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Trump to Join Titans of Homophobia at Orlando Conference

Borowitz! Fox news accusation! Hillary denies!

Behind The Media’s Deceitful (and Loathsome) ‘Is Hillary Honest’ Game - Daou, BNR

Time for a little humor people. In case you haven't seen it

How much, Donald?

'This is your brain on drugs': fried egg PSA is updated for a new generation

Here comes Rudy G., again!

Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk has 'no plans to resign,' remains hospitalized

Sewage truck explodes, sending contaminated water everywhere

Gordon Humphreys is on Chris Hayes

Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro's recall vote may not happen until 2017

Somebody's in trouble...


Former (R) Senator Gordon Humphrey says he's calling on the RNC to meet about withdrawing Trump.

Charles Pierce: The Moment You Realize Trump Finally Crossed the Line

Jennifer Granholm is on with Chris Hayes

Barbara Boxer: Trump's assassination threats forfeit his right to secret briefings

Republicans: You Nominated That Man! Do You Understand What You Did?

There is no bigger Trump cheerleader or intellectual fraud than Rudy Giuliani - Jennifer Rubin

Did Donald Trump Just Imply Gun Owners Should Assassinate Hillary Clinton? (video)

Tim Kaine to Austin Democrats: 'We’re going to go after Texas’

Tim Kaine to Austin Democrats: 'We’re going to go after Texas’

Tim Kaine to Austin Democrats: 'We’re going to go after Texas’

think about it. Just think about it...

4 US Presidents have been assassinated


How old are these Chinese gymnasts???

"Great concern" over U.S. deaths in pregnancy, childbirth.

With the horrible garbage coming out of Trump's mouth,

In a nut shell!

Prosecutors urge court to reject Ken Paxton appeal

Tim Kaine read Trump's assassination quote and couldn't believe it

PAC backing $1 billion baseball stadium in Arlington kicks off election campaign

Trump Republican Party creating headlines all over the globe.

Hillary should start wearing a protective tactical vest for all public appearance.

Poor Mike Pence: I wouldn't trade places with him for all the whiskey in Ireland

Elizabeth Warren sticks it to Rachel Maddow yet again.

Charity Sr. Paula Gonzalez, 'the solar nun,' dies at age 83

Spox Defends Trump's '2nd Amendment' Remark, Slams ‘Gun Grabber’ Clinton

Pence: 'Of Course' Trump Wasn't Encouraging Violence Against Clinton

NTSB Recovers Voyage Data Recorder From El Faro

Trump's Assassination Dog Whistle Was Even Scarier Than You Think

Autopsies show a third of Pulse nightclub victims shot in the head

Trump's rally in Fayetteville is scheduled to start now. Still open floor and some open seats. No li

California man shot by police in July mistaken for carjacking suspect

Bernice King: 'As the daughter of a leader who was assassinated...'

Houston police searching for three men accused of raping 13-year-old girl

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Another One Bites The Dust

U.N. censure of North Korea missile thwarted

A Doe at the salt lick.

Mike Malloy Greatest Fights: Mopping The Floor With An Apologist

Trump leads by only five points in RED KANSAS (Survey USA)

There is one political event, that this Trump assination quote reminds me of..

Dan Rather:"No citizen who cares about the country and its future can ignore what Donald Trump said"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Mike's here! Live & Uncensored & a new

Based on his latest comments re: 2nd Amendment Folks going after Hillary

Expatriate, living abroad temporarily, or exile?

Trump keeps getting more outrageous and then walking back.

Don WINSLOW ("Savages") concise upending of legalization, cartel business of heroin epidemic.SPOILER

Okay, we just had someone suggest a 2nd ammendment remedy to their challenger.

Estate of late doctor, Lubbock UMC deny fraud allegations, agree to pay nearly $3.3M settlement

One worry about the Clinton campaign

Like the sociopathic POS that he is, Trump shows no remorse for his call to arms against Hillary

Just got in from work wondering how Trump could possibly top last week

"The Secret Service is aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon"

Joe Lieberman may endorse Trump??

AFL-CIO anti-Trump video.

Secret Service 'aware' of Trump's 2nd Amendment remark about Clinton

Gawker Employees Ask Bidders to Recognize Union Contract

Found on Twitter Regarding Trump

Gawker Employees Ask Bidders to Recognize Union Contract

Gawker Employees Ask Bidders to Recognize Union Contract

Judge orders Glenn Beck to reveal sources for Boston Marathon bombing accusations

Secret Service 'aware' of Trump's 2nd Amendment remark about Clinton

Can't help hearing what was said today.

the REAL summer games--kitten summer olympics

"Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?"

Wisconsin results are starting to come in

‘Is Hillary Dying’ Hoax Started By Pal of Alex Jones

Katrina Pierson and Jake Tapper go back and forth over '2nd amendment people' stopping Clinton

In the debates Hillary is a worst case scenario match up for Trump

Sanders raises cash for Wasserman Schultz challenger

Gabby Giffords: Trump's '2nd Amendment' Line Insinuates Violence

Fred Thompson's adult sons sue their young stepmom in estate fight.

UC Davis chancellor resigns following probe on ethical violations

Check-In: Do Something Useful, Donate to Hillary - Even $10

$143M settlement to clean up closed mine in New Mexico

Blagojevich Denied Shorter Prison Term

So Tebow is going to Major League Baseball. Two obvious teams are Texas and Colorado

AP has reportedly called primary for Paul Ryan

Trump Invites Assassination of Political Rival

They have called Paul Ryan the winner, leading by 80%

Judicial Watch just released 296 pages of Clinton emails.

