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Archives: August 2, 2016

Einstein Grassley goes WAAAY out on a limb...

I Think The Combination of the Khans, Polls, and Successful DNC Will Drive Trump Insane

this kahn thing is this year's dean scream.

Trump is threatening a "bloodbath" and DNC election tampering because the EV map looks grim for him

Consensus from Google News Headline page ... "Trump, you blew it"

Donald Trump Hired Me As An Attorney. Please Don’t Support Him For President.

Enthusiasm for Hillary, how is it where you are?

White Privilege and Racist Hate Radio

Donald Trump Doesn’t Believe In America

Breaking news: Trump asks for a pre-emptive deferment

Loser Trumpists were booing a military mom.

Nina Turner turns down offer to be the Green Party's candidate for vice president

We need more of these people to turn over the Kool-Aid

Vietnam War POW slams Trump in new ad.

‘Supergirl’s Calista Flockhart Officially Returning As Recurring Guest In Season 2

Help. I took out the garbage and the fruit flies are now following me

Brand New ‘Rogue One’ TV Spot Revealed

From the Margins of the CNN Poll

The American Solidarity Party

Warren Buffet challenges Dickless Donald to release his Tax Returns

Donald Trump Would Expect Ivanka To Find New Career If She Were Sexually Harassed At Work

Who is worse?

Venezuelan ex-officials indicted over alleged drug trafficking links

Dyslexics like Trump learn things or figure them out. Then they relive them

Venezuelan ex-officials indicted over alleged drug trafficking links

So, alcoholic baby brother escapes from rehab, calls your 92 Yo mother. Now what?

Paul Ryan: We're in fight to retake soul of Republican Party

Mr. Khan Should Run For Congress....

VFW denounces Trump!

If bone spurs kept Trump out of the military, brain spurs should keep him out of the White House.

Black Lives Matter Releases Policy Agenda

What was funny eight years ago, doesn't seem so funny today.

Will one of these Republicans show an ounce of courage please?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Good News, Bad News, Live & Uncensored &

I'm Pissed - I Vowed To Remove My Bernie Lawn Sign After The DNC And Replace It With A Hillary....

Women we are the world

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 4, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Fay Wray

NEW POLL: Hillary is getting Trumps Behind Post DNC - Up by 9%

Post-convention poll: Clinton retakes lead over Trump

Hugh Hewitt: "The Supreme Court is in the balance"

Look Around, and name the 5 books closest to you

Jackpine Radicals DEMONIZES Black Lives Matter

What was the difference between Kaine's speech the Saturday...

My plan for the first debate

Just curious: what does Khizr Khan do for a living?

National Berniecrat candidates thread.

Can You Find the Cat Taking a Nap on This Pile of Wood?

Jill Stein has picked Ajamu Baraka to be her running mate

Trump fires at least 2 aides

VP Biden: ‏Proud to marry Brian and Joe at my house

Omaha fire battalion chief placed on paid leave over Facebook posts

How to get fired from a good paying supervisors job...

Eccho (deaf and partially sighted dog rescue by DIANE GROGAN OLDHAM, United Kingdom)

The Lindt store at the local Tanger Mall...

I just donated $25 to the ASPCA.

This guy just can't stop

Hillary back up to 72% chance at Presidency on PredictWise.

get a roof--get a gun

Uribe humbly retracts terrorism accusations against journalist

Uribe humbly retracts terrorism accusations against journalist

The Khans are back live on Lawrence. nt

Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton 'the devil'

NY Times: Donald Trump’s Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet

Mr. & Mrs. Khan are on MSNBC THE Last Word now!

Biden makes debut as wedding officiant for two staffers

First time a convention has resulted in a net decline in support!

Temer hails opening of U.S. market to Brazilian beef

Take an hour to listen to today's 538 Podcast

Temer hails opening of U.S. market to Brazilian beef

Rebel Rebel - Rockin'1000 That's Live Official

How would Don the Con react to the personal insults that are inevitable as elected official?

Tell it to your boss, Pence~ Calling Pence out for his vacuous, hypocritical dumbshiteness.


Is it wrong to wish for hardening arteries? Just asking.

Venezuelan campaign passes first hurdle

Trump: NY Times writers "don't write good"

Trump Isn’t Into Anal, Melania Never Poops, And Other Things He Told Howard Stern

Where are Trump's college transcripts? Remember how this was

Kaine May Give Democrats an Edge in Swing-State Virginia

Fundie-Scarin’ Funtimes: Satanic Temple Rolls Out ‘After School Satan Clubs’ Just In Time For Fall!

GOP civil war comes to Kansas

V.P. Biden performs same sex wedding

For those worried about Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania read this.

For My Hillary brothers and sisters.

