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The Single Most Important Difference Between Bernie and Hillary

Ron Paul praises Sanders, blasts Cruz

Crane collapse in NYC, a couple of questions.....

Here's a prediction for the Nevada Caucuses:

Bernie: "Momentum is when there is a snowstorm...

Iran Wants Oil Payments In Euros Only

Listening to Laura Ingraham or a clip of her attacking Hillary

trump the racist shuns white supremacist support

Clinton desperately wants to play the victim

My Mixed Emotions About San Jose Hosting Super Bowl 50

Only 4.5 million viewers watched the last Democratic Party debate

Laughing '' That's why I called my book 'hard choices'

Let's review. Hillary's mentor: Henry Kissinger's shocking war crimes.

Ted Cruz college classmates ‘horrified’ he might become president: ‘He called my mother a wh*re!’

Federal Court Strikes Down Redrawn NC Congressional Maps

Eat Bacon challenges Grijalva in AZ CD3

Restaurant Industry Suddenly Tanks, Worst Plunge since the Beginning of the Financial Crisis

Latest HRC "smears" being sent out re Sanders

If anyone is hanging out tonite - Bernie & Hillary will be speaking shortly at

Man gets maximum sentence for beating deaths of transients

Like a typical bully, Chris Christie runs away from Rachel Maddow...

I think I see what the problem is!

Bernie is going to be speaking shortly at a Dinner in NH on C-span 1

Bernie Bros attack Hillary!!!

Should Clinton Be Basking in Kissinger’s Praise? Her team thinks so.

Movies with numbers in the title.

Clinton Insists She’s Not Beholden to Wall Street While Raking in $21.4 Million

The Thom Hartmann podcast is the best way to follow Bernie

Hopelessly Devoted To Bernie Sanders

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: February 2016 Monthly Update

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: February 2016 Monthly Update

I'm sorry but cutting off a little foreskin is

Chris Hayes When Clinton challenged Sanders for an example of quid pro quo last night.....

Psssst. Bernie volunteered at a "socialist kibbutz". It's over folks. A SOCIALIST kibbutz!

Hillary Clinton Told the Truth About Her Iraq War Vote

Ben Carson Campaign Releases Tape of Ted Cruz Worker Spreading Rumors

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Resists Releasing Transcripts From Goldman Speeches

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: February 2016 Monthly Update

Single-payer health plan wouldn't cost U.S. more

Anti-Muslim group picks a fight in British Muslim neighborhood, and gets one

White House accuses GOP lawmakers of pulling a Trump

If you could consolidate your life philosophy into 2 sentences...what would they be? Mine..

Edith Wilson - "The Presidentress" her title changed from 'First Lady' to 'Acting First Man'

The special hell of a Ted Cruz rally: What it’s like to spend an evening with the GOP’s oiliest oper

Every time I listen to Hillary speak, especially during the debate, I feel like

40,000 fleeing Aleppo as battle for Syrian city intensifies, U.N. group says

After Planned Parenthood closures, poor women started having more babies

Hillary and Bernie to speak soon in NH Party gathering--on C-span1

US preparing for possible air drops of humanitarian supplies over Syria

Turkey: 'Russia must be held accountable for the people it has killed’ in Syria

The red-baiting of Bernie is getting ridiculous.

It's not the 1990s. The Clinton Machine still operates as if it was.

Ben Carson now looking for an endorsement deal from a detergent company

I really don't know if I can do this, but I need some help

Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton’s Tutor in War and Peace

Friday Talking Points (377) -- Toss Of A Coin

Deal With the Devil: Turkey Props Up ISIS by Buying Its Stolen Oil.

Michigan governor: solve Flint water crisis instead of laying blame

Is it me or are they completely losing their shit today?

24 Hours Later: Has Hillary Released the Goldman Sacs Transcripts Yet?

'Obamacare’ enrollment points to continued success

High-Flyin' Bird-Jefferson Airplane (Signe Toly Anderson, RIP)

L.I., N.Y. Dad of 4 girls faints when he learns wife is having a son

L.I., N.Y. Dad of 4 girls faints when he learns wife is having a son

CNN: $153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented

Does anyone get the feeling that puppy mill puppies are getting laundered through

New Hampshire Was Practically Made For Bernie And Trump

Julian Assange is no folk hero and UN is out of order

Armed Idiots Escort Cliven Bundy To LaVoy's Funeral

UN group's protection of Assange is unjustified

Day 18

A thread hidden because of factual information about a political candidate.

The Obscure U.N. Body Behind the Ridiculous Claim Assange Is Arbitrarily Detain

Sen. Sanders Statement on New Flint Revelations

The ENERGY at Jeb! rally in Laconia NH was "as flat as the funeral home-style wallpapering"

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Kid’s Night, Circa 2005! & a new Kittehs gif

I have to agree. Bernie's past activities should never be mentioned.

