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Individual Detained After RCMP Warned Of Possible Terror Threat

50 GOP national security experts oppose Trump

Maybe Dipshit donnie tRump's needs a new speech interpreter

Ballot Access For Libertarian Party Uncertain In Swing State Ohio

An epic Middle East heat wave could be global warming’s hellish curtain-raiser

The tyranny of a traffic ticket for poor people of color

As voters talk, the collapse of Trump’s support becomes clearly audible

Is it just me or is Rudy Giuliani looking more and more like a Bond villain?

'Donald Grump' visits Sesame Street

Found him!

Reason offered for green water at Rio Olympic diving, water polo pools

Trump Rails Against Media For Blowing Up His 'Rigged' Election Remark

"Political Elite". What Does the Phrase Really Mean?

WATCH: Trump Tower climber fingered as supporter who released this bizarre video yesterday

That's how it's supposed to work actually.

"President Obama is the founder of ISIS"

One Man Is to Blame for the Infamous Piltdown Man Hoax

Rudy: Trump Fans Would’ve Cheered if He’d Really Called for Clinton’s Murder

I love my people - that's how you treat Mr. 2%

Michigan seeks to reinstate ban on straight-ticket voting for fall election

Watch for this

Yard Sign Poll

U.S. court blocks FCC bid to expand public broadband

Valeant under criminal investigation: WSJ

Why Does This Crucial Line of Trump’s Second Amendment Flap Keep Getting Edited Out?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! It's Church night! Live & Uncensored & a new

FCC votes to keep most media ownership rules

There wasn't a hidden Trump vote in the primary. Why would there be one in the GE?

Did someone take Steve Kornacki off the leash?

RCMP stop a credible terrorist threat concerning an IED. CBC is speculating it was in Strathroy

DEA to make long-awaited marijuana announcement Thursday

Suspected gas attack on Aleppo causes deaths, injuries: hospital, rescuers

This Is Where the First U.S. Offshore Wind Turbines Were Just Installed

That Report from Baltimore should be the number one story in America

As has been said, if he had been an ordinary citizen and said what he said in public . . . .

Has anyone seen the obscene NRA anti-Hillary ad where they attack her for flying in private planes

Long Island City gives Avonte’s family $2.7M settlement

Mark Foley was at Trump rally

I'm now convinced that there is nothing Trump won't say, to pander to his slack jawed followers

Trump: Obama and Clinton co-founded ISIS

What is the most important Olympic event?

Why are the Ecuadorians indulging Assange?

the orange foolius is good at one thing, for sure--and that is keeping media attention on

Trump must really want those visits from the Secret Service.

Former Florida Rep. Mark Foley sits behind Trump at rally

Michael J. Ronstadt, brother of Linda, dies at 62

"for what it's worth"

Bad Cop, Not Donut: Black woman strip searched for broken tail light by Baltimore PD

Trying to make America MALE again. Women control the ballot box,

Ex Congressman Mark Foley attends Trump rally

The Nauru files: cache of 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offsh

Arizona to vote on marijuana legalization in November

“Although the Third Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Trump/NAMBLA Watch, Day 11

I love the way our moronic MSM tries to play the "horserace" every day.

Devontre Thomas Stared Down Federal Charges for a Gram of Cannabis. Here’s Why He Fought Back

President Trump should get a 25th Amendment, Section 4 cabinet

Christie flat out lied - so says the text

Disgraced former FL congressman Mark Foley, all smiles at the prospect of making America great again

I've been cheating with a coworker on and off for about five years

rcp no toss-ups now has us winning the senate (with kaine as tie-breaker)!

Trump, is the best friend ISIS has with Trump's continued degradation of the US. n/t

What the Movement for Black Lives Teaches Us About the Appeal of BDS

Trump Refuses To Live In The White House If Elected?

Hack of Democrats’ Accounts Was Wider Than Believed, Officials Say

Mike Malloy - Trump Is Ordering His Brown Shirts To Kill Clinton

Mike Malloy - Trump And Rubio To Attend The Orlando Extremist Anti-LGBT Summit

Judge upholds ATF's decision banning ammo designed for AK-47

Downtown protest organizer arrested on trespassing charge

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 12, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Janet Gaynor

Ferris wheel company had troubled history before fair spill

Huckabee Jokes About Life-Shattering Zika Virus To Attack Clinton

Me When I Hear Trump Self-Destruct Again

NRA spends $3Million + to produce anti Clinton ad with fake scenes; and reeking with hypocrisy

Paul Ryan Brushes Off Trump’s Second Amendment Remarks As A ‘Joke Gone Bad’

Now that 30 states are past the time for ballot changes, the GOP talking heads all

We're seeing why Hillary's decades of experience...

To Trumps defenders saying "he wuz talkign about VOTING."

Former NSA Director: Someone Else Making Trump’s 2nd Amendment Comment

Trump's long dalliance with violent rhetoric

Trump is leading a death cult.

sorry cabs of Dallas, you just lost me to Uber

Dallas might go blue

Should the Democratic Party be the "anti-war" Party ?

