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Leopard enters Bengaluru school, attacks people

A caller nailed it on progressive radio.

Russian Troops Put on High Alert as Part of Massive Drills

I know what you did today

Rubio’s problem: An excess of caution

THANK YOU for the hearts!

Today's Thom Hartmann interview with Chris Matthews

City fails to warn Chicagoans about lead risks in tap water

Thank you for the heart, secret admirer. You made my day...

Bernie Sanders may win big this week. Our panelists share why he has their vote

This could be dangerous...

Why Can't Sanders Supporters admit he's a Socialist?

Austin police shoot and kill 18-year-old naked black man

Foreign Policy Questions Push Bernie Sanders Out of Comfort Zone

Thank you for my hearts!!!!!!!! :) I’ve had a rotten day too <3

Diaz: Is Hillary Clinton giving up Arizona to Bernie Sanders?

Michigan Gas Prices Continue To Drop ($1.36 Jackson area)

Bernie Sander's problem with Democrats

Woman gets jail for group attack on gay Philadelphia couple

Purple Haze

Thank you for the heart, this past week has been difficult

Woman gets jail for group attack on gay Philadelphia couple

I know there have been a lot of stupid remarks from conservaitives about the Super Bowl halftime...

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Bernie Sanders: America's Mainstream Candidate

How many live in a split Dem family?

Robert Reich: Why We Must Try

Which way to Oregon?

Anyone from NH here? What's going to happen tomorrow? Which race will indies vote in?

Clinton weighs staff shake-up after New Hampshire

Back to the Future: It’s 2017 – The GOP has won the election

Sanders Condemns ‘Bernie Bros’

Voter Suppression – Ginsburg

HRC visits Flint, calls on Congress to fund aid. GOP, you guessed it, criticized her, BSers join in

To all those who are donating hearts...

51 black girls dancing with carefree abandon in front of George & Martha.

HUFFPOLLSTER: Signs Of Trouble For Donald Trump In New Hampshire And Beyond

Tip to the intellectually challenged: Bill Clinton is not running for President this year...LOL!!!!

why can't hillary supporters use the term "democratic socialist?"

Great Summation article: "Why Bernie vs. Hillary means more than People Think"

Girl Scout sells cookies outside pot dispensary: 117 boxes in 2 hours.

Oh boy more nuts heading to Oregon

Just lost another patient to emphysema.

This is why we love Bill Maher!

I pledge to donate $50 to Clinton's campaign!

Hillary Clinton on shakeup rumors: 'We're going to take stock'

Scott Walker signs bill allowing concealed carry of switchblades and knives

Hillary attacking Bernie's donations...

A positive thread about Hillary...

I proudly, proudly...proudly stand With Joseph Kennedy lll and Hillary Clinton

Is this just not fuckin' amazing?

“We-shouldn’t-even-try” Democrats are WRONG....We must try. We have no choice.

Sanders Builds on Lead Over Clinton in N.H.: CNN-WMUR Poll

New reading-heavy SAT may be especially unfair to immigrants and the poor,

The Walking Dead - 1st 4 minutes of the midseason premiere

A few interesting facts about Bernie's Senate record - (Hillary Group)

Not busy tonight?

Bernie Sanders is no revolutionary

"She is the only one who will stand up to the gun lobby": Benjamin Crump endorses Hillary

How to drive a Republican crazy( er)

Worried about those NH polls?

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Iowa Republicans could have demanded voter ID in their caucuses. They didn't.

My dog chews and eats paper towels, paper and cardboard. Should I be worried?

Charles Pierce takes a sip of the Donald Trump Kool-Aid "Today, I decided, I am He, Trump."

"We Can Put Refugees On Buses": Leaked Memo Shows Erdogan Blackmailed Europe For Billions

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Chris Matthews, shut up!

How activists got a Black Lives Matter sign into the hands of Beyoncé's dancers

Anyone watching the FANTASTIC Live Bernie concert #VOTETOGETHER? I think Bernie speaks after

WATCH LIVE: @HillaryClinton will be joined by family (and friends!) for the last rally before polls

'Massacre' Fears As Aleppo Set To Fall To Assad

25 Musicians 'Feeling the Bern' for Bernie Sanders


Koch Organizations Connected To Bundy Outlaws

Russians and Assad killing many more civilians than Isis, says former hostage

Would You Vote For A Supercomputer As President?

Wanted to say a quick hello - and thank you, if

If Hillary wins does Bill get to re-decorate the White House?

Cuban baseball stars the Gurriel brothers defect during Caribbean tournament

Yes, Bernie is taking over the Party

Cuban baseball stars the Gurriel brothers defect during Caribbean tournament

Bernie Sanders is NOT a Socialist, by ANY definition

Chipotle shuts U.S. stores for food safety meeting, rivals pounce

Noam Chomsky: Nuclear War More Likely Today Than During Cold War

U.S. Charges Widow Of ISIS Leader In Death Of American Kayla Mueller

We All Die. Nothing Matters. The Universe is Pointless. Give Up.

Washington Post: Sanders' Most Radical Move

America's rejection of political status quo is clear. We'd BETTER get on board as a party.

When did Chris Hayes stop being a journalist and become a partisan hack?

Trump: I would look Syrian children in the eye and say "You can't come here"

Jewish groups blast Ted Nugent for anti-Semitic gun control post

From "El Mito" at Kos: Is Bernie falling after Iowa?

ignore this at your peril!

Why do backslashes not appear in posts?

Ted Cruz and Jeff Roe are at it again, sending fake checks to get donations

McCain schools Trump

Shark attacks hit record high in 2015, global tally shows

Judge refuses to block settlement of Syrian refugees in Texas

Bette Midler Divinely RIPS Trump Into Pieces

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Back in Black! Mike's Back! & a new Kitteh gif

The Enduring Solidarity of Whiteness-Ta-Nehisi Coates

Just heard that Bill Clinton is attacking ----- US!! Bernie Supporters!

The case for Hillary Clinton

The republican primary, illustrated.

Charles P. Pierce: Hillary's Bill Clinton Problem Is More Political Than Personal

Nevada lawmaker to support Oregon occupiers

My new Netflix favorite....Danger 5

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 9: 31 Days of Oscar, Day 9

thank you to who ever gave me my heart.

Rubio vs Bush: Mano a mano

Texas is unlike other early primary states

Yes, Young Women Support Hillary Clinton — And They're Just as Excited as Sanders' Fans

Hillary is kicking ass on Rachel.

To whoever gave me a heart, thank you. I'm proud of all my fellow Sanders supporters.

The Japanese Feel the Bern with this anime opening

Hillary dominating in Michigan by 2-1 margin; more of her supporters are committed to voting for her

The two guys who heckled Jeb! are now seen behind HRC wearing "Settle for Hillary" shirts!

Thank you all for the heart

No longer heartless in San Diego.

In the 90s DLC demanded Bill Clinton move Social Security and Medicare "into the marketplace."

Pressure On Lynch To Step Aside In Clinton Email Probe

This is what I mailed off last week....

A reminder how the DLC pressured Bill Clinton in the 90s....

