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DU olympic pool fart post gets 19 recs

Overwhelmed by student loan debt? Here is a program which might make a loan go away.

Did anyone hear Sheriff David Clarke shame black people?

Horse lovers/enthusiasts: Check out Martin Clunes "Heavy Horsepower"

Is Trump addicted to Twitter?

9.86 secs for Bolt in men's 100 semifinals. It is going to be a fast final in about an hour.

Hillary Clinton Should go Down as the Greatest American Political Figure in History...

New Hampshire Polls Show Yet Another State is Slipping from Trump's Reach

U.S. Lutherans Ratify Catholic Interfaith Document

What do you listen to when you have to work?

41-Year-Old Uzbek Gymnast Attempts The ‘Vault of Death’ To Try & Beat Simone Biles

Wall Street Journal Wants Republicans to Abandon Trump----Tomorrow's Edition

Catholic Church fuels resiliency of Christians and Muslims in Aleppo

Trump says he'll never, ever forgive voters if he loses the election

How do you define whether an athlete is male or female?

NFL, LA Rams music video, "Ram It"

Rally in Philippines contests hero's burial for Ferdinand Marcos

OMG! This is excellent. Erica Jong in 2008.

Donald woke up from his after-supper nap and started hatin' on the media again on Twitter --

Seven self portraits in one image

Heartless reporter tries to interview dying man

SpaceX lands Falcon 9 rocket after launching Japanese satellite

Heartless reporter tries to interview dying man


Amazing Read: How they met The Beatles

The final insult: Donald Trump is a bore

Sudan floods: Villages submerged as death toll rises

Men's 100 race now!

Even the US male runners have sparkles in their track clothes.

Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief

The Mythology Of Trump’s ‘Working Class’ Support

Quora: What does Hillary Clinton plan on doing during her first 100 days in office if elected?

As the husband of a Puerto Rican wife,...

They're coming to take Trump away because we don't love him

Trump Remixed the Republican 'Southern Strategy'

I posted this Quora answer in the Hillary Clinton group, can I also post it in GD?

I predict that Trump will drop out before the election.

It's freedom of speech. Of a particular form you're quite familiar with.

Grover Norquist: Who needs voting when we can have guns

Ohio boy tried to sell toy for food, police say

And God spoke to me and said

The 2016 Electoral Map that SCARES THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!

Police respond to reports of shots fired inside terminal at JFK Airport

Gov. Edwards requests federal assistance, says more than 7,000 rescued in flooding

Lolo Hotshot dies fighting Nevada fire

Lutherans Demand End To Aid for Israel Over Settlement Building

Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief

Tennessee hauls in $925M more in fiscal year taxes than expected

Ivanka and Putin's girlfriend on vacation together!?

Edmond post office massacre was 30 years ago

Health insurance premiums set for state of Oklahoma employees

School leaders say teacher shortage not solved by budget cuts

Jury convicts former Gene Autry mayor for embezzlement

Weather Channel: Watson, LA Got More Rain in 3 Days Than Los Angeles Has Seen...

I'm pretty sure Donald Trump is just tweeting to himself at this point.

State officials respond to Fallin's request for special session

Is it me, or is the GOP paranoid?

20 Staff Favorites Ready in Under an Hour

Zambia opposition claims election rigged

Head of NM health exchange stepping down

Bad news, guys.

Kicked old thread: Electoral College predictions from August & October (optimistic!)

Los Alamos National Laboratory plutonium project called ‘a house of cards’

What Led To The Creation Of 'Trumpism'

State pension funds struggle with shortfalls

Common Racial Slurs Non-Blacks Use as Codes to Describe Black People

Details emerge in shooting of Hatch police officer, chase

Trouble with Trump's campaign reset - video

Paul Ryan Doubles Down on Cutting Veteran Pensions

235 species in New Mexico need protection

Navajos renew call for reimbursement from EPA mine spill

Trump exposed

Mass panic incident at NY JFK Airport

Can you tell me when my most recent jury hide occurred?


Since when did artists put their names on police sketches?

The NY Daily News endorsed Rmoney in 2012??

Clinton Up Again At 538, Trump's Average Poll Numbers Now In the Mid-30's

Manafort's name in cash payment ledger story HAS LEGS!

