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Black History Month and Quarterbacks

Last Democratic president that won NH: Jimmy Carter

My brother who works on Wall Street supports Hillary Clinton.

El Salvador detains ex-soldiers for 1989 Jesuit priest killings

The Atlantic: Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever?

El Salvador detains ex-soldiers for 1989 Jesuit priest killings

Hillary's chance to help Flint was back in the 1990's

Starving Sea Lions in California

Arguing against a progressive tax structure is carrying water for the Republicans.

The truth about Bernie Sanders

today, I was asked what has Pres. Obama ever done for the African-American Community

Smoking Materials Likely Cause of Flight 93 Memorial Fire

Are Republicans helping Clinton by lowering expectations for her... On Benghazi and with the emails

Feb 6 -LIVE-starting soon C-span 1 Hillary Clinton Capaign Rally Portsmouth NH

Who Is Watching

Will the Sanders supporters take the necessary step and flood the local democratic offices

Police: 9-Year-Old Girl Shot in Head by 3-Year-Old Brother

Anti-Islam Groups Rally Across Europe; Clashes In Amsterdam

So much conventional wisdom everywhere you turn. Group think.

Ecuador protests to Turkey over Erdogan speech scuffle

Ecuador protests to Turkey over Erdogan speech scuffle

Sanders Statement on Detrimental Effect Flint Humanitarian Crisis is Having on Aspiring Americans

Ocelot seen in Argentina for 1st time in decade

Top photos at a photo/art site

‘Huge Double Standard’ For Women Running for President, Clinton Says

Ocelot seen in Argentina for 1st time in decade

This is incredibly late to announce this - Register in MS today to vote in the Primary

N. Korea launches long-range rocket

AP NewsBreak: Deal Reached on Provisional Haiti Government

Militants Free Australian Woman Kidnapped in Burkina Faso

Bernstein on CNN: WH is "terrified" that HRC is blowing her campaign and may lose.

States taking action to keep guns out of abusers' hands

Radioactive Material Found in Groundwater Below Nuke Plant

Families of Islamist militants named and shamed on Uzbek TV

Sen. Sanders on Face the Nation, Meet the Press, and CNN's State of the Union

Wife says singer and band leader Dan Hicks dies at age 74

Cold front tonight in the Keys: beware of falling iguanas!

North Korea has launched a rocket, hopefully carrying a satellite. Also could

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 San Antonio Stakes

In memoriam...two songs from the troubled, yet great Dan Hicks

British American Tobacco faces call for bribery allegations inquiry

Damn - This IS a revolution! and Revolutions are never very pretty. spell check

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada

Ted Cruz Loses His Cool With A Voter Who Actually Challenges Him On Syria

There is also a "Special Place in Hell" for Madeleine Albright

Allied bombs are still lodged under German towns and could still explode

Just remembering another political sage of truth...

Iowans claim instances when Sanders was shorted delegates

Bernie Sanders as Rabbi Manny Chevitz

So basically Gloria Steinem is channeling her inner Thornton Melon...

Gimme Shelter: hard lives in British cities 1969-72 (Guardian Photo Essay)

So we have nasty "push polling" now?

Trump and Carson did not even know...

LOL introduction of rep candidates is all screwed up

What was going on with Trump and Carson just stopping and not going onstage?

Emma's Revolution-Do What I Have To Do(Phil Ochs)

The Be Good Tanyas doing Waiting Around to Die by Townes Van Zandt

N. Korea just fired a missile over Okinawa.

We are witnessing what could be the most improbable story in the history of mankind.

So the other day I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh

GOP Debate thread (ugh)

He acts like a wise guy . . an imitation Guido . . the town tough . . a (lclassic, old timey) thug.

Images for the day:

Good grief, Marco Rubio is a blithering idiot.

Good effin' grief - Rubio and Christie are pathetic

Christie wants to make the trains run on time

Pissing Contest between Rubio and Christie.

Watching the GOP debate. If you think the Hillary/Bernie stuff is getting heated,

Bernie mistaking anger for passion.

Sgt. Murdoch Endorses Bernie

Refuge takeover threatens our way of life

Rubio issue?

Sanders expects close race in New Hampshire

North Korea is going to knock down the grid

My Lord, the people have no water!

I don't want to know . . . .

Bernie is at best a mediocre career politician

I guess wages really are an issue...

today, I was asked what has Pres. Obama ever done for the African-American Community

What support levels would you say EACH Dem needs in NH to claim success?

What in the name of God is Cruz raving about?

Hillary like Shrub has been a called in favor her whole political career .

Loser Sooner!

Rubio is off the rails. Trying WAY too hard. Almost screeching.

If H2O man and MineralMan were heroes in the Marvel universe...

The epitome of irony

Every Bernie Supporter Should Have a Sticker

Proving Bribery is impossible. Tom Delay did not go to jail for Bribery

What will Sanders supporters do if and when Hillary wins the nomination?

Due to North Korean missile launch.....


Trump is an ass!

The greatest Bronco ever didn't make it.

HRC: "Anger is not a plan. Venting is not a stategy" Portsmouth NH rally Feb 6

Guinea Worm Is Set to Be the Second Disease We’ve Ever Managed to Eradicate

"Bernie Sanders America's Prophet"

*** Virginia voter registration deadline is Today! *** Election is March 1.

"Bernie Sanders America's Prophet"

If anyone's worrying now about EMP risks, yes, we should prepare for that.

