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Glass-Stegall: The Condensed Version

Double Standard?

Was that Buzz Aldrin in that Audi commercial?


Lady Gaga sings National Anthem at start of the Super Bowl, 2016

My cousin, a Sanders supporter, was very unhappy with his SNL gig

Steam Ship SNL

David Fry has a new (today) message for us "Feds Piss Off...get the Hell out of Oregon"


[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-6-16

Homemade cluster?

Haiti: president steps down, no successor in place

RCP Poll AVERAGES: National, Clinton 50.4 vs. Sanders 36.4

Capitalism, Slavery, Racism and Imprisonment of People of Color Cannot Be Separated

Puppy Monkey Baby is the best so far....hope there will be a Clydesdale

Snopes: Words of Mass Destruction

Role of Hillary Clinton’s brother in Haiti gold mine raises eyebrows

Bernie Underground is already predicting "fraud" on Tuesday

Ohio EPA Reaches Deal w/Hazard Waste Incinerator approved by Clinton Admin. Fine $34,000

HRC's anti-socialism would play better if she weren't also refusing to call for a humane capitalism.

If you commit to fiscal conservatism AND no new taxes AND free market economics...

Has anyone heard from Elway Supremo tonight. It's now 10-7.

Bernie Sanders Looks to J-Street on Foreign Policy

Does grabbing crotch constitute down by contact?


Prediction: Minorities Will Put Down Bernie’s Revolution

You have to fight for big gains just to GET small ones.

The Gloria Steinem "outrage" is quite interesting.

Absolutely REPULSIVE!: Madeleine Albright "A Special Place In Hell"

Talk of DDT being used to kill Zika virus carrying mosquitoes.

Mac help

New Hampshire Voters Continue Candidate Shopping After Rubio Misstep

REPULSIVE: Madeleine Albright "A Special Place In Hell"

Remember that national Reuters poll that appeared to show Hillary at 48 and Bernie at 45?

Super Bowl 50 Lady Gaga

Bernie Has Located the Problem (Revised)

Bernie Sanders Tells Berniebros To Knock It Off — ‘We Don’t Want That Crap’

Kick cows off refuge lands

​Hillary Clinton: "What happened in Flint is immoral"

Nader ran third-party...Bernie is running as a Democrat...And will support the Dem nominee...

Uh-oh!... the FBI called Davey and he's pissed off. He's earned some new charges!

Manitoba grand chief defends RCMP collection of DNA from 2,000 men, boys on First Nation

If HRC-type "incrementalism" had been used by the freedom movement...

"You can't win the game, if you don't score any points"

There are too many it's her turn supporters. If you generally believe HRC is the better

Revolution #3

The Very Dishonest Viability Arguement

Is Hillary going to apologize for the comments made in her behalf that insulted millions of women?

For anyone seeing articles from CRFB - read what this organization is really about

The concept of health care as a right cannot be implemented "incrementally".

In 2008, every single poll of the last 16 had Obama winning New Hampshire.

Watching the halftime show, I have to wonder:

I got a call from "pro life"!!

Boy This Half Time Bernie Rally Was Fantastic....

cold play sucked but Bruno and Beyonce did well

Why Bernie is NOT George McGovern

Great Halftime Show!!

Mother seeks justice from Nike and Michael Jordan in her son's murder

That domestic violence ad was great.

Taibbi tells what Hillary said to Goldman Sachs

Several cars break through frozen lake during Lake Geneva, WI celebration

Welcome To The American Family

Bernie Sanders Shrugs Off Albright's Foreign Policy Slam

THE WORLD IS WATCHING -- Just got this inspiring message in Facebook

The Chimp (George W Bush for you youngsters)

Dialing it back a bit

Our party hasn't been on a steady rightward march if one looks at all issues

Question about taxes

Denver starting to take over mid 3rd quarter

Panthers appear to be choking more than

Bernie Sanders Opens Office in Downtown Flint, MI

Veteran Thomas Wiley objects to the use of his photo in Bernie campaign materials.

I think the media has stopped catering to Clinton; finally giving Bernie fair and positive coverage

CNN schedules Democratic debate in Flint

Free college - for Abigail Fisher? Really?


A little Country Joe.

They're having a fit in GD-P since i told them my cousin is a Sanders supporter -

Okay... Superbowl Babies is best

Sanders campaign on importance of doing well in NH

Dowd: "Hillary Battles Bernie Sanders, Chick Magnet"

Why Hillary can't govern

Why SHOULDN'T we nominate someone who doesn't think we're only here to invade other countries?

Would Obama dare endorse Hillary to save Wall Street?

Residents of Harney County growing tired of refuge occupation

I wish we respected women's talent more

Helen Mirren/Budweiser commercial was great.

To paraphrase James Carville: "It's the corruption, stupid."

Every Time The Panthers Get The Ball They Run The....

Note on the Clintons and Haiti: Aristide was toppled twice and returned to Haiti twice. Guess what?

2 killed, 8 injured in fire on Mexico offshore oil platform

Who would you rather see a Democratic president take foreign policy advice from?

Congrats to Elway Supremo on the Bronco's winning the Super Bowl.

Warren is now in on the "artful smear" (through time travel, I guess)

Holy crap...are the Panthers actually going to LOSE this thing?

