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Archives: August 13, 2016

Obama's Playlist Earns Rave Reviews From DJs

Police Dog Shot in Deadly Arkansas 'Ambush' Found Alive

Everytime Trump makes a statement.. someone in the media should ask him..

Trump has totally fucking ruined sarcasm!

What are the odds that Trump will say stupid over the weekend and again take all the headlines next week?

Anyone else watching the PBS series, "The Presidents"?

About Cartoon Hillary…

The Latest: Man Accused of Rigging Cameras Shot by Police

Video proves Clinton suffering seizures? Not so, I was there


Editorials in battleground states rip Trump's 'Second Amendment people' comment

Organizers shut pool to treat green water

Alex Jones?

I wish I'd never heard of Emily's List

U.S.-backed forces wrest control of Syria's Manbij from Islamic State

Hillary medical issues and the brady bill hating posters..

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson -- scam TX debt collector.

Carmelo Anthony becomes the United States' all-time leading scorer in the Olympics

Thrice-Widowed Woman Convicted of Murdering 2nd Husband'

Thrice-Widowed Woman Convicted of Murdering 2nd Husband'

“Chemtrails” not real, say leading atmospheric science experts

Blocking the haters...

Trust me, you're better off not knowing...

Footage of late Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack released

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Live and UnCensored!

Friday Talking Points (403) -- GOP Anti-Trump Rants

I was polled by Gallup tonight.

Another guy who Donald Trump ripped off

How Could You Not Fall In Love With This Sad Face? (dog rescue by Jill J Newark, DE)

The tragedy here is that they're totally unaware of how fucked up this actually is...

Is the Ideology of the GOP Sedition?

Strangely Interesting Wikipedia Page On the Height of Presidential Candidates

Ohio police rescue 7yo trying to sell his stuffed animal for food

Judge orders 100-year-old woman's eviction from San Francisco apartment

Oh, No You DON’T!

What Is Your Song of the Day?

BREAKING: Katie Ledecky 1st woman since 1968 to sweep 200, 400 and 800 in a single Olympics

Playing the Trump card, according to Mark Twain.

Tougher proposals for protecting tribal items face criticism

Trump Golf

It was once the richest country in Latin America. Now it’s falling apart

Katie Ledecky Smashes World Record in the 800-Meter Freestyle

Is Trump a Russian agent? Top Kremlinologist presents a tantalising and disturbing dossier

As Venezuela's farms and factories falter, the country struggles to feed its people

WATCH: Hillary’s Latest Anti-Trump Ad Absolutely BRUTALIZES His Ties To Russia

Olympics ad for Wal-Mart used "Dream On..."

Rence & Donnie get along?

Newborn baby killed by 6-year-old brother; mother charged

Trump-sitting! Yes, that's what Steve Kornacki just said about

“Moment of truth” for Venezuela's standing in Mercosur

Is Regulation Tyranny?

Donald J. Trump's Ties To Putin

The Latest: Man accused of rigging cameras shot by police

Marijuana - Liberal Party of Canada

Trader Vic's Autobiography

Hillary's been President for -161 days, and all I hear is talk, talk, talk.

Trump: If Clinton wins Pennsylvania, she cheated

Viking metal.

WI def atty's intimidate sex assault victims using motion to expose their mental health records

Canadians have won 10 medals so far in the Olympics. All of them women. What's going on?

First ever gold.

What the Trump supporters have been drinking

Stan Kroenke tells hundreds of fixed income residents in Texas to get off his newly-bought land

Video: Watch 4 Billion Gallons of Mining Waste Pour Into Pristine B.C. Waterways

Bowie + 1,000

Trump's plan to have his peeps be 'poll watchers' is also the KKK plan

The Aztec treasure unearthed: New earth snake species discovered in Mexico

Republicans who still support Donald Trump

The Aztec treasure unearthed: New earth snake species discovered in Mexico

Peru Prepares for Protests as Outrage Over Violence Against Women Grows

B-52s -- Pacific Amphitheater (OC Fair)

I Guess Trump Is Telling His Supporters To Stop Dem Voters From Voting.