Watching the Republicans tonight.......I am far more disturbed by Cruz than Trump

Trump just came out against TPP

Trump just said that "TPP would be a disaster".

Progressive means making progress, not purity which accomplishes very little.

"Pot Tweets at Kettle" - Gawker

Rubio is a robot

WTF is wrong with Rubio, all he can talk about is Obama. Like DUH, Rubio, Obama is not running.

Holy crap! Look at DWS' tweet!

Straight Outta The ICU: Michael Moore's "They Don't Really Care About Us"

I'm enjoying this gop debate!

GOP Debate thread (ugh) 2

Christie - If we tax the rich they will leave

Hillary is a tough-as-nails brilliant PROGRESSIVE FIGHTER with a spine of steel.

Check out Larry David on the Bernie Sanders homepage right now

Bernstein on CNN: WH is horrified that HRC is blowing her campaign

The Rubio campaign imploding before our eyes.

We have to knock the hell out of the oil

Cruz and his idea of carpet booming!

Which Denver Bronco Are You?

How could Carson be president. He couldn't even figure out how to get to the podium tonight

Cruz is both for and against torture

Can we start a petition to get Donald Trump water boarded?

"Strategerally", the debate is between Christie and Rubio

South Georgia Island: A Wilderness Replenished

Arriving at #SNL (pic) and more

Alas, and long overdue, He's in!

Top Contributors, 2008 Cycle (Obama)

Jeb - I do not trust the federal Gov - I trust the states

Zika virus: More than 3,100 pregnant women in Colombia are infected, President says

Deported U.S. Army Veteran Hopes to Return to Central Valley

Trump - Lost in Translation

25 Worst Online For Profit Colleges and Universities - Look at #7, #10, #12, #13

Cruz is using his dead sister to deport immigrants.

Nothing better to wait out a blizzard then...

An MiLB team is letting fans decide if it will wear Democrat or Republican hats on Opening Day


"Rural Oregon for Bernie - Sign Painting with Brian Heath"

Faith in Agency Clouded Bernie Sanders’s V.A. Response

Tonight's Debate Brought to You By...

Christie is right about Rubio

Do you support eminent domain?

Damn it... RIP Mr Bonner

I am jumping off the Sanders wagon - Hillary here I come

Bernie Sanders' foreign policy judgment is better than Clinton's experience

If there's one thing we can all agree on by the time this election cycle is finished

"Why do people take such an instant dislike to Ted Cruz?

LeRoy Bonner, The Ohio Players lead singer has passed

James Taylor says Obama is great; riding Hillary train

The Myth of American Democracy

Empathy for the self.

Wonder if the Transcripts are a Trap?

Carl Bernstein: WH "terrified" by Clinton's "unfathomable" behaviour, it "endangers Obama's legacy"

Watching and listening to Rubio makes me squirm.

It's fun seeing the Rubio beat-down tonight.

[VIDEO] candidates being introduced at tonight's debate - debacle

Got my DNC survey in the mail yesterday. Sending it in with comments.

The wedge issue of 2016...

Here is an idea!

Ted Cruz's love member has been kidnapped

Watching the GOPers "debate" makes me really mad

If you guys didn't see this, you must!

Hillary "Won" Iowa...

Canada to America

Yes NH is next-door to VT, But if Bernie wins big it will be a disastrous indication for Hillary.

At the request of my girlfriend in response to Albright and Steinem: #betrayedbymyrolemodels

Rubio caught using same anti-Obama phrase 5 times.

Exclusive: Iran wants euro payment for new and outstanding oil sales - source

I could easily stay and never come home.

Trying to put Raygun's image in 3,000 counties.

Hillary's SHOCKING 2014 Goldman Sachs speech. Here's the video, which has been

A study in snow and frost...

Does Rubio have hair plugs? (Warning, closeup of his scalp inside)

48 hours later:Has Hillary Released the Goldman Sacs Transcripts Yet?

Take that Cruz!

Jeb. Your momma thinks dead soldiers should be ignored

How often does Trump turn in his wives for new ones?

CNN: Cruz lies about CNN's reporting

"Mom, Chris Christie is picking on me"

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Brawl Over His “Insinuation” That She’s Corrupt

OMG!!! Go to RIGHT NOW!!! lmao!!! =)

Who won the war of words?

Need to get away from tablet for physical wellbeing - help/opinion?

Hillary's "I"ll look into it" may become a "let them eat cake" moment.

Bernie is running largely on what President Obama so eloquently stated here.

Democracy Now: Interview Lee Fang @ Intercept Who Asked Hillary for Goldman Sachs transcripts.

I watched the Republicans debate tonight...

Democracy Now: Interview Lee Fang @ Intercept Who Asked Hillary for Goldman Sachs transcripts.

Hansen: At Super Bowl I, UA band went marching in

Bernie Business Cards Tell the Story.

CNN talking heads think Christie may have earned himself VP

Material to Compare economic systems AKA (World's Happiest Countries? Social Democracies)

No, It’s Not Your Imagination: Expert Confirms Ted Cruz DOES Have A Punchable Face

Word of the day: Backpfeifengesicht

Important judicial ruling in Chris Christie bridge case:

Bernie Coming Up On SNL....

