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Convicted spy Pollard loses challenge to U.S. parole conditions

Tyson fires 10 U.S. workers after video captures chicken abuse

Hungry? Has anyone tried the new Trump Sandwich?

Hey President Jimmy Carter

Colorado clinic shooter still mentally incompetent to stand trial: hospital

Let Barry Bamz Obama Sex You Up All Day And All Night, With His Sexxxy Summer Playlist!

More Adult Americans Live With Their Parents And Grandparents

N.Y. man admits planning Islamic State-inspired New Year's Eve attack

Secret video prompts Tyson to retrain chicken plant workers

Overseas Travel Warnings About USA Mount

Family lawyer calls black man's accused shooter 'George Zimmerman 2.0'

Panic in Republicanland: More than 70 Prominent Republicans ask RNC to Stop Funding Trump

Lawsuit calls New Jersey stun gun ban unconstitutional

Trump Is After The Anti-Gay Bigot Vote, Apparently

Republicans have themselves to blame for the slow economy, study says

Iowa landowners seek immediate halt to Dakota Access pipeline

Trump settles legal dispute with former campaign aide

Poll: Lindsey Graham SC's 'least popular politician'

Exclusive: Congressional leaders were briefed a year ago on hacking of Democrats - sources

Federal suit challenges S.C. 'disturbing schools' law

How come Obama hasn't smacked Trump down today

What is your daily prayer life like?

Bernie Sanders Slams Decision Not To Reclassify Marijuana

Here's CNN's headline: Top Clinton State Department Aide Helped Clinton Foundation

Gift that just keeps giving

Clinton would stick with Garland as nominee for Supreme Court: Reid

Kurds say Islamic State oil overseer killed in joint ops with U.S

MUSC sues Blue Cross Blue Shield for alleged nonpayment of patient care

Woodward: Clinton supporters to blame for Trump,s over-the-top comments

Congressional leaders were told last year about Russian cyber-attacks on DNC: report

Is Trump's Campaign Locking Him Out of Twitter?

Olympics or Olympiad?

Planned Parenthood shooting suspect deemed incompetent

Tad Devine cashes out of Florida House race.

The science behind tonight’s Perseid meteor shower

Lawsuit: Trump campaign’s state director in N.C. pointed loaded gun at ‘petrified’ staffer

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! O Mighty ISIS! Live & Uncensored & a new

Trump has created a constitutional crisis on the 42nd anniversary of Nixon’s resignation

400-year-old Greenland shark ‘longest-living vertebrate’

my debate zinger for hillary to use: "you really just make things up, don't you."

Natalie Maines!!!

Rachel Maddow

Federal judges find NC legislative districts unconstitutional (x-posted from LBN)

Billy West, voice of Futurama's Zapp Brannigan, does Trump Brannigan.

BREAKING: In honor of Trump Candidacy, GOP Unveils NEW LOGO!!!!

Trump Adds Eight Women to His Economic Team

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kaine to visit Newport

remember yesterday I said my cat was breathing funny?

Department of Environmental Management issues warning as convicted cat killer gets out

I'm baffled why SNL would cut their Obama AND Trump during an election year.

Ok......I'm a woman, I love the NFL but can I say I 'm SICK of all the eye candy

Have a look at the PBS program on "The American Experience" about Nixon.

Preach it, Tim Kaine!

There’s No Such Thing As A Protest Vote

John Paulson, Trump Advisor Took Money From Auto Industry Bailout

Secret Service scolds Trump

Gary Johnson could help Hillary win in many states

Raimondo signs into law 9 measures, including bill that links state college funding to performance

Who’s Behind A Mysterious Website Saying Polls Are Skewed Against Trump?

Muslim Woman Says Chicago Police Officers Ripped Off Her Hijab, Suit Says

Muslim Woman Says Chicago Police Officers Ripped Off Her Hijab, Suit Says

Anyone seen the Doc. The Brainwashing of my dad?

Croquet anyone?

DOJ Signs Agreement With Agency of Ex-Deputy Who Tossed Girl

DOJ Signs Agreement With Agency of Ex-Deputy Who Tossed Girl

Where can I find true, unvarnished information about Whitewater?

Do You Know The Dark Origins Of The Libertarian Party??

Blumenthal Wants Repeal Of New Federal GMO Law, Calls It Unfair To Consumers

I had a request from my wife

Militia 'Patriot' Leader Mike Vanderboegh Dies at 64

On Trump, Katy Tur and "Tiny Dancer"

NASA Climate Model Suggests Planet Venus May Have Been Livable

Some music for the Video Forum

Election Brings Out Angry Beaver And Joe Lieberman

15 OAS states urge Venezuela to act on recall 'without delay'

Breaking - Emergency Meeting with RNC and Don the Con's Campaign tomorrow

Venezuelans flood Brazil border in 36-hour grocery run

BREAKING: RNC and Trump campaign holding "emergency meeting" on Friday

Trump, RNC Plan 'Come to Jesus' Meeting

anyone in VA/WV/MD able to foster or adopt a kitten or two? Or have a farm for their momma?

