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‘Racial realists’ are cheered by Trump’s latest strategy - WaPo (this is sickening)

Clearly, no one in Trump's camp cares any more. There's no real effort whatsoever...

OMFG Spoiler

Judge innocent in toddler son's death in hot car

Team USA made an unfortunate pick to model its Closing Ceremony outfits

AKA Tommy Chong Full Documentary

I have been following elections since 1960.

Cronyism and nepotism is alive and well--new jobs and pay raises

Ole Miss to stop playing Dixie at football games this fall

Is there anyplace the UFC fight tonight is streaming on the net? It's one of those

Larry Cohen: The Fight Against the TPP is Just Beginning

The Tragically Hip's final concert

Look what someome found, a caterpiilar name "Chicken nugget":

Donald Trump’s Crucial Pillar of Support, White Men, Shows Weakness

Thank you Fartolo!

Donald Trump’s top black strategist in Florida thrown out of Trump rally for being black

Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties

Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties

Where are Cha and Her Sister?

Trump, known as a bafoon for decades

McCain runs amid Trump effect in bid for 6th Senate term

Out canvassing for Hillary

"Let me explain something here"

Wow! Do many millennials feel this way!?

Donald Trump cancels Portland (OR) campaign stop

Arguing on DU may not change minds, but it may be good for your state of mind

Anti-Semitic Trump Advisor Says Holocaust Never Happened Because ‘The Ovens Were Too Small’

Build a jet engine!

Hal Boyd: Gary Johnson wants Mitt Romney and Michael Leavitt in administration

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Pacific Classic

Bardella: On Steve Bannon and why I'm voting for Hillary

Clinton campaign makes inroads with small donors

Arkansas measure to cap jury awards in medical suits headed to November ballots

Satanists detail plans for state Capitol monument

Trump inadvertently reveals the core absurdity of his whole campaign (Washington Post)

Clinton campaign had $58 million war chest at the start of August

GOP Announces Fall Line-up!!!

Rumblings of Revolt in Trumpsylvania

The Supreme Court's awful Hobby Lobby decision just spawned a very ugly stepchild

Where is the f*cking check?’: Louisiana relief worker spits fire over Trump’s flood zone ‘photo op’

Ryan Lochte: an Olympic tale of gold medals and white privilege

I have just one question:

GOP Logic It's The Democrats Fault That Republicans Are Racist & Hateful Bigots.

Solar Sells in Chile for Cheapest Ever at Half the Price of Coal

Judge opens investigation into death of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca

Venezuela condemns 'bold threats' from Paraguay

Bernie Scaring Trump Is Still Fucking Funny....

Clinton’s allied super PAC laps pro-Trump groups in the money race

Did any of you go to the "Rock The TPP" event in Seattle on Friday night?

Deal With It!

Ann Kirkpatrick beats John McCain in latest fundraising figures

Hearst Castle threatened by fast-moving Chimney Fire


Post a movie scene that captures the Lounge and it denizens

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has a chance to get it right with disaster food stamps

GOP Hispanics: Trump Open to Easing His Policies On Undocumented

Louisiana delegation faces hurdles in fight for more federal disaster aid

Why Donald Trump's fringe white nationalist supporters matter

How to cook a gourmet cheeseburger like a food trailer....

Israeli Collective Punishment, À La Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman

Kentucky Republican Sues For The Right To Be Bribed

Former Miss Universe becomes US citizen so she can vote against Donald Trump

Anybody celebrating HP Lovecraft's Birthday tonight?

Joy Reid shames pastor for Trump lies: ‘Even a pastor cannot make things up on this show’

NY Daily News Sunday Front Page

Donald Trump Jr. Tweets ‘Grandma’ at Hillary

A bit of logic and recent election history

Lou Pearlman, Orlando boy-band mogul, dies in prison

How is Trump's apology tour going?

