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Hackensack mayor calls bribery suit 'ridiculous'

CNN anchor breaks the news to Trump campaign

NY Mag - Trump’s Appeal to Black Voters Was Actually Directed at White Voters

Christie issues executive order to use general fund money for emergency road work

This Indie Jewelry Brand Wrote A VERY Bold Letter To Ivanka Trump

I love Joy Reid..

I think Trump's last act will end like this..

Joy Reid is ripping the trumpet

Criticism is the oxygen of democracy.

Anderson Cooper just pointed out that Trump claimed: I hire the best people

David Barton Explains Why 'You Just Don't Find Atheists' Living Out In The Country

"I’m A Doctor. Here’s What I Find Most Concerning About Trump’s Medical Letter"

This Drug Could End America’s Painkiller Epidemic

Will Trump Be ‘Scared Straight’ by His Classified Briefings?

Ford promises driverless cars by 2021

You're Missing One...Satan!?

Inside the secretive religious movement that is being blamed for Turkey's attempted coup

Trump’s Breitbart hire sends tremors through Capitol Hill

Luckovich Toon - Trump's New Hire

Tips for Getting Kids Excited about a New School

I'm sure the psycho House teabags will start impeachment proceedings against Hillary

Is Breitbart News "conservative"?

Trump's new hires say this: Burn it all down. Politics of complete destruction.

Strip club sues Atlantic City, says resort violated First Amendment

Trump's most insidious claim yet

Cell phone shots of a "Wild Hare" I saw today --- I'm still laughing

Smoking Gun Memo Reveals GOP Voter Fraud Bamboozlement In North Carolina

Mandatory Wednesday Truthseeker Check In! Live and UnCensored

Real Clear Politics: Hillary is already projected with 272 Electoral votes, enough to win

Over two dozen overdoses in five hours in Huntington

Jewelry Owner uses proceeds of Ivanka Trump's purchase to support Hillary Clinton.

Pot brownie overdose causes man to call cat a bad word. Hey, DEA? Is this like heroin overdose?

40 yrs ago today. The Axe Murder at the DMZ...

Rockaway couple get prison terms for $4.8 million scam on Medicare and private insurance companies

George W. Bush didn't kill Harambe (or did he?)

It's been too damned hot.

NJ Weedman to sue over ‘false arrest’

Tropical Storm Fiona

Ryan Said to Be Enraged by Trump's Latest Hires

Hillary's essay to young voters in Teen Vogue: 'Your generation embodies everything right w/America'

Philly doctor and office manager charged with illegal drug sales

Trumps Dopey Lawyer Gets #SaysWho Twitter Blast

Trumps new Campaign Braniac.

N.J. military contractor pleads guilty in $1.4 million fraud scheme

Tappanzee Rip Off -- coming soon to Massachusetts.

Trump fined $10,000 for bench, kiosks in Trump Tower lobby

Some shots from our visit to Victoria, BC

In shift, Toomey says he'll oppose international trade deal

Donald Trump IS your crazy right wing uncle who sends you crazy right wing emails.

Uganda is closing schools backed by US, World Bank, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg

Westinghouse shuts down part of S.C. nuclear fuel plant over safety concerns

You know our world is upside down, when

YouGov: Trump effect could lead to a Congressional downballot landslide

Whoa! Cops stop swimmers Conger and Bentz from boarding flight

Congrats Grits - Brianna gets GOLD

Would you vote for him?

How many state secrets will trump drop on twitter tonight?

Quadruplets settle in for 4 years at Duquesne University

Would you vote for this woman?

'I'm ashamed,' ex-Sandusky lawyer Karl Rominger says as he gets state prison for stealing $767K

Jerusalem Bureaucrats Go After Arab Children’s EU-supported Summer Camp

The storm of an 18 years ago rape charge that is raging through Hollywood and beyond.

The Denver County Fair. Zombies, Freaks, and Geeks, oh my!!

Alerted on the wrong post.

Compare & contrast: Blake SHELTON. Leave Ellen alone.

So great to see the GOP brought down from within

Decathlon standings after the first day's four events:

"The Peril of Fascism" (1938 book, PDF)

Mexico president says he's willing to meet with Trump

This meme sums it up nicely...