Trump: Climate change won't be ‘devastating’

Syria rebels 'cut off IS escape route' through Manbij

Policemen Linked to Corruption in Panamanian Prisons Arrested

You Will Need A Bunker With A President Trump. A Hyper Manic With The Nuclear Football.

Polls suggest Iceland's Pirate party may form next government

Sarcasm means saying one thing and actually meaning the opposite. So apparently when Trump

Reince Priebus:"Pay No Attention To What You Read About Drumpf "....

Rio diving pool—still green—now closed and smells like farts

"The Apricot Hellbeast"

Trump's Speech And Vitriol Is Inciting Violence.

The Secret Service Protected Reporter Katy Tur After Donald Trump Singled Her Out at a Rally

I've been charting with a coworker on and off for about five years

Mad Ravens

Prosecuting attorneys detail alleged food stamp abuses of fugitive FLDS leader Lyle Jeffs

Pieces of Silver

It will be impossible for Hillary to rehearse debating Trump

Family of Slain Jewish DNC Staffer Calls for End to Conspiracy Theories

Should you be forced to live with anyone who wants to live with you?

Bloomberg -- Kass: Trump Will Withdraw, He Doesn't Like to Lose

Military trials for U.S. citizens "would be fine" with dipshit donnie

Astronomers may announce discovery of "Earth-like" planet only 4.24 light-away

I went to Free Republic

Trump Supporters React to Outrageous Campaign Ads • Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016

Trump has gathered his minions to go to voting places to interefere

Trump Election Observer

'Cool' grandpa in Rio turns down elderly train seat in favour of flag pole lift

Dennis Leary: Trump's an asshole

OK, I've gotta ask this

Rowdy Gaines: Worst Commentator At The Olympics

When will dipshit donnie take credit for taking out the ISIS leader?

Is Trump having a breakdown?

I need advice. I have a hard time understanding the accent of someone I work with.

Judge Rules Ohio Can't Block Planned Parenthood Funds

Now here's something "holistic" I can support.

I've reached a point where I lose respect for someone solely on account of their Trump support.

Trump On Election Strategy: ‘I Don’t Know That We Need To Get Out The Vote’

This is just unbelievable

The Trump Bucket :D

President Obama and Malia Just Went for a Walk — We Know What That Was All About

Cannes burkini ban triggers outrage

Washington Post - Why the DEA just said ‘no’ to loosening marijuana restrictions

Life in Nauru detention: a dark, wretched Truman Show without the cameras

My brother is a moron.

Our oceans aren’t just rising - they’re accelerating, and that’s even worse

Largest Private Prison Company Could Lose Lucrative Family Detention Contract

NBC: Trump's Conspiracy Theories Aren't Far Outside GOP Mainstream

Baltimore City Landfill Employee Sentenced - Soliciting and Accepting Bribes from Trash Haulers

Trump Spokeswoman Says He Was 'Very Serious' About Obama 'Founding ISIS'

Trump: If RNC cuts me off, I'll stop funding them

How A Left-Wing Viral Website With A Pay-Per-Click Business Model Is Taking Over Social Media

Peruvian Anti-Mining Activist Máxima Acuña to Newmont Mining Corporation: ‘I will never give up my l

Fair-weather Leicester fan dreading start of season

Minnesota Farm Towns Get Tired of Waiting, Form Broadband Cooperative With Neighbors

You know, the sad part is that electing Hill and giving Dems the Congressional majority...

Genetically Engineered Crops Are Part and Parcel of the Decline of Rural Communities

Daily Holidays August 13

Time to scrap the idea that humans arrived in the Americas by land bridge

How the World Bank’s biggest critic became its president

New insights on Great Lakes Late Precontact period monuments

Well-preserved hadrosaur fossil unearthed in N. China

Puerto Rican government to have new fiscal plan ready for oversight board

Puerto Rico activists fight to keep beaches public

In Florida, it's Donald Trump's big rallies vs. Hillary Clinton's massive organizing

Mexican president's family faces calls for investigation into Miami apartment

Rubio: Traditional marriage should be 'elevated and set apart in our laws'

 Don’t Bother Reporting Sexual Harassment Unless You’ve Got 10 Other Women Saying the Same Thing

 The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years to Build the Wealth of a White Family Today

6 hospitalized after Spirit Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Orlando

6 Killed in Plane Crash at Shannon Airport in Virginia

SpaceX sending satellite into space early Sunday

Alligator bites off most of woman's hand at Everglades fish camp

Trump now facing a new level of scrutiny,and panicking

Unpaid Argentina coach forced to borrow from daughter

New York Times: Does Donald Trump pay zero in taxes?

