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Classified information was sent to the email accounts of Colin Powell and

Now after the death of Gaddafi there maybe 6000 ISIS fighters in Libya

Q. The likelihood that the Berniebros is a dirty political trick?

Playboy's First Nudity-Free Issue Targets Teens With a Snapchat Selfie

Now, MSNBC Tweety/Chris Mathews Having Meltdown over dem. socialism. Entire crew is there!

Oregon standoff suspect Jon Ritzheimer denied bail in Phoenix

Plans for a streetcar between Brooklyn and Queens could hit a roadblock

The Bennett sisters meet the Zombie Apocalypse

Oregon standoff suspect Jon Ritzheimer denied bail

George W. Bush to Appear in Ad Supporting Brother

Group Plans Giant Battle Flag Display Across from Historically Black College in Montgomery AL

Debate Confusion

City Council approves anonymous donation to pay for Confederate monument removal (LA)

My 40 y.o. furnace repair guy today was Feeling the Bern

Pharma price gouger Skrelli laughs @ Congressional committee including Elijah Cummings

Governor urged to quit after release of emails on Flint legionnaires' outbreak

2-3-16 Another Senseless Tragedy in 2:00

Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire has passed away.

2-3-16 Another Senseless Tragedy in 2:00

2-3-16 Another Senseless Tragedy in 2:00

Why Latinos should mourn Martin O’Malley’s exit

DWS - we are all progressives now

If Sanders is a 'socialist." Isn't Clinton a 'capitalist?'

Good polling news for Bernie in Wisconsin. H-45%, B-43%

Mike Malloy Hall Of Fame - Right Wing Mike (2005)

Mike Malloy - Republican Callers - 2005 - Mike Nicks A Freeper

Bernie's fund raiser today

Tweety just cursed on air and blamed Trump

First they ignore you...

Hillary denounced MoveOn at a private fundraiser but told a very different story in public.

New CNN Poll/Breaking: Sanders now has 31 point lead over Hillary in NH!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t

Roger Staubach can't be wrong.

2-4-16 The Men Who Built America in 2:00

2-4-16 The Men Who Built America in 2:00

2-4-16 The Men Who Built America in 2:00

What The Malheur Occupation Teaches Us About Masculinity

Attention Sanders supporters.

Johnny Manziel's ex-girlfriend tells police QB assaulted her

Questions Raised Around Rubio’s College Role

Pluto might have icebergs that float in frozen nitrogen

No matter who wins the nomination, Dems are going to lose in the Fall

AP: The Latest: Clinton, Sanders squabble over endorsements

This may explain a lot...when success is defined by winning, dishonesty increases.

Ted Cruz lies to his supporters about taking lobbyist money

Ted Cruz, a man George W. Bush hates

from Robert Reich

In San Bernadino attack, trial delayed for man accused of supplying weapons

Sanders' Populist Surge.

Is there evidence yet that Bernie has security? nt

Please rec this thread on cluster bombs

Disregard or take with a huge grain of salt the poll breaking in New Hampshire it has two

Now, the Ed Schultz Show, RT USA. Topics: Siging of TPP today in New Zealand, protests,

Maddow: Hard to see Sanders winning

Did you heed the warning? We're DANGEROUS...

Clinton: "We can only do what Paul Ryan lets us do." Sanders: "We can do what the people demand."

Because “That’s what they offered”

Cartoon - The "Center for Medical Progress"

Iowa Democrats posting incomplete FINAL caucus results

Bernie Sanders debate thread.

Targeting Civilians in Syria: Aftermath of Russian & Syrian Airforce Raids

Whoops!! Chelsea Clinton calls Bernie 'President Sanders'

Martin D-Bag Shkreli Pleads The Fifth, Smirks At Congress

I wouldn't. Would you?

Erection Fraud

I would like to take a break from the usual back and forth bickering here to pose a question

The Conservative Craving for Anti-Intellectual Stew

LOL Anybody watching msnbc? They are speechless!! New poll numbers coming

The bad news for Ted Cruz: His Iowa win looks very similar to Mike Huckabee’s and Rick Santorum’s

Maybe Senator Boxer was wrong: "Hillary Clinton’s ‘Progressive’ Persona"

Saudi says ready to take part in any U.S.-led ground operations in Syria

Shaheen: "Within single digits is a win here"

There's a method to the madness!

New U.S. intelligence report says Islamic State weaker

The Man who Lost his Memory and Rebuilt his Imagination


Why Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, 'won' the CNN town hall

"Thank You President Sanders"

Obama pledges more than $450 million aid to help Colombia peace plan

A Quick Historic Fact

Obama pledges more than $450 million aid to help Colombia peace plan

Erin Brockovich Explains The Flint Water Crisis from Michigan to Wisconsin

"Thank You President Sanders"

Trump is on CNN answering questions with Cooper

they're coming: personal security drones

Why Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, 'won' the CNN town hall [Hillary grp{

Costa Rica's best and brightest hummingbirds – in pictures

Costa Rica's best and brightest hummingbirds – in pictures

Oh the irony

Mexican ombudsman accuses marines of torture, assault

Bernie Sanders's campaign after Iowa.....

Black Feminists don't owe Hillary Clinton Their Support

The Netherlands has recognised the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a religion

Luckovich - Email Scandal

Coronation Day has been put on hold...we will get back to you...

Why the fuck

WiKi How: How to Become a Pastafarian

from Donna Edwards campaign: Without Wall Street

Democrats block U.S. energy bill in fight over Flint aid

Hillary caught with a Wall Street Crook and a Military Corporate Warmonger!


from Donna Edwards campaign: You're the difference.

Rania Khalek on Hillary's foreign policy

Canadian Immigrants Lead World In Illegal U.S. Visa Overstays, According To First-Ever DHS Estimates

Chris Hayes thinks the Democratic Party has been moving to the left for the past 30 years

Canadian Immigrants Lead World In Illegal U.S. Visa Overstays, According To First-Ever DHS Estimates

Massachusetts experiencing large volume of voter registrations...

NEWSWEEK: Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS

Honduran President Advocates for Constititonal Reform

Fuck you Tweety

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Cha-cha-changes! & a new Kitteh gif

Hillary Clinton has been postponing fundraisers with financial executives ahead of the NH Primary

I know some of you guys don't go to GD..P. but you really should....

Water contaminated by mining killed 37 children in west Colombia: Community

for those without cable tv...

Official Debate Thread 1

Chuck Todd is a manlet.

Never Forget

Teen who fled violence in El Salvador says he faced similar threats in Chelsea

Teen who fled violence in El Salvador says he faced similar threats in Chelsea

Trus Ted Cruz rally not going to interrupt this guy's rowing!

(iHeart) The Largest U.S. Radio Operator Is Saddled With $20 Billion Debt

Doesn't "Moderate" have two meanings, which are being conflated here?

Hillary is morphing into Bernie...

The audio on the debate tonight on MSNBC is horrible. And Chuck Todd looks sick. WTF! n/t

Is MSNBC working to make the audio of this debate as horrible as possible?