Republican exodus from Trump grows

They've followed Elizabeth Warren's advice and taken away Manbaby Donald's Tweet Tool !!

Palestinians: Who would you vote for? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Patti Davis - 'To Donald Trump: I am the daughter of a man who was shot by someone who...'

Let's see how many times Trump has threaten, insult, mocked, lied about someone or anything else...

help me become better read.

Court: Identical cattle brands OK on different location

It's official-- medical cannabis will not be rescheduled.

Toxicologist on cancer warnings: State acted despite science

Cenk - great rant against Trump - "Republicans - you have a monster on your hands"

2 words keep sick Samsung workers from data: trade secrets

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 13, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Ralph Richardson

Someone said it here yesterday - I can't wait until this election is over.

I burst into tears in a museum today: Never stood next to a KKK hood and gown before.

MSNBC is airing a new 1 hour live, late night news show 11 - 12(ET)

Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Donald Trump Calls Obama ‘Founder of ISIS’ and Says It Honors Him

Michael Moore: 5 Ways to make sure Tump Loses Bad

US Lawmakers: We Shouldn't Fund Mexico's Human Rights Abuses

US Lawmakers: We Shouldn't Fund Mexico's Human Rights Abuses

Ryan Bundy Placed In Disciplinary Housing #BundyTeaOParty

People need to stop saying trChump can't say or do anything crazier.

Republican congressman Reichert: I'm not going to endorse Trump

U.S. will affirm its prohibition on medical marijuana

Fox, Right-Wing Media Run With Conspiracy Linking Clinton To Murdered DNC Staffer

Standoff prosecutors treating case like 'spaghetti western,' defendant argues #BundyTeaParty

Another reason to vote for Hillary:

Terror in the dark - Honduran land rights activist fears for her children but vows to fight on

Terror in the dark - Honduran land rights activist fears for her children but vows to fight on

Kids ask the Presidential Candidates to Talk about Science

What I remember most about LEGOs.

Sojourner Truth’s Photographic Shadow

anyone in VA/WV/MD able to foster or adopt a kitten or two? Or have a farm for their momma?

Judge reluctant to extend sentencing time for elderly Coquille couple

anyone in VA/WV/MD able to foster or adopt a kitten or two? Or have a farm for their momma?

anyone in VA/WV/MD able to foster or adopt a kitten or two? Or have a farm for their momma?

anyone in VA/WV/MD able to foster or adopt a kitten or two? Or have a farm for their momma?

anyone in VA/WV/MD able to foster or adopt a kitten or two? Or have a farm for their momma?

Man arrested with ‘arsenal’ while watching Oregon police

We can't ignore homegrown hate and domestic terrorism

E-mail exchange shows Trump campaign trapped itself in Colorado Springs elevator

Man Covered in 'Aryan Pride' Tattoos Accused of Shooting Cop

Spreading hope now, not hate

Brazil's pro-Rousseff lawmakers resort to OAS court to end impeachment process

Brazil's pro-Rousseff lawmakers resort to OAS court to end impeachment process

Shattered Glass

Assange Floats Theory That Murdered DNC Employee Was Informant

A new, all purpose, 4-letter word --

Trump supporter talks to C-SPAN

Not real Capitalism; Its Socialism for the Rich

Any we you look at this double meaning by Trump, you lose...

Secret Service spoke to Trump campaign about 2nd Amendment comment

Well, it did not long for Trump a Dump to go off again, this one against Pres. Obama!

[Vallejo, CA] City, sheriff’s office seek reimbursements from Bernie Sanders’ campaign

You always hurt the one you love...

Bill and Hillary Clinton's First Home Is Wonderfully Charming

Is inspiring racism and violence, with public comments okay?

It does NOT get any better than this...“Found in Hillary’s recovered emails:

These cops are tired of white people getting freaked out by their black neighbors

Neighbors shooting to keep the peace? No thanks

Nightmare weapons in the hands of a man who brags about the size of his genitals

Trump is falling apart. But he is in a catch 22. If he reads (yells at)

Putin looking for ways ‘justify a war’, Ukraine warns

Russia Accuses Kyiv Of Plotting 'Terror' In Crimea; Ukraine Denounces Moscow's 'Fantasies'

One of the leaders of the Patriot movement who are big supporters of Trump is dead

Syria conflict: Aleppo medics appeal to Obama for help

Canada attack suspect dead after police operation in Ontario

Does the RNC now have no choice but to remove Trump within days?

Bad Cop, No Donut: DoJ: Baltimore cops “coerced sex in exchange for immunity from arrest”


C-SPAN Caller: 2nd Amendment Remarks Mean Armed Revolt, Not Assassination

If DT is supposedly a straight talker, according to his supporters...