Voter registration in VA ends this Monday! Remember, we can vote absentee in person too.

Oh my. The Huffington Post right now...

What will Obama do after the White House?

What will Obama do after the White House?

On presidential campaign trail, former Gov. Jim Gilmore turns his attention to the Puppy Bowl

Did the republican debate move the numbers at all in NH?

My favorite Albright quote

Gloria Steinem: "Young women support Sanders to attract men"


If HRC is going to keep using Kissinger as an "advisor" , she needs to tell us specifically...

Drug CEO Shkreli to Jeb: 'I'm an avid supporter'

Painful-ly funny Viewing - Ben Carson Stuck in the GOP Pipe

WEST VIRGINIA: “Religious Freedom” Bill Would Let Christians Break Just About Any Law Because Jesus

Question for Bernie does one go from supporting Bernie to voting for Trump?

The Food Babe is at it again. Is There Really Airplane Deicing Liquid in Beer?

What you missed in history class; Superbowl edition: The tomahawk head-chop syndrome

Rubio endures an assault in a rollicking Republican debate

Bernie's SNL skit - thoughts?

Supported Goldwater, Six years on the Walmart board of directors, supported by Wall Street

Donald Trump: I'd bring back 'a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding'


FULL ABC GOP Debate P1/4: ABC News Republican Presidential Debate - New Hampshire Feb. 6, 2016

Jeb Bush lost the 2016 election back in 1999

Bernie on SNL

Ted Cruz Won’t Be Denied.

Rubio in New Hampshire: The low spark of

Want to SEE a PROGRESSIVE FIGHTER! Watch this:

Fucking brilliant and directed by Sanders. "Bern Your Enthusiasm"

The Georgetown cocktail party didn't like Rubio's debate performance

Heh! The Amish knocked off the number two team in the nation, North Carolina..

Why the tear downs? Both candidates.

Software suggestion - re: locked threads

Shake hands with Ted Cruz!

We are menaced by ever more diseases. But Zika, like most, hits the poor hardest (The Guardian)

Question about the SNL Bernie skit

Hillary Clinton Calls Henry Kissinger a Friend, Praises His Commitment to Democracy

SEXISM????Where are the denouncements of Madeleine Albright's blatantly sexist statements?

Videos Made by Civilians in Syria Show Scenes of Devastation as Russia & Assad Bomb Families

Ok, really, seriously. Clinton is arguing that she can get shit done. So . . .

I gagged my way through the Republican debate. (HILLARY GROUP)

'Bern Your Enthusiasm' - OMG, they went there

The real differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, explained

What do Jefferson, Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders

I earn over 600k a year

Another armor model is done!

Cut It Out! You are not going to Hell!

Question - what is it with Hillary and Paul Wellstone? She mentioned him the other nite & tonite

Loud, shrill, bitchy. (HILLARY GROUP)

Here is an interesting thought from the last Democratic Debate

Langston Hughes - Kids Who Die - spoken by Danny Glover

Need to help my cat gain some weight

I expect an apology from every talking head that belittled Bernie after the debate re North Korea.

I have to wonder why this is such a Japanese-centric group

The following six people you may be seeing in ads, in music or on TV soon

EU calls on Israel to stop demolishing Palestinian homes

Ted Cruz offered $1 million to do a porn video

Michelle Alexander's take on race, criminal justice, mass incarceration...Pres. Clinton

Clinton Campaign Has No Answer Yet on Releasing Speeches to Goldman

Daily Holidays - February 7

Hillary Battles Bernie Sanders, Chick Magnet

Bernie Sanders: Frustrated actor?

If Bernie Sanders loses, his backers may not be there for Hillary Clinton in November

created this image because, at some point this year, we know we'll need it:

Give us a hug!

This final message, from one of those affected by Henry Kissinger's "liberal" worldview:



Give us a kiss!

Fuck Republicans

Bigger feminist?

China seeks food security with $43 billion bid for Syngenta

Give us some posts!

I Read Fox Coverage so You Don't Have to

RCP poll averages for New Hampshire polls on June 10, 2015: Hillary: 50.8%, Bernie: 13.8%

Contrary to what Clinton tried to assert at the debate

****THIS**** is OUR President

Bernie winning the primaries might just be a matter of dragging it out and letting Hillary defeat...

NATO Plans Biggest Build-Up Against Russia Since The Cold War

A Family Portrait in Happier Times

Give us a rub!

They ought to just rename it "Light Beer Hill."

You'll pay dearly for this, Sheila...

Flint is Tip of the Iceberg | The Establishment is Failing Us

Time for a charge...

@HillaryClinton once again wins the #GOPDebate


Out of the mouths of our dear youth - some who really see beyond the obfuscation in today's politics

Don't forget your diet, Sheila...

What exactly is wrong with North Korea launching a satellite rocket?

Sit back and think about it -- c'mon -- really think about it . . .

HILARIOUS! Christie Calls Out Rubio Half Way Through His Canned Line...BUT HE CAN'T STOP!

Ted's 'New York values': Cruz Campaign Chairman served as Goldman Sachs VP for 10 years.