X Games icon Dave Mirra, 41, dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot

And POP goes the Hillary Email Balloon - Colin Powell & Condoleezza Rice had classified items

Why is Sanders yelling?

Yahoo guide to some of the KEY PLAYERS in Clinton’s $157 million campaign

Progressives to Clinton: Pledge to Never Cut Social Security—Now

"Cherry picking a quote here or there"

Thanks, Bernie! Now I understand. In 2000, Gore was the spoiler, not Nader

Kim Davis upset that no one sent her dildos

Hillary calls us the "Democrat Party".

A change I've noticed this year in the debates...

I kinda hate watching the debates because I like both of them

Official Debate Thread 2

The establishment isn't GENDER, ffs.

Starving sea lion found in San Diego, California, restaurant

Oh no she didn't!! She pulled the sex card.

He is on FIRE!!!! Go, Bernie!!!

Hillary Clinton: "No we can't! "


WHAT did Bernie just say? His sentence BEGAN with something about drug prices,

Hillary Clinton don't talk about Wall Street funding my campaign.

Nonstop yammering isn't gonna do it. NT

As a Martin O'Malley supporter, this is awesome...They Both Angry LOL

Hillary is kicking ass tonight!

No, Bernie, contributions from the fossil fuel industry

I'm Watching Madoff & At A Commercial Break I Flipped To The Debate....

Moderators are doing awesome

Hillary's desperation and meanspiritedness are ruining any chance tonight.

Biden: The middle class does NOT have a fighting chance because of money controlling the politics

Todd attacking Sanders for having a campaign financed by the little people

Look at who we have compared to the clown car

On contributing to political campaigns and voting.

Hillary's "truthiness" problem

Hillary Clinton was a Wal-Mart Director for 6 Years

Bernie just kicked her ass LOL

Oh yeah Hillary, those Wall Street guys are really trying to stop you


The REAL reason Hillary agreed to four more debates

Top State Food Functionaries Arrested for Embezzlement

Dodd Frank is weak as fuck! Hillary doesn't want to break up the big banks

TRANSCRIPTS PLEASE of Goldman Sachs speeches?? HRC "I'll look into it" <--WTF?

Official Debate Thread 3

Hillary Clinton : "Hell no I won't release my transcripts."

Hillary Clinton made millions from paid speeches to the health care industry.

"I'll look into it"

Hey Hillary!

One totally pissed off... one totally unflappable.


I was given an old refurbished HP laptop

The drumbeat for Hillary to release her transcripts

Instead of saying, "hell no!"

Release the transcripts?

The left has a YUUUGE PROBLEM!!

The top news story on right now...

Even Bush knew paid Speaking Fees were WRONG

I'm watching on my DVR and am about 20 minutes behind. Does it get any better for Hillary?

Members of Concerned Student 1950 interrupt curators to show support for Melissa Click

Once it turns foreign policy, Bernie is a stranger in a strange land.

Sacramento Kings pull 'offensive' t-shirts from seats... seriously? Lighten the fuck up, Francis.

Clinton blasts Wall Street, but still draws millions in contributions

just exactly which S.O.B. in the Obama crew was the one who decided to go after Bin Laden...

The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) was established in 1991,

Hillary's judgement on people's abilities in the foreign relation field...

So who will be calm under pressure, & not get rattled, when it counts?



For all the back and forth in the debate tonight...

Someone needs to count how many times Hillary says "I" and "my" in this debate.

Brazil not giving Zika samples to partners.

Although I support Bernie, I admire much about Hillary and will enthusiastically

Can I just say - wow! Now this is a debate!!

Grandma and Grandma are fighting!!!!!!!!!!

Rockville, California

Make no mistake Bernie is not just debating Hillary but every corporation and person that

Official Debate Thread 4

Not the Barry Goldwater question I thought she was going to ask.

Pattaya police, army bust 32 foreigners for playing bridge

Let's not consume ourselves

A handful of dictators or maybe its just one.

TNT caused explosion on Somali airliner

The Republican accused of the same crime

Sanders on the email "controversy": "There's a process underway and I will not politicize it."

I adore Lee Marvin.

Hillary and Bernie really do admire one another.

Hillary: "No"

"I'm Not Sure What The Status Is... I'll Have To Look Into It..." Now, Let Me Just Change The...

Rex Murphy of CBC News the National is just about to do a rant on Bernie Sanders. The teaser

Bernie Sanders at TPP Press Conference

I believe that the criminal justice system is just too flawed

Since we found a few emails we decided to mark secret or conf, it's okay you set up your own server

Though I am Clinton supporter.

Spotted: First video of the only known wild jaguar in the U.S. shows 'El Jefe' roaming Arizona mount

Shkreli Miraculously Makes Nation Side with Congress

Bernie just hit it out of the park on trade


Kolbe v. Hogan: 4th Circuit requires strict scrutiny for Maryland ban on magazines and semiautomatic

You Were Not Allowed to Know That Bankers Can Be Jailed

Two NYPD Officers Shot in the Bronx

Sanders Vows To Kill TPP If Elected. Will Clinton?

Sanders Vows To Kill TPP If Elected. Will Clinton?

Henry Kissinger?

People are not going to vote for a "socialist".

Henry Kissinger? REALLY?

Judge rules militia’s Pete Santilli to be detained until trial

Remember, these two don't hate each other. Their supporters shouldn't hate each other.

Why I'm Not Writing off Bernie on Foreign Policy

Any Blue Apron fans here?

Saturday GOP Debate: Bush, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, Trump & NO FIORINA

They would make a beautiful couple

Watching the debate

"New Americans"

Who won the debate?

Dallas students to vote on dropping Confederate general’s name from school (TX)

If only Pol Pot was alive to see what I've accomplished

Well, this was a great debate. We have two great candidates.

Rachel Maddow & Chuck Todd

Did Hillary shake hands with Bernie?

Here comes Tweety now

Three suspects arraigned in beheading case

This debate reminded me of the Obama-Clinton debates

After tonight we should have 20 more debates, I honestly thought ...

Number of FGM victims found to be 70 million higher than thought

DWS and Tweety

Time for Tweety to fawn all over HRH.

Can we all stipulate...

Newsome encourages social activism on campus (Lehigh U Bethlehem PA)

Times debate poll. Bernie 90%, Hillary 10%

Those pesky "tipping points".

Pro Death Penalty and Pro Kissinger does not equal Progressive

Democratic dinner disassociates from slave owners (CT)

Missed debate- is video posted somewhere?

You can't be proud of Kissinger's praise...

African American Super Soaker Creator just won $72.9 MILLION owed by Hasbro.

At one point

Is the MSNBC post debate coverage streaming anywhere?

A respectful question for Hillary supporters...

Kissinger & the CIA Caused 16 yrs of fascism, torture & death in Chile

The ACA and insurance lobbyists

Which country is the biggest threat?

We miss Martin O’Malley already. The New Republic

always worth reading - Josh Marshall's take on things - his debate wrap from tonight

was Hillary booed, or just loudly hissed at her "artful smear" accusation?

Does anyone actually believe that your genetalia determine your political beliefs?