“Sanders has regularly hosted the DSCC’s retreats on Martha’s Vineyard + in Palm Beach, Fla., for we

PRESS RELEASE Sanders Campaign Statement on Clinton Falsehoods

Vermont Attorney General Drops Probe of Environmentalist

Thank you again my sweet admirer

Rachel Maddow told Hillary that Clinton's supporters are the same as Sanders' Supporters!

How about giving a heart to our friend Scuba -- suspended till March.

Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders? Some voters can't decide

The Latest: Nevada lawmaker to support Oregon occupiers

The enduring solidarity of whiteness (Coates)

The Weird Campaign of John Kasich

what is the latest word on Michael Moore? NT

Trump just called Cruz a pu**y (video)

I know the NFL needed a distraction from the bad behavior of Cam and Eli

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Marco Rubio: "Moderate".

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With Camp Weathervane standing PROUDLY beside Henry Kissinger...

Donald Trump is pure Gutter

Just announced on Rachel Maddow that Chelsea Clinton is heading to Flint this Thursday.

University of Phoenix Owner, Apollo Education Group, Will Be Taken Private

Thanks for the valentine, whoever you are

Another jaw-dropper of a thread.

Rachael's Pre-election Day Show: ALL about Yuuge interview w/Hillary. Bill attacks Bernie,

Legislatures consider special protections for gun industry

Okay, fess up. How many of you are giving yourself your own valentines?

WATCH: Trump Calls Ted Cruz ‘A Pu**y’ And The Crowd Cheers ‘Trump, Trump, Trump!’

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The Bernie Sanders Campaign is in California's San Joaquin Valley this Weekend.

The Bernie Sanders Campaign will be in the San Joaquin Valley Sunday, February 14.

Arizona Panel OKs Tax Credit for Concealed Carry Permit

Undeclared in New Hampshire: ‘I Might Be Able to Bring Trump and Cruz Down’

Santos says referendum will be held on peace deal regardless of FARC

I personally think Bernie Sanders is a Heck of Person.....

Thanks for the heart!

UN Group Calls for Slavery Reparations, but Few in Media Are Listening

Is there a small town in New Hampshire where the polls open at midnight

Islamic State backer arrested for having machine guns, other firearms

Syria 'exterminating detainees' - UN report

Jackson, MS Mayor, and other Mississippi Dems, endorse Hillary Clinton.

These Guys Called Iowa Virtually to the Point: Here is What They Just Predicted About New Hampshire

Russia/Syria: Daily Cluster Munition Attacks ( Increased Use of Widely Banned Weapon )

96 hours later: Has Hillary Released her transcripts yet?

Meet the future of the party

The Thorny Economics of Illegal Immigration

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 8 February 2016

Top officials pressured investigators to call Eric Harris shooting a justifiable homicide

OMFG! Did you see this? Wow!

Who believes this crystalizes what this election is about?

Hillary Clinton criticizes proposed Oklahoma abortion petition

I Listened to EVERY Second Of "Hillary's Show" With Rachel One On One Tonight...

Trudeau Says Canada Will Cease Airstrikes Against ISIS In Syria And Iraq

New Kool-Aid Recipe

Axelrod's comment about Clinton campaign...

OR Wildlife Rufuge Dildo Dave put up another video...not sure exactly what he is rambling about

David Axelrod's tweet about Hillary looking at her campaign staff - Hillarious!!

Let's not forget how violent NYPD was during Giuliani's time as mayor.

Trump called Cruz a "pu$$y"

Getting Change Wrong

The influence of money

14 Bogota cops arrested on drug dealing and protection racketeering charges

Feel the Bern at the NH Primary

Fl Man Charged With Assault With a Deadly Weapon After Throwing Alligator Through Wendy’s Drive-Thru

FBI confirms Clinton probe

Laws written by men to protect women deserve scrutiny, Supreme Court told.

Inevitable wreck that ends Trump campaign will look like...

Gunmen kidnapped reporter in southern Mexico, prosecutors say

Bill Clinton: "Her opponent, the champion of all things small and the enemy of all things big"

Top Hillary Clinton Advisers and Fundraisers Lobbied Against Obamacare

Mexico faces devastating human rights crisis as Pope Francis prepares visit

I'd like to see a quiz on positions without the candidates names

I was 2 years older than Bernie .......

Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame TED

Argentina Open Experimenting With Dog Ball Boys

Argentina Open Experimenting With Dog Ball Boys

The Federal response in Malheur and far right extremism

Jennifer Granholm is disappointed in young women.

Swaziland plans to relocate 18 elephants to American zoos

sorry gang that was me jumping the gun! I made a mistake. he's not going to be on apparently n/t

Michigan Senate Passes Bill Saying Sodomy Is A Felony Punishable By 15 Years in Prison

Behavioral specialist suggests Ben Carson may have indeed been on drugs during latest debate

Article: Sanders can no longer control the anti-Hillary monster he’s created (HRC GROUP)

Drug Industry Launches Ad Campaign Aimed at Lawmakers

Picture of the day ( maybe the picture of the year).

To the kind DU'er who gave me a heart -

Sanders Campaign Statement on Clinton Falsehoods

Zenefits CEO, Yelp CFO, and Paypal CTO resign

US tourist flies stray dog Charlie home to LA after meeting him on Peru holiday just minutes before

When Bill Clinton president

US tourist flies stray dog Charlie home to LA after meeting him on Peru holiday just minutes before

The case for Hillary Clinton


Dixville Notch polls closed. Sanders & Kasich win

This Election Cycle Getting More Disgusting By The Day.

What about Christie???

Sanders, Kasich Win 1st Votes in Tiny NH Community

Dixville Notch 4 Bernie, 0 Hillary. n/t

Kuelap, the Ancient Fortress That Aims to Become the Second Biggest Tourist Destination in Peru

Dixville Notch Loses Midnight Vote to Millsfield.

Thank You For The Heart!

Tool kit?

CNN International about Millsfield, NH vote: Cruz got 9 votes, because it's near Canada.

Human Rights Campaign says Barilla has turned around its policies on LGBT

The hearts are a nice little boost in the midst of all the craziness lately.

Since Giuliani is back in the news, here's one short story...

Sanders and Kasich win Harts Location, NH Primary

Where was Clinton and her surrogates when Teachout was running?

Dixville Notch, where nobody lives full time, and is second in the nation, is a perfect symbol...

Bernie blast from the past

Sanders winning after midnight primaries

6 Facts That Erase Any Doubt U.S. Officials Know They Are Deporting People To Their Deaths

6 Facts That Erase Any Doubt U.S. Officials Know They Are Deporting People To Their Deaths

Dixville Notch, NH #FITN

Why does Hillary have 6 of 32 New Hampshire delegates already?

More than 1 million are besieged in Syria, new report says

Flint e-mails: State, city appear unable to share info

Trump, Cruz leading after midnight primaries.

Is a Valentine's Day sale at a mattress store just a bit too...well, OBVIOUS?

Robert Reich - Bill Clinton's scolding of Bernie on blame for Wall St collapse

'Panic situation' as Asian stocks tumble amid fears of new global recession

This needs more attention...

Campaign 2016 New Hampshire primary election results (Looks like an interesting website for 2/9)

2016 New Hampshire Primaries (This site is already reporting)

Think about it: What's going on in Bernie's mind

So, how are you doing on your taxes?

