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Archives: August 16, 2016

Humans of New York's Brandon Stanton on Trump

CHARGE Donald J. Trump, 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - TREASON

Trump wants "Extreme Vetting"

Senators demand regents explain how University of Northern Iowa president search will be different

Trump proposes ideological test for Muslim immigrants and visitors to the U.S.

Obama to roll out new climate change measures

Nissan develops new ethanol fuel cells to jump infrastructure hurdle & safer & cheaper than Hydrogen

Our August Photo Contest needs entries! Theme: "Keeping It Cool"

"NFL player gives back to Mexia ,(Texas)

WATCH: Squirrel steals GoPro, climbs tree (please fasten your seat belt)

Here's my "extreme vetting" questionnaire for "American values".

Ron Reagan rips Trump: "An absurdity, a travesty" (VIDEO)

Oh, I'm sorry, did your Acme purchases let you down?

A few fact checks on Iraq withdrawal and Trump's Iraq opposition

Mazzy Star - MTV 120 Minutes

Three days left to enter our Photo Contest! Theme: "Keeping It Cool"

North Carolina asks U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate voter ID law

The Latest: Police Believe Man Arrested Shot NY Imam, Friend

Formaldehyde-infused clothing in the dryer.......what could possibly go wrong?

He was one of the most respected intel officers; now he’s leading ‘Lock her up’ chants

I posted in GD & Lounge about the contest

#IllWalkWithYou: After Fatal Imam Shooting, People Offer To Walk Muslims To Mosque In Solidarity

Does "organic" pest control spray work?

Rainy day ride on the porch with "The Triplets of Belleville."

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! When the Levy Breaks! Live & Uncensored & a new

Obama warns Dems: We should be ‘running scared’ until after Clinton wins election

Donnie going off the deep end again on Twitter ...

Trump has ALWAYS been a fool.

Challenging judges in Olympic gymnastics costs real money

Over 1,000,000 zero-emission miles powered by True Zero's Hydrogen Network

AS black people, we know what it means to be classified as "black" in America...

thank holy zeus that *Rachel is back*!1 'cause nobody will handle MANAFORT like her!1

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 11

I keep hearing Manafort saying, "I've never received a single off the books cash payment..."

George Shultz, Condoleezza Rice conspicuously silent on Trump

Pentagon releases 15 more Gitmo detainees

Did Paul Manafort play the villain in "Happy Gilmore"?

Boris Epshteyn - Trump advisor is Russian. Wait, what?

Old People Don’t Care About Climate Change

Game Of Simones

Rudy Giuliani: No Successful Terror Attacks Before Obama. Critics Remind Him About 9/11.

HUFFPOLLSTER: How Hillary Clinton Could Win In A Landslide

Dear Wendy’s: I’m Boycotting You, but I’m Not the One You Should Be Worried About

This cat knows.

Obama: Trump Makes The Case Against Himself Every Time He Opens His Mouth

US Saves Lives by Pledging Clean Cooking Stoves for 100 Million

I can outrun David Rudisha

Rachael has been reading DU

Archaeology team makes world-first tool discovery

Hey Rudy... Shut Up!

Another case of Second Amendment protections not applying equally to African-Americans

New insights on Great Lakes pre-European monuments

11th Oregon Standoff Defendant Pleads Guilty

Good comment by Gryphen, Immoral Minority

Damned if this isn't just as appropriate as it was in 1989 when the late great Lou Reed released it:

Oregon Governor Writes Letter to Congress

To the victor goes the spoils- proclaims Don the Con today regarding Iraqi oil.

Another Shitty Monday For Trump W/ 10 Weeks To Go

Clinton campaign says Trump should disclose whether Manafort has Russian ties

lol..Trump says Hilary also lacks the physical stamina to be President.

Trump Preaching Isolationism During The Olympics

Billion Dollar Crop!

July Was the Single Warmest Month Ever Recorded

John Negroponte?

Giuliani Claims There Were No Terror Attacks On US Soil Before Obama

Trump Exodus

Fidel the Guerrilla in 2015–16 and Beyond

Fidel the Guerrilla in 2015–16 and Beyond

Who remembers the last time New Orleans was under water?

Fidel Castro: 90 Revolutionary Years

Tim Kaine's Southern night: Barbecue, beer and bluegrass on the harmonica

Homes, offices of three Macri opponents ransacked in Argentina over the past week; computers taken.

Luckovich Toon - Trump Motherland

NFL: Al-Jazeera-implicated players must speak or face suspension

Barrack Says Trump Will End ‘Negativism’ at Advisers’ Urging

Joe Scarborough: Why Wait for Labor Day? Its Over For Trump Now

Kerry’s Brazil Meeting: Showing Support for an Illegitimate Government

Clinton's lead in NC elevates Senate race

WA-GOV: Inslee leads Republican challenger by 12 points.

