becoming Hotbeds of Crime

Canadian Nightmares: "There were Americans everywhere"

Would Be Really Hard To Pledge Allegiance To Flag If Trump POTUS.

DAMNIT! Trump is NOT trying to attract Black Voters!!!!! GET OVER YOURSELVES ON THAT, PUNDITS!!!!!

Sponsors dropping Ryan Lochte like a hot potato

Will The Lakota Tribe's Black Snake Prophecy Come True?

Racism and talk of religious war: Trump staff's online posts

Will Media Malpractice Hand The Presidency To Donald Trump?

How did we get here? The monster that the GOP built.

As Louisiana Drowns, Republicans Fight Climate Action

Flood & Fire Victims Should Understand The Value Of Government.

Did tRump actually donate $100,000 of supplies? It's starting to look like another lie.

'When you see children who do not do well in school,

VP candidate Tim Kaine brought up Clinton Foundation to attack Trump:

I hope Ryan Lochte saved some of that sponsor millions he's made over the years...

How did the trumpers hack YouTube? Go search Hillary, all you'll see is "illness".

TPM: Clinton Camp On Trump’s Foundation Dig: It's His Turn To ‘Come Clean’

Divided Congress Upends US-Israel Relationship

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Charter Schools

AP : Rump campaign infiltrated by RACISTS.

U.S. Judge Grants Nationwide Injunction Blocking White House Transgender Policy

this asshole should be banned from politics

***Racism and talk of religious war: Trump staff's online posts***Please read!!!

Why isn't anyone talking about the Trump Foundation?

12 Facts That Show How Guns Make Domestic Violence Even Deadlier

I posted a wackadoodle WND/Chuck Norris chemtrail thread in GD...

I'm starting a new teaching gig this week.

New bio 'Trump Revealed' offers troubling portrait

Village Atheists: How America's Unbelievers Made Their Way in a Godly Nation

In all of tRump's demagoguery regarding immigrants and jobs

Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group Endorses Two Republican Senators

Let's do this, Madison! Wisconsin #LoveTrumpsHate pictures..

Trump denies 'flip-flopping' on immigration

Fox’s Rob O’Neill: Islam Is "Not Necessarily A Religion Of Peace"

The Bernie Revolution Evolves And Continues Fighting



Redwood City man dies abalone diving off Sonoma coast

HB2 prompts record number of faith groups to join Charlotte Pride Parade

A tourist had spotted the alligator that killed the 2 yr old -- and warned Disney about it

A Biologist Works to Reconcile Bats and Wind Energy

A Biologist Works to Reconcile Bats and Wind Energy

Are Repugs Starting To Rally Around Trump....

In Antarctica, OSX is the number one operating system

I'm going to London and then Berlin starting 9/2

With apologies to Stephen Colbert

Planned Parenthood plans to close Appleton clinic due to security concerns

EXO-CHICKA at Katsucon (Aural Vampire) Live

Watch CNN’s Angela Rye laugh in Rudy Giuliani’s face

BREAKING- Early voting to start in September in WI (hopefully)--and Pics of HillaryforWI......

Remember When Patrick Murphy Voted With His Republican Pals To Undermine Obamacare?

Drone startup Aptonomy introduces the self-flying security guard

Sanders, Arizona’s Grijalva call for ending use of privately run detention centers

After Years of Setbacks, Democrats Again See Gun Control as a Winning Issue

Greek Council for Refugees speaks with NCR about migrant crisis

about demonizing the blue collar folks

im going to my first rally tommorow

Sound Transit Improperly Sent 173,000 ORCA Card Users' Info to Political Campaign

Enterprise Rent-A-Car becomes paid Alec member despite green efforts

A Congressman Campaigns to “Stop the Madness” of U.S. Support for Saudi Bombing in Yemen

KFC scented sunscreen

Trevor Siemian to start Broncos' third preseason game

I have a friend being evaluated for an organ transplant

'I am sorry': Islamist apologises for destroying Timbuktu mausoleums

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #39: #HoorayFreedom Edition

This is why we can't have nice things.

Running like hell after realizing I was trespassing — and then finding the treasure

Only in Firefox and on DU, the icons are missing and

Police fatally shoot man with hearing, speech impairment

Finland says it is nearing security deal with US amid concerns over Russia

Man Banned from his own land for living off the grid

Over a hundred US troops sent to Lashkar Gah to battle Taliban

BREAKING: Trump cancels immigration speech...