Transcripts: I see exactly where this is going:

Crime-Spree Couple Kidnap Victim: 'They Wanted to Get Married'

McGovern ran for President 44 YEARS AGO. This is NOT 1972. It is 2016.

Hillary said " I am running to be the first woman president"

Breaking News: Mayor Marty Walsh will bring 1000 volunteers from Boston to GOTV for Hillary in NH

Marty Walsh heading north — with 1,000 volunteers

God--Tweety is pushing Hillary so hard--

Thank you, CHUCK TODD, for asking Hillary to release the transcripts

Country legend Merle Haggard cancels February shows

It seems to really bother people when women just mention

Hillary's answer about "free college".

Northwest Volunteers Want To Help Restore Malheur Refuge

After debate coverage: Times' Jay Newton-Small said that Hillary sounds shrill when she gets loud

I was thinking of the Oregon militia nitwits, and an episode of "Law And Order."

Name one time...

At this point I'd honestly rather just see Fox Business moderate the next Dem debate

Damn funny, yet disturbing. NSFW & ....well, you'll see

Democrat Caroline Fayard launches U.S. Senate bid

for our information: 4th Circuit requires strict scrutiny for Maryland ban on magazines and semiauto

Panama City doctor confirms case of leprosy

Hillary Clinton Turns Stand-Up Comic: "I'm a Progressive Who Gets Things Done"

You want Turnout? How about a Sanders/Clinton Ticket??

Clinton hypocrisy on the Johnson Controls inversion

Packed and ready to head to NH for Primary weekend...

I may be inducted into the Honors History (Phi Alpha Theta) at long last.

How does one tax "Wall Street speculation"

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 5, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 5

I think Hill had a reasonably good debate performance...

Time Magazine: Who won the 5th debate?

Federal official requires citizenship proof for voter registration in 3 states

Bernie Sanders won the debate’s Google fight — in more ways than one

Earth Wind & Fire founder Maurice White dead at 74

Japan may change temple map icon to avoid Nazi confusion

Jewish Congressional caucus?

Debate summary

Move sought for Japan's oldest elephant may be too late

Bernie's Pin

"Before it was ObamaCare, it was HillaryCare"...

New York City mayor wants city retirement system for private employees

The media CANNOT make the Democrats look bad

Chuck Todd Grills Sanders: Doesn’t Sound Like Foreign Policy Is a ‘Priority’ for You

Someone suggested this should be an OP, so here it is (re- how Bernie resonates):

And THEN she said...

Argentina: Gov't Meets Social Leaders to Discuss Sala's Release

Has a Dem candidate ever been booed at a primary debate

So Clinton says she is not 'influenced' by big corporate donations?

African Union Refuses to Invade Burundi

It IS possible to feed our school children actually good cooked food and educate them

School lunch in Japan. The way forward for the US too.

Lorretta Lynn endorses Trump

Washington Attacks Against Bolivia Have Intensified

Hillary Clinton heading to Flint on Sunday

Hammers and Nails; and what Rainbows are made of...

Edward Norton Celebrates Carnival in Bolivia

In the debate Clinton made a statement that before it was Obamacare it was Hillarycare and some

Bloomberg gun-safety group has a new target: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Potential diabetes cure to begin human testing

Anyone else watching "Madoff?"

Man convicted of fatally beating transients faces sentencing

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Incrementalism has outlived its usefulness

oh yeah it was boos for Hillary... video here

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 6, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: 31 Days of Oscar: Day 6

Half the Foreign Policy Experts Signing Clinton's Anti-Sanders Letter Tied to Military Contractors

Utah lawmaker: Pornography a public health crisis

So about those seating arrangements at tonights debate.

The Democratic Presidential primary is reminiscent of the George H.W. Bush versus Bill Clinton race

NYTimes: Hillary Clinton again Put on Defensive over Ties to Wall St.

No Democrat should be flattered by Henry Kissinger


Just learned that a good friend is a Sandy Hook truther

Black Civil War soldiers honored only in Pennsylvania

My Turn: Hillary Clinton should tell the people what she said in her private speeches

Very artful smear? Please

Nobody has the right to not be offended.

Gabby Giffords Is Ready To Campaign For Hillary Clinton Like There's No Tomorrow

"Very artful smear"? Please...

Number of FGM victims found to be 70 million higher than thought

He is now officially Sir Van Morrison.

For Those That Searched 'Greenspan Sanders' on YouTube

Looking to New Hampshire (Hillary Clinton Group)

Clinton Dodges On Releasing Paid Speech Transcripts

Stressed by the primaries?

CWA Newsletter (Lot's of Bernie Stuff)

What was said about electability in 2008 (parallels with Bernie and Obama)

VA: Wait times recorded incorrectly at Colorado clinic

Israel threatens to revoke press credentials from 'negligent' journalists

Man admits killing Dutch ex-minister over euthanasia law

''All we have to do is stand up and their little game is over

Love as an Offering

I Remember When Howard Dean Was For The Working Class

We are all supposed to believe that Hillary walked into any speech without a prepared script.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs is friends with Hillary

Maryland Attorney General: If You Don't Want To Be Tracked, Turn Off Your Phone

A Hedge Fund billionaire has "close personal ties" with the Clintons

I believe Bernie nailed it when he was asked if he could only focus on passing one primary issue

Daily Holidays - February 5

Just because someone is rich it doesnt automatically make them a bad person.

Smuggled gold bars and steroids uncovered in EU diplomat's car at Israel-Jordan border

Rest In Power, Maurice White

We Don’t Need To Break Up the Big Banks. We Need To Put Them Under Democratic Control.

Rice and Powell did it (classified emails) too!

A group was missing

Julian Assange should be allowed free and compensated, UN panel finds

How Sanders Has Transformed the Democratic Race

Keep hope alive with Bernie

Sanders Vows To Kill TPP If Elected

Progressives to Clinton: Pledge to Never Cut Social Security—Now

In debate, Hillary Clinton boasted that she is supported by Henry Kissinger, accused war criminal

To Feed the World, Tap Into Organic's Potential: Study

Union membership in Wisconsin plummets in wake of GOP measures

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens Our Liberty

Sakurajima volcano erupts spectacularly in southern Japan

Bernie Sanders Kibbutz Revealed at Last!

The negative-rates club is growing. But there is a limit to how low rates can go

Elizabeth Warren Recalls a Time When Big Donors May Have Changed Hillary’s Vote

Question about email etiquette at work.

A Doonesbury Trump Retrospective

Ageism: a worsening epidemic

Licking Wounds, Insurers Accelerate Moves To Limit Health-Law Enrollment

NY Times carrying water for Hillary

Michael Moore says only sending water to Flint won't work. Here are 3 things to do a

An Idiot's Guide to Prosecuting Corporate Frauds

Bernie's Vermont

A terror-attack in Mogadishu. Spoiler: You will laugh.

I always knew that chuckie

The Fatally Flawed Second Amendment

I’m an atheist. So why can’t I shake God?