Trump campaign meltdown: Paul Manafort paid off by Russia, Roger Stone attacks Corey Lewandowski

89.2 percent chance of Hillary Clinton winning

Trump Shouldn't Panic About Manafort. His Campaign Just Needs Another "Reset"

Clinton campaign responds to shocking revelations about Paul Manafort’s pro-Kremlin ties

Hillary Does What Democrats Should Do: Make Like FDR

Roy Orbison ~ Sweet Dreams Baby


Is this why Putin is trying so hard to beat Hillary?

Poll: Clinton holds large lead among millennials

Papa John’s exec out pending Panera secrets suit

Fears grow as heroin seeps into Appalachia

Man stabs father during Ky. church service

Another medalist

Senate Democrats donate to Jim Gray campaign

Why are Jamaicans so fast?

Isikoff: Last July, Putin's FBI tried to hack a DNC staffer who was investigating Paul Manafort

Japan's economic growth weaker than forecast

Illinois budget crisis drains savings

India's Sonia Gandhi discharged from hospital

Turkish President Erdoğan’s Precious (Feelings)

Sun is setting on California's Daylight Saving's Time...

Rio Olympics: US swimmer Ryan Lochte and three others robbed

DFA: Ask the White House to oppose a lame-duck TPP vote

Hillary Clinton to campaign in Cleveland on Wednesday

Hillary Clinton to campaign in Cleveland on Wednesday

Hillary Clinton to campaign in Cleveland on Wednesday

Federal judge rules Ohio's effort to defund Planned Parenthood is unconstitutional, permanently

Detroit consultant made $280K a year, plus flights, hotels

Trump Supporters Are Immoral People

Daily Holidays August 15

Michigan and the death of entrepreneurship

His gut. Not his ears. His gut. Not his brain.

Bill legalizing assisted suicide gets new life in Lansing

Grand Traverse GOP disowns ex-Gov. Milliken over his Clinton support

Donald Trump's Campaign Chief listed on Ukraine bribe ledger

Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States

Six months in, AG’s probe of Flint crisis tops $2M

Former Oneida Twp. Clerk sentenced to prison for embezzlement

So Donald Trump's Consigliere Is On Putin's Payroll ?

Manchester Based IBEW 2320 Endorses Hillary Clinton

judd apatow's twitfeed is pretty funny; very trumpcentric lately:

Some photos from a recent holiday in Tuscany

Was Trump Being Sarcastic About US Citizens Being Sent to Guantanamo?

How progressives are putting Hillary Clinton in a tough spot on trade (again)

Judge to hear conservatives' lawsuit challenging RFRA fix

Indiana coalition pushing for expanded pre-K funding

Evan Bayh's private sector work raises questions

U.S. Steel lays off more workers at Gary Works

U.S. Steel lays off more workers at Gary Works

Random thoughts on the Trump campaign...

I don't see how on earth, President Obama gets his lame duck session vote on the TPP

Trump tried to invite himself to Chelsea Clinton's wedding

"I Support You, Donald Trump. Now Release Your Tax Returns." By MARK SANFORD

Pic Of The Moment: The Manafort Candidate

Person of interest questioned in murder of Queens imam, sources say

Fighting Rages in Aleppo, Syria, Killing Dozens of Civilians

How does this not break at least one of two rules???

'Ex-Aston Villa Player Dalian Atkinson' Dies In Police Tasering (UK)

Trump May Be Boon for Down-Ballot Dems, LGBT Rights in Arizona, Georgia

Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief

In NY, Trump is bleeding republican support- Clinton leads 57%-27%

Pastors sue Illinois over gay conversion therapy ban

1 person shot, multiple arrests in Milwaukee after a second night of unrest

right now, corey L is on CNN. topic: trump blames media.

Donald Trump Ohio speech preview: 'Foreign policy realism' to replace nation building

POLL: Meme of the Week – August 15th

Questions for Manafort: Did you do any paid work for former Ukraine President

When Labor Rises, So Does The Middle Class! (w/Guest: Randi Weingarten)

Why Don't We Legalize Pot To Create Jobs?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Auto Lending

Is Trump Trying To Build A Fascist Movement? No, He's Just Parroting What He's Heard From Fox / GOP

"No Coat-Tails"

The 9 stages of a Donald Trump statement

Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Reportedly Paid Millions By Russia

"The final insult: Donald Trump is a bore"

Obama Is Right on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Hypothetically, if Trump leaves the ticket,

Russia Today still carrying water for Trump with misquoting and selective memory

Where are Trump's siblings?