Trump's Assassination Dog Whistle Was Even Scarier Than You Think

Olympic Spoiler Alert (inside)

Reading Weird News, I see why Aliens have the human race blacklisted.


Australian Online Census Shut Down by Cyberattacks

New York Daily News Front Cover: This Isn't A Joke Any More

So, did the death stare work? Spoiler

Thomas Friedman on Donald Trump's threats

Winners don't smoke weed

Smoking weed will make you lazy

LGBTQ advocacy group urges Big 12 to pass on adding BYU

Ryan Bundy involved in scuffle with jail deputies

I you were on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things with you...

Jill Stein Has Lost It!

Steve Kornacki Poll Speculation For The Evening - Nearly Half Of Red States Could Be 'Competitive'

US court rules for Chevron in Ecuador rainforest-damage case

Ryan wins primary

Why it doesn't really matter what Trump meant to say.

Never say or write "Trump" in LTTE or elsewhere

Zika virus could be linked with 'whole spectrum' of disorders

21 years ago Jerry Garcia passed

The GOP is dying; let's pull the plug

Apparently, the Trump-luvin' GOPrs are in the denial stage right now

Luke Cage - new trailer debuts

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 11, 2016 -- Summer Under The Stars - Spencer Tracy

Trump says America never wins anymore? Check out the Olympics medal count.

Florida Congresswoman (Ros-Lehtinen) Plans to Write in Jeb Bush for President

Report: Grizzlies Fired PA Announcer After Accusations He Made Upskirt Videos In Church

From Trump’s controversial words, a pattern: outrage, headlines, and then denial

Judge Hudson 61%, with 915 out of 4120 reporting

Robbers Wound US Man Playing Pokeman Go in Ecuador

It's days/nights like this that I miss Olbermann.

Time Has Come Today

Trump is right: why should he changed his style now?

Settlement watched for impact on Delaware budget

So Hillary Clinton campaign responded to Roadkill by asking for a $1.00 donation.

How Colombia plans to combat paramilitary groups, and their ties to politics and the military

Martin O'Malley on Twitter

Maybe the 13th Amendment people can stop Trump, I don't know...

Is it too late for the Republicans to replace Donald Trump?

'White Lives Matter' slammed by 'Whitey' shirt creator

‘Not very articulate’: GOP lawmaker defends Trump by saying he doesn’t have ‘the best words’

Don Lemon is KILLING IT right now

Lawsuits Mounting Against Monsanto over Alleged Cancer-causing Ingredients

Billionaire Landowner the Duke of Westminster Dies at 64

US wildlife refuge standoff defendant scuffles with deputies

Dan Rather rips Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ rhetoric: ‘A new low and unprecedented’

Trump lies again on latest Tweet:

Garry Kasparov Has A Few Words

The Nauru files: 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore deten

Why aren't they receiving flowers on the medal stand???

Trump tries to defend his 2A statement..

Yay! Meet the next governor of Vermont, Sue Minter

The S.S. "He Alone" is sinking, and Captain Trump is swinging his ax at the waterline.

Some Delaware Republicans push to reinstate death penalty

Trump's using CAPS now in latest tweet. Means he's riled up

Tomorrow's front page THIS ISN'T A JOKE ANYMORE: The News says, Trump must end his campaign

Ex-GOP senator urges RNC to replace Trump

I had an encounter with the police

is our media waking up? 'Many people are saying -- that Trump drives conspiracies and gossip'

And don't think for a minute that Donald Trump can even be trusted on the 2nd Amendment either.

Sanders buys $600K summer home

Speaker Ryan: "Sounds like a joke gone bad"

Trump leads by just 5 points in Kansas

Apparently Paul Ryan has been living in an alternative universe, for the past 8 years

Economist Poll Hillary +7, 48-41

Daily News: Trump must go: Hinting at assassination is too much, even for him

Melania Trump will address immigration controversy, Donald Trump says

Short trip to the NC Mountains - came home with a few in anticipation of “Coolin’ it”

N.J. a hot spot for 'Teflon' chemical in drinking water, study says

Sean Hannity’s Veneration of Ignorance - WSJ op-ed

After stinging loss, teachers' new pension plan may begin with revenge

US Muslim fencer 'doesn't feel safe' due to anti-Muslim sentiment in America

Sanders buys $600K summer home

The Nauru Files: 2,000 Leaked Reports Reveal Scale of Abuse of Children

It doesn't matter what Trump MEANT. It matters what he SAID.

The Chicago Cubs: first MLB team to 70 Wins/Best Record in Baseball

Riders say straps came loose on Verruckt

www.democraticunderground links just went to oops land

In which Trump is guilty of Stochastic Terrorism

Will plan that guts school aid in poor districts be Christie's unfinished symphony?

Kansas Department of Labor has one inspection record on file for Schlitterbahn

My cats stomach is contracting as he breathes and he's lost weight

Mike Malloy - Trump´s Economic Plan Is Hilarious

Mike Malloy - Trump’s Economic Team Is A Who’s Who Of What’s Wrong

How do you fight the police?

Bridgegate defense lawyers once again seeking Christie's cell phone

Trump backers have a new motto.

Jazzy The Dachshund Gets The Pink Wheelchair Of Her Dreams!

The men and women that protect Trump everyday

Trump's Second Amendment dog whistle was to Militia, and Threatens Civil War, not Assassination

Keith Olbermann With The Great History Reference Tweet

Not only hinting at assassination but calling for it so a President Clinton can't pick justices ....