Trump/RNC Claim They Are Going to "Reset" His Campaign Tomorrow...4 Days After the Last "Reset"

McConnell: GOP's Senate Future is 'Very Dicey'

Trump goes from bashing and insulting groups to taking on whole states.

Consider this: Secretary of State John Bolton

Report on Racial Bias in Baltimore Policing Also Exposes Gender Bias

Report on Racial Bias in Baltimore Policing Also Exposes Gender Bias

Simone Manuel (Spoiler)

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 14 - Summer Under the Stars: Cyd Charisse

The 250 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

TCM Schedule for Monday August 15 - Summer Under the Stars: Roddy McDowall

Guns, Nets, and Bulldozers—Three quarters of the world's threatened species are imperiled because …

Historically robust natural ecosystems could collapse due to climate change and human activity

Simone Manuel ties for 100m gold, first black woman to medal in swimming

So apparently gymnast Gabby Douglas is un-American now according to some?

Michael Moore gets on my last nerve, but he's got a point with this open letter to Ivanka:

I really like Lawrence O'Donnell...

Hillary Clinton Campaign Says She Would Reschedule Marijuana

Hi Haters, We See You.

Just saw that Venus is on to the MIXED DOUBLES!!!!!!!!

Fox News Latino poll: Clinton holds 46-point lead over Trump among Hispanics

More blasts strike southern Thailand

Watching gymnastics and the glitter

Uh huh.

Trump Exposes Trump

Rich. Really, truly rich.

BREAKING....RNC and Trump holding emergency meeting tomorrow

New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer

What a relief!

If you don't know the answer to a question, just say you don't know.

Once Nearly Extinct California Island Foxes No Longer Endangered

Space Weird Thing-Alaska Robotics

How Gaza's electricity crisis is becoming Israel's water catastrophe

Pacific 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off Vanuatu

Trump's other polling headache (enthusiasm & likely voters/registered voters)

US couple sues IP mapping firm over 'digital hell'

Guatemalans' Fight Against Rogue Canadian Mining Giant Heats Up

The defenses of Donald Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ comment don’t make sense.

At a Donald Trump Rally, a Confederate Flag Goes Up, and Quickly Comes Down

Meenakshi Amma: you probably don't want to mess with her

Can we stop calling tomorrow's Trump/RNC meeting a "Come to Jesus" moment?

Liar or Idiot? Yet Again, Donald Trump Poses the Eternal Question.

Peru Oil Pipeline's 4th Leak Spills More Crude in the Amazon

Another old billionaire (or his handlers) exercises his Free Speech/Discount Tires supports ARPAIO

Peru Oil Pipeline's 4th Leak Spills More Crude in the Amazon

Madison police: Man scammed ‘elderly’ woman out of $578K by claiming to have leukemia

I've Given This A Lot Of Thought...

I am so disgusted by my country that my fellow Americans would think cheeto

Climate Change Is Not The ‘Biggest Killer’ Of Biodiversity

In case you missed it today, Trump proposed abolishing trial by jury for some US citizens

New Milford probate judge will continue to serve following assault arrest

Why a Georgia Congressman is Fighting to Stop Security Aid to Honduras

Why a Georgia Congressman is Fighting to Stop Security Aid to Honduras

Florida man accused of trying to get a handgun through Bradley Airport (Conn) security

Coalition forces kill top ISIS leader in oil fight

Albuquerque mayor hires panhandlers to beautify the city

Fox News Thinks Female Olympic Athletes Should Wear Makeup to “Look Beautiful” on the Podium

Trump gets date wrong twice while implying Clinton lacks mental stamina

Fuck Trump. Deport Racism.

The Real Meaning Of One Of The NRA’s Favorite Mottoes….’Molon Labe’

I love the way WaPo has been covering Trump's "campaign," if you want to call it that.

Harrold district at forefront of 2 gender-barrier issues

Lebron James to sign 3 year, $100 million deal

7 bombs across Thailand in coordinated attack

Big Baby Trump Has Nixed Nearly Every Potential Debate Moderator

‘Scumbag Steve’ is taking on Donald Trump. Here’s why.

Daily Holidays August 12

Rio Olympic LGBT Athletes Say Crowds Are Chanting Homophobic Slurs At Them

LGBT Group: Rio Olympic LGBT Athletes Say Crowds Are Chanting Homophobic Slurs At Them

If you don't have, or don't want, and/or cannot use a smartphone, you need professional care!