Trump inherited a very divided Party.

Can we all, just for one thread and without angst, enjoy the Trump implosion?

Nutty Senator Steve Kings R-IA, says he could work w/ Hillary!

The Good News: Thomas Frank is being interviewed on TV.

White Christian America is dying

Note who's tweeting this....

Why is pay for play a scandal? 100 % do it.

Five things that could still go wrong for Hillary Clinton

Trump to propose political tests for immigrants

Is it important to bear witness or is it glorified navel gazing?

Wall Street Journal: Trump faces ‘moment of truth’

Manafort Slams 'Silly And Nonsensical' Report On $12.7M Ukrainian Cash

Day 11 of the Google Fruit Games: Weightlifting

This ought to be interesting

I wanted to whoever for un-banning me from this group.

John Oliver Exposes The Sleazy Underground World Of Used Car Loans

Donald Trump Mum on Paid Maternity Leave for His Workers

The outlook for Nov may not be worth calling a General Election

Sausage Party - anyone see it yet?

I want to see Paul Manafort's Tax Returns.

Statue of Clarence Darrow may be added 'Scopes monkey trial' town

Inside the administration’s $1 billion deal to detain Central American asylum seekers

PUTIN'S PAWNS: Beware the Hillary Clinton-Loathing, Donald Trump-Loving Useful Idiots of the Left

This is just the beginning for Manafort. It gets worse.

Chance The Rapper ~ Summer Friends

Put yourself in the shoes of a refugee

Mormon Voters' Antipathy Toward Trump Has Roots In The Church's Own History

Monday Toon Roundup

Manafort's has stealthily reinvented world's nastiest tyrants as noble defenders of freedom...

New NBC Battleground Map: Clinton at 288 before Tossups

Alexis Kennedy is writing for Paradox

‘How dare we cover comments he makes’: Trump’s Jan Brewer gets awesome shade from Jake Tapper

How Right-Wing Lies Become Mainstream News

Butterflies are free by free design

Churches reject Black Lives Matter's platform on Israel

‘That’s a guy who knows he’s going to lose’: Morning Joe thinks it’s time to stick a fork in Trump

How the GOP’s Double Life Blew Up in Its Face

Joe Biden to campaign with Hillary Clinton, making the case for her to working-class voters

I am DAMN sick and tired of the bullshit

We all remember President Thomas Dewey.

Don't these optics suck....

Repost "A question about high school and college track & field meets" brain fart put it in GD 2016

anyone but trump...

Op-ed: This lifelong Republican will be voting for Hillary Clinton

"My gloves are XL!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Ivanka Trump is sight-seeing in Croatia with BFF — Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend

No Options

538: 10 Big Questions About the Election; Revisited

Huge British Nuclear Project Becomes a Diplomatic Flash Point

Drudge Report Hilariously Alleges That Hillary Clinton Is Now Copying Donald Trump’s Hairstyle

Guess what they played at the stadium after Bolt won his third consecutive 100M GOLD?

What a piece of work Jill Stein is.. and that is not a compliment!

Somebody programmed a calculator, using "Super Mario Maker"

I don't see Manafort lasting more than 2 weeks.

So who is the biggest liar?

Babies Who Hate Trump

This time I had the keys:

Why would Paul Manafort take such a big job FOR FREE, as a VOLUNTEER? Unless, maybe,

Riddle me this....

Anyone else see the Olympic women's weightlifters?

So if we can't see tRumps tax returns then let's see Manaforts tax returns

Clinton Leads In Breitbart Poll Conducted As Rebuke To MSM Surveys

New Analysis: Trump Could Sweep Toss Up States And Still Lose The Election

Top of the News...Manafort? What story?

Trump NY Co-Chair Doubles Down: Khan Is A Disgrace To His Son's Memory

Drying herbs. Can I...

My Republican brother may vote for Hillary.

Keep in mind that the Olympics are currently overshadowing everything-Even with NBCs crappy coverage

Trump Call To Monitor Election Sites Like A Call To Arms For His Militia Supporters.