Fundie-Scarin’ Funtimes: Satanic Temple Rolls Out ‘After School Satan Clubs’ Just In Time For Fall!

My cats think I am a god.

Fundie-Scarin’ Funtimes: Satanic Temple Rolls Out ‘After School Satan Clubs’ Just In Time For Fall!

Donald Trump’s Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet

Been wondering...why does Trump feel he's entitled to body-shame women?

It's hard to keep up

Sucking the life out of children

The swiftboating of Lt. Col. Khan is underway

Democrats widen Nevada registration advantage to 72,000

"You know what's on the internet is true"

Bolivia seizes 7.6 tonnes of cocaine destined for U.S. market

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 5, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Karl Malden

Bolivia seizes 7.6 tonnes of cocaine destined for U.S. market

Obama: No one's given more than Gold Star families

In Play Senate Seats (DEM = 1, GOP = 13)

This every day, not just those of unspeakable horror...

Dilma Rousseff: 'Fresh election will save democracy'

Only 6 months to go before Obama leaves office. He's got to be thinking ....

Gotta admit: The press that made him is just as willing to bbq him: CNN

Largest Mayan tomb discovered in Belize may hold remains of local ruler

Largest Mayan tomb discovered in Belize may hold remains of local ruler

Here's how to get Window 10 for free -- still

Debunking Ridiculous pro-Donald Trump Article

Sam Wang of PEC pegs Clinton's bounce at 5 to 9%

FINALLY! It's beginning to be addressed on TV. Dr. Drew, via Don Lemon: ''Trump is NOT sane!''

Funny that no one in the Don's camp saw this coming. That a tweet battle with Khizr Kahn,

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 6, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Montgomery Clift

Jill Stein says it’s dangerous to expose kids to wifi signals

Rio 2016: Swimmers need to ingest only three teaspoons of water to be almost certain getting sick

Testing, one, two....

What is in the contracts for the waivered visa workers?

London gays and lesbians and striking Welsh coal miners...

The Killing$ Of Tony Blair - Official Trailer

Military Mom Booed at Pence Rally for Asking About Trump's Remarks on Capt. Khan

Military mom booed at Mike Pence rally in Nevada

Trump calls Hillary Clinton ‘the devil’

Donald Trump Reaffirms Support for Warmer Relations With Putin

Just read about a kind of farm that offers some alternatives...

Hillary returns to her high school in Park Ridge in 1992

“Shame on you!”: Former governor Don Siegelman writes lottery response letter.

Trump Is Just Another Rich Asshole Who Is Used To People Bowing And Scraping To Him

Browsing through old photos: Paul Ryan or Bill Maher?

Denouncing anti-science: How Jill Stein lost my vote for good - See more at:

Trump Is Who The GOP Is. He Has Openly Exposed Them To The Country.

The GOP Is Prepared For Permanent Government Obstruction If They Keep Majorities.

Does anyone know where I can get custom emblems made in quantity at a good price.

Swanky San Francisco high-rise sinking, tilting

Trump never served because he had a "foot thing"

Utah could vote Democrat for president for first time in 5 decades

How many of us DU'ers belong to a gold star family.....

President Obama Slams Donald Trump Over Gold Star Khan Family

Fox News Op-Ed piece brazenly going after Khan

The Secret of How Hypnosis Really Works

What We Wear: Another Way to “Vote”

Trump versus Goldwater (1964)

Donald Trump’s Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet

Will Bibi bring down Israel's public broadcasting?

Looks like Suicide Squad is a hit, based on Twitter reviews of early screenings

Police: Man read gun manual just before attack on party

Stunned US scientists probe sudden 'unprecedented' death of coral in Gulf of Mexico marine sanctuary

With Congress On Break, Zika Funding Runs Out This Month

Tightening the bolts that connect the toilet bowl to the floor?

NASA’s new space plane is getting ready to take flight

What is your favorite? Lumpia, egg rolls or spring rolls?

(Czech Republic) Experts oppose Zeman's call on people to arm themselves

Is there an effort in the Green Party to induce Jill Stein to adopt a safe states strategy?

September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Begins Accepting New Claims

Trump's Brain Explodes in Angry Twitter Tirade against CNN after Bad Poll

Daily Holidays August 2

International galllup poll

"How Paul Manafort Wielded Power in Ukraine Before Advising Donald Trump"

Donald Trump’s Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet

#DonaldTrumpTheMovie - twitter casts Trump in a series of movies

Flint: No trash collection after contract expires

Mike Malloy - In Review: Trump Supporter Goes Batshit Insane On Hispanic Protester

"I don't have to be with you people, ranting and raving,"

Trump is Jack from Lord of the Flies

New York Times Editorial: "Mr. Trump and Spineless Republicans"

LePage orders state government hiring freeze

This Speech Expert Thinks Trump Has A Disorder – Here’s Why (VIDEO)

****NBC/Survey Monkey Clinton 50, Trump 42!!!!

"Who needs drugs when you're me?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

"Somebody" is dropping barrels with toxic gas from helicopters in Syria

Eric Trump on CBS

Utah could vote Democrat for president for first time in 5 decades

We need to help defeat

Drumpt says he's afraid the election will be rigged.