Inside The RNC • Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016

Montel Williams: I'm with Hillary Clinton


Doctor Pleads Guilty to Looting Artifacts from Death Valley

Chicago Bar Serving an Anti Trump Beer and Donating $1 Per Beer to ACLU

So how has the establishment GOP reacted to becoming the party of Trump/Breithart?

I can at least dream.,,,,,

Didnt know Jill Stein's running mate called Obama an Uncle Tom

Why Putin wants a Trump victory

IN-SEN: Bayh leads by 7 points.

On CNN now...what's with Gary Johnson? Weird guy.

Storming here.

IN-GOV: The race is a tie.

Omaha dad finds pot brownies, eats 4 of them, says mean things to cat

If we get the Senate and SCOTUS enough to protect Reproductive rights for....

Two U.S. Swimmers Pulled Off Plane in Rio Amid Robbery Probe

Flood Destroys Home Of Hate Group Leader Who Claims God Sends Natural Disasters To Punish Gays

Poll Suggests Rick Perry Could Beat Ted Cruz in 2018

U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul Doesn't Rule Out Challenging Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018

Joy Reid is hosting another LIVE show now on MSNBC

Weicker predicts catastrophe for GOP in November

Kellyanne was a wingnut terror as FITZPATRICK before CONWAY. Along with Barbara OLSON

Clinton Foundation May Have Been Hacked

Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Coming To Hulu

Hitler finds out Trump is losing every poll

Can I say Ken Salazar is bad news?

Why Do Republicans Hate the Clintons So Much?

Angry Idiot Trump Supporter doesn't believe Trump is Behind in Polls

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 18, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Angie Dickinson

Power was out in southern MD for 1 1/2 hours,

let's not be the Hare to the Tortoise

Ted Cruz accepted $30,000 flight to Cayman Islands from former Exxon executive during campaign

Joseph Goebbels’ 105-year-old secretary: ‘No one believes me now, but I knew nothing’

Olympics Spoiler: Women's 100M Hurdles...

Morning Joe: Trump Knows He is Going to Lose

What does "ground game" mean?

Dog and dog owner injured in Victoria after cat attacks seven pit bulls

The family that preys together . . .

When Trump Loses, What Will The Right Wing Call Themselves?

The happiest Republican on the planet right now is ...

Made in America---lots of cool stuff on Country Living's Pinterest page

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 19, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Ruby Keeler

Does Chris Matthews ever shut up?

Egypt suspends 8 female reporters for being overweight; ordered to go on a diet

Swill Stein and the fever-swamp of the left on CNN town hall "highlights"

Ex-youth pastor from Willis gets life for sexually abusing child

Three Reasons Why Russia Deployed Tu-22M3 Strategic Bombers to Iran

Well, well, well. Who didn't see this coming?

Scott and White health plan to drop Obamacare offerings in 2017

Judge Dispels The Myth Of The ‘Perfect’ Rape Victim In Powerful Verdict

UN: Israel May ’Forcibly Transfer’ 46 West Bank Beduin Communities

Pantex Plant to store more nuclear materials produced at Los Alamos lab

Celtic Fans Defy UEFA Ban To Fly Sea Of Palestine Flags In Match Against Israelis

Entire village of Shishmaref to move

His eyes stare coldly into the distance, hardened by thousands of executive decisions

Tobacco lawsuit: Judge approves reimbursements in Arkansas case

Trump suggests racial profiling and says of Omar Mateen’s father, ‘I’d throw him out’

Kaine embraces the Butter Cow

Hillary Clinton Twists the Knife in Donald Trump’s Tax Proposals

American Swimmers Pulled Off Plane in Rio

Missouri Clergy Guilty of Trespassing in Capitol Protest

The Nation - Donald Trump Is Encouraging Intimidation and Racial Profiling at the Polls

Jury to decide value of Riesel coal plant in $850 million dispute

538: Election Update: Why Clinton Doesn’t Have This Race Locked Up

Would the media be giving David Duke a free ride were he the R candidate for POTUS?

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Curt Schilling (Fascist, MA) is considering running for the Senate in Massachusetts.

PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH - major problem with troll stalker (on and now OFF DU)

May the (protophobic X boson) Force be with you.

Donald Trump Gave Cash To Chris Christie Group Before And After New Jersey Casino Settlement

With his new campaign team, Trump doubles down on the batshit crazy

LePage says Trump was his third choice for president

Airlander 10, World's Largest Airship Dubbed 'Flying Bum,' Takes Maiden Voyage

Daily Holidays August 18

Why the Russians do not want and never wanted a WW3

This election is one for the history books. It will be in every political science textbook.