Bernie Sanders:The Koch Brothers Are Very Upset

Rubio came off Worse than Sarah Palin

Future To The Back...

NYTimes: Fact check for Bernie 5thDem Debate--> "He left out some specifics."

BREAKING NEW 02/07/2016 Trump, Sanders lead significantly in NH polls

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Top Drawer Edition

To win progressives, Hillary has to dump Bill (OP from USAToday)

Hi, Honey. I'm Home!

A whiff of panic in the Kremlin as Russia’s economy sinks further

More Good Cops: Flint Police Lie To People Saying They're Bringing Water Filters Then Arresting Them

hohoho! this is good. Cenk is my man. Talks about Bernie and O'Reilly or is it O'Liely? .

Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon is Bernie Sanders’ colleagues -Tammy Baldwin & Al Franken

Background checks on gun sales more popular than Taylor Swift

Nevada among states outlawing guns for domestic abusers

Gun dealer gets 2 ½ years for selling weapons to felon

Eric Holder Tweet #Black History Month

Why Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton are 2016's likely nominees

Clinton turns to Sanders' colleagues to question his preparedness

The Daily Show

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of Marco Rubio at last night's debate, looking VERY Presidential.

A couple of London shots

A Few MInutes ago a Moron on CNN

Deep Creek murder-suicide is a mystery, but crime of familicide is not

Disgraced former IMF chief Strauss-Kahn joins Ukrainian bank

Breaking - CNN will host Democratic Debate in Flint March 6 n/t

Sen. Al Franken-a Wellstone Democrat opens a big rally for his friend, Hillary- in NH

Arab MKs call killers of Israelis ‘martyrs,’ ‘victims of the occupation’

Satellite Lauch Vehicles vs. ICBMs = Sweet FA

Apparently John Travolta was at the Republican debate last night

Bernie Sanders on a Steam Ship to America on SNL

BB-8 gets all the chicks...

One was fantastic, two would be ...?

State by State, More Guns Mean More Killing of Women

An Historical Narrative Written/Produced by Bernard Sanders "Eugene Debs Documentary" 1979

MA House Dem Michael Moran Endorses Sanders -- "Most Electable"

One Ring To Rule Them All!

An Historical Narrative Written/Produced by Bernard Sanders "Eugene Debs Documentary" 1979

"I would bring back waterboarding and a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding"

A crash course in social democracy: After I Lived in Norway, America Felt Backward.

Hillary Clinton’s Secret Weapon Is Bernie Sanders’ Colleagues

What's the harm?

New York orders probe after nuclear plant leaks radioactive water north of the city

Bernie Sanders' foreign-policy fumbles

The changing face of Islam in Kurdistan

Guardian: Leaked police files contain guarantees disciplinary records will be kept secret

These republicans debates are a joke it's the same spin from the pundits and

Clinton Leads Sanders by 11 Points in Alabama – 54-43%

Senior PA official: 'Do we have to hijack planes for you to care about our cause?'

Almost Over For Hillary: This election is a mass insurrection against a rigged system By Bill Curry

Erdogan: US should choose between Turkey, Kurdish forces

when trump loses the nomination but cruz wins it

Sick and Tired of ‘God Bless America’

What new Catholic bishops are, and aren’t, being told on sex abuse

Anyone think Republicans are winning the Presidency?

Interfaith group forms peace circle to support temple destroyed by arsonist

CNN schedules Democratic debate in Flint

"If YOU don't vote...guess WHO will?

How did JebusEnoughFuggingBushes raise the issue of eminent domain?

As Poverty Soars In Michigan, Governor And Wife Eat Cake

People freaking out about Albright

HRC on Meet the Press...the '3 AM phone call' has merely been reframed...

Now he would seek the presidency — as a Democrat.

These are who that special place in hell is really reserved for. Them and their superiors:

Wait. Is this a joke?

You agree with Bernie Sanders (but you might not know it)

BAD experience versus GOOD judgement...

Hillary Clinton Pledges Not To Cut Social Security Benefits

A Panic-Inducing Night for the GOP Establishment

Sanders campaign uses Vet's image on campaign mailer without permission.

Sudanese migrant stabs Israeli soldier, is shot dead: police

Bernie Sanders - ...A THOUSAND CUTS

Bernie Sanders ...A THOUSAND CUTS

After rocket launch, North Korea ‘readying’ for 5th nuclear test

Hillary on Cnn now live interview..

Bernie just told Jake Tapper that the 'Establishment'...Congress, Media, Business..

Boom! Take a look at these endorsements!

The Daily 202: Rubio suffers a big setback in New Hampshire, as the governors strike back.

Rubio's Robotic Glitch

Why I think the world is a much more dangerous place today...

Why would a Baby Boomer support this establishment?

Paul Krugman: Electability.

George W. Bush enriched himself by eminent domain

There is now enough evidence to think that Bernie actually won the Iowa Caucus.

Bernie Sanders ad claims or implies endorsements from NH newspapers that didn't happen

Hillarity says she won't release her transcripts...