SEC Primary: Clinton is dominating Georgia 63.3% to 21.5% (+41.8%)

Federal court strikes down NC congressional district maps

Bob Woodward - So, about that "shouting" thing

Super Bowl in Spanish - not the SAP Button but a dedicated channel ESPN Deportes

The financial industry and others pay her mortgage, donate to her campaign, and fund her superPACS


Actor and political activist Danny Glover endorses Bernie Sanders

University of Missouri curators not negotiating with Wolfe over severance

Tory councillor accidentally sent details of 'smear plot' to intended targets

Nicolle Wallace: There'd be "less hand-wringing about his prospects if Jeb wore a GoPro Camera"


In the Safe Spaces on Campus, No Jews Allowed

Bernie is almost unrivaled in supporting other dems!

Quinnipiac Poll Showing Sanders Closing gap is crap, totally biased!

Kenneth Copeland Declares That Ted Cruz Has Been 'Called And Anointed' By God To Be The Next Pres.

Both Democratic presidential candidates support public financing of elections. Why?

Moderate earthquake - Eastern Honshu, Japan on February 5, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Prolific Democratic Party fundraiser

Women By Definition Cannot Be 'The Establishment' ? Interesting Take By Younger Voters

Bernie Sanders says jobs report doesn't tell the whole story

White America’s ‘Broken Heart’

New poll is good news for Marco Rubio

Mr. Political Revolution MEET Mr. Gerrymandering

PA Supreme Court refuses to reinstate Kane's law license:

Can Anyone Ever Truly Trust David Brock?

Wages Rise as U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls Below 5%

Benjamin Crump Endorses Hillary

Venezuela Is About to Go Bust

Freeing Julian Assange: the Final Chapter

LA mayor performs slow jam PSA about 101 Freeway closure

I stand with civil rights activist and lawyer, Benjamin Crump, in his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Wall Street, and America 2.0

2 planes collide midair, plunge into ocean off Los Angeles

New Poll-Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Tied Nationwide-TYT

Missing cat found twice its original size after living for 14 months in a pet food factory

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 7 - 31 Days of Oscar

66, including actor Woody Harrelson, apply to open Hawaii pot shops

TCM Schedule for Monday February 8 - 31 Days of Oscar

This short film epitomizes the struggle of life

Top search queries during and after debate

Goldman Sachs transcripts?

Fight for $15....

If you haven't tried this cake, you should

There is something else that Trump is afraid of?

Orangutans in Melbourne Zoo playing interactive videogames using Xbox technology

The official end of Howard Dean: Unions are Super PAC's

Bill Maher

Clinton's Internet Supporters Desperately Want This Campaign to Be About Sexism

If a person is barred from participating in a jury...

Erin Brochovich on Bill Maher now

6 people, including a child, found dead in Chicago home, ruled as homicides

PPP, new post-Iowa national poll, Hillary 53, Bernie 32. Hillary 82% among African Americans,

Post a one sentence description of a TV show and let us guess.

"Be careful," Bush murmured to his mom.

Argentina offers to pay U.S. 'vulture' funds

Nearly 200 images released by US military depict Bush-era detainee abuse

Taxi and rideshare - it is still letting strangers sit in your car.

What I love the MOST about DU, and what keeps me coming back day after day...

il ne sera plus des déchets dans les supermarchés en France !

Mahrez to Vardy

Man Says Kitten Saved His Life Days After Adoption From Shelter

'The decorations, I'm told were a deep blue with diamonds.....

Real Time with Bill Maher (9 show clips)

Militia group backs down, billboards go up in support of law enforcement as fifth week of Oregon sta

Could the College Debt issue create a future brain drain?

Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Fundrasier

Great explanation of where islam is now compared to the West

Does New Hampshire Always Back Its Neighbors? Remember President Ted Kennedy?

UK wants authority to serve warrants in U.S.

Climate change may have had a huge impact on ancient South American civilisations

Climate change may have had a huge impact on ancient South American civilisations

With Each Passing Day, the Iowa Caucus Results Get Shadier and Shadier

The most glaring difference between Sanders and Clinton

Iowa Back In Contention

The Veterans Scandal on Bernie Sanders’s Watch

Scarborough: Leaving Iowa, Top Journalists Quietly Told Me 'You Know Bernie Won'

Gloria Steinam is 81 years old and still an incredibly beautiful and vibrant woman

POLL - Bernie Sanders is UNLIKABLE!!!!...

Sanders Admits Receiving Free Checking from Big Banks!

Well has she had enough time to look into it yet?

This American Woodcock just heard about Bernie's latest poll!

Howard Dean supporting Hillary Clinton is consistent with his beliefs and values

Prize fight! Round One: Vermont v. New Hampshire

Please give this OP a boost, this article badly needs exposure. (Plz. Read the whole thing)

A wave election for Bernie?

Now and year ago...

Hope this vid shows up, it is a facebook video

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton wins backing of S.C. LGBT rights group

This is How Bernie Sanders Wins the Black Vote...Or At Least 50% of the Black Vote

Good news for us old coots!

A short break from election season: This Bird can TALK in 20 different voices !