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 18/8/16

The Boneless Trap Laid

Dogs: Rated!

Lithuanian Police Switches To LibreOffice, Saves A Million Euro

Court: Ex-state pol’s pension contributions are fair game for forfeiture

Cuomo: NYRA re-privatization, plus state regulation, is a winner

Arthur Hiller, Director of 'Love Story,' Dies at 92

Bannon shows that Trump will amp up the fear component driving his base

Cuomo signs bill strengthening boating while intoxicated penalties

$50 million to home care for the aging

Dear Brazil, you going to detain the British athlete who just reported being robbed, too?

New law: Research dogs and cats must go up for adoption

Angela Merkel’s Deputy Flips the Bird at Neo-Nazi Protestors

Trump Says He Doesn't Trust And Won't Use, US Intelligence

Turkey car bombs: Police station attacks kill six and injure 219

The Crotchgrabber: On a shockingly casual case of sexual assault.

Liquid nuclear waste shipments on Upstate NY roads could start in September

Trevor Noah on how Trump is acting Presidential

Albany police officer arrested for allegedly slamming teen girl to ground

Why this election is over

Star snapped before and after nova explosion

That's it. Fuck you Julian Assange.

'Minor' radiation leak in FitzPatrick nuclear plant has gone unfixed for 4 years

Just posting this right here...

Hydrogen Is Working and It’s Much Cheaper Than We Thought

Does Trump or Hillary have a position on autonomous driving or

Car bomb kills three, wounds 170 in eastern Turkey: governor's office

Co-chair of Trump veterans' group (Gerald DeLemus) pleads guilty in 2014 Bundy standoff

NPR Axes Its Comment Section After Deciding It's Not 'Useful'

GOPers who are good bull$hitters

SAYS WHO? Is the argument of a child. And Trumps fool is crowing about how he won. WTF.

Ex-Boston mob boss 'Whitey' Bulger appeals to U.S. Supreme Court

Ex-Boston mob boss 'Whitey' Bulger appeals to U.S. Supreme Court

Pic Of The Moment: I Think This Is What's Known As "Buyer's Remorse"

3 modern places of worship that will change the way you think about religious space

Bill Kristol Says Rename Breitbart 'Right-wing Intolerant Mean-spirited News'

Op-ed by former honcho of GM: "I’ve always voted Republican. Until now.

Newest map from

Illinois parish transforms abandoned factory into senior community

Why is President Obama pushing the TPP with every ounce of political muscle he possesses?

Man holding a potato.

How Trump Campaign Learned It Was Losing: "If you have another week like the last one-you won’t win"

Lol, John Dingell!

These "health issues" attacks on Hillary miss the big picture and thus go nowhere

Another example of "all lives matter" thinking...

We need a New Map.

New species of fossil dolphin found

Fortune: Why Donald Trump's New Braintrust May Explode

Penny-stock fraudster goes to federal prison


An ugly racial incident in Vermont- and the state reacts with fury

WIRED Magazine Endorses Optimism & Hillary Clinton

Tied with Harambe, and trailing Deez Nutz

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Briefly Bigly

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

European IOC chief arrested in Rio over ticket scandal

We’re Witnessing History: The Extreme Right Just Seized Control of the GOP

WSU defunds it's theatre department in 2011, starts to serve beer at football games this year.

Syria conflict: Image of injured boy in Aleppo draws outrage

House panel to probe claims of Clinton perjury

Romney conducting donor outreach for Rubio

Clinton Allies Say They’re Ready for Rough Campaign After Trump Shakeup

And this is what a Trump supporter is saying about the Breitbart move ...

The way Donald J. Trump lies is like nothing I've ever seen in politics

Clinton Foundation hired cyber firm after suspected hacking: sources

Study finds black people wait in longest voting lines

Louisiana flooding diaster

Clinton meeting with top law enforcement leaders in New York

Trump goes to war against media

Dems doubtful of Sanders health push

Lakota Pipeline Protest Using Spirit Horses

Report: Contractors outnumber U.S. troops in Afghanistan 3-to-1

Trump on how to vet immigrants' beliefs: 'You get very smart people'

Why President Obama is pushing the TPP.

Pit stop

Think the world is on fire? Obama’s national security adviser says things are better than ever

Paulie, Paulie, Paulie . . . . still holding to that Trumpdorsement?