My Advice to Doanld Trump

Abbas vs. Balfour: Far worse than ridiculous

Serious concerns about post-election Trump and his "movement"

South China Sea: Beijing vows to prosecute 'trespassers'

I never thought I would post something defending Donald Trump.

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – Battling the Gods

Donald Trump is very good at framing his argument far in advance.

Trump blasts New York Times: ‘They don’t write good’

Morning Joe actually talking about all the folks who mention Trump's mental health

No Relief for Some Vets Exposed to Agent Orange

Not that I dare get my hopes up, but wondering what would happen....

Yabba Dabba /NBC Survey Monkey Poll- Clinton 50-42

CDC: All pregnant women should be assessed for Zika exposure

Koch brothers are awfully quiet

Trump blasts New York Times: ‘They don’t write good’

This election will now be determined by "outside" events, or the lack of

GOP Rep. Richard Hanna: I'll vote for Clinton; first House member to cross party line

BREAKING: Republican House Member (Richard Hanna) will vote for Clinton

Good news in the polls could be our downfall in November

what do i do for a very good friend who's daughter lost her daughter in vitro at 8 months.......

Any interest in my pinning the Historic Food thread?

Why Do People In Indiana Hate Mike Pence?

If Republicans Win Seats In Congress... This Is Why.

Britons still ‘pretty sure’ their opinions on US election matter a f*ck

Ojibwe storyteller and writer Jim Northrup dies at age 73

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Sacrifices

Eric Trump manages to come up with a response to this question that's worse than his dad's.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest


If men were so strong...

"To lie down with him is to wake up with him. It's as simple as that."

(Slovakia) Roma Holocaust commemorated at graves of murdered Roma

So I won't be going to see Pence in Phoenix. They banned rotten eggs and tomatoes.

Radiation starts today.

Nina Turner will not run as Green

After Scott Walker's office alerts farm lobby, clean water regulations scaled back

Warren Buffett Challenges Trump: I’ll Show My Tax Returns If You Show Yours

Hunting animals is just like golf, says Donald Trump as his sons pose with safari trophy kills

Is Donald Trump just plain crazy? - By Eugene Robinson

Here's My Question, Where the Hell is Christie, Perry, Carson, Gingrich et all.

Iranian Men Don Women’s Hijabs To Challenge Compulsory Veiling Law

Pic Of The Moment: History In The Making!

Eugene Robinson writes the opinion piece that needed to be written. Is Trump Crazy?

Australians Keep Screwing Up Census Stats by Claiming Jedi as Their Religion

"Even for Donald Trump, Monday, Aug. 1, was a banner day for bullshit."

Pope sets up group to study women deacons

The facts behind Donald Trump’s many falsehoods - By Dana Milbank

European high schools teaching classes on how to spot Kremlin propaganda

Clinton campaign has best fundraising month

Five-term Rep. Yvette Clarke still gets asked for her ID entering the U.S. Capitol

15 Hours of Donald Trump’s Lies

Donald Trump: Traitor, Liar, Danger to the World?

Don't worry. Trump is constitutionally incapable of appearing competent.

"A Jagoff"

Should We Really Be Surprised About Theranos?

Has anyone coined this phrase: "It takes a Khan to know a Con"

So the the Trump/Khan story is in it's fifth day...what's the over/under on it going to six?

"Hidden Sorrows" documentary For Roma Genocide Remembrance Day

What Donald Trump's feud with the Khans reveals about the GOP

U.S. Consumer Spending Increased Solidly in June

Russia: Roma/Gypsies, citizens without rights (FRANCE 24 English)

GOP lawmaker to vote for Clinton

Got jobs? Spotted an interesting post on FB from Hillary…

Time For The "Nothing Seems To Hurt Trump" Meme To End

Fight for American Democracy, Not Oligarchy | Bernie Sanders

Ukraine's Savchenko launches hunger strike over political inaction

PM May resurrects industrial policy as Britain prepares for Brexit

Poll: Will Trump debate Hillary?

Tim Kaine's stance on firearms has shifted with events

Just saw Hillary commercial

BY 2020 will the next administration be facing 70% unemployment???