Here's One Thing Bernie Sanders Could Have Told Hillary Clinton About Wall Street Influence

Rethinking gun rights

Bernie Sanders disappoints some atheists with his ‘very strong religious’ feelings

Friday Bernie Group Toons

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Divisive

The Catholic vote in 2016

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Open Carry Texas Activists Are Pretty Upset With Walmart Right Now

Washington Post article about Manning and HGH

A Paris butcher offers a lesson in interfaith ties

I didn't see debate

Hillary's hypocrisy: "Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion"

Death to the West.

Sad sink has a cold:

TPP Signing Only Marks Beginning of Fight, Says Bernie Sanders and Activists

Deflected Glory

Hillary's TPP claims. Disingenuous.

Starvation in Syria

Something that keeps nagging at me

NZ minister gets dildo in face after TPP signing

Interesting Historical Photos

Hillary Clinton won the MSNBC debate Feb 4: A Progressive is one who makes progress-gets things DONE

Hillary FIGHTS! And THAT is what we need!

Artful Smear Campaigns of Yesteryear

Japan deports dolphin activist after airport detention

Secretary Clinton, It IS Really Easy.. RELEASE THE DAMN TRANSCRIPTS!

Hillary, the Big Banks didn't engage in "shenanigans" with mortgages - they were CRIMES.

You should be scared. Yes you, democratic congress critter

Winners and losers from the 5th Democratic presidential debate (Cillizza)

5 Points On How Hillary Clinton Changed Her Whole Approach In Thursday's Debate (TPM)

"Hillary Clinton Tries, FAILS to K.O. Bernie Sanders at NH Debate"

Trump as told Dr. Seuss

The book most people have lied about reading – and it's not War and Peace


Sanders wins on social media-again

Christie really thought he'd get a free path to the White House.

South Africa: About 87 trapped after collapse at mine

From twitter-new Quinnipiac national poll you will like this

The relationship between Hillary and Rahm shows the sickening nature of business-as-usual politics

Guardian: Can the CIA weaponise the weather?

How do we make college cheaper?

Quinnipiac new national poll-Dem race tied! Clinton 44% Bernie 42%

Hillary Clinton Turns Stand-Up Comic: "I’m a Progressive Who Gets Things Done"

"Bernie Sanders: The Political Foresight Champion"

How To Remove Wasserman Schultz As DNC Chair

Running for Baltimore Mayor, Activist DeRay McKesson Draws Donors

GRL Paper - 30-Year Tracking Shows Long-Term Shift To Drier Southwest May Be Here

Hillary says "Look at my record"

Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 83% - Bernie 17%

Support of the death penalty in 2016 should be completely disqualifying, or is it just me?

AUGH!!! Jeb! and his mother. Pass the brain bleach... (seriously, NSFL).

Empire State Building makes aviation history again

Examples of how Hillary Does Banks' Bidding

Which is the "pragmatist" and which is the "idealist"?

In fight between Clinton and Sanders, a raging battle over Democrats' future

Donations to Hillary & Clinton Foundation Led to Massive Arms Sales

What progressive progress has Hillary Clinton ever made?

Burglary Suspect Arrested After Being Shot By Homeowner

Jeb requests an applause from his audience

Clinton to Sanders: 'If you have something to say, say it'

Payroll employment rises by 151,000 in January; unemployment rate changes little (4.9%)

Former high level Scientologist tells all

North Korea missile launcher on the move, Japan reports

Bloom County Doubles Down

Fighting the TPP

This Elizabeth Warren video MUST go viral. The proof is in the pudding!!

Jeb Bush: "My mom was fortunate not to have a child-abuse hotline available"

Hillary says she is for universal coverage, but...

There should be a more rational way of determining the electability question.

Bernie Sanders does need to improve his ability to discuss foreign policy issues

Free public college is a natural extension of America's tradition of free public schools. It's clear

Cruz is dirty: Dirty Trickster Ted Cruz

U Mass New Hampshire Tracking Poll-Sanders 55% (-6) Clinton 40% (+10)

Hillary blames homeowners for the crash of 2008

The Dalai Lama’s Hard Hitting Message for World Leaders About The Reality of War

Can anyone in higher education tell us where all the money goes?

Obviously money is not the issue. valuing your employees as people is.

Hillary Clinton Doing Finance Industry Fundraiser Just Before Iowa

How many ways can Goldman Sachs give to Hillary?

the more things change the more they stay the same.....

snicker, snicker

It' Trump & He Wants To Know If......

Virtually all the employment gains in the recovery have been full-time.

Asian and African Dust Influences North American Weather

"Bernie's polices could never work they are fantasy" well those polices are real and are working

Had someone ask me "Why do you support Bernie" -

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-4-16

The other 1%

The MSNBC debate, my take.

The UMass Lowell Poll language: Clinton SURGES, Iowa has led to a sizeable bump

The PROOF of the pudding is indeed in the eating!

Whoever you support, it was refreshing to see two candidates ...

At Least 2 Hurt in Major Crane Collapse in Lower Manhattan: FDNY

Iowa party boss holding onto contested vote totals drives car with the license plate ‘HRC 2016’

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Might Be Capped Next Week

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: “Congress should drop Planned Parenthood witch hunt”

Al-Shabab retakes key Somalia port city of Merca

The Challenges of Digital Voting

Scientific American: The Challenges of Digital Voting

If we elect Romney he can get unemployment under 6% by 2020.

White America’s ‘Broken Heart’ by Charles M. Blow

Bill Maher; Real Time guests:

So CarLIE Fiorina

Let's talk Free College Tuition; Bernie or Hillary?

US Unemployment at 4.9%.

Warren: "It’s like you can’t make this stuff up, right?

Gov. Hassan: Clinton just might beat Sanders in N.H.

Bernie Sanders Grills Alan Greenspan: Sanders Predicts Wall Street Collapse (10/1/1998)

Bernie Rally today 10 AM ET, New Hampshire (w/Ben Jealous?), Kasie Hunt of MSNBC

Half the Foreign Policy Experts Signing Clinton’s Anti-Sanders Letter Have Ties to Military Contract

Chelsea Clinton refers to Bernie Sanders as President Sanders

Hillary isn't just of the Establishment, she is at the tippity top of the establishment heap

Want a Senate Lapel Pin Like Bernie's?

Sanders under fire from Senate Democrats

Postage stamp honors founder of AME Church

Howard Dean introduces Hillary Clinton at a debate watch party in NH. Promises not to list any state

Maine lobster industry wary as warm waters suggest repeat of disastrous 2012 season

Ammon Bundy pleads with FBI to leave and end siege: "You have already killed enough."

NH Tracking Poll Day 5: "Watch out Bernie, Here comes Hillary!"

NH Tracking Poll Day 5: "Watch out Bernie, Here comes Hillary!"

Trump: “People don’t know this, I am much warmer than other people. Much warmer.”

Progressive Policy Institute

No sh*t, Sherlock? "HP Employees Aren’t Donating to Carly Fiorina’s Campaign"

Regarding Hillary's FA expertise, Bernie needs to say this

"Look, let's get this straight." (Tell it, John!!!)