Hillary's sense of humor.

Sorry but...

Neocon foreign policy

It's going to be the year of the underdogs!!!! Broncos and Sanders!!!

Abortion Rates Highest Among Christians According To Groundbreaking Study

One said "Mission accomplished" with a smirk. The other said "We came. We saw. He died" and laughed.

Thank DOG we don't have to be listening to all the CHEATRIOT fans

Raht tuh lahf... Muruhg... (Interpreted: Right to life, Marriage)

1st World Problem - No Clydesdale Commercial?

Panthers beat themselves

Pile it on me. I do not understand frickin' football.

I'm not ready to count the Panthers out just yet

Eat it you envious excrements!

brady deflated balls, peyton juiced. tainted wins for sure

His Geriatric Highness gets his g.d. royal sendoff. FML.

72 Hours: Has Hillary released her transcripts yet?

So now, they're running ads for Turkish Airlines?

A pearl from PJK

The Democrats' search for ideological purity

Bill Clinton, After Months of Restraint, Unleashes Stinging Attack on Bernie Sanders

Bernie film excerpts: "ORWELL ROLLS IN HIS GRAVE"

Hillary Clinton is Blowing Up Her Own Campaign Against Bernie Sanders CNN

Bernie film excerpts: "ORWELL ROLLS IN HIS GRAVE"

And then we ventured into GD:P ----

It was a good super bowl

Let's go back in the time machine & remember how the Clinton's treated Senator Obama.

Final thought on Super Bown 50...

Goldman Saks did not give Hillary money to change her mind. This is why---

The Trump wing of the Sanders campaign is harmful

THC travels through the universe!

RubioGlitch has a twitter, RubioGlitch has a twitter

Campaigning for Hillary, Bill Clinton pulls out all the stops

Bernie call it for the Broncos today on one of the interviews he did

2 House Members File To Form Bipartisan Caucus On Climate (Yes, They're Both From S. Florida)



New Record Low For Arctic Sea ice In January - NSIDC/Climate Crocks

Is anyone watching the Colbert special?

POTUS Candidates on Sunday Shows VS Candidates who discussed Flint, Michigan

Did Chris Martin of Coldplay Endorse Bernie During the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

We don't need Republicans

Appreciation thread for our President. President Barack Hussein Obama.

Mark Serreze, NSIDC Director: "For Arctic, This Is Definitely The Strangest Winter I'ver Ever Seen"

Race-baiting for ratings - The media has struck a new low

Hillary Blows 56 Point NH Lead in 1 year

Michael Moore, a Bernie Sanders's supporter gives major props to Hillary Clinton for visiting Flint

will the democratic party let Bernie be the candidate?

Jake Tapper Confronts Bernie Sanders About Sexist ‘Bernie Bros’

Sea turtles with tumors fill Florida hospital

Are you going to do the hearts this year?

The New Wingnut False Equivalency: LaVoy Finicum = Michael Brown

If there is a Trump wing of the Bernie campaign, why are they not supporting Trump?

Great Feminist Books?

Abuse in Romance

Good books on sexuality?

Roller Girl

Classical Music

Who owns the land?

Good Books??

Good stations?

Paris Trip

Paris Day Trips

There are 7 states where racial minorities are less than 10% of eligible voters. IA & NH are 2

DIY Crafts

Vintage Home Items

How do I find my right click Send To option?

DIY Crafts with beer bottles

Can you conclude anything interesting from the following info?

Way Down Wanderers

Just when you think things cannot get any worse, you hear The Good Wife has been cancelled

Super Bowl 50: Protesters use national stage to gain attention

Understanding Sexuality

Bernie is very wise to keep us out of committing our kids to wars in the future.

Von Miller, defense carry Broncos to Super Bowl 50 victory

The Retirement Predicament Just Part Of Reagan Revolution.

What did people do tonight rather than watching the superbowl?

Trickle Down Feminism


School Funding

Standardized Testing

Trump to Hillary's Rescue in NH Primary?

English Lit

Arts Education

SES and Education

New Study Finds Sanders’ Legislation Would Extend Social Security Solvency By 40 Years

When did politics become the art of diminishing our expectations?

Egg tacos

King: The idea of an African-American firewall for Hillary Clinton is deeply insulting

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State

They are smoking pot out in the streets of Denver ??

Emmy Rossum

This video compilation of HRC made my jaw drop. (warning, graphic war photos)

If Bernie were to announce Senator Warren as his running mate--

Can anyone explain to me why they picked Gabrielle Giffords to shoot?

This Bill Would Force Large Corporations To Pay a Fine if They Don’t Pay Workers a Living Wage

One Million Anti-TPP Petitions Delivered to Congress

Five ways of being an activist.

Raising minimum wage lower public assistance costs

I just watched the Bernie interview from the Huff Post interview where

Flint Water Crisis: Real Stories, Real People, Real Life - A Mini Documentary

Bill Clinton, After Months of Restraint, Unleashes Stinging Attack on Bernie Sanders.

Flint Water Crisis: Real Stories, Real People, Real Life - A Mini Documentary

Slate thought Bernie won the debate.