Put up or shut up time, HRC fans...

Post a strange, odd or unique fact about music.

HSBC reaches $470M deal with US, states over banking abuses

Clinton's Sinister Goldman Sachs Speech- No transcript, how about a video?


Democratic Donor Contacts Biden Allies About Possible Run

The Telecom Act of 1996 "A monstrous assault on democracy"

Levin Says Goldman Sachs Misled Congress, Duped Clients (Bloomberg 2011)

Clinton Gains Support From 170 African American Women Leaders

Charles Pierce: Here's What Happens When Hillary and Bernie Try to Out-Progressive Each Other

Can a woman running for president of the U.S. afford to be anti-death penalty?

"I don't own the words that come out of my mouth. Someone else does."


Hillary Clinton Goldman Sachs speech

Hits & Misses Report Card From MSNBC’s Memorable Democratic Debate

More Than 60 Percent Of Uber Drivers Are Thinking About Quitting

One last thing before you go...

The Cameraman's Revenge

Mother Jones: Fed-Up Uber Drivers Aim to Disrupt Super Bowl 50—With Their Own Mobile App

Donald Trump's baby picture has been found...

More on propaganda and collective insanity

Is Uber ripping off its drivers? The woman who beat Starbucks and FedEx in court says yes.

The Young Jews Shunning Israel and Building Radical New Communities

Four Things About Uber You Wish You Never Knew

Ethical Questions Surround Ammon Bundy’s Legal Team

What happens to a tiny town when Walmart disappears?

The Bridge at Q’eswachaka, Enjoy

Toon: Feel The Bern

Daily Holidays - February 6

CIA, NSA, PNAC, Star NeoCons, Goldman VP, PsyOp Specialists: Meet Ted Cruz' leadership team.

Man who killed wife, posted picture of her body on Facebook, sentenced to life in prison

Bill Maher Talks Feminism Re Muslim World with Gloria Steinem

Women's rights organisation says Muslim women blocked from seeking office by male Labour cllrs (UK)

US military abuse scandal: Pentagon releases 198 prisoner photos

Seattle City Council Might Actually Do Something About Unpredictable Scheduling for Low-Wage Workers

The state of WA's uninsured

Sandra Bland's Mother Expands Lawsuit

Mark Trahant: "Sanders announces initiatives at Affiliated NW tribes meeting"

Somali, AU troops retake key port from Shebab: army and witnesses

How to open a safe with a magnet

Liberals Who Attack Bernie Are Attacking Warren (w/David Dayen)

Why didn't the Democrats pass Universal Health Care in 2009?

North Korea advances 'satellite' launch

Clinton takes in big money from drug industry

The special hell of a Ted Cruz rally: What it’s like to spend an evening with the GOP’s oiliest

Bill Maher Goes All in for Bernie Sanders: ‘F*ck Yeah’ He’s Ready to Be Commander-in-Chief

Interesting and surprisingly relaxing video of a small tunnel being built

Judge orders two North Carolina congressional districts redrawn due to racial gerrymandering

THE single best thing about GD:P, every single contentious minute of it...

C-SPAN at the NH Democratic Fundraiser

December 2015 is recorded as the worst ever for carbon dioxide increases over the previous...

Media Try to Make Hillary's Telling A Secret Service Agent To "Fuck Off" A Campaign Issue

Wage Theft Is an Epidemic. Here’s How We Can Help Fix It

New Report Debunks Key Conservative Argument For Corporate Tax Breaks

FM: Foreign troops entering Syria would return 'in coffins'

(Enacted in 2012)New Hampshire will showcase danger of voter ID laws

Canada offers world example in integrating Syrian refugees. (No Trump or Cruz there.)

Hightower: The Sanders Sensation

Rubio wants to give each millionaire $220K by Eliminating Taxes on Stock Earnings

To recap, Clinton voted to invade Iraq, backed job-killing trade agreements

The obsession with Demographics seems contrary to any message of Unity and Equality

Let's take our counrty back now!

Weekly Address: Doubling Our Clean Energy Funding to Address the Challenge of Climate Change

Syria regime warns against any foreign ground 'aggression'

Sanders "has benefited from the Democratic Party fundraising apparatus"

The New Hampshire Primary Is All About Bernie (even the Republican primary)

My back yard this morning

Bernie SAND-ers Sand Sculpture

Email: "Join Hillary and Senator Booker on Saturday!"

4 Things the Atheist Movement Has Done Badly (and How to Do Them Better)

Deadly earthquake topples buildings in Taiwan city of Tainan

President Obama's Lessons on Religious Freedom

Sanders (about HRC): “I happen to respect the secretary very much..."

Greg Palast REVEALS the Real Reason for the Ascendancy of Marco Rubio

This is beautiful, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist....

72-year-old honorably discharged veteran deported after 50 years in America

Could a New NLRB Case Limit Bosses’ Best Anti-Union Tool, the Captive Audience Meeting?

Could a New NLRB Case Limit Bosses’ Best Anti-Union Tool, the Captive Audience Meeting?

