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Conyers: Lame Duck TPP Vote Disastrous for Dems; Plays into Trump's Hands

NYT: Inside the Failing Mission to Save Donald Trump From Himself (Saturday, Aug 13th)

Trump Could Be Deciding Factor In Surprisingly Tight Missouri Senate Race

Trump is lying about his Wharton School degree.

What is the Trump campaign doing with their money?

The Latest: Pence dodges questions about his own tax returns

Trump Can't Apologize to Save His Business

Joseph Stiglitz to Clinton: Don’t Repeat Obama Mistakes of Supporting TPP, Failed Financial Reform

Two Muslims gunned down in NY today.

Hacker ‘Guccifer 2.0’ suspended from Twitter after latest leak on Dems

downloading my mom's threads/posts

So.. I'm watching a Trump speech on a Sat. nite

‘We blame Donald Trump for this’: Two dead including Queens imam in NY anti-Islam attack

Atheist movement in Krishna Theeram

Right Wing convincing themselves tRump is throwing election to Hillary

It is so cool to see an NFL game at the Coliseum again.

Let's play a game of "Who made this statement?" re: Trump's Economic Plan

Our Bee feeder has no HFCS!

Staten Island teen hangs self after Catholic school staff do nothing to stop bullying

Rubio to evangelical leaders: Don’t judge LGBT community

i need a bit of help preparing a Thai dish

Trump is now threatening to revoke the NYT's press credentials

I already know the answer to this but

It's important to hear what the other side is saying

Japan: kitten grows up with superhero friend

I received a mailing from Trump today asking for money

Martin Luther was a ‘teacher of the faith’, say German bishops

So is Mo Farah a Brit or a Somalian?

Salon: Conspiracies, baseless accusations, and lunacy is the new normal for Republican Party

OSTP on the Defensive in Broader Fight over Climate Documents

Professor questions trump's honorary degree - The Brown and White

Trump Calling Out His Goons To Intimidate Minorities In November.

Musical journey into the past, like nothing I've heard before or since

Katrina Pierson Accusses Obama and Clinton of Starting the Civil War

Something for us old coots!

A Proxy War Between India And Pakistan Is Under Way In Afghanistan

My fave "can't win without cheating" toon:

The Night That Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS

Quick observation: Scariest thing about Trump....

Now what?

The best defense against Donald Trump

Court upholds Venezuela opposition leader's 14-year sentence

On the national stage, the Trump train stalls

Do you like to sing rounds?

Schenectady man arrested after locking himself in car (NY)

How The Trump Boys Lie About Hunting...

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: Focus Group with Trump Supporters! Awesome!

Can a candidate such as Trump keep all contributions to his campaign after the election?

Fox News Promotes Executive Who Reportedly “Played An Integral Role”In Covering Up Sexual Harassment

Have we admired the cartoon about the "Emperor's new clothes" ?

Trump: I’m running against media, not Clinton

Argentine indigenous activist Milagro Sala ordered isolated, goes on hunger strike.

Argentine indigenous activist Milagro Sala ordered isolated, goes on hunger strike.

Shouldn’t we change our minds about how we handle guns?

5 wounded in Joplin shootings; police say apparently random

Thousands march in Peru to protest violence against women

Thousands march in Peru to protest violence against women

Violence erupts after officer-involved shooting

Katy Tur and the book she must write.

Trump is creating a shared grievance with his base by saying the election

New Indiana (internal) poll: Clinton 44 - Trump 44

Truthout - The Color of Pollution: How Environmental Contamination Targets People of Color

Musical Activism in the American Women's Suffrage Movement

ALERT: Alabama’s ‘Amazon Tax’ set to go into effect....*^&%$#!

Palestinian mayor explains high death toll in small village: ‘Pressure births explosion’

NAFTA - GHWB's Lame Duck Present to the Americas. Will TPP be Obama's Gift to China too?

Who says America has lost the ability to innovate?

Trump "will never ever forgive the people of Connecticut" if they don't vote for him. Woe!

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! StopTheDonald

GOP could be near Trump breaking point; frustration abounds

Ladies and Gentlemen, please place ur bets

Trump Offering a Discount For Executive Campaign Membership!