Rubio’s Billionaires Keeping His Pathetic Campaign Alive

Reince Priebus: "Our Party has the most well-qualified & experienced field of candidates in history

Corporate Media Endorses Clinton to Defend Their Own Interests

Meet the Press Today, NBC 10:30AM ET, MSNBC 2PM ET: Hillary, Trump, Bernie,

Domo Arigato Marco Roboto! lol on my tv this morning

Outside Marco Rubio event in NH

Here is a link to a video of one of Clinton's speeches to Goldman Sachs

Iowa Caucus: Woodbury Co, Precinct 40.... went 9-8 for Bernie, recorded as 9-8 for Hillary.

Sanders To The Bernie Bros: “We Don’t Want That Crap”

Iowa 2016: Final Precinct Caucus Results: Hillary 701, Bernie 697 delegates.

Sanders on Bernie Bros: "We Don't Want That Crap"

Trump tries to bribe a vets group more than $100K to show up at his rally-They told him to stuff it.

KOCHbot Rubio says Obama destroyed America with the stimulus and ObamaCare. What a SLIME BUCKET.

America's only Wild Jaguar, El Jefe Seen In Rita Mountains Just Outside Tucson.

Thousands of Syrians at Turkish border as Syria warns Ankara, Riyadh

Moumita Ahmed

We lost another rock legend today...

Sanders won't call for release of Clinton's bank speech transcripts

This baby is OBVIOUSLY, a loser.

Even without the socialism, Bernie's policy positions alone would sink him in the GE.

Trump will appoint/consider justices to overturn gay marriage!

It's getting more pathetic and desperate over there

Hillary Still Lies Re: Her Iraq War Vote; PLus: Hillary Voted With Republicans & Against Democrats:

Bob Rogers on Hillary and Wall Street today...

NEWS FLASH! The founders of this country would have given up long ago if

Why Hillary Can't Release the Goldman Sachs Speech Transcripts Yet

Now the mosques are spreading Zika virus?

I predict Trump is going to drop out soon.

"I'll get all medieval on their assets!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

"Bernie's Vermont" slideshow over at Politico

Here We Go Again. Have you ever seen such a dishonest campaign?

The Vote for Bankruptcy Reform that Haunts Hillary Clinton

Warren blasts Goldman Sachs CEO, defends Sanders

Radioactive ground water leak in New York

The attacks against Hillary around here smack of purist extremism and outright fear.

Iowans claim instances when Sanders was shorted delegates

Typical Chuck Todd, Pump Hillary... Where Was The Follow Up On The Transcripts?

Hillary = the Anti-Progressive.......And More Examples of Her Lies

Flashback Description of Marco Rubio

Compare BEFORE you BUY!

well then....

A (sick but funny) Superbowl joke.

.@HillaryClinton on releasing transcripts of private speeches: "These rules need to apply to every

Dear Hillary, you are wrong about the ACA.

So Trump's allure to the RW idjuts...

THE WORM HAS TURNED: Barring unforeseeable events, Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic nominee

HRC reported to agree to ban on Soc Sec cuts.

Cruz: "water boarding is not torture"

Clinton's plan to reign in Lobbyists?

When you have a cat and a dog

Hillary supporters, meet your Walmart candidate! Literally!

Bernie’s Progressive Momentum Is What Political Revolutions Are Made Of

We are a center-left nation on balance, not a FAR left nation. That's why Hillary is more electable.

Will McAvoy is still on point 4 years later

Driven by power outages and savings, towns look to microgrid

We need not honor Republicans by posting their garbage.

Warren on Hillary Clinton and the Bankruptcy Bill of 2005: I assume she would have voted against it"

Study explores how black men find success in college

(Revised Version) A Political Revolution IS the Pragmatic Course When the System is Rigged

Jeb! Bush wants to bake America a Pie

Hillary Shill Lying or Misinfored? Hillary's "Released" Speech Is a Fake

Rubio on repeat. If only he'd taken a drink of water suddenly in the middle

NH Polls: CNN/WMUR Sanders +23, UMass Sanders +17, ARG Sanders +11

$153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented

you can vote DEM and be voting against your own best interests...

Dr. Obsession or How I Learned to Stop Worrying but Really Dislike Carpet Bombing...

When dad grounds you and takes your car because you didn't become president.

Sen.Sanders interview with Jake Tapper (videos)

Marshawn Lynch hasn't spent a penny of the $49.7 million in salary he has earned

Netanyahu, IDF high command tout new German-made submarine

Y E A H ! ! !

Straight Outta Options

Clinton, Sanders war over Wall Street escalates

Sanders Scored Over Use of Photos

Full interview: Bernie Sanders, Face the Nation (video)

Is Trump losing his luster?

Concerned about Bernie's electability?

Advice to Bernie Staff/Surrogates: Pronounce Neh-vah-duh Correctly.

Jeb Bush says people should be fired when people die because of incompetence

Sanders contributed his speaking fees to charity

Need some help/advice please

Tweet from a Trump supporter: Rubio in the makeup chair

N.Y.T. op-ed piece today..description of Bill watching Hillary's speeches ---

When Rush Limbaugh has said...

Hillary is an incompetent election campaigner.

Pups 19 Days

Eubie Blake was born on this date.

On "Meet the Press" this morning, Todd asked Hillary if she believes that the rise of Isis would

"Patriots" as Traitors: The Great Western Land Grab.

Iowans claim instances when Sanders was shorted delegates

King Curtis was born on this date.