You think the Super Bowl is the biggest bet in Vegas---Ha!

Could a New NLRB Case Limit Bosses’ Best Anti-Union Tool, the Captive Audience Meeting?

Denver will massacre Carolina!

United States House of Representatives elections, 2016 - Feel the Bern

Clinton & Goldman. No transcripts but here's a video of one

It's a LIE to claim Sec. Clinton intends to cut Social Security benefits

“And when he became Senator, I was like, ‘Oh my God, he called my mother a whore!’”

Free college means tougher admissions. Wealthy people with dumb kids dont want that.

Hillary: "I'm not going to cut SS." Bernie fans: "Hillary is going to cut SS".

Catholic high school: Archdiocese 'does not permit' same-sex wedding announcement

Buddhist Reflection on Interfaith: In Observance of UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

The Kurds have fought off the jihadists, but fear they'll be used as cannon fodder & then discarded

Distraught star of viral Asperger’s video killed by police after friends report suicidal intentions

Things you should not do on Chinese New Year

What Wall St attendees said about Clinton speech

Goldman Sachs Secret Tapes Interview

RUDE PUNDIT: Believe It or Not: You Can Support Bernie and Not Despise Hillary (and Vice-Versa)

Reuters/Ipsos confirms dead heat in national polls!

Dallas police announce criminal investigation of Manziel

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Wall Street & America 2.0

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-5-16

Those Clinton/Wal-Mart ties explained

Bob Marley would have been 71 today

U.S. judge grants injunction against anti-abortion activists

U.S. judge grants injunction against anti-abortion activists

@NewtownAction (Sandy Hook) endorses @HillaryClinton for the President CONGRATS!!

You Won't Win As A Centrist

The Kala Ghoda arts festival (pic warning)

Harvard Gazette: The costs of inequality

Convicted al Qaeda supporter, U.S. face off in medical malpractice trial

Ever had one of these days ...

Why Bernie Sanders Can't Govern (And Clinton can)

I don't fucking care how much they paid her.

Hillary, America Has Had Enough of Your OBFUSCATION! Release The Damn Transcripts!

All Bundlers are not the same under the law

Human Rights are Buried by UK Arms Profits as Yemen Bleeds

Twitter reveals it has suspended 125,000 ISIS-related accounts

Sanders fans in my TL seemed obsessed w/ Clintons in 90s--this is Sanders in 90s, btw.

Is it illegal to encourage others to violate the law, especially if you profit when they do?

Afghanistan Meeting Ends With Call for Talks With Taliban

Hillary Just Successfully Attacked Bernie Sanders for Supporting a Bill Her Husband Signed

I love to watch the GOP EAT THEIR OWN in the morning

Thunderstorms, T-Shirt Weather & Slate-Wiped Nestings In An Arctic That's Coming Apart


One word, the core difference between Bernie Sanders' & Hillary Clinton's platform: "If"

Donor conference today in London for Syrian refugees: US - $.9 billion, UK - $1.8 B, Germany - $2.5B

Why Real Progressives Win Elections & ConservaDems Don't...

Pope's Sex Abuse Panel Tells Survivor to Take a Time-Out

Another day, another canvass.

Author of "Undergroound Girls of Kabul" in PGH on Feb.23rd

Weekend Bernie Group Toons

Shooting at Tampa strip club leaves one dead, seven injured

I lost 4 lbs in a week on the new atkins

Weekend Toon Roundup

So I was watching Bill Maher.

Who's funding this pro-Ted Cruz super PAC?

Inside China's Uniquely Effective Incubators For New Strains Of Influenza - NYT

Delegate Count - February 6, 2016

UN res 2254 on Syria in December: cease attacks on civilians, overall ceasefire and negotiations.

Why Progressive Groups Have A Problem With Clinton On Social Security

Thousands Take Part in Anti-Islam Protests Across Europe

January 2016 Atmospheric CO2 Content 402.52; January 2015 399.96; January 2014 397.81

Bernie vs. Hillary: Things Are Getting More Intense For Democrats

I'm Pro-Bernie, not Anti-Hillary

“Look at that, you son of a bitch."

I am NOT a progressive.. I am a liberal..

WOW - Sanders beat 2008 Obama among first time caucus-goers in Iowa!

Memories can be worth more than money.

Hillary must PLEDGE not to cut Social security

The gun-free zone

Goodell: Pro Bowl may not continue in current format

First cracks to the establishment by the American people

Does anyone proudly stand with hillary endorsing kissinger?

Something Rodham in the State of New Hampshire...

I smell rubber burning. Trump must be trying to think. . . . Please come CAPTION The Donald!!!

Female Senators Privately Urging Senator Warren To Formally Endorse H Clinton For President

Hillary and the Bankruptcy bill pay off

Time to tell the NC General Assembly what you really think.