Lawsuit seeks to block Oklahoma turnpike bond financing

Oklahoma County clerk candidates trade barbs over endorsement, drunken driving record

Retracting the claw game: Lawmaker targets arcade favorite

I’ll be honest.. Huge Sports and Olympic Fan but...

Trump's CEO Bannon called Republican leadership "c**ts."

"A gun is designed to kill"...

Navajo Nation wants Mormon Church lawsuit in tribal court

Endangered Swainson's hawks remain at NMSU

Medical pot patients to get extensions while waiting for ID cards

Fast growing trees and hedges for zone 7a?

That 40% of Americans support Trump is frightening

Watch the basketball documentary 'Hoop Dreams' if you have a basketball kid.

Martinez to pursue death penalty during 2017 legislative session

State budget shortfall could hurt developmentally disabled residents

Albuquerque Rapid Transit project gets go-ahead — for now

‘Racialists’ are cheered by Trump’s latest strategy

New Mexico State Police officer arrested on third DWI

Washington man stabs kissing interracial couple, cites Donald Trump when arrested

written consent for searches

Shaking Up Italy’s Most Popular Museum

Governor calls Legislature back to fill budget hole

Will Trump ruin his connection with his base when he reneges on deporting 11 million?

Honduras Is a Giant Graveyard for Human Rights Defenders

Honduras Is a Giant Graveyard for Human Rights Defenders

Dutch dreamer hopes to bring Noah's Ark replica to Americas

Executions, burned testicles: apparent massacre stains Mexican police

Executions, burned testicles: apparent massacre stains Mexican police

Guzman relative says 'El Chapo' son released in Mexico

Guzman relative says 'El Chapo' son released in Mexico

Honduras Family Sue US Over 'Inhumane' Treatment in Detention

Honduras Family Sue US Over 'Inhumane' Treatment in Detention

A&M fraternity member dies; 4 arrested for drug possession

Texas university president denies claims of erratic behavior

Right-wing rumor: Hillary Clinton wants to shut down the Breitbart website.


In earlier press releases, did Trump overstate his July receipts by about $12 million?

Nine election predictions - all have Hillary winning even without toss-up states.

The death of neoliberalism and the crisis in western politics

IRS auditing University of Louisville employment contracts

Yum! Brands offers retirement buyouts

Judge dismisses civil suits against Kim Davis

Bevin says new University of Louisville board should defy order

Kentucky pays $625K over road project delay

I'm thinking the GOP noise machine tries to convince the base he is only

Hawaii vs California in Sydney, Australia/Aug. 26

Great Article in The Atlantic - a sobering assessment of the state of US Politics.

Bolivian Prosecutor Condemns CNN Double Standard

Arm of UK HealthCare stays secretive as its influence, reach grow

Cyclists brave the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia

Woman Condemned As Racist After Throwing Banana At Indigenous Star

Trump campaign doubles spending, not ground game

Hillary Clinton's campaign to air new ad in Ohio, geared toward families

States Prove Playground Bullies in Push to Delist Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

Daily Holidays August 21

States Prove Playground Bullies in Push to Delist Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

Owner has 30 days to claim naked Donald Trump statue from Cleveland Heights Police Department

LA Times - "Donald Trump's media obsession led him to hire the head of a far-right news site."

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel to Host Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

Scientists unravel mysteries of osprey migration

Trump's fundraising boasting as hollow as he is- Filed with the FEC yesterday evening

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

NYT Editorial: How Can America Recover From Donald Trump?

Got to give the guy some credit, Trump is running his biggest scam yet. I am in awe.

Trump companies owe $650 million: NY Times

3 reasons the presidential race is close in Ohio

Ohio won't follow federal lead in ending private prison contracts

Retailers launch Louisiana flood relief

Distressed beyond words about a younger relative.

Lawsuits accuse center’s director of medical fraud with Alzheimer's misdiagnoses

BREAKING: Donald Trump Avoids Imploding For Two Days!