Oregon standoff: LaVoy Finicum memorial torn down and rebuilt

I need some medical advice--quick!

Guardian op-ed: Bernie Sanders' foreign policy judgment is better than Clinton's experience

What was said about Obama and Hillary on electability in 2008

Bernie vs Hillary

Our candidates, on race:

Politicians, human decency, and Ted Cruz

Why haven't RCP and Huffpo...

TOON: Kim Jong Un Keeps it Classy

Apparently Russia has it's own 'Florida Man'

What's the difference between the Koch brothers and a tatoo?

Bernie shows that he knows very well what's going on in Greece

REC if you TRULY BELIEVE the Republican Candidates Are Terrifying.

Good for Sanders.

Annoying Hillary rhetoric - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

I so want Rubio to win the nomination now

Hillary laughs when asked to release transcripts of her speeches at Goldman.

Average Americans know: Hillary (or anybody else) doesn't have to prove the money...

Coolest billboard ever.....

Hillary Backed Out Of A (Mitt Romney) Bain Capital Paid Speech? What was her prepared speech?

Barney Frank Joined $28 Billion Bank Board or Why Barnie Backs Hillary

"Then I'll be happy to look into it further"...

‏@PolitiFact Bill Clinton: Glass-Steagall repeal had nothing to do with financial crisis

How do you deal with the workplace chatterbox?

How to become an atheist.....

War Crimes are just fine with Donald Trump

Most interesting match in general

Hillary on Her Super Bowl Pick: ‘I’m Worried About the Kids in Flint, Mich.’

Lama Yeshe: The Purpose of Meditation

Hillary Clinton’s Secret Weapon Is Bernie Sanders’ Colleagues

Agencies Battle Over What Is ‘Top Secret’ in Hillary Clinton’s Emails

(Video) Senator Bernie Sanders Responds to One Vote '16

Why drought could be the new normal for the US Southwest

Does anyone else thinks it is odd that HRC is calling for ALL the other candidates to release 'their

Pentagon Releases 200 Photos of Bush-Era Prisoner Abuse, Thousands Kept Secret

You agree with Bernie Sanders (but you might not know it)

Orange County couple fail to frame local PTA president

"Boy obsessed young women will bern in hell."

Is the MSM turning on Hillary?

After seeing huge stadiums over packed with Bernie believers, I don't put

'SNL' audience feels the Bern

SNL: Bern Your Enthusiasm

Sanders Argues for "Yes We Can" While Clinton Counters "No We Can't"

I normally don't like to ask for help, but I'm facing electrical shutoff

This whole "Vote for me because I'm a woman" thing -

Thank the Stars Hillary Clinton is not a sore loser. Just sayin.

MARCOWORLD...where robot men and women are programmed to serve you..

The Absurd Identity Politics of Establishment Pundits Critiquing Bernie Sanders

Bad arguments are bad arguments

Nevada's perplexing war on solar

To win progressives, Hillary has to dump Bill

How Hillary Could Get Her Mojo Back

Bernie TV is live at ! Lots of passion, lots of information, way to bypass MSM!

So about those unicorns & with polls now showing a tie nationwide

Texas Finally Acknowledges Rangers Killed Hundreds of Latinos

Operation Samson: Israel's Deployment of Nuclear Missiles on Subs from Germany

China Blows Past the U.S. in Wind Power

Ethical Questions Surround Ammon Bundy's Legal Team

What Albright said was: "There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other."

Just found out my younger brother is for Trump.

Portsmouth Confederate monument at center of debate (VA)

Huge year for wind power in Europe

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm to Be Built in U.K. (1.2 GW)

Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl, or Kitten Bowl?

"What's really going on here is disturbing to me"...

Orlando: two dead after shooting at Glitz Ultra Lounge

Until the Iowa Democratic Party allows a thorough examination of the caucus results

Indeed, How Do You Talk To An Angel?

Sea turtles with tumors fill Florida hospital

When exactly is the right time for Democratic infighting?

Denmark broke world record for wind power in 2015

Lets get this Albright story right

Hillary, what is it you told Golden Sacks that was worth $675K? We peons want to know what

Yet another movie about gun violence in post production.

Hillary Surging in New Hampshire

Today's Monmouth poll has it down to a 10 point lead for Sanders

Bills threaten local historic districts in Michigan

A friend died a rather horrible death over the weekend

Clinton campaigners leaving attack leaflets on cars in NH

Christian college professor to step down after saying Muslims worship same god

Woody Harrelson applies for Hawaii marijuana dispensary

Bernie Sanders claim that he helped write Obamacare

Bernie Sanders Tells Berniebros To Knock It Off — ‘We Don’t Want That Crap’

Hamas Kills Its Own Commander for Unnamed 'Violations'

Iowa Democratic Party Removes Official Precinct Results from their web page

About that speech, which bothers you more? (Poll)

Hillary: Paid speeches better protected than high level emails

Does anyone miss Randi Rhodes?

Burns Paiutes to Ammon Bundy: You're not the victim

We have a publicly funded campaign

Hillary's whisper thin victory in Iowa is under a dark cloud

What did LaVoy Finicum die for?

Pope’s sex abuse panel tells survivor to take a leave

HRC whining on This Week with George Stephanopoulos

What happened to the BUSH coronation you ask?