 Why This Socialist Feminist Is For Hillary

"They Don't Care About Us" (Michael Jackson) - Flint Water Crisis (Michael Moore)

I will confirm that Clinton pledges not to cut

Meet the lobbyists, donors and bundlers behind Hillary’s $157 million juggernaut

Murdoch floats John Kerry as last-minute Dem 2016 candidate

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Hillary will fly to Flint MI Sunday at invitation of the Mayor.

Shrimp and pesto risotto

Axelrod: Sanders is 'much more appealing' than I would have imagined

It’s Stupid That My Actor Dad Is The One Who Has To Teach Us Not To Be Dumb

Compulsory female registration for the draft

Rape victims of the catholic church

"I Just Got 'Push Polled' by Hillary Clinton’s Nevada Campaign."

Why Wall Street speeches mattered? Because they mattered to HRC's preparation for candidacy

Don't forget online school auctions

Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton:

A FB friend who is a strong Sanders supporter was just talking about

Chelsea Clinton accidentally calls Bernie 'President Sanders'

Twitter Says It Has Shut Down 125,000 Terrorism-Related Accounts

Rigged Economy: Bernie Slams Wallmart As Welfare Recipient, Hillary Silent As Wallmrt Fought Unions

Interest in New Chomsky Documentary Has Grown So Large Even the NY Times Ran a Review and Praised It

Some are saying that Hillary Clinton is in favor of SS 'means testing.'

The Texas Democratic Party- The Texas Two Step: Primary and Caucus

The Party Of Pro-Death

just noticed something odd

How many SuperPacs does Hillary have? A lot.

Hope for the future...

Bernie Sanders lacks foreign policy experience, but also his rivals' errors

Cruz's "New York Values" is code for Jewish

Texas Candidates And 2016 and 2018 Elections.

Green Capitalism: The God That Failed

'Men who are comfortable in their own skin can pretty much go anywhere & be comfortable-Like Jesus'

REC 'em up, folks!

It is funny to watch the Media get the vapours over political dirty tricks..

La Via Campesina: Building an International Movement for Food and Seed Sovereignty

SuperPac contributions are legal bribes.

Is the Ask the Administrators forum out of business?

A Glimpse of What We've Lost: 10 Extinct Animals in Photos

U Mass New Hampshire Tracking Poll-Sanders 55% (-6) Clinton 40% (+11)

Scarborough: Leaving Iowa, Top Journalists Quietly Told Me 'You Know Bernie Won'

Rigging the Market

I dont understand these threads here about polls showing Dems in natl virtual tie.

ARG New Hampshire Tracking Poll -Sanders 53% (-1) Clinton 41% (+3)

Move to Amend’s David Cobb empowers community on their rights over corporations (VIDEO)

Bernie nailed it: Wall Street is FRAUD.

I dont want them under a bus

Should Pharma Bro Be Shunned Or Prosecuted?

It's fucking depraved to compare the nurse's union to Haim Saban and

Hillary to Bernie: "Enough with the false innuendo" about Social Security

Morocco poised to become a solar superpower with launch of desert mega-project

Hey did you guys/ladies get any of the 6 mil mudflap collected for vets?

LOL: "No one’s looking out for the white guy anymore”

Poor Flint Residents Denounce Hillary for Politicizing their Plight & Using Them to Try to Win Votes

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

What's are you making for Super Bowl Munchies?

Hahahaha, the science behind hating Ted Cruz' face

Ex-Candidate Ron Paul On Why Rand Paul Faltered And The Appeal Of Bernie Sanders

This scares the hell out of me

Clinton moves to ease Hill Dems' worries about campaign

The Week-end Economist: Imposter Edition.

Misogyny is finally in the open

Could we have a group for the on-the-fence primary voter?

Obama to Propose Tax Credit For Businesses That Hire Community College Grads

Lies Of The Establishment Media

Hillary Clinton to tour the devastated city of Flint, Michigan

Read an article in the Charlotte Observer today about Ted Cruz's evangelicals "strategy."

Interesting e-mail today"

More shady caucus stories (Reddit repost)

Baseless accusations of misogyny are finally in the open!

Red Hot Chili Peppers cover David Bowie’s “Cracked Actor” at Bernie Sanders fundraiser


Bernie to do cameo with Larry David on SNL tonight.

Iowa Democratic Party reviewing results in caucuses

Hillary Clinton is at her best when she's counted out, campaigning her heart out

Hillary Clinton is heading to Flint, while Bernie Sanders is heading to NYC to do SNL

Ben Crump, pres. of Nat'l Bar Association, C.R. Lawyer and attorney for the Brown & Martin Families

Another major civil rights activist just endorsed Clinton

Print Media is being used to perpetrate FRAUD on the American Public.

Drug CEO Shkreli to Jeb: 'I'm an avid supporter

Now on Politics Done Right - Is America ready for a Socialist President?

1965-1975 Another Vietnam Unseen images of the war from the winning side

PPP National Poll: Hillary 53% Bernie 32% AA vote 82-8 Clinton

(Opinion) All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done — in one big list

Pay attention. Pay close attention to the media, who are now engaged in kingmaking

Barriers to Entry

Can I get a witness?!!


Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine--by Jeffrey Sachs, The Earth Institute

Kate McGarrigle was born on this date.

Did Hillary lie when she said regarding Goldman fees: "That's what they offered"?

Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine

@HillaryClinton is door knocking in Manchester with @LouDallesandro

Bob Marley was born on this date.

Police Add Warning To Refuge Roadblock

LaVoy Finicum shooting: What happened when


Philly area DUers - DNC is looking for volunteers for the Philadelphia Convention

Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine--by Jeffrey Sachs, The Earth Institute

Sanders supporters criticize Clinton for going to Flint - the same weekend that Bernie's doing SNL

Indigenous Women: Respect Our Knowledge And Tradition

What exactly is Natural Law and why are Conservatives paranoid about people knocking it down.

Bernie courageously DEMANDED Michigan Gov Resign over Flint; Hillary just prefers Photo Ops

Elizabeth Warren says TPP Transpacific Partnership trade deal is unbelievably bad

Hillary is a centrist, Bernie is a socialist

Is America a "melting pot?"

The difference between camps

Ted Cruz seems to appreciate at least one New York value.

Just back from breakfast with a group of senior citizen friends and acquaintances

It's Hypocritical Of Sanders To Denounce PAC's & Yet Profit From Them

Sanders is what I wanted Obama to be.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 6, 2016

OK, I'll say it, without mincing words. They Used To Call It "Bribery"

Bernie Sanders’ Refreshingly Sane Foreign Policy

Frack Queen goes to Flint to do what?

Iowa Democrats reviewing some caucus precinct results

Ben Jealous - Full Endorsement Statement

Clinton push polling also reported in NH.

James Taylor concert...

What's Elizabeth Warren waiting for?

SC Democratic superdelegate, former O'Malley chair endorses Clinton

Manny Goldstein: Man BEATS Woman While Fans CHEER

Oh those Bernie supporters are so mean but Hillary supporters aren't?

Is there any vegetarians out there who can outline a low or no meat weight loss dietary plan?

Satanists Secure a Secular Victory and Stop Prayers At Government Meetings

Ted Cruz Is Winning, But His Desperation Is Becoming Apparent

Before you criticize Hillary for going to Flint, note that Sanders skipped a vote on aid to Flint

No 'Artful Smear.'

Man said he wanted to shoot up Detroit church, FBI complaint says

Gloria Steinem: young women back Bernie Sanders because ‘the boys are with Bernie’

Nature: Historical Nectar Resources of the British Isles Reflects Their Rise and Fall.

Argentina offers vulture funds a settlement with an average 1,000% return; only two of six accept.

Argentina offers vulture funds a settlement with an average 1,000% return; only two of six accept.

How Bernie Sanders broke his first Campaign promise

People Have A 'Fundamental Right' To Own Assault Weapons, Court Rules

Hillary meeting a supporter...moving...

How Bernie Sanders broke his first Campaign promise

Kunin: When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont

Controversial Israel supporter Haim Saban is pouring millions into Clinton SuperPac

Seduced by Tuscany in Winter

Videos Made by Civilians Fleeing Aleppo Show Scenes of Devastation

Cruz Father: Ted Cruz "Anointed" To "Bring the Spoils of War to the Priests"

Bernie Sanders rejects donation from drug company CEO

Surprisingly, U.S. taxpayers pay enough to fund national health insurance. We just don't get it.

Vox: We asked 6 political scientists if Bernie Sanders would have a shot in a general election

NZ official hit with thrown dildo at TPP protest

Another outrageous hypocrisy of Marco Rubio and Republicans

Oct 2015: 9 killed @ Oregon college shooting; CA Planned Parenthood firebombed; HRC on SNL

Bernie Supporters vs Hilary Supporters: Seen through Each Other's Eyes.

We're gettin a "Sam's Club" next year here in Sheboygan...

The Arkansas Travelers have been helping the Clintons since 1992

ROFL: An Adult Film Company Just Offered To Make Ted Cruz’s Bizarre Dreams Come True (Letter)

Thought Experiment: What a Sanders Supporter Likes About Hillary Clinton as a Candidate

'Pro-rape' US pick-up artist posts personal details and pictures of female journalists online in

Time for Chelsea Clinton's Easy Ride With the Press to End?

the HRC VICTORY CLAIM in Iowa -- same tactics as the BUSH CLAIM in Florida 2000

Marco Rubio reminds me of a slick, well-dressed salesman.

Bill Black: “Hillary, the Banksters Committed ‘Fraud,’ Not ‘Shenanigans’”

Bill Maher Doesn’t Hold Back Defending Bernie Sanders On Foreign Policy

ANOTHER musical legend has left us...R.I.P. Dan Hicks

It is time for Sanders Campaign to call out Hillary's coordination with Brock's SuperPAC

Personal thought on that 'a progressive is someone who makes progress' meme

Clinton Campaign Push Polling in NV...EXPOSED!