Libertarianism and Religion: 8 Questions for ‘Reason’ Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward

Cuomo: DiNapoli ‘should educate himself’ on job-creation incentives

Religious freedom seriously lacking for three-fourths of world’s population, ambassador says

Donald Trump's not so subtle calls for violence will not end well.

Police: Subway employee drugged police officer's drink with meth, THC

Trump is so bad at putting his foot in his mouth that it makes GWB a great orator

Trump golf club renovation hit with 23rd lien, this time for $236K

Assange's October surprise discovered...

5 to 7 People Unaccounted for After Explosion at Maryland Apartment Building

Trump brings out the worst in everyone- including me: Donald Trump Calls Obama ‘Founder of ISIS’

Ecuador says it'll allow Sweden to question Julian Assange at embassy

Paul Ryan Is Still Standing By Donald Trump. Sad! Gives Trump Credibility

Justice Department Revises Regulations to Implement Requirements of ADA Amendments Act of 2008

Daily Holidays August 11

MSNBC International - First hour of Morning Joe not showing

Sometimes I wonder how much longer America will be around.

Trump Advisors: A cackle of hyenas, a conspiracy of ravens, a passel of pigs. What links them?

Police ask for public's help to find $15k bottle of Hennessy

Joe Scarborough is not on Morning Joe

Desperate doctors in Syria send a letter to Obama after Russia bombs nearly all the hospitals

Martian Morse Code

Trump Lovers Not Fellow Americans - Sick Of Those Hateful Bigoted Bastards.

Pic Of The Moment: Paul Ryan Inadvertently Sums Up Trump's Entire Campaign

Donald Trump, the "that's-not-what-I-meant"-candidate

Syrian Government Kills At Least Four in Gas Attack In Aleppo

Philly DA charges dozens in alleged auto theft, insurance fraud ring

(Czech Republic) Former Schindler's factory in Brněnec to be Holocaust memorial

Do you want to see Stein and Johnson in the debates?

Trump's 2nd Amendment Solution Goes Beyond Hillary. Includes Non Supporters & Others..

Too good to check: Sean Hannity’s tale of a Trump rescue

Bankrupt Gawker says goodbye with pizzas and cheap beer

Future Wars May be Fought for Water | Bernie Sanders

Vermont Banned Fracking: 49 States to Go

Disgraced ex-lawmaker shows up at Trump rally, messes up attack on Clinton

An endorsement that HRC should just not mention

Sister and nephew of JFK & RFK write op-ed blasting Trump - "Political violence is no joke"..

The GOP majority could get wiped out in November

digby: He knows exactly what he's doing

Trump Polling Worse Among African-Americans Than Any Republican Since Barry Goldwater

Glenn Beck Is About To Learn The Limits Of The First Amendment

Aug 10: Poll: Clinton's lead over Trump triples in Wisconsin-->UP 15pts over Trump

Trump's other polling headache

New York’s medical schools will no longer use unclaimed bodies from city medical examiner’s office

Hillary Clinton is trouncing Donald Trump in several swing House districts

The federal government is finally making police report every time they kill someone

NYT: Clinton/Kaine to release more tax returns

Libertarians' ballot access uncertain in battleground Ohio

Kanawha judge blocks West Virginia right-to-work law

WV Supreme Court halts DHHR contract changes

Today in Aleppo: Suspected Chlorine Gas Attack, Russian Promise to let Aid in, fails.

If you think Trump is as bad as it can get, wait until the next presidential election

Democracy Now! David Cay Johnston's New Book on Trump Reveals his Extensive Criminal Activities

Trump Appears to be hurting Rubio in Florida

ICYMI: CIA Catches Republicans Red-Handed Altering Hillary's Emails to Smear Her

NC State Epidemiologist Resigns To Protest McCrory's Lies About Coal Ash Water Safety Standards

Republicans dream of getting concessions from Clinton in return for dumping Trump

Hack of Democrats Wider than Originally Thought

Silence that weapon

One Ally Remains Firmly Behind Donald Trump: The N.R.A.

GOP Poll has HRC up by 10 in NH & Hassan up by 3 over Ayotte in Senate Race

Libya: For the 1st time, U.S. Special Operations forces are providing direct, on-the-ground support

More Than 60% Of All Maldives Coral Reefs Bleached; 90% Bleached In Some Areas

Arianna Huffington tweets she’s leaving the Huffington Post

WaPo Editorial: No, Hillary Clinton does not want to ‘abolish’ the Second Amendment


Cover Of Time:

Carnegie Study: 66 Million Southern Sierra Trees Dead From CA Drought; Millions More Will Die

Macy's is closing another 100 stores

Any mistakes this administration makes in dealing with Iraq,

Might Trump refuse to debate?

California Regulators Sued Over Plan To Turn Aquifer Into Permanent Oil Waste Dump

U.S. will affirm its prohibition on medical marijuana

Trump knocks Clinton’s proximity to father of Orlando shooter — with a disgraced ex-congressman...