Tommorow's NY Daily News Cover...

does Goulinoni not remember his stump speech of a noun, verb and 9-11

Poll finds millennials favor Clinton over Trump by wide margin

Q: Anyone here have the stomach to put on faux snooze? Wondering if Manafort is being covered

LOVE IT!!! MSNBC is asking the Trump campaign the same question I was asking yesterday.

midnighters....elizabeth warren on with colbert tonight

Mother Jones: Hillary Clinton Is Absolutely Kicking Donald Trump's Ass

Shrooms by Cell Phone

Trump promises to work with NATO to defeat Islamic State

Apparently, My Memory is Failing …

Milwaukee on Edge as Curfew Takes Effect

Brooklyn man charged with murder for execution-style shootings of Queens imam and friend

Democrats Seem Sort of Tepid About the Public Option

MSNBC eyeing 11 p.m. time slot for Brian Williams through Election Day

Sean Hannity called a columnist an asshole. What happened next explains Donald Trump.

Presidential Medal of Freedom for 15 Brave Young Women

China launches 'hack-proof' quantum communications satellite

Katrina Pierson Claims Reporters 'Literally Beat' Trump Supporters

Police commander involved in McDonald shooting case retires

Mainstream media's coverage

Suspicious package found on the steps of KC City Hall detonated by officials

McCaskill says Trump and ‘his friend Putin’ are more to blame for ISIS than Obama, Clinton

Lincoln County sheriff sued again on claim of sex discrimination

Washington University boosts low-income enrollment, but not enough for critics

Al-Jazeera reporters file lawsuit claiming mistreatment by St. Charles Co. officers during Ferguson

Faith leaders go on trial for protesting Missouri Senate for Medicaid expansion

Springfield man accused of making bomb threats at IHOP

Gunmen Raid Home of Leading Human Rights Lawyer in Guatemala

Gunmen Raid Home of Leading Human Rights Lawyer in Guatemala

Penn Jillette lost on Apprentice in 2013 and was asked by the powers that be on the show...

Judge tosses flag desecration charge; was pipeline protest

Donald Trump will appear as a presidential candidate on numerous parties in the USA...

Missouri man charged with shooting at vehicles, wounding 6

The river in Argentina that flows sideways

The river in Argentina that flows sideways

Every long-term facility in Iowa turns away severely ill patient

Right now polls show Donald Trump losing every single swing state

Gay Tongan Olympian Bares His Butt, Tells 'Daily Beast' To Kiss It!

An OMG LTTE: White males have been generous with power

Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine to campaign in Cedar Rapids on Wednesday

Iowa Democrats announce 7 new offices, now have 24 statewide

Rio 2016: Gabby Douglas’s Olympics experience fits the pattern of how we treat black female athletes

NSA Hacked? 'Shadow Brokers' Crew Claims Compromise Of Surveillance Op

Cambridge radium solution may cost $555K

Colts punter jacks 67-yard punt, NFL makes him take 'random' drug test

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Hawaii’s open primary elections

Has Rudy responded on his big lie today?

Kitteh safe after rescue from electric pole

Fire roars into California town, wiping out 100-plus homes

Thom Hartmann answers the question, "Why won't Hillary talk about the issues?"

Chicago Teachers Pension Fund overpays retirees nearly $2.8 million

Donald Trump calls for an end to 'nation building' by the US around the world.

Clinton way ahead of Trump in state-level teams.

Clinton super PAC to temporarily stop airing ads some battleground states

Dems shift to help Down-Ballot Dems & LGBT, Arizona, Georgia

US War Crimes or ‘Normalized Deviance’

What a shock!

Review: Malaysia’s Original People: Past, Present and Future of the Orang Asli

Something I doubt tRump has considered

Paul Manafort and Ferdinand Marcos

University of Wisconsin System details new initiatives

Milwaukee works to solve job crisis

NY Daily News Front Cover ... Hey, Rudy!

Wisconsin attorney general asks US Supreme Court not to hear John Doe appeal

Packers paying Badgers $3M for Lambeau game

Suspected shooter in Queens slaying of Imam and friend taken into police custody, may have been ...