$5 million IRS scam puts former Canton pastor in prison--calls it "Obama Stimulus" program

Erdogan: ISIS Likely Behind Attack That Killed 50 People At Wedding

How Donald Trump sees the world

Martin O'Malley on Twitter


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Gust Of Aww Edition

Stale Cheeto and the elephants: a fable

How do you solve a problem like the Donald?

10-y.o. brother of iconic Syrian child dies from bombing injuries

Trump as Russian oligarch

China strongly warns Japan not to send SDF to South China Sea

I hope Hillary loses

Another magnitude-6.0 quake strikes off coast of northern Japan

The More Trump Messes up, the More Votes Clinton Gets

As an old white guy, someone please tell me something.

Derrick Z. Jackson: Milwaukee’s invisible racial cage

How a plane offers salvation

Indonesia investigates suspected militant plot to attack Bali

IAM SO FED UP WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS!!!!!!...sorry had to vent

Tragically Hip: Dying singer Gord Downie bids Canada farewell

Sharpening The Princeton 2016 Presidential Forecast (Sam Wang): 95% chance of Hillary win's how he can get them blacks

Ryan Lochte Admits He ‘Over-Exaggerated’ Rio Robbery Story

First of seven parts**— Politics Millions more to face new voting restrictions in 2016

Trump's coattails cartoon

Paul Chelimo Earns Silver In 5,000m, Learns He Was Disqualified On Live TV, Then Gets Reinstated

So Disturbing: ‘Racialists’ are cheered by Trump’s latest strategy

Trump Under Fire for African-American Comments

‘Where is the f*cking check?’: Louisiana relief worker spits fire over Trump’s flood zone ‘photo op’

Wildfire destroys iconic landmark

Matthew Centrowitz breaks 108 year drought

Dog saves baby during a fire

Join us in congratulating ...

Never buy flowers from a monk

What’s Killing The Atheist Movement?

Trump: GOP must do better connecting with black voters

World-Wide Dance for Kindness 2016 (promo)

Absolutely - the worst messenger for this line of attack.

Don’t bet on Ruth Bader Ginsburg retiring if Clinton becomes president

WSU research to reveal religious spies of WWII

Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds

"Trump is losing millennials in droves..."

Iraq hangs 36 IS jihadists for Camp Speicher massacre

Maureen Dowd: "An Open Letter From Mr. Trump":

Happy 30th Birthday Usain St. Leo Bolt

‘Racialists’ are cheered by Trump’s latest strategy

Unions at Catholic workplaces called ‘magisterium in word and deed’

5 people killed in Alabama home; 4-month-old boy survives

Choices for Syria children...

Syria's war: Calls for truce to get aid into Aleppo

A jet P-51 Mustang?

Trump tells Fox host black Americans have ‘no education, no anything’ — so they should vote for him

Clinton campaign makes inroads with small donors

Philippine President Duterte threatens to pull out of UN over criticisms against drug campaign

The Quiet American

Another case of Pharma gouging

God was with us

Conservatives panic: ‘Lesbian and transgender hillbillies’ are coming to take over red states

David Duke Show Celebrates Trump’s Breitbart Hire: We’ve ‘Taken Over the Republican Party!’

Massive pro-Houthi rally in Yemen | DW News

Inside the killing of DNC staffer Seth Rich

“We are the demographic Trump is appealing to”: Whether the establishment likes it or not, white...

Hundreds of LGBTQ people were kissing ...

Kellyanne Fitzpatrick CONWAY: "I'm White & I was very moved." Guess the question.

In North Carolina, audience shrinking for Trump’s message

Eight women slashed in suspected knife attack at Tokyo amusement park pool

So the guy who took days to decide whether or not to denounce David Duke's support....

Trump: "Blacks and Latinos will vote for me"

AMJoy up next!

15 Ways To Be A Better Person: NYT

The Real Way the 2016 Election Is Rigged (it's GOP gerrymandering)

Huffington Post's "JUST SHUT IT DOWN" Homepage Headline.