Sister and nephew of JFK write op-ed blasting Trump - "Political violence is no joke"

NBC has achieved the unthinkable.

NASA Study: Most Of Southern Greenland Ice Sheet Is Melting From Below; Parts Of Northern Sheet, Too

What Happens to the U.S. Midwest When the Water's Gone?

Oh look, Gary Johnson's on CNBC. That's simply fitting, i'nt it?

Electoral-vote for POTUS: HRC 353, Conman 179, only 6 tied electoral votes left

The Roger Ailes scandal is ballooning into something much bigger

DEA Rejects Attempt To Loosen Federal Restrictions On Marijuana

Former UVa and NFL football player, who owns investment firm, charged in alleged $8M fraud

Michael Phelps Tied A 2,168-Year-Old Olympic Record

Turkey's Erdogan issues message to US: Hand over exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen

I am REALLY hoping that Joe Biden speaks out about the 'Obama started ISIS' Trump-spew

Group pushing for $15 per hour minimum wage holds national convention in Richmond Friday-Saturday

"I don't know." . . . Three words that PROVE Trump was implying assassination.

Julian Assange to Be Questioned by Sweden Over Rape Claim, Ecuador Says

Legislators seek increase in pipeline-related public meetings


SMH at the media

Is there a source that lists UPCOMING polls? I feel like I'm always surprised

Audible Deal of the Day -For fans of The Princess Bride

This is too funny - Donald Duck does Trump

I don't understand why people keep talking about the RNC removing Rump.

I figured out why Mark Foley was there.

If Trump cares about emails so much

Gloom sets in for GOP

Here are the elements of a cause of action for libel/slander - someone might want to tell Trump

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Threats

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

Analysis: Democrats outraising Republicans in battle for Senate control

New Quinnipiac Senate polls

Watch Trump Contradict Himself On Almost Every Issue

The unbearable stench of Trump’s B.S.

The 10am and 3pm "Trump break"

New York Man Banned From Virginia After Valley Cigarette Smuggling Case

Germany: Prospect of a Trump presidency is frightening

On 9/11/2014 russian internet-trolls orchestrated a fake terror-attack in the US

New way to message President Obama!

ISIS existed before Obama's presidency-replacing al Qaeda in Iraq in Oct '06-during Bush Presidency

Florida man who was convicted of killing driver in 2001 road rage incident died in similar traffic d

Trump When Asked If Attacks On Khan Family A Mistake: Define 'Mistake'

"I pick my teeth with sissies!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

you HAVE TO read this obituary

Poll: Hurt by Trump, Rubio in 'too close to call' U.S. Senate race with Murphy

Trump Just The Latest On Hard Right To Call For '2nd Amendment Remedies'

Jim Jefferies Hilariously Shoots Down Gun Rights Logic

Ecuador To Set Date For Julian Assange To Be Questioned By Sweden

Where's hobbit 709?

Arizona State's Sandra Day O'Connor College set to open in downtown Phoenix

Secret Service Took Steps To Protect MSNBC's Katy Tur At Trump Rally

Daily Beast "journalist" joins Grindr in Rio and is Shocked! Shocked I tell you! UPDATE

Bluefield College seeks to open at former Virginia Intermont College campus

open letter to Ivanka Trump: Your deranged dad needs serious help

Why is recovery taking so long—and who’s to blame?


So did you catch the news yesterday of the guy on Trump Tower pulling that foolish, idiotic stunt...


The best video that explains Trump and the Republican party

XPost LGBT: Daily Beast "journalist" joins Grindr in Rio and is Shocked! Shocked I tell you! UPDATE

A Long Island Bar’s Age Policy Differs for Men and Women. Is It Legal?

Trump Emplyees: He lies about childcare

Gimme some Head!

What are journalistic best practices?

Here's a link to the 296 pages dumped by Judicial Watch this week.

Looks like Guiliani has replaced Christie

CNN’s Chris Cuomo hammers Rudy Giuliani into a stuttering crackpot during epic 30 minute interview

Obama Administration Set to Remove Barrier to Marijuana Research

Keep this White Supremacy Pyramid handy. You'll never know when you may need it...

Even Trump-backing Republicans are bracing for a massive loss — and it’s only August

Paraplegics Take a Step to Regain Movement

Pick up one of these for your conservative realtives

Experts say white supremacists see Trump as ‘last stand’

Clinton to portray Trump economic plans as handouts for rich

Not really getting this new email bruhaha

Yay! So happy for Madison and Darla!

I should probably save this for Halloween.

Reagan's daughter adds sobering perspective to Trump's incitement of violence

Melania Trump to hold press conference in coming weeks about her immigration

Fox Floats Conspiracy Theory That Murdered DNC Staffer Was A Hit Job By Clinton

Trump is the poster child for pay for play how can the media give him a free ride on this

Michael Moore Writes Open Letter to Ivanka: Seriously, Your Dad Needs an ‘Intervention’

Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR

Oh, Baltimore...