The Young At Heart Flooding into a Campaign Center (Root Action)

Police: Shots fired during New Orleans parade, no injuries

1 dead, 7 hurt in shooting outside Rochester, New York, bar

The Latest: Dead ID'd in shooting after Mississippi parade

3 killed after brief police chase in San Francisco streets

Fourth patient linked to mold outbreak at Pittsburgh hospital dies

Pope Francis visit to celebrate Mexico's indigenous church

I believe that the majority of DUers are

Mexico Catholic church accused of bending marriage rules for president

Haiti leaders move to install provisional government

Brought tears to my eyes: "we want to live long enough to come out to caucus for you" (Bernie)

Former Dittohead actually tried to read one of Rush’s 2000-page references--

I got invited twice to the invite only Hillary sites. Now I've said

Opponents rally against Delaware death penalty

Posts that call Bernie supporters BernieBros have no place here.

We're back from Fairbanks.

BEST version of the national anthem I personally have ever heard

Daily Holidays - February 8

Another important reason to vote for Hillary

Remind me...

Venezuela shopping centres halve opening times as crisis bites

Venezuela shopping centres halve opening times as crisis bites

Why did Bernie Sanders JOIN an "establishment" political party that he used to trash?

Always remember FDR's Second Bill of Rights

Always remember FDR's Second Bill of Rights

Newtown Action Alliance Endorses Hillary Clinton

"Everything is better with science!" (toon)

She got the Job Done!

"No conscience, no empathy . . . we have to bring them to heel" who said it, Clinton or Sanders?

Argentina Bond Battle Drags on as Elliott Spurns Macri's Offer

Transparency..... thanks for the sun glasses

Argentina faces 'twin energy crises'

South Africa's Desmond Tutu Defends Reconciliation Process

Frosty morning sunrise

Mexico 'won't pay single cent for Trump's stupid wall'

Mexico 'won't pay single cent for Trump's stupid wall'

Cuba, War and Ana Belen Montes

Cuba, War and Ana Belen Montes


Bill Clinton, After Months of Restraint, Unleashes Stinging Attack on Bernie Sanders

Organic Agriculture, Capitalism and the Parallel World of the Pro-GMO Evangelist

Did Fox News Help the GOP Establishment Get Its Groove Back?

Cooking-oil cans found in walls of high-rise building collapsed in Taiwan quake

I was two years older than Bernie Sanders when ---

Pea soup!

Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders - Monsanto & GMO food labeling

Hillary Clinton’s Iraq War Albatross -

Hey Joe Scum

Why the US love affair with guns concerns us all – and 25 curious facts

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story Trailer – I Am Faith

Cop shoots teen, then sues family for emotional trauma

American Football fans warned against dangerous excitement of watching cricket

=Final= UMass Lowell/7News Daily Tracking Poll of NH Bernie 56 Hillary 40

If Bernie Wins NH, it will be despite his coming from VT, not because of it




The "Bernie Bros" Narrative: A Cheap Campaign Tactic

Christie was being disingenuous at worst, inconclusive at least when he claimed Rubio didn't have

Bill Clinton "Tough on Crime Bill"

I think we have a running mate for Trump.


Math Fail: Nate Silver was wrong


So who else has been blocked from the Hillary group?



Easy access to guns helped me commit murder. I’ve changed, but the loopholes remain

Of Course, Not One Question About Climate Policy At Latest GOP Gabfest

Wall Street is a fraud. Since 2009, Wall Street has paid over 200 billion in fines

“scandal” being pushed by right-wing extremist groups such as the FBI

After big loss, Credit Suisse CEO asks board: Cut my bonus

Bernie Sanders Has A Few Words For ‘Bernie Bros'

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signs law banning minors from using tanning devices

Don't let those Trump boys hear the numbers

Deal alert: RCA 7" Tablet $25

Leaked police files contain guarantees disciplinary records will be kept secret


When Bernie Sanders Ran Against Me (Kunin)

Indian leopard injures six in Bangalore school

The Guardian Panel: Why we think Bernie Sanders is the best choice for president

Anti-terror laws risk 'chilling effect' on academic debate – Oxford college head

Sanders asked to drop American Legion emblem from campaign

I want Bernie to release all transcripts

Georgia proposes 'blasphemy bill' to outlaw religious insults

POLL: Meme of the Week – February 8th

Scientists say humans caused spread of virus that’s killing honeybees

Rubio Reboot

How will Bernie accomplish his goals?

Contracts: Clinton Owns Transcripts And Rights To Paid Speeches

"Let's just stop boomersplaining politics to millennials"

A Catholic-Orthodox meeting is spectacular but not unprecedented

Deja vu all over again

NYPD intentionally starved a cat to death in order to extort its owner into giving up her home

Mosques across UK open doors to public

Battenfield: Hillary Clinton closing in on comeback

I assume somebody won the Super Bowl last night?

Sec Clinton Solves Flint Water Crisis

Bernie Sanders Comes Clean

I got this fruitcake for Christmas,,,how can I re-gift it?

Flint Michigan Republicans and Water

Here's what one Flint resident had to say about the idea HRC was politicizing the water crisis

Protecting and strengthening the class action suit..

I live overseas. Someone help me with Flint

Ideology is a hell of a drug.

The girl in red made this instrument

1/30/16 NY Times HRC's email scandal is a big fat nothing burger

Trump Carnival float, Dusseldorf, Germany

Daily Kos:Hillary Closes to within 7 points in NH

Bernie Sanders & Neil Young - ROCKIN IN THE FREE WORLD

No thanks.....