Former NAACP Head: Clinton's SNL Dig At Sanders 'Petty'

3 Tiny New Hampshire Towns Voted At Midnight. Do They Predict Anything?


Is the New Hampshire Primary Being Ignored?

The Ugly 'SNL' Joke You Missed While Chuckling at 'Bernie Sanderswitzky'

Thank you, my friends, for the hearts

North Korean Satellite "Tumbling In Orbit," U.S. Officials Say

The Doctor is...out. Confessions of a (former) Naturopathic Doctor

Op-Ed: Martin O’Malley 2020

Developing... Live Updates: Kasich And Sanders Win First Votes In N.H. Primary

Chris Hedges: Flint’s Crisis Is About More Than Water

Video of votes for Bernie 4; Hillary 0 (Dixville Notch)

I would like to join your group.

however gave me the heart - thank you ... was most unexpected ... nt

A Sanders/Warren Ticket Breaks the Gender Barrier

"I'll release the transcripts when everyone else does..."

Sanders v. Clinton and Their Supporters

Bisexual Invisibility: The LGBT Community's Dirty Little Secret

A Lot Of People Are Angry Thinking The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was 'Promoting Homosexuality'

Chipotle blames norovirus on sick employees.

Germany train crash: Several killed in Bavarian town of Bad Aibling

Here's why we have superdelegates.

One small problem with Bernie's healthcare plan

Thank you for the heart!

Christie quits race to focus on tormenting Rubio - Borowitz

Heavens, someone gave snagglepuss a heart.

CNN: Median income would soar by more than $22,000. Nearly 26 million jobs would be created.

The Religious Right & Allies Really Want To Jail Or Execute Gays. And Liberals.

Vidal vs Buckley, here is where it all started.

Michigan Is Too Busy Trying to Outlaw Anal Sex to Address Toxic Flint Water

Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs to reopen next week

Daily Holidays - February 9

Thank you for the heart.

Could the media ask for a better race than Sanders vs. Trump?

Hillary runs a mysogynist campaign. Which is . . . weird.

NBC News: Bernie Sanders Suddenly Looking and Sounding Like a Front-Runner

On getting the black vote...

A Question. Who or what organization is spending millions in ads now against Hillary as she claims?

FBI: Indiana Reported More than 140 Domestic Violence-Related Fatal Shootings From 2006-2014

Thank you for the heart! So nice : ) nt

The danger between ‘temporary’ and ‘permanent’

White America’s ‘Broken Heart’

Gun-rights quotes are bad, but bills are worse

NH Endorsements: Clinton 80 - Sanders 6

Wake up Democrats, Hillary is the only choice

Conservative Tim Carney on the Sanders Campaign (you may like this)

Happy Mardis Gras Today: Mardi Gras - Endymion 2016 50th Anniversary

Following visit yesterday to mosque FFRF to Obama: Please welcome nonreligious to “American Family”

After 14 Years it sinks in: Maybe US is just not Good at Asian Counter-Insurgency

2 Bedrooms In Cabrini-Green's New High Rise Start At $3,200 A Month

Laissez les bons temps rouler, Mumbai style

NASA employees suing over religious rights

Florida Man accused of tossing gator into Wendy's drive-thru window

U.S. Catholic-Muslim dialogue launched, Chicago Archbishop Cupich to co-chair

North Korea’s Controversial Satellite Tumbling in Orbit

Bernie Sanders Prevails and G.O.P. Has 3-Way Tie as 3 New Hampshire Towns Vote

MARCOBOT does it again!

''She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.”

Great article about how Mich Republicans created Flint Water Crisis

Jen Sorensen (Slowpoke Toons) has been hanging around GD P…..

History in the making

We have face facts: The GOP will never agree to Sanders' policy proposals. He's just too far left.

Can Sanders win the black Democratic vote? He's got a long way to go.

Quite possibly the weirdest thing ever I've seen in the NFL.

Hillary's at a polling place in NH

Thank you for the heart!

A tiny New Hampshire town retakes a tradition: voting at midnight


The thought occurs to me that we are about to find out how much power big money has

Eli on a bender since SB---throws Gator through Wendy's drive-thru window.

Per Morning Joe, unusually high Secret Service presence around Bernie Sanders

I Miss Barack Obama

I got a Valentines heart!

I'm in the mood to send some abusive PMs. What's the worst that could happen?

Media Sets Up Another "Comeback Kid" Scenario for Clinton in Diebold Country, NH

Is there a way to give hearts from the profile page, or does it have to be from a message?

What about soccer moms!?!?

Hey, Elad, I just gave you beaucoup hearts

Should schools reconsider how they do snow days

Hope for the future

Hecklers attempt Cruz exorcism in N.H..."We just had to get rid of the evil spirit."

2 Bedrooms In Cabrini-Green's New High Rise Start At $3,200 A Month

Sanders sweeps Dixville Notch!

Today's contribution...

Its primary day here in NH. For a mere $675,000.00 I can be influenced!

Ikea Quickly & Quietly Stops Selling UK Solar Panels After Govt Signals Subsidy Elimination

Bernie Sanders is Keeping Martin Luther King's Dream Alive

The deep divide in Feminism exposed by the Democratic Primary

The Wild Tchoupitoulas.

WMO - Australia Will Be "Isolated" From Global Scientific Community w. Planned CSIRO Cuts

Best uses you have found for a 50mm prime lens.

So let me see if I got this right..

Nature Climate Change; W. Antarctic Ice Shelves Weakest, Most Vulnerable

Hillary's paid speeches: "She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs Managing Director"

Thank you for the heart!

I'm pretty sure Trump suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As for Marco Rubio....


Today is the New Hampshire primary—but what’s the point?

Well, Well, Well: Heb! And Marco Robotio Agree To Deny Climate Change To 15 Florida Mayors

Almost as much fun as getting a Valentine heart...

Should Gun Owners Have to Join the Reserves? IE "A well regulated militia".


Samantha Bee: Cruz has Stage 4 Cancer of the Personality

A very important DU Public Service Announcement:

Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says - (repost)

Polls close 7PM. nt


Clinton will be president for children

Pierce: Hillary's Bill Clinton Problem Is More Political Then Personal

After crapping on him for over 9 years...NYT David Brooks: "I Miss Barack Obama"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only Ms. Carole King.

There is a reason big girls don’t cry. We haven’t the time.

How do you pronounce the name "Maeve?" I never met anyone in RL with the name, only seen it in

Laws written by men to protect women deserve scrutiny, Supreme Court told

Just. Pass. A. Damn. VAT.

The Trump supporter who yelled "p_ssy" is voting for Trump because he "has the balls of watermelons"

Bernie has his children and grandchildren w/him which increases the secret service detail

"...The Clinton campaign, in a matter of days, has completely lost its soul..."

Satire or not. I can't decide: Hillary, be proud of your Wall Street speeches

Deceptive mailers, Wall Street fundraisers, and a SuperPAC. Bernie Sanders is no revolutionary, say

House advances bill aimed at protecting conservative views on sex, marriage

Thank you!