Whoo boy. The most scathing takedown of Hannity for perpetuating HRC health lies

Aetna to pull out of most Obamacare exchanges

Minnesotans say goodbye to 'quintessential' governor Gov. Wendell Anderson

Man 'injured by harpoon' during riot on Corsica beach after tourist takes photo of woman in burkini

Judge rules to unseal Prince's divorce records

Dakota Access pipeline owners sue North Dakota protesters

Rush is on to finish $310M state Capitol renovation as reopening nears

Daily Holidays August 16

Controversial paintings in the Minnesota Capitol should be moved, panel says

Study finds Minnesota’s economy ‘average’ – with a dim future

Work On Massive Pipeline Pushing Toward Oct. 31 Completion Goal

Squabbling continues on Minnesota special session, light rail

Paul Manafort. They just don't come any slimier than this character. (excepting his boss)

American Samoa seeks changes to income tax law and to close a biz license loophole

Your daily dose of Trump-propaganda on Russia Today

Biden: If Trump had been prez, I would have thrown my body in front of him to keep him from going

Guam Memorial Hospital to Receive $45M Next Week But Will Seek $125M More

Genki Sushi’s scallops are source of hepatitis A outbreak, state says

State orders 138-year-old ship to leave Honolulu Harbor

Hyatt Worker Says Hotel Ignored Assault by Saudi Royal

Nome judge disciplined for 'undignified and discourteous' comments in court

In private call, DNC flexes unity with Clinton camp and Sanders team

Online outrage pours in, other acts cancel after Fairbanks rappers ejected from Tanana Valley fair

Anchorage 'landlord liaison' pitches program to encourage landlords to house the homeless

State closes vocational school's satellite campus in Anchorage

Alaskans vote Tues, in a primary that's first local test of discontent that fueled Trump and Sanders

State will not appeal ruling allowing Alaska tribes to put land in federal trust

Ivanka vacationing in Croatia, Trump's sons went to Alaska on vacation last month

Olympic Podium Pants - The O'Donovan boys

Russia bombs Syrian militants from Iran base for first time

Russia bombs Syrian militants from Iran base for first time

Fuck the Cubs: Cubs Apologize After Playing ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ for Accused Domestic Abuser

Derek Galanis Pleads Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Securities Fraud

ISIS On The Run. No Way To Put US Troops In Like Before.

Legalizing medical marijuana in North Dakota approved for November ballot

North Dakota preps for election after voter ID ruling

Colorado to vote on assisted suicide in November

Remember DUers on the Atlantic Coast/GOM - it's approaching peak season

It appears the NSA may have been hacked: NSA hacked? Top cyber weapons allegedly go up for auction

Prosecutor: Russian Man's Computer Linked to Hacking Scheme

Judge Denies Injunction For Constitution Party Candidates

starting to feel sorry for republican a bit (but not that much)

Am I crazy, or is this possible?

Been looking at the state by state map......

Poll: Clinton Maintains Big Lead as Voters Doubt Trump's Temperament

Death penalty costs Nebr. about $14M annually, finds study commissioned by capital punishment foes

Chuck Hagel remains undecided, has doubts about Clinton and Trump

Trump, the MSM pile on and "Great Men"

Poll: Clinton Maintains Big Lead as Voters Doubt Trump's Temperament

Are you an atheist wanting to talk faith with a believer? There's an app for that.

7/5/16 to 8/13/16- Some of the darkest days of my life.

Salazar to lead Clinton’s transition team

Brooklyn's first Holocaust museum isn't about death. It's about Jewish religious life.

Report of german secret intelligence service describes Turkey as hub of islamic extremism

Kansas state employees to see rise in health insurance costs

U.S. Lutherans approve document recognizing agreement with the Catholic Church

BREAKING: Trump drops below Virginia

Donald Trump Cribs His War Plan From the ‘Founder’ of ISIS, Barack Obama

University of Wyoming cuts rise to $16 million

Trump is spouting "extreme vetting" and "testing" of immigrants...which is not really new.

Wyoming Supreme Court to hear arguments on same-sex marriage

Kathleen Kane Convicted on All Counts

Remember yesterday when Trump criticized Obama and Clinton for intervening in Egypt and Libya?

5 of the worst atrocities carried out by the British Empire

Socks, is that you?!



Morning Joe: "There is no Trump Campaign..."

You can do it, Hillary, you can do it...

Aetna pulls back on Obamacare health insurance plans in 2017

Joe Biden: "This is where I grew up."

Don't fall for it - the 'successful radical islamic' story is just a distraction

Is Trump's presidential campaign the worst you've ever seen?

A Tweet by Keith Olbermann

TIFU Aly Raisman

Apparently Katrina Pierson says ridiculous crap due to "audio difficulties hearing questions."

New NBC Poll, Hillary +9 Nationally

“While Clinton has an ethics problem, Trump has a humanity problem

What an AMAZING ad, so anti Trump >> MINI Olympic Games 2016 TV Commercial

Mecklenburg BOE just voted to decrease early voting hours.

Biden: Don't give Trump the nuclear codes


Trump's new normal

AFL-CIO plans biggest electoral push ever, led by Virginia

I am reading 'United States of Jihad' by Peter Bergen

Trump fans at least 3 times more likely to post conspiracy theories online as Clinton fans: data

Exit Interview: I was Bernie Sanders Chief Advance Man

CPI for all items unchanged in July; gasoline index falls, shelter index rises again

Who would have guessed that I have something in common with Joe Biden

Trump: America Occupies Countries

trump cartoons .... that are all truthful

Question: How is the Democratic Party's get out the vote effort going?