How can anyone denigrate Bernie's level of experience when

Big Campaign Cash for Clinton From Monsanto Lobbyist - Madame Frankenfood

A difference of opinion

Hillary To Bernie, "You Smear Me When You Tell The Truth!"

Madeleine Albright "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help eachother (Hillary)

How Many More Years Will the GOP Use Voter Suppression To Steal Elections?

My pilgrimage to Free Republic...

WaPo: "Sorry, Hillary: You are the establishment"

Is a backlash coming for Bernie Sanders?

Koterba toon: NH Primary

What will Warren do? Endorse or not endorse?

This is amusing.......

Is America ready to elect an unemployed person potus?

ISIS - terrorism - is not the greatest threat - and should not...

Julian Assange is no victim

"White supremacists?" HAR!

Swedish rape activists slam UN on Assange

Let's all look into "that". The Center for Media and Democracy has a useful Goldman Sachs index.

Still waiting for justice

Bill Maher: Feces Throwers in the GOP

Multiple people dead in Texas shootout

Michigan Senate Passes Bill Saying Sodomy Is A Felony Punishable By 15 Years in Prison

Oregon refuge takeover sheds light on hard times for rural economy

Vox: We asked 6 political scientists if Bernie Sanders would have a shot in a general election

Meekly calling my therapist...

When Gloria campaigned for Bernie (his opponent was a pro-choice woman)

Population Pyramids and Gender

A friendly FYI about articles posted here from

"You are dealing with Tweedledee and Tweedledum" ~ Bernie Sanders in 1986,

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (featuring Sanders, Clinton)

Why Hillary going to Flint is good thing- from a Bernie supporter

'Quantico' actress takes red-carpet stand against Mississippi state flag

Hamas 'tank' dismissed as harmless 'parade float' after wheels seen under structure driven through G

Why Bernie Sanders Can't Govern

Hillary announced during the debate that she was invited to Flint by the mayor..

Bernie Sanders Encourages the Rudeness of His Supporters

Since we are all Democrats, Why we are not going after the Republicans?

UNICEF Israel head condemns use of child terrorists

Faith in Agency Clouded Bernie Sanders’s V.A. Response

Proposed Iraqi Law Would Allow Girls As Young As 9 To Marry

Hillary Clinton goes full "John McCain" attempting to exploit a national tragedy for political gain

Washington Is Broken, So Cities Are Enacting Progressive Policies

No 'Artful Smear.' Clintons Paid $153 Million in Speaking Fees, Analysis Shows (Lauren McCauley

Why is it the Young and Old get it, is it because of the Tears & Fears of middle age ?

I'm back!

America Is Flint

Good news/bad news on Zika virus…..first the bad news…...

Another great one has left us. RIP Dan Hicks

Gloria Steinem was cynically appealing to ageism in dismissing younger women that support Bernie.

Now, CNN: S.C. State Rep. Justin Bamberg SANDERS Endorser from Clinton.

Hillary was directly involved with the SuperPac Ready For Hillary in 2013

Hey Albright, remember the genocide in Rwanda when you think about "a special place in hell"

Hillary campaigning against Citizen's United is like Clarence Thomas knocking affirmative action.

Hillary Clinton goes full "John McCain" attempting to exploit a national tragedy for political gain

At the debate Chuck asked Hillary if she was 100% confident the FBI wouldn't find anything re emails

Bernie looks worn out and he's babbling

The idea that "there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other."

This is how a political party dies:Trump, Sanders, and the collapse of our failed party elites

Bernie releases photo and transcript of his Goldman Sachs speech

The Guardian view on Julian Assange: no victim of arbitrary detention

Ecuador says it should be compensated for housing Julian Assange in embassy

9 Questions for Bernie Sanders' Supporters

The People Win When They Get Involved | Bernie Sanders

The GOP Establishment's Bloodbath In New Hampshire

The Bernie Bus (this is cool!)

Hillary Clinton to tour the devastated city of Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan is the tip of the iceberg, really.

It's not about Bernie's electability - It's about stopping the gravy train.

Hillary goes to Flint - hands out a six pack of Nestles water - says "cut it out"

I'd like to thank my canvassing partner,

More slimy push polling from Hillary campaign, now in Nevada

Americans Disturbed By Bernie Sanders' Consistent Record, Honesty

Germany's troubles are bad news for Europe

Push polled? Don't Hang Up! Keep Em Talking

I am so glad I live in California (Primary content)

poop coming out of TRUMP"S mouth is funny. DON'T HIDE IT !!

what kind of candidate would be so craven

Hillary Clinton Pledges Not To Cut Social Security Benefits

A very HAPPY 50th Birthday to one of the GREATEST one hit wonders of all time, Rick Astley.

This! Ageism at its finest.

Hillary Clinton is taking q’s from students at New England College. About 80k views on the live stre

Why Can’t Hillary Clinton Find A Good Answer On Goldman Sachs? Maybe There Isn’t One.

Attention all female Sanders Supporters: You are going to burn in Hellfire!