Why are some folks upset with Republicans endorsing Hillary?

need some suggestion....clever protest sign suggestions

My coworker struggle4progress is a smartass

Married Man Goes To Meet13 year Old Girl Off The Internet

Areas In Louisiana Who Hate Government Now Need It The Most. Give Them All They Need.

Firefighters Dig Until Dawn to Rescue Underground Dog

"He's facing the greatest failure of his life & He's losing fair & Square. SAD!"

Well, is this just sick or what?

Are there any "on the books" payments from Ukraine to Manafort? If not, why not?

Ivanka Trump Hanging Out in Croatia With Vladimir Putin's Girlfriend

Media Doing All It Can To Cover For Trump. You Can Push Crap Only So Far.

Trump should change tack or drop out: Wall Street Journal

Fusion editor hints at a "worse" story for Manafort, coming out later this week.

The NRA's Four-Pinocchio lie about @HillaryClinton

Trump Should Drop Out Or Go Ballistically Crazy In Early October.

Maine Coons - Just too damn majestic

Donalores Trumbridge creating his very own Inquisitorial Squad for the election

Welcome back, kids

"thou shall not mock a cop"

‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ canceled by Comedy Central

‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ canceled by Comedy Central

Hillary Clinton demands to know which Donald Trump advisors beyond Manafort are on Kremlin’s payrol

The problem with "concern"

Santorum is off on Rabbit Trails.

Federal judge leans toward jury trial in Rolling Stone defamation lawsuit over U-Va. rape article

After the election will Trump continue to have public temper tantrums?

Hillary Clinton to Campaign at Voter Registration Event in Philadelphia

Paul Manafort is Tim Wattley, aka Leonidis Stavros, aka The Greek Butcher, aka The Greek Baker.....

Wind Turbine Spirals on Fire | Earth, Wind, and Fire

Time to Start Labeling tRump for what He Appears to be - a Commie

Teachers Unions Mean Better Teachers, New Study Says

Jailed Egypt photographer says he's been 'forgotten'

Swimming’s Racist Past Makes Simone Manuel’s Win an Even Bigger Deal

Swimming’s Racist Past Makes Simone Manuel’s Win an Even Bigger Deal

Swimming’s Racist Past Makes Simone Manuel’s Win an Even Bigger Deal

Washington man threatens to sue Spokane police over this embarrassing video

NYPD releases sketch of suspect in shooting near Ozone Park mosque

St. Joseph School District Placed on Lockdown

Michael Phelps Returns To His Tank At Sea World

Shop for magical wands won't sell them to you if you want them as toys

Pelosi: DCCC hacking brought 'obscene & sick calls' - GOPers articulating their political philosophy

If you are against the TPP as it currently is, what specific changes to what areas within it,

13-Year-Old Kills Himself and Leaves Heartbreaking Note After School ‘Does Nothing’ To Stop Bullies

Hillary greets Biden at Scranton Airport ahead of his first rally with her:**LIVE link added..

Is it appropriate that Paul Manafort, alleged Putin pawn, is getting security briefings?

Gun Nut Believes Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ Threat Is A Call To Arms

Come on Donnie, make Twitter great again!................

How did the Dump/RNC "Reset 8.1.2" meeting in Orlando go? Anyone know?

Archbishop Chaput urges Catholics not to vote 'on autopilot'

HRC can go "Nixon Goes To China" on foreign and defense policy.

OK this is hilarious - celebrations at the end of the Bolt race in New York

Hillary Clinton is Usain Bolt

Trump Is Seeking a White Nationalist Awakening — NOT the White House

Quora: What does Hillary Clinton plan on doing during her first 100 days in office if elected?

The Manure is beginning to hit the Westinghouse! the Russian connection

Combine stupidity, fundy religion and hatred and you get this...

Fire roars into California town, destroying over 100 homes



Trump campaign is bankrupt...

Yes, Trump does get an extraordinary amount of media that he doesn't deserve. But.....

Building Without Nails: The Genius of Japanese Carpentry

David Phung is a HERO

G.O.P. Urges Donald Trump to Broaden Outreach to Black Voters

Wikileaks Published Dozens of Malware Links in Email Dump 

In NC: working-class, white, male, SANE Republican who "just can't check the box for Trump."

WSJ encourages Trump to get his sh*t together or start that "nice, long vacation" early

A quick thought on the Republicans' ongoing "investigations" of Hillary's e-mails.