Bernie endorsed a pony tailed organic farmer/VT Progressive Party guy for VT Lt. Guv. He won,

Here is how you know that Trump MEANT to say that gun owners could attack Hillary:

I seriously don't think I can take another day of this awful election.

Luckovich - Trump's Secret Service Agents

Missouri voters will not get chance to vote on medical marijuana initiative

Directions to the Post Office

Stormfront members strangely not interpreting Trump's remarks as "get out and vote."

Trump: "many people are saying"

Deputy charged with murder asks if witnesses were hypnotized

Who tweets for dipshit donnie?

This is beneath contempt: Assange floats theory that Hillary murdered a DNC staffer who

a candidate who calls for gun violence against his opponent should be disqualified.

Witnesses: Shots fired in Ferguson after car hits protester

Delerium in freeperville: Only one comment admitted HRC 2nd amend. threat was wrong

Reminds me of when Palin targeted Gabrielle Giffords.

And. .....Spoiler

Finally checked out the JPR site

What a difference a couple of months make

I keep thinking about Dr. George Tiller today

Man killed by deputy in Compton not involved with carjacker

"Authorized by the Future President of the United States"

Rep Scott Rigell on MSNBC: More house members will publicly unendorse fRump in future

NEW WORD: Trumpeting

Trump's Remarks Likely Has Hillary Secret Service Really Wired Up Right Now.

Scarborough WaPo Editorial: The GOP must dump Trump

Phelps gets 20th gold with 200m butterfly win

U.S. Warns of Harsh Reaction If Israel Demolishes Sussia

In the dictionary under the word "amoral" should be a picture of Don the Con

White-bearded guy behind Trump instantly gets it.

so when trump says something that really pisses off putin, is he going to go on hannity.....

Woman fatally shot by Fla. police officer during gun demonstration

Why is it important to impose strict safety standards on wind turbines?

Obama To Republicans: I Didn’t Create Trump, Your Bigotry Towards Me Did

Remember Sarah Palin's cross hairs and Gabby Gifford?

Rolling Stone: Trump's "2nd Amendment" dog whistle, and Dr. George Tiller's assassination in 2009

Devoted Stray Pup Who Kept Showing Up At Flight Attendant's Hotel Finally Adopted

Saw A Truck Today Flying A Huge Confederate Flag In Broomfield, Colorado.

I just heard Paul Ryan say that Don the Con's remark was merely "a joke gone bad."

Many GOPPERS Are Ok With Trumps 2nd Amendment Remarks.

103-Year-Old Woman Vows To Stay Alive Long Enough To Vote Against Donald Trump

GOPers and 'second amendment remedies'- it's becoming a tradition

Serious Question: When will the media (like Faux news) say Trump has crossed the line

The Fact That ANYONE Defends/Downplays Trump's Remark Proves How Craven We've Become

The GOP must dump Trump (By Joe Scarborough)

Hi there!

I feel trump is going to lose in the GE and is fabricating all kinds of crap to make

Little girl saved by officer throws him a tea party

Trump voter: "I like Trump because he says exactly what he means."

Auburn City Schools Signs Contract With Felon

Cop-stalking gun nut busted with truckload of weapons outside Oregon police station

if Hillary is already elected and selecting judges, how can the 2nd Amnd crowd stop her?

Christie signs bill requiring cultural diversity training for N.J. police

Anyone That Comes To Trump's Defense When He Makes Statements Like The 2A Comment....

The most important part of Trump's remark about 2nd Amendment is "that will be a horrible day"

Trump Could Face Five Years In Prison For Death Threat Against Hillary Clinton

Christie signs bill to fund busing for Lakewood's private schools

Apparently secret service had to make a tweet saying they are

Newark cab companies file federal lawsuit over city's $10M Uber deal

Seriously, how many sharks

Ex-Atlantic City police chief's $3.9M award in whistleblower case overturned

the wild northern Humboldt County coast....

Sweeney predicts transportation fund stalemate will last into fall

Brazil Senate votes for Rousseff impeachment trial

Sweeney on NJ self-serve gas: Never

Texas baby dies from Zika-linked defect

Philippines President Lashes Out at US Ambassador: That ‘Gay’ ‘Son of a Bitch Annoyed Me’

Trump On Second Amendment Backlash: ‘I Think It’s A Good Thing For Me’

Saw a banner in a yard today. WHITE LIVES MATTER TO

'Seeds of hate' sown as Tanzania starts LGBT crackdown

Daily Holidays August 10

WTF? I've just about had it with Steve Kornacki. His tortured excuses for Don the Con's remarks are

Official Suggests Uganda Will Force LGBT People Into State-Run ‘Ex-Gay’ Program

Trump is already saying the election is rigged - his supporters agree

Dan Rather's FB comment on Trump's words yesterday

Republicans National Security advisers dump Trump

Sunoco pipeline creates a divide across Pennsylvania

I find it annoying that our candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has to win by basically staying out of

N.J. strip club's lewd golf outing at a public course caught in the act

Meteor shower in progress, peak coming Aug 11-12.

Woman accidentally killed by Florida officer during roleplaying exercise

Union targets Sweeney as deadline on pension vote passes

22nd amendment: A thought experiment

Eight Individuals Charged in Multimillion-Dollar Compounding Pharmacy Fraud Scheme

Prosecution: Attorney General Kane was out of control, bent on revenge

UPDATE: One Ukrainian soldier killed, another five injured in Donbas overnight

Married Nebraska state senator fined $1,000 for having cyber-sex, with other woman, on state laptop

Will pot activist's A.G.candidacy go up in smoke?