Mid-life, consenting adults Mika Mouse and Scabs take it to another level: A shared dressing room!1

Apothecary Ingredients!

Poll: McGinty overtaking Toomey in Pa. Senate race

Day 7 of the Doodle Fruit Games: BMX

In the spirit of the Olympics, I give you the Silly Olympics

Lawsuit: Trump campaign failed to act after staffer pulled gun

Downsizing of Pittsburgh International Airport being considered

Text analysis of Trump's tweets confirms he writes only the (angrier) Android half

Petition launched over controversial Norman Rockwell biography

One of the scariest Op-Eds you'll ever read, from The Dallas Observer

Even his surrogates in the press are unable to help Trump, even feeding him lines

"Nuke them" - I have no doubt that this would be Trump reaction had the RNC

Drug Enforcement Administration Will Not Call for Reclassifying Marijuana

Trump talking now in Miami.

Deputy of the Year indicted on 22 counts related to sexual abuse of minors

Deputy of the Year indicted on 22 counts related to sexual abuse of minors

Trump's Dopey Chart Was Him Slipping In Polls, Not Home Ownership

August 11, 1942: Actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil receive a patent.

Mike Pence Hints at Trump’s Muslim Ban Extending to Other Religions

Fox Snooze Gets Schooled

Yet Another Original Post about Too Many Other Posts about Something

Enraging Home Builders' Assoc. speech, promising deregulation. One word: Katrina.

GREAT MINDS OF DU: We need your Photoshopping help!

Gary Johnson really having an impact against Trump!

The women who design Ivanka Trump’s clothing line don’t get paid maternity leave

Dear DEA.

Poll: Trump ahead by 3 in SC.

Regular Car Reviews: 1978 Mercedes Benz 300CD W123

More attacks on Hillary concerning her emails

Recreational closing of Bankhead Tunnel planned for Saturday

Trump Should Lose Every State In GE. He Is So Bad.

Best Defense Against The Donald {Toon}

What happens in October when Wikileaks releases email detailing that Trump is working for the DNC?

Jon Voight: If you haters would stop hating you'd see Trump's wonderful, substance-filled solutions

This is really an indictment of how ignorant much of the general public is

DEA to Keep $18,000 That Amtrak Passenger Found in Backpack at DC's Union Station

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-10-16

DEA to Keep $18,000 That Amtrak Passenger Found in Backpack at DC's Union Station

GOP Message Loud & Clear

Daily CNN check-in: This a.m.: "fRump: nuts, talking about losing" HRC: "just another politician"

The four South African women who rattled the nation with anti-rape protest

"How many of you people KNOW me," Trump says. Foley quickly raises his hand.

The four South African women who rattled the nation with anti-rape protest

New PPP Battleground State polls

New Suffolk Iowa poll:

A Writer In Berlin: Find Out What Germany Thinks Of Trump

BTRTN 50-State Electoral Snapshot #2: Trump Gaffe-a-Thon Propels Hillary to Big Lead

So Bob Woodward blames the Clinton side for poking Trump

Trump vindicated about one thing:

Frankie Five Toes Mana (a local happy story--get out the tissues!!)

Massachusetts Congressional delegation, 19 mayors support AG Maura Healey's assault weapons ban

Unrepudiated and Unabated, Trump's Climate of Rage Will Find Its Oswald

Making school an electrifying experience

Hillary in Warren MI now-ECONOMIC speech....

No one will ever be as cool as BO...

How do you get to DU's "In Memorial" Wall?

Report: RNC threatened to pull support from Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump, ISIS fighters are rushing into battle wearing Clinton for President buttons.

Court orders feds to turn over Idaho nuclear waste documents

They're seriously making a remake of Ben-Hur?

shakespearian insult shirt (thanks to cyberswede for the website!!)

to save talking to idiots (with thanks to our own cyberswede)

Coalition Of U.S. States Signed Pact To Keep Exxon Climate Probe Confidential

57% of the republicans believe President Obama is a Muslim. 29% of all Americans believe President

Wasserman Schultz poised to beat Sanders-backed challenger

Russia announces Black Sea war games after accusing Ukraine of terrorist plot

Donald Trump: I meant that Obama founded ISIS, literally (Updated 12:47 PM ET)

Denial, anger and revenge: By playing the “rigged election” card, Trump and his backers...

Just started reading "1984".

The Millions of Americans Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Barely Mention: The Poor

What happens when your dire predictions start coming true?

Bobby Kennedy assassination photographer Harry Benson issues a warning against Trump

People who don't give a damn about you

Trump might not make it to election day

A child care tax plan only Ivanka could love

Union raises pay for hospital workers

Union raises pay for hospital workers

PoliticalWire: Clinton Is Outpacing Obama In the States

Union raises pay for hospital workers

Russia Announces War Games After Accusing Ukraine Of Terrorist Plot

Lawsuit: Trump’s NC campaign director pointed gun at aide

APPLICATION TO HOST A GROUP where there is no host

Bernie Sanders Slams Decision Not To Reclassify Marijuana

Anyone else see Joe Lieberman backing McCain on the teevee this morning?