Rescuers say toxic gas dropped on Syrian town where Russian helicopter shot down

Are there any Gold Star Families among Don the Con's supporters

Captain Khan’s Commander in Iraq: ‘The Khan Family Is Our Family’

Kittens with their Mom! - ultra squeeeeeeee

So 4 people at table on CBS this Morning and Eric Trumpster only recognized 3. Guess because Gail

Due to difficulties in Rio, the IOC is unlikely to have the games in Africa or India anytime soon

Fail-Safe Nuclear Power—but not in the United States

GOP Message "Only White Christian" Gold Star Families Matter.

Get a STEM Job With Less Than a 4-Year Degree

Hillary Clinton Raised About $90 Million in July for Hillary for America and the Democratic Party

538 Now-Cast does my soul good

Trumpism Is a Scam -- You're Actually Voting for Mike Pence ......

The American Legion & VFW Will Probably Support Trump.

Trump making the Ivy League Draft Exemption Team

Wal-Mart employees charged with fatally crushing suspected shoplifter

Eric Trump says father apologized to Khans (but he hasn't)

UPDATE: Donald Trump to campaign in Loudoun County Tuesday

Third graders read Drumpf quotes

Trump - The mark of the Devil

Only 97 Days left

Trump: Wind power ‘kills all your birds’

Pick a trump theme song

Forget about spin-off sites from DU. They don't matter.

Op-ed: "Utah’s disdain for Native heritage breaks my heart" By Kevin T. Jones

Are we on the precipice of rebuilding the middle class and a 50's type boom? Thanks to the Donald

Capt. Khan's story ... a must read

White Nationalist Trump Supporters: God Says Women Shouldn't be President

Ties to Lucifer?

'Reign of terror': Fear in the Philippines as police embark on state-sanctioned 'killing spree'

I hate to dredge up a non-story like Benghazi, but do people realize Hillary was Secretary of State?

Trump: Wind power ‘kills all your birds’

New York Daily News Front Cover: Trump Takes Nation To Pathetic New Low

If Republican Party implodes at the national level for good, how will Democrats sell themselves?

Commissioner Bratton resigning.

John Conyers has a primary opponent, this year

I would say congratulations are in order for Stephen Strasburg

Bill Bratton to Resign from NYPD: Reports

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

Trump Rally being held at a VA high school..

"They don't write GOOD." Rump's rant against NYT, which, sometimes, exposes the fool.

Funny how nobody in the media wants to discuss Trump's mental state

Anyone getting inundated from FB friends

Does anyone know what the relationship between Bernie and Kucinich is like?

Remind your Democratic friends to VOTE today!

Remind your Democratic friends to VOTE today!

It's obvious the Trumps, all of them, live in a bubble.

Chilling image: angry Trump supporter yelling at a military mom...what the hell happened to the GOP?

The North Carolina GOP has it's priorities in order...

The Latest: Trump son says soldier controversy overblown

My local newspaper asks: "What decade is this?"

Racist American Legion Supports Trump. They Have Been Silent On the Kahn Issue.

Obama just said flat out, on live TV, that Trump was "UNFIT" to be president!

President Obama going in on Trump..

Rolling Stone Magazine - Luke's Best Chance: One Man's Fight for His Autistic Son

rcp's map has arizona blue!

Democrats make a play to turn Arizona blue

Why Is Bud Light Sponsoring Ted Nugent’s Hate?

Best of Nat. Geo. Photo of the Day

Apple replaces gun emoji with water pistol and introduces 100 other characters (BBC)

Star Wars - The Minimalism Edition -$39.95 at Walmart

McConnell: No New Supreme Court Justice Until The NRA Approves Of The Nominee

Trump vs Khan is not the first...

Gerrymandering. One of the most damaging aspects of American politics.

Eric Trump says father apologized to Khans (but he hasn't) (and the lies keep on coming)

Donald Trump begins contemplating the unthinkable: He might lose

Obama Says Republicans Should Withdraw Support for Trump


Antarctic sea ice may be a source of mercury in Southern Ocean fish and birds

Maine restaurant owner bans AR-15 backers: ‘I used the loudest voice I knew to shout my outrage’

TPP is detrimental

The Simpsons - deranged don's 3AM call

"China is not a part of TPP" Obama at presser live right now

Now he's insulting babies.

Bernie supporter/delegate tells Jill Stein to leave the

Trump: 'I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier

Railroads may be forced to allow rivals on tracks

The Sick & Dying Victims of BP Speak Out! Listen...

Poll: Clinton Makes Gains Across the Country

Paul Krugman Coins Term for Trump Behavior When Beginning to Realize for Sure He Will Lose:

Ladies and Gentlemen, PLACE YOUR BETS!!!

The Flinstones opening in "The Sopranos" style

Terms and phrases politicians use that have become meaningless

I saw Mr. and Mrs. Khan on with Lawrence O'Donnell the other night.

VP candidate Tim Kaine coming to Grand Rapids,my hometown....Oh Boy....cant wait...