Phil Murphy for Governor - NJ's Pension Obligations Must Be Honored

Colombian Leftist Piedad Cordoba Allowed to Be a Senator Again

In Pa., there's always enough $$$ for raises


$22 million lawsuit alleges OHSU surgeon dropped tool on patient’s spinal cord

Puerto Ricans’ Response to the Economic Crisis Rooted in Misinformation and Frustration

Puerto Ricans’ Response to the Economic Crisis Rooted in Misinformation and Frustration

Florida says four new locally transmitted Zika cases, Congress must act on funds

State university contract talks conclude for the day

EU making 'serious mistakes' over failed Turkish coup - Turkish minister

A poll-question for Trump-supporters:

China backs GMO soybeans in push for high-tech agriculture

The GOP Must Dump Trump: Joe Scarborough

CDC awards Pitt team $5.5 million to continue flu-vaccine work

Clinton Up 6 on Trump in Two-Way Race in Bloomberg National Poll

Russia's Putin, Britain's May agree to meet to try to thaw frosty ties

The Moment You Realize Trump Finally Crossed the Line

Judge gives Blagojevich same 14-year prison term despite pleas for mercy

Where are JoeScum and Mika this morning

If Trump 'always wanted' a Purple Heart, he should have served

Ryan's speech last night was très confusing

Morning Joe teasing upcoming segment about Hillary's email

Guns Of August: Fears Of Full-Scale War by Russia Return As Casualties Mount In Ukraine

"Why do I always seem to be washing my hands?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Lawsuit over Ten Commandments monument at school reinstated

Woman removed at gunpoint from Pennsylvania hospital

I had a fascinating discussion yesterday with a patient who knows Trump personally...

The Dons 4 standard excuses for everything

The stories we aren't talking about: Aleppo.

Pic Of The Moment: So Apparently The Party Of Lincoln Is Now The Party Of John Wilkes Booth

Study: High levels of toxic chemicals in drinking water of 6 million Americans

The big lie gets ignored... again

My take on orange fuck's words....

The reality of Drumpt voter logic.

Nice job Peter King, change issues and blame the Dems for what Trump says!

It was a death threat, not a "second amendment remark".

Trump Makes Accurate Prediction of Upcoming Debates

Boy, where has this fight been the last year?

oh, now I get it, Rabid Rudy explained it

Morning Joe: Frmr Congressman Chris Shays (CT) will vote for Clinton.

How Atheist Values Help Correct Religion's Mistakes

Is it rigged or real ...

I've been chatting with a coworker on and off for about five years

Trump is so desperate that he Tweets story that a senator still supports him while others don't

Increased religious freedom in Tunisia is bad news for this unique musical tradition

I think Collins is lying..I think she will vote for Trump. Otherwise

When small hands equal big problems.

GOP wipeout very possible in November.

Nuts on the right have been talking about "armed revolution" for years.

Proof Trump's Tough Talk on Trade is Pure Bull!

Republicans Are STILL Trying To Kill Net Neutrality!

This is Boehner's thoughts?

NRA spends $3 million on new anti-Clinton ad

Saw this on another website, wow !!!

What You Need to Know About the World's Water Wars

A reminder of how Trump used revisionism to roll back his Orlando shooting second amendment comments

The head of one of our political parties decided to run on a message of "America Not Winning"

Newt answers - is trump mentally fit?

Clinton 41% to 37% in Iowa

“Unstable people with powerful guns & an unhinged hatred for Hillary are listening to you, Mr Trump"

Trump's 2nd Amendment Comment Mirrors Palin's Crosshair Logo for SarahPac

If We All Agree There Are Many Unhinged People Out There That Own Guns......

Today's Google Doodle: Water Polo?

Double Dumb Drump Down..

CO Fire Marshall who Trump blasted, responds. Harshly.

Pence tries to clean up as Trump unravels.

Trump's major econ speech full of myths

Rhetoric, consequences.

Trump's Campaign Headquarters

mika on the election...'on both sides there are deep flaws'

The Republican Party is in survival mode.

Former Secret Service Official: Donald Trump Is ‘Pretty Close to the Edge’

Trump Suggests Clinton May Be Responsible for Execution of Iranian Nuclear Scientist

They're coming to take me away, ha, ha--one more time

This election is like if your friends pick dinner...

"Trump retweets white supremacists, questions Obama's citizenship, advocates rounding up Mexican

I call BS on Paul Ryan (I didn't have time to watch the video but it sounds like a "joke" gone bad.)

Is Trump a political Charles Manson? Or is he on his knees this morning praying for Hilary's safety?

Donald Trump To Address Extremist Anti-LGBT Summit In Orlando (and Rubio)

Donald Trump To Address Extremist Anti-LGBT Summit In Orlando

Turkey signals joint defense plan with Russia

They don't want to offend Trump supporters

In a stunner, Tom Friedman jogs in from the bullpen.

State Poll Roundup: Tuesday

What would Galileo think about the Catholic stance on trans people?

Garry Kasparov finds Trump’s ‘Second Amendment people’ remarks all too familiar

congrats to russ for crushing in the primary

Michael Hayden: "if someone had said that outside the hall he’d be in back of a police wagon now"

NRA Launches $3 Million Anti-Clinton Ad Buy on Heels of Trump Call for 'Second Amendment' Violence

The Trump Dilemma

The Trump Dilemma

Teleprompter President

Clinton Republicans are 2016 trend

Trump supporter says Trump is right, "Hillary is dead"

Republican Party to the United States: FU

Progressives pressure Clinton on TPP ahead of economic speech

Ukraine denies Russia's claim of attempted armed incursion into Crimea

Secret Service Is 'Aware' of Trump's 'Second Amendment' Comments Against Clinton

“Donawd went too faw.”