Would you buy a used endorsement from this man?

The redder the state, the farther Trump is running behind Romney.

Buy or sell-Paul Manafort is a Russian stooge

Evidence Contradicts Bayh’s Claim of Residence

Vinimanie!!! . . . Please come CAPTION the New Troika!!!

Trump thinks this is winning.

Foods at the Iowa State Fair...what would you try?

Has Trump Written Off Black Voters?

The State of the Clinton-Trump Race: Is It Over?

It’s time to accept that Donald Trump is never going to learn basic stuff about the world

The Debates Will Be a Big Moment

Reince Priebus mulling RNC re-election bid

Early Voting Limits Donald Trump’s Time to Turn Campaign Around

Harry Enten tweets about Clinton vs trump NYC favorability :

Time running out for Trump

Clinton not counting on white men


Dear Governor McAuliffe - when it comes time to replacing Tim Kaine for the open VA Senate seat

Assange: DOJ set ‘new standard’ for Clinton

Russian warplanes use Iran base to bomb ISIL in Syria

GM Is Gluing Its New Cars Together to Save Weight

Fears of global yellow fever epidemic grow as vaccine stocks dwindle

"Kick their ass and take their gas."

Trump facing court fight in FL

WaPo Editorial: Trump’s anti-terrorism plan is unoriginal — except for his disturbing Muslim ban

Conservative radio host: ‘We’ve created this monster’ of fact-hating right-wing voters

Where will the Trumpers go after his historic butt kicking?

Even Rush Limbaugh is beginning to see the writing on the wall...

How Clinton Emails Became The New Whitewater: A ‘Scandal’ In Search Of A Crime

U.S. Building Permits Fell 0.1% in July

Katrina Pierson

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Self-Destructive Puppet

A poignant letter from Luz Long (German Olympian) to Jesse Owens during WWII

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Donald Trump is making the border wall less popular

Has tRump started to get classified intelligence briefings?

If we are a bunch of losers like Trump says why are we killing it at the Olympics?

In sign of thawed relations, top Sanders aide joins DNC on conference call as a ‘featured guest’

TV Meteorologists Speaking up on Climate Change

Glenn Beck urges conservatives to understand ‘Black Lives Matter’

Hillary Clinton devotes campaign staff to Indiana

Charlotte, NC just voted to cut early vote hours, despite the court ruling

Raleigh NC man who shot 20-year-old Kourey Thomas

NBC Boss: Trump Is ‘Toxic,’ ‘Demented’

Ayotte: I will stand up to Trump but will vote for him

Watch you already paid tax dollars fly to other states!

TINFOIL HAT CLUB - Like Donald Trump? You’ll Love the Illuminati.

A GOP Congressman Thinks Trump Is Trying To Lose To Help Clinton

Remember the VRWC? here's where it all started, culminating in Comey:

Sean Hannity Slams CNN For ‘Literally’ Kissing ‘Hillary Clinton’s Ass’

Walker: Clinton's Call For Police Reform Only 'Inflaming' Milwaukee Unrest

GOP is losing its long war against reality

Electoral vote model update.

538: The GOP’s Chances Of Holding The Senate Are Following Trump Downhill

Hillary Clinton devotes campaign staff to Indiana

Aetna drops Obamacare in all but 4 states, citing persistent losses.

Rubio Stands By Claim That Trump Is A 'Con Man', Still Supports Him

There'll always be a NEW YORK POST...

Trump supporter fearing Muslim ‘gang rapes’ floats World War II internment camps on CNN

How the odds have changed - Trump now stands a 11.3% chance

Are the Turkish Leader Erdogan's Claims of Terrorist Coup Plotting to Be Believed?

Marco Rubio stands by calling Trump a 'con artist,' still supports him

What I Believe: Trump must be crushed. Not just beaten, broken.

Residents of $24 Million Arlington Mansion are Frequent Flyers with the Police

Donnie if you

Ivanka Trump, who has personal ties to Putin...

Po'Daddy Sandwich - Epic Meal Time

BREAKING: North Carolina tries to block Voter ID ruling


So, just speculating here, do you think DT would find a reason to lock up Obama should he win?

Good monsoon season in India this year

The Republicans tried to sink Obama. Instead, the party imploded.

Breathtaking Portraits Capture Ballet's Finest Dancing on the Streets of New York

Hunger strike enters second week for 22 immigrant mothers stuck in family detention

Hazardous Weather Outlook Tuesday for the Mid-Hudson Valley

Burn of the Day

Farmers dont know or care and Monsanto dont care

Donald Trump's Remarks Are Well Prepared

Striking similarities are spooky

So will Boris Epshteyn be the 2016 Karl Rove on Election night?