Never mind Rubio being a scripted automoton...

Dinosaurs are a part of football, right?

Bernie Sanders & Neil Young - "ROCKIN IN THE FREE WORLD"

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Mr. Ruboto

Toon: The Only Thing We Agree Upon

What's with the focus for some people on Bernie's joining the Democratic party?

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

The self-centred world of Julian Assange

Monday Bernie Group Toons

From Flint, Michigan to Everywhere, USA, it's the INFRASTRUCTURE stupid.

Pitts: Bernie Sanders VS Obama

Malheur occupier says they have booby traps near camp

Black Voters in NH Unconvinced by Sanders

NPR: Trump and Sanders "may as well be speaking from the same script"

Smile Clinton Supporters!

Self -delete, wrong forum. nt.

Hillary Has ‘Half a Dream’

The way I read the rules, this thread should not have been locked

Tunisia, As Expected

Hillary's visit to Flint should bring something into perspective.

Make your non-snarky NH prediction

Sanders Blasts Michigan Officials for Denying Undocumented People Clean Water

At least 33 refugees drown off Turkish coast

There is only one question that *everyone* here needs to answer.

Obama Knew Who Was Going To Win The Super Bowl... Last Week

Before it was "Bernie Bros" it was "Obama Boys"

Tipping point in Syria as Russian air power turns tide for Assad

Considering what's been done to Flint

ROFLAMO, so Douchebag Dildo David Fry, found a Ya'll Queda way back onto the Intertubes

Bernie Sanders may win big this week. Our panelists share why he has their vote

​The painful rise of high-deductible health insurance

Hillary Not Truthful About Wall Street Speaking Fees

The "Big Dog" is yapping

My Holy Crap story of the day, parents that just make you shake your head...

Sanders: Revolution Needed from Below

Don't worry, Cruz, I'm sure your daughters will never serve, just as you did not

Refugees among gang caught on video dancing, singing in Arabic as they rape unconscious teen

"Hillary Clinton and her supporters are making a terrible argument for gradualism"

Look who’s pulling for Bernie and look at what she sent me

Giant Royal Caribbean ship damaged in 'extreme' storm

Westminster hospital nurses ratify union contract with raises, shift breaks, patient safety training

Former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski calls Cam Newton a "Boy"

Westminster hospital nurses ratify union contract with raises, shift breaks, patient safety training

Westminster hospital nurses ratify union contract with raises, shift breaks, patient safety training

In the age of all-American anger:Bernie Sanders, “The Big Short” & a nation that’s had it up to here

Bernie Sanders, a decent man, tells Berniebros to cut the crap

Is supporting wars a feminist position?

How can Bernie POSSIBLY get moderates and republicans to work with him?

Dems, stop lying to yourselves about Hillary: Sure, she “gets s*** done” — atrocious s***, that is

Hillary is running against 25 years of GOP smears and a thousand years of gender bias.

Islamic State claims car bomb blast in Saudi capital

Bring the troops home, MLK, rainbows, jobs, and Israel all in one photo

"Hillary Clinton and her supporters are making a terrible argument for gradualism"

The appearance of impropriety

Over in GD

Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch announces retirement in his own, unique fashion

Hillary's Speeches - Need a Speaker?

Bernie Sanders Isn’t Interested in Your Bipartisan Solution

Marco Rubio crashes and burns: Repeats himself four times in GOP debate (Video)

from Tuskegee to Flint

Cartoon: Primary questions . . . Just some funnies to start the day!

Arkansas Poll-Clinton 57% (+10) Sanders 25% (-17)

Moby Grape---8:05

What are Hillary’s major, signature accomplishments in her public life?

Bernie has made Hillary a better candidate, and the Democratic Party a better party

Michigan Poll-Clinton 62% (+15%) -Sanders 30% (-10)

Today's talking point

Someone other than me is saying Hillary and her supporters...

Why Are We Beating Up on Single Payer?

Aleppo: EU and Turkey come up with a 10-point action plan

This has to be trolling...

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-8-16

Graph of the Day: Why solar power is taking over the world

Bernie Sanders: Electible in a general election or not?

How dishonest is Billy's current lying smear? He is doing his best

Anyone have an Amazon Echo?

Bernie Sanders: Electible in a General Election or Not?

"Sanders is reeling from being exposed for shady campaign tactics"

What I learned in an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles office today.

Alistair Carmichael faces £150,000 bill after attempt to oust him

Chelsea Clinton is a Very Wealthy Woman...

AP: Christie hopes his latest celebrity endorsement before the NH primary will give him the boost...

Hillary is running against a strong headwind

When a conservative encounters an East Coast, West Coast Liberal Atheist

Don't know much about football

Atlantic Sea Ice Could Grow in the Next Decade

The Atlantic Ocean Is Acidifying at a Rapid Rate

If Hillary doesn't release her Goldman Sachs speeches, someone will leak them.

There is a special place in hell for people who try to guilt you into a vote.

Let the Republicans have a popularity contest

An Attorney General Under Sanders To Force Feed Climate Change Action?