From Trump’s controversial words, a pattern: Outrage, headlines and then denial

Donald Trump’s Support Among Republican Women Starts to Slide

Big Oil’s master class in rigging the system - By Sheldon Whitehouse and Elizabeth Warren

Former CIA chief: "Putin recruited Trump"

Facebook Will Force Advertising on Ad-Blocking Users

CNN's Jeanne Moos: Melania Trump impersonator wows on 'The Late Show'

He doesn't look very happy about it...

They. Elected. Him.

Powerful Senator Demands Trump Be Stripped Of Security Clearance After Death Threat

Former aide in text: Christie ‘flat out lied’ in bridge case

Morning Joe‘s Mika and Joe Get in Nasty On-Air Tiff

Front page of NY Daily News

the assassination order/wink -- "walking it back" is part of the wink.

Climate change already accelerating sea level rise, study finds

As goes California so goes the nation.

Countdown to Nuclear Armageddon?

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 10

Looks like Phyllis Kahn lost her primary

Roger Ailes bragged that he could hire someone "to beat the shit out of"

Former top Bush official Negroponte endorses Clinton

WaPo Editorial: Trump’s reckless call to ‘Second Amendment people’

Trump-tweets from Android are Trump himself. Trump-tweets from iPhone are campaign-staffers.

At annual experts’ debate on strategy, zero Republicans make the case for Trump - By David Ignatius

The Olympics are part of the reason Cockwomble called for the assassination of his opponent.

Reuters Poll, Hillary +7

Job openings little changed at 5.6 million in June; hires and separations little changed

“Then make something up.” — a Baltimore sergeant to an officer, DURING A DOJ RIDE-ALONG

Text from former Christie senior aide in bridge scandal: "He just flat out lied."

Bernie Sanders Buys a Summer Home in North Hero

'Iron Lady of Manipur': World's longest hunger strike ends (16 yrs long)

What part of his comments don't they understand

Man dances with puppet at NYC Subway station!

Witnessing a ‘Complete Collapse of Society’ in Venezuela

Gingrich has said that Trump will be "at least as reliable" as Andrew Jackson---A historian responds

Did anyone see this thread? It's hilarious!

Gabrielle Giffords draws the line

The worst of the worst of the worst

Three House Democrats want to investigate Trump for urging Russia to meddle in Clinton’s emails

Can anyone help me on this. Did Trump actually end his disgusting 2nd amendment statement

Republican Party beefs up staff to woo African American voters

7-Second TWIN TURBO Camaro - Rocky Mountain Race Week! "street legal"

Trump is a Republican

Germany: Burka ban to be proposed in security clampdown

HRC Gives DWS Campaign A Boost

All I really need to know I should have learned in Kindergarten, but didn't.

Sibel Edmonds

Controversial Comment

Parents were accused of abusing their infant, but jailers took them to see her final moments

From press paranoia to affairs: A Hillary confidante’s letters reveal a window into her friend’s...

Can you only imagine if Hillary...

Funny thing: The alt-right cretins on Reddit don't think Trump was talking about "voting."

Former aide in text: Christie 'flat out lied' in bridge case

Rick Scott cut mosquito control to the bone --- now over 400 Zika infections

The So-Called ‘Year Of The Angry Voter’ - by Gene Lyons

A nice comment on a NY Times article about Trump's Hillary and the 2nd amendment

Trump is the GOP/Tea Party's "Icarus Factor"

There’s A Reason Trump Targets Terrorists’ Families

Learning sumtin new today - Anamorphic Paintings

Regular Car Reviews: 1995 Buick Roadmaster Sedan

Equal time rules for elections? WTF?

Joltin Joe Lieberman endorsed Hils

The Fallacy of Second Amendment Absolutism

"I'm not quiting, I'm withdrawing!" Trump's end-game.

Think Trump's words are innocent? Let me remind you of Gifford's being put on Palin's "crosshairs"

Trump really, really wants to debate HRC, but he has, you know, conditions...

Lockheed To Shift F-16 Production To India - Facebook Post. Really Crazy Idea.

Trump LIED!! 4 Pinocchios Trump's remarkable suggestion that Clinton's emails led to an Iranian d

Jill Stein is on NPR's "On Point" now......10:15 CST.....

The many ways Trump is an archetypical fascist in the mold of Mussolini.

Giuliani Blames ‘Corrupt’ Media For Reports On Trump’s 2nd Amendment Line

Experts Agree: The Electoral Map Is Miserable For Donald Trump Right Now

I would suggest laying off Bernie Sanders.

Trump's "Personal Math"

Old news? $50 "background actors" filled out DRUMPF's"Mexican rapists" debut,courtesy Dem strategist

The World's Most Interesting Cat

Trump's "Do the right thing" were his action words

Blue Cross proposes rate hike of nearly 40 percent on some Obamacare plans

Extremely Frightening image

At what point will it be impossible for the GOP to replace Trump on the ticket?

Trump to go on Dancing with the Stars!

Autopsies: A third of Pulse nightclub victims were shot in the head

Trump will address anti-LGBT group on anniversary of Pulse shooting

John Saunders from ESPN has died

dr. hunter s. thompson:

Trump backer tells C-SPAN: Second Amendment remark means brace for armed revolt, not assassination

2nd Amendment Remedies

Stop Being Dumb & Partisan on So-Called 'Free Trade’

Just overheard a couple of VERY republican coworkers discussing what happened yesterday...