This is why I have to keep cheese out of my house. Or why I should

Fact Checker: Trump’s claim that Clinton lacks the ‘physical stamina’ to be president

Provincial Supreme Court in Argentina orders woman imprisoned 2 years ago for a miscarriage released

Bannon spent $1 Million of his own money to make a Sarah Palin movie!

Provincial Supreme Court in Argentina orders woman imprisoned 2 years ago for a miscarriage released

I’ve always voted Republican. Until now. - By Daniel Akerson

New data reveals hints as to who is most likely to pull the lever for Trump

Six in 10 Americans Say Racism Against Blacks Is Widespread

New Clinton campaign ad: "Absolutely"

Adult dog has started peeing in the house. What to do?

Donald's lawyer is one nasty piece of shit.....

The Guardian view on Yemen: stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia

The national security case against TPP

My cat is driving me nuts.

Omaha dad finds pot brownies, eats 4 of them, says mean things to cat

Answer is all of them!

Anyone Notice Trump Is Not Wearing His Solid Colored....

Is China An Atheist Country?

Donald Trump Aide Paul Manafort Scrutinized for Russian Business Ties

FiveThirtyEight: How A Trump Debacle Could Affect The House And State Legislatures

Liberals Have the Wrong Fears About Hillary’s #NeverTrump Outreach

Jim Hightower: Donnie’s Little Lies are Huuuuuge

If you thought the old Donald Trump campaign was wild and crazy, just wait

At historic Rhode Island synagogue, Kaine reflects on religious freedom

How awful is Steve Bannon? Some Brietbart headlines

Target's $20 million answer to transgender bathroom boycott

Trump: "Soon they will be calling me Mr. Brexit"

Washington Post Editorial: America deserves answers on Manafort global money trail

What it’s like to report on 2016, in 26 torturous, hilarious seconds

There's a new contender for the medals in the 2016 Backpfeifengesicht Olympics.

Tim Kaine Says Congressional Republicans Strategically Leak Investigation Details To The Press...

Why the secrecy? Hillary Clinton holds 'private' meeting with Paul McCartney that photographers

Amid Fresh Yemen Killings, UN May Re-Blacklist Saudi Arabia

Faith was integral to Bobby Kennedy's life and politics

How Breitbart News Became The Official Propaganda Arm Of The Trump Campaign

EpiPen Price Hike Has Parents of Kids With Allergies Scrambling Ahead of School Year

New Rasmussen Poll: Clinton 41 - Trump 39

Roger Simon: The Mayor Of Trumpville Needs Serenity Now

6 solid red states left for the GOP .... 538 ... W.V., OK, Wyoming, Alabama, Idaho, and Louisiana

One Quarter Of Puerto Rico Expected To Contract Zika Virus By The End Of 2016

Documents from the Hillary Clinton email investigation might be made public

The orange toddler loved the media during the primaries

Jeff Danziger Cartoon: Roger And Kellyanne Join The Trump Campaign

Ex-GM CEO: Trump is simply not up to the job

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Campaign hires Great Horned Owl as new media spokesperson

Inside The RNC • Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016

Trump supporters

Survivor Season 33: Millennials Vs. Gen-X

Clinton hobnobs with Paul McCartney, who happened to be in Cleveland, too

Just saw a great tweet

Reality TV is NOT REAL.

Scroll to the bottom of any DU page.

Walmart is too cheap to pay for proper security — so now it’s freeloading off taxpayers

To the Clinton campaign, the most powerful weapon against Trump is Trump

Several French cities and beaches ban the "Burkini," sparking accusations of Islamophobia

Alt Right Rejoices at Donald Trump’s Steve Bannon Hire

If only Hillary had "the mental and physical stamina" of Donald Trump

GOP Despairs As Trump Doubles Down On Being Trump

Unpacking the ISDS: Why the ISDS actually is a threat to us here

Donald Trump's 27-day spiral: From convention bounce to campaign overhaul

Dana Perino Shuts Down Poll-Truther Fox News Host: You’re Lying To Them!

What happened there - SPOILER

Want a glimpse into the anarchist philosophy of Assange

Fox and Friends launches absurd attack on Hillary: Wearing glasses is ‘a sign of brain damage’

I love how the breitbart nutters continue to bring up imaginary issues with Hillary's health

Teh Stoopid Boggles The Mind

Another Hillary Email Leak

Once again coverage of Ms. Clinton? Mr. Kaine? Any Dem?