Georgia college students can carry stun guns this fall

Georgia teachers, state employees to see modest average premium hike

Civil rights groups file voting rights lawsuit against Gwinnett

Start looking hard at Pence

Texas lawyer who lost all death penalty cases says he’s done

Where Are Hillary Clinton's Pantsuits Made? Right Here in Beverly Hills

Woman’s skull, bones found in suitcase on Georgia interstate

University System of Georgia to get new chancellor

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley avoids scandal-related questions, sticks to lottery script

Gov. Robert Bentley's lottery plan could face uphill battle

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley: BP legislation in play during special session

The Zip App says Trump is winning 64-36

Want a conspiracy theory that might be true? Trump is grifting his own campaign

10 posts means I need to post

Bail denied for Kharon Davis after nine years in jail without trial

Schatz, Hanabusa, Gabbard cruise to victory in congressional races

Selma Police officers call in sick for third straight day

Daily Holidays August 14

US election: Changes in four states that could boost Clinton

Israel Lays Groundwork for Possible Settlement Expansion Southeast of Jerusalem

Former long-term care nurse pleads not guilty on sexual abuse, sodomy charges

Owner of bankrupt Decatur used car dealership charged with theft, forgery

Mississippi gay marriage law remains blocked during appeal

Agencies lower state's credit rating, outlook

U.S. Justice Dept. sues Mississippi over mentally ill

Mississippi AG: Legal settlements can't be kept secret

Chibok girls: Boko Haram video purports to show captives

Mississippi woman gets 12 years on federal terrorism charge

Trading Places: If the Democrats Are Now a Coastal Elite Party and the GOP Are the Populists....

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Lab Tested Edition

In Florida, it's Donald Trump's big rallies vs. Hillary Clinton's massive organizing

Emergency declared in Mississippi flooding

Texarkana pastor faces fourth sexual-assault charge

Fox News gets new presidents after Roger Ailes resignation

8/13/2016 Tulsi Gabbard: "I am humbled & grateful for the vote of confidence from Dem voters today"

Clinton backers open Little Rock office

Democrats, ACLU get files on felon flagging to ban voters using flawed data

Federal Judge blocks law cutting funds for Planned Parenthood

Oklahoma AG complains about Supreme Court's rewrite of state question ballot title

Louisiana leaders call for new federal funding for local law enforcement

Donald Trump Courts the Gun Zealots

Donald Trump Courts the Gun Zealots

State Sen. Brown fights back against resignation calls, apologizes for 'mistakes' involving domestic

Edwards family evacuates after Louisiana Governor's Mansion floods

Marion Barry's son dies of an overdose

Trump refuses to disclose his bundlers. What is he hiding?

Simple reminder app for iPad?

How Much Damage Could Donald Trump Really Do, After All?

Donald Trump blasts NY Times after story about 'sputtering' campaign

Hillary Clinton Clobbers Donald Trump With His Own Words

Where is Evan McWhoever?

Donald Trump has woman thrown out of his Connecticut rally who he thinks “looks like Hillary”

Trump contradicts "The only way I lose PA is if they cheat."

Donald Trump Tried To Pivot With A Serious Speech. Then He Went Right Back To Being Himself.

Hillary Clinton shows how ridiculous Donald Trump Is With His Own Words

As I'm walking down the street, this guy asks if I'm going to blow something up

Milwaukee erupted in violence last night following officer involved shooting

Today's Google Doodle: Not sure what sport this is!

Trump, Fox and the NRA

No meet the press? If it's sunday, it's the olympics?

The lie that many people who eat meat tell themselves

More and More Folks are Publicly Calling Him a Con Artist

Perception vs. Reality. Clinton vs. Trump

The Forgotten History of Atheist Paganism

President Obama Responds to 8 Year Old's Letter Telling Him 'This Country Needs More Spunk'

Son of Mayor Barry, Marion Christopher Barry Dead at 36

Report on Fox News Sunday show with Mike Pence

As if truth means anything to republicans.

Court rules Marine’s religious rights not violated

Is Donald Trump is the Republican Brexit vote?