Hunting - horrifying to see 12 year old girls and grown men slaughtering animals and feeling

Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties

How the trip to Paris went!

What ever happened to equal media time for the Presidential Candidates?

Final Fruit Games Doodle: Hope you enjoyed them!

My friend Aree and his band got signed - Great Songs - Have a listen

Do We Have to Hate Russia?

Charlie Sykes’ (RW Hate radio) Air War-conscience is nagging him.

New Trump Campaign Manager Denies Nominee Hurls ‘Personal Insults’

Can someone with photoshop skills please help me?

***Breaking CBS/YouGov OHIO Poll: Clinton 46, Trump 40***

On AM Joy just now, Governor Granholm says Secretary Clinton will NOT sign TPP if elected.

"I learned to nap during interviews." . . . Please ceom CAPTION Dr. Ben Carson!!!

OMG I was just on a jury. Too fast a pace and I literally said

Joy Reid PWNED Steve Cortes

my friend just published his first web comic on his art blog

The Subtle Difference between Just Voting for and Supporting Hillary Clinton

Today's the last day to enter our photo contest! Theme: "Keeping It Cool"

Today is the last day to enter our photo contest! Theme: "Keeping It Cool"

Clinton campaign manager calls Trump a Kremlin puppet

German minister wants facial recognition systems at airports, train stations

#LoserDonald Trump Says Goodbye To Paul Manafort

Photos: Bernie Love @ Dakota Access Pipeline

My 3 1/2 year old grand daughter calls Trump

The Left has conspiracy theory videos too...

Trump campaign manager no longer wants him to release his tax returns

What are Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, and Steve Bannon really up to?

"He tells it like it is"

Is the comic strip "B. C." anti-Semitic?

What I notice about anti-Hillary and pro-Trump FaceBook posts

Will there still be a Republican Party in 2017?

Kellyanne Conway is “telling Trump what he wants to hear,” a source said.

"He doesn't think before he speaks"

We must not let Donald successfully rebrand his fascist vitriol as mere "insults". Hillary validated

a simple animated gif showing the average temperature by month since 1888

Bwhahahaha. Michele Bachmann: I'm advising Trump on foreign policy

Question about political ads on CNN

Billy proves that when you're a Bush, the apples never fall far from the tree

Hillary needs someone to play the maggot in her debate prep, suggestions?

Despite fears, Mexico's manufacturing boom is lifting U.S. workers

My morning epiphany: The one thing they all have in common is why religions persist.

Scientists unlock a secret to Latinos' longevity, with hopes of slowing aging for everyone

Cut Taxes for Rich = CUT GI Bill- Climate Science- Free Lunches- Education- Health Care- Fema- Etc.

Huntington Library sets out to decode thousands of Civil War telegrams hidden for a century

"Glaciers are dying at anything but a glacial pace"

I read a post in which a brilliant grandchild calls the swindler "the nasty man"

Trump commercial in Japan

Pakistani takes 'revenge' on women by stabbing 17: police

We need to provoke a midnight twitter rant !

Just did a round trip to the East Coast on Virgin America

I realize that Joseph Smith is a venerated figure among Mormons, having found those

China strongly warns Japan not to send SDF to South China Sea

(hmmmmm?) Almost half of Trump's campaign spending has been to one vendor:

I really like Robby Mook, (hey, he's a Vermonter) but this was just shark jumping

Gov't to use state funds for cleanup of heavily contaminated Fukushima areas

***Trump campaign manager: A deportation force to be determined-CNN***

Michele Bachmann: I'm advising Trump on foreign policy

Washington Post: Former supporters describe their ‘last straw’ when it came to Trump

GOTV Isn't Really about the Presidential Race.


Cheeto is the ultimate troll - great read from the Guardian

If the audit is "A SERIOUS MATTER"

What are you reading this week of August 21, 2016?

There is no path to vicory for Donald Trump other than our complacency

"Yes, the FBI said she was truthful in her testimony to the FBI but..."