Stochastic Terrorism

Belize anti-gay law overturned in court

Presidential candidates leading polls at this point in the campaign have almost always won

U.S. House Democrats' Pelosi: administration may shift funds for Zika

Trump, on Hugh Hewitt Show, suggests John Bolton as Secretary of State

U.S. DEA denies petition to reclassify marijuana

Why Trumps Rhetoric is extraordinarily Dangerous

Inside Donald Trump’s Meltdown (Time Mag Cover)

Dozens of Republicans to urge RNC to cut off funds for Trump

By Trying To Destroy Obama Through Unfettered Anti-Intellectualism, The GOP Has Destroyed Itself.

Unrepudiated and Unabated, Trump's Climate of Rage Will Find Its Oswald

CNN is carrying Hillary's speech, in Michigan

In Trump's own words...

A Volcanic Eruption Hid a Critical Climate Signal for Twenty Years

Daliy Kos: This is an actual Trump Sentence

Is having a "Trump for President" bumper sticker and being a progressive mutually exclusive?

This Speech Expert Thinks Trump Has A Disorder – Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Canadian police killed man after U.S. tip on imminent attack: sources

The term 'crazy' shouldn't be thrown around lightly – ask any woman

The term 'crazy' shouldn't be thrown around lightly – ask any woman

The term 'crazy' shouldn't be thrown around lightly – ask any woman

Experts say white supremacists see Trump campaign as "last stand"

Live link to HRC's economic speech in Michigan

She might not be quite as gifted a public speaker as her husband or President Obama.....

Dear Ivanka: I’m writing to you because your dad is not well, signed Michael Moore.

got a good recipe for kohlrabi?

U.S. judges cannot expunge convictions despite job threats: court

Thank You CNN!

Whither the Clinton Foundation?

Clinton in Warren Mi.

Donald Trump’s former North Carolina campaign manager, accused of pulling gun on three staffers, qui

"I'm so sick of politiicans lying to me"

"Before he Tweets"

Bombs hit popular Thailand resort town of Hua Hin

For those who remember them all. Damn you, Donald Trump.

Women and girls at Seneca Falls recite Declaration of Sentiments – video

Women and girls at Seneca Falls recite Declaration of Sentiments – video

More reasons to love Cards Against Humanity

Senate Democrats could force vote on high court nominee: Reid

See, Hilary talks about the issues, not Trump.

Canada Forms Commission to Investigate Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

Canada Forms Commission to Investigate Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

I think it's great having a candidate who makes outrageous statements about her opponent...

Canada Forms Commission to Investigate Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

Hillary looks good today.

Hillary Clinton on TPP

4-Eared Cat Named Batman Finds a Forever Home in Pennsylvania

China steals FBI surveillance secrets through veteran who worked inside as spy

Trump’s ‘Obama founded ISIS’ comment exemplifies why his campaign is on the brink of doom

CDC Warns about Epidemic of "Trumps" Spreading

Penn Jillette on Donald Trump, “However bad you think he is, he’s worse”

HRC: Foundation for world Charities. DT: Casinos. Who's the suspect candidate?

My revised map. Feel free to laugh.

Exclusive: The Republican Party’s Chairman’s Warning to Donald Trump

President Obama's Summer Playlist

This idiot on CNN just said Democrats controlled Flint

Well, I just got told to "suck my dick" half a dozen times by Trumpettes

Harassment Crisis Builds at Fox News, Despite Its Swift Moves

Trump: Making America’s debt great again

Assange and Wikileaks are pushing a conspiracy theory...

Hillary Clinton on Zika

Donald Trump: I meant that Obama founded ISIS, literally

EJ Dionne: Trump confronts ‘common decency’

Baltimore officers cited for mistreatment of women in DoJ report

Baltimore officers cited for mistreatment of women in DoJ report

Borowitz: Trump Blasts Media for Reporting Things He Says

How Much Does Donald Trump Pay in Taxes? It Could Be Zero

Boeing considers cutbacks in 777 and 787 production plans

Are we beginning to see a lot more anti-Hillary & anti-DEM grumbling lately?

US Rabbinic Group, Breaking The Silence Team Up For West Bank Tours

Is this all they have????

Going to north boston coast 9/30-10/2: Any suggestions?

bwahahaha. Donald Trump: I meant that Obama founded ISIS, literally

I vote we export him to Russia. He and Putin can revel in their alternate realities together.

Trump complained to the HBA that real estate loans are too hard to get.

State Poll Roundup: Thursday

Corleone local government dissolved due to mafia infiltration

Want To Learn Empathy? Read Fiction.

Americans Find Trump Nearly as Big a Threat as ISIS

Why Don't Americans Know The Truth About Politics?... The Media Won't Tell Them!