Renewable Energy Is Trouncing Fossil Fuels

Debunking the Politifact LIE on Bernie and the ACA. Senator Bingaman says

NPR - Open Source - Feeling the Bern - UPDATED WITH LINK!

So when Republicans call Bernie a "Communist Jew,"

Woman for Sanders? Good news: Bernie doesn't believe in Hell! (n/t)

675K "That's what they offered".

Amber Alert Fluvanna County Sheriffs Office.EDIT: She's been found!

Dispatch from Camp Weathervane -

Puppy Bowl XII pre game show underway!

What is your Internet speed?

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story Trailer – I Am Faith

Politifact and WaPo: Bernie Sanders exaggerates with claim that he helped write Obamacare

Lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat . . .

‘Snyder poisoned kids in Flint,’ reads banner flying over Ann Arbor

So I notice scuttle talk by some that if Hillary wins the nomination, Sander's supporters may not be

Go See Michael Moore's New Movie

What are you reading this week of February 7, 2016?

Revised Iowa results: Hillary ahead by .25%. Is this the final?

Get Well Soon Michael Moore

‘I can do any fucking thing I want!’

Why does Bernie Sanders want to raise taxes on Main Street voters who are having a tough time?

Utah joins push to keep guns from domestic abusers

From The Hill February 07, 2016, 01:36 pm. Does this mean it's the final or what?

Hep! We gots a wintry mix. NE SC

Sanders using photos of veterans and children without consent.

“Do not grow weary doing good. Do not get discouraged. Do not give up.” —Hillary in Flint Feb 7

Rubio: "Have the Rapists baby"

Iowans claim instances when Sanders was shorted delegates

A Colorado Winter

Lawd! Apparently there's a Rubio mailer attacking Barbara Bush.

No ‘Artful Smear’: Clintons Were Paid $153 Million in Speaking Fees, Analysis Shows

Londoners Alexanda Kotey and Aine Davis identified as Isis 'Beatles'

Watch the Bald Eagles building their nest. Hear them chirping to each other.

Vatican panel kicks off meeting on sexual abuse by watching 'Spotlight'

Matt Taibbi: Vampire Squid goes to bat for Hillary Clinton

Analyzing the Black Vote: Deep Poll Dissection - Here is Bernie's Opportunity

How many of you are sick and tired of the puppet politicians?

Since the Supreme Court ruled that the ACA was a "Tax bill" then Bernie's "Medicare for all" will be

Two people killed, at least 10 injured in Orlando nightclub shooting

NH New Franklin Pierce Herald Poll! (Hillary Clinton Group)

Republican U.S. presidential hopefuls say Zika quarantine may be needed

Chilean alleges sex abuse cover-up, asks pope to sack bishop

Finally I found a Democratic debate

Wealthy Donors Pump Millions Into Sanders’ Campaign In Last-Ditch Effort To Destroy His Credibility

I'm a little disappointed with the outrage and conspiracies surround the speaking fees.

GOP Debate: Marco Pole-Axed

Clinton hangs on in revised Iowa caucus results

I found this on Facebook. I don't know if the link is liberal or not.

Salon: "It's almost over for Hillary: This election is a mass insurrection against a rigged system"

The 32 Worst Anti-Feminists (toon)

Why Clinton can't stop raising Wall Street cash

Do big donors expect influence with their candidate or not?

Bern Your Enthusiasm: Bernie Sanders Meets Curb Your Enthusiasm

Halp! Where can I watch Kitty Bowl online????

To all the folks who keep claiming that not supporting HRC is a Republican vote

I love Rubio is unravelling, but....

Bernie has located the problem

Is War a Critical Issue with You?

The Hill: Clinton hangs on in revised Iowa caucus results

'SNL' Mocks 'Nasty Little Weasel' Ted Cruz After Iowa Caucus Win

Argentine inflation: 3.4% a month in January, 29.8% in a year; Macri refuses to publish gov't data.

WATCH: Singer Marc Anthony brings house down with ‘I’m proud to be Latino and f*ck Donald Trump!

IMPORTANT, from Gloria Steinem:

is anyone else worried about fraud on tuesday?

What's for Dinner, SuperBowl Sun., Feb. 7, 2016

Sheriff: Texas teen kills mom, 2 neighbors, then himself

2 dead, others wounded, during Orlando nightclub shooting


Half the Foreign Policy Experts Signing Clinton’s Anti-Sanders Letter Have Ties to Military Contract

Professor who wore headscarf to leave Christian college

The One-Percent Difference

More than 20 Texas town repeal sex offender residency law

Hillary didn't know she was going to run for President when she gave those speeches.

Transgender student suspended after using boys bathroom

They write themselves...

Michelle Obama is stunningly beautiful

() ***** SUPER BOWL POLL ****** ()

BREAKING: Errors Found In Democratic Iowa Caucus Results

About those fundraisers over the course of five or more years... what bothers you more? (Poll)

Iowans claim instances when Sanders was shorted delegates

How Ted Cruz Became the Fiery New Prince of the Religious Right

Young Women For Sanders Not to Be Underestimated

Gloria Steinem Apologizes for Implying Women Back Sanders to Meet Men

What Would-Be Bernie Supporters Don’t Understand

I bet on Tues. Hillary will declare her self the new "comeback kid" if Burnie wins by less than 25%

Cliven Bundy talks grazing contracts at Finicum funeral

The Hippy Moment: Why Bernie Sanders is right about Iran, Russia and North Korea

Iowa Democratic party completes review: 5 incorrect tallies out of 14 contested results.