More about that testimonial letter re Trump's health and Dr. Harold Bornstein

Russian mufti calls for genital mutilation of all women

Jan Brewer Clarifies Clinton “Lying Killer” Remark: It Was A “Stumble Of The Tongue”

Anyone else love the DNC video?

Pass this along to the Conservatives at your family reunion.

Give this to the conservatives on your friends list.

Donald Duck making a point about releasing tax returns at the Trump Tower

Day 14 of the Google Fruit Games: Beach Volleyball

At the Trump Hannity lovefest, er, Townhall, Trump says he'd deport U.S. citizens

You know, Some people really don't have any sense

"Sabotage!" (1942 book on fascist saboteurs, spies and propagandists in the USA, in PDF format)

Democrats have a secret plan to win red states without moving to the center

Trump is supposed to start airing ads this Friday, how horrible do you think they will be?

Another shakeup on the Trump Team - New Spokesperson added.......

Hillary Clinton has eased one of the biggest doubts about her capacity to be a good president

First Read: The One Way Trump's Shake-Up Makes Sense

Trump on self:"When I look at myself in the 1st grade & I look at myself now-I’m basically the same"

Female Genital Mutilation in the news again (asshole cleric says it should be done to ALL women)

I used to question Hillary's honesty. Thanks to the Repubes, now I don't. Anyone else?

Female Genital Mutilation in the news again (asshole cleric says it should be done to ALL women)


UPDATED: BREAKING: Report Says Lochte Fabricated Robbery Story, Fought With Security at Gas Station

Manafort Ledger "I don't deny such docs may exist-But I'm definite it does not exist now, right now"

Female Genital Mutilation in the news again (asshole cleric says it should be done to ALL women)

Aetna Threatened to Quit Obamacare if U.S. Blocked Humana Merger

It's all about JUXTAPOSITION: Fox News' Eric Bolling's epic meltdown + an "adorable little raccoon"

Trump’s New Campaign Manager Whines: ‘We’ll Never Have the Money’ Clinton Has

Ryan Lochte, Olympics teammates lied about robbery to cover up gas station brawl

Clinton's "vast right-wing conspiracy" comes full circle

Antarctica Now Has a Jaw-Dropping Luxury Hotel

Green Party’s Jill Stein Has ‘Serious Questions’ About Clinton, Says She Was ‘Too Big to Jail’

Justice Department is ending the use of private prisons

Two sitting U.S. Senators held a field hearing yesterday

Ivanka Trump's brother-in-law voting for Clinton

Foster cat is a biter

Trump's got some bad news coming..

Argentine Supreme Court strikes down President Macri's natural gas hikes nationwide

Pastor Darrell Scott on Trump: "Black people believe satire, black people believe parody"

Argentine Supreme Court strikes down President Macri's natural gas hikes nationwide.

Justice Department says it's ending the use of private prisons

Ban men, not burkinis

On this day in 1920...

The politicization of science a damaging trend in North Carolina

FLOTUS and the Gymnasts -

Maine doctor details sense of duty in alerting FBI to brother’s Islamic State ties

Some think Trump is doing this to launch TRUMP TV - plans to start media co -

Finally some possible justice regarding Laquan Mcdonald

Female Genital Mutilation Safe Houses and images

7 Chicago Officers Face Firing Over Laquan McDonald Cover-Up

Female Genital Mutilation Safe Houses and images

Christian Activist Accuses Gays Of Stealing Rainbow, Marriage From God; Investigation Pending

Ryan Lochte made it up, teammates admit, per Brazillian official.

Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper gets 18 years for drugging, raping women

WTF - compass for ipad doesn't work.

Andrea Mitchell treating Breitbart bullshit as worthy of "rebuttal" by Clinton campaign

Time to leave South Korea?

Congrats to the brides! Salt Lake City’s out mayor marries her partner

Baltimore officials investigating legal contractor's possible Neo-Nazi ties

Russian fast reactor reaches full power

Michael 'Says Who' Cohen says, "You cannot rape your spouse."

Twitter Suspends 235,000 Accounts for Promoting Terrorism

Nate Silver: Trump's New Strategy is Probably Dumb

In light of the crazy things Jill Stein has been saying about HRC

Argentine Supreme Court strikes down President Macri's natural gas hikes nationwide.