Hillary Clinton Losing Her National Lead Over Bernie Sanders, Poll Shows

Militant Duane Ehmer Released On Bail

Is there video of the MSNBC debate available online anywhere?

Paul LePage stops rules for protecting transgender students

This morning was frosty and 28 degrees.

Hillary Touts Endorsement by Drug Lobbyist, Howard Dean, Sitting Next to Goldman, Monsanto Lobbyist

After the debate Josh Marshall, big Bernie supporter said

Hillary Clinton Shrugs Off $675,000 Goldman Sachs Speeches-Secular Talk

Bernie proves he is more electable with shocking new poll numbers.

Drought-stricken Zimbabwe declares state of disaster

Have you noticed really odd body language between Trump and his wife?

Will America stick with Colombia in peace, as it did in war?

''That's what they offered."

Refuge occupation has cost $250K, Grasty plans to bill Bundy family

Union files to represent Uber drivers serving LaGuardia

Union files to represent Uber drivers serving LaGuardia

since the start of the presidential race have you switched to another candidate?

"I don't accept that premise, Chuck."

Hillary: "If you have something to say, say it."


Sanders understands that we don't live in a "post-racial" society.

Michael Eric Dyson brought the heat this morning ...

"Depopulation should be the highest priority"

Danny Glover: Sanders Campaign Is a Genuine Progressive Social Movement for Democracy

Scientists find Zika in saliva, urine; unclear if can transmit infection

Is the F-35 our Death Star?

Elizabeth Warren Blasts a Republican Plan to Protect White-Collar Criminals

MSNBC Suspend Chris Matthews or Give Bernie Equal Time

Reminders about the unemployment rate, for the holdouts

Bernie Sanders just melted away a 30-point Hillary Clinton lead in a new poll

Lobbyist Firm Employee DENIES Clinton Getting HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in FEES -- Caught On Video?!!!

Is Jeb! Bush at this point the most pathetic presidential candidate ever?

How The Flint Water Crisis Is A Warning Of Things To Come - D-Nick Part 3

Hillary Clinton's 'Tough On Wall Street' Speech Wasn't Very Tough

Why did Hillary Clinton vote against CAFTA?

Actor and Activist Danny Glover Endorses Sanders

Real Time with Bill Maher tonight

Hillary vs. Bernie: Who would face more obstructionism if elected?

Now, BERNIE ON MSNBC & CSPAN, Speaking at 'Eggs & Politics Breakfast', St. Anselm

Holmes: Vietnam's lessons unlearned

March is going to be amazing for Hillary...

Best way to contact your gov't.

Some links re Ted Cruz and the Dominionists (In case you didn't know)

New ad for Jeb! by his brother, George W...

ATTENTION PLEASE!!! --Hangs the 'Do Not Disturb' Sign on her thread--

We eat WEIRD THINGS...its okay, I'm Asian

A slightly more nuanced take on whether Hillary Clinton is "establishment"

The Keene NH Sentinel's editorial board has endorsedClinton for the Democratic presidential nominat

Progressive 3.0: Beware the Latest Version of Hillary Clinton

Anti-Planned Parenthood Filmmaker David Daleiden Rejects Probation, Demands Apology Instead

Goodbye Mr. White

Young Democrats Flock to Bernie Sanders, Spurning Hillary Clinton’s Polish and Poise

Can someone explain to me why it's impossible to like and admire both Bernie and Hillary?

Sanders DID say it, right to her face, in a previous debate.

Neurobiologists characterize nerve cells that detect motion by light changes

"The Bern Machine" - Electric Tesla

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush Has Amazing New Plan To Bring His Campaign Back From The Brink

Apparently Clinton Has Her Own Speech Transcripts.... (link)

Wall Street Thugs Apoplectic Over Sanders: Prosecutions Would Be a Reality

In 2007 and 2008, we were told that Senator Obama lacked foreign policy experience.

Tricked! - Jeb Poses With Sanders Supporters

Barney Frank Speaks About Bernie Sanders

NOW, BERNIE ON *CSPAN (Uncut!) Speaking in New Hampshire at St. Anselm College

Send me $27 and I'll make your fantasies come true!

Rainforest regrowth boosts carbon capture, study shows

Tricked! Jeb Poses With Sanders Supporters

Anyone here tried dowsing?

Montana's first openly gay candidate for federal office

Why Progressive Groups Have A Problem With Clinton On Social Security

Virtual Tie

Any photogs running Linux? My son brought me my new laptop last night

Bernie, taxes, and the right-wing noise machine

"on our worst days, I think it is fair to say we are 100 times better than any Republican candidate"

99 Million year stiffie

So what do you all use for editing software?

War Criminal and Abject Presidential Failure endorses his brother

This video with Bill Moyers and Elizabeth Warren best explains why I left the Hillary years ago

One of the Dangers of Bernie Sanders

Learning aid for understanding socialism

Healthy Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookies! Super Easy & Bakes in 10 minutes!

Writer at tries several methods of woo. All of them fail.

Opinion: All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done — in one big list

A candidate and a can'tidate

Did you know Cruz did this in Iowa?

LaVoy Finicum's death in Oregon occupation prompts memorials across country

A Public Service Video from Packman

The five lamest excuses for Hillary's vote for the Iraq invasion

Latest polling data

Foreign Policy Experience Meme

I fell in love with Bernie Sanders way back when in 2003 when he stood up to Alan Greenspan

"The Tide Has Turned Against Clinton"

Release the transcripts? I dunno.

Clinton's campaign is about HER BEING something. Sanders' campaign is about US DOING something.

Interesting CNN item.

From today's Iowa Daily Democrat 2-5-16

Last night Clinton exposed the fact that Sanders CAN NOT pass his own purity test

Bernie Sanders 2006 - I oppose Gay Marriage

Weather channel has more news today than msnbc

I'm canvassing in NH today... A Bernie supporter just threw a snowball at me!

X Games BMX biker Dave Mirra dead, apparently shot himself

Bernie Sanders offers mea culpa on VA delays

The black community has not closed their door to Bernie. He has a chance to win their support.

Hillary Clinton's top Super PAC contributions by industry (very damning!)

Right now CSPAN1 is interviewing students after Bernie's rally in New Hampshire

What Do Biden, Kerry and Clinton have in common?

Looking for some 1970's Franciscan Society public service anouncments

"Mommy? Can I go home? I've been a good boy. I really did try hard."

Douglas Wilder

Megyn Kelly is going to write her memior!

Literally the Christian thing to do

Hacktivists Anonymous take aim at "legal rape" group Return of Kings

"Hi, I'm Jamie Dimon" from Dave Kellett

Councilman Jared Rice from Westchester NY (Hillary's Neighborhood) Endorses Sanders

If Hillary won't make public her Wall Street speeches, I'm sure someone will :)

Laughing '' That's why I called my book 'hard choices'

The Modern History of the Democratic Presidential Primary, 1972-2008

Free college is nice, but many public K-12 schools are still failing

Lies of Mass Destruction....TYT report

due to women overwhelmingly defecting to Bernie in droves, HC is bringing many female Senators to NH

Bernie 2016!