Your top three GOP predictions tonight ? update: RESULTS

Final ARG Tracking Poll NH: Bernie 53% (-1) Hillary 44% (+6)

Hillary Clinton’s artful smear: Her Goldman Sachs speaker fees matter

Ted Cruz joke: Why do so many people take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz?

Rubio's talking point coma

Detailed exploration of Presidential eligibility

Trump’s Son Says Waterboarding ‘No Different’ Than ‘What Happens in Frat Houses Every Day’

Change The Future! (2)

Vote And Take The Folks With You!

British media 'most right-wing' in Europe, YouGov survey finds

The "Is Hillary Clinton A Progressive?" Debate

I Love The Daily News:

Feel The Bern.....

What is Clinton hiding?

Hillary and the Moms

The Daily Show Slams Fox's Criticism Of Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance

Man arrested for allegedly throwing gator into Wendy's drive-thru

OK. My husband and I just returned from voting for Senator Sanders 8)

We asked 6 political scientists if Bernie Sanders would have a shot in a general election

Alien encounter

He's Just As Corrupt As I Am And Even More Hypocritical!

Jeb Bush and the Gentleman Politician Death Spiral (in a Single Photo)

Stand with Sen. Warren: Tell Senate Democrats not to sabotage Wall Street cops

Hillary's late appeal in NH - WOW! Bernie has won either way!

Flint Michigan Water Crisis: Dogs Testing Positive For Lead Toxicity

Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up

Passing the torch or sharing the torch?

Why did Mississippi police release two versions of fatal shooting report?

Why did Mississippi police release two versions of fatal shooting report?

Israel persecuting jewish artist for "degenerate art"


Bernie Sanders and the Expectations Game in New Hampshire

Need volunteers for Bernie in Virginia, primary is in 3 weeks!

Someone loves me

Mike Malloy - Hillary Clinton: "I´m a Progressive Who Get Things Done"

Israeli bill targeting leftwing NGOs passes first hurdle

FLINT: “Now evidence is clearly pointing to a deliberate cover-up”

Mike Malloy - How Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem Betrayed Women

Samantha Bee's show is my new favorite show!


The subtle meme the media has started for Hillary

Head vs heart

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan declines congressional invite on Flint water crisis

Hawaii's Big Island declares emergency over dengue fever infections

U.S. Air Force veteran accused of Islamic State support faces trial

For Clintons' it is all about money vs. Sanders speaking fees

Next year's Super Bowl halftime show should be Rudy Giuliani giving a speech about 9/11

Does the not so Magic Rubiot

Cyber top national security threat to U.S.: intelligence director

A concern I've had in the past couple days.

sad bit true...

538: Why Young Democrats Love Bernie Sanders

Dazed Marco Rubio Wakes Up In Koch Compound To Find Cold Metal Device Installed Behind Ear

Was at the polls at 6:00 am and it was packed

The Doctor is...out. Confessions of a (former) Naturopathic Doctor

Intelligence Chief: North Korea Restarts Plutonium Reactor

Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine

Mike Malloy - Want Endless War? Hillary Clinton’s Your Choice!

Need volunteers for Bernie in Virginia, primary is in 3 weeks! (Please tell your VA friends)

One thing I have long noticed about presidential candidates (and this applies

We're getting snow flurries here in Atlanta. Should I go to work?

New Bernie Office in Fairfax VA

What's puzzling me is the nature of her game

AT&T fights to keep your internet as slow as possible

Taiwan earthquake: Developer questioned over building collapse

Clinton just had the nerve to refer to her visit to "deindustrialized" America

Prosecutor who sent innocent man to death row is disbarred

The firewall continues to strengthen. Jackson, Mississippi mayor endorses Clinton


I purchased a Star membership on Sunday.

chair of nh dem party: expecting TENS OF THOUSANDS OF NEW VOTERS TODAY

Guess the Rubio-bot criticism hurts. Rubio supporters just ripped a robot costume off a protestor

The firewall continues to strengthen. Jackson, Mississippi mayor endorses Clinton (HRC group)

Friend says slain teen talked of running away with defendant

Trumps son says Waterboarding is a simple Frat Prank

Sanders to join Minneapolis forum on black issues; Clinton not attending

(Texas) State Bar board affirms disbarment of prosecutor who sent innocent man to death row

Job openings rose to 5.6 million in December; quits rose to 3.1 million

Sanders to join Minneapolis forum on black issues; Clinton not attending

The primary die is being cast in New Hampshire.

Georgia law giving police grand jury access may face change

Clinton "sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director"

Police: Ohio Newborn Appears to Have Died From Dog Bite

THIS Is All YOUR Fault!

"Artful smears"......

I would like to thank everyone who donated a heart to me.

Legislatures consider special protections for gun industry

The Secret Confessions of an Internet Troll

Justice Brandeis: We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated

I wish Keith Olbermann was back doing politics.

NC Regulator Fines Duke Energy Nearly $7M for Coal Ash Spill

Stop Attacking President Obama For Not Being A Progressive “Purist”

In snowy Manchester, NH, this is one tough satirist.

Might of American Empire on Full Display at Super Bowl 50

Candidates for the next TV musical?

Maddow Transcript: Hillary On being the only candidate expected to release transcripts:

Redding Pitt, former head of Alabama Democratic Party, has died

Bring on the drones: Mediterranean sees severe overfishing

Quid Pro Quo - "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours".

Tuesday Bernie Group Toons

Can you imagine if Hillary called Trump a "limp dick"? Can you imagine?


Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Robotic vs. Rotund

Hillary Voted for Bush's Republican $105 Billion Corporate Tax Giveaway:

Bill Clinton rips Sanders backers' 'sexist,' 'profane' attacks

Quid Pro Quo - "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours".

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Intersting article about NH and what to look for in todays primaries (Clinton Group)

Children with a Religious Upbringing Show Less Altruism


#WhyAreYouTakingSoLong to end the #DerangedWar?

2008 & 2012 NH Primary Turnout Numbers

Aggression targeting Colombia’s journalists up 40% in 2015: Press freedom NGO

25 Intense Facts About Radiation And Its Crazy Effects

Bernie Sanders, “The Big Short” & a nation that’s had it up to here

Samantha Bee's Awesome Monologue On The Republican Presidential Primaries

Most Democrats Think Hillary Clinton Will Win Nomination: Poll

Meanwhile..... At the club.

More On Gerrymandering

wrong forum / delete

Alabama: Team Clinton or Team Sanders?

The vetting has begun....

I'm giddy, this is Rubio's last chance.

The Latest: GM, UAW Pledge $3M for Flint's Water Crisis

How Hillary twists the truth

Hillary Clinton's campaign is reportedly unhappy with Hillary Clinton

Dildo Dave and the Leftover Dicks- Refuge Reality Episode #18 "The Whine"

Princeton Opens Dialogue on Alumnus Woodrow Wilson, Racism

Palmetto Sunrise: Actresses Angela Bassett, Vivica A. Fox campaigning for Hillary Clinton Tuesday

U.S. Postal Service Swings to Profit in Holiday Quarter

Noranda Aluminum Files for Bankruptcy

Colombia to Intensify Cultivation of Palm Oil

*******February Photo Contest Theme*******

80 of 86 New Hampshire endorsements

Don’t assume Clinton will start winning again after New Hampshire

How bout some Bernie pics and music?