Honduras: Over 10,000 Police Officers to be Assessed by Commission PDF Imprimir E-Mail

Reputed mob boss ‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino to be released on $5 million bond

Colombia: In the Final Stage Before Peace

Colombia: In the Final Stage Before Peace

Police officer admits to buying drugs while on duty

Real Donald Trump quotes read by 'Futurama's' Zapp Brannigan

UN study charts extent of unregulated gold mining in Colombia, links to organized crime

UN study charts extent of unregulated gold mining in Colombia, links to organized crime

Florida woman married 10 illegal immigrants to get them their papers

Here's the suggestion box...

New Florida law aims to prevent derelict vessels

Argentina’s ‘Loony Radio’ making waves

Argentina’s ‘Loony Radio’ making waves

State lawyers sue claiming sexism over wage disparity

Another instance of a T-1000?

Weekly Address: Providing a Better, Cleaner, Safer Future for Our Children

new documentary "Conlanging: The Art of Crafting Tongues" (reddit AMA w/ exec producers)

College Park mayor blocks arts festival over ‘mean’ comments

Georgia judge loses it over vulgar courtroom exchange

Newt Gingrich to headline conservative LGBT group’s convention

One City is Following Through on Protests of Confederate Monuments

Piedmont Fayette, United Healthcare stalemate continues

So, what's stopping Mike Pence from releasing HIS tax returns?

In the past week

This 1950s era comic illustrates why the Trump campaign is dying

Why Leading Republicans Still Support Trump

Keep it in the Ground | Bernie Sanders | +#NoDAPL

Bill Clinton Calls Comey's Statement On Email Classification “Biggest Load Of Bull I’ve Ever Heard”

Click on Trump ads?

Pundits or Trump campaign coaches? A twist in news coverage

Today's Fruity Games Doodle: Trampoline

Clinton goes negative with Trump

Multiply Your Vote Using This One Weird Trick

Trump demanded Obama’s records. But he’s not releasing his own.

Why the nation will be watching Nevada on Election Day - By George F. Will

Election Day looks good for the Democrats — with one crucial exception

The challenge in Mosul won’t be to defeat the Islamic State....By David Petraeus

So it's been a day since the Repub's "start over" meeting...

Intern Q&A with the President

Warning of election fraud, Trump sparks fear that his backers may intimidate minority voters

Trump closes up shop in New Jersey

New polls: Electoral vote: HRC: 368. Conman: 164. Only 6 tied.

A mean trick on telemarketers

Does the RNC think,,,,

CNN: Trump was literally not being sarcastic about Obama founding ISIS

Look at these poll results as of yesterday!

Trump sparks fear that his backers may intimidate minority voters

Reverse Citizens United in NC

Am I going to hell?

To best understand the GOP-Trump situation/history

The Latest Clinton Email ‘Scandal’ Is Still…No Scandal

Donald Trump knows exactly what he's doing

Why ISIS Fears Israel

Textbook story of how early humans populated America is 'biologically unviable,' study finds

The clear lesson for Republicans in this election cycle is

Arkansas attorney general committed voter fraud

You know what is scary when Trump loses?

perseid meteor shower

The moment Donald Trump lost the election

Quit arguing that a vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump!

The Logic-Defying Double-Slit Experiment Is Even Weirder Than You Thought

NBC News covers Trump with ‘sarcastic’ tweet

LA Times Outlier Poll, Hillary +5

The Night That Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS

Trump Dubs - Sassy Trump

Trump and.. lie so frequently that a headline reporting “the latest” is likely to be out out-of-date

Weekend Toon Roundup

Trump is instructing his Pennsylvania supporters to VIOLATE STATE ELECTION LAW!!!!!