Hillary please stop the sexism

Why Bernie Sanders Can't Win—and Can't Govern

The Media, Traditional Dems, the Republicans, the Billionaires, and Ann Coulter were right

4 Asian High School Students Stand Up to Their White Classmates in an Epic Yearbook Stunt

Hillary tells us she isn't influenced by corporate lobbyists. She's RUN by them!!

Obama at prayer breakfast: "Jesus is a good cure for fear"

BRAND NEW Boston Globe-Suffolk University New Hampshire Poll-Sanders 50% Clinton 41%

Feelin' the Bern

Would you be interested in reading the speeches that Hillary gave to Goldman Sachs...

Clinton losing national lead over sanders

Oy. Jeb Bush and mommy?

Quick update on dad

I'm starting to feel that Bernie is going to be a natural as president, and could be a great one.

I have to admit..the debate last night raised my hopes..

Watching the Super Bowl? Union made snacks here:

My number is 2,570,362,842. What's yours?

So if Trump becomes president

Obama killing it in press conference

Let's quit the bullshit how Hillary is a progressive. She is NOT.

Preliminary Ratings: MSNBC Democratic debate the lowest-rated yet

" I don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the Brady Bill five times."

Noam Chomsky opposes cultural boycott of Israel

to all the worriers about what the Repubs will do to attack either BS or HRC...

Don't you dare let that dog hater, MIM, see this!

Hillary surging new poll NH 41%, BS 50% Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll

Globe poll: Trump and Sanders see their leads slip, while Clinton and Rubio rise

Bernie Sanders supporters banned from Tinder after campaigning on dating app Reuters

Roots Action Team: Tell Hillary To Stop Lying:

Does Bernie have electability problems? Yes. And Clinton's are just as bad.

Voter ID laws ‘skew democracy’ in favor of white Republicans

Expect New Hampshire to be very close. Could be another virtual tie.

Clinton Struggles to Explain Wall Street Ties at Debate

Clinton closing in on Sanders, 18 point swing in favor of Clinton in New Hampshire!

I love it when Howard Dean smacks down on Andrea Mitchell

Dateless & desperate...Sanders supporters banned from Tinder

Ukrainian Bonds Plummet as Government Unity Efforts Stumble

The Truth About Israel's National Security

Mainstream media drops lobbying bomb on Hillary

Another Bundy brat has been busted...

Al Kooper has a birthday today.

NATO Tells Putin Syria Bombing Is Hindering West's Peace Effort

"Every time they attack you it gives you a chance to get your message out." - B Clinton

Sanders and Clinton are EQUAL in favorability among Blacks who are familiar with them

Just ordered my new Burt + Ernie = Bernie T-shirt.

Sanders fixation on Iraq is unbelievably tiresome. Really shows that he has no clue on foreign polic

Insults, threats and more insults: What it’s like to be a reporter covering Trump

Reminder: Bernie Gets It Done:Sanders' Record of Pushing Through Major Reforms Will Surprise You

New video of only known wild jaguar in the United States released

Bernie gains huge credibility just by standing on the stage 1 on 1 with Hillary Clinton

I want a woman president

Martin O'Malley for DNC chair

Mark Kirk

'Establishment' Politics

Elizabeth Warren praises Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street plan

Eric Holder, who now defends corporate clients, is featured in Hillary ad

MSNBC Dem Debate Early Stats: 4.4M Viewers Watch Hillary Clinton Bash Bernie Sanders’ “Artful Smear”

DU made Snopes!

My big problem with last night's debate

Woman with Asperger’s who touched millions with viral video shot dead by police in Arizona

Woman with Asperger’s who touched millions with viral video shot dead by police (xpost from GD)

Meet Paul Singer - Vulture fund investor, extortionist, exporter of American jobs, GOP sugar daddy

The Leader Our Foreign Policy Deserves

Bill Clinton makes the strongest case possible to...

Feb 5: Lilly Ledbetter &FemaleSenators campaigning for Hillary Clinton at the YWCA in Manchester NH

Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine

Bernie's stint as a mayor who turned the fortunes of his city around trumps Hillary's stint as SoS

Shawna Cox allowed to attend Finicum funeral

PROGRESSIVE: If the word doesn't fit, you must

My sis helped out a young Asian girl turn into a hottie!

Three members of U.N. panel said Assange was ‘arbitrarily detained.’ One didn’t. Here’s his dissent.

Hillary Clinton trusted Bush/Cheney...

My sis helped out a young Asian girl turn into a hottie!

I'm posting this here even though I'm worried how people will respond. DU made Snopes!

I Will Die With Student Loan Debt

The Johnny Manziel story is a perfect teaching opportunity for the country, but...

Dramatic Video Shows NYC Crane Collapse this morning.

Why Does The DNC Keep Backing Only One Woman For President? We Have Some Great Qualified Women Dems

My sis (Arika Sato)Turns a young Asian girl into a hotie!

Bernie Echoes FDR's Policies that Worked Brilliantly For Generations...FDR: I Welcome Their Hate

Something for Obama's legacy-efforts spanning the world to more aggressively remove unexploded bombs

'We Have Recovered': Obama Touts Success Amid Unemployment Dip

Distraught star of viral Asperger’s video killed by police after friends report suicidal intentions

Interesting New Hampshire Polls

UN panel calls on UK and Sweden to end 'arbitrary detention' and compensate WikiLeaks founder

Look I'd love to help ya but...

Michigan GOP Whitewashes Rick Snyder's Role In Flint Water Crisis

Sanders Admits Receiving Free Checking from Big Banks

Who does the rest of the world want?

If anyone needs anymore proof Ted Cruz should never be in the White House...

Cynthia Robinson

Go Home Today After Work

Denmark says US plane was ready to fly Snowden back

How the Satanic Temple forced Phoenix lawmakers to ban public prayer

HB 4441

Arab Israeli MKs meet relatives of Palestinian terrorists

NFL Creating a Rooney Rule for Women

Name a song that has the word "Love" in the title

Oh hey Laconia, NH! Look who is here: President @billclinton

How did the UN get it so wrong on Julian Assange?

HRC: The Good, Bad, and Ugly....A Reed in the Wind

Louisville to self-impose postseason ban for alleged violations related to prostitution scandal

Anyone following The Black List?

Republicans Eye Quick Obamacare Repeal If Party Wins White House

How I Hope This Happens - Bernie Sanders heads to New York for possible SNL cameo with Larry David

Thought this might be interesting

Bernie Sanders headed to New York for expected ‘Saturday Night Live’ cameo

.@HumanRights Campaign working relentlessly in New Hampshire today for our next equality president.

How does 4 years of on-the-job training qualify anyone to be an expert in foreign policy???

I feel a strong breeze heading this way (Hillary Clinton Group)

Can someone show me how to start a #BernieSoPure trend on Twitter?

A Dad confronts a Racist and Misogynist

Christie is going down! And I don't just mean in the polls!

Grasping at straws

Why Bernie Sanders Can't Govern

Danny Glover on Twitter...