Trump's son, Donald Jr., lamented on Monday that his opinion is "discredited" as a billionaire's son

New Hampshire, Let's Transform America

IRS Grants Long-Delayed Tax Exempt Status to Crossroads GPS

Lipstick-on-pig (no offense to pigs): A comedian dubbed TRUMP with a Brit posh accent

Gov't Report: 8 States Had Significant Drop in Uninsured

Mike Malloy - Bill Clinton Unleashes Stinging Attack on Bernie Sanders

Bernie Arrested in Chicago, Protesting Segregation & Police Brutality Aganst African Americans:

I renewed my membership on Feb. 4, and I sure would like my hearts

"What good is a revolution if there isn't dancing?" 

Nuns Who Help Needy Face Eviction in San Francisco

"I was hatched not far from here." . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

Record turnout predicted for New Hampshire

Dildo Dave and the Leftover Dicks- Refuge Reality Episode #19 "Got Engwish"

Poll - Clinton - Sanders - Greatest Threat

Learn backstory on Malheur standoff

Hillary has been pushed to sound progressive, but if she wins she'll go back to the same old DLC/

Florida Man at it again

Closings Set in NYC Cop's Trial in Deadly Stairwell Shooting

Crunch the numbers and refute with logic??

Remaining occupiers in Oregon reduced to stunts

Will Donald Trump Claim His First Victory in New Hampshire? Let’s Hope Not

How the Bernie Sanders campaign became a force to be reckoned with

Hillary - "Cut it out!"

EXCELLENT personal interview with BERNIE SANDERS !!!

When he wins tonight, I suggest

I ask for this every year around this time, can we sell Shamrocks next month like we sell Valentines

*****February Photo Contest COMMENT THREAD*****

Wall liner paper - have you ever used it?

Guns, car crashes and drugs cut US male life expectancy by a year, research says

Guns, car crashes and drugs cut US male life expectancy by a year, research says

Of course .... (HRC's son-in-law). Hypocrisy.

*****February Photo Contest SUBMISSIONS ONLY*****

Bernie...the outsider, illustrated

Happy Paczki Day

Risking World War III in Syria

Clinton campaign: rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic?

The Bernie Sanders Momentum Has Arrived In New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton’s political machine has been busted — thanks to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Idaho Legislature rejects new science standards

The Sanders Campaign Criticism of Clinton's Iraq War Vote

John King on Boston Public Radio


Hillary's State Dept. Lets RUSSIA Control Crucial Uranium in Xchnge For $Millions to Clinton Found

*******February Photo Contest Theme*******

The rising storm of ethnic fear in Europe and the United States

“My Special Place in Hell, Courtesy of Unfettered Greed,” by PDA Executive Director Donna Smith

Turkey condemns US for supporting PYD


"That's not what I want out of life, we give money. We don't take it."

Clinton's Corporate Feminism

Britain watching the Trump insanity carefully

Flint mayor: Pipe replacement to begin next month

This is Good: An Open Letter to Older Women Voting for Hillary, From a Younger Woman voting Bernie

Andy Borowitz on Republicans and evolution

NRA's Ted Nugent: Jewish Supporters Of Gun Safety Laws Are "Nazis In Disguise" (updated)

Kanye hired a set of engineers to help design his new line of yoga pants

What Clinton said in her paid speeches

The kind of desperate attacks that Hillary and her campaign have waged against Bernie

Your moment of Ben

Just a reminder...

"Are You Sure I'm In The Right Place?!"

YouTube will be the downfall of Hillary

Phoenix City Council Votes To End Prayer Rather Than Let Satanists Lead It

Jeb warns:"There will be a conflict, an attack, an outbreak of disease-something is going to happen"

Rick Snyder Recall 3.0: The People Have Likely Been Hookwinked Before It Starts

Becoming a Socialist

Live results and map sites for New Hampshire

I am disturbed and saddened by the rancor

Rachel's excuse for the Hillary infomercial - Bernie wasn't available - ok then what about

Thank God I live in Blue California

Obama Sends Congress Record $4.1 Trillion 2017 Spending Plan

Even David Brooks Says He'll Miss Barack Obama

Pharmaceutical commercials: Selling side effects to cure your ailments

Breakfasting with oligarchs.

NPR: Angry Trump and Sanders voters are upset about "creeping changes in the culture"

Watch the Broncos Victory Parade live here!

Feb 9--> Hillary and her Team #GOTV pics

The Bernie Sanders Campaign Promise Generator

Really getting ticked about people saying Bernie supporters

Pic Of The Moment: Pssst: While All Eyes Are On The Presidential Race...

This primary and caucus season, let us pray...

More Latino Arizona Endorsements for Bernie Sanders

If you're as DISGUSTED with the CORRUPT MSM as I am, Bernie2016tv is on ALL DAY TODAY! Link:

Good news for "truthers": Study shows conspiracies are "prone to unravelling"

Merrimack traffic jam: Cars are lined up waiting to get into the high school parking lot to vote.

Scientists create synthetic biopathway to turn agriculture waste into 'green' products

Scientists create synthetic biopathway to turn agriculture waste into 'green' products

Scientists confirm second, more intense form of Lyme disease

Gay man confronts Rubio in New Hampshire--- Rubio slinks away.

Sneaked into the HRC group to respond to a post .. Banishment coming??

Bernie is breakfasting with the oligarchs! Oh noes!

*******February Photo Contest Theme*******

The Bongos...

Early results in.nh

Hillary's Wall Street Donors Shock Young People

Fake Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips

San Jose business tax proposal ignites war of words

Has any reporter asked Secretary Clinton specifically about her respect for Kissinger?

3 arrested for roles in construction of collapsed Taiwan apartment tower


White House pushes ahead with plan to slash pensions for up to one million retirees

Martha Raddatz interview with Bernie Sanders, Jan. 3, 2016, @ 2:30

How the Bundys lost control of the story at Malheur

From the Daily Telegraph

Lavrov: Russia Receiving US Requests to Help Resolve Syria, Ukraine Crises

Canada to End 'Vengeful' Bombing in Iraq and Syria

Bernie Sanders wins first New Hampshire town by 100% (Dixville Notch)

LePage: ‘I had to go scream at the top of my lungs about black dealers’

Publicly Funded Elections, Bernie's solution to the root problem of campaign bribes.

Hillary Resuses to Denounce Arkansas Confederate Flag

Good deal on Bob's Red Mill oats

Why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t get a pass on a New Hampshire loss

"Small Government" Kool-Aid

Sen. Blumenthal demands lifting of IT 'gag' order

There is no shortage of STEM workers

Fox News accidentally reports Donald Trump as the winner in New Hampshire (Tuesday at Noon)

Samantha Bee May Be the Best Thing to Happen for Hillary Clinton

Thom Hartmann: "Corporate Managed Trade Deals Screw The USA."

Nuns Who Feed the Homeless Face Eviction After Rent Hike

So when does the real vetting of the Clintons begin?

Joe Ely has a birthday today

(In NH) A friend of mine was just turned away at her ward.