Southeast Louisiana floods claim at least 3 lives; more rain coming

Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz ◊ The Girl From Ipanema ◊ 1964

First US Offshore Wind Farm Will Usher in New Era For Industry

Western wings under the Red Star

"Obama took us into Afghanistan"

Daily Beast removes Olympics Grindr article after backlash

CNN is giving Rump's toadies unlimited air time, with no Democrats to refute their lies!

Trump Campaign: Volunteer to be a Trump Election Observer

Alligator bites woman who reached for can in Everglades

"Mr. Robot" and the rabbit hole. Helpful *spoilers*?

National Republicans are targeting Vermont's Gubernatorial Race

I case there was any doubt - Trump's supporters

Maybe Rump isn't spending his campaign money on ads, because he plans to pocket it.

List of Republicans who disavow Trump

Little known Olympic event - Cat Curling

Shoving Match Breaks Out At Multnomah County Democrats' Meeting

Hillary's Campaign Is Unfair to Donald Trump!

As for all the Trump 'reset' attempts...

What are the laws related to guns in polling stations?

Athletes gorging themselves on free McDonald's

Am I the only one who dislikes the shrieking in olympic fencing?

Reflection, glass, and color

Temperatures are Rising

NBC covers Trump with "sarcastic" tweet

What is the Trump campaign even DOING?

Athletes gorging themselves on free McDonald's

A police officer was shot and killed in a traffic stop in Hatch, NM.

St. Paul Resident Attacked by State Bird of Minnesota!

Thieves rob bank in central Milan despite warnings from residents

Activists! I want to brush up on my grant writing skills...

He raped her every day for 6 months. He got caught, but he was never charged with a crime.

Check out the Rio accommodations for the U.S.A. basketball teams:

Rio's legacy: a highway where Games buses and local anger collide

How do you print a page from a website when the site doesn't give you a print option?

Why did we stop inventing gods?

Fidel Castro thanks Cubans for 90th birthday wishes, lambasts U.S.

Donald Trump has Released his Tax Returns in the Past----for Casino Licenses

How do you print a page from a website when the site doesn't give you a print option?

International Lefthanders day

Trump tells NBC reporter [Katy Tur] to ‘be quiet’

Why in the Seven Green And Purple Hells Of The Ancients

Bacon Fat Popcorn

DT and concealed carry laws into polling venues

The March of Science: Common Wisdom About Nipples Is Wrong

Trump Spox Katrina Pierson: We Weren’t in Afghanistan Until Obama Decided to Go In

I would love to see a history bowl competition between Katrina Pierson and Sarah Palin.

Kenny Baker, actor behind R2-D2, dies

Parents Sue After Third-Graders Honors Students 'Failed' Over Standardized Tests

Tried to sign up as NY election observer for @realDonaldTrump ....

Inside the thinking of a rich Republican donor

What Are the Most Dangerous Sports at the Summer Olympics?

Apparently it's a thing now to give a Teacher's gift on the first day of school?

‘Triumph’s Summer Election Special Shows The Truly Horrifying Part of The Presidential Election

Switzerland Salez attack: Knifeman sets fire to Swiss train

Trump first considered presidency 1997 or 1998, then...

Indiana GOP Leader Resigns After Sending Video of Himself Cheating to His Contact List

#FireTrumpIn4Words is trending #1 - What's your favorite tweet?

Merkel to urge chiefs of big companies to hire refugees, Bild reports

This presidential campaign is almost at the stage of laughter.

for those Godzilla fans out there... a new and different Godzilla is coming

Does anyone think Goldwater was worse than Trump???

Editorial: The other problem with Trump's Second Amendment comments

How hot is it....

"I'm Bambi, muthafukka!"

After verbal missteps, Trump blames others

I'd hate to see this yahoo's throne room...

"Oh, you think that this is YOUR teacup, Marsha? Think again."

Mother of 5 year old transgender child fights Texas school district

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Donald Trump's economic plan would decimate his most avid supporte

Two people write Trump’s tweets. He writes the angrier ones.

NBC And Fox News Very Concerned About The Cosmetic Choices Of Female Olympic Athletes!

NBC And Fox News Very Concerned About The Cosmetic Choices Of Female Olympic Athletes!

Thoughts and prayers go out to the people in the flooded areas of New Orleans.