Ten years ago, Trump’s campaign manager warned of a rigged election — in Ukraine

Ivanka Trump hanging out in Croatia with Putins girlfriend?

Beware of a ratfuck

Clinton-Biden event in Scranton is on C-span NOW!

As of 8/12/16 Trump has no office in Cincinnati, OH

To be honest, they could be brothers. Or at least cousins.

On Fox Business, Trump Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson Says Reporters "Literally Beat Trump Supporters I

A pilgrim's reflection on the feast of the Assumption

After Debbie Wasserman Schultz attacks Tim Canova over Middle East statement he changes website

Um...I'll take this new poll with a grain of salt...

Peaches Chrenko - "Freedom, USA (Heart Of America)" Music Video

Hilary is in Scranton, PA...she is giving a great speech

Admitted murderer in Moore beheading case had ISIS flag in car, prosecutor reveals

Trump changed views on Ukraine after hiring Manafort

Trumps Make America Great time would actually see him in jail for his communist ties

Clinton Leads In Breitbart Poll Conducted As Rebuke To MSM Surveys

Seen many yard signs or is it still too early?

Voters Weigh 'The Soul Of Grant County' In Latest Recall Effort (OR)

Dear Wendy’s: I’m Boycotting You, but I’m Not the One You Should Be Worried About

Biden is great! His speech is wonderful. n/t

Dear Wendy’s: I’m Boycotting You, but I’m Not the One You Should Be Worried About

Joe Biden calling out the crying baby in the crowd just gave me a smile and a tear

Young People Have Abandoned Trump In Almost Record Numbers, Polls Show

Women Have Been Boxing in the Shadows for Too Long.

Joe Biden is such a good man and a true asset to the nation.

The DU smilie "Trump Salute"

Hanging Trump Around Every Republican Neck

New York Imam and assistant were executed in a targeted attack: Possible hate crime?

"You're full of malarky, Mr. Trump!"

Just a reminder ...

Democrats Brace for More Election Leaks

Reposting this to the AA group because it is such an awesome video

Joe Biden-"He (Trump) would have loved Stalin." !!!

Ivanka and Jared's Power Play

Hillary +30 in NY, Siena College A rated Poll by 538

The Rampant Sexism on Display at the Rio Olympics

Siamese Kitten Update (Unfortunately without Photos)

The Rampant Sexism on Display at the Rio Olympics

The Rampant Sexism on Display at the Rio Olympics

Clinton Surges Past 270 Electoral Votes in NBC News Battleground Map

Commission on Presidential Debates announces polls to be used for securing spot

Conservative Pundit Owns Up To Role In Trump’s Rise: We 'Created This Monster’

Damning Hillary Clinton with Faint Praise

The Other Olympic Sports: Racism, Sexism, Outing Gay Athletes From Violently Homophobic Countries

The Other Olympic Sports: Racism, Sexism, Outing Gay Athletes From Violently Homophobic Countries

It's a Teleprompter Trump day today. Which only means one thing.....

The Other Olympic Sports: Racism, Sexism, Outing Gay Athletes From Violently Homophobic Countries

New Teachers: Working With Parents

Yemen: UN chief condemns attack on school that killed at least 10 children

Fox host reveals how Trump learned to win over fringe conservatives: ‘All he did was watch Fox News’

Hillary's 1st job will be repairing all the damage

Doctors Without Borders Says Abs Hospital in Yemen Hit by Airstrikes

🔥 @ 8:50pm ET | Our Revolution Organizing Kickoff - Engagement Broadcast Livestream | August 24

How Manafort knowingly did business and accepted millions with regimes who practiced torture

The Washington, D.C., region sweated through 10 heat records this weekend.

His lgbtq pause

*Donald Trump in Youngstown, Ohio LIVE NOW,

Xanax+Haldol = Trump speaking on the teleprompter

Don the Con exceedingly orange today as he reads from teleprompters right now.

He looks like he's shrinking. He sounds like a broken man going through the motions.

Conservative Pundit Owns Up To Role In Trump’s Rise: We 'Created This Monster’

Texas awards $1.6M health grant to woman fearful she can get HIV from fetuses flushed into sewers

We’re under attack from climate change—and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII.

‘Empowering Girls And Breaking Barriers’

OK is he on prozac?

Biden torches Trump in first campaign appearance for Clinton

I used a zucchini nut bread recipe

Just read on Slate that "The Nightly Show" was being cancelled.