Do finches from multiple nests bring young to bird bath at the same time?

More maggot math

Robert Dear (CS Planned Parenthood shooter) to appear in court Thursday

Robert Dear (CS Planned Parenthood shooter) to appear in court Thursday

What do Cenk and Michael Moore think about how the election will turn out now?

Robert Dear (CS Planned Parenthood shooter) to appear in court Thursday

At close of business today, the names on the ballots will be set in 30 states.

Leonidas of Rhodes's 2168-year-old Olympic record stands in danger of falling this week

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words.....

51 Hilarious Test Answers From Kids

I am so sick and tired of weak ass television "journalists." I just watched a pathetic Kate Snow

I think that the Republican Party is afraid to pull the plug

Opposition outraged by bill exempting Netanyahu from probes of ‘minor offenses’

Night (actually day) of the living dead! (Horse that is...)

World’s largest online travel company Expedia severs ties with Alec

the difference between "broken neck" and "decapitated" (re: the boy in KS)

Trump likes to say that President Clinton wouldn't be eligible for a Security Clearance...

I see a lot of posts talking abotu the right pulling the plug on Trump

Clinton Leads Trump By 6 Points In National Bloomberg Poll

St Louis-area municipalities sued over alleged discriminatory 'debtors' prisons'

Pressure mounts to reject Trump amid fallout from gun-rights remark

One of the World's Largest Pesticide Makers Could Be Bought by a Chinese Company

Fake "historian" says you'll go to hell if you don't vote for Trump...

Joe Scarborough Tells Mika On Air That Her Political Analysis “Means Nothing”

"Scary Lucy" statue replaced in Lucille Ball Memorial Park

Appeals court suspends ruling rejecting parts of Wisconsin voter ID law

Michael Weiner (Savage) replaces a pile of crap with bigger pile of his own

5 Ways to Make Sure Trump Loses--Michael Moore

Brazil's Senate indicts Rousseff, opens impeachment trial

Funny graffiti art I scooped off reddit

News From The Future: Photos of Trump supporters after Hillary wins.

One-in-five U.S. Republicans want Trump to drop out: Reuters/Ipsos poll

shamelessly stealing these from wonkette re: drumpf and 2A and HRC

I know this has nothing to do with politics.

Hillary Clinton is raking in millions from GOP donors

Anyone who thinks Trump was "just joking" about shooting Clinton is missing the point

Zika may be linked to the disability that Donald Trump mocked

Pat Boone - "God has lifted his hand of protection from the U.S - Vote Trump to get it back.

How to Encourage Republicans to vote for Hillary

Democrats see chance at winning the House

The NRA is Dead Wrong about Women and Guns

Even Morning Joe says it is time to dump Trump

The NRA is Dead Wrong about Women and Guns

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #38: Wheel Of Corruption VIII: The Wrath Of Khan Edition

Political Preferences of U.S. Religious Groups

F'd Up! 10 reasons Persian Jews support Trump (

Join Ms. at the West Hollywood Women’s Equality Day Celebration! (friday 26 august)

Join Ms. at the West Hollywood Women’s Equality Day Celebration! (friday 26 august)

How many Trump supporters have changed their minds because of yesterday's remarks?

congressional resolution on women's equalilty day (26 august)

New Marquette Poll of Wisconsin: Clinton +15, Feingold +6

The Republicans tried to sink Obama. Instead, the party imploded

Carlos Beruff hitched his wagon to Trump's star.

What does the up arrow in the RealClearPolitics...

Emails show links between State Department and Clinton Foundation

19th Ammendment vs "Mr 2nd Ammedment"

They're at it again: Hello, a pause, this is a final notice from the IRS

UPDATED: Next YUGE Scandal, Malia Obama smoking pot at Lollapalooza

I've been chatting with a coworker on and off for about five years


Media justify anti-trump bias.

Warning: Amazon

Trump lashes out at Joe Scarborough

Who are the 4 to 5 senate candidates...

Hillary needs some campaign humor that Trump people understand.

TRUMP: Lock HIM up!

Hillary Clinton..the new emails.. and the never ending crisis of confidence..

Having first cold I've had since I can't remember when!

Paul Ryan Begs Wealthy Donors To Save His Job

Ugh. Why?

Now this is worrisome: Antitrust Experts Warn Against Proposed Bayer-Monsanto Merger

Trump and "stochastic terrorism." This absolutely nails it.

Trump's latest idiocy reminds me of an Isis strategy

Brussels bomb alert 'on two passenger flights' due to land at main airport

Don Lemon is a lightweight - dumb as a rock...Trump stays unfocused, off message...

Lame duck TPP vote could be disastrous for Dems—and America

Trump and his lies

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Lunatic

Bernie Sanders is not poor or even middle class, neither is Hillary Clinton, neither was Kerry,

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

My Crazy Year with Trump

Paul Ryan Fights to Survive Trump

Chris Christie Aide Says Governor ‘Flat Out Lied’ About Bridgegate

So what will Trump's next major fuckup be?

The Donald J. Trump Foundation appears to have violated its tax-exempt status..

This sucks: Federal appeals court issues stay of voter ID ruling (Wisconsin)


BREAKING: The Secret Service Has Talked to Trump About 2nd Amendment Remarks

***Breaking: Secret Service has had multiple convos with Trump Campaign

19% of Republicans Want Trump to Drop Out: Reuters/Ipsos

GOP’s Problems Will Only Get Worse After Election

The Trump campaign has been a disaster for the Trump brand

Trump Falling Way Behind Among GOP Women

Whoa. L.A. Times Op-Ed: If Trump wins, a coup isn't impossible here in the U.S.