NBC And Fox News Very Concerned About The Cosmetic Choices Of Female Olympic Athletes!

Women CEOs face "glass cliff" (poss undeserved blame)

Florida WR cleared in sexual assault a hearing adjudicated by a school booster

I could never support a democrat who supports loan sharks over poor, desperate people

Republicans say Trump has three-weeks to turn things around or face full-scale abandonment

Georgia Trans Student Rights Watch

Has HRC taken a position on full legalization?

This guy must think Romney won the election in 2012, just because Trump is polling the same

Actor Kenny Baker, who played R2D2, has died

Obama and the Revolutionary War

Clinton says email rules different for Hillary

Pushing Chicken to Its Garlicky Limit

Trump’s run at blue Connecticut

Has Donald Trump hit bottom? (WaPo)

Trump's Kids Are in the Arena. If They Dish It Out, They Have to Learn to Take It, Too.

Trump even looks orange in black and white.

Opinion polls put Pirate Party on course to form government in Iceland

Are you suffering from "Vacation Envy?"

Trump's 40% explained.

I donated to the Hillary campaign today.

I'd think what #Trump calls "political correctness" is what most people call normal decency.

This presidential election has crystallized my view on the nature of evil.

The Republican strategy is beginning to take focus...

President Obama pummels ISIS and frees 2000 hostages; Donald Trump goes completely silent

DEA regularly mines Americans' travel records to seize millions in cash

Trump campaign doubles down on election fraud claims

What is Donald hiding with his refusal to show his tax returns?

What will Katrina Pierson's next historical revisionist lie be?

The bias inherent in some charter schools' admissions process

It has come to this...I agree with George W Bush

Detroit Metro among airports DEA targets for cash grabs from travelers

Rubio's Lead in Florida Evaporates as GOP Struggles to Overcome Trump Slump

Happy 90th birthday Fidel

Abroad in Japan: Traveling Japan in Style

I've been chomping with a coworker on and off for about five years

Scotland's wind turbines cover all its electricity needs for a day

Clinton Hits New All Time High at 538

US-backed anti-ISIS coalition frees 2000 hostages in Manbij. Residents celebrate their liberation.

Per Nate Silver: Trump's "rigged" message may depress his turnout!

5 Signs That You’re Paying Too Much Attention to the Election

Let's See Your 2016 Electoral Vote Maps

How It's Made: Thai Fish Sauce

Robert DeNiro compares Trump to Taxi Driver character Travis Bickle.

Is there a place where I can find Hillary's daily schedule? I...

True patriots don't let demagogues drive them over a cliff.

Barbecue and civil rights

My zealous right wing sister has apparently turned abortion into the key issue in her mind...

Why Can't Hillary Work Miracles?

I've got a 4-week old Siamese kitten in my bathroom, please think good thoughts for him

The Trump-Clinton divide on little people. (according to a business columnist)

How Trump’s poll decline could lead to a self-perpetuating death spiral for his campaign

New Study Reveals The IQ Of Republicans In America

A 30,000-Square-Foot Olympics Mural May Just Be a Record

Megyn Kelly Had The Best Reaction To A Trump Surrogate’s Complaint About Wheelchair Ramps

For those interested in posting comments elsewhere in addition to DU: Washington Post Open Thread

Police: Gunshots fired in Crabtree Valley Mall; no suspects in custody

JetBlue Announces $99 Flight to Cuba, Starting August 31

Inside the Failing Mission to Save Donald Trump From Himself

Why are there no questions regarding how Trump would deal with his businesses and investments

Mothers of Plaza de Mayo hold their 2,000th march for justice.

Rae'Lynn Thomas, Ohio Transgender Woman, Killed by Mom's Ex Who Called Her "Satan"

Trump May Be Boon for Down-Ballot Dems, LGBT Rights in Arizona, Georgia

Doping: Stepanova records illegally accessed after WADA hack

Russia's only track and field athlete at Rio has now been booted out.

Mothers of Plaza de Mayo hold their 2,000th march for justice.

Teaching kids empathy: In Danish schools, it’s … well, it’s a piece of cake.

Isis: Incredible photos show civilians celebrating freedom in Syria by cutting beards and burning bu

What if Melania Trump were black?