If your only source for negative news about Hillary Clinton is Washington Times,

Russia to build 11 new nuclear reactors by 2030

Hit Trump HARD about the TV network thing

Your daily dose of Trump-propaganda on Russia Today

Jill Stein needs to go to...

Report: Charter adminstration costs double that of other public schools

Trump supporters flood Canada's Trump Sandwich artist with bad reviews


Even Fox News thinks Breitbart is just preaching to the choir and not going to help Trump's numbers

The new spam: interactive robo-calls from the cloud as cheap as e-mail

DU is a great place to post about the 2016 Presidential Election Race.

If there's one thing I've learned from watching the DonHole's campaign ....

Police: Notes urging violence against Muslims a hate crime

How the Trump and Clinton tax plans would affect Americans

Trump’s Strategy Counts on Third Party Candidates

Jack Daniel's nixes Clay Travis deal over 'Confederate' controversy

Little boy in Aleppo a vivid reminder of war's horror

Baltimore Hires Neo-Nazi Lawyer To Defend Police Department In Misconduct Case

Another victory for incrementalism: private prisons

Kasich Returns to New Hampshire with Eye on 2020

CNNs Don Lemon is fantastic. He doesn't let the trump surrogates get away with their

78 million robocalls on average every day nationally

People with low checking account balances pay over $500 a year in fees

Man Who Wrote Speech Of Benghazi Mother At RNC May Vote For Clinton

People with low checking account balances pay over $500 a year in fees to Shut Down Next Week

The Courts Begin to Call Out Linda Greenhouse

Obama has now delivered a third body blow to the war on drugs

Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind

BMX racing - do the rules require you to finish with 2 wheels on your bike?

Justice Department says it will end use of private prisons

NCSE'S ROSENAU ON ARK ENCOUNTER (creationism/bad science alert)

Donald Trump circa 1990

Trump Sandwich

360 Swing + Paramotor

Trump Supporters: "Don't waste my time with facts. I know what I think."

Ed Rendell: Clinton Foundation should be disbanded if Clinton wins

Fantastically good news: Justice Department says it will end use of private prisons

Clinton Campaign looking for Voter Protection volunteers

Trump should sell all his companies and pay off his bank debt if he wins.

Warning - don't open if Trump offends you.

Oh, What a wedding headline

Are we really talking about GUN CONTROL?

Luckovich: Make America Great Again

Another damn thing I have to apologize to my children for.

Redneck Drives a Duct Tape Car off a Cliff!

T-Mobile ends cheaper plans and imposes new limits on unlimited data

Last week I ordered 4 pairs of shoes........a penny in one of them..

Iran Payment Wasn’t Ransom, but it Was Ransom

*NSFW* The Making Of Cheeto Jesus

These Little Russian Corvettes Will Turn the Black Sea Into a Fortress (Sputnik)

Lincoln mourns

Sooooo...they've erected a statue of The Donald on Seattle's Capitol Hill.

Lousiana newspaper urges Obama to end vacation and visit flood sites

Gingrich Calls Clinton Health Conspiracy Theories 'Junk Medicine'

Ah! Don't you love that feeling of accomplishment when you get a job done?

Pentagon Considering Adapting Iron Dome to Defend U.S. Forces

Naked Trump Statues Appears In Union Square, NYC (NSFW)

Shit fumes can literally kill

With regard to the naked Donald statues placed in our major cities:

Clint Eastwood for Trump: I don’t get it.

Which Is A Bigger Scam - The Libertarian or Republican Party?

The Madhouse Effect Is Driving Us To The Brink! (w/Guest: Dr. Michael Mann)

So Trump Is Making "Strength and Stamina" A Campaign Issue ...

South Carolina transportation officials prepare for 2017 funding fight

It all makes sense - Trump is on Plan B

TMZ: Ryan Lochte Claims Gas Station Video Cover-Up

Meet the ‘Feminists’ Doing the Koch Brothers’ Dirty Work

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

5 New Sauces You Need to Master

Trump's missing people: John Miller, Meredith McIver, Dr. Bornstein...Melania?

Trump’s hire of Breitbart News chief is a middle finger to the GOP

Did you miss me?

Scientists combine satellite data and machine learning to map poverty

Who couldn't see this coming from a mile away?

Is it evil for my icy cold heart to experience schadenfreude?