CNN discussing who'll play trump in debate prep for hillary. here he is:

Barack Obama Rap Song Dissing Donald Trump

Anjem Choudary convicted of supporting Islamic State

The System Really Is Rigged, But It Favors Republicans This Fall--for the U.S> House

TOON: GOP voter ID paradox

Anyone else on the Trump campaign team being paid by the Russians?

Yeah fear mongering is so fresh!

Stupid GOPERS are comparing the Russian Reset to Putin using Trump as a pawn.

The Triad of Trump

Radical cleric Anjem Choudary guilty of inviting IS support

Do you expect a candidate or office holder to agree with you on every issue?

Oh Donny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling

Where Can I Get Recommendations On Voting?

Duh, I just figured out how Trump will dodge the debate

Trump only +6 in Texas

too good to satirize: msnbc announces that roger ailes will advise trump for the debates

Aetna to Pull out of some Obamacare Exchanges....

Trump’s Daughter Vacationed With Putin’s Girlfriend

Trump's MAJOR pivot

I can't believe there is no action with this group, with everything going on.

El Chapo's son presumed kidnapped with six other men at Mexico resort

Narcissist and famous "Useful Idiot for Putin" Jill Stein not polling high enough to get debate slot


Republican Latinos in Swing-State Florida Publicly Support Hillary Clinton

Roger Ailes Is Advising Donald Trump Ahead of Presidential Debates

We are in Canada

Roger Ailes Is Advising Donald Trump Ahead of Presidential Debates

My first hand observation of the GOP division in a RED state

Donald Trump: Greatest baseball player ever

I may have turned a trump voter!

ABC: Trump bringing friends to his security briefing

"God Help Us"

New PPP Poll of Texas: Clinton 44% Trump 50%

Colorado to vote on assisted suicide in November

I will pick up the baton from my friend, Cali

George Carlin Routine Deemed "Too Dark for Release" comes out digitally and on CD and LP on Sept 17

Presidential Road Trip

GOP Elder Statesman, On A Trump Presidency: 'God Help Us'


In my inbox: A letter from Michael Moore about Trump Self-Sabotaging the campaign.What do you think?

Far Right Party In California Will List Trump As Its Nominee On The Ballot

Clinton Writes Teen Vogue Essay In Bid For Millennial Support

Trump Video Deposition From Restaurateur Lawsuit Could Go Public

Katrina Pierson (Trump's spokeswoman)

Suspect found biting man's face off at chaotic Florida murder scene

Joao Havelange, FIFA president and world power broker in soccer, dies at 100

Many People Are Saying Obama is to Blame for North Korean Gain on US in Olympics Gold Medal Count

FYI - Just heard on MSNBC - Trump will start getting classified briefings tomorrow!

‘Burn in Hell’: Reporter with epilepsy goes off on Sean Hannity for Clinton health conspiracies

Long-term study links neonicotinoids to wild bee declines

Fox and Friends: This new smartphone app proves that polls are wrong and Trump is winning

Where does this groundswell of LiBroTarianism come from?

Healthcare Companies having troubles??

Hackers auction files 'stolen from NSA'

Trump Still Hasn’t Spent Any Money on TV Ads

We already do EXTREME VETTING - infographic on

Early Voting Limits Trump’s Time for Comeback

Could Medical Cannabis Break the Painkiller Epidemic?

Christie Signs Bill Requiring Anti-Israel Firms Divestment

Trump Catastrophe Gets Worse For GOP As Poll Hints Texas May Be In Play For Clinton

White House sets new fuel-efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks, vans and buses

Can you imagine the outrage "they" would throw if Chelsea Clinton was hanging out w/....

History of Donald Trump's rightwing revolt

Hillary's star chamber experience is about to begin: the 302s are going to congress today.

Facebook Users in Central Florida

German minister mocks Trump for spreading lies about his country

More than 120 Republicans tell RNC to cut off funds to Donald Trump

Trump Campaign Denies NYT Report That Ailes Will Help With Debate Prep

It isn't over...not by a long shot

TOON: immigrant stereotypes that make no sense together


Interesting article about concealed carry holders.

George Schultz (yes, he's still alive-95) on the prospects of a Trump Presidency: "God help us"

Vani Hari (food babe) is a total kook.

FTA Gives Metro Safety Orders After Finding Dozens Of Red Signal Overruns

Why I Love Hillary - Here's her new essay in TEEN FREAKING VOGUE!

The GOP’s Chances Of Holding The Senate Are Following Trump Downhill

We’re under attack from climate change—and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII.

The Rude Pundit's thought experiment

Who has been to Brazil? To Rio?

If the Dems take the presidency and the Republicans take the house, how much does the Senate matter?