Nearly 100 People Shot In Chicago In Less Than A Week

The first Nationwide study from the CDC on the health risks faced by LGBTQ youth is horrifying

Gay Olympian From ‘Very Homophobic’ Tonga, Slams Article Outing Gay Olympic Athletes Using Grindr

Gay Olympian From ‘Very Homophobic’ Tonga, Slams Article Outing Gay Olympic Athletes Using Grindr

Check Out These Incredible Vintage Photos Of Gay Couples

Star Belgian sailor takes sick after racing on polluted bay

N.H. Senate race shifts to foreign policy — but to whose advantage?

Tonight’s Donald Trump campaign rally features giant Confederate Flag with his name on it

National Enquirer: Clinton gains 130 lbs, in poor health and in danger of dying

“Don’t tell the people a falsehood,” Lemon barked at Donald Trump surrogate Corey Lewandowski

Rockies rookie David Dahl's 17-game hit streak ties MLB record

Poster--It was Republicans who cut embassy funding

Khizr Khan Asks John McCain To Reject Trump

This will tick you off.

Three stupidest things I have read/heard in the last 24 Hours -- Election Edition

All Pants on Fire! statements involving Donald Trump..Politifact

Gov. Baker signs jobs bill, to veto miles-traveled tax plan


Gov. Charlie Baker signs municipal modernization bill

In RI, nation's first offshore wind farm ushers in new era

Year one complete, Atlantic Union College seeks accreditation

It gets a review again ....

Trump: 'Fine' with trying US citizens in military courts

That cop who killed that 73 year old woman in Florida

Democratic hopeful for governor says school spending needs to be more efficient

GOP insiders: Trump can't win

Orlando LGBT community to Rubio: We're not your crutch

Mother, 62, arrested after son, 6, beat newborn sister to death

Gov. Maggie Hassan uninjured in Nashua car crash

State Epidemiologist Resigns, Says State Officials Are Misleading Public

‘Twist her wrist until she shuts up’

Joe Biden writes about the US and foreign affairs

N.H. Democratic Gov. Hopefuls Square Off


There be heroes. In a city of two million people there are only 35 doctors remaining

Friday Toon Roundup 1- You know Who

Rutland Herald owners announce sales agreement

Friday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Trump backtracks on Obama as ISIL founder: 'Don't they get sarcasm?' Read more: http://www.politico

Is Don the Con already trying to walk back "President Obama and Clinton are founders of ISIS?" claim

Federal judge clears way for F-35 basing

President Obama's summer play lists:

Trump campaign, in flames, sits down with the RNC today. Trump will not be atending.

Feds: Company CEOs indicted for stealing $2.5M from NY firm

Trump campaign abandons NJ office

Maine handed off oversight of a $23M program for infants with no bid contract

Peter Ness Plays Blackjack

Virgin Islands: Two police officers found dead

Trump Leads Texas In KTVT-CBS 11/Dixie Strategies Poll

No, no, no, no, no.......

"Make mine double-extra-super sized!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Trump knows how to fix deficits

Great Scott!

No worries everybody, just sarcasm - Trump Back Tracks His ISIS Statement

Two Simones. . .Two Golds. . .One Awesome Night

I'm Sick of The So-Called “News"

Keith Olbermann: Each time he awakens from his asshattery hangover Donald Trump repeatedly...


Hillary should hold more press conferences.

Pressing Trump's "Reset Button" ...

GOP insiders: Trump can't win

Team Clinton tasting victory

Crawler on MSNBC said

New Dixie-Strategies Poll of Texas is a piece of crap

The Doctor Behind the Dyin’ Hillary Meme

An America-First Rebellion That Is Just Beginning

The RNC doesn't get it. Teh Don will "win" this meeting.

Why is Clinton using Trump to promote Republicans?

House ethics panel finds “substantial reason” to suspect auto-dealer congressman...

Trump: "I don't know that we need to get out the vote..."

Kaine courts Asian voters for Clinton

Trump warns GOP he could stop fundraising

Trump says he'd try U.S. citizens in Gitmo military tribunals


Texas, other states to ask judge to halt Obama transgender policy

TRUMP: "Well, I'm not a big believer in manmade climate change"

Trump tells Miami Herald he doesn't believe in "man-made climate change"

If Trump's claim was sarcasm, then he just called his own surrogates a bunch of idiots.

She can't be the only one:

Corker: Trump went 'far too far' in Obama, ISIS statements

What the hell am I mising here? I'm watching Morning Joe (i know, I know)

The SWEETEST WORDS Donald Trump has ever said!!!!

Professional fighters association launches union targeting UFC athletes

Professional fighters association launches union targeting UFC athletes

The Real "Disqualifier"...