Hillary's New Ad: "Trump/No Regrets"

Hillary's New Ad: "Trump/No Regrets"

WIRED endorses Hillary!

A Little Electric Blues

Gaza militant rocket hits Israel, Israel responds with air strike, shells

I was listening to some of the Sunday programs

Republicans Set To Lose Senate Control

this is who I am

Trump is getting desperate, what's next?

Poll: Hillary Clinton extends lead in Ohio

Michele Bachmann: I'm advising Trump on foreign policy

No-Recipe Recipes for Tomato Season

Who is Breibart? False News, Lies, Deceit, Propagated Opinions Disguised as News

David Duke Show Celebrates Trump’s Breitbart Hire: We’ve ‘Taken Over the Republican Party!’

Rudy Giuliani Claims Online Videos Show Hillary Clinton Is Mentally Ill

Groove Armada feat. Richie Havens - Hands of time

US Olympic CEO Promises Further Action on Lochte and Three Other Swimmers

Hidden codex may reveal secrets of life in Mexico before Spanish conquest

Angry right-wingers have white hot emotional meltdown over Trump’s ‘flip-flop’ on mass deportations

Trump agrees to neutering

Consumers Warned To Avoid Eating Rock Crabs, Bivalve Shellfish

California Consumers Warned To Avoid Eating Rock Crabs, Bivalve Shellfish

Jane Kim Beats Scott Wiener In Pokémon Go Contest

The Loner Anthem

13 people shot, wounded at Connecticut house party

Russia Ramps Up Its Military Presence In The Arctic



Popular Yellowstone River closes after thousands of fish die

Trump camp leaves wiggle room on deportation of illegal immigrants

Anyone know the song "Stealing Second"?

Worried about Dem Complacency? You know what isn't being complacent?

The Metaphorical Life

Thank You Donald Trump.....

Martin O’Malley said,

Watch: Kellyanne Conway Flip Flops On Releasing Trump's Tax Returns

Another high school friend speaks out, portraying Hillary as a "force of nature."

Jill Stein and her stance on energy renewal.

Ruth: Trump hates the media, loves the attention - Tampa Bay Times

My favorite Mel BROOKS movie happens to be *his* favorite, too!1 Just 2 peas in a pod, us!1

Head of Argentine Customs, veteran of past coup attempts, fired after proof of bribery surfaces.

Trump Supporter Kirstie Alley Blasts Obama Over Louisiana Floods

Sam Wang Now Puts Hillary's Chances at 95%...

This fits this forum very well.

Flint's own Claressa Shields first American boxer to win two gold medals!

Peddling fear and hate vs selling hope and progress

Frank Luntz Focus group: Trump’s ‘erratic’ attacks are costing him supporters

Congrats Claressa Shields -

- A friend, about the US election.

Trump Campaign Manager Admits Trump is Getting Advice From Roger Ailes

Donald Trump will spend the rest of his life as a punchline

Fear the walking dead Season 2 begins tonight.

This Heart Wrenching Quintuple Massacre in Alabama?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 23: Summer Under the Stars: Brigitte Bardot

Clinton Camp Crushes Rudy Giuliani For Pushing Hillary Health Conspiracy Theory

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 24: Summer Under the Stars: Constance Cummings

scorch marks on my kitchen counter, ACK!

Hi old timers, what recipe won the 'easy' no knead breads wars several years ago?

Is Lyft in trouble?

The Choice - What kind of country do we want to be?

Donald Trump, aggressive manhandler (Trip Down Memory Lane)

Trumps courts Latinos, says African Americans will support him in future

Kellyanne: Not offended by Trump's remarks about Blacks because she lives in white community

Time to Panic? Clinton's Average Lead Takes a Nosedive

Trump Reset 3.0 - Forging an Historic Coalition of Blacks, Hispanics, and White Supremacists

Unprecedented Flooding in Louisiana and Texas indicates a worse problem:

If Giuliani had whacked off more he wouldn't have had prostate cancer

New book reveals ‘con man’ Donald Trump is even sleazier and more underhanded than you think

How do I get un-banned from a group?