If the election were held today...

Trump digs coal?

The fact that Trump is still in the race today is appalling

Is Empathy Something We Learn... Or Something We're Born With?

I've been waiting for this! Awesome! Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016 Trailer (Official)

Secret Service official confirms to CNN that USSS has spoken to Trump campaign

Charles P Pierce: They ate the monkeybrains long ago & the disease has reached its terminal stage

Why Can't People Understand That Trickle-Down Is a Lie??

New WI Poll: HRC leads by 15--Feingold by 11

I think 19th Amendment people need to do something about Trump

I feel horrible. It stinks to be without funds!

Or breed.....

Here Are Some Of The Most Shocking Parts Of DOJ’s Report On Baltimore Police

BREAKING: Secret Service has spoken to Trump campaign...

What I have in common with Utah leaders: religious freedom and the Constitution - Hillary Clinton

Mark Kirk will write in Colin Powell's name on the prez ballot because...

BREAKING: SS has had "more than one conversation" with #trump about the 2nd amendment comments

Maryland Deathfest!!

CNN found the guy sitting behind Trump at rally w/2A comment

Wikileaks Is Now In The Biz Of Pushing Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theories

Trump Surrogate, Pierson's Tweet is Nazi-esque

My recipe for succotash

X:post - "The Fallacy of Second Amendment Absolutism".

A bigot, racist, and an idiot walk into a bar .................

Donald Trump's Surprise RNC Speech

'Self-driving' in spotlight again as China sees first Tesla autopilot crash

Trump: The polls over the last few days have really tightened up

I AM WOMAN .... top 10 Women Presidents.

Trump is very subdued.

Family of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich blasts nutters for spreading ‘harmful’ WikiLeaks conspiracies

Livefeed: Hillary Clinton economics speech from Des Moines

We want clean air, clean water, and more coal

Poor misunderstood Trumpie.

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton: What I have in common with Utah leaders — religious freedom and the C

From fringe to mainstream: Conspiracies, baseless accusations and lunacy is the new normal...

This asshole has the nerve to say we can make Apple computer here

Daniel Ellsberg: Manning should not face charges related to suicide attempt

Denial, anger and revenge: By playing the “rigged election” card, Trump and his backers...

Donald Trump asked us to "give him a break" over the

Rising avocado prices fuelling illegal deforestation in Mexico

The Sociopath’s Diary

Hillary: Friends don't let friends vote for Trump

Earliest Americans could not have arrived by dry land, study indicates

video: Trump reassuring supporters at rally.

Why "just joking" is not a defence.

Dump still lying.

Anyone else noticed that without Senator Sanders, discussion of issues has all but disappeared?

Buffalo vicinity: Active underground meth lab discovered near Amherst Walmart

'Nope' Trump bumper sticker from


Donald Trump can't even be trusted on the 2nd Amendment either.

DROP EVERYTHING-Trump, Elections, End-of-the-earth

With apologies: Now for the bad news.

Argentina judge looks to relaunch investigation into former president

'Grim Sleeper' killer sentenced to death for LA murders

U.S. court blocks FCC bid to expand public broadband

Republican Congressman: "Trump’s An “Unhinged” Demagogue"

Anyone that rushes the stage at a Clinton campaign can thank Don the con

Trump really got the crazies stirred up. They really do want to shoot Hillary

What The Hell Is Wrong With Donald Trump Supporters?

Lithium-ion batteries: Capacity might be increased by six times


Why are New England’s wild blue mussels disappearing?

What should we do about ISIS?

What did Trump really say?

Man Spotted Scaling Side of Trump Tower in New York

Tiny Hands, Tiny Whatever - Is he trying to compensate for "something" with all the tough guy talk?

Marquette poll: Hillary Clinton opens 15-point post-convention lead in Wisconsin

Give Julian Assagne a break. All that time pent up in the Ecuadorian Embassy....

Wall Street Mega-Banks Are Buying Up The World’s Water

A protester just tried to rush the stage as Hillary Clinton spoke in Iowa.

U.S. judge dismisses lawsuit against Twitter over Islamic State rhetoric

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 10, 2016

The Rethug party has nominated a candidate for President of the United States...

Why I’m not convinced Donald Trump will show up at the debates - By Jonathan Capehart

U.S. judge approves deal to weaken Texas voter ID law; Wisconsin suspended

Trump Often Flubs When ‘Speaking Conservative’

What do you think Don the Con's user name was/is

Progress is a choice, Baltimore.

Trump-backing Republicans better get their answers ready - By Jennifer Rubin

Brutal. Chuck Todd on MTP Daily

Hillary is the 19th amendment remedy to Trump

Edward Jones sides with electing Clinton in November.

Wasserman Schultz-Canova debate on Sunday -- maybe

Progress is a choice, Baltimore.

What a fucking liar!!!! The SS has no reason to lie!!!!!!!!!!

Colombia state council orders reinstatement of prominent leftist politician

Trump Has Left Republicans With No Place to Go

Colombia state council orders reinstatement of prominent leftist politician

You wouldn't believe.... Oh, wait of course you will. Trump's newest advisor:

Trump Tower Climber?

Putin Accuses Ukraine of Terror as Crimea Tensions Escalate

Ask her.

So this ReTHUG guest on Tweety attacked HRC for the Orlando killer's father being at one of her

Congrats girl! Fiancé of former Miss California scoops his 25th medal

Roger Ailes’ Perverted Brain Will Pollute Fox News Forever

Video of Hillary's Des Moine Speech Today

American Friends, Trust an Israeli: Trump's Second Amendment Remarks Could Get Someone Killed

What I have always found REALLY scary are the people who put Trump where he is today.