Professional fighters association launches union targeting UFC athletes

Don’t buy the hype: The U.S. is not experiencing a terrible new crime wave

I believe that if one were to studiously follow the far right blogosphere, one could . . . .

Trump’s applause-line economic plan was a disaster - By Michael Gerson

Baltimore prosecutor on woman reporting rape: ‘Seems like a conniving little whore’

what horseshit will trump conjure up today?

Trump's returns must be loaded with RUBLES!

Do You Know The Dark Origins Of The Libertarian Party??

The Media Could Have Stopped Republicans From Holding Our Economy Hostage!

Wiki Fiction: Why Is Julian Assange Pushing Right-Wing Conspiracy Claims? - By Joe Conason

Meet The Anti-Obamacare Myth-Maker Trump Just Named To His Economic Team


Bill McKibben on Climate Change at the Democratic Platform Hearing | Bernie 2016

Hannity Spent Entire Week Conducting ‘Investigation’ Into Clinton’s Health

Trump 'Fine' With Trying American Citizens At Guantanamo Bay

In right balance, environmental regulations increased firms' profits, new study finds

If the RNC forces Trump out, wouldn't the Trumpers just stay home?

Sarcasm, a joke or idiocy?

GOP insiders bury Trump: ‘It would take video of a smiling Hillary drowning puppies’ for him to win

Trump Says He Was Being SARCASTIC When He Called President Obama & Hillary Co-Founders Of ISIS

This is apocryphal and decidedly politically incorrect.

WATCH: Trump rally disrupted when heckler calls him ‘Putin’s b*tch’

Last fall when there were 17 clowns in the GOP circus car, did anyone image it would be this crazy?

Olympic Media Sexism Bingo

For political ticket led by man fixated on winning-there's a lot in the air that smells like losing

Trump Says He Was Being SARCASTIC When He Called President Obama & Hillary Co-Founders Of ISIS

Donald Trump's eulogy for his father

Clinton ad spotlights Republicans pressing Trump to release tax returns - released this morning

I have hacked Trump's brain. And I know how to destroy him in a debate.

Kansas exporting its college graduates to other states

U.S. Producer Prices Fell 0.4% as Inflation Remains Muted

The pundits like axelrod who said in real world Bernie would never be president

The first African-American woman to win an individual swimming medal at any Olympic Games.

When attitude and appearance are at odds

7 Scientific Effects of Marijuana That Experts Want to Study

Secret Trump voters reverse their support: 'He seems to be insane' - The Guardian

MSNBC Roberts grilling Trump's economic advisor...

The parking ticket - Make sure you get to the end of the story

Personally I think all DUers are assholes!!!....

Remember January? Take a break from the heat and enjoy Snowzilla for a minute.

Hypothesis of likely outcomes for the Republican Party after the 2016 Election

The new New Yorker cover

Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, and now Penn State College Republicans Won’t Endorse Trump

On the phone Monday with a friend we were discussing Trump's "Reset"

Great Whie Hype; No One is Energizing White Working Class

Must we consider everything Trump says as sarcasm?

Trump Focus Group (Official) • Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016

How to Help Victims of the Fire/Explosion at Flower Branch Apartments

Paul Krugman: Why the GOP Establishment Still Backs Trump

Great names for a band.

Testing rape kits is not necessary because cops can tell if a rape accusation is true or not

Gay high school students raped, attacked far more often

Now I get why they call it the Trump Train!

Heads up; new State polls coming out in 30 min

UD study reports offshore wind in Cape Wind may be more powerful, turbulent than expected

Nov. 9 and the future of the GOP

Trump now says he was being sarcastic when he said he was being sarcastic.


Labour NEC wins bid against allowing new members a leadership vote

New air-gap jumper covertly transmits data in hard-drive sounds

Trump Supporters Love Him Because He Says What He Means!

Stray Dog Follows Racer 77 Miles to Forever Home! Amazing!

Will Donald Trump Hand State Capitols to Democrats?

Control Tower Trump

What's up with the LA Times/USC GE poll, Clinton up by only 1%? nt

Will Donald Trump Hand State Capitols to Democrats?

Resistance of the heart

The Seafarer Keyboard.

Did you just see that on TV?!!?!

Stranger Things: Trump

The True Story Of A Fake Presidential Candidate: Mrs Bronstein

That's it. Donald Trump just lost my vote.


Didn't President Reagan

New Battleground State Polls (Marist)

Sanders calls Trump ‘the poster child of failed trade policies’ - 08/12/16

Iraq was the one that called for US troops to leave!!!!!!!

Black women are showing up for Team USA this week!