They just don't care.

The free press has been usurped by the corporate media.

Hogan budget decision is a credit ding for Baltimore and 21 Maryland counties, Moody's says.

And Common Dreams Speaks

Trump Campaign Struggling In Ohio

Trump Really Has No Leverage on the Debates

Toon from the New Yorker

What gift should I give?

A suggestion for the GOP:

A 400-year-old shark? Greenland shark could be Earth's longest-lived vertebrate

I'm not sure which frightens me more,...

Daily Beast reporter uses Grindr app to out gay Olympic athletes

Lawsuit claims Trump campaign turned blind eye when staffer pulled gun

Forget Team USA, Team Maryland is dominating the Olympics.

Lorretta Lynch is not corrupt!

This is getting beyond ridiculous.


With Antisemitism Rising in Germany, Jewish Groups Encourage Victims to Speak Up

From a Met fan after today's loss:

Inside Donald Trump’s Meltdown (new cover of TIME Mag + article)

Secret Service had to protect MSNBC’s Katy Tur after Donald Trump incited crowd against her

Donald Trump on the War in Iraq: A Timeline

Obama administration to shift $81 million to fight Zika

TN: dog saves woman from attack

What do we do about the fact the Russians only hacked us (Democrats) and left the GOP alone?

Every school day morning Patti and Ron Reagan did this:

Phil Robertson aka Papa Duck: ‘They’re going to force me to run’ for President

Full speech Clinton, Warren Mi.

Palestinian stabs Israeli after five-week lull in attacks

Someone snapped this picture off their TV and broke the internet

Federal judges find NC legislative districts unconstitutional

My Global Athlete for 2016 - Thank you Howie - respect due

About the Memorial Wall.

Maybe NPR is finally beginning to get it.


Child who reportedly fell from Idlewild coaster flown to hospital

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Crashes the 2016 Democrat Convention in Philadelphia!

McCrory applauds Church of God in Christ for keeping 2017 convention in Charlotte

State scientist rebuts McCrory administration’s criticism on coal ash testimony

Trump surrogates are human pretzels.

Astronomers Predict Incredible Show As Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks

"Founders of ISIS" is not crazy. Its coldly calculated for the sole purpose of . . . . . .

US Drug Enforcement Agency vows continued enforcement of marihuana laws,

Clinton Dismisses Trump ‘Lip Service’ On Pro-Family Economic Policies

Eureka! Trump has a crush on pootie poot

Did Donald Trump Win The Nomination Because Republican Voters Are Dumb? (article title)

Vulnerable GOP Sen. (Toomey): Clinton Poses Bigger Threat To The U.S. Than Trump

A little humor: Zapp Brannigan (Futurama) quotes match incredibly well with photos of Donald Trump

Trump Campaign Aide Who Allegedly Pulled A Gun On Former Staffer Resigns

Mike Pence continues to be a HUGE DRAW for the campaign

Borowitz. *Chortle*

Hillary Clinton Statement on the 51st Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act

Lawsuit filed against Duke University over retirement plan

Patrice Munsel

My biggest fear this year

‘This sh*t’s not funny’: Strategist explains that Trump is causing an ‘extinction event’ for the GOP

Federal judge agrees to transfer e-cig lawsuit to N.C. court

I had my own ornithological moment yesterday...

21st Century Fox Anticipates Settlements in Roger Ailes Harassment Probe - double digits now

Ok, taking bets: how long before Trump makes a joke about rape?

Trump: Saying He's Crazy Isn't Accurate

Michael Moore goes full SteinTrumper


DEA ends its monopoly on marijuana growing for medical research

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 11, 2016

Wake Forest to sell beer and wine at football, basketball games

UPDATED: Trump blames ‘false narrative’ for struggles in normally-Republican Utah

Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine to campaign in Fayetteville on Tuesday

Sorry you lost your home: Americans deserve more than an apology for the foreclosure fraud epidemic

Layoffs in Argentina reach 200,000 in first eight months of Macri administration.

Layoffs in Argentina reach 200,000 in first eight months of Macri administration.

PPP: Clinton has lead in N.C. for first time since March; N.C. is a must-win for Trump

PPP: Clinton has lead in N.C. for first time since March; N.C. is a must-win for Trump

At this point, Repugs who are going against Trump have to ask themselves,...

Cook Political: Can Trump Catch Up?

The Confederacy is rising again in east Texas

Trump businesses - and info about them

Olympics Spoiler

Can Priebus tame the toddler: 70 repugs demand no more money for Trump.

I heard Blitzer actually say that it was Bush who decided when the US

Russian Hackers of DNC Said to Nab Secrets From NATO, Soros

For those who want to see something positive/issues related, today's Hillary economic plan video

When a 70yr old starts making Deals to get into Heaven it is not a good sign.

S&P 500, Dow, Nasdaq Hit Records Together First Time Since 1999

Breaking - more ReTHUGs have gathered and written a letter

Anyone see "Freedomland"?