Literally every detail is perf. The stage even has the H logo on it. .@HillaryClinton arriving soon

Wyoming Supreme Court to hear arguments on same-sex marriage

If Trump is truly a narcissist, he cannot "lose"

Rudy Giuliani blames his use of 'abbreviated' language for 9/11-forgetting gaffe,

NYDN Slams Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Pathetic Politicizing’ of 9/11: ‘Ex-Mayor Despicably Forgets’

Things cats do that endear them to humans

Family: Son killed by neighbor who called him 'dirty Arab'

Is there a connection between the South Beach diet and excessive pubic hair growth?

Hacking group claims to offer cyber-weapons in online auction

Marco Rubio still says trump a con man

***Monmouth Poll of FL: Clinton 48, Trump 39***

Family business fired him for being gay, and now he gets $3.5 million

Antigay politician Newt Gingrich will headline gay Republican fundraiser

Million to 10 Million dollar dog - Tibetin Mastiff

Derpnado!!! (infamous Trumpkin spins findings of infamous exit poll theorist)

Michael Moore: Trump Is Self-Sabotaging His Campaign Because ...


Expect a blast of racial hatred from Cheeto Jesus later today

Longtime Trump ally claims elections can be rigged because Scott Walker did it five times

Erin Brockovich, EWG wade into N.C. coal ash battle

Pennsylvania Attorney General Resigns, a Day After Perjury Conviction


CNN: Roger Ailes informally advising Trump

TX turning blue. Trump ahead because of 63-33 lead with 65+. Clinton up 49-45 with voters under 65.

Republican voter mail

Looking Beyond the 2016 Election...

U.S. prosecutors dealt setback in medical marijuana cases

Boycott Bridal Mills!

She has criticized Trump and will not endorse him -- yet still plans to vote for the billionaire

U.S. prison recordings of attorney-client meetings spur legal fight

Dinesh D'Souza's book Hillary's America put out by publisher of Pro-Confederate books!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership explained -

State Department to release all of Clinton’s deleted emails

Can anyone identify this growth?

Forbes questioned Drumpf's net worth over 20 years ago.

White House sets new fuel-efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks, vans and buses


Does anyone have experience with payday loans?

I voted for the first time in 1973 and have not missed one since.


Simulated black hole experiment backs Hawking prediction

Led by Adolf Apologist, Hitler Youth-Type Group Emerges: ‘Trump Youth’

Barnyard Dust Offers a Clue to Stopping Asthma in Children

Giuliani: I Didn't Forget 9/11, I Was Using ‘Abbreviated Language’

$150,000 worth of maple syrup stolen from Montreal container yard

It's been said that animals can sense evil sometimes

Retired Navy Adm. James Stavridis talks about Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Will A Ponzi Scheme In China Bring Down Our Whole Economy?

Could Donald Trump Pass A Citizenship Test?

Is Trump's letter from his doctor about his superman health a fake? It may well be:

BTRTN Latest Senate Election Rack-Up: Could Control All Come Down to Louisiana on December 10th?

Moron Curt Schilling thinking about challenging Warren in 2018.

100 Artists paint a Van Gogh movie

Ana Marie Cox: Trump rally terrified me.

Adbusters Magazine Makes Creative Use of Bar Code Placement For New Trump-Themed Cover

Rush and Fox News propaganda people must admit: They are in the minority

SO, according to Hannity, America's Mayor© just "rounded up" 87 months to 8 years. USA! USA! USA!

Hey, Ollie, don't tell Hannity you believe in evolution.

After being shot 67 times by police, case of mistaken identity solved.

How is this legally possible?

Chris Cillizza: Why Donald Trump is like ‘radioactive waste’ in Utah

Anybody here read Patrick Rothfuss? (The Kingkiller Chronicles) - history/culture experts weigh in.

Are there DUers in Baton Rouge and other flooded out parts of Louisiana?

The Trump campaign launches it's PENNSYLVANIA GROUND GAME!

Aldi to build distribution center and establish divisional headquarters in Dinwiddie County

Trump chairman's pro-Putin past remains murky

New Pharma Bros Strike: This time it's the EpiPen. . . Up 450%, from $50 to $600 for a 2-pack.

Trump on WI police shooting: If you believe a gun was pointed at his head-what is a person supposed

One I almost tossed out.

Only one candidate for Governor has a Hollywood biopic about him coming out this summer

Trump adviser Al Baldasaro: Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason, not assassinated

Tonight is "Dog Night" at the Colorado Rockies.

From Trump's Deposition: small print/glasses dodge.