Carole King has a birthday today.

WV Senate Bill #508 is a Kick in the Face to Local Residents

What was the exact word........

Why Young Democrats Love Bernie Sanders: Part I: They have a lot in common with Ron Paul supporters

Man faces weapons charges for planned mass shooting in Milwaukee

Forced Pooling Resurfaces in WV Legislature

FACT CHECK: Do NH primary voters really favor politicians from neighboring states?

Bernie loves this Trillion dollar war machine.

The “pH Miracle Diet” naturopath is guilty, but California still has a problem

Putting To Rest "The Sanders Is Winning in NH Because He's From Vermont" silliness

A great Democrat has left us.

Voters' attorneys want new congressional maps drawn now

SC Sues Energy Dept Over Unfinished Nuclear Fuel Project

CNN: Clinton announcing a "single-digit loss will be a win" for her. nt

The Latest: Flint counsel says manslaughter charge possible

Suspect in Deputy Goforth murder declared incompetent to stand trial

$16 in 2016 = $15/hr in 2012 dollars

Giant Rabbit From Scotland Looking for a Home

Well of course: Ted Nugent posts unbelievably anti-semitic Facebook post

FACT CHECK: Do NH primary voters really favor politicians from neighboring states?

No, the Michigan Senate did NOT just pass a bill outlawing oral and anal sex.

Oil down 3 pct ahead on expected U.S. crude build, slowdown fear

Have a sanctimonious Valentine's Day everyone!!!!

It's not a laptop - It's a catTop

China has censored artwork about Tibet—at a fair in Bangladesh

Settle for Hillary...

Vietnam vet sues VA trying to get benefits living in Cuba

Vietnam vet sues VA trying to get benefits living in Cuba

Clinton will be president for children

'Tired, Old' Bill Clinton Out and About NH Today

"...fewer are willing to believe that imperial feminism is the best we can do"

The Eyes of the World Are on New Hampshire

Women-hating organization promoting legalized rape to hold meetings in 40 countries this weekend

May I have some hearts to bestow? Thanks.


When going to vote please bring your cellphone camera, record and document everything

A Modesty Proposal | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Bloomberg says minorities commit 95% of all murders

Can I get a little love from the 14th (Doyle's) congressional district on gerrymandering?

Fact Checker: Elizabeth Warren’s critique of Hillary Clinton’s 2001 bankruptcy vote

South Africa to prosecute 4 apartheid-era cops for murder

Tibet: Sentenced for Refusing to Fly Chinese Flag, Man Dies in Prison

How many U's?

US Pres. Primaries, Super Tues. March 1, the 1st Super March 15, Delegate Type EXPLAINED, France 24

PA Landowners Object to Tree Cutting for Constitution Gas pipeline

Clinton gets Laureate (Intl For Profit Educ) State Dinner Invite:Bill gets 16.5 mill consulting fees

Chris Christie- "Hillary Clinton will eat Marco Rubio alive. She won't eat me alive."

This Is How Hillary Clinton Gets the Coverage She Wants

Fox News poll - Let's burn this baby up

Bill's Message to Brock: Throw the kitchen sink at Bernie

Dear Hillary, Madeleine, Gloria: Real Feminism Means Saying No to Deadly Imperialist Wars

Donald Trump's USA Freedom Kids

Bernie Sanders Prevails and G.O.P. Has 3-Way Tie as 3 New Hampshire Towns Vote

If not already posted: Bernie Sanders Prevails and G.O.P. Has 3-Way Tie as 3 New Hampshire Towns Vot

No, Iowa Was Not A "Tie". Clinton Won Even After Recount

DARPA Unveils 'Neural Interface' That Could Allow Humans To 'Talk' To Computers

Hillary Clinton runs into Carly Fiorina's Husband at New Hampshire Polling Place

Nate Silver's 538 puts Sanders' odds of winning New Hampshire above 99 percent

Bernie Sanders Shuts Out Hillary Clinton in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

Feeling the Bern in Colorado

The Anxiety Of Being Marco Rubio

Here's something to help you get through the day today.

The racial double standard between Cam Newton and Peyton Manning is on full display

The sexual misconduct case that has rocked anthropology

Guttmacher scholarship f/ leaders in repro health & rights

xp - Guttmacher scholarship f/ leaders in repro health & rights

Saudi Arabia Says It Shot Down Missile Fired From Yemen

How a Democrat Killed Welfare

Hillary Clinton has been down by 30% in the NH polls. If she loses by 20%, then it is a Hillary WIN.

New Hampshire Independents Could Boost Kasich, Sanders

Goldman Sachs:Involved in corrupt for profit college practices. Cost to the taxpayers: Billions

The Rubiot of Marco Khyam

A badger uncovers ​’exciting’ Bronze Age cremation site near Stonehenge

"Women get more radical as they age because they lose power". Discuss.


Will Congress Finally Crack Down On Negligent Auto Makers?

Theodore Shoebat pines for the good old days of the Inquisition...

Hillary says she supports campaign finance reform but she thumbs her nose at the current law

"This Is How Hillary Clinton Gets the Coverage She Wants"

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday? Here's what I'm giving up for Lent:

Naked man dead after police-involved shooting in NE Austin

Clinton should get her lobbyists to lobby Goldman Sachs to change its name to Goldwoman Sachs.

Bernie Sanders' free college plan would cost $70 billion, U.S. News reports

A little personal meta for my HRC group companions. I just accepted a new job!

Why New Hampshire Holds the First Primary

I need some help

Atheist Lawmaker Barred From Delivering Invocation Because It Doesn’t Mention A ‘Higher Power’

I don't think it was a fluke that Bill Clinton called Bernie Sanders 'hermetically sealed'

Enough is enough — the US' 'moral bankruptcy' on Syria must come to an end

Sanctions Failed To Take A Bite Out Of Russia’s Oil Patch: Fuel For Thought

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Brazil Governor Wants Environmental Fund to Pay Pensions

Brazil Governor Wants Environmental Fund to Pay Pensions

Bernie Sanders is No Revolutionary

About 150 Oil And Gas Companies May Go Bust As A Supply Glut Pressures Prices And Punishes Revenues

Ohio BLM Activist MarShawn McCarrel II Commits Suicide Outside Statehouse:

Texas Banks Boost Reserves For Souring Energy Loans

Iowa High Court to Consider State's Ban on Voting by Felons

Remember the FL woman who was kicked out of the hospital and died? The video was released

A Stronger Jobs Outlook at Builders and Factories Alleviates U.S. Recession Fears

I'm seeing more and more news about the FBI investigating and possibly indicting Hillary Clinton.

'If Israel wasn't occupying West Bank, Palestinian kids wouldn't need to kill Jews'

A crazy idea about GD:P

Anti-LGBT Group Threatening To Sue City Over Dolores Park (SF) Pissoir

Judge Orders Anti-Abortion Group to Cease Release of Secretly Recorded NAF Meetings

Ben Carson: I’m Open to Being Donald Trump’s Vice President

The Latest: Michigan AG Wants to Broaden Open-Records Law

Ted Nugent: Holocaust Victims Were 'Soulless Sheep To The Slaughter'

Ex-Vegas Officer, Department Sued in Body Camera Force Case

FBI confirms Clinton probe

Richard P. Von Herzen, Explorer of Earth’s Undersea Furnaces, Dies at 85

I Miss Barack Obama

I voted today (in the NH primaries)

Right wing site reveals Hillary donors are funding Chris Matthews' wife for Congress

Ex-Vegas officer, department sued in body camera force case

Merci beaucoup...