Halt and Catch Fire

Done With Pot, Moving On To Heroin

Syria Conflict: 'Russian Air Strikes' Cut Water Supply To IS Capital Raqqa

IRS audits only go back so far. Hillary has released

Child porn suspect had passport, unclear when he got it

L.A. to Seattle

What percentage Trotskyist are you?(Quiz)

Top Clinton State Department aide helped Clinton Foundation

So, do these latest polls mean Hillary's bounce is going away?

The 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Might Be The Strongest In Years

Would Like To See Trump Quit Just Before The Vote. Wouldn't That Be Grand.

It only lasted a few minutes

Human Consumption of Earth's Natural Resources Has Tripled in 40 Years

This Supreme Court decision poisoned our campaign finance system

LGBT Catholic Group: Marco Rubio's Antigay Appearance a "Profound Insult" to Orlando Victims

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 12 August 2016

Trump references his life experience

Russia Warns of ‘Consequences’ After Deaths as Ukraine on Alert

Clinton just proposed more policies in one speech than Trump has in the entire campaign

Maximum Realism: Russian Navy Drills In Mediterranean & Caspian To Simulate ‘Full Battle’ Conditions

Trump’s 2nd Amendment comment wasn’t a joke. It was "stochastic terrorism."

54 votes to repeal Obama care ?

Leading republicans are signing a letter asking Reince Priebus to divert resources away from

Ann Coulter: Trump Is the Victim of ‘Media Rape’

Is this what we are teaching our kids?

Massacre survivor: Soldier who raised him must face justice

Hillary Clinton: ‘No, Barack Obama is Not the Founder of ISIS’

Massacre survivor: Soldier who raised him must face justice

There is a lovely Olympic rugby game on now

GOP Can Separate From Trump/It Can't Separate From The GOP Platform.

Orders for U.S. Forces in Syria: 'Don't Get Shot'

This Speech Expert Thinks Trump Has A Disorder

Never thought I'd say this: kudos to Blitzer

What Trump Supporters really are..

How Much Does Donald Trump Pay in Taxes? It Could Be Zero

China's Hybrid Spaceplane Could Reset The 21st Century Space Race

Dipshit donnie's sins list for the evangelicals

Early Returns From Seattle's Minimum-Wage Experiment

New Time magazine cover: Trump's meltdown

Scientists say they've figured out which is better: drunk or stoned sex

Steve King Predicts Presidential ‘Landslide,’ Says He Can Work With Clinton

Rugby 7 (spoiler)

Rudy Giuliani Exposed as a Fraud by New York Firefighters in 2007

Oh Reince!

Trumpspeak-The bombastic and narcissistic speech where a person praises their success and develops..

Is Reagan the best that the repugs can do?

A picture is worth a thousand words..

Trump Iraq Timeline

Europe's Wave of Migration Brought Too Many Men

Beatles Forever

Iraq veteran on Trump claim that president, Secretary Clinton founded ISIS

Montini: Giffords shames silent Senators McCain, Flake

Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Tim Canova debate now extended to 60 minutes on Sunday (updated)

Libya’s Breakdown

On these e-mails, shouldn't we be far more concerned on why the

Donald Trump’s Big Gun Idea? Literally Stolen From Tim Kaine.

LOL@James Carville

Poll: Clinton holds 46-point lead among Hispanics

Media companies ask for Trump divorce records

538: Clinton Regains All Lost Ground from Yesterday

Geno Auriemma is tired of Sexism...and...tRump

LOL-Trump touts child care programs for employees-BUT-they're actually for hotel/golf club guests

Mike Pence: Condoms Are Too Modern...WTF???

Hillary's latest email flap explained (it's a nothingburger)

Does anyone keep in touch with FlyByNight?

Newspapers Rethink Paywalls As Digital Efforts Sputter

Clinton forcefully disavows Obama's trade deal

With the Founder of ISIS comments the media needs to challenge Trump on his Birtherism

Sanders strategists exit Canova campaign against Wasserman Schultz

Jeopardy Regulars

Before Argentine Congress, Macri's e-ballots shown to be vulnerable to hacking via smartphone.

Before Argentine Congress, Macri's e-ballots shown to be vulnerable to hacking via smartphone.

Time for the guy in the chicken suit to start visiting Trump rallies

Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park

My only comment on the Olympics is about Simone Biles - WOW

While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Olympics: I want to see more

Nobody warned Donald Trump about holding up a white sign --->

When Carville praised that rotten Matt Schlapp on Tweetie's show - I wanted to puke.

London schoolgirl who left to join Islamic State dead: lawyer

Wait. Trump just suggested killing his opponent and we alll just forget it?

Rob Ford Crack Vid. Betcha there is a Trump video out there like this

Video of martial arts instructor telling student ‘It’s OK to cry’ goes viral

Interesting Democracy Now Segment About Black Athletes at the 1936 Olympics