There Isn't a Crooked Bone in Hillary's Body

Sanders Campaigning For Hillary: Good Idea Or Not?

White House candidate Clinton sees big boost in fundraising in July

New York Republican lawmaker breaks with party, backs Democrat Clinton

Will GOP officials jump ship on Trump? - By Stuart Rothenberg

The Madman just got a purple heart.

Fred Tomlinson, Singer, Songwriter on Monty Python, Dies ("Lumberjack Song," Vikings Spam)

Coal Glut, Environmental Pushback Derail West Coast Port Plans

Fact Checker - Donald Trump’s revisionist history of mocking a disabled reporter

President Obama killed Osama Bin Laden. On the other hand, Donald Trump killed satire.

Joe Biden officiated his first wedding – and it was for a gay couple (pic of happy couple included)

Judge blocks Mississippi’s religious exemptions law during appeal

House Republican backs Hillary Clinton, Calling Donald Trump "Unfit to serve"

Pope: It's 'Terrible' Children Taught They Can Choose Gender



Obama just royally screwed over McConnell and Ryan

Tropical Storm Earl has formed in the Caribbean

AP sources: CEO at Democratic National Committee Resigns (Amy Dacey)

Well, this is disheartening - And I was having such a good day

Khan didn't plan to display Constitution during convention

Oprah's Book Club's latest pick: "The Underground Railroad"

Trump boots baby from Virginia rally

My parents, the Trump voters: a Sanders-supporting son attempts to understand

Don the Con is looking for "emergency" funds.

Humayun Khan’s grave becomes a shrine in the wake of his father’s speech

Service members share heartfelt memories of Capt. Humayun Khan

"Purple Heart" Trending On Twitter- Trump Getting His Ass Kicked Bigly!!

Foreign Appetite For U.S. Securities Has Taken a Drubbing

A humble greeting from a new member o/

Amorphophallus titanum blooming at USBG

Hillary Clinton Campaign Wants A Progressive DNC Chair

Anyone remember a late night show like this? I saw it on a channel out of Charleston, SC.

Donald Trump is the Republican Party`s well-deserved boomerang

President Obama Killed Bin Laden, Whilst Trolling Donald Trump.....

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 2, 2016

Democratic National Committee CEO resigns amid hack scandal

The Khan feud is getting too much media attention

Eric Trump suggests women invite sexual harassment — and women invite him to go f*ck himself

First doctor convicted of FGM death in Egypt only spent three months in jail

First doctor convicted of FGM death in Egypt only spent three months in jail

First doctor convicted of FGM death in Egypt only spent three months in jail

First doctor convicted of FGM death in Egypt only spent three months in jail

Has a Nominee Ever Had a Worse Week?

Trump: 'You can get the baby out of here

Did anyone see the live report on MSNBC a few minutes ago?

Pence responds on Capt. Kahn - if you can stomach it

Did a DT supporter really let her 10yo chant "Lock the bitch up?"

The Don with his KFC bucket

Trump Beefs With Crying Babe At Rally: 'Get The Baby Out Of Here!'

We did the Wiki DRUMPF history from the start. Daily Beast is just picking up on it.

Best farm subsidy idea I've ever heard

Democratic Congressman Calls Trump 'Mentally Unstable' On National TV

NM GOP governor hits Trump over remarks on Gold Star family

NM GOP governor hits Trump over remarks on Gold Star family

Trump’s temperament is no longer an issue in the race. It IS the issue.

Trump: Khan Was Mad I'll Keep Out Terrorists

It is not about unhealthy restaurant meals

trump is managing to make shrub look good by comparison.

Obama Hammers GOPers Distancing Themselves From Trump's Khan Attacks

NASA’s New CO2 Sounder Nearly Ready for Prime Time

MUST WATCH: Why are Russian gov't trolls creating hoaxes about ISIS chemical factory bombing in US?

Squee alert: Baby white-cheeked gibbon at Nashville Zoo

Hillary "Bounces" Back and Then Some, While Trump Surrogates Squirm

Trump Proves He Has Putin’s Back By Gutting Pro-Ukraine Provision In Republican Platform

Latest polls show Hillary Clinton in the 2016 driver’s seat - By Steve Benen

have we seen the june figures for donnie boy's campaign?

I expect Trump's support among Evangelical Christians to drop noticably in the coming days.

ASPCA - I love you, but I'm no longer contributing to you.

Trump Should Be Excited That Football Will Distract People From Debates

Hillary and Obama should not pile on the Don to not create sympathy for him

Herr Trump already had a "Black Heart."


Keep talking, Don. . .