Hillary still ahead nationally and most think she'll snag the nomination

More and more LBN seems to be used for items that clearly belong in the GD:Primary forum. Perhaps

Conservationists donate funds to complete Penobscot River restoration

Do you NE residents watch NECN? They are doing their best to avoid mentioning Bernie.

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

Jew-hatred ‘recurrent problem’ in Dutch schools

#RobotRubio Gets Manhandled By Team Marco

Bernie Sanders to huddle with Al Sharpton Tomorrow

Hillary Clinton tweaks her 'safe, legal and rare' abortion mantra

Fanaticism and Fantasy Drive Purported TPP ‘Benefits’

Georgian lawyer launches bid to legalise gay marriage

Harvard:Economic and political inequities are interlaced, leaving many Americans poor and voiceless

Hunger Games Actress Jena Malone Endorses Bernie Sanders

New Englanders, Do you watch NECN?

The Republican Plot To Steal The 2016 Election

Released felons gain right to vote in Maryland following veto override.

Have gravitational waves FINALLY been found? Thursday press conference expected to unveil Albert Ein

So at what point does an FBI probe stop being a right-wing conspiracy theory

Groups sue for videos of Minneapolis police killing

Groups sue for videos of Minneapolis police killing

Jackpine Radicals

LMAO! I just now realized I'm no longer eligible to serve on juries.

Cant find the BernieTv2016 live stream..any suggestions please

Terry Crouppen slams Stan Kroenke in Super Bowl ad

Thanks for those red, red hearts!

Primary elections are surprisingly new. Here's where they came from.

Today, New Hampshire Students Will Likely Pay The Price For The State’s New Voter ID Laws

Gawker: This is how Hillary Clinton Gets the Coverage she Wants

Bette Midler tweeted this...

Anti-Semitism, not academic content, fuels university boycotts

Yarber Endorses Hillary Clinton for Dem Nomination

Veterans of Foreign Wars gives award to Sen. Bernie Sanders

WHAT??? Mika and Joe on NOW??? at 2:30 CST. UGH. eom

What's more rare than a landslide?

Sanders supporter asks for hugs at a Trump rally.

History Lesson For a Young Sanders Supporter

Senate Votes To Override Hogan Veto On Felon Voting Rights; Hogan Says "Radical Minority" Led To Ove

I was on the fence for a while

Monsanto to pay $80 million in SEC settlement over Roundup earnings

First Primary is finally here! Good Luck Hillary.

Among Democrats, Hillary's favorable rating sink as Bernie's rise

Why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t get a pass on a New Hampshire loss

Jeff Masters: Hurricane Patricia's 215 mph Winds: A Warning Shot Across Our Bow

Bernie over-under for tonight

Suggestions for travel camera

I'm trying to recall the title of an old teen-market book (circa late 60's to early 70s)

Bloomberg: "Cities need to get guns out of [the] … hands” of persons who are “male, minority, and

FBI: Dearborn Heights ISIS supporter planned to attack Detroit church

Forensic experts reject Mexico's claim that criminals burned missing students

@GallupNews Ranks #Minnesota First in the Nation in Job Creation Index

Indian soldier found alive after six days buried under avalanche

Did Mika just say her baby is a Bernie baby?

In autism, the social benefits of being a girl

Website only stocks products that last a lifetime

Eyewitness News Investigates: Flaws Within California's Gun Confiscation Program

Bill Clinton's bashing Obama with the "Fairy Tale" comment

KanCare Backlog Forcing Thousands To Wait For Coverage

Let's not forget... Hillary's changing positions... very informative...

People who have donated to Hillary's campaign

How Dark Money Stays Dark: The Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and the Right's Destructive Racket


Sanders gaining women voters in NH

The Changing Tide in Argentina: An Assault on the Public Sector and a Shift Towards Austerity

Shit ---every time I get a heart I think I've been Juried.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton lead in new poll of Oklahoma voters

H.Clinton"i will work tonight until all the votes are cast and counted"--anyone else find that odd?

Weird word for the day - mesopygion

I think Hillary gave Maddow a bit of schooling last night@

firefox expertise needed

Interesting Reads for Today ....

Faux News already projects Donald Trump the winner of the GOP primary in NH

Decent price on a refurbished Dell Laptop $210

Don't look now: $1 gas may be close

Bernie Sanders: "Southern Democrats are tired of being abandoned by the party"

Hillary's lovely behavior during the 2008 campaign.A must-see video:

Hundreds of Galaxies Found Hiding Behind Milky Way

Decent price on a refurbished Dell Laptop $210

Dildo Dave and the Leftover Dicks- Refuge Reality Episode #20 "ASSUMPTIONS!"

Chris Hayes Spoofs White Power Structure Has No Clue How To Stop Culture Of White On White Violence


Many thanks for my heart!

New Yorker Magazine Shooting Blindly at Bernie Sanders

Why the hell is Politico showing the results in NH when voting is still going on

A Huge Coal Miners’ Pension Plan Is On The Brink Of Failure. One Senator Is Blocking A Fix

I know this is off topic - but thank you for my hearts!

MA- State Treasurer: Steinem and Albright need to be "kept away"

The "political revolution" has begun.

The Facebook page, The Christian Left, is selling these T-shirts!

Hillary supporter: Women supporting Bernie good argument for repealing

The Global Oil Glut Is Even Bigger Than Expected, IEA Says

What I Have Learned in This Forum Today: Generation X is Getting Screwed

Yellen faces tough sell on Fed rate hikes in Congress

Hillary Clinton and Frank Fiorina snap photo together in N.H. Read more:

BREAKING NEWS! Old Valentines Sent By Sanders Uncovered!

SNAP Participation Has Decreased by Almost Two Million Since 2011

Regarding Clinton's statement on releasing speech transcripts

In addition to breaking up the big banks.... can we please...

Hillary Clinton Cast in Underdog Role as New Hampshire Votes

Bernie Sanders slams “overt partisanship” of GOP leaders who rejected Obama’s final budget

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The advantage of being from a neighboring state

It's about 90 degrees here

Our Green Land

Marco and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Rubio’s Weakness on Display

Let's clear this up with actual results. NH Democratic voters do vote for neighboring politicians

Who Voted & Why: Live New Hampshire Primary Exit Poll Analysis

Bernie Sanders slams “overt partisanship” of GOP leaders who rejected Obama’s final budget before it

6 Problems with Mainstream Media (Myles Dyer youtube)

My Response to History Lesson For a Young Sanders Supporter

Nervousness About Global Banking Giants Intensifies; Central Banks Running Out Of Ammo

Here is the police report on the Barbara Dawson case (the Florida woman who died

What's for Dinner, Tues., Febr. 9, 2016

The Twain Shall Meet

Violette Verdy, Ballerina With Flair, Dies at 82.