Hey, Donald Trump, "I'm getting tired of all the winning."

RIP Glen Yarbrough

Who really created ISIS, NOT sarcasm!

Hey, Donald Trump, "I'm getting tired of all the winning."

Hey, Donald Trump, "I'm getting tired of all the winning."

If the liberal media is so "biased"...?

Trump's supporters are "disproportionately living in racially and culturally isolated zip codes."

‘Nice Catholic boys’ Tim Kaine, Mike Pence and two views of Jesus

Venezuelans cross reopened border to Colombia for food, medicine

jan brewer, what a vile piece of excrement

Trump blames 'disgusting' media: 'I would be beating Hillary by 20'

BOMBSHELL: Interview Surfaces Of Trump Blaming BUSH For ISIS, Not Obama

Replacing Trump on Ballots: Murky Payoff and a Legal Thicket

Trump running to make money?

President Barack Obama Says, "This Is What a Feminist Looks Like" By Barack Obama 8/4/2016

Koterba toon: The Hillary & Don Show

Great listicle via NBC': 19 things Trump said last night in Connecticut

Jon KARL is just so *concerned* about his poor widdle DRUMPF's not keeping to slugging Hillary!1

What ever happened to the Tea Ceremony?

Translation: "Ultimately, it comes down to..."

IEA: Crude Production to Fall Behind Demand

Wow... Trump is implicitly urging his followers to prevent black folk from voting

Our elections are not about single issues,

(Delaware) Business community eyes Coastal Zone Act change

Clinton leads in Florida and New Hampshire; Trump The Chump holds on in Georgia

The school on the frontline of the war in Ukraine

I don't like this cosplay anymore. I wanna go home!" America said, confused and afraid.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 16: Summer Under the Stars: Anne Baxter

Poll: Clinton up in Florida, New Hampshire; extends lead on electoral map

Boy, that intervention sure worked well!

What if Trump drops out at the last minute?

Congress to get Hillary Clinton's FBI interview can bet they will leak them at will

Pls tell me what public radio stations you listen to...

32 years ago, you were in the early stages of becoming a hack. Congratulations, you succeeded

The Future of America from the Heart of Trump Country

Cool jazz on a warm afternoon in Victoria, BC at the waterfront.

Ran across a scary Trump supporter

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 17: Summer Under the Stars: James Edwards

On the edge: Olympic cyclist gives crowd a good view by riding on the vertical wall

Lynching of Immigrant Italians in New Orleans 1891

Alleged Russian involvement in DNC hack gives U.S. a taste of Kremlin meddling

This morning I heard a congresswoman on the radio

What do you say to someone who says, "I can't vote for Hillary?"

Army heeds Obama call, attacks high energy bills

Stephen King: "Lo we have many assholes"

Tapestry, just because:

Dorothy confronts the Wizard of Oz

As tsunami looms and Indiana in play, Pence eyes future options

How can we retake the House?

As tsunami looms and Indiana in play, Pence eyes future options

Old LA Rams Rap Video - "Ram It!"

In my wildest dreams

Trump sees the writing on the wall

If you missed this Steve Kornacki segment on MSNBC watch it here. It was very good.

20 year old boys raising middle fingers & yelling "fuck Mexico" when Trump talks about wall

Here Is Another Example Of Trump The Chump Screwing The Little Guy Or Gal

Look at free Johnny Depp impersonation of Trump! 40 plus minutes of satire!

Donald Trump to deliver speech in Ohio on Islamic State

Great news from don trump: I’m Not Changing, ‘I Am Who I Am’

Meet Cagney.

Today's 538 model (Polls-Only): 88.8% chance of a Clinton win

Why should Auriemma apologize for the greatness of the U.S. Women's bball team?

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 14, 2016

Trump will "never, ever forgive voters" if he loses in November

Unbelievable! During an interview with Jake Tapper, I just heard Trump shill Manafort disparage

Nicholas Kristof: Donald Trump Is Making America Meaner

GREAT IDEA for Florida

'Trump Supporters React to Outrageous Campaign Ads'

helloooooo ?

Still another first gold.