How to destroy a republican politician with a simple philosophy-question:

We must is why

If you enjoy paying multi-thousand dollar health insurance deductibles

The TV is just not talking about who will waterboard and bomb the most

Mass deaths of detainees in Syrian government jails amounts to crime of 'extermination', UN report

Top Hillary Clinton advisors, fundraisers lobbied against Obamacare

When you get into bed with Bloomberg gun control orgs, you should think of the consequences..

In Flint, Clinton casts herself as a problem-solver — and looks past N.H.

Sanders's Wall Street Attacks Strike Home in New Hampshire Town

My Fringe Cactus endorses the Fringe Candidate

Why did Manning kiss Papa John??

Bernie needs to take off his gloves

Hillary Clinton Lies, Distorts, and Deceives:

Rolly: Ammon Bundy’s handiwork behind anti-BLM fire video

MOSTLY FALSE: In foreign policy spat, Sanders suggests Madeleine Albright supported Iraq invasion

Who was that in the Marilyn Monroe Snickers ad during the Super Bowl?

Jim Hightower endorses Bernie Sanders

Before the "Bernie Bro", Clinton supporters created the "Obama Boy."

Why ‘GMO-free’ is a corporate marketing ploy you shouldn’t fall for

Stocks take another beating: Dow tumbles 300+

Berniebros is a rehash from 2008

Worth Noting

Tom Tomorrow Toon

Marco Rubio LIED about-- Clinton’s Stance on Late-Term Abortion

No Questions About Climate Change at GOP Debate Sponsored by Big Oil

Hillary wasn't "offered" those speaking fees, she demanded them!

"Jesus was a secret passenger on the Mayflower!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

Will DU be running the Give-A-Heart thingy this week?

Former Mexican President Denounces Donald Trump And His "Stupid Wall":

I believe Bernie can outraise his Republican opponent, due to the groundswell of support for him.

For what it is worth, Real Clear Politics latest polling -- NH primary Democrats

The Secret Service Sets Up Shop in Burlington

Rudy Giuliani, Fox & Friends attacks @beyonce's Super Bowl Performance:

Sometimes I can't help myself.

Pockets of silent support for bird refuge occupiers are starting to show up....pic

I think I have a theme!!!

Sanders and Clinton's Civil Rights Ratings

Don’t you love conservatives who criticize Bernie?

Black students racially profiled and harassed by staff at Rubio event

Ah, yea about those "gun control executive orders"....

As we learned,

That Silver Bullet that some are waiting on to end Hillary Clinton’s candidacy-Not Going Happen

“Symbol of help for refugees” attacked in Prague

When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont

The Underground Abortion Railroad

Jeb Hopes to Woo Voters with Ad Featuring Worst President in U.S. History - Borowitz has noticed

LOL! Can a fortune teller predict the next U.S. President? (video)

I wouldn't be surprised if she supported that war, is NOT a claim that she did.

Neo-Nazi violence on human rights activists & refugees yesterday in coordinated attacks in EU

Christie about Rubio debating Hillary...

Why the Wall Street money matters

We're under a Red Flag warning all day.

Clinton Campaign Coverage Goes Off The Rails -- Again

Why is Hillary never referred to as a 68 year old capitalist?

We know about the soda - pop divide, but is there a donut divide out there, too?

Sanders camp lawyers acknowledge 'unintentional improper use' of logo

California Renter Apocalypse

Feb 8 'Twas the day before the #fitn primary and @HillaryClinton's rally was packed...

Clintons' Shameful Hypocrisy on Racism:

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #14: Take My Brother, Please! Edition

Will we have Exit Poll results around 5pm tomorrow?

"Pragmatic"? Bernie would be most pragmatic president we've had in decades

The only possible explanation is that the ball was made of kryptonite.

FBI arrests nearly all of the top officials of Crystal City, Tex.

This probably encapsulates it all in one short article on a Trump Rally

"Pure democracy"

Katherine Johnson

We can not fix the world - we are having trouble keeping our own country from falling apart

Big Companies Pull Back After Rough Quarter

I renewed my star membership yesterday, before the Valentines announcement. Do I get

Pic Of The Moment: What You Didn't See After Saturday's Republican Presidential Debate

It's all a rigged joke...

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket...

Ted Cruz: Bait; Switch; Screw the rubes

Harts Location, Dixville Notch, Millsfield, NH vote at midnight

In Dixville Notch, the economy dried up, then the candidate appearances did

As long as our economy depends on oil and the health of the Chinese economy...

In Dixville Notch, the economy dried up, then the candidate appearances did

I would love to see a montage of Bernie speaking out against the IWR

BBC and Superbowl.

re: Bill Clinton's attack on Bernie

I am a strong supporter of President Obama, and I like Bernie Sanders!

Bill Clinton's Vicious Lies Not Resonating: "The junior high school’s small gym was not full..."

Only big companies (and hobbyists) will have desktop computers

About Valentine hearts - a suggestion

Russia Announces Surprise Military Drills in South

Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

Looks like the spamming of PP, NARAL, and anyone who doesn't endorse Sanders is finally working

University of California AFT Endorses Bernie Sanders:

Anacostia commuter retires after rowing to work 15 years

Concerning Bernie's electability, the way I see it, it is really simple:

Israeli Jewish boy, 11, stabbed and wounded allegedly by Arab teen

Bernie, Bernie, he's our man! If he can't do it, Hillary can!