So when is trumad going to be allowed back on the board??

RNC looks to expand outreach to African-Americans

Stores to customers: "Cash not welcome here"

An observation from a friend in Australia

Harvard economist warns $700 gold by mid 2017.

CNN: Katrina Pierson: Obama took US into Afghanistan (he didn't)

Trump campaign plans rapid Florida expansion

Nate Silver of speculates on what a huge Clinton landslide would look like

"Best Pot Plants": Oregon State Fair to display winner of first ever Marijuana Fair.

Trolling Trump fans with absurd ads for the candidate

Pelosi receives 'obscene and sick' calls after hack

Imam, Associate Gunned Down on Street in Queens: Police

Free speech, suspected speech and sarcasm

Trump’s Strategy Makes Perfect Sense — And It’s Diabolical

Olympic tennis: well worth watching today's - spoilers

The GOP cannot stop Trump from exploiting them because their whole philosophy is based on business

Stunning video: Man saves woman from submerged car, then goes back and saves her dog

Trump solicits election observers after warning of vote rigging

Kaine: Trump’s tax returns would show dodges and ‘stingy’ charitable giving

I figure dim don will be bellowing voter fraud in about 46 states

Some have speculated that Trump really doesn't want to win the election,

Bad News for Trump: Real Leader of Isis is killed

De Niro compares Trump to his 'Taxi Driver' character-calls the Republican nominee "totally nuts.

Black, Hispanic children, youth rarely get help for mental health problems

Trump's target is Obama, not Hillary.

How to make housing fair in America - By Tim Kaine

What was your most memorable song your last year in high school?

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 13, 2016

Hezbollah chief approvingly quotes Trump: "Even Republican Leader Said Obama & Clinton Founded ISIS"


I still believe this is the real reason Trump is running

Hezbollah Leader Touts Trump’s Comments About Obama Founding ISIS

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

The "Pink Tax" starts from birth

U.S. Vice President Biden To Visit Turkey: White House

Katrina Pierson Attributes False Afghanistan Comment to ‘Audio Disruptions and Echoes’

So Trump now needs a full-time babysitter on the campaign trail to keep

Stores To Customers: "Cash Not Welcome Here"

Oh. My. God Becky

Skip the Georgia Aquarium

Where are Trump's children?

The United States of Disrepair: The Great Failure of Party and Presidential Leadership

Is Puerto Rico about to win its first ever Gold medal - Olympic Gold - YES!!!

James Otto ~ Groovy Little Summer Song


Sanders: Many Believe Rousseff Impeachment 'Resembles a Coup'

President Obama accuses Donald Trump of founding The Village People.

Sanders: Many Believe Rousseff Impeachment 'Resembles a Coup'

The Russian cyberattack on the Democratic Party is getting ugly

Mike Pence plans to release tax returns; Trump, meanwhile, has said that he will not

12 Signs of Intelligence That Will Surprise You :-)

BREAKING: Pence will release his tax returns. per CNN

After Hillary wins, should president Obama withdrawal his nomination of Garland?

Teacher gives black colleague KKK robe, Confederate flag

Lao Tomato Dip

Teacher gives black colleague KKK robe, Confederate flag

Imam shot dead on NYC street

Olympic spoilers, per Skinner (2014):

Wharton, hmmm

We Got Canvassed By A Jill Stein Guy! It Was Not Very Fun For Him!

Another first ever gold.

Study Finds PayDay Lenders Charging 300% Interest (And Yes, It Is Legal)

Olivia Herrera is a perfect new name for Long Beach school (CA)

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Arlington Million

You all do realize that one day Donald Trump is going to look a reporter in the eye and say...

Obama puts Congress on notice: TPP is coming

ISPs face piracy lawsuits

Black Lives Matter must rescind anti-Israel declaration

Drump is supposedly appearing at a fundraiser in Milwaukee next tuesday.

According to National Public Radio, Trump refuses to release tax returns...

Bernie: "And I say to you 1%..."

Dems flooded with vulgar, suspicious messages following online data dump

Donald Trump for President, choose your adjective

Katrina Pierson tops herself... accuses Obama of invading Afghanistan