Here's a great listicle via NBC's @alivitali: 19 things Trump said last night in Connecticut

Lesbian couples sue N.J., say fertility laws discriminate against them

Lightning struck this A.M. - a hot POP song with killer HOOK: "Private School" by Arkells

Assuming the Presidency and a Senate majority

When Will Climate Change/Global Warming Deniers Ever Get It?

How Trump Remixed the Republican 'Southern Strategy'

That's not funny, PC humor on campus - The Atlantic

Three dead, 7,000 rescued from Louisiana flooding

Would you vote for an atheist president?Definition of atheism:lack of belief in the existence of god

Jason Lewis is "Minnesota's Mini-Trump"

Anyone here or that you know taking Lipitor for cholesterol? If so, did anyone you know develop

Weapons of Mass De-Construction: How Trump Uses Innuendo to Incite Hatred and Denies Responsibility

Islamic State: Kurdish forces capture Iraq villages

Astonishing feats of sexism in Olympics coverage

What are you reading this week of August 14, 2016?

DJT goes tweet-ballistic on the media's unfairness. Good job, GOP!

While we were sleeping, SpaceX sticks another landing.

Do something today to win -- volunteer, donate $5, register another to vote

Our 23 year old A/C died, new unit is SOLAR ready

Trump likes to put humor into his speeches

Ryan Lochte and Three Teammates Robbed at Gunpoint

What is required from a president

Thank God real football is back

I saw a motorcycle yesterday with a license plate frame that read "Harley-Davidson - Lawless".

Donny got Twitter access back. Oh dear. Keep it up, Donny!

I Realized Just How Fucked Trump Is with the Electoral Vote

MICHAEL MOORE: 5 Ways To Make Sure Trump Loses (to Hillary!)

Trump Campaign Attacks Khan family again!

How We Killed the Tea Party [Politico article]

Did you hear Jack Beatty on NPR'sOn Point?

Google Feud

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Trump's new problem: His lead on economic issues is gone

Brewer: “I believe the American people want him to win”. Tapper: “Not according to polls...”

Donald Trump's supporters are LESS likely to be affected by trade and immigration, not more

Cuba Libre: how to celebrate when Castro is no more

Coming This Fall: The Sublime Revenge Of Barack Obama

Walker activates National Guard after night of Milwaukee unrest

Inside the Failing Mission to Tame Donald Trump’s Tongue

Trump's Tweet Storm this morning is really making the headlines:

Can Russia leak fake emails?

Katrina Pierson appreciation thread:

Senators consider vote to block US arms deal to Saudi Arabia – report

Senators consider vote to block US arms deal to Saudi Arabia – report

Donald Trump Courts the Gun Zealots

Disappointed' in Obama, Sanders Calls on Top Dems to Drop Lame Duck TPP Push

The All American mixed doubles Olympic finals

Jacobin: The Conservative Movement Has No Decency

Trump's salty tweet..."If the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly..."

I hope Nico Hines really suffers for outing gay athletes.

Questions for Trump Surrogates

Hillary Clinton got a big boost from the convention. What happens next?

How we win.

HRC: 59M Americans get help from Soc Sec- On its 81st anniversary, let's recommit to protecting it

How Democrats could win the House: With lots of help — and almost no mistakes

WaPo: "The 2018 midterms, with lower turnout and 23 Democratic Senate seats up for grabs...."

RNC considers cutting cash to Trump


Maybe Trump didn't say we'd get tired of all the winning, but tired all of his whining.

No electricity and bouncing paychecks: What it was like to work for Trump Magazine

Wind Energy Is "Renewable Energy?" Really?

Brexit could be delayed to late-2019 as government not ready: Sunday Times

Former Bush official supporting Clinton: Trump could be economic 'disaster'

I was in an abusive relationship

CNN Questions Trump's Use Of Creepy, Fringe Websites For 'Sources' Of News

I feel very grateful today.

I've recently been locked up in the psych ward.

Hip Hop Hooray -Young voters flee Donald Trump in what may be historic trouncing, poll shows

Why I'm Ready for President Obama to Leave the White House

Please rec this thread if you believe this site is the most anti-Trump site on "the internets".