Bernie Sanders headed to New York for expected ‘Saturday Night Live’ cameo

Rising number of Iranian girls as young as 10 forced to marry

Intercept/L.Fang: Hillary Won’t Say if She’ll Release Transcripts of Goldman Sachs Speeches

There will always be a reason why a woman is not the right woman. Always a "better alternative".

Sanders supporters banned from Tinder after campaigning on dating app.

Wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed

Here’s What Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speaking Contract Looks Like

Has Hillary renounced the "Grand Bargain"?

Elizabeth Warren to Democrats: Get Serious About Wall Street Prosecutions

Three and a half degrees of separation

Blue Cheese-Yum!!!

It's a conspiracy, It's a conspiracy!!!

Remember when posting photos on DU and elsewhere required hosting an image before you posted?

Coat-tails: Progressive Candidates Taking Bernie Sanders’ ‘Political Revolution’ Into Congress

This RI Headmaster is HILARIOUS--this is how he announces that school is closed....

Fun: Bernie Sanders Heading to ‘SNL’ To Join Larry David

Recently published video "Behind Enemy Lines at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge"

Coat-Tails: Bernie’s Army Is Running for Congress

So will GEM$NBComcast and CNN cover anything other than elections

NZ minister gets dildo in face after TPP signing

Latest tennis news & rumors: Reason behind Roger Federer’s freak injury revealed

Hillary Catching Up to Bernie in His Backyard New Hampshire

KFC comes under fire after customer allegedly finds lung inside fried chicken

Now Bernie Sanders is pissing off Senate Democrats? He won't be able to get anything done.

Let's play a game, where does polling say the race stands in NH and National

It doesn't matter to the PTB if Hillary Clinton wins or loses.

Chico Buarque, Silvio Rodríguez, and Joan Manuel Serrat ask for Dirty War denialist's resignation.

Sickly sea lion pup found sleeping in booth inside La Jolla restaurant

Your post was unsuccessful because the thread you are replying to is locked.

I couldn't complete jury service due to "enough responses already" sort of message.

The Most Disingenuous Attack On Bernie Yet..

Adorama is hosting free webinars

Bernie Sanders won the debate’s Google fight — in more ways than one

Flea: Why I Support Bernie Sanders

Lawyer Who Represented Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin Families Will Endorse Clinton

As a very active campaigner ..

Clair McCaskill, a busy Hillary surrogate outraged by charge

I am Pragmatic but where you begin

Citi: World economy trapped in ‘death spiral’

Funeral to draw large crowd in support of Oregon occupier

Today's Quinnipiac national poll (Sanders 42%, Clinton 44% -- Sanders +9% favorable, Clinton -17%

An interesting, funny documentary coming to San Jose-

Hillary Can’t Have It Both Ways On Corporate Funders

What is really surprising that is going unchallenged on DU... The attacks on other Democrats

Just saw the funniest thing on Facebook - Trumps Freinds slideshow

Prediction: Bernie will earn more delegates than Clinton in Nevada

TRUSted - Someone needs to get fired for this

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 5, 2016

New billboard goes up in Burns as standoff at Malheur continues

How far can things tip without being able to tip back?

What are you listening to RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

Debating the Debate

When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont

Why Progressive Groups Have a Problem With Clinton On Social Security

Never forget...

New Hampshire: Democrats Out

Super Bowl Story: 'Blind Side' mom whose story of adoption inspired the Oscar-winning film praises

Texas 'affluenza' teen to be transferred to adult jail: law enforcement

The Nation: Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton’s Tutor in War and Peace

All the terrible things Hillary has done in one big list

Obama to propose $2.5 billion tax credit for community college investment

U.S. Estimate of ISIS Militants in Libya Doubles to 6,500: Report

Reddit is supposedly ground zero for those awful, hateful Berniebros.

Black Box Voting on the IA Caucus Mess and NH Concerns: 'BradCast' 2/4/2016

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, 85, dies in West Palm Beach

Flea: Why I Support Bernie Sanders

His most radical move

Robert Reich: if your chosen candidate doesn't win, will you support the other one?

Bernie Sanders on SNL this saturday with Larry David!!!!!

Iowa Democratic party altered precinct's caucus results during chaotic night

UN tells Latin American countries hit by Zika to allow women access to abortion

UN tells Latin American countries hit by Zika to allow women access to abortion

Charlie Pierce : Why on earth is "Progressive" Hillary touting this endorsement?

Unique friendship uncovers lost Martin Luther King Jr. tapes

Just so there's no funny business

Bernie Sanders: A Future to Believe In. Another Endorsement from NH


Lt. Gov. Brian Calley begs people to visit Flint during water crisis

Hillary Clinton: Putting the Pro in Progressive Since 2016

Teamsters strike vs. US Foods over 'unfair labor practices'

Westchester Councilman Rice: For 2016, the choice is clear

A Message To The Billionare Class

Get Involved.

"The bankers and their guests filed into a large room and turned their eyes to Hillary Clinton"

It still matters who voted to invade Iraq. We can not forget. Aftermath is devastating.

Old Crybaby Kochs Afraid Their Power Is Dying

A rant about the lack of critical thinking...

California doctor gets 30 years to life in landmark overdose case

Top Clinton Aide Secretly Wrote Item for Politico Playbook

Why votes to invade Iraq still matter greatly to me.

New Hampshire, the only unknown is how many GOPers will be voting for Bernie against HRC!

LinkedIn shares drop 43% as weak forecast spooks investors

Do some people here realize that Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House?

From Video & Multimedia:HRC LAUGHING about Iraq war vote"That's why I called my book 'Hard Choices'"

Aaaauuggggghhh! The boss is a Hillarista!

Taiwan earthquake kills 5, causes building to partially collapse

Blue Tarp Squares being distributed at LaVoy Finicum's wake

Bernie Sanders: Prolific Democratic Party fundraiser

John Fuglesang: Mission accomplished......

Where did this snow come from?

Paid speeches...

Assange findings by U.N. panel are legally binding

Politifact: Bernie is running false ads in New Hampshire

Henry Kissinger knows more about foreign policy than Bernie Sanders

Meet the Elite...

Everything you ever wanted to know about How to Vote in NH for Bernie!

Politics From Iowa to New Hampshire: Out Of The Frying-Pan Into The Fire

Here’s the Latest Reason Republicans Are Afraid of a Hillary Clinton Presidency - Mother Jones

A case of FGM is reported in England every 109 minutes

A Political Revolution IS the Pragmatic Course When the System is Rigged

“Hillary Clinton Refuses to Rule Out Any and All Benefit Cuts to Social Security”

Dynastic Royal Families Have Been Around Since the Dawn of Civilization

Maybe Covered before (Full NH Dem Debate )

I gotta say it -- I am THRILLED that Bernie's issues are finally....

Morocco to switch on first phase of world's largest solar plant

Progressives to Clinton: Pledge to Never Cut Social Security—Now

Not worried about Bernie's lack of foreign policy experience. All he has to do is

Hillary's attack on the CFMA is a sleazy tactic. On these grounds Hillary voted to restrict abortio

In a sane world Clinton would be ahead by a mile...

Ben Carson plays the "B" card, compares Cruz stunt in Iowa to Hillary

I want to know ...