Moral: don't send abusive PMs

50 years on, Bernie Sanders still champions values of his Israeli kibbutz

Racist, anal retentive wingnuts never quit

How Julian Assange Is Destroying WikiLeaks

We do not KNOW who Sanders is!!!!!!

Amherst Economist: Under Bernie, Income & Jobs Will Soar

Has anyone dealt with Cheap Cruises dot com?

The Clinton campaign at this point is basically a grotesque Voltron built out of lobbyists


The things they said about Democratic Socialism...

Toms River patient can't get medical marijuana: her chemo isn’t cancer-related

Bill Clinton just quoted Henry Kissinger praising HRC.

When Hillary raises her voice she is charged with "screaming" when Bernie yells no problem

Experience: Sanders track record as a government CEO -- "He got things done."

Feds find Fiat Chrysler gear shifters can confuse drivers

Fox Host: "Is It Fair For Women To Vote On Issues Other Than Just Women's Issues?"

Excuse me for a second.

Robert Reich on playing it safe...

Bernie Sanders just set an impossibly ambitious goal to reverse mass incarceration

Progressive (a rant by Sady Doyle)

Short interview form Sunday am in Manchester NH (HRC)

Clinton News Network is working overtime on steroids today

Today's Google Doodle: Happy Lunar New Year

Cute picture from the NH political primary

UNIONS - Clinton

Despite what some here think, Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders strongly agree:.

Hillary: "Name one time I changed due to Wall Street money." Elizabeth Warren: “Okay, allow me."


"I am neither left wing nor right wing. I am middle-of-the-bird."

Just a few more short weeks to go

Clinton Weighs Staff Shake-up After New Hampshire

I actually think Bernie could raise more money than any politician ever - and all from the 99%!

Hillary’s Newest Anti-Bernie Puppet? Her Own Husband

Do I dare to eat a peach?

Christie Quits Race ( Borowitz---and funny)

Are Bernie Bros really Clinton supporters

The greatest economic boom in American history was because of democratic socialism

Knife sharpening, what am I doing wrong?

Looks To Me That The Clinton Campaign Is Getting Desperate.....

Refugee crisis: at least 27 people die off Turkish coast

Thank You For The Heart (HILLARY GROUP)

Bill Clinton just invoked Kissinger at a rally

Have the candidates taken a position on Common Core?

Who's promising unicorns, Bernie or Hillary? Family Leave and Free Tuition

LePage blasts ‘socialist’ lawmakers in written State of the State

If Bernie loses, what he has done won't be allowed to happen again.

Thanks for the heart nice person!

Who’s excited about a woman president?

Now let me get this straight..a 74 years old supporters are ageist

New Wyeth masterpiece discovered

Ammon Bundy Urges elected officials to support their imprisoned constituents

Plastic Fantastic Lover

If the Senate, today, were to advance Universal Health Care legislation...

women attacking women for not liking HRH

Gradualism and the fight over Single Payer

Gov. LePage replaces State of the State with insulting letter

Tweety speculated that Rubio has a personality disorder

Muse - Uprising

Many Canadians struggle to put food on the table

Every time...

Every time...

Bernie takes over twitter right now... #VoteTogether

A Small Asteroid Will Definitely Miss Earth on March 5. But by How Much?

"Bernie Sanders" search term on Google is trending at almost 3X the rate of January

I've decided who I'm voting for on my absentees ballot!!!!!

Women are being marginalised by news websites, study finds

If football is deadly, why do we still watch?

My 24 year old daughter's comments about the Gloria Steinem BS:

anybody else having problems with youtube lately?

Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

 Transgender Russians Struggle to Take Their Movement Out of the Shadows

I am disturbed by that pug-baby-monkey hybrid. It gave me nightmares last night

From today's local paper in Marshalltown, IA- "The only candidate who paid was Bernie Sanders."

I think I need some advice on migrating

#ImWithHer #Hillary2016

UMKC's Bill Black reviews the highlights and holes of the film The Big Short - February 8, 2016

I don't think Bill really wants Hill to be president...

To the person who gave me my Valentine heart:

Clinton weighs staff shake-up after New Hampshire

Clinton Looks To Sisterhood, But Votes May Go To Sanders

Ron Paul had big rallies too

Enough with the Pity Party, Hillary!

Sanders may be losing NH Independents

GOP Candidates Want To Protect Billionaires From “Class Warfare"

Lady Gaga (Who's a Hillary Supporter) Channels Hillary Clinton for the Super Bowl,-->RED PANTSUIT

Presidential Hopefuls Sanders, Clinton In Dead Heat - Reuters/Ipsos Poll

If you don't want the suggestion of impropriety...

How Millennial Women Feel About Hillary Clinton—and Bill's Sex Scandals

NYPD officer breaks down during testimony about Akai Gurley shooting

Insiders: Bernie Sanders is winning the economic argument

Hillary will be on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight

US to deploy hundreds of troops in Afghanistan to thwart Taliban

Canada To End Airstrikes Against Islamic State Group Shortly

Top 10 Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials (2016 Funniest Ads)

Act Now, Urges Study, or Planet Faces 10,000+ Years of Climate Doom

Bill Clinton's costume for his NH speech: All I can think when I see it is...