Artificial ideological confusion: A common practice by the establishment

New Hampshire Voter on Portland TV News

US Intelligence Chief: We Might Use The Internet Of Things To Spy On You

Shkreli is sued over his $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album

Mook on MSNBC now, repeating the "neighborhing state" bs about Bernie in NH

Dirty tricks: Clinton supporters posing as Sanders staffers in NH (Reddit repost)

Judge Irked By State Dept.'s Delay In Releasing Rest Of Clinton's Emails

Many thanks for my heart. Very nice of you...nt

I got a heart! Thanks to the way too kind donor!

Bobby Mook, Clinton Campaign Mgr. "Bernie has some explaining to do" re: Martha's Vineyard

On MSNBC right now, Clinton spokesman saying they just found out that Sanders

"Everyone loves the story of an underdog. I beg everyone not to regard Hillary as a comeback kid"

Bernie Sanders a regular at luxurious DSCC fundraising retreats --the "Establishment"

Unfair Hide

Cats With Watermelon

Thanks for the Heart!

Thank you for my hearts, kind anonymous person!


Bernie admits that Single Payer never had a chance

Help! Rubio Is Being Chased By Robots!

Cat-Nap Watermelon

Jockomo feeno ah na nay

I could watch this over and over again

Slate:"Why Do Young People Have Such Visceral Dislike for Hillary?"

Chinese Taste For Fish Bladder Threatens Tiny Porpoise In Mexico

Does taking campaign contributions from corporations disqualify any Dem from any office?

Breaking: Ted Cruz anointed by "gaaawdd" to be the next President of the "_YooNighted States"

DAvid Brock's MMFA using decades old photos of Hillary on facebook

Nuns who help homeless face eviction in costly San Francisco

Hillary's handicap: including super delegates in state totals at this point

Venezuela shopping centres halve opening times as crisis bites


I apologize in advance for not bookmarking that wonderful post re Chris, Kathleen Matthews and

Alabama bill could stop removal of Confederate monuments

French lawmakers vote to include stripping of nationality for convicted terrorists in constitution

Cruz may not be legally a Senator, much less a Pres. candidate.

Does anyone here remember the parody website

The exit polls out of New Hampshire is indicating a landslide victory of 30%+ for Bernie Sanders.

Has anyone noticed that Chucky is pumping big Sanders and Trump victories?

NH provides proof that strong voter ID laws are absolutely necessary


Former federal judge to President Obama: Free the man I sentenced to 55 years in prison

Which memes are the Clinton campaign working off of today? It is getting confusing.

Can't believe I gotta heart lol Thankyou whoever you are

Hello President Mark Greenstein!

BREAKING: N.C. Redistricting Case Heads to U.S. Supreme Court (Request to Delay Revamp Denied)

Would Sanders Dream of calling Warren beholden to Wall Street???

CNN NH exit polling...

VIDEO: John McCain Admits Bernie Sanders Is Right About Income Inequality

Home-Field Advantage Is Only Part of Sanders's Appeal in New Hampshire

Lots of exit poll info

Chuck Todd just said it looks like a big night for Bernie.

Thank you, 3 kind people who gave me hearts!

Some interesting exit poll results only 16% of voters under age 29 in NH...

I'm going to give all my valentine fundraiser hearts to myself so it looks like someone loves me

The government could seize Shkreli's $2M Wu-Tang album

Turkey summons US ambassador over Syria Kurds row

Exit poll - "overwhelming 9 in 10 voters say the U.S. economic system generally favors the wealthy"

Don't look now, but Hillary may be closer in NH than we think

JSOnline comments will be limited to paid subscribers starting Feb 15 to encourage more civil foru

A hint that might help

If you can stand it, listen to this audio of a Florida woman begging for her life while hospital

Clinton’s campaign manager telling Chuck Todd about Bernies Lavish lifestyle (Video)

Julian Assange prosecutor to request interview at Ecuadorian embassy

Some GOP Exit poll results...

What “religious liberty” bills have in common with voter ID laws

Andrea Mitchell Is Dead Wrong (just now on MSNBC)

When was the last time

Just heard on MSNBC that Harry Belafonte will be

Bernie having breakfast with Al Sharpton tomorrow in NYC

The scuttlebutt says Bernie'll be on the PA primary ballot:)

Pentagon Seeks $200 Million For Libya, Africa Military Operations

Marcobot Malfunctions Terrifying Audience

Exit poll: "Far more New Hampshire voters see Sanders as honest and trustworthy than Clinton"

Excerpt from W. Henry Wall Jr.'s "Healing to Hell" re CIA Mind Control Experimentation (W. Henry

Why Sanders is Parroting GOP Talking Points on Obama's Jobs Record?

Hillary Clinton wins tonight as long as race isn't called when the polls are closed

Asian rebels in Aleppo, Western blind spot

Soon, this will be all they have left...

Here's What Happens When You Compare Violence in the Quran to Violence in the Bible

Turkey’s ‘artificial borders’, a can of worms

The delegate math for New Hampshire

Much of the country has only now just begun to pay the future is wide open.

Fucking debating a bunch of GDers about football.

NH primary results interactive map

N.Hampshire Covered In Shadow As Floating Clinton Campaign Headquarters Takes Up Position Over State

Don't listen to the spin saying Bernie Sanders's upcoming landside victory in NH doesn't matter

Someone loves me..

Past Shock: "the sense that recent history is reappearing at a troubling and lightning-fast speed"

Hillary Clinton trolls Carly Fiorina, takes picture with her husband in N.H

Thank you, donors of hearts!!!

Maybe Donald Trump is right. Maybe we should do waterboarding

"In God We Trust" added to Patrol Cars by local Sheriff

Thanks for the heart!

Remaining Oregon occupiers would really appreciate if you remembered they existed

Witch hunt.

Extreme Left/Right In the Pursuit of Purity is no Virtue

Hillary is insisting that if Bernie beats her by over 9%, then Bernie WINS!!!

New Hampshire tonight

NY State Bills Targeting Israel Boycotters 'Harken Back to McCarthy Era,' Legal Organizations Charge

Proposal would allow removal of Confederate flag from Citadel chapel (SC)

MSNBC says the big news tonight will be who is #1 and #2 in the Republican race.

Confederate monuments bill postponed in Senate (AL)

Man Dies During Krispy Kreme Race That Challenges Runners to Eat 12 Doughnuts

Marco Rubio

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but it sometimes is the wrong choice.

Florida man charged with 'throwing alligator' into fast-food restaurant

A heartfelt thank you to the kind person for the lovely heart ...

Martin Shkreli’s troubles deepen

Hillary supporters have resorted to insulting young people.

More than 1 million fans were at the Broncos parade.

My Alabama red neck buddy likes Bernie.

Some kind soul just purchased a heart for me.

All Day Long Hillary Hillary Hillary Every Time

Supreme Court blocks Obama carbon emissions plan

W.Va. House OKs Bill Letting People Carry Concealed Guns Without A Permit

ARE there transcripts for every speech she's ever given?

South Dakota House Passes Another Extreme Bill Attacking Transgender Youth

60% - Sanders .... 32% - Hillary

The number of Democrats who consider themselves liberal or ultraliberal