Baltimore terminates contract with attorney accused of neo-Nazi ties

Nicole Sandler takes a dump on the clintons


Moar squee

Joy Reid: I want to read you headlines from

If you had been at Woodstock on August 18, 1969, you could have caught this act.

Sanders Applauds Decision to End Federal Use of Private Prisons

Brazil police: Swimmers were vandals, not robbery victims

Trump campaign chair Manafort organized protesters who threw rocks at US troops: report

s/o to whoever installed this Trump statue in Union Square last night (warning)

His name is Omran

The Justice Department Is Going To Stop Using Private Prisons

Anti-gay pastor challenges all women to arm-wrestling match to prove he’s not ‘faggoty’

Justice Department says it will end use of private prisons


In terms of high profile celebrity divorces - this one takes the cake


Bloomberg/October 8, 2015: This Man (Bannon) Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America

If he loses he wins

These protesters wanted to humiliate ‘Emperor’ Trump. So they took off his clothes.

Democratic Senate Campaign Catches Conservative Infiltrator

MSNBC touting Trump's new campaign manager to be on Hardball today so how many lies

Ryan Lochte seems like a jerk.

There's a simple fix for Obamacare's current woes: the public option

Donald Trump fights to nail down the Battleground States...

Money was motive for drug-dealing SC doctor now facing prison time

Amnesty International releases their latest report on Syrian prisons (TRIGGER WARNING)

Faith leaders, police officers join SC’s Scott, Gowdy to discuss race, policing

New FOX 5 poll: Georgia now a battleground state

Trump Supporters In Convoy: When He Wins, We’re Gonna ‘Burn Every Single Ni**er’

Former Anderson Co. GOP candidate files lawsuit to run as a Democrat

Nestlé Just Suffered a Major Defeat as Community Blocks Water Privatization

MSF To Evacuate Staff From Yemen Hospitals After Saudi-Led Air Strikes

NYT: Donald Trump’s Crucial Pillar of Support, White Men, Shows Weakness

"WE HAD ROCKS THROWN AT US":Trump aide Manafort implicated in pro-Russian protests against US troops

'Deeply Disturbing': Trump Aide's Russia Ties Under Scrutiny

NCGOP leader’s brother calls his actions ‘racist’ on Twitter

Security Briefings, Tax Returns, and Freedom of Information

Senator praises ‘law and order’ Trump for demanding death penalty for innocent teens

Sanders: Aetna's Obamacare Threat Shows What "Corporate Control Looks Like"

Trump’s Strategy Counts on Third Party Candidates

Anarchist group installs nude Donald Trump statues in US cities

Trump’s Campaign Will Only Get Crazier

Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon Failed To Properly Pay Taxes For Several Years

Why is GEM$NBComcast carrying this shit about Hillary Clinton's health.

Katrina on MSNBC again

Images from US Border Patrol facility reveal harsh conditions for immigrants

Images from US Border Patrol facility reveal harsh conditions for immigrants

With SolarCity Cuts, Elon Musk’s Magic May Be Wearing Thin

UN makes first public admission of blame for Haiti cholera outbreak

Study: Zika Can Infect Adult Brain Cells

What’s wrong with Giants? Maybe it’s time to chill

Trump adviser accused of making anti-Semitic remarks

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 18, 2016

Naked Donald Trump Statues Populate American Cities

The Gap Between U.S. and Canadian Working Women That Keeps Growing

Twitter Mocks Don the Con With #TrumpExplainsMoviePlots

The only difference between L. Ron Hubbard and L. Ron Trump is

How does Clinton Campaign react/adjust to New New Trump Campaign ?

The Real Political Incident at the Olympics is the running of a race with only the US

Def Tech - My Way

Homer's nuclear incompetence has North Korea banning 'The Simpsons'

Private Prison Corporations Lost Nearly 40% Of Their Value Today

Seen on facebook...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 19 August 2016

Can anyone explain why noted Fracking fan and lobbyist Ken Salazar is leading the transition team?

Donald Trump’s strange speaking style, as explained by linguists

Nationwide Rock Against the TPP Tour

Does Melania know???????????????