Submarine Collides off Washington Coast

Why doesn't Donald just flip a coin?

My house was struck by lightning Thursday night...

Just an FYI, did not see this posted on DU…

Birmingham schoolboy 'killed in grenade explosion in Sweden'

Melania Trump pursues Daily Mail over '100% false' rumors about her past

Teen Charged In Ann Arbor Shootout Sentenced To Juvenile Detention

Media Matters launches petition calling on CNN to cut ties with Lewandowski

The Miami Herald Endorses Pam Keith For U.S. Senate

President Asshole.

The Comanche Nation arrive at Sacred Stone Camp | Native Daily Network | #NoDAPL

Today's episode of Slate's "Trumpcast"--"Why Does Donald Trump Refuse to Release His Tax Returns?"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Trump Ally Roger Stone Says GOP Nominee Should Release Tax Returns ‘Immediately’

Commentary: Evidence Points To Another Snowden At The NSA

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk Smears President Obama as ‘Drug Dealer in Chief’

I wonder if the landlords of America are getting the GOP to get Trump to backtrack on

GOP Hawaiian House candidate in most crazed epic meltdown ever

Donald Trump The Fragrance

Here are the lies about Social Security in Donald Trump's new nationwide ad

Melissa Gilbert is having health issues and the MIchigan GOP.....

Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group Endorses Two Republican Senators

Gaby Giffords' Gun Control Group Endorses Two GOP Senators

Trump Has Abandoned Every Network Except Fox News

Photos from Provincetown: Hillary and Cher

Trump Staffers Spread Racist Views

"Post Removed" question

Trump's Campaign Scammy Web Design Firm Penalized by Google for Hiding Links

Mystery stone structure under Neolithic dump on Orkney

Clinton needs to pick the most progressive Supreme Court Justice she can find!

RBG BLASTS Republicans For Crippling The Supreme Court

Cher Pulls Out All The Stops For The Most Bitchy, Cutting Insult Ever About Trump, Wow She Hates Him

Paid tRUMP "news"

WAPost poll: NO GENDER GAP in Democratic support for Hillary! (Statistical tie, 89% men; 86% women)

My 86 year old mom & I were watching.........

Senators Demand Mylan Justify EpiPen Price Hikes

Senators Demand Mylan Justify EpiPen Price Hikes

I'm Convinced, Trump Doesn't Want to Win, He Wants A News Network

Iraq stops would-be child bomber for ISIS

Trump discussed continuing ‘Apprentice’ from White House

Risky Baking: It’s Hard to Make a Perfect Bagel Without Lye

David Duke’s show cheers Trump-Breitbart merger: “We appear to have taken over the Republican Party”

Ireland Begins Arresting Top Bankers Responsible For 2008 Crash

Trump cancels two more campaign events: report

Why Finland has the best schools.

Baxter, The 3-Legged Love!…rescue by Jessica Gardner Lynn, MA

Hillary on J Kimmel Tonight

Hillary on JKimmel Tonight!!

The In Memoriam page reminded me...

U.S. Marines use Cobra attack helicopters to strike ISIS in Libya

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Coming Up On hardball

Steve Bannon, Trump's Top Guy, Told Me He Was 'A Leninist' Who Wants To ‘Destroy the State’

Tony Dorsett Is Losing His Mind

I took a ride in the Shenandoah Valley today and hoped to see some campaign signs

Donald Trump has reportedly canceled two of his upcoming campaign events.

Why the long ties?

Dear GOP Congress,

You know what's really scary?

Donald Trump says he's not flip-flopping on immigration

Poorest and richest towns in every state

Usain Bolt Demands His Ad Shoots Be Done In Jamaica To Bring Money To His Country

We should be concerned about Trumps health.

Trump: Polls are 'turning rather rapidly' in my favor

Ignoring Anti-Semitism in the BDS Movement Is Intellectually Dishonest

Michigan Elections Board Allows Replacement Candidate For Congress (re: Melissa Gilbert)

Obama More Concerned With Louisiana Response Than Optics: White House

I Want To See The GOP & Trump Campaign Explode Like Krakatoa.

Mashed potatoes vending machine

How embarrassed will Trump supporters be when it comes out that he has dementia?

JPMorgan, Citigroup Among Banks Sued in Aussie Rate-Fix Case

Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe Restores Voting Rights of Felons

"BrainDead" Michael Moore Guest Appearance *spoiler*

North Carolina Man Indicted in Fatal Shooting From Garage