Why Range Anxiety for Electric Cars Is Overblown

I'm becoming quite thankful for the long competitive primary on the

Has Comedy Central follwed a policy of "Last hired, First fired?" Re: the nightly show cancellation

I swear to gawd, this is the first time he has read this speech.

Watching Trump's speech, he's making soundbites for Hillary's next attack ad against him.

Trumpel-yam-skin now saying we should have kept Iraq's oil

Has anyone seen/heard any actual news program talking about the Manafort/Ukraine thing?

The only foreign thing that crowd has ever experienced is taco bell

I hate to bring up Donald's hands....

Trump’s Prefrontal Cortex Admits It Can’t Possibly Filter All Impulsive Comments From Rest Of Brain

Hulu stages fake focus group to see what Trump supporters would agree with, no matter how crazed.

Trump: Church Attendance Will Rise When I'm President

Elway Poll of Washington State: HRC: 45% Trump: 24%

How is Trump planning to shut down the internet?

SpaceX plans to install two massive ground station antennas at Boca Chica beach

SpaceX plans to install two massive ground station antennas at Boca Chica beach

Malaysia loses FIFA event over Israel visas

Why Are We Allowing NAFTA to Kill Us???

Just to review the next 24 hours...

Trump will start a new McCarthy commision on Islam

Ukraine's National Anti-Corruption Bureau confirms investigation into possible Manafort payments.

7 countries in 5 years,

Listening to Herr Drumpf's anti-terrorism rant.

Jet from NAS-Kingsville crashes in Jim Wells County

I'd like to suggest a song for Donald Trump to play at his rallies.

MGM Resorts CEO: I’m crossing the aisle to back Clinton

Breitbart thought the polls were biased against Trump. So it did its own poll. Clinton won.

Lazy coworker: We have a winner!

Giuliani: There Were No ‘Successful Radical Islamic Terrorist Attacks’ in U.S. Before Obama

Trump campaign's Russia connection must be played up until November

Poor Trump. He's trying to make his big teleprompted foreign policy speech, and all

New York heatwave leads to ice cream theft, flying cockroaches and exploding manure

What are the major differences between right-wing media (FOX) and the corporate media (NBC) ?

Lawmaker calls for probe of grant to anti-abortion group

Wrong chemical dumped into Olympic pools made them green, smelly—and unsafe

Troll So Hard: Harry Reid Demands That Trump Take The Naturalization Test

U.S. lawsuit says United denied benefits to pilot on active duty

Real reason Trump won't release his tax returns?

CSPAN Now - replay of Hillary/Biden rally in Scranton PA today

Building a Better Vegetable Gratin

Milwaukee imposes curfew to quell rioting sparked by police shooting

Did anyone else notice how coached the crowd was at Trump's foreign policy speech?

Poll: Clinton ahead by 19 points in Washington State

Give us EU visa freedom in October or abandon migrant deal, Turkey says

'We owe you so much,' Kosovo to tell Biden as street named after late son

Giuliani Claims There Were No Terror Attacks On US Soil Before Obama (VIDEO)

Mock The Dummy Returns

After Trump's "foreign policy" reading --

Young Voters Flee Donald Trump in What May Be Historic Trouncing, Poll Shows ("Unprecedented")

From what I gather, CNN commentators are giving this speech a D-

Headline hooey - Manafort mania

Pentagon to announce transfer of 15 Guantanamo inmates: Amnesty

Photo of top secret meeting between Trump and Giuliani, plotting world domination

Rand Paul on Liz Cheney, “a brand of Republican that has had its time and should stay in the past.”

New Yorker on the maggot's family

Do you believe that Trump and Assange have a October surprise to ruin Hilary?

anybody see Brooke Baldwin on CNN performing like an actual journalist?


Clinton, Inslee Hold Double-digit Leads in WA

Even Donald Trump’s Supporters Are Telling Him To Release His Tax Returns

Biden: "Trump would have loved Stalin. That's why he embraces tactics of terrorists."

The real reason Russians hacked the DNC?

Slain Israeli leader’s son slams Trump’s ‘incitement’ of violence

"How the hell was I supposed to know they were Buckeyes, not Hoosiers?"