Private federal prisons more dangerous, damning DoJ investigation reveals

Talk About An Ancient Mariner! Greenland Shark Is At Least 272 Years Old

U.S. refineries see upside to Latin America fuel shortage

Play the Donald Trump foundation game.

The lies Trump told this week: from Obama and Isis to support for vets

Rick Astley performs "Highway To Hell." And no, it is not a RickRoll.

I'm gonna get me some gargantuan suction cups

Trump says he'd only use nuclear weapons in a sarcastic way

I'm pretty sure Trump is being sarcastic about making America Great Again??

Since the day the Donald Trump announced his candidacy....

New Senate Polls (Marist)

Trump says he offers childcare services to employees, but there's no evidence

Another hair stylist...gone

Hillary's got some exciting ideas!!

TRUMP Sure Likes To Put His Name On Things

Just a compilation of the crazy racist Drump supporters who are driving this insanity

Russia's Putin sacks chief of staff Sergei Ivanov

Trump Tower climber charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment

The Automation Bomb Could Destroy 45% of Work Activities

Fox Noise D-bags on Women Athletes (Yup, as bad as you think it could be)

And now we take you to a live shot at Donald Trump campaign headquarters.

Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine release tax returns

Star Wars: New Rogue One trailer released

Rump actually admitted he might lose!

34 Slide Photos: Bernie's Lakefront Home

Why Simone Manuel's Olympic gold medal in swimming matters

THIS is Team Hillary's incredible groundgame in action

Hey everyone, need some help here - it's pretty desperate.

Gannett and N.Y. Times ask court to unseal 1990 Trump divorce records

Minnesota GOP Congressional Nominee Has Fun, Creative Views On Women, Slavery, Everything

"Trump Says What He Means"

How to Help Victims of the Fire/Explosion at Flower Branch Apartments

Blue state DU, please donate $ to swing states that need total sweeps of GOP leadership.

Money isn't the only reason why ...

For His Next Trick, Donald Trump Is Going to Swallow His Own Head

MAYDAY! MITCH Admits GOP Senate Chances 'Very Dicey"

Trivia - News From The Past

As reported on CNN, according to polls today Trump is behind in every battleground state

The Koch Plan To Take Over America

Shah Rukh Khan detained at US airport, diplomat apologises

Do we have a new incarnation of the same old rage thing?

John McCain, nobody's hero

Charles Pierce on Sarcasm: For His Next Trick, Donald Trump Is Going to Swallow His Own Head

What do you think about General Discussion: 2016?

All that and a bag of Cheetos

Dinesh D'Souza whines: "GOP won't support my crappy propaganda film"

Making America Great Again

Republicans will renounce their endorsement of Trump by Labor Day.

Presidents & Presidential hopefuls ranked by IQ

Recipes for 90-Degree Days

Klansville USA

imho: fRump's bargaining intimidation tactics backfired: Americans are terrified of him

Why isn't this sport in the Olympics?

TRUMP Deals: "I wasn't representing the country. I was representing Donald Trump"

Why did the intel community sit on the Russian hack intel for a year?

In Texas, a man who didn’t kill anybody is about to be executed for murder

Poll: Clinton leading Trump in critical battlegrounds

Shakeup at the Trump campaign after two weeks of bad polls ;)

Will Life imitate Art?

>>>> Comment Thread for August Contest - "Keeping It Cool"! <<<<

Love the CNN headline now

>>>> Submission Thread for August Contest - "Keeping It Cool" <<<<

Israel Emerges As A Player On The World Stage

What's that famous DU non-sequitir post?

Trump supporters believe McConnell and Ryan and the establishment Republicans are the problem...

Ohio law defunding Planned Parenthood blocked by federal judge

NC: Republicans Burr and McCrory trailing Dem. Opponents

Trump Supporters Focus Group

“ISIS was founded by radical jihadists, not by the president" says RUBIO

Borowitz: Trump says he would only use nuclear weapons in a sarcastic way.

Fred Trump Taught His Son the Essentials of Showboating Self-Promotion.

Panama Papers: Iceland calls elections six months early in wake of scandal

Trump Rally-Goer To CNN Reporter: "I Am A Patriot And You Are A Traitor!"

Together for America Launches for Republicans and Independents Backing Hillary Clinton

Warren Buffett to Donald Trump: The economy is 'pretty damn good'

Interesting cameo that I don't think anyone has ever spotted. "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome."

Carl Icahn likens American workers to a fictional character on a 70s sitcom.

Donald Trump's 'The Art of the Deal: The Movie', Parody by Johnny Depp

Fight for $15 organizers demand employee status from SEIU

Trump beseeches evangelical pastors to help him win so he can get into heaven

The batshit crazy wingnuts have found their "birth certificate" to glom onto over Hillary.