I want to thank the Sanders' delegates and followers who

Donald Trump Boots Baby (Baby?!) From Rally

NBC's Katy Tur isn't being paid enough

I just started the hashtag #TrumpPurpleHeartInjury

Amazingly bad employment experience

Stop Toxic Trade Deals (Sierra Club - July 27th 2016)

McCrory fumes after North Carolina’s attorney general refuses to defend state’s racist voter ID law

Trump gifted Purple Heart, says he 'always wanted' one

Trump-credentialed white nationalist host: ‘God’s law’ says women can’t be president — or vote

Donald Trump Receives Purple Heart From Veteran

So did I hear Don the Con say that he always wanted a purple heart?


Trump-loving mom blames ‘Democratic schools’ after young son yells ‘Take the b*tch down’ at rally

Texas AG Ken Paxton appeals fraud case again in final attempt to quash felony indictments

Congress Funds Rejected for Zika Virus The Return of the Gilded Age


Indiana store manager kicks out Muslim woman over head scarf — then wishes her ‘a blessed day’

‘March’ Graphic Novel Revisits Civil Rights Movement in Rich Detail

Paul Krugman predicts a ‘derp spiral’ when Trump realizes he’s likely to lose

For many conservatives, I imagine giving up on Donald Trump is like getting a hankering for Arby's

Trump Seems More the Result of a Shift Among White Men Than the Cause of It

Just ignore them, Hillary: GOPers have crafted a ridiculous roadmap for Hillary to cross the aisle

Borowitz: Trump Bolsters Foreign-Policy Team by Adding Carson and Palin

Snapping up cheap spy tools, nations 'monitoring everyone'

Glitch in software?

The U.S. can’t let Trump win: His victory would embolden the most hateful Americans...

Officer on trial for William Chapman murder fantasized about shootings

Aid workers accused of trying to convert Muslim refugees at Greek camp

Wikileaks reveals how DNC tried to smear Christie, Trump in N.J.

Ever picked up a prescription that read "For your protection, this medicine shall go unnamed"?

Donald Trump has no idea what his "rigged election" talk could unleash

Washington State Primary - August 2, 2016 - Pramila Jayapal

More than 700 people killed in Philippines drugs crackdown

Couple Sponsors Boy Through World Vision For Decades. They Went To Find Said Boy. They Got Scammed.

No, The GOP Has Not Developed A Conscience – Trump Exodus Is About Loss Of Power Only

Robert Reich is live now.

The Trump Files: Donald Sued Other People Named Trump for Using Their Own Name

Can George Washington & Dwight Eisenhower's America Be Saved?

China puts human rights activists on trial

One Job Lost To Trade Hurts Our Economy Multiple Times...

Newsweek Cover Story: Donald Trump's Many Business Failures, Explained

Eric Trump: 'Strong, powerful women' don't allow sexual harassment to occur

As lawyers’ trials begin, China cites ‘Western plot’ to topple regime

Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly React to Eric Trump’s Comments About Sexual Harassment

Let's amend the Constitution to require presidential candidates to have hands sized...

Dear ReTHUGs and RWs

Piece of Shit, Orange, Used Car Salesman.

ROTC Chairman Says Capt. Kahn's Father has been the Most Patriotic Person He Ever Knew

I just had a mini argument about WMD's in Iraq...

Christie calls Trump criticism of the Khans "inappropriate"

The Trump Vodka commercial in Russia

Dozens ill after suspected chlorine attack in Syria

Roger Stone Says There Will Be a ‘Bloodbath’ if Election is Stolen From Trump

Massachusetts to adopt equal pay law to break pattern of unfair pay for women

Chris Christie is in for a spanking, or forty lashes,

Recent Polls Show Trump Trailing, So He Says They’re ‘Phony’

Massachusetts to adopt equal pay law to break pattern of unfair pay for women

#TrumpOlympics trending #1 on Twitter

Warning: Malicious Link on DU Homepage

Trump Responds to Obama: POTUS ‘Is Unfit’ and Clinton ‘Is Equally Unfit’

Why are ReTHUGs and their hacks continuing this shit with emails and

Pathway to citizenship...

Are Trump, GOP, Et Al Setting Up Contested Election If Hillary Wins.

Judge refuses bonuses for executives at bankrupt Sports Authority

Trump Beefs With Crying Babe At Rally: 'Get The Baby Out Of Here!'

Just got off the phone with Secretary of State

DNC cleans house after email leak

Full news conference with President Obama and Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong

Paul Krugman: Trump will go into derp spiral

Is Trump even playing to win anymore (if ever)?

The Post-Convention Polls Are In And Trump Has A Lot Of Ground To Make Up

Four years ago, my wife and I travelled from Illinois to Columbus, Ohio and canvassed for President

PRESIDENT OBAMA: "Yes, I think the Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president."

Texas AG Seeks To Block 'Frivolous' Lawsuit Against Campus Carry Law


A orange stain on the carpet: Trump's Public Meltdown, coming to a theater near you.