Michigan inmates pledge to donate a third of their monthly incomes to help Flint

Howard Journalism Students Are Fact-Checking Myths About African Americans

History Lesson For a Young Sanders Supporter

HRC's visit to Flint won't achieve much. She has no power to help people there now...

Cornell fraternity president charged with sexual assault

How do you feel when you see a GoFundMe account setup for cancer patients?

IDF Censor Requires Bloggers To Submit Posts For Review

These are the details for Hillary's visit to Flint

Meet the Great and Powerful Wizards of Oz

It's acceptable for Hillary to invoke gender and charge sexism

We are seeing the elite's anger toward, and intolerance of, real democracy in action.

Pure Karma

DREAMer activists endorse Hillary in Nevada.

Hillary Clinton Compares Barack Obama to George W. Bush? 'Artful Smears' indeed

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Robert B. Lewis Stakes

Martin O'Malley's policies adopted by others are too lengthy to list; there are 281 of them.

Monday is Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) and Gong Hey Fat Choy (Cantonese)

New York governor to ban insurers from funding gay 'conversion therapy'

New York governor to ban insurers from funding gay 'conversion therapy'

You realize that Albright didn't actually think anyone was going to hell, right?

This is a question every Bernie Sanders supporter must answer

Bernie asks a LOT of his supporters...he never just promises "free stuff".

State Department: Powell, Rice received classified info via personal email accounts

Why the hell aren't the Dems going for the jugular against Rubio *now*...?

Just wow: My conservative cousin is now a Sanders volunteer

Flint residents en route to Washington: 'We want results' amid water crisis


Backed By Russia, Syrian Troops Advance In A Major Battle For Aleppo

Taiwan Earthquake

Martin O'Malley's policies adopted by others are too lengthy to list; there are 281 of them.

Gloria Steinem: Young women support Sanders to attract men

Chicago Tribune: Bernie's top Federal tax rate: 77%. 85% including state and local.

I know one can put people on an "ignore" list, but

Her Father Shot Her in the Head, as an ‘Honor Killing’

Albright: 'Special Place In Hell' For Women Who Don't Support Clinton

Hillary did a Q & A with students today at New England College

One should not overlook Hillary's links to fracking

Cop who shot Quintonio LeGrier and neighbor sues teen's estate, claiming trauma

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Las Virgenes Stakes

Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover David Bowie at Bernie Sanders Fundraiser

Read on Facebook - Everything has been going downhill since the Australopithecines went Homo

Long before tonight's SNL appearance and Hillary's upcoming trip to Flint

Ex-'Survivor' Contestant Michael Skupin Charged With Possessing Child Porn

Ex-'Survivor' Contestant Michael Skupin Charged With Possessing Child Porn

About the elephant in the room (no, not that elephant)

Albright: 'Special place in hell for women who don't help each other'

The most critical issue for 2016

Why Centrist Democratic Leadership is a Failing Strategy.

If you want to cry, watch "Hachi, a Dogs Tale"

Does it strike you that the HRC campaign's attitude towards a lot of young voters is basically THIS?

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Donn Handicap

America Ferrera’s Response To Reporter’s Tone Deaf Question Will Make You Cheer

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism - Flint - Clinton - Sanders

New York orders probe after radioactive leak at reactor

Clinton slams student loan servicer Navient as misleading

All the TERRIBLE things Hillary Clinton has done. In one big list.

Is it really impossible for some people to accept that Dems might be switching to Bernie...

I'm sorry but as long as corporations run our government

This Week in God (Maddow Blog)

How Populists Like Bernie Should Talk About Racism

AUC founder’s godson commanded ‘Urabeños’ in southwest Colombia: Police

So Hillary's campaign called me tonight to say Iowa was too close & we needed to step up

Hillary helped UBS, then it gave Bill 1.5 million. . . .

Somali plane 'was holed by bomb' after Mogadishu take-off

Will Hillary Release Her Speeches To Wall Street? She'll "Look Into It"

If women that support Bernie are going to hell

The Gitmo in NYC that you aren't allowed to know about

This is what it's reduced to? Vote for Hillary because she's a woman....

Critic refuses to quit Vatican sex abuse commission

We really ready for this?

Fiance of director of Colombia’s child welfare agency arrested on wedding day

Ready for Joe?

Super Bowl Music Thread!!

Sanders suppporters MUST answer this question! I'm tired of this!

The 3 pillars of America’s newly proposed security policy for Colombia

Of course Bernie Sanders can't govern.

***Official SUper Bowl Thread!!!****

Colombia’s 2015 exports plummet 35% amid low oil prices and in spite of cheap peso

I sense a new wave of anti-Hillary posts coming.

I just want to bitch.. BEYONCE is seemingly more important than Taiwan Earthquake on Twitter.

Why is Bernie Sanders trying to hide what his campaign is all about?

Chicago Officer Sues Estate of Teen He Shot, Claiming Trauma

Can HRC supporters please stop using "reality" as a code word for "Just Give Up, Already"?