Kimberly Guilfoyle Accuses Obama and Clinton of Baiting Trump Into Saying Stupid Things

Just curious ---

Talk of shifting funds away from Trump premature: Republican official

(R-Utah) Bob Bennett's daughters are urging his son Jim to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Sources: Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot suspect is black

In Seattle, Jewish and Muslim Business Partners Agree to Dump Trump

Looking to buy a stick vac

If we had to create a villain could we have done better than Trump?

Chris Wallace responds to Mike Pence's defense of Trump: 'Isn't the sarcastic excuse getting old?'

A Trump apologist and spinmeister today suggested the New York Times may be the next...

Trump and the exploitation of right rage: It’s not the economy that’s attracting angry white men

"When this is all over-we have to go back-There's got to be a reckoning-We've created this monster"

Apparently Trump's policy department is David Duke's twitter feed.

from the hen house:

"The Coddling of the American Mind" by Lukianoff and Haidt

Do Not Push The Red Buttons!

Do you ever see a video that reminds you, "Oh my God, it's almost time for reunion."

I've now concluded we all misheard Donald Trump last year...

Former Bush official supporting Clinton: Trump could be economic 'disaster'

I don't mind sane Republicans supporting Hillary.

If anybody is going to quit. IMO, it would be Pence. What's in it for

Where are the Horses?

So when is Melania's "news conference" regarding her questionable citizenship status?

As a Penn Graduate, former Faculty Member, and lifelong Philadelphian,

New Host for Prairie Home Companion

Leaked Video From Inside the Trump Campaign This Morning

Black Superhero!

Battleground States

Elizabeth Warren Says ‘Bully’ Donald Trump Won’t Keep Her Quiet

The GOP made this, Now all is going to Hell in a hand basket

How these scientists plan to make hydrogen fuel cell cars more cost-efficient

Missouri man charged with shooting at vehicles, wounding 6

Weekend guests, 50% Republicans from Pennsylvania and Virginia,

Hezbollah leader, locked in a conflict with Isis, echoes Trump and says Obama founded them !!!!

Trump So Volatile That Media Cannot Protect Him Like They Want To.

Which #LoserDonald moment offended Americans the most?

Kentucky man charged with stabbing father at church

Trump exposes himself again and again.

Nobody likes that guy-Former Bush commerce secretary backs Clinton, slams Trump

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 15 August 2016

U.S. Swimmer Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint in Brazil

This is hilarious - Building Ikea Furniture on Acid

A wonderful bird is the pelican:

Maiden flight of giant helium-filled airship postponed

Inaugural Cannabis Fair Being Set Up In Salem, Oregon

Pat Pukecannon says if Trump loses, American democracy is fraudulent and rotten.

Jose Cuervo looks to be doing an IPO

Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Hold 2,000th March in Argentina

Trump Supporters Can't Wait to Get America Back

Arlington Texas, suckers for new subsidized stadiums.

There is nothing very "awesome" or "exceptional" about Wharton graduates,

What a landslide victory would look like

Susan Collins considers Libertarian, write-in for president

So my 78 year old mom, who is a lifelong Republican, just re-registered as a Libertarian

Queen of the South - AMC

Donald Trump, POW, Prisoner of Wharton (Funny or Die)

New York City restaurants' war on clientele over age 50.

I've been on and off a coworker for about five years

If you want to know how easy it would be for Hillary to lose the election,

Well, that's interesting...

Jake Tapper wallops Paul Manafort: ‘These things — just because you say them — they’re not true’

The unfair disadvantage Caster Semenya must endure to compete for Olympic gold

A Deliberate Remix of the Southern Strategy

Jack O'Donnell: I know Trump, and he's not fit to be president

"Trailer park trash"

Such a strange non-election

Yuval Rabin: My father was killed at a moment like this (Yitzhak Rabin's son)

ABC's Jonathan Karl: Campaign Advisors Secretely Fear That 'Donald Trump Is Trying To Lose'

The cost of being a loner

To the people who blame the media for their free coverage: Trump campaign is a free reality show.

The cost of being a loner