Christie Breaks Rank To Criticize Trump's 'Inappropriate' Khan Attacks


Will the RNC bring in Pataki if Trump has to be replaced.

So a woman must find a new job rather than

England's plastic bag usage drops 85% since 5p charge introduced

Could Maria Comella be Christie's payback for not being chosen for VP?

U.S. Air Force declares first squadron of F-35 jets combat-ready

Yesterday, Aug 1, was the 50th Anniversary of the UT Massacre

Comey: Clinton did not lie to the FBI

question re post removal - is this different that a jury hide?

U.S. counterterrorism agents arrest Michigan man with grenades

Donald J. Trump received a Purple Heart?

Apparently base supporters of Donald Trump are saying, when asked if they will still vote for

New York State Aiding Nuclear Plants With Millions in Subsidies

White House directs federal agencies to consider climate change impacts

CNN reporter: ‘The crowd enjoyed it’ when Donald Trump kicked baby out of rally

Trump to baby: "You're Fired!"

Election Update: Is Clinton’s Lead A Bounce Or A New Equilibrium? - Nate Silver

Janeane Garofalo got it right 13 years ago.

If you're planning on canvassing and can't figure out...

Tell you what, Donald.

Trump Accepts Purple Heart says "I always wanted to get" one

I just had a very disturbing thought...

Florida woman shoots herself while posing with gun for a selfie


Obama- "Yes the Republican nominee is Unfit for the Presidency"

How do I convince my brother to not throw away his vote?

Kornacke (on MSNBC) just asked

Notice the names on ALL of the visible markers, including Captain Khan...

Can't believe, Chris Christie made a limited, but nice statement about the Khans

Okay - "You can get the baby out of here" appears to be going viral.....

Clinton, Allies Have Reserved $98 Million in Ads

A Pathway Towards Marijuana Legalization: The Significance of the Democratic Platform

Child yells profanity directed at Hillary Clinton during Donald Trump rally

White House candidate Clinton sees big boost in fundraising in July

Trump refuses to support Paul Ryan, John McCain in upcoming Republican primaries

Paul Ryan outlines competing vision to Donald Trump at Koch brothers retreat in Colorado Springs

Dow Posts Seventh Straight Loss As Oil Slides Below $40

Feel The State Tremble

The maggot is not backing Paul Ryan or John McCain

Baltimore County Police: Woman Killed In Standoff After Brandishing Shotgun

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah! ‘Is Donald Trump plain crazy?’ Big-name writers now questioning GOP nominee’s

Penn Jillette Interview: "Every Day, as Trump Gets Closer to the Presidency, I Get Sadder"

Worried GOP tells Trump: Get on message

Libyan forces wary of Islamic State redoubt despite U.S. support

With Russia a campaign issue, Clinton gains on foreign affairs

Pope Francis: Capitalism is 'Terrorism Against All of Humanity'

Legion of Honor arch

Aetna’s Obamacare Reversal Is Latest Blow to U.S. Health Law

Can I just say, that damn ant thing keeps driving me crazy.

Donald Trump makes me sick says Francois Hollande

‘It could be a world-changing decision,’ member of new Vatican committee on female deacons says

This is like 1996 - everyone knew that a Clinton was headed for a landslide win

Korryn Gaines - Say her name

U.S. July Auto Sales Miss Estimates, Shares Drop

WTF? Trump ejects crying baby from rally!?!

Where is your God now?

They're eating each other!

Judge tells Trump lawyers to prepare for discovery in fraud case

If you need a bit of a laugh in the midst of all the madness...(trump as a verb)

HUFFPOLLSTER: Polls Continue To Show Good News For Hillary Clinton

24 hours in Trump Controversies...

Colombia’s impunity rate at virtually 99%: Incoming chief prosecutor

Obama Backs Trade Deal Despite Clinton, Trump Opposition

Following the DNC, Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by 8 - and THIS is from NBC!!

From the get-go

Can you picture Donald Trump delivering a concession speech? I can't.


Where is Hillary today?

As uproar spirals, Trump plans Wisconsin trip

Air Force Calls Lockheed’s F-35 Jet Ready for Limited Combat

I trip getting into the shower.

Al Baldasaro is a criminal who threatened Hillary Clinton's life. Lock him up.

A Scott Walker smackdown!! Wisconsin's Voting Laws Struck Down

Rising Sea Levels Could Cost U.S. Homeowners Close to $1 Trillion

Okay, John McCain. You're up to bat. Don't strike out.

Drumpt's Prediction of a Rigged Election Sets the Stage for Possible Civil Unrest

End The Derp!

Donald and Eric Trump opine on sexual harassment — and draw fire

Get ready, Hillary strategists

Megyn Kelly thinks she knows why Donald Trump wants to change the debate dates

Cat wars: Downing Street upheaval has sparked Larry and Palmerston conflict, say experts

I Am JFK JR~New documentary on Spike TV......