TSA agents find a 3-D printed revolver in a carry-on bag, confiscate it

Donald Trump: If I lose, ‘it’s OK ... I go back to a very good way of life’

Went to pay my water bill and found my city is #1

Best pic I've seen this year. No words needed.

These three states are making a Trump win basically impossible

X-post (LBN): TSA agents find a 3-D printed revolver in a carry-on bag, confiscate it

Clinton releases 2015 tax return, calls on Trump to release his

Trump supporters focus group

Progression favors the Democracy

Donnie apparently didn't realize the downside of running for President.

this will leave you speechless.

Clinton speaks Mormon while Trump speaks nonsense

For more than 50 years, his romantic partners have died or vanished. Now, he’s finally on trial.

Technology is bringing about the progressive future that I want

What the heck is the Clinton "Global Initiative"? What about those huge sums of money?

The Nauru Files: 2,000 Leaked Reports Reveal Scale of Abuse of Children

The Right's Love Affair With Austerity is Slowing Our Recovery

Mentally Unbalanced Man Still Waiting For The Right Trump Comment To Incite Him

Non-US citizens - can we hear your perspective on this Trump fiasco?

Olympics: Womens Football Qrt Final Going To Penalty Shoot Out- USA V Sweden

Pat Robertson: Satan Inspires Liberals To Lie About Donald Trump (And Me)

I was not making fun of people with FAS

Thomas Gibson fired from 'Criminal Minds'

Trump:‘If We Have Nuclear Weapons, Why Can’t We Use Them?’

Why does Trump refer to himself in the 3rd person?

USA Women OUT Of Olympics in Football Shoot Out (Soccer)

Trump in Erie, Pa - Making Sarcasm Great Again

Be cautious with Hillary's recent surging in battleground states.

Clinton takes substantial edge in key swing-state polls

My 15,000th (and one) post! I love you guys :-)

Democrats question $3.4 million no-bid state contract

Brain-melting interview between Trump and Hugh Hewitt

Is the US really third in the world in murders? Not if you subtract 4 US cities from the list.

Too Poor to Afford the Internet

Anyone have any extra global cooling? We could sure use it in Texas.nt

Can we take a minute to just applaud Hillary for the great campaign she is running?

I just had a blinding realization.

British court shuts thousands of party members out of key Labour vote

Baltimore police once used a helicopter to break up a dice game

Man smuggles "emotional support" service monkey onto Las Vegas flight. Let the puns begin.

Advice to Republicans - Shut down the Right Wing Noise Machine

Reince & Trump: A Unified Message for the GOP (mashup video)

Tim Kaine just called out Donald Trump’s history of housing discrimination

Trump Wants Campaign Offices In All 50 States

Afghan envoy says regional Islamic State leader killed by U.S. drone

Mike Luckovich TOON: Making America Great Again

AP FACT CHECK: Trump wrongly calls Obama 'founder' of IS

Rupert Murdoch announces Fox News management changes

Bottom Line: He just doesn't care.

Michael Moore's Open Letter To Ivanka Trump "Your Dad's Not Well"

U.S. aims to restore water, return fish to diverted California river

I wonder if the Madman thinks that using graphs in his "speeches" makes him more "presidential."

The Clown

Mike Morell’s Kill-Russians Advice by By Ray McGovern

Texas, other states to ask judge to halt Obama transgender policy

TIME: Brutally honest, in-depth article about trump's meltdown

Protestors Interrupt Trump Rally To Demand His Tax Forms

Constructive Criticism of Hillary Clinton

Russia deploys advanced S-400 air missile system to Crimea: agencies

Saudis link Yemeni expatriate who killed policeman to Islamic State

Turkey seeks 32 fugitive diplomats in post-coup inquiry

Another example of moral harm caused by a gun, this time in in Colorado:

Our yougest daughter turned 15 today.

The Latest: Trump says Obama remark was sarcastic, sort of

Mississippi gay marriage law remains blocked during appeal

Millions of cars' keyless entry systems can be hacked, security experts find

and another complaint.......does it bother anyone else of Nadal's routine befor he serves??

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 12, 2016

Sean Hannity & his Fox medical experts

Wikipedia uses the term "Feminazi"??

I don't believe many here are trained to diagnose a mental illness in Donald Trump

A massive new study debunks a widespread theory for Donald Trump’s success

Hillary Clinton's Economy Announcement

Regular Car Reviews: 2014 Tesla Model S P85

Zika found to remain in sperm for record six months


A note from a loser. Or is it moocher?

Trump Tells Christian Broadcasting Network: Christians Have Lost Their Free Speech

A note from a loser. Or is it moocher?

For anyone who's never seen it, here's what Hillary faced in 2008 from the MSM.