ISIS 'Beatle' Identified as Brit Who Joined a Gaza Flotilla

May I just say, as a Sanders supporter, to whomever is advising the Clinton campaign . . .

Julian Assange: Hero And Villain

Labor approves Herzog’s unilateral pullout plan

Bernie Sanders Shrugs Off Albright's Foreign Policy Slam

North Korean Rocket Puts Object Into Space, Angers Neighbors, U.S.

President Bashar Al-Assad And His Russian And Iranian Allies Now Have The Upper Hand In Syria

Sanders’ Pattern of Deceptive Campaigning Continues

Ford to More Than Double Mexico Production Capacity in 2018

Indian man could be first recorded human fatality due to a meteorite

Noam Chomsky gets paid $20K to $30K per speech. Outrage!

Too beautiful for this race.

It Was Clinton Who Required Transcripts Of Her Speeches

New NH Poll: Bernie: 51% (-6) Hillary: 44% (+7)

Carson questions Sen Cruz's "Washington ethics." Ouch!

Two types of people in the art world

The importance of fighting with someone on something

In NH Debate, Hillary Clinton Touted Henry Kissinger, War Criminal, as Character Reference

Hillary's Flint Michigan speech: What happened in Flint was immoral.

Take your pick...

Bernie Sanders Tells Berniebros To Knock It Off — ‘We Don’t Want That Crap’

Dear Hillary,

Rubio's comments about Muslims are almost as frightening as Trump's

Hillary Clinton pledges to stand with Flint through water crisis

UN Condemns Nkorea Launch, Pledges Significant New Sanctions

Absurdity rises to new heights: Clinton is the only one capable of uniting the Democratic Party

A Bosnian Sniper,Tentatively identified as Tenzing Norgay...

Samuel Jackson speaks on how I feel about Rethugs on the Teevee-Warning Strong Language

“I was thinking 'I’m so proud of you.'”

Greek island mayor warns of violence over migrant plan

I know Sen Sanders went to NY to be on SNL and Im going to Flint to see if we can help with the kids

The Corporate Media is working overtime to rally the Clinton sympathy vote. n/t

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 February 2016

Netanyahu: If US Military Aid Doesn't Address Israel's Security Needs, We'll Wait for Next President

Prediction: Minorities Will Put Down Bernie’s Revolution

"45 Years," "Youth"

Turnbull Wildlife Refuge near Cheney closes in reaction to Oregon militia occupation (WA)

That noble fighter of corrupt wall street is charging bernie

From being called a "worthless bitch”

can someone give me some background about these allegations

Democratic Socialism: A page on facebook

Shepard Fairey Endorses Bernie: Obama ‘Hope’ Poster Artist Wants Campaign Finance Reform

The First Jewish President

Jahi McMath update


In NH, the Sanders army is boldly going where no canvasser has gone before—don't call the police

"these are the people that we need to get rid of ... people siding with the government ..." Fry

Has Bernie explained how his free public college tuition plan will work, given the fact that

And so it begins...

Sigh. How'd I let this happen?

Recent state laws on domestic abuse, gun rights

OMG even Kitten Bowl...

Bill Clinton batters and blasts Bernie Sanders

Brady gets booed?

What Do Most Americans Agree On?

RT: Coincidence? Baltic Invasion Story Reappears As Pentagon Seeks To Quadruple Europe Spending

Thank You Taxpayers

A blast from the Clintons' past: Ohio children test positive for mercury (talk about immoral)

Thank You Taxpayers!

David Cay Johnston: You agree with Bernie Sanders

They met in a 1960s group house. Nearly 50 years later, they’re still roommates.

Meryl Streep on Hillary Clinton


Prediction: Cam Newton runs for two, throws for two. Super Bowl 50 MVP.

Anyone know much about Orthochondritis Dessicans? My tibia is affected and ortho doc was stunned

I wish the word "Vagina" was removed from the campaign.

In new DSM-5 (psychiatrists' "bible") PTSD definition now covers "racial battle fatigue"

Re: Sanders' attacks. All the shit ya feedin' us is fertilizer!

WOW Lady Gaga

When did the Superbowl become an exercise in enforced patriotism?

After Superbowl coin toss, Bernie followers cry foul!

MoJo: Hillary Clinton Says the Best Way to Rein in Lobbyists Is to Shame Them

Bernie Sanders Says He's Being "Lectured" by Hillary Clinton on Foreign Policy

Hillary is fracturing the party.

Experience canvassing in NH yesterday and some advice

Bernie is fracturing the party.

I thought an OP about "racial battle fatigue" might be of general interest,

Example #617 of Hillary's TERRIBLE Foreign Policy Judgement: The Ruination of Haiti

commercial bowl... ROFLMAO

In foreign policy spat, Sanders suggests Madeleine Albright supported Iraq invasion. "Mostly false."

Stephen Curry will pound the drum for Panthers

America's Workers and Middle Class Thank Bill Clinton for Destroying U.S. Manufacturing Jobs