Rump Defense: "Hillary Wanted Obama Dead, Like Bobby Kennedy"

Trump running Fourth place among Black voters

If you think you are being played....

WATCH LIVE: Man climbing Trump Tower using giant suction cups

Joe Girardi re ARod:

these R the Nutjobs who will act on Trumps call to kill - anti-government self pitying psychopaths

did Donald Trump forge his doctor's note?

Poll: Gun control support spikes after shooting

Do Not Leak to Assange: The Man Will Rat You Out

U.S. Warns It Will Respond Harshly If Israel Demolishes Palestinian Village of Sussia

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 11 August 2016

Mike Luckovich Toon: Trump & The Secret Service

Looking for ways

Report: RNC losing staffers over Trump

Could the Trump comment cause a backfire?

It is times like these that patriots have to vote...

Heaven Help Us When Joe Scarborough Is the Conscience of the U.S. Media

Fast Pot-Stickers

This militia types are all bluster but will not act.

Bush, Kasich, Christie Donors Giving Heavily to Hillary

Just published NBC/WSJ/Marist polls for Iowa:

3 Lawyers Killed in 1 Day as Post-Coup Honduras Crisis Continues

3 Lawyers Killed in 1 Day as Post-Coup Honduras Crisis Continues

I was a Minuteman III nuclear launch officer. Take it from me: We can't let Trump become president

Ask her, too.

Police just took a huge window out of Trump Tower. Re: Climber

Barack Obama Just Keeps Getting More Popular

LOL: Maybe 19th amendment people can do something about Trump

Reich: a Tax on Wall Street Trades Is an Even Better Idea Than You Know

THIS Is Who Trump Was Talking To ...

My mom just speculated that the crazy skyscraper guy is Trumps love child.

O'Malley: DOJ report doesn't take his Baltimore reforms into account.l

Trump: SS spoke to me about Hillary because she's desperate & afraid of my economic policies

with everything going on in the campaign and the world...

Donald Trump is not destroying the Republican Party

The Great Affluence Fallacy

Why I never got cable TV

Trump: "We have a small - a very, very small planet compared to the universe, right?"

China’s Solar Binge Is Turning Into a Hangover

Elon Musk’s Promise of “Solar Roofs” Has Echoes of a Rust Belt Failure

If you know anyone who is supporting Trump:

NATO Says Turkey Is ‘Valued Ally’ After Erdogan Visit to Russia

Where gods and kings turn to stone

Alarmed Anti-Trump Republicans Sped Up Foreign Policy Letter

Think Trump's "2nd Amendment" Comment Is A Harmless Joke?

So how perfect is Hillary's 'Stronger Together' theme for her presidential bid?

‘Unelectable’ candidate defends slavery and mocks women – but still wins GOP race in Minnesota

New NH POLL - Clinton Up Ten Points In Four Way Race!

Damn, Can We Let Malia Obama Live?

So this dentist who agreed to give me about $3,500 back since the implant became infected

Thoughts on CRISPR and genetic engineering

Could Donald Trump really be prosecuted for his apparent Hillary Clinton insinuation?

He's a Trump Supporter! He's insane! I Repeat Myself!

Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association have formed a tight alliance.

LED Lights Energy Revolution

What Job Is Rudy G. Bucking For In The Trump Administration?.....nt

What the hell is wrong with Rudy Guiliani?

People are saying: "If he can't protect a building how is he going to protect

Rudy Guliani just referred to Hillary as "this corrupt woman."

US deports ex-Guatemalan soldier accused of role in 1982 massacre

Rudy Guliani is a slimy jackass.

Oneo of the loudest and most militant of the militia "leaders" has died...

US deports ex-Guatemalan soldier accused of role in 1982 massacre

Trump's Fairy Tale About the Fall of Detroit

That time the Philippine president used a homophobic slur to describe the U.S. ambassador

Devasting ad linking John McCain to Trump in Arizona Senate Race

Paul McCartney and Ranulph Fiennes back Amazon tribe threatened by dams

30 years ago, before Michael Bay, there was the animated movie.

Saudi-Iran Oil Rivalry Heats Up as OPEC Seeks Stable Prices

Which Titty is Trump Speaking In Next...

Paul McCartney and Ranulph Fiennes back Amazon tribe threatened by dams

Jeremy: The people of Chile will never forget your camaraderie

The polls just reflect the GOP who are embarrassed to say they will

'Tis the season for...

Even under oath, Trump struggled with the truth

In case you think Trumps stochastic terrorism is a dumb harmless joke...(Warning brutal pics inside)

Wait for it...

Did you hear Trump's joke about...

Sex, pigeons and vengeful massage therapists

Do medals in the olympics make you a proud American???

No prison for Colorado college student who ‘raped a helpless young woman'

ESPNs John Saunders is dead at 61

Oh, NOW Joe Scarborough Wants the GOP to Dump Trump?

FBI Set To Investigate Trump’s Assassination Threat Against Clinton

The Worst States For Black Americans

Iraq parents' horror at baby unit fire deaths

This election isn’t just Democrat vs. Republican. It’s normal vs. abnormal. Ezra Klein

At Press Conference, Bruce Poliquin Lashes Out at Emily Cain

Man scaling Trump Tower in New York City pulled inside by police

Texas attorney general says professors face discipline if they ban guns

Malia Obama’s Alleged Pot Smoking Attracts Oodles Of Conservative Racism And Hate (SCREENSHOT)