Abandoned Olympic Venues from around the world

Standoff defendant challenges judge's oath of office #BundyTeaParty

LePage eyes changing laptop program launched by Angus King

Trump backs off his backpedal on Obama terror claim

Petition To Hillary Clinton: "Ask White House To Stop Pushing For 'Lame Duck' TPP Vote in Congress"

Hope Solo is a sore loser.

HISD approves budget for school name changes (TX)

Judge rejects Ohio law to cut Planned Parenthood funds over abortion

Today's London Review of Books explains Trump phenomena

A good question for Trump.

California lawmaker to float zero emission vehicle bill

1966 could be rock 'n' roll's most revolutionary year, thanks to the Beatles, Dylan and Beach Boys

Barbra + Donna

Co-Chair Of NY Trump Camp: Khan Doesn't Deserve Title Of Gold Star Parent

Federal court orders release of Steven Avery's nephew.

Rio 2016: Daily Beast 'sorry for outing gay athletes'

Syria rebels 'cut off IS escape route' through Manbij

Donald Trump is Heath Ledger's Joker character, but for real.

Luckovich - Making America Great Again

Trump allies, WikiLeaks and Russia are pushing a nonsensical conspiracy theory about the DNC hacks

Never mind the Monkees or "Revolver"; the IBM PC is 35 years old today.

Hillary Clinton Gains Double-Digit Lead Over Donald Trump in Key Battleground States

White supremacists see Trump as ‘last stand’

Pakistan: 'Dead-baby-swap gang' arrested in Peshawar

Pakistan: 'Dead-baby-swap gang' arrested in Peshawar

Ah, to be a fly on the wall at the RNC-Trump meeting!

How It's Made: Japanese Navy Biscuits

This is why my Olympic Dream was never realized

Iowa Medical, Psychology Boards Mull Conversion Therapy Rule

This is the beginning of the end of the NRA

I really have a new job this time. No, really I do. I'm serious. I start tomorrow.

Terror suspect says he was paid FBI informant and ‘baffled’ by charges

Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against the #DakotaAccessPipeline

The NRA’s Favorite Gun “Academic” Is A Fraud

I've been watching Chris Hayes, Steve Kornacki, and Lawrence lately

Hillary Clinton Widens Lead Over Donald Trump in Battleground States

Felix Vail Found Guilty of Murder in Wife’s 1962 Death, While Disappearances of 2 Other Women Remain

'Making a Murderer': Brendan Dassey's Conviction Overturned

PM (Netanyahu): 'I care more about Palestinians than their own leaders do'

IS leader in Afghanistan killed, US believes

LDS Church Mass Resignation set for Saturday in Salt Lake City

Feds Shop Ocean off the Outer Banks to Build Wind Turbines

The discriminatory laws that do not discriminate

So, while I'm battling traffic listeing to NPR...

WTF, my fellow Iowans? Clinton 35 / Trump 35 / Johnson 12 / Stein 6

ReTHUGs are now blaming Obama for Bushco's illegal war and occupation

Journey through old and new Las Vegas

Michael Morrell, former CIA Acting Director, answers critics about Hillary's achievements

Is there a law that mall food courts must have a "Bourbon Chicken" restaurant?

It ain't over? Why Alex Rodriguez will still be a Yankee after Friday

Reince Priebus at Trump Rally: Don’t Believe the Hype, GOP Is Fine

Katrina Pierson, need I say more?

Even if Polling Tightens, Where Is Donald Trump’s 270th Electoral Vote?

Ecosystems in the Southeastern U.S. Are Vulnerable to Climate Change

"Conservative" criticism of Hillary Clinton

I'll take the badass bitch who knows how to get shit done please!

The Latest Evidence That Russia Was Behind the DNC Hack Should Trouble You a Lot

Detroit Man Indicted After Buying Arms From Undercover Agent

Trump Camp: We Don’t Care About Clinton’s Taxes, Show Us Her Emails!

Hillary’s economic pitch: She’s recommitting to progressive policies and dismantling Trumpism

Something we may have noticed before?

Is the media actually nit-picking Trump's wise words?

Miami-Dade Mayor To Governor: Reimburse Funds Spent In Zika Fight

Hillary Clinton Launches Podcasts from the Campaign Trail

Consumers Are Feeling A Little Better In August — But Not By Much

UN Security Council Backs More Troops to Halt War in South Sudan

Argentine Vice President Gabriela Michetti charged with malfeasance over $75,000 in undeclared funds

University of Texas students plan to carry sex toys to class to protest new campus-carry laws

King, Reagan, and Kennedy Families Respond to Trump’s 2nd Amendment Remarks

"Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate."

Just registered. Looking forward to keeping the Old Dominion blue

Weediquette- Stoned Vets

If Obama's approval is 52% and rising, and his disapproval is 44% (RCP average), how can Trump win?