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1900-1962 Highland Games: An ancient spectacle of strength, grace, and bagpipes.

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86 Year Old Grandmother Tells Why She Supports Bernie . . .

Trying Desperately To Hold Onto Power vs Becoming an Inportant Statesperson after Serving

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Have Defeated Hillary Clinton's Political Machine

Woman who accused Bill Clinton of assault to campaign against Hillary presidential run

Some SB memes:

All from today: Hillary is +32 in AR, +32 in MI and +26 in NC

Randi Rhodes

Canada to end bombing mission against ISIS, triple number of training troops

Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

Killing a bullshit Clinton meme: Bernie Sanders Is No Favorite Son

Honest NFL Headlines: Super Bowl 50

You know what would be an extremely awesome feature:

Crohn's is no joke. Just when you think you have it all figured out -things change

Vince Gray to run in Ward 7, Trayon White to run in Ward 8 in the June primary

Why it's OK to Accept Wall Street Campaign Cash

'Lead helps guard your health': How American companies sold a toxic product


I always said that when I die, I want it to be the coolest way possible. Like this.

Kudos to Tweety. He is HAMMERING T-Rump.

Turkey's Erdogan threatened to flood Europe with migrants: Greek website

FIGHT SONG....Hillary Clinton Supporter's Must See and Share

So what has Bernie accomplished anyway?

FIGHT SONG....Hillary Clinton Supporter's Must See and Share

Who is David Axelrod referring to in this tweet ?

Does the under-30 crowd have a different view of Bill Clinton's

Got a Kick out of This Picture.

How To Feel Old With One Click...

♫ Slip sliding away ♫

US to deploy hundreds of troops in Afghanistan to thwart Taliban

Storm Imogen leaves homes without power across England and Wales

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 8, 2016

New Hampshire is the Birthplace of Electronic Election Theft

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Lead contamination of Flint water draws multiple lawsuits

Ted Cruz Offers The Most Baffling Definition of Torture Ever

"LOL---Bernie really thinks he can change the big banks"

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3-year-old Alabama boy accidentally shoots, kills sister, 9

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Clinton holds a commanding lead in NC

On Eve of NH, Sanders Wins Women Voters, Trounces GOP

Cruz'll go far, right? Hometown Anti-Hero

Chris Christie just privatized New Jersey's water. Good luck with that, New Jersey.

While Mega-Donors Average $1,950,000... Average Sanders Donation Still Just $27

Poem: Civil Disobedience

Swiss prosecutor supports Russian intervention in Syria

Hillary Alleged Obama Sold Access To Big Donors; Now Criticizes Campaign Finance Attacks

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Hillary Clinton won't rule out Wall St. Treasury Secretary

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Marco Rubio must think President Obama is running for a 3rd term.

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A chink in Bernie's armor?

Why Bernie Sanders Is The Only Choice

Patient can't get medical marijuana: her chemo isn’t cancer-related

NRA's Ted Nugent Posts Anti-Semitic Photo On Facebook (updated twice)

Remaining occupiers release defiant videos mocking FBI

Ted Cruz's Latest Mailer Is Almost Too Much To Be Believed

Dec. jobless rates down over the year in 296 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 280

Sanders has not been vetted yet!

Who Said the following about Single Payer vs ACA

White House Asks Congress for $1.8 Billion to Fight Zika Virus

Jailed Oregon occupation leader calls for elected officials' support

NRA's Ted Nugent Posts Anti-Semitic Photo On Facebook

1,220 Rally for a Political Revolution in Portsmouth

The struggles of Joe Kapp: A football family copes with game's painful aftermath

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Obscure at home, 'Texas Daddy' is a right-wing darling in Japan

Russians Arrest 7 in Alleged ISIS-Related Terror Plot

The hypocrite strikes again. Hillary Clinton Alleged Barack Obama Sold Access To Big Donors;

Feds: Army Deserter Who Supported IS Faces Gun Charges

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When Bill Clinton flew home from NH to oversee the execution of a 'mentally retarded' man

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Why does anyone think Hillary Clinton is going to get a different Congress than Sanders?

Dublin weigh-in murder: Continuity IRA claims murder of David Byrne

10 Reasons Why John Kasich Is As Rabidly Right-Wing as the Rest of the GOP Pres. Candidate Pack

Hillary's Libya Blunder Dis-Honors Obama's Nuclear Agreement w/ Iran & Sets Stage for War w/ Iran

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Bureaucracy could ruin prospects of peace in Colombia: UN

From one old angry white liberal to another...

A word from Mrs. Betty Bowers....

Bloomberg Says He's Considering Getting In The 2016 Race

Financial despair, addiction and the rise of suicide in white America

Super Delegates 359-8?!? Can the dem party steal this thing?

Uribe asks Obama to urge changes in pending Colombia peace deal

Syria: Angela Merkel 'horrified' by suffering under Russian airstrikes

Stocks Worldwide Tumble as Credit Weakens Amid Signs of Distress

Peruvian dies after stepping on land mine at Chile border

Peruvian dies after stepping on land mine at Chile border

The hits just keep coming: Top Hillary Clinton Advisers and Fundraisers Lobbied Against Obamacare

Sanders is attempting a nothing less than a hostile takeover of Democratic Party

Republicans abandon all pretense of respecting President Obama, refuse to hear his budget proposal.