Rick Scott the alien FL gov is supporting the maggot

Trump: 'You can get the baby out of here'

Filth Flies invade Jones, Oklahoma

iPhone ruptures in cyclist's pocket and spews burning chemicals causing third-degree burns

Tammy Duckworth KILLS Donald Trump in one tweet.

Iraq war resisters who fled to Canada ask Justin Trudeau to allow them to stay

The Con claims Russia is superior to The United States in nuclear weaponry.

Has anyone heard this quote? If not I'm claiming it.

Find the cat in this picture:

Interfaith teens from Jerusalem, US visit Capitol Hill in support of peace

Clinton Camp And Allies Book $98M In TV Ads To Trump Allies' Less Than $1M

What did Trump just say about Ryan? I can't keep up!

So I got on the Trump mailing list, see his first email below

Longtime Christie Aide Maria Comella Says She's Voting For Hillary Clinton

Our female cat Tobi is driving me crazy today.

Trump Needs To Last Until Around Oct. 1. Then He Can Crash.

From now on, every government agency will have to consider climate change

Hollande Labels Trump’s Excesses in Election Race as ‘Sickening

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Have $5 to spare for Catherine's Rescue Barn? If so, go here:

Where can you see the dates of your hidden posts?

Oooh. Yikes!

Ryan Camp On Trump's Non-Support: We've Never Asked For An Endorsement

Katrina Pierson looks like she needs a vacation.

STATE OF THE ELECTION - August 2, 2016

French president Francois Hollande says the "excesses" of Trump "make you want to retch.

Pastor who won AR-15 raffle may have violated Oregon law

Just so everyone is more familiar with Trump's running mate Pence

Folks, I think we need to talk about a "Donald Departure."

ERIK TRUMP on CBS this morning....

Trial ordered for couple accused of giving girl to man

Is he pulling a Bullworth ???

N.M. State Fair gets a brand-new ride: Uber

N.M. State Fair gets a brand-new ride: Uber

Coroner: Judge has sealed Alton Sterling's autopsy report

Trump Tries To Comfort Babies ...

Delaware court says state death penalty law unconstitutional

I cannot find the thread "Now he's insulting babies". Help?

How to teach your child to be an 'includer'

Chinese Navy Holds Live-Fire Drills In East China Sea

A millennial responds to Matt Taibbi's displeasure with Rolling Stone's Hillary endorsement

A forum about race, equity and leadership---Saturday Sept. 10, Nashville (free, but RSVP)

Pay attention,Donald

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The Khan family reinvigorated me for the fight ahead to defeat Donald Trump

Turks Can Agree on One Thing: U.S. Was Behind Failed Coup

BREAKING - Trump spokeswoman blames Obama for death of Captain Kahn

Luckovich - Trump Inaugural

NYT Editorial: It Is Time For McCain & Other GOP Leaders To Set Example & Withdraw Support For Trump

GOP county Pennsylvania committeemen quit, won't back Trump

If Rush Limbaugh denounced Trump and said DO NOT vote for him....

Medical benefits of dental floss unproven

Was The Clinton Campaign Hack A Secret Ménage à Trois Between Trump, Putin, and Julian Assange?

What Donald Trump's feud with the Khans reveals about the GOP

The end of the Story

Hillary Re-tweeting Sarah Palin's son-in-law - sweet mercy, America

This tin foil is making my head itch.

For reference; US Debt-to-GDP ratio from 1900

Trump continues his battle with American's firefighters

Newt Gingrich stumbling in the dark

Trump Foreign Policy Adviser Traveled To Russia Prior To Changes In GOP Platform

Police report filed at Trump supporter who threatens to "behead" Trump critic

Inside the UN Fight Against Corporate Impunity

Trump refuses to support Speaker Paul Ryan in his primary race

Ivanov charged with aggravated murder of 3 teens in Mukilteo

Republicans Are Going To Flip Out Over Nate Silver’s Latest Polling Figures

New Arizona Poll: HRC: 45% Trump: 42%

Jill Stein reveals her true colors via her running mate:: WTF?!!

Social media deactivated during police standoff with woman

Disabled Donald's Bone Spurs

What I Half Expect To Learn From The DNC Email Hack...

NYT public editor writes about HRC's Fox interview, basically calls HRC a liar and cites 3 other M$M

The real problem we have with Trump is...

Interesting DU Home Page this afternoon!

François Hollande trouve Donald Trump déguelasse

Heh! There is a community of Brazilianaires where the Olympics are being held. How much is that????

Trump announces he won't support John McCain and slams GOP Sen Kelly Ayotte (NH)

Hello. I've just become aware than a friend