Bernie Sanders "Happy Days" (Music Video)

Sanders Campaign Is a Genuine Progressive Social Movement for Democracy

Cliven Lance Bundy sent to prison

I have the audio book "Bitter Blood"

$10 a barrel

The idea that corps pay politicians $600,000+ when they're not trying to buy influence...

'Affluenza' Teen Ethan Couch Moved to Adult Jail in Texas, Records Show

Kerry: Russian Bombs Killing Women And Children 'In Large Numbers'

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa Fires Military High Command

U.S., Britain eye letting UK spy agencies seek email, chat data from U.S. companies

Republicans Eye Quick Obamacare Repeal If Party Wins White House

Colombian leader says received assurances of support from Republican U.S. lawmakers

Colombian leader says received assurances of support from Republican U.S. lawmakers

NH Election Day Weather

New Mexico succeeds in barring horse slaughter operation

Analysis: Wall Street cash, Goldman Sachs speaking fees hang over Clinton

Pope Francis set for historic Orthodox Patriarch meeting

Pope Francis set for historic Orthodox Patriarch meeting

Consider this: you have Hillary, the most qualified candidate ever vs Bernie, the

(Victor White III) DA rules out charges in handcuffed man's fatal shooting

(Victor White III) DA rules out charges in handcuffed man's fatal shooting

The Pentagon Releases 200 Images Of Detainee Abuse In Iraq And Afghanistan

Tavis Smiley interviews Richard Dreyfuss about Bernie Madoff

City wins another Confederate monument court fight, moving closer to removal (LA)

Richard Dreyfuss talks about Bernie Madoff (Tavis Smiley interview)

There’s Only One Presidential Candidate Wall Street Can’t Buy

Europeans get to drive this beauty, and we in the States are left with bupkis.

Bernie pushes back on the "artful smear" of telling the truth about corporate cash buying influence.

Cruz's 2016 strategy focuses on turning out white voters

Ted Cruz's Logo: Hilariously Appropriate

Bombshell CNN Investigation: Bernie Sanders has Raised Millions From Lobbyist and Big Business

A majority of students vote to rename Dallas school named for Confederate general (TX)

Hey, Los Angeles!!

Confederate flag plan reveals racist motives

Say It Ain't So, Hillary Clinton — You're Open to the Idea of Raising the Retirement Age?

So that settles it then – everyone’s to blame except Julian Assange

Top Colombian Far-Right Warlord Freed

Bernie's Mysterious Past

Who do we think will play Marco Rubio on Saturday Night Live?

Judge: Ex-Salvadoran colonel can face charges in Spain

Hillary Clinton Refuses to Say If She Will Release Copies of Her Paid Speeches to Goldman Sachs

Judge: Ex-Salvadoran colonel can face charges in Spain

Controversial Israel Supporter Funneling Millions Into Clinton Campaign

Online Ads Urging Hillary Clinton to Take Social Security Cuts Off the Table

Celebration of public land defies Malheur refuge occupation

Excuse me... Excuse me... Yes! Let's TALK about the issues...

Pope to OK use of indigenous languages for Mass in Mexico

Pope to OK use of indigenous languages

Clinton spins another disingenuous tale about mioney

Australia guts government climate research

Dublin boxing weigh-in: Man shot dead, two men injured

Dublin boxing weigh-in: Man shot dead, two men injured

One type of framing of last night's debate.

Ben Jealous, former head of the NAACP will be on Chris Hayes tonight

Bernie Sanders Mosaic Made of 792 Rubik's Cubes

Bridge case defendants can subpoena Christie office docs

Last shots from Shasta

Aid agencies scramble as 20,000 Syrians reach Turkish border crossing

So my washer and dryer are in my "not yet a kitchen" and I don't have anywhere else to put

Adelsons newspaper endorses Rubio: Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses Marco Rubio

Panda Express? (fast Panda?)

The Latest: Former NAACP leader endorses Bernie Sanders

ATTENTION: Colin Powell Says He Agrees With Hillary Clinton On ‘Classified’ Emails

How big oil spent $10m to defeat California climate change legislation

Sanders Rallies Take a Darker Turn

Bernie can't possibly beat Hillary in unfavorability

Just sayin.

Episode 46 of Extinction Radio is Available to Stream - Featuring Dmitry Orlov

Bernie as a rabbi in low-budget comedy

"We had a murderous dictator . . . threatening to massacre large numbers of the Libyan people"


From day one Hillary would be making decisions with an eye toward reelection.

The Conservative Craving for Anti-Intellectual Stew

Iowa margin between Clinton, Sanders shifts as errors found

Well, the score won't be 43 to 8 this time.

Hillary: Banks are not primarily to blame. Not by a long shot.

Is there a thread for discussion of "The Expanse"?

Chicago Stock Exchange Says It's Being Sold to Chinese-Led Group

LTTE: MS-13 began not in Salvador, but in US

Did Financial Giant Goldman Sachs Just Admit the System is Rigged?

Notice how Hillary is always alluding to plans and Experts who confirm her plan as " Best "

Ipsos/Reuters poll: Sanders/Clinton in deadheat - Hillary: 48%, Bernie 45%!

Good LBN article to read and rec concerning an Iowa vote count adjustment

Pam Geller has the wrong party.

Man pleads guilty in plot to attack churches, start race war

They Thought They Stopped Us

Bernie Sanders’ refusal to reveal his economic advisers is an ominous sign

The Tale of Two Democratic Candidates and the General election - 2016 Edition

U.S. Call-Center Jobs May Be Exported Under Pacific Trade Pact

Clinton’s Wall Street Hypocrisy

Is anyone here familiar with NVC- Non-violent Communication? a method

Hillary Clinton Wins Endorsements From 8 Immigration Activists in Nevada

A Political Revolution IS the Pragmatic Course When the System is Rigged

(Howard) Dean: 'Labor unions are super-PACs Democrats like’

Irish police hunt man disguised in dress and blonde wig over Drumcondra boxing weigh-in shooting

'Greece fell into a sociopolitical coma because of Troika'

Omaha World-Herald editorial: Caucus doubts could cost Iowa

It turns out Bernie does raise money from the financial sector

Soliciting Suggested Themes For February Photo Contest--UPDATED

Report: Captain drank with his Navy crew, harassed women

Adele might not like it, but Donald Trump can use her music

The Tale of Two Democratic Candidates and the General election-2016 Edition aka Let it Sink In!

Goodell warns of “risk” in sitting on the couch

"On our worst days, it's fair to say we are 100 times better than any Republican candidate"

Iowa Democratic party altered precinct's caucus results during chaotic night

Someone should remind Bernie that it takes money to run a presidential campaign. We're just in

It's Not Just Berniebros

Ben Carson: Ted Cruz’s response to ‘dirty trick’ is like Hillary Clinton after Benghazi

Even "It's what they offered" is a lie. It's what she demanded.

Food industry pressuring Congress to act before Vermont requires GMO labeling

For those who aren't aware of this resource:

Bernie Sanders: Prolific Democratic Party Fund Raiser.