Federal judge blocks release of new videos by anti-abortion group

There is a reason big girls don’t cry. We haven’t the time. FROM HELEN:

We registered about 50 college students today.

Northrop Grumman TV ad during the Superbowl

Here's What Executives Say About Possibility of U.S. Recession

French lower house votes to enshrine state of emergency in constitution

Could Trump Save Hillary in New Hampshire? A Primary Vote Scenario That Could Defy the Polls

Ok, I'm a Hillary Supporter, but seriously Hardball??

Retching protester tries to exorcise Ted Cruz demons

Question on ban from Hillary group

If you're religious, please pray for John Kasich to lose in NH. He's the one we DON'T want to run vs

People in Flint are pissed at Hillary

Justice, Homeland Security probe hack of U.S. agency employee data

Oil Drillers Must Slash Another $24 Billion This Year, IHS Says

Never growl at a tiger....

Chesapeake moves to quash bankruptcy fears as shares plunge

Taiwan earthquake: Tin cans found in the construction of toppled high-rise

Homegrown Extremists Top Terrorist Threat List, Clapper Says

This ad takes my breath away



Christie Quits Race to Focus on Tormenting Rubio - Borowitz tells it like it may be

Your prison cannot hold me!!!

Here is a list of Presidents that have run on raising taxes on anyone but the rich

Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to meet Pope Francis in Mexico

State primary polling,all I could find that had all states.

Revisionist Millennial Musing by Amy Shira Teitel About The V-2 Rocket

Commit to VOTE! Concert #VoteTogether

Thousands of Bikers Demonstrate for Peace in Guatemala

Merkel Voices 'Outrage' Over Syrian Offensive and Russian Airstrikes

No Trump won't save Hillary in NH

Australia Cuts 110 Climate Scientist Jobs

Runner, 58, Dies After Experiencing 'Chest Pains' During Krispy Kreme Challenge Doughnut Race

Saudi Arabia says open to sending special forces into Syria

I'm a hospice nurse who drives a lot for my job from house to house

White People: Shut Up About Beyonce

Julian Assange’s submission to the UN working group

Federal Court Affirms That Deceptively Edited Anti-Choice Videos Are Fraudulent And Not Journalism


Palestinian Attacks Wound Israel's Reputation

Giant Spider Caught on Video in Bag of Ready-to-Eat Salad Is Ready for Its Close-Up

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Top Hillary Clinton Advisers and Fundraisers Lobbied Against Obamacare

North Carolina Poll -Clinton 55% Sanders 29%

Petition To Recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Approved By State Board

Canines Communicate With Their Own 'Howling Dialects,' Study Finds

Why I am going to try to walk away from football

Dr Henry Killinger And His Magic Murder Bag

Did ABC ask Ted Cruz about failing to report million dollar loan from Goldman Sachs?

Henry Fucking Kissinger

Don't Be A Settler....

15 Years and $10 Billion Later, U.S. Efforts to Curb Colombia’s Cocaine Trade Have Failed

Feb 2 letter/FBI confirms its investigation of Clinton's server & ongoing law enforcement efforts

So a DU member pm'ed me and asked if it was ok to post some 'deals' (will start tech resource thrd)

Status quo power structures of both parties are scared to death

FBI Formally Confirms Its Investigation Of Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

A very interesting interview with an ex cop, ex marine

Tech resource thread

'Fishball Revolution' Creates Chaos on Hong Kong Streets During Lunar New Year Fest

With Super Bowl 50 win, Peyton Manning solidifies place as NFL’s best QB ever

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New post New Hampshire polls out today -

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Clinton Says She’ll Release Speech Transcripts When Everyone Else Does

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Breaking: Rubio collapses to 4th place...

Until recently, I thought red baiting was a rethug pastime

Brock: Time For Bernie's 'Purity Bubble' To Be Burst

Bill Romanowski - Racist Or Misunderstood?

Chris Matthews has a hard time understanding the word "tie"

Shit on yer lip?

A generic workflow for general picture editing.

India introduces net neutrality rules barring Facebook's free Internet

Alleged bomb builder who had been posting threats on Facebook shakes up desert community

Jeb Bush Raised $100 Million, But Now He's Mad About Citizens United

Why is it considered to be a crazy dream to not live

The taxes Sanders plans are in different league from any peacetime Democratic candidate in history

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Clintons "seemingly shocked" that they are behind in NH

Michigan Senate Passes Bill Outlawing Oral and Anal Sex-

Email from Bernie today

Hillary Not Truthful About Wall Street Speaking Fees

A Future To Believe In.....

Oil industry woes grow as storage levels hit ‘critical level’

Foreign Policy Questions Push Bernie Sanders Out of Comfort Zone

Unlike Bernie, Hillary went to Flint instead of SNL

So what bullshit, dog whistle crap was Rubio talking about

Jeb Bush Raised $100 Million, But Now He's Mad About Citizens United

Research shows how metal surfaces could be re-shaped by chiral (left or right handed) molecules.

I'm not sure I agree with him, but I really respect bernie

Abbas Meets with Families of Terrorists For Second Time This Week

Yo Hillary

Musical Break-time: Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 Mixed With Mambo No. 5

Dead Boss - update