Slain Israeli leader’s son slams Trump’s ‘incitement’ of violence

Dow hits all-time high, again (18,668.44)

Trump lays out anti-terror plan

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 15, 2016

Everyone In Denny’s Freezes When Dick Van Dyke Starts Belting ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

Jonathan Papelbon Subjected His Teammates To Terrible Pro-Trump Music


GOP lays out case for charging Clinton with perjury

McLennan County Assistant DA who prosecutes DWI cases arrested on DWI charge

Tangled whale rescued in Bay of Fundy

Here's the transcript of Trump's awful speech

I ask myself daily "Who in their right mind would vote for Trump?"

Vanderbilt pays $1.2M to remove ‘Confederate’ from dorm name


How long before the next Trump meltdown and he gets off message..

Rio Olympics 2016: Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby sent home for handshake snub

No matter how likeable you try to be, not everyone is going to like you.

Manafort named in Ukrainian probe into millions in secret cash - updated 1:43pm et

Assange attack on Clinton another marker that Russia really really wants

South Sudan Troops Raped, Beat Foreigners as U.N. Force Ignored Calls for Help

Donald Trump Voice Machine... Type it, Hear it!

Shallow Quake in Peru Kills at Least 4, Including US Tourist

Shallow Quake in Peru Kills at Least 4, Including US Tourist

Wikileaks don't read it! It's flooded with malware

Do you like this?

Ancient Remains Uncovered in Peru

Dear Republican Representatives attempting to lay out a perjury trap for Hillary Clinton:

Ancient Remains Uncovered in Peru

3 women are being honored with medals -- and 1 man decides to make it about him.

Extreme shake-up in battleground map coming up!

Monday Updates: Curfew for Minors To Be Enforced, Sherman Park To Close Early

Trump wants to ban people who harbor "bigotry and hatred' from entry to the US

COLOSSAL FAIL - Rump: Hillary lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS.

It was a mirage on the desert oasis next to the Trump Tower?

Puerto Vallarta: Gunmen abduct multiple people from Mexican restaurant

Puerto Vallarta: Gunmen abduct multiple people from Mexican restaurant

Salon Series — The Clinton BS Files: In the ’90s, right wingers claimed Hillary and Bill framed...

Pentagon’s Sloppy Bookkeeping Means $6.5 Trillion Can’t Pass an Audit

Isn't Julian Assange on the lam from a rape charge?

Manafort named in (new) Ukrainian probe into millions in secret cash

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Giuliani: 'We Didn't Have Any Successful Radical Islamic Terrorist Attacks' Before Obama

Trump's new idea: xTreme Vetting!

Why the Most Important Driver of the U.S. Recovery Is Still Intact

Good Riddance.

What The Tesla Crashes Can Teach Us About The Future Of Self-Driving Cars

Indiana Poll: Clinton 44%, Trump 44%

Republicans begin campaign to get Drumpf votes in Israel

I call it extreme vetting. Extreme, extreme vetting-because repeating a word makes it EXTREME!

Russian Stocks Close at Record High on Crude Rebound, Valuations

Seen on FB.


Trump's newest venture is going under.

Twelve Charts That Show a Massive Divide in How Americans See the Economy

Donald Trump's Strategy to Avoid the Debates

Man bought gun, killed family 3 weeks after wife called cops

Dick Van Dyke & Vantastix Surprise Crowd in Denny's, Santa Monica

So. The guy who complained about a 3 hour primary debate

Former NYPD "Good Guy" Exercises 2nd Amendment Rights By Shooting His 2 Sons

Two-state crime rampage leaves many in Oregon town reeling

Did Trump say we should steal Iraq's oil ?

The way trump is going after journalists, we'll be lucky if some deranged

Delaware AG won't appeal court rejection of death penalty

Happy Independence Day to the Republic of India

Will A Ponzi Scheme In China Bring Down Our Whole Economy?

Cat gets it

The Scam Behind Donald Trump’s Political Rise

South Sudan Troops Raped, Beat Foreigners as U.N. Force Ignored Calls for Help: AP

Giuliani: No successful terror attacks before Obama administration

Attorney general's defense: My top aides leaked files, lied

The Tea Party Meets Its Maker

The Freepers have gone positively delusional!!!!

Oil Rises to Four-Week High Amid OPEC Output Freeze Speculation

How long before Trump or one of his supporters blames Obama for 9/11?