Sorry Don the Con, tomorrow night the world will be watching

Sean Hannity Suffers Meltdown After CNN Goes After Trump

Federal judge declares ‘black lives matter’ during hearing over Seattle police reform

'Mandates' aren't real, but majorities are—and Clinton wants one in Congress"

As Trump Tanks, GOP Candidates Beg Party Officials For More Campaign Money

Former Reagan official swears off Trump, backs Clinton

John McLaughlin has died

Here's the deal with Putin's Lapdog's crowds at his events

John McLaughlin, The McLaughlin Group Host Since 1982, Dead at 89

North Carolina Hires One Of America’s Most Expensive Attorneys To Defend Voter Suppression

Clinton Announces Transition Leadership Should She Win In November

D.C. Insiders Overwhelmingly Back Clinton

Police State

Trump Supporters React to Outrageous Campaign Ads

Don't you just hate it when someone changes the house rules?

Reuters/Ipsos Tracking Poll: Clinton 41 Trump 36

Sanders Statement on NASA Study Confirming Fossil Fuels as Source of Largest Methane Buildup

Scott Walker getting tattooed tonight...

Sweet moment of lucidity for alzheimer dad and his son.

Why don't presidential candidates make more clear and frequent calls for a same-party congress?

MEANWHILE, in Sweden...

To Sanders, Aetna’s Pull-Back from Affordable Care Act Markets Shows Need for Overhaul

Politico: Clinton campaign transition chief has pushed for TPP

Where is the Trump Family?

Clinton Didn’t Originate E-mails With Classified Info, FBI Says

FBI Confirms Clinton Did Not Originate Classified Information In Her Emails

Mexican first lady's Florida home owned by potential government contractor

More Than 100 Republicans Urge RNC To Drop Donald Trump

Mexican first lady's Florida home owned by potential government contractor

Tesla joins Volvo and Mercedes in walking back ‘self-driving’ terminology

Leaked vid clips reveal inner workings of Don the Con "campaign"

RW, BS Artist, Jenny Thompson

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie & Prisons Cost Interactive

Trump gets first intel briefing tomorrow.

New Antarctic ice discovery aids future climate predictions

Tyson Foods faces $263,000 fine after Texas worker suffers finger amputation

Couple murdered in Florida - suspect caught biting the man's face

I'm a Muslim doctor. My patient refused treatment because of my religion.

Donald Trump Drives A Stake Through The GOP's Heart: 'I Don't Want To Pivot'

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones named finalist for Pro Football Hall of Fame 2017 class as contributor

Trump to bring Christie to first formal security briefing

'Vote for Trump' Serbian ultra-nationalists chant as Biden visits

Wisconsin attorney general asks US Supreme Court not to hear John Doe appeal

GOP Senator Who Once Called Trump A 'Buffoon' Now Says He'll Vote For Him

Big fish — and their pee — are key parts of coral reef ecosystems

Racial tensions flare in Saskatchewan after shooting of Indigenous man

"There are people in Utah who marry younger women over & over-We call them polygamists-not president

Sauk Rapids Gas Station Offers Discount With ‘Permit To Carry’

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 16, 2016

Clinton trouncing Trump with military voters (+8pts).

Final 2 McLaughlin Group shows

Donald Trump Goes After George Bush and Dick Cheney For Iraq War

Trump Wants His Goons To Intimidate Minorities At The Polls

'Holy Sh*t, Is That A Cat?' Man Claims to Own New York's Largest Pet Feline, Weighing 28 Pounds

Alberta weighs ban on spear hunting after man films 'humane' bear killing

Biden Faced With Ultra-Nationalists Chanting 'Vote For Trump!' In Serbia

Donald Trump tells La Crosse Tribune: 'Temperament is one of my greatest assets'

Trump is about to get a security briefing, and his campaign manager is a Putin crony.

Gun control goes on the ballot

Is Aetna's Announcement Of Pulling Out Of Obamacare An Effort To Elect Repugs?.....

Just heard on CNN

New presidential poll - Trump Leads By Only 6 in Texas

New presidential poll - Trump Leads By Only 6 in Texas

Sea ice strongly linked to climate change in past 90 000 years

Poland plans prison terms for using term 'Polish death camp'

Aetna's Retreat From Obamacare Is More Than It Seems

America's First Offshore Wind Farm Is Nearly Ready

Watch these Trump supporters agree that putting shock collars on Mexicans is a great idea

The complicated role religion plays, even for atheists: Marmur

Silicon Valley couple who bought abandoned 'Holy City' reported to be Scientology's biggest donors

40K Homes Damaged By Louisiana Floods; 10 Killed

Putting the International Religious Freedom Report into Action

Americans' Approval of Obama on Foreign Affairs Rises

On Making America Great Again ...

So, Trump has raised all this money. More than 80 million, supposedly.

If anybody would like to cross some fingers for my job search

Did the Manafort/Ukraine story die today?