Uber to launch driverless car service in Pittsburgh

Even Trump's Enablers Are Thinking of Voting for Clinton

HB2 losses not affecting NC’s overall economy, McCrory budget director says

Oops! Vacations end for two Texans who brought guns across N.B. border

House Republicans Break The Law By Leaking Classified Clinton FBI Interview Info

Anti-abortion group files lawsuit against Raleigh

Sanders: Aetna's Obamacare Threat Shows What "Corporate Control Looks Like"

Today & Hopefully in the future DrNworb will be doing a Livestream with his

The Latest: Can’t unsee: Naked Trump statues in major cities

Where am I? Front page filled with Trump articles, NOT ONE pro-Hillary thread

Experts have 2 theories for how top-secret NSA data was stolen, and they're equally disturbing

Casino magnate Steve Wynn holds back support from friend Donald Trump

Trump’s Campaign Is Looking More And More Like An Elaborate Media Launch

Ok, now go away.

Interesting perspective on third party candidates

The U.S. Recovery Is Not What It Seems

Spotted in Seattle: A naked, life-size Donald Trump statue—without balls. NSFW!!

Clinton Foundation announces it will not accept foreign or corporate donations if Hillary wins. CNN

The Fifth Gospel

 The Working Families Party Gives an Eyes-Wide-Open Endorsement to Hillary Clinton

I really love Hillary.

Esquire: Ivanka's hubby (dad indicted by CHRISTIE) is why CHRISTIE got no veep nod

A short history of ‘real’ bread in Japan

Trump to Everyone Who Told Him to Pivot

Brazilian Police Recommend US Swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen Face Charges After Robbery Claim


Alaskan Village Votes to Relocate Because of Global Warming Threat

I'm exhausted by how much time I spend watching the election

Transferring Control of Federal Lands Would Devastate Hunting and Fishing

We’re not locked out of public lands

Clinton Foundation to end foreign donations if Hillary elected

POLITICS HISTORIC: Obama Announces He’s Ending Private For-Profit Federal Prisons

I posted something on DU the other night and frankly I am shocked by some of the responses to me.

Another brilliant GMO breakthrough: "bio-fortified" rice

In Senate race, Burr and Ross clash over trade deal they both oppose

Hackers Targeted Trump Campaign and Republican Party Groups

See if you can guess who this is!

Why do people hate science?

Donald Trump Calls The Slavery Era A Good Time Before Reaching Out To Black Voters

Why do some people hate science?

Im watching Chris

Republicans blocked all Obama economic plans, then blame Obama for status of economy

McCrory, Cooper lay out differences at business forum in Pinehurst

Way cute googly-eyed squid

The MSM is desperate to close the polling gap. They are on full attack Hillary mode

MLB May Consider Limits On Pitching Changes, Shifts

Zika Might Affect Adult Brains, Too, Study Finds

North Carolina GOP Out to Limit Crucial Early Voting Period

In perfect asymmetry (Andre DeGrasse)

He is offended, I tell you.

14 Killed In Attacks On Police, Military In Turkey; 220 Hurt

Hah Tweety said "brake-butt" (Breitbart). Gave Kellyanne CONWAY 15 big minutes

Rude Pundit: Make Republicans F*cking Choke on Donald Trump

Goblin shark video, Greenland shark news

Naked Trump statues appear in five cities.

Now imagine that it's the Men's Basketball team

UN Says It Was Involved In Introducing Cholera To Haiti

Watch spacewalk live tomorrow (Fri 8/19)

Where is the great Trump guru, Bannon?

Fired Portsmouth Housing Authority executive lost more than $350K in severance pay

Sumner Redstone Is Said to Prevail in Fight for His Media Empire

Adorable Racoon Rescued from Sewer Drain

Teleprompter Trump in Charlotte, NC speaking right now


BREAKING: Emails Show Trump Advisers Waged Covert Influence Campaign for Pro-Russian Ukraine Govt.

Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick! What the f--k is wrong

Humanity for Hillary a coalition of Artists, now adds - Chefs for Hillary

Twitter on a mission... Suspends Another 235,000 Accounts Promoting Terrorism

Locally Transmitted Zika Virus Identified In Miami Beach: Source

Is this the new Trumpie? Sounds like a Democrat - I don't like this.

Labor Market Firming; Factories Still Struggling

Trump: Obama Vacationing Instead of Running ISIS

Bad enough that Michael Bennet is not supporting

Clive Panto is a dick.

Target Invests $20 Million For Single-Stall Bathrooms Following Transgender Policy

Now he is sounding like a despot.

Is Cheeto Jesus an Opioid Junkie with Low T?