Mike Pence Loves ALEC and Keeps Pushing School Privatization, Despite Lousy Record With Charters

Amy Kremer on CNN, you wont believe this one

Reporter’s Tweets from Within Crowd at Trump Rally Are Raw, Powerful and Shocking

Thoughts on Trump regaining the national lead?-45-43

LYING Gov.Walker's WEDC issues false claims of producing jobs in Sherman Park (Milwaukee)

What's for dinner? Sunday, August 21, 2016

Right Wingnuts expect gun sales to spike if Hillary wins...

Is it possible, that Trump could win the election ?

Let's take a break from all the rancor, music soothes the soul right?.

A great, and creepy article on going on a cruise for conspiracy theorists.

Erdogan to Complain to U.S. Over Gulen Extradition Delay


Hillary's Schedule.

NYT's UpShot is the best single spot to see the state of the race; or: nothing has happened

Fear the Walking Dead 2.8 "Grotesque" (spoiler alert)

You all do know that looking at a single poll is not how to follow elections, right?

dRumpf mastering the art of going in polar opposite directions, simultaneously.

18 Absurdly False Claims North Carolina Just Made to Defend HB2

In North Carolina, audience shrinking for Trump's message

Did I miss Melania's press conference

Three Tropical Systems Spin Near Japan At Once; Typhoon Mindulle to Impact Tokyo

Colleyville businessman in custody, accused of running Ponzi scheme

I need advice on where to safely park a folder in "the cloud".

White Lives Matter group protests outside NAACP in Houston's Third Ward (IDIOTS WARNING)

Saw a Hillary ad on CNN...

Question from 4 year old: "Why does Trump get to say mean things in a mean voice to people?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 22 August 2016

Why is the RNC and the Trump campaign stealing material from The West Wing?

Hillary owes the M$M a hug

Counterfeit pills found at Prince's home contain powerful opioid fentanyl

40% of kids who attempt suicide first try in grade school or middle school

GOP: Melissa Gilbert physically fit enough to run for Congress

Libertarians, Democrats rally against Donald Trump

Snyder’s Flint water legal bills nearly triple to $3.4M

Ro Khanna reveals an ideology seemingly known by his funders, but maybe not the voters #CA17

Anyone else notice the uptick of Trump supporters taking credit for the 14th and 15th amendment?

Mark Kirk on Iran payment: Obama acting like 'drug dealer in chief'

$18M Ponzi scheme twins targeted retirees, insurance clients

New Book Reveals Trump Is Actually Sleazier and Slimier Than We Ever Thought

Trumpty Dumpty (A Post Election Nursery Rhyme)

'Thuh Bridge' is on getTV right now.

What do evangelical newlywed Trump supporters say to one another on their wedding night?

Robby Mook was EXCELLENT on Stephanopalous today. EXCELLENT!

Conservative lobbyist's tell-all RFRA account

I am very concerned about the concern that concerned people are so concerned about... Poll

ACLU uses RFRA to sue jail on behalf of Muslim inmate

Hoosier leaders not impressed by Illinois road funding lockbox

Dems vow to stand up to ‘extreme agenda’ of Rauner, Trump

Struggle for justice, equality continues in Catholic Church

Smallpox eradication 'giant' Donald Henderson dies at 87

Crossing the Line — Religiosity

Charles Blow just ripped Donald Trump a new face.

FOX News is friggin' desperate !

The first of the Bundy Ranch patriots *snicker* will plead guilty Tuesday.

Six Notre Dame players get arrested in separate incidents

Here is a poll for everyone to have so e fun with

"He Tells It Like It Is"

O'Malley to Lewandowski: US isn't an 'only-for-white Americans sort of country'

Ex-aide to NY Gov. Cuomo among 3 killed in Long Island crash