Is Trump Getting a Pass

Milwaukee Sheriff Provokes Outrage, Blames ‘Urban Pathology,’ ‘War On Police’ For Police Brutality

Texas will ask U.S. Supreme Court to keep strict voter ID law in place

Fewer low clouds in the tropics (global warming feedback)

The FBI turned over notes on @hillaryclinton probe to the House today marked "classified." It'll be

El Chapo's son may be among those kidnapped at Mexico resort

Suspect found biting man's face off at chaotic Florida murder scene

Trump to meet with Ailes at an undisclosed location to prep for debates!

Texas AG Ken Paxton opinion affirms constitutionality of courtroom prayer

Video: White People Are Less Likely To See Race-Related Tweets

Catholic Worker house opens in Iowa City, provides shelter

The conspiratorial minds of right-wing Republicans...

Humble moss helped create our oxygen-rich atmosphere

Defending Trump, Perry hits back at slain Army captain's dad: You started it

El Chapo's son may be among those kidnapped at Mexico resort

Trump visits Milwaukee, to address unrest over police shooting

Elvis passed away on this day in 1977...

Women in Nicaragua fight for the right to get abortions that could save their lives

Women in Nicaragua fight for the right to get abortions that could save their lives

New map of world vegetation reveals substantial changes since 1980s

Democrat & Clinton Supporter Maggie Hassan Refuses To Answer If Clinton Is Honest

Wanting advice!!

A Conversation With Khizr And Ghazala Khan

Food and TPP: "Are You Sure You Want to Eat That?"

Three couples die in plane crash, leave behind 11 children

The Revolutionary Life of Fidel Castro

House Republicans outline their case against Hillary Clinton for perjury

The Revolutionary Life of Fidel Castro

Tentacle bump.

Trump Haunts Hurd, Gallego Congressional Rematch

There is more then one way to skin Second Amendment cat

Exclusive: U.S. Seeks Latin American Help Amid Rise In Asian, African Migrants

Why Is This Restaurant Selling “Black Olives Matter” T-Shirts?

Inside the Failing Mission to Tame Donald Trump’s Tongue

fivethirtyeight: The GOP’s Chances Of Holding The Senate Are Following Trump Downhill

ICYMI: IRS: Trump can release tax returns, regardless of audit

Hunter Pence falls on rear, makes catch of year?

So what agency is to blame for faulty Lousiana insurance advice?

Donald Trump is Right: Liberals have Rigged American Elections

I Trust Her

Irish boxer robbed against Russian, tweets Vladimir Putin: 'How much they charge you bro?'

U.S. Housing Starts Rise To Five-Month High In July

(PEC)In state polls, Clinton running 5.8 percentage points ahead of Obama 2012

Finally! I am able to post a photo of the 4-week old Siamese Lynx Point Kitten!

How do I enter the photo contest?

The Right Wing | Democratic Party of Lane County, Oregon - the DPLC

What do scumbags do when their life of sexually harassing women is over?

GOP Elder Statesman, On A Trump Presidency: 'God Help Us'

In a statement to, Hillary's physician says reports of her ill health are FAKE.

Ellen DeGeneres defends her Usain Bolt tweet some claimed was racist

Please vote in this poll to help retrowire ...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Republicans want to keep Congress by sacrificing Trump. Good luck with that.

How Ronald Reagan zapped a recession with massive government spending

WP: Hillary Clinton is closer to winning red states than she is to losing swing states

UK: Second phase of world's biggest offshore windfarm gets go-ahead

Support for TPP Grows as Americans Become More Familiar With Trade Deal

Exclusive: Civil War Costs Yemen $14 Billion In Damage And Economic Losses - Report

Just found this's a great illustration of how Trump's "arguments" are structured:

The house seems so quiet

WikiLeaks' Assange - TPP Not Only Trade, 83% Is Fascists Controlling Our Daily Lives

Arguments that WILL work in persuading people to vote HRC instead of Stein

Tweety is just totally insufferable tonight.

Boom! Tweety asked Georgia republican rep who sold weapons for hostages.

Chris Matthews is smacking that goober around.

Here's some of the newest DrNworb videos with his KitCats & Foster kittens

15 Surprising Facts About Marco Polo

Suggestion for Jury Duty response option

Baby raised by Rocky Balboa fans.

Your costly cable box is likely getting the ax. Here's what the FCC is considering instead.

FBI turns over Clinton email probe documents to Congress. Comey to be awarded the Watergate Abuse of

When I was a kid, my father used to say...

Cuba releases new economic guidelines without major changes

Friends don't let friends vote for Jill Stein.

US denounces 'miscarriage of justice' against Venezuela dissident

Vojislav Seselj, head of Serbia's ultra-nationalist Radical Party, is backing Don the Con

Rick Perry to Fallen Muslim Soldier's Father: "Shame On You"

The Choice 2016-The Frontline Documentary About the 2016 Election