German central bank suggests raising retirement age to 69

Hundreds march to demand Paraguay's president step down

Holy crap! This Kingston guy on CNN is delusional

US nukes at Turkey base at risk of seizure: report

GOP Operatives Aren't So Sure That Trump Even Wants To Win

How the media will work in our favor

America Votes with Cards Against Humanity

Trump's "Poll-Watcher" uniforms released

Egyptian judoka sent home after refusing to shake Israeli's hand

Hacked Soros E-mails Reveal Plans To Fight Israel's 'Racist' Policies

Report: State Dept. Insists on Reviewing Clinton Email Docs Before FBI Gives Them to Congress

Rio Olympics 2016: financial crisis means ‘cuts’ to Paralympics

There is A GOP goober on CNN who doesn't give a s--t Paul Manafort is in cahoots with Putin.

Boris just said Trump can still win NY, despite HRC being up 33 points IN NY

compare and contrast: manafort russian involvement vs. hillary emails:

44 Ways You Can Slow The Solar Century’s Arrival

"Those who are preaching hate in our country will be asked to leave", says Donald Trump,

Hi..anyone here from Salem?

Chocolate cake for breakfast?

So per Trump today, if you have a hostile attitude, and don't believe in the constitution,

Here are 3 ways Trump’s big anti-terrorism speech was full of sh*t — even by his low standards

Find the nearest hate group --

Chocolate cake for breakfast?

Andy Murray politely reminds reporter of the existence of Venus and Serena Williams

A psychiatrist explains why Donald Trump is a selfie of America’s worst side

North Carolina Asks Supreme Court to Keep Voter ID for Now

Quoting Trump Can Be a Challenge

Advisers Charged in Tribe's Marijuana Resort Enter Pleas

Trump Now Has Traveling Companions

Another Hospital Bombed In Yemen By Saudi Coalition, Aid Group Says

15 Guantanamo Detainees Sent to UAE in Major Transfer

Chocolate cupcakes with mocha cream and chocolate ganache,now that you're looking!

In Milwaukee Shooting, Consider The Officer

The maggot is sued for 5mil in FL

France Corsica brawl: Mayor bans burkinis amid tensions

Milwaukee Police Chief Blames Chicago-Based Activists For Violence Toward Police

Police Cooked This Lonely Elderly Couple Pasta After They Were Heard Crying

Russian pizza restaurant 'hacker' faces US trial

"Radical Islamic Terrorism"

The FBI is NOT releasing transcripts of the questioning of Hillary,

Trump reads a teleprompter speech like it is the first time he's seen the speech

President Obama Urges Democrats To Campaign Aggressively For Clinton

Turkey: Cumhuriyet editor Dundar resigns in wake of coup

I have 96 Facebook friends who like Sir Donald of Orange

What you should know about NAFTA...... My fellow lefties are wrong

Politifact: Donald Trump Is Way Ahead on 'Pants On Fire' Statements

Black people wait twice as long to vote as white people, a new study finds

Richard Clarke: Why Putin and ISIS would love Trump to be President.

So what do you think constitutes "extreme, extreme vetting"?

Trump’s World Crashes Down As Secret Stash Of Putin Cash To Campaign Manager Uncovered

Bill McKibben's New Climate Change Paradigm: It's War.

UAW president: Hillary Clinton promises to rewrite NAFTA

Clinton Surges Past 270 Electoral Votes in NBC News Battleground Map

Human rights lawyer's home ransacked in Guatemala in latest string of attacks

Nina Khrushcheva was on Hardball and she was great!

Jim Bakker and his survival buckets: Bad Acid Trip remix...

Bernie's call to action: "Stop the TPP now."

CNN: please FACT CHECK the Trump people on their lies about pledges to the Global Initiative.

Does Rump "have the mental & physical stamina to take on ISIS and all the many adversaries we face"?

South Carolina? For Clinton? Can it really be?

Obama bribed NY Attorney General To Sue Trump University: Trump

Trump Cribs War Plan from ISIS ‘Founder’

I just got back from a few days in the hospital.

Amazingly good to see WikiLeaks, Assange, Greenwald and crew SOOOOO on the case...

Trump says he will create more substantial screening procedures for immigrants.

Monday, car show day!

We will not forget

Clinton Super-PAC Going Dark in Colorado and Pennsylvania