The clinton FAMILY foundation is not the clinton foundation

Think about that...

WATCH: Berserk death threat-spewing motorist threatens to ‘pull a Trump’ on bicyclist he cut off

EU Urges Russia, Ukraine to Refrain From Escalating Tensions

So......I've moved to Georgia.....anyone here from Tucker?

Anti-Police Brutality T-Shirt Kiosk Vendor to Return to Mall

Cuba subdued ahead of Fidel Castro's 90th birthday

Cash grants to people with unexpected bills successfully prevents homelessness

"Trump Rescue Plane" had been seized by the banks because he failed to make payments on his loans

Watching the World Series, little league style.....

Sad news from the world of folk music.

LDS Church Mass Resignation set for Saturday in Salt Lake City

Cannes, Citing Security Risks, Bans Full-Body ‘Burkinis’ From Its Beaches.

Trump apologist Donnie Deutch is a very annoying character.

Argentine Vice President Gabriela Michetti charged with malfeasance over $75,000 in undeclared funds

Sioux Man Praises Fed's Switch From Harney to Black Elk Peak

Green's Ballot Access in NV...DENIED

John Lewis’ March is an essential read in a turbulent political climate

Exasperated Karl Rove Rips Donald Trump For His Inability to Stay on Message

tRumpretzel. Def.

Awww...Halperin thinks the media is being unfair to

Does Donald Trump not understand the meaning of the word "sarcasm"?

Hannity, Ingraham Team Up Again for 2nd Straight Day of Bashing ‘Arrogant’ #NeverTrump-ers

Don the Con - Please release them let us know -

Not a word about the goddamn disaster in Brazil?!

Grand Traverse County GOP (MI) kicks out former Gov. Milliken after he endorses Hillary

Serious flooding in Louisiana

Amid Tensions, Russia Deploys Advanced Surface-To-Air Missile System To Crimea

Gotta love Wikipedia!

RuPaul explains why he supports "the badass bitch who knows how to get shit done."

Traveling overseas

UPDATED: Russians Suspected of Hacking Democrats Also Went After Republicans, Researchers Say

Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park

Comparing “energy poverty” in Germany with other countries

Happy 35th Birthday, IBM PC! In honor of it, some GREAT vintage ads

Hillary is advertising inside the EA Sports Madden 16 game...

Internet Mogul Gets Year in Jail in Domestic Violence Case

If anyone demanded all Trump's emails from the last few years, how would he respond?

Russia's and Everybody Elses Hacking

Donald Trump’s ISIS-Obama Comments First Came From the Russians and Crazy People

Off Topic: I'm Back!

Wyoming Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Same-Sex Marriage

Hacker Publishes List Of Cell Phone Numbers, Private E-Mails For Most House Democrats

U.S. goalie Hope Solo goes on ugly rant after Olympic loss, calls Sweden ‘cowards’

US Announces Plans to Protect Rare Colorado, Utah Birds

Nuclear power plant? Or storage dump for hot radioactive waste?

Good to see Tweetie head still finds Trumpie amusing.

If it's proven that Russia is meddling in the U. S. Presidential election

Trump just says: "the only way Hillary Clinton wins in Pennsilvania is if she cheats" CNN

Here he goes again!

Trump: Hillary wins PA only if she cheats.

Debate Flares After Black College Students Seek A Non-White Roommate

Belize High Court Strikes Down Sodomy Law

Trump: Clinton can't win Pennsylvania without cheating.

80 years ago, Nebraskans put on a show in front of Adolf Hitler at Berlin Olympics

You have to wonder what Trump was like when he was in grade school?

Guarantee you this...

Trump: "I hope I win. I'm going to feel very, very foolish if I don't win." ...

U.S. declares state of emergency in Puerto Rico over Zika

Anti-Americanism Surges In Turkey After Coup

DNC, news media, voters demand to see Trump and Manafort's emails exchanged with Russia and

Boeing's KC-46 program approved for production: U.S. Air Force

Kansas governor wants to examine amusement park regulation

Here's Why Your Facebook Timeline Is Suddenly Full of Hillary Clinton Supporters (Fortune magazine)

RNC confirms it is stuck to Don the Con like toilet paper to...

Things Trump might say is rigged by Clinton.

Why the USC/LA Times tracking poll is a crock.

U.S. court will not scrap lawsuit over Purina Beggin’ dog treats

Former L.A. County sheriff pleads not guilty to new federal charges

Sorry gang, but it won't be over even when tRump loses!!!!

Get your tickets NOW! Tuesday - Wisconsin. Townhall with Trump and Hannity!!

Which State have Early Voting,,,, and when do they start?

NBC Olympics promo features the theme from Briscoe County, Jr.?